Apr 3 2013 11:17am

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: Succubus and the Witches of Faewick

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Editor's Note: A shorter recap of Jackie Lester's thoughts on the episode was posted yesterday and can be found HERE. And now, on to Kiersten's play-by-play of Lost Girl 3.11, “Adventures in Fae-bysitting.”

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Kenzi sit on the couch watching a slasher movie and bitching about the TSTL heroine. “Aaaannnddd cue the blonde in the baby doll dress walking into the woods…ah-lone!” Kenzi mocks. She settles back against Bo’s shoulder. “Human sashimi anyone?” Bo notes that she could rescue said blonde so easily. “Yes, yes, you can chi-suck yourself to victory,” Kenzi deadpans as she chomps down on popcorn. “You are a superstar. You really can do anything.” Anything except fix her relationship, Bo snarks and Kenzi agrees. “You suck at coupledom.” Truer words may never have been spoken on this show. Bo, however, takes mild affront. “I think what you meant was, ‘no worries, BoBo, you’re just on a break’?” Kenzi is right there with additional mockery as she replies, “Totes what I meant. Love conquers all. Soul mates for life. Carpe Lauren.” Let’s not go too far there, Kenz.

Bo fights back with more than a little sneer as she asks when the last time was that Kenzi had a date. “Dating’s so not a thing anymore,” Kenzi pffts. “It’s all about group hangs.” Actually, that would probably work better for Bo.

“Besides I have a…” here Kenzi thumps her chest, “…a vibrant inner life.” Bo: “That reminds me: we need to get more batteries.” HA! Although that tends to make Bo’s cravings even more–erm—acute. “Uh oh,” Kenzi uh ohs, and Bo is quick to add that she actually feels okay, which should be the first sign that your breakup is long overdue, but whatever. “This little break is just part of the Bo and (Doctor) Lauren journey. We will be together in our own time,” she asserts. Never have I wished you to be wrong more, BoBo. Looks like the self-delusion theme of the season has yet to run its course. Kenzi pats Bo’s knee. “I know you will, sweetie,” she patronizes. “Oh, fresh meat!” Bo chirps, excited, as she points at the TV. “The babysitter! Aaaannnndddd….the phone is ringing.” They proceed to yell at the TSTL heroine on the flat screen. Kenzi: “Spoiler alert: the call is coming from inside the house!” Bo: “Which, P.S., means the killer is inside the house.” Kenzi: “Oh NO! Don’t pick up the phone! Get out of the house. Out of the house!” Bo throws popcorn at the TV. “Get out! Get out!” Heeeeee.

Cut to a suburban living room where an actual babysitter answers an actual ringing phone. Immediately, heavy breathing sounds through the receiver. “Look sleaze, this ain’t the perv hotline,” Babysitter snaps. The caller laughs and identifies himself as the Father. Babysitter apologizes for not recognizing his voice and notes that she thought he was in India. He claims to be checking in so Babysitter gives a report on what an angel “Ashley” was even successfully eating her broccoli. “You’re the only one who can get her to eat her veggies,” Father creepily compliments. “With you in that tank top, I’d eat anything you wanted.” Ewwww. Clued in as to the ewwww factor, Babysitter starts to look around the house. “That neckline really shows just how much you’ve grown in the past year,” Father continues to menace over the phone. Babysitter looks outside at the clanging wind chimes and tells Father she’s hanging up now. As she disconnects, a door creaks and closes with a bang. Babysitter calls out “who’s there?!” and turns around to the foyer just as a man (presumably Father) drops down from the upper floor complete with noose around his neck. Babysitter screams and then gets a dazed look on her face as though she’s about to pass out as the music goes squirrely.

“Lisa. Lisa?” Babysitter wakes with a start to find she's asleep on the couch with Mother hovering over her. “Sweetheart, you fell asleep,” Mother informs Lisa. Lisa frantically insists that Mr. Parker (Father) was there and with a laugh, Mrs. Parker (Mother) reminds her that the mister is on a business trip. She goes to get Lisa a glass of water while Lisa gazes with fear at the empty foyer where Mr. Parker’s body has so recently hung…in her dreams.


Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi and Bo examine one of the old flyers Kenzi had made up for their detective services back in season one, which Lisa has brought with her to ask for help. The headshots in the flyer are of a beaten up Bo post fried-bitch attack and a frizzy natural blonde Kenzi in a bully hat, both images from S1E8 Vexed, which is still the best episode in the entire series. Ah, season one. Good times. Seriously.

Kenzi laughs as she looks at their season one selves. “Oh wow, this takes me back,” she coos. “Look at us, BoBo. God, we were so young!” Bo, somewhat less delighted, asks where Lisa found the flyer. “On a bulletin board at a coffee shop under a poster for meditation classes,” Lisa says. Snort. Also, Bo is back in royal blue, though still with the wide backwards belt that seems to be a late season accessory staple. This is not a complaint. You know of my mad love for this season’s costumes. Besides, I’ll take anything that gets her out of black.

Bo admits that it’s been a while since she and Kenzi have taken on a case cold (WE KNOW), but “it might be fun…I mean, satisfying,” she corrects quickly, at puzzled looks from Lisa and Kenzi that investigating a potential murder would be fun. Kenzi downloads the deets from Lisa about Caroline and Tim Parker. “Now you’re sure that this gated community isn’t built on an ancient burial ground? Portal to Hell?” No dear, that’s in Sunnydale. Lisa insists that something has happened to Tim Parker. Kenzi: “Did you accidentally sacrifice a virgin?” Bo chides Kenzi. “What?” Kenzi shoots back. “It happens.” Lisa inserts that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Shady Grove and Bo decides that they can help Lisa.

Kenzi pulls Bo aside. “Not that I don’t like the idea of Bo and Kenzi playing Desperate Housewives, but this chickie’s got nothing to go on.” Bo exhorts Kenzi to take a good look at Lisa. “She is terrified.” Kenzi: “Or…medicated.” Bo offers that taking the suburbs by storm may be “just what the doctor ordered.” I sense there’s a double meaning in that. “Alert the neighborhood watch,” Kenzi concedes. “Hotties be invading.”

A young woman slowly enters the cop shop and steps up to Dyson’s desk. “Detective Dyson?” she asks tentatively. “Yes?” Dyson answers without looking away from his work. “May I sit?” she requests, which brings Dyson’s head up and around…only for him to freeze in place as he recognizes his guest. It’s Blue – no wait it’s Blue’s twin sister, Blue Two! She is actually wearing a blue flowered sundress, so…For his part, Dyson is back in dark blue too, which does mad things with his eyes, and another one of his studded, leather vests, so you know he means business. He is quite taken aback to see Blue Two, the identical image of her dead sister.

Blue Two tells him that The Ash sent her and, glancing around to see if anyone else has noticed the dead girl standing before him, Dyson invites her to sit. She introduces herself as Anita and explains that a few weeks ago she felt pain like she’s never felt before, “like a part of me was ripped out.” Wait, we have all the names of the Fae of the Day within the cold open and before the first advert break? Show, it’s like I don’t even know you anymore!

Anita continues that at the same time she felt this pain, she lost contact with her sister. “She was…” “Your twin!” Dyson inserts, finally catching on. “Identical, yes,” Anita confirms, a little surprised. “How did you know?” Dyson prevaricates that twins have a bond, “a connection unlike any other, right?” Also, there’s the wee fact that Blue’s body is in his morgue. “So you lost contact with your sister,” he prompts before Anita can think any further on how he knows about her sister. Anita explains that “Riley” was travelling. “She usually checked in every couple weeks or so and then she stopped.” She asks if Dyson will help her. “Of course,” he assures her quietly. Reaching for the snapshot Anita brought with her, Dyson gazes down at the image of Blue with no small sense of guilt. “That’s my job.” One on which he neglected to follow through, caught up in absolving Bo of Blue’s death as he was. But he’ll fix it now; that’s what he does.

Over in Shady Grove where the proof appears to be in the name, a realtor—whose sale sign names her as Susan Bates—ticks off the great aspects of the gated community to Bo and Kenzi. “This neighborhood is wonderful!” she shrieks. They enter the For Sale house. Bo is wearing a lovely navy blue dress whose ruffled skirt goes swirly swirly swirly when she walks cinched by another wide black belt, though this one isn’t backwards. Kenzi is—holy crap, Kenzi is wearing vanilla clothes, jeans, a white blouse with only a little bit of sparkle, and a pale pink—PINK—designer jacket that I’d covet almost as much as that navy dress, if only it weren’t pink. She also has absolutely no color streaks in her hair. ALERT THE MEDIA.

Bo notes the hardwood floors and natural light. Dear Lawd, the LIGHT is so BRIGHT! “This is like grown-up nice,” she mutters to Kenzi, who immediately defends Hilton Hovel (that’s my girl!). “What’s wrong with our place? It has character.” Bo agrees, and also adds it’s got roach/termite hybrids. Susan wonders what they think and Bo says she likes the high ceilings. “And would your…husband like them?” Susan pries. Bo quickly informs her that she’s looking for a fresh start with her sister Kenzi who “just left rehab.” Kenzi: “Mmm. Antidepressants. Turns out there’s such a thing as too perky!” The wide eyed expression on Kenzi’s face after she chirps this is hilarious. Susan laughs and again asks about Bo. “Well my partner Lau…rence and I are taking a break,” Bo admits. Again, Kenzi rocks the nonverbal response in the background. Hmm, if Canada is as sexually progressive as reported, why the correction here, BoBo? With women as catty as this one, you could probably dine off just the notion of doccubus for weeks.

Kenzi decides to have a little fun with Bo’s continued delusional insistence of being on a break. “He left her at the altar,” she spins, pretending to choke up as Bo rolls her eyes, “for our other sister. I can’t even…” Susan immediately empathizes, reassuring Bo that she’ll be better off for it. WE KNOW. “I learned that after my second divorce,” Susan confides. Bo is quick to object while Kenzi pets her hair in faux consolation. “Oh no! Like I told you: we’re on a break,” Bo protests too much, but Susan ignores her. “Shady Grove is, without a doubt, the best community in the city,” she says and goes on to tout its wonderful energy, parks, and people. Bo says that’s good as she’s very concerned about safety. With a grimace of guilt, Susan insists she was going to tell them. “Tell us what?” Bo demands. Susan explains that the previous owner Jake Thatcher disappeared. Kenzi and Bo exchange speaking looks. “He was one of Shady Grove’s most eligible bachelors—oh, he would have been perfect for you!” Susan exclaims to Bo. “More perfect than Vic Voyeur, I hope,” Kenzi snarks, looking behind Bo to the back window where a man peeps into the house. “So sad,” Susan says with faux sympathy. “Maybe he’s just looking to get into the neighborhood,” Bo suggest as she and Kenzi each give the man in the window a small royal wave. Hee. He waves back in kind and slinks away. Susan explains that the man lives next door. “Sam lost his wife; got weird. He has a weird ten-year-old too. I don’t think he was breast fed.”

Susan’s phone rings drawing her away from Bo and Kenzi. She makes distressing noises of how “they’ve” started without her and tells the caller to “calm down, I’m coming!” Disconnecting, she apologizes to Bo and Kenzi that she has another appointment. “My friend Caroline is losing it!” she says in such a high register that dogs come howling to the door. Okay, not really, but dayam that woman can squeak. She invites Bo and Kenzi to look around and lock up when they leave. Everyone fake smiles and thank yous but as soon as Susan hurries away, Kenzi and Bo ping on Susan’s friend being the same Caroline Parker, “the maybe widow of the supposed world traveler Tim?!” Tim, the Enchanter? Kenzi: “Add one missing homeowner…” Bo: “And it looks like our babysitter might be on to something.” They decide to get to know the neighbors and follow Susan across the cul de sac to another house. They go around the back of the house to peer inside—much like the recently maligned Sam, by the way, but it’s apparently okay when the women do it. Bo asks if Kenzi can see anything. “Sweet Jesus!” Kenzi exclaims, pronouncing it “hay-zeus”. “It’s like Extreme Makeover: Safari Edition.”

High-pitched squeals sound from inside the house, so clearly Susan’s arrived. But Bo and Kenzi decided these are screams of alarm. “Oh please tell me they’re watching a horror film,” Bo murmurs. When Kenzi disagrees, Bo drags her around to the entrance. “Hey,” Kenzi objects. “I thought only stupid girls ran into the house!” “Yeah unless she’s got this,” Bo says lifting her skirt (not like that!) and jerking her knife out from the sheath attached to her thigh-high stocking. How does she do that without tearing the lace? “Then she’s just awesome,” Bo finishes with a wicked smile as she prowls up to the front door. Wait, so if the knife’s in your thigh-high (classic), where are you keeping the mobile? Can I interest you in a purse, Bo? Eh, nah, that wouldn’t really work, would it?

Lost Girl Season 3, episode 11, Adventures in Fae-bysittingBo and Kenzi burst into the house to find Susan, Caroline, and a third blonde woman caterwauling with laughter in the front room. “Whoa, Bo!” Susan exclaims, getting a good look at Bo drawn and ready for battle. “You ladies know how to make an entrance!” Wait, no “what are you doing here?” or “what’s with the knife, bitch?” just “hey, great entrance”?! Oh-kay.

“Do you always bring a knife to Book Club?” Caroline asks, unconcerned. “Book club?” Bo repeats, confused. Kenzi: “Please tell me you’re reading Fifty Shades of Grey.” Really? Et tu, show? The housewives giggle as Bo and Kenzi exchange are they for real looks.

“Seriously, Bo, do you want the cash or the jewels?” Caroline jokes. I’m sorry, exactly when again were you two introduced? Okay, fine, I guess she extrapolated from Susan shouting Bo’s name, but still. Bo apologizes and explains away the knife as due to her last neighborhood being rough. The unnamed blonde woman looks warily between Bo and Caroline and Susan. “We heard screaming,” Bo offers, looking for an explanation. “Screaming just means we were dishing about our neighbors. Fresh marg?” Caroline asks gesturing to the margarita in her hand. Already I do not like this woman. Caroline gets up for fresh glasses as Bo loudly thanks her by name and compliments the house as she and Kenzi take seats on the settee. “Yes,” Kenzi adds, “it’s very ashram chic!” Heh. Caroline preens under their praise as Bo examines the figurines on the sideboard. “And that’s quite the necklace,” she says gesturing to the charm that hangs around Caroline’s neck. As she pours margaritas (I APPROVE), Caroline expositions that her husband brings her beautiful things from his travels, “helps guide my spiritual awareness. Gives me balance.” In those heels?

Bo muses that she’s always wanted to go to India and Caroline immediately fills in that Tim is in Mumbai. “I’m gonna text him and tell him to bring our single lady something special.” Guess Kenzi doesn’t get a gift with visit. Susan thinks that’s a great idea, but Bo graciously declines, “and technically, I’m not single.” Caroline assures Bo that she’s not to worry, Susan’s already dished about Bo’s break up. “It’s more of a break,” Bo repeats with bite. “You know, I always say if it’s getting hard, something’s wrong,” Susan opines, undaunted by Bo’s continued protestations. I love how absolutely nobody, not even strangers, is buying this “we’re on a break” nonsense. “Hmm,” Kenzi says swallowing some of her marg to come to the rescue. “I always say the opposite. I mean, if it’s getting soft…am I right?” You took the innuendo right out of my mouth, kiddo. After a pause to process, the housewives hoot with glee. “I’m good at Book Club,” Kenzi quietly preens to Bo who mmm hmms agreement. Snort.

Susan decides they should totally set Bo up with Pete the Tennis Pro. “Yeah,” Caroline agrees, “if she likes them hairy and sweaty.” At once, both women’s head swing to look at Bo. “Do you?” Caroline asks. Kenzi speaks up for Bo. “Hmm, she likes them all,” she clarifies with a casualno worries flip of her hand. Bitter Blonde sneers it doesn’t matter as Pete only has eyes for “Tits McGee aka Lisa.” Susan fills in that Lisa is their babysitter, “she’s very good with the children.”

