Apr 23 2013 10:26am

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: Wandering in the Faederdome

Dyson in Lost Girl Season 3 episode 13, Those Who WanderThe last episode of Lost Girl Season 3 is upon us (sob!), but there's still lots of Lost Girl and urban fantasy/paranormal romance goodness ahead at H&H. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our Lost Girl recaps, from Season 1 and Season 2 to all the most recent happenings in Season 3.

Editor's Note: A shorter recap of Jackie Lester's thoughts on the episode was posted last week and can be found HERE with all its glorious discussion in the comments. And now, on to Kiersten's play-by-play of the Season 3 Lost Girl finale, 3.13, “Those Who Wander.”

I’d like to preface this recap by saying that I loved the season three finale of Lost Girl. LOVED it. It was fast-paced, featured everybody in the cast, focused on mythology (finally!), and had a sharp, sassy script. I want to get that out in front because I nit-picked the hell out of it as it was also filled with inconsistencies and fairly hemorrhaged plot holes…which is why we drink!

We open exactly where we left off with Bo beating the crap out of Blackwater Type #1. “Every kick from your boot,” he mumbles, “is bliss.” “Speaking of kinky,” Bo says breathlessly, “I’m gonna need your chi.” She blue chi sucks the shit out of him and lunges for where Tamsin lies on the ground unconscious and bleeding out. Blackwater Type #1 gets the typical goofy smile on his face and falls back onto the ground. Bo pours red chi into the Valkyrie, but instead of charging her up, the chi floats away from Tamsin’s mouth and back into Blackwater Type #1. Increasingly desperate, Bo sobs, “Why isn’t this working?” She hurries back over to Blackwater Type #1 who mutters that it’s probably his fault. With her bloody hands, Bo grabs him by the lapels. “You tell me where you’re keeping the wolf,” she demands, but even with the returned chi, the dude is done and passes out. Bo’s arms are still extended and she kind of gestures of course you did. If Tamsin’s situation weren’t so dire, this would be a little funny.

“Hurry, hurry,” she urges herself as she hurries back to put pressure on Tamsin’s bleeding gunshot wound. “I swear, Tamsin, I will kill you if you don’t wake up,” she vows as she shakes Tamsin’s head and smacks her cheek. ‘Cause that always works. “Come on!” But Tamsin’s head just rolls aimlessly. Bo gazes off toward Taft’s Evil Lair Lab. "Dyson,” she says with desperation, presumably accessing the same instinctive connection that tells her he’s still alive to communicate with him. (I’m kidding—a little). “I could really use your help right now to rescue you.” Uh huh. Bet you wouldn’t accuse him of cock blocking now, wouldja? “Here’s hoping you’re okay.” You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you!

That last might have been Daniel Day-Lewis as Hawkeye, but it was all there in Bo’s eyes!! Subtext FTW!

Cut to Pod Cell City (PCC) where Dyson is still imprisoned and Aoife is still cray cray in her pod across and down the aisle. “Aoife!” he calls. “Look at me! There must be a way out of here!” Aoife turns and look at him but then she laughs mockingly. “It’s called Death,” she answers, “And it’s coming for you.” It better not be, bitch! I said that out loud, didn’t I? Eh, whatever.

For a moment, Dyson stares at her with the incredibly-blue-eyes of you are seriously bat shit crazy, lady mixed with no frickin’ way. But then he takes in the other pods. The camera tracks his gaze and one by one we see the numerous Fae Taft has imprisoned, some even two to a pod as though he ran out of space in which to keep them, and the camera rests on one Fae who is in total shock as he stares at the freshly bandaged, bloody knee stump where once he had a leg.


Over the dance beat piping through Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo sits on the couch with the still unconscious Tamsin’s head in her lap and—wait just a second there, missy! How the holy hell did you get her back there? I’m guessing Bo drove her truck, but how’d she get Tamsin to it in the first place, much less into Hilton Hovel (drink!)? No way could she have managed Tamsin’s dead weight alone, not without being powered up and even then it’s doubtful. I mean, the girl is reed thin, but still. Eh, whatever. If I get bent out of shape by this teeny weeny of a what-the-huh-now moment, it’s gonna be a long damn ass night. “It’s critical that we reboot Tamsin immediately so that we can rescue Dyson!” Bo instructs the hazy images in the kitchen behind her. Plus there’s the added benefit of saving Tamsin’s life. “Do you have any questions?!” The camera focuses and shows two of the three sorority kitsune kits dancing in Bo and Kenzi’s kitchen. “Ya,” drawls Kitsune #1, “do you have any non-Ibiza party mix? I am so over that scene.” Kitsune #2: “She gets dumped by one Spanish prince and it’s no more island raves for any of us.” Kitsune #1 “Screw you, Amanda.” Amanda: “I’d rather keep screwing Fernando!” This stops Kitsune #1 in her dance step. “What?!” Amanda mewls that it was only “to avenge you, sweetie!” Kitsune #1: “Slut!” Amanda: “Whore!” Amanda grabs Kitsune #1 by the hair. “God, you’re hot,” she says and they mack. Oh-kay then.

“Stop!” Bo yells, jumping up from the couch. She marches over to the girls and forces them apart. “Just…stop, okay, before I yank out every kitsune hair on your head.” Bo calling the kitsune kits in to help her with Tamsin is actually a refreshing continuity point as they are the only people of whom Bo is aware that Tamsin can even remotely call her friends outside the Happy Sunshine Gang. Damn, proper grammar made a mine field of that sentence, didn’t it? Bo drags the kits by said hair over to the couch. “Bitch!” Amanda giggles. “Amanda! Kasey! Please just, focus!” Bo pleads. Hey—names for each of our kitsune kits within a minute!

The three women looked down at the still unconscious and presumably dying Tamsin. “Aw, poor Tam Tam,” Amanda says, “such a fugly sleeper.” Kasey counters that Tamsin isn’t sleeping, she’s dying. “Well, she’s been shot,” Bo points out. “Nothing to do with the bullet, babes,” Kasey quips. “Unaligned and un-believably duh,” Amanda sneers. “Am I right?” You…actually, yes, in more than one case you are really right. Amanda kneels next to the couch and brushes back Tamsin’s hair. “Tamsin’s clearly at the end of her life cycle. Lookee,” she adds. Lifting her hand, she comes away with strands of the Valkyrie’s hair. “Ugh,” she grimaces and passes it over to a thoughtful Bo. “She is,” she murmurs putting it all together. “She’s dying.” Amanda, with even greater insulted disgust: “Also, split ends.” Kasey whispers, “ew.” Snort.

Bo insists that there must be something they can do to stop it. Amanda shrugs. “This is the way of the Valkyrie,” she says. “To live. To serve…to expire—over and over again.” Bo studies Tamsin’s hair while Kasey adds that death’s going to be a “sweet out considering who Tamsin’s gotten involved with.” “A…bad guy,” Amanda continues with a shut up look to Kasey. “Like, Voldemort bad.” Heh. “And old,” Kasey puts in, “old as time.” Naturally, Bo demands to know the name of this mysterious Fae. Kasey drops the cute and fearfully admits that she doesn’t know his name. “Don’t want to know,” Amanda clarifies and then offers that the least they can do is take the nasty bullet out of Tamsin’s side. “I’ll scrub in!” she chirps. Heavy with skepticism, Bo questions whether Amanda is a doctor and she has to admit that while she isn’t, she has been pre-med for 20 years. “I love college!” Honey, I’m totally with you there. Kasey holds up an open mascara tube, wand in one hand, casing in the other. “Do we have time for a makeover?!” Dead serious, Amanda intones that it’s a horizontal laceration. “Of course we do!” she giggles. “Ginger bitches,” Bo mutters. She leaves the silly kitsune to it, still chirping about Tamsin - Come on. We always have time for a makeover. Oh my God, she’s going to look so pretty! – and stalks into the kitchen to make a call “A shit storm of Fae proportions,” Bo mutters now in the kitchen and making a call. That one moves right up to the top of the list, just under clusterfae. Bo is clearly worried as she waits for someone to answer her call, but that clears some when Kenzi picks up. “Oh my God, are you all right?!”

Kenzi in Those Who Wander, the Lost Girl Season 3 finaleCut to Kenzi who appears to have grown by a foot…or two. She chirps that she’d fine just keeping it “realsies with my peeps in Tent City.” A little horrified, Bo clarifies that Kenzi means she is in the sewers but Kenzi side steps the question and drops the façade. “Please, ah, please tell me you found Dyson,” she pleads. “Found? Yes,” Bo sighs unhappily. “Rescued? Still working on it. But are you sure you’re okay?” she asks again, sensing that something isn’t quite kosher with her bestie. “Totally,” Kenzi assures her as the camera slowly lowers to reveal that Kenzi is actually still at The Dal (drink!), no real surprise there, and is down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) to boot, but is being held aloft by Steve Bruce the hulking Fae henchman who pursued and captured her at the end of the last episode. “I just had to evac The Dal (drink!). The Morrigan finally shifted into total psycho drive and wow!” she calls, raising her voice as Evony finally comes into view behind Kenzi, “has she ever gotten ‘chubs’!” The Morrigan snaps her fingers and Steve Bruce spins in place to shift Kenzi so she’s now facing Evony. “Pizza’s here!” Kenzi chirps into the phone. They deliver to Tent City? Eh, never mind.  “Battery dying. Love you. Bye,” Kenzi rattles off and disconnects while Bo is still yelling, “wait, Kenzi, don’t!” Bracing herself on Steve Bruce back, Kenzi eyes Evony with fear. The Morrigan narrows her eyes. “Speaking of dying…”

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), still giggling, Kasey and Amanda hover over Tamsin who now sports heavy makeup. “She’s such a mess,” Kasey whispers into Amanda’s ear as Tamsin slowly rouses. “Hi!” the two kitsune singsong in tandem. Tamsin cringes on the couch. “I knew I was a goner; I didn’t think I’d wake up in Slut Heaven.” Snort. “Oh. Em. G G,” Amanda drawls, adding, “the extra ‘G’ is for glitter.” Ha. Kasey: “Amanda, you’re a frickin’ genius!” Her delivery of this line cracks me up. Amanda shrugs. I know. Tamsin examines her doctored wound. “Eh, her stitch work’s not bad either, Kasey,” she admits. “Best part is you barely look like you’re dying,” Kasey quickly assures her. But with that, Tamsin is done playing. She boosts up on her forearms. “What did you girls tell Bo?” she asks in a death voice—sans skull face. I forgot for a minute there that Tamsin actually has a death voice to go along with her Skeletor face.

Before they can answer, Bo emerges from the stairwell, tricked (heh) out in black (surprise!) complete with detached sleeves. Look out! Bo’s back in leather (or possibly pleather)! Shit’s about to get real! She asks the kits to give her and Tamsin a moment. “Only if you don’t mind us rifling through your drawers,” Kasey quips as she and Amanda sashay their way to the stairs while Bo crosses to the couch. “Slash trying on your underwear!” Amanda chirps and the girls exit their way up the stairs giggling—again! Bo sits down next to Tamsin. “Sorry about that,” Tamsin offers quietly. “Well,” Bo sighs, looking after the kits. “They’ll be out of luck. I don’t wear underwear.” Funny, and believable, except for the many, many times we’ve seen you in your expensive lingerie sets, but worth a ‘heh’ nonetheless. “Good to know,” Tamsin snarks all TMI much?

“The girls set your pre-op makeover to Pretty Woman,” Bo tells Tamsin, handing over a tissue. “Hmm,” Tamsin hums. I can live with that. “Before she met Richard Gere,” Bo adds. Tamsin snatches the hand mirror from Bo and snarls at her reflection. “What?!” she hisses and casts a glare up through the ceiling at the kits as Bo goes on that she doesn’t care how Tamsin looks as long as she still going to help Bo get Dyson out of Taft’s compound. Tamsin furiously wipes at her overly red lipsticked lips and warns that she counted ten guards before she got shot and passed out, “and that was just around the perimeter.”

Bo wonders what Tamsin might be able to do if they got most of the guards together. “Could you cast doubt over an entire room?” Tamsin pauses in her, um, defacement. “Look, there was a time when I could lay waste an entire army,” she admits. “Now if I go full Valkyrie, I’ll pass out.” She shrugs with self-deprecation. “Sucks getting old,” she grunts and places the mirror on the coffee table. “Yeah, I bet,” Bo commiserates. “Sorry.” With effort, Tamsin settles back against the couch and chides that Bo should be sorry. “You never got to see me in my prime,” she boasts with a wicked smile and an eyebrow waggle worthy of Dyson. “I could settle a battle with the blink of an eye, before I got weak and started slumming it as a mercenary.” Actually, I would like to see that. Boy. Howdy. Bo nods like this is Girl Talk and not pre-battle assessment of your teammate. “Fell in with the wrong guy,” she teases. Tamsin frowns at her—what are you talking about?—and Bo backtracks, “or so the movie version would go.”

“If we’re going to Battle Royale for our boy I’m gonna need to juice up,” Tamsin says, ignoring Bo, which is admittedly, sometimes the best decision. (Our boy. You betcha!) She tells Bo about the dealer, Massimo, who can juice her. “Druids are good like that.” Still smiling—isn’t all this Girl Talk just great?!—Bo shrugs one shoulder. “Always wanted to meet The Druid,” she quips. Tamsin: “This should be fun then.” I really think it will be, yes. They end the scene glaring at one another through equally sharp smiles.

This is a great scene and not only because these two have fantastic chemistry together. Tamsin knows Bo knows she’s dying, but not that Bo answered the phone and knows about Massimo (hence why she called him “The Druid” when Tamsin said “a druid”) and that Tamsin is actually working with him to capture Bo. Right now, Bo first needs Tamsin’s help to rescue Dyson, but if she gets more info on the Tamsin/Massimo alliance on the way, so much the better. Tamsin wants to rescue Dyson and doesn’t want to have to explain why Bo is still breathing to Massimo, but she needs to see him to juice up to save Dyson—and she also knows Bo knows something Is Up. There’s so much double speak in that convo—it’s just juicy.

In Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Kenzi is back on her feet and working hard to spin her situation with The Morrigan. “Now, let me check my very packed social calendar. Nope! NOT scheduled to take any more of your guff!” She cocks her hip in defiance—and catches a look of Evony’s fabulous shoes. “No matter how…chouette your shoes are,” she allows. “Thanks,” The Morrigan sighs. She crosses her legs and the camera helpfully trails down them to the open-toed, silver-heeled and soled stilettos. Yep, they are faetastic all right. “I use them to crush rodents,” she boats, implication clear.

Kenzi crosses her arms protectively. “And just so you know,” she quickly counters, “I am not that afraid of death,” she glances up and down Steve Bruce who stands next to her, somewhat protectively, “although open to other alternatives.” The Morrigan sneers that Kenzi’s easy to snap human body poses no challenge. “I’ve seen better constructed dorm room bookcases.” She snaps her fingers with flair and Steve Bruce immediately hustles Kenzi into a nearby chair. “I was thinking of someone with genuine power,” Evony monologues. “Someone the Light hold dear to their hearts.” Kenzi rubs her arm where Steve Bruce grabbed her and ticks through those she knows are missing. “Dyson? (Doctor) Lauren?”

“No, swizzle spine,” The Morrigan snarks. HA! “I meant Trick! Your beloved Blood King…is dead!” MWAH HA HA!!! Come on. He’s in someone’s trunk! Relax. Kenzi, unaware that Trick has been trunknapped, is devastated and afraid. Pleased by her distress, Evony preens.

At Taft’s Evil Lair Lab, Dyson again calls out to Aoife. “Please! Talk to me!” he exhorts. Aoife is freaking out. “Is my daughter okay?!” Dyson calmly assures her that Bo is fine. “She’s my daughter, you see. She’s my daughter. Bo is my daughter,” Aoife rambles as Dyson watches and tries to make sense from her jumble. “Dark, light,” she sings, “wrong, right. Skip to my loo, darlin’. Skip to my loo.” She giggles and covers her mouth. “You know most couldn’t handle the pain,” she tells Dyson. “But I could! I can,” she says flatly and for a moment there’s a shade of the old Aoife in her demeanor. Seeing this, Dyson loses patience. “What does he want?!” he shouts and it brings Aoife back to the glass. “At first he wanted…me.” Dyson’s brow furrows. What?! Why?!

Aoife rambles that Taft had been watching her, tracking her, “he thought me powerful, the most powerful!” she preens. The scene flashes back to Bo and Aoife’s fight at the end of season one. Bo’s eyes wolf out as The Norn (Freaking Norn!) transfers Dyson’s strength to her at the critical moment. “Then he saw me defeated, broken after Bo and I fought,” Aoife voice-overs as, empowered with Dyson’s strength, PastBo whirls her mother around and dumps her over the broken balcony, catching her hand seconds before she falls. “Still he picked me up and he brought me…” she says as the image of the stranger carrying Aoife away from the fight plays again.

“Aoife,” Dyson calls more gently as her litany tapers off. “What did he do to you?” Aoife plays with the joint where the glass walls of her cell meet. “Always with the questions,” she scoffs lightly, and she doesn’t mean Dyson. “’What’s the ultimate Fae, succubus?’” she hisses in passing imitation of Taft’s interrogation. “‘Who’s the strongest?!’” She pauses and dials back to cray cray. “But I never told him,” she giggles. She puts a finger to her lips. Shhhh. “I never told him it was my Bo! My daughter,” she whispers. “I told him it was you,” she admits to Dyson without regret. Dyson goes very, very still. “I saw it in her eyes that night,” Aoife continues and Dyson steels himself. He knows where this is going. “You gave up your wolf to save her,” Aoife says without any doubt whatsoever. Amazing that even once evil, still crazy Aoife knew in an instant exactly what happened between Bo and Dyson back then and why.

Dyson lifts his chin and meets her gaze. He blinks once and then again. He’s lived with this for a long time, is still living with the consequences and resultant loss. But given the chance, knowing what he knows now, he’d do it all over again in an instant. “Yes,” he says calmly. Aoife rattles that what Dyson did, she did too. “I gave up the wolf to save my girl,” she says proudly but her silly smile quickly drops. “Because we love herrrrr,” she singsongs. “We love her,” she murmurs again. Dyson stares at Bo’s mother not without pity and for once he is in complete agreement with this woman who did so much damage to his and Bo’s lives. Yes, we do. The conviction slowly comes over him that he’s about to have to have to sacrifice for that love once again.

What the hell is wrong with you people?! Why is everyone always so quick and ready to sacrifice Dyson?! Oy! Step. Away. From the wolf!

Over in her pod cell, Doctor Lauren carefully dabs at her pod mate’s side wound. So did she hear that exchange between Dyson and Aoife or was she too busy doctoring? The woman tearfully tells the doc that her husband Gerry was bartending at The Dal (drink!). “The things they asked him to do…do you think he survived?” Doctor Lauren sidesteps the question. “Is this right, Sunitha? Are you a cabbit?” Sunitha nods. “Hence the 38 children,” she explains, “I only hope I live long enough to see them again.” The doc vows that Sunitha will survive. “It’s not nice to make promises you can’t keep,” Taft chides as he arrives to hear this last bit. “And you should know better than to get attached to the lab rats.” Doctor Lauren replies that she knows better than to take advice from a sociopath. She would know; she’s read all those psychiatry/psychology books in her flat after all. Taft opens her pod with a weary sigh. “I put you in here (Doctor) Lauren for your own good,” he patronizes. “But now we’ve got so much to do!”

But Doctor Lauren is done taking his guff—for the moment. “Surgical tools. Antiseptic and 10 minutes to save her,” she demands with a nod to Sunitha. Taft asks if those are the doc’s terms. “Then I’m all yours,” she confirms. He seals her back in, the door swishing shut in front of her wide-eyed, desperate face, and promises to see what he can rustle up. “Ten minutes, doctor,” he reminds her.

On the quay, Massimo disregards the rain and lounges against a small metal grate as Bo and Tamsin approach. “My, my, my,” he drawls, “the spider and the fly. But who is spinning the web?” Tamsin greets him without pleasure. “Tamsin darling, you look like ass,” he tells her baldly. “And you,” he says to Bo who stands just behind Tamsin. Massimo shivers lewdly. “You look good enough to eat.” Give her time, Druid Boy.

“Where’s my pick-me-up?” Tamsin asks without preamble. I guess she placed an order for takeout. Massimo pulls a hypodermic out of his pants. Not like that! Geez! “It’s my own personal make. Should help inject some hot pink back into those frosty Scandinavian cheeks,” he assures her. When she reaches for it, he pulls it out of reach with a warning that it’s potent, “and not for recreational use.” While Massimo and Tamsin stare one another down, Bo snatches the needle from the druid’s hand. “I’ll hold it!” she chirps. Tamsin shoots her a glare but Massimo looks very carefully at Tamsin. What the hell is going on here, darling? “Just in case,” Bo quickly caveats, “until we need you at your strongest.” Caught, Tamsin grimaces that it’s good thinking. Quick as a cabbit, Massimo snidely agrees. “Sister Solidarity. Can you dig it?” he snarks. Ha! I know he’s a total self-serving jackhole, but I like this guy! With a knowing look, Bo moves off to try Trick again on the mobile, leaving Tamsin and Massimo to conspire in private.

“You’re trembling,” Massimo observes quietly and not without care, “you losing your edge?” “The last person who said that lost her hand,” Tamsin points out sharply. “But not by you,” Massimo reminds her, but not cruelly. Tamsin’s face falls and after a moment, Massimo sincerely apologizes. “I loved Acacia too.” “Love will get you killed,” Tamsin states in a hard voice.

“As much as I would like to linger and watch this all go to hell,” Massimo says, “I’ve got a date with a cabin up north.” He pulls the rune glass out of his other pocket. Dude’s got deep pockets, if ya know what I mean. Rim shot! Wait, how’d he get the rune glass? Last we saw, it was in Tamsin’s truck in between the seats. Eh, whatever. Plot hole drink! Tamsin asks if it’ll work as she takes it from him and hides it under her crossed arms. “Measured it three times, cut it once,” Massimo assures her. “He won’t measure,” Tamsin warns a clear threat that if Massimo has screwed up the mix, there will be no measure to the amount of punishment The Wanderer will rain down on him for failing. Massimo stops and for the first time looks genuinely afraid. His gaze flickers between Bo and Tamsin before he finally walks away.

“Any luck?” Tamsin asks Bo as she hangs up and stares thoughtfully after Massimo. “Sure!” she chirps Tamsin’s pick-me-up prominently displayed in her hand. “I mean, I still have you,” she drawls into Tamsin’s face with a smug smile. Tamsin scoffs quietly and looks at the rune glass before she follows Bo.

Over in the library of Taft’s Evil Lair, Doctor Lauren demands that he let everybody go, “Immediately.” Taft snickers and grabs her arm. Startled, the doc goes without resistance as he roughly shoves her into a chair. She pauses, blinking a lot—Geez. No need to get rough—as though surprised that, when pushed, Taft will treat her just as badly as he treats everybody else. The doc carefully repositions herself in the chair (still blinking) and reassesses Taft in light of her dwindling influence. She’s clearly terrified and unsure just what he’ll do next. “They took my little brother,” Taft tells her as the doc clutches the arms of the chair and carefully leans back as far from him as she can get. Taft explains that he and his brother were camping and his brother “got scared of the moans that came over the wind,” but Taft reassured him that it was just crickets or a loon, maybe. Oh, it was definitely a loon, pal. “In the morning, he was gone. Well, his head was gone. They said it was me.”  With a decided lack of sympathy, and a small tight smile, the doc acknowledges that the experience must have been very hard for Taft. “You mean being shipped off to the asylum or not really knowing what happened, which one?” he snarks. The doc blinks. “Both, actually,” Taft decides, “but, I was determined.” He wanders over to the floor to ceiling bookcases and the doc blinks some more but the fear has dialed back considerably as she begins to get his measure.

Lauren in Lost Girl 3.13Taft picks up a large femur—oh all right, bone—and wanders back over to the doc while explaining that it took until he was 21 but he finally figured out it had been a wendigo that had killed his brother. The doc calmly agrees that wendigoes can be very territorial, “when provoked,” she adds pointedly. Not happy with that, Taft denies that he and his brother had provoked it. “We didn’t provoke anything,” he insists hotly, shoving the end of the bone into Doctor Lauren’s face. Ignoring the bone, the doc looks at him, blank and unmoved, so Taft shoves the bone against her chin until her mouth is forced open. Lovely phallic visual there, show. Stay classy.

The doc trembles and, for the moment satisfied, Taft leans against the desk. He tells her he found a wendigo years later during his “journeys,” and by journeys he means wild Fae hunts. “I’m not sure if it’s the one who killed William but I made sure he suffered.” The doc assures Taft that his brother would’ve been very proud of him, but Taft misses her sarcasm and instead says that he didn’t take any pleasure in the kill. He kneels down before her. “Not at that point. I discovered a whole race of Fae; a whole race of creatures evolved beyond our imagination because that’s what this is about, (Doctor) Lauren, this is about evolution!” Now the doc does look at him with sympathy and understanding. She remembers that feeling, the ecstasy of being a scientist who discovers an entire new race of people, superior beings with endless new discoveries. Evolution, especially of the Fae, is Doctor Lauren’s Holy Grail. And then she remembers what happened when she actually got involved with the Fae, and what will happen to Taft when he does the same. “The Fae will find you,” she promises with confidence. She would know; they always find her. “And they will take more than your head.”

Taft pshaws and gets to his feet. “Well go tell them,” he orders the doc. “Go on! Go! Tell them! But they already know that you’re AWOL, that you’ve betrayed them. They won’t ever take—you—back!” He waves the bone in the face and tells her that if she flees this compound, she flees her protection. And for the first time in this entire weird interview, he’s absolutely right—and the doc is beginning to clue in. Shocked, wide-eyed, she gets to her feet to confront him. “How long have you known I work for them?” “Long enough to know that you’re the only one who can help me,” Taft crows as he shifts things around on his desk. “You’re the only one who can help the human race…ascend, (Doctor) Lauren,” he says proudly.

Mouth agape, the doc stares at Taft with the eyes of you are absolutely flat out crazy. “You’re insane,” she whispers. Taft comes around the desk again as he tells her that’s not true. “Deep down in your heart, you understand me. What I want,” he says confidently. Actually, I think he’s more right than wrong. He grabs her hands and holds them between them as he did earlier in PCC. “Listen to me, I brought you here so you could extract the stem cells from the strongest Fae I can find and implant them…” “…Into you,” the doc finishes having finally reached that conclusion herself and more than a little intrigue by the idea despite Taft’s madness. “Correct,” he says. “A cross-breed,” she expositions. “You want to become Fae.” Taft gets his full nasty on. “And I’m gonna use Dyson’s DNA to do it.” Hey! What did I just say?! Step. Back. FROM THE WOLF.

Outside Taft’s Evil Lair, sun is shining everywhere, so I guess it’s only raining around everybody else. Bo and Tamsin walk past ThunderFaedome where Dyson so recently fought for his life. Tamsin waffles that she can’t “do this”. “Don’t pussy out on me now,” Bo orders. “It’s gonna hurt,” Tamsin says tightly. “Stay strong,” Bo orders, “and remember we’re doing this for Dyson.” ‘Bout damn time, y’all. Tamsin sighs and grimaces just as The guards suddenly notice the strange hotties power walking across the super sekrit compound: “You! Stop! Right there.” While Tamsin hilariously rolls her eyes and lifts her hand half-heartedly, Bo leans back to mutter, “don’t hold back, okay?” and then goes into her high-drama spiel. “Guys, we are so glad you’re here! We are so lost!” It’s Tamsin’s turn to mutter “take it easy, Meryl Streep,” to which Bo replies in kind, “go big or go home!” HA!! I love it when they trash talk each other. Kenzi’s the only other one who gives Bo shit like that (though occasionally Dyson manages it like with “I don’t have time to play relationship detective!”). It’s refreshing.

Surrounded now by guards, not to mention the sniper up on the catwalk of the observatory, Bo puts on her helpless female look and whinges whether the “guys” can help them. “Say,” Tamsin deadpans. “Do you know where the mall is?” HAAA!! As a born and bred Jersey Girl, I APPROVE!! One guard orders the others not to be fooled. “They’re just like the others.” Bo drops the façade, narrows her eyes, and verrrrry slowly turns her head around to glare at Tamsin who hilariously snaps in a whisper, “WHAT?!” The guard orders the others to take Bo and Tamsin to PCC. “Toldja we could get inside,” Bo quietly crows. “Yeah,” Tamsin snarks back, “all we had to do was act like girls.” Ha! Bo hums agreement and smiles at the guard who grabs her arm and trills, “Hi,” in her best lemme-suck-your-chi-and-take-you-to-heaven voice. Snicker. As the guards lead the women into the mansion, Bo looks up and around and takes in what they’re literally getting into. “Oh, what is this place?” she murmurs.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Kenzi struggles against the ropes that now tie her to chair. The Morrigan snits that she’s quite the comedienne. “But not a terrorist!” Kenzi snaps back. “Those should-be-extinct Fae elders in the banquet room might have bought your hysterical anti-human rhetoric, but Bo won’t!” Evony happily reminds Kenzi that Bo isn’t there, “and Trick’s dead, and Dyson’s probably a shag carpet by now.” Kenzi says Hale will save the day then, “the motherflippin’ Ash.”  The Morrigan laughs in her face. “Hale’s gone, sweetie. Pissed his leather panties while he begged for his life. Left you, like the coward that he is.” Now she’s getting silly. Kenzi might believe that Trick might be dead, but she’d never believe Hale to be a coward who abandoned her, not now, and especially not after his declaration. Kenzi is much smarter than that—or at least she used to be.

Haltingly, scared to death, Kenzi asks if this is Evony’s end game. “Torture the human for info on—what, exactly?” Evony admits that she has some very specific questions about the “Succuslut’s… lineage.” Snort. Confused, Kenzi recoils. “You wanna talk about Bo?” Evony mocks that she tried “bribery. The Mesmer. A parasite.” Each mention of her attempts on Bo’s life just makes Evony more giddy. “You could try not being such a bitch,” Kenzi grits out. Annoyed, Evony snatches up a tazer. “It’s like the French Revolution all over again, am I right?” she trills. She charges up the tazer and gazes down at it with fondness. “So gratifying when you find pleasure in the little things.” Kenzi is very afraid of where The Morrigan intends to stick the tazer. “Like watching…Channing Tatum dancing in 3D!” she quips, shaking. “Why don’t we start with that?”

Evony steps close and threatens Kenzi with the sparking tazer. “Bo,” she demands. “What?” Kenzi snaps back. “Broke up with (Doctor) Lauren? Can now super suck a crowd? Enjoys watching online cat videos?!” Kenzi rattles off, gathering her courage. “You might as well torture away, honey, ‘cause I ain’t telling you squat!” But The Morrigan has already pinged on the juicy info she’s looking for. “Bo can feed, off multiple chi—at the same time?” she repeats, excited. Realizing she really stepped in it, Kenzi slowly closes her eyes. She grimaces and then shrugs and rallies. “I doubt even Bo could Hoover deep enough to remove those crow’s feet,” she snarls.

Evony wields the tazer at Kenzi and closes in on her beautiful eyeball.  But before she can connect, the tazer sputters and dies. “Is this thing on?” she demands of Steve Bruce, reaching out to successfully taze his large, tattooed arm. Steve Bruce yells with pain and recoils. “I don’t have time for these games!” The Morrigan shouts, ignoring him. “Perhaps the sanctuary is warded,” Steve Bruce suggests. Evony looks around Tolkien’s Lair. “Or the Blood King casts some heavy duty protection spells over his lair. The sanctuary must be warded!” she concludes. “You are so wise ma’am,” Steve Bruce says. HA!! His snark goes right over Evony’s head, who decides that she has what she needs. “You do?!” Kenzi asks, alarmed. Retrieving her shoes, Evony tells  Steve Bruce to “take the girl where you can end her…once and for all,” and sashays her way out of Tolkien’s Lair while Steve Bruce glares after her.

Over at Taft’s Evil Lair, Bo is hustled into the library where Taft lounges in the chair feet up on the desk. He introduces himself with great personal satisfaction. “How’s it hangin’?” he asks grinning. “Judging by your pants, high and to the left,” Bo quips meanly. Ha! Taft laughs appreciatively and when Bo notes without humor that he’s the human behind “all this” he proudly confirms it, “and you’re the latest edition to my collection,” he tells her. But Bo has other plans. “I’m here to get Dyson and no mad scientist can stop me,” she declares, which, naturally, is when Doctor Lauren slinks into the room. “How about a sane one,” she asks quietly.

Suddenly remembering that she’d been worried about the doc up until Dyson got snatched, Bo is surprised if relieved to see her. She moves to hug Doctor Lauren, but the doc puts her arm up between them to hold Bo off without actually looking at her. Bo stops and glances down at the hand. “You came for Dyson,” Doctor Lauren says with a humorless sneer as she slides away to stand next to Taft and finally looks at Bo. “I knew you would,” she says flatly. Despite the fact that the doc broke up with Bo and deliberately left her phone behind when she left her life without telling anyone so that neither Bo nor the Fae could find her, Bo is confused by Doctor Lauren’s closed and cold demeanor. “Actually,” she says tightly, “I traced the number on your phone.” Actually, Dyson found the phone and suggested hunting the doc down through the trace and then Tamsin actually put the trace through. But whatever. “I can save you both,” Bo insists. Taft interrupts to say that actually Doctor Lauren doesn’t need saving. “She’s my partner.” Bo thinks that’s a pretty sick interpretation of the situation. “Actually, it’s a pretty flattering one,” Doctor Lauren counters. “I thought he was my boss.”

This confuses Bo even more. “(Doctor) Lauren, what is this?” she hisses. For the first time since they met, Doctor Lauren is finally, 100%, no holds barred honest with her ex-girlfriend about how she truly feels. “The Fae ruined my life, Bo,” she says. “They have cursed my girlfriend; they have held me prisoner, sometimes literally. And all the while my brain, my…talents…don’t you see? This is a chance for me to do something meaningful. To save my kind.” Bo grabs her arm and insists that Doctor Lauren has been brainwashed. “This is not you!” Doctor Lauren openly mocks her with distain. “Oh please, Bo. Maybe that was our problem.” Only one of many, sweetie. “Do you know that my name isn’t even (Doctor) Lauren?” Taft watches this drama unfold with amusing interest.

By the look of things, some time has passed since Taft shared his oh so sad back story with the doc. She’s had time to think about her situation and what Taft has done and what he yet wants her to do. Knowing Dyson had been captured by Taft, the doc guessed Bo would be on her way to get him; she’s certainly not surprised to overhear Bo declare that intention to Taft. Even so, Doctor Lauren is somewhat playing to him with her little speech. She’d be a fool not to. But she also still means every word. The doc sincerely broke up with Bo before she’d even made the decision to work with Taft and has since acknowledged that she’s felt more fulfilled professionally and personally in the last few days at Taft’s lab than she has in the last eight being aligned with the Fae and Bo. Granted, this was before she realized the man who’d finally brought those feelings to fruition was a right and proper nutter, but the life epiphany she’s had still holds true. Now she’s been crushed by the revelation that Taft has manipulated her so that even if she wanted to, she could never go back to the Fae and expect to live. What choice does she have but to leave the dance with the man that brought her?  Plus, this whole small monologue is delivered to Bo straight on with the doc’s back to Taft. She could’ve signaled Bo is some way, but the doc offers no wink wink nudge nudge movement to indicate to Bo that she’s buying time or playing Taft. Because for once she’s actually telling the truth and she means for Bo to believe it with finality.

This revelation that Doctor Lauren isn’t the doc’s real name stops Bo for a moment. “Whoever you are, I know you,” she says with confidence. You really, really don’t. “And I love you,” Bo adds in a last ditched effort. The doc smiles bitterly. “And I loved you,” she says pointedly. Past tense, baby! Turning to Taft, she says this is why she will now do the surgery, “so long as you agree to let Bo go, unharmed.” No, Doctor Lauren!! Bo can take care of herself! She doesn’t need you to “rescue” her! Stop cock blocking Bo!!

At the mention of surgery, Bo goes back to being warily pissed. “What surgery?!” Taft ignores her as he tells the doc “color me skeptical, but why the change of heart?” Doctor Lauren miserably acknowledges that the Fae will never let her live “out there. And here I have the chance to save humanity. And to take out the one man who has stood in my way.” I don’t quite believe her here because we already know that she’s come to some sort of a détente with Dyson and already recognized that while she spent so much time feeling threatened by him in her relationship with Bo, in the end, she (and Bo) was alone responsible for not being able to make it work. That doesn’t mean she won’t sacrifice him if she has to. But in the end, Taft’s sense of vengeance will let him believe a revenge motive over anything else as explanation for Doctor Lauren’s about face.

Bo is catching on and not liking what she’s concluding. “Who?!” she demands to know even as she trembles. “Dyson, Bo!” Doctor Lauren exclaims, heavy with the duh, as she again faces Bo. “I can’t save you both,” she declares, “just like you couldn’t love us both.” Again, the doc means what she says and the fact that this last truth isn’t necessary for Taft’s sake (why would he care about who Bo does or doesn’t love?), drives home its veracity. Bo sees that Doctor Lauren means it and gapes at her as she tears up—who are you?—but the doc is done in more ways than one (hey, that rhymed!). “Good-bye,” she says, slinking past Bo to leave the library. Stunned, Bo stares after her, hurt but finally believing that the break is permanent even as she still tries to process all Doctor Lauren just revealed. Taft clicks his tongue in mock sympathy and orders the hovering guard to take Bo back to her pod. I guess Doctor Lauren’s bargain to “save” Bo didn’t work after all.

“You are a monster,” Bo says shakily as she’s led away, too shocked to resist. “Oh no, not yet!” Taft calls after her as he comes out from behind the desk. “I can’t wait till you see me after, succubus. I think you’ll find me very familiar,” he taunts. Perching on the desk, he picks up an organic feather duster that really looks more like a tail, casually dangles it between his legs and…flicks it up and down. Definitely a euphemism and ewww there, show. Pausing in the door, Bo glares back at him, disgusted, before the guard drags her away.

Taft wanders into a guarded top room of the observatory, massive telescope and all, that’s serving as a surgical theatre. Dyson is strapped down and shackled to…sorry. I went a little off the reservation there for a moment after I typed the phrase “Dyson is strapped down.” Shake it off, shake it off…okay, let’s try this again. Ahem. Taft wanders into a guarded makeshift surgical theatre where Dyson is strapped down (gulp) and shackled to a table and doped to the gills. Wolf in peril! Wolf in peril! The guard walks with Taft over to the table where Dyson struggles weakly and expositions that Dyson took out six of “his men” before they managed to sedate him. “Oh well,” Taft singsongs. “All in the name of science.” He pauses at the end of the table and tickles the bottom of Dyson’s feet. Okay, the tickling amused me.  Dyson gasps and growls as he fights the shackles and drugs. “Congratulations, my friend,” Taft crows. “I’m not your friend!” Dyson manages. “No,” Taft agrees. “What you are is the fastest, strongest, most magnificent creature that I have ever encountered.” WE KNOW. I think someone’s got a strong case of Single White Uber-Hero Syndrome.

Dyson tells Taft to do what he wants with the wolf by let the others go. “So noble!” Taft mocks. He leans over Dyson. “I hope that doesn’t rub off on me.” Dyson wolfs out and erupts, snarling and snapping so violently, Taft jumps back. But the shackles hold and Dyson falls back on the table. “I hope that temper doesn’t rub off on me, either,” Taft adds obnoxiously. He grins down at Dyson and looks him over salaciously. “Oh, I cannot wait to be the recipient of all that you have,” he taunts. “I can’t wait to feel what you feel.” Dude, feeling what Dyson feels is not always a fun time. I mean, have you watched season two? Shudder. Dyson grunts and wheezes and rolls his eyes as he falls back under the drugs. “I’ll see you on the other side, my friend,” Taft calls into his face. As he leaves, Dyson, helpless to do anything else moans and groans and howls.

Taft strolls into the pre-op room where Doctor Lauren, already dressed in surgical gown and mask, starts to scrub in. “I do like the wolf, you know,” Taft says to her. Yeah, we noticed. “It would be nice if he survives.” “I wouldn’t bet on it,” Doctor Lauren tosses off casually as she stares straight ahead. Taft considers her but convinced she’s fully on board he leaves her to it. As he exits, she gives him such a death look, well, I wouldn’t want to be unconscious and under her scalpel after that, that’s for sure.

Bo in Lost Girl 3.13Down in PCC, Bo and Tamsin share a pod. Space is at a premium in PCC. The competition for a spot on the waiting list alone is killer... Tamsin is having a hard time of it and, with a groan, bends over a bit (not like that!) much as she did when she and Dyson first found the Field of Death. “It feels bad in here,” she manages. Bo mocks whether Tamsin is claustrophobic, but the Valkyrie cuts her off. “I lived with death,” she snarls, “and whatever was in here before us begged for it.” Bo dials back to hard sympathy and tells Tamsin to hold it together, “because right now? You are all that I’ve got left.” Tamsin cracks her neck and tries to get settled as Bo takes in their pod…and Aoife comes into view in her pod across and down the aisle. “Bo?” she calls. Bo jerks around and Aoife gasps to see her. “Sweetheart?” she asks. Bo’s mouth drops and she presses up against the glass, mirroring her mother. “Mom?” Aoife starts to spiral as Tamsin sidles up behind Bo. “No, it can’t be! I gave them nothing! I gave them the wolf!” So not exactly nothing there, huh. Tamsin leans over Bo’s shoulder. “You going to introduce me?” she murmurs in an unfriendly voice.  Dealing with yet another emotional onslaught, Bo shakily introduces Tamsin to Aoife, “my mom.”  Aoife gasps and paces around her pod like a caged animal. Well, if the Fae fits…

“They pit Fae against Fae,” Aoife tells them wildly. “They make us feed off each other.  Bo, my daughter! Bo. Keep her from the evil.” Bo earnestly assures Aoife that it’s okay, but he mom disagrees. “You have to leave!” she insists. “If your father was here,” Aoife warns, pointing a finger at Bo, “he would kill them all!” she shouts, looking up at the ceiling toward her invisible but ever-watching captors. “And then resurrect them and kill them again!” she vows. Tamsin’s eyes go wide, her face a picture of horrified knowledge. She knows Aoife’s right; she’s seen Bo’s father do exactly that before. “My father,” Bo whispers, oblivious. Breathing heavily, Aoife leans up against her pod’s glass. “They want powerful? They fear us?! If HE were here…if he were here,” she moans, clearly wishing Bo’s father was there, which is interesting considering how much she hates Bo’s father. “Oh! He would never allow this to happen to his seed.” She cradles her belly as though carrying his child even now. Tamsin looks meaningfully at Bo as she begins to pound on the glass. “Mom, what does this have to do with my father?!” But Aoife has already gone back to her not-so-happy place. She slowly falls to the ground and curls fetal-like in the corner.

Tamsin puts her hand on Bo’s shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she offers. Bo spins around, shrugs off Tamsin’s hand, and glares at her pod mate. “I don’t need your pity,” she snaps. She glances over at the crying Aoife. “If these assholes want a fight…let’s give ‘em one.” Tamsin looks up from under her eyelids. “Juice me,” she says. Bo steps forward and roughly grabs Tamsin by the knot of her hand. “What are you doing?!” Tamsin grunts. “You really need to learn how to share,” Bo murmurs in her worst sociopathic voice. She kisses Tamsin and while still lip-locked, stabs the Valkyrie in the arm through her jacket sleeve with the needle that none of Taft’s guards seem to have found when they searched her, (and if they didn’t search her then they’re the dumbest guards ever, which is entirely possible.) Look, I’ve had quite a few interactions with needles in my time (not like that!) and never, not once, has anyone stabbed me with it through denim jacket sleeve! Why is that so oft a trope in shows?

Tamsin in Lost Girl season 3 finaleAs Bo pushes the plunger, she pulls back from the kiss and sucks up Tamsin’s chi. Tamsin whimpers and looks like she’s in pain as Bo’s eyes glow bright succubus blue. As Tamsin gets the last of Massimo’s juice (eww), Bo breaks contact and her eyes go back to brown as shakes herself. Breathless, her eyes watering, Tamsin pulses with the power boost. Basically both of them just had one of the most powerful, supernaturally charged orgasms of their lives. “Hoo,” she grunts and rubs her arm. “That felt like the Trojan War and World War II running through my veins,” Tamsin praises. Eyes glowing blue, Bo nods in agreement. Tamsin bares her teeth at Bo. “Are you really to do this?” Bo sizes her up. “Save it for the big show,” she says. She drops the needle and jumps on Tamsin. Not like that!

Back in the surgical theatre, Dyson rolls his head back and forth and fights the drugs as Doctor Lauren preps him for Taft’s surgery. On the table beside him, Taft is laid out to receive Dyson’s…um…essence. “Don’t struggle, Dyson,” Doctor Lauren advises as she approaches his side, “it’s futile.” I’m ignoring the obvious “resistance is futile” quip here—well, I meant to ignore it. She puts a hand on his shoulder to calm him. Behind her, x-rays of Dyson’s skeleton are up on a light box. He looks up at her and swallows. “(Doctor) Lauren, why?” he manages. She blinks. “Because I’ve injected you with six doses of anesthetic,” she says, dodging the true meaning of his question. He shakes his head with difficulty. That’s not what I meant. She knows what you meant, darling. She doesn’t care. “Don’t do this,” he pleads roughly, too drugged to even focus on her. She smiles slightly but without emotion. “You ready, Isaac?” she asks calmly. Dyson convulses a little under her hand.

It suddenly occurs to Taft that it’s been some time since Doctor Lauren has operated on a human. “Relax,” she suggests with a small, tight smile, “it’s the last time you’ll be human.” Seriously, if this show ever found its gonads and allowed Doctor Lauren to finally go full tilt mad if self-justified scientist, she could be one scary mo fo. Also, one teeny tiny technical hiccup about this procedure: Lost Girl mythology states that a human and Fae can mate and thus mix DNA at the cellular level to create a new child and yet that child will always be human, not Fae, never Fae. But a little bone marrow injection can turn Taft into half of Dyson, hmm? Sure. Whatever. Plot hole drink!

Taft chuckles and Doctor Lauren takes position between the tables. “Extracting bone marrow,” she announces and raises the mask to cover her nose and mouth. I wouldn’t worry, doc, it’s not like that’s a sterile environment in the first place. You didn’t even bother with a cap, not that I blame you. That’s some pretty, pretty hair you’re sporting today.

Doctor Lauren raises the big honking bone marrow extracting needle. What no bone drill? Huh. Would’ve thought that a requirement for a bone marrow extraction, but whatever. Ten squiggly images populate the screen behind her, presumably of Dyson’s insides as they seem to squirm along with his movements. But without consulting these images (where did they put that camera?) and without any precision whatsoever, Doctor Lauren roughly stabs the needle into Dyson’s hip. He howls in pain and I think on some level Doctor Lauren enjoyed that. As he hears the squelching sounds of Doctor Lauren retracting the plunger to suck out Dyson’s marrow, Taft looks over at Dyson writhing in excruciating pain and grins. Yeah, he needs to die, sooner the better.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, beauty has soothed the savage beast once again as Kenzi works her mojo on Steve Bruce. “I’m sorry but it has to be done. I have to end this,” he says, repeating a litany. As she bandages his arm from where The Morrigan tazed him, Kenzi tells him it’s better, “but don’t apologize. Be firm. Tell her you expect full severance.” Steve Bruce says The Morrigan will severance his heart from his chest if he actually goes ahead and tries to quit. Kenzi pats his finished triage and invites him to take a look and appreciate her work. “Thanks,” he says, “I hate the sight of blood.” Could he be any sweeter? This reminds Kenzi that she still has all of hers. “Thank goddess for Trick’s ‘anti-violence in the lair’ thingiemaprotectum,” she says, glancing up at the ceiling. “You should thank your hips,” Steve Bruce tells her with an appreciative glance at the body part in question. Legions of men have, dear heart. Kenzi gives him A Look. “Bruce,” she chides, gathering the lapels of her leopard-skin jacket across her chest, “I said we could be friends!” I love that Steve Bruce doesn’t even bother to correct anyone about his name anymore.

But Bruce corrects he didn’t mean that. “I clocked it earlier. Check your pocket.” Kenzi does as he instructs and pulls out the charm Hale slipped into her pocket. “You know,” Bruce says, “from the poem?” He crosses one large, tattooed arm solemnly across his chest, clears his throat, and, as the charm glows, recites: “To Clan Zamora, a gift bestowed; immune to evil deed, to blow. For he who carries sacred twig, immortality shall cling.” Oh Bruce, you can stay. Kenzi is suitably impressed and expresses it in her own special way. “Holy ballsauce, Bruce!” Pleased, Bruce shrugs. “I have a PhD in Medieval Fae Verse.” Of course you do, you adorable hulking, brilliant beast of a man! Kenzi clarifies that what Bruce is saying is that the stick in her hand kept her safe. “Somehow you’ve acquired The Twig of Zamora, which is really weird because traditionally it’s passed down from father to son.”

“Zamora,” Kenzi murmurs. So the twig is the item Dyson displayed to Hale when they got engaged on behalf of Hale’s father when they had their guy moment together before the failed inauguration. Kenzi looks at the twig. “Oh Hale,” she moans. Bruce wonders what she means. Kenzi grimaces and tears up as she realizes exactly what Hale did while she was accusing him of all manner of things. “He just saved my life,” she whispers to Bruce emotionally.

Back in PCC, Bo throws Tamsin up against the glass wall of their pod. “Hey!” Cell Guard #1 (not to be confused with Blackwater Type #1) shouts as Tamsin whirls and backhands Bo across the pod. “Quit it, or we bring in the dogs!” Cell Guard #2 sneers, “For all we know, they are dogs.” He pounds on the glass and shouts that this Fae Fight is unauthorized. Will there be a fine? His interruption breaks Bo and Tamsin apart from choking each other.  Inexplicably, beyond it being in the script, Cell Guard #2 keys open the pod and the rest all draw their weapons as Bo and Tamsin calmly climb out. “Your move, Valkyrie,” Bo drawls to Tamsin with no small amount of anticipation. Her eyes go succubus blue as Tamsin smiles and then gets her Skeletor face on. “You’ve disappointed me. You’ve failed. You should be unconscious by now,” she tells Cell Guard #1 casually. The guard drops to the floor. Tamsin turns her Skeletor face on each other guard in turn and they follow suit and pass out. The two woman spin around in tandem and Tamsin aims her skull face down the other direction to knock out the rest of the gathered guards. Apparently everyone came running just to make things easier. Bo’s eyes still glow succubus blue and I wonder if she’s feeding off the power, maybe somehow still connected with Tamsin since she sucked her chi while juicing the Valkyrie up. As the last guard falls, Bo shrugs. “Nice job,” she quips. Taming turns toward her game face dialing back to normal. At the same time, Bo’s eyes go back to brown. Hmm.

