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Scandal Season 2, Episode 19 Recap: Welcome to Wonderland

Olivia and Fitz in Scandal Season 2, episode 19, Seven Fifty-TwoThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 19, “Seven Fifty-Two.”

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Hey, Gladiators, we’re finally back! When last we left off with Scandal, Liv was in a tight spot. Torn between two stalkers—oops, I was supposed to say lovers, wasn’t I? Well, no matter, 'cause either way Liv was feeling every bit the fool. But that’s what makes things happy and bright here in ShondaLand, and what a time we had in that land last night.

I have feelings. So many feelings. Things were revealed that blew our minds and broke our hearts. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Starting with Seven Fifty-two, first off, if it comes out as a lottery number and I don’t win, well it’s my own fault. The show opened with Liv and it’s 5 years before and she’s all fresh and dewy and meets Hobo Huck for the first time sitting on a train platform mumbling something incoherent. Is it 7:52? Is it a train schedule? Liv puts put money in his cup, she touches his hand and they talk briefly. They are sealed.

Back in the present, Liv is in the hospital being checked out by a doctor and Fitz is there in the room with her playing like he’s the doting husband. Of course Liv’s not having it. She protests, saying, “You left me all alone.” I think this is telling of Liv having abandonment issues and a strong tie to Huck. Fitz is sorry, says he was wrong.  But she’s not in a forgiving mood and in another, I think, big line she says, “You can’t treat me like some whore you got off the street.” This is big for Olivia and not the first time she’s brought up feeling like a whore, despite knowingly being Fitz’s mistress and him saying he loves her and denying the whole whore label. It keeps coming back. Fitz want to beautify their love to bring them closer while Olivia actively tries to sully it more than it already is sullied to further distance them.

Fitz is kicked to the curb for a moment and goes out of the room to Jake. He wants answers as to how she was attacked and the good captain had better get to supplying them.

We are now at Gladiator central and the dream team is perplexed because they’ve got Huck out of the box but the poor guy is stuck sitting on the floor of the office muttering “seven fifty-two” over and they don’t know what that means or what to do with him. I’m confused and my mind starts going theory crazy.

We get a flashback to 14 years earlier with a sweet librarian telling a story to a group of kids when in comes Huck as a cute private out of the army to surprise her with a hug and a sweet kiss. The solider coming home. I’m mush. But uh-oh. He has a meeting for a job offer because he took some ominous tests. This is not good.

Poor Huck gets the job offer from a creepy dude but it’s no real offer with Charlie standing behind him with a gun. Suddenly he’s welcomed to Wonderland. But there are rules: No wives. No kids. Gulp. Wonderland or is it B-613? Either way, it’s scary rigid up in there.  

I was loving Harrison during tonight's episode. He goes to the hospital to try and see Olivia but is Liv Blocked by the secret service guys because Fitzy is in the house. Now, Harrison is no dummy. He knows the score and I’m sure has known it for a while. He’s not happy but has no time to linger when he sees Baseball Cap Charlie lurking. Sidebar: I’m surprised Charlie got that close as well as Harrison, but oh, well. It’s TV.

Harrison takes off running but doesn’t catch him. I’m also surprised he doesn’t pull the videotapes from the hospital to see who Baseball Cap is. He’s seen Charlie before.

Meanwhile, in a flashback we get to see Huck’s torture training for his new gig from Charlie. Seriously, gross much? And that Charlie seemed to be enjoying the murder and mayhem way too much for comfort.  “Pro Tip: Always do your job on trash day!” Oh, Charlie, I’m shaking my head.

But here as Huck does his first job and he’s shaking in his boots and not feeling comfortable while around his girlfriend, we get to see that the job is not really in his blood as was previously thought. Still, what is 752? Is it the time on the man’s watch that Huck just killed when the alarm goes off? Is it Charlie’s agent call number? What is it?

Huck keeps repeating 752 and no amount talking is pulling him out. Flashback to the past and now his girlfriend is pregnant. This is so against the B-613 employee manual, which clearly states no wives and no kids. But still, Huck asks her to marry him and goes about trying to do a nice double life of lovely family man on one hand and killer for hire on the other. He’s not playing the roles very well.

