Apr 11 2013 9:28am

Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series Optioned for Television!

Bared to You by Sylvia DayEarlier today, Sylvia Day told a fan on her Facebook page that her Crossfire series—which includes Bared to You, Reflected in You, and Entwined with You—has been optioned for television.

When a fan said she would love to see the books become movies, Day asked: “How about television?” and then revealed that “Crossfire has been optioned and is in the early stages of development.”

That's all we know right now, but we will be sure to share more details about Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell's potential move to the small screen when we have them.

If a TV show or TV movie does happen, who would you want to see play Gideon and Eva?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I'm just really struggling to see this on TV as a series. Maybe a movie (as long as Lifetime doesn't get it!) but I can't see a long-lasting arc that would be rewarding for the fans without deviating from the stories too much if it were a show.
2. JenJ
Hmmmm....not to sure. I think it would have to be on something a channel like HBO, Showtime, etc. Maybe a movie. I think it would be too drawn out for a TV series.
3. Arlene Valle
What's wrong with you people? It's meant for HBO, so the show doesn't have to deviate far from the intended story.
Sylvia's story has more than enough for several years of a series. The actors have to be aware that there will be a lot of bare bodies. TrueBlood didn't seem to have any trouble finding people.
IF you follow the Gideon and Eva fb fanpage, you can see who the favorites are.
4. JenJ
and this is why i rarely comment on things...excuse us stupid people. good grief.
Leanne Segersin
5. LMS430
I hope its on HBO or Showtime--I can't see the CW doing it justice! They're sexy books, so there better be some sexy times on the show...I'm excited. I really enjoy the books and hope the show will be entertaining as well.
6. Patrish
I want to see the Crossfire Series on Cable. Also I would love to see Eve of Darkness Series on television as well.
Ana Mettler
7. mettlera
I agree. HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, etc. would be the way to go if you want to stay true to the books. Can't wait for Entwined With You to be released.

I think Matthew Goode would be great as Gideon--dark hair; great blue eyes; British but does a great American accent. I'm not sure about who would make a good Eva.
8. Miranda80
Yes it will be on premium cable so no worrys about that! I mean really how would they do it in the CW. I am just lookj g forward to both the movie and the TV series. If I have learned anything from book to screen movies is you have to separate them, you just can't do a movie or show word for word like the book, if you seperate them you won't compare as much. Nothing will be as good as the book, it more an interpretation or it would be one long movie!
9. gina garifo
Tyler Hoechlin needs to play Giedon!!!!
10. crossfire fan
This series (note there is at least one more book coming out to continue the story - yahoo!!!!) would be a great movie, not a tv program.
11. fanofcrossfire
I think Susie Abromeit should play Eva Tramell. It's not just her
beauty, but her eyes speak volumes on emotion and Eva Tramell is a
character who seems to bottle lots of her pain and past secrets. I
would love to see Susie Abromeit as the spunky but vulnerably erotic Eva
12. Brookico
I think a tv show would work if it's on HBO, showtime, or Cinemax and with True Blood ending soon this would be something to sort of replace it because it's gonna leave a huge void on HBO. I just hope they cast it correctly. I hope Whoever plays Eva is strikingly beautiful enough to be believable. I always pictured her as Scarlett Johansen, Amber Heard, or Kate Hudson. As far as Gideon I think with Dracula ending that Jonathan Rhys Meyers would fit the part perfectly. I think anyone who saw Tudors would agree that he is very good at the dominant alpha male roles and he doesn't shy away from nudity either. He's certainly gorgeous, as in one of the best looking guys in Hollywood. He really needs to be on cable instead of Primetime anyways I think he was about the only thing carrying Dracula and since they didn't go with a cable network for it, it wasn't sexy enough. In fact it was a tad boring.. IDK if JRM would take the role though, if not the only other men I can picture is maybe Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhaulder ( who I actually pictured as Trey more but I could see him as Gideon too, maybe) , or maybe Henry Cavill. The thing is I think all of them are tied up with TV series of their own right now and Henry is turning into a big time movie star with him being Superman. I just really hope they don't screw up the casting of this like they did with the FSOG movie. I think everyone wanted Matt Bomer to get that role and there was way more better looking men with better acting chops than the guy that got it, but really even he was a better choice than Dakota Johnson. Her casting was just plain rediculous. I won't get into that on this board but I hope Sylvia has some casting control and that this doesn't end up on Primetime or Lifetime all watered down. That would be so disappointing.
15. MOM0120
16. Justafan
Gideon-Luke Evans or Matt Bomer
Eva-someone like Katherine Heigl
17. Elle2
Def Matt Bomer and Amber Heard..
18. Tammy Anderson Strum
Nick Bateman....holy hotness
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