But wiping out the group of guards has taxed Tamsin to the—um—bone. She cries out and falls to the floor, gasping for air and clinging to the side of the pod. Bo crouches before her and helps Tamsin to sit upright. “If you find Dyson?” Tamsin grits out. “He has my Wilco bootleg.” Snicker. She passes out. Bo cradles her head, chanting “no, no, no, come on!” but a look of horror comes over her as she draws back and takes strands of Tamsin’s hair with her. She glances around at the other pods and realizes she has an army of Fae at her disposal. Grabbing the key off the guard’s belt, she uses it to release the rest of the pods. As Aoife and the others emerge, Bo hurries back to Tamsin. Sunitha the cabbit hurries down the aisle to help another Fae. “Bless you, child, you really are the chosen one,” she calls to Bo, never mind that it’s Tamsin who did all the work. Bo glances up, sees her mother, and abandons the unconscious Valkyrie on the floor. “Where will we go?” Aoife asks desperately as Bo puts her arm around the woman who, the last time they were together, tried to kill Bo and succeeded in raping her boyfriend, and leads her away. “Anywhere but here,” she vows.

Bo rushes into the library, Aoife on her heels, and right past the guard who is startled by their sudden entrance but hurries up to grab both of them by the arm. But Bo is transfixed by the sight of Taft, giddy and wriggling behind the desk. Wow, that is some major recovery mojo you got there, Taft. It’s a wonder you even thought you needed to become Fae. “Who let my pets loose?” he says obnoxiously. Breathing heavily, he tells the guard that “there’s no need to restrain the succubus,” and Bo jerks loose of his hold.  The guard moves to stand by the far door as Taft leers at Bo. “She’ll be my first test.” Bo quips that she normally doesn’t do virgins. Taft grins and wiggles. “Don’t you want to…take a little dance with the…new me? Huh? Or would you rather mate…first?” What the huh now?

Taft speed streaks over to a shelf and picks up a knife. Bo gapes at him. “What did (Doctor) Lauren do to you?” she asks. That ain’t a wolf move, sweetie. “I am reborn!” Taft announces. “I’m Fae!” Bo sighs audibly. “Oh, take it from me. The learning curve is brutal.” Taft twitches in place. “And I’m a quick study and I need to get through that door right now,” he rambles, pointing at the door behind Bo. She takes two steps toward him. “Then you’ll have to get through me first.” Taft’s really okay with that. “Awesome!” he shouts and jumps in place with glee. Ha! I just love Doyle’s delivery there. Taft is churning with Fae juice (eww) and his physiology is going as bat shit crazy as he is, and all he can do is hang on for the ride. “As you wish,” he says more calmly. (I should’ve started a drinking meme for Princess Bride shout outs three or four episodes ago. We’d all be totally soused by now.)

He quick hops (ohhhhhhhhhh I geddit!) his way over and lunges the knife at Bo’s belly. But at the last minute, and with the obligatory shouted “NO!” Aoife yanks Bo out of the way and takes the blow herself glaring up at Taft with bared teeth as she falls back into Bo’s arms. No Aoife! I realize you haven’t been around for a while, but Bo can take care of herself! Just wait, she’s going to tell you any second now! Annnnnnyyyy second now. She doesn’t need you to cock block her and take a deep wound in her place. You’re infringing on her agency! Let her get stabbed! Oh wait, no, that double standard is reserved only for those moments when Dyson mistakenly protects Bo at great cost to himself. Right, sorry. Carry on!

Bo and Aoife in Lost GirlBo falls to the ground under Aoife’s miniscule weight and cradles her mother in her arms. With a crash, the door behind the guard slams open. A newly bandaged (it’s the least you could do, doc) Dyson plunges into the room and snaps the guard’s neck before anyone ever realizes he’s there. No, stop Dyson! Bo can take care of herself! She doesn’t need—oh for crying out loud, give me a break. Let’s just all finally agree to let that blatantly hypocritical lie of Bo’s go before it gets even more ridiculous than it already is, ‘kay?

Wait, how’d Dyson get free? Couldn’t have been Doctor Lauren; she had him doped to the gills so she could harvest his bone marrow against his will. Not the kind of thing that lends itself to a last minute assist. Plus they were both under heavy guard and even those guys would’ve noticed if she’d set him free right before their eyes. Even if we allow the extremely unlikely scenario that she did free him and was lying to Bo with that final speech, the first thing Doctor Lauren would’ve done is immediately go with Dyson to find Bo. If nothing else, Dyson would never have left the doc behind unprotected with all the remaining guards who were not already down in PCC to get Valkyried by Tasmin. And yet he shows up in the library alone.

Far more likely that after injecting Taft, Doctor Lauren went back on the run or possibly is some place waiting for Bo and Dyson to take care of Taft so that she might take over his operation. She’s certainly nowhere to be seen now. She can’t go back to the Fae, that’s been made epically clear, and going by that death look she gave Taft before surgery, I suspect she burned that bridge to the ground too.

But that still doesn’t explain how Dyson got free. He has before displayed the strength when wolfed out to punch through a metal door. If the doc’s six doses of sedative worn off sooner than Taft and she expected, it tracks that he could’ve broken loose from the metal shackles—he definitely has the same if not greater rage level as he did for the metal door incident. He’s certainly not drugged up anymore when he bursts into the library, which indicates that some time has passed since he was strapped on the table—and I should hope so as a bone marrow extraction, transplant, and initial recovery would take more than a few minutes , Fae or not.

Ergo, we have to allow for some significant amount of time to have passed between when Doctor Lauren left Bo in the library with Taft to prep for and perform the procedure and when Bo returned to the library with Aoife post Bo and Tamsin’s pod escape, during which Dyson could very well have metabolized even the doc’s increased dosage and freed himself. Or, like other Fae before him (the cabbit, the guy with no leg below the knee), Dyson could have been returned to his pod post-experiment and still under heavy sedation to be later released. The cabbit’s pod was next to his and she had to run down the aisle to get to where Bo and Tamsin were caged, so it tracks that neither Dyson nor Bo would know the other was there. He could have been released with the other prisoners none the wiser when Bo keyed open the door and immediately fled with Aoife back to the library where Dyson soon after burst in through the opposing library door from where Bo entered (coming from a different direction as he left PCC from the opposite end) and now we've come full circle. Ah, Lost Girl. So many plot holes; only a few believable scenarios. Plot hole drink!

Where was I? Oh, right, Taft’s library.

“ARGH!!” Dyson shouts at Taft in a ferocious growl as he drops the guard’s body to the ground. Taft takes one look at the enraged, half naked, growling—Splash—wolf and rightly runs for his life. Dyson growls and glares but drops it all when he looks at Bo. “Bo!” he calls, mildly surprised as he didn’t even know she was there in the first place. Are you all right? Very carefully, Bo raises her gaze to his. “Whatever he is?” she says to Dyson, “needs to die.” Dyson doesn’t hesitate but immediately wolfs out and lopes off after Taft. Bo tears up and holds Aoife, pressing against her stomach wound as her mother bleeds out. Chi time, anyone?!

“Mom, can you hear me?” Bo asks the nearly unconscious but now calm woman in her lap. “Of course I can, Isabeau,” Aoife murmurs. “You know that was my mother’s name,” she says. Bo tearfully gasps that she knows, “Trick told me everything!” Behind them, a mysteriously revived Tamsin eases into the room accompanied by Sunitha the cabbit. Plot hole drink! “Trick,” Aoife moans weakly. “Look out for him, Bo,” she warns, or advises, it’s hard to tell with Aoife. One moment she’s violating your man, the next she’s enduring torture for your sake. She’s tricksy that way. Aoife whimpers and passes out while a once again confused Bo wonders who it is she’s supposed to look out for, “Trick? Taft?! My father??” Tamsin crouches behind her and rubs her back. “We have to get out of here,” she says quietly. Crying, Bo refuses to leave Aoife “in this place. I left her once before and look what happened.”

“This place,” Tamsin says very deliberately, “took her mind and her strength. But Aoife held on just long enough to protect you. Do not let that be in vain.” As she speaks, Sunitha the cabbit settles down on the floor on the other side of Aoife. She generously agrees to stay with Aoife in Bo’s place. “None of us will get out of here if you do not.” Presumably she means to wait until Bo gets back with—what? She’s found Dyson and sent him after Taft; she now knows for sure that Doctor Lauren is not lost but went off the reservation under her own free will and remains there by her own choice. Tamsin’s wiped out the guards, the other Fae have been freed from their pods…what’s left to do other than to gather up Aoife and Sunitha the cabbit and get the holy hell out of—um—hell?! Eh, whatever. Plot hole, drink!

Bo thanks her and carefully shifts Aoife into Sunitha the cabbit’s lap. “Oh Mom, I am so sorry,” she whispers. Yeah, you say that now… “It’s time to go,” Tamsin says and Bo pats Sunitha the cabbit on the shoulder and rises. “I’m ready to end this,” Tamsin announces as she leads the way out of the library. Bo pauses on the threshold to glance back at Aoife and Sunitha the cabbit. “Let’s GO!” Tamsin shouts from off screen and Bo sighs heavily but flounces out the door in the Valkyrie’s wake. Left alone with Aoife, Sunitha the cabbit tenderly strokes her forehead…until Aoife suddenly rouses, reaches up and grabs the back of Sunitha the cabbit’s neck, and ruthlessly and violently sucks her chi down. There she is!

“Oh, this place is a freaking maze,” Tamsin sighs as she and Bo enter the operating theatre. Bo observes in an echo that this is the operating room. “Sorry,” Tamsin snarks. “I don’t think Doctor Frankenbitch is here.” HAAAA! Oh man, I LOVE that moniker. If Doctor Lauren does go all mad scientist, I am totally using it. Maybe even if she doesn’t…  “Besides,” Tamsin continues, “I told you: It’s time to go.” Slowly, Bo cants her head around. “And where might that be?” Tamsin sniffs scornfully. “Wherever he wants you.” Bo turns all the way around to face Tamsin. “I knew you’d betray me,” she says and Tamsin simply hums and says that Bo played it well, “you’re smart. I always liked that about you.”

They begin to walk a slow circle in a pre-battle ramp up. “And I’ve always known that I couldn’t trust you,” Bo counters. Tamsin smiles without humor. “Well, you should’ve learned from The YDawning,” she taunts. “Trust your instincts.” They stop circling and Bo promises that she won’t go easy. “I know,” Tamsin chirps. She pulls the rune glass from her pocket. Guess the guards missed that too. “That’s why I brought this.” She holds up the rune glass. “One hair from someone you trust, two from someone you love, and three from your own head. Woven together by the kiss of someone who will never betray you.” Funny, I could swear I heard Acacia instruct Tamsin that it was one hair from someone she loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from Bo’s own head. So did Tamsin accidentally get it wrong, deliberately get it wrong, or did the writers forget to watch their own show again? Actually, at this point, either scenario could be true. Plot hole drink!

Tamsin glances at the rune glass and then, without warning, throws on the floor at Bo’s feet. It shatters and gold sparks dance in the air to cover Bo and—absolutely nothing happens. Tamsin’s grimaces but doesn’t look overly upset. “Never knew a druid mix to be a dud before.” Yeah, how ‘bout that. “Maybe he fudged the recipe,” Bo suggests, a tad incredulous. “Or maybe you just don’t love and trust the way you claim,” Tamsin snaps back. “Oh this isn’t about me, Tam Tam,” Bo sneers. They start to walk the slow circle again. “This is about you.” Tamsin chuckles meanly. “That taste, on your lips,” Bo continues, “those feelings of doubt? Kinda sucks, huh?”

Tamsin bares her teeth. “I’ll just have to take you down old school,” she decides and looks quite pleased by the idea. “I am stronger and older.” “All I just heard?” Bo taunts “was old.” Tamsin loses the smile and, exhaling loudly through her nose, glares at Bo. “Baby Fae,” she mocks. “Dead woman,” Bo returns with bite. With a shout, Bo and Tamsin lunge at one another at the same time.

Annnnddddd they’re off!

Trunknapped, Trick grouses in captivity whilst gripping a dagger whose hilt glows with a succubus blue stone. “Blood King bested by a car trunk,” he scoffs. “Not on my watch!” He hears the slow walk of an approaching assailant. “I warn you!” he calls out. “There will be no mercy for someone who abducts me from my own place of sanctuary!” The trunk pops open and Trick braces for a fight…just as Hale (HALE!) ducks into view. “No need to go all Wrath of the Titans, old man,” he teases. Trick collapses back with relief. “It’s only me,” Hale finishes wielding that beautiful siren smile. Trick laughs and orders Hale to get him out of there.

Back in Taft’s Evil Lair’s operating theatre, Tamsin goes flying over the surgical tools trolley. She climbs to her feet with a battle grin as she pulls her hair free of its bindings. Ohhhh, Valkyrie’s hair is on the loose! Shit’s getting’ real now! She shakes her hair and, with a snarl, races back across the room to tackle Bo. She slams Bo into a metal cabinet. “You don’t want to fight me,” she says as her face goes all Skeletor. “You want to succumb.” But the Valkyrie face has no affect on Bo. “What I want,” she says, eyes going succubus blue, “is your hideous Skeletor face out of mine!” She knocks Tamsin back with a right cross, but it’s not enough to get loose and Tamsin once again shoves her up against the cabinet. “Impressive,” she admires breathing hard. “But you can’t resist me forever.”

“That’s my line,” Bo says. She grabs the back of Tamsin’s neck and starts to suck her down.  But Tamsin shakes her off and throws Bo across the room. “Tastes like fear to me!” Bo trash talks. “Delicious.” Tamsin snarls “playtime’s over,” and straight kicks at Bo before putting a roundhouse in her face. Bo falls onto another trolley and comes up swinging a tray that she clocks across Tamsin’s face. Tamsin falls back, grabs the metal stairs that lead to the top of the large telescope and kicks Bo with both feet. Bo falls back on the trolley. Picking up random items, she throws them at Tamsin and follows through bashing the Valkyrie back against the wall so hard it cracks. She punches Tamsin in the face, but the Valkyrie tosses her back across the room and into the metal door. With a scream, she kicks at Bo who barely manages to roll out of the way before Tamsin’s long leg goes right through the door. Off balance now, Tamsin is easily pushed to the ground where Bo straddles her. With a satisfied smile, she jerks Tamsin up by the lapels of her jacket as her eyes go succubus blue.

Tamsin pants as she stares up at her and waits for Bo to suck her down. Bo hesitates. Tamsin looks too much like she did when she was drunk in Bo’s bathroom: defeated, lost, and very alone. Bo’s eyes go brown. “Oh no,” she says quietly. She drops Tamsin to the ground. “C’mon,” Tamsin urges without moving. “Finish it!” she screams. But Bo shakes her head. “I’m not doing that. And you don’t want to do this!” She slides off of Tamsin. “You can stop too!” she urges. Tamsin rears up brandishing one of her jagged half-circle blades and holds it against Bo’s throat. “Shut up!”

“You have a choice,” Bo says very carefully, breathing hard. “I’m already dead,” Tamsin sneers. “You are more alive than anyone I have ever met,” Bo retorts with feeling.  Without moving her blade, Tamsin starts to cry. “I don’t know what to do,” she cries. But Bo does. “Fight,” she says very intensely. Slowly, Tamsin lowers the blade from Bo’s throat. Relieved, Bo relaxes and then squeezes Tamsin’s arm. “It’s okay,” she reassures, but Tamsin’s knowledge in this is greater than hers. “No,” she whispers. “No, no, I’ve cursed us. You have no idea. He’s gonna come after us.”

Bo grabs Tamsin by both arms and gives her a shake. “You listen to me,” she orders. “We need to get the team back together.” Yes!! That is SUCH a good idea! “Regroup!” She shakes a still crying Tamsin again. “Okay?! Somewhere safe.” Tamsin works to get control of her emotions. “Safe?” she whispers as though she’s never known such a place. “Yeah,” Bo answers quietly. They both nod repeatedly. “Okay,” Tamsin agrees, equally quiet, and then more strongly, “I’m gonna get Dyson.” It’s just one good idea after another here. FINALLY. Bo nods. “And I’ll find Kenzi,” Bo vows. It’s a good idea hat trick!! Goooooaaaaalllllll!!!!!!!

Plan in place, they get to their feet. “What about (Doctor) Lauren,” Tamsin asks, a little too carefully. Bo pauses a moment. Oh yeah, (Doctor) Lauren. “I don’t know where they took her,” Bo admits with a surprising lack of the worry she displayed the last time she didn’t know where to find Doctor Lauren. Tamsin stares intently at Bo. “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met,” she says emotionally, “in any of my many lifetimes.” Deeply affected by Tamsin’s words, Bo steps forwards slowly—Tamsin, who hurt you? Being Bo, for a moment it appears she’s about to kiss Tamsin, who for her part, appears more emotionally invested in the moment than sexually. Tamsin’s never enjoyed locking lips with Bo; there’s always this sneer of disgust on her face during and certainly after. She gets off on the power boost, absolutely, but what draws her to Bo isn’t a romantic or sexual connection. It’s like connecting to like in some ways—strong women who wield unusual powers even in their Fae world. But Tamsin is like a foster child who’s never known real stability or been given any true love or even affection. Even Acacia was prepared to beat her up for her own needs. And nobody has ever tried to protect Tamsin from anything much less shown her genuine care. It’s why she went for Dyson’s throat when he showed sincere interest in her emotional state—she actually doesn’t know how to handle it. Bo’s nobility, as Tamsin sees it, her willingness to buck every system to protect her people, pulls Tamsin to her. She wants to be part of the Happy Sunshine Gang with all her heart and Bo is the core of that.

Tamsin holds Bo’s gaze for a charged moment and starts to tear up again before she breaks the spell with a hard exhale. “Let’s go!” she declares, and bumps Bo’s shoulder as she runs out of the operating theatre to track down Dyson. “Meet me at The Dal (drink!),” Bo calls and takes off in the other direction.

Hale, Stella, and Trick in Lost Girl 3.13“My last piece of business as Acting Ash was to protect the Blood King from the clutches of the Dark,” Hale explains as he and Trick wander across a random and wet parking lot to what looks like a 1950s Oldsmobile—complete with fins. “Last piece?!” Trick exclaims as someone new pulls into the lot. Hale just shrugs. “Turns out politics wasn’t my thing.” Trick wonders what they’re going to do now as the new arrival pulls up beside them. Hale looks at Trick and then looks pointedly at the car. Trick turns around as the window rolls down and—say! It’s Stella! Wearing a hot pink fur stole. I do love that woman. She smiles at Trick as he calls her name and opens her door. Trick slides inside to kiss her deeply. Aw. I love Trella. “Stella’s got a gig in Scotland,” Hale expositions and adds that it’s “as good a place as any to hide out in until this battle is won.” Would that be the battle with the humans Evony just declared persona non grata, or the one yet to officially begin with the Dark, because either works!

Trick and Hale shake on it. “You were wrong,” Trick tells him. “You would’ve made a great Ash.” Hale smiles softly. “Later,” he offers with shades of his old self. “I gotta go see about a girl.” It’s Kenzi, right? OF COURSE it’s Kenzi!! Trick calls Hale back and asks about The Morrigan. “Ah, don’t worry about it,” Hale drawls as he draws out his mobile. “Got a guy on the inside.” He hits a button and strolls away as the phone rings.

It’s Vex!! VEX IS BACK!!!!  And he’s—in Evony’s bedroom?! The Andrews Sisters sing along with the big bang as Vex takes Hale’s call. “Her Royal Thighness is ready for delivery, hey provided we’re clear on what I get for playing my part, Hale,” he warns. With a wave of his hand and a twirl of his finger, Vex brings a bound and gagged Evony spinning into view and throws her across the bed. It’s a fully charged Vex!!  “Aw, stop struggling, dearest,” he taunts as he leaps up on her headboard. “You bruise so easily.” He goes back to his conversation with Hale and agrees that whatever Hale is saying sounds acceptable. “Yeah, we’ll hash it out over a nice cuppa tea, Hale. Ta!” he singsongs. Disconnecting, he growls playfully at Evony. “Oh, it’s like MY BIRTHDAY!” he shouts, leaping up to bounce down on the bed behind her. “La Shoshain! And the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre!” He leans over her head and sparks the tazer all too close to her eyeball. “All rolled into one,” he growls and Evony moans with distress as he sparks the tazer. I freaking missed Vex!

Outside in the bright sunlight, which is in direct contrast to the rainy setting in which we just left Hale, Trick and Stella, but whatever, Taft flees through the field, Dyson in hot (very hot) pursuit. Abruptly, Taft halts. “Hang on, hang on!” he shouts at Dyson. Oy! There are no time outs here! “You can’t kill me!” Taft insists. I’m thinking he can, pal. “I’m pretty sure I can,” Dyson drawls, almost amused. See?! Taft insists that he and Dyson are now connected. “Brothers.” Dyson looks Taft up and down with disgust. “You were right about one thing,” he admits. Taft wonders what that is. Dyson inhales Taft’s scent deeply to be sure before he continues. “Doctor Lewis, she is a genius.” His head jerks when he says this and by the look on his face, he does not mean it as a compliment. “She somehow managed to mix Fae DNA with yours.” Taft knows this. “I can feel it!” he exclaims. Dyson saunters up to get in Taft’s face. “But it wasn’t mine,” he snarls. “You’re half human…and half cabbit.”

Hang on. Lemme get this straight. In addition to abusing Dyson as a guinea pig for a painful experiment, Doctor Lauren also victimized and violated a vulnerable Fae prisoner to harvest and steal her bone marrow as backup, a woman who had no means of defense or consent and had already been experimented on and/or set to fight for her life by Taft in ThunderFaedome (hence the wound), not to mention the fact that her husband had been sacrificed in order to capture Dyson in the first place. Did I get that right? Thought so. Wow. Just—um—wow.  

Where and when did she have the chance to harvest Sunitha the cabbit’s DNA anyway? The experiment to transfer Fae DNA required a painful bone marrow extraction from Dyson, one of the strongest Fae around. Are we supposed to believe Doctor Lauren was able to, at best, get enough DNA in approximately ten minutes from blood collected by doctoring the cabbit’s side while in a monitored cell even though I’m pretty sure (though, granted, don’t know for certain) that you can’t get stem cells from blood? Or at worst, that she performed the bone marrow procedure unnoticed while either she or Sunitha were under constant guard in a glass pod cell?! Oy, my head. Plot hole drink!

Taft’s face falls. “No,” he denies. Dyson nods. Oh yes. “No!” Taft shouts in Dyson’s face, forgetting for a moment to be afraid. Dyson gets even closer. “Despite you forcing them to do it,” he says in a quiet, enraged voice, “Fae don’t usually eat Fae. But for you?” He snarls and grits his teeth. “I think I’m gonna make an exception.” He hisses at Taft who postures that he’s a billionaire, “understand me? I’m a billionaire!” he shouts as Dyson keeps moving forward, leading from the hip, step by slow step, menacing Taft, cornering his prey. Hot Tattoo Alert!! “I could make it worthwhile,” Taft promises, “for you!”

 But Dyson is barely even bothering to hold himself back. “Best thing I can offer you is a head start,” he says in THAT VOICE, his ever more quiet delivery a marked contrast to Taft’s blubbering noise. “Not gonna make a real difference but at least it’ll make it more fun.” Dyson taunts. Seeing that there’s no hope, Taft takes off, bouncing up the hill like—well, like a bunny. Ding ding DING! Ricochet Rabbit! Satisfied, Dyson watches his prey run. “For me,” he adds softly. I love how KHR delivers his lines in this sequence. Dyson is so enraged on so many levels; it’s gone beyond the easy out of shouts and growls, like he’s only barely holding on to his human side. But he knows he has Taft and is just toying with him and that’s all wolf. With all the time in the world, he slowly saunters up the small hillock. Shoulders flex and grow. Arms lengthen. Fingers stretch. Dyson’s chest contorts as he growls and wolfs out, breaking into a run. Taft flees through the grass, looking over his shoulder to see—an actual wolf. Dyson has gone full lupine! Love it! He hasn’t done that since the second episode of the first season! Yay! Get ‘em!

Kenzi hustles down a random and rainy street, Bruce at her side. “Watch out for surprise attacks,” she warns. “Surprise?” Bruce repeats, amused. “I’m huge. I don’t do stealth.” Hee.  With her hand on his admittedly huge arm, Kenzi assures him that she’ll be fine. “You have to go! If The Morrigan finds out you helped me…!” Bruce reminds her that The Morrigan just declared Kenzi an enemy of the realm. “I’m not leaving your side till you’re safe,” he vows. “You’re tough, Kenzi, but you’re human.” Kenzi grouses that she won’t be for much longer and Bruce immediately demands to know what she means. Caught, Kenzi admits that she met someone. “He said he could make me Fae, and I think I’m gonna take him up on it.” Bruce advises that it’s a bad idea. “Yeah, I’ll probably owe Massimo for the rest of my life,” Kenzi agrees, “but –” Alarmed, Bruce cuts her off. “Massimo the druid?” he repeats. “Really bad idea.” Because she knows he’s right, Kenzi goes on the defensive. “Yeah well, my friends need me, Bruce, they need me to nut up—do the rescuing for once! And I can’t! I can’t when I’m…” she holds out her arms to indicate her humanness, “this!” Honey, you rescue them all the time. You pulled Bo back from the brink with just your voice the very first time you met her. You found a way to pull a broken and bleeding Dyson out from under a pack of Garuda Fae when everyone else had given him up. The only thing you have to be to be exactly what they need is Kenzi.

Bruce refuses to allow Kenzi to meet Massimo alone. “Well, it’s a long walk,” she says. Bruce smiles all smug. “Who’s walking?” he teases and beeps open a nearby Ferrari parked right in front of a “No Parking Between Signs” sign. Heh. “The Morrigan’s new toy,” Bruce explains as Kenzi gapes. “And you get to drive,” he adds, handing the keys out to Kenzi. “Oh,” she gasps. “I love you.” Bruce: “I love you too, Kenzi.” Kenzi: “I was talking to the car.” She hustles over to the driver’s seat as Bruce grimaces and curses himself: “Idiot!”  SUCH a sweetheart! We miss the treat of watching Bruce fit his huge self into the small sports car. “Just— try to keep it on the road,” he warns Kenzi as he buckles his seatbelt. Sunglasses in place, Kenzi checks her look in the rear-view mirror. “Roads,” she scoffs and guns the engine. “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Gold star for Kenzi for the Back to the Future shout out! She peels the car away from the curb with a squeal of tires on asphalt.

Dyson loops around a large bush and pulls up, almost stumbling to a halt as he ducks under some low hanging branches with a deep sigh. Interestingly, despite having gone the full lupine, he’s back in his tuxedo trousers, which he’s been wearing ever since he got abducted from The Dal (drink!). Guess he went back for his clothes…damn it. “I don’t remember calling in for a ride,” he drawls, ambling up to lean in the open window of Tamsin’s truck. Tamsin smiles without looking at him. “Get in,” she orders and he does. He tongues gristle from his cheek and plunks a piece of Taft from his teeth, tossing it out the window. Snort. Nice touch there, KHR. Tamsin fires up the truck and Dyson turns in his seat to look her up and down, taking in the bruises and bumps Bo left on her. “You’re looking pretty rough,” he notes as the truck pulls round a corner. On cue Tamsin snarks that he should’ve seen the other guy. “I bet,” Dyson says sincerely.

“I’m so stubborn,” Tamsin moans. Dyson glances over. Could you be more specific? “Should’ve expired years ago,” she tells him. “Now there’s nowhere to run.” Dyson puts his hand on her shoulder in comfort. “Whatever it is,” he promises, “we’ll get through it together.” Tamsin flexes her hand on the steering wheel. Together.

This is where, for the first time, it occurs to me that if Lost Girl is truly interested in pushing boundaries and ballsy enough to be genuinely sexually “progressive” and explore a ploy relationship for Bo, this right here are partners one and two. Unlike Doctor Lauren, Bo and Dyson both have an emotional commitment to Tamsin that, like their respective relationships with Kenzi, exists outside of their situation with each other. Much like they often wind up parenting Kenzi by default, they each feel a similar protectiveness toward Tamsin who, as stated earlier, has never known that kind of affection. I’m not saying Dyson and Tamsin should bang; again, like with Kenzi, that would ruin the bond they’ve painstakingly built all season and be a little gross given their clear filial affection for one another. But I can see Dyson accepting Tamsin as a partner for Bo in addition to him…I can see her as their third.

From the first, it’s Dyson who’s been the one to continually remind Bo her nature precludes her from monogamy, so it’s not like he hasn’t thought about how he might make something with her work long term that makes adjustments for both their natures. Since losing his love and getting it back, he’s emerged a much more mature, settled wolf, able to adjust and accept situations involving Bo some for which even she isn’t yet prepared to make allowances. Tamsin is the perfect solution, a woman he trusts as his partner and cares for as his friend. She intrigues Bo too, rousing her protective and succubus instincts. The power surge alone that she gets from Tamsin is enough for Bo to want her, but she also feels a kinship to the lost Valkyrie and an instinct to help her find her way, much as Bo is still finding hers. Tamsin knows how much Dyson loves Bo and she has no illusions about Bo’s feelings for Dyson or Doctor Lauren. Our boy. Your (Doctor) Lauren. Her feelings for Bo are complex and complicated and yet to be defined, though again, I think the sexual component is low, low on the list. But above anything else, Tamsin wants to be part of the Happy Sunshine Gang. And together, Bo and Dyson could give her that—in several different ways.

Almost, I’d like to see that.

Meanwhile, back in the truck, the radio pops on unasked and cranks out Dion’s The Wanderer. Tamsin frowns at the radio and Dyson follows her gaze. “That song,” she murmurs ominously. “I heard this during Bo’s Dawning,” Dyson updates her, wary. Tamsin starts to quietly freak out. As the truck rounds another corner, a man comes into view in the distance. Tamsin tears up with fear. “It’s Bo’s father,” she announces. “What?!” Dyson snaps. But Tamsin has made an awful epiphany of her own. “You know,” she grits out, “we all have to make choices.” She puts the pedal down and the speedometer rises. “Tamsin, what are you doing?” Dyson asks without taking his eyes from the man who is rapidly getting closer. Tamsin doesn’t answer, merely urges the truck ever faster. We see the man again, and it’s clearly the same image as was on The Wanderer tarot card come to life. “Tamsin,” Dyson says again with rising alarm. “We all gotta die sometime,” she sneers. “Tamsin, stop the car!” Dyson shouts. But she races it even faster. “Slow down!” he yells and finally “TAMSIN!” as she careens the truck into The Wanderer—who immediately dissolves into smoke.

The smoke fills the cabin, blinding and choking Tamsin so that the truck swerves wildly. Dyson too is engulfed by smoke. He roars and his eyes turn gold as he reflexively wolfs out moments before the truck sails off the edge of the cliff. Smoke streams out the open windows as the trunk plunges down the cliff to crash its nose into the ground and land upside down crushing the cab to bits. With its tires spinning, green mist oozes from the car. Neither Dyson nor Tamsin are anywhere in sight.

Bo rushes into The Dal (drink!) shouting for Kenzi. Why is anyone’s guess, as Kenzi told her last that she was in Tent City, but let’s give Bo the benefit of the doubt that she might’ve gone there first to look for her and come up empty. “Trick?!” Bo yells when Kenzi doesn’t answer. “Damn it! Where are you guys?” Bo wonders aloud as she drags out her mobile and starts dialing. All the doors suddenly slam shut and the old time radio cranks up to play—you guessed it—The Wanderer. But Bo’s had about enough of this shit too. And as the song gets stuck skipping over the phrase “they don’t even know my name,” Bo gets a crafty look in her eye. “You’re right,” she allows. The song unskips itself and carries on into the chorus: “they call me The Wanderer, yeah-heah, the Wanderer…”

“But when I find out, you are in serious shit, Wanderer,” she promises.  The song fades to background as a tarot card slowly drifts down from the ceiling to land on the floor at Bo’s feet.  Crouching down, she places her phone on the floor and picks up the card to see the same tarot card featuring The Wanderer. Unimpressed, she looks out from the corner of her eye. “Cards and music?” she calls out. “You got anything other than parlo(u)r tricks?” But the sneer has barely formed before an explosion erupts out from the back of the bar. (Closed captions: BOOM. Heeeeee.) Lights, glass, chandeliers and sconces all explode. Bo crouches low and covers her head until the explosions stop. Gasping, she glances around at the carnage and frowns as the Black Smoke Monster swirls out and around her. Slowly she gets to her feet and the smoke rises with her, binding her arms to her body and stealing her breath to leave her choking and whimpering as it covers her completely only to dissipate and reveal that Bo has disappeared. In the now empty Dal (drink!), the tarot card drifts down to lay amongst shards of glass. Only now, the image has changed. The Wanderer is no longer in the center of the card. Instead he’s been moved to the left and standing at his right-hand, gazing with him over the cliff, is Bo. Dun dun DUN!

End credits.

In summary, at season’s end, Kenzi and Bruce are headed to meet Massimo so that Kenzi can maybe make a deal with him to become Fae. Aoife is alive and well and at large and possibly still cray, possibly restored. Trick and Stella (Trella) are off to Scotland where the Blood King can hide out until all of “this” is over. Vex is entertaining Evony in a little threat and bondage and probably a lot of sexy times. Hale is searching for Kenzi. Dyson and Tamsin have Thelma and Louised themselves over a cliff in Tamsin’s truck, but were likely plucked from the cab at the last minute by The Wanderer’s Black Smoke Monster, which means their fates are in his hands. Bo too has been captured by The Wanderer and, to all extents and purposes, installed as his enforcer. And Doctor Lauren has permanently broken with both Bo and the Fae. As his acknowledged partner, she theoretically has the dead Taft’s resources and lab at her disposal, and, having successfully created the first human/Fae hybrid, is yet at large with a hefty sample of Dyson’s bone marrow rich with DNA in her possession…

Oh yeah. This is bound to end well for sure.

Housekeeping note: S4 is GO for Lost Girl! Filming is slated to begin mid-June (Anna Silk’s baby is due mid-May). Season 4 will debut in the U.S. in 2014. Be sure to check out Heroes and Heartbreakers continuing coverage in the meantime. Happy Hiatus everyone!


Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on SyFy


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Linda Losik
1. LindaL
Lovely recap; I am going to miss Lost Girl and you this coming summer! After this episode, I will buy the DVD; really wasn’t planning to but will now.

Anyway, as I pointed out in the mini-recap, adult DNA can be extracted from bone marrow, blood and lipids (aka: fat). Bone marrow happens to be the preferred choice, with fat cells be a major second. The reason if I understand the (droning) explanation from a co-worker, has to do with the levels of stem cells present without processing. And processing is definitely needed. So there are many, many more whole in the story lines than previously noted. Unless we take into account Lauren's almost magical/genius level medical skills...:-D

Loved Kenzi and Bruce; what a wonderful pairing…although I am thinking that her heart belongs to Hale! Yes, the triangle of Bo/Dyson/Tasmin has great chemistry and real potential. But after all of the pandering that has been given to Team Doccubus, will this be allowed to continue?

Will Vex become the next Morrigan? Too delicious for words! Or at least IMHO, it would be. Did Vex give the Morrigan over to the Light on a charge of treason or interfering in Light politics?
2. Santiam
Great recap!
I'll repost here, what I posted a bit ago at the mini-recap.

an actual classic cliffhanger! Yet we are assured they are alright-ish because Tam and Dyson were engulfed in the same inky smoke that took Bo. We see it surround them before they go off the cliff and we see Dyson shift into wolfish mode, fangs snarling and eyes glowing. We never see anyone "Take" DL anywhere. I don't know why Bo assumes she was taken. I agree with Dyson that she really is a genius, she turned her captor/rival into a bunny and set a wolf loose on his trail. She now has everything she needs to be a major player, all she needs is boatloads of cash and for all we know, she'd got that.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
LindaL - I would LOVE to see Vex become the next Morrigan and that would also be a great way to showcase more of the Light and Dark factions of Fae since he's already a stepchild of the Happy Sunshine Gang AND it would forward Hale's apparently aborted attempts of an alliance between the two factions.

@Santiam - that's what I'm saying! Why assume DL was "taken" anywhere? Taft thought her on his side and aknowledged her as his partner. She would be the highest ranking person at his facility now. So....
4. Santiam
Bo couldn't love them both because Lauren wouldn't allow it! It was Lauren who stipulated "no Dyson"

We don't know when DNA was extracted from the Cabbit. It could have been at anytime and not neccessarily by Frankenbitch. We don't know what she endured in addition to the wound that DL was treating. It could have been stored. Also we don't know that she extracted DNA from Dyson or gave him six shots of tranq. She could have just plunged a big needle in him for effect.

I was calling for DL to be the new evil because she'd be so much more interesting in that role! The mewing and the blinking and oh so sorry simpering is just annoying. She's Mort the lemur from the Madigascar animated flicks!

I'm not a fan of Vex because he caused a woman to drown her own children, however sometimes it's hard to remember that because he has been useful and he's a great foil for Evony.

Kenzi was amazing and we'd all love it if they kept Bruce the poet warrior!

Did Messimo tinker with the potion on purpose? He can stay!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@Santiam - that's a good point about the cabbit DNA. She couldve been worked on before DL arrived and her DNA/marrow stored somewhere. But if DL didn't know about the Fae experimentation until she found the pods after which she was promptly imprisoned in one and put under constant guard herself, it makes it hard to think she wouldve been allowed back among the samples in the official public lab to determine which of the tubes marked only with alphnumeric codes contained the cabbit DNA.
6. Santiam
Could be the sangria and whiskey-- but at the end I felt ill. I exclaimed "Two Thousand Fourteen?!?" so loudly that the dog jumped up and started barking at what he could only assume was an attack by zombie raccoons.
7. Santiam
DL asked her cellmate very pointedly if she was right in her assesment that she was a cabbit. Then all she'd have to do is get the sample that matched her I.D which looks like a printed number on each of the prisoner outfits (which Dyson thankfully did not get).
But she probably took the sample when she treated the wound because she asked for surgical supplies. I am also going to assume that Taft had some sort of safety measure in place, like a guard with instructions to watch over the proceedure to make sure he got his graft or shot. And I'm again assuming it was a shot (possibly thru denim).
Another of many assumptions is that Bo charmed the guards into not searching her and Tamsin and that she charmed the guard she was kicking the crap out of to help her get Tamsin in a vehicle.
For the sake of my appreciation of Tamsin I'm going to assume that she really was dying and that excuses her choice of yellow rims on her truck. Cuz ewwww!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
I noticed the yellow rims too! Wondered if maybe there were donuts that never got replaced. Nice touch either way.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
Kiersten, you have to pick up another show to re-cap for us! I cannot endure until next year without your snaky way about a plot summary!!!

I get so frustrated with shows starting out with great ideas and then squandering them all over the place, be it to pander to a segment of the fanpulation or to add more (sh)stuff before they solve the first batch.

Things I would like to see on season 4 if I'm to retain my fan-nity:
1. Lauren turn evil, (it would sure make her a more interesting character.)
2. Bo settle down to really learn about being Fae. Enough with the "I wanna be human" crap. You're Fae, deal with it!
3. The show settle on any relationship and stop being the sex-capades. Bo with whomever, done deal, lets move on.
4. The Sunshine gang back in action for real.
5. The show scatter the overall plot ALL OVER the season instead of cramming it into the final episodes and leaving all the good stuff off-stage.

Now really, is that too much to ask for?
10. Minime
@bungluna I don't want to see Bo settle down until she learns her "faeness". I really want to see her be a succubus, think Samantha from sex in the city or Meredith Grey during her McDreamy breaks. I do agree with all the rest.
Carmen Pinzon
11. bungluna
I didn't mean settled as in married or paired up. I meant she should find some solution that works for her and get over that topic for a while. It's a sci-fi show, not the sexcapades!
12. Santiam
the intensity of their connection not just the athletic prowess is what riveted me to Bo's sex scenes with Dyson. Bio-lumeniecent-electro-magnetism-holy-hotness chemistry (forgive my lack of spell check)

Dyson on his knees making proclaiming his feelings was possibly even hotter than their scene in Vexed (okay well no... nothing is hotter than that) I think the two of them working out the dynamics of a non-monogamous relationship while solving crimes and dealing with the Fae and human world would keep me entertained. As long as we keep Kenzi, Trick, Brusteve, Messimo, Hale and Tamsin.
14. Minime
I think the two of them working out the dynamics of a non-monogamousrelationship while solving crimes and dealing with the Fae and human world would keep me entertained.

LOL Brusteve! I completely agree with you Santiam that the reason why I loved season 1 and parts of season 2 was because it worked like that. Dyson & Bo had a working relationship and Bo & Lauren didn't this season because they don't really play in the same sandbox so to speak. I liked the way the relationship was shown in The Mourning After we see that they are in a relationship and flirting same as in Faetal Justice. I even like parts of season 2 where we saw it was a strained working relationship between two former lovers like in Schools Out it worked for me. I hope to see a return to that is season 4, in 2014 (ugh).
15. drusilla_doll
I was initially surprised that they played up the 'Oh noes, Aoife's dying from a small knife wound!' thing, after all, she got impaled by a chair leg and managed to walk out of the room in season one. But it makes sense that having been tortured and weakened and probably starving for so long, Aoife would have been on her last reserves of strength - in direct contrast to her being resilient after super-charging herself on Dyson to the point where he was dying.

Thank you for the wonderful recap! It was well worth the wait. So many plot holes, indeed. But I still really enjoyed the episode.

You're right that they have a perfect opening to explore a more polyamorous arrangement with Bo/Dyson/Tamsin.

However, I, like you, am getting a different vibe from Tamsin. It doesn't feel like sexual or romantic attraction, per se, as much as I am open to the idea.

I am wondering if the writers aren't setting us up for the reveal that she's actually Bo's half-sister (a daughter of the Wanderer but one of his many rejected seed, since Bo is the apparent Chosen One and air). This would be a dynamic which could add to the show, while not taking away from the other relationships Bo has already formed.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
17. Kiersten
I actually have wondered from the start if Tamsin & Bo might be half-sisters like that, only it makes the kissing stuff they've done very disturbing. It does explain why Tamsin so reluctantly offered herself as a power source in The Kenzi Scale and why she looks so grossed out every time Bo sucks face with her & when they wound up spontaneously kissing in Brazenwood thanks to Stella & Trick's interaction with The Machine.
18. Santiam
Sisterhood for Tam and Bo would be cool but I don't think it explains Tam's reluctance. Kenzi has the same reaction to kissing Bo and she loves her-- just her own gender isn't what saddles her mule (so to speak).
What works for me is that they clearly show that even though Bo is bi, sexual attraction is clearly seperate from other sorts of intimate intense feelings. A person can be a best friend to the point you'd take a bullet for them and still not be sexually attracted. Maybe what works for her is a person's own sensual sexual aura and if it ain't aglow, it's a no.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
I actually would love to see her have a nonsexual love relationship w/T like the one she shares w/Kenzi and that Kenzi & Dyson have together. There needs to be some people (women and men) who aren't immediately ready and willing to jump Bo, succubus or not. I'm just always prepared for the show to take the most sexual and thus easiest option.
20. Santiam
I meant to ad that, conversely if the aura is there and receptive then Bo is attracted and it doesn't matter what gender, race, creed or side. It would be interesting to see Bo-vision and see the aura that she sees. Would an old or ugly Fae or human still simmering with fab-tastic sensual/sexual energy have a more beautiful blazing aura than any young hot thing in the bar?
Pandra Selivanov
21. Zanza
I'm wondering about something for the next season. Dyson was nice enough to keep his mouth shut about Lauren calling in the death squad in Arachnafaebia-he even let Lauren pretend to be the hero after she snarked at him. But I got to thinking about how she betrayed all things Fae and almost got Bo killed and imagining what the conversation would be like if the Wanderer has Dyson and Bo and Lauren.

Dyson is the only one who could tell Bo that it was Lauren who made Taft part cabbit. If Bo thinks Taft did it on his own, will Dyson tell her the truth? I'd love to be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation.

Dyson: Get away from me, Lauren. You've done enough.

Bo: What do you mean?

Dyson: Lauren operated on me to fool Taft into thinking she would make him a wolf-shifter, only she made him part cabbit instead.

Bo: Is that why he was so fast?

Lauren: (wide-eyed, eager) That's right. That way, he couldn't hurt anyone.

Bo: Except he was too fast for me and almost stabbed me, only my mom got in the way of the knife. Way to go, Lauren.

Lauren: (hanging her head, bleating) I'm sorry! I didn't know! He made me do it!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
22. Kiersten
Bo already knows that DL was going to perform the surgery on Dyson. She even says to Taft, "What did (Doctor) Lauren do to you?" She already knows whatever happened, it was due to something DL did during the procedure. Bo knows Dyson really well and she would know with one look that Taft was not behaving anything like a wolf which is what she expected to see as a result of DL performing the procedure. So though she might not have tagged the cabbit part (as the first time she meets Sunitha is when she comes running down the PCC aisle), she would know whatever it was, DL is responsible. Given the attitude of this season that poor, poor DL is the best thing ever no matter what she does or to whom, I suspect Bo would congratulate her anyways.

I would love to see a Come to Jesus conversation of that ilk between Bo and Doctor Lauren but unfortunately, in the unlikely event that it ever happened, if it came out of DL experimenting on Dyson and the cabbit to create the Fae/human hybrid, it wouldnt be b/c Bo didn't know what was going on.
Pandra Selivanov
23. Zanza
Darn it, Kiersten, you're right. I forgot about that. I'd still like to see Bo confront Lauren about what she did. "My mom got stabbed!" Slap. And Lauren whinging back, moaning about how she saved everybody by...well, she's sorry for...oh, never mind.
24. Santiam
So we don't know where Lauren is. She could be taken up by the Wanderer. Trick will be in Scotland (the Scottish kind) with legs McGee or whatever her name is. That leaves-- Hale and Kenzi to save the day?

I'm all for Kenzi riding in on her shining white Steve (or Bruce) to save the day! I'm all for raining some Hale down on the bad guys.

I just don't want Kenzi to embrace being Fae because Kenzi is the Kenziest and kick-ass as she is. And if we've learned anything from this episode it's that humans becoming Fae is a bad bad idea.
25. stacymd2
Hi All,
I am so excited to finally be able to post something on the show. I must say that I liked the final. It was fast paced, exciting and filled with gaping plot holes, but nothing can be perfect. (Sorry for the long post in advance.)

The Good:

Everyone’s acting was splendid! Shawn Doyle was especially enjoyable. He could have gone overboard with the campiness of the role, but balanced it out.

I love Trick & Stella together. I loved Kenzi’s scene when she realizes that Hale saved her life. I loved all of Kenzi’s and Bruce’s scenes, specifically the “I love you” mix up. I loved the 2ndfight between Bo and Tamsin. I loved seeing Dyson wolf out and loved the sinister-ness of the “Dyson strapped on the exam table / Dr. Taft leering” scene. (It looked/felt right out of a movie.) I loved how real and intense the Bo / Lauren “sane scientist / deception with some truth” scene felt.

There were a lot of references to things that happened throughout Season 3 and many to things that happened in S1 & S2.

We found out what happened to Aofie. (Thread tied. One down, 800 more to go.)

Hands down Dr. Taft was the best end of season “big bad” thus far. He was creepy & delusional, but calculated. He would have been even better if LG had not rammed so much into two episodes and fleshed out his character.

The show finally made a point of crediting Dyson for giving his power to Bo in S1’s final. I hate reading that Dyson does things to/for Bo that is unnecessary and takes away her agency. She needed his strength to beat Aofie. She needed his help to defeat the Garuda and she needed his help in the Dawning.

The Bad:

The timing/time line on this show is so bad! They really need to address this.
* How old is Dr. Taft –early 40s? He is a world renowned doctor/scientist who is a billionaire with his own research facility. He was able to achieve all of this (school/work/research to become known/publishing/starting & running a major corporation in order to become a billionaire, etc.) while secretly researching the Fae, having Aofie and Lauren tracked, hiring numerous, loyal minions etc. He did all of this by himself.

* How much time is passing during this really long day of the final two episodes? At no point did it look like evening or night time. It would take hours to sedate Dyson, prep two patients for surgery (assuming they skipped the numerous tests that should be done before a marrow harvest), do a bone marrow harvest and transplant and after surgery post care/recovery.

Why is Lauren the only one who can do the transplant? There were other doctors in the facility.

If the Fae are a different species than humans, why does Taft assume that Fae stem cells/marrow will be compatible or how long it would work on humans? The human body usually rejects foreign substances. If he is a world renown, smart, billionaire super scientist then he would at least test it out before injecting a potentially dangerous material into his body.

Why did Lauren give Taft Fae DNA to begin with? Taft has to have been sedated for the transplant. She could have injected him with a paralytic or sedative drug and waited for the drugs in D to wear out or injected Taft with poison, killing him herself. Instead, Lauren chooses a passive aggressively mean option.

I will not even start on Lauren’s medical care, just off the top of my head: didn’t tie back hair for surgery, didn’t wash hands—just Purell or something, how did she get bone marrow from the Cabbit (didn’t anyone hear this woman’s agonizing screams of pain, not to mention Lauren sticking a needle in her?), why did she harvest Dyson’s marrow from there instead of with Dyson on his stomach?

I can go on and on…

The Shallowness:

KHR’s body is amazing—like the Wolverine / Capitan America riding a rainbow unicorn during an aurora borealis AMAZING!!! He looked hot even with dried blood on his chest and hands, picking Cabbit out of his teeth.

I did not like Kenzi’s ensemble. I thought it would grow on me, but it didn’t.

I’m still on the fence with Bo’s outfit. I liked the cut out sleeves, but the rest of it…meh.

I want to buy Tamsin’s jacket, but I don’t think it fit with Tam’s personality. It was just to fashion forward for a no nonsense woman who lives in her truck. LG should have a website or something letting viewers know where to get the clothes and accessories that are shown on air. There is a site that does this for soaps.

As a fan of comic books, this storyline is very similar to X-men, Spiderman, Mutant X, Incredible Hulk, Alphas, Heroes, etc. This trope (science giving people fantastical, scary, super abilities) is getting worn out to me. Also, I think the trope is based from a general cultural fear of science.
26. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten!

