Apr 10 2013 9:53am

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 12 Recap: Succubus on the Run

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Editor's Note: A shorter recap of Jackie Lester's thoughts on the episode was posted yesterday and can be found HERE. And now, on to Kiersten's play-by-play of Lost Girl 3.12, “Hail, Hale.”

Bo bursts into Doctor Lauren’s empty flat, Dyson behind her, and admits that she’s probably just overreacting. She flips on the switch Doctor Lauren so recently turned off and shouts up the stairs. “(Doctor) Lauren! If you’re here and you’re just ignoring me, I’m sorry for breaking in!” Dyson shoots her a look and saunters deeper into the flat only to pause at the end of Doctor Lauren’s desk. When she gets no answer, Bo seeks reassurance from Dyson. “See, it’s weird, right?” she says, crossing to him. “She hasn’t come by. She hasn’t answered any of my calls…” She just broke up with you and you expect her to come over for a visit or want to chat? Okey doke.

Bo’s voice tapers off as Dyson lifts up Doctor Lauren’s discarded mobile and silently holds it out to Bo. Processing, Bo steps closer as Dyson scrolls through the doc’s call history. “Why would anyone leave their phone behind?” Bo asks. “Ever?” Dyson gently suggests that maybe Doctor Lauren just forgot it. “Don’t do that, Dyson,” Bo immediately objects. “I am not crazy.” “Bo, I know you’re not crazy,” Dyson firmly states. After the kitsune debacle, he’s not about to make the mistake of doubting her again. That doesn’t mean he’s her pet sleuth either. “But I’m in the middle of the most important case of my life! Not to mention today is Hale’s inauguration—I don’t have time to play Relationship Detective.” HA! Oh, I would TOTALLY watch that show, at least for the one episode where he tried (and failed) to mitigate a relationship having already proven to be oh so successful as a high school guidance counselor.

Worried, but knowing he’s right, Bo exhales and paces, fists pressed against her forehead. Not for nothing, but that dark red tank top looks smashing on her. Dyson offers to run the numbers on the doc’s phone once he gets back to the cop shop, “maybe I can scare her up.” Bo emotionally wonders if maybe she is going crazy. “Have you ever thought,” Dyson consoles, “that maybe given the stress of The Dawning…and the break up…” “It is a break,” Bo insists again. Dyson, knowing better than to offer an opinion on this one, merely looks at her with sympathy as he waits for Bo to catch up with everyone else about the end of her relationship with Doctor Lauren. Bo sighs heavily. “Yeah,” she agrees matter-of-fact. “Even I don’t buy that line anymore.” FINALLY!

Down in Siren’s Speakeasy (drink!), Trick adjusts an empty throne chair whilst…humming. Tray in hand loaded with empty glasses, Kenzi sets various tables and notes that Trick is in a chipper mood. “My protégée is officially becoming The Ash,” Trick crows, pausing to adjust…something. “Of course I’m chipper!” He decides it was good he was hard on Hale. “Hale’s going to make a real change,” he announces with conviction. “Oh yeah?” Kenzi snarks as she crosses to set her now empty tray on the bar. “Is he not gonna be such a dick anymore?”

Trick and Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 3, episode 12, Hail, HaleTrick sighs and checks that nobody heard Kenzi’s snipe before he advises that she needs to set aside her personal feelings for Hale. “This is a big day for the Fae and they’re not going to take kindly to a human belittling it.” Kenzi silently agrees, but they’re interrupted before she can do or say more. “Do The Light always hold their inaugurations in a steak house?” The Morrigan drawls as she enters Siren’s Speakeasy (drink!). Wait till you try the all-you-can-eat salad bar. Look, I love The Dal (drink!), but the lady’s got a point. Lachlan’s inauguration was much more posh in its surroundings. I get that Hale is going for a “with the people” vibe, but still…occasionally ceremony has its purpose.

Trick frowns and demands to know what she’s doing there. “Regardless of the fact that the last time The Light elected a new leader he turned out to be an imposter, I’m only here with good wishes for the new Ash,” Evony croons. Wait, when did Lachlan turn out to be an imposter? He was Light Fae and he won the Hunt, so…did I miss something. Can lambia not be in positions of power?

“It is unacceptable for the Dark Fae to attend a Light Fae inauguration,” Trick intones in his best don’t mess with me voice as Kenzi and her crossed arms of disapproval hold the line behind him. Evony trills that she was invited. “By who?” Kenzi snits (it’s “whom”, darling, but don’t worry about it). “By me,” Hale (HALE!) answers as he enters the room. HALE is back!! Whooooo. Where you been, siren? We have missed you and that stunning smile. “Nope,” Kenzi quips without humor. “Still a dick.” She stalks off and out the other door without another word. Hale watches until she’s out of sight.


Oh my, we are off to quite a start!

In Taft’s Evil Lair lab, Doctor Lauren and her goggles are watching a cellular reaction on the flat screen. “Neural toxin is showing predicted signs. Plague is going rigid; toxin is breaking down,” she play by plays as Taft strolls back and forth behind her. She dips her wand (not like that!) into a lab tube thingy (yes, that is the official name, thank you) and announces that she’s applying the A54 enzyme to repair the toxin. She watches the flat screen and is so amazed by what the reaction she dramatically snatches the goggles from her face in her best Horatio-Caine-and-his-sunglasses imitation. “It worked!” she announces and repeats it as she leaps to her feet. Other white coats gather around her to see the results. The doc turns around and giddy grins at Taft. “We’re one step closer to heart disease!” she squeals. I know you meant “curing” heart disease there, sweetie. There’s a pause. “Er—curing it!” she corrects herself (see?) and everyone laughs and applauds as the doc lunges forward to hug Taft, who looks mildly surprised at this spontaneous gesture from the doc, though not at all surprised by the test results.

So, she’s been gone only a few days and already has achieved a miraculous scientific event? She is amazing!

The doc pulls back and immediately apologizes. “It’s just been a long time since I’ve felt this useful,” she confesses. Wow, when you finally start talking truth, you don’t mess around, do you doc? But Taft is good with it and announces they should celebrate. Handily, he already has champagne and flute glasses at hand. This pings even for the doc. “That’s a little presumptuous to have champagne in the lab since this was our first test run, no?” Taft agrees that no, it’s not presumptuous. “I knew you’d do it.” Flattered and touched at his unwavering faith and appreciation of her, the doc blinks back more emotion. Taft hands over a flute. “Drink up there, genius” he teases. Doctor Lauren starts back to herself, “sure yeah, I just—I wanna text my—” she reaches for her lab coat pocket only to remember her phone isn’t there and why she left it behind. For a moment her mouth firms at the memory of her breakup, but then she chuckles lightly. Taft asks if she’s okay. “Yeah,” she assures him with a smile and repeats, “yes,” with another chuckle as she realizes it’s true. “All right,” Taft says with a little doubt in his voice. But the doc for once, is certain. “Let’s drink!” she chimes, setting her chin and lifting her flute. “Lauren Lewis, everybody,” Taft toasts and clinks glasses with the doc.

Later, a random lab minion takes the lab tube thingies (shuddup) to cold storage…only to have another disembodied, lab coat wearing minion immediately sneak two vials out…and this minion is wearing a shoulder holster. Dun dun DUN!

Down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) Dyson is pouring shots from a really old, ornate metal…canteen? “For my best friend,” Dyson muses, “a big day.” He passes one of the tin cups over to and a half dressed Hale and clink tin shot glasses—in a manly way of course, like a street clink. “Slainte,” they toast in tandem. They drink and hum and shiver as they savor the slow burn of good, old scotch. Given Dyson’s personal longevity, I’m betting it’s pretty damn old. “Whoa,” Dyson exhales in appreciation. “Dayam,” Hale hisses once he gets his breath back. “That is some good hooch.” Dyson rolls the last of the liquor around in his mouth as Hale sets his cup down with a click. “Hate to ruin a good aftertaste,” he says as he turns back to the mirror to finish buttoning his shirt. Guess Bo loaned them her full-length stand-alone. “But what’s the latest?” Back to business, Dyson updates that they’re still processing the bodies from the Field of Death. “Eighteen so far, both Light and Dark. And, ah, it looks like they were tortured,” he adds reluctantly. “Tortured,” Hale repeats, almost unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Yeah, and some of the vics were missing their organs,” Dyson finishes with distaste, getting all the bad out in one go. “So Black Market Fae organ harvesters,” Hale sums up morosely as he turns to face his old partner. Dyson jerks his chin in a loud nonverbal. That’s what it sounds like, yeah. “Tell me you have a lead,” Hale nearly pleads but Dyson has to admit that they don’t, “not yet.”

Hale decides he needs a sit down with The Morrigan as soon as he’s sworn in, “see if we can’t pool our resources.” Isn’t that what the Tamsin/Dyson partnership is supposed to do in the first place? Dyson just looks at him, much as he did earlier with Bo, and his connection with Hale is such that it’s all they need too. With a heavy sigh, Hale turns back to the mirror. “This is what I want, right?” he posits, glancing up at Dyson’s reflection. “It’s what everyone wants,” Dyson offers. “Change.” Not the answer Hale wants, but certainly the reassurance he needs. But in his reflection, for a moment he looks so miserable. Hale never wanted to be in Fae politics, but his heart for the Fae, his dreams for what they could be, are so big, when need called, he had to put aside what was important to him personally—like Kenzi, like being a cop—and take up the mantle. Needs of the many…

Hale looks down to fasten his cuffs. Dyson gets up and puts his hands on Hale’s shoulder. “I’m proud of my old partner,” he says with warmth. “I miss my old partner,” is Hale’s heartfelt reply. Dyson slaps Hale’s shoulders in support and squeezes them for good measure. “Me too. Which reminds me,” Dyson announces, shifting them back into a lighter tone. He digs a small case out of his pocket and, with a cagey look, slowly opens it like displaying an engagement ring. “Is that what I think it is?” Hale asks in a low, relieved voice. “Well, your father didn’t want the first Ash from Clan Zamora in a hundred years to stick his neck out only to have it chopped off,” Dyson teases.

Hale reaches for whatever’s in the case, but Dyson playfully snaps the top down on his hand. Heh. Wait, does this mean Dyson is secretly Richard Gere? Though I could easily buy Gere as Fae, I much prefer KHR and besides, that would make Hale Julia Roberts and—no. Also, just how many Rom Coms have these guys seen? Hale smirks—All right. All right—as Dyson grins. “This little baby should keep you safe,” he quips and hands the case over to Hale. Considering the case, Hale admits that it’s nice to know his father cares about him. “Not enough to cancel a ski trip to Gstaad by the way, but…”

Dyson hmms in sympathy and smacks Hale on the shoulder. “Look, I got to go.” He gathers up the canteen. “If I’m gonna show up my buddy at his inauguration,” he taunts, holding out the edges of his leather jacket as he mock spins in place and for a moment, KHR’s former model stint is on display. “I gotta change.” “Yes you do,” Hale shoots back. “Hair. Attitude. Shit, I’d ask for a refund.” Aw. Guy speak is always so tender. Dyson flips his hands up and sketches a short bow. “Your grace,” he mocks lightly. Hale turns back to the mirror, smiling now as Dyson exits, job propping up his partner done…for now. But as he stares at his own reflection, Hale’s smirk fades to resigned dread. Wow. I never quite realized just how much I missed the Hale/Dyson dynamic until we just got it back. Their camaraderie, their unqualified support of one another, their guyness has been a sore loss this season. Adore this scene stem to stern.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is in the tub, submerged in a swath of bubbles. Still worried about Doctor Lauren, she checks her phone to see if either the doc or Dyson has checked in yet, but neither has. She settles back in the tub on a sad sigh, until the sounds of a liquid sloshing in a bottle and footsteps on the stairs bring her to her feet in a rush of displaced water, knife at the ready. A drunken Tamsin lounges against the half framed wall of the doorway, bottle dangling from one hand, the other on her cocked hip. “Wow,” she snarks, looking up and down Bo’s naked form. “You always bathe with weapons?” Bo almost certainly bathes with a hefty sword when she shares the tub with Dyson…

It takes Bo a moment to dial back from attack mode. With a grimace, she settles back into the tub. “Moragh attack a couple years back. Can’t be too careful,” she grudgingly explains. Unconcerned, Tamsin sidles across the room, poking at things. “And I thought the door was locked,” Bo adds pointedly. Tamsin turns and smirks. “It was.”

“Can I help you?” Bo snits. “No,” Tamsin sighs. “Maybe,” she says after a brief pause. “I just came here to drink all your liquor,” she finally admits without shame. “Though you’d be gone by now.” Bo snarks that at least Tamsin’s honest. Tamsin takes another swig from the bottle. “Well, we all have our strengths,” she sneers back through a deep bow, like she’s taking applause on a stage. “So,” she chirps, playing with and then pulling the old-fashioned toilet’s pull chord. “What up, succubus?” Bo says she’s not really in the mood for small talk. “Come on,” Tamsin mocks, taking a seat on the—erm—throne. “Everybody looovvvveessss small talk.” She takes another big swig from her bottle.

Annoyed, Bo works her jaw, but realizes she’s not getting rid of Tamsin fast. “It’s (Doctor) Lauren,” she admits. “I haven’t seen her in a few days and I’m worried about her.” That’s what happens when you break up with someone, kiddo, you don’t see them. I get that she’s worried, but I don’t get what made her think giving the doc some space meant that she’d still see her on a regular basis. Eh, whatever. Tamsin rolls her eyes. “I’m sure she’s…fiiiinnee,” she says. “Probably just need some space.” “Just needs some space,” Bo says wearily at the same time (she’s been hearing that explanation a lot lately) and for a moment their talking over one another saying the same thing. “It’s a popular opinion,” Bo grouses. That usually happens when something is true. Uncomfortable that she might have to accept that explanation after all, she shifts in the bath and updates Tamsin that Dyson has Doctor Lauren’s phone and is running some numbers.

“So,” Tamsin says, going serious. “Not small talk.” Mildly alarmed but her flat tone, Bo narrows her eyes on Tamsin and waits. “You weren’t the one who killed Blue the blonde hottie,” Tamsin admits, heavy with guilt. Bo sits up as she processes this and its implications. “What?!” she snarls. “The six-fingered lady did,” Tamsin explains. Hal-lo! My name is—eh never mind. “And then someone killed her!” Tamsin adds with morbid cheer. “Big time. Wasn’t you, was it?” Heh. Bo demands to know about Tamsin’s “Dark Fae friend, the one in a coma.”

“Him!” Tamsin says with no small amount of self-loathing. She snorts and pulls the chord again, and hilariously gets a good whiff of her arm as she does so. “It is entirely possible,” she quips, “that I do not smell so good.” She gets up, sets the bottle on the edge of the seat, and examines herself in the mirror. Bo settles back in the tub and suggests Tamsin take a page from her book and get a bath. Tamsin retrieves her bottle and as Bo watches incredulously, she toes off her boots, sets the bottle deliberately on the table with Bo’s knife and phone and moves to get into the tub. “Ah, no, Tamsin, I didn’t mean—ahh,” Bo's objection trails off as Tamsin pays her no heed and, fully clothed, climbs in the tub with her. What about the gun? Hey, check your gun, Tamsin! Hel-lo?! Didja forget you’re wearing a hip holster complete with—ah shit, there goes the gun.

“Okay then,” Bo snits. As though just remembering, Tamsin lifts up and reaches back to drag forth the now soap bubble covered gun. “Ooops,” she quips and tosses the gun across the room. Serve her right if it went off, but no. Frowning, Bo looks between the discarded gun and the uninvited Valkyrie. “Where do you get off being so perfect,” Tamsin asks in drunken misery. Ah, she doesn’t. “Think you’ve seen everything…and then you see you.”

“I’m all right,” Bo says, not entirely friendly. “But I’m not perfect.” Tamsin smirks halfway and leans forward to hover over Bo. “Yes you are,” she counters. “To me you are.” Not sure what’s going on, Bo watches her very carefully. “Your eyes are both brown and blue,” Tamsin says. Bo whispers, “Tamsin what are you doing?” but Tamsin ignores her to continue her litany. She boosts up even closer to Bo and points one long finger at her chest, right above Bo’s heart. “Your heart is both strong and gentle.” A little less alarmed, Bo yet searches her face, trying to determine what Tamsin’s goal is here. Tamsin’s breasts rest on Bo’s raised knees as though Bo it only just holding her off. “You’re virtuous…and yet you’re a succubus,” she concludes with a puzzled frown as though those two features couldn’t—shouldn’t—exist within the same woman. “You shouldn’t be,” she finishes in a whisper. “Be what?” Bo snaps, losing patience with Tamsin’s riddles. “Be real,” Tamsin answers with a sad smile. “Be here.”

Bo’s mouth drops open and she’s about to say, or do, more when, with a rush, Tamsin pushes herself up and out of the tub. Confused, Bo nods as several expressions cross her face—What was that? Is that it? I guess we’re done then—and as Tamsin reclaims her bottle Bo finishes with, “Okay. I’ll see you at The Dal (drink!), I guess.” Dripping wet and back to swigging from her bottle, Tamsin pauses in the doorway. “Keep your wits about you,” she advises Bo. “You never know who may be watching!” she trills, lifting the bottle high to the sky as she ambles out of the room, leaving an ever-more puzzled Bo behind.

Cut to—outside?! Show, I love all these on location scenes we’ve had this season. Keep it up! A slick van lingers at the mouth of the alley that leads to The Dal (drink!). The henchman driver speaks into his headset. “We’re at the nest. Target’s on route.” Dun dun DUN!

At The Dal (drink!) Kenzi is in a bad temper as she stands at the bar and folds napkins. “Trick, I don’t want to be here,” she grits out between her teeth as Trick hurries to take his post behind the bar. “Then why are you dressed to the nines?” he shoots back. “Certainly not for Hale’s benefit. That guys sucks,” she mutters miserably. Trick checks his watch and expositions that his bartender is late and (here he folds a napkin with deliberate motions as an example of the way he want her to do it), he has no one else to help him. “No, you mean you have no other humans to help you,” Kenzi corrects and Tricks grunts with frustration as he grabs a bottle and hurries off. “You know, I think I’m gonna start a union for claimed humans,” Kenzi continues undaunted. “Ring in some change of my own.”

“You know, the last human who tried that didn’t fare very well,” Trick warns as he passes by. “Jimmy Hoffa rings any bells?” Kenzi widens her eyes at the thought—So that’s what happened to him—and goes back to folding napkins until a handsome gent sidles up to the bar. “I’m looking for a tall blonde with eyes like blue ice,” he says sounding more like a pick up line than an inquiry.

After a pause of whoa, Kenzi giggles and gets her flirt on. “I have those eyes—those are totally like my eyes.” HG: “Oh yeah, you certainly do,” he smarms. “Tell me, you’re not a…” and here he glances down at Kenzi’s crotch, “…natural blonde by any chance, are you?” Asshole.

Kenzi is immediately less enthralled. “Charmer,” she drawls with bite. “Tell me, your name isn’t Dickface, King of the Douchebags, is it?” Amused HG smiles wide, complete with dimples and creases by his eyes. Definitely an asshole. “No, I wish.” Of course you do. “It’s Massimo. Means the greatest.” “The greatest douchebag,” Kenzi says with mock awe. Massimo, laughing: “Yes, the greatest douchebag. You figured me out. And you—” he pauses and smiles as though he knows something she doesn’t. Dude is totally playing her “Oh you have a look that is all too familiar to me.”

“Yeah, out of your league,” Kenzi declares. But Massimo disagrees. “No. No, you’re an outsider.” Kenzi pauses tellingly in her napkin folding and Massimo presses his advantage. “You don’t belong here, do you?” Abruptly, Kenzi has had enough of Massimo’s game. “Dude, who are you?” Massimo says he’s just a man who can get Kenzi things, “make the impossible happen.” Kenzi: “Oh yeah? Why don’t you make the impossible happen and…disappear?” She waves her hand in his face. “Bye-bye.” Heh. She goes back to folding napkins, slapping the bar with each fold. Massimo studies her still with that amused smile. He knows he’s made his point. “Okay,” he allows. “I’m gonna let you get back to your chores.” Kenzi looks after him, puzzled by his purpose, then shakes him off and tries to ignore just how close to target he hit. It’s too bad this guy’s such an asshole; he and Kenzi have great natural chemistry together.

At Taft’s Evil Lair Lab, he and Doctor Lauren are alone in the lab, sharing the last of the champagne. The doc points out that Taft still hasn’t told her where he got the enzyme she used to stabilize the neurotoxin. “I get it from the same place I get everything I can’t get in North America,” he says with a causal shrug. “China.” Heh. The doc laughs weakly at his joke. “I’m really glad that I met you, Isaac,” she says after a pause. Isaac raises his brows. Oh really? “I didn’t realize it, but for a long time there’s been something missing,” she confesses, “you know, there’s been a—an emptiness, and I… ” Isaac interrupts to tease that it’s amazing what success can do for that emptiness, “isn’t it?” and the doc laughs again. “I admit it is a—potent drug,” she says.

Isaac toys with his flute and becomes more serious as he asks if the doc heard the story from a few years ago about a waitress in the Midwest who was attacked and murdered in a diner by a serial killer with a distinctive if gruesome M.O. The doc did not hear about it, likely as she was in the Congo or Afghanistan, or the Amazon, possibly one of the two trips to Egypt, or maybe buried under the extensive training and study any one of her supposed areas of expertise would require when this headline murder took place. The DNA of this killer, Gabriel, was all over the diner. “I’m sorry,” the doc interrupts, “I’m not following. Did he die of heart disease?”

Apropos of nothing, Taft asks if the doc has seen “this place” yet and when Doctor Lauren says no, he offers to show her around. As he leads her through the marble hallways and up the stairs, he continues the story of Gabriel. The gist is that Gabriel killed people, “because he deemed them too good for the world. He deemed them worthy to ascend.” Thoughtful of him. The doc asks if “they” caught Gabriel and Taft says yes, but not for murdering the waitress. When she was killed, Gabriel was serving three back to back life terms in a maximum-security prison. As he tells Doctor Lauren, Taft grabs her arm and tows her into a marble staircase. Still trying to make sense of the story, the doc barely notes his behavior and asks how they found Gabriel’s DNA at the scene. Taft relates that before Gabriel was hunted down and locked up, he had donated bone marrow to a random father of two named James who needed a transplant to live.

Doctor Lauren, aghast: “You’re not suggesting that his actual bone marrow…” Taft: “Completely took over and replaced his original cell structure? Yes. I am. And what do you think James said when he was asked why he murdered that waitress.” But the doc’s moved a little faster now to connect the dots. “That she was too good for this world? That she should ascend?” she posits, fascinated. “Now just think,” Taft says intently, “what good we could do if we could find a way to turn that negative…into a positive.”

