May 24 2013 9:30am

Catching Up with Continuum (And Its Ships!)

Kiera in ContinuumWith season two of this Syfy drama rapidly approaching (it returns Friday, June 7, 10 pm), it’s a great time to catch up on the promising mystery/sci-fi hybrid series Continuum.

Rachel Nichols stars as über-capable cop Kiera Cameron, who was accidentally propelled back to 2012 from her spacecraft-flying, supersuit-wearing existence in 2077 when a shady criminal enterprise used a time-travel device to escape execution. The group, Liber8, was a terrorist cell fighting against the total control of society by corporations, the largest of which was run by Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen). When Keira lands in 2013, she quickly becomes part of the modern police force, partnering with Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster). Our fish-out-of-water heroine gets a little help from that high-tech supersuit and her futuristic “upgrades” which also put her in contact with Alec (his company made the suit), who is now a nerdy teen with a crazy computer grid in his family’s barn.

Got all that? Good. Because now we can get down to what’s really important—the 'ships! So technically, Kiera is married with a kid in 2077 and desperately wants to get back to that family. (Even if there are hints that her husband is shady and possibly in cahoots with Old Alec to do bad things.) Ahem. So the shipping is on the down-low and mostly implied at this point, but shipping is all about having faith when canon tells you not to! Or, uh, something like that. Anyway, here’s the down-low on the potential romances brewing for our kickass lady cop.

Matthew Kellogg in ContinuumKiera/Kellogg—So the Liber8 members, well…they’re not all on the same page exactly. Most of them are pretty content to stir up trouble and try to prevent future events by killing people’s pregnant grandmas and what not, but….then there’s Matthew Kellogg (Stephen Lobo). He’s kind of the Han Solo to Kiera’s Princess Leia. Charming and roguish, this con artist has decided he likes the 2012 life and leaves Liber8 to settle down to a nice Vancouver life on a houseboat, making money by capitalizing on all his future knowledge (all Back to the Future 2 style!). He starts helping Kiera in her attempts to capture the Liber8 crew and they strike an uneasy friendship full of snarky exchanges. Late in season one, after a near-death experience, Kiera turns to him for comfort, spending the night on his houseboat. (Canon plays coy, with lots of conversations about “it was nothing” but most likely, there was a little something something going on.)

Kiera and Carlos in ContinuumKiera/Carlos—These two buddy cops have a connection right from the start, managing to back each other up and save each others’ lives with an almost instinctual partnership. But Kiera can’t actually tell Carlos the truth about where she’s from and what she’s up to. There’s a moving scene late in Season 1 where Carols has been gravely injured and is semi-unconscious and they’re trapped in a closet (Romance trope alert!) and he tells her he knows she’s lying to him about probably everything but that he still trusts her. Kiera breaks down, crying that he’s the only friend she has and telling him she has to lie to him every day and she hates it! (Swoon!)

Victor Webster in ContinuumThe actors have a lot of chemistry, though the show hasn’t really treated them as anything more than friends so far. But I’m a sucker for buddy cops who do dangerous things together and fall in love, and I’m hoping they’ll be an endgame relationship and they just don’t want to move it along too fast. (Also, shallowly, have you seen Victor Webster? Whoa.)

Kiera/Alec—This one is kind of a dark-horse ship. I’m pretty sure canon won’t go there, especially since in 2012, Alec is just a teenager. But the actors have a good rapport and there’s definitely an appeal to the fact that Alec is really the one who knows the most about Kiera’s situation at any given time, since he literally monitors her body via the supersuit and the tech upgrades she has (like camera implants in her eyeball, etc.) They have a good working relationship, even a friendship, but Kiera’s knowledge of and Alec’s curiosity about himself in the future becomes a point of contention.

Kiera and Alec in ContinuumThe show really revolves around Kiera, titling it a shade closer to being a character-driven procedural, though there’s still plenty of plot each week. Nichols is pretty fantastic in the role, managing to balance out Kiera’s unflappable professional nature with private moments of vulnerability that make her relatable. With three very different and compelling relationships for our heroine, plus the shifting definitions of who’s bad and who’s good (at some point, they’re going to have Kiera realize that corporations are truly evil and Liber8 are fighting the good fight, no doubt), there’s a lot to enjoy about Continuum.


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1. keen23
I love this show! I just discovered it through Netflix streaming a few weeks ago, and obsessivly watched every episode available. Now, I'm salivating for the new season to start.
Tara Gelsomino
2. Taragel
@keen23 It's really good, isn't it? I'm really enjoying everything with Kiera and her relationships and I understand the Liber8 stuff gets much more fleshed out in season two. (Personally, I'm excited to learn more about the short-haired blonde baddie, Garza!) Glad it was a short hiatus and it'll be back soon!
3. jamiemad
My husband and I were waiting all winter for it to come back. He says Kiera's not as pretty this year as last, she's done something to her hair - maybe to make herself seem grittier? 8pm tonite on Showcase -date nite! And tomorrow is the season premier of Longmire on A&E. Love me some Branch!
4. taragel
@jamiemad Very nice! We still have to wait a few weeks for S2 here in the US. And I'm a big Longmire fan too! (I write the recaps for the show over at You and I might be the only two Branch fans on the internet! Ha ha! :)
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