May 4 2013 6:15pm

Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series Gossip: More Gideon/Eva Books to Come?!!!!

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

For those of you who are excited for the June 4 release of Entwined with You but mourning the end of the Crossfire series, fear not! For months Sylvia Day has been teasing on her website that there will be a fourth book in the Crossfire series, but at the RT Convention this week, Day allegedly confirmed that there will be not four by five books outlining Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell's life. The Crossfire series was also recently optioned for television, which will give fans a live-action view of Gideon and Eva. We'll let you know more details as we learn them but for fans of the series, get ready to squee!

Are you excited with this news of a possible Crossfire quintet? What do you think will happen next in Gideon and Eva's story?
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1. Torifl
I'm not happy with the extended storyline. Book two dragged for me as it was. Now I have 3 more books to slog through? *sigh* Tired of chapter books requiring a huge emotional and financial committment just to get an HEA.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
Aw, I love Gideon and Eva, and I thought the second book brought the drama! I wasn't expecting half of what went down. Frankly, I don't know where else she can go but I will hop on the ride!
4. SarahG
If the rest of the series is as good as the first 2 books then I'll happily keep reading them :)
5. Nichole WymanI
I love the crossfire series just finished the 3rd one, it's great. When I found out there is going to be 2 more to follow I can't wait to read them. :D
6. Aubrey Cash
I feel robbed...
First I had to wait almost 6 months for book 3, only to read it and discover (after spending $10) that the story line is being dragged out to TWO more books :(
I am really over it!
Thanks Sylvia for TWO great books in the Crossfire series.
7. ADOREcrossfireSeries
I loved the first book!! the second took me a while to really get in to but once i finally did it was good, and unexpected. and the third was just amazing but the AUTHORS NOTE at the end upset me lol i was expecting the story to come to an end but glad it didn't!! excited and anxious for the next 2!!! :) if you're really a true reader, the fact that the story is being "dragged out" over two more books shouldn't bother you! i'm anxious for the next one and can't even guess where she is going to take the story but i'm definitely along for the ride!! AWESOME books!!
8. KrisSR
Yes, yes, yes!!!!! 2 more books please!!!
9. michelle aquino
I love the crossfire series! I just finished book #3 but how long do we have to wait for book #4 and 5?
10. shafow325
I was enjoying the crossfire series but now I feel like its dragging. Just finished book 3. I hope sylvia day doesn't take long for book4 and 5. Very dissappointed.
11. yolinda
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, would love to read a happy ending for the two of them........ Not like Vampire Diaries and all the rest of the love stories ending in a triangel. Just a VERY happy ending, with a baby or two, house and life of their own, and all the deamons of their past gone for good....
12. Elizabeth Taylor
I love these books I can't wait for the other too looking forward to them
13. lisa jacobs
hi i love reading about gideon eva and i hope that there is going to be a bit more drama but ends up with them having a few kids and having a happy ever after plus my hubby loves me reading them as i'm quiet and it makes me a bit frutie lol x
14. Lauren Wright
I have just jumped on the band wagon and read all 3 Crossfire novels in the space of a week, think they are fantastic! So well written and love Gideon/Eva saga! Simply can't wait for the next two books and to see where she takes the protagonists, fingers crossed it won't be a long wait!
15. shelly-anne
I think the story of Gideon will come out..Bret will finally get d message that he's not wanted by Eva..Gideon mother will come to terms, that her son was telling d true..n in book five Gideon n Eva will finally get to sleep together n have the life they want..Ohhhhhhhhhh!! N Cary will find out that Tatiana baby is not his, or she not having any baby at all...Looking out for thoses books, hurry up 's day
17. Tatty
Read the first two books with in a week, couldnt put them down. Fantastic read book 3 mm thought it dragged a bit storyline could of been more excititng, although love reading the the crossfire series so i am happy please hurry with the next two as long as it is not sad than its cool let em happily ever after, love a good love story.X
18. kitrena atkinson
Omg I really can not wait to read the other 2 books plz dnt make it wait to long as I have finished the third 1 now nd so wanna no were they go from it the best books ever thanks
19. Leora84
Im a very happy witht the 3rd book. I dont see what the problem is with her writting a few more books. If you dont want to read them then dont. I love that salvia is making more books with Gideon and Eve. Good Job Salvia Day. I cant wait til the next book.
Wanda Smith
20. WandaSmith55
Love, Love, Love these books, but please Sylvia, don't mess them up. Please let them have a great life. This is a great read and I am so into it. Let them be happy. I don't think I would be able to pick another Sylvia Day book if she does if she kills him or they don't make it. I just won't be able to. Just today, I almost bought at Barnes and Nobles one of her other books, she has plently, but I want to see where this goes. I love how much they care for one another. Sometimes it get's a little repetative, but most all love story's have running this course due to 50 Shades. But hey, I love to read and will continue to read, and since I read all types, Robyn Carr, Nickolas Sparks, and many more To me a good book is great, I laugh, cry, and then sometimes I re-read them. With Slivia Day...I will have to see how she brings these two around. I pray for a happy ending. And the 3rd book was great, and was glad to hear a 4th and 5th is coming.. Hurry Sylvia I am ready for the 4th one. I loved 50 shades, and Crossfire, so new friends what is close to these that I would enjoy? Let me know and don't be afraid to tell me like it is.
21. Ivyonne Alvarez
who cares!!! i love all the crossfire series books!! im soo happy to know 2 more are going to be out ;) sylvia you keep doing what you do best!!!!
22. Sherry Lloyd
I can't wait for the last 2 books! the first 3 took me 2 weeks to read! I hope the next 2 books come out very soon so i can finish the romance of eva and Gideon. thanks Sylvia for the great books to read.
23. Michelle83
Iv so enjoyed the first 3 books just finished the third and I thought 7 years to sin followed on, so sad I have to wait but I look forwards to it. If anyone can tell me what good books I can read till book 4 comes out that will be great. I'm 30 and my first books I read where the twilight books followed be 50 shades of grey few others then the Eva and Gideon books now I'm lost. Need to read love where it takes me xxxx
Jennifer Proffitt
24. JenniferProffitt
Hi, @Michelle83, glad you liked Crossfire so much! We've actually done a few posts about what to read next after 50 Shades of Grey. These books might be a good jumping off point to fill the time--and we'll try to get a post together of what you should be reading if you like the Crossfire series!
25. Karleen
Read 50 shades of grey and was upset when I finished them. Was searching thru amazon for more to read and fell upon Sylvia Days Crossfire all three in a week. LOVED THEM! Can't wait for the next 2.. It certainly makes my husband happy that I'm reading Hurry hurry
26. Mrs.Moore
I do love these characters but couldn't believe that the story is not quite finished. I'm still worried that someone close to Eva will be indicted for the murder of Nathan. And who knows??? Maybe Gideon does have ties to the Russian mafia.

