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Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 13 Mini Recap: Wandering in Search of a Rescue?

Bo in Lost Girl Season 3Kiersten Krum will be offering her analysis on this episode of Lost Girl next week, but meanwhile, we thought we'd get the ball rolling on the latest in Bo's Merry Adventures by offering a first look at episode 3.13, “Those Who Wander,” which aired on Sunday night on Showcase in Canada.

NOTE: The Lost Girl Season 3 finale has NOT YET AIRED IN THE UNITED STATES. The finale, “Those Who Wander,” will air in the U.S. next Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on SyFy. This is a recap of the episode as seen on Showcase in Canada. Do NOT read this recap unless you have seen the episode or are willing to be TOTALLY SPOILED.


We left off last week with Trick being stuffed into a trunk and a bittersweet moment coming from Aoife’s return and the realization that she’s been damaged in some unknown way. Here we open this week with Bo throwing punches at a human guard. She’s still trying to heal Tamsin, who’d been shot by the human. Bo tries the whole chi stealing thing, but it fails, at first looking like the chi has been swept away in a breeze, but it turns out it's returned to the previous owner. Strangely enough, the guard has been enjoying the beating and tells Bo this. Looks like he might’ve been a test subject for Taft as well as part of his security team.

Bo, frustrated and frantic, says to him, “You tell me where you’re keeping the wolf.” But apparently the beating was so effective that the guard either passes out or dies right in front of her. Oops! Then she tries to rouse Tamsin by shaking her and threatening her with death, which has little chance of succeeding in its nonsensical methodology and doesn’t. Her last-ditch effort is to send an appeal to Dyson through the air for his help in rescuing...himself? The cheese-o-meter hits the red line with that one.

The scene switches to still shirtless Dyson in his glass cell, pleading with Aoife to help him find a way out. She has a great solution, telling him, “It’s called Death and it’s coming for you.” Not THAT way out, Aoife....

The camera pans past all of the cells, showing any surviving Fae looking much like Aoife: lost, cold, and without hope....and perhaps the odd limb, too.

Roll credits.

Somehow, Bo has managed to lift/drag/levitate Tamsin back to the Hilton Hovel and is now hosting a party...huh? She’s actually still on point with the Dyson rescue, but has called in reinforcements to aid in the healing of Tams: Amanda and Kasey, two of the kitsunes from S3E6. These sorority girls go from party to plunder to all-out make out session in a matter of seconds. Bo tries to reel them back in to focus on Tamsin, who they say is a “fugly sleeper” and that she’s dying.

It seems the Valkyries have a life cycle “to live, to serve, to expire over and over again,” and Tamsin is at the end of (one of) hers. That makes me sad, because she’s been a fun addition to the cast and has snark witty enough to rival Kenzi’s. The ‘over and over’ part bodes well for reincarnation of a character, which is a way better out than that whole Bobby Ewing didn’t die ‘cause it was all a dream tactic. But Amanda says she’s got split ends to boot, so maybe the outlook really is dire?

The girls continue to discuss Tamsin, saying that death would be a better thing for her considering who she’s working for, saying he’s “like Voldemort bad” and “old as time.” This gives us a teeny bit more of a clue to Bo’s dad, as well as our first Harry Potter reference of the episode.

Amanda then offers to scrub in for the removal of the bullet in Tamsin’s side, shocking Bo with the revelation that she’s been pre-med for the last twenty years. Kasey asks if they have time for a makeover too, which Amanda confirms that the wound is a “horizontal laceration,” of course they have time. This, folks, is a peek into our future with surgeries performed by the texting youth of today.

Bo pokes fun at their foxy nature and grabs the cell to call Kenzi, who picks up! Looks like she wasn’t executed before this week’s show, so things are looking up for K. Considering we left Kenz last week under arrest and waiting for a termination date, it’s surprising to hear her tell Bo that she’s hanging out in Tent City. Of course, the exposed beam ceiling and muted light are not looking very ‘street.’ Kenzi quickly assures Bo that all is looking good, but blames the Morrigan for her change in venue, while throwing in a nasty aside about Evony that “she['s] gotten chubs.” During this exchange, Kenzi’s actually hoisted in the air by a very large, muscled man who works for Evony and she’s just trying to allay Bo’s worry.

Still at Bo’s, Tamsin has awoken from her surgery to two happy-crazed sorority Faes. Surprised by this, she says, “I knew I was a goner. I didn’t think I was going to wake up in slut heaven.” The girls congratulate themselves on the success of the makeover and how Tams doesn’t look like she’s dying now. What Tamsin gets out of this is panic at what they might have told Bo. The girls take off to raid Bo’s unmentionables, but she assures Tamsin that they won’t find any because she doesn’t wear them. Surprise, surprise.

Bo’s back in her fighting outfit, trying to rile Tamsin into action. Tamsin admits that she’s not what she used to be. Bo makes a snide remark about “[falling] in with the wrong guy” but brushes it aside as Tamsin has a questioning look about how much Bo really knows. Tam says she needs to juice up and can get what the stuff from ‘a’ Druid. Bo switches the ‘a’ to ‘the’, in her desire to meet the man she’d spoken to on Tamsin’s phone. The subtle back and forth here is at once backstepping in their friendship and suspense building for the possible outcome.

In a room that definitely has a Dal feel to it, Kenzi offers Evony more sarcasm with a snide comment about her shoes, just to mess with her. K puts up a front about not being afraid to die, but welcomes suggested alternatives. The Morrigan thinks killing Kenzi would be of little challenge to her and instead voices her intentions towards Trick. Was she really the one that captured him and tossed him in a trunk? It’s looking that way, especially when she says he’s dead. No freakin’ way!

Over in the Fae sized test tubes, Dyson is trying to get Aoife to focus. Aoife is still rambling and singing nursery rhymes, but she manages to spill a few details. It seems ‘he’ (which I’m assuming means Taft) was watching her and assumed she was the most powerful Fae. Taft picked up Aoife after her fight with Bo, to heal/break her. He was pressing her for information, “What is the ultimate type of Fae, Succubus? Who is the strongest?” Aoife answered, but instead of selling out Bo, she told Taft it was Dyson. She knew he’d given up his wolf to save Bo, so Aoife gave him up too. Because they both love her, is Aoife’s reasoning. Well, there’s no denying that for Dyson, but Aoife? That’s a bit more difficult to swallow, considering past histories.

We move over to Lauren’s cell, the one that she’s still sharing with Jerry the bartender’s wife. Turns out she’s a cabot and has thirty-eight children (ouch!). Lauren promises that Sunitha will be okay, but Taft walks in telling her she shouldn’t say that. The Doc bargains for supplies to save the now-single mother of enough kids to man a hockey team or two, offering herself in exchange.

Tamsin and Bo meet Massimo by a riverside at dusk. He has Tamsin’s meds prepped, but Bo grabs it “just in case.” Bo walks away to call Trick, leaving the Druid and Tamsin to talk, conveniently enough. Massimo questions her wherewithal to complete the task, bringing the topic to Acacia. He says he also loved her but Tamsin thinks love is the bad part of the equation, leading to death. The scene ends with Bo offering a backhanded remark about being lucky to still have Tamsin with her.

At Taft’s mansion/institute, Lauren is trying for more bargaining. But Taft, in his circuitous storytelling, says that the Fae took his younger brother and chopped of his head while they were camping. Taft was accused of doing it and ended up in an asylum. His determination to find out the truth (that it was a Wendigo responsible) brought him to this ultimate path. Lauren offers him a half-assed consolation while being poked by a bone (a femur?), which must have been a fun scene to shoot.

Taft goes on another crazy-guy rant about how his search is more than just discovering; it’s about evolution. Lauren assures him that he will be caught, but he retorts that she’s now in danger too by working with him. He reveals that he’s known she was working for the Fae “long enough to know she’s the only one who can help” him. He spouts off about human ascension, but Lauren says he’s crazy. Well, duh!

He tells her how he wants to extract cells “from the strongest [Fae] he can find” and implant them in himself. He believes this person to be Dyson, which illustrates a lack of intelligence if he really took Aoife at her word and was convinced by one fight. Evil cackling ensues. No, not really.

Bo and Tamsin are walking past the site of Dyson’s fight, right towards a gaggle of rifle toting bad guys. They make a lame pretence at being lost and looking for the mall, but achieving success in their true purpose: gaining access.

Kenzi and Evony are sparring with words, Evony winning by teasing that Trick is dead, Dyson’s “a shag carpet,” and Hale is dead too or a runaway, at least. Kenzi scrambles to figure out what Evony really wants and that turns out to be Bo’s lineage. The Morrigan is armed with a taser, ready to torture info from our favorite human, but Kenz mentions that maybe they should start with “watching Channing Tatum dance in 3D” first. What? They have that?

Kenzi throws out a few innocuous tidbits about Bo, trying to keep Evony off balance, but she inadvertently mentions Bo’s ability to draw chi from multiple sources at the same time. Whoops! She tries to brush it off with a wrinkle insult toward the Morrigan but the damage has possibly been done. Evony, for her part, is still a go with the taser, pushing it close to Kenzi’s face, but it sputters and dies. Phew!

Bruce, the man built like a wall, suggests the Dal could be warded, but Evony takes credit for the idea by adding in something about Trick casting protection spells. Evony figures she got enough information out of Kenzi with that one little fact and orders Bruce the almighty to finish Kenzi off....permanently.

Over in Taft’s office, the smiling sociopath is introducing himself to Bo; the man is just way too happy to be convincingly sane. Bo tells him she’s come for Dyson and that “no mad scientist can stop” her. Of course, that’s the moment Lauren chooses to walk in. Bo tries to give her a hug, but Lauren halts the movement. Out of all that she could’ve heard, what Lauren understands is that Bo is there for Dyson.

Lauren, in a defeated voice, offers a monologue about how she has been mistreated by the Fae. She talks about how her skills as a researcher have been affected, how her personal life has been “cursed” by her association with the Fae. If not for the dismal way she says all this, it might be easy to consider that she has joined Taft in cuckoo land. She continues on about how it’s now her chance to do something about it and for “her kind.” Then she drops the ultimate whammy by telling Bo her real name isn’t Lauren.

Bo keeps telling her that this isn’t her, which is incredibly reminiscent of S3E6 again, when she said similar things about the Kenzi-copy. Bo insisted that she knows her and loves her. Lauren responds that she “loved” Bo. This brings Lauren to her third attempt to barter with Taft: if he lets Bo go, she’ll do the procedure for Taft. It’s her attempt to save humanity and to exact revenge on “the one man that has stood in [her] way.”

Call me as skeptical as Taft, but really? Her posturing and stuttering to Bo all read like someone defeated and scared, but now she wants to help humans become better, to become Fae, all while killing Dyson? Pul-lease! This is also where she spouts off the line about not saving them both. Lauren offers Bo a brusque goodbye that does have a bit of a final feel to it.

Taft tells a guard to take Bo to her cell and she walks away, calling him “a monster.” Deranged as he is, he says, “Oh, no, not yet, not yet. I can’t wait till you see me after, succubus. I think you’ll find me very familiar.” So, what, he’s going to use the cells to go all Dolly the sheep and clone Dyson? Mad science indeed! But I think this is more about the ‘essence’ of the wolf as opposed to an exact replica. He’s still hanging firmly on to his delusions that any of it will have a positive outcome, I think.

In an area worthy of Dr. Frankenstein, Dyson is strapped to a table. The guard comments that he took out six men before they sedated him. So you’d think a couple of pesky leather straps wouldn’t even make the wolf man blink. Alas, he is stuck on the table. Taft can’t help himself and goes to taunt Dyson a little, but also manages some ego-stroking by telling Dyson that he’s “the fastest, strongest, most magnificent creature that [he’s] ever encountered.” Dyson, drowsy but feisty, tries to talk Taft into letting the others go but being laid out on a table leaves little room for even footing.

After goading Dyson even more, Taft leaves to find Lauren scrubbing up for the cell removal. He says he’d like the wolf to survive, but Lauren gives a humorless smile, saying “I wouldn’t bet on it.” Gosh darn it, I like this evil Lauren! She glances at Taft then stares right into the camera as it closes in on her. Her facial expression changes in no way to reflect what’s going on in her now potentially anti-Fae, anti-Dyson head.

Back in the cells, Bo has been put in with Tamsin, which seems a silly move for Taft, not having worked on either of them yet. They’re full power Fae, for goodness sakes!

Bo is telling Tamsin to hold it together when she hears someone calling her: Aoife. Aoife can’t understand why Bo is there when she gave up Dyson as the one Taft should want. Rational enough to recognize Bo, Aoife tells her what’s happened there, with the fighting and the feeding. Then she sways to irrational with a change in voice to a deeper version of her own, “keep her from the evil” and devolves into a typical mom rant with, “If your father was here, he would kill them all! And then resurrect them and kill them again.” Okay, that last bit isn’t as familiar, but may have been implicit in many mother’s threats over the years.

Bo is stunned to hear Aoife mention her father. Aoife is still ranting about the power and her father, but when Bo’s tries for more info, she gets nothing. Resolved to get things moving, Bo pulls out Tamsin’s ‘medicine’ and juices her, all while taking a little energy for herself. Game on!

Lauren in Lost Girl 3.13, Those Who WanderIn the surgical suite, Dyson is asking Lauren the whys of it all and Taft, in a moment of clarity, asks Lauren when the last time was that she’d worked on a human. Seriously, shouldn’t that have been part of the interview, not seconds before having any kind of work done? Lauren goes in for the bone marrow on Dyson and the wolf screams in agony. Taft laughs like...forget it, we all know he’s nuts now anyway

At the Dal, Bruce is apologizing to Kenzi for ending her life and Kenzi is...coaching him? It’s actually an ‘I quit’ speech for the Morrigan that’s he’s practicing. Kenzi, meanwhile, is thanking Trick for his protection spell but Bruce says she “should thank her hips.” Bruce makes her look in her pocket for something that he’d noticed earlier then spouts off a poem about Clan Zamora. Bruce is too cute, I tell ya! The poem ends with mentions of a twig that brings immortality and Kenzi finally gets what Hale did for her.

Back in Taft’s cells, Bo and Tamsin are beating the crap out of each other. The guards go to unlock the cell and make them stop. Bo comes out of the cell, telling Tamsin “it’s your move, Valkyrie.” Tamsin proceeds to decimate all of the guards with her scary, (un)natural visage. Their plan works beautifully until Tamsin collapses, telling Bo to make sure she gets the “Wilco bootleg” back from Dyson when she finds him.

Bo magically finds the key to unlock all of the doors, releasing the prisoners all at once. The cabot, Sunitha, say “Bless you child. You really are the chosen one,” on her way out. This makes me take a closer look for the telltale lightning bolt scar on Bo’s forehead, but I don’t find it. Huh.

Bo grabs Aoife and runs in the opposite direction from everyone else, in fact going right into Taft’s office. Taft is there, post-op, still looking inordinately happy about something. He offers to test his new powers on her, either a taste or just all out mating. He demonstrates his new strength by running Edward Cullen-like across his office. When Bo asks what Lauren did, he tells her he is Fae now. He then says his next move is to get to the door behind her. She’s says, “You’ll have to get through me first,” which he takes as a challenge with a bizarre amount of giddiness. He runs at Bo with a knife out, but Aoife steps in front, taking the blade in her gut.

Dyson busts in, twisting a guard's neck to break it, leaving nothing between him and Taft. But pausing for dramatic effect allows Taft the opportunity to get away. We hear the swoosh of another super-fast Taft dash, but it looks more like he runs off like a little girl. Bo tells Dyson that Taft “needs to die.” Dyson runs in Taft’s direction to achieve that end.

Bo is still holding onto Aoife, trying to keep her awake. Aoife is recalling better times then tells Bo to look after “him.” Trying to figure out who Aoife means by this, Bo asks, “Trick? Taft? My father?” No response comes.

Tamsin comes to take Bo out to finish things, but Bo doesn’t want to leave her mother. Sunitha enters, saying she will look after Aoife and that Bo escaping is the key for all of them. Reluctantly, Bo follows Tamsin out. But before we switch scenes, Aoife wakes and starts stealing Sunitha’s chi in what looks like a ‘to the death’ kind of way. Some things never change, do they?

Tamsin has led Bo into the surgical area, offering her an ingenuous apology for being in the wrong place. She then reiterates to Bo that “it’s time to go,” which appears to have a double meaning. Bo asks where, and Tamsin replies, “Wherever he wants you.” They circle around each other, until Tamsin pulls out the rune glass. Again, she repeats how the formula came to be, then tosses it at Bo and boom! It doesn’t work.

Bo figures the Druid screwed up somewhere but Tamsin thinks it has more to do with Bo not “lov[ing] and trust[ing] the way [she] claim[s].” Good point, but which hairs are the culprits? The one from Dyson because she trusts him, though through the season she has repeatedly said that she doesn’t trust him. The two from Lauren as the one she loves, yet she came to rescue Dyson from Taft instead? What about the kiss from Kenzi? Is it possible she would betray Bo or already has, with her slip up to Evony? What if the issue is with Bo’s own hair contribution, as a result of the unknown quantity of her father?

But wait! The Druid told Tamsin she was supposed to break the formula threetimes then cut it...what happened there? Whatever the case, Bo and Tamsin are still trash talking each other and throwdown again, “old school.”

Trick makes his first appearance, still in the trunk of whatever car he was tossed into before. He’s cursing being stuck and I’ll have to assume for the sake of drama here the car’s owner had the forethought to remove the escape latch that can be found in all newer model vehicles? Trick hears a noise outside the car and shouts out a threat about “no mercy for someone who abducts [him] from [his] own place of sanctuary.” He’s got a jeweled knife to back up his fightin’ words. The trunk opens to uncover a smiling Hale teasing the Blood King. Trick’s offered a hand and his escape is procured neatly.