I'm disappointed with this episode, it really feels like a mid-season finale not a season finale, but whatever. I am fairly disappointed with the majority of the second half of the season as well as the number of filler episodes that I thought we would be getting away from with only 13 episodes.

Bo - Ugh, what happened to her? Her evolution to full fae caused her to devolve maturity wise. At the beginning of the season we saw a different Bo then the one we ended up with. She has regressed and I am not sure how we can bring her back. I feel like all of this talk about her being so powerful, being the Champion and her passing the Yawning have caused her to be over confident, she has always been a selfish character, but never to the degree she was in the later half of this season.

Dyson - Overall his season arc was the worst. He spent most of the season moping about his returned love which was such an improvement over last season's moping around about loosing his love, uh right, but he looks great without a shirt on so there's always that. I would like to have seen his partnership with Tamsin explored, Dyson being 1500 has a unique perspective. By having experienced the great war between the Light and the Dark firsthand, then trying to put 1000 years of animosity behind him to work toward a new future would have been a great journey for him. Dyson and Tamsin play off each other really well and the few snippets of them together have been real gems. I feel TPTB missed a great opportunity to free him of the character killing "wolves mate for life" crap when Bo resurrected him. I would like to see him embrace his wolf and TPTB to find a reason for to him exist outside of his relationship or lack-there-of with Bo.

Kenzi - Don't do it! You are awesome as you are and you don't need superpowers to kick ass! Kenzi has had a tough season, she has seen how truly vulnerable she is in this world and it has shaken her to the core so much she is willing to go to great risk to become fae. Kenzi has and will always be my favorite character, I just hope she bounces back next season.

Lauren - There is a lot of talk about Lauren being the hero of this episode and I don't see it. She manipulated Taft as he manipulated her then she used Dyson and her cellmate to exact her revenge on him. She was sadistic, cold and calculating. Lauren, for lack of a better term, is fucked, she can't go back to the fae and what she saw as her salvation has turned into a nightmare. She wanted him to suffer, she gives him the power he craves only with a twist; she makes him the prey instead of the predator and releases a wolf on him. It has been debated about wether or not Lauren is the one that freed Dyson from his bonds, to which I say duh, how else would her revenge plot work? So where did she go afterwards? I think she was taken by the Wanderer(I think he snatched up Tamsin and Dyson too, Kenzi and Bruce to the rescue!), eh or maybe she just ran. Either way I think she has had one of the more intricate arcs this season. Bo chooses her, she is so happy and in-love, but wait she never delt with the death of Nadia and the fact that the creatures she is beholden to are the ones who cursed the woman to barter Lauren into submission, oh yeah and she is still a slave and Hale, whatever his position on humans before, is still the Ash. She is nothing in this world, no matter how hard she works or how many fae she helps, being with the love of her life can't change that. She wraps her happiness around Bo like a security blanket, when the relationship faulters, an already vulnerable Lauren is offered a lifeline and she snags it. As to this Karen Beattie bullshit(which I still want explained), I would say the main character spent 10 years on the run killing people, Kenzi is a runaway thief, so I reserve judgement on her because I would have to judge them all in kind.

Tamsin - I was disappointed in the Tamsin overload that occurred in the second half of the season. Valkybus=no freaking way, there is absolutely no sexual chemestry between those two. I think they work well together as frenemies, but I like her paired with Dyson better. Instead of her sidekicking Bo(hello, Kenzi's job) I would like to have learned more about her, it would have helped me understand why she was so conflicted about delivering Bo.

Trick - I am glad that he was reunited with Stella, but it seemed weird the Fae are on the brink or war and the Blood King bails, on his beloved granddaughter no less, um alrighty then. His character has only really been used for info dumps this season, what happened to his making amends for his past mistakes?

Hale - So he gave up being the Ash, now what? I understand that KC had scheduling conflicts with being on another show, but he was definitely missed this season. Hale and Kenzi play off each other well as buds, I do not feel any romantic spark between them, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.

This seson left a lot to be desired and with the extended hiatus due to AS pregnancy I don't know if I will care enough to come back when season 4 begins. This show has always been a fun guilty pleasure for me but when almost half of the episodes are duds it makes it hard to watch. I really want to get away from the "who is Bo doing" crap and focus on really developing everyone's characters. This show has a great cast and so much potential it is a shame to see it wasted.
Katherine Bloom
27. lsbloom
Okay, if all the cells in the body were to be taken over by fae DNA, wouldn't Taft have ended up a vaguely East Asian woman?

And since when is not killing someone the same as saving them (from you know yourself).
Nadine Robb
28. cmm
@Isbloom No he wouldn't. Bone marrow does change your genetics that way or it shouldn't rather. In order to accept this arc you have to leave genetics out of it. It's the only way it makes sense. I've said it in my first post on this site, wonder doctor or not DL should not have been able to create a half fae or any variation of faeling (if that is even a word?).
29. Minime
I know a lot of people thought Dyson spent the season pining after Bo and moping but I didn't see it that way. I saw him grow slowly and over time. Just because he is in love with a woman who doesn't loves him doesn't mean he is pining. Dyson was quite matter of fact about it. This is who he is and he can't change it. He mates for life and it's done he didn't hide in his bed and watch Love Actually and Bridget Jone's Diary he went to work, bonded with his new partner and supported his BFF in his new job. He even put his foot down with Bo telling her he is not dropping everything to go find Lauren because he has priorities and Bo's need to find Lauren was not one of them. Dyson grew quite a bit this season.
30. stacymd2
Minime: I totally agree with you about Dyson not moping this season. He was so even tempered in S3. I think Kiersten said in another post a while back that Dyson seeemed at peace. Dyson has grown so much since the last nine episodes of S2 to now. The only problem I had with Dyson this season is that he had no story whatsoever. The whole season was about Bo (as it should be), Lauren, B/L's relationship, two episodes kind of revolving around Kenzi (but not really b/c it became about B/L's relationship), Bo's Dawning (which was about Bo sorting through her love triangle) and the last three about Tamsin & Dr. Taft (and even that is also about the aftermath of the break up of B/L).
Katherine Bloom
31. lsbloom
@CMM--I agree bone marrow (or really any adult) stem cells don't work that way. But I was trying to accept the premise that all the cells in Taft's body had become cabbit cells like the prisoner guy, like accepting that Lauren randomly stabbing at Dyson would have been a medically approved way to harvest the bone marrow at all, or that she was "scrubbed in" in a complete unsterile, didn't even bother to wash him down environment. If his whole body had become the cabbit, genes for his physical appearance not just physical attributes should have changed

PS. I HATE Lost Girl "science." They should just leave it at fae magic.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
32. Kiersten
Hale and Trick definitely got the shortest shift this season. Be it scheduling issue w/other shows or simply an inability to properly service a growing cast, I don't know. But it was absolutely felt more in S3 than ever before.

But I think ultimately what most disappointed me about this season (outside of the fan pandering and the retcon etc of Doccutopia) is the failed promise. Promos et al with the LivEvil theme promised something much different than what played out on screen. While not turning Bo completely evil and/or not giving her a split personality with her power boost initially seemed to be a clever way to escape well-trodden plotlines, with such a build up, the pfft that was The Yawning as a replacement is borderline unforgivable. What did we learn? Bo choses her own path. That's the premise of the show! Bo supposedly has increased powers post-Dawning, she's become more Fae...but that didn't seem to do her much good against Taft's guards or Taft himself as nearly everybody else in her "gang" did the heavy lifting instead. So...what then?

If anything S3 made it perfectly clear that Bo needs her Happy Sunshine Gang around her in order to, as she once told Kenzi, be a better Fae. Spliiting up the band so that Bo spent most of S3 away from or at odds with most of her faemily created a more self-aborbed hero and a much less engaging show all around as what fans are most involved with, most connected to overall is the cast and their electric chemistry with each other on and off screen.

It seems every season since S1 has been unduly affected by outside shenanigans. S2 planned for 13 eps and got 22 which dragged out Dyson's lost love, created the need for filler eps, and drew out The Chosen One (till I wanted to bang the head of the next person who said it) and the Garuda big bad grand plan way too long only to cram it all into the end. S3 planned for 22 got 13 and as a result had to trim down the character arc for Tamsin and cram most of it into 2nd half of season as 1st half was slated for doccutopia bliss. Plotlines from S2 that fans clamored to see resolved (Kenzi's rash, Bo's discovery of Kenzi retrieving Dyson's lost love, Bo's inital reaction to Dyson's returned love, Bo's transformation post-Yawning) played out off screen or were given lip service and dropped and instead we got more unnecessary filler eps and a 5-hour energy charged, 2-part finale where so much happened that no one, not even the writers apparently, could keep the majority of things straight. There was a lot of good stuff in the last two episode of season 3 which only further illuminates how great the entire season could have been had it been given even a fraction of that dedication and depth of story.

Look, inconsistencies and plot holes happen in every show, especially one that requires so much world-building as LG. But the fact that it feels like no one's even trying to keep things straight is beginning to be a bit insulting. LG has a smart, savvy audience who is up on the genre, up on the mythology, and looking to be fed and challenged every week. Satisfying them is a high, worthy bar to reach for with every episode - how can we do this better? - and one that we've now 2 seasons worth of show where that appears to be on the low end of the level of importance.

Here's hoping season 4 is where TPTB finally take off the training wheels and deliver the show we've been waiting to return to since the early days of S2.
33. drusilla_doll
Well, I think Dyson's story was meant to be hunting the fae killer, but Tamsin and Lauren also got included in that plot (as well as Bo as a suspect).

I totally agree. I didn't see any pining or moping compared to last season. He was much more resigned to Bo being with Lauren and clearly wished her happiness in that choice. I think it was perfectly fine for him to have the occasional painful/wistful moment seeing B/L have any PDA. But he was getting on with his job, seemed more secure as to where he stood in Bo's life and helped her whenever he could - without being resentful or jealous in any way. This was such a relief after the emo-ness of last season.

He had a much more positive outlook and I think it showed how he'd matured with regard to his feelings for Bo. I especially loved him showing some compassion for Lauren when she was tailspinning over her own feelings (and break up) regarding Bo.
34. Minime
sorry isbloom you lost me at the thought of washing down Dyson. sigh. I do think that the writers need to stop with the science, it kills the magic
Kiersten Hallie Krum
35. Kiersten
I never took Dyson as pining this season either. In fact, I think his detractors who make that claim do so because he didn't force himself or his changed state on Bo and they have to find something to bitch at him about.

@Minine "He mates for life and it's done he didn't hide in his bed and watch Love Actually and Bridget Jone's Diary he went to work, bonded with his new partner and supported his BFF in his new job." Snort especially in light of the guys' penchant for references Rom Coms this season. That's exactly it, he acknowledged the sitch, made his peace with it and carried on with his life in the meantime. Though I take a bit of issue with the "in love with a woman who's not in love with him" bit because the show has made it perfectly clear that Bo is indeed in love with him, she was just currently in a love relationship with DL as well and not willing to walk away from that at that point. She never says no, she never denies him, she never says "but I don't love you" which wouldve settled things for sure, she simply asks "what happens now?" and asserts that she "still" loves DL, a state Dyson never counters or denies either.

This is what I wrote on the mini-recap as to the extensive character growth Dyson has made over the last 2 seasons:
I do indeed very much want Dyson with Bo b/c they are great together in so many ways (tho not perfect b/c that would be boring) and b/c Dyson is locked in for life and it's grossly unfair to do that to the man especially with all he's given up for Bo without the payoff. Plus, the show works best when he and Bo are together and in the mix with Kenzi.

But that doesn't mean I want them together this second. Had they jumped right into it, it would've disrespected everyone and undermined the veracity of their deep connection as being solely sexual. I like the steps they are slowly taking back to one another, like the flirting in The Dal and the balls out conversation in Delinquents, something Bo and DL have never seemed to truly manage. But there's a whole stinking lot that still needs to be resolved between them and especially within Bo's character before they can be a couple again.

Dyson's quietly made a lot of his own progressive steps already this season while Bo's either been in Doccutopia or training for The Dawning or off being a jackass somewhere with the Fae of the Day. He's had to come to terms with his returned lost love, a quite painful process, what he experienced & did in S2 w/out that love, his loss of PerfectCiara personally and then in death, the realization that Bo was it for him for good until death intervened one way or the other, the physical cost he paid to make up for misinterpreting the Wolf Spirit, and now what it means to be in love with a woman who's currently in the midst of a relationship with someone else. He's a more settled wolf in many ways, not the taciturn player of S1 (his relationship with Kenzi has also had a lot to do with that), and any relationship he may (better) have with Bo in the future has to reflect that and will thus be more mature and evolved than the one they had before.
36. stacymd2
Kirsten, thank you for writing another great recap. I wish I had not lurked so long. I cannot wait for LG to get back on air in 2014.

Some more thoughts:

I really hope Aofie did not death suck the Cabbit. It is hard enough to like her knowing that she is a rapist, terrorist & murder, but to leave 38 children parentless would be too much.

Wow, as much as I like Trick I am so very disappointed with him not helping in any way or even expressing concern about Dyson. It seems as if TPTB really do not know what to do with his character.
Trick with his long history, an wealth of Fae knowledge could help LG with its world building if they would only write storylines that do so.

With the Druid potion, I think it either:

Worked: How else was The Wanderer able to black smoke nab Bo, Dyson and Tamsin? This might explain why Lauren is gone. He could have taken her too off screen. Maybe the spell captures/traps all whose hair is in the bottle. The Wanderer can now manipulate Bo however he wants since he has taken prisoner the people who she trusts/loves the most. Tamsin works for him so it would be easy to take her.

Didn’t Work: Kenzi accidently betrayed Bo by telling The Morigan that Bo can multiple chi suck.

The Valhalla reference was great. I really hope LG explores world mythology in Season 4. It would add so much to the show if they went that route (like a modern, urban Xena Warrior Princess) than the science gives magic powers route that is so popular today.

With Taft’s back story, why would he be found guilty of killing his little brother? Did Taft wet his bed and brutalize small animals? Was he wearing his brother’s skin? I just don’t think the authorities would accuse the older brother of murder for no reason if he just woke up the next day and found his brother’s headless body. Taking off someone’s head is very difficult, yet alone for a teenager with only camping gear.
37. drusilla_doll
He's still being labelled territorial, possessive and controlling, so I'm not really all that surprised that he's still seen as being pining and mopey too (something which I totally agreed with last year, man I was tired of his emo-ing ass). It's just that the show hasn't really supported those continued claims this season.

TBH I never really cared for Ciara, but mostly because she seemed too perfect. Too....set up to die for him, knowing he could never love her the way he once loved Bo (before it was ripped from his chest). There are just those characters on TV shows which get introduced as interim love interests which scream 'soon to be long suffering, too good for him/her, selfless martyr'. Ciara was that for me, and I couldn't get invested. I think he and Tamsin have more spark if we're going to give him a temporary hook-up. But personally I am fine with him staying a 'one woman wolf' in terms of his love. Doesn't mean he can't have sex with other people, just that his heart will always remain with Bo. This is predicated, of course, on the hope/assumption that he will some day get that chance with her that he never got to have thanks to the Norn's betrayal. Not like B/L who had their shot at a serious relationship and imploded all on their own.
38. Santiam
I'm a little confused as to why Trick had to go on the lam. Why was the Morrigan so successful in a Light Fae gathering where they were supposed to be crowning their new leader? You'd think that would be a stronghold of Light Fae. Where was all Ash's protection?
Wallace Le
39. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Thank you Kiersten.

Bo’s unrestrained devotion to her mother (who attempted to kill her) and leaving the cabbit with Aoife really bothered me. Before Aoife attacked the cabbit I was wondering how Bo could be so careless and stupid. She knows that her mother is a murderous sociopath. Bo ought to know if her mother ever knew she was involved with Lauren she would kill her (Lauren) immediately. Aoife would not tolerate a succubus being pliant to a human. LG baffles me here, it portrays Bo as mentally lazy, careless, inconsiderate and negligent.

Aoife is portrayed as evil and also a big baddie. Bo still has to fight her down, there never was any rapprochement. A normal being would have shown concern for mom but still exercised proper care given Aoife’s murderous history, or secured her in a cell until arrangements could be made for everyone’s safety. LG I believe had previously shown Bo making light of Aoife’s murderous and criminal behavior. That portrayal is not credible to me.
40. Santiam
Ciara seemed awkward. She just didn't fit and was painfully aware of the fact. Tamsin seems to fit in which is sort of strange since she's the lone Dark Fae in their midst.

I'm hoping Messmir is more complex and conflicted than he seemed and that he botched the capture spell on purpose but as far as we know he never met Bo why would he risk anything to save her? I'm going with the concept that the mix was off because Tamsin assumed that Bo loved Lauren when her heart just wasn't in it.
Suzanne Metaxas
41. SuzyM
I agree Santiam Many, Many plot holes. Trick on the run makes no sense unless it is because he knows that Odin is coming. Remember he took the picture with him. Hale and others may be concerened with Dark but I think Trick is more worried about Bo's daddy.
42. stacymd2
I really hope S4 treats Lauren/Bo the same way it treated Dyson/Bo, with L/B not being romantically together for at least two full seasons. I’m so glad that TPTB didn’t put Dyson in the middle of those two and had them break up on their own. The show would have faced an enormous backlash.

L & B are two fundamentally different people. At the end of the day, Bo loves fighting villains, solving cases, thrills, dangers and working with a team. This is just not Lauren’s cup of tea. Lauren, on the other hand, deeply loves her medical research work. Bo, let’s face it, doesn’t understand Lauren’s work/world and she is a high school dropout. It was telling when Lauren first when to work for Taft that she said that she felt empty, there was a hole in her life and how much she feels valued doing the human medical research that she is good at. I don’t blame her for this.

The Gardner:As to this Karen Beattie bullshit (which I still want explained)

I hope TPTB explain it to. (Although I really don’t need another Lauren focused season.) I am still stunned that they are keeping the Karen backstory for Lauren because it totally changes her character for me.

Drusilla_Doll: But personally I am fine with him staying a 'one woman wolf' in terms of his love. Doesn't mean he can't have sex with other people, just that his heart will always remain with Bo. This is predicated, of course, on the hope/assumption that he will someday get that chance with her that he never got to have thanks to the Norn's betrayal.

This brings me to the “end game” scenario. I maybe kicked off this site for posting this but, I have felt since early S2 that TPTB were moving Dyson in the “Xander” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) role, as a beloved friend and sidekick. It has been solidified, to me, this season. I think the writers will continue to tease B/D with subtle and not so subtle hints of their S1 love, but nothing more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I really want B/D back together again. They work so obviously well it makes me a little angry that they are still “just friends”.

I was discussing the “end game” scenario with a friend about another show. She asked would it be OK that in the very last season, of our other show, if the characters were romantically together in the end (e.g. ride off in the sunset together), but until then they are apart. Would that make me happy, she asked. I said yes. She said no. She would rather see them together now, even with the bad times, than never really see them together at all or leave it until final Season XYZ.

For that other “non-couple” I think it would be OK, since that show’s writers would have to rewrite many seasons of history and character development to make this couple work in the immediate future. I don’t feel this way about B/D. I don’t expect them to be romantically together in S4 (the backlash would be Donald Trump HUGE from Doccubus if B/D got together soon after B/L broke up), but if LG gets a Season 5 I would be very disappointed B/D are not romantically involved.
43. TheGardner
OK so I'm the only one who finds Dyson whiney and mopey? It's cool I'll own that, but I ask you what was his story line this season beyond the love return/her not loving him back? He really wasn't given much beyond which I feel is a waste of an actor and a character.
44. Santiam
Aoife came to her senses just before her fall and was redeemed in Bo's eyes.

I don't get how Aoife jumped to the conclusion that Dyson gave up his wolf. One look into her daughter's wolfed-out eyes and she comes to the conclusion that Dyson found a Norn and bartered his wolf?
Does everyone know a shifter has that option?

plot holes are wrecking the suspension on my disbelief-mobile.
Suzanne Metaxas
45. SuzyM
TheGardner "what was his story line this season beyond the love return/her not loving him back? He really wasn't given much beyond which I feel is a waste of an actor and a character."

This is what most of us have been complaining about! Both Dyson & Kenzi have been ignored most of the season What little we did get of them was good but there was very little. Dyson's story line to me was his getting his footing after he had his love back, accepting that Bo/Lauren was a thing and deciding how he was going to handle it.
46. Santiam
Dyson hasn't complained once. He respected Bo's relationship with Lauren and didn't bring up the fact that he got his love back because he didn't want to disrupt her happiness. He's been nothing but supportive even though he's been in pain. He loved her and felt he couldn't have her but kept his pain contained.
That doesn't seem whiney and mopey. He's helped everyone who needed him and done everything he can. He even befriended Lauren and was the only one there for her when she showed up to display her sorrow at the Dal. He seemed sincere and companionable and managed to cheer her up when she was low. That shows the sort of man he is and I thought it rather noble and kind.
Suzanne Metaxas
47. SuzyM
If anything Dyson ticks me off sometimes because he is so damn noble! He should be a little selfish! So quick to sacrifice for others, and somehow no one takes the time to appreciate that fact!
Pandra Selivanov
48. Zanza
You got that right, SuzyM. I really think Dyson's detractors hate him for his good qualities.
49. stacymd2

I don’t think the D-man had a story arch in S3. He acknowledged and accepted B/L at the end of Ep1. The rest of the season he was doing his job with Ta/B/K/L/Tr.

D’s acceptance of B/L was on screen solidified in the episode where he talked to Trick about the “in 100 years” and again during the Dawning, after the Dawning in the Ticklebang episode and again as he talked to Lauren at the Dal after her break with Bo. This is not a subplot storyline for Dyson, this is just part of B/L’s relationship drama.

I just can’t stand how much S3 has been about Lauren/Bo’s relationship.

Kenzi, Trick and Dyson (plus Hale, but it is because of KC’s schedule) have really been back grounded for Doccubus.
Carmen Pinzon
50. bungluna
@Santiam - "plot holes are wrecking the suspension on my disbelief-mobile. "

What a great phrase! I'll have to use this sometime, it's so apt.

I've seen the numbers that claim that Kenzie and Dysone got tons of screen time, but I'm not buying them. I wish I could geek out and go count the number of scenes wasted on Doccubus lurv and other innanities, (Bo cleaning the floor with a toothbrush; the hosing scene; the Kubric orgy) which really had nothing to do with the plot of the series, imo. That they could have been developing Taft and Bruce and even Lauren in a more coherent way instead with that wasted time just burns my goat.
51. Minime
I just want to remind everyone that this show is about Bo and not an ensemble piece so expecting each character to have their own storyline in a show that is only 13 episodes is a bit unrealistic. Dyson becoming more settled was his storyline.

Dyson has the only stable friendships on the show right now he and Bo are in a good place and he managed to repair his friendship with Hale. Dyson adores Kenzi and came to an understanding with Lauren, told Trick about his returned love, bonded with Tamsin (to the point that she calls him "our boy" to Bo) and came to terms with his neglecting his wolf plus got kidnapped was forced to fight to the death then had to endure a painful needle biopsy from DL and got smoke napped along with Bo. Dyson also came to the conclusion that not all dark fae are bad with Vex and Tamsin, that is huge for him considering how much he disliked the dark in season 1 & 2. That's a ton of storyline in my book.

To me Kenzi was done the most damage with the introduction of Tamsin, she seemed to take Kenzi's place as sidekick. I wasn't a fan of de-Kenzing Kenzi and wanting her to be fae . If the writers wanted a change in the relationship between them it could have been done with the Norn talk and the DL & Bo relationship and been much more organic.

As for Lauren I tend not to think much about her she's too passive aggressive but I did enjoy her talk with Bo at Taft's it was the first time she was really honest with how she felt. Lauren like Bo is a workaholic they both find great self worth and fulfillment in their work. For a time they worked together but as their work brings them farther, Lauren with her free radicals and mold and Bo with her well… Bo stuff they really had been reduced to just sex and Lauren supporting Bo emotionally with no reciprocation from Bo. This is not Bo's fault she is and will always be a slave to her own needs.

I saw a huge jump in their relationship that Bo has not really even seen yet. In 3x01 Bo says to Lauren life is short lets be together and during 3x10 Bo realized that for her life will be long and started to think about her own mortality or immortality. This is, a subject for her to think about in relation to her and Lauren. Lauren wants to have children, settle down and be sciencey. Bo is not in that place right now and may not be for many, many more years. Lauren doesn't have that time, she can't wait 50 years for Bo to be in the same place as her emotionally.
Linda Losik
52. LindaL
Another thought as to why the Druid potion did not work: Bo does not really love Lauren. Rather (as we have discussed) she loves what Lauren represents: a white picket fence and being human. Neither of which she is going to have as she dreamed as a child, especially after the Dawning. The potion was contingent on the three requirements sealed with the kiss of someone who will never betray her. While I am not sure that the intel that Kenzi gave the Morrigan is a betrayal as there are others that know that, I will concede that it is a betrayal as far as the show is concerned thus negating the potion.

@Mimine: I also think that Lauren was (for the first time that I can remember) being totally honest with Bo concerning their relationship and Lauren’s life. Lauren was never given the time to mourn Nadia but went onto help defeat the Garuda and then straight into Bo’s arms and bed. This constitutes a very long one night stand as far as I am concerned.

@stacymad2, welcome not only to our little corner of Lost Girl but welcome to the wonderful world of Lauren science/medicine. This is not to be confused with the real world science/medicine because it would drive you as loony tunes as Aofie!
Pandra Selivanov
53. Zanza
Lauren doesn't have that time, she can't wait 50 years for Bo to be in the same place as her emotionally.
Which is just one more reason why Doccubus hates Dyson. He does have the time. Can I just rant once about the Doccubus reaction to this episode? First it's that the potion worked, somehow, someway, because if it didn't work, it's because of Lauren. Kenzi is unassailable, and Bo's trust of Dyson is one of the few constants the show has held on to from the beginning. So Bo either doesn't love Lauren or Bo doesn't trust Lauren-unless the potion worked. Why Tamsin would say it didn't if it did is something they gloss over.

Then there's the "Lauren saved everyone!" reaction, and that is really annoying. Perhaps because of Kenzi saying she needed to rescue everyone for once. Really, Andras? Was it really necessary to drag Kenzi that low to pump Lauren up? Well, maybe, because aside from breaking Bo's heart and torturing Dyson and running out, Lauren didn't do much this episode. MAYBE she unstrapped Dyson and gave him something to wake him up. Doesn't seem like much, but she might have done that, for her own benefit. Lauren didn't know who was going to win, so she hedged her bets. She was looking out for herself all the way.
54. Minime
@LindaL that also reminds me that while we see Dyson taking his time and not running for Bo right off in season 3 telling Kenzi it's not time yet he was morning perfectCiara and dealing with what he did to all his friendships in season 3. He slept with Hales sister and was a crap BFF to him, was cold and cruel to Bo and killed Cayden. He had a lot to get through and Lauren in comparison ran right to Bo pushing her for a relationship and not once taking time to mourn and think about what events have taken her to the path she is now on. Add to that the secret identity and no wonder she had a breakdown. Lauren has a ton to deal with and she finds solace in her work, her mind is all that she has. I don't think the gravity of her situation as a whole hit her till that point. Lauren is trapped, a prisoner all caused by her own making.
55. NervousNelly
My biggest fear for next season is that Lauren is running around with her needle full of Dyson midchloridians and the writers will have her juice herself so she can be Lauren-fae and make the Docubus fans extatic by having Lauren cock-block Dyson past the 10 years (I never believed in the 100 year timeline) she might have had with Bo. If someone has to get Chekov's needle I'd rather see it be Kenzie, making her Dyson's little sister in another way (if they insist on the Kenzie-fae storyline) or Tams to extend her life.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
56. Kiersten
@NervousNelly - the LaurenFae option has me quite worried too. It would wipe out the mortality issue AND give her Dyson's wolf mojo taking that key bit of his character away along with his other aspects they've tried to instill in her this season. I hope the writers aren't so easily swayed toward that but there's no way to tell/trust based on what's happened in S3. Better if she used it on someone else and/or to perform more experiments for the betterment of humanity, but that would mean allowing her to go ambiguous in her character (and by that I mean openly be the bad guy antagonist rather than the fiction of poor, put upon, amazing Doctor Lauren) and I'm not sure the writers/producers/ showrunner has the chutzpah to serve story over rabid fan base that way.
57. Minime
Aww although I want Kenzi to remain human I do kind of love the idea of her being made fae by Dyson's marrow and being his little sister. Lauren would make a great Dr. Frankenbitch she plays cold and smart so well.
Nadine Robb
58. cmm
@NervousNelly If that were to happen, that would be it for me. I would no longer watch the show. I'm hoping though that she just stabbed him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
59. Kiersten
I'm pretty positive she took the marrow when she stabbed him. The soundtrack makes noises like she's sucking it out (ewww) & Taft was watching awful close too. Dont think she'd risk her switcheroo plans by not going through w/extraction from Dyson
Suzanne Metaxas
60. SuzyM
I think they have to drop this whole bone marrow crap! If mating with a Fae can't make a human have a Fae baby this whole bone marrow junk is ludicrous! Writers really need to start making a book of Fae lore and be required to watch all previous episodes! These inconsistencies take away from the story line. I know Fae isn't real but it makes it even hard to fantasize if they keep up this crap writing! If you can believe in something you can't enjoy it. :( STOP MESSING WITH THE SHOW I LOVE!
Nadine Robb
61. cmm
@ SuzyM I agree wholeheartedly, it annoys me to no end. I keep hoping against hoe that they fix that. They could make a discovery that the human children of fae, go through their fae puberty later in life. They could also have it that, some of the fae elders knew about this and kept it quiet as to not taint their bloodline with human dna. But I doubt this would happen.
62. Santiam
so what do we do from now till new episodes? Is there a site for doccubus-free fanfic?
Fae-shaped shadow puppets?
A virtual Dal?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
63. Kiersten
We're going to be having some continuing coverage here at H&H during the hiatus starting with some individual character profiles and ongoing. Stay tuned & keep a Fae eye out! ;-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
64. Kiersten
And there's always the newly released Lost Girl mobile game which is available on itunes in the U.S. and on itunes and for Android in Canada
65. whiskeywhite
I'm late to the party -- so much to comment on, so much to agree with. But first, I said that Kiersten would give us more to talk about and lo, it has come to pass. No surprise, but many thanks.

Where to start? Maybe at the top. Thanks, LindaL for the explanation about the stem cells and bone marrow. Very helpful. I, too, love Bruce, the “poet warrior” as Santiam so aptly names him (there seems to be quite a "we love Bruce" movement out there). Despite Kenzi having worked her "mojo" on him, he must be a big-hearted guy to have forgiven her for the vicious punch she gave his 'Bruce junk' in the opening scene of 3.03, "Confaegion". It knocks him over allowing Bo to cream him with a concrete block.

Santiam: I see you’ve come out swinging from your brief comedy retirement: “The mewing and the blinking … (Lauren’s) Mort the lemur from the Madigascar flicks.” Just the image. Soon after: “I exclaimed ‘Two Thousand Fourteen?!?’ so loudly that the dog jumped up and started barking at what he could only assume was an attack by zombie raccoons.” My cat, sadly, could care less about the 9-month desert we’re facing. And then, unrelentingly, you give us “Scotland (the Scottish kind).”

bungluna: “Kiersten, you have to pick up another show to re-cap for us!” Yes.! I once begged Kiersten to go back and start recapping from 1.01 (she started with 1.04) but was cruelly ignored. :-) LG’s time slot on Showcase has been taken over by “Continuum” Season 2, an OK Canadian time-traveller sci-fi show that I think has been picked by SyFy in the US. Speaking of time slots, some may remember my complaint, eons ago, that LG pays too little attention (read none) to contraception. One response was that because LG is shown in late evening, the people watching will be mature adults who know about such things (I was arguing that it sets a bad example for younger viewers). Well, Showcase is now re-running LG at 3:00 pm in the afternoon (in my time zone, 4:00 pm in Toronto). Perfect time for pre-schoolers to watch.

Santiam: “Dyson on his knees making proclaiming his feelings was possibly even hotter than their scene in Vexed.” Yup. Despite my denunciations of romantic ideology, I didn’t grow up in a cave (but rather in 1960s suburbia). Brain and emotions are not in sync. To make doubly sure that we understand that he’s on one knee (I think, not two) they give us a ‘thump’ sound effect as he goes down.

Which brings me to whether he’s ‘pining’ about not being able to be with Bo. TheGardner, what would ‘not pining and moping’ look like to you? I mean that question seriously -- your character analyses are great.

stacymd2: you compared KHR to Captain America. He’s going to be playing ‘Captain Canuck’ in a web series, sadly only animated. Captain Canuck was a Canadian (to state the obvious) comic book series.

Must go and do some actual work (darn work). Will return. So much more to discuss.
Carmen Pinzon
66. bungluna
Bo is the supposed protagonist of this series, but this season she's been nothing more than a mirror for the happenings in other's lives. She went through the Dawning, big whoop. She got cock-blocked by everybody else in the series, all season long, or so it seems. Aside from the endless angst of Doccubus, what did Bo accomplish this season?

I liked it better when she was helping humans and/or fae with their problems and finding out about Fae politics and her 'heritage'. The Garuda bit was drawn out past it's expiration date, imo, but at least it was Bo who united the Sunshine Gang. This season, nothing much.
67. NervousNelly

Since bone marrow doesn't work that way in my headcanon they sucked out some midchloridians and they get the FaeForce. :-)
Suzanne Metaxas
68. SuzyM
They should just stop trying to look all sciency and get back to fracking basics! Especially since they do a crap job of doing it :)
69. Minime
I will try the fae shaped shadow puppets while I wait for the character profiles. Santiam is on fire today!
70. Shark with Lasers
Best. Finale. EVAR. Plot holes and all, I loved every minute of it. Funny some of you should mention echoing particular roles on other shows, because I think TPTB on Lost Girl have figured out that the fastest way to get the audience into a tizzy is to specfically threaten Kenzi's safety. Buffy did it with Willow, Warehouse 13 does it with Claudia, and Teen Wolf does it with Stiles. Now Kenzi joins the roster of the adorkable ones who, should the Big Bad threaten her (or him, love how Teen Wolf is messing with the paradigms even as I have some problems with other aspects of their storytelling) they are GOING DOWN. I've been thinking about that bit of mythology regarding the Human/Fae offspring. Maybe whatever makes the Fae different from humans on a genetic level is always going to be recessive in a mixture of pure Human with pure Fae. Maybe once in a blue moon two humans get together who have a Fae somewhere back in their family tree, but two recessive copies of a gene still don't always mean the child will express the trait. It would explain a lot of the conflicting mythology of this show, and could explain why people keeping telling Kenzi she could be Fae. If Dr Lauren figured out a way to express the trait she really is a genius and I would be excited for her to turn mad scientist next season. I will be waiting for season 4 with abated breath, but in the meantime, bring on the Teen Wolf!
71. Minime
Lost Girl iphone game is now on itunes for the US. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lost-girl/id599071223?mt=8 No shirtless Dyson avatar :( it's free.
Katherine Bloom
72. lsbloom
I can't stand the current Lauren Saved Dyson meme. It is going to drive me crazy for the entire hiatus.

What did she save him from?

Being kidnapped and forced to fight other fae so that her research could serve Taft's ends? No

Being locked in a cage? No

Being drugged, anesthetized, and operated on against his will? No

Basically the answer I get is she "saved" him from her killing him while extracting bone marrow. So she saved him from herself.

Then, she took a guy who aside from having lots of money and lots of mercenaries was a pretty ho hum human and gave him superpowers, this is apparently a gift to Dyson? (And Bo/Aoife). I under no circumstances understand the "Church of Lauren."

At. All.
73. Santiam
Lauren does a proceedure that turns her nutsack of a partner into a bunny and a romantic rival into his very motivated killer. Clever girl! Neither one of those men are going to pay her too much mind as she sneeks off to...? She does nothing to insure that Bo was set free so I'm going to assume she thought Dyson would rescue her or she believed Taft would honor his word. Not so clever girl. Lauren's painful truth to Bo seemed like a bad script from a Mexican soap opera without the sudden cat fight,( we were served up that hot sillyness with Tamsin and Bo). Why were they kicking and scratching their issues out when both of them have Fae power? At least they weren't in the mud or a big vat of pudding.
One of the problems Lost Girl has is getting behind the wheel of something with too much engine for a timid driver. Huge build-up to Garuda and I'm not even sure what it was. I've forgotten it already. In Vexed we have Bo arm up with all these weapons including her version of the Witch Blade, but she doesn't do anything with them, but pose. Why would you take a bunch of sharp objects to confront someone who can make you do whatever he wants and had forced a vampire to shove his hand down a garbage disposal? Wouldn't that be like taking Chianti, fava beans and a bib to Hannibal Lector? And the Dawning actually turned out to be some sort of acid trip that all Fae take? What? None of that made any sense. Though the orgy offering sort of did but by that time I was breaking out my sitar.
When Bo goes to confront the Garuda she does so by using both light and dark Fae. In this finale, Dyson has discovered someone is killing both light and dark Fae, but Bo does not bother to tell the leaders from both sides what she's up against and her only plan is to get captured along with Tamsin. Both women hide objects from their captors that most captors would have an issue with (big needle and what looks to be part of a bong) If I had to hide something from a body cavity search I know which one I'd pick...
Someone somehow got Vex to turn against the Morrigan (my money is on Kenzi). Hale must have no idea because for some reason he thinks that Trick needs to flee to Scotland. Why does Trick need to flee anywhere?
74. Newvice
Lauren as a villan I can handle. Lauren supercharged on Fae DNA, living out her fantasy with Bo means another show bites the dust for me. More time to do something constructive.
Carmen Pinzon
75. bungluna
@Santiam - You're selling Mexican soaps short! They make more sense and have less plot holes, though they don't have as many sexitimes as LG. (joke)
76. RoyaleWithCheese
Curious about the comments on Lauren being an evil(mad) scientist in Season 4. If Lauren were to defend herself against the Fae next year, why would that make her evil?

I don't believe she'd ever stoop to Taft levels, if she wanted to do that then she just had an easy opportunity right in front of her and she didn't take it. If this episode proved anything, it is that she is ethically motivated as a doctor (and a human). She made an effort to protect every life she could. She even saved the Cabbit, which Fae Aoife lovingly dispatched a short while later.

Sorry, but I do believe Lauren deserves some of hero credit this ep. In order to convince Taft of her loyalty so that she would be allowed to perform the surgery (and initiate the switch), she had to deliver a painful blow to her relationship with Bo - and her face showed that this speech practically killed her. Without her quick wit, Taft would have more than likely succeeded...and that would have meant some serious shit for the Fae. The Fae did not deserve her help, but she offered it anyway...for Bo and because she believed it was the right thing to do.

I think her arc is wide open for Season 4 and I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, here's to hoping Kenzi stays human....we can't afford to lose anyone over in that camp. Plus, it makes her a much more endearing sidekick.

I always enjoy seeing the Morrigan and Vex - wish they'd pop in a bit more.

It was hard to watch the core gang get ripped apart this season, and I hope the reunion will be that much sweeter.

Thanks for all the work you put into the recaps, I can only imagine how much time you spend on them.

'Till next year,
Katherine Bloom
77. lsbloom
@RoyaleWithCheese Taft did succeed--with Lauren's help before she knew what she was working on and with her help after. Human evolved into fae. That was Taft's goal. He personally wanted to become the strongest fae he could find--Aoife thwarted that goal by sacrificing Dyson, and still Lauren had nothing to do with it. I'm sure Taft would have liked to survive, but his experimental hypothesis was borne out by the "mad" scientist Lauren. Experimental genetics is what makes her mad. Splicing cross-species DNA makes her mad. And stabbing her friends makes her mad. And this episode, she is certainly also mad in both the American and British definitions of the word.

Lauren didn't sacrifice her relationship with Bo--she'd already broken up with Bo and then left without saying a word. The relationship was over. She burned the bridge. If you think she did it to make believe in front of Taft, I would counter that that make believe makes no logic sense, didn't secure Bo's freedom, and was unnecessarily cruel. Bo looked brokenhearted. Lauren could have said things that weren't true or at least with less venom--Taft would never have known, he didn't even know Lauren knew Dyson. Lauren could have indicated to Bo--Taft couldn't see (as Kiersten astutely pointed out). Lauren could have told Taft she would do it in exchange for Bo's freedom because she still loved Bo, of the "I'll do what you want just don't hurt her variety" it worked with the cabbit (and on every other show ever). There was no logical reason for Lauren to throw all that truth in Bo's face unless she wanted to. That's not sacrifice. And it accomplished nothing, she certainly didn't help Bo at all by doing it. There was no reason for Lauren to need to do the surgery. She didn't help anyone by succeeding at Taft's plan, she only hurt people: Aoife, Dyson, Taft himself, whoever she got the bone marrow from.

I'm intrigued by her being a mad scientist next season because it would be an open acknowledgement of what has seemed to be true all along: Lauren is cold, secretive, with her own agenda and a deep-rooted desire to strap Bo down and start poking her with needles.
78. Santiam
Lauren as the conflicted (not necessarily evil) scientist who endangers both Fae and Human societies with an ill-considered but well-meaning sciencey plot, would make a much better foe than the Garuda! But it would be resolved in ten minutes with a tearful apology and a beaker full of miracles.
I'm hoping she comes back... in season five.
Bruce was more interesting in his brief appearance as was Messimo-- who I hope gets developed into more of a character. I'm kinda hoping he screwed up the potion on purpose. The conclusion I think we're meant to draw is that Tamsin's assumptions were wrong. That Bo loves and trusts differently then Tam was led to believe.
Nadine Robb
79. cmm
I don't think Lauren really deserves any credit. If she hadn't of left the fae compound she wouldn't be in that situation and wouldn't need to lie through her teeth to save Bo. Also the argument that the fae did not deserve her help is way off to me. I think she owed it to them. Just because a select few (namely the last two ashes) kept her under their thumb, does not mean all of the fae are guilty. That's like the morrigan's argument that all humans are evil because of the actions of a select few.
80. Minime
@royal I think you and I have very different ideas of what ethically means. To me ethical means not doing surgery on a person against their will. Laurrn displayed many things in this episode and ethics was not one of them.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
81. Kiersten
Thanks Royale, they are a lot of work and I'm always glad I do them but sometimes the doing of them makes me want to - um - howl. ;-)

"The Fae did not deserve her help, but she offered it anyway...for Bo and because she believed it was the right thing to do."

Sorry Royale, but you must have seen an extra scene somewhere that I missed. I saw the entire Canadian version of this episode and I never saw DL offer to help the Fae. She doctored the cabbit, yes, but then violated her as a Fae, as a woman, and as a prisoner by stealing her DNA without consent. People have persecuted such actions as war crimes, not "helping".

She offered to do the surgery in order for Bo to be released...and Bo was never released, so that didn't work. She didnt even stick around or follow up to be sure. And then she brutally abused Dyson in order to make her switcheroo on Taft as believable as possible until she could (presumably as we don't know where she was only where she wasnt) make her escape. She didnt free anyone; she didnt help anyone. The only person DL "saved" (and for that matter avenged) was herself.

I believe that speech to Bo was very painful because it was very true and she meant every word. She'd been trying to tell this information to Bo - and indeed said many of the same things in a far gentler way when she broke up with Bo a few eps earlier - for several days/weeks now. Here she delivered them in a way sure not to be misconstrued so as to finally get the point across, not only to make sure Bo finally understood, but also b/c the full acknowledge itself was painful too and Bo's intransigence pissed her off. But make no mistake, she meant every word. So there was no sacrifice there, not a new one, just a brutal delivery designed to hurt Bo so that she'd finally get the message.

I've thought from the very beginning of S1 that there was always an aspect of DL that just wanted to tie Bo down to a table and do experiments on her. She kinda got that wish all this while first with giving Bo injections to help her "control" her nature and then by given her injections to help her suppress her nature. I said early in the comments (possibly in the recap itself) that I'd love to see her go mad if self-justified scientist, (not "mad" as insane b/c that too cliched) not that she's evil but that her actions are "bad" in order to generate "good" results (like curing heart disease) and that DL's motivation is justifiable to herself b/c she is ultimately doing good for humankind. I think that makes for a much more interesing and conflicted character than what's she's been so far, but then pretty much any movement off the current character path would do that for her too.
82. drusilla_doll
I think DL tried to save Bo but was unsuccessful, after all, Bo was still locked up after she agreed to do the surgery on the condition she was allowed to be free/not harmed. Then post surgery, with DL nowhere to be found, Bo and Tamsin save themselves and a newly fae-charged Taft wants to mate with Bo not let her go and lunges with his new super-speed to stab Bo in the gut. Only the intervention of Aoife in taking that blow saved Bo from a serious, possibly mortal injury.

How did DL save Bo exactly, then? She certainly broke her heart. And she'd already made the permanent break in her mind herself when she broke up with Bo and then left without persmission or so much as a text or forwarding address. Hardly some sacrifice of love on her part. It was, however, an awesome moment of her finally speaking candidly about all the reasons she was fed up with the Fae and Bo. More of this outspoken DL I could live with.

Who saved and released the prisoners? Bo with Tamsin's help. DL had nothing to do with it. Yes, she treated the cabbit's wound, but she apparently also took DNA from her, which should have been as painful as what Dyson went through but we never saw it so..we can only speculate.

Lauren tried to get revenge on Taft and trick him, but there's no evidence she knew Dyson would be forced to fight him, after all Taft was spouting how magnicent he was and wanting to be his brother-in-fae. Even if he HAD been made into a wolf, there was no reason to think Dyson couldn't whoop his ass. So, again, her help was minimal (her hindrances MUCH larger), but I'll give her credit for having a sadistic sense of humour while carrying out the very procedure Dyson was pleading with her not to.

Both Bo and Dyson were blindsided by her actions and speeches. Neither of them could understand it and were clearly hurt by it.

It was only later, when he got a whiff of Taft in the field that Dyson figured out that Lauren had at least given him an advantage. So yeah, not a whole lot of saving going on. But I will acknowledge that she made Dyson's hunting down of Taft more fun. For him.
83. drusilla_doll
Also, if it was all an act on Lauren's part, and if we're supposed to believe Lauren helped Dyson escape offscreen (which I don't and we have no onscreen evidence of), then why didn't she come back with him and reunite with Bo and co? Get the team back together as it were. Show her resistance colours finally and help bring in the cavalry.

Why did she take off to parts unknown instead?

IMO a certain part of the fandom is reaching for something, anything to put DL in a more heroic light than was portrayed on our screens.
84. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - There was a scene near the end of 3x04 where Dyson is sitting in the Dal drinking a beer, Bo has just left to go see Lauren and Tamsin approaches him. She notices him watching Bo walk away with this sad look on his face and asks him if he is going to sit around brooding. He looks up at her, flashes a genuine smile and says nope, they saunter off together to a place where the drinks are cold and the women are hot. That was his first step towards acceptance, Tamsin was exactly what he needed in that moment. Yeah it royally sucks when the person you love doesn't love you back, but by going with Tamsin that night he was choosing to not be consumed by it. Dyson, thanks to the writers, is stuck loving Bo for the rest of his life, but that doesn't mean he has to be miserable, he can still enjoy life and have relationships, he doesn't have to surround his happiness with Bo. Sadly instead of moving his character foreward with this ideal in the next episode he's all moony eyed over Bo dressed up at the "sex ball" and he's back to sad after Bo forgets his existance when she sees Lauren descending the staircase. Wether they will end up together or not I want him to embrace everything else that is good in his life instead of being sad all of the time.
85. TheGardner
@Royale - I wouldn't say Lauren was a hero, but I definitely think she is the most interesting character. It was about friggin time she gave into her anger, she held back a lot longer than I would have. I do think she is the one who freed Dyson, it makes the most sense considering that was her plan to manipulate Taft, then essentially releasing the hounds on him. He had represented her chance at freedom and instead he turned about to be just another person using her for her brain to which she responded with cold, calculating, cruelty. As to Bo, she obviously is still in love with her and Bo is now the official "Queen of Oblivious" if she bought that performance, hell Taft didn't buy it, his desire to be Fae won him out. Her relationship with Bo was the only thing keeping her in the Fae world, when it ended and when Hale dismissed her she broke. Bo is her weekness, her resolve would have diminished and she would have been stuck. It doesn't track that Bo once upon a time was having episode long sword fights with the Ash and risking her and Kenzi's lives trying to get Lauren her freedom, but when Lauren grabs it Bo can't understand it. Plot holes, inconsistent writing, OOC, uh I can't, need more booze... Now where did she disapear to? I think either The Wanderer took her or she is in the wind and what happens to her now that she has severed her ties with the fae? For season 4 I would like to see her backstory resolved, I'm looking at you weird out of left field past identity, and her freedom offically gained. I sincerely hope TPTB do not make her or Kenzi Fae, their humanity sets them apart and IMHO makes them stronger and more interesting characters.
86. Minime
It doesn't track that Bo once upon a time was having episode long sword
fights with the Ash and risking her and Kenzi's lives trying to get
Lauren her freedom, but when Lauren grabs it Bo can't understand it.
Plot holes, inconsistent writing, OOC, uh I can't, need more booze...

Bo was fighting to free Lauren BUT after she did (by following Lachlans orders to get the witch doctor to free Nadia) Lauren chose to stay. She told Bo that she CHOSE to recommit herself to the ash and the fae. It's not OOC for Bo. Lauren chose to stay then never talked about what she was feeling, she rushed headstrong into a relationship just 3 weeks after her girlfriend died (the difference beteween Dyson & Lauren) and moths later as the relationship left the sexy stage and moved into the this is what it will be like the reality set in and Lauren had enough.

As for Dyson IMO when Lauren walked down those stairs HE forgot BO existed because Lauren looked HOT! Dyson's growth was the opposite of Lauren she just jumped into a new relationship without feeling what was going on with herself vs Dyson who felt it all. He worked through what he did to Ciara, his feelings and friendships. In ConFAEgion he wants to ask Bo on a date, in Fae'd To Black they have healing sex and Bo tells him no more, in fae's wide shut he is defending Bo but starts to see that she may have kiled the girl and vows to be impartial and put his emotions aside, in Bo place he accepts that his love is what it is and he is not going to change and he can't be "in the way any longer" in Ceremony he tells Bo his feelings finally and in Ceremony they come to a "good place". I didn't see any moping rather growth.