“And she can nurse a whole village of them,” Caroline jokes. Kenzi and Bo are not amused by the vulgar jibe and Bo does the old “good help is hard to come by” non-response. Caroline backtracks that Lisa is great, “she just has a lively imagination,” but Bitter Blonde doesn’t appear as sanguine about the situation. Bo brings up Sam their Peeping Tom and all three housewives sneer while Bitter Blonde actually shudders, “gross.” Caroline expositions that Sam was a genial host for the community when he first moved in, coaching soccer and fixing the plumbing while Tim was out of down. (I’ll bet he did. Rim shot!)

 Bo asks what happened and Bitter Blonde interjects that Sam started to become shifty and kept to himself. “Hmm, sounds like someone you’d hear about on the six o’clock news,” Kenzi muses. Susan says she heard Sam’s wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances. “Well, she couldn’t cook anyway,” she dismisses. Right, like you cook. Caroline says as creepy as Sam is, “he’s magic with the sauté pan.” She goes on that Sam will be at her afternoon barbeque and immediately invites Bo and Kenzi to come too. Bitter Blonde decides she needs another margarita and, completely bypassing the not-yet-empty pitcher before her, gets up and heads for the kitchen. “Oh here we go,” Caroline mocks and mimes that Bitter Blonde is a drunk before she hurries after her calling, “Eleanor! Honey!” Damn. I was warming to “Bitter Blonde” as a moniker. Susan confides that Eleanor has been like this since last Christmas when she lost her husband suddenly. “I need to pee!” she announces and hurries off as her non sequitur makes Kenzi and Bo’s heads spin—metaphorically.

In one smooth move, Bo and Kenzi get to their feet to conspire. Bo decides she’s going to stick around the neighborhood to see if she can talk to Lisa while Kenzi digs up information on Sam. “This kind of feels like old times,” Kenzi says, delighted at the idea. WE KNOW. “I know!” Bo agrees in kind. “Maybe we should get new flyers made!” Kenzi: “Yeah, like head shots. I am so game.” SO ARE WE. Bo tells her to let her know what Kenzi comes up with and, leaning back into Bo, Kenzi mocks the housewives, “oh honey, absolutely,” until Bo playfully shoves her off—“ha ha ha”—and on her way.

In the kitchen, Eleanor is telling a chipper Caroline that she needs to take some personal time. “Honey, do you want to talk to my spiritual advisor? Because you always get a little PMSy during the waning moon.” Eleanor insists she needs to get away and now Caroline takes affront. “And break up our club?” She says they need Eleanor. “What are we going to do about Sam?” Eleanor asks. Caroline dials back the chipper and flatly says that what they’re not going to do is panic. Eleanor takes a deep breath and agrees, which pleases Caroline, but as Eleanor leaves, completely missing Bo eavesdropping in the doorway, the smile drops from Caroline’s face. Dun dun DUN!

At Doctor Lauren’s flat, the doc hustles a protesting Isaac Taft out the door. Guess that relationship has been progressing. Isaac playfully tells her to forget about the particle accelerator, “but did I mention to you our state-of-the-art nuclear resonance lab?” Doctor Lauren asks if he has mold and points to the experiment currently marinating in her home lab. Isaac flinches and loses some of his bonhomie at her continued resistance. Switching gears, the doc promises that she’s flattered by the offer, “but as I told you yesterday and the day before…I have a job.” “At Ash Pharmaceuticals, an R&D company so small I’ve never heard of them, and I’ve heard of everyone,” Isaac asserts. The doc smiles, but stays silent because what can she say?

He offers to be frank with her. “Everything I’ve read about you implies that you’re an innovator. That you’re a risk taker.” Really? You sure you’re reading about the right Doctor Lauren? Well, I guess she could be seen as a risk taker in her work. “That you’re willing to chase after greatness.” Huh. I’ve never heard Bo referred to as “greatness” before, but whatever. “You’re not a mold farmer,” Isaac finishes resolutely. Doctor Lauren tells him goodbye and pushes him back to the door. He grabs her wrist, unhappy at being managed. “I’ll call you tomorrow,” he vows, but she firmly pushes him out the door and closes it in his face.

As they walk together in the park, Lisa asks Bo if she’s found anything. Bo says maybe. “Do you know Sam Evans?” Lisa says she “totally” babysits Sam’s son Ethan twice a week, but Bo puts the kibosh on that. “He might be dangerous.” Bo asks if Lisa knows where Sam goes when she babysits, but Lisa claims Sam likes to fly solo and keeps to himself. “Yeah,” Bo grouses, “so I’ve heard.”

Her attention is caught by a small, totally random, rundown carousel set in the center of the field in the middle of nowhere as its off-key, wonky music gears up to play “The Wanderer.” Okay, fine, there’s a small swing set too, but still. Mesmerized, Bo leaves Lisa on the pathway to slowly—erm—wander toward the carousel. The Wind of Power picks up and, behind Bo, Lisa gets a faraway look on her face to match Bo’s. But rather than being entranced by the carousel, instead, Lisa hears a whooshing sound as something comes over her and, in a trance and unnoticed by Bo, she heads back to Shady Grove. The carousel creaks around and Bo sways in place when, with a start, she comes back to herself and looks around, only to realize Lisa has gone.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Trick and Kenzi are hitting the books. With a fond look over his shoulder, Trick asks Kenzi how life in suburbia is working out. “Ugh, you know, filled with tofu scarfing, crystal-rubbing, Buddha-bumping hypocrites. Yeah, they’re Zen all right until someone gets a scratch on their luxury SUV.” Trick advises that “people have always searched for guidance even those who have to commute.” With a small sneer, Kenzi asks if he got that from his big fortune-cookie book. “No,” Trick replies nonplussed, “but I did find a name.” Kenzi thinks he’s found Sam Evans, but Trick corrects that it’s Lisa Allen. So I guess Trick is looking through his Fae registry then? “Lisa is a duppy, a Fae spirit that lives in the earth.” Awww. Who’s afraid of da iddle widdle duppy?

Trickopedia goes on to explain that this particular duppy was reported missing a hundred years ago. He displays an old and worn news leaf announcing Lisa’s disappearance complete with a daguerreotype photo that’s dated 1912. “You’re telling me she’s Fae and doesn’t even know it?” Kenzi gasps. “She’s not just Fae,” Trick corrects ominously. “She’s dead.” Kenzi: “Uh oh. Bad news usually comes in threes.” She ticks them off. “Fae, dead, and?” With overtones of dread, Trick explains that duppies have a very specific calling.

Cut to Shady Grove where Trance Lisa stands in a bedroom clutching a bloody butcher knife. Bo hurries into the house—how did she know where to go?—and gasps to see Eleanor dead on the hardwood floor before Lisa. “Lisa, what did you do?!” Cue Psycho theme! “I did as asked,” Lisa intones in a flat, trance voice. Bo moves to see to Eleanor, but before she can reach the woman, Eleanor literally goes up in flames and vanishes. Lisa drops the knife so it clunks onto the floor. So much for the nice hardwood. “I’ve done as asked,” she says again as Bo gapes at her. “Yeah, you mentioned that.”

Down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Lisa is out cold on Trick’s couch as Bo, Kenzi, and Trick study her. That’s not creepy at all! Bo clarifies that Lisa is a killing machine. “That brings darkness and can be invoked every hundred years, yes,” Trick confirms. “What a cute name. Who names a killer duppy?” Kenzi wonders for us all. Bo can’t figure out why if Lisa’s dead, “what’s making her go?” Trickopedia explains that duppies “don’t have Chi per se. They run on the energy of those who invoke them to kill.” He concludes that Lisa is essentially an empty vessel. “An empty vessel who cared enough to come to us,” Bo sighs. She hopes Lisa can tell them who’s doing this to her when she wakes, but she’s betting on Sam Evans being the culprit as there’s something off about him. Reason enough, sure. “Duppies black out after each kill,” Trick informs Bo. “Lisa won’t remember a thing.” Kenzi: “Like, Faenesia?” Ha. Trick says it’s exactly that and if Sam is invoking Lisa to kill people, they’re going to have to get proof. Lisa decides that’s a good time to wake up and Bo hurriedly assures the frightened girl that she’s in a safe place. Lisa wants to know what happened and Kenzi steps up. “I got it,” she assures Bo. Helping Lisa up, Kenzi guides the girl up to The Dal. “We’ll go have a beer…or five.”

Upstairs in The Dal (drink!), the disembodied hand of a bartender places a Bloody Mary down to join the legion of mixed drinks already decorating the bar before Kenzi and Lisa…who, judging by the levels remaining in the many glasses, appear to have not had a single drop. “I—kill people?” Lisa tentatively says to Kenzi. “And I’m dead?!” Actually, she’s handling it better than most. “On the bright side,” Kenzi offers. “Killer Dead Babysitter! The TV movie writes itself!” I would totally watch that movie not at all. Lisa is not amused and Kenzi admits it was a bad joke. “Here, have any one of these,” she says, handing over a full martini glass. “It’ll take the edge off.” Lisa refuses because she doesn’t have ID. Kenzi: “Honey, you’re like a thousand years old. I think it’s kosher.” Heh.

But Lisa is still stuck on the pesky fact that she’s dead. “I’m supposed to grow up, be a doctor…help people!” “Look, you are Fae!” Kenzi points out with excitement. “That makes you special.” By the look on her face, Kenzi very much wishes she was that kind of special at this point. She offers that Lisa might even be able to learn to control her power like Bo. “Control—when I kill people? How I kill people? Where I kill people?” Lisa snaps back. She’s got some good points there. “Okay,” Kenzi admits, “so the…” here she mimes stabbing the air with an invisible knife a la Psycho. See? “Totally sucks, I geddit, but it is not your fault.” How many times have we heard her say the exact same words to Bo?

Kenzi reminds Lisa that someone else is making her do these things. “Then they can do it again,” Lisa reasonably rationalizes. Kenzi takes a different tack and assures Lisa that Bo is going to Caroline’s BBQ to do recon, but Lisa is startled to learn that the BBQ is today. “I’m supposed to babysit Ethan!” Kenzi insists that Lisa has to stay at The Dal (drink!) with Trick and, “these pretty drinks.” Mmm, they are quite pretty. Lisa insists that she promised so Kenzi volunteers to go in the girl’s place. “It’ll give me the chance to poke around the psycho’s pre-fab home while I’m at it.” Lisa has her doubts that Kenzi can handle Ethan as he is super high maintenance. “I have fought The Garuda!” Kenzi declares, offended. “I think I can handle one ten-year-old.”

Cut to a sandwich slamming into the kitchen wall. Ethan screams at Kenzi that “Daddy” always makes his grilled cheese with Muenster. “Daddy have the same anger issues as you do?” Kenzi asks warily. Ethan yells that it tastes like crap. “I slaved over a hot microwave for you making that sandwich!” Ha! And ew. You do not microwave a grilled-cheese sandwich. She looks around the kitchen as she tells the kid he has to eat something. “No!” shouts Ethan. Kenzi leans down on the kitchen bar. “Do you know what they do to little kids who don’t eat their dinner? They come after them in the middle of the night from closets and under the bed,” she whispers to the kid. “What does?” the kid asks quietly. “Goblins!” Kenzi shouts, and Ethan jumps in place. “To eat you for dinner,” she crows. The kid is properly terrified just as Kenzi realizes what she’s done. “Oh my God, I sound like my mother!” Yeah, I got a distinctive Baba Yaga vibe there too.

She hurries around the counter and promises Ethan that they’ll start again and she’ll make him a new sandwich, “just tell me where the weirdo cheese is.” Heh. But Ethan whines that he wants Lisa, “and you smell like gasoline!” He hops off the kitchen stool and runs away. “Way to go, Not-Lisa,” Kenzi mocks. Stepping back around the counter, she passes a pile of papers and rifles through a small notebook. Flipping through, she finds a page with the names of the recently dead and disappeared of Shady Grove, all with a line cross through them except for the last, which is Tim Parker and only has a question mark after it. Digging out her phone, Kenzi calls Bo and tells her she thinks she’s found Tim’s hit list. “And I get why some kids are sent to work in the mines.” HA!

Bo is at Caroline’s BBQ, and is wearing another beautiful dress that’s dark red with flowers. She repeats one of the names Kenzi gives her and posits that it means the murders go all the way back to dead Eleanor’s husband. She glances over her shoulder to find Sam alone behind the kitchen bar where he’s cooking and then tells Kenzi that she’s up. “Hang in there, babysitter,” she teases. Sam slaps a still wriggling crab down on the cutting board before him. Chatting him up, Bo says it looks delicious. “Live crab looks delicious to you?” Sam asks, heavy with the really? Bo admits that usually she prefers boiling them first. Unimpressed by her charm, Sam stabs the crab in the center of its belly and cuts down. “Or there’s that,” Bo snits, mildly disgusted. Sam informs her that boiling them live actually toughens the flesh. “So you stab them into deliciousness. Good to know,” Bo muses.

Coming around the corner to stand next to him, Bo asks Sam about Shady Grove and then touches his hand to pour on the succujuice. “You hands are so soft,” he says, dazed. Bo asks where Eleanor is and Sam says she had to leave. “You mean you had her killed,” she corrects, but even under the influence, Sam says no. Caroline comes into the back of the kitchen in time to see Bo move her hand up Sam’s arm and hear her ask Sam about Jake Thatcher, Tim Parker, Eleanor’s husband and Sam’s wife. “She lives in San Diego now with the man who took her from me,” Sam says, answering Bo’s last question about his wife. Caroline recoils a bit to hear this. “A cheater,” Dazed Sam continues, “Tim Parker was a cheater too.”

“Bo!” Caroline chimes with the timely interruption. She claims to have been looking for Bo and that she needs to steal her for a few minutes. “Where are we going?” Bo asks, but Caroline says it’s a surprise. “Everyone’s looking forward to your crab, Sam,” Caroline snaps as she sashays out of the kitchen with Bo in tow.

Tamsin very carefully enters the cop shop and whoa, did the makeup people do a good job messing her up. Eyes blood shot, skin sallow, tied-back hair in disarray; she practically stumbles over to Dyson’s desk. “Wow. Well look who decided to show,” he observes in THAT VOICE. “What can I say? I live to work,” Tamsin snarks and leans over his shoulder. Dyson frowns as he gets a good whiff of her. “And drink, apparently,” he notes. “You said I had to be here—you did—not—say I had to be sober,” she gibes. “You look like shit,” Dyson says with genuine concern as he takes off the kid gloves. Annoyed, Tamsin snatches a crime scene photo from his hand. “What’s this? A trip down memory pain?” Ha! She tosses the photo aside and Dyson updates her that Blue’s twin showed up looking for her. Tamsin bends over (not like that!), with her elbows on Dyson’s desk to prop up her hungover head in her hands. “What are the odds,” she sneers with an eye roll. Ignoring her snark, Dyson admits that he was so caught up with vindicating Bo at the time (neatly tying up that dangling thread), “that I focused on the feeding signature and not these other wounds.” Ah, you’re not the only one who missed it, wolf man. A certain doctor did an autopsy on Blue and never noticed anything of the sort either, or at least not in her “inconclusive” findings. Dyson urges Tamsin to look at the other abrasions on Blue’s neck in the photo. “I think she was dragged to that alley from another kill site.”

He’s managed to snag Tamsin’s boozy attention and she zeroes in on what he’s indicating in the pictures. “It’s not the worst theory I’ve ever heard,” she allows. “Thank you,” he says without rancor and turns back to examining the photos. Tamsin stands and smacks him on the shoulders. “Looks like you’ve got this covered, big boy,” she says. “What, you’re bailing?” he asks annoyed as Tamsin starts to do just that. Dyson turns around in his desk chair with the furrowed brow of concern. “What’s with you lately?” But Tamsin has all her shields back in wobbly place. “What?” she asks and takes a few steps back to him, “Because you care?” But Dyson has spent three years dealing with Kenzi’s bravado and knows Tamsin too well now to be put off by her knee jerk scorn. He knows when one of his girls is in pain. “Very much,” he replies sincerely. Tamsin can see he means it and gets pissier because of it. “One more crack out of you,” she says holding the picture of the dead Blue up before his face, “and your neck’s gonna look like hers.”