Tamsin and Bo are still going strong with snazzy insults like “[get] your Skeletor face outta mine,” while they toss each other up against a variety of large operating equipment. Tamsin gets a few power kicks in and Bo takes a bit more chi. Bo manages to get Tamsin to the ground and the Valkyrie begs Bo to finish her off.

What we love about Bo is the empathy she has shown time and again, and now Tamsin sees it too. Tamsin is fighting for her life while Bo tries to persuade her to fight whatever is going on with her. Tamsin does give up, but not without telling Bo that this will curse them; that ‘he’ will come after them. Bo assures her that getting the team back together will help. They split up to make this happen quicker.

Hale and Trick are walking side by side, talking about how Hale’s “last piece of business as acting Ash” was to rescue Trick from the Dark. Trick questions him on the Ash part but Hale admits that “politics wasn’t [his] thing.” Stella drives up, ready to take Trick to Scotland after all, to keep him safe while the “battle is won.” Hale says his goodbyes, telling Trick he has to “go see about a girl.” Yay! I’m sure we all know which girl he’s talking about, right?

Before Hale is gone, Trick asks him about the Morrigan. Hale says not to “worry about it...[he’s] got a guy on the inside.” Flash over to Vex (Vex!) in the Morrigan’s bedroom, with Evony bound, gagged, and struggling furiously. The image isn’t quite as entertaining as when Bo got the pictures of her, but Vex assures Hale that she’s ready to be delivered to the Light. I’ve lost count here, does that make Vex a triple agent? Quadruple?

Whatever the case, Vex, quite possibly no longer ‘impotent,’ could be using his powers to act out his displeasure on the Morrigan. Instead, he holds the taser up to her face as direct repayment of her attempts on Kenzi. Revenge is a dish etc., etc.

Dyson in Lost Girl Season 3, episode 13Cut to Taft running through a field, maybe the field of death, with Dyson hot on his tail. Taft stops to tell Dyson that they are somehow connected by DNA, which means Dyson can’t off him. But Dyson knows something Taft doesn’t: Lauren switched the cells and injected Taft with cabot DNA. Other than the bearing of thirty-eight children, what else could it mean for Taft? Oh, right, he’s not as strong as Dyson. And the wolf man tells him this in a sing-song voice. I love it!

Dyson gives Taft a head start, assuring him that Fae don’t eat Fae but “for [him], [he’ll make an exception.” Then Taft runs, as he should, and Dyson’s body convulses as he transforms to his full wolf.

Kenzi and Bruce are walking down the street. Kenzi’s worried about “surprise attacks,” but Bruce reassures her with, “I’m huge. I don’t do stealth.” He does do funny though. Kenzi is more concerned about Bruce’s wellbeing with the Morrigan than her own safety. She lets it slip that the Druid has offered her Fae-ness, but he tells her it is a VERY bad idea. Bruce has her back, including providing her with a getaway car. She says, “I love you,” to which the muscled man says he loves her too, but sadly, Kenz meant the car. These two are super cute together as ironic comic relief.

Dyson comes out of the woods, looking barely put out, but picking his teeth. He finds Tamsin waiting in her truck. She admits to him that she “should have expired years ago.” Dyson tells her that they’ll get through it, but barely a quiet moment passes between them when “The Wanderer” starts playing on the radio. Tamsin says it’s Bo’s father. Seeing the man on the road, she accelerates, while Dyson’s yelling to stop. Tamsin says, “We all gotta die someday” and keeps going, coming closer and closer to the man with uncanny steadiness.

As they’re just about to hit him, he turns into a cloud of dust; it envelopes them in the cab of the truck. We hear screaming and then the truck goes over the edge, down a cliff, flipping on its way. The wheels spin, but the only noise remaining is the background music and the whirring of the truck as it dies.

Bo runs into the Dal, calling out for Kenzi or Trick. Instead, the doors all slam shut and the jukebox starts to play “The Wanderer.” It gets to the line about “They don’t even know my name” and the song starts to skip back to those words repeatedly. Bo, more annoyed than scared, says, “You’re right, I don’t. But when I figure it out, you’re in serious shit, Wanderer.”

The Wanderer tarot card spirals to the floor from thin air, Bo watching its movement. She sees the image and taunts The Wanderer about him only having “parlor tricks.” Not to be outdone, windows and lights start to explode around the Dal. Bo crouches down, covering her head to avoid the blasts, but she’s met with the same dark cloud that invaded Tamsin’s truck. It pulls her in so that she isn’t even struggling to be freed. As the cloud reaches over her head, it dissipates again, leaving the tarot card to spiral once more, down to the floor. This time the image on the card is The Wanderer standing beside the rear silhouette of Bo in her fighting outfit.

End credits.

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on SyFy


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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
"Gosh darn it, I like this evil Lauren! She glances at Taft then stares right into the camera as it closes in on her."

I know, right?! She gets exponentially more interesting when she gets her (potentially) mad scientist on. Here's hoping they commit to it!
Jackie Lester
2. JackieLester
There might be a bit of hope when added to the fact that we don't see her again before the end of the show :)
3. Minime
"We hear the swoosh of another super-fast Taft dash, but it looks more like he runs off like a little girl."

Ahh you killed me with this one! Great recap!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
I laugh when Taft dances in place and chirps "Awesome" to Bo. He's a nutter, but Doyle does a great job playing him
Jackie Lester
5. JackieLester
@Minime - Thanks! My first go-round watching had me cackling at all of the silliness.

@Kiersten - I had to rewind the "or just mate" comment few extra times for the sheer entertainment value of his movements. I giggled like mad as it seemed he was trying to channel a little of Dyson mixed with his own brand of nuttiness.
Nicole Leapheart
6. BoxyFrown
Ahhh I hearted this episode so much!
1. Dyson entering the office after being released by Dr. L and twisting that henchman's head almost clean off. Nothing like a neck snap from my fave wolf. YES! Ovary overload.
2. Bitch Fight! Tamsyn and Bo go at.it.hard! It was awesome. I loved it.
3. My Kenzie/Hale 'shipping fantasies might be coming true!! Here's hoping he gets to her before she gets to the Druid. Run Hale!!
4. Vex! the return of my favorite crazy man. Here's to the Morrigan getting a big old dose of karma.
5. Unresolved issues - ahhh! Did Tamsin survive the crash? I mean, of course Dyson did, because he's Dyson, right? And I suppose we get to meet Bo's father eventually. I hate waiting! But I love this show.
7. whiskeywhite
Great recap Jackie. Succinct yet with all the important details.

On the plus side:
- Hale is happily the ex-Ash and has gone off to find his "girl", Kenzi. Aw. Let's hope we see more of him in Season 4. (I was wrong, again, about him getting killed off.)
- Kenzi escapes unharmed and now realizes that Hale saved her life (and that he presumably loves her). Double aw.
- Trick is safe and off to play kissy face with Stella in Scotland for a few months.
- Dyson is rescued and eats Taft. Despite a slight 'ew' factor, it's funny.
- I'm in love with Bruce, with his "PhD in medieval Fae verse". But he loves Kenzi, so no chance for me.
- Lauren, as fully predicted by you smart folks, has saved the day by switching cabot genes for Dyson's wolf genes (Lauren's a "genius", to quote Dyson).
- Vex is back (yay) and giving The Morrigan her comeuppance.

On the minus side:
- Bo has been smokenapped by the Wanderer.
- Dyson and Tamsin have gone over a cliff in her truck. Tamsin has been wanting to die anyway and we know that they can't kill off Dyson. But have they been smokeknapped too?
- Kenzi has gone off to find Massimo to become Fae which, as her sidekick Bruce tells her, is a very bad idea. (But Massimo is cute, and apparently sensitve as well. And it looks like he'll be back next season. Yay.)
- Aife probably has death-sucked the sweet Sunitha, leaving her 38 children as orphans.

Then there's the "who knows what will happen?" side:

- Lauren has disappeared. We know she'll be back, but how? I suspect strongly that the whole 'don't touch me, I've sided with the evil Taft' thing was an act so that she could pull off the big save. So I don't think she'll become the evil genius villain (but then I am so often wrong).
- Bo has reiterated that she loves Lauren, despite seeming strangely unperpturbed about not knowing where she is as she and Tamsin plan how to get "the team" back together.
- Having not expired gracefully after saving Bo from Taft, Aife will apparently be back next season. I knew she would be back after season 1 -- for once I'm right. One is tempted to make 'cock blocking' jokes about her jumping in front of Taft's knife. But I refrain (and should have left that for Kiersten anyway). Hopefully Aife is returned to her less crazy and more attractive self, although it seems she remains evil. She does love Bo, in her way. We saw that in 1.13 when she was dangling in the stairwell, begging Bo to let her go and save herself, and again in this episode.

Assorted stray comments:
- What is a 'cabot' anyway? Can't find anything, possibly because of the
spelling. All that comes to mind, as a Canadian, is explorer John Cabot,
after whom the gorgeous Cabot Trial highway around Cape Breton is
- I normally prefer the gently, caring Dyson over the dangerous Dyson, but I liked how he lunged snarling at Taft while strapped on the table. And of course the unrelenting shirtlessness was fetching.
- I agree that Taft zipping about was funny (and yes, Jackie, totally Edward). What's that? Is that how cabots look after 38 childen?

All in all, I found this a very satisfying finale. A lot of loose ends tied up with just the right amount of required cliff hangers.
Jackie Lester
8. JackieLester
@BoxyFrown - I was kinda wondering afterward where exactly Kenzi and Bruce were driving to? If Bo was already out, there was no need for K to try to rescue her. We know Bruce will work hard to stop her from going to the Druid, if that's her intended destination. So where does that leave us?

And Hale might be stating his intentions about Kenzi but that doesn't mean it'll automatically work out, right?

As for Tamsin, there's an image on Showcase.ca with the Season 4 announcement showing Tamsin with Bo, Lauren, and Dyson...could that be a sign? Here's hoping!
9. Minime
@whiskeywhite Taft was turned into a Cabbit, that's a half cat half rabbit type of shifter.
Jackie Lester
10. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite - I think the revelation that Vex was working undercover lays a foundation for a similar ploy with Lauren, though I seriously hope that's not the case.

I loved the site of Dyson coming out of the trees, picking his teeth. I'm glad they didn't show Taft's demise but it was funny as heck to think that this was the best way to take care of him for good.

I'm not sure about the whereabouts of Tamsin and Dyson, but it could be that the card it portal to another realm, maybe even Asgard? There are definitely parts of our fine country that would look like it :D

As for the cabot, I was wondering about the spelling too...and if she birthed them all in one litter, lol.

I liked the addition of Massimo with his double-sided nature and possible skills to make things happen. I'll be happy to see him written in next year, for sure. And Bruce just has to come back! He's adorable, in a tattooed but sensitive kind of way.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
I actually do not think Doctor Lauren "saved the day" though that is definitely the prevailing attitude. She took Dyson's bone marrow in a brutal procedure against his will (rape analogy much?) AND violated the already victimized cabbit for her DNA to inject into Taft, effectively doing exactly what he wanted her to - just not with his prefered alpha Fae juice (ew), which is no less horrific just for not being from Dyson. I do'nt see a savior or heroism there; I see experimental scienctific experiments that use the Fae as lab rats.

While she absolutely was playing to Taft's mania in the library and was unquestionably miserable, she spoke complete truth to Bo and meant every word. Remember, she reached for the phone to call Bo about the enzyme, realized she didn't have it and why, and was at peace with that sitch and that was before Taft's true face was revealed. She didn't have to use the past tense "loved" for Taft's sake; that was a deliberate choice to drive her point home to Bo. (That said, I don't buy her "remove the man who's stood in my way" bit b/c she and Dyson clearly came to terms with that earlier. The difference there is that she's facing Taft when she delivers that line, not Bo, and knows a revenge motive tracks for him and she's using it to bargain for Bo's freedom.)

DL's break with the Fae is irrevocable and was finished off by Taft's actions, sure, but she broke with Bo first, so she must have in some way known a more dramatic break was coming in her life and was prepared to take it by going off with Taft against Hale's orders in the first place.

Now she's out there w/Taft's resources and Dyson's stolen bone marrow DNA AND the means and knowledge to use it to create Fae/human hybrids potentially free from or immune to any number of human ailments (like heart disease)...and likely a death sentence on her head from the Fae to go with her lack of lingering allegience to the Fae or any obvious tender feelings for Bo.
Jackie Lester
12. JackieLester
@Minime - That explains a lot about the cabbit's nature then...and Taft's desire to mate almost immediately.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
Oh, @JackieLester - it does explain the mating crack - and makes it even funnier!!! I'm totally stealing that insight, BTW
Jackie Lester
14. JackieLester
@kiersten - Here I was giving Lauren some credit about using a previous sample from the cabbit! She is definitely burning bridges all over the place. And with a new Ash coming in the near future, clemency seems definitely out of the question. But there will be power plays all over the place if the Morrigan is de-throned too. DL now has some additional marketable skills that could make her of interest to the Dark as a tool rather than a target. Or she could've just been hiding in the back of Tamsin's truck...
15. Minime
Plus with Dyson killing Taft he got revenge on Dr. Bob and got to "howl at the moon and chase rabbits all day".
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
Also, would love to have Bruce and Massimo return. Suspect Tamsin, Dyson and Bo are all in Odin's clutches. And with the Valkryie's recylced life span, there's every chance Tamsin returns for the full season, which I would love. That's one of the few positives about this season - how well she transformed from bitchy brat to wounded young woman in need of the Happy Sunshine Gang. I'd like hers and Bo's relationship not to turn sexual tho b/c I think it's infinitly more interesting sex free especially given the emotional vulnerability she's displayed in these last 2 episodes and her strong partnership connection with Dyson who clearly cares about her too the way he does for Kenzi. At this rate, Bo and Dyson should just open and parent a half-way house for wounded young woman! (kidding. a little)
17. TheGardner
Wow this episode, uh, I just don't even know anymore.

So Tamsin's been shot and Bo calls the "Ginger Bitches" for help, um OK. They take time out to go visit the druid then return and to the compound and where their big plan is to get captured. Locked in a cell Bo decides this is a good time for mother/daughter bonding, so I guess we are past the roofie cookies and the whole I tried to kill you dead thing? Tamsin and Bo fight because of course they were conveniently locked in a cell together. They take down a dozen or more guards but Bo is bested by Taft once again needing to be saved(why is she the hero again). She ditches her mom in favor of fighting with Tammers, so much for the druid potion which the writers couldn't even bother to get right, the result being they decide to be besties and go regroup at the bar with Dyson and Kenzi even though Bo knows fae-claimed humans are being rounded up and arrested. She ditches Lauren because even though a blind man could have seen through that performance(duh Bo, how do you think Dyson was freed) Bo can't, so way to give-up on her, yep that's true love. Cut to Bo in the bar(How did she get there if Tamsin is in her truck with Dyson, did they take seperate vehicles?) there is an explosion and she is eaten by a cloud then we see the ominous card mixed with debris on the ground, just like that eh?

Taft is nuts and wants revenge for his murdered brother by killing random fae then becoming one himself, yeah that's reasonable. He shoves his bone in Lauren's face(wonder how often that has happened) while he is pontificating his crazy and she just sits there. I think it is clear that she playing Taft, very badly I might add, once more with even less feeling doc. He doubts her, but goes along with it and agrees to let her stab him, I mean uh, perform the bone marrow transplant, which is of course instantly successful. Now he is the wolf only he isn't because Lauren apparently extracted some bone marrow from her cell mate(When was that and nobody heard the woman scream?) and has turned him into a cabbit(which are aborable BTW) effectively dumping him in the prey column. Dyson wolfs out and eats him, then picks him out of his teeth yummy, end scene.

Hale saving Trick was a nice touch, as was him being reunited with Stella, bowchicawowwow, but what is next for Hale now that he's no longer the Ash? How does he go back to being a cop when everyone thinks he has won the lottery?

I enjoyed Kenzi and Bruce together, but I absolutely do not want Kenzi to become fae. I want Kenzi to embrace her awesome and bring the real Kenzi back next season.

I really enjoy Dyson/Tamsin together, the light cop paired with the dark cop was a wasted plot thread. Seeing the two of them working together, learning to trust each other, overcoming a thousand year mindset of being enemies could have been a great storyline. Instead we get Dyson spending all season moping about Bo and Tamsin hating her initially then being won over by Bo's true heart, gag me, then being conflicted about having to capture her, ugh so predictable. Showcasing the divide could have been so much more interesting, such a wasted opportunity. To leave them together driving off a cliff(are they dead, oh I'm so worried, not) so lame.

There were so many wasted opportunities this season, so many plot holes, OOC behaviors, and inconsistant writing coupled with the way they have written Bo into such a self-centered, inconsiderate, oblivious jackass I don't know if I will be back next season.
Katherine Bloom
18. lsbloom
Great minirecap! Awesome.

Thank god for the boys being back. The addition of Massimo and Bruce were great. I even liked Taft as a bad guy with a good blend of nutty, smart, charisma.

Lauren as a cold mad-scientist could be fun. I still don't see much room for her in the show. How does she get back with the fae now?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
@JackieLester - we don't know how she got the cabbitt DNA for sure but a procedure that required the bone marrow of a strong alpha Fae like Dyson could not realistically be acquired merely with residual blood left over from stitching up the side of a weaker Fae like the cabbit, right?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
Also, for the record, there's absolutely no indication that Doctor Lauren freed Dyson. Maybe she did, but there's equal proof to conclude that she didn't and he merely broke free after the anesthesia wore off while Taft was off crowing about his new Fae state and DL was sequestered...somewhere. He did already take out 6 guards. Either way, that is some majorly fast recovery time for both Taft and Dyson, Fae or not.
Jackie Lester
21. JackieLester
@Kiersten - I totally agree about Tamsin. There was a moment last night where Bo had stepped in towards her and it looked like they would kiss again, but Tamsin moved. I like that they can flirt with each other but enjoy the playful dynamic as being just that.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
22. Kiersten
@TheGardner - I agree the ep was full of WTFery, which is what happened at the end of S2 when they crammed practically the entire Garuda rollout into 2 episodes. Bo's character has suffered majorly this season as she's become more self-centered when not focused on Doctor Lauren's emotional angst, and the Tamsin/Dyson dynamic proved to be such gold, it's a shame they didnt give them more screen time to show it. We were promised more insight into the Dark Fae, but didn't really see a lot of that, and we were promised Dark Bo and wound up with The Yawning.