Ms. Day- hurry up with the next book!!!!
27. Zeeksgal
I loved loved loved these 3 books! cant wait for another 2!!! Also LOVED 50 series. After I read 50 I read the Bronze Horseman series by Paullina Simmons and it was truly a wonderful wonderful love story!! Great sex and a great story line, there are 3 books and they are bigger than the 50 or the Crossfire but I read all 3 in a matter of days. The second book dragged a little in the middle but I flew through it! HIGHLY recommend @ WandaSmith55 !! has anyone read the Gabriels Inferno books??
28. WandaSmith55
ZEEKSGAL thanks for turning me on to the Bronze Horsman series. I am going ot check that out. Cause I just finished another series. And I gotta start reading something else. So this is pretty good huh? I hear, that Gabriels Inferno books are good, not as good as what I think you and I like.. but may check into that and she what my friends say about it.. And that fact that I get more of the BB and BS is like got me crazy happy.. woohoo.
29. B-fabulois
I love love love these. Books. I've read the series three times and I'm still pumped about the next books in the series! I just hope that we don't have to wait too terribly long. Also, I'm just going to put it out there that bringing the story to television is a mistake!!!!! Books should not become movies or television shows. Especial ones like these. It completely ruins them
Kim Sieg
30. Zeeksgal
WandaSmith55 I just found out that The Bronze Horseman Series author Paullina Simmons just this march came out with a prequel to the trilogy. So I just started it. It is called Children of Liberty. Hoping its as good! What other series have you read that are comparable to 50 or Crossfire?? any suggestions!? hesitant about Gabriels Inferno now.
31. the3purrs
I'm not happy about two more books. I will not buy them, but will get from the library. When you advertise a trilogy it should be THREE books!
32. AllyKat
I am so enjoying the CrossFire series. I don't think 5 books are going to be enough. But I pray to good that Gideon and Eva live happily ever after. They need to, what with growing up with so much hurt and confusion in their lives. I think that there will be a mother that confesses that she was overly protective and another that come to understand that she was under protective. I'm hoping that Gideon and Eva comes to terms with the persons they have become with all their struggles and hardships left where they belong and that is in the past.
Cannot wait to read number 4.
33. cobby
Try author CJ Roberts trilogy with Caleb & Livvy 1) Captive in the Dark 2)Seduced in the Dark 3) Epilogue - Dark Duet (Caleb's point of view) This is a tough read sexually painful.......Livvy is captured to be trained to be a sex slave in Pakistan to be sold to a Russian. I also loved these two people.
34. cobby
P.S. Crossfire - Eva and Gideon.......loved them, I re-read my favorites multiple this trilogy 4 times in 4 wks until I got my fill. Did the same with 50 Shades and the Captive series. I read constantly..
35. Alexa9
Loving the Crossfire series, extremely excited that there is a book 4 and 5, can't get enough of Gideon and Eve. Have re-read the books and still can;t get enough. The author did a great job with the characters.
36. Nicola Croft
Loved books 1-3, couldn't put them down, thank you very much, wondering when the next two are out though.
37. cynthiac
Love love love the crossfire series cant wait for books 4 and 5 1-3 were great.
38. kyork
I have read all three books and have loved them all. I was sad when I finished the third one and was wanting to keep on reading. So I am very excited that there will be two more books that I can read... :)
39. WandaSmith55
Hello Fellow Readers.. don't know if you have found this yet, I found just by reading reviews and someone said she found a gem.. and I was like yea right nothing like the Crossfire.. well ya'll hold on tight talk about good.. oh my... I loved it.. it's all in here.. everything I love and crave in a book.. It's called the Blackstone Affair series.
the first is Affair
Second is called All In
Third is called Eye Wide Open..
Girls... this was so exciting to find and read and not only that.. that man does an English accent like no other.. he is sooo good.. I mean Yummy good, and does he love his women.. omgosh.. get ready it'a a hot read.. and someone..please send me something that I can get my teeth into.. I have read just about everthing and now I am begging writers to write more books.. now am starving for some great books. Please send me what you have been into so I can stop begging... what did I ever do before 50 shades came out??? Now I am hooked on these books.. Please let me know.. address is above..
Thanks see ya around.