And still in the here and now we’re stuck with 752. Abby is talking and using mumbling Huck as a vocal  therapy couch. We get another flashback to Huck coming home to his happy family and Charlie is visiting. Oh no. Cold sweat time. This is bad. Charlie tells Huck to get rid of his family. Huck tells his wife they need to run and to pack a bag while he goes to the bank. Too bad he never gets there, since a car pulls up and then next thing we see Huck thrown in a hole in the ground.

Next up is Harrison trying to break through to Huck and he’s wonderful, saying all he’s ever been is talk. So much emotion, but still we don’t get Harrison’s story. I can’t wait for it to come out.  Dear Harrison did have one of my favorite lines of the night, though: “You be as full-on crazy for as long as you want and I’m going to be right here with you.” So ride or die. I loved it!

We then see some of Huck’s torture from the hole and it’s months of trying to make him forget his family. Just awful stuff. Two months in a hole in the ground. I’d be mumbling too.

We are back in the present and get a glimpse of a totally furious but radiant Mellie, pearl twisting for all she’s worth as she finds out from that tattletale secret service guy that Fitz was at the hospital all night attending to Olivia. Uh-oh, Fitz. You in the doghouse now.

Back in the hospital, Liv and Fitz argue.  Fitz tells her he thought she saw him and believed in him before Defiance. But now knows she was just handling him. He wanted to own becoming president. It was not love; it was control.  I have to say, I think he has strong points all around. But ever romantic Fitz flips the script and asks her if she still loves him and the woman can’t lie. She says she does but can’t be with him anymore.  But wait, Fitz is epic with his lines and his declarations like, “I can’t exist without you.” “I cannot breathe without you.”  “You are everything.” And my fave: “I demand another chance.” Swoon. Falls out. They  kiss!!  Whoo-hoo!! Fan me, please. Well you go ahead, boy. I heard that.

But needle scratch as Liz pulls back and says she can’t and runs away (to where in the hospital room I don’t know—the bathroom, perhaps?). I’m thinking what happened here is as Liv was kissing Fitz she had a Jake flashback and remembered she was in the captain’s bed just the night before. Whoops!

Back at the White House, Fitz comes home to Mellie and her bags are packed. She’s moving out to Blaire House across the street and taking the baby. She’s keeping things quiet…for now. But she’s had enough.  The clock is ticking and when the alarm rings, she’s ready to break loose. Remember these words. Remember the watch from Huck’s 1st victim? Something to think about. Time and clocks are big.  Mellie also in her monologue refers to Liv as a whore who has him on a leash. There goes that word again.

Meanwhile, Cy, after meeting Jack in that awkward moment in the hospital with Fitz (another odd love triangle moment), decides to call up Charlie to find out about Jake and Liv’s relationship. Oh, it’s all coming together quite nicely now.

We then see Jake meet our friend in the park. Jake wants to be reassigned. Tsk tsk. He’s told to remember who he is and that there’s no such thing as out. Gulp.  Is Jake in B-613?!

Back to our Huck moments and Huck finally is freed after saying he does not have a family. He is then given a test job that he can’t complete and for that Charlie finishes the job and is about to kill Huck when he suddenly doesn’t. Tells him he’s out and to disappear and that if he ever reappears he will kill his family. Aww, Charlie had a soft moment and saved Huck.

But then we get scene where Charlie and the other scary dude are reporting to their boss about Huck being dead and it turns out the head of B-316 is the bench guy from the park with Jake. Mystery solved but another one started. What is he doing meeting with Jake? Is Jake really in B-613? What is this organization?

Liv is out of the hospital now and comes into see Huck still on the floor mumbling 752, 752, 752, over and over.  She touches his hand and he stops muttering. She tells him that he saved her at the Metro station and not the other way around. Huck tells her that he thinks he used to have a family but doesn’t remember if they were real or if he imagined them. She tells him that if he thinks they we real then they were.

