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What Will be Bred Next?: Lora Leigh’s Breeds Series

Fans of Lora Leigh's The Breeds series (like me) are often reading one book's main love story, but seeing clues about a possible future mating love story. Having read all but the most recent Breed stories, I am eagerly awaiting getting to read about certain characters who have captured my interest, but haven't gotten their own books yet. Of special note are the stories of two doctors who have been in a majority of the books, Dr. Nikki Armani and Dr. Ely Morrey.

Nikki is human, a no-nonsense African-American doctor who is featured predominantly in the Wolf and Coyote breed books. There are a few scenes in a couple of series books that makes me suspect she may get her own love story with Brimstone, a Coyote Breed and younger brother to Coyote Alpha, Del-Ray Delgado. The latter's own love story is told in Coyote's Mate, one of my favorite books in the series. I'm especially hopeful in seeing a full-length novel for Nikki, not a novella in an anthology, because it will be the first time Lora Leigh has featured a African-American female lead. She's featured women of color as lead heroines before, but never an African-American woman as a mate for one of her Breed males. As a woman of color, I always appreciate seeing diversity in romance books. Plus, Brim is one of my favorite secondary male characters in this series, thanks to his memorable supporting turn in Coyote's Mate and I'm anticipating him finding his mate as much as I am in reading Nikki's story. It's a double-jackpot for me should two of my favorite secondary characters find love with one another.

Ely is a Feline breed. Having suffered a life-altering betrayal in one of the previous Breed books, Mercury's War, she's now a ghost of her former self. A scene in that book has led me to believe that that her mate will end up being Jackal, a human and a personal security guard of Machiavellian Lion Breed, Jonas Wyatt. While there have only been a few clues about who is her mate, I'm pretty confident it will be Jackal. After the tragedy that befell her in Mercury's War, another of my favorites in this series, I hope to see Ely get a full length novel that tells both her love story with Jackal and her personal triumph in regaining the faith and confidence that was stolen from her in treachery.

Mercury's War by Lora LeighAnother story I suspect will occur but I am less confident that I have the correct mate pair is Cassandra and Dane. There's a clench in my gut that makes me think it will happen but I don't have as much proof in the series to claim it as confidently as I do with Nikki/Brimstone and Ely/Jackal. The only feeling I am basing this on is a vague scene at the end of Dawn's Awakening with Cassandra, making me think Dane may be her mate. I have a strong feeling her mating story will be a doozy, whomever the male may be, simply because of the character's personality and upbringing.

And this isn't speculation on a future book in the series, but a wish on my part: I would love to see Lora Leigh tackle writing a prequel novel with the  love story of Leo and Elizabeth. So much story in the series has happened due to them, but all the readers have come across are history tales and emotions about what they went through to survive. Wouldn't it be awesome to read about what they went through firsthand?

Are there any books that other readers of the Breeds series think will be written in the future or hope will be written? With so many characters already in the series and new characters being introduced all the time, I believe there is a fount of Breed mate stories to be told, but I am curious what others see in the future of this series.


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1. Rebe
This is so interesting! I always thought that Brim was the Coyote at the end of Dawn's Awakening (I have NO idea why, I just did). I would love to see Ely and Jackel's story. I've wished for a long time that we would see more of Nikki. Brim would make more sense with her!
2. Jaelynn
I'm hoping Cassandra's mate is a certain Coyote. Think about it--we have full-humans and Breeds pairing out the wazoo, but we haven't yet had a full-Breed (Ria in Mercury's War was a hybrid) mating to a full-Breed, that I recall--and Dane is a hybrid.

Having said THAT...I'm hoping Cassie's mate is Dog. Dog NEEDS a strong female, and Cassie is definitely that... :)
3. Miss_D
@Jaelynn... "Jacob's Faith" is the story of two wolf breeds who are mates. That's the only story I can recall t this moment that would be two breeds as mates instead of the usual human/breed as mates relationship.

Cassie's story will be interesting regardless, IMO, just because of her talents. Plus if she is Dane's mate, not just because they're two breeds but because Dane is also a Lion breed and with Cassie's Coyote/Wolf mix, could be something really different.

