May 3 2013 10:30am

Scandal Season 2, Episode 20: Shake Your Money Maker

Why are you trying to harsh my mellow!This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 20, “A Woman Scorned.”

(Need a refresher? Check out Kwana's recaps of episode 2.12episode 2.13episode 2.14episode 2.15episode 2.16, episode 2.17, episode 2.18, and episode 2.19.)

Hey Gladiators how doing’? Are you hung over? Did anyone get lucky? Cause I’m thinking last night’s episode was just about the equivalent of a long play Barry White song with some R. Kelly at his best while everyone was stuck on a 36 hour on a cruise to nowhere with a open bar feeling no pains.

The show opens with Liv swimming in a fantastic white suit with back piping which as we know means she trying swim her problems away, but when she comes to a stop there they are in the form of Captain Jake. And there they are again and again and again as Jake has now gone from cute stalker boyfriend to cute stalker bodyguard assigned by the President. Annoying much.

Liv calls Fitz to call off Jake. They argue like an old married couple which is total foreplay for them since phone sex is their 2nd favorite kind of sex.

We then see Cyrus having a fit trying to spin the Mellie moving out situation. He makes up a story that the baby has Chicken Pox and Fitz, apparently like Barbara Walters, never had it, so to keep him safe they both had to move out. Cut to James so excited and with no clue of the sky falling around him there to tell Cyrus about his new on air BNC job offer. Cy is not listening and agrees, sure fine, Honey just take the job and get out of my hair.

Back at Gladiator central they are looking for Baseball Cap dude with no luck but then Huck comes back from  “Shaking off the crazy,” as Abby said and ID’s Charlie by his ear. What in the world is Charlie doing trying to kill Huck and Liv? No one is happy about this.

Cy takes the tunnel to Mellie and calls her a child but Mellie is not going for Cy or Fitz’s threats. She gives Fitz 36 hours to recommit to her and the kids or she is going on TV and calling his butt OUT as a cheater. I look at her and believe her.

Cy calls Liv to ask how done are she and Fitz are they “Done-done or heavy phone breathing done.” LOL this is why I love Cy. He so has their number with the phone thing.  He tells Liv about Mellie’s threat.  Liv comes into the office and the Gladiators tell her about Charlie and that they think Cy hired him to kill her. They also think Cyrus may be the mole but I don’t think so at all. Do you at this time?

But since stalker-ati Jake is with Liv at the office his place is free and Charlie is making himself quite at home checking out his video collection. He sees it all. The Liv stalk tapes and worse the Sex with Jake tapes as Jake has cameras everywhere. Creepy much Jake?

Way to be creepy, Jake...Liv doesn’t want to believe that Cy would do that to her and is telling the Gladiators to know for sure before they accuse him. In an odd scene she says she’s “Known him since—,” and then stops there. I’m sure that wasn’t for nothing and I can’t wait to hear the full story.

So now the Gladiators have to find out what’s the deal with Charlie and why he came after Liv and what was Cy’s involvement. Time to put on trench coats and suit up like Batman.

Poor Cy is trying to talk some sense into Fitz but Fitz only has eyes for Liv and is not thinking about walking that long hall to see Mellie. Not when he’s got Cy to do it. He tells Cy to show Mellie the future if she doesn’t give in. He also tells Cyrus to explain,  ‘Mutual assured destruction’  to Mellie. I fear this will not end well. 

Fitz then summons Liv to The White House. She says no and he threatens to come to her so she goes to him and she’s not happy. She rushes in to see him, Jake pulling up the rear so to speak. But with an epic door slam to Jake’s face she is all in Fitz’s face with eyes of fury, but not before very sexily taking off her pristine gloves which were so not needed on the clearly too warm for even a jacket day. I think the gloves were another form of sexual foreplay for them.

The scene is great. All anger and range and exclamation points which I love with all my heart.  “Sit down Olivia!” and “No! I am busy!” and “What do you want!”  answered with “You.”

Oh boy. Mmmm. Lemme think on that one.  But no, Liv, she’s still mad and not having it, but neither is Fitz and it’s his house. He’s backing little Liv into a corner saying “We’re not over and I am never going to be over you.” … “Come back to me, forgive me I love you.”  But then Liv switches to her big girl heels and throws that finger in Fitz’s prezzy face and gives it right back saying “I am not a toy you can play with when you are board or lonely, or horney… If you want me. Earn me!” *Liv drops mic* Oh shoot now Liv. I heard that loud and clear and so did the rest of the West Wing.

Now we have Cy walking that long underground corroder again and I can’t help thinking can someone get this man a golf cart. He takes Mellie an offer of an issue all her own if she comes back to continue her duties as first lady. It’s a springboard to her own political career but Mellie says it’s not enough. Then Cy pulls out the big guns and makes a threat. Oh Cy now was so not the time and Mellie Mel was so not the lady. She takes that threat and that offer and rips it to shreds. That's my Mellie Mel. She don’t take no mess.  

