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Scandal Season 2, Episode 21 Recap: Holey Moley!

Olivia and her gladiators in Scandal 2.21This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 21, “Any Questions?”

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Hey #Gladiators, how are you all doing? Me? I’m feeling used, and no, not in the ‘good morning after Fitz, tired but refreshed, we’ve taken a nice shower together’ kinda used. I’m feeling all sorts of “out too late in the VIP, morning-after raccoon eyes, run in my fishnets, going home in an unmarked Town Car with a call you maybe and some suspect sport memorabilia” kind of used. 

Last night’s episode opened with Cyrus thrown to the wolves—aka the press—where he had to dodge questions about Mellie’s allegations and call them “a private matter” with a straight face. Like that’s gonnna fly, Cy.

Then we see Cy spitting mad in front of Liv’s place trying to get past Secret Service and declaring that he’s is not Jesus because Jesus forgives.  Cy then bursts in on Fitz and Olivia about to get down with a little morning action (Yeah, I totally saw when Fitz’s hand was going) and breaks up the party.

Later, Liv is getting dressed, all ready to be the fixer, but Fitz lays it down, again, and tells her no. She is not the fixer here.  He’s got this. Yes, we see how you got this, Fitz. He tells Liv to stand down. She gets all dreamy in the eyes and I’m thinking he may have used that firm tone the night before, too.

Liv goes to work like nothing happened and David is all, “did you hear the president banged someone?” Kudos to the Gladiators for knowing but playing it cool but I’m sure they wanted to yell shut up too.

The Gladiators tell Liv about Charlie and the laptop and she goes running to the safe and pulls out the Cytron card. David gives Abby that look. She’s all, oh well. And he says, “Like I said, I made my choice, I’m part of the team now.” Side-eyes all around.

We now see Mellie has called her own fixer and it’s the fantastic John Barrowman from Dr. Who and Torchwood and the best is it seems he can give a read just as well as Mellie can. Love!

Now we have Fitz and his team of what looks like college interns babbling about to handle the scandal and one of them calls, “Clinton rules!” I wonder, is there some sort of infidelity handbook where these Clinton Rules are? Fitz is as annoyed as I am and kicks them all out—all except Cy. He leaves Cy there to drop the bomb that he’ll be making a statement that he will not be seeking a 2nd term. Cy turns 60 Shades of “Oh no you didn’t just say that!”

Cyrus tries to talk some sense into Fitz, but he’s all, ‘I am in love and if I have to give up my presidency then so be it.’ Okay, Fitz we hear you. You’re in love. It’s grand. We got it. But, um, you do have a country to run so how’s about you run it, randy man!

Terminator man is out from the dark and now lurking in the light and is not happy with Jake’s shoddy work. Jake gets a bit of a smack-down and I get a chill. Hold me. 

Still, The Gladiators are buzzing about trying to find a way to prove Sally is The Mole. Liv is being all cool and chill, all nothing can touch me ‘cause I got my man back, but Harrison who knows much calls her on mess and asks her, “What’s the end game?” In true annoying Liv form, Harrison is deep and raw and bares his soul telling her he’d be her Gladiator and her anchor and will fight till the end. (I may have swooned a bit here, maybe)  But Liv she plays it cool and obviously has the Clinton handbook too and just changes the subject, going to Sally. Oh I know Ol’ Harry was mad. I sure was! The woman is a cucumber. Cool like that.

We then are back at the press conference and James is asking the questions now and we get a cut to James and Cy arguing in Cy’s office. I almost felt bad for James when Cy pretty much called him stupid, but then again I remembered I did the same thing, last week. Cy was right, how can James not see that Mellie used him? But I will say Cy went too far. You don’t tear down the one you love like that. I think in the end it will be Cy that’s crying, way more than James.

Back to the Gladiators and they think the best way to Sally is through her daughter, Cassie. They think of going with the cute boy angle but David jumps in and tells them how with the “mean girl strategy.” It works.

Liv and Cy meet in the park. Now Liv is all he’s decided and it’s up to Fitz. But then she says that they already changed the future of the county once and asks Cy isn’t that enough? Now I’m thinking Liv is going with Fitz’s decision because it’s her guilt over Defiance talking.  Cy tells her to “Go away, you’re breaking my heart.” And before she leaves tells him, “This park, it also used to be a zoo.” Still is from where I’m sitting.

Oh great, now Terminator man is quite the day walker and he’s in the park threatening Cy. When Cy says he’s out of bounds he reminds Cy that he has no boundaries. Yeep!

Back at his “work,” Fitz still had time to call Liv and do that not quite breathy phone sex thing that they love to do. “What are you wearing?” Giggles and goodbye. I’m starting to think these calls are the Fitz mid-day energy shot for when he’s feeling down. Then Liv gets another call and in her after Fitz glow she doesn’t check the caller id and answers with, “I am not telling you what I’m wearing.” Smooth Liv. Way to play it real smooth.  It’s Jake and poor Jake (can’t believe I just said that) gets the quick brush off because well it’s not Fitz and ‘nuff said.

Mellie’s fixer is trying his level best to get Mellie to name the mistress, but she’s hanging strong. Mellie is still holding on to some of her power and demands her fixer gets a copy of Fitz’s statement that she assumes he will make because as she say, “she knows Fitz.”

Cut to Charlie and his sugar addition. He goes in to buy his usual but the usual girl is not there. He realizes the agency is out to get him so he does a tail switcharoo playing a strange game of tag and sends Jake and his bands of goons spinning. Could it be that I was rooting for Charlie at least for a moment or was I just not wanting Jake to get him? I think the latter.

