May 4 2013 1:46am

Iron Man 3 Meets...Downton Abbey?!!

Happy Hogan in Iron ManWe know Downton Abbey is all over pop culture these days. How I Met Your Mother recently paid homage to the show when Marshall, Lily, and Ted found themselves addicted to a very similar period drama called Woodworthy Manor. And in an episode of The Mindy Project a few weeks back (“Santa Fe”), Mindy's ex Josh got a quick update from a high-profile pal/client (the Green Bay Packers's Clay Matthews) on the Crawley drama he'd missed while he was TV-less in rehab. Then there was the time the show was a hot topic with Gossip Girl's upper east siders (or at least with Serena's mom Lily)... The list goes on, really.

So yes, Downton is all over the place lately. But did anyone see that Iron Man 3 connection coming?



In Iron Man 3, while Happy Hogan is in the hospital in a coma due to injuries sustained in an attack on Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Tony Stark has a nurse turn on Downton Abbey for his friend, hoping, I guess, to further incentivize him to wake up (awww, Tony, you DO know your friends after all). Happy doesn't react right away, but sure enough, when he does awaken near the end of the film, what quickly draws his attention? Downton! (I think it was Sybil and Branson, is that right? Clearly I need to see the movie again! As if I need another reason.)

I cracked up each time a Downton clip appeared; it was so great! What did you think of the Iron Man 3-Downton Abbey connection? Are there any other shows/movies/books where you'd like to see a reference?

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