May 14 2013 9:18am

And the Mother in How I Met Your Mother is...!!!

The mother's boots in How I Met Your Mother*****MAJOR SPOILERS for How I Met Your Mother's Season 8 finale, “Something New,” below.

Seriously, DO NOT READ until you've seen the episode—and the mother—for yourself.*****

Okay so Barney and Robin still haven’t walked down that aisle, Marshall still hasn’t told Lily he’s been offered his long-awaited seat on the judicial bench days before they’re set to spend the next year in Rome, but HIMYM fans still have reason to celebrate. Ted, so distraught over losing Robin to Barney that he plans to move to Chicago the night of the wedding, hasn’t met the mother of his future children, but we have.

In the last shot of Season 8’s finale, “Something New,” we finally get to put a face to the still unnamed Mother, as she purchases the fateful ticket that will take her to Farhampton and her date with destiny. In this case, a destiny named Ted. She doesn’t yet know that she’s about to meet the man who will love her drawings of robots playing volleyball and delight in the way she makes breakfast foods sing show tunes, but she’s only hours away from her life changing forever.


Cristin Millioti in How I Met Your MotherAs many fans had hoped, the Mother hasn’t been cast with a big name star, but actress Cristin Millioti, formerly of Broadway’s Once, and a notable guest star on 30 Rock, has already certainly has the musical background to support her character’s role as bass player in the band at Barney and Robin’s wedding.

Since the powers that be have hinted we won’t be able to mistake a season nine episode for an episode from any other season, does this mean we’ll get a mini “How I Met Your Father” with some of those close calls from the Mother’s perspective? Ted is a lovable narrator, but an unreliable one, so could it be that his future wife has different recollections of the St. Patrick’s Day party, his first lecture or his relationship with her former roommate. Looks like viewers will get to know the mysterious Mother before Ted does. What are you most eager to find out about the future Mrs. Mosby? 

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED! I want to know what she does as a day job, is that weird? I feel like a musician is too flighty a job for the mother of Ted's future children, what is she studying at Columbia? How do there stories interconnect from HER point of view since we know they've almost met so many times!

Also, @redline_ (who hasn't posted a comment yet but I'm just waiting for her to) THIS IS THE GIRL FROM ONCE!!! We saw her on Broadway last year for my birthday! I loved her in that so I have high hopes for her as the mother!
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@JenniferProffitt -- When Anna said she was in the Once play I was wondering if that's who we saw! That's really funny, because remember, I didn't like her as much as the woman in the movie? But that's unfair because I already loved the movie so much.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@redline_ Yeah, I mean the girl in the movie (i.e. the co-frontwoman of The Swell Season) is so genuine in that performance where as the girl in Once and now HIMYM was definitely putting on a performance--but a funny and quirky one which is why I think she'll be good as The Mother.
4. Nosgoth1979
It's been a long wait, but I'm thrilled that we finally got to see The Mother, even if it was rather brief. I can't wait to see how it all comes together though.
Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
@JenniferProffitt, no, not weird at all to want to know what the Mother does as a day job. We know she was recently a student, but is she still in school? Graduated? I want to know everything. @redline_, the music for Once is so evocative and heartfelt that I already immediately trust the actress to be able to deliver in this role, even without seeing her performance in that play. How cool if she was the one you saw; that would be legendary. @Nosgoth1979, I literally squealed when we got to see the Mother. Definitely worth waiting for, so even the tiny bit we got to see had a big payoff. I can't wait to see how it all comes together, either.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@AnnaBowling and @Nosgoth1979, I think it was definitely worth the payoff, I squealed and ran to @redline_ to gush for 2.5 seconds. I can't talk about it with anyone else bc the roommate that I strongarmed into watching (and then loving!) the show is back in season 5! And I think we should trust the actress. I know Heather didn't really love her in Once but I did. And I just want to know EVERYTHING about her! They said they'll break formula next season and I hope some of that formula is seeing some of the events through The Mother's eyes. Especially when he was in the classroom the first time, when he went to her roommates, etc etc.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@JenniferProffitt, I strongarmed my husband and our housemate into watching the show, and my husband also ships Barney/Robin. Neither of them were home last night, so I was only able to squeal to the BarneyRobin group on LJ. I don't think the cat understands what an important piece of the puzzle that last shot was.

I completely agree, I want to know everything about the Mother. Seeing all those close calls through the Mother's eyes is at the top of my wish list for the final season.
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@AnnaBowling, I was lucky that @redline_ was close so I could go squeal despite her lack of enthusiasm! I plan on watching Season 8 all over again with my roommate once she gets there. It's going to be Legend-wait for it (and I might also give my child that middle name)-married. Legendmarried!
Anna Bowling
10. AnnaBowling
@JenniferProffitt, I'm definitely doing a rewatch this summer, too. We have the Mother, Barney and Robin's wedding (they are so going to be Legendmarried) and a realistic challenge for Marshall and Lily with their mutually exclusive job opportunites and a new baby...season nine is going to be something.
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
@AnnaBowling, I know!!! I was talking with my roommates who I am making watch the show and they both said they feel that the show lacks some depth to make it "real" and make them feel invested in the characters. They just started watching Season 6 so I told them they need to just be patient and wait bc we have major events come up that make the cast more relatable—Marshall's dad, the birth of Marvin, Barney's growth, and now add in a very real problem like Marshall accepting that job (without talking to Lily!). While I didn't love everything about Season 8, I can't wait for the final season. I think they'll do some great things. Or at least they're capable of great things!
12. ViktorB
Does anyone have a picture showing the mother in Ted's first lecture? I couldn't find her.
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
@ViktorB -- Oh, I forgot about that! I don't think the actress was in that episode (though you never know); I'm guessing we were just supposed to vaguely assume she was sitting somewhere in that classroom. Maybe they'll do a flashback in the new season with her sitting there in the classroom?
14. KennyBest
Huh,i really love this tvshow,there are so many situations,i don'tunderstand how much fantasy you need to have in your mind for doingsame show like this... i don't have words.Its perfect,and Barney is sofunny :D I watch all seasons on ''sharingseries. com''. And i'm so sadabout that he's ends. But in that i see some good moments,i will havemore time to do something in my life but not to lost my time forwatching TvShows :D Or maybe i will search another one like this,actually i don't think about it :d And i don't know if i will findsomething like that.If somebody know,please tell me :33 Thank you a lot:333
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