Dyson grabs the photo from her hand because seeing it up close has made him notice something new. He quietly counts the bruises on Blue’s neck from her assailant’s fingers...and gets to six. “Hal-lo! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my Fae! Prepare to die!” says absolutely nobody, but they should have.

“Last time I checked, Bo only had five fingers on her hand,” Dyson points out. Intrigued in spite of her hangover, Tamsin looks again at the photo to see Dyson is right and man does she look haggard. It takes work to make someone that beautiful look that naturally worn out. “Come on, let’s go,” he says, leading the way out of the cop shop. “Where?!” Tamsin asks, incredulous. “Back to the crime scene,” Dyson answers. He tells her to cover up the pictures and leads the way out of the cop shop, calling back, “and maybe try a little makeup!” Tamsin sighs heavily and does this great nonverbal of course, the crime scene, like that’s gonna be helpful now but she slaps the case file on top of the photos and follows him. There’s a Departmental Bulletin on top of the file, and though I can’t make out the text, it seems too obvious a plant to mean nothing…

At Doctor Lauren’s flat, the doc is delivering her book report to Hale—HALE!!!—oh, excuse me, “The Ash.” She holds up a computer tablet and explains all about her mold experiments. Hale sits before her in a formal dining room chair tricked out in the full suit experience, sans hat, patiently listening to the doc’s report. As she concludes, he praises her excellent work and gets to his feet, which is when I really notice how incredibly long his legs are. Dude is tall. “I’ve been busy with my upcoming inauguration so I appreciate your attention to detail,” he expositions. Guess he’s not meant to be only Acting Ash for much longer. Hale is noticeably more formal with Doctor Lauren. The doc asks if he’s appreciative enough to give her a brief sabbatical. “I have a personal project I’d like to pursue.” It’s obvious she expects him to instantly approve. Hale nods along as she speaks but in spite of that, immediately denies her request without explanation and turns to leave. “No?” the doc repeats, visibly surprised. Turning back, Hale explains that she needs to stay where he can protect her. From what? Besides, I thought Bo took care of the doc. Isn’t that her role in their relationship? Oh, wait, that’s right, she and Bo broke up. So sad.

Tensing up, Doctor Lauren corrects that Hale isn’t protecting her, he’s keeping her prisoner. Because he won’t give you an indeterminate break from your job? My boss doesn’t keep me prisoner, she just expects me to, you know, work. All right, yes, I know Doctor Lauren is essentially in indentured servitude, but she twice chose to be so and now she’s chafing at the terms of her agreement…again? I think the doc expected Hale to be more malleable and understanding than her previous masters since they knew one another before he became The Ash. Clearly, she’s never read Henry V. Wait; does that make Doctor Lauren Pistol or Bardolph?

I’ve been waiting for this actually because, up till now, the show has ignored what Hale’s change of status means for Doctor Lauren situation. All season, she and Bo have behaved as if they have carte blanche where the doc’s role in Faeville is concerned blithely ignoring any bounds under which Doctor Lauren might still live. I think Hale has left them alone because it hasn’t been an issue: so long as the doc was Bo’s S.O., Hale knew she wasn’t going anywhere. But now that Doctor Lauren is back to realizing she’s unable to live the life she chose with the Fae without the perk of banging Bo regularly being with Bo, her old issues are back in full form…and the new boss is all too much like the old boss. This, I think, is due more to Hale’s better understanding of how the responsibilities and restrictions that comes with being The Ash trump his own personal code. I think Hale has learned to do much more compromising of his progressive plans with the Fae old guard than he ever thought he’d have to and it has definitely changed him. Power hasn’t corrupted him; it’s made him grow up.

I miss the hat.

Despite her challenge, Hale makes an effort to explain. “I know you just broke up with your girlfriend and you need space,” he begins. Hale deliberately and ponderously claps his hands before him. “But that is not my problem. Bo is not your boss; I am.” Oh, that clarification has been a long time coming. But with her rising temper, Doctor Lauren is getting cheeky. “And a year ago you were just a cop,” she shoots back. Ah, that doesn’t change who he is now, doc. I’m not saying Hale isn’t being a jackhole here, but the doc is way out of line too. “If the Dark gets their hands on you, they’ll kill you, (Doctor) Lauren,” Hale replies, for the moment dropping the formality between them. Wait, what’s that again now? Since when does the Dark want to kill Doctor Lauren? I mean, it’s not like she doesn’t wander about Faedom however, whenever, and wherever she pleases. Plenty of opportunities to snatch her up between here and there that the Dark have so far conveniently ignored. Also, she’s bound to the Ash and Fae law forbids other Fae from messing with claimed humans. I’d think dicking with The Ash’s claimed human would be even more of a no-no. So what the hell is Hale talking about? Or is he harking back to The Morrigan’s attempts to kill Bo, implying that the doc, as her former sweetie, would be a target for revenge? But Hale served Evony with a Fae cease and desist order. Why would he think after all this time without incidence that the doc would still be at risk?

“You’re pledged to The Ash, Doctor Lewis,” Hale reminds her, neatly placing them both back in their formal roles. “I fought by your side, Hale,” the doc reminds him in a trembling voice. She waits as if that’s supposed to mean something and change his mind. Hale pauses and exhales audibly. “Take the weekend if you’d like,” he concedes. “And we’ll see you Monday.” He moves to the door again, but since he didn’t do what she wants, the doc can’t resist a parting shot. “It’s true what they say about power. It doesn’t change people; it reveals them.” Who the hell do you think you are, lady? Any other Ash would have your ass in prison for such insubordination. Respect the office if not the man. You don’t want to be beholden to him? Next time don’t frickin’ sign yourself into bondage. Is Hale being an ass? Yeah, but good or bad, he has his reasons and even then he made an effort to give Doctor Lauren something anyway if only for old time’s sake. For him to concede more to his human servant would make him appear weak before the Fae. It’s politics, not personal. Buck up, doc. Despite all other appearances this season, you’re not the center of the Fae world. I get that this is just the camel’s back straw for her, but still.

Hale, kinder by far than I, merely turns in the doorway to reiterate his expectations. “First thing Monday morning,” he reminds her in a hard voice and then leaves without looking back again. Left alone to lie in the bed of her own making, the doc clenches her jaw and quietly stews.

Back at Shady Grove, Caroline leads Bo across the park’s field where Susan waits for them near the creepy, creaking carousel. Bo asks what’s going on, but Caroline merely smiles and takes Bo’s hands “Oh, there it is, that power!” she giggles and Susan joins in. “You were using it on Sam,” Caroline mildly accuses even as Bo insists they were just talking. “Don’t be shy,” Susan chides. “I knew it the second I saw you. The dark red aura. Strong. You’re a survivor, Bo,” she claims. Caroline informs Bo that they want her to join their circle and Susan pipes up that they’re short one member now, what with Eleanor being dead and all. “She was weak; not like you!”Caroline observes that Bo has power. Honey, if you only knew. “Haven’t you ever wanted to channel that power? To feel more? To have more?” Susan is just so excited she squeals. “We’re just going to have so much fun together! This shit is a blast!” Holy crap, they’re the Witches of Faewick!

Tentative, Bo asks what the ladies do for fun. Caroline smirks. “Stuff like this, for starters,” she says. Spreading her arms wide, she starts to pray to the “goddess of the lunar light” as Bo warily watches. “Give me darkness, give me night,” Caroline chants and immediately the sky darkens to night and, on the field before the three women, a pentagram now burns aflame. “What do you say, Bo?” Caroline crows. Bo: “You bitches are witches!” Ha! “And you can count me in.” Caroline and Susan giggle with delight and totally miss the crafty look on Bo’s face.

A suburban coven of witches? Why does this sound so suspiciously familiar?

Caroline basically calls the meeting to order as she explains to Bo that normally they’d start with something easier, but they have some unfinished business. Susan reassures Bo that she’ll catch on. “Oh my God,” she chortles to Caroline. “Do you remember when we did away with Paul?” They giggle and Susan explains to Bo that Paul was her handsome husband, “who, as it turns out, had an apartment in the city and a whore inside that apartment. He was our first, but then we had a dead body to deal with, which I—“ Caroline playfully smacks at her to stop the verbal diarrhea and finishes the story by saying that she came up with a spell to get rid of the body. “Ta da!”

Bo objects that she doesn’t know how she feels about killing people. “Diva, please!” Caroline laughs. “We are just using what the universe gave us to rid ourselves of the negative forces in our lives.” Wow. She should write Bo and Kenzi’s new flyers. She even makes murder sound empowering! “Like cheaters!” Susan offers. “Was Laurence a cheater?” Bo is quick to counter that no, if anything, she was the one cheating, which would be accurate if not for all the “if that’s what you need then I’m okay with it,” BS. “And like I keep telling you,” Bo adds again, “we’re just on a break.” Caroline and Susan exchange patronizing smiles at Bo’s litany complete with head tilt. Poor delusional dear. “You’re in denial, Bo,” Susan says aloud. “You need to heal. Isn’t there a part of you that wants vengeance?” Word of advice, ladies: Stay away from the Baba Yaga!

Caroline jumps in that this is not about vengeance. “This is about strong women understanding their worth and taking back the power in our lives.” Okey dokey then. “Look, we are not going to be a slave to their shitty, patriarchal…” But Bo’s ringing mobile interrupts them. “Whoops,” Bo says, digging the phone from the depths of her cleavage. Oh yeah, I forgot about the cleavage pockets for incidentals. “Hold that thought,” Bo offers with a smile and takes a few steps away to take the call. “Trick, hey,” she greets her symbol of patriarchy.

Trick wastes no time and immediately downloads Bo that “one of the tunnels under The Dal (drink!) flooded. My backorder of Guinness finally came in.” Thank GOD for that! “And two centaurs got into it over a – woman?!” Stanger things have happened there, Trickster. With a wary eye on the witches, Bo says that she’s kind of in the middle of something here so could he get to the point? Over on the side, Susan and Caroline are bickering. “Stop talking so much,” Caroline orders. “Stop yelling at me in front of her!” Susan hisses back. “You just ramble on,” Caroline accuses. “Just smile when she looks at you.” “Fine,” Susan snits. Hee.

“I lost Lisa,” Trick admits over the phone. “We need to find her.” Behind Bo, Caroline snaps at Susan to stop staring at Bo. “And we need to find out who’s targeting her,” Trick continues. “And we need to find out who she’s being targeted to kill.” Bo confesses that she may have that part worked out already as she watches Caroline and Susan continue to snipe at one another. Trick says there’s one more thing. “There’s a trinket that humans need to invoke the duppy. It’s called a Macuto. You’ll find that and you can stop her (Lisa) from killing again.” But Bo has zeroed in on the pendant dangling down Caroline’s chest as Trick has been talking. “You on that too?” he taunts mildly. “Like Kenzi at a waffle bar,” Bo snarks in dismissal.

She disconnects and shoves the phone back down her cleavage. What else ya got down there, sweetie? Caroline asks who was on the phone. “My psychic,” Bo chirps. “I didn’t tell him anything, but he knew something big was happening!” Caroline confirms that something definitely is indeed up.

There’s a knock on the door at Doctor Lauren’s flat. Wow, another knocker. Will wonders never cease. The doc is surprised to find Isaac back on her threshold. “I never took you for a stalker,” she teases as she lets him in. “Well,” he says, entering with the confidence of a man with an ace up his sleeve...or a mysterious folder in his hand. “I prefer Super Fan.” Oh, I SO WISH he’d said Fan Boy right there instead! Isaac admits he debated whether or not he was going to come back to the flat but he’s got something he really thinks Doctor Lauren needs to see. Curious but not alarmed, the doc asks what it is. Isaac says he was curious why she’d spent “five years hiding in the Amazon jungle and traipsing around Afghanistan and generally being off the map.” Oy, not that Afghanistan crap again. And I see we’re adding the Amazon to the roster of things Doctor Lauren never did until it suddenly became necessary to manufacture her into a bad ass. Is somebody keeping a check list? “I’m adventurous!” the doc chirps, but Isaac isn’t buying her bull anymore.

“I asked my lawyers who I pay an offensive amount of money, to look into it and they did and they’re very good and they dug up a bone that I think you wanted to keep buried,” he hands over the folder, “Karen.” Doctor Lauren gets this look of resigned dread on her face. She knows what’s in the folder.

Opening it, she gazes down on her own mug shot, only in this shot she has short brown hair…and her name is Karen Beattie. Wait, Doctor Lauren has been lying all this time about who she really is? Up to and including something as fundamental as her name? I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

Karen Beattie, by the way, is wanted for being linked to an organization that is connected to other open if yet undefined Interpol cases. She has been known to participate in anti-government demonstrations, was previously a researcher at various laboratories, and has been known to organize protests with other scientists against prison sentences and various government restrictions on scientific research. So basically, Doctor Lauren is wanted for questioning because she protests. A lot. Whoa. There’s a…revelation.

Visibly affected, the doc closes the folder and asserts that she doesn’t respond to blackmail, except when it involves her pod-encased super-secret coma girlfriend. “Yeah well, my lawyers don’t want me to associate with a known fugitive,” Isaac instantly replies. He pauses. “So I fired them.” The doc is shocked to hear this, braced as she was for his rejection. “I don’t care what you did and I don’t care why you did it,” Isaac says forcefully. “Everyone has secrets. You’re no stranger to reinvention and, you know, we both know you could use a fresh start. So that’s the only copy. Do with it what you want.” I so wish I wasn’t so sure he was going to turn out to be evil. This is exactly the kind of support and acceptance the doc needs and has been craving. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the reason why Isaac’s going to be evil. Can’t have Doctor Lauren being happy with anyone but Bo in Doccutopia.

“Are you serious?” the doc asks, voice trembling. “Well,” Isaac quips, passing the doc to head for the door. “That’s what freedom looks like!” He pauses on the threshold. “That’s what you wanted, right?” This time he’s the one who shuts the door in the doc’s face as she stares after him, stunned by this unexpected opportunity to leave the Fae for good.

Back with Ethan, Kenzi asks if the kid’s sleepy yet but he isn’t. “Dude, we’ve already read each one of your story books!” She sits back and asks WWLD—what would Lisa do? Ethan says Lisa would tell him a story. Kenzi sighs and ponies up. “Once upon a time, there was this superhero named…Super Kenz!” Ethan asks why he was a superhero. “She, dumbass.” Kenzi emphasizes “I don’t know. Because she was…awesome.” Yes, yes she is. Ethan accepts this and asks what Super Kenz’s powers are. “If you’re gonna back seat drive this, I’m not even gonna bother.” Ethan: “I won’t if you tell it better.” I could easily like this version of this kid. “Super Kenz wasn’t just any old human,” Kenzi says. “Not only did she have killer personal style, but she had a smorgasbord of powers.” Ethan lights up at this idea. Kenzi goes on to cherry pick her favorite powers from her Faemily for Super Kenz. “Her sense of smell was as strong as a wolf’s and when she sang, she could knock people out just like a siren.” Ethan: “What’s a siren?” Kenzi: “A douchebag who wears stupid hats.” HAHA! “This one time, this evil creature called a kitsune kidnapped her and put her in a cave.” Ethan thinks her story is getting scary but doesn’t sound too worried about it. “But Super Kenz, she was really smart too,” Kenzi quickly assures him. “She whooped that ginger bitch’s ass, escaped the cave, and succubusted a whole frat house on the way home, just for kicks!” It’s sweet and a little sad that Kenzi co-opts the story so that she comes out the hero. She so wants to be on an even keel with Bo and Dyson and Hale, able to save herself against the Fae every time instead of needing one of them for the heavy lifting. That weakness is beginning to seriously chafe on her.

Ethan is excited. “You just said the B word, the A word, and ginger!” Oh no! NOT GINGER!! “I wanna be like Super Kenz!” he announces, pleasing Kenzi. So say we all, kiddo. “You and me both, buddy,” Kenzi replies. She holds up her hand for a high-five. “You and me both,” she repeats, more heartfelt this time as she realizes how true that sentiment is for her.

