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Halfway to the Bed: Whose Story Might be Next in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress World?

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene FrostJeaniene Frost's Halfway to the Grave was my first introduction to Cat and Bones and their world, and not only were they the first paranormal romance couple I'd met, they remain my favorite.

There are six Night Huntress novels focusing solely on Cat and Bones. But surrounding them are many complex, hot, fascinating, infuriating and hysterical secondary characters. Many of these secondary characters have gone on to have their own books:

  • Bones’ best friend, Spade, was featured in First Drop of Crimson. He was paired up with Cat’s best friend Denise.
  • Mencheres, Bones’ grandsire, was the second book in the Night Huntress world. Eternal Kiss of Darkness had Mencheres finding love with Kira.
  • Vlad Tepesh is currently the star in his own trilogy, The Night Prince series. He remains quite the antihero, but is paired with a great heroine in Leila.

So who does that leave us with? Which character should get his or her own story?

Speaking of antiheroes, Ian would be the first one to come to mind. Ian was brought into the picture as Liam Flannery. Don assigned Cat to capture Liam knowing that he was Cat’s father’s sire, the same person who's also Don’s brother. Cat pins Ian, but in their conversation she finds out he is Bones’ sire and is unable to kill him.

Where does Ian stand? His loyalties can come and go and we never have forgotten that he initially wanted Cat as a trophy. Slowly but surely he has wormed his way under our skin.

In a recent Q&A, Frost she answered the question about Ian getting a book. I am fairly certain she is asked this question at least 17 times a week, but she graciously threw her fans a bone (heh) and answered again.

Q: Will Ian get a book?

A: Maybe. After the events in Home for the Holidays (my novella in The Bite Before Christmas anthology), Ian is starting to move in a direction where he could grow into hero material—or anti-hero, anyway. However, he’s not there yet, so nothing definite about a book unless/until he is.

The Bite Before Christmas by Jeaniene FrostShe did say that she has someone in mind for Ian and that it is not Justina. Let’s all just take a moment to thank Ms. Frost for not making us suffer through a pairing of Justina and Ian. Ian is way too epic and Justina too much of a toad for the two to be a match. There aren’t too many spare characters in this series, but I can think of two that I wouldn’t mind paired with Ian.

Veritas, the law guardian, appears in This Side of the Grave, Destined for an Early Grave, and Eternal Kiss of Darkness. She is said to be among the oldest 'living' vampires. She is very powerful, likes the power and has been known to be in trouble with dark magic. “...a vampire didn't become an Enforcer before turning five hundred years of age and completing a rigorous training process. They weren't the soldiers behind the powerful ruling body of all vampires because they were unexceptional.” In the Eternal Kiss of Darkness virtual interview, Ms. Frost said, “It’s mentioned in Eternal Kiss of Darkness that the process for becoming an Enforcer takes hundreds of years, and that’s a lesser position than a Guardian. So imagine how long it takes to get on the Guardian Council!”

Ian expressed some interest in her after watching her fight when he said,

“Am I the only one who has wood over that little vixen?"

In another recent interview Frost was asked:

Will we be seeing more of Veritas? Maybe a power?

Yes, you should see more of Veritas. As for her powers, that would come up later.

The other option would be Annette, the first vampire Bones sired. She was much hated, at first, and was the one person Bones slipped up with during his and Cat’s four-year separation. Once Bones set her straight on his feelings for Cat I think she eventually turned herself around and is now semi-likable. I struggle with this pick, though, because she has been all about Bones for 200 hundred years.

At Grave's End by Jeaniene FrostAnother popular, secondary character who could have a story is Tate. Tate is a very polarizing character; you either love him or hate him. I am of the hate variety. He crossed a line in At Grave’s End when he tried to “comfort” Cat after Bones had died. I was happy to see him go and sad to see him come back.

Here is what Frost said when asked about Tate:

Q: Is Tate going to get his own HEA? Obviously Cat only has eyes for Bones, but I really want Tate to find happiness!

I want Tate to find happiness, too. But he can also be his own worst enemy. If Tate can let go of his hang-ups and move on, I have hope for him in the future. If not, well…

In Destined for an Early Grave, Tate returns and asks to be on the team. And then in This Side of the Grave he is put in charge of the whole thing. Honestly, Tate has never been a favorite. Being in charge of the team will mean that he and Justina work closely together and I know there has been speculation on them as a couple. How would you feel about that? Personally, I don’t want to read a book about either of them unless they end up skewered afterwards, but maybe I am alone in that opinion. Justina and Tate? Would it work for you?

Annette could also be in the picture when it comes to Tate. Tate and Annette had a brief hook-up in One Foot in the Grave bringing up the ”Once you go dead, no one's better in bed” quote. Unfortunately, I am not feeling anyone for Tate.

Ian and Tate are the big question marks with maybe Juan, Cooper and Maximus in the running as well. Do you have any opinion on these HEAs? Anyone else you would like to see get a story?