Doctor Lauren is thinking…and she is mighty intrigued, but for the big honking pesky ethical issue. Taft wanders up the steps and as the doc pursues, she argues that while she agrees there’s while there could be great benefit, “this kind of procedure lends itself to slide down some very slippery slopes!” She suggests it could be used to create more killers like James. “So wait a second, you’re a scientist but you don’t think that humans were made to ascend or to improve evolve.” Or devolve, perhaps? Hmmm? “Why shouldn’t we use all the tools we’ve been given?” The doc agrees that they should, “I – I’m just saying that we also need to remember that those tools have given us…” “A possible cure for heart disease,” Taft supplies. “A cure for polio! Mumps. Measles.” Swine flu? “And the atom bomb!” Doctor Lauren counters definitively. Taft ponders her for a moment and steps closer and for a moment, he doesn’t look too friendly. “Did we just have our first fight?” he asks coyly. Caught off guard, the doc sniffs, amused but still disturbed. Tension broken, Taft holds up his flute again. “For now, congratulations,” he offers. He clinks her glass and then heads off down the hallway. “Come on,” he prods. A little reluctant now, the doc nonetheless follows along.

Trick confronts a man as he enters The Dal (drink!) buttoning his vest. “Gerry, where have you been?!” Trick demands. Gerry scoffs that he was stuck in traffic. “I forgot my keys, and—” But Trick doesn’t want to hear the excuses and orders Gerry to just get behind the bar and start pouring drinks as Trick finishes getting dressed. Uncomfortable, Gerry looks around the bar and then does as Trick ordered. Gerry here is played by Seth Cooperman who is Anna Silk’s husband, so all of this is about to get very Meta and very entertaining.

Dyson strolls across the room, tricked (heh) out in Stalker Dyson wear of black shirt, black jacket and black trousers but happily sans Stalker Dyson’s lost love jackhole tendencies so…oh holy hot hero moment! He steps up to the bar and orders a “whiskey, the Scottish kind, please,” from Gerry. A little scared, Gerry looks Dyson up and down and then moves to get the whiskey.

Dyson turns to look over the small crowd at large as Bo sidles out from a group. She too is in black (surprise!) a snug, stunning halter dress that fits her like a glove. They step toward each other and meet in the middle. Bo’s brow furrows a little in silent question as Dyson stares at her without speaking. They each size up the other, openly pleased at what they see. Dyson meets her eyes.“What?” Bo asks a little sharp. He spreads his hands to encompass all her glory. “I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life,” he says in THAT VOICE. Bo is taken aback a bit. It’s been a long time since he’s said something like that to her. “Oh, well,” she leans her torso toward him. “Thank you,” she allows somewhat chagrined and then reaches out to stroke his shoulder as though unable to resist the urge any longer. “You’re not so bad yourself.” He makes a self-effacing noise and gesture, dismissing her praise, and for a moment they merely smile at one another as Bo sways in place. “Can I buy you a free drink?” he asks holding an arm out toward the bar. Bo smirks. “What a gentlemen,” she teases and Dyson chuckles as they turn as one toward the bar, “I accept.”

Bo places her purse on the bar (she owns a purse?!) and sits on the stool as Dyson calls for Gerry. “Ah, barkeep!” Gerry turns around, visibly alarmed, but Dyson misses it, his focus too fixed on Bo. “The lady will have—ah—champagne?” he asks Bo. “Ah no,” she says, “the lady will have whiskey, the Scottish kind,” she says, repeating Dyson’s earlier order which pleases him quite a bit on several levels. “And make it a double,” she adds. Gerry moves off to get the drinks as Dyson smiles down at Bo. “You just keep getting better and better, don’t you?” he teases warmly in THAT VOICE. “I like to think so,” she flirts back. GAME. ON.

With his back to them, Gerry preps their drinks...and then, unseen by Bo and Dyson, he pulls one of Doctor Lauren’s enzyme vials from his pocket and dumps its contents into one of the glasses. So Anna’s husband just poisoned one of her onscreen exes. Heeeee.

More serious, Bo tells Dyson she can only have one drink and then she wants to talk to Hale to see if he knows where Doctor Lauren’s got to. “Right,” Dyson acknowledges with a nod. “Anything on her phone?” Bo asks, and Dyson admits that there’s nothing yet. “After the ceremony, I promise.” Bo nods, her trust in him total. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Team Badass…again. With a wary glance at Dyson, Gerry puts the glasses before them. They each flick Gerry a silent glance of thanks and then raise glasses to each other. “To a New Fae,” Bo toasts quietly, “under the right man.” They clink and Dyson gives her a wolfish look. He’s back! “To that dress under the right man,” he drawls. THAT WOULD BE YOU. Bo laughs with appreciation. “Oh ho! Drink your whiskey, wolf,” she chides fondly but she istotally thinking about it. Dyson chuckles and grins at her, cocky and confident, before he sips. She didn’t say no. For his part, Gerry shoots them a look of death and passes out of frame. I love that whole exchange. It’s flirty and hot and sexy and fun. Bo is clearly into it and it’s just so satisfying, I giddy grinned through every rewind. There were several.

Over in Taft’s Evil Lair lab, a random lab tech peers into a microscope when Doctor Lauren slinks up. She asks if she can interrupt the tech and see what she’s studying. But as the doc does so, she surreptitiously slips one of the vials from the lab tube thingy marked “A45 enzyme” and into her pocket. Thanking the tech, she makes her way over to her station and disconnects the flat screen camera from her scope. Grabbing her wand (stop it), she dips it in the vial and squeezes some of the enzyme fluid onto her slide. She peers into her scope and after a few seconds it’s clear what she sees there is very disturbing. She recoils from the eye pieces, processing, getting ever more and more upset and the conclusions she’s reaching in only seconds as to what actually is in the slide…just as Isaac enters the lab behind her. You mean to tell me a scientist as accomplished as Doctor Lauren didn’t insist on due diligence before she enacted the original test? Huh.

The doc grabs for the phone and pounds in a number, presumably Bo’s, though that’s a lot of numbers she’s pressing there, but as she swivels in the chair, she sees Isaac watching her, avuncular smile on his face. With a wary eye on her benefactor, the doc pretends to request some files. Taft smiles again and ambles off to swipe a key card though a lock and enter a hereto unexplored room. The doc tracks him with her gaze and then grimaces with worry, finally catching on that she has landed herself in some very deep shit.

Back in The Dal (drink!), Evony helpfully folds down Hale’s collar. “Hmm. If it wasn’t punishable by death,” she croons, “I’d give you a taste, Handsome.” Hale is unmoved. “’Congratulations on Your Big Day’ card would be fine. Really,” he says, widening his eyes in fair imitation of Kenzi and a glimmer of the old Hale. The Morrigan continues to fuss with his clothes as she mock worries that she so hopes he doesn’t get murdered. Hale rolls his eyes and lets her get on with it. “What with all the death threats. Finding your killer would be like finding a needle in a whore stack.” Snort. Hale’s had enough and grabs the hands and her attention. “If we’re gonna work together, I need you to be a little bit less All About Eve and a little bit more Steel Magnolias. You feel me?” Ha! Wonder who made you watch those flicks, Hale. “Which one was about the hair cut that gives you cancer?” The Morrigan muses unconcerned as she picks at his lapel. But Hale is done playing. “Go away,” he orders. She smiles up at him and nearly pats his cheek before she does so. Hale looks after her and then shakes his head and his jacket as though brushing her off.

Evony smirks at a shocked Bo as they pass one another before Bo joins Hale. “What is she doing here?” Hale flexes his political muscle by side-stepping the questions to compliment Bo’s appearance. He leans forward for a double-cheek kiss. Bo thanks him and then with one last puzzled glance after Evony, gets to her true purpose. She tells Hale how she can’t find Doctor Lauren. “Do you have any idea where she might be?” Hale waggles his head with frustration. “I really do not need this today.” Bo jumps on this, “what you know something?!” and Hale informs her how Doctor Lauren came to him asking for a short sabbatical, “to work on some other project.” Bo is relieved to hear this. “And you told her no,” she says. “In no uncertain terms,” he confirms firmly. Dude is not pleased. Bo admits this makes her feel a lot better but when Hale gives her an excuse me? look, she quickly corrects herself. “I mean, not that she didn’t listen to you…well, you know what I mean,” she finishes with a breathy smile.

Off to the side, The Morrigan watches them carefully as a gorgeous waiter holds out a tray of hors d’oeuvres and offers her something to eat. “Nothing for me, but the Acting Ash might be a little puckish,” she says. Taking out a small case, she removes the bug within and places it on one of the tray’s offerings before sending Hot Waiter over to Hale. So she just literally bugged Hale. Hee. “Please,” Bo pleads with Hale as Hot Waiter approaches, “just give me some time to find her.” Hale gives her ‘til the end of day, “and then I put my people on this,” he warns, carefully making a choice from the tray. Well, “your people” tends to be Dyson and he’s already on it, so…“Girlfriend or not (NOT) this is a security issue for The Light, understand?” he finishes as he pops the food to his mouth. Bo nods and thanks him. She’s been with the Fae long enough to get it, and based on her recent experience with The Witches of Faewick, her sense of Fae-superiority has already begun to take precedence if only subconsciously. Hale chews while the bug springs out onto the side of his neck, buzzing away as Bo tells Hale that he looks really…official. The bug goes to sting Hale but suddenly there’s a SNAP and the bug disintegrates in a spark. Hale tilts his chin down as the sound buzzes his ear, Evony whirls to put her back to him and swears, “Shit!” As Bo leaves him, Hale glances down at his finery. “Glad someone thinks so,” he grouses. He chews, swallows, and shoots his cuffs before stalking over to stand at Evony’s back, startling her when he plays with the strap or her dress much like she just toyed with his jacket. “You should really try the hors d’oeuvres,” he sneers. “They’re generating quite the buzz.” Ha! He smacks her ass—HA!—and as she watches him leave, Evony smiles as she reevaluates her opponent.

With answers from Hale, Bo hurries back into The Dal (drink!) proper to update Dyson—only to find him lying on the floor unconscious. That’s getting to be an all too regular thing. I DO NOT APPROVE! “Dyson?!” Bo gasps and hurries to his side. “I don’t know what happened,” a bumbling Gerry says, “he just collapsed!” Eerily remnant of the end of Ceremony, Bo begins to lose her shit. “Oh my God! Dyson! DYSON! Look at me, Dyson!” she screams, shaking his chest before taking his head in her hands as she tries to rouse him. That never works, sweetie. Think outside the box. Gerry tells her he called the paramedics and, on cue, two men hurry into The Dal (drink!) bearing a stretcher. “Hurry! Please!” Bo calls to them desperately. “What is wrong with him?!” she demands as Dyson begins to convulse and foam at the mouth. The paramedic shines a light in Dyson’s eyes and assures Bo in that patronizing way they have that Dyson is going to be just fine. “Fine? What do you mean ‘just fine’?!”

But as the paramedics crouch down at either end of Dyson, Bo gets a good whiff. “Whoa.” She looks between the two men. “Are you boys skunk apes?” she asks. The paramedic’s head comes up at that and he orders her to let them do their job. They get Dyson up on the stretcher. “Well,” Bo rambles, thinking quickly, “it’s just that Dyson is part wombly—is that going to be an issue?” But Paramedic #2 doesn’t think it’s a problem and repeats that Dyson is going to be okay. Bo, however, knows that womblies are extremely rare North American Fae with overdeveloped olfactory senses that will implode at the smell off skunk ape. Finally, a valid purpose for at least some part of the deplorable season opener that was Caged Fae.

The paramedics fail Bo’s test. (Honestly, I missed that it was a test the first time.) They wheel Dyson toward the door, but Bo isn’t having any. “Skunk apes are poisonous to womblies and you think he’s going to be okay?!” she snarls. Behind the bar, Gerry slowly squats down to hide. HA! Bo spies the shoulder holster beneath the paramedic’s jacket. She goes into fight mode, stepping back and whipping out her knife from her garter. Paramedic #1 immediately draws his gun. Bo flips her attention to the other paramedic and he too draws on her. “You guys are human!” Bo concludes with shock. “I will open fire on the next thing that moves,” Paramedic #1 warns and he’s scared enough to do it.

He and Bo circle one another as Paramedic #2 wheels Dyson out the door. “The next room is filled with some pretty badass people,” Bo taunts as a wicked smile spreads across her face. “Maybe I should give a little whistle.” Kenzi chooses that moment to hurry out in her heels, presumably from Tolkien’s Lair, and moves to clock Paramedic #1 over the head with something old and likely heavy. But she doesn’t see that he’s holding a gun. “Kenzi, no!” Bo shouts. She tackles Kenzi to the ground, accidentally knocking her out. Bo checks Kenzi then, realizing the paramedics escaped…and took Dyson with them… she leaves Kenzi lying there and runs out the door after them…in those heels. That’s supernatural in and of itself.

Outside, the two men load Dyson without care into the back of that slick van. Bo bursts out of The Dal and sprints down the alley. Paramedic #1 shoots at her and Bo barely ducks in time to miss being shot. The van peels away from the curb, stretcher abandoned at the curb. Bo rushes to the street, but is too late to do anything but pant for air and watch them drive away. “Did they get away?” Gerry asks, coming up to join her. Without hesitation, Bo whirls around and clocks him in the face, knocking him out onto the ground—HA!HA!HA!—and goes back to glaring after the van.

With all the stealth of a wildebeest, Trick hurries into Sirens’ Speakeasy (drink!) and interrupts Hale’s conversation with some uppity looking people. “We’ve got a problem,” he says in a low if frantic voice. “There’s been an attack. By humans.” Hale: “What?!” Trick: “They’ve taken Dyson.” Hale immediately orders that no one leaves until they know what they’re dealing with. “I want this place locked down!” At the bar, an intrigued Evony gets all happy and orders Hot Waiter to get the Dark Fae elders to The Dal pronto. “Shit’s about to get real,” she drawls with delight as she refills her wine glass.

Back in The Dal (drink!) proper, Bo slams another right hook into Gerry’s jaw. Heeeee. How much FUN must Anna and Seth have had playing this one out? (Tangent: Anna tweeted that she learned she was pregnant on the last day of filming Hail Hale, which means that all of Clan Cooperman had a guest role in this episode.) He drops down to the floor, half propped against the bar. Bo is in a full-on fury and is not—erm—pulling punches. “Who are they and where did they take Dyson?!” she demands. Gerry weeps that he doesn’t know what Bo is talking about. “Why did you hit me?!” he whines. Ha! Trick and Hale stand behind Bo and watch dispassionately as Bo roughly grabs Gerry up by his lapels. “Because you hit the ground before they pulled their weapons,” she says reasonably. Less reasonably, she slams him up against the wall of the bar. “You poured the drinks!” Slam! “You poisoned Dyson!” Slam!

But when Gerry continues to insist he didn’t do anything, Trick gets in the game. “Start talking, traitor,” he orders through clenched teeth as he strangles Gerry, “or so help me the first order of The New Ash will be your execution.” “Already on the books, Trick,” Hale says in a low, all-too-calm voice that makes me believe he will have absolutely no problem making some of the more difficult decisions that face The Ash. Living with them however…

Look Gerry, you’ve got Dyson’s mate, his best friend, and his liege lord interrogating you. You’re sunk. Cough it up and be glad his little sister isn’t there too. Wait, where the hell is Kenzi?!

Bo struggles to pull Trick off of Gerry before he kills him. “Easy! Easy!” she pleads, finally yanking Trick free. “He can’t tell us anything with a crushed throat!” But Gerry takes this brief moment of freedom to scramble for his pocket and pull out another of Doctor Lauren’s enzyme vials, which he downs in one gulp. “No! NO!” Bo screams, but she’s too late. Gerry gasps an apology. “They have my wife!” Snicker. Yes. Yes we do. “I had no choice!” he coughs out and dies.

Hale’s restraint breaks. He snarls, takes two steps, and kicks a table across the room. “Damn it!” “Oh no,” Bo murmurs, crouched over Gerry as his head lolls. Trick starts to give Hale instructions—“you’re gonna have to…” – but Hale doesn’t need his mentor any more. “I know what I have to do, Trick!” he shouts, with a jerk of his arm to cut Trick off. Trick shuts up and watches Hale stalks back to Siren’s Speakeasy (drink!). He grimaces, checks Bo, and follows his Ash.

Bo sits up, breathing hard, and finally notices the vial in Gerry’s outstretched hand. Snatching it up, she reads the label: Dr. Lauren Lewis Test Subject 148-B2. That’s…not the same label as the one on the vials in the lab. Bo looks at Gerry and again at the ground beside him. This time she picks up Doctor Lauren’s discarded phone, which Dyson had on him to check her calls. Glancing once more at Gerry, she runs off.

Kenzi comes to on the couch in Tolkien’s Lair and rubs her head with a moan. “Trick.” But as she opens her eyes, it’s Massimo who’s sitting by her side, holding her hand. “I prefer treats, actually.” Kenzi gapes at him. Massimo strokes her hand with his thumb. “That’s quite a smack your owner gave you,” he observes. Kenzi scrambles to sit up. “She’s not my owner,” she snipes. Massimo ignores her protest to note that of course, Bo was just saving Kenzi’s life. “Some people are crazy about their pets.” Kenzi rubs the back of her head as she snaps that she can handle herself, “I’m nobody’s pet!” But Massimo pushes his advantage. “Still, you know, it can’t be easy. Having to be saved all the time. Creating compromise in difficult situations. Holding your friends back.”

Ah, excuse me, prick, but clearly you haven’t been watching the show (you either, show). Lemme help you out here. The Norn (Freaking Norn!). The Garuda. The debt on The Dal. Keeping Bo from falling over a balcony. Posing as Hale’s girlfriend. Fire extinguishing the cherufe. All accomplished by Kenzi. Excepting the aberration of the kitsune incident, Kenzi saves herself more times than not…and often the Fae along the way too. So step. Off.

But Kenzi has never fully recovered emotionally from the kitsune incident—not from failing to save herself and not from her friends failing her for so long. And, right or wrong, everything since has be one slap after another about her being human. Massimo definitely knows his mark and right where to prod to hurt Kenzi most. She grouses that yeah, it’s not easy, “being the only human on the attack squad. I bring other things to the table.” Massimo asks her what if he could help her bring the real to the table. Wary but reluctantly intrigued and not happy about it either, Kenzi glares at him. “What?!” she snaps.

“Don’t pretend that you never thought about being one of us,” Massimo chides, laying his trump card on the table. For a moment, the only sound in Tolkien’s Lair is the slow, loud tick of the clock. Too intrigued for comfort, Kenzi attacks. “What are you even doing down here?” she accuses, struggling to rise from the couch. “You don’t know…Trick.” Massimo insists he was concerned about her but Kenzi crosses her arms in defense. “Yeah, well where I come from, concern only comes with a sales pitch if there’s some kind of angle.” Massimo acknowledges that Kenzi is a smart girl. WE KNOW. “It takes a con to know a con,” Kenzi snits. He wonders how he did. “Are you hooked?” Kenzi pauses, and then whispers, “I’ll just wait for the movie, thank you.” Yeah, she’s hooked. She tells him he needs to get the hell out of Tolkien’s Lair before she screams. “For help?” Massimo scoffs. Kenzi doesn’t bother to reply as it occurs to her, perhaps for the first time, that 1. She was going to call for help rather than deal with the problem herself and 2. Nobody would come to save her anyway. Massimo decides not press his point and shrugs. “As you wish,” he says. Oh no. You do not get to be a smarmy prick and then quote Westley. Massimo exits leaving an unhappy and unsettled Kenzi alone in Tolkien’s Parlor.

Hang on. Six-fingered woman. Dyson mostly dead complete with floppy head. “As you wish…” I think someone showed The Princess Bride to their kids for the first time before writing this episode. I APPROVE!

Bo is in Doctor Lauren’s flat reading one of the doc’s notebooks with her back to the entrance and staircase. When she hears someone descending the stairs, her head pops up and – oh, that is one pissed off succubus all right. Interesting that she shows that level of raw rage for the person considering Bo can only expect that it’s Doctor Lauren coming down the stairs…

Alas, it’s Tamsin on the stairs. Her hair is wet and she’s wearing the doc’s robe while she Hoovers down some cereal. Caught, Tamsin freezes at the bottom of the stair and visibly works her way through several lies. “Hey. Ah. Hmm,” she tries, chewing and swallowing the last spoonful. “I was just on my way to The Dal to meet a friend,” she starts, discounting that there’s a high holy Fae ceremony underway there right now that Bo is clearly dressed to attend. “And you had said that (Doctor) Lauren was missing, right?” Bo nods with a sneer. “Right.” Warming to her tale, Tamsin shuffles forward and offers that she thought she’d put her cop skills to use and, “Come over here and see if I couldn’t find some—ah— evidence.” She finishes on a sigh as she realizes Bo isn’t buying any of it. Tamsin drops the bowl, and her head, on the table. “Dude, I live in my truck,” she confesses baldly. Ha! Do you think she shuffles from Bo’s to Dyson’s to Doctor Lauren’s homes to live when they’re not there and she’s not with them? Holy shit—Tamsin is Goldilocks and Bo, Dyson, and Doctor Lauren are the Three Bears!!

“Look, I don’t care,” Bo says, turning back to Doctor Lauren’s notebook. “Dyson’s been kidnapped!” Tamsin is horrified by the news. “WHAT?!” Bo nods, still visibly upset. “At The Dal (drink!) by humans!” Tamsin rears back. “How did humans take down a wolf?!” Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I tell her?! Pretty please?! Bo immediately tosses the vial over to Tamsin. “With this,” she sighs, no longer able to completely ignore the fact that Doctor Lauren is somehow involved in Dyson’s kidnapping. “The bartender poisoned him, than poisoned himself before I could question him.” Tamsin frowns as she rolls the tube to read the label. “Bitch, this better not be your (Doctor) Lauren,” she warns in her own death voice. “I’m afraid so,” Bo replies, equally unhappy and by the tone of her voice, I’m not so sure the doc’s going to be “Bo’s” for much longer. Whether or not Isaac switched labels to deliberately set the doc up with the Fae, the fact of the matter is that Doctor Lauren abandoned her life against orders (whether or not we like the fact that she has to adhere to those orders) and her actions ultimately set these events into play. Sure, Isaac probably would’ve done something eventually—he’s clearly been working on the Fae for some time now —0but Doctor Lauren was the final piece and, whether she knew what she was getting into or not, she bears responsibility for what’s happening now.

Tamsin rolls her eyes, quickly catching up with What’s Going On. “Well,” she sneers, “ain’t that just a shit sandwich that eats like a meal,” she snarks, picking up her bowl. “It gets worse,” Bo warns. Tamsin calmly drinks the milk from her bowl as Bo goes on that “The disguise that they were using so that they wouldn’t be detected by the Fae was the same disguise that (Doctor) Lauren used to fool The Warden when we were in Hecuba Prison.” A sitch that predates Tamsin slightly.

Tamsin strolls across the room to where she left her not-quite-empty liquor bottle as she takes it all in. “Wait now. So, one of your exes,” and here she giggles, “took out the other.” Bo doesn’t like that conclusion, but she can hardly argue with it. “Well, when you say it like that, it sounds weird,” she replies quietly. “Are you gonna help me or not?!” she snaps back, annoyed. Tamsin sighs heavily. “Look, if the bartender dropped dead immediately, how do we even know Dyson’s alive?!”