In the field by the carousel, Caroline finishes tying a red ribbon around Bo’s wrists. As she links them all thus together, waves of red power flow down the strands. “Wow,” Bo scoffs. “Binding.” Caroline exhorts her to feel the energy in the wind and as she says the words, the Wind of Power violently blows. They all gasp and the carousel starts to spin and play “The Wanderer” at even more manic speeds. “Feel the energy in the trees around us. Feel it move through your body. Feel us becoming stronger. As one.” Bo actually looks around as though looking for the actual energy, but I think she’s looking for Lisa. Caroline calls out to someone and by someone I mean the duppy. “We invite you here. Go to avenge us; shed no tear. All that you are and all that I am draw us the blood of one man: Sam.”

Bo is shocked to hear Caroline invoke Lisa against Sam and, by default, Kenzi. Susan objects to Caroline’s choice too. “We agreed to take down that price-gouging misogynist at the mechanic shop. Who gives a rat’s ass about Sam?!” Bo claims she’s not ready to do this after all and tries to break free of the ribbon, but Caroline jerks her back and sneers that Bo doesn’t understand how the circle works. “This circle can’t be broken unless we all agree to unbind it. Now that you’ve contributed your power, Lisa’s going to be unstoppable,” she crows. Cut to an invoked Lisa in full horror movie slasher mode, stalking through Sam’s house with the butcher knife raised and at the ready.

Sam enters his house calling for Kenzi but Slasher Lisa comes around the corner knife raised to strike. Interestingly, it is daylight still in Shady Grove. Wait, that sure looks like the same staircase from which Dream Mister Parker was hanged in the cold open. Way to reuse your resources, show. Recycle!

Sam is surprised to see her. “This whole time, I thought it was Caroline...the Book Club.” You’re not too far off there, buddy. “Oh no!” Kenzi says as she arrives from the back of the house. “Dead Girl Walking!” Ha! She steps in front of Sam without a second thought and cautiously tells Slasher Lisa to put the “pointy killy thing down.” Sam worries about where Ethan is and without taking her eyes from Slasher Lisa, Kenzi assures Sam that Ethan is fine. “Lisa,” she calls and hilariously waves her arms in front of Lisa’s face. “It’s me, Kenzi. You have to stop. You can stop!” But Slasher Lisa doesn’t stop.

Back in still full dark field, Bo glances between Susan and Caroline as the red waves of power course up and down the ribbons binding them together. The carousel music has stopped. Bo grabs Caroline’s forearm and, pouring on the succubus juice, orders her to look at Bo. “You don’t want to do this,” Bo tells her but Caroline erupts in laughter. “Oh my God!” she exclaims, throwing her head back in bliss. “That is better than sex!” Bo: “Then you’re doing it wrong!” Ha! Caroline gets her mean on and sneers that she’s been destined for this her whole life. “You’re just a human who got lucky and found some fancy hoo doo necklace!” Bo snaps back. Hoo! Somefae is getting her human-shaming on! Susan wonders why it matters. “The point is there’s nothing we can’t do!” Caroline checks off the top choices on her list. “Make ourselves younger! Takeover the PTA!” Susan: “Get free blowouts!” Hee. Priorities!

“Honestly, Susan,” Caroline snarls, “every time I think you can’t get any stupider!” Bo: “Oh, classy! What a good friend!” Caroline: “Oh, whatever!” HA! But the women’s bickering has given Bo her epiphany. “The power lies in the circle,” she muses. “In our collective energy.” She challenges Caroline’s status as leader and grips Susan’s hand. “Who the hell does she think she is anyway?” she asks Susan. Susan vaguely admits she was wondering the same thing and closing her eyes, gasps, “that’s amazing!” as the succujuice goes to work. Not like that! Bo gets her wicked chi-sucking smile on.

Susan turns on Caroline and shouts that she’s a bitch. Caroline laughs in her face and calls Susan an idiot, “and as usual you have no idea what you’re doing.” Bo pushes Caroline further. “Unlike you,” she accuses, “who’s using an innocent teenage girl to live out your sick revenge fantasies!” Caroline orders her to shut up and Susan responds with the time-honored, tried and true, mature reply of “you shut up!” Bo takes a step back as the power between them falters.

Back at Sam’s sunshine-filled house, Slasher Lisa comes out of her trance and, horrified to see the knife in her hand, demands to know what’s happening. Kenzi hurries to take the wavering blade from her shaking hand. “I can’t control it, Kenzi,” Lisa cries. “I can’t!” By her wide-eyed gaze of sympathy, it seems Kenzi is beginning to understand that.

Back in the field with the Witches of Faewick, Susan is counting off all the things she hates. “I hate stupid book club and gluten-free bread, and killing innocent people!” Have to respect a woman who understands the true value of gluten-free bread. Caroline yells that Tim wasn’t innocent since he cheated on her. Susan shouts that she’s talking about Sam, “the hot new dad on the block who rejected you when you tried to sleep with him.” Unnoticed, Bo’s breathing is getting heavier and heavier as the women’s rage increases the power feed. She’s not touching their flesh anymore, so this isn’t her sucking chi but rather the natural power of their circle that’s feeding her.

Caroline snarls that no one rejects her and with another high-pitched squeal, Susan counters that everyone does. “Our yoga instructor, our mechanic, Eleanor’s 18-year-old son! Suck on that vegan energy bar, you bitch!” Heeeeee. By now, Bo is gasping for air under the power surge and the wild Wind of Power kicks up again. “Susan, you are so strong,” she manages to get out.

“You know not your truth strength, child,” a deep, processed voice announces. Ah, I think Susan has left the building. Bo looks at Susan, but the woman’s eyes have turned… succubus blue. “But soon you will, and the world will bow down before us!” Bo gapes at the transformed Susan. Caroline looks down at the ribbons and finally understands that it was Susan who had the power in their group. “I’ll be damned,” she sneers. Startled, Bo takes a step back as the ribbons binding them ignite. Originating with and spreading out from Bo, the flame runs up the ribbons to the other two women and disintegrates them both immediately into ash. Instantly, the darkness clears and the carousel begins to spin as its music cranks up “The Wanderer.” Yeah, that’s not creepy at all. Amazed to find she is still alive, Bo works to catch her breath and make sense of what just happened. “Who are you?” she asks the sky with no little trepidation. Looking down, she spies something on the ground, carefully picks up the Macuto talisman that controls Lisa, and clutches it tight.

Dyson and Tamsin in Lost Girl 3.11Cut to Dyson and Tamsin in a random field. The scene opens with a great upward shot that features KHR’s long legs in the foreground and a scrambling Tamsin in the background as he and that long-legged swagger stride lead the way into the field. Thank you, show. No, thank you. “Okay, what the hell?!” Tamsin yells. She demands to know where they are as Blue’s actual crime scene is back behind them. Dyson slowly comes to a halt beside an area of rough that’s in a vague circular shape. “I smell something,” he murmurs. “If you’re chasing tail, I so do not want to be on the ride along,” Tamsin grunts. Snicker. Dyson doesn’t pay her snark any attention. “That dead Fae, Blue Riley? She was dragged from here,” he decides, pointing at the ground before him. “I’m sure of it.”

Dyson cranes his neck to look back at Tamsin. “I’m glad you’re here with me on this one, partner,” he tells her with genuine gratitude. Awww. I’m glad they turned out to be genuine partners rather than Tamsin being some rebound bang for Dyson as I originally feared. Their relationship is much better this way. He turns back to study the field, but his sincerity has cut right through Tamsin’s snark and the pain even her hangover can’t muffle. “Dyson, I—I have to tell you something.” His brow furrows and then clears as he identifies the scent his sniffer is—um—sniffing. A suspicious and puzzled expression fills his face as he turns back to the still speaking Tamsin. “Some serious shit is about to go down,” Tamsin warns. Dyson looks back at the field and then again at Tamsin. “Tams, call it in,” he orders quietly. I love that he calls her that and the real affection it shows. Still braced for confession, Tamsin doesn’t immediately catch on. “This whole field,” Dyson explains ominously. “It smells like death.” We get a great aerial view of the entire field with Tamsin and Dyson standing just on the edge of it.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Trick and Bo stand together and contemplate Lisa who sits quietly on the couch before burning candles set on the coffee table. “Bo, it’s time,” Trick says gently. “Are you ready?” Bo wonders if he’s sure this is really the only way. Trick expositions that Lisa is running on what’s left of the Witches of Faewick’s Chi and is fading fast. “It’s a mercy, trust me,” he assures her. Bo looks miserable but sits beside Lisa nonetheless as Trick leaves.

In a small voice, Lisa asks if it will hurt. Smiling softly, Bo says no. She asks if Lisa is sure this is what she wants to do. “I’m eighteen,” Lisa says softly, “and I’ve never kissed a boy. I’ve never been to Europe. I’ll never be a doctor,” she admits, spacing the words with the slow deliberation of a harsh conclusion. She swallows hard. “I’m also already dead,” she acknowledges. Bo’s eyes tear up as she reaches for Lisa’s face, but the girl recoils and asks for a second’s grace. “It’s hard for me to know that I’ll never have what you have,” she confesses. “I mean, look at you. Your life’s a mess,” she opines with a wet and weak chuckle. “Thanks,” Bo scoffs lightly without real offense. “I mean, you have a life to mess up,” Lisa clarifies more seriously. “You have family and friends…and memories. Even if they’re bad ones.” Bo gently allows that she’s never really thought about it that way.

Lisa gazes at the Macuto resting in the antique silver dish on the table before them. “I’ll be invoked in a hundred years,” she says with tears in her voice. “And a hundred years after that. Whoever has this necklace will be able to summon the dark. Make me kill,” she adds with disgust. Bo stares at the Macuto and then looks at Lisa as she makes a connection. “What if I’m there for you, Lisa?” she offers. “I’ll be around in a hundred years,” she reminds the girl with a small smile. “And a hundred years after that.” She exhales heavily. “That is the first time I have ever said that out loud,” and she looks quite happy with that admission too. Lisa asks if Bo means she’s going to stop Lisa from hurting people, “every time?” “I give you my word,” Bo swears solemnly. She knows what giving your word means amongst the Fae.

For a moment, Lisa looks relieved and then she shakes her head. “But no. Kenzi said that being Fae is special,” she tells Bo. Bo frowns slightly to hear it. Kenzi said that? Lisa admits that she doesn’t want to be special. “I want to be human. And if I can’t have that, I want to be at peace.” She looks into Bo’s eyes. “Will you give me that?” she requests. “I promise,” Bo whispers.

To clarify, Bo offered Lisa a way to stay alive, promising to be around every hundred years when the duppy comes back to life in order to prevent someone else from using Lisa to kill people. This would allow Bo to not have to mercy kill Lisa. Lisa, however, doesn’t want to come back to life even believing that Bo will be there to protect her, because she doesn’t want to live if she can’t be human. Instead, she’s asking Bo if she’ll go ahead and mercy kill Lisa after all.

With a small, sad smile, Lisa nods infinitesimally and Bo again lifts her hands her cheek. Gently, she pours on the succujuice. Lisa’s braced shoulders relax and she chuckles softly as a true smile creases her face. “That feels nice. You have such a pretty face,” she exclaims as Bo massages her cheek. With eyes glowing succubus blue, Bo slowly leans down and sucks Lisa’s Chi. She eases the dying girl back to rest against the couch. As she pulls back, Bo’s eyes retreat from succubus blue to be filled with tears. “Good night, sweet girl,” she murmurs, brushing her hand over Lisa’s face to close her eyelids. “Back to sleep.” Deeply moved, Bo exhales hard and her gaze again fixes on the Macuto. Lifting it out of the bowl, she takes a candle and lights it on fire. “They will never use you again,” she vows.

That was beautifully, beautifully done by both actresses. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Worn out and emotionally drained, Bo walks into Hilton Hovel (drink!) and spies someone in the kitchen. “Hug,” she demands, voice breaking, and holds her arms out wide. “Now.” Kenzi hurries over and clutches Bo close. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” she whispers. “What am I doing?” Bo asks emotionally. Kenzi pulls back and asks what she means. “I mean, what am I doing here, Kenzi?” Bo repeats, moving into the kitchen. Confused, Kenzi says, “Here, where, what are you talking about?” They face each other across the kitchen table as Bo pauses. “When I was in the temple? During the Dawning? I saw something,” Bo admits. “I felt something.” Kenzi: “More…dead people?” Bo: “Love.” She goes on that it was a vision or maybe a memory, “I don’t know but—I didn’t see his face. It was my father.”

Kenzi is shocked—“Are you serious?!”—and Bo collapses on a stool as she admits that she can’t stop thinking about it. “I feel different! It’s like I have this power that I didn’t have before and I think my dad has something to do with it.” Kenzi works to process this. “Wow. Your dad, that’s—that’s huge.” Bo insists that she has to find him, but Kenzi suggests that they should deal with one thing at a time.

“Enough with this dance!” she states firmly despite Bo rolling her eyes and scoffing. “A break up or not a break up? That is the question,” she jokes mildly, finally forcing the issue. “I am so much better with weapons,” Bo declares. “I know,” Kenzi agrees in a whisper. Heh. “But, you’re a big girl, just rrrriiippp the band-aid off! Seek closure…grasshopper,” she finishes, not without sympathy. Bo smiles lovingly. She knows Kenzi’s right just as she knows that if Kenzi’s calling her on it, it’s time to buck up. She cradles Kenzi’s head between her hands. “You are so wise,” she murmurs. Kenzi smiles back and then leaves without another word knowing Bo needs no other urging to do what needs to be done. Bo fishes her mobile out from the depths of her cleavage and dials Doctor Lauren…

…who stands in her flat as she picks up her mobile. “Hello?” But it’s not Bo—it’s Isaac!! Oh – sneaky move, show! “Hi (Doctor) Lauren, it’s Isaac. Do you need help with your, ah, suitcase?” With her what now? The doc is decamping from Faeville?! No way! Doctor Lauren chuckles and as soon as she asks where Isaac is, there’s a knock on her door. Okay, now you’re just sprinting up to the creepy line there, Isaac. Figuring it out, she laughs again and lowers the phone as she walks to the door while the knocking continues. “Closer,” Isaac urges, hearing her footsteps close the distance. “Hotter,” he adds and now the doc laughs aloud. She opens the door and he snaps his phone shut. “Hello Hello,” he jokes with a put on British accent as he enters and heads straight for her waiting suitcase, making her laugh again “You ready?”

“Well,” she muses, shutting the door. “I have cancelled my newspapers, put my cable on hold, and there is enough cat food in the cat feeder to last a month.” Mildly offended she thought otherwise, Isaac chides that the doc can bring her cat along with her. She smiles broadly with a tinge of giddy. Honestly, she hasn’t looked this happy all season. It’s a real shame Isaac isn’t a woman; he’d be a perfect match for her then. “I don’t have a cat. I was joking, I joke when I’m nervous,” she admits with a grimace. Isaac takes it in stride. “This is a very big step for me,” Doctor Lauren confesses breathlessly. “And a giant leap for science!” Isaac exclaims. She smiles again. “There’s nothing to worry about,” he assures her lightly. “Trust me.” Oh shit, that’s it. He’s definitely evil.

He picks up her suitcase and makes for the door to take it down to the limo. The doc assures him she’ll be right down behind him. “This is the beginning of something big,” he tells her. You have no idea, boyo. After he leaves, the doc walks over to her desk and, after a pause, places her mobile down and pulls her emblem of The Ash’s ownership out from under her shirt. She studies it for a moment and takes once last moment to consider what she’s doing before she removes it from her neck and, without hesitating again, places it in the open desk drawer and slowly pushes the drawer closed. She snags her phone, takes one more moment, and then walks confidently toward the door—only to stop after a few steps to glance down at the mobile in her hand and then set it with deliberation on the corner of the desk.

She rubs her hands on the sides of her hips then clenches and releases her fists as she continues to the door where she rubs her face and finally looks back to take in her flat. Steeling herself she reaches for the switch and with settled finality, switches off the lights, opens the door, and leaves without looking back. As the door shuts, the camera pulls back through the flat to focus on the mobile…which rings as Bo’s call finally comes through too late.