I can't try to tell you he is not emo and pining because you see what you want to see but he has grown just like Lauren this season and judging Dyson as emo from something he did 9 episodes ago is like judging Lauren for comaNadia last season.
Pandra Selivanov
87. Zanza
I don't get how Aoife jumped to the conclusion that Dyson gave up his wolf. One look into her daughter's wolfed-out eyes and she comes to the conclusion that Dyson found a Norn and bartered his wolf? Does everyone know a shifter has that option?
That makes sense to me. Aoife knew Dyson was massively important to Bo or she never would have raped him. She also had been keeping tabs on Bo for a while and knew Dyson was a wolf. And the Norn is an ancient creature-a better question would be who in the Fae world doesn't know about the Norn and what the Norn can do.

As to Dyson moping and whining, nope, didn't happen. He got on with his life while being faithful to his love for Bo. Dyson fits into a kind of romance hero that I have always found very appealing-he's like Cyrano de Bergerac or Rudolph Rassendyll of The Prisoner of Zenda. He loves one woman, and whether or not he gets her, he's faithful to her and he's a better man because of it. Dyson became a better man this season-he became friends with Tamsin and worked on being a good cop and looked out for Kenzi and was even kind to Lauren. When Bo needed help in the dawning (stupid dawning! I hate that whole idea) he went with her even though he knew it would cost him his life. Dyson has been a champion from the beginning, but he really shone this season.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
88. Kiersten
"Yeah it royally sucks when the person you love doesn't love you back..."
It absolutely does, however that is not and never has been the case for Bo. She has never stopped loving Dyson and that has been made clear over and over again. She never tells him no, she never says "but I don't love you," which would shut him down for good, she simply says "I still love DL" and she only does that a few days after he tells her he loves her again. Her initial reaction is "why didn't you tell me?!" not "that ship has sailed, buddy". It's always been Bo and Dyson from the start, DL has only every been a temporary stop for Bo, a sincere one and one that could've lasted for years, but never the end game for Bo. The glue of the show is Bo's relationship with Kenzi and her relationship with Dyson - they're the core - and DL has always been on the fringe of that core group, even in Doccutopia, which is one of the many reasons she broke up with Bo.
"He's all moony eyed over Bo dressed up at the "sex ball" and he's back to sad after Bo forgets his existance when she sees Lauren descending the staircase."

What actually happened was that it was Bo who was all "mooney eyed" over Dyson; she literally stopped in her tracks when she saw him. Dyson was the one to first notice DL - he had to call Bo's attention to the fact that she was even there because Bo was too caught up with Dyson to notice her. (Never mind that DL was there to force herself into the investigation b/c she didn't trust Bo and Dyson in a sex club together and rightly so given how Bo looked at Dyson).

Dyson's growth and maturity has been one of the few things about S3 that actually tracks through from the previous seasons and KHR managed to portray that growth while being shuffled off to the side in Doccutopia too. It's especially obviouls in Faed to Black when he's in the shrink's office post healing sex and finding a peace in having had that connection with Bo again while knowing it was only for that one moment. KHR did great work with Dyson this season, subtle and quiet and effective and to reduce that to "Dyson is moping again" discredits an excellent and consistent performance

Suzanne Metaxas
89. SuzyM
@TheGardner - You said that Dyson didn't come to terms until episode 304, I have to disagree. In the first episode Kenzi was pushing him to tell Bo he had his love back and he would not because he saw that Bo was happy and he wanted her to have that happiness without any interference from him. That to me shows someone that loves another enough to step aside for their happiness. He didn't mop or carry on he just stepped aside.
90. NervousNelly
I go back and forth on Lauren loving Bo. Some days I think she does and is fleeing because she understands that even with the best of intentions Bo's feeding is slowly physically killing her and her relationship with the fae establishment is killing her in other ways.

Other days I look at her interactions with both Bo and Nadia and feel that Lauren isn't even capable of anything beyond a booty call. She never seemed to want to interact with her lovers in any other way. Often she looked annoyed to have to speak with them or even have them in her apartment.

But I'm chronically straightforward. Maybe the writers and the actress are just so subtle I don't get it.
91. Santiam
Lauren is just so dull and uninteresting. It's not because she isn't Fae. Kenzi is all kinds of interesting! I wish we could be done with DL completely so that the stories could involve more exotic and fascinating characters. I get that she's supposed to be passive and soft and fem so that she can be the direct opposite of Dyson. This gives Bo two extremes of masculine and feminine, Fae and Human. It's more distinct than light and dark and expressed in genders as well as natures. But egad-almighty did they have to concentrate so much time on this dull woman? Her lambiant, adoring, creepy, devouring stare, is just reptillian! It starts when she first examines Bo and just gets more creepy-dude sex-offender intense as the show rolls on. Or is it just me? She has always gived me the heebie jeebies but I thought she was supposed to! I was dismayed when the relationship with Bo just droned on and on like scraping wallpaper paste.
I kept watching hoping eventually Kenzi's sharp instincts would finally prove right. She only ever grudgingly accepted Lauren. Dyson who has been around hundreds of years warned Bo that Lauren could never love her. Eat her like a plump live mouse-- maybe. I'm expecting Lauren's Fae power to include the ability to lick her own eyeballs.
92. Minime
I think that by the time Nadia woke up Lauren had moved on. It's one thing to try to save her but another once she is awake and you realize that you are not the same person you were at the time she "fell ill". Lauren tried to stay with Nadia because it was the right thing to do but she was no longer in love with her and had begun a new chapter in her life. My guess is the fact that she couldn't be honest with Nadia hurt any chances she had to rekindle the love.

I don't doubt that Lauren has and had strong feelings for Bo. Bo was the first person to treat her like a human and ask nicely for help. Lauren & Bo shared many human things like prom and high school. However, you can't wrap up all your self worth in your work or your relationship and that is what Lauren did. Once things went south on both fronts and she realized the state of her life she had no choice but to come to terms with her feelings. Something we have not really seen Lauren do before.

I do hope that if we have to endure more Lauren that she is this emotional, complex and angry Lauren but overall I just don't care about her. I want to watch a show about fairy creatures in a secret society that exists in our world and not about a human doctor rebelling and fighting for rights in this society. If I did want to see that I could watch V the series for the 80's or read about Hermonie in Harry Potter knitting caps and socks trying to free the house elves. Lauren is the least interesting person on that show to me and I don't want them to try to make her more interesting just include her appropriately in the show. Get her a lab and have her do her fae Dr thing like in season 1 & 2.
93. Santiam
@Minime You said it better than I did.

I'm not interested in shows about ordinary people. That's not what drew me to Lost Girl. Scotty should stay in the engine room and work his wonders. I don't care about his romantic inclinations.

Where Lauren does get my interest is this incredibly annoying fixation on her relationship with Bo that ruined what was a fascinating show.

I do blame Bo though for a great deal of it. Dyson sacrifices his love. Bo accepts that as a fact and does nothing to try and fix it. Purely human Kenzi takes on the Norn for all their sakes with no back-up of any kind. That's more "love" and certainly more courage than Lauren ever showed. If Lauren truly loved Bo, she'd be weilding that chainsaw. Sex and romance is shallow compaired to that kind of selfless love and courage.

Dyson expressed that sort of real comitment when he put Bo's happiness with Lauren ahead of his own needs. Bo seems like the kind of person who is in love with love. I'm not sure she's mature enough for what he's offering. Bo's giddy with the abilty to finally have sex and romance and she's gleefully ripping thru the Whitman Sampler of tasty options. I think he's steadfast enough to endure but it won't be easy.
94. stacymd2
Zanza: I agree. I think Doccubus dislikes Dyson so much because of all of his good qualities.
Shark with Lasers: I was thinking the same thing about Kenzi, Stiles & Willow. I just hope LG does not make Kenzi a werewolf, witch or a Fae. I cannot wait until Teen Wolf returns. I’m such a genre show wh*re.

Isbloom: I’m sick of the meme that Lauren “saved the day/Dyson” too. She helped; I’ll give her some credit for her idea of turning Taft into a Cabbit, but I don’t think it was even necessary for her to do so. There were other more active options she could have taken, from drugging/poisoning Taft herself, to not giving him any DNA to begin with.

Drusilla_doll: I don’t think Lauren helped Dyson escape after the surgery either, or they would have been together when D found Bo. After the surgery, I think D was but back into his glass cell & Bo freed him when she freed all of the prisoners.

TheGardner: I disagree about the “he's all moony eyed over Bo dressed up at the "sex ball" and he's back to sad after Bo forgets his existence when she sees Lauren descending the staircase.” I also don’t think there was anything wrong with Dyson appreciating the way Bo looks when she is dressed up. Dyson and everyone else (Tamsin, Kenzi) were staring at Lauren because she looked magnificent. They have never really seen her dressed up like that. He wasn’t being sad or mopey.

NervousNelly: I think Lauren does love Bo, but they are fundamentally different people. Their differences outweigh their feelings for each other. It is not that Lauren is human.
Santiam: So glad you brought up the gross first episode “exam”. I’ve read on other sites that that scene showed that B/L was “love at first sight”. It was so disgusting to me. A doctor taking sexual advantage of a patient like that is what turned me off to Lauren for S1. Why was Bo fully naked? Is gynecology one of scary smart, medical researcher, Fae expert, super scientist Lauren, MD’s specialties as well?
95. stacymd2
I said above that I was disappointed with Trick, but I am also disappointed with the Morrigan as well. Like Pam on True Blood, I like Evony mean and cold. They could have done so much more with her. I can’t get enough of Vex & I know there is only so much time in an episode, but by making Vex so easily capture the Morrigan, it null and voided all of her actions in the previous episode. How can we take her role as the evil leader of the Dark if she is only comically bad? TPTB seem to not want to make Vex or Evony to irredeemable.

This is why I don’t think TPTB will ever take Lauren too far. In the first episode of Season 4 she will be redeemed.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
96. Kiersten
I agree that EA will most likely redeemed DL in the beginning of S4 and make it out so she somehow "saved" everyone - esp since she retweeted a fan's triumphant "I knew Lauren would save everyone!" tweet when the finale first aired in Canada. If so, that will be the last straw for me, the final indication that she is primarily interested in a DL agenda above and beyond any committment to the original ethos of story and character that drew the dedicated audience Lost Girl enjoys (and regularly jeporadizes) enough to potentially jump the shark by Fae-infusing DL to make her a potentially viable partner again.

If, however, she allows what has been set up in these last episodes and the overall arc of the doccubus love story this season to stand and gives DL the chance to come into her own as the scorned human taking her revenge against the Fae - including her now former lover - that will prove the opposite and reward all of our painful suffering through season three. It will have the added benefit of finally letting DL embrace what brought her to the Fae in the first place - the desire to advance her sciencing by experimenting with and on the Fae as their "doctor" - and give her a much more complex character to play other than Bo's mewling human lover.

The fact that the show actually used DL's sexual harrassment and victimization of Bo in S1E1 as the moment they "fell in love" (something about which Bo has never indicated she feels the same) in Fae'd Wide Shut actually made me sick to my stomach. That may very well be DL's first love moment, but to anyone with eyes, she took blatant advantage of her naked, vulnerable patient. DL is so involved in oogling her, Bo has to ask if she can get dressed. Had she been a man, the hue and cry of outrage would've rocked the Internet to its core. DL certainly has no compunction about similarly (if not sexually) violating the cabbit when Sunitha is her patient, so clearly that's a core aspect of her character. But like Aoife's rape of Dyson gets recategorized now as a "bang", this ethical and moral and sexual violation gets retconned as the moment they "fell in love". Yuck. For her part, Bo admits in that episode that she was playing DL to escape the compound. "Sorry. I had to try" she non-apologizes. No love found or lost there.

The fact that the show & doccubus fans have to work so hard to retcon that relationship, they'll even stoop to making sexual harrassment into a romantic moment only continues to show the fundamental flaws inherent in the doccubus relationship from the very start and why we're all oh so weary with having to endure it for so long.
Nadine Robb
97. cmm
I do blame Bo though for a great deal of it. Dyson sacrifices his love. Bo accepts that as a fact and does nothing to try and fix it. Purelyhuman Kenzi takes on the Norn for all their sakes with no back-up of anykind. That's more "love" and certainly more courage than Lauren ever
showed. If Lauren truly loved Bo, she'd be weilding that chainsaw. Sexand romance is shallow compaired to that kind of selfless love and courage.
I disagree. Bo did try and get Dyson back during season 2 only to have him bark at her and rebuff her. In fact when Ciara came along he went out with her and shagged her t every chance he got. He knew it hurt Bo too. I never understood his behaviour either. Just because you lose your love for someone, does not mean you have to be nasty and spiteful to them. Season 2 was just overall weird as a whole. In some episodes he came across as someone that really despised her and other episodes he was nice, almost flirty even. So as a Dyson/Bo fan it was a really confusing time.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
98. Kiersten
It *was* confusing, cmm, and a lot of that was the writers not quite knowing what to do with that plot line - as KHR said, how do you play the absence of love? - complicated by the unexpected extention of the season where, instead of winding up that plotline and going forward w/something new for the back nine, they decided to stretch everything out and throw in filler episodes.

I think in the beginning of S2, Dyson was still so broken and pissed by the loss, he reacted like a total jackhole and lashed out at the person he (once) loved most so that she'd hurt as much as he did. Remember, he got dragged back to Faeville by the cops, he didn't return b/c he was ready to be around everyone again. It's juvenile and jackholish, but it's also not unusual - we always hurt most the ones we love(d) most. As the season moved on and Bo and Dyson tried to find something to preserve between them, there were still those sparks and moments played where Dyson remembered his love for Bo (as The Norn promised he would) and Bo showed that her feelings for him remained unchanged, which is why she struggled for so long to accept PerfectCiara in her orbit.

With PerfectCiara, Dyson saw a way to try and have something even if it wasnt the fulfillment of mated Fae love - though to be fair, he didn't know that when he started banging PC. There was also the unresolved crush of their past that needed a coda now that both of PC's husbands were dead, but I really think it was more "surely if I could love anyone other than Bo, it would be PerfectCiara" and when that inevitably failed and The Norn (Freaking Norn!) told him he would never be able to love anyone again because he'd given it all to Bo and The Norn (Freaking Norn!) took it all, that was when he broke PC's heart and really spiralled down into despair and became a first-rate a-hole for much of the back nine episodes. As Kenzi said, they needed to get back the best of him to make him a whole wolf again.

But I don't think Bo really tried for him either. She didn't pursue The Norn (Freaking Norn) or look for any solution to the problem which is directly against her character. But I take this as more production machinations to promote doccubus than organic story because if Bo had gone to restore Dyson's lost love right away, there wouldve been no relationship vacuum for doccubus to temporarily fill. Interestingly, this also wouldve meant a more limited character growth arc for Dyson, which is what's ultimately brought him to the settled more mature place he's in now. Double-edged that one.
Suzanne Metaxas
99. SuzyM
OK I know I've done this before but I'm going to give my 2 cents on Dyson in S2. I don't believe Dyson was a total Ahole; He was trying to come to terms with the most diabolical curse ever laid on a man. He would remember every wonderful moment he spent with Bo, how much he loved her, how it felt and how it completed him, but he would NEVER feel it again. When he kissed her or fed her all he would feel is the PAIN of loss. And you wonder why he was a bit bitter? He tried with the kiss at the rave but he felt nothing but pain. When Bo pushed him and kissed him at the end of the ep you could see the pain in his face. Of course he wanted her to move on; he loved her and didn't want her to have to deal with unrequited love.

When Ciara came on the scene he saw what he thought was a chance to love again but soon found out that was not to be. When he was banging her in his loft and she said "no more words" the pain on his face was heart wrenching! Yet he still felt that in time he would come to love Ciara since he couldn't love Bo.

In Mirror Mirror at the end when Bo heals herself when he is giving her mouth to mouth you again can see the pain it causes him to heal her. Yet Dyson never denies her healing. Although they don't show it on screen it is alluded to that Dyson still heals her when needed.

So why is Dyson blamed for being bitter and sullen??? Shoot I'd be pissed off and sullen too! And Bo never, I repeat NEVER went after the Freaking NORN! Kenzi did. So stop ragging on Dyson and put some of the blame on Bo for not caring enough to do something!!! Bo is a tad bit self centered in my opinion.
Nadine Robb
100. cmm
@Kiersten Honestly at this stage, if they want to do Doccubus full out go for it. I can find other shows to watch, no skin off my back. But they need to stop with the fanwank cause even if Andras doesn't see or get that others don't like that pairing, the other writers have to. Hence the little nuggets we get of Dyson/Bo or Bo/Tamsin. I do think that for season 4 they are going to have to start paying more attention to what they write. So first episode better have DL on the lamb or at least facing some reprecussions or I can forsee a lot of fans giving up on the show. I am close to giving up on it. I used to be a massive Dyson/Bo shipper but after the travesty that was season 2, I decided to just watch for Bo and Kenzi. At the time I figured, that that would be the one relationship they wouldn't mess up. That was until this season when they had Bo say to Kenzi that she didn't have time for her because she was going to see her girlfriend. That just blew my mind! Never would Bo say that to kenzi, never. I'd just like to point out too that if Bo were with Dyson and they had a date she'd never blow her off either because in Dyson's eyes Kenzi is almost like a member of his wolf pack. If Kenzi had an issue, Dyson would want to help solve it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
101. Kiersten
I agree @cmm. When Bo and Dyson are a couple, that includes Kenzi to an almost embarresssing degree, like when she walks in on them in tub...and stays. Or when Dyson takes the piss outta Kenzi in DisMembers. She walks into HH where B&D are being nauseatingly cute even for me, plops down next to them and shoves her feet at Dyson. Who doesnt say "what the hell" but starts rubbing them while she downloads them. The three of them are a unit. Bo would never have to blow off Kenzi for a date with Dyson b/c if Kenzi had an issue, he'd probably be trying to get it out of her already.

Kenzi has none of that rapport w/DL. It just highlights Bo and Kenzi and Dyson are the core together - they fit. Like Dyson says in Delinquents "just our usually shit stirrer". Our. But throw DL in Dyson's place and everything gets broken up to the detriment of everyone b/c she doesnt and never has fit in Bo's life or with Bo's faemily and her being human is only a small part of that.

I'd love to have DL face reprecussions in S4 but I'm not expecting it. The writer's room has been reduced this season to just EA and 3 or 4 others (though that couldve changed by now for all I know), so... Here's hoping I'm wrong - which, actually, happens a lot for me with this show.

Also? "Fanwank" Heeeeeee
Linda Losik
102. LindaL
I am trying to find the link; will post it as soon as I find it. EA stated in a recent interview that the triangle would continue.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
103. Kiersten
They've said before in interviews that the triangle would always be a part of things but we definitely had not even had that for quite some time. It's a shame they're so stuck on it when so many of the audience on both sides of the aisle hate it. If they just let doccubus run its course and move on, there'd be a substantial rise in viewers.
104. TheGardner
@Minime - I thought I was being generous calling him mopey or broody, when what I mostly see is a boring character who hasn't had a storyline since season 1 who was only interesting this season when he was infected with a parasite or mind-f***ed by a valkyrie. It is possible to give the man a storyline outside of Bo. Everything with him this season was all about Bo; his interactions with Kenzi they talked about Bo, the same thing with Trick, the only bright spots were when he was with Tamsin. I don't care if they hook up, but they make each other more likeable. I do agree that in the second half of the season particularly after the Yawning, he seems to be comming out of his funk and we get vestiges of season 1 Dyson, to which I heartily approve and hope we see more of in season 4.

I do believe that it is OOC for Bo to not show understanding at Lauren's decision to break free when Bo's whole shtick is about living the life she chooses, fight the power, not choosing a side dun dun dun. Yet here her girlfriend takes a stand for herself and Bo, knowing how hard it has been for the woman, she is unsympathetic. I generally try to not compare characters directly in my comments, I never said anything about Lauren in season 2 because I was talking about Dyson. Season 2 Lauren in relation to the Nadia debacle, my take on it was this: Lauren had been waiting 5 years to get her back, she was obviously deeply in love with her to sacrifice her freedom in a desperate attempt to save her, but 5 years is still 5 years. In short Lauren meets Bo and falls hard for her, when Nadia wakes-up Lauren stays with her out of guilt. I would descibe her as confused, indecisive, and whiny.

@Kiersten - As you wish I will amend my original comment to Yeah it royally sucks when the person you love doesn't want you back. Which was my point anyway wether she loves him or not she doesn't want him and he has to live with that.

@Suzy - In episode 3x01 he was struggling to handle his returned love and yes he acknowledges how happy Bo looks with Lauren, but all we see is his sad man-pain face as he watches them kiss. In 3x02 he spends most of the episode interacting with Tamsin who instantly picks up on his feelings for Bo and in 3x03 he is infected by the parasite and spends the episode as a teenage boy. In 3x04 we finally get some adult interaction between him and Bo, they come to an understanding, after which I feel like he finally starts moving foreward.
105. TheGardner
@Kiersten/staceymd2 - I shall expand; in 3x05 Bo and Dyson are standing around doing this awkward flirting thing, Dyson notices Lauren and they all stare in amazement as she descends the staircase. Bo and Lauren lock eyes and all they see is each other. Tamsin recovers first and impatiently ushers Dyson to get going, which he does , but not before taking a last longing glance at Bo, who has ceased to realize he or anyone else exists beyond Lauren.
Nadine Robb
106. cmm
@Linda L Now that I think about it. The triangle is the only way you can have doccubus, so i'm not surprised. But, I guess that means I will be just watching the first 2 episodes of the season and nothing else.
Suzanne Metaxas
107. SuzyM
@TheGardener - @Suzy - In episode 3x01 he was struggling to handle his returned love and yes he acknowledges how happy Bo looks with Lauren, but all we see is his sad man-pain face as he watches them kiss. In 3x02 he spends most of the episode interacting with Tamsin who instantly picks up on his feelings for Bo and in 3x03 he is infected by the parasite and spends the episode as a teenage boy. In 3x04 we finally get some adult interaction between him and Bo, they come to an understanding, after which I feel like he finally starts moving foreward.

I have to disagree with you. He is struggling to come to terms with his feeling because he has been without them for so long. He is NOT MOONING OVER BO. Also he did not have a man-pain face. In fact I can remember ticking me off because he was so accepting. I am also not so sure Tamsin picked up on it or she was told about it from the Morrigan, which I think is more likely. 3-03 was a fun episode for all which I totally enjoyed. It wasn't meant to be deep. It also showed that when you got down to basics Bo still loves Dyson. Dyson has been moving forward since S3-01, he knows he loves Bo and will wait until she returns to him, because he knows she will.
108. Minime
I am happy to hear that they are cutting down on the writers. I am interested to see who they keep from the 10 that they used in season 3. I thought it was excessive to need 8-10 writers for 13 episodes with comparable shows with the same amount of episodes doing an amazing job with 4 writers.
Nadine Robb
109. cmm
@Minime I'm somewhat disturbed at this news because it could mean they keep the writers who just write doccubus and scrap the others that write for other characters. But we shall see.
110. TheGardner
@SuzyM - The expression Dyson has behind bars in 3x01 is the same one he has in 2x22 and 3x09 when his face is framed between a Bo/Lauren kiss. It is an expression that conveys sad longing, i.e. man pain. In 3x02 Tamsin looks directly at him and ask if he is in love with her, he brushes it off and she mocks him about her later. I thought it was telling in 3x03 that when maturity and depth are stripped away Bo reverts to Dyson, i.e. Bo the girl wants Dyson whereas Bo the woman wants Lauren.

he knows he loves Bo and will wait until she returns to him, because he knows she will

I find that insulting that he just assumes she will come back to him, wether it be now or in 100 years when Lauren is dead. Bo is her own person and unlike Dyson she isn't stuck loving the same person for the rest of her life. Dyson mated with Bo, but she never mated with him and it is entirely possible to love someone deeply, and move on. There is a part that will always love them sure, but it's the being in love that matters.
Suzanne Metaxas
111. SuzyM
@TheGardner We will have to agree to disagree because I do not see what you do in Dyson's face. Bo is her own person and she loves Dyson out of choice. Dyson chose Bo, it was his choice. One he has said he doen't wish to change. I see Bo and Dyson connected on a level that is so deep nothing will ever touch it. This is not a bad thing, it doesn't hold Bo back, it completes her and allows her to do what she must knowing that Dyson will always be there for her. Dyson loves her expecting nothing in return, Lauren on the other hand has said she needs much more from Bo. Lauren is just to needy to suit me.
112. Santiam
@Kiersten you are right to call Bo, Kenzi and Dyson the core. When we had the cast at Comic-con in San Diego it was KHR, AS and KS. The three "stars" of Lost Girl. There was no mention of the extra characters. That may have been their first appearance in the U.S but I don't know. It was a little confusing because we took them to a booth called Funamation that deals in anime. I said "yes" and arranged an escort without knowing who or what it was, till they stepped out of the vehicle and I reccognized them. Quite frankly till that moment I knew it was girl something or lost something but assumed it was voice talent. The dvd set for season one had yet to come out and I believe the booth they were signing at was taking pre-orders. The cast appearance had not been announced or anything and yet they drew a big crowd. I would love to have them make a return visit. They were a delight.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
113. Kiersten
@Santiam - it's cool that you were on the inside at SDCC that way. You must have great stories. Do you work it every year?

2012 was actually Kris and Anna's 2nd appearance at SDCC. They'd gone before just the two of them when S1 was about to/had launch(ed) in Canada. Anna recently joked it was basically just her and Kris passing out flyers (they are the 1st and 2nd leads of the show after all.) In 2012, they slammed the SDCC visit in between while filming the end of S3, so it was a blitzkreig trip down and back for just the three of them who were mobbed and quite popular b/c by then they had a huge U.S. following as S1&2 had been airing back to back on Syfy all year. Their appearance may have been a surprise to you, but the LG community knew they were going, hence the crowd. This year, with Anna pregnant, it's Kris and Zoie who are making the Comic-Con rounds with Kris the most heavily scheduled for Philadelphia, Houston, Motor City and The Vampire Ball in London where he'll be with Paul Amos (Vex) . Zoie is scheduled to be with him in Motor City and Houston. They are actually hilarious together - The Kris and Zoie Show should be a regular part of season DVDs. I'm sure the whole group will be at FanExpo Canada again and would expect at least Kris and Ksenia (and likely Zoie this time) to be at SDCC again and possibly Anna. But filming is going to run later into the year because of the pregnancy delay (they started in April last year), so who knows?

Funimation is trying to branch out of only anime and so they got the contract to produce the DVDs & BRs of LG in the U.S. (and did a crap job on production BTW) so part of the need for Prodigy to fit SDCC into the schedule and send AS, KS, and KHR was to promote the S1 and S2 U.S. DVD & BR release with Funimation. Up till then, only S1 had released in Canada and only on DVD without any extras. Plus they wanted the added publicity to raise the audience in the States for the big S3 push I'm sure.

But you're right, while there's absolute cast unity between all of the actors themselves, business-wise, those are the three leads of the show and, for example, when they do those mass press phone interviews, it's the three of them every time. That doesn't mean the other actors don't get their own press too or, given the chance, that those three wouldn't prefer to have the others with them (I'm sure they would). Anyone who's seen the Canada FanExpo panels knows how much they all enjoy each other on and off the screen and the pre- and post-season shows they've done for the fans is always the entire cast - and should be.

Story-wise, S1, the establishing season of the show, is all about those three characters working together and Bo finding herself in this new world through her new connections to Kenzi and Dyson - one human, one Fae. Hale, Trick, and even Doctor Lauren were/are ancillary to that. But when DL/ZP's popularity started to grow mid-season, they expanded her role & by season two, she was moved from recurring to full-time cast member as 4th lead on the show. And then showrunners and season orders and other things fluctuated in S2, which eventually lead us to EA as showrunner for S3 and the resultant Doccutopia.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
114. Kiersten
"I thought it was telling in 3x03 that when maturity and depth are stripped away Bo reverts to Dyson, i.e. Bo the girl wants Dyson whereas Bo the woman wants Lauren."

It is indeed telling, but that's not why. When all the crap is stripped away, Bo emotional default, instinctive response is to reach for Dyson. It's not about being a girl; it's about knowing where to find the one who truly meets your emotional needs, who truly is your partner. That is very mature. Doctor Lauren has to contain Bo, has to inject her, has to continually corrall her from who and what and where she wants to be i order to hold on to her. That's very passive agressive and immature.

In every season, Bo and Dyson talk to each other, sometimes quite painfully, but there is always eventually a moment where they have the needed Come to Jesus discussion. That's very mature and difficult. In every season, Bo and Doctor Lauren avoid truly talking to each other for a long as they can get away with it and Doctor Lauren spends a great deal of time lying to or deceiving Bo or simply insisting that she knows better until proven wrong. That's quite juvenile. As we've amply seen in S3, the strongest thing between them is sex and once the glow of that has past, their relationship hasn't the depth or level of trust to continue beyond that. Saying "I love you" in that situation is very girlie and young and immature.
115. Minime
KHR & ZP have played a couple or ex-couple in a few movies so I imagine they have great chemistry. From a few interviews the two of them have said they pushed for an end to the DL & Dyson tension with the writers this season.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
116. Kiersten
Yeah, KHR and ZP are not fans of it. I think that's the main reason we got that great scene between the two of them at the end of Delinquents, b/c they pushed for it. Personally, I can't wait to see them as a couple in Sex After Kids when it gets to the States.

I dont think any of the actors in the triangle actually like having a triangle. Quite possibly, they're as sick of it as we are. But that's solely conjecture on my part.
Katherine Bloom
117. lsbloom
I thought it was telling in 3x03 that when maturity and depth are stripped away Bo reverts to Dyson, i.e. Bo the girl wants Dyson whereas Bo the woman wants Lauren.
Maybe it's not the woman vs the child. Maybe it's Bo's inherent self vs the self that she was trying to be. The same as with the adunc, wiped clear, Dyson is still on her mind, but Lauren? Lauren is a frownie brownie, who isn't part of who Bo actually is. The fiction that Bo is more "adult" with Lauren that she's a grownup may just be another way of saying she's prissy, snooty, and closed off, but those aren't really who Bo is just who she tries to be in order to be with Lauren.
118. stacymd2
TheGardner: I’m kind of shocked by your continued use of the words, “man pain” and other people’s use of “emo” when Dyson conveys emotions. When Lauren does it, is it “woman pain”? Can women be “emo”? Are men not to have feelings at all? Is Dyson supposed to be Robo Cop or Data on Star Trek with no facial expressions or feelings at all? I find this backwards, 1950s strict gender role era way of thinking about men so disturbing because it is unrealistic and homophobic at its core. Feelings/emotions = weak and/or “feminine”. Men with feelings/emotions = weak and/or “feminine”. Men who are weak and/or “feminine” are gay.

From now on should we call Lauren’s mewing, blinking and furrowed brow expressions when in distress or confronted for her actions woman pain?

As was said before, Doccubus seems to dislike Dyson for his good qualities. He is a controlling Neanderthal who takes away Bo’s agency! He is an emo ass for having feelings!! He is mopey for continuing to love Bo (even though Lauren chose Bo over her freedom)!!! He doesn’t respect Bo / Lauren’s love (even though he’s been broken up with Bo for 2-years and hasn’t tried to come between B/L in any way)!!!! He has no live or storyline outside of Bo (even though he has been working on cases with Tam and most of S3 has been about Doccubus)!!!!! Boo! Hiss! Bad Dyson!
119. stacymd2
I find this continued meme of B/L being mature and B/D being immature the same as the constant, ridiculous whine that Dyson is taking away Bo’s agency when he is helping her. The major trust that Bo has with Dyson is why she seeks him. B/L crashed on its own.
More thoughts about the S3E13:

I think Bo was a strong hero this episode, not playing second fiddle. Bo is not a conventional hero, so why does her heroism have to be defined by conventional definitions of heroism – physical action, combat, bravado, etc?

She was not just running around with Tamsin. She got Tam help for the gunshot wound, busted out the imprisoned Fae, fought Tam 2x, checked in with her team (Trick & Kenzi), ordered Dyson to kill the villain and tried to regroup her team in the end. Bo played a strong leader throughout the final. I don’t think the lead has to physically “save” someone every episode to be the hero.
Bo was manipulating Tamsin the whole time. She knew a major confrontation was coming. Bo took control of the juice needle in order to control when and where Tamsin would be at full strength. Bo made sure Tamsin did the heavy lifting with the guards and took some of her chi after the juicing to ensure that Tamsin was weaker when they had their final showdown.
Bo physically saving her team will come in S4.
Wallace Le
120. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Bo and Lauren do not have even sex as an anchor between them. Lauren is satisfied with simply one touch of Bo’s little finger. Bo on the other hand is never satisfied sexually by Lauren (and I don’t mean feeding); neither can Lauren feed Bo to even minimally sustain her.

So why is the show suggesting the sex part between Bo and Lauren is great and displaying the obvious monumental imbalance. Bo and Lauren may wish for compatibility, but sexually they are not. These two do not love each other, they see something in each other that they each lack (humanity and power), hence the dysfunctional attempt to grab at that.

Lauren’s “No Dyson” order to her could have killed Bo, but Lauren didn’t seem to mind and Bo is portrayed as lacking the self-worth, self-esteem and self-awareness to go along with it.

The Lauren/Bo relationship is definitely not a loving mature one.

LG writers are inadvertently displaying a highly dysfunctional, even abusive, controlling relationship between Bo and Lauren.
Carmen Pinzon
121. bungluna
I think it's great that almost two week after the Canadian broadcast and 5 days after the US one we still have so much to discuss about this show. Give credit to the one who came up with this concept that so fascinates us!
122. whiskeywhite
TheGardner said: "Bo the girl wants Dyson whereas Bo the woman wants Lauren." In response, lsbloom says:
Maybe it's not the woman vs the child. Maybe it's Bo's inherent self vs the self that she was trying to be. ... Lauren ... isn't part of who Bo actually is. (The way she behaves with Lauren) is just who she tries to be in order to be with Lauren.
lsbloom comes closest to my own view. Lauren is Bo's (human) dream for her future. Lauren is the white picket fence and babies. That's what Bo's entranced with. She tries to complete the fantasy by being monogamous with Lauren (despite how unsatisfying, and indeed quasi-suicidal it is for her). It's true that she is at first a teenage girl with Dyson because, briefly, he's the "boyfriend" she was never able to have. But experience has shown her as she matures into her fae life with him that life with Dyson will never be picket fence and babies (despite, or perhaps leading to) the fantasy of life in the burbs with Dyson in the Yawning. So as lsbloom says, life with Lauren is what (human) Bo is trying to be while life with Dyson would allow her to be her inherent self. Is either one more "adult"?

I admire those of you who stick to your guns and try to argue Lauren's positive aspects despite it pushing buttons that bring down torrents of counter argument. When we reach the stage of Lauren's actions being compared to war crimes, perhaps we all, as Kiersten advised in a different circumstance, need to take some "deep breaths." Some of us are here as refugees from "Dyson is a terrible character and can do nothing right" forums. Let's not make this forum "Lauren is a terrible character and can do nothing right."

Kiersten has to keep repeating that Bo still loves Dyson, and rightly so, because it's true, as all the evidence which she details shows. I thought SuzyM did a lovely job of describing Dyson's experience in early Season 2 of having lost his love of Bo and how that feels to him (I won't quote it because it's lengthy, but it's comment #99). She concludes that he has a right to be "bitter and pissed off".

But Kiersten then takes "he's pissed" a step further to conclude: "he reacted like a total jackhole and lashed out at the person he (once) loved most so that she'd hurt as much as he did." I disagree that he is intentionally hurting her just because he's hurt. He's intentionally trying to drive her away, to get her to "move on" so that she isn't hanging on for unrequited love, as SuzyM says. He says as much to Hale when Hale asks him to be more subtle about socializing with other women in front of Bo. "What... and let her think she’s still got a shot?” he retorts. In the recap of that episode (2.04), Kiersten interpreted that as him being arrogant. But it seems pretty clear to me that the whole "I've already moved on" thing, bringing a date to the ball and similar, is part of his "you see Bo, you have to give it up, it's hopeless", plan.

But we should be clear that while the larger goal is ultimately about kindness to Bo, he's willing to hurt her badly to accomplish the goal. In this episode, Kiersten describes Lauren talking to Bo in front of Taft with "a brutal delivery designed to hurt Bo so that she'd finally get the message." This is a perfect description of what Dyson did to Bo -- twice. First, under orders from Trick, using Kayla (and abusing her in doing so, as I've said a few times) and again after he loses his love of Bo.

While I completely agree that Bo still loves Dyson, I disagree that Lauren no longer loves Bo. When she and Dyson talk in the Dal, she admits that she has screwed up their relationship but ends with "How will I ever get over her?" Not "That's it, I'm done with her." Or "I can't love her anymore." Or whatever. That she calls off the relationship doesn't mean that she doesn't still love Bo. So Doccubus will be back in Season 4.

I want to talk about Kiersten's interesting idea of a polyamorous relationship among Bo, Dyson and Tamsin. But must go to bed. More anon.
Pandra Selivanov
123. Zanza
I wouldn't compare Lauren's actions to war crimes, but one thing about her and Dyson is always going to stick in my head. Taft was a mortal enemy of the Fae, and Lauren amped him up. Dyson killed him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
124. Kiersten
The war crimes shot was mine and I'll own it, but what I actually said was "People have persecuted such actions as war crimes, not "helping"." I did not say that DL is a war criminal, so please don't assign that accusation to me or I'll likely wind up with a price on my head from the doccubus mafia (provided they haven't done that already).

I chose those words carefully to accentuate DL's quite henious actions toward Sunitha (and, by extension Dyson) who, as a prisoner, had 100% no choice and thus was completely victimized by the doc and yet so many fans (and possibly EA) are quick to label her actions as heroic and even noble because of their ultimate result of making Taft a "lesser" Fae than the alpha he'd intended to become. Much like brushing aside Aoife's rape of Dyson as "banging", LG likes to ignore the finer negative points of their (especially female) characters actions when it means they have to deal with something that paints their poster children in a bad light. For LG to ignore these actions or worse imply that they're heroic or justified by the ends for the women but jump all up and down on the men when they make even the slightest infringement on Bo's "agency" (esp when they're actually not) is too hypocritical to let go unacknowledged. Sure, it's a campy genre TV show, but (though I hate to continue the comparison, if the shoe fits...) so was BTVS and yet it continually used that platform to examine real truths about identity, honor, sacrifice, betrayal, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and vice versa and the hard consequences of those decisions and, yes, love. I expect nothing less of LG, in fact, given its propinquity towards the presentation of adult themes and progressive sexuality, I expect more.

And, much as I would love to say otherwise (and despite my joy at her use of the past tense "loved"), I too don't believe that DL doesn't love Bo anymore. I think she's recognized that their relationship can never work, but that doesn't mean her emotions have changed. I've said from the start that for Bo there is no either/or in how she feels about Dyson and DL only in who she's with at the moment, that pesky white picket fence dream of hers constantly pushing her to believe she has to be monogamous to one or the other at a time. Of the two, I think Dyson has come around to being more at peace with sharing her; DL has admitted flat out that while she knows it has to happen, she can't deal with the actuality of it and there's that No Dyson rule of hers that reveals just everything about how she truly feels.

@whiskeywhite - While I was writing that polyagamous aside in the recap, I thought, "whiskey is going to be so happy I went there." I've been waiting for you to weigh in...
Pandra Selivanov
125. Zanza
Something else has occured to me. The way Aoife talked about Bo's father was...peculiar. Almost like she cared about him and wanted him to show up, which you wouldn't expect for the Dark Fae who imprisoned and tortured her for a thousand years.

What if the Wanderer and the Dark Fae king are two separate people? Trick said he turned Aoife over to the Dark for execution. Maybe they did execute her. Maybe the Dark Fae king kept her for that thousand years, finally got tired of her, and executed her. And the Wanderer took pity on her and brought her back to life-say, thirty-something years ago?
126. Santiam
I think the best description of Dyson's feelings and motivations after he loses his love comes from Kenzi when she proposes "The Tim Effect" It was yet another example of Kenzi's wisdom. She can be quite profound.

@Kiersten I'm a grizzled vet of SDCC and have been involved as a coordinator and manager for over 30 years. So yes I have lots of old war stories. SDCC is not affiliated with any other Comic-con but they do manage Wondercon.
They didn't get mobbed last year but they had a very nice crowd. Then again my definition of "mobbed" is pretty extreme--
Kiersten Hallie Krum
127. Kiersten
@Santiam - I was going by the Twitter feedback on the day. I know some people got turned away b/c of time and that they were pretty full tilt on all three days. I'm excited to see what happens this year for them.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
129. Kiersten
@Zanza - interesting. That would certainly explain how Aoife was a prisoner for thousands of years but only got pregnant thirty something years ago. I noted in the recap that she seemed pretty keen for Bo's dad to show up for someone she seems to have hated for so long, but if in fact the Dark Fae King and Bo's father are two different men, that would clear up that bit organically. The only hiccup is Bo's resurfaced memory in The Yawning of when Aoife killed the nanny and stole Baby Bo and the whole "he can't have you". She was clearly in a rough way and an escapee from her prison. Still...
Nadine Robb
130. cmm
That is an interesting theory Zanza. One that I'd be 100% in favour of but, what I think is more likely is that they are one in the same. From the dawning you see Aoife take Bo and kill the nanny who was babysitting for her father. I think more than likely the answer is that as much as Aoife despises her captor, she learned to love (or admire) him as well.
Suzanne Metaxas
131. SuzyM
@Zanza you voiced what I've been thinking :) I too believe that Bo's father is not the Dark Fae King. If it were then Trick would have know who he was all along. After all he knew who he gave Aife up to. Trick always said who he might be terrified him. Then we see Trick say "oh no not him" so I doubt the Dark King and Bo's dad are the same person :)
132. Santiam
Maybe Aoife had a fellow prisoner who is Bo's father? Maybe she became pregnant after her escape? I'm hazy on the time line. Or is the time line hazy?
133. Santiam
Isn't "The Wanderer" another name for Odin? Didn't someone mention that already?

I just hope they don't do a big build up to a fizzle like the Garuda. Trick has the answers, but Trick's guarded secrecy has not served anyone well. Has it? The way he kept Dyson and Bo apart was annoying. Kenzi had a better take on it in the Foot Soup episode when she pointed out that Dyson could not protect Bo if he was weakened by her. I think she made him swear that if the choice came between protecting her and feeding her that he'd protect her. I took that to mean that she wanted him to not let jealousy get in the way of Bo's ability to feed. Kenzi wanted him strong and able to protect her friend if she could not be around to watch Bo's back. I don't take this to mean any infringement on Bo's "agency" whatever that means (sounds like a real estate firm). It's a very cool and angsty conundrum that Dyson who is territorial by nature (and no I don't think that's a horrible trait as long as they can work thru it) loves a woman he must sexually share, if he is to be strong enough to fight by her side. It will always be a choice if they are together. He can still be strong but not at full strength if he feds her enough for her to be at her full power. The question will always come down to some sort of agreement or balance. Like which is better in this situation? Two of us at half power or one of us at full? They have hinted but done nothing with the concept that Bo at full power is out of control and might turn dark. They have not done a situation where it is better for Dyson to be at his strongest and allow Bo to starve for a bit. Like-- say the need to pull a sled thru the snow...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
134. Kiersten
See, now? All I'm picturing is Dyson's in full lupine mode, hitched to a sled on which lies a bleeding, nearly comatose Bo so he can pull her through a blizzard to safety...
It's a very cool and angsty conundrum that Dyson who is territorial by nature (and no I don't think that's a horrible trait as long as they can work thru it) loves a woman he must sexually share, if he is to be strong enough to fight by her side.
Exactly. And that's what they got up to in DisMembers, the acknowledgement that both of their natures were going to have to adapt to accommodate what couldn't be denied in the other's. Dyson would have to yield in some of his territorial nature (which I agree is not a horrible trait), which he'd already acknowledged and Bo would have to find a way to feed her need not solely on Dyson b/c he's so territorial, but with respect to his nature, perhaps by being discrete or up front about what she needed and/or was doing - who knows? They never got the chance to try. It's telling that Bo's default move (when the doc isn't running interference) is to run to Dyson when she's injured or has that need, so she's just as responsible for expecting him to pony up every time as donor as he is for trying to accommodate it.
135. stacymd2
Zanza: I really like your idea for Bo’s father as well. This way we do not have to think of both of Bo’s parents as horrific monster. Aofie must have been very messed up when she had Bo. That could explain why she didn’t want Bo to stay with her father.

If LG keeps the Dark Fae King and Wanderer/Bo’s dad as the same person, then I really do not want a Luke & Laura (General Hospital) situation. I think the victim falling in love with her/his rapist promotes rape culture in our society and should not be in LG.
136. Minime
I do think it's possible that they are two different people, the king and the wanderer. Acicia makes it clear Tamsin has to trade Bo for something, I think a longer life. What if Bo's dad takes in "lost souls" and offers them something they need in return for what he wants. Think male Norn, old powerful and can even reverse death. I have to go back to bloodlines but doesn't Bo ask about her dad and Aiofe says I don't want to talk about him but she does tell Bo about the king. So could very well be two different people. I agree a Luke & Laura storyline have no place in LG.
137. whiskeywhite
Please sign me up to be a member of the chorus of interest in Zanza's idea that the Dark king and Bo's father are two different people.

And thanks, Kiersten for clarifying the sled. I was stymied -- how did sleds and snow get into this?
Pandra Selivanov
138. Zanza
Thanks, guys, for all the kudos! Well, I think Bo's visions in the dawning pretty much don't make much sense, but I could see Aoife stealing Bo from her father. She might have been so messed up after all that imprisonment and torture that when she had Bo, she was willing to do anything to keep her only for herself. And then the midwife took Bo and hid her to keep her from Aoife because it's just too crazy to cut dad's throat and take off with the baby. As to why the midwife didn't just take the baby back to the father, maybe she didn't know where to find him? Maybe they don't call him the Wanderer for nothing. ;)
139. Minime
Saw this on docutopia the 3 writers plus EA. Michael Grass is new :
Andras took over showrunning duties in season three and is currently in the throes of developing season four with her small but mighty writers room, which includes (so far) Alexandra Zarowny, Steve Cochrane and Michael Grass.


Steve is especially doccubus heavy he has done almost all of the episodes with doccubus sex and relationship and has never written a Bo & Dyson love or flirting scene but Alexandra gave us Brotherfae, Fae Gone Wild, Fae-de To Black and Fae-ge Against the Machine.
Pandra Selivanov
141. Zanza
She tries not to “go down the rabbit hole” of catering to the fans who fill certain corners of the Internet with their opinions.
I can't believe Andras has the gall to advance this. Ethical considerations aside, you have to admire her brazeness. A woman who has her dues paid up at the shrine of Docutopia through the next century, who regularly goes to worship at Doccubus.com, and she is not trying to cater to certain fans?
143. TheGardner
God this show is like a drug, it's almost two weeks after the episode aired in Canada and we are still finding things to bitch about discuss. To experience this kind of passion from fans must be like a wet dream for the actors, many of whom spent a signifigant portion of their adult lives working in the service industry and grasping at every bit part with a line of dialogue. AS was what 35 when she landed the role of Bo and before that her biggest sceen credit was a 3 episode guest spot on Being Erica and a Nicoderm comercial. Despite the heddy experience this must be for her she remains grounded and even took the time to record a video tribute thanking the fans for their continued support. With Comicons, Fanexpo and live tweeting durring episodes this is an awsome cast that truly embraces their fans and I think that is something special.

Here is my wish list for Season 4:

More interaction with the Dark, as it stands now Bo, for all of her claiming to be unaligned, is defacto Light.

More consistent writing, i.e. characters, season arc, etc.

Return focus to the syfy/fantasy world instead of who is keeping Bo's bed warm.


Bo - Now that she has passed the Dawning and become full fae I would like to see her embrace it while still keeping ties to her humanity(i.e. Kenzi and Lauren) because that is what sets her apart from other fae. I am sick of the love triangle and Bo is obviously not relationship material, which hello she's a succubus. I want to explore her past more, she spent ten years running from place to place, life to life, that has to leave some deep scars which up to this point has been glossed over. If we are going to get stuck in soap opera hell with her love life, I want TPTB to pick one, officially end it with the other and be done with it, no more back and forth, but I know that really is just wishful thinking.

Dyson - The next time he takes his shirt off I want it to be because he is about to go full wolf. I would like to see more of him actually being a detective, working on cases, investigating fae crimes, covering them up etc., the added bonus being him working alongside Tamsin. I am not generaly a fan of partners hooking up, but with those two I think they could keep it professional. She really brings out the fun side of the wolfman and considering Bo is in no position to get involved with anyone, Tamsin could be exactly what he needs.

Kenzi - I would like to see her let go of this idea she needs to be fae to be relevant. I think it is past time for her to grow up and stop hiding behind her humor. I would like to see her backstory explored, we are 3 seasons in and we still don't know the reason she ran away from home, it is implied that her stepfather was abusive, but in what way that would cause her to take to the streets and resort to living underground. I would like to see her recconect with Bo, their relationship was arguably the best thing about this series that kind of fell to the wayside this season and of course more Kenzi and Bruce.

Lauren - I want to see her fight for her freedom. She is in a unique position, she has all of this knowledge at her disposal, but currently she is a fugitive. Based on the finale she definitely has a cold streak and I would love to see her stop being a doormat and stick it to the Fae. I think it is well past time that we learned more about her past, she was in Afghanastan, she went to Yale, her real name is Karen Beattie, um OK so that is nice and all, but it doesn't really tell me anything about her. As well as her life before the fae I would like to know more about what it was like for her being with them before she met Bo. I would really like to see her relationship with Kenzi explored as the only two humans in the group they offer a different perspective, even if they don't like each other.

Tamsin - I am glad she is coming back next season, I like elements of her character and I think she brings something unique to the story. I would like to know more about her and her past. She has great chemestry with Dyson which needs to be explored and absolutely under no circumstances have her hook-up with Bo. Bo doesn't need another love interest and Tamsin needs a real friend, but they did take a bath together so it's probably only a matter of time.

Hale - I would like him to have more screentime. I love his buddy relationship with Kenzi, I don't see them as a couple, but anytime they are on screen together is a good thing. I would like to explore his family more particularly his relationship with his father. Now that he is not the Ash I don't think he can go back to being a cop, I wonder what is next for the sexy siren. There is a rumor circulating that KC might not be back for season 4, I hope that's not true because, despite being underused, I have always liked his character.

Trick - He is an interesting character with his knowlegde and experiences accumulated over his many lifetimes, I would really like to see him be used as something more than info dumps.