Bo drops the doc’s notebook back on her desk. “Because I know, Tamsin,” she says emotionally. Turning back to her bottle, Tamsin rolls her eyes—yeah yeah he’s crazy for you and you’re nuts for him blah blah —even as she nods while Bo continues. “I don’t understand why…” WE DO “…but I can feel it.” Having so recently experienced what it felt like when Dyson did die, indeed you do now know the difference, yes. Also, you love him and he loves you and you’re both mystical creatures, so…

“He’s alive,” Bo concludes, and there’s not a sliver of doubt to her conviction. Tamsin’s hand slips on the glass and she loses her balance, barely catching herself on the table while cradling bottle and glass to her chest. Bo cuts off her assertions of Dyson and hurries over. “Hey,” she says gently, grabbing Tamsin’s arm, but Tamsin jerks free. “I’m fine,” she snarls. “Just been having all my meals in liquid form lately,” she jibes. She tilts the bottle to her mouth—“just need a straightener”—but this time, Bo grabs the bottle. “I think you’ve had enough,” she decides setting the bottle behind her out of reach. “There’s some left,” Tamsin huffs drunkenly. She reaches past Bo for the bottle; Bo grabs her arm again with an annoyed, “Tamsin!” and this time when Tamsin jerks free, the bottle crashes to the floor.

Glaring at Bo, Tamsin rudely swipes her arm across her cheek. She takes the few steps toward Bo and smacks the broken glass in her hand down on the table. “Okay,” she allows, “Okay! Just…scour the apartment,” she suggests, pressing her fingers against what must be pounding temples. “If she really did turn on us, maybe we can find out why.” Bo goes back to Doctor Lauren’s desk and picks up the notebook again. “Dyson still have her phone?” Tamsin asks. Bo is reminded that he dropped it at The Dal and digs it out of her purse to toss across the room at Tamsin. “There’s a number in there that she’s been calling lately. It doesn’t ring any bells.” Tamsin offers to get the guys at the cop shop as a frustrated Bo drops the notebook down for the final time. Tamsin says they can run a trace and see if they can’t find out who Doctor Lauren’s been calling just as Bo opens the doc’s desk drawer…and stops cold as she spies the doc’s Fae pendant. “Oh, (Doctor) Lauren, no,” Bo whispers. Tamsin asks what she’s found. Bo eyes the Valkyrie. “No, nothing,” she lies, quickly shoving the pendant into her purse. Tamsin paddles back toward the stairs to go get dressed. “You should change that frock,” she advises Bo with a hand wave worthy of Kenzi. “Things are about to get dirt-taay.” But Bo doubts whether Tamsin is up for it. “Are you sure you’re in fighting shape?!” she accuses. Tamsin pauses at the bottom of the steps to look back at Bo. “Humans took Dyson,” she states flatly. “I’ve never been fightier in my life.” I heard that. It’s Bo’s turn to roll her eyes as Tamsin climbs the stairs and Bo turns again to Doctor Lauren’s notebook. “Great,” she mutters.

Back in Siren’s Speakeasy (drink!), the Light Fae are all up in uproar over the human attack—not that any of them is forming a posse to go after Dyson. As Hale enters the room, one demands to know how the humans even managed to get past the enchantments that protect The Dal (drink!). Another screams that they were helped, “by that human the succubus keeps!”

“No!” Hale shouts, pushing through the crowd. “Kenzi single-handedly saved Dyson during the fight with The Garuda when all of you were hiding in your posh homes!” Nice to see someone remembers that! The crowd moans and groans over his well-aimed salvo. “She had nothing to do with this!” Do not go up against the siren about his Kenzi.

“Friends! Elders! Noblemen!” The Morrigan shouts with deliberate over-dramatics. “Shut the hell up and listen!” HA! She takes the dais to address the crowd. Why the head of the Dark Fae is allowed to address the Light Fae elders and noblemen without compunction is still at question. I’m thinking Hale opened himself up to it by inviting her and by having been so keen for them to work together in the first place. There’s also the lack of reason generally ascribed to a mob mentality—and the small fact that it’s in the script.

Evony declares that she and Hale have been trying to broker a peace. By the looks of disbelief being shot at Hale right now, I gather this was not public information…until now. Hale takes the looks of censure and nods along with Evony; he believes in what he’s trying to do and is prepared for the consequences…though perhaps not these exact consequences. “We’ve been trying to find a way to get the Light and the Dark to work together for a common cause,” she continues and claims the need for such an alliance has finally arrived. “But not with him,” she intones darkly, dropping the façade. The crowd erupts in agreement. Hale and Trick silently glare up at her as Evony continues rattling the sabers. “Too long have bleeding hearts like him stood by and let humans believe that they are the superior beings race on this planet!” she declares. “So much so that they’ve had the hubris to plan an attack on the one true race—on our own turf—and get away with it!” She blames Hale’s leadership for allowing the attack to happen. “That is completely unfounded!” Hale finally shouts. But he’s played right into Evony’s hands. “Oh is it really,” she coos. Opening her clutch, she hands over another one of Doctor Lauren’s enzyme vials. Where the hell did she get that? Is The Morrigan in league with Taft?! That would not surprise me at all, actually.

Hale reads the label. Immediately he glances around while he tries to keep others from seeing it. He demands to know where The Morrigan got it. She in turn orders him to read the label aloud so they can all hear. “Let’s see who supplied the poison that took a proud Fae down.” Would that be the same proud Fae you tried to kill multiple times yourself? Finally understanding that he’s been set up, Hale meets Evony’s delighted gaze. “You don’t want to do this,” he warns. “Read it,” she orders without mercy. Hale glances around and the mob closing in around him. “Doctor Lauren Lewis,” he says. The crowd gasps in horror as Trick closes his eyes and ducks his chin. Oh shit. “His own chief medical officer,” Evony crows. “I call for a vote of Noooo Confidence in this fake Ash. As the crowd applauds Evony’s announcement, Hale’s narrowed gaze remains fixed on The Morrigan. This is not over yet.

Outside of a city, a large fighting cage sits in a field next to a posh observatory. Actually, it kinda looks like an old tennis or handball court. Awake but dazed, Dyson is dragged into the cage by the paramedics, who now sport leather combat vests. While they dump him, the enormous observatory doors ponderously winch open. Someone likes to watch. Dyson’s been stripped of his shoes and shirt (Hot Tattoo Alert! Oh, I have missed you!) and—look, the pants are low. Adonis belt low. This is not a complaint. Jaysus. Thank you, KHR. Though that must be some crazy strong double-sided tape on your waistband. Ah—Imma gonna—gulp—I’ll be in my bunk…

Oh, all right, fine.

Paramedic #1 laughs at Dyson as they dump him in the middle of the ring. That asshole needs to die now. Breathing hard, Dyson scrambles to his feet and growls, but the guards are already gone. A processed, disembodied voice speaks over the speakers like Oz from behind the curtain only this particular “curtain” could probably see Pluto, especially now that it’s no longer even a planet. Poor Pluto.

Dyson narrows his eyes as he tries to see across the distance and into the dark void behind the observatory doors at whoever is monologueing. “I applaud your strength, wolf,” Taft says. Come on, it’s Taft, we all know it. “You were given the antidote a full thirty minutes after the neurotoxin was ingested. You’re even stronger than I’d hoped.”

“Why don’t you come down here and I’ll show you how strong I can really be?” Dyson taunts. I VOLUNTEER! Taft mwah ha has—the closed captions actually say “[evil chuckle]” Heee—“No thank you, we’ll meet soon enough.” (Interestingly, the closed captions say “Very strong indeed,” which is why I love watching shows with the captions: every so often you get double for your money.) Dyson wipes the lingering neurotoxin foam from him mouth and spits. “What do you want from me?!” he challenges.

Taft intones that he wants Dyson to prove his worth. Dyson scowls and glares. Splash “Against your mortal enemy,” Taft adds and Dyson goes on wary alert. “I would put the odds at even, I should think,” Taft taunts. Dyson sniffs—even, my ass—and peers at the door on the opposite side of the cage. It opens to reveal a similarly shirtless male Fae with tattoo marks on his forehead and arms who’s wearing some 1970s pimp daddy’s fur vest. By the look on his face, dude has got a serious hate on for Dyson. Must be a doccubus fan.

It’s Faedome! Two Fae enter…one wolf walks out.

Lupercus,” Dyson says in a low voice. Lupercus paces and growls. Dyson sighs. “Ya know, what do you say you and I forget about thousands of years of hatred between your kind and mine. Try to find a way to get out of here together,” he suggests half-heartedly.

In answer, Lupercus strips off his fur vest to reveal a seriously cut physique. We get a shot from outside the cage and you can barely make out Dyson and Lupercus at opposite ends. Lupercus howls with pre-battle rage. “Have it your way,” Dyson sneers in THAT VOICE. He’s all too ready to rumble. Lupercus flexes and his muscles actually popped out in his chest like Bane getting serum infused. Dyson wolfs out and—his muscles do the same thing! I’m gonna go out on a limb that is some precision CGI there, but even so, I don’t remember seeing Dyson’s physique change that dramatically when he’s wolfed out before. Is that because he’s always been wearing clothes when he wolfs out to that extent (except for the full wolf transformation in S1E2)? Either way I—I—I like it!! They growl at one another and Lupercus attacks. Dyson flips him over his head and down onto the ground. He gets in some hard body punches. Holy crap, but KHR’s arms are long. Lupercus manages to roll him over and get on top (not like that!) He gets a shot in on Dyson’s kidneys and then goes for his throat. Dyson growls and his longer reach holds Lupercus off so Dyson can flip him back over his head again.

Dyson scrambles to his feet and when Lupercus attacks again, he runs straight into Dyson’s outstretched arm. It’s a beautiful move actually complete with full flip from Lupercus. Stunt crew pulled out all the stops on this one. Lupercus is up again in a moment and he and Dyson scrapple, hands and arms scrambling to get the upper—erm— hand. They went all Greek wrestling style here. Suddenly Dyson quick steps backwards and uses the momentum to swing Lupercus around and slam him up against the chain link walls of the cage. The two feral Fae growl in one another’s faces.

Out in the bright light of day in the suburbs of Toronto, Tamsin and Bo walk down the street. Even more amazing than them out in the daylight is the pale blue tee-shirt Bo is wearing. Great color, but totally out of character. I guess she borrowed a shirt from Tamsin, which tracks considering they were at Doctor Lauren’s flat and Bo probably had nothing left there to wear. Tamsin’s a lot taller than Bo is all and noticeably less busty but that shirt is snug…eh, whatever. Love the color!

Tamsin is holding the doc’s phone and Bo asks if she’s sure “that’s” right. “There’s not much in that part of town,” she points out. Tamsin admits that the phone number wasn’t easy to trace, “believe me, but my guy says that the cell phone’s using towers just north of this compound…” she trails off as they arrive at her truck. “Shit!” she yells. “What now?!” Bo snaps. The truck has been locked down with a boot. Tamsin sighs and then insists that she’s “got it. Get your ass in the truck,” she tells Bo, promising she “won’t be a minute.” She gets some tools out of her truck which looks a lot shabbier than I remember it being before and Bo, for once, does what she’s told without argument and gets in the truck.

Tamsin goes to work on the boot—she does have a Kenzi-esque talent for opening locks and clearly has worked this type of lock before. Inside the cab, Bo peers into the open compartment between the two seats. Mouth agape, she pulls out a plastic bag, full of surveillance shots of Bo. Checking that Tamsin is still occupied with the boot, Bo rummages further and finds the rune glass Acacia gave Tamsin and into which Tamsin put one each of Bo, Dyson, and Doctor Lauren’s hairs. Now though it appears to be empty. Moving quickly, Bo pulls her mobile out from between her breasts—there’s our girl!—and starts taking pictures of her find.

Kenzi trundles down the stairs to Tolkien’s Lair and yells for Trick. Seriously, those shoes make her look like she prancing everywhere. Trick is in a back alcove. He whirls around and quickly shuts the door to a private cupboard. “Kenzi?!” He hurries out and asks what she’s still doing there. “You need to leave!” he orders. Kenzi starts her spiel but Trick cuts her right off. “Go home. Hide. When the dust settles, I’ll come find you, I promise. But you have to go!” Why do I feel like that could be a while? Frustrated, Kenzi throws her arms up in the air but turns to reluctantly leave when her mobile rings.

Bo quickly tells Kenzi that she’s sent a photo and she needs Kenz to find out what it means. “Yeah, things have gone all Tyra back here, babe.” Kenzi downloads her. “The Morrigan is talking smack about claimed humans being criminals and there’s this vote against Hale and they found this thing with (Doctor) Lauren’s name on it,” she finishes in a hushed frightened voice. Bo swears and forcefully instructs Kenzi to get out of The Dal (drink!), “just go somewhere—anywhere!” Kenzi agrees without hesitation. “Promise, promise, promise,” she mutters as she disconnects. Tamsin gets the boot off. “Sucker,” she crows and gets in the truck with a now much more wary Bo.

Still at The Dal (drink!) though now upstairs in the empty tap room, Kenzi holds out her phone to show us the photo Bo sent of Tamsin’s stash, complete with a shot of the rune glass. Unnoticed, Massimo sidles up behind her and looks over her shoulder. “I’ve seen one of those before,” he says. Kenzi whirls around and demands to know why he’s still there. “Because you are,” he confesses. For a moment, Kenzi is flattered. “Yeah well every Fae and his dog wants me gone,” she grouses, “so…toodle-loo – Wank Head.” Ha! Massimo demands to know who the Fae are to tell Kenzi to leave. Shoulders drooped, Kenzi pauses in her exit. “Especially after all that you have done for them,” Massimo adds, pressing his advantage.

But Kenzi is not quite buying it this time. “You don’t know anything about me,” she points out. “I know that you saved that wolf— more than once,” Massimo says, strolling over. “I know that you stared a cherufe in the eye and lived to tell the tale.” Hmm. I may have made a few of those points earlier...

“I know that it isn’t fair that they’re trying to push you out…” here Kenzi frowns and crosses her arms defensively because he’s starting to make too much sense, “when they can only claim to be better than you because they were lucky enough to be born with exceptional gifts. See you—you don’t have any of those gifts. Yet you still fight.” Aw, poor Kenzi. Her expression is so miserable because he just hit every single one of her hot spots in one go. “Anyway,” he dismisses, “I’m interrupting you. You’ve got to go!” He walks away.

Kenzi deliberates for about three seconds and then tells him to wait. Cautiously, she approaches him and then smiles without mirth. “I don’t trust you, okay? But my best friend is in trouble. You want to help me? You want to give me what I desire?” She holds out the phone with the photo. “Then tell me what this vial is.” Massimo says he can do that for a price. Kenzi: “Name it.” Massimo: “A kiss.” Kenzi scoffs. “Hero to dick in like six sentences—you are unbelievable!” Massimo calmly counters that it isn’t like that. “This kind of information requires this kind of tribute,” he explains. “Hey, I don’t make the rules.” Kenzi’s been with the Fae long enough to understand tribute. She sighs and reluctantly agrees, then with a grimace, steps forward and kisses Massimo…deeply…twice. That’s some kind of…tribute there, Kenz.

She steps back from Massimo gasping. “What the hell was that?!” she wonders, a little afraid by the kiss’s intensity. Massimo appears less affected. “That,” he replies, “that was something.” He turns away to walk to the door. Kenzi presses her palm to her lips, still stirred up by the kiss. “Hello?!” she calls. Massimo couldn’t be more suave as he slowly turns around. “Forget much?!” Kenzi snarks with more bite than expected as she takes her confused emotions out on him—and rightly so. “Do you want the right information or the almost right information?” he asks snidely. Annoyed, Kenzi has to admit that she wants the right kind. “Then I’m gonna need a couple of minutes,” he chides and strolls out of The Dal (drink!). Kenzi takes a deep breath and exhales hard. That was some potent man there.

Back in the cage fight, Dyson is beating the holy hell out of Lupercus until Lupercus reverse their positions and gets Dyson up against the fence. Lupercus howls in Dyson’s wolfed out face—and Dyson head butts him like he’s swatting a fly and for one second his body language shouts a nonverbal alpha moment—uck you, puppy. Swing his shoulder down, Dyson presses the advantage and lunges over and under the Lupercus’s guard, wrapping both arms around the Lupercus’s waist from behind. KHR’s stunt double then lifts Lupercus up and falls back onto the ground with him, tossing the other Fae over his head. As Dyson turns over to scramble back onto his feet, the editing gods do this beautiful seamless melding of the stunt double and KHR. It’s obviously his stunt double in that last move, and thank God for that considering the back issues KHR developed doing stunts in S2. But watch for the slow if fuzzy build of KHR’s tattoo on stunt guy as he turns so that by the time Dyson finishes the twist and pushes up to his feet, it’s definitely KHR in play again. Why yes, I did run the switch in slow motion…a few times. Shuddup.

Dyson leaps forward and before the other Fae can recover, he kicks Lupercus in the face. Taft chuckles into the microphone [closed captions: “evil chuckle.” Hee]. Breathing hard, a de-wolfed Dyson glares up at Taft with a death look as Lupercus gets to his feet behind him. Lupercus growls and lunges for Dyson. Wolfing out again, Dyson spins and snatches the other Fae by the throat. I don’t care if it is mostly post-production CGI I love it when Dyson wolfs out! Struggling in his grip, Lupercus slashes his claws across Dyson’s chest leaving behind bloody furrows. For a second, Dyson almost looks insulted as he glances down at the bleeding cuts. But Dyson, you’re covered in sexy wounds! Instantly he rips out Lupercus’s throat. Ewww.

The gasping, dying Fae drops to the ground. Still showing a kill snarl, Dyson looks at the flesh in his hand. With a disgusted roar at being made to kill for someone’s entertainment, he tosses it to the ground as Taft laughs again. Dyson stares with regret at Lupercus whose gushing throat spurts blood onto the ground. Eww again. As Taft laughs with delight, Dyson turns his wrath on the person most deserving of it. He turns to face the distant Taft. “Is that what you want?!” he shouts, enraged. “You’re the one I want!” Yeah, you’re gonna have to get in line on that one, buddy. “I knew it!” he crows. “I knew you were the one!” The enormous doors of the observatory close with a clang.

Bo and Tamsin have arrived at the back end of the observatory and hide behind some tall bushes as they watch a number of black clad guards load up in a truck. “This is bad,” Tamsin says in a low, intense whisper. “I’ve seen this kind of thing before and it is not going to end well for the humans.” She turns back to Bo and pushes her further behind the bushes. “It’s going to get bloody before it gets better. If I were you, I’d get out of town.” Bo is completely lost as to what Tamsin is going on about. “Those guys guarding whatever that place is look just like the guys that took Dyson! And (Doctor) Lauren is missing!” Ugh, we know. And she’s not missing—she left! Of her own free will! And you know that—you found the pendant!

“(Doctor) Lauren is as good as dead!” Tamsin quietly shouts. How does she know that? IF The Morrigan is in league with Taft in some way, maybe turning over Dark Fae for his table, and Tamsin saw some of the negotiating, that might explain it. Or perhaps in her long years as a Valkyrie she’s seen humans go up against the Fae before and knows how it turns out. Either way, she has no reason to think that Doctor Lauren is inside the facility—unless she somehow knew of Taft’s plans…

“No way,” Bo vows. As the truck of guards drives past and Tamsin pushes Bo even farther behind the bushes. “They need me,” Bo tells Tamsin when the guards are gone. “They are my friends. I am not leaving them.”

“Why do you care so much?!” Tamsin asks, emotionally overcome. “Tamsin, what is going on with you?” Bo asks, genuinely concerned with Tamsin’s continuing downward spiral. Tamsin sighs but before she can answer she spies Paramedic #1 coming up behind them, gun at the ready. “Watch out!” she shouts. Before Bo even realizes what’s going on, Tamsin pushes her out of the way just as Paramedic #1 fires and shoots Tamsin in the stomach!

Shocked, Bo holds her arms out wide as Paramedic #1 closes in and takes aim at her. Crouched over cradling her stomach, Tamsin gasps in pain. Her skin retreats back from her skull as Tamsin goes full Valkyrie on the guy. “Are you sure you want to do that, buddy? Huh?” she asks casually. Now trembling so hard the gun is shaking, Paramedic #1 turns it to point as Tamsin’s forehead. She smiles evilly and lifts her brows. “I don’t think those were your orders.” Trembling with the doubt she’s filled him with, Paramedic #1 is an easy mark for Bo’s right hook. Retreating from her Valkyrie states, Tamsin holds one bloody finger up to Bo. “That is the last time I do anything nice for you,” she grunts and then falls to the ground unconscious.

Down in Siren’s Speakeasy (drink!), Hale and The Morrigan stand side by side on the dais as Hale counts the votes against him. “That’s 26 in favor, 13 against. The Morrigan’s motion is passed.” How again does she have the power to even present a motion to the Light Fae Elders? The mob crowd applauds. “From this day forward,” The Morrigan announces, “all humans claimed or under the employ by the Fae in this territory will be considered terrorist—enemies of the one, true state.” Yeah, just wait until those posh Fae have to scrub their own toilets and we’ll see how your pronouncement holds up then, lady. There’s more applause and Evony preens, but Hale hurries off the dais and pushes through the mob crowd to find Kenzi.

Up in the tap room, Kenzi strolls along next to Massimo as he details what Tamsin is doing to Bo. “Whoever had that bag and the photo and vial is trying to imprison your friend,” he says. Why do I have the feeling that you’re in a unique position to know that? Kenzi demands to know why. “To enslave her, to kill her maybe,” he posits. “I don’t know really.” Before Kenzi can asks anything more, Hale bursts in from the speakeasy. “What are you still doing here?!” he demands of Kenzi and hilariously knocks Massimo out of the way looking with a shot to the shoulder without even looking at him. Too savvy to stick around, Massimo quietly slinks out of door.

Seriously, Kenzi is MUCH too street savvy to be sticking around there knowing what’s happening. She and Massimo could’ve taken this convo outside. Very not-Kenzi behavior. “Look, Bo is in trouble, I think Tamsin is trying to hurt her,” Kenzi rambles, but Hale doesn’t care. “Look, forget about Bo! You have to go!” But hearing Hale repeat Trick’s order is one too many times the people she loves have shoved her away and Kenzi loses it. She swats at Hale. “Stop SAYING that to me! Why does everyone keep saying that to me?!” Because they’re trying to protect you. Girl, you are not this dense! “We all used to be friends, Hale!” she cries and smacks his chest again.

But Hale has had enough too tonight. “Damn it, Kenzi,” he says through clenched teeth as he grabs her arms. “You are not my friend! You’ve never been just a friend!” FINALLY! A little shocked by what he’s revealed, Hale pauses to get a grip. A lot shocked at what he’s revealed, Kenzi gapes at him and goes eerily and suddenly calm. “If anything happens to you,” Hale says emotionally, “I won’t be any good to anyone and right I need to be better than I ever bean.” Crying, Kenzi swats at him again. “Stupid! Why didn’t you tell me that?!” Hale pulls no punches. “’Cause I was scared,” he admits, holding her arms again and not looking away from her for a moment. Poor playa didn’t know what to do with her, and was likely confounded with how to deal with being in love with a human, even one as awesome as Kenzi.