Now, I don’t think that Doctor Lauren has left for good at all, and I personally would be upset if she did, as I like ZP a lot and want her to stick around for the show to give Doctor Lauren a better time of things. But that was definitely a strong nonverbal goodbye she just gave her old life. While I believe the show will dial back from such an extreme take as fast as it can manage, if it by some miracle didn’t, it would put this entire season into a vastly more interesting framework than just Doccutopia for Doccutopia’s sake. If this really was Doctor Lauren’s exit scene, (and again, I am NOT saying that it is, so resist the urge to jump up and down on my back), then this entire season could be seen as one long character journey for the doc.

She starts by getting her heart’s desire, a love relationship with Bo, and lives for a time in the sexual bliss of succubus love. But before too long, the cracks start to show, first with Kenzi never being fully on the doc’s side of things and then with Dyson never quite being out of Bo’s life no matter what restrictions the doc tries to impose on Bo’s access to him or how many times she inserts herself into their business to keep tabs on what’s happening between them. She tries to make her relationship with Bo open in order to feed Bo’s need under her watchful eye, but very soon finds it too distressing to be directly involved with the process. The more she tries to cling to Bo, the more Bo is unable to provide what the doc wants and needs as Bo is increasingly pulled away by her needs as a Fae as The Dawning advances, and this despite the doc’s considerable efforts to find “a cure” for Bo’s rapid-onset devolution.

All too soon, Doctor Lauren has to face the facts that despite her primary presence in Bo’s bed and Bo’s genuine professions of love, she is not, when it comes down to it, first in Bo’s heart. That place is held by Kenzi and then, as was brutally brought to the fore in The Dawning, there is Dyson. Now, Doctor Lauren is forced to painfully reassess her relationship and all that she has been subjected to while living with the Fae, a state of affairs she didn’t change when she had the chance ultimately because she couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to see Bo. There is no Bo without the Fae and Doctor Lauren, by the time we get to this point in the season, has finally realized that she can no longer bear to be with the Fae…and thus has to give up Bo and a relationship that is not working. Along comes Isaac Taft, a human who respects her professionally and gets her personally and who also offers the dream job of a lifetime —free of the Fae. And so Doctor Lauren exits Faedom (and by extension Lost Girl) to lead the life she chooses for herself. Not for NotComaNadia, not for science, not for Bo…only for Doctor Lauren. If I retroactively view season three from this perspective, as an overarching in-depth character piece on Doctor Lauren it becomes…kind of brilliant.

That said, this would invoke an extreme meltdown reaction from the doccubus fan base from which I doubt the show could recover PR-wise. And I have absolutely no expectation whatsoever that what I’ve suggested is a viable direction, merely that it’s a vastly more compelling explanation for what has been an overall disappointing season to many, many fans. If season three were in fact a slow burn character piece in this manner, it would explain quite a lot of baffling character and plot choices and consequently dramatically alter my perspective on season three.

One last thing to wrap up this tangent. For the record, my take on Isaac is that he is indeed human—and is doing what I’ve always suspected a secret part of Doctor Lauren has always long to do: go mad scientist and strap Bo down on a table and do experiments on her. Not that Isaac has Bo strapped down on a table. But I do think he has been capturing and experimenting on Fae and that he recognized Doctor Lauren’s published monograph and her research as being Fae influenced—or at least highly suspects it. This is why he’s pursued her so aggressively—he thinks she is of like mind with him and believes he’s offering her a rare opportunity to work directly on the Fae and thus advance science exponentially. Her rap sheet and fugitive status would only make her more attractive a candidate to him since it indicates her propensity to go up against the established authority, especially when it hinders the advancement of scientific research. Plus, it gives him something to hold over her should he need it. Whether or not he understands the actual status and hierarchy of Faedom or Doctor Lauren’s role it in is still in question.

Back to the recap.

Over in Death Field, the excavation has begun. Purple-gloved, Dyson and Tamsin stand by watching the white-suited morgue attendants dig up the field. “There’s so many,” Dyson says, shocked. “So many different kinds,” Tamsin observes quietly as Dyson slowly walks over to where bodies have been laid out in rows on tarps. So that’s where all the extras went who used to populate The Dal (drink!)! “A mermaid fed on by a wendigo. Baku by a mare. Dark. Light.” Her point is that there’s no pattern to the killings. The camera pans up to give us another bird’s eye view. “This doesn’t make sense,” Dyson grits out, “Fae don’t feed on other Fae like this.” He pauses by one tarp which holds four excavated bodies. With a grunt of pain, Tamsin bends over at the waist. “You okay?” he asks with concern. “No,” Tamsin groans, for once not getting her back up because someone demonstrated genuine care on for her well-being. “These people died in fear,” she informs him with effort in a voice filled with pain, hers and theirs. “I can feel it.” Alarmed, Dyson peers at the bodies before him and recognizes one whose face has yet to be covered. “That’s a qarinah,” he says. He quickly strides over to crouch over the body. “I haven’t seen one of these outside of Egypt before.”

Tamsin carefully crouches down beside him. “Well,” she grunts, “what’s she doing here?” Dyson: “You know a qarinah’s feeding signature is similar to that of a succubus?” They look over the body together when Dyson gets an idea and pulls back the covering to lift up the qarinah’s hand. “Six fingers,” Tamsin concludes. “Guess we know who killed Blue Riley,” she says with a shade of her usual attitude. Dyson sums it up: “So our girl has sex with Bo and a few hours later is killed by a rare Egyptian Fae then dragged to the alley from this dump site?” He gets to his feet to take in the Field of Death as a whole. “This isn’t a dump site, Dyson,” Tamsin informs him as she rises to stand next to him. “It’s a mass grave.” He nods, acknowledging her deduction. “Something is hunting the Fae,” he concludes with dread. The camera pans up—really making the most out of that crane tonight, aren’t you, show?— and over where Dyson and Tamsin stand over the bodies to zero in high up on one of the nearby trees…where a hidden camera watches all.

End Credits.

Next week: Hail, Hale (HALE!)


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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Fiona Druce
1. Fiona Druce
LOL! I may just start reading your recaps because I had soo much fun doing so, just now. :D

Well done! :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
@Fiona - Welcome and thank you so much! Do come back soon!
Fiona Druce
3. BD Facebook Refugee
Dyson answers. He tells her to cover up the pictures and leads the way out of the cop shop, calling back, “and maybe try a little makeup!”

Whoa! While I absolutely hate seeing any Dyson scene cut, I can't believe the Lost Girl writers actually had Dyson say that make up line. That's a bit dickish and way OOC for him, especially since the rest of the scene showed him having sincere concern for Tamsin.

Telling her to take a nap to drink off the booze, a shower, splash water on the face, pop some aspirin and down some gatorade, yeah that would all follow and would be what Dyson would likely tell a hung over Hale back in the day. But put on some make-up? Seriously Lost Girl?

I miss seeing Dyson on my screen but I'm actually glad I didn't have see him saying that because that is totally not him.
Fiona Druce
4. BD Facebook Refugee
@Kiersten "If this really was Doctor Lauren’s exit scene, (and again, I am NOTcsaying that it is, so resist the urge to jump up and down on my back), then this entire season could be seen as one long character journey for the doc.

And so Doctor Lauren exits Faedom (and by extension Lost Girl) to lead the life she chooses for herself. Not for NotComaNadia, not for science, not for Bo…only for Doctor Lauren. If I retroactively view season three from this perspective, as an overarching in-depth character piece on Doctor Lauren it becomes…kind of brilliant."

Wow, you are totally right and that would cast season 3 in a completely different (and way more flattering) light. The conception, execution and delivery of that vision would be a master stroke, creatively, for Emily Andras and the writers of Lost Girl as well as for Zoie Palmer as an actress.

However, I share the same skepticism as you that LG would actually have the balls to do it but that certainly would be a story arc that I would think any writer and showrunner would be proud to hang their hat on.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I concur with @Fiona that Kiersten's recap are mad fun. They are the main reason why I haven't left LG yet.

AT this point, I'm getting very petty in my peeves. The whole Lauren-Laurence thing got me. Wasn't this show supposed to be totally openminded? Now we have the coming out to them simple country folk (suffering from dementia, but never mind) and the burb contingency treated as close-minded hypocrites. So only the Goth urbanites are open minded and progressive?

Also, Dyson's on-again off-again olfactory prowes are getting on my nevers. I didn't mind the makeup comment because I saw it as part of the way he snarks with Tamsin. But the fact that no one noticed the six fingers bruising on Blue's neck and that Dyson didn't smell anything before really bothered me. Whatever happened to WonderLauren's immaculate medical prowes and her truly amazing autopsies?

As for Lauren, I though that "this is what freedom looks like" was doctor bait of the best sort. However...

She didn't leave a note for Bo? Knowing how protective and prone to riding to the rescue she is? What was she thinking? As for her dealings with Hale, I thought she was way out of line. She's never been Hale's friend. She didn't fight with him against the Garuda; she came along with Bo as a (somewhat inept imo) medic. She's been acting as if her deal with the Fae is null while she was with Bo, but she should know better. After all, she's been with them for what? 8 years? Her true colors are coming through.

Finally, Lauren's story line gets more unbelievable by the second. She went to pre-med, let's say finished by 21, then med school, say 25, then internship and residency, say 29? Then she had to work somewhere in order to get in the Most Wanted list, then 5 years as a fugitive in the Amazon, Irac and Afganistan, then The Congo, then 8 years as a slave to the fae? Not to mention her degrees in psychiatry, biochemestry and nuclear physics. She's the youngest looking 50something year old I've ever seen.
Fiona Druce
6. Santiam
Kiersten your recap is better than the actual episode!

The main plot-line was lack-luster with a disposable Fae who did not look at all formidible. However this episode is a standout for the introduction of a truly interesting development in that someone is killing off the Fae! I wish more time had been spent on THAT!
Also DL makes her slow, lingering, soulfull and eagerly anticipated exit. Of course Issac is evil-- I asserted earlier that I think he's part of a group that experiments on or is exterminating Fae. He's too bland and unassuming not to be stuffed to the optics with evil! Obviously he's spiriting Lauren off to invent the color beige in a horrible lab of blandness somewhere. Fear him!
I figure Lauren will get roped into whatever is fertilizing that field with Fae. She will need to be rescued. (heavy sigh).
I like the development of Tamsin. I'm glad I missed the make-up comment. That seems like it would come from a guy who can slide a condom over his eyes.
Katherine Bloom
7. lsbloom
Kiersten, get outta my head!! j/k I had a long discussion after last week that Doctor Lauren's story arc was pretty complete this season--freeing herself was really the last step. I honestly don't know where they go with her now without artifically putting Bo and Lauren back together, which feels intellectually difficult to me after admitting that Bo and Lauren don't work together as people. I don't for one second think that they would follow the story and end the character because it is a satisfying completion point for her. They rely on doccubus too much to even consider what is best for the story and not what is best for their PR department.

I am getting really sad about the Kenzi wants to be fae storyline. It is really undermining her awesomeness. She has had no support structure this season and even Bo has occassionally put her down. Why is everybody going alone this season? I miss Dyson's "you are the strongest person I know" Kenzi. Kenzi is fantastic just as she is. And the entire humans vs fae story has only torn her down, and not in a(n) (I feel) realistic way. She made it through Baba Yaga, who she beat when Bo was unconscious. She took a club to the Garuda and then went back to save Dyson. And she gets thrown in a cave and it takes her most of the episode to try and pick the lock on her chains, please plot point. So a little fox steals her mojo? Kenzi is a fighter, a survivor. She might be scarred but that sh*t is deep. They've written her into this strange taken care of child character and I don't like it. ::pout::
Fiona Druce
8. BD Facebook Refugee
Missing the 6 finger bruising during the autopsy is odd. Lord knows I'm not a Dr. Lauren Lewis fan and think this "brilliant genius super doc" aura is bull but, come on, nothing on the show has shown her to be that incompentant. Missing that is a bit OOC for her.

Especially considering that the whole point of her "inconclusive" result was to avoid giving them ammo against Bo that you would think the doc would eagerly latch onto something like 6 finger bruising that would completely clear Bo?

I don't know if that should be a plot hole chalked to just shabby writing or what.
Linda Losik
9. LindaL
First, wonderful recap and I agree with your thoughts on Lauren and Isaac. And second, my thanks to those who helped clarify my thoughts as to why the Doccubi want Bo to still be in the Dawning. I realized that they hate Dyson, but with such passion is not something that I understand. I dislike Lauren immensely but because she is a whiney wimp who expects others to do HER dirty work for her. Like killing her current girlfriend so she can be with her the next girlfriend with whom she cheated on with the first girlfriend.

If the “trust me” didn’t prove to me that Isaac was bad then the limo comment did. Most research scientist are not well off (especially in the public sector where I work), and grant-funded projects usually don’t include limos!

It would truly send the Doccubi into the stratosphere if Dyson was the one to rescue the “fair damsel” and then Bo ignored her!

And let’s be fair here: Lauren was a bit exhausted, so it is possible she also forgot how to count…
Fiona Druce
10. RoyaleWithCheese
My first thought when I saw the BOLO sheet from Taft was that it was created by the Fae when she was incorporated into their fold. Surely Lauren/Karen had human contacts and family - and being on the lam would explain her disappearance from their world.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
Tho I wouldn't put anything past the Fae, I think DL's extreme instinctive reaction to the BOLO is a strong enough indicator that it's legit.
Carmen Pinzon
12. bungluna
If it turns out that WonderLauren is really a spy on a secret mission from the Ash to save the fae and has been 007 all the time, I fear for the physical integrity of my tv.
Fiona Druce
13. Santiam
bungluna! You made me spit coffee all over my laptop screeen! lol.
Fiona Druce
14. RoyaleWithCheese
Though choice lead Lauren to servitude of the Fae twice, it was the pressure of her circumstances and her geniune love for Bo that led her to that decision. I do believe she had come to consider many of the Fae that she has worked dilligently for as 'friends', which may have been why Hale's response was suprising to her. It was a reminder that at the end of the day, a slave is still a slave - and Hale was just being the Ash. A slamming dose of reality.

Taft knew exactly which buttons to push to get Lauren to leave which means he's squarely up to no good - and more than likely knows exactly who she is.

For me, Bo's relationships with both Kenzi and Lauren are my favorite to watch unfold - because they shouldn't exist. As Bo steps further into Faedom, it will be Kenz and Lauren remind her of her true self - someone that appreciates and admires humanity despite the fact she must feed off them.

Given recent Kenzi's insecurities about being human - I hope that doesn't mean the show is trying to find some loophole to give Kenzi 'powers' - that would really reboot her relationships with everyone and not in a good way.
Fiona Druce
15. Santiam
Hopefully, now the show can be more about the Fae. If they bring on new characters, I hope one will give Dyson a run for his money with the heroic hotness. I've o.d'd a bit on the estrogen and a burly change would be welcome. Bring on the Chippenfae Dancers! The Dal could use a bit of entertainment.
Have they done a hot Inccubus?
Personally, I think if they brought back the Dyson/Bo romance they'd spark renewed interest (and it wouldn't just be mine) but it doesn't have to be a romance to get that interest. They've got great characters and a great concept to work with.
Suzanne Metaxas
16. SuzyM
Great Recap Kiersten :)

I so agree with all you said :D They only thing I noticed is you said that the duppy had a bloody knife when she stabbed the first witch. Well the prop dept screwed up because the knife had no blood on it. It was even more evident when it hit the floor. Looked like it just came out of the dishwasher :) Going to watch it a few more times to see what I've missed :)
Fiona Druce
17. whiskeywhite
As always, Kiersten, recap worth waiting for.

Santiam, like you I laughed out loud at bungluna's fear for the integrity of her TV. But then you came up with the Chippenfae Dancers . Oh my, oh my, can I bring myself to picture that?