But, massive plot holes and character confusion aside, I love the ep b/c it had more of the feel and snap of S1 which is where I first (and still) fell in love with Lost Girl. The script, for all its inconsistencies, crackled and having so many players back in the mix cranked up the chemistry big time. I loved Dyson going full wolf (something he hasn't done since S1E3) and am convinced that he, Tamsin and Bo are now captured by The Wanderer (I like the Valhalla idea) and hope we start up right from there in S4. I for one will turn in again for S4 despite the many disappointments of S3 b/c I love the cast and characters and hope that this is the start of some resetting back to what made Lost Girl so awesome in the first place way back in S1.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
@JackieLester - I caught that move of Bo's too! Also, every time Tamsin has kissed Bo, she's pulled back with this disgusted sneer. That could just be b/c she doesnt like being a power source - even tho she totally got a Big O off of the power up in the finale - rather than an aversion to kissing Bo, but since she's the only one outside of Kenzi to have that reaction to a sexual overture from Bo, I'd like to see it continue. Bo needs someone who is not ready to lie down the moment she says "now" and I think that's an important abberation that deserves to stay as is. Tamsin's been a welcome relief b/c despite her growing admiration for Bo, she stills doesn't put up with her shit and Bo needs that desperately.
24. TheGardner
@Kiersten - He was strapped to a table, he didn't have anymore blood on him, so how else did he get free? It was set up from the moment DL confirmed her cellmate was a cabbit, she already knew Dr. Taft's plan on using bone marrow to ascend(Did anyone else think that was completely ridiculous, like using a siren whistle to stitch up a fatal wound ridiculous?) therefore the implications are fairly obvious. Dyson was in on it, his acting was just as bad as DL, but crazy Taft was to focussed on the outcome to notice.
Katherine Bloom
25. lsbloom
They could have put Dyson back in a cell after the procedure. Bo opened all the cells, and Dyson got free that way. If Lauren wanted to free him, why did she anesthetize him? Why not just open his bonds and let him eat Taft with Taft still human? Despite the fact that she didn't make Taft a wolf, she still made him fae. So at least halfway she did what he wanted. She had two opportunities now to release Dyson into the compound and neither time did she. I'd like some more explanation, because there is a lot to assume in her actions.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
26. Kiersten
@TheGardner "Dyson was in on it, his acting was just as bad as DL, but crazy Taft was to focussed on the outcome to notice." Dyson was drugged off his ass. He wasn't "in" on anything and he certainly wasn't acting considering he couldn't even think straight. She dodged his "why" question and put her hand on his shoulder to calm him, but she also dosed him to the gills and stole his DNA. There is absolutely no indication that she freed him. The only thing for certain is that she bandaged him.

"He was strapped to a table, he didn't have anymore blood on him, so how else did he get free?" That's the point, we don't know, but the guard already said that without the anesthesia, they couldn't contain him. Bandaged and off the drugs, it's more than conceivable that he freed himself and certainly more likely than that DL freed him and then just disappeared.

I fully expect this Doccutopia-influenced and inclined version of the show to take the "DL saved Dyson" tack in S4, but it's a major cheat and has to ignore some truly awful actions on the doc's part and is not at all what played out on the screen.
Jackie Lester
27. JackieLester
@The Gardner - I agree that there were a whole lot of iffy elements in the episode as well as the overall arc for the season, but part of its charm is to make the viewers laugh too. I think they succeeded in that at the very least. Can you imagine multiple takes of having a bone waved in your face? ZP mastered the stone face in that scene.

I think they really dropped the ball with the whole Fae exchange program. I re-watched a bit of S3E6 and found a scene with Tamsin and Evony discussing how to take out Bo. That part seemed to just kind of fade away with the bigger issue of Bo's dad. Maybe it will be addressed next season, though it does seem a bit too little, too late by then.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
@lsbloom - that's a good point too. He could've easily been dropped back into a pod - we were already shown a nameless Fae cowering in a pod with an amputated limb and the cabbitt had been returned to her pod with a bleeding and untended side wound, so it's clear they do dump them back there after procedures/fights even if they're injured. And then when Bo opened the cells, she wouldve unknowingly released him too. That would track more even then the idea that he freed himself. And Bo and Tamsin wouldnt necessarily have known either as they were too busy taking care of the guards in their area.

So Bo abandons an unconscious Tamsin (who actually did save everyone, unlike The Chosen One who just stood by and glowed) to carry Aoife off despite her mother having in the past roofied her daughter before she tried to kill Bo and raped Dyson (no, I won't get off that). As @TheGardner says - and she's supposed to be the hero?
29. TheGardner
The same thing could be said about the DyBots refusing to believe she freed him, which, I'm sorry, but whatever side you ship is the most logical conclusion because when Bo and Tamsin are fighting in the "operating room" they weren't tripping over a bunch of dead guards. To be fair I never said DL saved him, she done stabbed him good. He was in the cell next to her when she was treating the cabbit and since you can't hide behind glass, he would have know what she was doing. Yes he was drugged, but he still felt pain when she extracted his marrow. His head movements were exagerated and his "Lauren why, oh why" was over the top. The look on her face and when she places her hand on his shoulder contains genuine emotion. I think Lauren's actually pretty sadistic here in giving Taft what he wants then releasing the wolf on him, thats some delicious revenge.
Jackie Lester
30. JackieLester
The Doc was showing a measure of kindness to Dyson by giving him so much of the sedation before the procedure, yet it still hurt like hell and he wasn't actually unconcious. She had to know that he would still be able to muster some strength if escape were possible for him. It doesn't excuse the fact that she did it, even if it was to save Bo. What it all amounts to is Dyson sacrificing himself back in S1 for Bo, but others figuring that they can now do it too because, to him, it was acceptable. The reasoning just sucks. Poor Dyson! (I may have already said that once or twice before.)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
I agree with the revenge absolutely - she wanted Taft to suffer and set him up for it by switching the DNA. Once Dyson survived the procedure, it was inevitable that he would eventually kill Taft. As for the over the top - it may be slightly exaggerated but anyone who's been doped up for a surgical procedure will tell you it still makes sense. As for being in the cell next to DL and the cabbit and thus being privvy to DL's "plan", there is still no way she couldve extracted marrow from the Fae in that sitch and any blood DNA would never have been sufficient.

I think lsbloom has the most logical theory for how Dyson was freed based on what played out onscreen. It would explain the lack of bodies in the operating room - a logical point - and completely tracks with Doctor Lauren's actions too.
32. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Minime, for the explanation about 'cabbit' (so Canadian of me to hear it as 'cabot'). Once again my lack of knowledge about Japanese anime - read generation gap - does me in. It certainly makes a lot of things more clear -- like the "mating" crack and Dyson being so happy to chase and eat Taft (remember Bo's remark from 1.12 that he "doesn't chase rabbits all day"?). Fans elsewhere are in a bit of rage about Dyson's brutality in killing and eating Taft being presented as funny. Worth thinking about.

A much more astute observation was made by a fan on the Showcase blog that the 'cabbit' character -- who breeds like a rabbit -- is a woman of colour. And a South Asian woman at that. This is a huge racist stereotype, often seen in complaints like "people in India wouldn't be so poor if they didn't have so many children." It also appears in Canada in similar judegments about Aboriginal people (or Native Americans as they would be called in the US). I should have thought of that myself -- but then, to be fair to me, I didn't know what a cabbit was at the time. I did hear the 38 kids remark, though, which should have twigged.

Like Kiersten, I would like to believe that Lauren didn't torture Sunitha to get the cabbit DNA. I also agree that Dyson wasn't in on the plan. Whether Lauren freed himor not is unclear, but she certainly patched him up. And given his still snarly, fightie state on the table after "6 doses of anesthetic", he could have recovered fairly quickly. (BTW, I once accompanied a friend for a bone marrow extraction. Not as painful as portrayed, but my friend had to use her panting childbirth breathing technique to get through it. I was holding her hand, but she was more worried about me as she saw the apparently horrified look on my face as I watched them struggle to drill down into her pelvis.)

TheGardner, you are incorrigible, and so funny, about the small details: "Cut to Bo in the bar (How did she get there if Tamsin is in her truck with Dyson, did they take seperate vehicles?)." In fact, I think you get the laugh out loud award for the day (at least for the morning, since I suspect there are more coming).

On a more serious note, TheGardner, I agree with you about: "The look on (Lauren's) face and when she places her hand on (Dyson's) shoulder contains genuine emotion." She does care about him. Interesting point: "I think Lauren's actually pretty sadistic here in giving Taft what he wants then releasing the wolf on him, thats
some delicious revenge."

Gotta press the 'post' button. I keep adding to this as more comments rush in.
Jackie Lester
33. JackieLester
@Kiersten - Tamsin also makes a comment about the place being a maze, so maybe Dyson was in a different part of the facility but one that was electronically tied to the key Bo used? There were so many things that us viewers had to make assumptions about, I want to repeat the idea that we should've had a two hour episode to iron out more of these obscurities. There's no way we'll be clued into all of this when S4 begins.
Katherine Bloom
34. lsbloom
Jackie--I guess you could say that overly sedating him was a measure of kindness, although a local anesthetic would have been a better--and more medically sound--idea. I guess I can throw the real medicine in the bin, I mean none of the science makes sense, so we can certainly wave our hands at it and say DL *intended* to help the screaming Dyson, not incapacitate him. I still think not stabbing him and not drugging him and not leaving him chained down would have been a greater measure of kindness.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
35. Kiersten
@JackieLester - INORITE?! While watching the ep, I tweeted "Why is everyone always so ready to sacrifice the wolf?! Step. Away. From the wolf!"

What the hell, people! He gets (wrongly) accused of cock blocking Bo and infringing on her independence, rescuing her rather than allowing her to rescue herself (which she almost never can do anyway) but it's OK when other people use or sacrifice him on Bo's behalf?! Gimme a break.
Jackie Lester
36. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite - But they also made a caucasian male a cabbit, hopefully taking any question out of the race argument. I would like to think that skin colour had nothing to do with the portrayal or casting for the part, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

And, we don't know if Dyson was in fact brutal at Taft's end. He may have been gentle... Even still, it is a ficticious rendering of unreal creatures. A little leeway should be in order, I would hope.

There was also the matter of Bo having carried/transported Tamsin back to the truck/her place at the beginning of the show. It was consistent in its inconsistencies, I think.
37. TheGardner
The bone of contention with @lsbloom's theory is that wouldn't Bo have noticed him in one of the glass cells as she was releasing the prisoners? He most certainly would have called out to her.

@whiskeywhite - With gas prices being what they are it makes more sense to carpool, especially considering they arrived at the same time and were trying to avoid detection until they could be in position to get captured.
Jackie Lester
38. JackieLester
@lsbloom - Yes, loosening the ties would've been a better solution. I guess we have to wait and see what her reasoning is, though anything DL will say is suspect at this point. And until real science finds the Fae genome, we just need to take it all with pinch of salt ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
39. Kiersten
"The bone of contention with @lsbloom's theory is that wouldn't Bo have noticed him in one of the glass cells as she was releasing the prisoners? He most certainly would have called out to her."
As was already mentioned, Tamsin noted that the place was a maze and it's logical that Taft wouldve ordered Dyson to be imprisoned as far away from Bo as possible. Conclusion: neither knew the other was there and they can't call out to someone they can't see or have any reason to believe was anywhere in the vicinity.

FTR: I'm confident the 38 children crack was about the cabbitt being half rabbit and had nothing whatsoever to do with her ethnicity.
Jackie Lester
40. JackieLester
@TheGardner - The gas prices comment took me off guard, lol. Judging by Tamsin's older looking guzzler of a truck, she has better things to worry about. I'm still voting for levitation as the preferred mode of transport this time around.
41. TheGardner
Real science, hello siren whistle cautery, ha! Come on now guys, this isn't Grey's Anatomy, DL srcubbed in with hand sanitizer and didn't even tie her hair back.

@Kiersten - I think Bo's selfishness and lack of consideration is universal, not simply relegated towards DL. She treats everyone like they are disposable, look how she ignored Kenzi all season and being completely oblivious to Dyson's returned love even after having sex with him. The way she ditches Tamsin, who just saved her ass while Bo just stood there with blue eyes, and goes to help Aoife, who in turn takes a knife in the gut and gets left behind for more girl fighting, uh really? Whatever show, Bo is the best, oh my hero!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
42. Kiersten
Also, FTR, I have absolutely no problem with the way Dyson disposed of Taft. He was a cartoon villan monster and, as he was now Fae, Dyson was legally within his rights to kill him for his offenses. People seem to need to jump up & down on Dyson no matter what he does - here he's the clear victim (along with the cabbit et al) and still its "Poor Doctor Lauren" and now "poor Taft was brutalized"??? Gimme a break.
Jackie Lester
43. JackieLester
@Kiersten - I could see issue with it if any of it was shown, but it was merely left to the imagination. You can't fault the show for what you cook up in your own interpretation, right?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
44. Kiersten
@JackieLester - very true, though Dyson picking his teeth was pretty visceral, but that amused me more than anything b/c of the insouiance with which KHR played it.
Jackie Lester
45. JackieLester
@Kiersten - That was the well played subtly needed versus the hot mess of the prison break. Sometimes they do get it right :)
47. Minime
Can I just mention that while I would like to think DL helped Dyson by not over doping him so that after the procedure he could escape we have no proof of that BUT we do have a falling over and "you do look a little green" Dyson breakdown a metal refrigerated morgue door in season 1. Dyson being left on the table after the surgery and able to break free or Dyson escaping while the guards try to drag him back to his cell is totally believable. If he and Lauren crafted this plan I would think she would have been with him when he went to kill Taft, that would have been beneficial to Aiofe who could have used a Doctor.

As for The Wolf hunting The Bunny you can see that everyday on the animal channel. I might also mention that after the kill Dyson was almost fully healed.
48. whiskeywhite
I have absolutely no doubt that the casting of a South Asian woman as the cabbit and then the 'breeding like a rabbit' connection, was not intentional. As I have mentioned before, my partner is Black, and he's an anti-racism activist of many decades. He would point out:
1) that these days the vast majority of racist behaviour is unintentional (leaving aside overt racist attacks on Obama). People say and do things unconsciously based on influences from our still deeply racist culture. Despite having thought about these issues for years and having been an anti-racism activist myself for decades, I still do and say things occasionally which stun me (mostly I catch myself thinking things before I act).
2) (white) people are far too quick to deny that racism is at work in a situation. Despite the level of my awareness, and the literally hundreds of situations of deeply hurtful, but usually subtle, racism I've heard recounted by people of colour (and seen -- it is educational as a white person to travel through life with a Black person at your side), I still have a tendency to be too quick to doubt that racism is at play. As a white person, I guess I don't really want to believe that racism is alive and well (and influencing things I love, like LG) because I am implicated (unless I at least speak up and say, "we need to look at this").
Note that Sunitha is the only 'natural' cabbit. Taft as a (half)cabbit is a created, unnatural creature. End rant.
49. whiskeywhite
You know what? I retract the "rant" comment. I'm speaking from the heart here. Hugs.
50. Minime
whoa @whiskeywhite
Taft as a (half)cabbit is a created, unnatural creature
interesting social observation
51. stacymd2
Hi All,
I have not seen the final, because I’m in the USA. I have been reading people’s comments online and I’m very excited to see the show. You guys are so lucky. SyFy made a big mistake not airing the final yesterday.
I must say, based on the posts, I cannot believe they kept the “Karen thing”. It is no longer a thing, but the truth now. I was really expecting TPTB to somehow make it a false report by the Ash.
Also, it seems as if Trick didn’t help at all in the final. I am really disappointed in this. I love Trick with Stella, but they should have made him do something to actually help take down the Morrigan. Hopefully, I will think differently when I see the episode.
I have to head back to work, but before I go… thank you Jackie for the mini recap. I cannot wait to read Kiersten’s as well.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
52. Kiersten
@stacymd2 - thats part of what makes this episode feel so much like a mid-season finale rather that season ending cliffhanger. SO much is unresolved and players who habitually are in the muck (Hale & Trick) were limited to 1 set up scene. Hale at least said "until this war is settled" but whether he means the contrived human v fae war or the Morrigan instigated hostilities vs the Light remains to be seen - hopefully it's both
Katherine Bloom
53. lsbloom
Whiskey--I wasn't at all clear as a viewer on the exact nature of Sunitha's ethnic origins. Personally, I would be more inclined to view it as a reference to the cultural origins of the cabbit myth than a subtle dig at population figures.
Pandra Selivanov
54. Zanza
I don't see Lauren as the big hero-she seems more like someone running with the hares and hunting with the hounds. She juices Taft, so he'll be happy with her in case he wins. And she doesn't hurt Dyson, so he'll be in a forgiving mood in case he comes out on top. Stop it.

Anyway, Lauren seemed like she was hedging her bets. Her little speech to Bo seemed contrived for Taft's benefit, except for the part where she talks about love in the past tense. I think she slipped there and acknowledged what was obvious from the start-this was an awful relationship that could never have a happy ending. And I'm sure she'll be back next season, but the mind boggles at what will need to be done to rehabilitate Lauren's character. She's burned her bridges to all things Fae, made a pretty irrevocable breakup with Bo...where does she go from here?