Eh, I know I'll be back for at least the beginning of season 4, this show is my crack and since I can't afford "Hot-Bitch Rehab" I remain mired in my addiction.
144. whiskeywhite
OK, what do I think about Kiersten’s Bo/Dyson/Tamsin polyamory proposal? Bold move, as Hale would say. I agree, and have said, that if the show really wanted to be cutting edge that would be the way to go.
But I’m trying to envision what’s in it for the various parties.

Kiersten begins from Dyson’s need. He needs, because Bo needs, someone with whom she can have an on-going and physically fulfilling sexual relationship in addition to him (is that what she really needs, or does she really need to be sexually free?). Kiersten argues that Tamsin is a good choice because he likes, cares about and trusts her (although I’m not sure he totally trusts her after being on the receiving end of her full Valkyrie treatment). Tamsin would be physically strong enough (if she weren’t dying – little problem there) and she would certainly be preferable from his point of view to a constant smorgasbord of random bar pick-ups, or to a partner who fears him as a rival (though he and Lauren have dealt with this somewhat).

Kiersten makes a strong argument that Bo is sexually interested in Tamsin and cares about her. Her guts told her, rightly, not to trust Tamsin but once Tamsin defected to Team Bo that may be resolved (although apparently Bo can’t trust Tamsin not to drive Dyson off a cliff). Similarly, it seems that at least a part of Tamsin really likes (loves?) Bo and wants to be part of her family.

However, it seems to me that there is a major power imbalance in the relationships. Tamsin is proposed as Dyson and Bo’s “third”. What would Tamsin get out of this relationship? She would be cared for and protected by both Bo and Dyson. She would have the emotional safety of a family (whether Kenzi accepts and gets along with her is important but I think possible). Tamsin may love Bo to some degree, but does she want a sexual relationship with Bo? Kiersten has repeatedly argued not. So what then? Does she trade sex with Bo for a place in the family? And is she there principally to meet Dyson’s need for a compatible third?

There of course shouldn’t be a third. There should be two seconds (from Bo’s point of view because she’s the centrepiece). Dyson and Tamsin should be the equally strong wings of Bo as a bird. (Don’t hassle me about this analogy, OK? Just trying to create an image of a unit where all the parts are essential and need to be in balance.) Tamsin would need to be a lot stronger emotionally and physically, and the relationship between her and Bo would have to develop with a lot of care and attention before that wing would fly.

But friends, it ain't gonna happen. Not with Tamsin or anyone. Must. Defend. Monogamy.

So, if Tamsin is smokenapped by the Wanderer is she going to come back resurrected? Given how she described herself at full strength, that would be something to see and would presumably affect all of her relationships, big time.

Next post: nitpick-o-rama.

Oh, and Kiersten, I never said that you said that Lauren was a war criminal. I, too, chose my words carefully. Another one for the deep breaths file.
Pandra Selivanov
145. Zanza
Here is my wish list for Season 4: Bo - Now that she has passed the Dawning and become full fae I would like to see her embrace it while still keeping ties to her humanity(i.e. Kenzi and Lauren)... Lauren - I want to see her fight for her freedom...and stick it to the Fae.
@ Gardener, Can you please clarify how this makes sense? How can Lauren maintain ties to Bo AND get her freedom AND stick it to the Fae? Maintaining ties to the Fae and being free from the Fae are mutually exclusive. And assuming Bo would ever want her back, how can Lauren be with Bo and go after the Fae?
146. Santiam
Whiskeywhite-- I happen to like "two equally strong wings" as an anology. Kudos!

And "Smokenapped"

I hadn't thought of Tamsin coming back at full power. That's a cool idea. She's sort of a phoenix. I'm not looking forward to her going bald but then again, hanks of hair fall out and yet it never shows. In some ways, I'd kind of like to see Kenzi giving wig tips.

I think Lauren can come back maintaining all her ties thru the miracle of bad writing.

One of the deciding factors could be who the new Ash turns out to be. I hope it's Lauren's new lover. Tho I doubt the writers thought of this. I'm going to call her Betsy the all powerful Ash (otherwise known as Betsy Batshit Crazy) Betsy, not only takes Lauren under her wing but because they are lovers, Lauren now has power and protection. Betsy and Lauren make Dyson and his fellow Light Fae kneel and swear fealty. Lauren will swear she's trapped and under duress, but struggling to influence the Ash to be less vile. She's really just playing all sides of every street and you can never know if she can be trusted. She can make doe eyes at Bo and sad declarations of how she wishes things could be different (which is why God created the mute button on the eighth day). In this way Lauren would be trapped again by power but also in power. Another dynamic to explore. I'd reveal it when the new Ash introduces her consort. Ta da! Lauren. Gasp!

I say let them do the sheet tangle tango.

Put a fork in doccubus, it's done.
Suzanne Metaxas
147. SuzyM
@Santiam stop giving them ideas! LOL They are bad enough on their own!

Did anyone notice that the picture of the wanderer on the tarot card changed? He now has red hair! Hmm could it be because they have the actor to play him lined up???? Just wondering :D
148. Santiam
I hope it's not Danny Bonaduce!
149. Minime
@Santiam I have seen that idea floated on other sites, an Ash who has a realtionship with Lauren but they would have to retcon a bit, a relationship with a human is punishable by death as is one with a person on the other side. That was why the stag was in jail and Lueanne's family was put the death. I would love to have a crazy ash and a nice Morrigan (vex) to keep Bo on her toes.
150. Santiam
Wait... I kinda hope it is Danny Bonaduce because that's a better idea than most of my other ones. For one it explains all the horror.
151. Santiam
@Minime I thought the Stag was in jail for having relations with a Dark Fae? I had forgotten Lueanne's offense. I think because the human who was sired by th Will-O-The-Wisp was the product of Fae and Human. I was confused. Obviously the Fae must not be aware that guy is half human or they would have killed him and Will.
Suzanne Metaxas
152. SuzyM
LOL Danie Bonaduce wouldn't last a minute in the world of Fae :)

As Minime reminds us Dark Fae and Light Fae can only get together sexually on La Shoshane or they are sentenced to death. Only Bo because she is unaligned can sleep with who see pleases. Again the only reason Bo can sleep with Lauren without Lauren being killed is because Bo is unaligned otherwise the union would be fatal :)
Carmen Pinzon
153. bungluna
I don't think it's the sleeping with humans part that's fatal, I think it's the having a long-term relationship with them and/or revealing themselves.

But then, there are human pets allowed. Wasn't the dead ballet dancer human? Lord, the inconcistencies give me a headache.
154. Santiam
the finale was on again last night (bless you syfy for your endless repeats. I'm sure coma patients and all the Eskimos have seen Defiance by now).

It seemed to me that Lauren's alibi would come at a later date from Dyson, who would explain how she helped him escape. His wound was patched up so I thought maybe we were supposed to gather that he'd been cared for.
Bo never once thought to look for Lauren or any clues pertaining to her. Her very next order of the day after a "real" fight with Tamsin as opposed to the fake catfight, was to go find Kenzi. Not her wounded mom. Not the woman she says she loves. Kenzi is guaranteed to not be in that building and from the last that Bo heard from her was fine and eating pizza in a sewer. Bo jumps to the assumption that Lauren is not in the facility and was "taken" Worst private investigator ever? Her mom is wounded, her ex is a doctor, but not once does she put those two elements together as a possible Reeses peanunt butter cup. She tells Tamsin to go find Dyson and assumes he has been victorious and does not need help in capturing their enemy. I'd assume the same thing but she acts like she's already seen the episode.

The show has to do something about Bo's truly deadly first-aid skills.
Katherine Bloom
155. lsbloom
Fae can date and even have kids with humans (will o' wisp, common enough for fae to know what would happen genetically). Hale dated humans and the fury referred to "shucking," and the silkie married a human. You just couldn't expose the fae or "choose humans over fae" Luanne tried to leave the dark so they made an example of her. But it was Vexed with the fae aren't free to live their own lives theme. The fae/human relationships being verbooten entirely ignores several examples of the show...like Hale bringing Kenzi home as his girlfriend, he was shunned but no harm came to him. The Juliet and Juliet thing came from doccubus and Andras. Doccubus thought a forbidden love affair made Bo and Lauren even more special. But even if it wasn't allowed by fae law, fae law doesn't apply to Bo, so it never made sense.

Santiam--before they do something about Bo's first aid skills, I think they should start with Lauren's first aid skills, in fact all of her medical skills period. Doctor I know everything about every practice and research specialty not knowing how to splint an arm is never going to be forgiven by me.
Linda Losik
156. LindaL
Just a thought: why don't we consider a letter writing deluge upon TPTB expressing our displeasure about how this past season has gone? They need to know that there are others out there who watch this show and spend money on their ads. I am so tired of the pandering and the fact that there exist web sites that I can only read because if I post there I feel harassed and after the experience on Showcase, killed an email account because of the nasty emails that I was getting because “I just didn’t get it!”.

What does everyone else think?
157. Santiam
@Isbloom so true! The whole not tying her hair back for surgery struck me as ridiculous glam-ergery.

On watching the thing again it seemed like Lauren was playing her scenes so broadly in hopes that Bo and Dyson would pick up on her over-acting. Even when she told Dyson she gave him six shots of sedative. I thought she was saying "act like it even though I didn't."

Her scene with Bo came off as so false that I didn't wonder that Bo didn't buy it. I didn't. Taft didn't. However, just like Taft, I wanted it to be true. It serves both our purposes.
158. Minime
@Santiam I read on a board that we should be able to tell that Lauren was lying because she blinks a lot while compartmentalizing and that is a part of ZP'a nuanced acting so every time she is lying or doing some quick thinking she blinks excessively. That is how we were to tell she was lying. I guess I am dim and need to be hit over the head with a wink or something because it went over my head.

In Vexed Lueanne said that her family was killed because they were human and it was not OK with her clan even though she didn't expose the fae. The Willow the Wisp was a one night stand. You can sleep with humans but a relationship is only OK if you ger permission from your clan and you can not tell them about the fae. I would like Lauren to get some power but I want it to be her own and not granted to her by a lover.

I think they were looking for Lauren after another viewing because Bo saw Dyson in the office and sent him to kill Taft. I did love that for once Bo gave up her own agency (??) and as Dyson walked in she just looked at him and said go kill him and he ran, I think he has been waiting for 3 years for her to let him do his thing.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
159. Kiersten
See, the problem with assuming that DL was lying to Bo is that in fact everything she said was nearly exactly what she was trying to get across to Bo at the end of Delinquents when they broke up. "The Fae have ruined my life" was new, but was also true and not the first time she's made such implications/observations. She meant every word.

I do think she was partially playing to Taft so that he'd believe she'd do the surgery (which she did) so that she could screw him over (and not to save the others b/c even her "deal" with Taft to release Bo went nowhere and she did no follow up before she shot him up either). But Taft is the sole person she lied to in that scene. Good lies succeed b/c they bears the element of truth and everything she said to Bo was sincerely meant truth to support the lie to Taft that she'd perform the surgery to give him Dyson's DNA. Bo's obvious distress as DL's leaves proves that she, who can read people's chi, believed DL completely.

As for the blinking, although blinking itself is a lying tell investigators look for, in this case it's part of ZP's acting wheelhouse whenever she goes emotional or is displaying some confusion/bafflement/humor and not an indication that she was lying. There are LOTS of more direct, clear, cannot be misconstrued ways to communicate you're playing an angle, especially when your back is to your mark in the first place, than just blinking.

160. Santiam
@Kiersten maybe she was blinking morse code?

@LindaL Writing in is a good idea.

I don't know if things have changed, but when I first looked for Lost Girl it was in hopes of finding support for Dyson. There were sites but without content. It was an echoing wasteland.

I think there are more things that need to be addressed for the show as a quality product than just my favorite character. Okay, well I don't actually think that but I'll say it just to sound all high minded and sciency.
Pandra Selivanov
161. Zanza
@Lindal, writing is a good idea. If anybody has an address, please post it? A real address is especially good-emails are easily deleted, but paper envelopes with letters inside are not so easily shoved aside. Ever see Miracle on 34th Street? :D
162. Minime
I think the biggest issue is that the show is someone else's vision and EA just doesn't get it. To me in looking back at all of season 3 the only episode that felt right was Delinquents. The Bo & Lauren break up was just handled perfectly, the campy gilly suit, the Kenzi & Dyson exchanges (me think the lady doth protest too much and LOVES wolves) the Bo & Dyson exchange it felt like "them". I even was pulled into the Tamsin & Acicia storyline and liked it. It made Tamsin feel real. I totally agree Santiam that everything out there for fae-natics is Doccubus based and I am so happy to find a place here.
163. TheGardner
@Zanza - With Bo I feel it's her connection to humanity not her superpowers that makes her special, the strongest ties being Kenzi and Lauren. When it comes to Lauren, I want her to be stronger, stand up for herself and get revenge on the beings that enslaved her, I should have specified the Light Fae and more specifically the light Fae elders since there is no Ash. Bo is the great unaligned so she doesn't fall into that catagory. The thing that makes no sense to me; Bo is supposed to be this champion for humans, but this season she was fine with her girlfriend being a slave. OK so Lauren was affored more freedoms with Hale as the Ash, but as soon as she asked for something she was dismissed and Bo's response was to find her and bring her back. Dyson's response was something similar screaming at her that she could never leave the Fae. Considering how much of herself she has given to the Light, IMHO she doesn't owe them anything and I think she is entitled to a little retribution. Where Bo fits in to all of this, I would like to see her stand up for Lauren, come out and say the way my kind treated you is wrong, not necessarily support any revenge schemes.
Carmen Pinzon
164. bungluna
@TheGardener-Here's were I vehemently disagree with you. Bo is special because she's a Fae who thinks like a human. The show is special because of the UF faeness of it. If I wanted a human vs. monsters show, I'd go watch V. If I wanted a sex show, I'd pick any of the cable channel shows that think 'edgy' equates with lost of (mostly) unispired sexcapades.

As for Lauren, she wasn't bought in a slave market; she made a pact. She renewed it, for Fae's sake! It's a bad bargain? Tough. Folklore is chock-full of humans comming off bad when dealing with supernatural creatures; therein lies the moral of the story.

I just want an UF tv show dealing with the mystical world and how a squasi humand learns about it and deals with it. I'm tired of the soap-opera WonderLauren show.
Pandra Selivanov
165. Zanza
Gardener, Bo has already said that she thinks the way humans in general and Lauren in particular were treated is wrong. She went around the world to free Nadia from a Fae curse-how much more standing up can she do for Lauren? In any rational scheme of things, Bo and Lauren are a done deal because Lauren and the Fae are finished. She's burned her bridges with them and the only future for her is being on the run and lying her head off (fortunately she's good at that) or she can go back to the Fae and accept whatever fate they mete out to her.

I did feel sorry for Lauren, before she turned into a complete stranger whose name we didn't even know. Now I wonder if she was enslaved to the Fae or if she deliberately infiltrated them. Maybe she infected that Fae tribe so she could cure them and get an intro to the Ash. Maybe the Fae had Lauren right where she wanted them, and Nadia was collateral damage. Now I even wonder if she did love Nadia so much, or if she just felt guilty about Nadia getting caught in the crossfire of her personal agenda. I had really gotten to like Lauren until this Karen person showed up and I realized that to invest in Lauren is to stand on quicksand and hope it doesn't get you.

I don't even believe she still loves Bo. Her heart may not have caught up, but her head has decided it's time to call it a day with her Fae girlfriend. The only way I see Lauren halfway working in the next season is if the Wanderer took her too and she and Tamsin and Dyson and Bo have to escape from his realm by working together. That might be interesting. Or Lauren could become a bad guy-that wouldn't be much of a stretch, she's practically there already.
166. Minime
Here is the thing with "I choose humans" she didn't choose humans as much as she chose to not choose the light or dark. Think about the cards the landlady laid out before her she had two to choose from but she chose the pile, the option that was neither of the two cards. Bo will always choose the other option if you watch G.O.T think about the last episode with Dany choosing her own way, a slave army of freed slaves. Bo chose to be an annoying vegetarian according to the Blackthorn but IMO she is actually a cannibal, she chooses not to feed of humans but rather fae as they won't die as easily.

Lachaln tells us that Bo's emotions are born out of love and passion, she doesn't hate. She has discarded her human upbringing and moved passed the strict values her parents taught her and has deeply rooted her beliefs in her instinct, which are both human and fae. This to me is fascinating. I want to learn more about Bo's new world, I want to learn the lore of the fae and see this secret world but alas the writers seem to have failed at that a bit this season but perhaps because this season was about a human vs. fae divide.

I also totally agree that Bo did all she could to help Lauren and doesn't have to apologize for her "kind" Lauren made her bed and she is smart enough to think her way out of the faustian deal she made. It's like asking you to apologize to my grandmother for segregation or you apologizing to my husband and I for the ban on interracial marriage in the US up until 1967. It's pointless. Bo has nothing to do with Lauren's treatment. I think if Trick said that it would hold much more weight plus he has the blood magic to change the laws, I am sure he wrote them.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
167. Kiersten
More than half the time, I think Bo chooses the "third" option i.e. Makes Her Own Way not because she's so noble or so willing to buck the Fae for humans or refuses to leave anyone behind but simply because she is incapable of conceding to any authority whatsoever. If someone says "you must chose A or B" she will choose W simply b/c she cannot stand to be told what to do if she doesn't agree or if she simply doesn't want to. It's just that childish.
Katherine Bloom
168. lsbloom
@Kiersten--I agree with you--this season. The whole Dawning, I refuse to choose, thing felt very petulant and childish to me. Season 1 I didn't feel that way. Season 1, Bo stood between the fae and the humans, she took cases and was on the humans' side against fae (light and dark). It felt like a valid choice from someone outside the system. It brought her closer to the audience.

I feel like the more serialized they make it, the more it is Bo refusing to side with light or dark just because and you get silly Ryan arguments that don't acknowledge that Bo doesn't think humans should be unwilling food for fae. This season is a muddled mess of the two, with almost no cases whatsoever. For me it isn't about needing Kenzi and Lauren for Bo to side with her humanity (we need Kenzi for many, many reasons), it is about Bo needing to go out and actively help people again. That willingness to fight the political system to help the downtrodden or mysteriously dying, is how they demonstrated Bo's "humanity," her specialness, and her selfless tendencies.
169. Minime
@Isbloom I agree with you completely! I think it is because of the writers being unable to understand the characters and not watching their own show. I miss the season 1 cases.
170. Santiam
I think they'll have to have DL and Kenzi save everyone in order to redeem human servants in the eyes of the elders. How else can they keep Lauren as a character? It gags me but it may be that simple. I can see the writers come up with such things as temporary Fae power, magically for Kenzi or medically for Lauren.
171. TheGardner
This is my opinion on Lauren's slavery; yes she agreed to it, signed on the dotted line, whatever, but here's the thing slavery is wrong. That is something Bo was very fervent about in season 2, but in season 3 it's like since she was granted bedroom priviledges she was fine with her girlfriend being a slave. If Bo is really interested in fighting for humans and it's not just lip service than she should start with the person she is supposedly in love with.

@bungluna - I don't care who Bo is sleeping/in a relationship with, so over it. I think Bo is to self-centered and immature too be a viable partner for anyone I would rather watch her navigate this crazy world that she was thrust in.

@Zanza - I actually think that is what happened, The Wanderer took Bo, Tamsin, Lauren and Dyson and the three of them will have to find a way to escape his grasp by working together. As for Karen Beattie IMHO it was so out of left field I am choosing to reserve judgement on it until it is explained because at this point I am not convinced that the writers just weren't washing the fruit before eating it.
172. nypinta
Hi. Waaaaaay late to the party. I only got halfway through the comments. I 'll bo back and read the rest I promise. I kind of hated the finale. I know everyone got great moments, like Dyson in the field with Taft. And Kenzi with Bruce. (Is he Bruce or is he Steve?) But getting them to their marks to have those moments made no sense and drive me nuts. It was paced horribly and too many plot holes kept me from enjoying any moments to be had. Overall I think the writers were trying to have an arc for the season and when you look back over the season it does all seem to be leading up to a human vs fae conflict. The entire season was pretty damn anti-human. Kenzi is suddenly a weak link in the team. Lauren despises the fae. (Understandable, btw.) Trick and his assertions to Hale. Even if he gave her that speil about her always having a place, he still thinks of her as less than. Stella and her disdain for Kenzi. The Morrigan's proclimation. When Bo was dismissive of the women in Faebysitting because she didn't consider their power earned, just because the one discovered an amulet. (Because, yeah, being born with something makes you worthy of it.) In the Hecuba prison episode the other prisoners are depicted sympathetcially while when Kenzi goes to delinquents camp the human teens are hard care criminals, and can't work together. The big bad of the season was human. Bo's mother is suddenly a horrific person. And Bo has accepted her faeness. Uh, ect. ;) I'd like to think that they made the finale a cliff hanger because they're getting a fourth season. I just wish they had done a better job of the finale at all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
173. Kiersten
I genuinely hope The Wanderer did not take DL with the others because it would be a major cheat. She disappeared long before The Wanderer made his play - Tamsin hadn't even failed to capture Bo yet; she had yet to make the decision to side with the Happy Sunshine Gang, which was the trigger for him to make his direct play. Besides, we saw Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin encounter him after fighting to get away from and defeat Taft; to toss DL into the same circumstances just because is to, once again, grant her a position she not only hasn't earned but doesn't deserve not to mention would implicitly absolve her of having to answer for her behavior. Yes, slavery is wrong (and I still take issue with calling her a slave). So is experimenting on prisoners.

So many are so quick to absolve DL for her own responsibility for choosing to stay claimed by the Fae no matter her reasons at the time. I don't understand this. People bear the consequences of their decisions everyday - we spent all of season two watching Dyson painfully deal with his. He gave up his love to save Bo; DL gave up her "freedom" to stay with Bo. Frankly, she got a hell of a lot more out of her Faustian bargain than he did including Bo. So why is she always excused from and oh poor deared for having to deal with the fallout?

Like Bo's childish and perpetual "I don't want to do what you say" attitude, DL's response to Hale is very much, "you won't let me do what I want/think I deserve so there!" which, by the way, is exactly how she responded to Lachlan when he didn't give her what she thought was her due.

Don't forget, as it turned out, Hale was right. But everyone is still jumping up and down on him as the ashhole when instead what he did was make a hard decision (one he was willingly to ease somewhat to at least give DL something) with an eye on the long-term risks to DL's safety and indeed that of the Fae. By running away from her problems like a child, DL caused major problems for herself and contributed to a henious crime against the Fae because she defied Hale, which is what often happens when you think you are so above everyone else and have all the answers when you really, really don't.

Spy bang. Secret girlfriend. Scientific experiments on prisoners. Sympathy for DL has long left the building.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
174. Kiersten
@NYPiTA - he's Steve but The Morrigan insisted on calling him Bruce and he seems to have made his peace with it - or the writers forgot. Each is equally possible
175. nypinta
http://www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/blogs/2013/04/lost-girl-season-3-episode-13-recap#37028 I so agree about Bo bringing all those weapons to confront Vex. The only one that made sense, beside the syracon (??) was the cross bow. He can't control objects, so if she got a shot off before he could take control, she'd have him wounded. But no, she pulls a tiny knife even though he's so far away? Gah!! But the show does things like that. And it's frustrating.
176. nypinta
I'm going to defend Lauren a bit, especially with regards to defying Hale. None of them, including Hale, knew that her wanting to leave would result in what happened. Hale didn't have a clue that her leaving could lead her into the warm bossom of a fae experimeting sociopath. So to say he was right is also wrong. He was being asholish. She made a request. He dismissed it and treated her like property. Whether or not she agreed to be property doesn't make his attitude towards her ok. He was still in over correction mode after the Kenzi debacle when she interruped his meeting with that other fae. And I'm going to say that because it happens off screen, we don't know that Lauren took the DNA from the cabbit without her consent. Yes, she was a prisoner and her capacity to say no was taken from her. But Lauren was a prisoner too. And we don't know that Dyson wasn't aware of the plan the whole time too. That Lauren didn't fill them both in as soon as Taft walked away and they both agreed. Was it a stupid plan? Yes. Did Lauren also make like a cabbit as soon as the procedure was over? Possibly. Or Taft had guards lock her up again somewhere that wasn't automatically opened by Bo when she freed all of the fae later. Does this mean Lauren saved everyone? Oh hell no. No one person really saved anyone. They all did bits. (Oddly, Bo the least.) No one saved the day for everyone. And if Lauren hadn't been there, Taft would have gotten someone else and things would have gone differently. So, she isn't the cause of what happened. She was caught up in a mad man's plans just like them all. Basically a hostage doing the bidding of the hostage taker. Like Gerry, the bartender. One could argue that actually it was all his fault since he didn't try to signal anyone what he was going to do to Dyson. Although I do hope that there is some confrontation about what Lauren did. Especially if she did actually take Dyson's DNA. And if she does use it on herself I might lose my mind. Because to take something, someone's essence, and use it on yourself for selfish reasons makes her no better than Taft even if she had Dyson's permission to take it to sell the switch. If she does use it, I hope it doesn't last long and then we get to watch a horrified Lauren as her faeness slips away and she reverts to human. That would be interesting. And it quite frankly doesn't bode well for future stories if already the writers are saying that the love triangle will continue. How much crappy stuff can happen between two people before they finally admit that they should in no way be a couple? At least the obsticles between Dyson and Bo were out of their control. (The Norn.) Where as the issues between Bo and Lauren are them themselves. Also, someone above mentioned Dyson killing Cayden. He didn't. Cayden took off after Dyson sliced him with his wolf. Chances are he isn't dead. (It's a fantasy show. No one dies unless you see the body. And even then... well...) I don't mind if The Wanderer took all of them, including Lauren. Maybe the jar was to get a sample of all the people he wanted to pull into his dimension or whatever. So that means Bo, Dyson, and Lauren. Tamsin would as well being a Valkyrie, if he is Odin. And for the love of all that's holy, Dyson is not moping. FFS. Sorry no paragraph breaks. For some reason the site won't allow them.. probably my lap top.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
177. Kiersten
Hale said that not letting DL leave was for her own protection and in that he was right. That he didn't know the specifics is irrelevant; he recognized the danger and acted accordingly and without feeling the need to explain himself to an employee. That's what leaders do, Fae or human. That DL (and others) didnt like how he handled it is something else entirely (and I still think he was less asholish than ppl want to admit).

DL was NOT a prisoner of Taft; not entirely. She went willingly in the first place and he gave her the option to go after he'd revealed her plans. If we don't know about those other things, we also don't know that he wouldn't have followed through and let her go. Once again, whatever her reasons, she chose to stay. She could've run; she obviously has the experience with the whole "fugitive" thing. She didn't. She's not the source of some madman's plans but she is responsible for what she chose to be a part of in those plans and for what she did in order to take her own revenge i.e. steal the cabbit's DNA and operate on Dyson against his will.
Yes, she was a prisoner and her capacity to say no was taken from her.
That's the definition of not being able to give consent. Even if she said yes in the moment, she'd lost her capacity to have any actual choice in the first place.
Pandra Selivanov
179. Zanza
I'm going to defend Lauren a bit, especially with regards to defying Hale. None of them, including Hale, knew that her wanting to leave would result in what happened. Hale didn't have a clue that her leaving could lead her into the warm bossom of a fae experimeting sociopath.
@ Nypinta, while it's true Hale didn't know exactly what would happen if Lauren left, he did know there was a danger if she went running around on her own. He could have been more reasonable and explored ways and means for her to take a sabbatical and still be protected, but he was trying to keep her safe and the Fae safe.
I'm going to say that because it happens off screen, we don't know that Lauren took the DNA from the cabbit without her consent. Yes, she was a prisoner and her capacity to say no was taken from her. But Lauren was a prisoner too.
Boy, I know I'll get heat for saying this, but isn't that like the collaborators in the Nazi death camps? They were prisoners too, but they totally cooperated with the enemy to save their own hides.
...we don't know that Dyson wasn't aware of the plan the whole time too. That Lauren didn't fill them both in as soon as Taft walked away and they both agreed.
We don't know but we can make logical conclusions. Dyson was furious with Lauren and also very wary of her. She tried talking to him and he shut her down. Is it logical that he would listen when she started talking about how she sneaked some of the cabbit's DNA? That he would agree to such a stupid plan and play along? That he would agree to a plan that involved him becoming so incapacitated that he couldn't even try to defend himself? That's consistent with what has been revealed of Lauren's character. It is not consistent with what has been revealed of Dyson's character. He's a warrior, not a spy. He fights-he doesn't sneak around.
... if Lauren hadn't been there, Taft would have gotten someone else and things would have gone differently. So, she isn't the cause of what happened. She was caught up in a mad man's plans just like them all. Basically a hostage doing the bidding of the hostage taker.
It hardly excuses Lauren that Taft would have found someone else. I'm a great believer in personal responsibility and this is not about Taft's actions. This is about Lauren's actions. She went with Taft knowing she was burning her bridges with the Fae, and she amped him up knowing he could become even more dangerous. She's not a hostage. She became a willing participant to get revenge on Taft, and she hedged her bets enough that if he beat the Fae, she could still work with him. Self-preservation all the way and the hell with anybody who got in her way.
Like Gerry, the bartender. One could argue that actually it was all his fault since he didn't try to signal anyone what he was going to do to Dyson.
One could if one was desparate to defend Lauren and mitigate her responsibility. At least he was acting under duress-his wife was in Taft's hands.
Although I do hope that there is some confrontation about what Lauren did. Especially if she did actually take Dyson's DNA... Because to take...someone's essence, and use it on yourself for selfish reasons makes her no better than Taft even if she had Dyson's permission to take it to sell the switch.
Lauren is no better than Taft. And there's no way I would believe Dyson agreed to any of this-to agree to Lauren's plan would be to trust her, and he totally distrusted her at that point. He's not Bo-she can't flap her eyelids at him, mew "I'm sorry," and get a pass. I doubt she can even do that with Bo anymore.
... it quite frankly doesn't bode well for future stories if already the writers are saying that the love triangle will continue. How much crappy stuff can happen between two people before they finally admit that they should in no way be a couple? At least the obsticles between Dyson and Bo were out of their control. (The Norn.) Where as the issues between Bo and Lauren are them themselves.
This is very true. I cannot understand the LGBT community on this. How they can be so enchanted by such a bad relationship-if I were a member of this community I would be enraged that a lesbian is portrayed as such a low human being as to lie and cheat and steal and endanger everyone around them. And I would be enraged that instead of showing a good adult relationship, the powers that be stuck these two together, literally, and never showed them talking or showing any respect for each other. To continue a triangle with two of the people sick to death of each other and no legitimate way for them to get back together is a terrifying thought. Just how low will Lost Girl sink?
I don't mind if The Wanderer took all of them, including Lauren. Maybe the jar was to get a sample of all the people he wanted to pull into his dimension or whatever. So that means Bo, Dyson, and Lauren. Tamsin would as well being a Valkyrie, if he is Odin.
It would also mean Kenzi if she wasn't footloose and fancy free with Bruce. The potion didn't work. It was meant for Tamsin, she used it, she said it didn't work, and that should be it unless new evidence is introduced. The Wanderer hired Tamsin to do a job and when she failed, he decided to do it himself.
Linda Losik
180. LindaL
Here is the corporate office address:
Shaw Media
121 Bloor St. E.,
Suite 1500 Toronto,
ON M4W 3M5

Here are two major links for contacts; the first is just the generic one and the second yields a plethora of names with contact info which includes who is responsible for what. I realize that these are only the publicists but they will not like any negative comments on anything. It does hurt their market value. I also agree that we need to explain how we got hooked on the high quality of writing and are losing interest with the latest season because of the deviation from the original premise and of course, the pandering. (Am not sure that we should use that word but then all of use seem to know how to wordsmith well. True, not like Kiersten but we are getting there!)

@nypinta: You have to use the enter key when you preview comment; quick reply gives you no formatting option.

@bungluna: you and me both! This is supposed to be the story/journey of a lost girl not a super hero doc!
182. Santiam
Kiersten I so agree that it would be ridiculous if the Wanderer took DL. I suspect they will have her be instrumental in helpling rescue those that were taken.

@nypinta good point about the sample jar. I hadn't thought of that.

I still wonder if the Druid messed it up on purpose, or if Tamsin drew the wrong conclusions about who Bo loves and trusts, probably because Bo drew them too.

@LindaL Thanks for the contact info! I'm sending them a plastic fork and a note that says "Put a fork in doccubus, it's done!" (kidding) I hope to come up with something that just says how much I appreciated season 1 and am dismayed by the departure from all that it promised.

Random observations:

I think that that goofy scene where DL cures heart disease or whatever had something to do with the Fae DNA thing-- it's not so much that anyone can do it, it's that Lauren has some sort of gifted process with her uber genius.

I love the idea of Tamsin coming back at full charge.

@zanza I had not thought of it in terms of the LGBT community-- why are they not upset by DL's character? She's duplicitous and manipulative with her passive aggressive nature. She keeps the woman she says she loves from getting strength from the one source she trusts right before the Dawning. After said lover survives and wants to celebrate new-found strength and control, she dumps her. The last thing she seems to want is a happy, strong, independant Bo! Classic "Rain on the Parade" sad-sack behavior! Then she shows up at their mutual hangout-- a FAE hangout, to hoast her pity-pity party. Yeech!
It's the worst sort of negative emotional manipulation. Was she hoping Bo would stop by and see her mope?

Dyson also did an awful thing at the Dal, flirting with that waitress to throw Bo off in a cruel way. He did it at Trick's direction whom he rather blindly trusts. I get the impression that the wolf-shifters give their fealty and stand by it to the extreme. He was very conflicted between loyalty and love until they combined in his feelings for Bo. He went against his blood King and pledged himself to Bo and told her the secret they'd been keeping. Instead of this being the foundation, we get him losing his love and then far far too long a separation.

My patience with Doccubus as the minor diversion to the destined couple, snapped.

Lauren steps back big time after Dyson strides forward. She denies Bo the strength she needs for the Dawning, won't even return her calls! But Dyson simply steps forward to be a souce of support and strength even if it might cost him his life. Lauren-- not even a chi-kiss for good luck.

Yet this is the love interest they want for Bo?

Lauren doesn't leave the Fae without help from A MAN. She runs to another strong authority figure for shelter and follows his direction because she is utterly incapable of being forthright and strong even with the one person she says she loves. How passive aggressive is it to just leave the way she did? There is no reason on Earth she could not left a note. She manufactured a situation that would cause her ex to worry and distract people right before a major event.

I'm preaching to the choir... sorry.
Pandra Selivanov
183. Zanza
Preach all you want, Santiam-I'm right there with you. And I have thought a lot about both Lauren as a person in her own right and Lauren and Bo as a couple in terms of the LGBT community, because I've had it crammed down my throat how important this pairing is to this community. And I've been baffled from the beginning.

Although I never saw any chemistry between Bo and Lauren, I could accept them as a couple if objectively they had been a good couple. In other words, if these two ladies talked to each other, had respect for each other, spent time together without banging each other, I would say, well, I don't see it but there must be something there.

Instead there was a complete lack of communication. There was snarking at each other's education or the lack thereof. There were lies on both sides. There was a refusal on Lauren's part to allow Bo access to the best source of nourishment and healing she could have. There was an unhealthy submission on Bo's part to this refusal. There were so many things about Doccubus that made it an unpleasant relationship.

The only thing I ever could come up with to explain the LGBT community's enchantment with Bo and Lauren is gender blindness. Take two women and stick them together and they're happy. They don't care what kind of relationship is portrayed, as long as there is nakedness with two women. If Lauren actually had been LAURENCE, if it had been a man treating Bo like this, there wouldn't be fawning and drooling. There would be outraged demands that his protruding body parts be cut off.

What makes it all the more painful is seeing how good Bo and Dyson were together. He's quietly supportive, gently humourous, he respects her as a warrior enough to depend on her to have his back, they have the same values and tastes. He even loves Kenzi as much as Bo does-a thousand years from now, even if Dyson and Bo are not a couple, they will still be a couple of friends. And if Kenzi has descendants that reach so far into the future, Bo and Dyson will still be shoulder to shoulder, protecting them. As Kiersten has so beautifully put it, Dyson and Bo and Kenzi are the core of the show. And this strong foundation has been chipped away by delusional Doccubi and their high priestess Emily Andras to the point where the show is barely worth watching. Not that I'm going anywhere. As long as Kenzi and Dyson are around, I'll tune in.
184. Stacymd2
Bo, Dyson & Kenzi are the core of this show. They are the main reason I watch. I think Lauren will be redeemed in the first episode of season 4. That is a given. The question is how? Most likely it will be via the Wanderer, because it is the easiest way to do it.

Eeek! I can't believe there is no Lost Girl on Monday. The void is bigger than LG's plot holes!
185. Santiam
@Zanza-- Perfectly said. I could not agree more. Also I loved how you described Dyson and Bo.

There has got to be more than a handful of Dyson/Bo fans out there.

@Stacymd2 ack! I know! For some reason I didn't realize the break would be so long. You are right this is the biggest plot hole of all!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
186. Kiersten
There are many - MANY - fans out there who prefer Dyson and Bo as the romantic couple but who are 1. not Internet or Social Media savvy or 2. have backed off under virulent online attacks from various members of the doccubus community or 3. have abandoned the show after S2 or the first few eps of S3 (I've spoken with several fans who stopped watching after Caged Fae.)

The issue is that the show's producers and showrunner appear to be basing story decisions solely on the barrage of doccubus in social media traffic, on the Showcase and Syfy discussion boards, on skewed polls, and, esp for EA, from the doccubus.com community directly without taking into account the bullying behavior on those venues that has chased much of the dissenting opinion away. (BTW, I'm sure the bullying goes both ways if only because that's human nature, but what I've seen personally has been in one direction. Regardless, I do not support such tactics from either 'ship/team especially when they turn into personal attacks. It's a TV show, not a blood sport.)

I listened to a podcast this past week where one of the reviewers said several of her lesbian friends had admitted to supporting doccubus simply because it was a prominent F/F relationship in a mainstream show, but that they didn't necessarily like Bo and DL as a couple. That annoys me because it indicates that a proportion of fans are influencing the show based on agenda rather than what is best for the story or characters and when the decision-makers think that represents everyone or even the dominating opinion we get - well, we get Doccutopia and season three.
Pandra Selivanov
187. Zanza
I'm sure there are some vicious-tempered Bo and Dyson fans out there, but I personally haven't run into any either. Dybo people seem to be a nicer class in general, and perhaps that's due to a pattern that I have noticed. It seems that the more inappropriate a pairing, the nastier the shippers get in defense of it. I noticed that on The 4400, where the Sean and Isabelle fans got really hateful, and on In Plain Sight, where fans of a pairing between Mary and Marshall made personal attacks on anyone who didn't support their viewpoint. Those pairings were every bit as bad, as incompatible, and as distasteful as Bo and Lauren, and the minority who shipped them were almost as verbally violent as Doccubus.

I don't know if this is a widely observed phenomenon, but if it is, I wonder if it's because fans of inappropriate pairings know in their hearts they're shipping a couple that doesn't work. For some reason they want it to happen, but they know it shouldn't, and it makes them cranky. In any case, this is what I have personally observed. What I wonder is, the powers that be at Lost Girl don't operate in a vacuum. I just can't believe they are unaware of the widespread cyberbullying on behalf of Doccubus. Me, if I were in charge, that would be enough to make me want to shut Bo and Lauren down-if human beings are going to abuse other human beings this virulently on behalf of figments of the imagination, I wouldn't want to contribute to it. I mean, I know there are financial considerations. Aren't there also human considerations? When a situation has gotten this out of hand, do the people in charge bear some moral responsibility for fanning the flames just to get ratings? And if ratings are what they're after, they're not even doing that right-I read Lost Girl's ratings have slipped badly during this season.

Sorry for the long thoughts-I just wanted to throw something out there that I've been thinking about for a while. :)
Nadine Robb
188. cmm
@Zanza You are spot on in your observation. It's not just this franchise it's all of them. I used to be a massive soap watcher and I found that the pairing that should never of happened and did was down to the soap viewers who were the loudest and nastiest fans on the boards. They constantly berated and attacked anyone who was not in favour of the pairing.

As for the producers using a few polls and opinions of people off of a few message boards, I would argue that this is flawed. I never put much stock in polls ever. I remember during my soap days when fans wanted a particular couple to win despite the fact that the pairing was none existent or not a popular couple, they would rig the polls to make sure the couple won. So for example, if you voted for says Bo/Dyson 1 point may go to that couple and about 4 points would go to Bo/Lauren.
189. Santiam
I admit my technical skills peak with claw-hammer, but I'd be willing to figure out how to go to whatever is the main place for LG to voice my opinion. If it did any good.
The best tactic would be to be pro-Dyson not anti-Lauren. I'm not sure I can do that. If I ever liked Lauren, I'm well and truly over it.
It might be a good tactic to barrage the main site with expressions of appreciation for Dyson. Or Dyson/Bo and hopes for a return to that pairing along with the better stories and character development of the first season.
Support your local werewolf!
190. drusilla_doll
I think what polls usually indicate is the level of fan obsession, not necessarily actual numbers who like a pairing over another. But Doccubus does have a loud contingent of fans who declare themselves an army, no less. For a long time I hesitated posting my support of Bo/Dyson because everytime I did, I was accused of either being shallow, homophobic or wanting a controlling/possessive relationship for Bo because hey, I clearly like being dominated by a male.

It was very distasteful and made me very gunshy of expressing any love for that pairing in places where it might have mattered. Perhaps I should have stuck to my guns, but the level of entitlement was so overwhelming it just got to the point of diminishing returns.

In my experience a lot of people support the initial pairing in a triangle and often try to shout down those who like another, later pairing, claiming theirs is the soulmate otp etc. I've seen it on Buffy, TVD, Trueblood, Lost and so on. It can get frustrating and pretty nasty, but sometimes the story wins out over fan demands. Dawson's Creek for example didn't just let Dawson win Joey because he was the lead guy. Same with Kara/Lee/Sam on BSG. I am resigned to the fact that Dyson/Bo might never get a proper shot on the show, but this time, I think the promise of them eventually coming together 100 years down the road is somewhat comforting in a narrative sense. The greedy TV viewer in me, however, wants to see it play out on my damned screen rather than have to imagine it, or read it in future fanfics.
191. Stacymd2
I agree Drusilla_doll, online polls only show fan passion, not the actual number of viewers. Online polls can be skewed so easily.

Doccubus is very loud and active online and on social media. EA seems to take them very seriously. This reminds me a little of Xena Warrior Princess. After the show had ended, they admitted that they catered to the LGBT audience for most of their years on air. I think LG will cater to Doccubus for a very long time. More & more episodes and story arches will focus on B/L.

I still think that TPTB have moved Dyson into the "Xander", role on LG. They will tease B/D, but will not take them back to a S1 romantic relationship level.
Carmen Pinzon
192. bungluna
Hey, that would be a good solution. Have season 4 start in Wanderer country and have Dyson, Bo and Tamsin fight to escape for a few chapters and when they return to the human plane, 100 years have passed and hey presto, dead Lauren. The only caveat is that Kenzie would be gone too, unless Bruce managed to get her a good deal from the Druid!
193. Stacymd2
Bugluna, a flash forward is actually a good idea, just not 100 years. Wouldn't it be cool if B/D/Ta returned from Valhalla and 1 year had passed? It is kind of a rip off from True Blood & Desparate Housewives, but it would be fun. The writers would have instand drama without having to break from the S3 arch and develop storylines for the characters who were not taken.

Lauren could be running Taft's lab, creating human/fae hybrids on the pretext of helping humans, but things have bad side effects. When some humans and Fae try to stop her experiments, the hybrids form an army with Lauren as their leader.

The Light & Dark Fae could be at war with Hale/Trick as generals for the Light & Vex/Aoife leading the Dark. Stella & Trick were married, but she is in hiding since Aoife sent Evony out to kill her.

Kenzi & Bruce are on the run, but have been searching for Bo & Dyson. K still has the immortality stick that Hale gave her, but it has some kind of bad long term side effects of humans. Also, her and Bruce are in a relationship, but she still has feelings for Hale.

Kiersten, I hope you do another recap, but one with what we hope happens in S4.

This is it for me tonight. I cannot believe there are this many posts for this episode. To think, I was worried about people being "talked out" after the mini recap.
Carmen Pinzon
194. bungluna
Not a chance.

Kiersten, I think you should write a whole series in an alternate reality where the promises of the first season are fulfilled!
195. drusilla_doll
I may have been a little too harsh on Lauren in the past, because I think she has, for the most part, good intentions. My problem is that the writers are being incredibly inconsistent with her. Is she the saintly, intellectual martyr who's been suffering through human slavery, or is she a manipulative survivor who's still human if somewhat flawed? Is she an intellectual genius and a gateway to humanity, or is she a gullible shill who constantly screws up and leaves destruction in her wake?

I just don't get what the writers are trying to portray with her. It's all over the map, and none of it, as far as I am concerned, is particularly endearing. Others obviously disagree. But I for one don't particularly identify with her . Even if I am also a total geek/nerd. There's just something...too compartmentalized about her.

Both Bo and Dyson are ruled more by intuition and feeling. Passion. I'm not saying that DL is incapable of it. But she seems to devalue it over logic, rationality and so on. Which is not to say that I can't appreciate a socially awkward character who has difficulty expressing her feelings. But I think with DL it's just missing the mark. I just don't see how two such disparate persons can have any sort of meaningful connection. The show keeps emphasizing the unconscious or even reluctant connections Dyson and Bo share with each other, all the while pointing out why Bo/Lauren can't work, even without the wolf man running interference. (Which, to my knowledge, he has never done.)
196. TheGardner
I think the best part about Lauren and Bo's relationship is that we have never had to watch them get it on when Bo is covered in blood, yuck. Oh yeah and Lauren has never had fleas, she wins on personal grooming standards alone.

Eh, in all seriousness I hate the contrived way they were broken-up, it didn't feel organic, then again neither did most of the second half of season 3. Everything took way too long: 6 episodes for Knezi's rash, 9 episodes for Dyson's love reveal, the Yawning, I'm sorry but Bo had a harder time walking through the doorway then escaping the temple, and so many important conversations happened off-screen. I hope that with fewer writers next season things won't be so schitzophrenic. Oh and enough with the freakin cliffhangers at the end of every episode(yes I am exagerating, but I know I am not the only who felt that way), we shall see.
Pandra Selivanov
197. Zanza
Gardener, maybe what we should all do is deluge the powers that be with letters that demand on-screen conversations. Emily Andras considered Kenzi's conversation with Bo about the Norn rehashing. Her reasoning being that we saw what happened and we didn't need to see her tell Bo. Never mind that everybody on all sides was dying to see how Bo would react. Never mind that Bo and Kenzi talking about this was a major plot point. We saw what happened so it was rehashing.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
198. Kiersten
The one thing I *did* like or at least appreciate about Bo and DL was that their break was one of the few organic parts of their relationship. From the very start, outside of the sex (and even that proved to ultimately be problematic) their relationship didn't work - the most honest conversation they had was when Bo came clean about heal banging Dyson and even there, DL was quick to enforce her needs on Bo's behavior. By the time they got to The Kenzi Factor, DL was back to hiding things from Bo by going behind her back to talk about her "condition" presumably with Trick and asserting her superiority by insisting that Bo was sick and had to trust DL knew better than she when Bo was actually right (and wasn't sick, but rather was hitting Faeberty too soon) with ultimately major consequences for Kenzi.

After Faege Against the Machine, The Ceremony, and Delinquents, DL would have to be more delusion than even LG can conjure to believe that her toxic relationship with Bo was something that could continue and so she ended it for her own sake. Of all the absurd, inorganic shenanigans that happened in S3 to create and maintain Docctutopia, the manner in which it ended was probably one of the few things they got right And I'm not just saying this because I rejoiced to see it end. Truly.
Pandra Selivanov
199. Zanza
Kiersten, I think you're absolutely right. Bo and Lauren's relationship didn't work on any level, not even on the purely physical sexual level which was the reason they got together in the first place. Every scene with them as girlfriends felt so forced-there was no chemistry and watching them go through the motions was just sad. The only thing that seemed natural and right about them was the breakup. To paraphrase the immortal Bard, nothing became their love like the ending of it.
200. Santiam
It's uncomfortable watching people writhe away from each other when they are supposed to be in love. DL and Bo did not have chemistry and it made their love scenes painfully awkward to witness.

When Bo is with Dyson they lean into each other and Bo can't seem to stop touching him. It's a little icky in the way that lovers actually are. Icky happy annoying and in love. Bo seems giddy and Dyson simmers.

@Zanza "Nothing became their love like the ending of it." The most brilliant summation of doccubus ever. I'm in awe. Far more profound than "stick a fork in it; it's done."

@Kiersten. I rejoiced as well. For me it was the turning point that renewed my hope for the show.
201. TheGardner
Chemesrty is subjective, I think AS and ZP sparkle on screen together and watching them I can buy they are in love, I never felt that way with Bo and Dyson. IMHO Bo and Dyson lacked anything beyond sexual chemestry, they do this on again off again/friends with benifits dance all season, then in episode 12 he's practically proposing marriage forgetting she's just learning how to have sex without killing, talk about being in two different places, yikes.

The problem I have with Bo and Lauren's relationship is that it became just another plot device. Do I think they had problems sure, but TPTB had to damage Bo's character severely and disregarding 2 seasons of character growth to facilitate their break-up. It was so contrived; Bo and Lauren break-up, Lauren gets mad at the Ash and runs away with Dr. Psycho, Bo chases after her and gets herself captured, Lauren fake betrays her to try and save her, ugh. I'm not a writer, but even I cringe at the sloppy way this all played out and the season finale had so many plot holes if I actually followed Kiersten's meme I would be in the hospital with alcohol poisening. It is my hope that next season will have a more cohesive flow and not try to cram everything into the final two episodes.
Carmen Pinzon
202. bungluna
Since my comfor of choice is chocolates and I follow Kiersten's recaps faithfully, does that mean I can blame her for the 15 pounds I gained while watching this season? ;-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
203. Kiersten
Hey! There's no blame here. Only love. And sharply worded, snarky rejoinders, natch.
Suzanne Metaxas
204. SuzyM
I don't know how anyone can say DL & Bo sparkled on screen. All I ever saw was an exhausted DL who couldn't wait for it to be over and an unsatisfied Bo looking for more. Dyson/Bo on the otherhand had many heart warming moments. The way he cradled the back of her neck as he kissed her, the way Bo clung to him like she never wanted to let go. The little smile she gave him when they wanted to get a lot closer but couldn't because of where they were. The way Dyson said "No more words" and how she smiled when he said it. And that is only to name a few moments I can remember off the top of my head.
205. Santiam
I love me some chocolate-covered snarky rejoinders!

