Apr 26 2013 1:00pm

True Blood Gossip: Major Character to be Killed Off?

True Blood Cast PosterWhile we were having some renewed hope for Season 6 of True Blood we've been dealt a potentially fatal blow—as has one of the major characters of the show!

A rumor has been going around today that a major True Blood character will be killed off in Season 6. Last we saw, Billith was about to go on a killing spree so the death blow may be dealt in that very first episode—or not... In an Entertainment Weekly article Joe Mangienello who plays Alcide, teased that there will be new faces added to the show, but don't count on anyone being safe:

“We're getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I'm sure they will continue to do that.”

Other rumors have circulated that Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard, will meet the true death. Would this be a deal breaker for you? If nothing else, we're ready to get the tissues out for Season 6!

What do you think of this gossip? Is there anyone you'd be “okay with” dying? Would you stop watching the show if they killed off a character?

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1. Marieluna
I wouldn't mind, none the less there are characters that are only in the series that don't exist in the books and characters that already die in the book. So lets just see what happens this season!!! :)
2. EmilyF
Already on the fence after a horrible season 5...if Eric dies, I'm officially over that show. Talk about jumping the shark!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Talking with my roommate, we both pretty much agreed that the main reason we still watch the show is for Eric--not even necessarily Eric and Sookie but just anything with Eric. I really really hope they don't get rid of him. My hope is that it's Bill/Billith, but it might be someone like Lafayette...
4. Anna M
Ooo, Eric's death would be a deal breaker for me. Anyone else... Some characters (Pam, Lafayette, Jessica) I'd be sad to see go, but some I wouldn't miss.
Maria Smith
5. TexasBookLover
Eric's death would absolutely be a deal breaker for me! He is the reason for watching the show!
6. huntece
If they killed eric or lafayette i think i would say goodbye to true blood
7. PharmGirl9900
If they kill off Eric they would be straying VERY far from the books. I wouldn't want to lose any character but I could see Lafayette or Jessica being killed off. Tara's storyline, esp. now with Pam, has me still scratching my head but I'm interested to see what direction they're going in. Hoping it's better than last season.
Yvonne De La Cruz
9. ymdlc1
I believe it will be Alcide which I won't be happy about but definitely not a deal breaker. I say kill off Billith because if they kill off Eric then True Blue would suck. Total deal breaker for me if its Eric!
10. JoyB
I have pretty much continued to watch the train wreck that True Blood has become only for anything Eric so I would definitely pull the plug if he were killed off. I would be really sad to see Pam or Lafayette go, but would still watch because of Eric. The show will never get rid of Bill because he is the creative producer's darling, and they certainly could never let it happen to Søøkie although her slavish devotion to Bill has really weakened her character for me. Who I would be extremely happy to do without would be growling howling Alcide.
11. stephy
If they killed lafayette I would be done with this show
Jennifer Proffitt
12. JenniferProffitt
I really don't think Eric is off the show. Alexander Skarsgard has says he has no interest and as PharmGirl9900 said that would be straying very far from the book. But maybe it'll be a dream and they're trying to tease us? That would be the only dealbreaker for me, otherwise I'd be okay with almost anyone's death (including Sookies, jk but not really, she gets on my nerves sometimes!)
13. paoletta
I wouldn't mind if Bill dies, never liked him much even in the books. I'm in love with Erick. I'm really sorry the show went so much faraway from the book. Definetely if Erik goes i stop watching it.
14. psychobutterflyZ
If they kill Eric, I'm completely writing off True Blood and pretending it never existed.
15. Azar
If they kill of Eric I will stop watching True Blood! I wouldn't mind to see Bill go.. He is getting on my nerves :))
16. Eris
I can't see Eric being killed off. He's way too popular with fans of the show, and Skarsgard is fantastic in the role. I would not continue to watch the series if he was not on it. Problem with series is that each show has so many plot lines that, with exception of Eric, Bill, and Sookie writers really don't have time to develop any of the other characters. My money would be on Tara ... I think her character is the least interesting of the main line up.
17. Matyshayla
Eric & Sookie make the show it they kill off either of the 3 the show would be over but if they try & kill Eric off than try and make another season without him I'm not watching it #teameric everyone loves a hot villain turned superhero whatever you do keep him on the show I love true blood have all the DVDs & many tshirts ima faithful Trubie don't take awayy Love
18. Janpeanut
I hope they kill off Tara. The character is boring. And andy the police man.
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