May 10 2013 2:15pm

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Bas-Centered Styxx Excerpt!

Styxx by Sherrilyn KenyonYesterday on her Facebook page, Sherrilyn Kenyon announced the birth of Theron, the younger brother of Sebastos and second son of Acheron and Tory.

Today, to celebrate Theron's birth, Kenyon has revealed an excerpt of Styxx that features Bas (Sebastos):

Acheron brushed his hand through his son’s blond hair while Sebastos napped on his chest. There was nothing in the world more soothing to him, and the older Bas got, the less Ash was able to understand how his family could have turned their backs on him the way they had. He’d rather have his arm cut off than to hit his son. Never mind ignore him.

And the other acts of cruelty against him...

Never. He wouldn’t be able to put his worst enemy through the horrors they’d forced him to endure.

Closing his eyes, Ash listened to Tory complaining in Greek as she graded papers in her green armchair across from him.

“I’m sure they’re paying attention in class, love.”

“Really?” She looked up with a peeved grimace. “‘Cause I never knew either of the Thebes was in Yugoslavia.”

He cringed at that mistake. “Ouch.”

You can read more at Sherrilyn Kenyon's Facebook page.

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