May 16 2013 12:26pm

The CW Reveals 2013-2014 TV Schedule: Queen of Scots in Love, Originals, Robbie Amell, and More!

The CW's ReignIt’s that time of year again, when the major TV networks unveil their fall schedules and we get a little glimpse of what we might be obsessing about at the water cooler from September to May. Here’s a look at the schedule and, more importantly, new shows that The CW announced at its Upfronts presentations in New York City today:

The CW's Fall 2013 Schedule (all times ET)

8-9 p.m. — Hart of Dixie
9-10 p.m. — Beauty & the Beast

8-9 p.m. — The Originals (DRAMA) The Vampire Diaries’ first family head on down to New Orleans to stir up trouble. All your favorites, Klaus, Elijah, etc., will be there, and facing off with the sexy King of the city (and Klaus’ former protégé) Marcel (The Game’s Charles Michael Davis). Oh, and did we mention that undead Klaus is gonna be a daddy?
Ship Watch: Klaus/Hayley?

9-10 p.m. —  Supernatural

8-9 p.m. —  Arrow
9-10 p.m. — The Tomorrow People (DRAMA) – It’s a double dose of crime-fighting Amell! Revenge’s Robbie Amell (cousin to Arrow stud Steven) leads this adaption of a popular 1970s UK series. But will he flash his abs half as often? Hmm… A worldwide coalition of young people with special powers like telepathy and extra-sensory perception work together to fight evil. Mark Pellegrino (Lost), and Peyton List (Mad Men) also star.
Ship Watch: Stephen/Cara?

8-9 p.m. — The Vampire Diaries
9-10 p.m. — Reign (DRAMA) - The teen network tries their first costume drama on for size (if you don’t count the ’80s ensembles on The Carrie Diaries, that is) and heads back to ancient France, where a teenaged Mary, Queen of Scots, arrives to meet her fiancé the prince. Intrigue, danger and secrets abound, and the prince’s brother is a rather fetching sort too… Luckily, Mary has her three ladies-in-waiting for backup. The French Court can be just like high school! Australian newcomer Adelaide Kane stars, with Megan Follows (YES, Anne of Green Gables) as the Queen Regent.
Ship Watch: Mary/Francis v. Mary/Bash

8-9 p.m. — The Carrie Diaries
9-10 p.m. — America’s Next Top Model


The CW's Spring 2014 New Shows

The 100 (DRAMA) TV is finally catching on to the YA dystopian trend. Based on the upcoming books by Kass Morgan, this huge ensemble series starring Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Kelly Hu (Arrow), and Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) is set 97 years after war destroyed Earth. Now a group of 100 juvenile delinquents (played mostly by newcomers) comes back to see if the planet can be colonized.
Ship Watch: The possibilities are endless!

Star-Crossed (DRAMA) A human girl and an alien boy share an epic high school romance, amid high political and racial tension. Aimee Teagarden (Friday Night Lights) and Matt Lanter (90210) lead a cast that’s a veritable Who’s Who of teen TV with actors from The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Circle, Glee, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Ship Watch: Emery/Roman


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I'm incredibly keen on the IDEA of Reign but I don't know that the CW's take on a show like this will turn out to be my cup of tea. I'll give it a shot, don't get me wrong, but the immediate setup of a teen love triangle wearies me.

The Originals I will not be watching because I hate Klaus.

The 100 and Star-Crossed both sound interesting but the fact that they were pushed to midseason rarely bodes well (though to be fair a midseason launch did work out okay for Grey's Anatomy once upon a time...).
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@redline_ WHAT?! How do you not like Klaus?! You can not like him as a person but enjoy him as a character, and that's how I see him. Plus with my NOLA trip coming up soon my main goal is to find out that vampires and supernatural things are real and all of the TV and books are actually kind of true lol just kidding but only a little! I'm hoping to at least see TVD scouting the area for some eventual on-site shooting!

I think Reign could be really cool although in TV I'm not a huge fan of the costume drama but maybe CW will handle it better than I think they will. At the very least there a guarantee of some sort of love as in all their shows! As for The 100 and Star-Crossed, no real appeal for me!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@JenniferProffitt -- Don't get me started on Klaus. I've always hated him and did so even more when he tried to insert himself into the middle of my beloved Tyler/Caroline.

I think they're planning to shoot The Originals in Atlanta alongside TVD, but they did shoot the pilot on location in New Orleans.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Well they should do more on location shooting but I my NOLA trip includes a layover in Atlanta so I can dare to dream, can't I?
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