The slow approach of a woman’s heels sounds behind him. “You have to go,” he urges again. But it’s too late. “Saying your good-byes?” Evony trills. The music goes all squirrely as Hale turns to her and a huge tattooed bruiser enters The Dal (drink! no, really) behind Kenzi. “Something like that,” Hale smarms, his hand now on Kenzi’s arm for a totally different reason. The bruiser steps up behind Kenzi but Hale waves him off. “Ah, it’s okay. I got this one.” Hale takes the manacles from him. Confused, Kenzi lets Hale move her around as she looks between him and the bruiser. “Hale,” she says with trepidation as she catches on. She jerks her arm from his hand, but he recaptures her easily. “What are you doing?” But Hale has run out of moves and, for the moment, must play along with Evony.

“Kenzi,” he intones officially as a struggling Kenzi demands he let go of her. “Claimed human of Bo the unaligned succubus, from this day forth, you will be known as an Enemy of the State.” Kenzi is so terrified she can only stand there and tremble. Hale frowns and jerks her forward to kiss her deeply. Girl is getting some action tonight –unfortunately, none of it good. I mean, it’s good. Both men look like they know what they’re doing in that department. Oh, you know what I mean!

Hale uses the kiss as a distraction to slip something in the breast pocket of Kenzi’s jacket. Guess her bra doesn’t come with cleavage pockets. At first I thought it was the key to the manacles, but on closer examination, it looks more like whatever charm Hale’s father provided via Dyson for Hale’s protection. Oh, I really hope that doesn’t blow back on Hale in a bad way!

Too upset to realize what he’s doing for her, Kenzi violently breaks free of the kiss. “Hmm,” Hale says obnoxiously. “Always wondered what a terrorist tasted like. Take her away,” he tells Bruiser. But Kenzi decides that moment is the one for her to FINALLY leave. She prances off in those ridiculous heels, running for Tolkien’s Lair (drink!). With a nod, The Morrigan sends Bruiser off after her.

Downstairs, Trick shoves some small scrolls and various bits of wand into a satchel. He opens the old trunk and carefully pulls back the cloth to reveal the drawing of the winged, fire-breathing horse that he first revealed after Bo went all Super Succubus to save Dyson. He carefully rolls it up and stashes it in the satchel. Putting on his hat, he hurries to the fireplace and pulls a lever. Immediately, and with a lot of creaks and groans the metal hearth folds and a door opens in the wall in the rear of the fireplace. Trick taste a last unhappy look around Tolkien’s Lair and then hurries through the door. Instantly the hearth is restored to its static position…just as Kenzi prances down the stairs and into the room, calling for Trick, her hands still manacled in front of her. She turns in a circle…and bruiser enters Tolkien’s Lair. “Trick?” Kenzi cries softly one last time. But she is wholly and completely on her own.

Over at Taft’s Evil Lair Lab, Doctor Lauren snags another doctor’s ID badge of her lab coat and swipes her way into Isaac’s secret room.

Outside the observatory, Bo pats Tamsin’s cheek, ‘cause that always rouses a person who’s bleeding out from a gunshot wound! “Come on, babe,” she urges. “Wake up!” I’m wondering for a moment why she doesn’t reverse chi Tamsin back to health, and then I do the math. She hasn’t had sex with Doctor Lauren since before The Dawning, likely not since the events in Brazenwood. Given the unstable state of their relationship at that time, it’s unlikely Bo took part with a random victim partner. And, of course, Dyson is off limits to Bo for anything like during that era as per the doc’s orders. The timeline suggests it’s only been a few days since Bo and Doctor Lauren broke up during which Bo has been deceiving herself that they were just on a break. So, unlike Ross Geller, she again probably didn’t go out and bang someone random in the interim. Sure, she feed some succubus juice onto the Witches of Faewick and the cul de sac dad, but never took a pure feed. All of which means she likely doesn’t have any spare chi to share to Tamsin right now with which to heal her.

One hand on the wound, Bo is at a loss as to what to do next when Tamsin’s mobile rings. With difficulty, she digs it out of Tamsin’s ass pocket. “I’m busy, what?!” she snaps in a passable imitation of Tamsin’s attitude. Tamsin’s blood is on her palm. “Hello Blondie. It’s the Druid,” Massimo drawls unruffled. We cut back to The Dal (drink!) to watch him walk through the empty tap room as he says the rest. Where did Evony and Hale go? “Just thought you’d like to know I’ve secured the kiss from the best friend; the serum to contain the succubus is ready.” Which explains why the rune glass was empty when Bo discovered it in Tamsin’s truck. “Great,” Bo says without meaning it, as some of the pieces of Tamsin’s odd behavior fall into place. “I’ll be in touch.” She disconnects and dumps the phone on the far side of Tamsin. “Oh Tamsin,” she moans. “You stupid, stupid girl.” I honestly thought that was going to end with “bitch” and think it’s a measure to how much Tamsin now means to Bo and Dyson that Bo doesn’t automatically turn against her. Instead, she knows now that there’s more going on over which Tamsin is torturing herself.

Stunned by what she’s seeing, Doctor Lauren slowly makes her way around the corner and down an aisle between two lines of mostly empty, glass-encased holding cells. “(Doctor) Lauren!” Dyson shouts from within one of the cells. His chest is still marked with bloody furrows and Lupercus’s blood still stains his hands. Even more shocked if that’s possible, Doctor Lauren hurries over to him. “Dyson?! Oh my God,” she cries as he pounds on the wall of his cell twice, hard. “I don’t suppose you’re part of a rousing rescue?” he quips without humor. Doctor Lauren asks what happened to him. “I was drugged,” he tells her checking behind her and still confused as to what exactly is going on, “and I woke up and…I was fighting—I… ” He stops, finally getting a good look at her and takes in her presence, her lab coat…and her freedom. “What are you doing here?” he asks warily, smelling a skunk ape. But the doc doesn’t make any inquiries as to his current state of injury and health. Instead she immediately demands he listen to her. “There’s a sample in the lab upstairs—n enzyme from a mature succubus—from her immune system,” she clarifies when Dyson frowns, not following her meaning. So the enzyme Taft gave Doctor Lauren to apply to the neurotoxin and thus possibly cure heart disease came from…a mature succubus. Now I buy that she was able to ascertain what was on the slide because she’s spent weeks—-no, months, examining Bo’s cellular structure any which way she can. She absolutely would be able to recognize the enzymes of a mature succubus immune system. Yes, I didn’t just validate Doctor Lauren for something. Try not to pass out. I’m sure I’ll return to form momentarily. “Is Bo here?” she asks Dyson tearfully. Wouldn’t that be precious if she’d been experimenting with Bo’s DNA while Bo was locked in the dungeon?

Alas, but no. “Who’s Bo?” Taft asks surprising them. “Do you have any idea what you’re meddling with?!” the doc demands to know. “Do you have any idea what you’re meddling with?” Taft shoots back with more than a touch of mania. He smirks and steps up to Dyson’s cage. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” he tells Doctor Lauren. “I wanted to tell you—do you know how long I’ve been planning this?” She says his name quietly, finally recognizing the crazy before her. “Since I was a kid,” he continues as though she didn’t speak. “Forty years they’ve been laughing at me—forty years. You have any idea how gratifying –” he chuckles with satisfaction and stares at Dyson “this is going to be?”

Dyson looks at Taft with the wary eye of you are bat shit crazy, man. His attention turns to Doctor Lauren when she protests that Taft used her research to poison her friend. Aw, sweet that she calls Dyson her friend without thinking twice about it. “You lied to me!” she accuses, hurt. Sucks, doesn’t it doc? Taft explodes. “It was not your research, IT WAS NOT YOUR RESEARCH! It was MY research.” He stops and goes from 100 mph to a school zone speed in the blink of an eye. “But yeah, that’s fair, I used you,” he agrees. “I’ll continue using you.”

With a growl, Dyson slams his bloody hand against the glass by Taft’s face, startling the human enough to jump. Pleased at Dyson’s show of strength, Taft grins at him. “That was your mass grave,” Dyson shouts. “You’re the one that’s hunting us!” Taft is enraptured by Dyson. “My goodness,” he praises. “He’s magnificent, isn’t he?” he says to Doctor Lauren. “You’re magnificent!” he calls to Dyson without waiting for her response. WE KNOW. “I can’t wait to be like you!” Taft gloats. “It’s gonna be fun,” he promises Doctor Lauren with shades of the Taft that charmed her in the first place. “It’s gonna be fun!” he repeats. He’s not Oz, he’s not a megalomaniac; Taft’s just a little boy with too much money and power who thinks he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants just because he can. He’s a sociopath.

Doctor Lauren is dazed and confused—literally. The shock of what she’s been a party to, however unknowingly, has left her mute and pliable. Taft hurries past her, and then seems to think twice about that and turns back to gently if firmly clasp Doctor Lauren’s waist and arm. “I really want you to understand…how important our work… is going to be,” he says as he leads a malleable Doctor Lauren to the cell next to Dyson’s and codes it open. As the seal breaks and hisses, a young woman looks up from where she sits on the floor of the cell. All those empty pods and Doctor Lauren has to share? Taft enters the pod with Doctor Lauren who glances down at the woman until Isaac calls her attention back to him. “Hey.” As Dyson avidly watches, Taft clasps Doctor Lauren hands in his between them. He grins at the doc. “We’re going to do great things together,” he promises pressing her hands together between his own as she frowns up at him, “you and I. (Doctor) Lauren,” he stresses, a subtle reminder of the secret he holds regarding her fugitive state. ”I never lied to you about that,” he reminds her. He smiles again and then leans down and kisses her hands before hopping out of the pod and locking it behind him with the doc still inside. As he pulls back from the doc and her hands drop, Dyson comes into view, brow furrowed as he looks between the doc and Taft and tries to put the pieces together to figure out just what how big a clusterfae Doctor Lauren has gotten him and indeed all of the Fae into. All this while, all Doctor Lauren can do is frown and blink at Taft.

Trick climbs up from Tolkien’s Lair and into a traditional barbershop. Keeping his face turned away from the patrons, he hurries out the front door…and is immediately snatched up by two suited goons. “Nooooo!” he cries as they carry him off unimpeded. “You don’t really know who I am!” Trick protests as the goons shove him into the trunk of a town car. “You’re making a big mistake –” but they slam the trunk closed and cut him off. As the town car pulls away, the camera lingers on the license plate which reads ADGR-926. I—have no idea what that means.

In Pod City, Doctor Lauren has roused from her shock. She presses up against the glass wall of her cell that is right next to Dyson’s pod. “Dyson?!” she shouts. Dyson slowly eases into view and—oh, that is one unfriendly look he’s giving the doc. All their progress together has been eradicated. For the first time, he looks at her with profound distrust and a little distaste as though she’s just a…human. “Dyson?” she whispers plaintively, crushed by his demeanor. “I’m so sorry,” she cries as he steps closer. “I had no idea.”

But Dyson is not interested in the doc’s excuses. “He’s been hunting us…torturing us,” he tells her darkly. “Making us fight each other like dogs!” he shouts, enraged again. “I didn’t know,” the doc moans, devastated. “Hale told you not to GO!” Dyson yells. “He lied to me!” the doc yells back, and I think here she means Taft. “This is why you can’t leave the Fae, (Doctor) Lauren,” Dyson instructs her in a hard if calmer voice. “Why you can never leave.”

It’s a little weird that at the end of S2, Dyson urges Doctor Lauren to run and “be free” and now, at the end of S3 he’s laying down the law that she can never leave. That could be seen as sloppy writing or it can be looked at as Dyson having realized over the course of S3 (and having run off twice himself at end of S1 and again late in S2) that running doesn't work. It could also be his conviction/conclusion just from their current situation that Doctor Laurenclearly cannot be allowed to leave the Fae because her extensive knowledge of the Fae makes her a target and puts them all in danger. She's playing in a world she can never fully understand and what she has felt to be imprisonment has occasionally been meant for her own protection. Certainly, that was Hale's main intent.

In the Witches of Faewick episode, Hale asserted that Doctor Laurenwas at risk away from the Fae with seemingly no basis, but then he wouldn’t think that, as The Ash, he would have to explain his orders. Perhaps it was due to the charged political climate versus humans that Evony took advantage of to generate the No Confidence vote, a climate of which Doctor Laurenwould not have been aware. It would also belatedly explain why she was working out of her home lab rather than the compound. Hale could’ve been trying to keep Doctor Laurenoff the growing Fae anti-human radar. Plus it puts added weight on Hale's decision to operate out of his own secure turf at Siren's Speakeasy (drink!) rather than in the dangerous and unfamiliar halls of The Ash's compound.

In his position as Hale's confident, it's reasonable that, were this so, Dyson would’ve been more informed of the political situation than Doctor Lauren,especially considering that he and Tamsin were supposed to be the guinea pigs of the Dark/Light alliance, which appears to be linked with this anti-human agenda that's percolated all season. How else might Dyson know that Hale had told Doctor Laurennot to go? He genuinely did not know when he and Bo were in the flat or when they were together in The Dal. And Bo was coming back from getting the information about Doctor Laurenfrom Hale when she found Dyson unconscious. So presumably she'd not yet been able to update him. But he just yelled at Doctor Laurenthat Hale told her not to leave. So had she asked before and been shut down then too? Is that why Dyson was not initially as worried as Bo because he knew Hale had issued the order before and, after she's had nearly 8 years of being claimed by The Ash, he had no overt reason to think Doctor Laurenwould buck that order now? 

Inquiring minds want to know…but right now, Doctor Lauren’s pod mate wants to know if the doc has seen her husband, “they took him!” As Dyson watches, the still doc apologizes and says she doesn’t know who the woman is talking about. “Gerry, his name is Gerry,” the woman says frantically. “They said he would kill me if he didn’t do it!” Dyson ducks his head as Doctor Lauren asks, “If he didn’t do what?”

“This,” he announces in THAT VOICE. He casts a bitter, pitying glance at the pod mate and then his eyes flick over to the doc. “To me.” Horrified, the doc looks him up and down, finally taking in what has been done to him as she realizes all that Taft did, all that she is complicit in, in order to capture and torture Dyson. “He did fine,” Dyson assures the pod mate. “Trust me. Looks like you’re gonna live,” he promises with deliberate emphasis and a little bite that shows he doesn’t expect the same to be his fate.

“What about my daughter?!” another woman cries out from the pod across the aisle. “Is she safe?!” Dyson and Doctor Lauren’s head both whip up and around to see whose speaking. Dyson’s gaze narrows and he bends over and peers intently as his eyes and mind try to make sense of the woman he sees. “My daughter! Where…my daughter…where….?” Doctor Lauren stares at the woman in shock and finally the camera swings over to reveal…”Aoife?!” Dyson calls. Crazy as a loon, Aoife presses up against the glass of her pod. “Eh, my daughter. She twitches against the glass. “No,” she says and then drops out of sight.

End Credits

Next week: Season 3 Finale: Those Who Wander


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Katherine Bloom
1. lsbloom
Great recap Kiersten. I have to step away before I can finish but I just finished reading the Bo/Dyson flirting section and I have to say: They just fit together! They always have. Bo and Lauren have nothing in common. Bo and Dyson even down to their drink choices, and it is perfectly counterbalanced by Lauren in the lab drinking champagne with Taft.
Linda Losik
2. LindaL
Great Recap! And is it not Canteen but Flask! :-)

Bo has terrific chemistry with Dyson and Tasmin! Now that would be a great triangle. The flirting scene was so delightful and she really is interested...of course, so are we.

Interesting toought: Bo senses that Dyson is okay but not Lauren.
3. nypinta
I think Bo sensing that Dyson is still alive might be due to them having gone through the Dawning together. Or a hold over from when the Norn gave Bo his strength. Or it's just wishful thinking on her part. Like when a parent on a procedural who's child has been kidnapped and they say something like, "I'd feel it if they were gone." (They're usually wrong though.)

Hale's father not being there was a crap move, IMO. That guy is just a jerk.

I'm still rooting for hottie fae (that was hitting on Kenzi) to be redeemed. Because he said "as you wish". It's like a magical cure for douchbaggery. Or something. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
I know it's a flask...but it looks like a canteen, all round and such.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
I acutally would like to see Hottie Fae (much better than Handsome Gent) redeemed b/c he and Kenzi have that great natural chemistry. I LOVE her and Hale, but...

I think Bo's conviction about her ability to "feel" that Dyson isn't dead is partly residual from The Dawning, yes, but they also have the history and the supernatural aspect that makes an intangible link like that more believable than a human parent's sense and backs it up beyond their shared experience in Ceremony.
6. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten!

I am sticking to my original comment that Lauren is pretty well screwed and she knows it. I think she is being set up to be the hero and I say hooray, or something. I don't blame her for walking away the way she did, she doesn't owe the beings that enslaved her anything. As for Bo, hey look at that Bo remembers she loves Lauren and cares about her now that she is gone, big surprise. I feel like Bo has regressed over the course of the season and she is becoming more and more unlikeable. Dyson or Lauren chica, you can't have them both or pick neither because you are a succubus. Bo is a terrible girlfriend, she is immature, self-centered and inconsiderate. Since I like Lauren better, go Team Dyson, he can have her she sucks.

My personal dislike for the protagonist aside, this was a great episode. The pacing was good, the character interactions were great, and the plot/season arc moved foreward setting up a great finale. I am really curious as to what the Morrigan's role in all of this is, and who is the Wanderer now that we know it's not Taft?

@lsbloom - Other than being fae and sharing some mutual friends what do Bo and Dyson actually have in common? With his territorial, monogamous nature and her immaturity and succubus nature, I'd say they fit together like a square peg in round hole, but that's true for Lauren and her pattented nerdness also.
7. nypinta
I also recall Lauren mentioning Bo's psychic link to the Mare being stronger than what it should and hinted that she was more complex than your average succubus so... there could be several reasons for her assertion that Dyson is alive. Would be nice if it included the humans in her life because that would have come in handy when Kenzi gets in trouble. (At least once a season.)

Oh, as for Dyson hollaring at Lauren that she couldn't go. Could be that Dyson spoke to Hale about Bo's concerns when they were play acting out Pretty Woman and Hale mentioned Lauren asking for a time out and him putting together that she went anyhow.

BTW, Evony's decree seems to include even humans that are employees of but might not even realize they work for fae. How are they going to accomplish so many executions without it raising any flags?

And why in the heck would Taft order the retrieval of one of the ranking fae right from "the nest" which almost guaranteed that his disapperance would be noted? Why wouldn't he try and snatch Dyson the other 99% of the time when he was on his own? That whole thing was pretty sloppy, IMO. The typical "overconfidence of the bad guy being his downfall" thing. Grr. Whatever. Just get Dyson out of that goddamn cage!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
Great point about how Dyson and Hale couldve commisserated about DL off screen - except Hale clearly was surprised to hear about DL being gone from Bo. Still, just goes to show that there are some alternatives as to how Dyson got the info...and/or that it was just another sloppy moment in a plot-crammed episode - that I LOVED BTW, in case that was any way unclear.
9. nypinta
Bo and Dyson both readily sacrifice what they need to for loved ones. Rankle at rules. Are the first to jump into a fight. Punch first, ask questions later. Have occupations that are similar. Despite Dyson's quips, he gets into trouble as much as Bo for helping humans even though they aren't human themselves. Protective of Kenzi. Dress in leather. Have similar taste in personal decor.

And although Bo is a succubus, she has always spoke of wanting a relationship, as in with one person. Emotionally she desires monogamy as much as Dyson (or Lauren). It's just her body needs to feed. Everyone keeps telling her that her "nature" requires her to have a healthy sexual relationship and seem to jump to the conclusion that means many partners. Bo doesn't seem to agree. With the exception of her increased pre-dawning appetite. But they didn't know that was what it was then.
Katherine Bloom
10. lsbloom
TheGardner--Bo and Dyson are both warriors/fighters, they are both alphas willing to make and stand behing their decisions, they are protectors, they have a natural curiousity and sense of justice, they both want to help people, to do the right thing, they believe in sacrifice, they are both fae, they lead less than designer decorated lifestyles, enjoy leather. Their homes are practical, spartan almost. A lot of the fact that they have similar professions and similar clothing styles and similar drink preferences and undecorated homes is because fundamentally they have similar mentalities. Bo isn't a domestic goddess and you know she was raised by a woman who could do all those things. She isn't fancy or upper class. She isn't going to art galleries. Not that she might not like or appreciate them, but they aren't built into her life. Dyson's not an idiot but he is more intuitive than book smart. He is a puzzler--how people work, what they are planning, how it all goes together. Bo again is better reading people than books. They understand each other--out in the field working, over drinks at the Dal.

Bo wants monogamy same as Dyson. Bo is learning that that might be difficult for her, same as Dyson told her it would be in season 1 (back when one of Lovretta tenets was that Bo COULD be monogamous). Dyson call himself "territorial" but when push comes to shove, he sat back and watched Bo and Lauren have a relationship, like it or not, he respects it. He is willing to sacrifce his life for Bo's needs, I think he might accept a few people into their bed if that keeps her happy. He accepted her succubus touching the creepy guy at the country club the day after their discussion, and that said to me that he put it on the line and wanted to work with her. And even when they are fighting they put their cards on the table and work with each other. When Bo doesn't want to talk Dyson will let it go, not angst over it, let it go. When she is ready, he'll talk.

Lauren doesn't understand or respect Bo's protective drive to help people. She values education. She lives a nice put together lifestyle. She obviously likes art (she took Ciara's painting, Nadia was a photographer), she has a upper class background and an expensive education. She isn't physical. She hesitates and withholds instead of facing problems head on. She wants to think and quantify even her emotions. Bo runs on emotions without a second thought. She angsts and cries over problems instead of solving them. She doesn't fight for what she wants--things with Bo were hard, so she walked away--Bo will break any rule to get what she thinks is right.

A lot of that is an oversimplification. And sometimes, I'm talking in specifics that need to stand for generalties. But off the cuff, those are some similarities and differences.
11. whiskeywhite
Ah, the great comments continue to roll in.

Warm smile of the morning (I'm sure there are laughs coming): nypinta's listing of the many similarities between Bo and Dyson (with which I agree) capped off with, "Protective of Kenzi. Dress in leather. Have similar taste in personal decor." lsbloom elaborates eloquently.

I don't know what makes today different, Kiersten, but your usual detailed, amusing (great read) recap goes even further for me for the first time -- the excitement of the episode is heightened through your recounting of it. No wonder folks say they like your recaps better than the episodes themselves.

You make an admirable effort to explain how Dyson knows that Hale forbade Lauren to go, but your conclusion in a comment is what I think: "it was just another sloppy moment."