I thought it was pretty clear the potion didn't work because Bo doesn't really love Lauren. Maybe she never did-that urgent sexual passion burns out pretty quick when there's no real affection behind it. Bo was after Dyson-he was the one she wanted to save. So good to see her finally getting her priorities straight. And Dyson-what a good boy he was to give Lauren her props and let Taft have a head start. So funny to see him picking his teeth. And Taft-how crazed was he to trust Lauren with cooking something up and injecting him with it, after tricking and imprisoning her? Just on the grounds of sheer stupidity, he needed to die.
Carmen Pinzon
55. bungluna
I have a sinking feeling that WonderLauren has gone off to concoct a plan to save everybody from the Wanderer and that's how she'll make it back into the Fae Fold.

I feel sad that a show with so many posibilites seems determined to squander them all and pander to whomever squeaks the most.
56. TheGardner
The potion was a weird hiccup, why didn't it work? I doubt Tamsin deliberately screwed with it, if that were the case why would she use it at all? The question then becomes is it that Bo no longer trusts Dyson or is Kenzi going to betray her or has she already? It has been well established on this show that Bo loves Dyson and Lauren so unless we are starting from scratch I would say that theory is a bust. What exactly counts as a betrayal? It could be argued that Kenzi going behind Bo's back to the Norn then keeping it a secret is one or maybe this is something that will happen in the future. Their friendship/sisterhood has really fallen by the wayside this season and now with Kenzi's desperate quest to become fae anything could happen. As to Dyson, does Bo not trust him anymore since he kept his returned love a secret for so long? That is a fairly big revelation to keep to yourself especially from someone you claim to love. The thing that bugs though is so much was made of this potion in 3x10 and three episodes later Tamsin mixes up the ingredients, what the hell woman haven't you ever made a batch of cookies? If there was a point to that it was lost on me and came across as sloppy writing/continuity error.
57. Minime
I know everyone is saying that the potion didn't work but I think it did. In the end the Wanderer got Bo. If he could have just smoke-napped her in the very beginning he would have.

Tamsin and Acicia didn't know what it would do so perhaps Tamsin thought it would just make her obey or something but it was never clear what it would do.

Yes, Tamsin said that Bo must not love or trust the way she claims or Kenzi may betray her but the fact that Tamsin said the spell wrong even though she collected the hairs in the correct order. In the end he got her so the potion may have done something.
Pandra Selivanov
58. Zanza
The potion wasn't for the Wanderer to get Bo-it was for Tamsin to get her and take her to someone. We don't know if she was supposed to take Bo to the Wanderer or someone else, although the odds are that it was the Wanderer. As to why the Wanderer wanted Tamsin to do it when he could do it himself, that's an open question, but the potion didn't work and I think it didn't work because Bo no longer loves Lauren.

I think it's been clear for a while that Bo and Lauren were not a good couple and that whatever love they had was lost. They felt a sexual attraction to each other and tried to make it work, and for a while they even loved each other, but Lauren said it right. She LOVED Bo. Past tense. And I think Bo felt the same way by the time Tamsin collected the hairs. She loved Lauren, past tense, and she just couldn't admit it to herself, just like she couldn't admit it to herself that it was a breakup and not a break.
59. Minime
One thing no one really touched on was Aiofe's warning or request to Bo, it could be taken either way. "Look out for him" when Bo starts talking about Trick. So is it a warning that he could mean her harm or a plead from his daughter to look out for him because he has never forgiven himself for what he did?
Katherine Bloom
60. lsbloom
The potion may have worked, but Tamsin explicitly said it didn't. They could rewrite it to have Tamsin not know the intent. But until they do, I think we have to go with what was said on screen (I mean so little is that if they do say it, it better be true).

The big problem with the potion for me is that they didn't keep the ingredients consistent. Tamsin goes from 1 love, 2 trust, 3 self the first time to 1 trust, 2 love, 3 self this time. And we switch from a kiss from the best friend to a kiss from someone who will never betray you. Those switched make a big difference. As does the tense of "will never betray" not "would" or "has." It makes it a future thing, which seems impossible for a potion to know and pretty deterministic for character action. I'd hate for them to be saying that at some future point Kenzi is going to betray Bo. I think it more likely that Tamsin messed up the potion or didn't know how it actually worked, ie, that it enabled the black smoke to grab Bo (although how did he grab Tamsin and Dyson without a Druid potion for that, then?). Less likely, is that the saying that Bo doesn't really "love" Lauren. There is nothing to say she doesn't trust Dyson. Kenzi has never to this point betrayed Bo. Then, there's the "just like you could never love us both" from Lauren. There is a small potential that they are insinuating that Bo didn't really love Lauren. It's almost nonexistant though, so more likely is that the writing is muddled.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
61. Kiersten
I don't know why the potion didn't work either. I suspect it has more to do with Massimo than anything else though, else why make the point about measuring?

Bo's implicit trust in Dyson is an established tennant of their relationship and one she cops to even when she doesn't like it, like in the Baba Yaga episode. Whatever else has happened between them, that has remained strong and its constant has been reiterated even in Doccutopia. But, even if that trust could be called into question out of Bo's resentment over his delay in acknowledging his returned love (and why would that matter to her so much if she was truly in love with Doctor Lauren in Doccutopia?), what happened between them at the end of The Dawning and when they returned to The Dal and she resurrected him in Ceremony trumps it all. You can't watch the two of them in that scene and not see how much they love and trust each other especially.

I don't believe that Bo no longer loves Doctor Lauren. I do believe that she has never fully trusted her, and that makes sense considering how many times DL has deceived her and/or moved against however "good" her motivations. Certainly, the doc's actions in The Kenzi Factor were a significant blow to their status and one that never got resolved (or at least not onscreen). That was the turning point episode in their relationship this season. Love cannot continue and grow where there is no trust. Certainly, Doctor Lauren has never fully trusted Bo; she admitted to Dyson that she's been waiting for him to "take" Bo away from her from the very start implying that Bo would have no choice in the matter (which we all know is bullshit but way to impede her agency there, doc!) Bo's inability to be there for the doc with her award followed by the events in The Dal at the end of The Dawning that played out right in front of the doc's face (there's no way the doc could know what actually happened in Bo's subconscious; that remains Bo and Dyson's alone) brought all this brutally home for the doc once and for all. By the end of Delinquents, the doc could no longer deny the toxic nature of her relationship with Bo and so she ended it. But none of it was done out of a lack of love, so I don't know that it necessarily affects Tamsin's potion.

As for Kenzi, she definitely has had her foundation shaken and well, but she still would never, ever betray Bo. Her constant focus is how she can be the very best best friend/sister to Bo, which is why she's entertaining this Fae conversion in the first place...she doesn't want her mortality to get her left behind.

So again, I don't know why the potion didn't work, but there's a couple different scenarios that could be in play. Ultimately, there's no way to know how many hairs Tamsin took from Dyson and Doctor Lauren and ergo which emotion she ascribed to whom. And I still think the key could lie in Massimo's contribution or lack thereof and that its possible Kenzi will use this to force him to help her and Bruce rescue the three Fae from The Wanderer. Which would be awesome, BTW
Kiersten Hallie Krum
62. Kiersten
@lsbloom - that's a better point. I missed that the wording had change. That would heavily imply that Tamsin got it mixed up. Also, the kiss from best friend changing to kiss from one who'll never betray you only one episode later is just so silly a mistake, it almost has to be deliberate indication of the potion getting messed up. Which could be why The Wanderer took Tamsin in the first place, because she messed up the potion and failed to kill/take Bo.
63. Minime
How did the Druid get the bottle in the first place, wasn't it in Tamsin's car while she was with Bo at the compound? I call shenanigans.
Suzanne Metaxas
65. SuzyM
Kenzi did not betray Bo by going to the Norn and getting Dyon's love back. She also didn't betray her by not telling her Dyson had his love back; that is totally on Dyson. It was not Kenzi's story to tell.
Pandra Selivanov
66. Zanza
I suppose Tamsin could have gotten the ingredients wrong-if she took Dyson's hair as the one Bo loves, that would be extremely interesting, because at that point Bo was still with Lauren. On t'other hand, Tamsin has always been snarking about how much Dyson loves Bo and I believe she saw that Bo loves Dyson. Does Tamsin know how a succubus works? She was there when Bo gave Dyson some chi on the rooftop-if she saw that and knows the implications of it, then it would make sense that she took Dyson's hair as the one Bo loves. That does make better sense, because if Lauren's hair was supposed to be the "trust" hair, the potion definitely wouldn't work. Lauren has been so secretive right along I'm surprised Bo had an even limited trust in her.
67. TheGardner
@Minime - Ha! So true, that is in the same vane as Bo bidding adieu to Tamsin at the compound and though she is without transportation not surprised she beats them to the Dal, piss poor writing. Look I know that this show has a limited budget, but don't they have a script editor or even some intern that can keep track of plot points throughout the season?

I agree that towards the end Bo/Lauren's relationship was toxic and despite the love between them Lauren was right to end things, it's called communication ladies. I do not doubt the love between them, but relationships are more than great sex and I love you's, they are constant work, something I don't believe our beloved heroine is capable of. Bo started out this season on a high, she was committed to Lauren and acting like an adult, hence the reason 3x03 was so fun seeing her act like a teenage brat. As the season progressed her character devolved, not into an underfae, but more like season 1 Bo only with more confidence. When did Bo become so secretive? Why did she stop talking to Lauren? Bo has always been selfish, but never to the degree that she has been in the second half of this season and it has made her really unlikable.

I know that the majority of you guys here favor Bo/Dyson together and I have to ask why if you like Dyson so much do you want him with her? Bo is not relationship material for anyone, she needs to grow up and realize the world doesn't revolve around her, and saying something isn't the same as doing it or putting it into practice. Being with Dyson can't fix that, only Bo can. Without question she loved/loves Lauren, but she stopped trying assuming that Lauren would always be there, like she assumed Kenzi would always be there. I had thought almost loosing Kenzi would make her wake up, but if anything she brushed it off dragging her traumatized "friend" with her to confront her past. Maybe it's the nature of the succubus being so self-centered, but then you have Tamsin saying that Bo is unlike anyone she has ever known and I have to laugh because obviously the valkyrie doesn't get out much. It's hard to put Bo in the hero catagory when she gives more of herself to her clients/strangers then she does to her own friends.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
68. Kiersten
@TheGardner - I actually agree with you about Bo's character this season. A lot of that comes from so many people telling her in season two how chosen and special she is and the few people who call her on her shit being marginalized in S3 (Hale, Kenzi, Dyson to an extent).

I do indeed very much want Dyson with Bo b/c they are great together in so many ways (tho not perfect b/c that would be boring) and b/c Dyson is locked in for life and it's grossly unfair to do that to the man especially with all he's given up for Bo without the payoff. Plus, the show works best when he and Bo are together and in the mix with Kenzi.

But that doesn't mean I want them together this second. Had they jumped right into it, it would've disrespected everyone and undermined the veracity of their deep connection as being solely sexual. I like the steps they are slowly taking back to one another, like the flirting in The Dal and the balls out conversation in Delinquents, something Bo and DL have never seemed to truly manage. But there's a whole stinking lot that still needs to be resolved between them and especially within Bo's character before they can be a couple again.

Dyson's quietly made a lot of his own progressive steps already this season while Bo's either been in Doccutopia or training for The Dawning or off being a jackass somewhere with the Fae of the Day. He's had to come to terms with his returned lost love, a quite painful process, what he experienced & did in S2 w/out that love, his loss of PerfectCiara personally and then in death, the realization that Bo was it for him for good until death intervened one way or the other, the physical cost he paid to make up for misinterpreting the Wolf Spirit, and now what it means to be in love with a woman who's currently in the midst of a relationship with someone else. He's a more settled wolf in many ways, not the taciturn player of S1 (his relationship with Kenzi has also had a lot to do with that), and any relationship he may (better) have with Bo in the future has to reflect that and will thus be more mature and evolved than the one they had before.

But Bo is far from being in the same place and more than anything her behavior to DL in their relationship while professing to love her highlights her own immaturity in being able to have an adult relationship with anyone. Honestly, I'd make peace with having had to had endure Doccutopia if it brings Bo into a more adult idea of the complexities of truly loving someone and the what it takes to make a relationship work before she reunits with Dyson. Because whether or not her relationship can/should be monogamous is the least of Bo's issues.
69. TheGardner
@Kiersten - I completely agree, Dyson has evolved while Bo has stagnated. He is not the problem, she is. It's a shame he is stuck loving only her because he is not a bad guy and just because he doesn't appeal to me personally, doesn't mean I can't value a strong man who believes in monogamy with traditional ideals. If she doesn't change when they get back together, because it's bound to happen unless TPTB ditch the triangle, it will be more of the same only with Dyson serving as stand-in for DL, being discarded and misused by Bo. I mean here she professes to love DL, but after the woman was attacked and nearly strangled to death in her own home and Bo though that was a cue to initiate sexy times, really, uh just wow? I am hoping next season she will evolve, but I won't hold my breathe.
Katherine Bloom
70. lsbloom
Bo has been oblivious as needed for 3 seasons. It's a necessary evil. If she got all smart and curious, the writers would have to do a lot more fae exposition, stuff would need to make sense, half their plots couldn't happen, and the relationship drama would have been more contentious onscreen instead of just in the fandom. I generally find it more obnoxious when characters are presented as intelligent but do dumb things, rather than street smart, but possibly self-absorbed. I don't hate Bo. I didn't hate her when she left Dyson dying on a cart. I don't hate her for not chasing after someone who obviously doesn't want to be chased--DL dumped Bo instead of working on things, DL ran away from the fae without telling anyone, DL pushed Bo away in Taft's compound and told her goodbye--again. For all the "Bo's a bad girlfriend" out there right now, I don't think she's really to blame. I think Bo and DL are very different people. While some viewers think opposites complete each other, I think opposites have to have some common ground on which to relate. They've always had problems, trust issues, withholdings, not talking problems. Lauren has never been one to bring up issues that make her look or feel bad. Withholding your actual name? That can't be blamed on Bo anymore than not talking about how she hedged being ward of the ash in season 1 or Nadia (about and to) in season 2. Bo was very wrapped up in her own issues this season--the once in a lifetime if you fail you devolve into a monster Dawning--not to mention being the star of a TV show in which everything revolves around her. Expecting Bo to be all "how are your petri dishes" is not reasonable--it's boring. If Lauren had been kidnapped or had tried to tell Bo about Taft and Bo had blown her off, I feel like it would have been a different story. But she didn't. When Bo got passed the Dawning she turned right to Lauren, said what do you need, Lauren blew off the chance to have those conversations that make a relationship work. So for all Bo is emotionally immature, at least she was willing to try to hold on to her lover.

I feel like Bo has been a bad friend to Kenzi, but a new relationship where your new girlfriend and your BFF don't get along is tricky, and the show has never been able to write both of them in the same episode very well. So that is part of it. Bo/Kenzi did seem to come back a bit the more they gave them back the crack shack to debrief in. They do need family time, and Kenzi is a perfect always around tag-along. I think it was more a writerly mistake than a comment on Bo being a bad friend. TPTB tried to give everyone their own arc, it just wasn't very effective.
Jackie Lester
71. JackieLester
The whole potion thing was a cock-up of epic proportions. But there was that bit that Massimo said about cutting and breaking it (I'd have to rewatch for exact wording) and Tamsin said the 'he' wouldn't go for that, so the whole thing was just...irrelevant in the overall picture, as far as I'm concerned.
72. Minime
@TheGardner This was not the first time Bo has done that with DL. I know many people see the scene where Bo just holds DL as romantic after Nadia dies but she tried it then as well. If you go back Lauren asks Bo to sleep with her and Bo perks up thinking YAY sex but Lauren says not sex just hold me and Bo gets a disappointed look on her face but then smiles and says yes.

Looking at it from Bo's perspective you get hurt you kiss away the boo boo. Bo & Lauren are built differently and THAT IMO is a reason for them to split not the plot devises the writers used.
Jackie Lester
73. JackieLester
It would be an interesting plot twist if Lauren takes Dyson's wolf juice and uses it on herself. More than once, it was demonstrated that she couldn't keep up physically with Bo. Add into that the comment about Dyson stealing her away, she now has the door open to address the exhaustion/limited life span aspect while making herself better competition for Dyson. She did draw his bone marrow after all, there had to be a better reason than the old bait and switch in this episode alone.
74. whiskeywhite
I just discovered that you all had started to discuss the actual episode on the 'finale discussion' page, which I had been avoiding because I wasn't up for speculation. So, here I am calmly eating my chicken sandwich when I read from lsbloom "Lauren stabs (Dyson's) small intestine for some bone marrow." Masticated chicken all over the keyboard and lsbloom wins the laugh out loud award.

lsbloom also suggests that Dyson wolfs out just before the truck crash. I see his face (and Tamsin's) reacting to the danger, but does he wolf out? Don't know.

Kiersten, you and others have succeeded in convincing me that Lauren would make a great 'evil doctor' character. But we know very well that "Lauren doesn't love Bo and turns evil" would bring down a massive march of the Doccubus villagers, with flaming torches, on the Prodigy Pictures headquarters.

And then there's the fascinating discussion of Bo's character on this page. Once again, lsbloom does it for me:
While some viewers think opposites complete each other, I think opposites have to have some common ground on which to relate.
Exactly my personal experience. And I really dislike the whole romantic ideology thing about lovers being two halves of one whole. If you're not a whole person going into a relationship ...