And no, they haven't done a hot Inccubus. If he fed off women, that would certainly bring Kiersten's concerns about victims to the fore. Not easily accepted. If he stuck to men they might get away with it (but that's unlikely, since, to repeat myself, they're not going there -- men having sex with men).

I wondered why 'duppy' sounded so familiar. I asked my partner, do you have duppies in Trinidad? Nope. Then a little research -- duppies are African-origin spirit figures in Jamaica thought of as ghosts, usually malevolent. So that's where I heard it! Bob Marley had a well known song called "Duppy Conqueror". In Trinidad they're known as "jumbies". (I suggested some time ago that they should have a jumbie in LG. Maybe I can predict plots after all.) Lots of Caribbean people talk about similar spirit figures in a completely matter of fact way ("my grandmother caught one in her gallery (porch) one time"). A Macuto is a form of amulet used in New Orleans and other voodoo ceremonies. In Jamaica, amulets don't call forth duppies, they are protections against them, and are not called macutos. Mixed mythologies again.

The witches getting their crazy on about men:
“This is about strong women understanding their worth and taking back the power in our lives. Look, we are not going to be a slave to their shitty, patriarchal…”
is in my opinion the writers ridiculing feminism again. (OK, so I'm touchy on the subject. But just saying, how many suburban housewives use the word 'patriarchal'?)

I appreciated your thoughts on Kenzi, Kiersten. It would be perhaps unreasonable to expect her to live among the Fae for a long time and maintain her "I'm a human and I'm OK" self-confidence. Who wouldn't begin to have a bit of fae-power envy? On a lighter note, I was struck by how much more mature (in a good way) Kenzi looked in her "vanilla" designer clothes.

I'm glad so many people agree with me on Dyson's make up crack. Boo, hiss there, D-man. Which reminds me, in "Ceremony" when Bo gets out of bed, she's wearing maybe half the eye make up she usually wears. So much prettier (eek! I sound like my mother). But, while I know it's the Bo look, I don't know why she has to look like a raccoon most of the time. And I'm interested that her dress is navy blue, on my TV it looked black and I thought, "Black? Even in the summer?" Much preferred the red dress (with the cleavage pocket. I carry my office keys around in my cleavage every day. Friggin' women's clothes have no pockets.)
Suzanne Metaxas
18. SuzyM
Everyone seems to be getting into a snit about the make up line. I had to go watch the episode again on my computer because they cut it out of the US version :( I hate when they cut out Dyson! I don't think it was meant in any other way than to cover up the fact that she'd been on a binge, not to insinuate she had to look like a china doll ;) Dyson would have been really out of character to mean it that way.
Fiona Druce
19. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten!


Bo is a jackass. Last episode she was all, "Whatever you need babe, take all the time you need, I'm not going anywhere." and now after one conversation with Kenzi she is pushing for closure? What the hell Bo can't you think for yourself, oh no wait you can't. The big bad-ass succubus can't even admit to a gaggle of desperate housewives that she is in a relationship with a woman? "My partner Lauren...ce," what the hell show, I call bullshit, MAJOR F***ING FAIL! If it was any other show I probably would have written it off, but Lost Girl, come on, "I will live the life I choose," no labels, sexuality/gender irrelevant, complete garbage. This is the same tired trope of lying about who you are to fit in. Would these women really have cared, and should it have mattered to Bo if they did, absolutely not. Lost Girl is supposed to be so progressive and Bo is supposed to be this unapologetic sexually empowered bisexual woman yet here she is changing Lauren into man which takes us right back to the old standard that straight is normal and being gay is something to be ashamed of and kept hidden. I consider this a huge slap in the face to the LGBT community that makes up a considerable portion of the fan base and have supported this show from the beginning.

End Rant.

I will say that after that I phoned it on Bo's storyline for the rest of the episode and mostly paid attention to Dyson and Lauren's stories.


Kenzi - As a babysitter(What kind of parent has a complete stranger watch their kid?) was funny, who microwaves a grilled cheese sandwich, ew.

Dyson - I really enjoy his relationship with Tamsin, they play off each other really well. I mentioned in my comment way back after your review of 3x05 that I would like to see them working cases together more, unfortunetly with only two episodes in the season, I guess it ain't happenin'. I have chosen to ignore his tempermental sniffer for the sake of my sanity. It reminds me of Willow's telepathy on BTVS, TPTB only used it when necessary to the plot, the rest of the time they forgot she had it.

Tamsin - I agree with Dyson, "looks like Shit" in this episode. I guess this Wanderer business/Acacia's death is taking its toll on her. The mass grave was an interesting twist, by that I mean I am interested to see where this going/who done it.

Hale - Holy crap it's Hale! So glad he came back for two minutes to remind us that he is the Ash now.

Lauren - I think she naively believed that with Hale as the Ash things would be different. Whatever freedoms she has been afforded, she is still a slave and her life isn't hers. She was blindsided by his cold formality and it left her vulnerable to Dr. Taft who said all the right things and poof, exunt Dr. Lauren. I think it was OOC for her to not at least talk to Bo first, but I guess Lauren was just done, done with the fae, done with that life, and a clean break was the only way she could escape. This Karen Beattie busines seemed way out of left field, I have trouble buying shy, conservative, wimpy Dr. Lauren as anactivist, but she does know how to make pipe bombs, so maybe. Either way I think we are being set-up for a Bo-rescues-Dr. Lauren in the finale.

Overall not a bad episode, the B & C story ines helped move the season arc foreward, but there are a lot of loose ends to wrap-up in two episodes. We shall see what happens I guess.
Fiona Druce
20. TheGardner
One other thought, I wonder if it coincidence that the fae who murdered Blue Riley was egyptian and guess who's been to Egypt twice and who was at the bar when Bo picked her up, hmm... Dr. Lauren. If Dr. Taft has been following her for awhile and he is behind these murders, I dunno kids, something seems fishy. I have always believed there is more to the story of why she was targeted by the fae, but eh, maybe I am giving the writers to much credit again, bad Gardner.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
I took Dyson't make up crack as reverting to the snarky exchanges Tamsin is comfortable with to get her riled up enough to go with him. He'd already expressed genuine concern for both how she looks and what's at the source of it and now it's just back to the normal pattern of taking the piss outta one another.
Katherine Bloom
22. lsbloom
I think a good amount of time has passed since the end of the last episode. All of Lauren's wounds have healed. And she was talking about Taft stopping by repeatedly day after day. So I don't think Bo just gave it a day and moved on.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
LG has a track record of having time lapse between episodes without clearly delininating how much. It makes sense that there would be a gap of days or even a week or more between E10 and E11 as DL is in a much less weepy emotional state and has apparently been working on the mold thing for Hale. Plus Taft appears to have been working on her for a while as well. And Tamsin has been on a bender for an indeterminate time but Dyson said she was off taking care of the Dark Fae bar dustup during Delinquents (E10). So if she went from there on to her bender from which she shows up for the first time in Faebysitting (E11), that lends credance to the idea that there's been a little time at least between eps.
Wallace Le
24. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Kiersten, thank you for your recap and insights.

My lasting impression of this episode was the complete personality change in Lauren. I too, (like other posters in the mini-recap) thought there was a distinct and dramatic change in Lauren’s portrayal after her hidden past was revealed and then her “freedom” from it. She seemed cool, calculating. When she removed the Ash’s pendant there was a deliberate matter-of-factness about it. It is almost as if she were saying “I have no use for the Fae right now”. The laying aside of the cell phone was accompanied with an air of coldness, indifference. In that moment she projected Lex Luthor (Smallville style). Gone was the whimpering, needy doctor and academic.

The Lauren departure scene made me feel that Bo is way out of her mental, emotional and psychic league, compared to Lauren. Isaac however, does get Lauren, in a way Bo never could. Kiersten has already pointed out that in unguarded moments, Lauren shows she does not think much of Bo.

Well, another week gone for our no sex (on-screen) super-succubus Bo. She has gone beyond monogamy, she is now a celibate succubus. Or … another week gone by with super-succubus Bo having sex in seedy bars, back alleys, and other venues of questionable repute (off-screen of course).

Popcorn with Kenzi, that’s doing the trick now, really!!!

LG is becoming a TV-Y7 show, with muppets /sesame street rejects (ref. IsBloom and The Gardner) and all. @ThGardner - thank you for that most fitting rant.
Fiona Druce
25. BD Facebook Refugee
Watching only the American feed, reading Kiersten's recap was the first I heard of the make up line and in that context it looked really dickish and way OOC for Dyson to say. He wouldn't say something like that to Hale even in a snarky, joking with partners way so it seemed very off that the writers would have Dyson say something so sexist.

But I can see how in the scene with KHR's delivery it could have came off quite different in live action than how it looks in text. Hell that man could probably read the transcripts of Rush Limbaugh aloud and make them sound better. :P

After all the junk we've been through season, I am always grossly suspicious of the LG writers trying to crap on Dyson in order to prop up Doccubus. So reading that jaded me saw this seemingly OOC and sexist "put on some make up" line as just more Doccubi-bait that they can twist and manipulate to hate on Dyson. After the way they somehow turned Dyson's confession of love and fidelity in 1x12 to "slut shaming Bo", lord knows what they could have done with a line like that.

So while I don't think any Dyson scene should be cut (He is the second billed lead and hugely important to the show), I'm still a bit grateful that line didn't air in the US because it is so easy to take the wrong way and Dyson is just not like that.
Suzanne Metaxas
26. SuzyM
I so agree with the take on the character Lauren, she is definitely caclulating and a user. I also noticed when she put the phone on the counter she wiped her hands on her hips like she was wiping away all her connection to Bo and the Fae. Say what you will about Dyson but he has never, ever walked away from Bo. Even when it caused him pain to be with her and heal her in S2. He was ALWAYS there when she needed him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
Well, except for the three weeks went he ran off to lick his Norn (Freaking Norn!) wounds that is...and I don't remember him healing her in S2, especially not once Perfect Ciara made the scene. Though he was adament she do so in the cage fighting episode (post PC's first exit), she refused and then again in S2E22 (after love returned BTW) when he pleaded with her to sleep with him so he could give her his strength for the battle ahead. But after the rave kiss in S2E1, there's been no intimate B/D contact until the heal bang in S3 as far as I can remember. By all means, correct me if I'm wrong.

Or did you mean it caused him pain to heal her in S3 and "S2" was just a typo?
Suzanne Metaxas
28. SuzyM
Nope not a typo, He healed her in Mirror, Mirror ep S2-4 and it was intimated that he healed her other times in S2. When he tried to get her to heal in BrotherFae of Wolves S2-5 it sounded like he'd done it before, in Fae-net Love S2-18 she looks on her phone when looking to heal and Dyson was on the list and at first she is about to dial him but then changes her mind and goes for Ryan instead. There may have been more but I don't know them off the top of my head :) In Mirror, Mirror you could see how much it caused him pain then when she fed. I think when she fed it caused him to remember everything he had but he wasn't able to feel it. Freaking Norn! Kenzi should have nailed her to her tree! It was such a diabolical curse :(
Fiona Druce
29. whiskeywhite
Upon further reflection, I rescind my doubts about whether Dyson feels as close to Tamsin as shown in this episode. While we haven't seen enough of them working together recently to see the relationship develop, he has a couple of big reasons to like her. She worked with Bo to save him from attempting to fly off the roof, and she believed Bo and helped her to find Kenzi when he didn't.

Interesting bit about Kenzi and anti-depressants. This is a real issue. Prescriptions for anti-depressants at Canadian university health clinics often outrun any other medication, including birth control pills, and young women are at least twice as likely to be using these powerful drugs. In the US, 5% of 12- to 19-year-olds use antidepressants, rising to 6% in the 18-39 age group. There are currently major concerns about their use by pregnant women (good decision to ditch the pills, Bo).

I, too, was struck that they overlooked the obvious six-finger marks. It was interesting that they apparently found an extra to play the part of the qarinah who genuinely has six fingers. Wikipedia tells me that people of African descent are 10 times more likely than whites to have
'polydactyly' (thus occasioning the now rare appearance of a person of colour on LG).

Linking the qarinah and Lauren's visits to Egypt seems to be a bit of a stretch, TheGardner, but who knows. For those calculating what Lauren could have accomplished by her apparent age (of 35ish?), by the age of 24 I had lived and worked in Liberia (West Africa) and travelled to Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Fasso, Mali and Senegal. By 29 I had added Nigeria (again), Mozambique, Tanzania and yes, Egypt. At 34, while representing a Canadian international development agency, I was arrested (in my bed) by US marines in occupied Grenada (I guess I must have been a "terrorist" -- or perhaps I was on a legitimate post-invasion fact-finding tour). By 37 I had added working with women's organizations in Jamaica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Just to name-drop a few places.

Perfect enumeration of Dyson's and Bo's intimate encounters in S2 &3, Kiersten. Oh how I hunger for some good old "just for fun" sex for them, but of course it now would mean so much more.
Jackie Lester
30. JackieLester
"Hale deliberately and ponderously claps his hands before him."

This was a really small gesture but I read a lot into it. I thought he was intending to give her a friendly pat on the arms kinda thing but quickly remembered who he was and altered his course. The awesome Hale is still in there, he just needs a better reminder of it. I trust Kenzi to take care of that :)

I like your idea about Taft. It could be the whole 'experimenting on the Fae' that has caused them to turn on each other, hence the field of bodies? I fervently hope you're on point too with the whole Lauren character evolution.

And speaking of the Norn...there are usually 3 of them. Maybe Kenz opened up a bag of worms there,something that could be explored in another epsode? Like, if the sisters try to unite and conquer? I'm just putting it out there ;)
Fiona Druce
31. Santiam
I'm not jumping on the anti-Lauren wagon because I'm busy painting it.

I wonder why they can't do a hot Inccubus the same way they've done hot Succubus? The only difference would be that the character was male. The choice of victims/partners would not be gender specific. I imagine he'd be equal opprotunity like Bo.
All I really want is for the show to concentrate on the great characters they already have.
If Hale is kick-Ash then will he make Dyson toe the line the same way he was strict with DL or is it DK now? I rather liked the regal bearing of the first Ash. He was intimidating and even Ash-2 was revealed as a worthy leader. There has to be more to Hale than the goofy whistling power (which imo is not done very well). He made me sit up and take notice in his scene with Lauren. She claims she fought by his side which neatly revealed her as being self-agrandizing. THAT was her idea of fighting? Maybe-- in a world where people go at it armed with oven-mitts and harsh language.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
32. Kiersten
Suz - I forgot about Mirror Mirror - knew you'd have chapter and verse for me!

Whiskey- it's not that DL has traveled so much but that she's traveled & studied several medical disciplines all requiring not only university time but likely internships and specialty time on each discipline. Combined together, it strains even the most accomplished person's human capabilities.

I know people who are lawyers and PhDs who have traveled and studied greatly too, but their's are two, possibly three specialties. What we're now supposed to ascribe to DL's accomplishments as being within the framework of a 30-something woman strains credulity. We've never been given any indication that she was a child prodigy either, which would give some stretch to her timeline, and so have to assume we're dealing with normal appropriate age intervals for university etc
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
I'm not jumping on the anti-Lauren wagon because I'm busy painting it.

Burst out laughing at that one, Santiam.

LG did feature an incubus, remember? He was the evil Fae of the Week in S1's The Mourning After when Bo first met Aoife. Not that we couldn't use another take...

Fiona Druce
34. BD Facebook Refugee
No that was an Alabaster (sp?) who fed off of sexual guilt and shame. Aoife said they were the mortal enemies of succubi/incubi.

The only mention we have had of them was Dr. Lauren mentioned in S1 that she first came up with her injection cocktail for a incubus she was working on.

I agree that a hot incubus would be a plus for the show!
Fiona Druce
35. Spencer
@Kiersten, thanks for the review and thanks to everyone for the comments. You all make me laugh so much. Break my Lauren loving heart sometimes, but always amuse. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the final two eps.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
36. Kiersten
Oh, I thought he'd called himself an incubus. Kiersten again with the fail today. Too much LG crammed into my head to sort through on the fly, I guess. Carry on, y'all.