Santiam was the first to admit, guiltily, to liking Massimo. I'm with her. He is indeed both a handsome gent and a hottie fae, and suave. It would be nice if he turned out to be a good guy somehow (he sounds sincere when he says he doesn't know why they want to imprison Bo), but it seems unlikely since he is "The Druid". All that interrupted my ogling him was the flashbacks to Jennifer Lopez's sweet but hapless would be fiancé, Massimo, in "The Wedding Planner." I don't think, however, that Kenzi was driving the kiss with Massimo; she stepped forward very reluctantly and he poured on the juice.

"Wait, when did Lachlan turn out to be an imposter?" Exactly my thought. Ditto with "Dyson is part wombly". Since when, was my reaction. I, too, didn't get that it was a test (and still wouldn't have without you folks). I'm so literal. You can tell me anything. And YES! Kiersten: "Finally, a valid purpose for at least some part of the deplorable season opener that was Caged Fae."

I loved the scenes with Tamsin and Bo. Tamsin is in such deep pain, so tortured, so filled with self-loathing, as you say Kiersten. I could have cried with pity when she said, "Dude, I live in my truck" and again with "There's still some left (in the liquor bottle)." But she certainly pulls herself together quickly and gets her "fightie" on when she hears Dyson has been taken. I liked the self-revealing scene in the bathtub and Bo's self-confident response to "you're perfect" -- "I'm alright." (Or "I'm all right." I just checked some grammar sources re: 'alright' vs 'all right'. Apparently, 'alright' is disputed but is considered to be "gaining some acceptance in British English" with 'alright' implying 'satisfactory' and 'all right' implying 'all accurate'. You learn something every day. I think I'll stay on the minority side -- it's home). To return to the bathtub - "Bo almost certainly bathes with a hefty sword when she shares the tub with Dyson…". Kiersten you are a naughty, naughty recapper.

Dyson was, in truth, wearing his killer party outfit. It's too bad that they cut out Hale telling Dyson he should get a refund on his look. More Dyson time cut and a fun moment between these pals. It is a good question, Kiersten, whether Dyson uses sticky tape to keep his pants up. No wonder he wears belts all the time (which Bo then has to strip off him); I love KHR to bits, but with that skinny body the man has no ass. And speaking of body, while I agree that they must have used CGI to make his muscles explode as he wolfs out against Lupercus (thanks for researching that, I couldn't hear the name), pre-explosion, Dyson is definitely looking more muscular than he has in a while (esp pecs). I suspect some serious gym time was put into this episode.

Must go do some actual work. Besides, we have time to talk since, dear U.S. friends, for once you have to wait longer than we Canadians do for the next episode (evil chuckle).
12. Santiam
Dyson in tortured captivity is gut wrenching but the worst torment has to be sharing tubular space with Lauren and Aoife! On the one side a woman more boring than the golf channel and on the other, his crazy rapist!

"Doctor" Lauren shows absolutely no interest in Dyson's wounds. At no point does she ask her captor to treat them. But she is too stunned by once again being wrong and ending up putting her friends in danger. I guess I question why, because she should be used to it by now. Can we just have her turn evil already? "Active evil is better than passive good" Lauren's passive good has been so stultifying colorless and so mind-achingly annoying, that her being the new bad would be welcome. What happened to Bo declaring she would never forgive DL for locking her up and delaying Kenzi's rescue? Did DL make up for that in some way other then once again mewing "sorry. I'm so sorry." I hate to say it but I think this latest thing will be smoothed over just as nimbly.
13. Minime
@Santiam you got me with the golf channel reference. I so laughed out loud.
14. RoyaleWithCheese
I think Dyson's comments from the end of season 2 regarding Lauren leaving were probably a little more self-serving than selfless. I'm sure he's always known that Lauren leaving the Fae could get sticky - but chose to push it at that time because it would be an easier track to Bo.

We can try to write paragraphs around why Dyson knew Lauren left or when he may have spoken to Hale about her departure, but I think it just comes down to fact - he DIDN'T know. It makes perfect sense that a scientist with her knowledge of the Fae could be troublesome on the outside or even in the hands of the Dark Fae, that's no newsflash. Dyson just made a selfish comment in season 2 and now has to do a 180 due to his situation. Lauren should have called him out on it.

I'm acutally pumped about the human/Fae war. I hope it's not resolved in a single episode.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
@RoyaleWithCheese - it could indeed be just that simple. Dyson has known Doctor Lauren a lot longer than Bo has and has worked with her too when necessary before Bo even came on the scene. So it would track that he'd know she couldnt leave and why all along.
16. Santiam
Kiereten, I think you are onto something. Dyson has known Lauren longer than Bo.
Maybe there was more to Laughlin keeping Lauren so confined then just him being an ashhole. Now we know that she's sort of a Bambi-brainiac, smart but incredibly gullible and unable to take care of herself out in the wild. I see the Ash's point. She has deep insight into all the weakness and strength of the Fae. She's useful but dangerous. She may see it as being held captive but I'm sure they justify it as proactive for her good as well as their own.
She has proven that she has difficulty being straight forward and upfront with people. Perhaps this is the reason Dyson at first doesn't trust her. Kenzi doesn't either. Weak people are hard to trust because they'll bend with the wind and Lauren comes off as very insecure and easily swayed. A strong character like Kenzi rushes bullheaded into what they think is right but at least you know where they stand.
17. Santiam
I don't think there can be a Fae vs Human war. The Fae declaired war against their own employees and servants. So they only decided to make terrorists of the people who were actively helping them.

I think The Initative (secret quasi-military underground base, harvesting creatures for their abilities and utilizing them to create a super being on Buffy) is getting a weak replay here.

Could we use more Dyson being forced to cage fight and being injured and experimented on and patched up by Lauren? Yes because it's angsty as all get out and there's that Adonis-Belt consideration. (and it deserves much much more consideration). It would allow Lauren to attone for what she's done and face the awful reality. It could forge a bond between them as she would be forced to hurt and heal him. Maybe Lauren could find her back bone as she's probbing around Dysons for marrow. It will take more then doe-eyed apologies or a single fertive act of bravery to redeem Lauren even those have worked in the past.
I just watched a stomach-turning flick called ARENA with Samuel Jackson as an evil guy who stages brutal on-line death matches using captive players. It was way over the top gory but had a woman who starts out being heartless but as she keeps patching up her horribly wounded captive so he can fight, she comes to love him and eventually put his welfare over her own self-interests. NOT a good film but in light of the last episode, sort of meshed in my plot-brain.
18. Minime
I think we also can't forget that Hale is Dyson's best friend. It's one thing to tell Lauren to run after the Garuda fight with no known repercussions, but, it's another story when your best friend is the ash. I am sure that Hale told Dyson about Lauren's request we saw in The Ceremony that Dyson happily delivers files and does Hales bidding. I do wish we had more Hale this season I find the switch of Dyson's warning to Bo about Lauren being too close to the ash in season 1 and now Dyson being in that position a great storyline.
19. KateD
Hey Kiersten,

Great recap as always. I just skip the mini recaps and wait for yours. Just like I sigh when one of the others fills in for you one week. I fully agree with your analysis of the episodes. I am not a docubus fan and totally wanted to slap Lauren for once again not putting up one single tiny ounce of fight. You would think the first thought on seeing Dyson locked in a cage would be not to make excuses for ones self but to maybe try to open the cage to let him out. But no shes all long winded I was working on this enzyme and it totally came from a mature succubus... Blech. Stupid Doctor Lauren.
20. stacymd2
Hi all,
I must say thank you to Kiersten for her wonderful recap. There was too much going on in this episode and it should have been broken up into two parts, but it was well paced. The acting over all was great. It was fun to see AS’s husband play the bartender. TPTB should not have killed him off, but had him pass out or slip into a brief comma, forgetting what happened. I would love it if the bartender became a semi-regular fixture at the Dal like some of the waitresses once were.

I love how Bo takes Dyson with her to Lauren’s apartment to help search of clues in the opening. It says so much about her relationship with Dyson and it speaks volumes about how patient & nice Dyson is.

The Morrigan is brazenly evil and fun to watch. This is what the Dark Fae should be like, bad with no apologies.

I loved H & D’s scene in this episode. They balanced each other out in Seasons 1 & 2. I miss the H / D bromance and the fun it brought to the show. Also, the fun Hale brings in general. I don’t want Hale as Dyson’s sidekick anymore, because he has out grown that, but H & D should still have scenes together.

The bathtub & L’s apt scenes between B & T were creepy, sweet, funny, intense and sad all rolled into one. I hope Tamsin comes back in Season 4. T & D work well together as professional partners and I can get on board with a Valkubus romance (if the writers don’t go back to D & B), because I can see B & T relating to and working with each other. There is a feisty spark there that is non-existent between the wet noodle that is B & L.

Dr. Isaac Taft is scarier than the Garuda--better dressed too…The best thing about Season 3’s “big bad” is that it wasn’t over hyped. LG should have started the story arch sooner, having Fae go missing from the start, but the killing field & crazy scientist reveal was a surprise at the end. I felt that the Garuda was said (over and over) to be so evil, so unstoppable and so scary that when it came & was defeated I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. At least this time, I’m on pins and needles wanting to know what will happen in the final.

I loved the flirty fun between D & B. The both looked great in their dress up clothes.

There were a lot of plot holes & unanswered questions in this episode. Why even invite the Morrigan? How much time has pasted b/w Lauren’s escape and the inauguration? Why are the Light Fae even listening to the Morrigan? Why regard all Fae owned humans as terrorists? Why execute Keniz when there is no evidence against her? How did Evony get that 2ndvile?

Why didn’t Kenzi just do as everyone told her and hide? She would have been better off.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
I find the switch of Dyson's warning to Bo about Lauren being too close to the ash in season 1 and now Dyson being in that position a great storyline.

Oh, GOOD POINT. I mean, Hale is a much better person to be close to that the Old Ash, and Dyson has always done the bidding of The Ash no matter who he was (so long as it didn't clash with his instructions from Trick), but that would be clever reversal to explore for sure. In E2S3 we saw Dyson trying to work through channels and then finally using the best friend hotline to get directly to Hale - and finding out he'd been played all along. Lots of good potential conflict that could be mined there. I like it, I like it!

Trust me, that Adonis Belt gets due consideration...frequently. ;-)

Thanks KateD. I love doing them.

The H&H team has done a great job pinch-hitting for me when needed especially with the SyFy/Showcase Channel schedule shenanigans so that I can continue to bring the play by play recaps without delaying the set up of an weekly forum for you all to make use of as soon as possible following an episode. I'm very grateful for their supports and talents.
23. RoyaleWithCheese
Sorry about the blank post, I'm on a smart phone.

I just don't find Lauren to be a weak character. Just because she isn't physical, does not make her spineless. She has come to the aid of virtually everyone, even those who have not always shown her the greatest respect, and often at her own peril. Because it's what she does - helps those she cares about. Her greatest flaw is trusting too much. Trusting that her friendships with the Light Fae would trump her required servitude. Trusting Taft.

Humans are fodder to the Fae, and that isn't about to change. Lauren was at a breaking point and Taft swooped in for the kill (and the Morrigan sure looks like she's in on it). She's being setup. There's no way she could have known that Taft had any knowledge about the Fae at first. And when she got wind of a rat, she didn't throw up her hands, she started playing detective. Taft and/or the Morrigan's evil plot should not rest on her shoulders alone.

As far as Tamsin is concerned, I like the character but she was way more fun when she was throwing punches at Bo at the beginning of the season. It was refreshing to have a character that gave Bo a little shit now and again.
Pandra Selivanov
24. Zanza
I had some real problems with this episode, not least of which was Hale flipping 180 degrees again. First he cares about Kenzi, then he goes along with Trick's "She's not one of us" attitude, now he'll just die or something if anything happens to her. Too many reverses on Hale-I used to like him but now I'm just sick of him. He's like quicksand-you never know which Hale you're going to get.

And what's up with the Morrigan, laying down the law to the Light Fae and calling for a no-confidence vote? She has absolutely no standing to be there in the first place, much less trying to start a rebellion against Hale. She's got to be connected to Taft-she has the same vials the bartender used to poison Dyson and himself, all ready for the big announcement? Hopefully her people will find out she's been working with a human to hunt and kill them and that will be the end of her. I'd like a juicy scene with the Dark Fae storming her flat with pitchforks.

Bo and Dyson-oh, boy, that flirty scene was great! Loved, loved, loved seeing them like that, all happy with each other and finally getting back to where they should be. Of course it had to be cut short, but her frantic fear at seeing him down was pretty telling. And I'm going with she can tell he's still alive because they have a bond stronger than friendship or love and she would feel it if he died. I don't care if it makes sense!

I didn't have a problem reconciling Dyson telling Lauren she could never leave with him telling her to go at the end of season two. At that point Lachlan was dead and it would have been a good time to go. Yes, it was probably self-serving, but Dyson has probably known Lauren since she got roped into serving the Fae. He probably knows far better than Bo ever will how much she hates being a slave to the Fae. And Dyson seems pretty savvy politically-I bet he knew Hale would be the acting Ash. After all, there were only three finalists in the stag hunt-Lachlan, Hale, and some woman. The woman got taken out by Sabine and Hale made it to the end in one piece. It seems logical that until a new stag hunt was called, the one remaining finalist would take over as acting Ash. And I would also bet that Dyson would be expecting Hale to be lenient if Lauren left. It was probably her best and only chance to be free.

I was grieved to see Dyson and Lauren so at odds, just when they were finally starting to build a rapport. Lauren is an idiot-she's so educated all her common sense must have got squeezed out of her head. Did no one ever tell her if it sounds too good to be true, it is? Could she not figure out for herself that she needed to find out more about Taft without jumping in with both feet? I get that she was being the adult in the relationship with Bo and that she wanted to make a permanent break, but she could have done that without burning her bridges with the Fae.
25. Santiam
Maybe I'm watching a different show. Lauren exhibits no strength of character let alone physical. In no particular order: She allows Taft to simply walk her into confinemet without even token resistance. She makes no attempt to free Dyson she simply chats with him. I'd be frantically trying to figure out a way to open the cage! She has access to phones but once she has her suspicions, she doesn't call anyone to warn them. She doesn't tell Bo about her lover and when she finally does, she shares a passionate kiss over her lover's podified body. Didn't she eventually ask Bo to kill this lover? She tells Bo that Bo may use anyone for strength except the person she trusts most Dyson, forcing her lover to be intimate with strangers! When Bo needs her to believe her, she has her locked up instead. When Bo barely survives the Dawning and is all excited about her major triumph, Lauren's first response is to break up with her. Oh and spybang. After the spybang, I don't understand why Bo ever forgave her for that.
It seems to me she ends up helping her friends only after she's put them in danger, like when she called in a strike on them when they were compromised by the mind-bending spider. When Bo was facing the Dawning, Lauren wouldn't even return her calls. She said she was working on help in her lab but why couldn't she answer the phone to say as much? That's just lame! And the whole leaving without a word is so passive aggressive. Maybe it's just the lousy chemistry between her and Bo that never made me buy into doccubus or maybe it's just the obvious glee on Bo's face when she's bantering with Dyson. I really don't know why I harsh on Lauren so much. Never liked her. A little went a very long way and I feel we were served up way too much tepid Lauren at the expense of Dyson hotness. Could be just me... I want her back in the lab and only the lab for occasion bits of exposition and that's it.
26. Santiam
Apologies for anti-doccubus salvos.

Turns out that apparently "Lauren" is my launch code.
27. Minime
Can I just point out a bit of a continuity issue I just found, I decided to check out the Moragh attack post because well who doesn't want to relive Vexed and oh, oh, oh goodness the opening scene was so descriptive I think that I may need to go back and revisit the video to check the accuracy of your description to that scene. For purely fact checking reasons of course.

Any how humans in season 1 are called a ward and not a slave and Trick says that the wards are owned but are protected and taken care of in return. Am I wrong in saying that Lauren's much talked about fear of being put to death for helping Bo is a stretch in season 1?

A Ward: n. A human who is owed by a fae. Wards wear the symbols of their fae masters, ostensively to protect them whilst they’re in the fae world.
28. Yeah
I keep going back and forth on it.....
The Dal has both light and dark fae at any given time, so Massimo could be either....

But then I think him to be Light, since it was closed down for a Light Fae initiation for the new Ash, Hale. I thought the only Dark Fae that got an invite was Evony (Morrigan).
29. RoyaleWithCheese
We'll have to agree to disagree about the chemistry. I find most aspects of the Bo/Lauren relationship to be very powerful and amazing to watch. A true compliment to each other.

I believe Lauren did intend on finding a way to help Dyson, but right after her initial shock of finding him in the lab Taft popped in and she didn't get a chance. After his little fit, I wouldn't blame her if she let him sit there a while.

As far as folks barging in to a person's residence, that appears to run rampant on this show - for all characters.

Now, I'll let you get back to thinking about shirtless Dyson. :)
30. Minime
@Yeah I know the answer and I won't spoil it here, check the spoiler post.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
@RoyaleWithCheese - you lost me with "his little fit".

People are dead. Taft tortured and killed them. Dyson had to smell and see the corpses in a death field, which would have been like seeing one of the death pits in Croatia during that conflict - horrible beyond words. He's been drugged, kidnapped, and forced to fight and kill for his life for someone else morbid entertainment. Only to learn that Doctor Lauren broke her oath and fled the Fae to work for the man who did all of this - knowingly or not - and actually is the one responsible for finalizing the serum that was used to poison Dyson in the first place. Without DL's actions, whatever her knowledge or however personally valid her motivations, there would be no enzyme and Dyson would not now be offered up as a sacrifical lamb for Taft's experiment.

"Little fit"? Please. Dyson should be applauded for his restraint.
32. RoyaleWithCheese
I just found myself disappointed in his reaction. They have been through too much together for him not to see the truth on her face. (and my frustration over his change of heart over her leaving the Fae, as I mentioned above). How on Earth could she have known that Taft was a human experimenting on Fae? She counted Dyson as a friend and despite her being a slave to his kind, she would have never agreed to hurting him or Bo. She had every right to pursue her freedom, as watching the Fae treat humans as playthings and pets is as equally disturbing as what Taft does. Perhaps a little respect would have prevented her defection, and maybe that is the true culprit here.

I had to wade through the applause last week at Laurens decision to stand up and leave her captors and now she is pinned with entire Fae takedown operation?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
I'm not pinning her for the whole takedown - but she is a cog and had a huge part in it whether she knew it or not. Her actions had direct influence and should bear consequences. I dont think anyone should take Dyson to task for not immediately patting her hand and saying "there there of course you didnt know poor baby" when there's still blood on his hands from a kill he was forced to make b/c he was captured using her serum b/c she couldnt stop to question her good fortune for one damn minute b/c the poor dear has been has been oh so put upon by the Fae for the choices she's made.

DL is either an adult responsible for her own actions - like signing up with the Fae for a second time when she already knew what life was like with them and couldve finally left - or not, in which case she's a child and has no business playing in this world. She has an ever-increasing list of accomplishments from traisping through 3rd world countries to being a fugitive who reinvented her life to having a thousand degrees in multiple disciplines...and she got suckered by Taft and should be coddled & respected b/c she didn't know? For someone so "amazing" and "accomplished" she's ridiculously naive and easy to manipulate.

No. It's past time for her to stop weeping and making excuses and to start owning her shit.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
34. Kiersten
I got a little hot there. Just to be clear, none of that is directed to anyone here directly but at the show and characterization of DL.
Katherine Bloom
35. lsbloom
Regarding ratings:
1) The drop in the last three weeks. Two things happened: Revolution came back--network, genre, pretty good ratings--and this week was the NCAA championship game.
2) The only US ratings that compare with last season were the first 3 episodes. You could say it was doccutopia that drew people in; however, episodes 4 and 5 continued the doccutopia and graphic sex. My personal take is that a bunch of people tuned in to see if season 3 would be any good and they gave it a three episode test and gave up. Andras didn't fulfill the promise of a return to glory, instead she gave us creeptastic homages and cats for bad guys.

I am having difficulty with the change from "you can run" to "you can never leave." I don't think last season Dyson said it with any ulterior agenda. He's always wanted Bo to be happy and he's had numerous opportunities to throw Lauren under the bus with Bo in the past and he never has. So, it makes no sense that he would try to be tricky with Lauren then in such a guileless manner. I think reading him telling her she had an opening after the garuda fight as underhanded is just one more everything he does is back take. Personally, I think the writers needed someone to say it to Lauren so the audience could see that she made a choice to stick with Bo, and Dyson was handy and knowledgible of things fae. He did have a point afterall: it was the best chance she had to get away and not that long ago she was packing her bags and heading out the door.

Thinking about the change this week, I'm not sure. He certainly had a right to be angry. He may have just been lashing out for Lauren's stupidity (that's not "trust" the man showed up out of nowhere and knew you were wanted by Interpol, he was sketchy) getting him into such a horrible position. He's certainly changed his mind about her being able to leave, and I highly doubt it has anything to do with remaining loyal to Hale. I think for one reason or another he has realized that while Lauren as a person had an opportunity for freedom, Doctor Lauren with her fae knowledge could be highly dangerous to the fae. That in an of itself is a sufficient revelation for a change in tune. Add that to the fact that she has proven herself either by design or stupidity to be untrustworthy with the information she has, and boom he no longer agrees with his earlier sentiment.
36. RoyaleWithCheese
Nothing wrong with a little passion :)

I took Lauren making the decision to leave the Fae as a start to 'owning her shit.'. Of course there will be consequences to what she has unwittingly done, but I feel she will be unfairly hung out to dry by people she has supported unwaveringly in the past.

The Fae would have NEVER let her go, no matter what they said. Dyson made that crystal clear this episode when he wasnt focused on the romantic benefit of boosting Lauren from their world.

Lauren was bound to the Light Fae through her love of Bo and her friendships, she would have stayed with them of her own free will for those reasons (and the love for science). Again I feel human respect would have prevented this whole mess. And for that, the Fae can blame themselves.

A more helpful response from Dyson would have been one of cooperation so that they could all get out the clink.

On that note, Im hitting the hay. Thanks for the recap and discussion.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
I do agree that DL making decision to leave the Fae was a start to "owning her shit" which is why I was one of the one "applauding" it. But that has to extended to here too - not just what empowers her but what negative results come from it too - which I think too many, esp the show, is too quick and too ready to excuse her for.
Wallace Le
39. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Thank you, Kiersten your recaps are becoming a guilty pleasure for me.

In Taft’s lab, Lauren is overjoyed, feels wanted, vindicated, “useful”, working with Taft, discovering the cure for heart disease. Lauren describes her relationship with the Fae , which includes Bo as follows:- “It’s just been a long time since I’ve felt this useful” , “… something missing”, “.. an emptiness” .

Bo is now an afterthought, she wants to text Bo to share her joy. Why bother! Even if she could text Bo with the “great news” Bo would not understand. I don’t mean just the facts of it, it’s the whole academic accomplishment/achievement/dedication thing that is way over Bo’s persona/character. If the writers wish to have the Lauren/Bo show, and have them happily back together once Taft is defeated, why portray Lauren as always clearly putting her career, her commitment to science above all else. Why portray her as disdainful of the Fae (including Bo).