Huck in Scandal Season 2, episode 19, Seven Fifty-TwoWe get a flashback to Hobo Huck back on the floor of the metro station and a woman and a little boy getting off the train. The boy is giving his mother a bit of grief and wants to give a dollar to the man, Huck. His mother says all right. The boy goes over. It’s Huck’s son, who was a baby when Huck was taken from them. Huck watches the boy and his mother walk away he looks up at the big digital clock at the metro station. 7:52. Hearts break.

So what did you think? I was a ball of emotion during this episode. Huck does that to me. His back-story is so full of complexity and now to see how it intertwined with Charlie’s was so good. I’m still on the edge of my seat for Harrison’s story. He’s more than a fast-talking pretty face. The man has been through some things for him to learn to talk that smoothly and I want to know what.

I can’t wait till next week when Mellie is laying it down and having everyone clock watching again but here goes Fitz calling bluffs. I don’t know about that Fitz. I’d maybe pump the breaks a bit on Miz Mel. Hell Hath No Fury for Realz.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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Synithia W
1. Synithia W
How much do I love Huck now? That episode was a wonderful heartbreaker, if that makes sense.

Fitz keeps playing with my emotions. Take a break Liv and find yourself before getting back in bed with him. Take Jake on another test run :-)

I still only see fast talking pretty boy when I look at Harrison, so hopefully his backstory comes soon.

Watch out for Mellie. That's a ride or die chick right there. Gotta respect that.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
Great recap!! (As usual.)
I love Huck so much, and I thought his backstory was fascinating. It was also fascinating how each character took their turn with Huck, and what that revealed about them-as well as their relationship with Huck. It also reminded me that we have a lot to learn about Olivia Pope. When she took her turn talking to Huck, she spoke to him about the others, and said that while they take care of them, only she and Huck have "walked on the darkside." WTH Liv? I need more information!

Next week, Mellie is bringing the pain. Clown if you want to, Fitz. Clown if you want to.
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
@Synithia W You crack me up. You're right Mellie is ride or die. All the way. And so funny with take Jake for another test run. LOL.

@BoxyFrown Thanks you're so sweet. I agree. Fitz had better watch the clowning and yes, what is Liv's history. I want to know too. So exciting!
Synithia W
4. CindyS
I was thinking 752 was the number of days Huck lived in that hole.

Also, I thought Huck actually enjoyed his job once he got past the nerves. He has said before that he enjoys killing. I think B-316 has tests for certain traits although I'm guessing they didn't think 'love' would be part of Huck's life. It definitely makes you wonder about Jake and his pyschological make-up. But seeing Charlie let Huck go tells us there is a 'hitch' in their testing system because they (Charlie, Huck and presumably Jake) can do terrible things but when they 'attach' it's for real and likely for life.

I love Huck and having him wonder if he made up his family was heart breaking. And yeah, what has Liv been up to.

I was all on Liv side when dealing with Fitz and the line 'You left me all alone' was dead on. Fitz has a fleet of people around him everyday while Liv swam alone in that pool and went home to an empty appartment at night.

I do have to say I was surprised by Mellie's reaction to Liv being back in the picture. Earlier in the season I think she told Cy to fix whatever broke between Liv and Fitz to get him back in shape. If anything Mel is a warrior and she will do what's best for her and Fitz being 'sober' and presidential again would seem like a win for her but I'm feeling like she's beginning to believe the 'lie' she lives - she had America's Baby and she has ambitions and she believes she could be president.

And finally, I really liked seeing how everyone in Huck's life felt about him. The most heart felt for me was Harrison saying that he wasn't worthy of Huck's friendship because Huck is a man and he is a talker. I think Harrison has a low opinion of himself but it was great to see that Huck isn't just an 'awkward pet' they have in the office.

K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
Sorry I missed your comment. I think you're right about Millie. She's torn and starting to believe your lies. She's really at war with herself. But I do believe that Fitz and Liv are working her nerves. I'm with you too on Harrison breaking my heart last week. Thanks so much.
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