You all make absolutely excellent arguments about Bo's immaturity (nice comparison with Dyson's evolution, Kiersten. And nice argument about them being together). But lsbloom has a good point as well:
When Bo got passed the Dawning she turned right to Lauren, said what do you need, Lauren blew off the chance to have those conversations that make a relationship work. So for all Bo is emotionally immature, at least she was willing to try to hold on to her lover.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
75. Kiersten
@JackieLester - that's actually exactly what I truly fear they will do, inject DL w/D's DNA making her a wolf hybrid. It potentially removes the mortality barrier and addresses the feeding issue. But it would be a massive and total cheat and yet another way the show would be stealing from Dyson's character to make DL a better fit for Bo rather than just letting her be with Dyson who already has all those qualities! Own up to the character's complexities/differences and deal with them, don't convert her into the other as much as possible to get around them. All that does is further prove how incompatible B/DL were in the first place and that Dyson's been the better partner all along, which we already know!

Plus, why would DL want to become the species that has treated her so poorly? Her speech to Bo proves once and for all the contempt she has for the Fae. Becoming Fae would just put her even more under their command as she'd presumably have to pick a side. As a hybrid, it's unclear whether they'd even let her live. She'd no longer be a claimed human, but (in their eyes) an abomination, and we already know how the Fae tend to treat things and people who go against the grain. If DL's to remain a viable character and romantic foil she needs to maintain her human uniqueness in that equation and not just become a cheat of a mash up with some of the best parts of Dyson. She didn't break up with Bo because she wasn't Fae; she broke up with Bo b/c she had no fulfillment in their relationship. She only seems to be able to find that in her work and in freedom from the constrictions of the Fae - something even Bo struggles to manage as one of them.

I'd much rather see her take that DNA and start to experiment with it (though not on herself) as that does track with her character progression. She's already done experimentation to revive Nadia and had now progressed to treating prisoners like lab rats by harvesting the cabbit's and then Dyson's DNA. Let her own up to that, let her take her contempt of the Fae and the pain of her failure to maintain a relationship with Bo much less Bo inability to truly love her above all others, into a proper woman scorned scenario. I'm not saying she go full out evil villain like Taft, but rather explore the moral complexity of advancing human health through the use of the superior genes of the Fae. She is uniquely positioned for such a track and it would be a fascinating arc to watch unfold.
Jackie Lester
76. JackieLester
@Kiersten - I think my suggestion would be a gateway for discussions like how could Lauren and Bo be together under those circumstances, etc. I fear that the posturing of Kenzi about becoming Fae is leading to the idea of a human trying to become Fae now but maybe trying to mislead us as to who. I definitely hope I'm way off base here.

Alternately, Lauren could experiment with the samples as you suggest, but maybe an antidote for Dyson's Fae-ness is the target, then? It still seems more Taft-like in its mad scientist feel but it depends on how much of a grudge she's holding against the Fae and how far she's willing to try to take things, I guess.
77. Minime
Can I just say the shift by the writers to move the show from a fantasy / fairy creature show into a science fiction type show is a bit annoying. I want to know more about the fae world and how Bo fits into it and not how science can make everyone fae with a bone marrow transplant.

To me the line from Lauren about how she can't quantify good feelings should also apply to the fae for the most part. While they may contract some diseases like in the foot soup episode and may be injured and can't self heal there are things that science just can't explain and having Lauren explain it takes the magic out of it. Yes Dyson is a wolf and how that 6"3 man can shift into a wolf is part magic and Lauren being able to make anyone do it is just bad TV.

End rant.
78. whiskeywhite
Very interesting point, Kiersten about Lauren having Dyson's bone marrow (or intestines contents) and DNA. Will she do something with it? I doubt she'll use it on herself (yuck!). I suspect you are giving the writers too much credit to develop such an interesting story (ditto Jackie). They are just as likely to forget about the whole thing.

I'm a little surprised that folks seem to be sympathizing with Taft around his brother's death. As lsbloom summarizes the story:
Tells a nonsympathetic Lauren that his brother was beheaded by a wendigo ... while they were camping, he was blamed and sent to an insane asylum (poor kid).
In the scene Taft says, "They said it was me." Lauren responds, "That must have been very hard for you." Taft asks, "You mean being shipped off to the asylum or not knowing what really happened?" I took that to suggest that Taft might have indeed killed his brother. Lauren is unsympathetic because she knows that Taft is completely crazy (his picture should be on the Canadian one dollar coin, the 'loonie', so called because it has a loon on it. The two dollar coin then became the 'toonie').

I see there are many others in love with Bruce. Further decreasing my chances with him. I was assuming that he would be soon forgotten as a character; you all seem to think he'll be back. Yay!

Must go do some actual work. Will return to the delights of Kiersten's recap.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
79. Kiersten
I agree that Kenzi becoming a Fae is a red-herring which is why I'm so afraid they'll follow that plot thread through instead to DL becoming Fae. That shenanigan could very possibly be the final straw that breaks my back in loyalty to the show b/c it would end any doubt once and for all that this show has any interest in actual characterization and truth to storytelling but rather is solely and primarily interested in making B/DL work above all else.

That said, many of the fears I've had over this season have not played out (though others have) like the whole "DL undercover" nonsense. The supposition (and the waiting!!) is often worse than the actual execution.

I think the whole idea of a human/Fae war and DL being on the side of the humans while still having feelings for Bo and Trick (at least) but now with access to Taft's resources without Taft himself and totting Dyson's DNA to use for further experiments would be a riveting story arc for S4 and a great return to form of the original show I fell in love with as it would force them to explore the world and pitfalls of the Fae and these characters we love within it. But I have little faith in LG being gutsy enough to do it.

That said, rumor has it that the prevailing idea for S4 is to get away from Bo's romantic life and back in the world of the Fae, so here's hoping...
Jackie Lester
80. JackieLester
@Minime - Ok, I'll stop postulating about the science then, lol.

I'll throw a little bit more mythology out there for us all to ponder: In my first viewing of the episode, I missed a bit of the Aoife speech where she mentions giving up her wolf too. My misunderstanding had me tossing around the idea of Fenrir/the Fenrys Wolf. I started thinking that maybe Bo's father was part wolf too. But on a quick peak through some Norse mythology, Fenrir is supposed to kill Odin in the final battle. Well, we have a wolf and we potentially have Odin....will we have the makings of Ragnarok this season too?!

I love how the writers manage to bring in so many different myths from around the world and blend them into the story lines. It still has the ability to keep us on our toes, though the writing comes across better when it's more familiar mythology that they use (ie. the confusion with the cabbit could have been sorted out somehow in the show.) Are there any particular myths/creatures that we'd all like to see brought into these characters' lives?
81. Minime
@JackieLester back to the science we also know Lauren has plenty of Bo's DNA so what if we flip our thinking and say what if Lauren makes some kind of concoction to let Bo be monogamous using Dyson's DNA.

Oh I want to learn way more about our beloved poet Bruce.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
82. Kiersten
@JackieLester - Aoife doesnt say that she gave up her wolf too, she says that she gave up The Wolf too, meaning Dyson. Having seen how Bo's eyes changed during their fight and correctly concluding that Dyson gave up his wolf for Bo to make that happen (which he then confirms for her), Aoife took the same tact for the same reason and gave Dyson up to Taft as the most powerful Fae in order to protect Bo whom Aoife sees as the actual most powerful Fae.

That said, I am particularly fond of Fenrir mythology, so thanks for that.
83. Minime
We know that the Fenrir wolf exists in the fae world, Trick traded the chain used to hold him for the medicine to help Kenzi in Food for Thought.
Jackie Lester
84. JackieLester
@Kiersten - I realized that after, but there were a few moments where at least the idea of building in Fenrir was forefront in my thoughts.

We know Dyson is a wolf and that wolves are pack animals, but has that ever been discussed in regards to Dyson? What do we know of his background? I'm smelling the potential for a Dyson-rich story line here :) (Or if they won't write it, I WILL! lol)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
85. Kiersten
Jackie - I would love that and KHR has teased that they hope to have more flashbacks to show his back story in S4 and he hopes they get to see what has made Dyson became and remain loyal to Trick over so many years. If they pursue the Odin mythology for The Wanderer, it would be nifty to see Dyson's wolf worked into that - but not if its as a DNA injection into DL!! ;)
Jackie Lester
86. JackieLester
I can't wait then! And no, not for the DL DNA swap idea.

Has anyone else downloaded the Lost Girl game app? Is it just a Canadian thing? I've got it but haven't tried it yet...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
87. Kiersten
The LG mobile app at this moment IS just a Canadian thing. I expect it to hit U.S. but not yet. Probably be working out the bugs for a while yet.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
88. Kiersten
The LG mobile app at this moment IS just a Canadian thing. I expect it to hit U.S. but not yet. Probably be working out the bugs for a while yet.
89. Spencer13
I guess everyone's TVs survived? ;)

I've enjoyed reading all the reviews this season, even though I'm pretty sure I've been watching a different show. While the finale wasn't my favorite, I'm actually happy that Lauren got a pretty decent character arc this season that will hopefully get her some much needed independence from the Fae next season. I still love your idea, Kiersten, about Lauren the freedom fighter. Fingers crossed that they do something similar to that with her character next season.

There is something that I can absolutely agree with all of you on here. I do not want Lauren to make herself Fae, whether it be with Dyson’s marrow(which we never actually see her extract) or any other Fae’s DNA. Her humanity is what makes her unique in the world of Lost Girl and I wouldn’t want that to change. For the same reason, I’m not happy that Kenzi appears to be heading in that direction.
90. drusilla_doll
@ Spencer13: I agree too. I like the human characters, they help to ground the Fae. I just hope we get to see them shine more next year.

When Bruce says it's a very bad idea, you should listen, Kenzi! ;)
Nadine Robb
91. cmm
Hi. I'm new to the site, but I had to join to comment on one particular aspect of this episode. I will not comment on the Bo stuff except to say I disagree with the word "selfish" that is being used to describe her (maybe in the case with Kenzi but that's it). A selfish person would not care about others, or risk their neck to save others for that matter. Instead I would use the term "oblivious". Tamsin has said it herself she's not good at reading people or understanding relationships.

Now onto my reason for posting on the site, the Taft hybridazation. I find this whole development in the lost girl mythos quite perplexing. It makes no sense to me that one of the most important pieces of information about the fae that we learn fairly early on in the season, is ignored. That piece of information being that if a fae mates with a human the child created has no abilitys. As such, most fae tend to ignore their human offspring. That to me makes no sense, not even from a sci fi point of view as it goes against all of biology. Especially since it was also established that the fae are a sub-species of human. But, as a fan of the show I swallowed that and moved on with the storylines. However now this season with Taft and the revelation that one can become half fae by injecting fae bone marrow has just completely thrown me from a loop. How is it possibly one little shot of marrow can result in a half fae, yet if two people were to go about it the natural way only result in a regular human? I still don't get this and don't suppose I ever will.

As for the worry about DL gettign fae abilities, I don't think she will. I agree with Spencer 13, you see her stab him but you don't actual see her extract anything. I think she stabbed him but had another vial created from a cabbit. I say a cabbit because they abducted many fae, whos to say she got it from the one she patched up.
92. Minime
Hi @cmm those are some great points, actually DL says that the fae predate humans so they can't be a subspecies.

I do agree that the entire concept that with a simple bone marrow transplant a person can become fae but if a fae & human have a baby they have no powers is ridiculous. As for the Cabbit DNA we don't see her work on anyone else so taking the show as presented she must have taken it from her cellmate.

I do consider Bo both oblivious to others feelings and selfish (placing concern with herself and her own interests above the interests of Lauren) she was looking for DL in the beginning because she wanted to know if it was a break or a break-up. Bo's initial intentions was too push for a clear definition on their status. Lauren had been attacked and is an emotional mess and Bo wanting to know right now what was going on was selfish. She brought Dyson with her to check on Lauren and when he said I don't have time to play relationship detective she was dismissive of his comment that he is in the middle of the biggest case of his life. She never bothers to ask about it. Bo then goes to Hale's inauguration and rather then letting him enjoy his day she wants to know right now about Lauren, it was neither the time nor place. This season Bo is being painted as a very unlikable and unrelatable character.
Katherine Bloom
93. lsbloom
@CMM - Hey, oblivious is my word too!

For me, Bo isn't intentionally wrapped up in herself, part of it is dictated by necessity she has to be written that way and driven by her own story/interests because her interests are the plot and part of it is she is constantly dealing with big issues and crises so she kinda goes with the squeaky wheel method. She goes from worried about Lauren "disappearing" until Dyson was poisoned and kidnapped. Lauren seemed to have made a descision and Dyson was actively in trouble.

She's always gonna be there for the people that need her, and in that way, she isn't selfish. There was the one line when she was drunk and she was talking to Lauren and said something like she's saving lives and Lauren is playing with her petri dishes. It was a jerk thing to say, but the fundamental issue is true. And it is always going to be that way in a show, all B plots are of less importance.

I think to find Bo unlikable you have to be siding with another character who you feel she is letting down. Otherwise most of Bo's actions are pretty standard issue for a show with a single lead. On some level, she isn't being self-centered she is on a show that is centered around her.
Jackie Lester
94. JackieLester
Bo mentions to Taft that the learning curve is brutal when becoming Fae and I think that's an important point. Her character is still learning and growing, particularly in discovering her powers and what it all means. For Bo's type of Fae though, the whole notion of commitment is a multi-faceted issue. It brings about the question of human vs. Fae, as well as is she really capable of remaining faithful? The episode with Bacchus this season showed again how worked up she could get just around the sexual energy, so to be faithful to anyone she has to fight that basic element of her own nature constantly. A lot of this is going to draw focus to her for all of those reasons, as well as the additional story arcs throughout. And I totally agree with @lsbloom that it is a necessity that's she's written that way for much of what's happening overall.
95. Minime
@ISbloom you are so right I have been upset with Bo slighting Kenzi (or the writers pushing her into the background and deKenziing her ). This episode showed her at her best, she was smart and strong and won over Bruce like the mouse in the Lion and the Mouse. This season I desperately miss Bo & Kenzi and perhaps all the Bo and Tamsin time has made me dislike Bo.

@JackieLester I do agree that Bo is very immature but she is as Tamsin said "baby fae" so if I view this season that way your right she is just finally starting to become fae. I am reminded of 3x01 (ugh I try really hard to forget that awful episode) Bo says life is short to Lauren but in 3x11 she realizes that it's not, for her. So kudos to the both of you for helping me see this season in a better light.
96. whiskeywhite
As I was looking to see if Kiersten's recap is up yet, I see that H&H is advertising a new e-novella from Jennifer Ashley called Lone Wolf -- "he's a wolf (shifter) and a cowby too". :-) Our wolf was a Celtic warrior, which I would SO love to see again, but sadly unlikely. KHR keeps hoping for more back story for Dyson (including, I suspect, some horseback riding, which he noted he was denied in the Celtic episode). On the minor detail front, the horses in that episode were wrong for the period. They should have been stocky over grown ponies rather than the long legged Arabian type, but the former are of course too exotic for LG's low budget. (I was watching some British historical epic recently that had the right kind).

Absolutely excellent discussion of whether Bo is selfish or, as lsbloom so succinctly says, "isn't being self-centered, she is on a show that is centered around her." Learned a lot from you all (again!).

To return to details, my "wheelhouse" (why has that phrase become so popular?), Dyson goes full-out wolf, runs through the forest, and then emerges wearing his pants. We could only wish otherwise, but the only previous time he full wolfs, he has Kenzi with him. She picks up his pants and shoes (and socks?) and brings them to him. At least in Twilight Jacob explains that he ties his pants to his leg rather than having to carry them in his mouth (just try to picture wolf Dyson running with his pants in his mouth without laughing. I dare you).
Jackie Lester
97. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite - Kiersten's post will be up after the finale airs in the US next week. I can't wait to see her interpretations of all things Fae-nale ;)

Kiersten mentioned some hints about Dyson's backstory coming up in S4. Let's hope they do! And surely we can overlook the pants issue with 2 episodes of the wolf man shirtless? Continuity be damned!
Katherine Bloom
98. lsbloom
Part of what charms me about Bo's vulnerability is that it allows her to not be perfect, to make the kind of mistakes they need for plot and tension and interesting character without making her annoyingly stupid. 'Cause let's face it, the writers aren't smart enough to write anyone really "smart." If they were, they'd do the basic research to make the medical stuff less offensively wrong, they'd write more complex bad guys plots, they'd come up with a rudimentary battle plan not based on running in the front door and fighting everyone head on. Regardless, the more "I'm the best" Bo gets the more it is difficult to forgive idiotic behavior. Right now she is still learning: who she is, what she wants, how to balance her biology and her nature, how to fight, when to fight. When Bo is working off instinct and flying by the seat of her pants, it is easier to forgive lack of forethought. I think she is doing the same thing in her relationships--trying her best and sometimes messing up.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
99. Kiersten
Surprising no one, I'm sure, I noticed the fact that he was again (sadly) wearing pants after the full wolf out unlike the last time he went all wolf in S1E3, but also noticed they were his dress pants from the defunked inaugeration, which, in a show that constantly drops the consistency ball, was a nice touch.
Suzanne Metaxas
100. SuzyM
Yes Kiersten it was a nice touch to keep the dress pants, but the jeans fit him so much better :) and ride a lot lower ;) they couldn't let this be one of their inconsistant moments? :D
101. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Jackie. Of course! It's next week. Last Sunday seems so long ago already.

I don't know, SuzyM. Those pants were pretty low. I actually thought to myself, does KHR wear his pants this low in real life? Probably. He could adopt the hip hop style of wearing them below his derriere, although underwear is usually involved in that case.

Speaking of which, Bo comments re: the kitsunes that she doesn't wear underwear. In "Vexed" Dyson reaches up under her skirt and pulls down a lacey number. Do the writers think that we don't notice, or remember, these (hot) details?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
102. Kiersten
I think, based on the excessive nature of inconsistencies from week to week, the writers dont seem to watch their own show, but in this case, I think Bo was being snarky and naughty more than anything, though I wouldnt be surprised if there was more than 1 time she went commando. Lady's got a decent drawer of stunning expensive lingerie.