Sex with Bo simply isn’t enough for Lauren. Bo is unable to meet Lauren’s emotional, psychic and empathy needs, and Lauren is unable to meet Bo’s sexual (not only feeding) needs (indeed she tires of it and wishes to get back to her work). Lauren cannot relate to Bo’s street savvy persona, Kenzi esp. and Dyson can. Psychically and emotionally Dyson operates the same way as Bo. As portrayed, Lauren is attracted to Bo (her power and sexuality), and Bo is attracted to Lauren (her accomplishment, her “breeding”), but they don’t love each other, they are mutually envious of each other. In order to have a credible romance between Lauren and Bo, the writers should be careful with the portrayals.

I do have issues with Bo seeming to forget she has power to stop Dyson’s attackers, and also with the attack on Tamsin. Where was the succubus power.
Pandra Selivanov
40. Zanza
I took Lauren making the decision to leave the Fae as a start to 'owning her shit.'. Of course there will be consequences to what she has unwittingly done, but I feel she will be unfairly hung out to dry by people she has supported unwaveringly in the past.
Lauren burned her bridges with the Fae to work with the man who is killing them. If she doesn't have any more common sense than to just take off with some handsome stranger offering her candy to get into his car, she needs to be locked up for her own protection. There's nothing unfair about keeping tabs on her after she pulls a stunt like this-she was mad at Hale for not letting her take some time off and she wanted to break up with Bo. She wasn't thinking about taking responsibility for herself-she just wanted to get away. And she didn't think about what she was doing when she did it.
The Fae would have NEVER let her go, no matter what they said. Dyson made that crystal clear this episode when he wasnt focused on the romantic benefit of boosting Lauren from their world...I feel human respect would have prevented this whole mess. And for that, the Fae can blame themselves.
Isn't it a bit of a copout to blame the victims here for Lauren's mistakes? She's the one who wanted out and Dyson told her when it would be safe to go. She chose to stay. He no doubt had an ulterior motive, but he also is politically savvy enough to have figured after Lachlan died that Lauren could have left and he knew her for far longer than Bo and could see she didn't want to stay. Just because he had a good reason for her to go doesn't mean it wasn't the right time. Now she's not only missed her window to leave, she's made it so she'll never be able to leave.
A more helpful response from Dyson would have been one of cooperation so that they could all get out the clink.
Again with blaming the victim? Dyson walked through a mass grave of the Fae, he was poisoned, forced to kill, he has the blood on his hands and he's wounded, but he's supposed to make nice with Lauren, a woman who couldn't even try to open the cage? Why does Dyson have to do all the heavy lifting? Why can't Lauren try to be helpful for a change?
41. stacymd2
I love all of the posts here. I'm sorry if I am late to the party and you all have said all that I am writing now...I want to go into some thoughts about Lauren and her slavery for a moment. To start, I don’t want to bash Lauren. She has been manipulated and been through a great deal. She has helped everyone in her own way and offers up something unique to the team. With that said, since the writers are keeping the “Karen thing” it really changes (for me) everything about Lauren’s slavery. This plays into the Dyson line of she can never leave the Fae vs. last season’s leave while you can line.

Lauren has moxie and street smarts enough become a wanted international criminal and travels around the globe living off grid (in some of the harshest places in the world for a white, female lesbian no less). Yet, Lauren chose slavery at least three times, starting with her re-commitment to the Light Fae with Ash 2. (I don’t consider Lauren a “slave” a Season 1, because the show made such a big deal of saying that Ash 2 tricks Lauren into re-committing herself to the Light. This implies that she could have chosen not to.)

You have to think that Lauren being a wanted international criminal played a major factor in her continued choosing of servitude. Her slavery doesn’t seem as harsh when you consider: 1) that other than Ash 2, none of the other Ashes treated her badly; 2) if she wasn’t with the Fae she may be in living in prison or on the run scratching out life in one poor country after another.

When Dyson told her to run, that was hands down the best time for her to leave if she valued her freedom. There was an element of selfishness on Dyson’s part, but he was right. Ash 2 is dead. Hale would not have looked for her at that point. The Fae were licking their wounds. That was a year ago, as per the show. Every year Lauren stays with the Ash she becomes more ingrained and can’t leave. Lauren has to realize this—she is a scary smart, super scientist after all. At this point Lauren cannot leave the Fae, certainly not after this. I can no longer buy into Lauren’s tale of slavery woe. She is not this person who has been mentally and physically broken down by life as a slave. (See: Aoife) Lauren seems, to me, like someone who at best is a bird that likes its comfy cage and at worst a manipulative survivor who is taking advantage of the Fae as much as they are of her.
Suzanne Metaxas
42. SuzyM
OK, stop blaming Dyson for telling Lauren how it is! Lauren sees Dyson wounded and bleeding in a cage and the first thing she asks is, Is Bo here? Not Dyson are you hurt, let me see if I can open this cage and help you. Not oh my goodness how did you get here? And you’re bitching that he's told her she will never be able to leave the Fae? Really? Lauren is going to be damn lucky if she isn't executed immediately on sight!

I don't know when Lauren became a slave of the Fae; she is the ward of the Ash not his slave. She is expected to behave like any other of his subjects. When Dyson argued with the Ash he was threatened with watching sheep in Scotland. So she is not or ever has been a slave.

Lauren is written like a self-centered, superficial woman with a huge superiority complex. Therefore most people who see her that way don't like her. I once again reiterate, I don't like Lauren, I do like Zoie Palmer.
43. stacymd2
Something that bothers me about Doccubus the fan base, is that Dyson is never respectful or nice enough to Lauren. This may be why there this anger at Dyson for not immediately coddling Lauren on sight when he is trapped in a glass cage. It seems to me that nothing short of Dyson worshiping at Lauren’s feet and throwing B & L an engagement party will make Doccubus feel secure with Dyson.

(Why does Dyson even have to like or be respectful to Lauren? The same goes for Lauren, she does not have to like or respect Dyson. I use to watch a lot of soaps (Soap Net) and in no other TV scenario -- be it m/f/m (see: any show on TV) or f/m/f (see: Bold & the Beautiful’s Taylor/Ridge/Brook) or f/f/f (see: L Word’s Dana/Alice/Lara) or m/m/m (see: Noah’s Arch) -- would a woman/man patiently stand by as the person they love was with someone else and not give them hell and/or mess with their relationship.)

Dyson has a valid reason to be frustrated and angry at the moment. I think the D/L coming together convo about how to get out of Dr. Taft’s lab of horrors will happen next episode.
Pandra Selivanov
44. Zanza
Something that bothers me about Doccubus the fan base, is that Dyson is never respectful or nice enough to Lauren. This may be why there this anger at Dyson for not immediately coddling Lauren on sight when he is trapped in a glass cage. It seems to me that nothing short of Dyson worshiping at Lauren’s feet and throwing B & L an engagement party will make Doccubus feel secure with Dyson.
Stacy, you are so right but I would point out that if Lauren and Bo weren't such a lousy relationship, Doccubus wouldn't be so insecure. If Lauren and Bo were a genuine couple, it wouldn't be necessary to tear Dyson apart to make Lauren look good.
Dyson has a valid reason to be frustrated and angry at the moment.
Yes, he does and what bothers me is that it feels like a setup to make Lauren a big hero, like her doing something to help clean up the mess she made is going to make things all better.
45. whiskeywhite
lsbloom: Very interesting info about the ratings. If I had not already been obsessed with the show, I would certainly not have hung in longer than the first three episodes of Season 3. In fact, I was badly shaken by the "creeptastic homage" (well said) of 3.01. Are you saying that the ratings are worse now than they were in Season 2? Yikes! With all the boring filler in Season 2? I thought you also explained Dyson's change of opinion on Lauren leaving eloquently.

I knew the laugh out loud was coming and again it's from Santiam: "her lover's podified body."

Several people have asked how The Morrigan could speak as she did to, and influence, the Light Fae elders. But she sent gorgeous waiter to get the dark Fae elders. She stacked the house. (How an apparently Dark Fae gorgeous guy got to be a waiter at the ceremony is another question.)

While I'm on the subject of minutiae (my forte):

- who calls scotch "whiskey, the Scottish kind"? In Canada, a very sizeable portion of the drinking public drinks rye (a particular variety, 'Canadian whiskey'). So you do have to specify what kind of whiskey you want. But you order either 'rye' or 'scotch', not 'whiskey, the Canadian kind' or 'whiskey, the rye kind'. (I don't order whiskey at all, despite my name. I'm a hereditary rum drinker. )

- Can anyone explain The Morrigan's film reference: “Which one was about the hair cut that gives you cancer?” Or was that pure nonsense?

- I thought that Bo's hurried lie to Tamsin that she found "nothing" when she found Lauren's necklace, and then obviously stuffs something into her purse, was transparent beyond belief. Someone would have to be drunk out of their mind to miss that. Oh wait ...

- Required fashion commentary: While Bo's form-fitting black dress was boobsalicious, The Morrigan's dress was, as usual, far more stunning.

- Unbelievable that Hale's father wouldn't attend his inauguration! Actually, it is unbelievable for a man as concerned about social status as his father was shown to be. And where's his sister Val? Why not have her come back and stir up the pot a bit with Dyson?

- JackieLester made a good observation, that I noticed as well, that Lupercus didn't make a very impressive beginning when he struggled to get himself out of his wolf vest. Maybe Dyson should get himself a sheepskin vest. Then he could be a ... you-know-what.

A small point, stacymd2, about your argument that Lauren would be unsafe in the various countries to which she supposedly travelled. As someone who has travelled widely in Africa, I know that being white confers a fair amount of protection thanks to the legacy of colonialism. And as someone told me when I first arrived in Liberia as a quite young woman, being white also made me "half a man already" (i.e., helped overcome my gender disadvantage).
46. TheGardner
I'm sorry, but Dyson telling Lauren to leave at the end of season 2 was completely self-serving and judging by the look on her face when he says it she knows it. The guy had just gotten his love back and he wants nothing more then to have everything be like it was before his trip to the Norn and be with his "mate for life". Unfortunetly for him there is this other person present, he sees the passionate kiss "his mate" exchanges with her and the mutual love that is there between them, there are three other people in the room including himself when they kiss and all Bo and Lauren see is each other. Lauren is blocking his path to Bo and that is why he tells her to go. I believe his change of tune is either sloppy writing or more of that fae superiority complex that has been a recurring theme all season, the little human didn't do as she was told, bad slave.

I am really starting to love Tamsin. I was on the fence about her for awhile and when her character was first introduced she was so over-the-top abrasive, but now she is so broken and vulnerable. I really hope TPTB don't have her and Bo get together, I like the friendship between them. I also really enjoy her partnership with Dyson, they play off each other so well and it was great to see how much she cares about him when she finds out he has been kidnapped. If I had to choose a lover for her, this is Lost Girl after all, I would pick Lauren or if not lovers can they be roommates in season 4, I mean Tamsin has already moved in and is wearing her robe.

I believe Lauren has every right to say "screw you" to the fae. Yes, it was her decision to commit to them, but it was based on lies, the first Ash dangling this cure in front of her to save her girlfriend and Lachlyn lying about un-cursing her. Why should she be beholden to these beings that exploit her for her abilities then treat her at best like she is food? Dr. Taft is a well known and respected scientist that she recognized instantly on sight, he like most headhunters, shows up with the right offer at the right time and she jumps on it. Without Bo, why should she stay and wait around until she outlives her usefulness and is put down?

As for Hale and Kenzi, eh I'm just not feelin' it. Perhaps if Hale had been around more, preferably shirtless, I could see the sparkage between them, but that kiss was tepid so to the friendzone with yee!

@lsbloom - Thank you for clarifying, I will concede that you make some good points, though I believe some of the those things they have in common, like them both being alpha's, would lead to some serious personality conflicts should they attempt to be together romantically again.
Pandra Selivanov
47. Zanza
I'm sorry, but Dyson telling Lauren to leave at the end of season 2 was completely self-serving and judging by the look on her face when he says it she knows it.
Self-serving or not, was it or was it not the only possible time when Lauren could have left and had a real shot at getting away? That's the real question. If it's so terrible to be with the Fae, what difference does it make why Dyson told Lauren it was safe to go? He'd known her for years and he knew she was miserable-it's not like he told her to leave when it WASN'T safe to go, so that she'd get caught and possibly thrown back in her dungeon. Lauren wanted to get away from the Fae and Dyson told her when she was good to go. Whatever his motivations were (and I don't believe it was JUST self-serving) she chose to stay.
48. stacymd2
Hi All,
-Zanza: I fully believe that the final will have Super Scientist Lauren save Dyson, Aoife and all of Faedom. It has too in order to redeem her.
-Whiskey white: I bow to your knowledge of Africa. I hope to one day travel to that part of the world.
-The Gardner: I agree with you that there was an element of selfishness on D’s part for telling Lauren to run in Season 2, but it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t correct or that it was bad advice at the time. I disagree with the “slavery/beholden to/exploit her” thing regarding Lauren’s relationship with the Fae, because of the “Karen/wanted international criminal thing”. I think Lauren/Karen is using the Fae as much as they are using her.
Carmen Pinzon
49. bungluna
I was reading a book about the fae and realized that in most of the mythology, the 'otherworldly creatures' lure humans to their doom. They grant wishes that trap them, or offer something that makes them get lost in the fae world, etc.

Viewed through this lense, Lauren's "wardship" or "slavery" makes more sense within a hidden fae world. Think about the faery tales out there. Usually, it's only the person with a selfless bent who manages to get away from the fae. Everybody else gets caught in their world and is doomed to a life with them.

So Lauren, for whatever reason, be it Nadia or her fugitive status or something else, pledged herself to the Ash. Then, when she was freed from that bargain, she did it again. Nope, not feeling the pity for her at all; she chose her own 'doom'. For such a book-smart lady, she sure acts living stupid.
50. TheGardner
To clarify I never said Dyson was wrong only that his reason behind telling her to run were selfishly motivated. In all reality if she was going to run that would be the best time to do it while the Light were leaderless. My bone of contention is that why should she have to run at all, she was tricked into slavery and when she had a chance to run before(Lachlyn's Garuda distraction) she chose to stay and fight, if nothing else her stabalizing the Naga Venom and facing down the Garuda should have earned her freedom. In 3x01 Bo even asks her why she didn't take her chance and escape, the answer is all over her face she believed Bo was worth staying for, but you can't base your entire life/happiness around one person. She convinced herself it was enough and for awhile it was, then the cracks in foundation appeared and she had to face reality.

I want this Karen Beattie crap explained in the finale. Is this something the fae cooked up to explain her absence in the world, i.e. her friends in family or is this who she was then she reinvented herself or were they smokin' crack in the writers room and photoshopped a picture of Zoie Palmer for kicks? I am leaning towards the latter because that was so off the map and makes no sense continuity wise, talk about plot holes and sloppy writing, sheesh!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
51. Kiersten
Also, how could DL keep all her degrees etc w/out being Karen Beattie? If she was already a lab tech/scientist when an activist, presumably at least some if not most of her extensive education and training was done as Karen. But Nadia knew her as DL, and she was in Africa etc as DL b/c those were the accomplishments Taft listed when plying her with compliments. So how could she have maintained those medical and scientific qualifications that were earned whilst being someone else?
52. Santiam
@Whiskeywhite I too pondered the drink order. Were they ordering Scotch? What the heck is "Whiskey, the Scottish kind?" Does that mean cheap?
53. Minime
"My bone of contention is that why should she have to run at all, she
was tricked into slavery and when she had a chance to run
before(Lachlyn's Garuda distraction) she chose to stay and fight, if
nothing else her stabalizing the Naga Venom and facing down the Garuda should have earned her freedom."

TheGardner I agree that she shouldn't have had to run because she chose to be there. Lauren is a smart, genius in fact, Yale educated Doctor who has at least 3 known degrees. Lauren has traveled the world including Egypt twice, she is a freedom fighter so I assume she is big on freedom. DL chose to recommit herself she CHOSE to stay. When she recommitted to the Ash it wasn't with the idea that she would stay for a few weeks or till she decided to leave she recommitted herself freely to the Ash with no expiration date and no stipulations.

As for the whiskey Dyson is Scottish so he ordered "whisky" no e I know this because my husband is from Ireland every country makes their own whisky
54. Santiam
@Kiersten--- ooh salient point! How did DL keep degrees w/out being Karen Beattie? I'm waiting for it to be revealed that DL invented pants and the internet.

Doccubus makes me feel like "Only sour cherry on the fruit stand"
Kiersten Hallie Krum
55. Kiersten
Gold star for Sour Cherry!! Man, I love that scene song
Suzanne Metaxas
56. SuzyM
I'm truly tired of everything revolving around Lauren. She is the least exciting character in the show and yet we end up talking about her and her screw-up’s incessantly. The character of Lauren has betrayed those that she calls "friends" because she was throwing a fit because Hale who was in the middle of the biggest time of his life wouldn't give her vacation. Really, how many times have people asked their boss for vacation and been told no. Did you quit! Did you throw a tantrum and walk off your job and leave those you supposedly love without even a phone call? No, how surprising *said with sarcasm* I’m tired of Lauren and her drama.

Dyson once again will be asked to sacrifice himself for the women he loves and I just know there will be those trashing him for it. I have been very quite lately because I've had enough of this crap. The character of Dyson has been written as chivalrous and loyal and to me those are some pretty good characteristics!

I do believe that Dyson will forgive Aife for everything she did to him and save her too. It is just his nature.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
57. Kiersten
Also the degrees and conversion to DL identity happened BEFORE she met the Fae b/c Nadia knew her as Lauren not Karen, so the Karen ident can't be Fae created to explain DL's absence to the human world b/c 1. she's still out and about in the human world (lives in flat outside Fae compound, goes on road trip to the coast w/newly awakened GF AFTER recommitting to the Fae, a freedom a slave would not be able to do) and 2. the DL identity is well established as her professional and personal identity well before she had even heard of the Fae, so backlogging a fake Karen ident makes no sense at all.

So yeah, I'm going w/writers smoking something option
58. Minime
Sorry my post got marked as spam, Dyson ordered whisky, no e not the American whiskey. Two different drinks and not related to scotch.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
59. Kiersten
Scotch is a type of whiskey. It's unusual to order it like that, sure, but Dyson is a Scot and wanted the real thing, not bourbon or Canadian whiskey or whatever. I think the point was that Bo ordered the same thing, that she was in concert with him even on this and the appeal that had for Dyson to hear "his girl" order "his drink". Given all the other stuff in this ep, it's not worth this level of deconstruction.

I agree we spend too much time talking about DL but given that this season has been the DOCTOR LAUREN IS THE BEST season, it's kind of inevitable in a way
60. nypinta
I will say there is a big difference between asking a normal human boss for a vaction and Lauren asking Hale for time off. And it might be a big time for him due to his inaugeration, but it isn't for her. She's a doctor and has nothing to do with what is going on with him. He even says to her that he's been busy with other things and appreciates her being so diligent anyhow. It actually would be the perfect time to let Lauren do something else so he wouldn't have to think about her stuff. (And yes I do know people who quit because their boss wouldn't let them have a time off.) However, I think what Lauren should have asked Hale was for her freedom and have him refuse. Not time off. Lauren was tied to the fae through a falsehood. Despite this, Lachlan still claimed her as his "chattle". Meaning her attachment to the fae is seen as property and permanent. Despite this, after Lauren digs in her heels and tries to leave with Nadia because she doesn't feel that the fae are living up to their end of the bargin, which was to help her find a cure for Nadia, he makes her a prisoner. But because he knows he needs her to help defeat the Garuda he uses Bo to cure Nadia. I saw her repledging herself to him as symbolic only. And done out of gratitude for saving Nadia not because fae rules demanded that she do so. She already belonged to Lachlan. But Hale has always said he'd be different and wanted to treat humans more as equals. That was his whole thing with asking Kenzi to pretend to be his girlfriend. So if Lauren had asked him to be released from her pledge and he still said no the way he did, it'd make much more sense that she would get her back up so bad. Because then it would reinforce the whole idea that fae (even Hale) see humans as objects. So he said no and then Lauren took her freedom. I have no issue with her not saying anything to anyone why she left. Why? And who? If she talked to Bo she wouldn't have left. And there really isn't anyone else she cares about enough to tell. Dyson? hahaha. One drink doesn't make him a confidant.
As for Taft. She did know who he was. He was not a stranger that came in and sweeped her off her feet. She states when he shows up with her award what a fan of his she has been. So why would she look into his background when he offers her a job? That'd be like an IT genius asking what Bill Gates motive is when they get offered a job at Microsoft.
Having said all that, to expect Dyson to not be UBER pissed when he found out that she was involved. That wasn't blame on his face though. It was dissapointment.

PS Whoever suggested that Dyson start wearing sheepskin vests!! Flove. That's just awesome.
61. Santiam
@SuzyM Amen sister!

I think I'd rather delve into why a character like Dyson is so great then why a character like Lauren would make good wallpaper paste.

For instance-- I really enjoyed Hale this time around. I like this new more mature version of him. I think he might make a good leader but he has to take it and not wait in line. He should never have let Evony address the crowd. Why was a crowd of light Fae so agreeable?

I also really liked Messimo though seldom has a character name stuck me as so ill-fitting. Kiersten pointed out that he had chemistry with Kenzi. It's interesting to see her character catch sparks with Hale and Mes. It was just really cool to have a new character add so much that I wanted him to stick around.

There was something wild yet noble about Dyson, that utterly eclipsed Lauren as a specimen in their respective beakers. If those glass tubes could distill the essence of their characters, I'd expect something smoky, fiery and intoxicating to come from Dyson and tapiocca to come from tube-o-Lauren even with its Fae-girl additive.

There I go launching into sour cherry again... but not if one has a hankering for desert instead of spirits.

Oh and Trick-- he seemed so vulnerable out in the real world. He is larger than life and the Blood King in his own world. Yet when he was making his way through the barber shop and then got scooped up, my heart ached! Dyson may be able to look fierce in a cage but Trick in such a situation just offends me to the core somehow.

Tamsin came off as noble if damaged or at least struggling to make the transition from villan to hero.

Bo seemed to be the least interesting in this ep simply because she was, at this point, just reacting to events and not the focus. It was a little annoying how she kept insisting that people take their time and attention off major crime cases and a coronation to pay attention to her missing person, instead of offering to help. Dyson was right to point out that he was in the middle of the most important case of his life and his best friend's event and could not play relationship detective. I just felt that Bo should have already come to that conclusion on her own. I said earlier that Kenzi seemed self-centered that way too instead of offering support to Hale. Damn that man is sooo alone! It's like he got left at the alter!
62. nypinta
@santiam "There was something wild yet noble about Dyson..."


I'm ok with Kenzi being ticked at Hale though. Because he kind of left her hanging too, if you recall. Or rather, he shut a door in her face.