I'd love to see who Dog's mate is. I enjoyed him in "Bengal's Heart." I would be open to it being Cassie but I don't get the feeling that's was him at the end of "Dawn's Awakening" re: Cassie. I could be wrong though.
4. jleigh
I don't know if Dane is Cassie's mate, I thought the sharpshooter on the island in 'Dawns awakening' who then went into the hospital room might be her mate. I don't see that person as being Dane
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I would love to see a Leo prequel! What a firecracker Elizabeth had to have been to put up with him! And I would love to see Nikki at least get some action, but a full novel would be awesome!

I have been shipping Dog/Cassie as well. She is getting older and even more intense. It's just about time for her to accept her mate;)
6. Laurie963
I fully agree to Nikki and Brim, also Eli and Jackal. Elizabeth and Leo the beginning would also be quite interesting to see brought forward to present. If everyone is interested in ending of Cassie with assissin in Dawn's Awakening that's the Bengal that's rogue, and that would be my choice for Cassie, but not sure how that would work with the whole wolf/coyote mating a bengal, but I'm sure it won't be dull. As far as Dane and his friend I hope the friend ends up with one on the coyote girls since we don't have enough of them yet and not sure who I would want with Dane but she will be a very strong women to put up with his personality.
7. Lady_AmI
I always thought Cassie's mate was Dog too; Jackal and Ely makes a lot of sense after reading Mercury's War; and Nikki and Brimestone seems plausible but there is another breed spy that I thought was her mate. As to Dane he needs a full breed mate like his neice but I don't see it being Cassie.
8. Franswarp
I'm with y'all, I think it's Dog for Cassie. I thought he was the one at the end of Dawn's Awakening and Bengal's Mate. I'd like to see Cassie with a Coyote, I think it would work best. I agree with you for Nikki & Ely too, and I think its about time we had Ely's story. I love this series, as I do most of Lora Leigh's stuff.
9. habrewer
I definitely think Dog is Cassie's mate - Dane was in the waiting room with the others when she was in the hospital if I remember right. I'm pretty sure it was the sharp shooter someone mentioned earlier and the things he said to her just makes me think it's Dog.

