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Scandal Season 2, Episode 22 Recap: Who’s Your Daddy?

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal 2.22, White Hats Back OnThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2 finale, episode 2.22, “White Hats Back On.”

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Hey, Gladiators, are you with me? Sure you are! Bleary-eyed, certainly, but you’re here. Cheers to you! You went to Shondaland, you rode all the rides, and you made it out to tell the story. Today’s season finale recap is going to come at you a little fast, but like Quinn, you’re no longer a wide-eyed virgin, so I’m thinking you can handle it. You’ve proven you like to play it a little fast and loose, so let’s go.

The show opened up where we left off last week with the Gladiators coming to terms with Billy Chambers being the mole and a quickie recap of the life and times of good 'ol Billy. Sort of like a video Holiday update, but more entertaining with murder and mayhem. “If you want someone killed right, you’ve got to kill them yourself,” Huck says.

Then we see David giving Billy the Cytron card…but wait, not so fast. David wants to hold onto it until it’s time to use it. What you up to, David?
Now we’re at the White House for the oddest Knights of the Round table meeting ever with Mellie, Hollister, Cyrus and Olivia and they are arguing about getting the Cytron card from Billy when Mellie gets ready to flounce out and in walks Fitz all Super Bad talking about, “Sit down, Mellie!” They all freeze and Liv looks about as smug as a pig in slop.

The roundtable meets. Fitz holds court as if it’s perfectly normal to have both Liv and Mellie at the same table after what just happened. Sidebar: I notice that Fitz and Liv are at opposite heads of the table in the underground meeting and Mellie is to Fitz’s right. I’m sure this means something and foreshadows the end of the series somehow, but maybe that’s just me being me. So they have their meeting. Liv says the problem is Defiance and not Billy and they need to get the card back.

Bellamy Young as Mellie in Scandal 2x22, White Hats Back OnLater Liv and Fitz are still alone in the basement and Fitz asks if Liv is OK. He cares not for Mellie. Liv starts to brush him off and says she’s fine she’s ready to go into her fixer mode while he runs with Mellie and Fitz goes into his, nun uh, Fitz mode of I’m getting my way all the way. Talking about how he’s running, winning and they ARE going to get married. Telling Liv to fix things and blah, come up with a plan. Like Liv, I look at Fitz like he’s crazy. But Fitz is not playing and tells her to use her super powers and pulls her to him by her ultra-soft (I’m thinking cashmere) jacket and then his hand dips low as his head comes down. He says something about “he’s using his super powers” as his head goes real low and oh my, Liv is gone and so am I.

The next day we have the Terminator man talking to Jake about meeting with Liv. Jake questions him and gets a stern dressing down. Um, Jake have you not been warned about that?

Back at the White House, Cy and James are fighting it out and Sally Langston is kicking up dust about running for President herself. Cy finds a way to compare her to the President’s dog: “Don’t die, be loyal.”

Over at Pope and Assoc., Liv is in a crisp white suit with Abby in tow going on about Billy and the Cytron card. Boy, that card is a right thorn in my side. All the Gladiators, David included, are now spit balling on Billy card theories. They come up with Billy being helped by Governor Reston to out Defiance. Liv just “knows;” why? Because suddenly Liv's “Spidey” sense is back on. Yeah, okay to that.

Now we have Quinn doing a search on the Governor and she quite gung ho and Huck is worried about her. And in another telling scene like from last week he’s worried about her like he’s worried about Liv. Hmm, all connected much?

Now we have Cy meeting Terminator man, the head of B613 in the park again (This man does enjoy his nature) and he’s back with his Liv fixation, telling Cy to show Fitz the tape of Jake and Liv and that he’s handling Olivia Pope. Cy is quite worried. And now Liv calls him to tell him the new about Reston. Well this is it. Cy’s heart just can’t take it and it finally goes over. But Cy is too darn mean and can’t have a heart attack without kicking up a fuss. He stays connected and gives orders all the way to the hospital. Threatening lives if he can’t work giving new meaning to ride or die.

Meanwhile…“It’s still about the card.”

And we see Billy chatting it up somewhere with David over coffee. Billy makes his case for the card saying how he had to kill the CIA guy, Wendy, Molly, hey, he didn’t have a choice, but it was all for the greater good. I raise a brow and side-eye at the same time, if that’s a thing. He tells David that Olivia and her peeps destroyed his life and David’s and deserved what they got and they stole the election. David makes that David face and hands him over the card. To this I make my own face and my hackles go up. I don’t think for a minute that David gave him the real card. I think David really thinks that The Gladiators are his friends and for all his talk he really wants to get back with Abby.

Then back in Cy’s hospital room we have Fitz and Olivia and Liv tells Fitz to pretend to put Reston on the ticket to get Billy to get him to bring the card out.