Bo not asking Dyson about his case was odd. Even if she was preoccupied with Lauren being missing.
63. Santiam
I agree that Hale shut the door in Kenzi's face but I would have too. He was in the middle of negotiating and she wanted to babble about something as trivial as fashion. Granted, fashion is not trivial to her but there is a time and place for everything and she was completely inappropriate. She showed no consideration at all for the serious stress he was under. So when she came back again after being a completely inconsiderate ditz-- he shut her out. He was in the middle of something important and she did not care. So in a way she cried wolf and then when she really did need help, he ignored her. I thought it was weird that she didn't text or call since she is such the phone-gal. She didn't try a note or anything-- just wandered off offended forever without once considering that she was partly to blame. I forgive her because she was under the influence of something but her actions really struck me as immature and inconsiderate.
Maybe she's mad at him not so much for that but maybe he never came around after she was rescued from the kitsune?
64. Minime
tapiocca to come from tube-o-Lauren even with its Fae-girl additive.

I so agree!
65. nypinta
Well... before Kenzi walked in on Hale, she was trying to tell him about the rash, but he was ignoring her. I mean to the point of answering his cell and talking without even holding up his hand to stop her from talking. They were both ignoring how much stress they were each under. But Hale didn't turn his full attention to her until she started talking about helping him dress for the part as Ash. Suddenly he was all ears. Her walking in while he was in a meeting was just stupid. He should have had someone, even if it was just a receptionist, at the door to keep anyone else out. That's on him. Her ignoring his objections was on her. Again, both at fault. But he completely over reacted by installing Buff and Biff the uber fae bouncers at the door and not even giving her a heads up about his need to take care of other things. Then she gets nabbed and chances are he hasn't been around since. Hence her extra snitty attitude, which I completely understand. But she's on extra pins and needles because since her kidnapping she's been reminded time and again how less then she is as a human and that day at his inaugeration was a final straw, I think. But it was for Hale too since she was about to finally be a fae meal.
66. drusilla_doll
Sadly with Hale's actor being unavailable the Hale/Kenzi dynamic and relationship suffered. Not enough meaningful build up to that declaration. I still ship them, though. But I have a feeling Hale isn't too long for this world now that he's given up his protection talisman to protect Kenzi.

This morning I was doing a rewatch and I actually chuckled out loud at Bo's: 'You stupid, stupid girl' line to Tamsin. It just struck me how ironic it was considering Tamsin is being forced to do her job of taking Bo down after threats made to her and Acacia. But we see how conflicted she is, and she takes a bullet for Bo without even thinking of the cost to herself at the time.

Meanwhile Bo's ex-gf just helped contribute to a massive breakdown of Fae-Human relations because she was naive, gullible and emotionally vulnerable enough to recklessly jump at the first chance to make a permanent break from the fae and Bo to pursue the promise of success and recognition as a human scientist. Taft dangled 'freedom' in front of her nose like a carrot in front of a donkey and she bit hard, with little to no thought as to what damage her actions might cause to those she left behind. With awful and far-reaching consequences - not all of which were her fault, obviously, Taft is to blame for the hunting down the fae. But hey, Tamsin's the stupid one.
67. stacymd2
-Does anyone have any thoughts on Trick? I think he was going to find someone or thing to help Hale & Kenzi. (I do not think he was fleeing.) A part of me really wants Trick to be the key to saving Kenzi, even though it would be more romantic if it was Hale.

Other than D & K, Trick has had even less of a role and development this season. It would have been a nice build up to this episode if we got to actually see Trick mentoring Hale as Ash.

Since K.C. Collins was unavailable this season, the writers could have also built up Trick & Dyson’s friendship. They have yet to explain why Dyson is loyal to him. They hinted that Trick was forced to leave the UK, but left it at that. Exploring D & Trick’s past could help the show with Fae world building & mythology, which it is greatly lacking.

-Kenzi and Massimo do have chemistry, their kiss was magnetic. I hope the show, however, gives Hale an honest shot first. If K & H test the relationship waters and things don’t work out because of his responsibilities as the Ash (or whatever) then at least they tried. K & H have been building since Season 1, it got derailed this season because of KC’s schedule (I think).

-Random thought: Why does Hale have to declare his love to Kenzi? I know this seems bizarre, but hear me out. I’m not saying that Hale should not have told Kenzi that he deeply cares for her but…LG is a sex positive show. It has a strong female lead. The women are dominant and dynamic in their own way. If Kenzi has romantic feelings for Hale, why isn’t the burden on her to declare her love? For once I would like a female to do that to a man and it not be the other way around, especially on LG where Bo waffled between lovers.

I agree that too much time is spent discussing Lauren, not to beat a dead horse but:
-If Lauren recommitting to the Light was symbolic then the show would not have made a point of having Bo say that Lauren was tricked into recommitting.

The “Karen thing” is probably a combination of sloppy writing and a hit of crack, but as a viewer I can only judge the characters by their actions, what they say and what is shown on screen. If TPTB keep the “Karen thing” as is, then Lauren’s slavery becomes less and less dramatic to me. Keep in mind that as a Light Ash “slave” she lives in a lavish apartment, doesn’t seem to pay or want for anything (nice wardrobe, transportation, Internet, etc.), is able to have a girlfriend, mostly travels where she pleases (except for the time under Ash 2), does get to do & publish some of her own research/projects and in Season 1 seemed to really like working with the Fae. Compare Lauren’s situation, from Season 1 to now, to the one Aoife was in…

-The vast majority of Season 3 has been about Bo, Lauren and their relationship (getting together, how to say together, how outside events affect their relationship, their “break” because Lauren feels overwhelmed, and Lauren’s actions because of said break). Would Lauren have given Dr. Taft the time of day or asked Hale for time off if she hadn’t broken up with Bo?
Wallace Le
68. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
@stacymd2 …”If Kenzi has romantic feelings for Hale, why isn’t the burden on her to declare her love? For once I would like a female to do that to a man and it not be the other way around, especially on LG”

Well said! What a great idea! Writers are you paying attention. LG pretends to be a lot, but always seems to miss the mark when it’s ShowTime!!

LG does have a lot of females in prominent roles, but it appears to me that it is just as buttoned down as your typical sci-fi show. It did not start that way. But being picked up by the SyFy channel and catering to segments of the viewing community has taken a toll.

I really wanted LG to fulfill the promise of an adult themed, sexually exploratory, gender role challenging, sci-fi urban fantasy production. LG is nothing of the sort. I have said before that the last two episodes could be rated as TV-Y7. The writers aren’t even bothering to develop the Fae world and draw us more into the whole mythology.
69. Santiam
@Drusilla_doll good point about Tamsin and DL. Also it's obvious that Tam's in pain. Do we know why? Is The Wanderer causing it? Is he/she controlling her or attempting to?

@stacymd2 I'd like to see more of the Trick and Dyson dynamic too.
Good point about Hale and Kenzi. She's so outspoken, why didn't she confront him before this? I took it to be that she's tough and clever but vulnerable where it comes to matters of the heart. I have nothing against Bo rebounding to Lauren, but it should have taken about the same time as a ball does rebounding off a wall-- in that I've been so beyond ready for her to bounce back!
70. TheGardner
I think all of the complaining about Doctopia and Lauren hogging the spotlight is hilarious when in actuality her character has had less screen time than Tamsin(112 minutes for DL and 128 for Tammers) and only had more than Trick(63 min), Hale doesn't count. I would say that is a tetimate to the awesomeness that is Zoie Palmer and her ability to do so much with what she is given.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
71. Kiersten
I've said many times that ZP does an amazing job in the role and is particularly skilled in making small moments resonate powerfully whether you like what DL is doing or not.
Katherine Bloom
72. lsbloom
@TheGardner Sorry, but I don't for one second trust Kedrie's numbers. She is the same person who counts partially clothed conversations and scenes with off camera sex noises as "sex scenes" of equal standing to bedstead-grabbing naked grinding. Regardless of how much "time" Lauren v rest of the cast have had, Lauren has had in-depth quality screentime, since she isn't ever set decoration or part of the group. She has has the primary storylines, relationship, and Bo time.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
73. Kiersten
Guys, I dont know what numbers you're referring to - and I really dont want to know so dont feel the need to link - but let's take a step back OK? We don't target people directly here and we do our best to keep the convo on the show and those directly associated with it and/or official press/PR/data rather than what sounds like an outside independent source.

Of course, lots of rumor and gossip is just fun. ;-)

Kidding. I'm confident you all know what I mean. Thanks.
74. Santiam
It's just that Doctopia is so uninteresting that any screen time at all is tedious. To me it just seems like a strange interlude that has lasted too long. I'm impatient to get back to the romantic relationship that compelled me to watch in the first place.

Maybe what they should do is introduce a female love interest that has the complexity and charismatic energy of Dyson? Come to think of it... maybe that's what they've tried to do with Tamsin. She's certainly more compelling than Lauren, but I don't see her as a romantic hook-up. It seems like they've been trying to make Lauren more complex but it just hasn't worked to try and revamp her after the fact. Part of the problem just comes down to chemistry. She sucks the life out of every scene. I put that down to the character not the actress.
For me personally, I'd like to get back to the main characters of Dyson, Bo, Kenzi and Hale. I enjoyed Trick, Lauren, the Ash and the Morrigan as side characters.
75. stacymd2
The Gardener: ZP is a great actress and brings a lot of deepth to all of her scenes. She is so funny in all of her interviews! I don't believe in the screen time numbers you quoted.
Based on number of episodes in 2013:
Tamsin: 11 episodes
Dyson: 12 episodes (he was not in Fae-ge Against the Machine)
Lauren: she is in all 13 episodes
Lauren was featured heavily in the early episodes and most of the episodes thus far has featured some aspect of Bo & Lauren’s relationship.
76. TheGardner
Some nerd posted character screentime on FB, and I busted out my inner nerd and looked it up on an "official" Lost Girl statistics website run by nerds who obviously have no lives. There is merrit to the numbers if you watch the character specific episode segments posted by other nerds on youtube. I do have a life so I didn't verify evrything, I had thought it was funny and posted it, my appolgies.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
77. Kiersten
No worries. Just trying to get in front of things before there's anything to really get in front of. Carry on ;-)
Pandra Selivanov
78. Zanza
I saw a post at IMDB about the actual breakdown in minutes of how much time each character had been on-screen and I am awed that someone would actually sit down and count up all the minutes. :D Be that as it may, I think a lot of screen time that can be cut down or cut out without affecting the story is not the same as a little screen time that is vital to the story.

In other words, I think Zoie Palmer's screen time has been more of a presence than the numbers would suggest, that she has had a lot of naked time with Bo, not to mention the one real conversation they've had in three years, and several of the stories have centered on Lauren, so the perception is that she has been around a great deal. I think that's a fair perception, that this has been Lauren's season, and that the whole arc of her breaking up with Bo and going off with Taft is setting Lauren up to be a big hero to redeem her somewhat tarnished image. I just hope they can manage to make Lauren look good without making Dyson look bad.
79. whiskeywhite
Santiam, if you're going to keep winning the laugh out loud contest, then I'm going to have to ask you to retire as the Champion and let others have a chance: :-)
What the heck is "Whiskey, the Scottish kind?" Does that mean cheap?
Aw, come on, Kiersten. Of course, the whiskey wording weirdness isn't important. But I'm sure you're happy to let people have their fun. :-)

TheGardner, I found your stats info. interesting and would have liked a link to the 'nerds' stats site. I would have checked it out just to see. I certainly agree that we don't need to get into debates about who out there said what. However, I don't see what's wrong with sharing info. about LG discussions/ sources of info. that others might find interesting, especially if you, as a committed contributor, think they're worth knowing about. For instance, when Prodigy Pictures was publically criticized by GLAAD for an allegedly transphobic portrayal of the prison warden in 3.01, I was interested to see what AfterEllen was saying about it. And if I hadn't already known about the commentary, I would have appreciated someone pointing me to it. We aren't the only smart people on the planet discussing LG (although of course we constitute a very large proportion of them). :-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
80. Kiersten
Sorry all. Thats on me, not H&H, & just in the interest of keeping the contention level low.

I'm actually quite keen on number crunching (nerd me, baby) but the interpreation of those numbers as we've already seen here can go in many directions and potential set things en flambe when we're all such tepid creatures on a normal day... ;-)

Carry on if you'd like with the links. Sorry for the overly cautious instinct
81. drusilla_doll
Quality over quantity. No matter who as more screen time, if all it is is facetime and background noise or exposition, it's not going to loom as large as scenes where the character is a main focus, or part of the most impt plots, or getting time with Bo. Dyson being a background sidekick and saying a few lines while being mostly shoved in the back isn't the same as a 2 minute scene where two characters are talking intimately about stuff. Take for instance the bath scene or other snippets. Counting minutes of fleeting appearances doesn't cut it for me.
Linda Losik
82. LindaL
Good Lord Love a Duck: hasn't anyone worked in a bar???? Most bar regulars know that when you order whiskey it is either neat or on the rocks without specifing what Kind of whiskey you want to drink, you get well not top shelf. Scotch is most assuredly top shelf!

We have all had enough of Lauren; bring on more Dyson/Bo time! This show if it is to survive needs to get back to basics, which will annoy the Doccubi, to which I answer: Oh Well....
83. Minime
For people who want to see the numbers

IMO it doesn't matter how much screen time an actor gets it's the quality of it. Look at the Morrigan she must have 10-20 min. total and she makes an impression.
Suzanne Metaxas
84. SuzyM
Where are the numbers from? Are they official or are they what someone compiled. I truly find it hard to believe Dyson has had more minutes than Lauren, but I don't have the time or intrest to go and check it out :)
85. Minime
Suzy they are not official official, it was done by a doccubus fan who had insomnia and decided to get a stop watch and time everyone's screen time. I would never verify it but I also question some things like this season we had a ton of scenes with Dyson & Tamsin in the background playing pool at the Dal and I am curious if that is considered screen time. Like I said it's not about amount of time on screen it's about impact. I can't find the newest graph but according to it Kenzi had the least amount of screen time after Trick but I thought she was right there front and center. Also the times depend on what network your watching Syfy cuts 2 -3 minutes out of each episode vs Showcase.
86. whiskeywhite
There was a discussion a while ago as to whether Lauren was, or was not, a "slave" to The Ash. I was rewatching "Vexed" where Trick first explains to Bo that lauren is a 'Ward" of The Ash. But then he goes on the clarify that he "owns" her "in return for protection." A human being "owned" as private property is the textbook definition of slavery and is what distinguishes it from indentured labour, forced labour, serfdom, and waged labour. The relationship is the same as that of a draft animal or piece of machinery. A slave is owned until sold to someone else, freed by the owner, or until the slave buys their freedom from the owner (in essence transferring the deed of ownership to themselves). In LG, the relationship between Lauren and the The Ash is presented as something that Lauren agrees to (although perhaps under duress). This makes it closer to indentured labour, a form of unfree labour where people were under unbreakable contracts for a set period of years and during that period were required to work and were (mis)treated very much like slaves. Many people (men) from China and India first came to North America and the Caribbean as indentured labourers. In both cases, protection is not part of the deal (except in so far as the owned person is a valuable piece of property).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
87. Kiersten
In which case DL is neither slave nor indentured as she most definitely is repeatedly protected by her connection to The Ash and has benefitting in many ways from the arrangement, first by helping to keep Nadia alive and then by the many research opportunities she's been given while with the Fae and indeed being able to help both Bo and Dyson investigate etc to which she has repeatedly responded "neat". That her arrangement has chafed at times when her personal situation has been less than stellar does not mean she's been/is a slave. Certainly her exchange with Hale was more petualent child denied her cookie for reasons that weren't properly explained than imprisoned slave to master AND he was willing to work out a compromise so she could have something. A slave wouldnt be given such consideration nor would one have had the freedom to make the decision to saunter out the door and leave in a limo in the first place.

She entered into an arrangement that wasn't always pleasant and had difficult repercutions from time to time (often when she was simply denied what she wanted/thought her due which happens to everyone from time to time) but she benefitted as much as she "suffered" and frankly even more. That she bore an unfortunate "status" label within the world she chose to become a part of is part and parcel of it all. No one likes to be on the low rung of the totem pole or have to answer to a higher authority when we think/know we are in the right & they're wrong, but we do it. We don't however cry that we're slaves. That's too strong a word under which too many people have been too deeply abused to be associated with someone merely being expected to live up to the agreement/arrangement she volunteered for when she doesn't like it anymore or she has an emotional boo boo. Indentured servants as you described were also horribly abused, a state DL has never endure (brief restriction to a cell by Lachlan notwithstanding) and to associate or label her circumstances in such a way is ludicrous.
88. Minime
I think aspects of Lauren's situation make it hard to see her as a slave, indentured servant or as she told Hale a prisoner. However, her current situation with Taft is going to let her see what it's like to be a prisoner held against her will and forced to do things she doesn't want to. In my opinion Lauren has many freedoms but she doesn't have liberty, they are two different things. Going by definitions Lauren is a ward not a slave the difference being she is cared for and protected.
Linda Losik
89. LindaL
If we use the feudal system, which Lost Girl appears to be based on, Lauren would be more of a serf. Serfs in medieval times could leave and if they were not found for a year and a day, then they could not be brought back to the land. Only later in medieval times were the serfs bound to the land and changed liege lords when the lord was replaced for whatever reason. However, the year and a day tradition was only voided in Russia.

How did the rest change liege lords? When the lord died or broke trust (read oath breaker). It could be argued that when Dyson’s king caused the death of his friend Stefan just so that he could take Ciara as his wife, the king broke oath with his warriors.

So, according to feudal traditions, with Lachlan being dead, Dyson was letting Lauren know her options about staying or leaving. The choice was hers; no one made her stay. As far as I can see, Lauren has broken oath at least three times, Nadia, the first Ash and now Lachlan (who she told this was never coming off). There is a saying from these times: those who are false to their first oath will be false to the second.

Wards, during this time, were also protected and cared for. Coddled far more than even major heirs (of which most were) with living parents. Why, because their marriages could change the political landscape. So Lauren in the modern world would be coddled and protected as a ward something that Bo would never have. Bo would only be another light fae.

Begining Rant:
And given Lauren’s perchance whining and letting everyone the dirty work, I would say that she does need this type of protection. Especially how, given the opportunity, she gets herself into major trouble so Bo (or someone) can rescue her. I just wish that she would learn to rescue herself!
End Rant!
90. whiskeywhite
Fascinating info., LindaL, about serfs. I considered the serf option but rejected it because I knew that the serfs were bound to the land rather than being "owned" directly by the lord. I didn't know about the change in the nature of the relationship from early to later medieval times, so that was really helpful. In fact, the lord "owned" neither the land or the serfs, since there was no private property (private ownership of land or other productive resources) in this pre-capitalist era. The lords had the right to control and benefit from the land, and the serfs who came essentially as attachments to the land, but did not 'own' the land in the modern sense. That's why slavery under capitalism is unique from, say, classical slavery. It's the first time that a massive economic system was built on the use of human beings as privately owned, productive property, or capital.

You, Kiersten and Minime all make good arguments about Lauren's
degrees of freedom (Minime, I found your distinction between freedom and liberty really succinct). The problem in Trick's explanation is the use of "owned" together with "ward" and "protection", as you all so clearly demonstrate. In other words the problem is writing for effect rather than accuracy, since they were going for the emotional punch of "owned". Re: prisoner, we should keep in mind that slaves, indentured workers (the majority of whom were not servants but field, mine or railroad workers), and to a certain extent serfs, are all essentially prisoners. The difference is that they are imprisoned not for punishment but for their labour. And that's why Lauren is kept among the Fae, for the value of her work. Now of course, whether her work is valuable to the Fae or not, she's too dangerous to let go because she knows too much (and as many of you have pointed out in detail, is easily exploited). Frankly, I don't have the emotional energy to try to figure out what's going to happen to Lauren, or anyone else. I'm just going to wait and see (and read you fascinating folks while I wait).
91. Minime
LindaL & Whiskeywhite the serf idea fit's quite nicely for both Lauren & the fae. Humans & fae being bound to the land with the idea that the ash must get "busy" with the land in order to keep it. With the changes in Ash everyone is kept in their positions, the Ash doesn't appoint new police, councilman etc. In effect we can look at the Ash as the lord and all the fae & humans in his area are surfs. They all work for the greater good of the light fae in their district.
Katherine Bloom
92. lsbloom
For me a key aspect to the horror and trauma of slavery is the unwillingness of the victims. The idea of being "sold into." The entire point of calling Lauren a slave was to provide an explanation for her lack of agency and culpability. Archanofaebia was such a telling episode for me. She pushed the button called in the hit squad, following procedure or whatever, to protect the fae. When Dyson told her the spider had Bo, Lauren and Dyson were the only ones who knew where the spider was, so Lauren told the hit squad to burn Bo, Kenzi, and Hale to death, even without knowing if that would kill the spider. She was willing to sacrifice Bo just on a hunch, for the greater fae good. And she was willing to stand by that decision when called on it, for the greater good, for the fae. Those were her loyalties. Whereas even in that situation Dyson was so attuned to Bo that when she exhibited strange warning signs it pinged instantly, not the doctor who had two patients telling her they don't feel like themselves in her lab who she dismisses. Fans have to call her a slave to explain those priorites. To wipe away her hesistance to help Bo on numerous occasions. Her being "just too close to the Ash."

To do so, you have to drop the security codes and the trying to order Dyson around and the fae lab assistants and the "in the name of the Ash it is done" and right now you have to forget that she found working on humans "pedestrian" after dealing with the fae. But for me the biggest thing you have to drop is that a worldly, well educated, upper class woman with (many?) post-graduate degrees willingly entered into a business arrangement (twice). Yes, that arrangement put her in an almost feudal society, but her restrictions aren't much worse than the rest of the fae. Maybe she looks back now and feels like she made a deal with the devil, but she got what she asked for and she asked for research funding and help for Nadia.
93. TheGardner
I don't think it matters what word is used to describe her situation, the main point is despite whatever freedoms she has, Lauren is still beholden to the Ash and her life doesn't belong to her. It's not a job, she can't just quit, she is forever bound to the will of the Ash. The Ash can beat her, rape her, throw her in the dungeon, do basically whatever he wants to her and she is expected to return to her duties with no say. Gaining some actual insight with clear definitions for the parameters of her bond would be nice, but this is Lost Girl, come on now, TPTB can't even figure out how the wolf's nose works.
94. Minime
TheGardner sorry to say that the Ash must offer her protection and Lachlan put her in the dungeon for threatening to leave the light and go to the dark. While she can be put in the dungeon she has never beaten or raped while under the care of the Ash. The Dark are different as is shown by the treatment of Aiofe and the women Ba'al drugged and abused in Vex's club. Yes, Lauren is beholden to the Ash but it was her choice, twice. So no matter what any of us choose to call her she is in a bed of her own making.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
95. Kiersten
And then she preens about it, all smug, and has the gall to accuse Dyson of being pissed b/c DL was Bo's "hero" this time! (And where's the fan vitriol vs DL for not allowing Bo to save herself in that scenario, hmmmmm?? Ah double-standard, you rear your head again!)