It’s now late at night and Huck come into Liv’s office to tell her that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner, the women who was sleeping with Fitz from season 1. He didn’t tell her before because there was a code but now that Charlie has gone rogue and tried to kill him I guess he broke the code and all bets are off. Also Huck has a soft spot for Liv and a guy’s got to watch his soft spot. We then see a straw grasping but still not on a golf cart Cy burst in on Mellie again but this time the offer is what if he can get rid of Olivia Pope. Gulp.

Liv goes home with her Jake guard in tow and Jake being the great guard he is I have to wonder why he doesn’t go in and check her apartment. So odd but Jake gets a call from Lauren the president’s secretary to come in. Turns out Lauren was put up by Cy. Liv you're in trouble, girl.

Now Liv is home but the Gladiators are still hard at work in the office (so like a boss) tracking what Charlie has been doing. Turns out he’s been in a book club and has a girlfriend. Go figure. I’m shocked and so is Huck it seems.  Did you all catch Harrison say “Booklovers never go to bed alone?”  Fantastic!

Now we see Cy going to Liv’s place and he gets off the elevator, but wham, whose there? Jake. He didn’t go for the Lauren trick at all. Cy lets it be known that He knows about him and Liv. They are both growly. It’s good.

Liv now let’s Jake inside for some of her wine ‘o’ the month (the woman never runs out). Jake decides to play a game of I tell- You tell. A game I’d never play. Jack tells her how he snuck into her place. Liv doesn’t tell him much except she doesn’t think about him. He gives her a speech and then asks how deep is she in with Fitz over and over. Liv doesn’t want to answer so she goes in for a little lip smacking instead before running off to her bed alone.

In a hilarious bit of goofiness we get James and Cy at home and James is all over Cy. He’s so silly for not getting that Cy wasn’t even paying attention when he was telling him about the job and only agreed to hush him up.

The next day we have the Gladiators interviewing Barbara, Charlie’s girlfriend. Trying to find out some info. Huck is still perplexed.

This it’s less than 2 hours left before the Mellie clock winds down to zero and Cy tells Fitz to go and talk to her if he wants the Presidency. We then see Fitz on the move but where is he moving to but to Liv’s. Uh oh.

More arguing. Liv wants him to go back to Mellie and not risk it. But darn Fitz he is not moving his Presidential behind. He will not be moved. He tells Liv that he loves her more than he loves being president. And he is proving it. He wants her to, “sit with me and watch me earn you.” Oh boy words coming back to bite you now, huh Liv?

Sidebar: is this not why we love Fitz. These words that come back? All women want a man that LISTENS! When those words are echoed back and he does what we want it’s freaking on, on hot buttered popcorn time. Men take note of the science that Shonda is dropping here.

Back to the program… They are sitting and waiting and the clock is ticking and we are all sweating. And “you’re all I need to get by” is playing. Hearts pound.

I’m feeling all Fitzy gooey right now, but then cut to Mellie waiting for her husband and I can’t help but get mad. Mel, I think you had better go through with your threat and get him where it hurts. Do not take that mess.  Gah, I’m torn.

But then, time is up and Liv is in Fitz’s arms and on his lap and it’s swoon time.

Huck can fix anything you need, Liv!Back at Gladiator Central the working stiffs are still working. They find out that Charlie’s girlfriend is really a court stenographer and she was on the Defiance grand jury. Charlie wanted the info she had and that means Cy is not the mole.  He already had the defiance info. Cut to Jake with the Man in the park plotting like they do then Jake in his house playing an odd game of you watch me and I’ll watch you with Charlie.

But then it’s back to the White House and Cy is being alerted the interview starting. Uh oh. Mellie did you really? Oh yes you did and James is the interviewer. Cyrus is running for all he’s worth. No golf cart? Maybe a scooter or a Segway? That hallway is long.

Well Mellie is spilling the tea and while she is spilling it pearls glistening, Fitz and Liv are at Olivia’s going at it and having a time to end all times. Funniest line of the night comes from David who was watching at the office and goes, “Uh, wonder who he banged?” Oh David, just leave your Gladiator badge on the desk please.

Back to the interview... Mellie is luminous and perfectly long suffering in her pain. But not to be outdone, Fitz is positively Gladiator heroic in his conquering comeback of Liv with that epic makeup sex scene. I mean really, the wall, the bed, slammed phone, the shower. All I have the energy to say after that is, “Hi.” too.

So tell me what did you think? Were you as hot and bothered as the rest of social media seemed to be? Are you like me? Melty for Fitz but still in a way behind Mellie with her decision? A women has to take a stand and then back it up. Are you also like me and no closer to knowing who the mole is? I must think on it just a bit more. I have to admit I was blinded my all the pretty Fitzy this episode and could not care less. Bravo to the writers and cheers to Tony Goldwyn for directing such a fantastic episode. Till next week.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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1. SassyT
Sorry. But I so don't love Fitz. He treats Liv like crap. I want her to find a good man (and not stalky Jake though I love me some to throw the felicity reference in there...and not someone boring who also talks to her all kinds of ways like the Senator guy) without a wife and other assorted issues (looking at you Jake). I did feel bad for Mellie but it's her own fault. She was perfectly okay with Liv and Fitz getting it on until the Tanner chick got killed and it came back on Fitz. So, she was aiding and abetting in my eyes to this love affair. No need getting all pissy about it now, honey. Although I did feel a bit for her when she was sitting there watching the clock all by her lonesome. It was sorta sad.