Spencer - if we can make you laugh anyway, I call that a job well done! Thanks for hanging in with us. ;-)
Suzanne Metaxas
37. SuzyM
Hi Spencer :) Sorry if we break your heart. I know that is not my intent and I'm pretty sure not anyone else's either. I love Zoie Palmer and definitely do not want to see her gone from the show. I just wish the writers would do a better job of writing her character!

I had some hope when they had her and Dyson do the scene together at the end of the last episode. I so want them to be friends! I want them to see the writers make Lauren more self-sufficient and not so clingy and whiney. They truly could do a better job. Maybe now that they have given her this shady background they can build on it.

They can say she was acting so needy to hide what a strong woman she is. I would also like to see them hook her up with someone other than Bo. I know we differ here but I don't see the same chemistry or partnership that is created between Dyson and Bo. I would love to see them hook her up with a female Fae maybe one that is an alchemist. They could build up a strong loving relationship and even have the new Fae be jealous of Bo. There is so much room for them to play with and stop making Lauren so weak and sappy. Wow, I really got carried away here LOL. OK I'm done :D
Fiona Druce
38. Santiam
@TheGardener astute observation about DL having been in Egypt twice! Hmmm I wonder if they reveal a more sinister side?

Dyson's abilities that come and go-- I put down to his concentration. It seems he has to be actively trying to use his Wolf in order to access it's greater senses. However, suddenly noticing a six fingered bruise on a photo, that everyone else missed? I don't really have an answer for. If it were me, I'd assume it was six fingers of one hand and the thumb print of the other, because when I strangle people I use both hands.
Suzanne Metaxas
39. SuzyM
OK when was Lauren in Egypt? I'm wracking my brain but can't remember this being said. I know when it is pointed out to me I will be slapping my head :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
40. Kiersten
Bo mentioned when on the web cam in Delinquents that maybe when she was done they could go someone like Egypt & the doc said "I've been there..twice actually"
Suzanne Metaxas
41. SuzyM
LOL, told you I'd whack myself! Yup now I remember. Wonder when she got the time to fit that in :D Congo, Amazon, Egypt, Afghanistan! All the while hiding from the authorities. Bond move over!
Danielle Barrow
42. donovarrow
Oh boy! Great recap, and some great comments! I have to admit, this recap really kinda saved me here, because after watching the episode I was really confused on many things. My little 2 year old was being particularly needy and hyper at the time I was trying to watch, so I def missed some things. I would go back and re-watch but I havent had time (going away this weekend, and been babysitting some extra long hours this week, so ready for it to be over!). Anyway, tangent aside, from what I did get to see I was pretty happy with the episode as a whole. I (as with most of you) wish there had been more Dyson screen time, but I do have to say what I did see of him and the story arc its taken I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing. I'm not bored with it, and its entertaining, and I'm really generally interested (cant say that about some of the story lines we've had this season). Love seeing Bo and Kenz working a case together again, they truely are the core of the show imo. I also agree I miss seaon 1(and most of 2) Kenzi. I really feel like the kitzune(sp?) really messed with her head, and she hasnt been the same bad-ass self. She needs to do some kind of fae-esque-butt-kicking on her own to get her confidence back. The cop shop scene was great with Dyson and Tams. As soon as I saw her come into the shot (before Dyson said anything) I said out loud "man, she looks like crap!". So I'm glad I was on point and she was suppose to look that way. I agree Kiersten that was some great acting and job well done on the make-up (hehe) department on making her look so disheveled. So on to the make-up comment, I didnt take offense to that at all! I totally agreed with it, Tamsin looked awful and they were going to be working so I wouldnt want my partner looking as bad as she did. I get he could have used another way of saying get yourself together, but I thought it worked just fine. Okay, Lauren... omg, talk about manufactured drama... that all I'm gonna say because its going to be the same thing everyone else has said. It would make sense if she were actually leaving, but its gonna be some brushed over story arc where Bo has to save the day (in 2 episodes????? I hope not). I do disagree that Lauren seemed cold, I thought she was just taking a stand and through her body language saying this is me, and I'm taking care of me (yes its shitty she didnt say anything to Bo, but then how will Bo know she is going to need rescuing soon). I also have someting to add with this Taft guy, if he is someone working on Fae and its tied to the field of dead bodys, then Lauren in turn working for him isnt getting away from the Faelife. So I hope if she realizes that, she at least TRYS to get out of whatever deal shes made with that sleezy guy. Okay, so I had more to say on the Lauren story line than I thought. So although I liked this episode, I really hate they only had 13 episodes this season. I feel like with all the changes (season 2 going form 13-22 eps so they had to add filler and 3 suppose to be 22 then cut to 13) nothing feels right. All these new added links to the story lines are making up too many things to try and keep up with that I feel needs to be nurtered through the show and not last just an episode (or come to find out it was played out off screen, HATE THAT, I'm still bitter about the Kenzi/Dyson/Norn situation). I crave fluidity with this show and I just know I'm not going to get it. It really leaves me to question what is going to get carried over to the next season and what questions are going to get answered through the finale.
Danielle Barrow
43. donovarrow
Another thing I wanted to add was, one of the parts I missed was the witch that went all daddy posessed, talking to Bo. Something pretty relevent to the main story line. So, again, THANK YOU, for the recap. I hate when I miss something so telling.
Fiona Druce
44. Unaligned Lost Girl Fan
I like reading these recaps because they are relatively unbiased and often offers a different perspective from the constant Pro-Lauren and now Pro-Tamsin echo chamber. I also like that you guys tend not to be afraid of calling the show out on its shit like with how callously they disregarded Dyson's rape and ignore the issue about consent with Bo's feedings.

But I do lose a little respect when you guys are afraid to call Dyson out on his shit. That make up line to Tamsin was completely douchey and its fair to let Dyson own up to it without trying to sugar coat it or blame it on the writers making him out of character. None of the Lost Girl characters are perfect. Bo's a douche,. Lauren's a douche, Tamsin's a douche. tricj's a douche. Hale's a douche. Actually Kenzi the juvenile delinquent and thief with a criminal record might be the least douchey and most considerate one of them all.

I know you guys like Dyson and are one of the few Lost Girl sites that gives him some love while he gets a lot of hate (completely unfair) across the rest of fandom. But you don't want to become the Fox News/MSNBC of the Lost Girl fandom by ignoring Dyson's flaws. Don't be afraid to call out the D-man when he is being a D-bag.
Fiona Druce
45. Unaligned Lost Girl fan
And really you would have thought that in Dyson's 1500 years he would have learned why my husband picked up in 15 minutes on our first date: the only comment that a man should ever make to a woman regarding her make up is that she never needs it because she is beautiful just the way she is.
Katherine Bloom
46. lsbloom
@Unaligned Most people here didn't hear it. We're a US-based site and it was cut. Probably because it was a bad joke, which the show has been guilty of a number of times. This season has not been funny, even Kenzi has fallen flat a number of times. It's not like Dyson to comment on ladies' looks. But I think the writers were going for teasing thing. But not hearing it, I'm not going to really comment on it.

Just an aside--your husband was on a date, not teasing a friend. Guys have different standards of action when they have an...erm...agenda.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
47. Kiersten
Hey @UnalignedLostGirlFan - thsnks for leaving a comment and I really appreciate your kind words about the recaps & H&H LG community.

I'm actually usually one of the first to call Dyson out when he's being an ass (although I do usually tag it as "beautiful dumbass" to be completely honest) and have never given him a complete free pass. My mad love for the wolf man is vast but neither blind nor easy.

The make up crack was shitty - but since he's never onscreen made such a crack about any of the women's appearances like that before (that I can remember), I think its safe to tag it as out of character. I agree; dude's got a long history as a playa. You'd think he'd know better.

Dyson's been an ass several times over in this show, especially in S2, though he has many douchey "guy" moments in S1 too, all which the recaps here often rag on, but he's not cruel by nature. If it had been more along the lines of "clean yourself up" or "get a shower, man" or something equivalent said to Hale, would we be so sensitive? It was a crap line and I'm glad it got cut and D can and has been a total ass - but this one was not like him.

KHR has said that when he first worked with Rachel, he actually forgot his lines b/c he was so transfixed by her beauty. It's not like the woman needs any help to be naturally stunning. For all we know, that makeup crack was some inside joke between them he tossed off on his way out the door. I'm not saying it was, only that something so out of character for Dyson has to have been an anathema for a reason on the screen or off.

As for the "Fox News/MSNBC of the Lost Girl" crack...low blow, man. Low blow. ;-)

Thanks again for coming out of lurkdom.
Fiona Druce
48. Megs
Is it me or did anyone notice that the house Bo and Kenzi toured looked very similar to the house she and Dyson (they have GOT to get back together again) shared while she was going through the Dawning?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
49. Kiersten
You're not the only one to think that @Megs, but I looked then and again while doing the recap and while it's VERY similar, especially the LIGHT, the kitchen placement, dining area that Doctor Dyson enters into from the back door of the house, and definitely the front facade are completely different.

And yes, Bo and Dyson ABSOLUTELY have to get back together. Stat. ;-)
Fiona Druce
50. Santiam
@Kiersten re: "Bo and Dyson ABSOLUTELY have to get back together. Stat. "
Amen sister!
Carmen Pinzon
51. bungluna
At this point I would gladly send Doccubus on an extended tour of anywhere but here and have the Kenzie and Dyson show. With maybe Vex and Tamsin and The Morrigan thrown in for spice. And a more worthy lurv for the wolfman. The writers have made Bo very unappealing, imo, with all the waffling.
Fiona Druce
52. whiskeywhite
I agree totally, Kiersten, that Lauren's backstory has been badly written. I was being a bit of a smartass, while trying to further my point about some equating going on here between protesting against the government and being shady or a terrorist.

I want to split a hair with you, SuzyM, about whether Dyson was 'healing' Bo in "Mirror , Mirror", especially when Kiersten asked about "intimate B/D contact." Dyson was using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to try to save Bo because she had stopped breathing due to drowning. He was not trying to heal her in their normal sexual manner; he was not kissing her. Bo was unconscious, so was not trying to do anything. Her body automatically reacted to the touch of his mouth on hers and sucked his chi, reviving her. A bit of a stretch, but we can allow it. It was certainly a joyous moment in that Dyson saved Bo, and intimate in that sexual chi changed hands -- er mouths. But to equate it with making love overstates it, I think.

Which leads me to ask something that I've been wondering about for a while. How important is sexual intercourse, or sexual touching, to Bo healing? Or is it all about the chi sucking? We know that she can acquire power through a succubus kiss alone, as she does in her first kiss with Dyson. It seems that she might be able to heal in that manner as well, unless the encounter with the fast food kid went farther than we saw, and ditto for the season 3 'heal bang' (are we to believe that they stripped down to have intercourse in the back of an active cop shop during a work day?). Or does healing always have to involve sexual touching? In the first healing session (1.02 & 1.03) Bo and Dyson clearly made love (all night long, as Kenzi observes). Similarly, the "911 booty call" in 1.05, "Dead Lucky" involved wall rattling intercourse as well as chi sucking, as did the healing with Cayden. If sexual touching is important, can it help her heal without chi sucking?

I don't fault Lauren for saying to Hale, "I fought beside you." She was as much a part of the team as he was by the time they went into the second battle with the Garuda. In the scene where Bo introduces Vex as a new member of their "little army" in 2.21 and lays out the battle plan, it is clear that Lauren has been accepted as a full member of the team. She's not some outsider left behind, as she was in the first battle or a tag along as Bo's girlfriend. When they respond to Bo thanking them for fighting with her, Dyson says, "I'm with you to the end", speaking for himself. It is Lauren who speaks for the rest of group: "We all are." We've already discussed many times that there are more ways to contribute than through physical strength and that she played important roles in the fight, among them figuring out that Vex was the weak link in the chain without Bo's blood, and that Hale could cauterize Kenzi's wound with his siren voice. I say she did indeed fight beside Hale. And by the way, she was tricked into repledging herself to The Ash (did she ever learn about that?). Why is she bound to that?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
53. Kiersten
whiskey - while whether they "stripped down" to do it might be in question, Bo and Dyson definitely did the entire deed in the back of the cop shop for the heal bang. She was too far gone to manage all that healing with just a kiss and she already had his shirt ripped open and was working on his pants before she hopped up on him and they cut the scene.

I do think there's something to be said for a succubus kiss being enough for a "normal" feed for Bo. Certainly she healed with just that and some skin on skin with Cayden - the rest of that bang was for fun and, more than anything, do deliberately to put the - ahem - screws to Dyson who was waiting downstairs. That DL got tagged w/some backlash too was unfortunate collateral damage. Like the full shebang bang is better and more of a rush for her supernaturally and why not if the partner is willing? Certainly even regular, marathon sex DL wasn't enough alone for Bo to the point that she needed additional partners and not just for kissing and/or healing but for basic sustenance. Dyson too had to do some powering up of his own in S1 in order to keep up with her 'relentless' appetite (which I think was also driven by her personal jones for him specifically) but he didn't seem to broken up it.

So I think a kiss alone can do it, but the whole deal eliminates doubt.
Katherine Bloom
54. lsbloom
In season 1, we had Lauren explicitly stating that due to the injections Bo would need sex to heal. Obviously on several occasions (with Cayden, after the cage match, after drowning, etc) we've seen Bo fully heal without sex. In season 2, I didn't think she was still taking the injections. And succubus kisses were good, but if she was really hurt she needed a "bigger" chi hit that she got from sex. With or without the injections, it is hard to say what kind of "sexual touching" is necessary given she sorta heals off of semi-naked touching with Lauren--no succubus kissing--Andras made that perfectly clear that Bo never succubus kiss sucked Chi from Lauren until the Dawning.

Andras has answered the question of kisses versus sex really ineffectually, which only says to me that the showrunner has no idea and no intention of making it consistent. IMO it is whatever fits the plot. She can heal through both, but she gets a bigger hit from sex.
Wallace Le
55. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
LG is very fearful when it comes to Bo and sex.

They created the Bo character of season 1, 2 with raging sexual needs, continually in need of healing. In season 3, they showed a need of sex for basic sustenance, because sex with Lauren alone was causing Bo to starve to death. Lauren herself tired of sex with Bo. When Bo got injured she was now dying.

LG clearly established in episode 4 that Bo needs sex with multiple humans or Fae to live (she and Lauren went scouting in episode 5). However the show is deeply uncomfortable with their own creation.

We now have a situation where for the last 6 weeks there has been no sex (on-screen). Now, it is said that the succu-kiss is enough. This is not so. Not according to what was established in episode 4 of this season, otherwise succu-kissing would have been enough. Bo was not injured when she had sex with Blue. She simply needed sex to feed, there was also succu-kissing.

One notices that Bo has not been injured in any way for the last 6 episodes. The muppet took her down but the show ignored that.

The writers and producers are trying to weasel their way out of this. Now, sex is optional, or a last resort.
Linda Losik
56. LindaL
Just a quick question: why are we assuming that Lauren spent years in any place? There could have been short visits, overlapping visits (Congo during Fae-time), and visits to other places on direct orders from the Ash. Also with Peggy special talents, no jets lag, whose talent is second only in my wanting of those special services to those of a Brownie!

And IMHO, the writers are again pandering: if Bo cannot suck chi from Lauren, then Bo does not get sex time with anyone else. Especially now that Dyson has come forward with the fact that he has his love back and he not only loves her but is patient and understanding with her being with Lauren. Am not sure where Tamsin fits into the Doccubi dreams.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
57. Kiersten
To my knowledge, it's never been said that Bo cannot/does not suck chi from DL when they're banging. Certainly in the early part of the season, DL's energy was drained, which admittedly could be just from the marathon sex alone. We were never shown that Bo was feeding from her during these sessions, but I assumed she was b/c she's a succubus and how the hell else is she supposed to feed?

There was the time in DL's flat during Fa'ege Against the Machine after Bo got hit by the car where the camera showed Bo healing from kissing DL (though not completely) even though we didn't get the swirly blue streams of spit usually used to indicate a feed.

