May 19 2013 2:30pm

Poll: What is Your Favorite Type of Man in Uniform?

Men in uniform certainly have appeal. Is it the discipline of being in service? The crisp dress uniforms? The muscles that often come with the need to stay fit in the line of duty? Yesterday was Armed Forces Day in the United States so we want to know what your favorite type of man in uniform is! Do you have a soft spot for An Officer and a Gentleman or maybe the men of Pearl Harbor? Let us know in this week's poll and share a picture of your favorite man in uniform (book, TV or movie) in the comments!

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1. Lionrock71
For me it's BDUs, and the great thing is that they're putting more cops and paramedics in them when it used to be mostly military and SWAT. The dress uniforms are impressive to me, but service people in BDUs (especially if they're a little crabby looking, authoritative and battle-weary) are just the hottest of hot.
Rakisha Kearns-White
2. BrooklynShoeBabe
Marines are number 1 in my book when it comes to uniforms followed by police officers in their dress blues. I would say firemen, but I only imagine them with the bottom half of their uniforms only. *snicker*
3. Rose In RoseBear
The male Marine dress blues uniform is made to make men look yummy! The colors, the shiny bits, the swords, oh, my!

But, you know, I like the green-and-khaki service uniform, too ... not drab at all, despite the colors.
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