And thank you whiskey for referencing one, if not the, hottest moment in the hottest scene this show has ever given us. Hoo. Shah.
103. toomuch
I told myself that once the finale came out I would stop obsessing, and could then go back to not negleting work. But now I have to watch the whole season over again, disect everything again, and read every one of the above insightful comments. ahhh and then watch the finale all over again on the 22nd.

@Kiersten I would wholeheartedly walk away from the show if DL injected herself. It would be such a charachter assasination on her part to do something like that. If she got all sciency and adjusted her lifespan/chi etc.. I'm okay with that, but a full on Dr. Taft, would be too much.
104. Minime
I love how with this show "sciency" is an actual word and we all use it and never get second guessed. I used it in a conversation last week and the person looked at me like I was crazy.
Nadine Robb
105. cmm
@Kiersten You know I wonder if the inconsistences with the show are from improper edits? I am sure if I actually bought the Lost Girl seasons on dvd and watched the deleted scenes, everything would make so much more sense.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
106. Kiersten
I've wondered that myself @cmm but there's so much fundamentally off about things (like the medical stuff that could easily be righted w/a short Google search) sometimes it seems less likely. Ultimately, director/producer approves final cut anyway, so...

Deleted scenes in TV tend not to be structurally or thematically important to overall episode. There tends not to be as much chuff as say on a movie that could be cut as there's not enough time in which to film and produce each episode to waste filming that much stuff to fill those gaps that didnt make final cut. That would be my take, but having never run or edited or anything to a TV show, its sheer supposition.
107. toomuch
@minime sciency is like saying sexy it's totally an adjective in LG world.

@cmm great now I have to go out and get the DVD in hopes there are many many deleted scenes of a half naked Dyson ;) on top of all the other cut bits we all missed out on. I do doubt it would clear anything up though.
108. Minime
toomuch I was totally thinking the same thing hummm more vexed deleted Dyson & Bo scenes. Ohhh what about more Dyson boxing…

I did read in an EA interview that the "she ate peanuts" line by Bo in The Kenzi scale was cut in post.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
109. Kiersten
I must have missed that interview. wonder why they cut it? b/c it wouldve immediately cleared everything up? At the time, I was YELLING at the screen LEAD WITH THE PEANUT ALLERGY
Kiersten Hallie Krum
110. Kiersten
And that just goes to show I very rarely know anything about what I'm talking about. ;-)
111. Minime
EA said it in the doccubus.com talk she came prepared with the script because she said it was the most tweeted and asked question and she knew it would come up. So rest assured ALL of fandom was yelling at their tv about that. EA said that Bo said she ate peanuts followed by notKenzi saying she was crazy and Trick believing Kenzi over Bo.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
112. Kiersten
Which would never have happened of course b/c by this time they'd all wouldve known about the peanut allergy & that was a clear indication that K not K so - cut! Eh, whatever. The peanut allergy is the least of their problems. I'm mean if you know you have very observant viewers who will notice something like this enough to be prepared for the question, then don't cut it! Deal with it. It seems to me an indication that the main way she deals with things that are difficult to deal with particuarly within the Doccutopia agenda - like Bo's initial emotional reaction to learning that Dyson has his love back for her for example - is simply not to. Which also seems a crap way to treat your fan base.
Carmen Pinzon
113. bungluna
It never ceases to amuse me that sci-fi and fantasy purveyors don't realize that consummers of such things are detail oriented obssesive-compulsive nitpickers, or is that just me? Ehem...

Anyway, they should make sure to have some sort of control over their world-building and character details.
Katherine Bloom
114. lsbloom
Andras gave another interview (I think on TV Fanatic) where she said they have so much occurring off-screen because fans already know what will happen and she doesn't want to bore them (for instance with the Bo/Kenzi Norn convo).
116. Minime
Yeah Isabloom I saw that, it was a good interview (by the interviewer) and I am glad someone finally tried to pin her down on that. It seems most of her questions are tilted to docutopia and she almost never gets called on the bad decisions. It's all Lauren & Bo are so great... Yawn.
Katherine Bloom
117. lsbloom
@Minime There are lots of things Andras needs to answer for. But her responses leave something to be desired. I fear she's not a very good showrunner.

There was some radio interview with Anna Silk where the interviewers weren't doccubus fan, in fact didn't like Lauren, it was hilarious becuase she's so used to hyping the Lauren side, she didn't know what to do.
Nadine Robb
118. cmm
@Isbloom She seriously said that we would be bored by the Kenzi/Bo norn convo? What is she smoking? That was an essential part of the sl, without that the viewers who aren't doccubus shippers were left confused.
Katherine Bloom
119. lsbloom
@CMM from the interview:
Several major reveals happened off-screen in season 3, for example Bo and Lauren's reconciliation after Kenzi's kidnapping and Bo finding out Dyson got his love for her back, were those not shown for specific storytelling reasons?
When the audience already knows the answers to questions posed by one character to another, it isn't always good TV to watch said character re-hash it. For example, the audience saw what happened when Kenzi went to the Norn with her trusty chainsaw. If we had to then watch Kenzi go on and on explaining herself to Bo, it would be redundant. Scenes should always contain/reveal new information for the audience, to keep up the pace of an episode. On the other hand, we need to build suspense and keep you coming back week in and week out. That's why we sometimes deliberately want to leave you guessing as to whether a conversation will happen (onscreen) or already has happened (offscreen) -- and how the consequences of said conversation will play out. It's a choice, for sure.
Read more tv spoilers at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2013/04/lost-girl-exclusive-emily-andras-on-mythology-monogomy-and-more/#ixzz2Qrv4hjoc
Kiersten Hallie Krum
120. Kiersten
Never mind that you dont have to show Kenzi rehashing what happened with the Norn (Freaking Norn!) you can start the scene with Bo's reaction which would be totally new content for the show. This was a conversation everyone who isnt a doccubus fan was clamoring for, eager for, waiting almost 8 episodes for, esp to see Bo's emo response to learning about Dyson's returned love - which wouldve caused a lot of conflict for doccubus. So it wasn't shown and by the time we see Bo talk about it again, she's worked her way around to being mad that he still hasn't told her - and has no overt onscreen emotional response to the actual love situation itself.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
121. Kiersten
@lsbloom - was this last nights radio interview with TheVRO? I havent listened to that yet. It amazes me that she would be surprised since there's so much anti-doccubus out there. Guess more than just EA is only listening to one fanbase, which is quite disappointing to think.
Nadine Robb
122. cmm
@Isbloom That is seriously some lazy writing. What makes a good sci-fi/fantasy show is the details and any self respecting sci-fi/fantasy writer knows this. Hence why shows like charmed, stargate sg1 etc lasted for many seasons. I think she seriously underestimates the viewer and what they might find important. I think Andras should be replaced as showrunner. If you can't write and otp without trashing every other character and their storylines to pieces, then you really shouldn't be writing. People keep watching for consistency in a good tv show and that is what will bring them back season after season.
Katherine Bloom
123. lsbloom
It was interesting enought to be a major episode ending cliffhanger!!! Then she just dropped it. The same way Kenzi gets kidnapped and the next episode starts as though nothing happened. Uff.

The entire Lauren relationship was a rehash of what we already knew: Bo can't be monogamous with a human, Bo needs to feed, Bo is a succubus. But that didn't stop us from rehashing it.
Nadine Robb
124. cmm
@Isbloom I agree. I did spend a lot of this season skipping parts of the doccubus relationship. To this day I still haven't watched all of the season premiere.
Jackie Lester
125. JackieLester
It seems I have a lot to catch up on. First, this hot scene in Vexed! Then pretty much every interview involving the show. There goes my summer ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
126. Kiersten
@JackieLester - oh, Vexed is a MUST SEE. Those first 3 minutes will melt your TV screen.
Jackie Lester
127. JackieLester
In this case, it was my computer screen but I vaguely remember watching it. Looks like all 3 seasons are on the must re-watch queue now, lol.
Suzanne Metaxas
128. SuzyM
I own S1 & S2 DVDs and believe me the uncut episodes do nothing to fill in holes. I will purchase S3 when it comes out not because I think it is so great but because I want to be able to watch from beginning to end and see if it makes a difference on how I interpret what I've seen. I do doubt that it will make it any clearer though. There are glaring plot holes that started with S2.3 and only got worse as the season went on. I think the show runner should have a book of things that anyone writing an episode would have to read so there would be continuity and no glaring holes in the stories. Things as simple as having the same name for the Nymph in S1 match the name of the nymph in S2 would have made for better story telling.
129. whiskeywhite
"Vexed" is hot, but another of my favourites is the first time Bo and Dyson make love, at the end of 1.02 continued over to the beginning of 1.03. It's totally PG, but very sweet. He leads with concern for her -- "Bo, have you thought this through?" She follows with concern for him: "Are you sure I won't hurt you?" To which he answers, "I'll take my chances." It's all just totally awwww. Not to mention, "I like to think I bring something special to the table." Yes, sir, you do. Then there's the brief "I can do something for you" top-up scene later in 1.03. A nice tonguey little tidbit. Just before Trick reads the riot act and things go to hell in a hand basket. And then there are some nice scenes with Ciara ... Oh, I just need to stop.

I agree with SuzyM -- I have the DVDs too, and they don't answer any questions. But selected bits make great bed time watching.

"... detail oriented obssesive-compulsive nitpickers, or is that just me?" No, bungluna, it's not just you. I have never heard such a perfect description of me. Of course, people are probably just being polite. And besides, we go on to be proofreaders, a profession made for nitpickers.

Can't keep up with interviews, so links or key findings are much appreciated.

cmm -- don't rush to finish watching the season premiere. Hated it. The only decent part (IMHO) is, however, near the end -- the look on Dyson's face when he says of Bo, "She looks happy."
130. TheGardner
Wow look at all the new comments, and thi is still on the mini-cap, craziness.

Vexed is a decent episode, but it is no Foot Soup(yes I know the title is Food for Thought, but really no, it's Foot Soup forever and always). It is obvious that it's the pilot with the sets looking different, the cast appearances changing, location shooting places that we never see again, etc. The pacing was great, but I thought the actual story was weak and not nearly enough Kenzi. The episode is largely remembered for the two sex scenes which contrast the two relationships Bo/Dyson=raw anamalistic, Bo/Lauren=slow love making which parallels with the fae/human dynamic. I know I am in the minority here, but Bo/Dyson getting it on while Bo is covered in blood yuck, such a turn off. Now if they'd fucked in the shower I could get on board, as it was it the caked in blood thing makes me nauseous and I fast foreward through it.
Nadine Robb
131. cmm
@SuzyM I tried. I think the showrunner should just stop being lazy. Her excuse for their lazy writing is that they want people to come back for the next episode and that to me just boggles the mind. If you keep writing like this people will eventually stop watching, if they realize what they are promised is never given.
132. Minime
Oh the shower scene from scream a little dream. Hello wet naked Dyson holy hotness and soapy sexyness.

I heard the radio interview was interesting and wanted to give it a listen, I feel bad for the guy who did it he is going to be buried in hundreds of unhappy emails. I did however enjoy EA's answer to the triangle in part 2 of the Doccubus Q&A I think for the first time she was being honest about her feelings of the "shipping" wars.

There are so many different kinds of fans and although docutopia are the loudest they are not the only ones. I also wish that Andras & Firestone saw that the ferver was not for the show or even the coupling but for ZP. She has a huge fan base (rightly so she is very talented )and it is distracting to the show IN MY OPINION.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
133. Kiersten
@Minime - if you have a link for the radio interview, that would be very helpful. I listened to AS's interveiw on VRO last night and tho one of the interviews casually mentioned how she didn't like DL as she still wasn't over the spybang and secret girlfriend (see? it's not just me!! ;-)), which did seem to momentarily surprise Anna, I didn't hear anything to the level that you (or whomever) described. It was a nice interview and good to hear, but nothing cataclysmic revelation wise.

So if you have a link to the interview that was mentioned where the dislike for doccubus surprised AS and could post it, that would be lovely.
134. Minime
Kiersten we are talking about the same interview on VRO if you look at the comments that are starting to come in that are all "you have to interview ZP she is so fun". Docutopia are upset that the interviewers don't know how to pronounce Doccubus and have already started calling them hicks, crap hosts, unprofessional and douche bags.

As for the Emily Andras interview http://doccubus.com/2013/04/13/additional-qa-with-emily-andras-part-ii/

and here is her answer that I find telling
What is your opinion on the love triangle at this point so far? Is there any possibility where the show might move away from the love triangle and focus on other dramatic plot points in order to create tension and conflict among key characters?
Love is amongst the purest human endeavors. There’s a reason every great story since time began has revolved around it. With regards to our little show: if you’re going to follow a character whose blessing and curse begins and ends with sex, lust, passion, and obsession, then romance is going to be part of the equation. Still, Lost Girl is more than the sum of these parts – which is to say, I take issue with the wording of this question (shoot me: I’m a writer and words matter). We often focus on other dramatic plot points to create story. And it’s disingenuous to suggest that Bo’s pursuit of romance doesn’t get the fans’ motors running…it very much fuels admiration for the show, DOCCUBUS.COM (ahem). Let’s face it: Bo’s exploration of the different types of love – familial, sisterly, erotic, and epic – is fascinating, and the audience, though divided, is clearly very engaged with Bo’s choice. So, to me “I hate the love triangle” often translates to “please, please pick my ship”. In short (snort!): do I want to watch Bo flip-flop between the wolf and the doctor forever and ever, amen? Not necessarily. But be careful what you wish for.
Katherine Bloom
135. lsbloom
That's the one I was talking about. I just meant it knocked her off her script. And that amused me. Anna is so formulaic is interviews, the first ones early on were so scatterbrained she couldn't even describe the plot and you felt sorry for her. Now she's got most of her talking points down.

It was also funny that that little moment made doccubi insanely pissed. When it was just a small little reveal that not all fans love doccubi and how one sided everything PR has become.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
136. Kiersten
A reveal that should come as no surprise if anyone is paying attention to anything outside of doccubus fans, which does not seem to be the case with Lost Girl's production and PR team.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
137. Kiersten
As a romance writer, I obviously agree with "Love is amongst the purest human endeavors. There’s a reason every great story since time began has revolved around it." [/i]

It's nice to see that championed outside the genre as we tend to, in general, take so much shit for daring to celebrate and write about romantic love - which hardly ever equates to easy, BTW
138. Minime
I agree Kiersten, I liked that answer she gave especially about the different types of love, one doesn't just love one way there are so many facets to love beyond pick my team and who will be endgame that can be and have been explored.

I thought that in that one answer she actually dropped her fanservice and gave a straight from the hip answer and expressed her displeasure with the constant questions and comments about the triangle. She got quite a few unhappy comments about it that actually backed up her "pick my ship" comment.
Jackie Lester
139. JackieLester
I like how she phrased the part about exploring different types of love, but is it wrong of me to see that 'epic' could easily equate to Dyson, particularly after his vow that he'd wait over a hundred years for her? ;)
140. Minime
You should try to get an interview with her Keirsten. Perhaps to coincide with season 4. I would love to find out what it is they smoke in the writers room.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
141. Kiersten
@JackieLester - I think "epic" was a wink to doccubus as Bo calls her marathon sex session w/Doctor Lauren in S3E2 "epic", so even there EA is catering to those fans, which, to be fair, is her audience on that site. I had to stop reading when a very reasoned, intelligent, and well-written comment swerved off into the ridiculous and tired accusation of the "Dyson never evolves, is territorial, and doesnt allow Bo to grow" tripe. Better for me to just not continue reading at that point.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
142. Kiersten
That would be cool, Minime, to be sure. We'll have to see what happens.
Jackie Lester
143. JackieLester
@Kiersten = Dear lord! She prefaces the whole diatribe with "I don't watch much TV". Isn't that totally contradicting everything else she was just about to spout out? Not to mention the comment about shipping bring new to her then having her discussion mention 'shipper wars'. (I admit I skimmed, but I gleaned enough I think :)
144. toomuch
I still like to think epic is used dually. So they can get away at leaving things vague... as they keep hinting at the Dyson/Bo relationship being linked in the fae world as well.... maybe I'm just deluding myself.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
145. Kiersten
I would love you to be right, @toomuch, believe me. LOVE.
146. Minime
familial, sisterly, erotic, and epic

While "epic" may be a nod to Bo's comment lets not forget that throughout the season when Bo had all her defenses dropped who was it she immediately went looking for or talking about?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
147. Kiersten
@Minime - i love that about Bo and Dyson. When all the crap is stripped away, her instinct is to immediately seek him out, over and over her default emotional response is to reach out to him. It's one of the few consistencies of their relationship the show has yet to mess with.
148. Minime
@Kiersten that seems pretty epic to me. That no matter what happens, no matter how many years have passed since they have been "in love" (2 years at this point) they both always in the end return to each other.
Carmen Pinzon
149. bungluna
The only think I can think is, if you don't watch tv and don't know how tv shows and their fans work, you have absolutely no business running a tv show!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
150. Kiersten
Bung, it wasnt EA saying she doesnt watch a lot of TV. Deep breaths.
Carmen Pinzon
151. bungluna
Breathing... I shouldn't get so worked up; it's not good at my age. :D
Jackie Lester
152. JackieLester
@bungluna - It was the commenter that said it. Sorry, I should have been more clear :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
153. Kiersten
Its all that exotic Korean air, bung. Gets you fired up! ;-)
154. whiskeywhite
Yes, absolutely, shower scene! As Kiersten would say, "Hoo. Shah." And when I said earlier, "great bed time watching", I didn't mean like THAT. I meant, like a bed time story.

Thanks for the link, and the quote, Minime. More links, please and thank you.