Later Fitz is still in Cy’s hospital room just hanging (I swear he’s like a dude w/o a place to hang instead of the President of the United States sometimes) when Mellie walks in with flowers. She’s all ready to do the walkout for the press with Fitz when Fitz gives her the total shot and poor Cy is stuck sitting and looking like a child of divorce between two fighting parents.

Now I must sidebar for a moment here to talk about Fitz’s speech (prepared by Liv) and used on Mellie talking about their relationship opening up a dialogue about race, yeah okay, but to then give a thinly veiled threat to Mellie and to bring that to race. Low blow. Not cool. Fitz, I can big up you till the cows come home and you can pull in, go up and throw down until I’m indeed calling you Superman. But when you are talking in such a condescending tone to your wife, the mother of your three children, and then threaten to use race against her—well that makes me wonder 1) who do you think you are? 2) who has the real issue with race in this scenario? But then again. Fantastic TV.

Later Cy gets a late night half dreamy visit from Terminator man. He worries about Olivia.

Meanwhile Liv and Fitz do that phone smexy thing that they do and when she hangs up there is someone trying to break into her apartment. A good thing that someone is already in her apartment and in the nick of time Jake is there with a hand over her mouth pulling her to safety and out of the clutches of the assassin.

He takes her back to Pope and Associates where he tells her hat sleeping with her was part of his B613 (my new rock band, BTW) mission so don’t bother missing him. She gets all Super Liv and tells him to close his eyes and lays the sucky face smack-down on him before he heads out the door to his fate.
“-Ish just got real” Harrison’s understatement of the night.

Later Cy comes rushing in to Pope and Assoc after not finding Liv at home and she tells him about B613 and someone trying to kill her. She’s all jumpy but still talking about not caring about being killed that she and Fitz are still going to be together. She doesn’t care, she loves him! It all sounds quite teenage, my first love and Cy is not in the mood after just having pulled out an IV drop for this. Time to dish out some tough love. He tells Liv that Fitz is not who he appears to be and that he killed Verna. And boom. He says that they are not Romeo and Juliet and “Life is not a romance novel.” And bam. Time to see reason. You and Fitz are not MFEO “Made For Each Other.” Oh Cy, I do love you.

Meanwhile HuckaberryQuinn have gone after Billy and have him bound up with duct tape. It’s quite the scene and Huck’s gone and pulled out his trusty drill to persuade Billy into giving up the Cytron card.

Then back at the White House and Cy brings in some late night move viewing for Fitz. He is not done dishing out the butt-kicking. Oh boy. The dragon is awake.

Now over at Huck and Quinn’s fix it hour, Huck has gone cold and doesn’t have the stomach for torturing Billy, but that’s okay. In steps Quinn as the Robin to his Batman. She takes over the drill and dives in with gusto on ‘ol Billy getting that card info out of the screamer in a jiffy while the blood splatters over her innocent little face. I’m thinking that fuck was right to worry. Yikes.

Back at the White House and Fits is watching the DVD of Liv and Jake as they have smexy. He is not happy at all.

The gang now has the card and big surprise. The info is not there. It takes Abby a moment to figure out it was David who really played them dirty.

We go back to the White House just in time for Cy to grind salt deep into the wound and tell Fitz that there is more to the DVD and that “it goes from room to room and back again.” Ouch Cy. Way to bring up another man’s stamina.

Cast of Scandal in Season 2, episode 22, White Hats Back OnThen in the oddest jump ever we not have the Knights back at the not-so-round-table again and they are discussing how so you solve a problem like David when, poof, David is there in Cyrus’s office and he’s ready to deal. You see he was taping the whole scene with Billy where Billy confessed. So Billy goes down for the murders and he’s tagged as the mole and David gets a new position as the US Attorney of DC. Boom. Well played, David.

Olivia gets a box with the confession. And a white hat. She puts it on. The Gladiator is back. And Bam.

White hat back in place.

Olivia goes to see Fitz in the Oval Office. He opens with you and Jake. And she brings up Verna. He says he forgives her for Jake and he’s guessing that she doesn’t feel the same about Verna. They are both reserved and in this case Fitz is feeling like he’s the bigger sinner. But Liv is still running and pushing Fitz towards Mellie, she says Defiance is dead and tells him he can win with Mellie. I’m thinking that Cy’s admission about Verna pushed her over the edge. He’s not tainted in her eyes. Or maybe she just likes him better when he’s unavailable. Who knows. Either way it’s so much more fun when the relationship is a three way.

They part with Fitz saying “You are going to be my First Lady” and Liv saying no, “I’m their Gladiator” and everyone is playing their parts.

Cue cool music and a new day. Fitz comes to Mellie’s place and falls to his knees and puts his head in her lap to plead for forgiveness. But wait, don’t think I didn’t see the slight smile as he turned away.