I do think it would be cool if they did have a same sex pairing on the show that had sparkle and boat-loads of chemistry. I'm perplexed by the people who think that is Bo and DL.

It's true that chemistry is subjective. I feel their scenes are so contrived that it makes me feel badly for the actresses. So for me the essential connection as characters who have a mutual attraction is completely missing.

I have no opinion on ZP or AS. I've never seen them in anything else cept ZP in an episode of XIII.

The breakout star of this thing is probably KS. She's brought a complex character to vivid life. She eclipses every scene she's in without actually stealing anything from other performers. Kenzi could be an annoying distraction but somehow she manages to anchor the show. Funny, wise, vulnerable, brave, energetic and irrepresible Kenzi.
Suzanne Metaxas
206. SuzyM
I have seen ZP in other roles and think she is a great actress. Unfortunately LG writers have really given her nothing to work with :( I truly wish they would write better scripts for her character.

KS is an AWESOME actess. I've seen her in other things and although they were good, none of them tapped her comedic acting like LG did.
207. stacymd2
I have seen KHR in a number of other roles, but none of the other LG actors in anything else. I cannot wait to see KHR, PA and ZP in Sex After Kids. Everything I've read about it has been positive.
Suzanne Metaxas
208. SuzyM
staccymd2 - Sex After Kids is hilarious! The three of them together had me laughing until I cried! You can find clips of AS, ZP, KS & KHR on youtube in other roles. They are all good actors that is what makes LG so special. They also like one and other so it makes working together fun and it shows :D
Katherine Bloom
209. lsbloom
OMG ZP's episode of XIII was so...wow. I don't know how Stuart Townsend sat through it. I mean the whole show was bad, but the poor guy should have at least tried to help her with the Irish accent.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
210. Kiersten
ZP is English born and I may have only caught a wee bit of her XIII ep, but thought her accent was spot on and damned authentic and that was before I knew her mom lives in Belfast and she's part Irish...
211. Santiam
I wish Syfy showed a Lost Girl rerun tonight instead of Continuum or Atlantis. Sigh... heavy sigh...
212. Minime
Can we talk a bit about the de-Kenzifacation of Kenzi this season, was I the only person who thought Tamsin took her place as sidekick to Bo and friend to Dyson in an effort to force an isolation for her. I really do wish the Norn storyline was done much sooner in season 3 ( like in 3x01) and that lead to a real separation vs. what we got.

Also lots of great ideas, I have been crazy with work so I enjoyed myself this morning catching up with my morning cup of tea and all the great discussions.
Pandra Selivanov
213. Zanza
Minime, you're not the only one who thought Kenzi was de-Kenzified this season. I was absolutely infuriated at the season finale when she said she had to try and step up and rescue everyone for once. It's like every writer on the show forgot everything Kenzi ever did. But I thought it was for Lauren's benefit, not Tamsin's. I thought it was to make Lauren look better-they tore Kenzi apart so Lauren wouldn't look so bad in the Fae world.
214. Minime
Zanza you do have a point that for Bo & Lauren to work they have to separate Bo & Kenzi or change Kenzi to like Lauren. Kenzi is a big impediment to Bo & Lauren having a lasting relationship. I felt that almost every Bo & Tamsin episode with the exception of the Kenzi Scale could have been Kenzi and Bo. Fae-ing Against the Machine, Hail, Hale and Those Who Wander could all have been Bo and Kenzi and made way more sense. 3x13 would have made even more sense if we had Bo, Kenzi, Tamsin, Bruce and Hale.

Overall I can see a much improved season if they had used Tamsin correctly. Hell In the Kenzi Scale Hale would have made much more sense then Tamsin (KC was sorely missed). I am not a fan of Tamsin joining the I love Bo gang. I liked her not liking Bo but working with her because it was the right thing to do. I like Tamsin being on Dyson's side and being his partner and having his back. I think overall the cast was misused this season and the dynamic was off.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
215. Kiersten
The most telling moment is in Confaegion when DL accuses Kenzi of always having to be rescued and proceeds to dress her down for things that actually apply direct to DL and her behavior/actions in S1 & S2. That was the moment when it was clear they were diminishing Kenzi's character in S3 in order to uplift DL by wrongly accusing her of being selfish and needy and a hinderence/burden on Bo when it's actually DL who is/has been all those things. They proceeded throughout the season by not given Kenzi her moment of triumph in telling Bo how she manned up to reclaim Dyson's love (which Bo as unaligned could also have done) and by making her a victim to the kitsune where, accomplished thief that she is, Kenzi yet couldn't make her way out of a pair of shackles for several days..not to mention her best friend and her brother couldn't figure out she was missing b/c Bo was so wrapped up in banging DL and Dyson was so distracted doubting Bo about Blue b/c of Tamsin's influence. Hey, do you think Tamsin in those early used her Valkyrie powers on Dyson to increase his doubt of Bo? Hmmmm....

I prefer Tamsin giving Bo shit too, which she still kinda did - "Baby Fae" Hee - but yeah, the "Bo's the Best!" trope gets weary after a while.
216. Minime
Kiersten I think the Norn is also "unaligned" being that she granted wishes to both light and dark fae, or the Kenzi Scale was retcon. I am kind of unclear on the whole Norn thing. The faefox Inari was dark and Dyson light so not sure how the Norn works.

Immature, irresponsible and clingy was what Bo said Lauren called Kenzi plus what Lauren directly says to Kenzi in Confegion. Lauren basically says that Kenzi being the Kenzi-est Kenzi ever is annoying. Overall Lauren is a really mean person sometimes. Bo considers Kenzi her sister and if my husband said something to me like that about my sister we would not have gotten married. I thought it was funny that Kenzi called Lauren bossy, territorial and controlling all things doccubus fans call Dyson.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
217. Kiersten
Oh, it occurred to me that if you are interested in letter writing, you might be more successful addressing your messages to Prodigy Pictures rather than Shaw Media or Showcase. Prodigy is Firestone's company that actually produces the show
Linda Losik
218. LindaL
Kiersten: excellent idea; here is the contact link: http://www.prodigypictures.com/contact_us

@Mimine: If we can accept the Norse mythology that has been integrated into the show, the Norn would be on the level of the Garuda. That is she (actually many shes) would predate the fae as they are the offspring of a goddess who are charged with the care of the sacred tree of life. They are also supposed to be able to be judge and jury of humans which is why they can give and take gifts.

And as for Lauren, I think that this is a textbook case of projection!
219. Santiam
With the finale, it's like the show woke up in a cell and fought it's way out of an unnatural containment.

Kenzi, brave, clever and resourceful turns the tables on her overwhelmingly powerful captor and turns him into a fierce ally. THAT'S the Kenzi I know and love.

We've got mysterious Fae powers, intrigue, danger and a variety of characters facing peril. Only by combining their forces in creative way that thinks outside tradition and uses their unity as loyal friends will they triumph. That's the show I know and love.

Dyson's a shape-shifting warrior.
Hale is loyal and steadfast.
Trick is wise, wily and secretive.
Kenzi is clever and brave
Tamsin is a conflicted mystery
Bo is defiant, compassionate detective
Lauren is in a lab coat
Suzanne Metaxas
220. SuzyM
I am so hopeful for S4 I hope that I'm not being a pollyanna. I would hate it if they go back to the same old same old. I trully fell in love with the show of S1, it has so much promise and none of it were fullfilled :( I pray that they can bring it back. If not I will be moving on.
221. Santiam
SuzyM I'm with you.

Season two, I stopped reccomending the show to friends. By season three I was embarrassed to admit I watched it myself.
222. Minime
I agree that it went from a show that "had something" to a show you are embarrassed to say you watch religiously. I miss all season 1 promised more and more as I really start to get into Orphan Black and think to myself look it's Lost Girl but with good writing. I will stay for season 4 if for no other reason then a girl could hope.
Pandra Selivanov
223. Zanza
Dyson's a shape-shifting warrior.
Hale is loyal and steadfast.
Trick is wise, wily and secretive.
Kenzi is clever and brave
Tamsin is a conflicted mystery
Bo is defiant, compassionate detective
Lauren is in a lab coat
Nice one, Santiam!
Nadine Robb
224. cmm
@Kiersten Confaegion made me rage. I couldn't believe they had DL say those things to her considering it was Kenzi that saved DL's behind in season 2 season finale. Kenzi has never needed to be saved, she always finds a way out of the mess herself.
225. stacymd2
Minime: I have fallen in love with BBC America’s Orphan Black too, though I am still a little confused by the plot. Shows like that makes me wonder what Lost Girl could be if they would tighten up their story arches and had a larger budget. Every episode builds on the next and advances the story further.

After watching the season finale of Vikings (History Channel), however, I think LG’s finale wasn’t so bad. At least it had action, felt fast paced and the lead didn’t do a 180 on her love interest.

I’m not at the stage of being embarrassed to say I watch Lost Girl yet. (unlike soaps!) I still have hope that the writers will turn things around. There were many times with Xena, Buffy, Stargate, etc. when I felt very disappointed with the direction or felt that the show was not living up to its potential or ignoring established history. I stuck with all of them because eventually the plotlines and/or character development did get better. There were many MotW fillers, silliness, lame villains and OOC moments, but they all got back on track or were at least entertaining enough to stick with.

I don’t think LG will bring D/B back together again romantically. I dearly hope I am wrong, but my realistic side is laughing and pointing at my hope.
226. Minime
I am going to have to go back and watch ConFAEgion I don't remember what Lauren said to Kenzi or I could have rolled my eyes so hard I couldn't hear what Lauren said after Afghanistan.
227. stacymd2
cmm: You bring up a great point about the contrast between Kenzi and Lauren. Both are human. Both are former criminals. Both have had it rough, but their approaches to life’s conflicts are so different. Even when Kenzi was captured by the Kitsune/Morrigan/whatever, she is bold, feisty & resistant. Lauren blinks and stares, her woman pain showing clearly on her face. I can’t imagine Kenzi being gently walked into a glass cage the way Lauren was by Taft.
228. Minime
@Stacymd2 Orphan Black it's actually the behind the scenes creative people from Lost Girl. They managed to steal the wardrobe, set design and art director from season 1 & 2 of LG. It was created by John Fawcett, the guy who directed Vexed, Into The Dark, Arachnofaebia, Food for Thought and Dead Lucky, he also writes some of the episodes. After the 3rd episode I said OH look they must have stolen all Kenzi's wigs because they have been sorely lacking this season.

I think I may re-watch season 3 now knowing what the writers were up to. Some people on other boards are always going on about "easter eggs" in each episode and crazy symbols and numbers meaning stuff I think they are dead wrong but I do think that there are other hints, like the writers trying to make Kenzi more like Lauren.
229. stacymd2
Minime: O.M.G. I had no idea Lost Girl and Orphan Black had some of the same people behind them. It explains a lot.
Nadine Robb
230. cmm
@stacymd2 That's it exactly. At this point though with Lauren, I don't know what to make of her character. I find it impossible to connect with her on any level. One minute she's a victim, next she's evil, then she's a saviour etc. She can't just be one. I find this ironic because as annoying as characters like the morrigan or vex can be, I connect more with them than Lauren. I see their purposes in the story and they are always consistent. Furthermore, I find with Lauren's character is constantly changed in order to make her look better. Case and point the Afghanistan story that came about. I have to question that though because what Taft says makes it seem like it was a lie. Like she embelished a bit on the truth to best Kenzi, which is pathetic if that is the case.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
231. Kiersten
I think I may re-watch season 3 now knowing what the writers were up to. Some people on other boards are always going on about "easter eggs" in each episode and crazy symbols and numbers meaning stuff

Could you be more specific? I think its dead wrong too b/c what's the purpose if you're not going to let fans in on it? At least w/shows like LOST, the producers/showrunners told people/acknowledged things were there, like on the show's web site (and not a polarizing personal site devoted to one aspect of the show). Otherwise its just conjecture and has no validity. Outside of Ceremony, where stuff was definitely meant to be symbolic with several different meanings (which EA admitted to on Twitter), LG is not that deep of a show and has never ascribed to be so.

I think its more likely people (like us in some ways) looking for ways to make sense of something that appears to be all over the place other than "they don't watch their own show". Maybe I'm wrong and S4 will bring forth all kinds of explanations for the shenanigans in S3 beyond retcon for DL's sake, but if that's a long con to play and a big risk without explaining or hinting about it (beyond a drifting Tarot card I mean) with a show of such limited (in comparison) numbers whose fan base is so opinionated and diverse and willing to jump ship if continually disappointmented
233. Minime
@Kiersten here is one of the links I saw something similar on the SYFY board http://doccubus.com/forum/index.php?topic=591.0 personally think it's docutopia looking too deeply into something. Keeping in mind that season 3 brought new wardrobe people, art direction, set design etc (the original people all went to Orphan Black) I chalk it up to a new staff and the fact that from a design aspect you group things into three or five.

On a funny note I also notice that there is a call from docutopia to make Tamsin & Bo half sisters that way it negates any sort of romance.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
234. Kiersten
Oh. Didn't realize that was the source. Thanks...but no thanks. To each his/her own.
235. Minime
Kiersten Like I said, I want to rewatch season 3 not for silly numbers but to look back at the season after knowing what happened at the end. To see what themes they were running besides human vs fae. The only thing I won't watch is 3x01 it was so bad and not in a good way. I have seen the silly numbers posts on reedit, Syfy and doccubus and have actually pointed out that the bracelet one is wrong the last number is a 2 then I got a response argument that I was wrong LOL go back to season 2 Ryan says what the inscription in Faented Love. I think the numbers game are people who don't want to admit that the show is shallow and they are trying to make it like Lost. Anyhoo I plan to re-read your posts before each episode so I have plenty to think on during.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
236. Kiersten
Wow. that is reaching. I havent even noticed if she's still wearing the bracelet. I loved Ryan. Smart ass. Fun. Wasnt invested in the drama. Gave Bo a chance to do something else. Would love to have him come back but NOT in some kind of retconned, number bending way. This show needs to get back on track or own up to its new direction (if it indeed has one as opposed to just being all over the place) and let the rest of us vote with our feet for good.

I didnt realize so many LG people had gone on to Orphan Black though had heard that things were chaotic during S2 (duh) and there was a lot of relief as things settled down with EA took over. Makes sense that na exodus of BTS people couldve been part of that. (Again, pure conjecture on my part.) I've seen very little of that OB, but now will have to pay more attention.
237. Minime
I LOVED Ryan, LOVED! Something about a bad, bad boy that does it for me. He was so fun! I don't know why he didn't supply the weapons in 2x22 he was after all a magic weapon builder.Oh or he could have helped Lauren weaponize the Garuda shot because he is all sciency too.

You will even notice familiar faces in front of the camera on OB like Aiofe and the guy who hired Bo & Kenzi in Dismembers plus all Kenzi's wigs and Bo's season 1 clothing as well as Ciara's clothing. LOL They also have a hot, hot guy in episode 1 flashing a ton of bare butt and it's a great butt too!

Goodness season 3 was lacking men I must say! :( Too much girl power and not enough man eye candy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
238. Kiersten
I noticed that Kenzi's friend Thumper was in the last ep. Figured it was the Canadian TV show trading the same 25-30 actors around again...which I love BTW.

I dig the bad boy too, Minime, and have a soft spot for smart asses being one myself. You know they're ult a jackhole but just cant resist b/c so, so charming...& possibly one day redeemable. Figure as long as I dont live it out IRL, I'm good ;)
239. Minime
I also loved Lachlan and was surprised that he & Bo never got "friendly". He did after all make her coffee while Kenzi was away. They had great
Kiersten Hallie Krum
240. Kiersten
Another character who didnt get a fair shake in S2. Lots there that couldve been mined instead of, say, going back to high school or a fake wedding or Midnight Lamp - not that I didnt love Ryan being in those eps, just that another example of build up that didnt pay off until they needed Lachlan to die for them
241. Minime
I hope to see more Stella in season 4 Bo needs a grounded woman figure in her life.
Carmen Pinzon
242. bungluna
The show needs to fix the core characters before adding any more to the mess. Pick a patern and stick to it. They have waffled so much about Kenzie, Lauren, Trick and Bo that these characters aren't recognizable from their originals in S1 and even S2.

Kenzie has been turned into a quivering mass of insecurities. We all know what I think about WonderLauren and her super-duper powers. Trick needs to be either Trickipedia or an anti-human tyrant; not both. And Bo needs to decide: is she human or is she fae.

I can never forget that Bo started out as this serial killer chick who finds out that there is a reason why she is the way she is. This naive teen twit who comes out to her demented mother and flutters all around uselessly is just pathetic.
243. stacymd2
bungluna: LG does need to get back to better story telling in S4, but my major fear is that TPTB will make S4 even more Lauren focused, because they have set up so much for her in S3. Once the Wanderer story arch is completed, let’s say in about two episodes, they have many loose threads that center around Lauren to tie up. We have already stated above many of them:

Lauren’s fall out with the Fae needs to be resolved
Lauren & her science: taking over Taft’s lab, Fae DNA, curing human diseases, experiments, ethical questions, etc.
Lauren’s Karen background
L/B angst: Lauren “moving on” from Bo (TPTB brought on Ciara for Dyson, they will do the same for Lauren), Lauren’s woman pain reaction to Bo moving on (I’m expecting another Ryan type for Bo or they will just use Tamsin), Lauren vs. Bo’s new love interest/Tamsin, etc.
Lauren will probably get the most character development in S4. I can only guess what TPTB will do with Bo or who the big bad will be, but I’m sure the season wide arc will revolve around Lauren and the fallout from B/L's break up.
Tamsin’s S3 story arc ends with the Wanderer. If TPTB do not kill her off, then she may be Bo’s new love interest. After Bo and Lauren, she will be the most character development—if she lives past the Wanderer arc.
Nadine Robb
244. cmm
I am kind of hoping that Andras will live up to what she's said before, which is not rehashing storylines and her off screen conversations for that stacymd2. That way the Lauren centred plots will be kept to a minimum and we can get on to the most important storyline of all, who is Bo's father? Also i'm still waiting to find out more about dark fae culture.
Carmen Pinzon
245. bungluna
@cmm-sit down, the wait might be very long. I thought that's what had been promised for S3 but I didn't notice ANY new Dark Fae stuff coming out, or did I miss it?
246. Minime
@cmm & Bungluna season 4 is the back half of season 3, in an interview EA said that they wrote season 3 as 22 episodes then after they got the go ahead for 13 they chose to keep the storyline and split it into season 3 with a lead into season 4. That is why the finale felt more like a mid season break then a finale. So we may still learn about the dark but I am not holding my breath.

Overall, I think the writers need to decide what type of show this is. Is this Bo changing the fae world and making them "play by her rules" as she over time learns the skills to "rule them all". Is this about Bo taking a millennials old culture and trying to make them all act human and bow to her will? Will she over time make them stop feeding on humans, free the claimed humans, play by her rules? Is Bo a conquistador? Or is this show about a baby that was lost by her kind, raised by humans but always felt like an outcast then after 10 years of being alone and on the run and killing hundreds of people she finds out that she is not a freak and that there is a place that accepts her as she is but they are a different culture then she was raised so she has to navigate and learn this new world. As she learns this world she also learns herself and her powers. Bo has to now face new realities and grow. Her new world includes living for a thousand years or more, her monogamy issue, what family means, that the fae are like humans in that their are good and bad and shades of gray and the fragility of relationships. The writers seem unclear or at least the fans do.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
247. Kiersten
I knew that they'd had to cut out most of Tamsin's planned storyline b/c of the 13 episode order, but I don't remember an interview where she said they were essentially making S3 & 4 one overall season. Must have missed it. Did hear that S3 finale feeds right into S4 debut which is expected to pick rt up from where S3 left off, but LG is hardly the first show to end on cliffhanger & pick rt up there for new season. Really hope they're not planning to carry this dismal season forth into another one without changing things drastically, cause ugh.
248. Minime
Let me find the interview or actually there are two. KHR says that they are going to do some of the episodes they planned in season 3 that they had to cut in season 4 like Trick and Dyson back story.
249. Minime
Firestone about Trick & Dyson backstory season 3
What can we expect in season 3? While we have seen a lot of the Light Fae world so far, we are going to see more of the Dark Fae world in Season 3, according to Firestone. We also will learn a bit more about Trick and Dyson, with Trick having chosen Dyson at some point.

KHR about Trick & Dyson backstory season 4
Kris Holden-Ried: Not in this season but we’ve all been talking about it and it’s definitely something that we all want to tackle and I know the writers are key on brining something about that into season four.

EA about planning the episodes
When planning Season 3, they had an arc for 10, 13, and 22 episodes, but also with room to have a Season 4.
There is a video for this interview on youtube I think.
Nadine Robb
250. cmm
I think what they should of done is just split the season that they had intially planned in half and ended on maybe bo passing the dawning and later finding out about the wanderer and that he's coming. I would of rather they had done this because at least then, none of us would be this confused.
Carmen Pinzon
251. bungluna
My problem is that the writers can't seem to pick just ONE thing and develop it properly (for my taste, that is.) Do the Dawning, or the Wanderer, or the coup d'etat by Evany, or Taft and the fae-human war. Just don't through everything at the screen and then skip important conversations and explanations because you ran out of screen time.
252. whiskeywhite
I'm so behind! Like Minime - my work has been interfering (Freakin' work!). When I last grabbed a second to try to catch up, you were at comment #172, now you're at #251!

Have now caught up - so much interesting stuff -- new info. (e.g., re: "Orphan Black." Must now watch) and how season 3 was planned and may well be forming part of season 4 (they should start season 4 by picking up where they left off in the cliffhanger of the season 3 finale).

Lots of fun and fascinating new ideas about future plot possibilities. For instance, I thought that your future story line, stacymd2, was very imaginative. I laughed at Kenzi and Bruce being in a relationship and then immediately thought, "Why should I laugh at that?" He's obviously an interesting guy, and has already admitted that he loves her. But of course he's meant to be comic relief.

And the big laughs keep coming. LindaL is an up-and-comer with: "all of us seem to know how to wordsmith well. True, not like Kiersten but we are getting there!" I laughed not because it's funny, but because it's true. The Champion, Santiam, is back with "Support your local werewolf!" but bungluna makes a serious play with: "The only caveat is that Kenzie would be gone too, unless Bruce managed to get her a good deal from the Druid!"

I love the diversity of contributions here. We had the discussion of slavery vs indentured labour vs serfdom, complete with academic citations, now we have Zanza quoting Shakespeare.

LindaL, you commented, "If we can accept the Norse mythology that has been integrated into the show, the Norn would be on the level of the Garuda." The Norn says as much (or maybe that she's on a higher level) to Dyson and Kenzi: “the Sacred Tree has weathered many a storm. It and I will be standing long after The Garuda has had his fun.”

Speaking of being on a higher level, I like Kiersten noticed early on how tall KC Collins is. KHR apparently only has an inch and a fraction on him. He could have gone to university on a basketball scholarship but chose a baseball scholarship instead. But I only recently noticed how tall Audrey, the now missing waitress, was. She was practically eye-to-eye with Dyson when she threw the drink in his face.

In reference to a (distant) future possibility of a relationship between Bo and Dyson, I agree with drusilla_doll: "The greedy TV viewer in me, however, wants to see it play out on my damned screen." I, like SuzyM, am a pollyanna. I keep hoping. And the day that it gets so bad that SuzyM moves on, I would say that the lights will have been turned off and the door closed on the series.
253. whiskeywhite
I must say that I'm getting a bit bored with discussing Lauren (so, why do I join in, you rightly ask). TheGardner correctly reminds us (because it's a necessary reminder) that "chemistry is subjective. I think AS and ZP sparkle on screen together and watching them I can buy they are in love, I never felt that way with Bo and Dyson." SuzyM demonstrates the point, lyrically, from the other side of the chemistry divide: "The way (Dyson) cradled the back of her neck as he kissed her, the way Bo clung to him like she never wanted to let go."

Zanza reflects the views of many by summing up the wider relationship question: "if these two ladies talked to each other, had respect for each other, spent time together without banging each other, I would say, well, I don't see it but there must be something there." I could cite times when they hang out and just have fun, but no matter because then the very interesting question is asked, why does the LGBT community cling so tightly to an arguably bad relationship? Kiersten responds:
one of the reviewers said several of her lesbian friends had admitted to supporting doccubus simply because it was a prominent F/F relationship in a mainstream show, but that they didn't necessarily like Bo and DL as a couple. That annoys me because it indicates that a proportion of fans are influencing the show based on agenda rather than what is best for the story or characters
I think that we can't separate why people watch a TV show from the realities of their personal lives, and indeed their politics. I'm not at all surprised that some lesbians might hold their noses and support doccubus. As an excluded minority, sometimes it just comes down to 'you take what you can get and try to keep it', right? Folks have a right and a duty, in my view, to fight for more. Now I know that the answer is going to be, but they should be fighting for better portrayals. Yes, but easier said than done as we are experiencing. My (Black) partner watches comedies with Black characters that I think , and he agrees, have some very questionable portrayals of Black people. But he's quite clear that he's just hungering for anything featuring Black people (in the lead roles, not just as sidekicks or background). And as a white person I have no right to tell him, "stop watching those, they're stupid."

Stacymd2- If you can get a chance, watch Zoie Palmer in KHR's film "The Unfinished Work of Paul Shephard" (called in the US, I believe, "The Girlfriend Project"). She does wonderful work as a former actress girlfriend who now works as a "fluffer" in the porn industry. There are a couple of short scenes in the trailer, though no fluffing :-):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k0fq1hRcYA And then there's Zoie in a chipmunk costume playing with similarly dressed filmmaker Jeremy Lalonde and his kids at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtwOM_rjzBM. Talk about willingness as an actor to give your all -- it's a fundraising project for "Sex After Kids". And speaking of her willingness, while other LG actors went to the big fan conventions, including Zoie, Zoie also came this year to the sci-fi/fantasy convention here in my little mid-continent burg, Winnipeg. Not enough to make me attend, but it was good of her.
254. Minime
I must say that I'm getting a bit bored with discussing Lauren

So lets talk Dyson wolf-shifter in the tradition of the American Indian or a werewolf? Or are they both the same thing? He said he chose the wolf so could he have been a cabbit or bear?
Suzanne Metaxas
255. SuzyM
@Minime I think he could have been a cougar, panther, bear, or Lion :) but I agree, I like the wolf the best. I love the way KHR holds his hands when Dyson is near wolfing out. They really do have and animal claw feeling to them. I do wish he would stop arching his back that way though, it is not good for his spine :(

Of the animals I mentioned before the only one I could see him as is a cougar.
Pandra Selivanov
256. Zanza
Something that is driving me nuts is the meme that the potion worked. Granted, counting on anything Lost Girl presents is like standing on quicksand, but the show presented the potion as being used and not working and Tamsin saying (for anyone who might have missed it) that the potion didn't work. Yet there is this spreading notion (it seems to be mostly Doccubus driven) that the potion did work.

It's annoying to see people denying facts that were presented in the show. Yes, it's possible the potion worked, because in fiction, all things are possible. It's possible the Wanderer is Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Wanderer certainly seems to have that quirky sense of humor, pretending to let Tamsin run him over and disappearing in a puff of smoke. It's possible, but is it plausible?

The answer is no, it's not plausible. And it's not plausible the potion worked, because so much work and explanations and extrapolations have to go into explaining how it could have worked. And it's like the potion is symptomatic of a wider failing in Lost Girl-the failure to create an internally consistent world that works by its own rules and stands by those rules.

As J R R Tolkien put it, "in order for the narrative to work, the reader must believe that what he reads is true within the secondary reality of the fictional world. By focusing on creating an internally consistent fictional world, the author makes secondary belief possible...suspension of disbelief is only necessary when the work has failed to create secondary belief. From that point the spell is broken, and the reader ceases to be immersed in the story and must make a conscious effort to suspend disbelief or else give up on it entirely."
257. Minime
LOL! It's possible the Wanderer is Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. @Zanza you killed me there now no matter who they cast I will be picturing John DeLancey.
Suzanne Metaxas
259. SuzyM
@Zanza they have to say it worked otherwise Bo doesn't love Lauren :) Of course we know she doesn't LOL It could only work with 3 of Dyson's hairs and 3 of Bo's hairs ;)
260. Santiam
I'm not sure I can hold my breathe till 2014...
261. whiskeywhite
I agree bungluna. Great Tolkien quote, Zanza. I'm a huge Tolkien fan. I now have my 12-year old grand daughter reading The Hobbit. She's already obsessed over Harry Potter, years ago. And a big Twilight fan, of course. We can talk for hours. She asks imaginative questions that never occur to me. Just like you folks. No, I'm suggesting you're juvenile :-), just smart.

Minime - Dyson is a wolf-shifter in the tradition of the American Indian. He can choose when he wants to become a wolf. Unlike classical European werewolves who are ruled by the phases of the moon (as in Harry Potter -- his poor teacher, Remus Lupin). When did Dyson say he chose the wolf? I know it's implied by his attempt to become a griffin (I like gryphon), but he was crazy as a loon at the time.
262. drusilla_doll
Q? LOL. Awesome.

Now I have this odd desire for Dyson's father to be Patrick Stewart. Some stern sort of fellow who frowns on him living away from the Mother Country for so many centuries.
Pandra Selivanov
263. Zanza
Okay, imagine Patrick Stewart as Dyson's dad and John DeLancey as Bo's dad. The mind bobbles. Yeah, I'm a big Tolkien fan. I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but where I really get a lot of deep thinking from is The Silmarillion. It's not just great fantasy, it's great philosophy.
Carmen Pinzon
264. bungluna
@Zanza - That's the thing with me and fantasy/sci-fi. If the internal rules of the world and the philosophy aren't coherent, the whole tumbles down.
265. Minime
@whiskeywhite thanks that is what I thought but many people call him a werewolf and not wolf shifter. On the rooftop he just says that he was born into a family of shape-shifters and not wolf shifters.
Pandra Selivanov
266. Zanza
I did read somewhere that in an interview, KHR was asked what it was like to play two werewolves, and he corrected the interviewer and said Dyson is not a werewolf, he's a shapeshifter. I thought it was funny he was so precise, but I guess there is a world of difference between a werewolf, who turns into a wolf once a month from a curse, and a shifter, who turns into an animal whenever they want because that's what they are.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
267. Kiersten
@Zanza - yep, there's a difference. Dyson is a shifter. He's not controlled by the moon but rather chose the wolf as his animal - I guess that was his Dawning decision. And wouldn't THAT have been INFINITELY more interesting to see (Dyson sharing his Dawning experience w/Bo to help her navigate hers) than DL working her useless shots to try & suppress Bo's nature! I like that KHR is so precise about it. He's said before how he grounds Dyson in his physicality, which no doubt is tied into understanding exactly what kind of shifter he is, and that it has presented its own difficulties like the long term effects of that oh-so-lovely walk.
268. Minime
I agree that the dawning could have been an amazing storyline if it had been thought out more. Rather then making it a OH NO big bad it could have been a Bo has to learn herself storyline. They could have had Bo go back to her human home in the temple and re-lived her human days she could have had to come to terms in the temple an faced what her future is. A melding of human Bo & Fae Bo. We could have had amazing character growth and team bonding with Trick, Dyson, Hale and even Tamsin if it was done right. They each could have shared parts of their dawning in a heart felt or funny talk onscreen with Kenzi adding puns. They seem to have great ideas but are unable to bring them to fruition in a cohesive manner. I feel like I could take the episodes (minus 3x01) and re craft them into an amazing story in a different order. It may be just me but all season I felt that the episodes were out of order.

As for KHR's wolf walk my fav scene is in fae day as he opens the elevator door I must have paused and rewinded it several times, I love his stance there and I had no idea a stance could be sexy till that scene.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
269. Kiersten
They just wasted so much time on Doccutopia for Doccutopia's sake and sidelined so much story and character growth, both for Bo and the other main characters, to do it. This ultimately is my external problem with this relationship going center stage; the show was not designed or created for this and when they alter the show on such fundamental levels to force doccutopia forward as LG's raison d'etre, every other aspect of the show, including and especially the journey of the main character, suffers for it.

Sorry, didn't mean to sideline back to DL related convo even ancillarily. Believe me, no one is more tired of that trope than me.

So - how 'bout those wolf shifters, eh?
270. Santiam
I could not make sense of The Dawning. A machine, a dream quest, a Fae life coach, a mystical portal other people can enter (two fae enter one fae leave!). It felt like the writers were smoking the same rope that made for the creation of Zardoz.

It was an excuse to put DL and Bo in tight fitting cop outfits and have Bo kiss Tamsin? Then at the end I thought "Oh! It's all about Dyson proving his love for Bo. His sacrifice reveals how much she still deeply loves him and DL sees it and realizes she can't come close to his level of dedication, love and bravery. She can't compete! Hopefully, she's smart enough to step aside... please show have her get the hell out of the way! Oh hey... good show! Biscuit for show!"

However I still thought the dawning was lamely contrived. If it truly was a walk-about or dreamquest thru a personal hell, the worst challenge any Fae can ever face, Dyson agreed to do it twice. Once for himself and once for the woman he loves (even if she loved someone else).
Pandra Selivanov
271. Zanza
What really gets me is season one. There were such a lot of good setups for interesting storylines-Trick saying, "It's begun," for instance. What began? Was there some kind of prophecy-is Bo supposed to be some fullfillment of something? The oracle seemed to be adding to this.

Then there's Dyson's loyalty to Trick. When and how did they meet? How is it that Dyson is so high in the Ash' favor when in fact his fealty is to Trick? How does Dyson know Trick is the blood king? What about Hale? He's Dyson's partner, but he didn't know about Trick. What's up with that?

There's the Light and Dark thing, which is the biggest reason I hate the dawning with a passion. The very first episode they show Bo getting tested and offered the opportunity to choose a side. Does it really make sense that this huge thing happens in a Fae's life, and then later on an even huger thing happens? I had the misfortune to watch The Phantom Menace once and saw the big fish which the good guys escaped from. Then there's another big fish. It was painful. The dawning was so much dreck-it just invalidated everything that came before.

And that's the biggest problem with the show. You can't trust anything they present. As of the season finale, the potion didn't work. If Doccubus screams loud enough, maybe next season, they'll change it and the potion will have worked and they'll come up with a wonky explanation for it. Lauren isn't even Lauren. Trick is loveable and a human-hating tyrant. Hale wants to be with Kenzi and then he throws her out. And important plot points don't happen at all because they're "rehashing." It's so sad to see the show going downhill like this when it started out so great. It's like seeing a butterfly get its wings cut off after it emerges from the cocoon.
272. Santiam
Oddly, "The Dawning" only really landed on DL. It dawns on her that she should get out of the way of these two people who are obviously meant for each other. I think that's the most credit I've ever given her. It's the smartest and best thing she's ever done for Bo. Leave... Now if she could just manage to stay gone.
If, like Dyson, she had stepped aside for selfless reasons and not done the whole passive aggressive thing, I'd have more respect for her. I felt she urged Dyson to go thru the Dawning knowing he probably would not come out of it.
Dang it! Ended up writing about her again.
Pandra Selivanov
273. Zanza
Santiam, the only good thing about the dawning was the look on Lauren's face as Bo and Dyson were holding each other at the end. She had the look of someone who just had the rudest awakening of her entire life. She could see Bo and Dyson love each other and that's never going to change. As you say, the most credit she deserves is leaving Bo.
274. stacymd2
Zanza: I have a feeling that TPTB will never address whether the potion worked or not. It will always be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a plot hole (and hot, HOT Druid-ness).

I love that Dyson is a shifter instead of a werewolf. Wouldn’t it be funny if Dyson mentioned that his Mother/Father was a panda or koala bear shifter? For some reason I think Dyson is part bear – a cute kind. I hope at some point Lost Girl has a werewolf as the MotW with Bo, Kenzi, Hale & Dyson going up against it. (ah, the good old days) OR! They could bring on a female werewolf and have Dyson have a fling with her.

Sigh…As Kiersten said in an earlier post, it is hard not to discuss Lauren because Lauren & B/L’s relationship was the main thread running through Season 3. Look again at every episode. Outside of the MotW plot, they all featured some aspect of B/L. Even episodes 3.05 & 3.06 where the plot centered on Kenzi, the theme of B/L’s relationship was the heart of the episode (who will Bo save, K or L? Lauren’s love bringing Bo back…Trust issues between B/L…Lauren’s science knowing Bo best…etc.).

This is why the Dawning was so underwhelming; at its core was B/L’s relationship. The Dawning’s lead up episodes were: 1) Lauren again giving Bo drugs to suppress her succubus nature and Bo coming out to her Mother as gay…um, Fae; 2) The cracks in B/L’s relationship with Bo lying & not understanding Lauren’s work and Lauren’s disappointment, loneliness and Bo’s priorities being different for hers. This leads to the actual Dawning episode. Doccubus keeps repeating that “Dyson took over Bo’s Dawning”. He didn’t. “Bo’s Dawning was about Dyson.” It wasn’t. It was about Bo sorting through her feelings for Lauren and Dyson ---plus, on the side, her fear of what will happen to Kenzi if Bo is not there. In my opinion, ZP was playing the role of Dyson (cop) and KHR was playing Lauren (doctor) until the very end when Dyson snapped out of it, realizing that he was not a doctor/Lauren. The Dawning was a great concept. They hyped it up well, but the execution was confusing and the over hyping turned the Dawning into the second coming of the Garuda. Neither villain lived up to the hype. The Dawning trilogy should have been cut down to two episodes. An extra episode would have helped the finale a lot.
Carmen Pinzon
275. bungluna
For me, the most offensive thing that S3 did was the coming out thing.

1.As stated, the rules are that Fae don't reveal themselves to human.
2.Bo has many times talked about how great her childhood was. I mean, she was going to be prom queen, she went to summer camp, etc.
3.She had said she ran away after she killed her bf after having sex with him in a car. Now tell me what absolute abusive parents want their teens to have sex in a car? Oh yes, the simple country folk kind; I'm sure the smart city folk give the kids the key to their minivan!

This episode illustrates all the inconsistencies that have been driving me batty this season. The rules don't apply to Bo or she doesn't even remember them. An oportunity to blame the fae of the day for Bo's mom's strange behavior is ignored and great acting is wasted on an issue that shouldn't even rise in this world.
276. stacymd2
@Bungluna: Bo coming out to her Mother as Fae was blatant Doccubus stroking. The writers were not even trying to be subtle.

The question of what Bo’s childhood was really like (happy? abusive?) is so annoying. In my opinion, Bo had a very happy, middle class, small town, mid-western childhood until maybe her late teenage years when she would be most interested in sex. Being a young succubus, she may have acted very aggressive with her sexuality. I’m just guessing here…

For me, the most offensive LG episode will always be 3.01.
277. Minime
In my opinion, ZP was playing the role of Dyson (cop) and KHR was
playing Lauren (doctor) until the very end when Dyson snapped out of it, realizing that he was not

I saw it differently but I think that an episode like Ceremony is so open to interpretation. To me Dyson was the Dr. because he heals Bo. Lauren was the partner because as she says in Delinquents your work is my work.
278. Minime
I have to agree @stacy 3x01 was the WORST followed by Bo brow beating an ill woman in Bo Place, IMO the Bo goes home should have been in the dawning. The Mom talk should have been with her human mother and Aiofe in the temple.
Linda Losik
279. LindaL
As you can see, we are not the only ones that think S3E1 is the worst ever!

Jan. 14 = 1.186 total viewers, 0.5 in the demo
Jan. 21 = 1.075 total viewers, 0.4 in the demo
Jan. 28 = 1.052 total viewers, 0.4 in the demo
Feb. 04 = 0.844 total viewers, 0.3 in the demo
Feb. 11 = 0.847 total viewers, 0.3 in the demo

The numbers did improve with the finale:
Apr. 22 = 1.206 total viewers, 0.4 in the demo

I also took the Dawning as when Bo finally chose fae over human. She now understands emotionally that she is fae not human.
280. Minime
@Linda it wasn't till the Guppy episode that she finally realized that she is fae so the dawning to me was just writers trying too hard to be deep.

I know the US ratings were not great this season but I think that it has to do with a change in airing dates I think Fridays were a better fit for the show on Syfy. I think the itunes downloads make a big dent in it also I would rather pay for the uncut episodes then the Syfy ones that cut out important stuff and keep fae fox dance party and fae fox looking through cd's and cut Hale & Dyson time.
282. Minime
LOL in re-reading your season 3 posts Kiersten I notice that the most cut scenes are Hale's, followed by Dyson and Trick. They don't dare cut Lauren scenes after the online malay from season 2.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
283. Kiersten
Hale and Trick definitely have taken the lion's share of the hits when in comes to cuts in S2 and in S3 as well but with their drastically reduced presence in S3, all who were left was Kenzi and Dyson who were marginalized to accomodate Doccutopia in the first place. A few minor lines were trimmed from one or two Bo/Kenzi convos and that one important bit between Vex and Kenzi about DL in Confaegion got whacked, but the rest were definitely shouldered by Dyson and often they were great character moments like Dyson in the therapist's office remembering how great it felt to make love with Bo again and that wonderful Hale/Dyson scene we'd been lacking all season long. Out of the entire season, DL had, if memory serves, about one or two very minor lines cut and I have no doubt it was because to avoid the hue and cry. I do not understand why they don't cut down the Fae of the Day extra stuff, like the Witches of Faewick bitching about their cheating husbands or the kitsune making out - oh wait, maybe I do.
Pandra Selivanov
284. Zanza
Zanza: I have a feeling that TPTB will never address whether the potion worked or not. It will always be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a plot hole (and hot, HOT Druid-ness).
What mystery, Stacy? The potion was shown as being used and not working. Tamsin said it didn't work. That's a fact presented in the show. There's no mystery about it. What's irritating is the notion that anything that reflects badly on Lauren is to be immediately rejected-Lauren is the weak link in the potion, so Doccubus twists themselves into pretzels rejecting a plain fact presented on the show. It reminds me of a post I read on IMDB where a Doccubus said Arachnofaebia made Lauren look so bad she didn't consider that episode part of the show. Okay, you don't like the episode, but it is part of the show.

It's all part of the bigger picture of how the show has catered to a certain aggressive vocal part of the fan base. A minority part of the fan base, because you know when people are this mean, they aren't representing the majority. Most people just aren't that mean and they're not going to abuse fellow human beings on behalf of figments of the imagination. And it's really sad to see how good Lost Girl started out and how much potential it had and how fast it slid downhill. I'm actually amazed it got a fourth season.
Carmen Pinzon
285. bungluna
What makes me the sadest is the coming divorce. If they don't do something drastic at the beginning of next season, I'm afraid I'm out of here and I'm sure I'm not alone. What could have been a great show, a la Xena and Hercules and Warehouse 13 has devolved into a Doccutopia hot mess.
Nadine Robb
287. cmm
@stacymd2 I still do not understand Bo lying to Lauren in 3.08, It just didn't make sense. Bo going off and helping others is not that unusual she did it when she was dating Ryan and she did it when she was dating Dyson. Lauren should know by now its part of who Bo as a person is, she of all people have benefitted the most from Bo's going on missions to help others.

As for Dyson being part bear, is it wrong that I imagine him as one of those cute little bear cubs from Brave? Hehehe
288. Minime
Bo lying to Lauren didn't make any sense unless you look at it from the perspective that she thinks she needs to be someone else to be with Lauren. While Lauren benefitted from Bo's missions Lauren doesn't have a life outside her job and Bo. Because she doesn't have a single friend can be needy, IMO. She gave up her freedom to be with Bo and I think in return Bo thought she had to do a bit if the same. From the onset of the relationship in 3x01 Bo had continually lied to Lauren about everything but I chalk that up to Lauren forcing Bo's hand about being in a relationship. Lauren pushed Bo at the end of 3x01 and at the end she agrees but looking at the way she pushed Dyson vs the way she pushed away Lauren is very interesting.
Nadine Robb
289. cmm
I don't agree that she gave up her freedom to be with Bo. She chose to recommit to the ash all on her own and that has nothing to do with Bo. I know that Dyson did say she should run but, in my opinion even if she did, she probably wouldn't of gotten very far. She's valuable to both sides. I'm also wondering about Lauren not having a life outside her job, is that because she's too into her work to have one or is it cause she isn't allowed? Although, her going to her own awards ceremony suggests that she can have a life outside of her work.
290. whiskeywhite
Please everyone, carry on discussing Lauren all you like. Nothing you write is boring to me.

Zanza, I've never had the courage to tackle The Silmarillion. But perhaps I will now.

I was just re-reading an older post and realized that my bad, bad fingers typed, "No, I'm suggesting you're juvenile :-), just smart." Of course, what I meant was that you are NOT juvenile. I apologize if I offended anyone.

I have long since given up trying to understand the Dawning; too deep for me. But I certainly appreciate others' efforts to make sense of it.

Minime - you made me go back and look at Dyson and the elevator door in "Fae Day". There's a charming moment in that scene when Dyson responds with huge warmth to Bo's question, "So there are stories?" She's practically right up against his chest and he's smiling down at her. But I like that he then tells Bo to "read a book." This is the episode immediately following his "I do (care)" admission at the end of "Vexed" and it's becoming clear how much he really does care for Bo, though she doesn't get it yet. There are a number of his door opening scenes I like. For instance, in 2.21 when he strides vigorously across his loft (yum) and virtually attacks his door because Kenzi is pounding on it (having come to save him in from his blue funk after Ciara's death). And speaking of stances, how he stands and just takes it while Kenzi repeatedly hauls off and whacks his face. Then there's his slightly hang dog stance and look when he (semi) jokes about having lost his 'cojones'. Ah, I could (clearly) go on and on.

Zanza, you asked: "Trick saying, 'It's begun,' for instance. What began?" I don't remember the context, but wasn't he referring to the dreaded return of Aife?

stacymd2 just keeps the laughs coming: "It will always be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a plot hole (and hot, HOT Druid-ness)." Yes, HOT Druidness, indeed. Then followed by "Wouldn’t it be funny if Dyson mentioned that his Mother/Father was a panda or koala bear shifter?" But would a gentle panda or koala bear shifter parent want their son to become a wolf shifter? Would he be a disappointment? Would they wonder, "where did we go wrong?"

All of this talk about Dyson as a wolf shifter leads me to wonder to what degree, if he becomes a true wolf and not just a Fae detective in wolf clothing, how much is he driven by the instincts of a wolf and how much he is still guided by his Fae intelligence. That in turn made me wonder for the first time whether Dyson, when he's in his full wolf form, might be attracted to and have sex with a beautiful lady wolf. A certain ew factor, I know, but why not? (I realize that I could be wondering about other aspects of his wolfyness, but there's that famous Dyson-fan shallowness).

LindaL, could you interpret the viewer stats? For instance, what does "1.186 total viewers, 0.5 in the demo" mean? I understand that 'demo' means demographic, but which demographic? And is 1.186 in millions? And are those just U. S. viewers? Presumably. Still, the pattern you demonstrate is telling.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
291. Kiersten
Whiskey - the 1.186 number is in millions as in one point one eight million viewers. Not sure if U.S. or combined U. S./Canada or just Canada; Linda would have to check her source to find out. The "0.5 in the dermo" refers to the coveted 18-35 dermographic that advertisers look at first when considering ad buys and which has so much impact on the continuing life of a show.
292. Minime
She did choose to recommit and when given the chance to run twice she chose to stay. After the Garuda I think Dyson would have helped her leave (for his own reasons of course) and avoid detection but to me she didn't have a life outside of work and she places a ton of her self worth in her work. But this isn't about DL it's about Bo's need to give Lauren more then she can offer and why she felt it necessary to lie to her about even basic things.

But hey thats all boring compared to Whishey's thoughts about wolfy Dyson. I was thinking that Dyson still has a man brain while a wolf after all he used it to track Bo in 1x03 and also followed Bo's orders in 3x13 as a wolf.
Nadine Robb
293. cmm
See for me the stuff she lied about before 3.08 was minor. I didn't consider it a life altering lie because that was all about trying to make Lauren feel better. But 3.08 to me seems like a lie without substance. There was no reason for her to lie to her like that she could of said something came up and that she had to take care of it and apologized. It was like the writers were itching to have something be held over Bo that Lauren could use to break up with her later on. This just didn't make sense to me.

As for a Dyson history, I think the writers will give you that. But, it won't be as much as most fans want. It's not that I don't like Dyson's character, in season 1 I was all over him like white on rice lol! But ever since that disasterous season 2 I have learned not to get too invested in him. Hence my only watching for Kenzi and Bo. Same with Trick, learning about the Blood King would be interesting, but these writers just can't do him justice. Case and point, his loving humans but then in the next breath ignoring that and doing something nasty.
Carmen Pinzon
294. bungluna
@cmm- I guess it all boils down to having lost faith in the showrunners. They come up with interesting concepts but cannot deliver to save their lives! Except in the soft-porn Doccubus thrill...
295. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Kiersten, for the stats interpretation. The number are obviously falling, but overall, are they good numbers or not? I think you commented that it's a small audience. Interesting about the 18-35 demographic. Does this series strike you folks as being aimed at a young audience (which that range seems to me to be, although maybe not in TV land)? I've observed before that the TV and on-line ads that are shown with LG don't seem to be particularly young in their targetting. Lots of household cleaning products (but to be fair there was also a Fido ad). I would think that a series like "Beauty and the Beast" has a much younger demographic.

Re: Dyson's wolfyness -- most of the time he doesn't do full-on wolf. He just calls up one or more wolfy capabilities -- sense of smell, strength, etc. 3.13 was the first time, I think, we saw actual body shape changes --
muscles bulging -- while still in humanoid (or fae-oid) form (though he does sprout full canines when really pissed off). (Hale comments on his "short temper and big teeth." The short temper, usually under control, is presumably meant to reflect the wild predator in him). When he's not in full wolf form, for example when Bo tells him to kill Taft in 3.13, he's presumably still thinking with his Fae intelligence (though he can kind of lose it when he's in full attack mode. E.g., in "The Kenzi Scale" he attacks faux Kenzi and then immediately regrets it when he kills her. It does suggest the instincts overcoming the intelligence). In the only two times we've seen him full-wolf, he was carrying out tasks which wolves would be instinctively capable of doing -- tracking (Bo in both cases) and attacking and killing prey (the college security guard and Taft). So it's theoretically possible that the wolf instincts become dominant in those full-wolf situations. Of course, he'd have to still have enough of his Fae intelligence in control to remember to change back.