Cy: Didn't Olivia already know that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed? Remember when she confronted him about it way back in Season One? Shonda, honey. Bad story writing there.

The Gladiators in Suits are still as awesome as ever. Love Quinn becoming a And kudos to the whomever does the soundtrack for the show for adding in some Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell. You are all I need to get by indeed. I was singing along and bopping to the
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@SassyT you are fantastic! Now you make me wanna get on Netflix and do a look back on the Cy thing. Drats! And I know it's all sorts of complex with Mellie but she is so good being bad and those eyes and the fact that Fitz is so bad (why do I love him) that is why I feel for Mellie. As for Liv needing that good man with no baggage and the rest. I really don't think she'd know what do do with him. She'd probably cheat herself and mess him up bad. That man is not for Liv. Liv lives in the shadows and she like it all murky and messed up IMO.
3. ChunkyDlyte
OMG, loved that episode and yes, my hubby got lucky after that shower scene, lol, as I am sure a lot of folks did last night. I love Olitz and I normally don't cheer for the side piece but this couple does it for me, lol! Great recap!
Nicole Leapheart
4. BoxyFrown
Awesome recap as usual!
My thoughts on this EPIC episode:
1. The music supervisor deserves a raise. Yes!
2. Mellie threw it down, and Fitz picked it up. Player, meet the game.
3. Cy running down that corridor for all he was worth-the best thing ever.
4. Olivia/Fitz- as per usual, the sparks flew. I needed an e-cig when the credits rolled.
5. Congrats to ABC for showing 3 episodes in a row next week!
6. Captain Jake and Terminator Man-what the hell are you up to? I suppose that's the question.
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
@ChunkyDlyte LOL. You made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the comment. I had to go and ask. Love you for stopping by.
@BoxyFrown Hey! Thanks for stopping in. I know, Cy had me so worried with all his running. It was wild. And I tell you I thought about a cig too and I have never smoked. I did crave a ham sandwich though. Fitz was not playing! I also can’t wait to find out what Terminator man’s name is. It’s killing me.
6. Jessa Slade
Okay, had to wait to comment with fingers in ears, going la-la-la, until I watched the episode. I usually hate cheater stories, but I have to admit, Fitz is earning me back. Writer-me is frantically trying to see the way to a Happily Ever After, but TV-watching-me is happy to sit back and watch everybody twist :)
7. CindyS
What I love about Fitz and Olivia is that no ground is sacred - she goes into the Oval Office and yells and well, Fitz yells right back. Honestly, I may have needed just a bit more groveling from him because of the 'whore' comment and leaving her for like 10 months. But a sitting President letting his marriage fail while she watched? That shows the choice was made. I was tense wondering if in years to come he would blame Olivia for not getting a second term. I think Olivia sat in silence to call his bluff and was overwhelmed when the clock ticked down.

I really didn't think Mellie would do anything but doesn't she just give enough information to let Fitz know he can still come back but now All of America will know about Olivia so good luck in ever seeing her again.

And the actor for Cy is excellent - I swear I worried his heart was going to give out while running through the tunnel. Like you Kwana, I wondered where the golf cart was? Don't they have those things ordered in bulk?

I know Cy was busy but I really thought he was just OVER James and the lack of marriage so yeah, go, go be on TV. It will be interesting to see if Cy's marriage now blows up (I think it would be fun to watch a single Cy get hit on)

Can't wait for next week!
K.M. Jackson
8. kwanawrites
@Jessa Slade - thanks for coming back and commenting. I’m with you wanting a HEA but then again not wanting one because then there would be no show. It’s a tough one.

@CindyS – Great comments Cindy and you’re right now ground is sacred with Fitz and Liv. None at all. Can’t wait for next week.
9. SassyT
The Terminator guy's name is Joe Morton (his real name). He played the guy Whitley was going to marry (instead of her true love Dwayne Wayne) on "A Different World". And then Dwayne busts in and breaks up the wedding....sigh. I still love that episode!!!
K.M. Jackson
10. kwanawrites
@SassyT- I just do love calling him Man on Bench and Terminator Man as he still has no name on Scandal. But yes, he is Joe Morton and wow I totally forgot that he was the man who tried to take Whitley from Dwayne in the most romantic wedding stop in sitcoms ever! Thanks for that reminder. It was the very best!
11. SassyT
I just call him Head of the Assassins. Remember, he was the head dude over whatever the organization was that Huck and Cy's assassin (can't remember HIS name right now) worked for.
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