40. jeanette ribertsin
Please hurry and realse book 4 and 5 I live these storys and intriged to find out want happens next
41. Kenz M.
I am over the top excited for "Captivated by You" to come out! I've just finished reading the "Entwined with You" and was bummed that I did not have another story to read right away! "Bared to You" and "Reflected in You" were also very great, and caught my attention right away. It is by far my favourite book series. Sylvia Day is an amazing author, and I look forward to her next two books involving the "Crossfire" series.
I love all the drama and excitement, and I love how people can picture Gideon & Eva's Relationship and Characteristics!
42. Narnia
Love this series and I am excited about the news about book four and five of the BARED TO YOU series. Excited to see it on tv too. Wow I knew that was going to happen when I read those books. Love it.
43. Faritah
I can't say I'm dissapointed but not super happy either. Hope number 4 & 5 come out soon when the story is still fresh in your mind. Tx for the tips on other great books to fill the temporary gap.
Mary Brockman
44. breathlessw/out
Really im disappointed in everyone who acts like they have to read these books. i want to read them its a true, real love story that doesnt end after the first few roll in the hays. it really touched base with things in my life and how true those struggles really are. im so excited theres more. i could be happy with a book a year concerning angel and ace. sylvia has done a great job writting these and deciding to write 2 more. her knowledge on things thier going through is so real. no one likes to wait for another book but im sure it will be worth it.
45. WandaSmith55
It's offical.. I am about to lose it trying to find great books anymore.. curently reading..Beauty in Pain Part 1 & 2 and they were alright.. I said two years ago..that this wave of great HOT books would not last, and here we are, looking at it.. The wave we love is about to slow down.. I want something as hot as the devil's ass.. . I am not finding anything that compares to what I love.. suggestions? let me know what your reading.. Any news on when Sylvia Day is releasing the books from her series? I see she has others coming out. Just nothing from Crossfire.
46. COCOA 1948
I read book #1 and went on to books #2 and 3, read one after another. I couldn't put them down so I read all three within 36 hours not once but three times and I can't wait for the fourth one to be released so can anyone tell me when book #4.... Captivated by you will be released? Anyone who has not read the CROSS FIRED SERIES PLEASE DO READ IT BECAUSE YOU SURELY WILL NOT BE DISPOINTED.
47. PJ hunt
For the sake of a good read, all of the repetition in last book of Crossfire series drove me batty! Liked the characters but how much repetition can a person take! Hope new book is straight forward & rewarding for readers. Last book seemed as if u were stretching it out!!
48. Nesquik
Love the Crossfire series. Have been unable to put them down - reading chapter after chapter until 3.30ish each morning....leaving me knackered the following day!! Hopefully catch up on some sleep until books 4 & 5 are released but please don't let it be too long Sylvia .... I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms!!! Also give Eva & Gideon a happy ending together - it'll be heartbreaking else!!
49. GinT
I have really loved the Crossfire series, but really how much longer are we to wait for books 4 & 5 ? I am 71 yrs old and at this rate will have popped my clogs before they are released.
50. Topiana
I use to brag about these books to my customers when they would mention the other serie that did great but for the last year I have stopped. I feel like I am being laughed at. Waiting a year for a continuation seems excessive to me. I'll continue to push the other books but until this serie is over, no one will hear about it from me. Very disappointed because it had so much potential. The writting was so much better. But to wait a year, its not worth it.
51. Bad Girl
A friend of mine introduced me to the series absolutly loved Eva + Gidion (as did my husband but then he couldn't put down 50 shades either lol) the first 2 took me 2 days to read and had to wait on the 3rd for 2 days for my book store to have it in stock i about went thru withdrawal! If there is a tv series i hope they don't stray from the books! Sylvia take your time and don't rush give us a story worth the wait!
52. Bad Girl
Just saw the release date is Nov 14 of this year YAY!!
i‘ve finished reading book 1 - 4 of crossfire series. it‘s truly addictive. loved how Gideon and Eva‘s characters were portrayed in the book.
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