His wolf is also present to varying degrees in his daily life. In 1.12 we learn that he occasionally hunts, as a wolf, for sport. In 2.01, when he first returns after losing his love, he deals with his pain in part by spending his nights hunting (coping with your pain by killing something, how male). On the lighter side, he tells Bo, after the almost flight of the gryphon, that he's realized that he's been neglecting his wolf, so goes out carousing with Tamsin. And he tells Lauren that he's partial to howling at the moon (KHR is good at growling; it would be fun to see him try howling. I bet he's tried it but maybe it came out too ridiculous -- or ridonkulous -- to use in the show).

OK, enough of my musing about Dyson the wolf. Talk about boring. Well, maybe one more thing. I was watching one of KHR's films, "Never Forget", in which, by the way, he does crazy better than he ever does in LG, and noted a tendency for his voice to be higher and lighter than we see in LG. I've also noticed it in "The Listener". He must work at keeping his voice lower for Dyson, including his gorgeous 'THAT voice'.
Katherine Bloom
296. lsbloom
Whiskey -- the demo is usually 18-49...I'm not sure of these particular stats. 18-34 would be an typical ABC Family target demo. The rationale has to do with advertisers and disposable income.

Lost Girl's figures in the US have been pretty bad--it has to be really REALLY cheap to aquire to support those numbers, other shows with numbers better than these have been cancelled by SyFy in the last year. Lost Girl has repeatedly failed to make the top 100 cable shows, which it hardly ever did (like 2 weeks) in the back to back season 1-2 airings. Showcase released figures for the finale and in Canada they were around 275,000. That's about half of season 1 figures and down 100,000 from the end of season 2.
297. Minime
I think that wolfDyson & manDyson share traits in either form, for example Dyson mates for life because a wolf mates for life (well really for the life of it's partner). Wolf Dyson knew after killing Taft to go find his pants (bad wolf!). Dyson as a wolf knew to track Bo and to kill Taft. Dyson planned to go bear hunting as a wolf and mapped out his hunting grounds and knew where the hunters were before going so they must share thoughts. Dyson is Dyson in either form unlike Bo who becomes I will rule the word cray cray.

It seems to me that one of the biggest things as a fae is to figure yourself out most of them are of two "faces" I think about Vex saying that he had to keep the human city council happy to keep his liquor license and Dyson had his human job and fae job both that he takes seriously. Many fae, the lower ones on the totem pole, live in the human world unlike Hales family that are rich and can exist in their own world. This is something Bo is learning in reverse.

As for the ratings I read somewhere that the lions share of LG viewers are woman 24-60 worldwide. I'll see if I can find it it's old numbers though from season 1 so the ratings are skewed because that is not the "target demo" the networks are after. Some one should tell them that men & women 18-24 don't have money to buy those products on the commercials and they should be more concerned with the non demo woman 25-60 who have money.
298. Minime
The thing with the SYFY numbers no one wants to admit is that the show shed 100K viewers a week in the first 3 weeks and the viewers only returned for the Kenzi Scale vs Being Human which airs before and went up all season and ended with:

"The drama’s just-wrapped third season averaged 1.8 million viewers, 1.1 million of which fell into the 18-49 demo."

Those viewers tuned in to see Being Human because it's lead in at 8PM Continuum had worse numbers then Lost Girl so people were actively changing the channel. So the issue is not the lead in and is really the show itself.

Now the problem with LG is that the scripts are probably done at this point and the writing team and producers are lining up to shoot in mid July (Anna had her son Sam on the 1st) and season 3 ended in such a way that without a huge amount of deus ex machina they have really written them selves into a corner. The interesting thing will be to see if they write in more Docutopia hoping to fix the ratings or if they return to the season 1 recipe of 80% MOTW, 10% arc and 10% relationship stuff or if they keep with season 3's 50% MOTH, 30% relationship, 20% arc (BTW I didn't make those numbers up they came from EA's mouth).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
299. Kiersten
The interesting thing will be to see if they write in more Docutopia hoping to fix the ratings.
Reading all the comments and info about the numbers, it would seem to me that the viewing decline began in season two when the episode extension proved problematic (and Bo and Dyson broke up and DL became more prominent) and went down even further with the ongoing Doccutopia of season three. So I'm not sure how writing in more would fix the ratings. If they turn themselves inside out to fix Doccutopia for season four, I am interested to see whether the numbers continue to fall and/or whether they yet mix it up by going back to the season one percentages per episode.

It was my understanding that EA and the writers were still shaping up and fleshing out scripts for season four and that filming was scheduled to begin in June, but perhaps that's changed. Anna wasn't due till mid-May, so the slightly early delivery could also speed things up. Though I'm the last person who would kow esp as I dont' know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies.
Suzanne Metaxas
300. SuzyM
If they go back to Doctopia it will get cancelled here in the USA. If you look at the numbers here it is quite evident that the viewers were abandoning ship big time.
301. Minime
If they turn themselves inside out to fix Doccutopia for season four, I am interested to see whether the numbers continue to fall and/or whetherthey yet mix it up by going back to the season one percentages per episode.

Keirsten sorry I meant more Docutopia (and more Lauren by default) sarcastically and also seriously. There is a new e online poll of fav actress and ZP is going to win, they have decided to not let AS loose by a landslide they said they will keep AS's numbers at around 40% but they want more ZP and they scream the loudest.

It seems to me that the LG people seem to think the show is all about Docutopia since the casual viewer doesn't vote online or voice their opinion except to change the channel. The show people only know that Tamsin & Doccubus are the most polarizing figures/ships on the show and Dyson, Kenzi and actual story lines are getting pushed to the sidelines. The writers have lost sight of the fact that the story is really suffering, but, overall in season 3 hey really made a lot of changes so it's hard to put your finger on what the real issue was. I felt that the cast was mis-used. Give me all the charts you want about screen time the cast usage was off as was the flow of each episode. In season 1 & 2 we had Kenzi & Bo as a prologue and epilogue to each episode plus MOTW sewn into the show, each person onscreen had a reason to be there and was not just flailing around or looking pretty. I just did a re-watch of the Clover the Cat defeats Dyson episode and DL had very little usage in a correct manner. The writers really messed with a ton in season 3 so it will be interesting to see what they tweak to try to fix it since season 3 & 4 seem tied to each other. They could wrap up the Wanderer story in 2 episodes then the fae/human conflict in one and the light/dark leaders in another that would give them 9 episodes to play with.

The Syfy numbers for season 2 were not as bad as season 3 they averaged over a million and ended 2x22 with 1.45 the second highest rated for the show flowed by 2x7 at 1.35 million. Season 3 started off weak with 1.186 million (down 200k+)and continued it's free fall all season until the finale that got 1.206 million but that is down 350,000 over season 2. We don't have the Canadian numbers but I did see that Continuum's season 2 started in LG's time slot on Showcase and it's ratings are 40% higher then Lost Girls finale numbers. So something is rotten in the state of Denmark and I call that smell EA's bad writing.
Pandra Selivanov
302. Zanza
I have to admit that I have no faith in online polls since Lexx won an online poll for the best show of all time. This was a few years ago and I don't remember who was running the poll-it was some online entertainment magazine. Anyway, it was a broadbased poll, with shows like Law & Order and Gunsmoke as well as scifi. And Lexx won. Now, I like Lexx, but the best show of all time against the likes of shows that went for twenty years? I don't think so. People are probably cheating. But that's what the powers that be are looking at here, and I guess they won't get the message until the ratings are so low Lost Girl gets canceled. Then they'll wonder what went wrong.
Katherine Bloom
303. lsbloom
The self-titled "Doccubus Army" was very upset to lose in the semifinals of another one of the online best couple polls. They lost to Destiel (Dean and Castiel on Supernatural, a show well-known for having a massive online fanbase). Destiel isn't even a real couple though--both of those boys have been shown to be heterosexual, although in fairness, Cas' sexuality is a tad ambiguous/nonexistant. The LGBT/slash fiction loving crowd of online fanbases is huge. The OUaT fanbase is dominated by people wanting Regina and Snow or Regina and Emma to get together--again completely noncanon. Multiple voting polls don't show the size of a fanbase, they show it's dedication. And you can't say that doccubi aren't dedicated.

Dedicated fanbases don't necessarily make money. Beauty and the Beast won People's Choice Award and they won it because they have fans willing to sit there and re-vote constantly. Not because anyone for one second thinks BatB is the most popular show on TV (I like it fine, but their ratings are so bad, it is a surprise they got a second season). So they can shout about how great winning the E! Online poll was, but they should be more concerned with ratings.
304. TheGardner
Wow you guys are still going eh?

I think it was more "Tamsonia" and "Death by the YDawning " not "Docctopia" that ate up most of the screen time from the other characters. I liked Tamsin's character to an extent, but there was way too much Tamsin overload, especially in the second half of the season and the Dawning, ugh there aren't even words for that waste of time. I also feel that if TPTB had dumped a couple of those Fae-of-the-Week storylines(i.e. "Witches of Faewick" and the Sewer Aligator) they wouldn't have had to cram so much in the last two episodes.

As to the "Docctopia" thing, which I'm sorry sounds a lot like sour grapes to me considering this is predominantly a Bo/Dyson forum, it is important to note that Bo and Lauren were in a relationship, Bo is the main character, of course it is going to be prominent. Your partner/lover/signifigant other is generally the most important person in your life and Bo was generally trying to make a go of it with Lauren, even if she sucked at it, her focus/behavior would have been similar if she had been with Dyson.

Before I'm tarred and feathered, I have nothing against Dyson, or Dyson and Bo as a couple, give the guy a personality and a storyline and I'm on board. Over the course of the last two seasons I have had a hard time finding anything interesting about him and the "lost love" garbage dragged on to long for me to care. When he finally told Bo the truth I was rooting for her to kick him square in the wolf junk. Sadly she didn't, oh well, I still think KHR is wasted on this show, but I guess they pay him enough to keep comming back.
305. Minime
Sorry @theGardner I have to disagree on the Witches of Faewick (I do think Lady Polly should have been cut) I thought that was a very important episode for Bo's growth and even more important then the Dawning(silly storyline to get Bo to think about her father, hello how about a simple collection of dreams). That was the episode that she realized that she was fae and not human and should have come much sooner in the season. It was also the first time her father spoke to her directly. It could have tied beautifully into her relationship with Lauren. Add to that the Norn talk with Kenzi, not a blow by blow but a really raw talk about her not telling Bo and WOW! The tasminpoluza of the rest of the season would be explained as Bo preferring someone she knows she can't trust to Kenzi & Dyson people who will keep truths from her in the name of protecting her.

The entire season was poorly paced, it's a shame to have such great actors and a show runner who couldn't manage her way out of a paper bag. I will be interested in seeing how EA tries to pull season 4 out of the bin.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
306. Kiersten
@TheGardner - while most people who post here are mainly pro Bo/Dyson in regards to the ongoing triangle bullshit, that's been something that's developed organically as more and more posters who've been abused on other sites for daring to have an opinion that was not pro-doccubus have found us to be a safe haven to share their feelings and opinions about Lost Girl - as have you. You'll never be tarred and feathered here for an opposing opinion. That opinion may (and, admittedly, has) be challenged and disagreed with, but you personally won't be attacked for having it.

Besides, tar never gets out of your clothes and feathers make me sneeze.

Maybe it is sour grapes. I personally am angry and bitter that a once challenging, progressive, clever show has been reduced to catering to a rabid fan base. NOT because Bo and DL were in a relationship (I said several times before the season began that it was clear this was going to happen in S3 and we were going to have to endure it) but because they retconned show mythology and trashed beloved characters and reduced Bo's character to barely likeable in order to elevate DL into a better place and make that relationship more viable in the short-term. They didnt trust the character of DL as she was (or make her bear any on screen consequence or repercusion for the things she's done) and had to keep trying to make her more worthy of being the primary lover and as interesting and challenging a foil as Dyson and shat on everything else in the show to do it.

There are other ways they couldve elevated doccubus without pissing on everyone else and eviserating aspects of the show and characters. I wouldve bitched about the relationship b/c I think it's toxic and unsustainable (oh look, I was right), but I wouldnt have be so bitter about the show as a whole had doccubus been allowed to evolve from what had been established in S1&2 of and about both women. But by kicking off the season with the dreadful and unforgivably expolitative Caged Fae, the show made it clear that it only cared about one set of fans and was willing to do anything and everything to appease them and yes, that makes me bitter and angry and deeply disillusioned.
307. Docculove
Wow this place is really biased against Lauren, but you Dybos should wake up to the real threat Jay Firestone's baby that he has crammed down our throats: Lost Valkyrie. All the characters including Dyson and specially kenzi suffered majorly because of her constant presence in the show. Not to mention she is just a female version of Dyson with some Kenzi thrown in for likeability you guys should be outraged at that not Lauren. We should both be united to get this cardboard character out of the show and crammed into the triangle. It was fine before they tried to please the young male audience with a bottled blonde archtype who brings nothing new or entertaining to the show. She is the reason ratings are down not Doccubus, we have brought more people to the show if anything, not to mention won all those polls and gave the show exposure! Just look at the showcase blog, twitter or FB Tamsin is despised by everyone! Like I said you guys need to realize that Tamsin just equals less Doccubus AND Dybo. Also the chemistry of BoLo is unmatched even EA said when Anna and Zoie had so much chemistry it was like making babies just by looking at eachother, I also know the triangle is not going away but Dyson can be Bo's friend and still love her, because even Bo told him who she loved now: Lauren. It would be nice if you guys recognized that she was the hero in many episodes this season and that even Kenzi loves her now and Dyson respects her, they could work together.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
308. Kiersten
Hi Docculove. Thanks for leaving your comment. I actually like Tamsin and think she has loads more chemistry with Bo and with Dyson than Doctor Lauren ever exhibited. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with your insistance that the chemisty of BoLo is unmatched. I've never seen this chemistry despite genuine attempts to understand what people proport to see. Also, I've learned not to trust most of what EA says as she is so glaringly biased on her own account and has spent so much time catering to only one aspect of a vast fanbase. That's her perrogative of course, but it makes me not put a whole lot of faith in much of what she says anymore. For example, very little of what was teased about S3 actually came about.

In fact, it's when Bo and Dyson are finally allowed screen time together that the sparks fly just when they look at one another or stand next to each other. Their natural chemistry is volcanic and then give them sexy times and the set fairly melts. People say chemistry is subjective and sure there's an element of that in it, but there's also undeniable, natural chemistry that no one can deny, and that's what's between Bo and Dyson (indeed, Anna and Kris together are a casting director's dream; half their work is already done. That level of natural chemistry can't be faked.) But we could go back and forth on that matter and never agree so beating the point to the death is ultimately pointless.

There's never been any question that Bo loves DL, nor any question that she's never stopped loving Dyson, merely which of the two are the better partner. One thing that S3 made epically clear is that Doctor Lauren and Bo cannnot sustain a relationship together no matter how much they might love one another for multiple reasons. They are toxic to each other and so is their relationship and one thing DL actually did right was to finally recognize this and break it off. Hopefully for good.
It would be nice if you guys recognized that she was the hero in many episodes this season and that even Kenzi loves her now and Dyson respects her, they could work together.
That there is one of the main problems - Doctor Lauren is NOT the hero of Lost Girl (that would be Bo) and S3 spent much of the time trying to force her to be it to the extent of inventing ever more laugable aspects of her back story. Her "heroism" in the episodes this season was mostly due to her asserting herself where she doesn't belong and often causing or contributing to the problem in the first place (as in The Kenzi Factor) And make no mistake, while she was tricked and in some ways victimized by Taft, she "rescued" no one but herself in that season finale, ceratainly not Dyson or Bo.

Dyson grudgingly respects her, yes, (and I loved their scene together in the bar) but outside of the medical realms, he still doesn't trust her and I expect that distrust has gotten worse after she drugged him to the gills and stole his DNA. Kenzi's about face regarding DL is one of the sorest points of S3 for me, not b/c she likes DL, but because her change of mind was so abrupt and undid two seasons of validated dislike seemingly to eliminate that obstruction from a happy Doccutopia. It wasn't organic, it was clearly designed in service of the Doccutopia agenda, and had no respect for the character of Kenzi established over 2 previous seasons. Had they spread it out over a few episodes and given her more reasons to change her mind, maybe it would make more sense, but to have DL (wrongly) trash Kenzi's character to her face and then Kenzi go "oh I lurve her, no worries" was crap writing. Thankfully, she is at least still firmly lodged on Team Dyson (even Ksenia has said that) so at least they havent retconned that and hopefully will continue not to do so.

I' m excited that Tamsin is staying in for S4 (I'm sorry, I'm unaware of any of the Jay Firestone stuff you mentioned). I think she's got an edge, at least up until the "you're so perfect" bits, that Bo needs, someone who calls her on her shit and, at least initially, didn't jump onto the "Bo's the Best" wagon. She also has a great and growing relationship with Dyson that gives him the chance to sort of "mentor" her out of the darkness. And I think she's a much better foil for Kenzi as they do share a lot of similar characteristics though Tamsin tends to be more mean with it. Especialy considering Kenzi's recent self doubt about not being Fae - here is a Fae a lot like her who could plausibly (tho we know it'll never happen) replace her in Bo's affections. I also don't see Tamsin as a romantic/sexual partner for Bo. The kisses they've shared have all been about healing (and one supernaturally generated by Trick and Stella and not relevant to Tamsin and Bo's feelings) and each time, Tamsin has been very reluctant and almost disgusted by having to/done it when she jerks free. She gets off on the power, definitely, but the sexual aspect of it is still ambiguous.

DL was a recurring character in S1 and there as a foil to Bo and Dyson, adding the medical expertise when needed (and cartography) and the juxtaposition of a human in a Fae world for Bo to see her Fae in the human world journey against. The show was much more interesting then and I wish it hadn't succuombed to the crazy and elevated the triangle to such heights as it now takes over the show. We would have a much better Lost Girl had it continued that way.

Regardless of our differing perspectives, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and express your opinion here.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
309. Kiersten
One more thing. Tamsin's storyline was drastically cut down when the anticipated 22 episode season came in at 13 episodes instead. So I don't thing that her addition was solely responsible for Dyson, Kenzi, Trick and Hale being sidelined so much. We know KC Collins had committments to Saving Hope, which explains Hale's absence, but a few more organic shifts (like Dyson and Tamsin, who have presumably been through their own Dawnings, being involved with shepherding Bo through hers rather than DL making even more shots to supress Bo's nature as long as she can or Kenzi and Bo having one of the off screen conversations EA finds unnecessary that fans were actually clamoring for onscreen) would've addressed some of the screen presence issues.

Ultimately, the same arguments about Stella or even Taft's screen time could be made as they are for Tamsin in relation to the lack of presence from our guys and Kenzi.
Katherine Bloom
310. lsbloom
@Gardner--I think it is interesting that you point out two fae of the week cases in which Kenzi got a great deal of screen time. And Bo and Kenzi actually worked together. So your point about removing those plots in order to have a more balanced cast only serves to defeat the idea of the cast being balanced. They could easily have cut all the Bo/Lauren sex-Lauren can't sustain Bo stuff that we already knew. Talk about rehashing! There wasn't any new lore there, there were just two people in an unhealthy sexual relationship not talking to each and no plot going on around it. Oh look, Bo is sexually unsatisfied by a human. Oh look, Bo is ignoring Kenzi because she is obsessed with how her sex life sucks. Oh look, Bo and Lauren are making weepy faces at each other because they are so bad at confronting their problems they pretended a problem that everybody knew was an issue for the last three show years didn't exist until Bo almost died. Oh look, Lauren is lying again, she isn't okay with Bo sexing other people. None of this was a surprise, none of it was interesting, and none of it furthered character, plot, lore, or a balanced core cast.

If you want to cut filler things in favor of a balanced cast and balanced storytelling, getting rid of Bo/Kenzi time seems like a bad place to start.
311. Minime
Talk about rehashing! There wasn't any new lore there, there were just two people in an unhealthy sexual relationship not talking to each and no plot going on around it. Oh look, Bo is sexually unsatisfied by a human.

I agree it was nothing but rehashing a talk from Brother Fae. I remember the scene because it's one of my fav's, it's rife with double entendres. DL is frosting her hot cupcake and Cayden comes downstairs after having sex with Bo and eats her hot cupcake LOL and Lauren is upset with him. Bo apologizes to Lauren about the healing bang and Lauren says "it's OK Bo, it's who you are" BOOM end of story! No silly apology storyline needed for the Dyson healing sex because as Bo said to Lauren in 3x21 "I would never use you for healing/feeding" so it should have been a given that Bo would feed elsewhere during the course of their relationship.
Pandra Selivanov
312. Zanza
I don't get this "Lauren is so great with Bo" idea at all-didn't this season make it clear once and for all that Bo and Lauren don't work as a couple? They don't like each other, they lie to each other, they don't talk. Lauren burned her bridges with the Fae to get away from Bo. Lauren told Bo, "I loved you." Past tense. Tamsin had to remind Bo about Lauren when Bo wanted to get everybody together, and Bo basically shrugged and said she didn't know where Lauren was and wrote her off.

As to Doccubus bringing people to the show, a vocal persistent dedicated minority does not equal the majority of the viewers, most of whom are very sick of Lauren and the problems of verbal abuse when you voice a non-Lauren opinion. Doccubus has been ruining the show, not helping it, and the ratings drop since Lauren was put up front and everyone else was dragged down to build her up is proof of that.
313. drusilla_doll
And yet she did eventually suck Lauren's chi (as well as Kenzi, Trick and Stella) against her will in order to bring Dyson back to life. Because he was still that important to her.
Pandra Selivanov
314. Zanza
Interesting that Bo wouldn't take chi from Lauren to heal herself when she was hit by the car, but she didn't hesitate to grab it from Lauren when it was Dyson on the line. Dyson, Bo, and Kenzi-that's the heart of the show and they need to get back to it. And I'd be just fine with Tamsin instead of Lauren if the powers that be still want a triangle. At least Tamsin and Bo sort of like each other, and they talk to each other. That's miles ahead of Bo and Lauren already.
315. Vtowers
First of all I want to say that I love your recaps and find the discussion on here fascinating and refreshing, so much I believe I have read every comment and recap during the past month. This seems to be a safe place to voice my opinion so I will. God knows I tried in Showcase and Facebook and got bombarded for stating my opinion, I was called homophobic (funny as I am bisexual and have been with my girlfriend for the past 5 years)I was called a Lauren hater, shallow, "too stupid and young to voice an opinion", accused of being a traitor etc. I gave up, honestly and was sad because I love this show and love speculating about it. I also want to thank you for at least analyzing the character of Tamsin beyond the usual "she's a recycled version of all other characters" "She wants to be like Lauren" "She is the male Dyson" "She is just there to look pretty". Which by the way I would like to point out I really resent how Dyson and Tamsin's fans are often called shallow. Isn't the whole cast pretty stunning? Are some people not tuning in to watch the Doc and Bo get it on?
I am mostly a lurker but felt I had to come out of it if only to express how glad I am Tamsin is coming back, as foster child myself(and not one of the lucky ones BTW) I completely get where this character is coming from and even though I was wary of the new character, I couldn't help but to really like her as the season went along. Was her arc flawless? No. Still I believe she does bring something new to the show and as you pointed out and as I understand her story-line was truncated. What I disliked about her story-line was mostly how she seemed a little too Pro-Bo all of sudden, but again feel it's due to the short season. I do not believe Tamsin has romantic feelings for Bo either and cannot understand why are people so threatened by something that hasn't even happened? (and will not happen knowing how pro Doccubus the writers have become). I do not believe Tamsin's role in the show has anything to do with her being part of the triangle, again but that's just me.

I have to disagree with Docculove on the premise that Tamsin is the reason ratings are going down. I don't think there's any facts to assert such a thing. Nor is it fair to assert that she is hated by everyone. She has her fanbase, granted is not the mighty "Doccubus Army" but by no means I believe she is disliked by everyone. Like I stated earlier when I expressed my desire for RS to return to the show in the Showcase blog I was bombarded with this Lost Valkyrie nonsense which seems highly hypocritical when people seem to want to watch "Lost Doctor" on that blog but when you go into twitter or Tumblr you see a lot of people do like the character. So, the fact that Doccubus fans are vocal or rabid is by no means a measure of how the whole Lost Girl viewers feel.
I have a feeling Tamsin's stay on the show won't be long, and if she goes, I can only hope the show will go back to basics at least, Bo/Dyson/Kenzi that's why I fell in love with this show in the first place and I truly believe it's the heart of it. I apologize in advance for any errors or mistakes as I am not a native speaker, and thank you again for having a little place where I can feel comfortable enough to voice my opinion. :)
Pandra Selivanov
316. Zanza
Welcome, Vtowers! Glad to have you with us-like you, I have found this forum a safe place to express opinions that invite attack elsewhere. Hope to hear more from you. :)
Carmen Pinzon
317. bungluna
I've utterly lost my faith in western tv. I loved LG's first season because I thought, (FOR ONCE!) they were getting the sex/love thing out of the way to delve deeper into the UF Fae world. Silly me, I thought they would establish that Bo was not monogamous material and that Dyson and Lauren and Kenzi would be her sex/emotional cornerstones and go from there.

Then the hot mess that was S2 came along and we got mopy Dyson and "Oh no, the Garruda" going on. I hoped that they would work things out so that Bo would do the 'take out' with limo drivers and an occasional snack with Ryan or any other handy random Fae. I mean, her love obviously wasn't all that great since she didn't do a thing to try to get it back.

Then we get Kenzi (the weak human?!) getting it back rather handily, the love that is. But no, now Bo's in lurv with Wonder Lauren, who's so different from episode to episode that I can't even figure out who she actually is! Is she supper terrorist? Wonder-Lauren-Hauser, M.D.? Secret agent doc?

The show wasted so much time in the soft-core sex scenes between these two, plus the googly eyes and the not talking. To me the most egregious episode was the coming out one; I'm still outraged by that one. I thought that kind of thing was saved for 'very-special-episodes' of sit-coms, not supposed adult, shame-free sci-fi.

Now, I'm a big fan of Laurell K. Hamilton and still read AB's books in hb as soon as they come out, but I'm not in the market for another series where the heroine is beloved by all and it's all about the sex, folks. If S4 doesn't do the action better spread throughout the episodes, not just hint at it until the last few, I'm out. I'll peek in at the beginning because I have a hard time letting go, but my patience is at an end.

Granted, I'm not the typical, or even targeted audience, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who feels this way and will be saying farewell if things don't improve, and quick!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
318. Kiersten
@VTowers - WELCOME!!

Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the recaps and the discussion. For not being a native (English, I assume) speaker, you did a fantastic job in expressing yourself. So don't worry for one second about that.

I'm delighted you feel comfortable to express your opinion here, and would say the same even if I didn't agree with pretty much everything you said. We work hard to keep the conversation respectable (if yet still snarky) here regardless of any opposing viewpoints. I'm sure we don't succeed 100% of the time (who could?) but it's encouraging to hear when people come out of lurkdom to post b/c they feel safe enough to do so.

For my part, I've never found Tamsin to be a recycled character of the others on the show. She shares Kenzi's snark but is crueler in its application and lacks Kenzi's humor and heart. She's a hard ass detective/warrior like Dyson but lacks his empathy, experience, political savvy, and world weariness. People tend to vere to others who are like them because that's with whom they best fit. That doesn't mean they're all the same people or in this case, the same trope of a character.

I think the foster child analogy is apt b/c she's desperately looking for someone to love her, for a faemily, and that core group of Bo, Kenzi and Dyson can offer it to her. I don't know how long she might/might not last in S4, but I hope she's not tossed aside unorganically in service of Doccutopia or any other show shenanigan because I think she offers a fresh, non-sexual relationship for those other 3 to have to deal with. That she's Dark Fae adds a new, needed wrinkle to the sitch as well.
I would like to point out I really resent how Dyson and Tamsin's fans are often called shallow. Isn't the whole cast pretty stunning?
Well, yes, exactly. They have a particularly stunning cast. I love the comment from KHR that when he was first filming scenes w/RS, he forgot his lines b/c he got so caught up by her beauty. And I agree that the double-standard is in full effect when Team Badass supporters are mocked for their appreciation of KHR's physical aspects. I was keenly disappointed in EA and AS in a pre-S3 interview where they laughingly tossed off that Dyson fans would be satisfied so long as he took off his shirt once every episode but that Doccubus fans were in it for the love relationship. When the star and showrunner buy into the one-sided fan hyperbole and hypocrisy that deeply, we're all in trouble.
I can only hope the show will go back to basics at least, Bo/Dyson/Kenzi that's why I fell in love with this show in the first place and I truly believe it's the heart of it.
MANY fans feel exactly the same way (as do most of us here). Much of what drew us to love Lost Girl in S1 has been lost (ha) and the Bo/Kenzi/Dyson dynamic has suffered as a direct result and yet we still hope a change is a-comin' in S4 however deluded that hope may be.

Thanks again for reading and enjoying the recaps and most of all for joining the conversation. I hope you'll continue to do so.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
319. Kiersten
@bungluna - I used to love AB books. Madly. But once Micah made the scene and Anita started to be wonder sex for everyone who looked at her, I was gone. (I think Narcissus was my last one). The moment that told me I was right to leave was when I heard she'd started banging Nathanial. No. Just no. It's funny, but I still miss those books and the characters and story of the first 10 or so in the series - I still go back to read them. But once LKH dumped her husband, got a new lover, and put him in the books that became increasingly Mary Sue incarnations of herself, everything changed for the worse.
Carmen Pinzon
320. bungluna
@Kiersten - I still read them all. AB was my first UF love and I can't leave her. However, I feel as if LG is doing the same thing that AB did, changing everything drastically from what was originaly portrayed. In a book it takes times and allows me to get used to it. In a tv series, it's been too abrupt and without rhyme or reason, case in point WonderLauren!!!!.

So there it is. I credit you and your wonderful recaps for keeping me tuned in this long. I don't know whether to thank you or not! :-)
Nadine Robb
321. cmm
First off welcome Vtowers! I'm glad to see there is someone out there that is not pro Dyson/Bo that has a similar opinion. I like you find that if you don't like certain aspects of the show you have to be a Dyson/Bo shipper and that's not true.

Now onto what I came to post. I've been mulling over something recently about Tamsin and why she poses such a big threat according to Doccubus fans and have come to the conclusion that its not that she could be a romantic interest for Bo. Even though many doccubus fans would disagree (I don't know how she could be a foil to them when the character has been mostly nasty to Bo). I believe, she is what DL should be. I know that sounds far fetched but, If you look at how both characters were introduced to the show they are pretty much equal with respect to how much information the audience was given. They were both supporting cast and not main and both had general roles on the show. How each character differs is that Tamsin is written far better than DL. Tamsin came on the show as dark fae as part of a storyline that saw the dark and light work together. We didn't know much about her except that she despises the light and Bo. She was very secretive and dark with her intentions towards the light and Bo. It wasn't until much later near the end of the season that we found out who she was and why she was there. That did not bother most fans because at least they knew she was dark fae and her behaviour was perfectly ok for that of a dark fae. The Tamsin character was written from the begining in a clear manner as to not confuse fans and come across as far fetched (if that makes sense). Whereas DL was brought on as the doctor to the Fae. The extent of information that was given about her was just that, nothing else. She was as mysterious as Tamsin and seemed very shifty when it came to what her true intentions were and that's all that was shown to fans. You didn't see her conflicted, scared or lonely like Tamsin. It wasn't until season 2 that you learn more about her and even then it was in reaction to something else, that this information mainly came out. This is where the character fails to make a connection with the general audience or other fanbases and why she is perceived as such a threat. I hope this makes sense.
Linda Losik
322. LindaL
Hey everybody: if you feel that strongly, then WRITE them a letter. They Cannot Read Our Minds especially if we don't tell them. I am sending a hard copy out tomorrow, followed up by email. Will let everyone know when and IF I get a response.

@Vtowers: let me add my "Welcome" as well. This is a wonderful site, everone can express without feeling bullied, nagged or browbeatened no matter what team you are on!
323. drusilla_doll
I actually like the character of Tamsin. There's something soulful/broken about her. While she may have taken up screentime from other regular characters (thus earning ire from various fan groups), I feel it's been meaningful and developed in a way which has aided the main plots/themes of the season.

She doesn't feel like a gratuitous love interest tossed in merely to shake up Doccutopia (lol that seems such an oxymoron these days anyway), she feels like a character in her own right. Others may argue she hasn't earned it and I agree some of the pacing of her coming around to choosing Bo's side is far too rushed, but that can be blamed on the severely truncated season.

She's a valkyrie. Who wouldn't find that sort of mythology/lore intriguing? There's still a heck of a lot we don't know about her powers, and what they cost her to use them. She's dying, and apparently has life cycles. That's interesting in of itself, to have the perspective of an old Fae who is looking back at her choices and dealing with her own mortality. Is it any wonder that she's utterly thrown by this fresh-faced Fae who keeps defying expectations and bucking the status quo? Tamsin's jaded and yet there's something in Bo and how she inspires loyalty in others that she can't help but envy and admire.

If there has to be an ongoing polyamorous triangle of sorts, I find the prospect of a threesome with B/T/D much more palatable simply because Tamsin is bisexual and actually seems to care for Dyson (and he for her), whereas Lauren seemed firmly lesbian and was very jealous/insecure and made NO DYSON ultimatums, so I doubt that will ever happen.

I don't see the sexual attraction from her side yet, although I wouldn't be averse to exploring T/B romantically. I still think we are going to get the twist that she's a blood relation of Bo. Most likely a half-sister. That way we still get strong emotional bonds, can explore the whole familial thing more next season without it becoming a 'who gets to bang Bo this week' fest.

Personally, I think Lauren has served her use as a plot device in the story. If they aren't going to find her a better story arc which gives her stronger footing than 'needy, worrying, insecure trapped in a bad place GF of Bo', they should cut her loose.

Tamsin seems to have a lot more going for her right now in terms of character/plot development or relevance moving forward.

I never did get the assertion that Bo and Lauren were some type of forbidden romance. No-one ever stood in their way. They didn't have to go against anyone's direct orders. Compare that to Dyson and Bo in first season when he was explicitly ordered to cut things off romantically with Bo and not get emotionally attached - by his Blood King, no less. So if there was ever a 'falling in love despite the odds' tale going on it was Bo/Dyson. Then when they finally were free enough to try to make it work? Dyson's love is ripped from him thanks to the Norn and so they never get a chance to really be a serious couple.

B/L on the other hand gets that chance and it's not outside factors which tear them apart. It's their own inherent in compatible natures and inability to communicate and lack of desire to meet their challenges head on (in Bo's case it was a matter of too little too late, but she seemed sincere in wanting to work things out). As soon as the honeymoon sex-marathon phase wore off, both seemed to be in denial that they had very little in common upon which to build a solid relationship. Trust, honesty....well, we all know how sorely lacking that has been since S1. There are always secrets and lies and more secrets and lies piled on top of them. But saddest of all, I think both Bo and Lauren were happier living the pleasant lie rather than tackling the truth of where they really stood with each other. It's easier to say 'I love you, I want to put you first' than to truly show it in action and deed on a daily basis.
Pandra Selivanov
324. Zanza
I've been mulling over something recently about Tamsin and why she poses such a big threat according to Doccubus fans and have come to the conclusion that its not that she could be a romantic interest for Bo...I believe, she is what DL should be...Tamsin is written far better than DL...The Tamsin character was written from the begining in a clear manner...
That is an amazing insight, Cmm, and I think you could be onto something. It's kind of like how Dyson is hated, not for his bad qualities but for his good ones. Anything good about any character seems to be perceived as a threat to Lauren, which is why Kenzi was torn down this season to build Lauren up. Tamsin is a pretty likeable character in a cranky sort of way-she seems like a person who has never been loved and always wants to be. The expression on her face when she sees Bo and Dyson holding Kenzi at the end of The Kenzi Scale...You could see how much she wanted to be in that group hug.
Katherine Bloom
325. lsbloom
I don't think Tamsin is hated as the character itself. She is hated because she caused a riff in the doccubus mafia. You aren't allowed to post about her on doccubus.com except in a specific thread if you aren't going to blame her for all the ills of the season. 'Cause, you know, why have a plot.

She's a threat. She isn't weak, she can go on cases, she has a logical spot in the group, she can challenge Bo but still feels similar in mentality--all things Lauren isn't. Lauren simply wasn't built as part of the main cast and instead of changing her to make it better, they've tried to change the rest of the cast and when that doesn't work they throw in more absurd backstory. Given that they are willing to sacrifice Kenzi to Lauren, I can't imagine that they couldn't simply start writing her as a nicer more integrated person. Still after two seasons all she does is isolate Bo and make her less of the happy, snarky, vulnerable girl she is around everybody else. None of that you can blame on Tamsin. But I can see how I would resent TPTB bringing on a new cast member and giving her all the things they've never given Lauren. But the hypocrisy of some of the arguments against her are so blatant from she shouldn't be a regular becasuse she's taking screentime from the rest of the cast (really I thought the same thing about Lauren in season 2) to her story is done she should leave (isn't Lauren's story pretty much done too?). Oh well. I feel bad for Tamsin fans.
Pandra Selivanov
326. Zanza
Lauren's story is done and it's time for her to go. It's quite ironic-when Dyson lost his love, the Doccumafia screamed that he should move on, but now that Bo and Lauren have broken up, the screaming is that there should be no moving on. One thing I have often thought about Lauren is that in a real life relationship, if your partner tries to isolate you from your friends, that's a red flag.
Nadine Robb
327. cmm
But the hypocrisy of some of the arguments against her are so blatant from she shouldn't be a regular becasuse she's taking screentime from the rest of the cast (really I thought the same thing about Lauren inseason 2) to her story is done she should leave (isn't Lauren's story
pretty much done too?). Oh well. I feel bad for Tamsin fans.
I find this really annoying. The very fact that we would find Tasmin annoying because she's taking away time from the other cast members is absurd. I think I may take a page out of Bungluna's book and just read the site. One thing I would like to see but doubt it would happen, is seeing more of clan Samora. I really want to meet some of Hale's family. Maybe even meet some of Dyson's and Kenzi's family. Who is Kenzi? Why was her home life so bad?
Carmen Pinzon
328. bungluna
@cmm - that's just it! There are so many intriguing things that could be explored but aren't because the show is mired down in who's Bo's bang budy.
329. Minime
I am not a fan of "shipping". I find it a bit insulting that fans think that a character is defined by a romantic relationship. The calls for Dyson to move on or start something with Kenzi (yuck) or for Lauren to hook up with a new female ash and for Bo to bang anyone who shows up on screen to me shows a misunderstanding with the show. This is not Days of Our Fae it's Lost Girl a sexy supernatural action-adventure program with cheesecake. I miss the lore, the cool modern takes of fairy stories and the crime fighting. I also miss a capable show runner and good writers. I like the bond Dyson & Tamsin share and love that Bo shows these millennia's old fae that they can live the life they choose. I really want to learn more about Tamsin's "life cycles" does she come back as a child or full grown and she has to serve then she expires, who does she serve Odin, a King like Dyson did?

I just want to put out there also that I may be the only person who doesn't thin that Odin is Bo's father. I may be wrong but the fae fox explanation of "she got involved with a bad guy, like Voldemort bad" leads me to believe that it's not Odin who is the bad guy because if they know the Norn, what a valkyrie is, about the fernier wolf, why wouldn't they know who Odin was or his name. It could also just be sloppy writing but the hints they from about "him" seem silly if he is Odin.
Pandra Selivanov
330. Zanza
I don't think Odin is Bo's father. I don't know who the Wanderer is, but I don't think it's a mythological god.
Katherine Bloom
331. lsbloom
I fell into the Bo's dad is Odin trap. Although with the caveat that he is AN Odin not THE Odin. Like Ryan, hr shouldn't be a god and Valhalla can't be where warriors go when they die. But from the Valkyries reporting to him to the killing resurrecting and killing again, the trapped on a special plane stuff all just made it seem likely. But the camera/eye in fje tree imagery seemed to specific for him not to be at least based on those stories. Plus, they really like Norse stuff.
332. Minime
Wow after watching the trailer for True Blood LG needs to tread carefully. It seems that TB and LG could have a very similar storyline with Bill and humans vs supernatural creatures. It's funny that they were created at the same time but TB beat LG to the air and LG had to make some changes.
333. Minime
I agree that he could be an Odin and not THE. We know that Loki, Bacchus, and Lupercus were all fae species so it makes sense that an Odin would be a type also.
Suzanne Metaxas
334. SuzyM
After think about the Voldemort comment I believe that it was made to warn off anyone form saying the Wanderer's real name and bringing his attention on them.
Linda Losik
335. LindaL
But the kitsune are dark fae, therefore any light fae would be unmentionable to them. Bo’s father could be light fae, although I doubt it. And I don’t think that he is a god either, maybe at the level of the Norn. That is to say god-like but more like a demi-god.
Suzanne Metaxas
336. SuzyM
I don't think he is a god either. I feel he will be like Ryan; an Odin not The Odin, but very powerful type of Fae. Though Aife seem to insinuate in her ravings that he was more powerful than the Fae so maybe a demi god of sorts :)
337. Vtowers
Wow guys! Thanks for making me feel so welcome, what a refreshing thing to say when talking to other LG fans.

Regarding the Tamsin "hate" I think I will have to agree with Isbloom I have been heavily involved( and by that I mean lurking) everywhere LG is discussed. From what I gather the full blown 'hatred' started as soon as the feeding in The Kenzi scale, however since that interview that RS mentioned the producers asked her if she was OK with kissing and girl and it was revealed she would lock lips with two regular cast members topped with Tamsin bio stating she was Bisexual there was an automatic disdain from a certain fanbase. When she kissed Dyson everyone loved her because they assumed this would make Dyson somehow unavailable and cleared the path for Doccutopia. I do agree Tamsin was written better than DL, and in many aspects she has qualities they wished DL would have to be on equal footing with Dyson. I also believe there is an element of denial in accepting that probably a lot of people walked out on the show since Doccubus, enter scapegoat Tamsin and also resentment because some LGBT people (mostly younger girls) seem to prefer Tamsin over DL in places like AE or the fact that Dorothy Snarker has a soft spot for her, either way AE has given Tamsin some exposure and validated the character and for some reason they feel this invalidates Doccubus. Now I am not saying all of them feel this way I am sure some people genuinely just dislike the character for whatever other reason, but the overall sentiment I got was that she was a threat.

But enough of that, The Wanderer, I don't believe he is Odin either I am not sure they really want to open this whole Faes have Gods can of worms. Maybe the fact that his fae power is controlling death is just what makes him the most powerful Fae. As much as I'd like to believe and dream that they go with this whole Valhalla, another realm speculation I think we all know the budget is not gonna give us the hall of the dead, unless they make it into something corny like just a mansion. I don't believe either that he will adhere to the light/dark fae rules or that he is even aligned with either. I may be in the minority with this but I don't think he might be completely evil, unless they plan to wrap up this story in two episodes (which would not surprise at this point). I would like to see Bo really tempted by the dark, I think we all take for granted she has chosen the light and I would love to have some balance in that and maybe her dad could play into that. I just hope we dont get miracle doctor to somehow rescue them and for her to be glorified with taking down the most powerful Fae and along the way buying her ticket back into the Fae world. I am also dreading the possibility that they will write Kenzi to bond with DL to rescue them as I have seen thrown around in other discussions.

Also since most of you guys enjoy talking about Dyson so much and probably have a way better understanding of his character and I love to talk about Tamsin, I wanted to know your thoughts on how Dyson might react to the news that Tamsin was trying to bring Bo in? Will he feel betrayed by his partner? or will her redemption through Bo be enough for him? I think this is one of the reasons why I don't see Tamsin lasting too long on the show, that and the fact Hale is no longer the Ash and probably ready to partner up again with Dyson once the Fae world goes back to normal? How do you think they may handle that? Tamsin has had no interaction whatsoever with Hale so I'm not sure if they could all work together.
Suzanne Metaxas
338. SuzyM
Welcom Vtower :) I think Dyson will forgive Tamsin because she decided to try and help Bo in the end. Dyson as thick headed as he is forgives quickly if he thinks you have turned a new leaf. I think even though he razzes Vex he has chosen to over look much of his past because in the end he was there when Bo needed him. To Dyson the most important thing to him is how you treat the woman he loves.
Carmen Pinzon
339. bungluna
I don't think Hale is coming back full time. I don't follow his other show but haven't heard anything about it being canceled, so it follows that he won't have lots of time for LG next season either. With the Morrigan captured and presumable handed over to the elders(?) both light and dark are going to be left leaderless. I wonder if the show will address this or sweep it under the rug?

As for Bo's father, I kind of like the idea that Fae throughout history have been mistaken for gods or have had gods modeled after them. I've encountered this premiss in several UF series and it makes sense to me. Most of mythology is an attempt by humans to explain their world using 'gods' so why not have myths be humans' try at explaining glimses they've caught of this hidden world?

Back to Bo's dad, I would think he'd have to be either Dark Fae or unaligned; otherwise, Trick would have know who he was, no? I still think it's amazing that such a long lived group of people know so little about themselves. Somehow, this set-up just doesn't ring true to me and opens the doors for all the reversals and plot holes we're saddled with as the writers feel free to change things round willy nilly.
Katherine Bloom
340. lsbloom
@VTowers--I agree with Suzy. I think Dyson would/will forgive Tamsin. She was trying to take Bo in at the beginning of the season too, remember? And he forgave that. He could tell she was super upset about something in the car and he said they'd work on it together. I'm not sure if she hurt Bo, but since she changed her mind and obviously regretted her actions, which were mainly driven out of duty and then fear, I think he'll be fine with Tamsin. They've bonded.

I'd like to see Tamsin and Kenzi bond. They could be really funny together (assuming the writers re-remember how to write jokes).

@Bungluna--I think Trick knew "the wanderer" he just didn't know that was who Bo's father was. The "not him" line seemed like he was familiar with the guy. I think the limiting factor was knowledge of who Aoife slept with. I too thought Ryan saying they'd tricked humans into believing them gods was funny. I don't think if Bo's dad turns out to be odin that that should make him a god, that wouldn't track with what we know of fae lore.
Pandra Selivanov
341. Zanza
I don't think Dyson is ever going to be happy about sharing Bo; however, I do think he would be able to tolerate Tamsin quite well. I have a couple of reasons for thinking this. To begin with, Dyson and Tamsin are friends. He knows she has his back and that even when she doesn't agree with him, she will protect him. More importantly, once Dyson learns about everything that has happened, he will know that Tamsin has Bo's back and that she can be trusted to protect Bo. With Dyson, it's all about Bo.

Another reason that I think Dyson will be okay with Tamsin is that I get a vibe about her and Kenzi-she doesn't love Kenzi like Dyson and Bo do, but she does totally accept Kenzi and how important Kenzi is to Bo. Heck, Tamsin was the one who got the ball rolling to save the day in The Kenzi Scale. I don't think Bo will ever forget that when no one else believed her, Tamsin came to help her save Kenzi. And there was absolutely no payoff for Tamsin in saving Bo's best friend-she questioned Bo about why Kenzi was so special, but she didn't need to understand about Kenzi to help save her. That's massive.

Finally, Tamsin does understand Bo and she likes her and they talk. She understands Dyson and likes him and they talk. Even if there's no sex, Tamsin just seems to fit in with the group.
342. drusilla_doll
I think this is one reason why Lauren just doesn't work so well as a love interest. She's an isolating factor. Instead of being integrated with Bo's family/friends (aka Kenzi, Dyson, Trick and even Hale), instead she's the aloof one, unable to connect that well with any of them and seemingly needing Bo all to herself (to the point that it became a major bone of contention in terms of how much attention/priority she was getting from Bo). There are professional connections, and later post break up Dyson and Lauren are able to bond a little, but in general, she's the person who cannot seem to assimilate well enough to make a long term relationship work.

An unlikely, opposites attract romance may seem great theoretically and in romance fiction novels, but sadly when we see it play out on the show, it only becomes even more apparent how different the two worlds that Bo and DL live in are, and their areas of intersection (Venn diagrams anyone?) seem to be shrinking by the hour.

It's admirable that Bo tries to straddle both the human and fae worlds. That she has humans she cares deeply for and is sometimes their champion, but in the end, she still needs to be true to herself and accept her faeness while not becoming so detached from humanity that she loses her decency and compassion. That's the big long term character arc I think we are supposed to be watching.
Katherine Bloom
343. lsbloom
Fae show "human" emotions: compassion, decency, love, sacrifice, altruism. To say that Bo is losing her humanity and meaning those things, doesn't seem appropriate. Some have been around long enough to accept certain species differences (like lifespan) and most accept that humans are what they eat. Bo in choosing humans was choosing to protect humans from some predation or at least give them a fighting chance against a supernatural force. It always seemed to me that in the beginning Bo sided with humans in their fight and passion and resolve to be free, to stay alive at all costs--things that traditionally come with vulnerability and short life-span.

Bo isn't human, she can't grow if she can't accept who she is.
344. Minime
Bo in choosing humans was choosing to protect humans from some predation or at least give them a fighting chance against a supernatural force. It always seemed to me that in the beginning Bo sided with humans in their fight and passion and resolve to be free,

I always thought Bo chose humans because that was option c. They gave her a choice between Light & Dark and Bo chose "none of the above" her reasoning was that until she found her parents she didn't want to choose a side. I have to think what episode she said that in.
345. whiskeywhite
Long ago I promised nitpick-o-rama. Just a couple. Kiersten describes Bo confronting Taft in his office and says, "he picks up an organic feather duster that really looks more like a tail, casually dangles it between his legs and…flicks it up and down. Definitely a euphemism and ewww there, show." It looks to me that what Taft is flicking is a fly whisk which, according to the British Museum, when made of a horse tail is a popular prestige object throughout Africa. Chiefs and other important men brandish them to emphasize what they're saying (and their own status). Made out of other materials, they also occur in the Middle East and parts of Asia. While Taft's seems a bit thick and bushy to be horse tail, that he would be waving about this symbol of power does fit much better with Taft's grandiose sense of self than a feather duster. If it is animal hair, there may indeed be a sexual tinge to it as Keirsten suggests, since he says to Bo, "I can’t wait till you see me after, succubus. I think you’ll find me very familiar" (referring to Dyson).

I was wondering, Kiersten, what your point was in referring repeatedly to "Sunitha the cabbit". Really repeatedly. In the section where you describe Bo giving Aife over to Sunitha's care, you use the phrase five times in a six-sentence paragraph, and a couple of more times before that in immediately preceding paragraphs. By the way, the credits spell her name as Suneetha. I was also spelling it Sunitha until I saw that.