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Marlene Relja
1. MarleneR
"Personally, I don’t want to read a book about either of them unless they end up skewered afterwards, but maybe I am alone in that opinion."

Oh, you are definitely NOT alone! Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard when I read that sentence. You nailed my feelings about those two exactly. Tate, that whiny, over-brooding little idiot gets under my skin. After the last Night Huntress book, I think that maybe... MAYBE he is starting to redeem himself in my eyes.

And Justina... blegh. She is a great character you just love to hate, but she'll always be more of an antagonist to me.

I'd love to see Cooper's story. He's so deliciously calm and mysterious and Juan, that player, needs a good hard lesson in real love... heh. And Maximus, oh he would be intersting to follow eventually.

Annette I never really bonded with, so right now I don't really see her with anyone.

Ian... oh yeah, I don't think there's any way she can't write a book about him. Him and Veritas I never thought of, but I'm liking it! Good call! I think it's about time that a powerful male vamp falls head over heels for an even more powerful female charater in this world. That would be awesome.

Great post btw. Still laughing!
2. Lizzie Dee
I'd LOVE to see a story about Ian! I always had a soft spot for him, even when he was an ass, but after the Christmas story I decided I firmly liked him, so I'd like to see him get his HEA. Veritas with Ian is an intriguing idea.
I also wouldn't mind a Tate story, but most definitely not with Justina. Ick. Just ick! And I don't see him (or Ian) long term with Annette. Maybe he needs a new girl who hasn't been introduced yet. Kira was new to the group, so maybe that's the way to go.
But I also think we could see a story about the fourth friend (Timothy?), the other man who was turned with Bones and Spade. I remember Jeaniene saying something about him in her interview, but I can't remember what she said...
3. SarahG
I don't think I could bring myself to read a book with either Justine or Annette as the heroine, they're both characters that I love to hate but I don't see them every being characters I come to like. I'm not a huge fan of Tate but if he gets a book I'll probably read it because there was a point where I liked him and he could redeem himself.

I DEFINITELY want a book about Ian though & I'd like to see more of Veritas so I could see them being an interesting couple. I'd like to see a book for Juan too, he always makes me smile & I love it when a player finds the woman who will bring him to his knees. I think Cooper and Maximus both have potential too
4. EmilyG
Lizzie Dee - She did mention Timothy in her most recent interview, but indicated that he would be unlikely to feature as a hero. She's planning on weaving him in as a secondary story line at some point, possibly even just a story from another character, but said she's not sure where or when. But apparently he has a valid reason for being MIA.

I agree on Ian. He's fun. And Veritas is intriguing, I hope she goes that direction if she goes with someone we've met. She was pretty buttoned up, but it seemed like she had an intriguing history with magic. Tate and Maximus just aren't that appealing for me as main heroes... maybe some backstory wrapping up? And I'm thinking Justine just needs several good centuries to mellow out a bit before she can be a heroine. It sounds like the next book is going to focus pretty heavily on some interactions with her old team which is rather exciting.
5. Shilo
I would love books about Ian, Juan, Cooper, Maximus, and what about Dave??? We haven't had a ghoul yet. Tate is good but angsty and he needs a way to go to be likeable. Justina doesn't need anything for a long while because she needs mellowing and because of Rodney. Annette ... Well she is a good subsidiary character that I can see dying to prove a situation is serious and to hurt Bones. Veritas needs someone a bit young or irreverent because she needs to lighten up She is extremely rigid. Good cop but rigid. She seems like she'll break before she bends. I just want more books. She does a great job creating the feelings she wants you to have for the characters. I know whatever she decides ill be happy with. I just want more.... Now would be good.
Jennifer Myers
6. jennyb845

Glad I am not alone in my Tate and Justina feelings. I am listening to the series on audio right now and my frustration with Tate is boiling over. I always remember that I don't like him but I forget how much until I do a reread.

Veritas- I liked the idea of the female being more powerful. Pure speculation but it would be fun to see Ian with a kickass chick.

Cooper cracks me up when he calls Cat a half-breed freak. He wouold be fun.
Jennifer Myers
7. jennyb845
@Lizzie Dee

Can anyone see Justina or Annette paired up? I just don't want to do that to these guys. They are my book boyfriends, nobody is good enough!
Jennifer Myers
8. jennyb845

Juan would be fun but he is still a baby vamp, ya know? I like the big and powerful ones!
9. JenniferTM
I will be so stoked if Ms. Frost writes Ian's story!- he can misbehave but I think he's got a good heart...Veritas might be a good pick for him but for some reason I like the idea of a human getting under his prickly skin...

I'd also wouldn't mind reading Maximus's story... but I'm not so keen on Tate, Annette or Justina; they're fine for me as secondary characters but I can't see myself reading a primary story about either one of them.
10. karetoni
Maximus from Leila and Vlad, Ian would be my second choice
11. shelli.f
I would SO love to see a book about Maximus! I think we really need to see the rest of his story, and if anyone deserves a chance at love, it's him!
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