To be my nitpicker self, SuzyM, I don't think that it is an inconsistency that the two nymphs have different names. They are actually two different people/nymphs. Dyson tells Hale about the nymph Daphne and how, because of Bo, he doesn't mind having lost her number. Both Dyson and Hale vividly remember Daphne. But when Dyson meets the water nymph, Chloe, in "Mirror, Mirror" he doesn't remember her. She has to remind him: "New Year's Eve party, hot tub." Of course he would meet a water nymph in a hot tub. :-) He seems to do some of his better work in hot tubs (e.g., 1.12, at the country club).

OK, carry on with your serious plot and character analyses. I enjoy and learn from them.
Pandra Selivanov
155. Zanza
I think "epic" was a wink to doccubus as Bo calls her marathon sex session w/Doctor Lauren in S3E2 "epic", so even there EA is catering to those fans, which, to be fair, is her audience on that site.
Isn't it ironic that the word "epic" was used as a nod to Doccubus when in fact that "marathon sex session" ended with Lauren completely worn out and Bo completely unsatisfied? And then Bo lying to Dyson about how epic the sex was?
156. Stacymd2
Wow, even after reading all of these great posts I am still very excited to see the final on Monday. I just hope you guys are not talked out!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
157. Kiersten
@stacymd2 - we'll have a whole new post up on Tuesday for Monday night's U.S. showing so we'll all start fresh then!
Suzanne Metaxas
158. SuzyM
@Stacymd2 don't worry we can never run out of things to say about Lost Girl :) LOL

@whisheywhite I know they were two different nymphs. What I was saying is they should have made it the same one. She did ask Dyson if he lost her number :D
Katherine Bloom
159. lsbloom
I remember another very long, very dirty marathon that had a slightly different ending satisfaction-wise. (Bye now, have to go watch season 1.)
Wallace Le
160. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
The last two episodes have felt to me as though the show was comprised of supporting actors only. I thought Bo was given lousy lines, and situations. On several occasions she appears to be a highly visible non-participant. KHR’s acting tends to be so convincing that LG feels unbalanced.

The Lauren/Bo pandering has really put the show in a quandary. Clearly the casting and the rationale of the show was built around the Bo/Dyson dynamic/partnership/chemistry/camaraderie/electricity. Lauren was always to be a bit player. Think of Kirk and Spock. Imagine if Star Trek tried to put Chekov on the same level, (result is nonsense). How to marginalize Spock without having a viewership collapse.

@Zanza – thanks for pointing out …Depicting Lauren as worn-out and fed up, and Bo as unsatisfied and starving, then having the characters declare epic-ness, is what makes the characters look ridiculous, and the show comical. Time and again the writers and PR department make a laughingstock of LG. Segments of the viewership routinely ridicule the show and consider the lead a moron.

Now the writers need everything to be in a totally confused state so that they could buy time. They need to figure out if they will continue pandering to a particular fan base, or if they want to tell a real story. A significant drop in ratings could occur because all ships will avoid this port if LG becomes too nonsensical.
161. TheGardner
@Zanza - The problem wasn't the sex or the quality thereof, the problem was that Bo wasn't actually feeding off Lauren, i.e. chi suck, she was feeding only off the residual energy that sex gives her. That is why even with them literally doin' it 'round the clock, Bo was still hungry. The reasoning behind why she wasn't traditionaly feeding off of Lauren is unclear, as many of Bo's regular feeds have been human. Perhaps it was a respect thing or maybe Bo wasn't willing to risk hurting her, in 2x21 when Bo is injured Lauren offers to heal-bang her and Bo waves her off saying she would never use Lauren like that. I think it would be more dangerous for Bo to continue having sex with Lauren while starving, at some point her baser instincts would take over and she would feed without control. It's another one of those things that could be cleared up with one short conversation, but silly me this is Lost Girl.
Katherine Bloom
162. lsbloom
@TheGardner--Bo feeds during sex that's why she killed all her lovers up to Dyson, that's why she "doesn't usually go all the way," that's why Lauren was so tired she needed them to stock the fridge with energy drinks. But feeding just from Lauren wasn't enough energy for Bo. Lauren was totally depleted and Bo was starving, mainlining chocolate. We've never seen Bo get a full feed from a single human who lives. She's either had group sex or left still hurt or killed the person. So, Lauren trying to sustain her for very long wasn't going to work.

As far as quality of the encounter, when Bo gets chi from fae, she is really rocked by it "the 4th of July in my mouth." We've never seen the same with human chi. Wonder if the sex chi switch is the same thing?
Pandra Selivanov
163. Zanza
The problem wasn't the sex or the quality thereof, the problem was that Bo wasn't actually feeding off Lauren, i.e. chi suck, she was feeding only off the residual energy that sex gives her.
@ Gardner, the problem was that Bo and Lauren were NOT TALKING about what was going on. And that Bo was lying to Dyson. I get what you're saying, but you're addressing purely physical aspects of the relationship (understandable, since Bo and Lauren were mostly physical anyway) and you're not addressing the deeper issues of WHY Bo and Lauren were having a problem. True, if they ever sat down and talked to each other, it would clear some things up-you are right about that, but it is still only part of their problem.

That still leaves the question of why Bo feels it necessary to lie to Dyson. If she didn't want to talk about it, she could have just said she and Lauren were still together and left it at that. Dyson didn't ask, "How is your sex life?" He asked if she and Lauren had broken up because he saw how depleted she looked. Bo didn't have to respond with a lie about how great sex with Lauren was. She lied to him about something he didn't ask, which shows she has some deep concerns she is not addressing.
@Zanza – thanks for pointing out …Depicting Lauren as worn-out and fed up, and Bo as unsatisfied and starving, then having the characters declare epic-ness, is what makes the characters look ridiculous, and the show comical.
@ Sci-Fi-Enthusiast, You're welcome. It did strike me as incredibly weird that a nod to Bo and Lauren should use a word that Bo used to lie about her relationship with Lauren, both to Dyson and herself. It does make that relationship look ridiculous, like a woman who's been beaten by her husband saying she has a great marriage, or a man whose wife just stole all the rent money to gamble with saying how great his wife is. It shows a deep deception of the self over a massive problem, and that is just not a pretty picture. How Doccubus ever thought this was a good relationship is beyond me, and why they want it to continue is even more confusing.
164. whiskeywhite
Sci-F-Enthusiast, great line!: "all ships will avoid this port if LG becomes too nonsensical."

SuzyM, teaches me not to doubt your encyclopedic knowledge of LG. :-)

The line from 1.02 should be "Are you sure you can handle it, I won't kill you?" Kind of you all not to correct me. Post menopausal memory (not) at work.

Stacymd2, I'm sure Kiersten will give us more to talk about. Looking forward to Tuesday. Meanwhile, all is going well here -- very interesting discussion about Bo and Lauren and the lying to Dyson. Zanza, excellent point: "It shows a deep deception of the self over a massive problem."

But it's completely understandable why Doccubus fans want the relationship to continue. Bo and Lauren's love story is a fantasy in the common sense of the word for women who want to see their vision of love between two women featured in a TV show. As long as it has the key ingredients -- romance, sensuality, monogamous commitment (read "true love") -- it is satisfying enough. And the shipper war to them is one front in the war against heterosexism and heteronormativity (a war that I agree must be fought, though personal attacks isn't an effective way to go about it).

I was reading this week about the passing of Shulamith Firestone, the groundbreaking radical feminist author of The Dialectic of Sex (1970). In this best seller, she argued that the oppression of women by men was the oldest and most fundamental oppression in human history, rooted in biology, and that women needed a revolution to end "the tyranny of the biological family." Early radical lesbian feminists argued that having relationships with men was, literally, sleeping with the enemy. These potentially profoundly revolutionary ideas have been tamed, in part, by the victory of romantic ideology, complete with compulsory monogamy, not only among young straight people (viz, the popularity of wedding programs on TV) but among lesbians (and to an increasing extent among gay men). Thus the widespread takeover of same sex marriage as a key demand of the gay/lesbian (LGBT*) liberation movement, replacing the earlier more radical demands for complete sexual liberation. I don't read enough of the Doccubus discussion to know whether this is true, but I wouldn't be surprised if some (many?) would love to see Bo and Lauren get married and have babies. Shulamith Firestone must be spinning in her grave.
Pandra Selivanov
165. Zanza
Whiskey, it's interesting what you said about Bo and Lauren's relationship, because I'm very into film noir and it occurs to me that Lauren is starting to emerge as a classic femme fatale. Of course the femme fatale is an archetype that predates the Bible and goes from Mohini in India to the Sirens in Greece, but a lot has been written about this type of woman since the time of the great film noir. Just look at the description of the classic femme fatale-irrestistibly alluring, chamelon-like, dangerous to the point of destruction. Sounds like Lauren to me.

I also found an interesting article recently-here is the link. http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/noir/np05ff.html It talks about the family in film noir-how the white picket fence really has no place in the world of the femme fatale. It struck me how Bo, for all that she is a succubus who literally lives on sex, is such an idealist when it comes to love and romance. She wants a family, she wants a home, she wants a stable happy relationship. To the femme fatale, however, home is a place where people who hate each other spend boring evenings together. The femme fatale resists marriage and commitment and is rarely swayed by love of the hero to change her ways.

This, too, sounds like Lauren. She got together with Bo, but never really committed to her. In each season, a new layer of deception is revealed. Seasons one was the time of the infamous spy-bang. That's mild compared to the deception in season two, where Bo learns about Nadia. And THAT pales to season three, where Bo discovers that Lauren isn't even the name of the woman she is in a relationship with.

It's all assuming a pattern that seems very familiar to me. Bo is starting to seem like the innocent guy enmeshed in the toils of steamy sexual allure. And it's weird, because she's the succubus, she's the supernatural creature who sleeps around, not because she wants to be promiscuous (given a choice she would have one partner that she would be faithful to) but because her life depends on it. Whereas Lauren is a mortal woman who shouldn't be able to exercise this much allure over a creature like Bo. Yet she does-she ensnares Bo with sex and she holds Bo with sexual interest, and she even controls Bo through sex (putting Dyson off-limits even though he's the best choice for Bo to feed off and heal from) and all of this is classic femme fatale.

I don't know if there are any other film noir enthusiasts here. It occurs to me that by its very nature, film noir is the anithesis of romance and I am sometimes perplexed at how much I love both. I must have a split personality that the voices haven't told me about yet. :D But if anybody thinks I might have a point, let's share thoughts, okay?
166. Minime
Wow Zanza and Whiskey lots of great things to think about! On a more shallow note can we talk about Bo's perplexing outfit in the rescue scene. Perhaps Bo couldn't fight because she was wearing the most ridiculous outfit I have seen yet. A cut out leather jacket with pointed sleeves a'la 80's wedding dress style and a top that was too short for a dress and too long to be a top. I know I sound shallow but I really miss season 1 & 2's wardrobe people and I wish they would come back!
167. drusilla_doll
I must be weird because I thought she still looked hot and badass.

Something is perplexing me. I've been reading other boards and a lot of Doccubus fans are going on about Lauren saving the day. Sorry, but where did that happen in the finale? All she did was trick Taft, injecting him with Cabbit DNA. Does anyone here think Dyson couldn't have chased down and defeated him anyway? And he was injured from the fight, recovering from surgery and heavy sedation thanks to Lauren going through the procedure. Bo and Tamsin freed the prisoners, not Lauren. Bo and Tamsin took on and defeated the guards together.

And yet the chatter seems to be 'Lauren saved them all but only Dyson knows. Poor Lauren not getting her credit.'

Are they working on the rationality that if you say it long enough and loud enough it becomes accepted as canon fact?

Yes, she took a gamble and managed to figuratively stab Taft in the back. But just how much of a difference did it really make? He still could have stabbed Bo. It was only luck that Aoife was there and was maternally protective enough to take the knife for her daughter.

I'm just not seeing the heroic saving.
Suzanne Metaxas
168. SuzyM
I have to agree, though I've given up reading those boards, they give me a twitch. Doccubus fans tend to be delusional. After all what can you expect for those who follow "Church of Lauren" really?
169. whiskeywhite
Zanza, beyond having heard the phrase, what I don't know about film noir would fill a library. But I'm willing to give it a read, especially given the connection you've made re: femme fatale. Thanks very much for the link.
170. drusilla_doll
Oh I think there crazies on every divide of LG shipperdom, and wonderfully articulate and realistic fans too. But it bugs me when people start claiming something as true and factual when it's highly debatable.

It also surprises (and amuses) me that some people are still clinging to, or desperately hoping that they're all still stuck in the Dawning. Since that would mean that the (imo natural and logical) disintegration of Doccutopia can somehow still be salvaged and reset.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
171. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - going by what was shown and said on screen in the episode, there is absolutely no way that DL saved any kind of day - there's not even any indication that she even freed Dyson from his bonds. I don't know where anyone is coming up with that conclusion, especially since she exited the episode nearly fifteen minutes before it ended. Tamsin took down the guards, Dyson took down Taft, Aoife took the blow meant for Bo, Bo sort of took down Tamsin. DL injected Taft with cabbit DNA rather than wolf DNA but that's about the only thing that is certain about what she did or did not do. (Oh, and she bandaged Dyson's hip wound where she'd harvested his bone marrow.) Frankly, given the death glare she aims at Taft while scrubbing up, I think that the DNA switcheroo was more her own revenge scenario for Taft screwing with her life than anything "rescue" related (and don't even get me started on from where she got the cabbit DNA.)

Dyson makes absolutely no indication or suggestion that DL had anything to do with his escape, merely acknowledges, and not in a complimentary way, that she is indeed a genius as she managed to successfully create a human/Fae hybrid. If DL genuinely helped him escape and was playing Taft all the while in order to "save" everyone else, particualrly Bo, she would've gone with Dyson to find Bo and made sure she was safe before going on the run from the Fae (if indeed she did run rather than try with Bo to work out some amnesty in exchange for her "heroism"). Certainly if Dyson was aware of DL's "true" "heroic" agenda, if she had in fact freed him, he wouldn't have left her behind on her own with Taft's guards. And yet he shows up in the library alone.

So I am as in the dark as you on how anyone can view this episode and come away with the conclusion that DL saved anyone except possibly herself.
172. drusilla_doll
Agreed, whatever Lauren's plan was, the only part which played out on screen was her effectively siding with Taft in order to make sure Bo survived and carrying out a dangerous procedure on Dyson and switching DNAs. That's it. Unless you also credit her for managing to convince her ex that it was definitely over, with Bo and the Fae. Which to me rang all too true. Bo clearly had no idea Lauren was pulling a con (if she even really was) and you're correct Kiersten, if Lauren had freed Dyson and filled him in on the plan there was no mention of it, no sign of Lauren and why would Dyson just ditch her? And it seemed pretty clear he didn't realise until he'd caught up with Taft (and could smell him maybe?) that DL had not wolfed Taft after all.

It's like we have to make a zillion off screen and contradictory onscreen assumptions in order to contort DL into heroically saving their collective asses with her brilliant smoke and mirror tactics while oh, so, nobly giving up her true and abiding love for Bo.

Is it me or are some people still incredibly sore that Dyson sacrificed his Wolf for Bo in first season - something he refused to do for any other person in his entire history and then Norn tricked him by taking his love instead. S2 Dyson took on the berserkers knowing he was probably going to die in order to buy them time. And then in S3 we have Dyson again sacrificing his life to ensure that Bo passes her own Dawning.

If we want to talk about 'epic' love? I think we definitely have a winner, just not the one that a portion of fans want to acknowledge.
173. drusilla_doll
Oops, I forgot to add that Lauren had already given up on Bo's love. She'd broken up with her and then permanently left the Fae to go pursue her human medical dreams. With nary a good-bye note or forwarding address. So, the claim that it's such a sacrifice on Lauren's part to reject Bo yet again, is imo pretty unsubstantiated.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
174. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - I find it hard to argue with you when I just finished a detailed recap citing several of those same points. Also, I don't want to ;-)

Dyson definitely did not know about the switcheroo until Taft called a time out in his pursuit. It's then that Dyson is close enough to visibly take a deep inhale of Taft's newly Fae-infused scent and identify the cabbit switcheroo. It's all there in the scene and the performances for anyone who actually cares to really watch it.

As to your arguments as to which of Bo's two main loves is truly an epic one? Well, yes, exactly.
175. drusilla_doll
@kiersten - I'm glad you have similar thoughts about what played out on our screens. Can't wait to read your recap. :D

I just read elsewhere that apparently Lauren freed all the prisoners. Not on my version.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
176. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - *wipes eyes* Oh wow. Thanks. I needed that laugh.

Play by play recap will be up Tuesday morning after Monday night's U.S. showing of the season three finale.
177. cmm
@drusilla_doll Lauren freed all the prisoners? Where did you read that?
178. Minime
I do have to mention that if you go by those Lauren boards they also say she saved the day in season 2 because she made the Garuda vaccine and bandaged Vex's arm and she saved the day in season 1 by getting Bo the necklace. Lauren going by those boards is both the Lost Girl, Wanderer and the true heroine on the series.
Katherine Bloom
179. lsbloom
There's no convincing the doccubus mafia that Lauren didn't save the day by making Taft fae. Apparently they believe she made Taft into a wolf snack. (Subduing the wolf in the process was "helping" him because Lauren didn't kill Dyson on the operating table.) ::shakes head::
180. drusilla_doll
@cmm: The L Chat boards Lost Girl thread. I go there because it's a fast moving discussion thread. I've seen similar 'DL saved the day/everyone' comments at doccubus.com. Which, does have a lot of decent discussion, it's just a little too biased towards all things ZP/Lauren for my tastes.
181. Minime
I did read the docutopia boards today and was amused by the notion that the fae are bad and Lauren & Kenzi will team up in season 4 to "save Bo" and help her return to her humaness. That as Bo grows and learns more about and accepts her nature she becomes "bad" and that she has to return to her "human self".