Thanks so much for providing the spelling of chouette (how Kenzi describes the Morrigan's shoes). I didn't recognize this French word and was all set to search for a previously unknown Yiddish word - 'schwet'. Chouette means 'darling' and is related to the phrase mon petit chou (my darling, my honey). While chou is a cabbage, the reference is actually to a chou à la crème, a cream puff. That Kenzi would use this word makes sense as she occasionally tosses in French words and phrases, such as calling someone a "merde face" (sh*t face). Why our Russian-speaking former street kid would be sprinkling French into her repartee is unclear, except if she's from Montreal.
Nadine Robb
346. cmm
That Kenzi would use this word makes sense as she occasionally tosses in French words and phrases, such as calling someone a "merde face" (sh*t face). Why our Russian-speaking former street kid would be sprinkling French into her repartee is unclear, except if she's from Montreal
It is a canadian produced show, so it makes sense that she would speak both languages. Plus she's Kenzi, she's awesome that way.
Charlemagne Alcantar-Martinez
347. Charlemagnesexy
This is a great website. Thanks Zanza for hooking me up to this website.

Kiersten: Funniest recap for Lost Girl.
Pandra Selivanov
349. Zanza
Hey, Charlemagnesexy! Great to see you here! I think you'll like this site. And hey, remember to shoot me a private message if you get to Comic Con-I'm in San Diego.
350. stacymd2
Wow! There are so many new posts since I last checked in here. It’s nice to see new posters with different opinions & ideas. It will make S4 even more interesting.

@Vtowers: I think Dyson would be pissed at Tamsin, but eventually he would understand her dilemma. Dyson knows how it feels to be caught between work/duty and friendship/loyalty. He may forgive her but it may be a while before he fully trusts her again, especially on matters concerning Bo.

I’m glad Tamsin has been brought up again. She is a good character that can be taken in many directions. I could be totally wrong, but I think Tamsin will not live for very long in Season 4. But…If Lost Girl went in the polyamorus direction, a Dyson/Bo/Tamsin relationship would be best in the long run. It would solve Bo’s feeding issue. D & T work better as Bo’s back up. They can help each other solve cases. Dyson and Tamsin get along and are not insecure. Bo can trust them. Finally, Kenzi gets along very well with Dyson and I think she would get along well with Tamsin. If a D/B/T relationship happens, it does not mean that they have to have sex with each other or have a threesome. Dyson and Tamsin do not have to have sex. It helps that Tamsin is bisexual but if she weren’t, it would not mean that a polyamorous relationship is off the table.

The show could never go in a Dyson/Bo/Lauren poly-relationship, because Lauren would have to be a totally different person in order for it to work. Her being a lesbian would not be the problem. Sadly, I think the writers would retcon Lauren (and every other character on LG) in order to make her a better partner for Bo.

I hope in S4 Bo fully embraces her nature and the Fae. With Lauren no longer drugging her, she should be able to. I do not think Bo needs Lauren or Kenzi to remind her of “compassion, decency, love, sacrifice, altruism,” etc. These are not human emotions. They are emotions that all decent people have. Taft and his many human minions did not feel anyof these things. I hope Bo remains unaligned, because it helps her navigate the Fae world for her cases easier. She could work for either side, which creates more story opportunities. Bo embracing who she is doesn’t mean she can’t side with or help humans who are being wronged by her people.

Lost Girl needs a bigger budget. If TPTB take the story to Valhalla, I really hope they are able to create a new set. I don’t want Valhalla to be the field, the Dal or B/K’s apartment, like in the Dawning.
351. stacymd2
One more thing…I still feel let down by Trick. Another wish for S4 is that Trick and Aife have a hardcore confrontation. It does not have to be a Dynasty like bitch slapping, hair pulling, cat fight, but it should feel epic. Aife needs to tell him off and let him know what she endured. Trick needs to explain his actions, tell her the truth of what happened to her mother and express his guilt and disappointment.
352. drusilla_doll
You bring up a good point. Trick seems like one of the least serviced characters this season. At least we knew the Hale actor was unavailable for much of it. But it seems the writers dropped the ball in giving Trick meaningful scenes which explained some of his actions or inactions. Yes, it was nice for him to have a fling with Stella, but there's so much about his past, Bo's heritage and info about her dad which he yet again didn't elaborate on. It's beyond frustrating and I hope this season he'll step up to the mark more. Then again, he's fleeing to Scotland so perhaps I should not be holding my breath.
Suzanne Metaxas
353. SuzyM
What occured to me is that perhaps Tricks fleeing to Scotland might be to set up an episode where her remembers his past. If you think about it, it would be a great segue into the episode :)
Pandra Selivanov
354. Zanza
I had a thought. There has been some speculation that Lauren might become Fae next season. Wouldn't it be interesting if, instead of Lauren becoming Fae, the Wanderer punished Tamsin for failing with the potion by making her human?
Nadine Robb
355. cmm
I hope no Zanza, to both things. If Lauren were to become fae, it would probably be through Dyson's dna and for that to happen it would mean that she actually did extract his dna. I realize on screen they did show her stabbing him with the syringe, but they never actually show her taking the fluid out. That has allowed me to believe that she had another syringe pre-made and that stabbing Dyson was just for show. Dyson may not be my favourite character but I really would not want him or any part of him to be shared with Lauren. As for the Tamsin part, i'd rather she not become human because I would like to learn more about the Valkyries and see more of their abilities.
356. whiskeywhite
"A Dyson/Bo/Tamsin relationship would be best in the long run. It would solve Bo’s feeding issue." I agree that they would make a great crime-fighting trio, but a polyamorous relationship among them would not solve Bo's feeding problem. Not unless Tamsin enjoys having sex with Bo, which all evidence suggests she does not. And if she doesn't enjoy sex with Bo, she's not a love partner, she's a victim.
357. whiskeywhite
I meant to mention that I saw Rob Archer (Bruce) the other night playing a monster "bioman", Ulysses, on "Defiance". Completely unrecognizable under layers of makeup, but I recognized his voice. Not as sweet a character as Bruce, shall we say.
Carmen Pinzon
358. bungluna
If this show is going by way of sci-fi, they have a lot of ret-con to do. It was a FANTASY show to begin with. There is a difference. Either the Fae are a separate species and imbued with 'magical' abilities or they are a separate species and all can be explained with pseudo-science. If the latter, they have a lot of world to build, imo. Fantasy can get away with sloppier world-buidling than sci-fi.
359. Minime
@stactmd2 I also vehemently agree that Bo is her own person and doesn't need Lauren or Kenzi to remind her to be a good and decent person or the be "human". Those emotions are not only expressed by humans alone but by animals and yes the fae. Are Suneetha's emotional pleas to get home to her 38 children less valid because she is fae? I know that is the current Docutopia call to arms that Bo needs Lauren & Kenzi to bring her back to season 1 & 2 Bo because she has lost her humanity. I read an EW recap of Once Upon a Time (about peter pan) and a portion rang true and really helped me see Bo & the Fae in a new light, here is an excerpt ;

but if you really think about J.M. Barrie's supposedly whimsical creation, you'll realize that it's actually pretty dark to begin with. Peter is a selfish, arrogant jerk whose eternal youth necessarily makes him incapable of emotional growth. On top of that, he's so terrified of both maturity and intimacy that he refuses to let Mrs. Darling adopt him at the end of the story, choosing instead to stay stuck in a state of arrested development forever -- something that seems totally cool when you're a kid, but terribly sad once you've gotten a little older.
Post ydawning Bo is different then season 2 Bo and season 2 Bo is different then season 1 Bo. The show is about Bo and her growth from "human freak" to "I am going to live for hundreds of years, I am fae". If the writers keep giving us doe-eyed, ignorant of the ways and traditions of her people, you all have to play by my rules Bo. A Bo who will "only love Lauren for the rest of her life" (funny that Dyson only loving Bo is killing his character but Bo only loving Lauren is a good thing) and will reject the fae and only choose humans she would be nothing more then peter pan the girl who will never grew up.

In looking at Tamsin she is older then Dyson by many years, she fought in the Trojan War and her species is very much stuck in a state of arrested development, she is
“To live. To serve…to expire—over and over again.”
her life is set by her species her future is determined, you can say Tamsin will never grow. Dyson was born into the same life and even after leaving his pack he still swore an oath to Trick and followed his new king. Dyson putting the screws to Trick then telling him times up he's telling Bo was huge for him, he for the 2nd time in 1500 years broke with his king and chose his own personal happiness over his fealty. You can see why Tamsin & Dyson are so in awe of Bo she did something that they never dreamed possible but if she doesn't continue to grow and accept her fae-ness and make her own path she will eventually get stuck like they have been.

I also agree with you bungluna the writers need to decide if this show is fantasy or sci-fi they are not synonymous.
Carmen Pinzon
360. bungluna
@Minime- I agree with you that the writers need to get back to Bo's journey and stop it with the sex-soap. Don't get me wrong, I like the sexy times, but I want some story that makes sense along with it. At times, Bo acts even more immature than a 30 y/o suburban teen! She was a serial killer on the run for 10 freaking years. She had to have developed better smarts than she has displayed lately!
Suzanne Metaxas
361. SuzyM
I agree! There has been a terrible dumbing down of Bo this season. One isn't an idiot just because they haven't finished HS. Bo went to the school of hard knocks after her Midwest upbringing; therefore she should be able to keep up with the best of them and yet be a little bit miss goodie two shoes. That is why she was always so torn; she was a Midwestern girl who had to do things totally against her character to survive. She did it by trying to only kill bad guys when she had to feed but I'm sure she had a few oops moments.
362. Minime
I think that there has been a dumbing down of all the characters. Lauren, Dyson & Tamsin can't count to 6.
363. Santiam
Oh man! I made it to the end of all the new posts. I feel like I should get a cookie! So many great observations and ideas.

I am left with the impression that if you really want to put a bur under the saddle of doccubus, go to where they hang and talk up Tamsin! Instead of being negative about the stultifyingly boring DL or the perplexing lack of quality scripts or promoting wolfcubus or how Dyson is an actual sexy charsimatic character, just bombard them with glowing praises for Tamsin.
It's a POSITIVE message! She's a cool character. She's Dark Fae but like Ryan not a villan. She's not chewing up the scenery like Vex or Evony, mincing about desperately trying to be the big bad. She's complex and interesting. She has depth. She fits in where DL never did. There is something about her that makes you want to know more. I really like the direction they took her character. Now there's this tragic element haunting her storyline.
I miss Dyson and Bo together. I crave it. But if I can't have it, I don't want to have to suffer thru more docustupida. I'll happily take Tamsin and Bo. Heck I'll take the Garuda and Bo over more Lauren.
Pandra Selivanov
364. Zanza
I have noticed that Doccubi go frothing-at-the-mouth crazy when you talk good about Tamsin. It's really bizarre, when you consider that Tamsin came along after it was clear Bo and Lauren were not going to work. Anyway, I like Tamsin. She's a really interesting character and she wants to be part of Bo's group, not isolate Bo from her group. I would rather she and Bo just stay frenemies, but if they get together, at least they like each other and they talk to each other. That's miles ahead of Bo and Lauren already.
Carmen Pinzon
365. bungluna
@Santiam- I love the Docustupida! My new favorite name for this debacle.
366. Santiam
Much as I've grown to like Tamsin, it honestly doesn't work to have her be a love interest for Bo. Not every great relationship has to be sexual and it would be spiffy to allow Tamsin and Bo to develop a complex friendship. I like that Tamsin is Dark yet immersed in the Light Fae world. I like that she's conflicted and longing. It would be cool to see what is great and seductive about being Dark. It doesn't have to mean evil just as Light doesn't mean good. What is the criteria for these two catagories? What is the difference? Inquiring Docustupida refugees want to know!

btw. thanks Bungluna.

I have no problem singing the praises or promoting a great female character. They probably should have made DL that character in the first place but she's a tedious trembling uber-bore. The occasional wooden expression or lapse into geeky goofy can't make up for an insubstantial character.

Piling up butter cream frosting on a doorstop does not a cupcake make.

I'm mystified as to why Dyson does not have more of a following. He's animal magnatism personified. They had a wolf-shifter profess his love and his faults on his knees to a succubus and then get the ever-loving chi sucked out of him by his future mother-in-law. Have I ever come across such a thing? No. Never. I was jaded. Thought I'd seen it all, cept for possibly incestuous albino twins but then again... haven't looked but now my brain is wishing for some bleach...

So they have this handsome wolf man, in the throws of genuine admiration and affection with a magical woman who returns his affection, but the most vocal aspect of this fandom prefers an ordinary human doctor? Because? Because she's female? Is that it? They keep saying she is wonderful and heroic but the show doesn't show this so where are they getting that impression? I'm looking at an awkward, uncertain, rather uninteresting ordinary woman with a predatory intense sex-offender stare. Which is all manner of ironic because the wolf-shifter is a predator and he does not have that same unblinking creepy gaze.

The romantic choices would seem to be two exotic magical people combining their gifts and mutual passion, or one of those and one ordinary human. Anyone have any desire to see Dyson with an ordinary human? (put the pen down Mary Sue) If I wanted to see ordinary people I'd watch something about a zip code in California.

And why do they call the Bo and Lauren pairing "BoLo" there's no O in Lauren. Am I spelling her name wrong? Lord knows I miss the spellcheck on this board thingy. I thought they were saying Bo/Lochlan!

For the record, I prefer Wolfcubus to Dybo. But if "Bo" comes first in "BoLo" then I'm going for "BoDy" and I prefer it shirtless.
Nadine Robb
367. cmm
@Santiam LOL! Finally someone says BoDy. I thought of that right off the bat.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
368. Kiersten
BoLo is what Bo calls her and DL together when she's drunk in Brazenwood and on the phone with DL. My thinking is that EA didnt dare hat tip doccubus so overtly as to use their moniker & so she came up with the best one she could. I agree it makes no sense as "Lo" has nothing to do with Doctor Lauren's name but then that entire relationship makes no sense, so at least it has that in common.

Team Badass is what Bo calls her and Dyson together in S2E1 when she tells him to pull up his wolf panties and back her up.

I dislike many if not all of the monikers fans have come up with b/c across the board I find them juvenile and demeaning including BoDy, DyBo, Copubus, Wolfcubus, and the epically loathed Byson (they're not bovine) so I stick with what Bo named them - Team Badass. To each their own.
Nadine Robb
369. cmm
I dislike many if not all of the monikers fans have come up with b/cacross the board I find them juvenile and demeaning including BoDy,DyBo, Copubus, Wolfcubus, and the epically loathed Byson (they're not bovine) so I stick with what Bo named them - Team Badass. To each their own.
I have never heard of any of the rest besides DyBo and BoDy until you mentioned it Kiersten.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
370. Kiersten
They're out there. I admit to being a tad overly sensitive since some factions are so quick to label fans of the Bo/Dyson pairing as merely in it for the physicality & sexy times. DyBo and Byson are the more common tags/slurs around.
Pandra Selivanov
371. Zanza
I hate Dybo. It sounds like an exercise video. And I think Dyson probably has a much larger following than people realize, because as soon as Doccubus took off, the ratings started to fall. I know they crow over the polls, but polls don't pay the bills. In the end, what matters are the ratings. I've always been suspicious of those polls anyway, since Lexx won for the greatest TV show of all time. I like Lexx, but it is so not the greatest TV show of all time.

It seems to me Doccubus is crowing over polls when all they amount to is reviews. Critics may come up with reviews that are thoughtful, insightful, truthful as to the quality of a movie, but the public decides what it wants to watch and they pay for the tickets. Likewise with TV shows. A bunch of online polls aren't even going to be a blip on the radar of the people who buy advertising and pay for a show if the polls don't agree with the ratings. Somebody trying to sell commercial time on Lost Girl is going to have a tough time convincing a buyer that they should listen to an online poll instead of the ratings.

Anyway, I think Tamsin is great. I don't want her and Bo to be lovers-I would much rather they stayed frenemies. They've got that "The only way I can tell you I love you is by insulting the hell out of you" thing going that is always so much fun to watch. It was fun with Doc and Festus on Gunsmoke, Spock and McCoy on Star Trek, Murdoch and BA on The A-Team, and more recently, Mary and Marshal on In Plain Sight. It's a fun dynamic to see two people who care deeply about each other interact when they won't admit they care even under torture.
Linda Losik
372. LindaL
@Zanza: the only way that online polls will be accurate is if they limited the voting to one person/one vote. Because that cannot happen, most online polls state that this is not scientifically/statistically accurate. The Doccubus crow about polls that they themselves have manipulated by multiple voting. People have slowed in watching because of the evisceration of the mythology as well as the bad writing and the total lack of chemistry between Bo and Lauren. And the concerning selling of commercials, advertisers know all about poll manipulation; they excel at it! They are more concerned about the demo stats that anything else.

I am divided as to whether I want Tasmin and Bo as lovers; I am concerned that if Bo is Odin’s daughter that she and Tasmin are half-sisters. Wagner was bad enough; we don’t need his rendition of Norse mythology in Lost Girl. We have the writers who can mess up what they have created in the first place; I really don’t think that they need any help! (End rant.) I have hopes that Tasmin will become one who ignores the line between the two sides because she chooses to and not because she was ordered to. She does seem to want/need something from the Sunshine team; am not sure just what.

@Santiam: I always thought that the difference was clearly described by the Blackthorn in season 2. To paraphrase, the Dark are more like the capitalist/hedonist life styles and the Light are more like environmentalist/ judicious life styles.
Suzanne Metaxas
373. SuzyM
OK, can you sat totally delusional? Someone just posted this on twitter.

"Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you For a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more [url=https://twitter.com/search?q=%23LostGirl&src=hash]#LostGirl[/url] Bo&Lauren"

So now Lauren has been alive for 1000 years and will be around for 1000 more????
Katherine Bloom
374. lsbloom
@SuzyM Well god is eternal in the Church of Lauren.
Suzanne Metaxas
375. SuzyM
LOL, good one Isbloom! Even Zoie finds the Church of Lauren creepy. Right after they started tweeting Zoie asked people to call themselves friends and not followers.
376. Charlemagne
Hello All,

I just finished reading Dead Ever After from Charlaine Harris. It was ok!

I was excited with the premise of Lost Girl: a female cast with smart women who have lives outside of relationship, who like each other, and are supernatural in their own right. “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has a message for critics of Season 6 of the AMC hit: “Fans don’t run the show.” Fans do not run the show. As much a I wanted Dead Ever After to end my way, I am not the author of the book. The book, film, tv series, graphic novel an so forth is run by the writer. I am now upset that a show writer decimated Season 3 to write about relationships for 6 episodes and not give the viewers a fantasy show. I am upset at EA and AS who think that all Dyson fans are ok with him being shirtless and Dyson fans will be ok with it. I am genuinely appalled that women think that other women are pacified with a shirtless guy. It is extremely insulting to me. I am a fan of Dyson but I reject EA. I reject you EA because you have created a show that is suppose to empower women and now there are sites where if you reject the female with female relationship that you are homophobic. I reject you EA for creating a show that emasculated Lauren. Lauren had the promise of becoming great. She is a 30 year old woman who just runs off without a cell phone to work for a man she met several times. Well... wait a minute, since she is not Lauren and is Karen, then that fixes everything. This is a show called Lost Girl and not Lost Girls. Bo is now in a land with her dad, fine this is Bo's show, I get it. But what happened to Kenzi? Why is she Lost? What is happening with Tamsin? I don't understand, why Bo and Tamsin fought to the near most unrealistic and ridiculous fight scene? All for Tamsin to attempt to run over the Wanderer. And she could have pushed my man Dyaon out of the truck. But no, she takes him with her! I will watch season 4 because there are not nearly as many movies, and tv shows with a most female cast and the lead star is female but I don't know how much I can take with the devaluing and So many Lost women.
Suzanne Metaxas
377. SuzyM
Just re-watching the Delinquents again. I'm really getting teed off with Dyson always belittling what he does for Bo. "The stories of my heroism are greatly exaggerated." Oh really? I don't care how much faith he had in Bo, as far as he knew he was not getting out of the Dawning alive. He was willing to take the risk to make sure she made it through her Dawning. When he made her stab him he thought that he had to die to free her and he was more that willing to do that! SO YES HE WAS A HERO! He was her hero!
Carmen Pinzon
378. bungluna
The saddest part for me about the way the show has treated it's male and female cast is the fact that the writers feel that, in order to elevate the females, the males have to be decimated. We started out with a fairly balanced cast. The women, Bo, Lauren, Kenzie, Morrigan, all balanced each other and the male counterparts. The men, Dyson, Tricks, Hale, Vex also covered the gamut and playend into the balance of the show.

Season two was a disaster, but still somewhat balanced. We still had balance: Hale and his sis, Bo and Dyson, Lauren and Kenzie and Vex and Ryan. Tricks was still in the background, as was the Morrigan. The Ash was almost insidental in both seasons, as far as the balance of the storyline went, imo.

But this last season? All the males were emmasculated, as if we couldn't have strong females as long as the males were around and playing central roles. Don't get me started on what was done to Kenzie to agrandize WonderLauren. Even Tamsin, whose character showed promise, was not fully developed because the writers were too busy piling on the wonderness that's Lauren. What, we can't have strong men and women at the same time?!

The sad part is that there's something great contained within this show; I mean, here we are 3 weeks later still chatting about it! What a waste...

P.S. I'm with @Charlemagne in being deeply offended with the asinie assumption that I, as a Dyson fan, can be apeaced by showing him shirtless. Unlike other fandoms, I do not objectify my chip. I want story with my beefcake. ;-)
379. Santiam
I'd like to raise a glass of the Scottish kind with anyone from this site who will be at this years Comic-con (CCI)

If there is a signing at a booth, I'll do my darndest to make it over there and at least say hi. How will I be able to reccognise fellow heroesandheartbreakers or Dysonians? Team Dyson T-shirts?
Look for people drinking Scotch?

Now that I think about it-- the raising the glass activity should probably be off-site...
Pandra Selivanov
380. Zanza
Anybody coming to ComicCon, let me know. I'm in San Diego. I had not heard of the Church of Lauren, but the most delusional thing I've read is lurking at Doccubus.com. One blog mentioned how smart it was for Lauren to leave her cell phone when Taft kidnapped her so that Bo could track her calls and find her.
Suzanne Metaxas
381. SuzyM
@Santium which Comic Com? What does CCI stand for? Sorry I'm comicon challenged :(
382. Minime
I would love to talk about Bo's powers, especially her missing power to read auras and see invisible people because of their auras. Also, Bo's lack of fighting skill. At what season will we get a training montage?
383. Minime
Oh and I am thinking of doing the Philly Comic-con
Kiersten Hallie Krum
384. Kiersten
Minime - A bunch of us will be at the Philly Con and are staying the weekend. Let me know if you decide to go!
385. Minime
I am going on Thursday and maybe Sunday (their is a groupon for $20 tix).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
386. Kiersten
Wow. Wish I'd know that before I forked out $80 for four days. ;) I prefer to be thorough. Well, I'll be there from Thurs to Sun so we'll have to see about meeting up. If nothing else, we'll likely meet up in the KHR line... ;)
387. Minime
Oh wow you guys are going all out! Yes we will have to meet up. I can take some pix of the H&H girls for your blog, I am a pro photographer so my visit will be both for work and pleasure. This will be my first con.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
388. Kiersten
Go big or go home, right? It'll be my first con too! Looking forward to meeting you in person.
Suzanne Metaxas
389. SuzyM
I will be going to Philly too :) Can't wait to meet you ;) check out http://www.krisholden-ried.com/thread.php?lng=en&pg=1281&fid=1&cat=3 to see who else is going. I'm now planning to go for all 4 days :)
390. Santiam
My bad! CCI stands for Comic-Con International (stupid name change from San Diego Comic-con)
It's the original, largest and for all I know might be the only non-profit one. It is not affiliated in any way with any other "Comic-Con"

CCI has some features that are different from other large scale for-profit cons--

CCI does not pay appearance fees to attract actors.
Membership covers every aspect evenly, the only difference in price is one day vs. four day membership. There is no "premiere" or tiered-style membership with different fees. Paying more will not get you more access to an actor or panel. The money made is put back into running the next show. It's run by a volunteer board and committee which employs a full-time office staff.

I don't know how it compares to Philly's event.

I can tell you that CCI intimidates by virtue of it's size and the sheer amount of people. Our exhibit hall is four city blocks big and that's less than half the size of the event.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
391. Kiersten
I didnt realize CCI (SDCC) was unafilliated or that it didnt have the fee levels etc. thats fantastic. The Philly, Motor City, and Houson ones that KHR and ZP are hitting this month are all run by Wizard World who, sadly, does fee scale or at least a photo fee. The bigger celebrities, like Nathan Fillion, have fee scales for their appearances, photos, etc. I'm assuming they pay the celebrities appearance fees too. Like I said, this is my first con ever, so I'm likely getting taken to the cleaners in one way or another.
392. Santiam
There's brand confusion with CCI.
I will always think the moniker Comic-con International is too high-falutin until we branch out to some other country.

What concerns me is that people assume they are going to some traveling exhibit or assume there's at least some association. I guess I worry that expectations won't be met or somehow the event I've dedicated too many years to will be tarnished by the failed asperations of a promoter, or worse unscrupulous actions. I don't know why I feel this way. I don't own the thing.

Comic-con San Diego is not perfect. It's a behemoth of wildly compiled parts and it's lumbering size is a huge challenge.
The best advice I can give is to enjoy it for its atmosphere like going to Disneyland without set expectations of going on a specific ride.
Suzanne Metaxas
393. SuzyM
Is the CCI handicaped accessible? It sounds like there would be a lot of walking.
394. Santiam

Yes. There is even a department dedicated to helping the mobility challenged and other differently-abled folk with such things as charging stations for electronic mobility devices. The con pays for a private bus system to pick people up from the various hotels and bring them to the venue. The con also pays for deaf interpretors and has a variety of other services to help. However, this event sells out months in advance.
And yes, a lot of walking and more walking and for me some really reluctant sprinting.
Suzanne Metaxas
395. SuzyM
Thank you Santiam :) Might try next year. This year my plate is pretty full.
396. Minime
Lost Girl Season 4 will film from June 3rd till October 21st
Pandra Selivanov
397. Zanza
I just hope the powers that be will heed the fans. I'm not suggesting they pander to the fans-quite the opposite, in fact. It was pandering to Doccubus that got the show in trouble-I hope it goes back to the way it was in season one, with good stories and interesting character development. And please no more Bo and Lauren-any more of that toxic relationship and we'll never see a season five.
398. vtowers
So... ** spoiler**

Teen Tamsin was apparently cast and there was a twitter meltdown. By the way do you guys keep discussing the show here or is there another space for season 4?! I hope it's a flashback and not a rebirth thing.

Now onto something else seems like a lot of people are watching the show this summer and there has been an increase in Dyson fans at least on Tumblr. :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
399. Kiersten
@vtowers - I had not heard about Teen Tamsin being cast. Was the Twitter meltdown under the #LostGirl hashtag? Was it a pro or con Twitter meltdown. I'm almost sorry to have missed it; those can be so much fun to watch. I sometimes bring a snack...

I too hope its flashback related, which seems likely as Rachel has signed on for the whole season so to go and replace her with another teenaged actress for part of the storyline would seem to be a cross purpose. Also, we saw RS convincingly regress into teenage form mentally and emotionally in Confaegion so it's interesting that they're bringing in an entirely newly, presumably younger actress to play that role again. That said, I've learned not to put anything past EA anymore.

Do post the links to the pro-Dyson tumblr posts. Lord knows, I tend to feature him heavily on my page, but I'm always up for something new so long as it's not pro-Denzi, because that's just gross.

One thing that KHR mentioned during his and ZP's comic con appearances in Houston last weekend is that Showcase has put a different show in Lost Girl's slot for the fall, so it will be another double whammy as both the U.S. and Canada will have to wait again for January for the new season to debut.

As long as people keep posting to this thread, we'll keep chatting. But keep an eye out on the site for other Lost Girl related posts to tied you over till the next season. We should also have a S4 speculation post up sometime next week.
Linda Losik
400. LindaL
Hey there: just a quick FYI. Here is a post on Syfy forums that I thought everyone would find interesting:

It is an interview with Rachel Skarsten as she discussing Tamsin and annoys Team Doccubus at the same time. Loved it....LOL
404. vtowers
Here you go! It's been a busy day today for a Tamsin fan.
They are already calling her homophobic and heterosexist for picking a team.

405. Vtowers
Hi Kiersten! The actress who has been apparently cast is Eliana Jones, I believe she was in Nikita she tweeted "Just booked the role of Teen Tamsin on Lost Girl! Yayyy!" Someone twitted EA about it, she followed her and the tweet dissapeared.

The twitterstorm was hillarious I enjoyed an evening of m & ms while being amused by the constant whining. (We hate Teen Tamsin, Lauren has no backstory but Tamsin gets everything, this is not the Tamsin show, I hope she dies etc.) Some of it was in the Lost Girl hashtag but most in the Tamsin one. I actually screencaped someone (I am weird, I am aware) but I could not resist, her meltdown was too EPIC.

I don't want to spoil the interview but from reading what she had to say about Tamsin it will most definetely be a flashback and you will love what she has to say about Dyson.
Looking foward to the season 4 speculation post! :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
406. Kiersten
VTowers - you're right, I thought that was a fantastic interview (read it last night) and I did indeed enjoy what she had to say about Dyson and Kris and Anna and everyone. Then I made a mistake tonight of reading the comments. OY.

I think RS answered instinctively and immediately and then realized what she'd said and tried to dial it back because she knew she'd get roasted. For my part, every new thing I hear/learn from/about RS makes me like her ever more. No, not just because she 'ships the wolf and the succubus (though that helps ;)), but because she appears to be a lovely, genuine sweetheart, as beautiful inside as out.

Having read the interview, I am now more convinced than ever that Bo and Tamsin will turn out to be half sisters. And I have to admit, I really like that possibility.
Carmen Pinzon
407. bungluna
I found this one comment head-scratching. WTF?

What Lauren brings to the table for the story is the flip side of society's coin, and the side of humanity that has been used and abused by a more powerful species. Ultimately, I find the entire Lost Girl tale immeasurably more powerful illustrating the torn nature of Bo's love for her and the biased world she partakes in...
Nadine Robb
408. cmm
@bungluna Why even try to understand it lol? I think I understand the point she is trying to make but, she's dead wrong imo. I don't buy that she was a slave in season 1 and part of 2 and I don't buy that Lauren represents that society is a slave to fae. Yes, there are some humans that the fae "own" but for the most part they don't own them. I got the impression from the last two episodes, that even if they tried to control human beings the outcome would not be that stellar for the fae. They greatly underestimate humans.
410. Minime
LOL I know what I plan to do tonight, thank you for the twitter/docutopia/syfy explosion info I am going to enjoy a glass of red wine and read up on all the drama. Or should I make it a whiskey the scottish kind?

@Kiersten are you going to the KHR Q&A tomorrow? I can't make it I have to work :( I would love a full report!!!
Carmen Pinzon
411. bungluna
In all these fantasy stories where Fae/Others are involved, they are usually terrified of humans because they are so outnumbered. Think villagers with torches, only more modern: SWAT with flamethrowers, perhaps?

Also prominent in folklore is the fact that humans who bargain with Fae come out badly. Lauren fits into this category. She made a bargain to 'save' Nadia. She re-upped all by herself. She has to live with the consequences. Imo, that's not slavery, that's "you made your bed, now you lie on it".
412. drusilla_doll
Nice interview. I do think Tamsin is headed for a half-sister reveal in S4 which could be a really fantastic way to get Bo and the rest of us invested in the character in a non-romantic way. Not that I am opposed to there being developments romantically, but it would be nice to have more people who love Bo in a non-sexual way like Kenzi and Trick.

I keep shaking my head, though at some of those comments. A lot of doccubus fans still keep desperately clinging to the 'Dyson's too territorial, only will let Bo be monogamous' claim which the show has rather clearly moved away from since S1. IMO, anyone who came away from that scene thinking Dyson was not being heartbreakingly honest and yet still so willing to work at the relationship and compromise wasn't paying attention.

Dyson's more than proven that he's willing to share Bo, to take only what she's able/willing to give to him in terms of a relationship. He's not shown any overtly jealous or controlling behaviour and seems more comfortable than Lauren with the idea that Bo needs to feed actively and possibly from multiple partners to stay strong.

Let's look at Lauren's own issues with monogamy. Why else did she say in the break up she'd want more than Bo can give her? She pays lips service to Bo sleeping with others, but only after she's nearly died from starvation/injuries - due to ignoring the huge elephant in the room. But with the arrangement comes the caveat: NO Dyson. Later we get a confession as to just how threatened she felt by him. Despite her efforts to be the understanding gf, we see Lauren visibly struggle with Bo's sexcapades, she really isn't comfortable with the arrangement at all, despite what doccubus fans may assert with regards to how 'understanding and accepting' DL is in comparison to Dyson.
413. Minime
Good grief! It was fun to read the melt down for the first few posts but I feel bad for RS and the girl who was just cast to play teen Tamsin they are just hammering them both for simply having an opinion. Furthermore, it as initially amusing to see ridiculous made up words like heteronormative and heteronarrative but at what point do people realize that what they are accusing society of doing they are actually doing to actual individuals (RS and the teen) with the hurtful and hateful speech. The opinion that all the actors on the show should be pro docutopia because LG now had to carry a mantel is ridiculous. People should be free to express their opinions and just because they don't agree with yours or mine doesn't make them invalid or heteronormative.

Also, I find the level of fame the writers themselves crave to be disturbing, they are going to start a twitter account so you can follow them in the writers room and tweet them. EA being so active on twitter was bad enough and allowing fans to tweet her directly and responding to things along the lines of "Lauren, Bo & Vex are the most powerful characters on the show" are utterly dumbfounding.

I see the level of pandering has been kicked up 1000% and the level of storytelling I am sure is going to suffer.
Nadine Robb
414. cmm
I'm going to change the conversation for just a minute. I just wanted to say has anybody read what's on spoiler tv about guest stars? If not here:
The season coming up sounds really interesting. I hope that it does not dissapoint.
415. Minime
Yes here was how EA tweeted it:

@emtothea: Huge casting news for #LostGirl season four! Mia Kirshner! Ali Liebert! Did we mention George Takai? Argh!! #LGBTnerdsplsion
Linda Losik
416. LindaL
@drusilla_doll: Does the statement “there is none as blind as to those who will not see” make sense when applied to Team Doccubus? Dyson can have no good points; any positive thing in Lauren is an automatic negative in Dyson; even though Lauren is trying to stop the D(Y)awning, she is just trying to help, Dyson contaminated Bo’s transition to fae adulthood by sacrificing himself for her which only proves how selfish he is. Hope that I didn’t miss any of their foolishness.

I am truly so tired of the double standard that is personified in Team Doccubus. And I refuse to get started on the pandering to them; at least the press releases for season 4 look really good. Now if they can only follow thru….
Pandra Selivanov
417. Zanza
One thing that I found very illuminating about Lauren was how she put Dyson off limits. If she truly loved Bo, she would never have done that-he doesn't die and as far as she and Bo knew at the time, he didn't care. He was the perfect choice, epsecially in an emergency situation. When Lauren said, "No Dyson," I had a disturbing image of Bo being badly hurt and refusing his help because she wanted to keep her promise to Lauren. Would Lauren actually prefer Bo to be in the hospital or dead than have sex with Dyson to heal? I think she would.
418. drusilla_doll
I often am drawn most to the most human or unpowered characters in a show, because I love how they struggle with and often rise above their limitations amidst those who are exceptional in supernatural/sci fi ways. However, I just don't see Lauren as being this big symbol of humanity. If anything, Kenzi embodies it more.

As was already pointed out, Lauren chose to become a ward to the Ash to help Nadia. Then she re-upped on that 'servitude' of her own volition. I often find it a bit annoying when people try to portray her as this hapless victim who has been cruelly abused at every juncture. It doesn't help, however, when the writers compound this by making her do gullible things like sign on with the cray-cray Taft. However, I do think sometimes it feels as if Lauren was fine and dandy with the Fae arrangement until she wasn't. And while it's understandable to have her chafe at her restrictions, the Fae themselves are bound by cultural rules. Look at how Trick has ordered Dyson around. It's not just the humans who are struggling with what it means to be truly free and liberated from the shackles of society (be it supposedly superiorly evolved or not).

And yes, like in many supernatural shows, the Fae have rules concerning interactions with humans. They can't allow themselves to become too exposed, as the risks are great. They self-police to some extent too, as seen by Dyson's and Tamsin's involvement in working crimes which might upset that fragile balance.
420. Char
Team Dyson and Bo Ship Name:


Dyson+Ysabeau!!!!! ?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
421. Kiersten
Nope. Bo & Dyson = Team Badass. Straight from the succubus' mouth. ;)
422. CharCharlemagne2sexy
I am Char and Charlemagne2sexy. I am getting tired of writing Charlemagne2sexy.

I just hear that Season 4 is in production. This is so exciting. I still have hopes for Lost Girl.
Go Dysabeau!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
423. Kiersten
Yup, they started filming S4 on Monday. KHR, Ksenia, & Rick shot right outta the gate for Episode 1 entitled "In Memoriam". EA tweeted that first day was emotionally "grueling". Paul Amos has his first day on set today. Anna is still in Los Angeles though and won't be on set for another few days to a week. Something about recently having a baby. Lame. ;) No word yet on ZP's or KC Collins start schedule.

Team Badass FTW!
424. Char
So TeamBadass it is!

and I agree, it is very lame! :)
425. whiskeywhite
Hey, you are still here! I thought everyone went home about May 16 and I haven't checked back. I missed you all -- a lot.

vtowers, thanks for the link to the interview with Rachel Skarsten. Very interesting. Poor woman blurted out "Team Dyson". Good explanation though. I love links. Want more.

While I was on that site, I decided to speed read the posts by Mike, apparently the site creator, who is spending his summer watching Lost Girl and commenting. You can tell how I'm desperate I am to read new material about Lost Girl. He hasn't done his homework (he does notice that Season Two is "a little slow") and he spells Lachlan's name as 'Lochlan' but I have to give Mike two big ups: Of episode 2.04 he asks "And could they have made (Dyson) say “chicks” instead of “women” any MORE this episode?" You go, Mike! I hate the frequency with which 'chicks' is used in Lost Girl (I may have mentioned this before). And of episode 2.08 he asks, "are there not female police officers? Zero?" Excellent observation, Mike. I had not observed that myself. Shame on moi. Though I guess Dyson's commanding officer, who sent him to the shrink, was a woman. But none in the squad room (or detective cave, or whatever it is). Tamsin is the first one.

Charlemagne2sexy, I think that's a great name. Right up there with Shark with Lazers. And I thought 'Dysabeau' was pretty. But I'm terribly, unrepentantly, old school. Team Dyson.

Glad to see that Tamsin will be back. But won't they have to reincarnate her? Surely they can't go on with her that close to death.

Excellent points, drusilla_doll, about Lauren and rules, and the fact that the fae all live with rules, lots of rules (remember 'no divorce before a 1000 years'?).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
426. Kiersten
Hey gang. For those of you still tagged here, I've put a video up on youtube of Kris Holden-Ried's recent Q&A at the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con 2 weeks ago. He was, as usual, charming and entertaining.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqCYs3-sxXc
427. whiskeywhite
Yay, Kiersten. Thanks. Not only a witty recapper, but now a videographer as well.
Nadine Robb
428. cmm
Glad to see that Tamsin will be back. But won't they have to reincarnate her? Surely they can't go on with her that close to death.
Maybe that's where the rumour of a younger Tasmin being cast comes into play.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
429. Kiersten
I'm hoping the younger Tamsin is for a flashback & or a reincarnation episode-of-the-week plot where she reverts to younger self & rapidly progresses to adulthood b/c dont want to trade Rachel S. for a chippie. Plus, we've seen RS already play teenager so to use another actress to do that again in S4 seems ass-backward. Still, something for sure is going on there though.
430. Char
OMG! He is so funny, charismatic, and gorgeous looking. !!!!

Thank you for the video. The sound was great. I was giggling and smiling the entire time. Aaahhhhhh!

So, with Tamsin regenerating and becoming young again, I hope Lost Girl will give us a backstory to it. And I would like to see a backstory for all the characters.

2014 where r u?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
431. Kiersten
@Char - he's the real deal all right. Glad you enjoyed the vid!
432. Char
Does anyone know the timeline of Lost Girl?

For Instance,
How long has Bo (kenzi) been in Fae Land?
How long has Lauren been in Fae Land?
Since Bo is 30, will she start aging slower?
How long has Trick owned the Dal?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
433. Kiersten
Bo has been in Faeville for 3 years. The start of the show (S1E1) is when she first learned of her Fae nature and of the entire Fae world. This was also when Kenzi was made aware of the same. In general, each season of the show is accounted as one calendar year.

At the start of the show, Doctor Lauren had been a ward of The Ash for five years (I think) having learned of their existence while in The Congo with her girlfriend, NotComaNadia. An epidemic broke out amongst the Fae in that region and while trying to cure the epidemic, the doc learned about the nature of the Fae. The then Ash deliberately infected (without Doctor Lauren's knowledge) NotComaNadia so that Doctor Lauren would agree to sign up as a human ward and doctor for The Ash in exchange for being able to research and experiment on treat the Fae as she continued to search for a cure for NotComaNadia. So Doctor Lauren has now been with the Fae for eight full years (5 before the series started + 3 years since) and season four begins her ninth year.

I'm not sure about Bo's aging cycle. Think that's one of the plot holes that gets skimped over. She does live longer and age much slower than a human. It may be that once you hit a certain age post puberty you're aging cycle slows.

I don't know how long Trick has owned The Dal, I don't remember it ever being directly addressed, but I would guess it would have to have been for some considerable time.
434. whiskeywhite
Char and Kiersten, you raise a good point about the portrayal of aging amongst the Fae which I've wondered about (out loud) before. As Kiersten says, it's a plot hole. The supposed ages of various Fae don't necessarily match their looks. Dyson said during the Yawning that he is 1500 years old and yet he looks KHR's real age -- approaching 40. On the other hand, the man in The Dal that everyone thought might be the person for whom the banshee wailed because he was so old, was said to be only 900+ years old and looked like he was in his 70s at least if not 80s. We have never been told how old Trick is; some people here has guessed thousands of years old and certainly the plot puts it at hundreds at the very least (we see him wearing medieval style clothes while his wife is still alive). Yet Trick looks the age of actor Rick Howland (mid to late 40s? he doesn't publicize his age). Various characters have talked about growing up, and we see even teenage Fae (the Glave's daughter and the young woman who cryed all the time and whose valuable tears were collected). So how does aging work among the Fae?

To be fair to the show, how do you find an actor who "looks" 1500 years old and hot, hot, hot at the same time? (As an aside, there's a very famous and catchy soca song by calypsonian Arrow from 1982 called "Hot, Hot, Hot" which, sadly perhaps, does not refer to KHR).

Oh, and small nitpick. The Ash arranged to have Nadia cursed by an African shaman, not infected. Poor Nadia, memories of her fading already. :-) Just like KHR forgot Ciara's name during the panel discussion which Kiersten posted. Poor Ciara. Gone and forgotten.
435. Char
Thanks a lot for that information.
436. Minime
YAY! I can't wait to watch the video later this week!
437. whiskeywhite
Finally came into this century and bought myself a big flat screen. So have been watching Season 1 on it. I can't believe that I saw a lovely detail I had not noticed previously. In 1.04, Bo proposes to Dyson that they be "friends with benefits", a "deal" which he instantly accepts. Despite the many, many, many (many, many) times I have watched that scene, I never saw before that after she kisses him, his eyes remain closed for several seconds as he experiences the emotional after effects of the kiss. We have already seen him cradling her head with his hand as she kisses him, indicating clearly that it's more than "just friends" for him. But this small gesture adds to the intensity. Nice.

I was also reflecting, again for the first time, about Bo hauling off and walloping Dyson in 2.01 with a right hook to the jaw for not calling her when he disappeared for three weeks. She knocks him a few feet across the room, yet he shows no ill effects whatsoever, no bruise, no sore jaw. The woman is a hitter -- she punches him, hard, in the arm in "Ceremony", threatening to "cripple" him and follows that up with several hard slaps to his arms. I'm not a fan of people hitting people, as I've said before. One of the things I like about how Dyson's character is written is that you never see him striking or pushing around women. Even when faux Kenzi attacks him in "The Kenzi Scale", he just pushes her away backwards onto the bed. Of course, he does then wolf out and (unintentionally) kill her.

I wonder what else the big screen will reveal?
Linda Losik
438. LindaL
@whiskeywhite: I really hope that you are enjoying this on blue ray as well...ah, Dyson......:-)

Seriously, the detail that shows up in blue ray is awesome and I am so happy to watch not only for the detail that we miss even on HD channels in the way the sets are created are just wonderful. Season 1 must have been rather expensive for set/warerobe.
Pandra Selivanov
439. Zanza
I miss out on HD entirely-I have the big flat screen and the whole package, and I really can't see any difference between the regular channels and the HD. My son finds it so exasperating-he's constantly pointing out all those little details, and I just can't see them. Oh, well-when Bo and Dyson kiss, that's not a little detail. :D
440. whiskeywhite
No Blu-ray yet. But it may come to that. But then I'd have to buy Seasons 1 & 2 all over again in Blu-ray. Speaking of which, I wonder when Season3 will come out on disc. That'll be a mixed bag, but there are some good bits to savour -- e.g., the " because I love you" scene in "Ceremony".

I don't have HD channels (though are the DVDs in HD? Shows what I know).

I agree, LindaL, that the sets and wardrobe in Season1 are great and the behind the scenes featurettes they made (did you see those in the US?) showed how much care went into making, for instance, Dyson's vests. I missed those vests in Season 3 where they seemed to be saving money by putting him in plain, although closely tailored :-) as usual, shirts most of the time.
Linda Losik
441. LindaL
I have often wondered why the Morrigan seems to either be in red or black, usually both. I have discovered it is because they are the Morrigan’s colors! The Morrigan is an old Irish crow goddess of war, hence the red and black.

Now this does beg the question: can Vex become the Morrigan or not? Is the head of the dark fae only female???
442. whiskeywhite
LindaL, thanks for the very interesting info. about The Morrigan's colours. I remember her wearing red to The Ash's funeral, while she criticized Bo for wearing black, again. I do admire The Morrigan's fashion sense.

Fascinating question about whether The Morrigan must be female. I must say, with my usual lack of imagination, it had not occurred to me that Vex might become the leader of the Dark Fae. He doesn't seem very leaderish, but then I said that about Hale and I was wrong.
443. Nic
Just my two cents but I think Lost girl is far from done with the doctor . Seems to me, they all need the doc. Both Fae and human The writers of show went through a lot of trouble to show an intimate relationship between Bo and Lauren Season two had a lot of growth issues for each of them to overcome.. Bo's dawning and the need to feed through sex that the Lauren could not keep up with was a good start. The one rule about no Dyson showing the doc's insecurities. All growth issues that where table d when Tamsin enter the picture - strange that she has the ability to create doubt in people Maybe even in couples ...hum.
Then the doctors role in the season finale was well played.. Lauren is heart broken and like many of us she just needs to get away from all that reminds her of her pain thus her request to leave. But in true Fae form Hale as the Ash says no and implies its for her own good Just once would be nice if the Fae would ask and not manipulate. Which is what Taft did when he showed up with her old Interpol rap sheet. Which i have to wonder may have been planted but either way it was Manipulation. Nor buying the " this was the only copy how does it feel to be free " crap from him..nope just actually gives cause as to why she may have left bread crumes behind She put her medallion in the draw for safe keeping not out where it would have been a " screw you " message to the Fae. And she hesitated about the phone. Probably hoping Dyson would find it when Hale sent him looking for it when she failed to show up for work as ordered.
Lauren does not trust Taft and even swipes a DNA sample to examine. Seems to me there where a lot of numbers she pushed on the phone just to ask for a file when she saw Taft watching her ..I wonder whom did she call or want to call.
She is imprisoined by Taft when she find Dyson and not happy about the whole experiment on Fae thing. Further more she negotiates for medical supplies to help the Fae wounded. Always valuing life be it human or Fae despite the many manipulations
Plus she is being used to start a Fae / human war by someone whom I can't help but think might be working with the Morgain.
I believe the whole speech to Bo was her means of protecting Bo from Taft and from Bo loosing it and going all dark ..and seems to me there may be more behind Taft than just his money like other outside players we may see in season 4 that the doc is playing up to to gain intel on Just a thought for future plot.
Back to the big Bo Lauren speech. First Lauren stops the hug probable best because it would have betrayed her true feelings and Taft would have more leverage against her.. Her body language may have betrayed her and revealed her love for Bo .
Second she tell Bo about about the whole " that's not my real name thing " putting it out there there for Bo to investigate and implying she is being leveraged. Third the whole you love Dyson and loved me thing. Again can't let Taft think Bo is leverage to be hurt and used against her. Finally she implies Bo can't save them both implying that she is not acting of her own free will despite her big speech in front of Taft ..And implying she already had a plan to save Dyson. Bo was needed to save the other Fae including Mom which by the way Mom getting stab is not Lauren's fault Got to have a mom sacrifice theme for season 4
Fourth Lauren implies to Taft that Dyson would probably not survive the DNA proccess throwing Taft off and allowing Dyson to escape somehow. Maybe by Lauren's doing or who knows maybe future season plot has Dyson and Lauren working on an insider project to protect the Fae
Dyson gives credit to the doctor about the DNA switch implying the Doctor is still on their side
Tamsin gets the binding potion wrong implying there might be a future plot about love and trust.
And finally after the Bo tamsin fight when Tamsin asks about Lauren Bo's responds is I don't know where they TOOK her implies the doctor may not have gone willingly.. Now we can speculate about what Bo meant from omitting Lauren from the get the team back together speech only to have Tamsin ask. But I think it's an effort to throw off Tamsin as there may still be trust issues between them
Would not be at all surprised if the doctor does not die in an upcoming season just to create story line..Maybe the sacrifice for love theme and the only way to be free Or the help me I've turned bad and only Bo can set her free by killing her theme Some thing to add angst to Bo's life. Who know maybe it will be Lauren who goes all Fae and not Mckinzie
Conclusion : whether you team Dyson or Team Lauren Give the doc some cred as she is brilliant . She the brain that Team Bo needs if there is ever to be peace amongst the dark and light Fae and between Human and Fae kind
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