Dyson, who has no time for DL's shit and is amused by her blatant retcon of the truth, calls her on the fact that she was the catalyst for Bo's danger in the first place. If DL hadnt call in Arson Hands, Dyson wouldve be able to enter Hilton Hovel, update Bo as to the problem & Bo couldve then actually saved herself (she already cleared her head feeding from Hale by then) by trapping the spider and turning it over to have the heart issue figured out. Instead, he couldnt get past Arson Hand b/c DL had already "followed procedure" and put Bo, Kenzi & Hale's lives in imminent danger. And he still never rats DL out to Bo for it - but Dyson's the asshole who is crushing Bo's agency and impeding her perfect happiness with DL with his inconvenient wang. Riiiiigggghhhhttttt.

In S3 DL's insistence that Bo was "ill" and that "something was wrong" convinced Trick to have Dyson lock Bo up when Kenzi was in real danger. Sure Bo was changing, but that had nothing to do with Kenzi's situation and DL's arrogance, her insistence that she knew best nearly cost Kenzi her life. And now her actions have lead to Dyson being strapped down on Frankenstein's table! None of this has anything to do with her situation as The Ash's human doctor.

Gimme a break.
Katherine Bloom
96. lsbloom
You know for all the crap people give the various Ashes for their "enslavement" of Lauren, they are really her only friends outside of Bo. Lachlan is the one who says, "I am growing fond of my human doctor." Who else besides Bo has ever been "fond" of Lauren? Lauren was one of the only people at Lachlan's funeral and she seemed sad he was dead. Maybe it's because the Ashes are the only ones she shows any respect (except Hale).
Pandra Selivanov
97. Zanza
And then she preens about it, all smug, and has the gall to accuse Dyson of being pissed b/c DL was Bo's "hero" this time!...Dyson, who has no time for DL's shit and is amused by her blatant retcon of the truth, calls her on the fact that she was the catalyst for Bo's danger in the first place. If DL hadnt call in Arson Hands, Dyson wouldve be able to enter Hilton Hovel, update Bo as to the problem & Bo couldve then actually saved herself (she already cleared her head feeding from Hale by then) by trapping the spider and turning it over to have the heart issue figured out. Instead, he couldnt get past Arson Hand b/c DL had already "followed procedure" and put Bo, Kenzi & Hale's lives in imminent danger. And he still never rats DL out to Bo for it - but Dyson's the asshole who is crushing Bo's agency and impeding her perfect happiness with DL with his inconvenient wang. Riiiiigggghhhhttttt.
Kiersten, that's what I've been saying-I don't blame Lauren for calling in the death squad, but I do blame her for being all secretive about it at the end and goading Dyson. Why, oh why did he keep her secret? Why didn't he just come clean to Bo about why he didn't trust Lauren?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
98. Kiersten
Because he's not an asshole! Because he doesn't actually impede Bo's agency but treats her like an adult by allowing her to make her own choices based on her own experiences. It's not the greatest tactic and carries its own pitfalls, but Bo has to learn for herself - if he tells her, it'll forever be his fault. He's not unbiased; he shares his opinion but when she insists that he's wrong (like in Vexed) he says fine, but I'm not going to be your safety bang in the meantime. And what happens next? DL spybangs her and Bo does learn for herself in a very hard way. He doesn't have to cock block DL - she does it just fine all by herself. In the spybang aftermath, even DL goes running to Dyson for the save (because she's known the truth all along) and then from the end of ep and following in the rest of S1, Bo moves back to Dyson finally realizing he's been the right one all along.

But can't have that so - The Norn (Freaking Norn!) And then we get two seasons the show doing best to undo as much of S1 as possible to keep DL viable for Bo and eventually create Doccutopia.
99. Minime
Soooo it looks like we are all excited for the "Dr. Lauren is amazeballs and saves the world" season finale of Lost Girl then…. I think I may do my viewing Olivia Pope style, straight from the bottle of wine! No Judgement.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
100. Kiersten
Please, I gotta remember to stock up on Baileys before then. ;-)
Pandra Selivanov
101. Zanza
I laid in a supply of Glenfiddich, the Scottish kind, for the finale. :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
102. Kiersten
DUDE - I have a bottle of that in cabinet...tho its v old. Thanks for the reminder!!
105. Santiam
@Whiskeywhite took your advice and retired for a bit. It was tough. I tied my hands behind my back and am now typing with a crayon up my nose.

@Minime "Doctor Lauren is amazeballs and saves the world!" made me snort my crayon.

Wow that took forever to type....
107. Santiam
So if you had to pick one episode to rewatch Monday to fill the void, what would it be?
108. Santiam
and yes, hitting the right keys with this crayon is making me cross-eyed
Kiersten Hallie Krum
109. Kiersten
Vexed. Always Vexed. Then Dismembers. Faetal Justice. Fae Day. S2: Original Skin. S3: parts of Confaegion
110. TheGardner
@Minime - To clarify I wasn't saying any of the Ash's had done those things to her, beyond Lachlyn tossing her in the dungeon, merely that with Lauren's position, and humans in general, in the hierarchy she would have no recourse if he chose to abuse his power. Agreed the Ash is supposed to offer his protection, which worked out real well for her when she was almost murdered in her own home by that delinquent.

@Kiersten - Again with the spider? Lauren pushed the alarm before she knew Bo and Kenzi were infected and she ran right to Trick for help after she found out. Besides what was she supposed to just let the parasite go and kill half the city? Why is the dumbass that was keeping the thing as a pet not more at fault here? I know that the spider possessed him, but maybe he should have read the fine print before aquiring the damn thing. I don't see the big deal if she rubbed her relationship with the original Ash in Dyson's face when he did the same thing with his fae-ness. They were both acting like children fighting over a toy and Bo was right there in the middle encouraging it because like any 30 year old teenager she liked the attention.
111. TheGardner
Like a potato chip I must have more than 1 so I give you my top pic from each season:
1x06 Foot Soup - Everyone working to save Kenzi(my fav character).
2x13 Barometztrick Pressure - If only that had been the season finale...
3x03 ConFaegion - The entire cast seemed like they were having so much fun it carried over onto the screen.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
112. Kiersten
Yeah, the spider again b/c it cranks me still & I find it to be one of the most illuminating episodes about DL's true character - but to be fair, I didnt start that one this time...
Suzanne Metaxas
113. SuzyM
I'm going to be drinking my Macallan 18 single malt on Monday :) I will be feeling no pain ;)
Pandra Selivanov
114. Zanza
I started the spider thing, Kiersten, but like you, I find it the most illuminating moment of Lauren's character. Not the calling the death squad, which is a non-issue. She did the right thing. Although I do wonder why it's so hard for her fans to accept that she didn't go to Trick for help in saving Bo and Kenzi and Hale. As far as she and Trick knew, the squad had already burned the place to the ground and killed the people inside. Dyson was the one who bought the extra time-Lauren and Trick didn't know anything about the squad holding off. They thought the killing and burning was already in progress. I assume Lauren didn't want something like that to happen again, so she went to Trick to get some info on the spider and perhaps get some new protocols in place if anyone else ever fell victim to that kind of spider.

No, the part that illuminates Lauren for me is her secretiveness at the end and her snarking at Dyson as she took credit for his save. Yes, I get it that Dyson is a real good guy and he's not going to blow the whistle on Lauren. He shielded her, and honestly, seeing the heat he takes, I'm starting to wonder if Dyson isn't hated more for his good qualities than his bad ones. He was such a shining knight in this episode, putting his lady love above all else, turning to Lauren for help even though he didn't trust her, and protecting her at the end from Bo finding out what she had done. He even put up with her snark.
115. Santiam
so I'm going to pick an ep to watch on Monday.
Vexed and Dismembered are great choices.
The foot soup one has that great scene with Dyson and Kenzi on the park bench where she just folds up and he wraps himself protectively around her. But it also has foot soup...
Maybe I'll just break out the season one DVDs! I have not watched them yet.
116. Minime
I will watch anything from season 1 and the first two episodes of season 2. Season 2 as much as I say it was the worst season there were a ton of gems like the shower scene from Scream a Little Dream, Mirror, Mirror, Masks, Barometz. Trick. Pressure, School's Out, Midnight Lamp & Table for Fae. Season 3 ConFaegion, Fae-de To Black, The Kenzi Scale, The Ceremony, & Delinquents.
117. Santiam
I will watch whichever one gets the most mentions. I look forward to it!
118. whiskeywhite
Santiam, good of you to step back (did your mother never tell you about putting crayons in your nose? I'm sure she clearly warned you about using them around computers). Both TheGardner and Zanza lept into the opening. TheGardner: "come on now, TPTB can't even figure out how the wolf's nose works." Zanza: "Glenfiddich, the Scottish kind". Kiersten gets a special mention for her naming cleverness, as so often, with "Arson Hands".

I'm having a few sister LG fans over for the finale. I will be breaking out the Haitian rum, as a special change from my usual Cuban brand (oops, I meant rum -- the Cuban kind).

Santiam, I am totally with you -- one of my favourite scenes from the whole series is: "Dyson and Kenzi on the park bench where she just folds up and he wraps himself protectively around her." Dyson, "The Caretaker", as one of the PR posters calls him.

Excellent argument, Kiersten: "(Dyson) treats (Bo) like an adult by allowing her to make her own choices based on her own experiences." Right. Though not in absolutely every single situation, not when she's about to do something truly stupid -- as when he stopped her from attacking Vex in "Vexed", leading to that game-changing exchange: Bo: "I don't care (if I get killed)". Dyson: "I do."
Pandra Selivanov
119. Zanza
I have a spider rant (not THAT spider rant!) which is related to Dyson's investigation. I'm still confused about how Dyson and Tamsin missed the six-fingered handprint on the blond girl's throat, and while I was pondering that, I started thinking about how little the Fae seem to grasp basic facts about their own kind.

The spider was supposed to only be able to be killed by finding its heart, right? So the slash-and-burn policy not only wouldn't work, it would allow the spider a chance to get away and set up elsewhere. And yet at some point, someone figured out how to kill it proper, and where does that knowledge wind up? Not in the Fae databanks, where it would actually be useful. It's buried in one of Trick's musty old books.
Linda Losik
120. LindaL
@Zanza: if you want to hide something that no one will find, put it plain site! At least that is the kindest theory that I can come up with (Edgar Allen Poe) rather than thinking other things about the writers. Of course, everyone seems to have their own agenda. Yes, it would not have killed the yucky spider. I am thinking this is one of the reasons the first Ash brought Lauren into the Fae because their knowledge base is rather incomplete.

Lauren loves to take credit, but doesn't seem to like doing the dirty work....she is truly a text book case of passive/agressive...

Love to watch anything in season 1; fast forward works great in season 2.
121. Santiam
I'll probably never rewatch AracnaFaebia simply because there isn't a shoe big enough to squash my phobia. But I will read the recap!
Pandra Selivanov
122. Zanza
@Zanza: if you want to hide something that no one will find, put it plain site! At least that is the kindest theory that I can come up with (Edgar Allen Poe) rather than thinking other things about the writers. Of course, everyone seems to have their own agenda. Yes, it would not have killed the yucky spider. I am thinking this is one of the reasons the first Ash brought Lauren into the Fae because their knowledge base is rather incomplete. Lauren loves to take credit, but doesn't seem to like doing the dirty work....she is truly a text book case of passive/agressive...
@ Lindal, I have to admit sometimes I'd like to get some of what the writers have been smoking this season. Still, the six-fingered thing was just so stupid. We're supposed to believe Dyson and Tamsin can't count to six, and that Dyson can't smell anything until weeks later. Then I think, well, we're supposed to believe Trick knows how to kill a spider but the whole Fae database is useless on this point. No wonder the Ash went looking for someone like Lauren. Now I'm thinking of how Lauren insisted on giving Dyson an examination-maybe the Ash lost a few people to illness and that's why he started requiring yearly exams. So funny to see Dyson ducking his checkup-is the big bad wolf afraid of the vet? :D
Love to watch anything in season 1; fast forward works great in season 2.
I'm with you on season one-I started rewatching and season one was great, then I got to season two and quickly started fast-forwarding. I can only hope the fourth season will be back on track.
Suzanne Metaxas
123. SuzyM
Santiam Watch Vexed S1-8 it will definitely take you to a happy place ;)
124. Santiam
Vexed looks to be the winner!
125. Minime
Vexed never disappoints, plus you can see Vex in his glory days of evil, evil bad vex. If you have two hours do a double feature of Vex and watch Faetal Justice for more bad Vex.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
126. Kiersten
Oooohhh. A double-header of Evil Vex is Vextastic indeed. Enjoy!!
127. Santiam
This should probably go over at the speculation post. It seems to me that now Lauren has the opportunity to put aside empathy in favor of science and finally indulge in experiments on the Fae. She can tell herself whatever it is that animal researchers tell themselves-- that it's for the greater good, or that at least she's torturing something that isn't human.
Do I think her doe-eyed oh so sorry, sorry I locked you up "for your own good", act is a facade? Why yes, yes I do. Do I think it makes her character more twisted and thus more interesting?-- yes because I think Lauren would make a far better villain then she ever did a love interest. The best and most terrifying villains don't stand there and smirk like the Morrigan, they legislate you out of your rights "for your own good," or sneak up right in front of you because you were blinded by love. I think Lauren could be horrifying. Maybe it's just the lab coat... shudder...
128. Santiam
Oh! Double feature! Great idea!
129. Oh yeah
I think that's something I can agree with.
I'm sad that Vex is away. Definitely needs to come back and be his complicated bad self.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
130. Kiersten
Vex is back in the season three finale - fully empowered.
131. Oh yeah__
Yay Kiersten. One nice bit, Vex with his mojo back. *silly grin*
Pandra Selivanov
132. Zanza
I wonder what side Vex will be on. Kenzi still has his ebony handled bison bristle blush brush. Hmmmm....
Suzanne Metaxas
133. SuzyM
I think Vex is going to save Kenzi from the Morrigan :)
Pandra Selivanov
134. Zanza
Suzy, I would LOVE to see Vex prance in and put his mojo on the Morrigan! It would almost make up for this season.
135. Santiam
there's something that will make up for this season?

Oh yeah-- when Lauren broke up with Bo, I felt like the ship dodged the iceberg.
Pandra Selivanov
136. Zanza
I said ALMOST, Santiam. :) Vex saving Kenzi would be awesome. Lauren breaking up with Bo was likewise awesome. Nothing really can make up for this season, but those would be cherished moments worth reliving.

On another note, I wonder what's going to happen to Lauren now. I have always seen her as a slave, albeit one in the tradition of the confidential body servant, the kind that had nice clothes and rooms of their own and spending money. Heck, there were parts of the old South where slavery was so light that slaves bought slaves of their own. You can read about it in Larry Koger's book Black Slaveowners. Lauren's slavery seemed to be on that order, particularly since she voluntarily went back into bondage.

Now, though...Hale seemed really angry when Bo said Lauren took off. I really think he's going to be pretty hard on Lauren, maybe to the point that she will have her freedom severely limited or possibly even cut off for a time. I can't see him putting her back in the dungeon, but I could see him assigning full-time guards to keep an eye on her and head her off if she tries going anywhere without permission again. This could get very ugly, as well as very interesting, next season.
137. Santiam
I'd still like to see Lauren become the villain of the piece. That would take a level of sophisticated writing that the show deserves but hasn't demonstrated. I wouldn't mind if the creators started smoking plot instead of whatever they've been smoking. And smoking plot should so totally be a thing...
The soft and gooey sad-sack is actually an effective villain? Heck of twist! Lauren has so many of the Fae secrets and she has the scientific skill to be a truly terrifying super villain. So sweet, so justified, so self-righteous, so utterly horribly mild as she digs out your spleen.
I expect what we'll get is a tearful apology along with a handy saving of the day. Pudding! When I craved rocky road, or salted caramel nut brittle washed down with burning spirits.
What I expect is another lambient unblinking stare and a stuttering "oh Bo, I'm so, so sorry. I didn't know. He lied to me. Wahhh! But look, I saved three quarters of Dyson for you in this jar."
Kiersten Hallie Krum
138. Kiersten
A lot of that would depend on exactly which parts of Dyson she saved in that jar...
139. Minime
How does one go about ordering said jar of sexy, sexy, man wrapped in wolf-y goodness? I imagine the label looks like Nutella or Whiskey, the Scottish kind.
Pandra Selivanov
140. Zanza
Really, Minime, it's whisky, not whiskey. There's no E in the Scottish kind of Scotch. :D Oh, and when you find where to order a jar of Dyson, do let us know. I'd love a piece of him, if it's the right piece. Yum.
Pandra Selivanov
141. Zanza
I'd still like to see Lauren become the villain of the piece. That would take a level of sophisticated writing that the show deserves but hasn't demonstrated....The soft and gooey sad-sack is actually an effective villain? Heck of twist! Lauren has so many of the Fae secrets and she has the scientific skill to be a truly terrifying super villain. So sweet, so justified, so self-righteous, so utterly horribly mild as she digs out your spleen.
Santiam, I didn't like Lauren at first but then I did start to find her interesting and I started liking her. I would like to see her develop more as a character. Must admit I don't think she has what it takes to be a villain, at least not in the traditional mold, but that very first episode, when she met Bo and examined her...That first meeting was a true horror show. Bo, kidnapped and forced to strip, Lauren fondling and ogling her...That was such a terrible scene, and I was very disturbed when Lauren referenced it this season as being some sexy bonding moment. How anyone could think that ugly scene with Lauren and Bo was even remotely okay is beyond me. So thinking it all over and giving due weight to your thoughts, I am revising my opinion. I think you could be right and Lauren could be a type of villain. Very self-effacing and self-righteous and self-well, just SELF.
I expect what we'll get is a tearful apology along with a handy saving of the day...What I expect is another lambient unblinking stare and a stuttering "oh Bo, I'm so, so sorry. I didn't know. He lied to me. Wahhh! But look, I saved three quarters of Dyson for you in this jar."
And then Bo will cry and say all is forgiven and Doccubus will be in their bunks for weeks. Yuck.
142. Santiam
@Minime great call back with the nutella! Never had it but now I want it.
@Zanza I'd forgotten about that examination scene but it must have clung to my subconscience. The fact that Lauren sees it as some sort of bonding moment is so creepifying! She looked more preditory than any of the Fae ever have. It gave me the heebies as well as the jeebies.
I'll see you that Yuck and raise you a Gaaahhhh!

So Monday night is Nutella on something warm and forbidden, washed down with Whiskey (the free kind) while watching Vexxed and Faetaljustice. And here I thought it was going to be nothing but a big Monday-shaped void!
143. whiskeywhite
While looking for something else, I just discovered that we can buy "Wolves mate for life" t-shirts, baseball caps and mugs (mugs!) on the net. Some complete with a tacky image of a wolf howling at the moon. They're right next to the 'Team Doccubus' baseball caps. No "jar-o-Dyson" yet.

Thanks for the book reference, Zanza. Will check it out.

It's finale minus 6.5 hours. I'm house cleaning and cooking. Well, I'm actually writing to you folks. But soon. And then I will wait patiently for a week and a couple of days for Kiersten and you all.
Linda Losik
144. LindaL
It would be fitting the current state of Lauren's character to become a villain...while it is petty of me, I would love to hear the screams! But then, she is scheming, lying, passive/aggressive wench who thinks that she really is better than everyone else. Trick said (S1E3, I think) that many have gone over to the dark side for revenge. It would not be very farfetched for Lauren to do the same “just to help my people.”
Pandra Selivanov
145. Zanza
Thanks for the book reference, Zanza. Will check it out.
It's well worth checking, Whiskey. What with Hollywood, political correctness, and the shrill pronouncements of the likes of Al Sharpton, I think a lot of people have the mistaken idea that slavery is all about chains and whip-wielding masters. It's quite instructive to do some research into slavery, ancient and modern, and see how very often it doesn't conform to the popular viewpoint. I can also highly recommend Uncle Tom's Cabin-while not a true story, Harriet Beecher Stowe had a lot of first-hand experience with slaves who escaped north and her experience informed her writing. Finally, I would suggest to anyone interested in the subject that they look at the work National Geographic, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International has done on modern slavery, where, like Lauren, people willingly sign up without being aware of what they are signing up for. Slavery in the 21st century is less about auction blocks and more about conning people out of their freedom. The subject of slavery always interested me but I have become more informed after going to a college class with a former slave-a young woman who was taken off the streets in the Phillipines and shipped to America to work as a maid. Her owner didn't chain her up but she was certainly not free to go anywhere. She did finally escape-to the streets, where she had to work her way up to having her own life.
146. TheGardner
@Santiam - Hahahaha! Dyson in a jar oh if only, probably be more interesting than the character has been all season. I think it would be awesome if Lauren was the villian. There is a reason Hale called her a security risk, with all of her knowledge of the fae she could very well take them down. Seeing Lauren snap and go on some super-science murderous rampage would be ever so much fun, but she will probably just end up making out with Bo, eh whatever.

Should be a fun episode, unfortunetly I can't watch it until I get home in the morning because my boss has grown wise to me pirating the internet at work, but the cast is going to be live tweeting durring the episode so that should be fun. I seriously hope they wrap up the major plot points and don't leave us with a cliffhanger. I already have my pitchfork sharpened and torches at the ready because it is on "Angry Mob" style if they hurt my Kenzi.

On a side not SyFy is stupid for not airing the finale tomorrow, like anyone is going to wait a week to watch the episode, duh, that's why Al Gore invented the internet.
147. Santiam
SyFy is stupid! Where can we see the finale online?
148. whiskeywhite
I was re-watching 'Vexed" last night (yes, I watched both the finale and "Vexed" out of solidarity. OK, I lie, it's the sex scene). Anyway, I observed for the first time that as Dyson strides toward the door, we see clearly, but briefly, a blender spotlighted in his kitchen area. We know the guy doesn't cook. What does he need with a blender? I can actually see him blending up health drinks. A liver shake perhaps?
149. Santiam
Whiskeywhite Fist-bump for the solidarity! Much appreciated. Can't wait to see the finale. I really enjoyed watching Vexed again and plan to watch all of season one in order.
150. TheGardner
Maybe it's just me, but every time I watch Vexed I get distracted by the changes in the characters appearances throught the episode, i.e. hair length and make-up, namely AS and ZP. Outside of the sex scenes, it's kind of meh. The pacing is good as is the general storyline, but Bo is really unlikable. She's a stubborn, immature, jackass who refuses to listen to anyone and would have gotten herself killed if Lauren hadn't sent Dyson after her. I know that this episode was the pilot so I'm glad they toned down her character when the series was picked up because her abrasivness was off-putting.
151. Santiam
ARG! I hate missing out on the discussion of the finale! Dang it.

Vexed was fun, but next time I see it, I'll pay more attention to inconsistances.

I'm still watching season one and right now it's Aracnaphobia. I am trying not to see the spider! I don't care how fake it looks-- still gives me the creeps.
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