In essence those boards are not only BoLo endgame but also Lauren is amazing and humans are the best and the fae are monsters. I find the notion that Bo accepting, understanding herself, and growing is a bad thing a very closed minded view on a very liberal board… telling.

The view that in order for Bo to be the hero she must forsake her fae side and return to her "car show and church social" human values contradictory. Bo is 30 or even 31 at this point and she came to the fae world 3 years ago and she has to start learning her culture/species and continue to grow. Bo staying the same person she was in season one is like saying that you at 28 are the same person you are at 36, I don't know about you but I am a very different person and I am happy for that. I saw a huge step in the fact that Bo finally admitted that she is going to live for a very long time and needs to start addressing that. I think that as Bo reconciles her humanness and her faeness she will become a very complex character who will truly be unaligned.
182. drusilla_doll
I also saw a comparison to Doccubus being epic endgame like Buffy and Angel. Which gave me a damned good chuckle. If we're going to make show comparisons:

Dyson/Bo= Buffy/Angel
Tamsin/Bo= potentially Buffy/Spike
183. Minime
Oh and one more thing the opinion that Dyson doesn't respect humans. That as he forms a bond with Kenzi & Lauren he will start to respect and care for humans is sooooo contradictory from what I have seen on my screen since season one. From the first episode we see Hale and Dyson taking on all cases not just fae related ones and solving them. Dyson says he has two full time jobs the humans and the fae, he takes his job seriously and if he didn't care for humans he would just skip the human cases which he doesn't.
Suzanne Metaxas
184. SuzyM
They convieniently forget that Dyson fought Ba'al in Faetal Justice not because he killed Fae but because Ba'al killed humans!
185. drusilla_doll
Well, hey, they claim Dyson is a possessive, territorial douchebag. But the thing is, he's the one who admitted it's his problem that he wants monogamy as a part of his own nature. I loved that first season scene because it showed that Dyson was aware that he was struggling with the conflicting parts of their respective natures but was willing to still try to make it work because she was worth it. He wasn't saying 'you should only be with me', he was admitting 'I wish you only wanted to be with me, but that's my problem as a wolf-shifter, you're a succubus and we'll get through this, I'm yours anyway.' And yet so many people get a negative read on this scene. For me it was showing them hashing out their relationship in a healthy and loving way.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
186. Kiersten
Again, @drusilla_doll, I can only but agree with you. We've hashed that exact scene and those exact clear motivations on both Dyson and Bo's part many times on this blog. That people deliberately misconstrue what he says and what he means continues to baffle me. It's a lovely, powerful, mature adult conversation between two people who love one another and want to make their relationship work by acknowledging the enormous elephant in the room with which they have to come to terms.

He never says "I want you to do this" he says "I am this way and you are that way and those two things dont work together and I dont care because I love you and I'm yours and I'll take you any way I can get you." And Bo, no dummy here, says "Okey doke. No promises, but hell yes. Because I've known this a lot longer than you and I've already tried to adjust for your nature because I love you and will take you any way I can get you. As long as we keep talking and continue to be up front with each other we'll figure it out." Its a fantastic scene and KHR and AS knock it out of the park together.
187. whiskeywhite
Beautiful descriptions, drusilla_doll and Kiersten, of the "I'm yours" scene betwen Dyson and Bo. So right on. However, I've never fully understood Bo's "no promises" response. Is it, "I'm fighting my nature for you" but no promises that I'll keep doing that or be successful at it? Or is it "wolves mate for life" but no promises of long-term commitment? Or both? Or something else?

I agree that seeing Lauren as the great s/hero of the series is vastly over rating her importance. But we have to give her some credit for the value of her contributions. We'll have to wait who knows how many months to find out what happened in the operating room (unless they just skip that bit as so frequently happens nowadays). Those steel restraints looked pretty impossible for Dyson to get out of on his own, although he did manage to smash through a huge steel cooler door with his bare hands in 1.05. (Which always seemed a bit over the top to me. Since when do wolves have super human/wolf strength? Or is he more like a Twilight wolf? She didn't just say that, did she?).

The amulet provided by Lauren was critical to saving Bo's life against Aife. And figuring out that Vex had weasled out of taking Bo's blood, having the foresight to bring some extra blood along (OK, that was a bit much) and injecting Vex did literally save Bo's life. Before the power surge that action gave Bo, the Garuda was definitely about to win the sword fight with Bo. Dyson was already out of action; she would have been chopped liver -- literally-- like Ciara.

Minime, I wanted to say earlier: let's be shallow together. I love making fashion observations. Bo's outfit this episode was kind of interesting -- half leather, half not ("again with the black leather?" to quote The Morrigan). I would wear that. But I, too, didn't like the sleeves. Shades of Star Trek. And what was with the backwards belt thing she wore a couple of times? You reference my least favourite outfit in the whole series - the "say yes to the dress" wedding dress (it really was a nightmare). The runner up was the bed-sheets-draped-around-her-body dress which Dyson admired in 2.11. The poor wolf is apparently desperate to see her in a dress.
188. Minime
Whiskey the necklace wasn't what saved Bo it was the team work. That's the issue, saying Lauren saved everyone is the problem because it negates what everyone else did to help. In season 1 Lauren gave the necklace, Dyson the strength, Trick wrote in his blood book and Kenzi showed up and pulled her so she wouldn't fall. Season 2 everyone else also helped in a way Lauren realized that she never injected Vex, Dyson bought Bo time to think about what her vision meant, Kenzi vowed to kill Bo if she went dark and unbound everyone, Trick provided the essence potion and Hale & Val the weapons. Lauren played a part in the story she didn't do everything she was a supporting player. Saying that Lauren saves everyone is no different then the view that Dyson hinders Bo by trying to help her.

I loved the bank robber outfit with the "tails" in 3x01 after that it was downhill. Bo's boobs this season were SO distracting I sometimes couldn't hear her dialogue over them and I hated the dress she wore in Fae's Wide Shut with the old lady lace and pearls, they should put her in red more but not a red checkerd tablecloth that is ill fitting to boot. I miss that red 2x22 leather jacket and wow that backwards belt was so bad. I did love her hair this season.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
189. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite - the amulet was important, yes, but it was Dyson's transfer of his wolf, and, ultimately, Bo herself, that made the final difference in Bo's fight with Aoife in S1. And recognizing that Vex didn't have the blood in S2 was again a critical move, but then, DL was the one who missed his fake out in the first place. And again, it was Bo who came up with the whole blood empowerment idea in the first place, which actually reduces DL's role essentially to technician.

Regardless, I'm not saying DL hasn't contributed to whatever at times (though I refuse to credit the ludicrous contributions that come by way of her ridiculous and constantly changing back story and/or to excessive to be believed professional accomplishments), but to constantly credit her with being THE savior or rescuer or a crucial cog of the wheel for Bo and or the rest of them is to give her a prominence she's neither earned nor deserves at the expense of other characters, including Bo, who have and do. Particularly in S3 finale, DL's role was minimal and more negative than not.

I'm also not saying Dyson made it out of his restraints alone though he has displayed the strength when wolfed out to do so before and if the drugs had worn off sooner than Taft et al expected, I think he certainly could have. It's telling that he's nowhere near as drugged up as he was on the table, which indicates that some time has past since then and when he burst into the library - and I would hope so as a bone marrow extraction and transplant would take more than a few minutes, Fae or not. So we have to allow for some significant passage of time between when DL left Bo in the library w/Taft to perform the procedure and when Bo returned to the library with Aoife post hers and Tamsin's pod escape, during which Dyson could very likely have metabolized even DL's increased dosage of sedation and freed himself. Another more likely scenario than DL freeing Dyon is that he was, like other Fae before him (the cabbit, the guy w/no leg below the knee), returned to his pod post-experiment and still under heavy sedation. His pod was at the other end of the aisle to Aoife's than Bo's, so it tracks that neither would know the other was there and he could have been released with the others none the wiser when Bo keyed open the door and immediately fleed with Aoife back to the library where Dyson soon after burst in and now we've come full circle.
190. cmm
@whiskywhite I always thought the no promises scene was in reference to her being totally monogamous. As succubus's are not capable of monogamy really. They are highly sexually charged creatures. I thought her comment to Dyson was really mature, cause him asking that was like asking a leopard to change it's spots. Though Bo did really try to do it. Now flip over to doccubus where they had the exact same scene and Bo agreeing to do whatever for the doc. To me that was really unrealistic. Then again all of that scene was unrealistic. First off it was the doc who told her the first time the shots weren't a permanent cure and that she would still have to feed. However, for doccubus that was all forgotten and Bo was trying to get what she needed from the doc, while relying heavily on the shots.
191. Minime
But to be fair that section of fandom who watch the show only for Lauren and who will be tweeting with #LaurenSavesDyson also think it's a great idea for Lauren to go work for the Morrigan or the team up with Aiofe to teach the fae a lesson. They obviously watch a different show then me because I am sure the Morrigan feeds off creativity and knowledge and melts people for fun and Aiofe has happily raped people before. So I easily brush off the silly notion that Lauren always saves the day, is the Lost Girl and the Wanderer. Oh and that only Lauren can bring Bo back from dark/superBo and only Lauren can save Bo and that's OK when Lauren does it but when anyone with a penis does it it's making Bo seem weak.
Suzanne Metaxas
192. SuzyM
What I want is to get back to storytelling and stop all this ship nonsense. I do want to see Bo and Dyson together. They are the better match because Lauren isn't Fae. Also the all the Fae are not evil, some are just a little dense. Dyson always tried to protect humans from the Dark Fae but since Fae have to feed off of humans he doesn't see the killing of them for food evil. Also the Fae will kill their own if tradition calls for it (The Stage Hunt) they just have a different culture. In many ways the Fae remind me of the Samurai. They just have a different take on life than humans.
Carmen Pinzon
193. bungluna
@SuzyM- That's what I think is missing from the show. Instead of taking us into a different world and expanding on what makes it work, we're stuck in the childish "humans are great; I wanna be human; ignore my nature instead of learning about it," mindset that Bo exhibited at the beginning of the first season. We haven't learned any more about the fae: their structure, their politics, their ethics. All I've learned is that Bo bangs like a champ, everybody who meets her falls under her spell or wants to get a hold of her, and the Fae know diddly squat about themselves, apparently.
Suzanne Metaxas
194. SuzyM
I agree bungluna :) I found it very telling when the Kitsun called Bo dumb because she didn't know about the Fae when they were helping to save Tamsin. Bad when a Kitsun has more knowledge than you do! LOL
Carmen Pinzon
195. bungluna
I dunno what the LG showrunners are thinking. If I wanted to watch a show about a human fugitive/spy, there's The Americans; humans experimeting on "others" there's Sanctuary; love triangle(?), deity knows there's a plethora of those out there.

If I wanted to watch a show about anything other than the Fae and these two parallel worlds and a succubus heroine raised human who must learn about her nature and this new world or she will die, I wouldn't be watching what's slowly become somewhat of a train wreck!
196. Minime
It does seem that the train went off the track in season 3.
Suzanne Metaxas
197. SuzyM
Here is hoping S4 gets back to basics! There are so many stories that need to be told! So much Bo has to learn about her heritage! So much to learn about Trick and Dyson! So much to lear about Vex! Stop the sex crap and get back to story telling! Sex should be part of the story, not the whole story!
198. Santiam
Maybe it was a mistake to back up Whiskey with Sangria, this episode made my head spin!

Why didn't Bo try to save her mom with some chi. Why is it that Bo's only first aid measure is to pat people on the cheek? Has that ever saved anyone? Why couldn't she give Tam chi?

Why did the brilliant Doctor Lauren put a face mask on for surgery and scrub her hands but not bother to tie back her hair?

Did she give Dyson six doses of anesthetic or just say she did?

And I've been saying that evil doc Lauren trumps hotpants Doc Lauren in the interesting character department and this just proves I'm right. They should run with it.
199. Santiam
just where did Bo hide that tube with the needle? And, for that matter, where did Tam hide that amber bottle. If Taft's security is that bad, how did they capture and keep the Fae?
200. whiskeywhite
I just learned tonight that Rob Archer (dear Bruce) is the same actor who portrayed the fork-tongued giant whom Bo had to kill as part of her test in 1.01. And when you look, yup it's him. I had also forgotten about the "tall, dark and hideous" agent of the Morrigan knocked over by Bo and Kenzi at the begining of 3.03, "Confaegion". He insists to the Morrigan that his name is "Steve", not "Bruce". Hmmm, is Bruce, like Lauren, on the run from a nefarious past?
Carmen Pinzon
201. bungluna
See? They drop a character like Bruce in the middle of the story with no warm-up and probably we'll never see him again and they call this storytelling?!
202. cmm
@Santiam 1)Bo didn't save her mum with chi because I think we're supposed to make the assumption there was no time. She literally had to leave at that moment.

2) Patting people on the cheek is always the thing characters do, when people are dying.

3) Bo not being able to revive Tamsin with chi was to do with the fact that as a valkyrie, she was at her life's end. Also I think it was meant to show that as strong as Bo is she is no where near as strong as her father.

4) As for the DL thing. She's DL she's super can do what she likes.

5) I don't think DL gave the anesthetic, I think Taft did. I think the guard tells him that in a particular scene.

@bungluna I didn't mind Bruce's insertion into the story; he is a minor character. He may make a come back from time to time but nothing too constant. I also think that Bruce was always on Hale's side, that's why he never harms Kenzi.
Suzanne Metaxas
203. SuzyM
As to the Bruce/Steve name thing, The Morrigan calls him Steve and Bruce reminds her that Steve is his brother's name. A little later Vex does the same thing to him. I think it was to make the point that Bruce was considered incidental and not someone worth thinking about.

The chi thing with Tamsin if you go back and re-watch you will notice the chi goes back to the guard and he even tells Bo he is the reason it didn't work. Evidently he had a charm against his chi being taken and used elsewhere.

As a side note for those that don't know the actor that played Bruce [url=https://twitter.com/BigInkdArcher]@BigInkdArcher[/url] Rob Archer played the underFae that Bo fought in S1-1 :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
204. Kiersten
The guard tells Taft that Dyson took out six guards before "they" got him sedated & then DL tells Dyson directly that she personally gave him six times the normal anesthetic so when the guard says "they" he means his guards held Dyson down while DL shot him up
205. cmm
@SuzyM I didn't take the excuse the guard gave Bo as to why she couldn't suck his chi seriously. He was all happy and enamoured with her like those who have been in contact with a succubus. Other than using the succubus dna to possibly cure heart disease, nothing was shown on tv to suggest it had other purposes.
206. cmm
@Kiersten Maybe I missed that part. I just don't remember DL saying she gave him six shots.
207. Minime
@Cmm she says it when Dyson is strapped to the table. He is trying to break out of the straps holding him down and Lauren says don't struggle he asks Lauren why? (meaning why is she doing this ) and she dryly answers because I gave you six times the dosage of anesthetic.

Is it just me or did they cut the Lauren line to Dyson about it being painful and him convulsing on the table?
Linda Losik
208. LindaL
Just a quick thought after reading all of this: DNA's best source is bone marrow but what does bone marrow produce? BLOOD. So DL could have taken the DNA needed from the repair on the cabit's side.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
209. Kiersten
@LindaL - that seems the most likely place, yes, but I didnt think that stem cells could be extracted from blood (not that I'm a medical person who would know, that is) and it's the stem cells Taft needed from the bone marrow, else why didn't he just take the blood from Dyson's wounds himself in the same way? Dude was bleeding a lot post ThunderFaeDome. Or surely there were other lab techs in his cadre that could've done something so relatively simple as take someone's blood. Whereas the bone marrow extraction would take more expertise and require someone as highly trained in all things as DL. And if it was needed for a Fae as powerful and strong as Dyson, why would it require less to get it from someone weaker. Would think would take even more effort to get stem cells from a weaker Fae.

Even so, could DL have extracted enough from that side wound without notice and with only suture surgical tools? Seems doubtful
210. Minime
@Linda Taft was clear that after a bone marrow transplant the man became fae, his DNA was changed. If it could be done simply by blood donation all of Aiofe's himbo army would be incubi.
Suzanne Metaxas
211. SuzyM
cmm watch the episode again and you will see when Bo tries to put the chi into Tamsin it goes back into the guard, also it is showing orange instead of the normal color.
Linda Losik
212. LindaL
Just a quick reply to the stem cell conundrum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stem_cell . There are three sources of adult stem cells but they still have to be processed and then put into the bone marrow for them to work….another magical thing that Lauren does; she seems to bypass the processing. She is good.

And yes Aofie could have changes all her thralls if she was as talented as Lauren! But then Aofie was just a succubus.

Did anyone else notice the two smoke/vapor plumes coming out of each window as the truck cascaded over the proverbial cliff????
213. Santiam
an actual classic cliffhanger! Yet we are assured they are alright-ish because Tam and Dyson were engulfed in the same inky smoke that took Bo. We see it surround them before they go off the cliff and we see Dyson shift into wolfish mode, fangs snarling and eyes glowing.

We never see anyone "Take" DL anywhere. I don't know why Bo assumes she was taken. I agree with Dyson that she really is a genius, she turned her captor/rival into a bunny and set a wolf loose on his trail. She now has everything she needs to be a major player, all she needs is boatloads of cash and for all we know, she'd got that.
215. toomuch
@Santiam I thought the same thing initially, but I think the first part with Tamsin was also to show that all the humans in the compound were un succable, probably as they Aoife so need to be--so there was no one to suck Chi from.

also been thinking about the whole stem cell/blood thing. It is Fae blood we're talking about, so all science rules go out the window.. at least the writers can claim that. Also, we do know Fae blood has the ability to affect people. So maybe where it's placed affects things too, like in the marrow you become Fae. a lot of stretching there, but that's the most logic I could muster.
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