I just finished Lawe's Justice and am reading Stygian's Honor (loving it) - I have not seen mention of a new Breed book anywhere except the anthology coming out in July - has anyone else? We have to get Gideon's story too.
10. EdieS
I've always thought it was Dog or Dane's best friend for Cassie. As for Ely, from hints in the book Lawe's Justice, I think it's Lawe's brother Rule. Since they were discussing their mates and Rule offered to trade with Justice because he thought his was too timid. Hasn't he also been the one hanging out as protection for Ely? I can't wait for the next books Lora Leigh writes.
11. teri anne
I agree that Ely's mate is the human that guards her, Jackel. I have no feelings about a mate for Nikki, though I would think that if it was Brimstone we would have seen more indicators. They have met several times and I don't see Brimstone as being shy about claiming his mate. As for Cassie I have felt for years that it was either Dog or even more interesting one of the winged breeds from Aiden or Jakob's stories.As for the near future I think that Lora has hinted on facebook that we get Rule's story then the male breed that escaped with Honor and Fawn, then Fawn will be claimed by Gabriel
12. Iris V.Ayala
You are right. The doctor's turn should be around the corner,specially,because i have read some comments made in the last 3 books,about "mind your own business,and take care of your mate" kind of comment.But,I must say,Cassandra's story would be the story I would like to see next!
13. Joy55
There are few Breeds waiting for their own story. I would love to hear Dog's as he keeps popping up but there is also Rule, Gideon, Ely, Nikki, Brim, Jackel, Dane. As someone said we have been given a lot of hints re Leo & Elizabeth but nothing really about their pride in Africa except that Harmony was hidden there for a time. There is also the back story of trying to find a cure for Jonas & Rachel's daughter. Lora Leigh has definitely left a lot of loose ends and I can't wait to see who is up next. I am just about to go back and reread the series from the start.
14. LBrinkley
I agree with the Jackel/Ely mating. Not too sure about Nikki. Totally think Cassie is going to end up with Dog, I really like them both and think they would be perfect together.
15. doobug
I remember a brief mention of the winged breeds in an earlier book and would love more on them since the main winged breed was communicating with someone telepathicly.
16. far
i would love Cassie and dog together they are by far my fav 2 people. cant wait for a new BOOK
Caitlyn Wilson
17. armywife
I've always thought Dog was Cassie's mate, especially when she's laying in the hospitale bed at the end of Dawn's Awakening and the shooter whispers to her, "never dare a coyote". I'm hoping he is cuz I love Cassie and I love Dog and I think together they would be combustible. Hurry Lora and give us another breed book and maybe a little clue who Cassies mate is.....*cough* DOG *cough* :)
20. Lady T
Since angels are so hot right now, do you think she will ever write about the wing breeds.
21. Ryn
I think Cassandra wil be with another person. I think her mate may be a coyote breed because the person can't be sensed by other breeds
linda brooks
22. LDBreads
What about Ashley? She is loved by so many breeds regardless of heritage. Surely somewhere there's a mate who loves her as a mate. She is also described as a deadly warrior. In the last few books she has been a friend to Isabel, a guard for Claire, and nearly killed by Holden. She deserves a mate (Dog maybe?). Leigh has said on her website that there are only five more Breed books. I hope the five include Dog, Ashley, Brimstone, Ely, Nikki, Cassandra, Jaguar. Then, of course, the biggest secondary characters in the last couple books (I'm nearly finished with Stygian's Honor) have been Fawn, Gideon, Judd, Cassie and Dog. So, the obvious response, Lora, you MUST WRITE MORE BREED BOOKS. I'm just sayin'....
Didn't Nikki mate the leader of the bird breeds (Keegan) in a short story called Winged Sex? I think they spelled her last name different but what other Wolf Doctor was there at the time and named Nikki?
24. cjsprout
Dog for Cassie. I will be terribly disappointed if it is Dane.
25. wrightm104
I think that either Dog or Flint could be Cassie's mate.
As for Dane I think his mate is Moira! She is mentioned in both Dawn and Rule's books! I think Lora had Jonas describe her for far too long if she was just going to fade away with no storyline.
26. Michielle
For Cassie's mate. I have changed my opinion from Dog to Rhyzan Brannigan from Rule Breaker.
27. Ronni Holt
If you look on Lora Leigh's website page of upcoming books you'll see at the very end of the list, still untitled, the summary for the book is that Cassie's mate is Dog. I wish she would go ahead and write their story and I wish I knew more about Dog. He doesn't have many parts in the books. I'm anxious.
28. Aia
Cassie = Dog
Ely = Jackal

well for Dane, i hope whoever she is, she'll give him lots of hell or heaven... hehe
29. arkansasgirl42
I feel like Cassie's mate is someone from Jonas' ghost team or Dog. I want the two women doctors to get a story too, but I also want story for these fellow breeds & a couple of humans:
Rhyzan (Jonas bad guy that the breeds are scared of. he was metion in Rule Breaker's story.)
Khileen, Mark McQuade, Satin Belle & Moira (they have been metion in a couple of the stories)
Ryan Desalvo (Dane's boyguard and friend)
Dane Vanderale
Dog, Mutt, Angel, Loki & Jag (all part of Jonas's ghost team)
BrimStone, Cavalier & Jax (all part of the coyote's)
Sharone, Emma & Ashley (the coyote girls) and my list could go on & on, lol. I just love the Breed Series so much that i hope it doesn't stop for along time.
30. Terri1200
Will Ashley get her own book? seems like she should. That would be an awesome story cause Asley is an extrovert. Sharrone had a crush on Anya's dad. Will they get together? > love the series.Would like to see a story about Dog or Loki getting mates. Just finished rereadind Rule Breaker and Gypsys's story and sounded likeLoki and Kandy Sweet should get together.TELCEL INCHEAD
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