May 17 2013 4:45pm

Friday Beefcake: Guys with Glasses

Recently it came to light that a few members of Team H&H had a soft spot for men in glasses and especially if that man is David Gandy. We scoured the internet and found a few other celebrities who look good without glasses but slip on those frames and it adds a certain intellectual air (and maybe a bit of a Clark Kent effect) to them. With David Gandy, we also have Ryan Gosling and Matthew Bomer. Share your favorite bespectacled beefcake in the comments!

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1. Rose In RoseBear
I love guys with beards and glasses!

Common ...

Richard T. Jones ...

Shemar Moore ...

Denzel Washington ...

Samuel L. Jackson

Rakisha Kearns-White
2. BrooklynShoeBabe
Oh the trouble you can get into when you type "hot men in glasses" on google. lol.

Rose In RoseBear
5. Rose In RoseBear
Oh, I've always loved Cyclops, in all his various incarnations! He's soooo angsty!
Christopher Morgan
7. cmorgan
I take it as a personal offense that Scott Summers got on this list before me. I have both a beard AND glasses and that boyscout makes it? I say good day!
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