Back at Gladiator central they find out that Sally is not the mole (there’s one I had wrong). The Scooby gang head out for coffee, but David hangs back to watch the White House Briefings.  He’s the only one and suddenly I’m side-eyeing David, goofy bumbling David. The one I keep side-eying and dismissing.

Charlie calls Cy for help and to pull him in and Cy tells him he dialed a wrong number and never to call him again. Ohhh Cy I think you did wrong on that one. Charlie is not one I’d like to double cross.

The Gladiators are back and caffeinated and they find David with a gun pointed at him and Charlie is doing the pointing. He wants their help. Now he’s a client.

Back at the White House Cy is reporter blocking and Fitz his written his “laters peeps” speech. He shows it to Cy and poor Cy (Did I really say that? Yeeh! What’s gotten into me?) is feeling defeated and doesn’t fight him. Mellie’s fixer has gotten a copy of the speech from the trash (no shredder by your desk Fitz?) and passed it on to Mellie. She’s surprised that he’s quitting. I’m surprised that she’s surprised. Mel, didn’t you think this could all play out this way with Fitz dreaming of margaritas on a beach with Liv? That man is only one toe in with running the country anyways. The other toe is firmly…well, use your imagination here.

But Mel doesn’t think Fitz will go through with it. She she’s she knows Fitz. We’ll see.

Back at Pope and Assoc. Charlie says he wants the deal that Liv got for Huck where he gets to have a life. They both say they don’t know of any deal. With Liv’s straight-faced lies I think there was a deal. Somebody made a deal for Huck to walk around in plain sight. That said they need a name from Charlie and Huck decides to take matters into his Hucky hands and get a mole name out of Charlie the Huck way. “His world, his rules.”

Cy has now seen the Fitz light and is ready to go his way when he finds out that Fitz never filed his statement of candidacy papers. Just about literal light bulbs go off over Cy’s head and he goes running off with a renewed rosy hue to his cheeks.

Harrison in Scandal 2.21Back at Pope headquarters, Liv goes to see Harrison at his desk and hands him two folders with lists of clients who own the favors “just in case” he has to carry on without her. She then says, “My world my rules,” which echoes what Huck said just moment before. She also tells him the combo to the safe in inside the folders so he can lock them back up. Hmmm… Isn’t that special?

In a surprise (what, this is not a phone conversation?) Cyrus comes sprinting into Pope and Assoc. and tells Liv they need to talk. Did he jog over? Is there a tunnel? How did he get there so fast?

Jake takes a minute to watch his smexy DVD with Olivia before turning it over to his boss. When he questions how the tape will be used he’s brushed off and told if he screws up again they will be meeting at the hole instead of the monuments. Ouch. That hole is deep. You don’t want to go there, Jake.

We now see Huck who has taken Charlie to another location to kill him, but feeldng his sugar addition, offers him a last donut and for that bit of kindness Charlie gives a name. Huck is about to shoot Charlie when Quinn (way too stealthy for my taste) creeps in and stops him. She’s talking something about the job being over and asking if he’s a Gladiator or if he’s looking for revenge. Side-eyeing. Girl, I know you mean well (maybe) but I’m hoping this doesn’t come back to hurt Huck.

Cut to Fitz surprised by Liv in his bedroom and after her conversation with Cy where Cy has put it together that Fitz was never planning to run, Liv calls him on it. Says he lost his nerve after what they did to him with Defiance. She apologizes for stealing the election from him and tells him she believes in him and to “run and win.”

Now cut to Fitz ready to make his statement to the press and Liv and Cy are all scared in the back watching.

But wait—cut to Pope and Assoc. and HuckaberryQuinn are back, David and Abby ask if they got a name and in walks Harrison from the other office looking mad as all get out.

Cut back to Fitz he opens his speech then slams it closed and says to the press, “my marriage is none of your business.” Oh well there. We heard that. Whee!! Throws confetti for another season of Fitzy hijinks!

But back at Gladiator Central and what, the what?! The dang blang Cytron card has gone missing?

And now we have Fitz not only saying MYOB but that he’s also running for a second term and there is Liv so happy and believing in her man again. Smiles, blushes and splash! Like a douse of cold water Cy is by her side saying, do you know what you’re giving up. Liv looks crushed. Gee, thanks Cy.

Cut to Mellie watching Fitz on TV with her fixer and looking smug. “Like I said. I know Fitz,” she says.  

Back at Pope and Assoc., it’s a Charlie hate fest and David says found him futzing around the conference room. And worse, HuckaberryQuinn went and let Charlie go so they can’t go and find the card on him now. Yeesh what to do with that type of proof floating around in the wrong hands?

Hey, at least they have the name of the mole that Charlie gave them and it’s who? Billy Chambers! You lie. It can’t be little swarmy Billy Chambers, the one that’s supposed to be dead from season 1. But oh yes, it can because Charlie was supposed to kill Billy and well, guess that never happened. Darn you Charlie!

We then see Billy in a hired car, getting the card handed to him by his accomplice and there he is…  Ch—

David. What?! Oh. to the NO. Not David! I wail, Twitter explodes, there may have been kicking and some frantic stomping around the room. Darn it. I’ve been played!

I can’t wait till next week. It seems Fitz has his super powers back and is talking about marrying Liv and moving her into the White House. Mellie Mel is in no mood to hear that. Cy is falling out. Literally. And there are scary people with gloved hands coming for Liv. I’m afraid. Somebody bring me my smelling salts.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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I love John Barrowman to the point of obsession. I just HATE that he's gonna be going up against the Pope Gladiators, because that is never going to end well, but sooooo excited to see John Boy working is magic. He only pops up once every 3 weeks on Arrow, and even then we're lucky if we get 2 minutes. So here's hoping that he has a juicy role this next season!
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