We then see Liv preparing for her morning run. She’s making her way downstairs slowly, looking great. We see Cy trying to destroy the Cytron card. He can’t cut it. In the end he smashes it with a Lincoln paperweight. Liv gets on her elevator and we cut to Jake getting thrown in the hole. Poor Jake. See you in a few months. Finally Liv makes it to her lobby and out her building only to be surprised by the press calling her out as the mistress of the president. What and oh snap It’s hitting the fan now! Was that you tipping them off Fitz? Was that what the smug look was for? Or was it someone else?

But no time to waste, Liv is swept off to a waiting limo and tossed inside only to sit across from Terminator man where she looks shocked, but says, “Dad?”


Are you okay? Still there? I know we were all shocked but really were we? If you go back to Season 2 Episode 18 comment #10 you’ll see I was hoping and starting to predict the Terminator man as daddy angle there. I’m so glad it came true.

So tell me, what are your predictions for the coming season?

Is Terminator man really Liv’s Dad? If so, who’s her mom? And does that make Huck her brother from another mother? What about Harrison? I’m still dying to find out his story. And now that Quinn has tasted blood do you think there’s any satiating her thirst? And as for Liv and Fitz what are we going to do with these two? Will we ever see Liv as First Lady, or is that just delusional thinking on Fitz’s part? It’s been a fantastic season Gladiators. Have a great summer!


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Loved the recap as usual, and this episode was awesome, also as per usual.
1. Eating Crow- Fitz eviscerated Mellie with his "don't be on the wrong side of history" super-clown. Then, at the end of the episode, he took his hurt feelings right to Mellie, on his KNEES no less.
2. Wear that white hat, Liv!
3. Scandalistas has been predicting that Harrison is Liv's brother. I don't know about that, but Terminator Man being her father was like, wth kind of father is that? But I have said it before-we don't know Liv's life. I still remember when she was talking to Huck about the two of them walking on the dark side. I'm so hoping more of this comes to light.
4. Huckleberry Quin went over to the darkside, speaking of it...
5. Captain Creeper Jake went into the hole for Liv. At least I know why he is creepy.
6. Congrats to David - and welcome to playing the game, instead of getting played.
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@BoxyFrown you are the best! Thanks for chiming in.
Yes, what kind of father is terminator man taking out the hit and all? Eep.
I love the Harrison as bother angle though I’d also kind of like to see Harrison as a romantic interest too. I think he could hold his own. Or at least talk a good game.
It was good to see Fitz on his knees. He brought up great points about race but his time was so condescending that you wanting to see him right there back at Mellie’s feet. I still kinda feel he may have call the press on Liv though.
I love how David came out smelling like a rose in all of this. Se well played!
3. Minime
The Quinn scene with the drill was so good! Tell me where the Cytron cards is BILLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY, I am not going to ask twice BILLY! OMG can she play crazy!!! Loved this episode.
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
@Minime Ahhhhhh!!!! So crazy good!!! I'm with you Quinn went there and back!
5. SassyT
Quinn has become the new Huck. Boy, she took to torture like a fish to I think someone is going to have to reel her in though before she goes that final step and actually kills someone. Huck knows it. That's why he had to shut the door on her and go back to his corner. She's one drill away from nailing someone (permanently). I was kind of surprised that the head dude of the assassins was Olivia's father. That sure was a twist. I'm really suprised that he's so into his job that he'd have his daughter offed. My BFF says that we don't know the chick assassin was there to kill Olivia but I have to say she was trying to break in the door with her gun drawn so the only options are she was trying to kill Liv or she was trying to kill Jake (of course she knew he was in there...she's an assassin) or kill them both. Either way, Daddy is just evil. I knew something bad was going to happen as soon as they started playing "Higher Ground" (go Stevie!!! Love the soundtrack on this show). It was too sunny and Something was going to happen. Harrison is not Liv's brother (well, if he is I don't think either of them knows it). She doesn't tell him anymore than she does the others so I don't think they are related (or if they are don't know they are related). I thought they were going to need to off David but now I see he didn't completely betray them (he still stole the Cytron card to begin with). So glad Fitz had to go crawling back to Mellie. Those two deserve each other. I mean he's such a hypocrit. He was willing to "forgive" Liv for sleeping with Stalker Jake ? Seriously? A) You guys were broken up (your doing buddy didn't want to be with her after you found out about Ohio...jerk). B) You sent Stalker Jake to her in the first place. C) You slept with Amanda whats-her-name from the first season. I'm so not on Team Fitz. I'm sorry. He's done so much wrong to Olivia and everytime she goes back he kicks her in the gut yet again. All in all a really good season and a really great finale. Can't wait for next season.
K.M. Jackson
6. kwanawrites
@SassyT You went in! Yay! So glad you came and commented. What a fun season. So full of twists. I can't wait to see how it plays next season.
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