So I think she has been feeding from DL this season even if not onscreen. It may be that she has regulated how much she takes from the doc because she's human and more suceptible to the dangers of being fed on by a succubus. But the issue has been that DL alone is not enough for Bo, not as a daily sustenance and certainly not for massive healing needs, which is what led to Bo getting dangerously injured in Fa'ege Against the Machine and ultimately needing to have healing sex with Dyson in the cop shop.

LindaL - I think we're assuming that her years spent "traveling" were pre-Fae b/c all indications have been that the various Ashes have kept her close at hand and limited her ability to do anything not related/connected/for them. Also, once she became bound to them she 1. didn't want to leave ComaNadia alone in the Fae compound and 2. was "enraptured" enough with researching/experimenting on the Fae to begin with that she didn't need to travel elsewhere for new research opportunities - she had the best research known to man right there already. Too, every time someone mentions another amazing thing she's supposedly done, it's always in a list as though in an order or is referred to as though it's in her somewhat distant past, not within the last 5-8 years over which she's been with the Fae.
Fiona Druce
58. TheGardner
My understanding of Bo's feeding/healing is that for her regular feedings or minor injuries, like the cut to her face in 3x01, she can consume chi without having sex, but when she is severly injured, like on a life threatening scale as in 3x04, she has to have sex to heal. A fae is stronger and she can take more chi from them without killing them which allows her to fully heal, a human having less requires her to hold back, and based on the injury, she may not heal completely(i.e. the residual bruising Dr. Lauren comments on in 2x01 with Bo's response being she thought it would be nice to leave the kid alive).

Bo was attempting to be fully monogamous with Lauren and feeding only off the residual enery sexual contact gives her. This was not enough to sustain the hungry, hungry succubus as Bo was essentially starving herself even with her and Lauren doin' it 'round the clock. She was able to successfully heal with Dyson, but this length of time without regular feeding was in part, coupled with the injections no longer working, and(though we were unaware of it at the time) her devolution which was causing her hunger to surge, was why she needed to have sex/full feed with Blue Riley.
Fiona Druce
59. TheGardner
On a side note I don't know how comfortable I would be if everytime I had sex or made out with my lover they could kill me if they lost control. I never really thought about that before, but the amount of trust Lauren has in Bo is pretty remarkable. She literally is putting her life in Bo's hands, kinda crazy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
60. Kiersten
I think every partner Bo has must by default invest her with that level of trust, or at least the ones who know what she is. Her powers are so strong and ever increasing, one never knows when sexy times with her might the last. Certainly Dyson has moments when he has had to make her stop because she was seemingly unaware she was draining him to a dangerous level, most notably in Vexed. Another point in favor of Bo sticking to Fae lovers.
Katherine Bloom
61. lsbloom
Kiersten--It was a big thing for doccubi that Bo not suck chi--blue spit--from Lauren because that would have made their love life about feeding and not love (ie, what they say about season 1).

Personally, just me, I theorize that Bo "feeds" anytime she has "sex" (including semi-naked touching) just not with blue spit--that's how she killed her earlier lovers unbeknownst to her (I mean I think she would notice the blue spit swap versus wake up and be blindsided) and why she doesn't usually "go all the way" as she said to Cayden. The only time we've specifically seen it was in Vexed with Bo...erm...riding...Dyson with the black eyes so I'm not sure that that is a good reference point. And I have no idea how that translates to lesbian sex with undergarments still on. I mean can she just feed by touching someone's skin? And thinking about that further and trying to make a specific point is difficult and takes me into some *indelicate* weeds. But I think they've shown two different ways of feeding in the succubus kiss feeding vs a having sex feeding but just left out how it all works. Regardless, when Andras stopped by for her little chat with they asked and she said that Bo had never sucked chi from Lauren. This is why doccubi got sooooo angry that Bo took Lauren's chi to save Dyson. That's obviously not canon, as what showrunners say isn't actually part of the show, but we've never seen it and TPTB say it hasn't happened (until the Dawning). The closest the show came was when Bo stopped by hurt and Lauren started to undress at the end of season 2 and Bo said, no stop I'd never do that, give me an aspirin.

It doesn't really matter for me, because I have no agenda to make Bo's relationship with Lauren "special" and I try not to get into those arguments. I think it is pretty clear Bo loves both her triangle partners and making distinctions like "only Lauren can bring out the supersuccubus" or "only Lauren can calm down 'darkBo'" takes agency of her powers away from Bo and ignores most scifi/fantasy logic.

@Sci-FiEnthusiast--For me, the first five episodes were basically fanservice filler. There wasn't an arcing mystery, there wasn't new mythology. It was Bo wants to be monogamous but a single human can't keep her knew that already. But Bo having sex isn't plot, so once they decided to try to have episodes with plot there wasn't time for sexy times. IMO the season has been really badly paced. I feel like they should nod to Bo feeding, since they made such a big deal about it, but I don't need sex scenes in place of plot and mythology. I mean she went most of season 2 not eating at all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
62. Kiersten
@lsbloom - huh. thanks for the info. I'd no idea that EA had come out and admitted Bo had never fed chi from DL or at least not until The Dawning. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever esp as she was trying to be monogamous. Did she expect to never feed again - ever? And as soon as she got hurt, she told Dyson she'd take care of it and went straight to DL's flat and did heal a bit if not totally. That seems to indicate that she is getting some sort of sustenance from banging the doc even if its not a direct, aggressive feed as it was in The Dawning. It certainly did appear, based on Kenzi and DL's shocked expressions, that The Dawning was the first time the two humans had experienced the full force of a succubus feed, which in that case was very much not for sustenance but solely in order to restore Dyson.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
63. Kiersten
Oh, also, we've never seen the black eyes from Bo before or since Vexed. Remember, that episode (8) was actually the pilot episode i.e. the very first one they shot, so they had yet to establish what a succubus feed looked like and I think when they started filming S1, and finally had a real budget, they established the blue eyes etc. CGI. However, I like the idea that when she's really out of control in a feed, her eyes bypass blue and go full black as part of the mythology.
Fiona Druce
64. Crzytxgirl23
Is it at all possible that Isaac is really her father or someone hired by her father to use against Bo or to get her to come over to the Darkside or whatever the heck he turns out to be? He persued Lauren while they were still dating maybe he thinks to use Lauren as leverage or say something like,"Look how happy I made your girlfiriend for you, don't you want to be happy here too?" Just wondering here...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
65. Kiersten
@crzytxgirl23 - I think anything's possible, yeah. I just rewatched Ceremony last night, and when Bo's father is talking to Bo the baby it definitely sounds like actor Shawn Doyle's (Issac's) voice. I think at this point, we can't rule out anything until we see how they played out these last two upcoming episodes...
Fiona Druce
66. Santiam
I am blanking on Bo drowning. Did I miss an episode?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
67. Kiersten
It was Mirror Mirror when Kenzi accidentally cursed Dyson and got sucked into Baba Yaga's realm. Dyson had to hold Bo down under water in the tub to cross the theshold into Baba Yaga's realm and stay there and she wound up drowning. When Dyson pulled her out and she was unconscious, he gave her mouth to mouth. Her power woke up first and she instinctively sucked down his chi to revive and survive.
Fiona Druce
68. Santiam
Kiersten-- I just read your recap of that episode. Once again an EXCELLENT read! I do recall this episode but now I'm inspired to buy season two. The show owes you a kickback!
Wallace Le
69. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
@IsBloom –“… I feel like they should nod to Bo feeding, since they made such a big deal about it …” my sentiments, a brief pickup or hints thereof, from time to time would be in order, not the details. If done tastefully it would not detract from her character. Unfortunately the writers made the sexuality of the character central to their show and one that must be addressed in every meaningful relationship Bo enters. Matter of fact even on the job it sometimes needs to be addressed.
Fiona Druce
70. whiskeywhite
Great discussion, everyone, on the sex and healing question. I think that Dyson having to stop Bo when they were having sex in "Vexed" was to establish vividly and quickly, in the pilot, how sexually dangerous she was. Later on we see that he can say, "Take as much as you want, as much as you need" (1.05) and survive, although staggering. The reason I used the phrase "sexual touching" ("sexual contact" is better, thanks TheGardner) is that when I was writing the question I was putting it in terms of sexual intercourse. Then I stopped and realized that I was being heterosexist. So I searched for a phrase to include Bo and Lauren's lesbian lovemaking.

Welcome Crzytxgirl23. You remind me when you speak of Bo and Lauren dating that I was annoyed, yet again, when Bo asked Dyson in
“Delinquents”, "Was it hard dating me?" I know that I am a dog who won't put down a bone, but again with the "dating"? Like "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" it's such a trivial sounding description for very serious, committed relationships. Your 1000 (now 1500)-year old "boyfriend" commits himself to you for life, and you accept him, and what you're doing is "dating"? Ditto for the very serious relationship with Lauren. I know that, despite how common they are today, we don't really have the vocabulary for long-term committed, unmarried, relationships. My non-husband of 29 years is not my boyfriend. We use 'partner'. I understand, however, that "Was it hard partnering me?" lacks zing. :-)

Yes! LindaL. I want 1) a Brownie and 2) a Peggy. I want a clean house and to go to Madagascar.
71. Minime
I love your reviews for Lost Girl and Scandal and your blatant objectification of Dyson! I am a long time lurker and I wanted to comment on Bo's feeding. During Andras stop at she said the following about how the writers think Bo's powers work. Unfortunately it's a bit nonsensical, they must not watch their own show:
"here's how we think Bo's ability to feed works: whenever she has sex, whether it be with random, Dyson (sorry!) or yes, Lauren, it's like recharging a battery. But when she's injured or desparate, she will suck chi, no sex required"
I am sure we can all site examples of this being way off and it's sad that a show that is about sexual freedom and empowerment can't seem to figure out how their heroine works but that is how the writers see Bo's feeding. A follow up question came after she said that asking why she had to have sex with Dyson at the cop shop and her reply was:
"because she was dying and she needed all the help she could get"
I hope this helps a bit, it just confused me but i thought I would share.
Carmen Pinzon
72. bungluna
I just had a random thought: maybe she had her Dawning early because she's been feeding so badly all her life. First, she would hold off until she couldn't take it any more and then kill her human. Then she went into her monogamy kick. She might be reacting like athetic women who delay their periods because of intense physical training and crazy diets, only in reverse.
Fiona Druce
73. whiskeywhite
I just re-watched "The Kenzi Scale." Is the devolved satyr that Trick has caged in his basement the ogre guy in "Ceremony" who slashes Dyson and whom Bo has to fight for the key? They look very similar. It might make sense if the inhabitants of the temple are coming from her sub-conscious.

Interesting thought, bungluna, about early-onset Dawning. On a related note, girls in North America are starting to menstruate at younger and younger ages (not 200 years younger :-) ). There's evidence that it's due in part to to rising levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the environment.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
74. Kiersten
I think it might be, whiskey, now that you mention it. That would make sense; she's being pursued through the temple by the representation of what she'll become if she doesn't succeed in her Dawning. Sorry I missed that one.
Fiona Druce
75. whiskeywhite
We only got a quick look at the satyr, Kiersten, and had no reason to remember what he looks like. But when I saw him again, I thought, like Caroline Parker, "you look familiar."

Thanks, Minime, for coming out of lurkdom with useful info. (more comments welcome). Why did Bo have to have sex with Dyson in the cop shop? Hmmm. Maybe because she was dying of terminal foolishness, known in the medical literature as Monogamous Succubus Syndrome.
Fiona Druce
76. Santiam
One thing about this episode, we see them return to making a living. I've been wondering how they pay the bills. They seem to drink for free at the Dal but is there rent? Groceries? Utilities? Okay... mundane considerations and I really do perfer fantasy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
77. Kiersten
Great point, Santiam.

They're not paying rent at Hilton Hovel; they're squatting in a condemned building and all their electricity etc they steal from the power lines around them hence the power chords dangling from the ceilings, so no bills there. They do, however, have extraordinary wardrobes from which they never repeat an outfit (tho Kenzi occasionally recycles accessories and bustiers) and they never lack for booze at home, much less meal delivery or groceries, so...

Ultimately, I think you're right. Best not too look for too much day to day reality.
Linda Losik
78. LindaL
And I cannot even begin to imagine Dyson doing laundry, let alone cleaning....Cooking I can imagine, but not doing the bathroom! The same with Hale in his pre-Ash days!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
79. Kiersten
I had a friend in my graduate program - gorgeous man - who lived in NYC and sent all his laundry out to be done, not just his dry cleaning. I remember being actually shocked by the idea, which just highlights my traditional suburban upbringing and my German frugality as I could not imagine spending the dosh to do something I thought to be so basic as your own laundry.

But I can totally see Dyson and pre-Ash Hale doing so. Although the mental picture of Dyson in a laundromat is HIGHLY entertaining...
Suzanne Metaxas
80. SuzyM
The beast did look like the same one from Kenzi Scale, which makes sense since everything was being fabricated from Bo's subconscious. I particularly loved when Dyson made the crack about her bedroom; her mind smacked him in the shins with the magazine rack :D Also the game that the Keeper was playing when Dyson found him by the boxing ring was the same game that Kenzi & Shawn played in Fae Day :)

As to the girl’s expenses, I believe they are squatting in Hilton Havel and they are illegally tapping into the electricity and cable feed ;)
Fiona Druce
81. nypinta
I think the difference between Bo being able to just chi-suck into healing and her needing full on happy go time is that sex increases the potency of the chi. And with taking chi she can focus it onto certain injuries where as taking power via sex is more general. But doing both gives her extra bang for her buck. (So so sorry about the lame... metaphor? Poor wording. Whatever.)
Fiona Druce
82. nypinta
Sorry too about the double post. Laptop went wonky in previous one... but to continue, so while Bo was with Lauren she might not have taken chi from her but she was getting energy from her every time they had sex and it was that, plus Bo's apparent appetite for sex in general, that was exausting Lauren.
Fiona Druce
83. nypinta
Also, whoever posited that Lauren working for Dr. Taft (who for some reason I kept calling Dr. Felt) is actually a plan hatched by her and Hale because Hale suspects something about the guy is pretty much the only way Lauren can come back and have it be believable and not a horrific step back in her character. Plus it doesn't make the fae look so dumb for so many of their own to go missing and not have anyone notice until now. And it hits a little on my dream story line for Lauren that she's actually with the Canadian version of the CIA and is their plant into the fae world. Because come on, more than just a few greedy humans have to know they exisits. They're pretty crap with keeping secrets. Always talking about fae stuff in the open. And all the deaths. I just wish this particular storyline has at least someone calling the fae on their general crappiness of living off humans all these years. I have to say, of all the quips in this episode that bothered me the most wasn't Dyson's jab at Tamsin to put on make up (which, BTW, came just a few seconds after she threatened bodily harm to him so I'm not going to give him shit for his comment if no one is going to give Tamsin shit for hers) or the weird way that Bo corrected herself and said Laurence instead of Lauren. I was most annoyed when Bo made the snide comment to Caroline that she was "just a human" that found some hoo ha necklace. Uh, so? How is coming upon a necklace any different than being born with a power? Neither person earned it. But of course they have to depict humans with a power completely abusing it... because, yeah, humans just suck. This is where Kenzi and her perspective should be loud and clear. Instead she's still moping because they need her to feel less than all her friends. But I'm cutting her slack because I'm sure it rankles that something as pathetic as the kitsune was able to keep her for so long. Compared to Baba Yega or the Garuda, the kitsune should have been cake! But it wasn't. So she's rattled. But if Lauren is working with Hale then it reasserts him in the role as the fae that doesn't see humans as inferior, it establishes his willingness to do what it takes to protect his kind, (which is his job as Ash), and gives them a way to bring Lauren back in the fold, but with the kind of freedom that she had before. The conversation between Hale and Lauren could be explained as them setting up her in with Dr. Taft because they assumed her place was bugged. And it would explain the fake persona of Karen as another carrot to lead Taft to the conclusion that Lauren was what he was looking for, that she was a rebel. And that would explain her recognizing the name because she was waiting for it as part of the plan. She may have even have volunteered for the gig for real freedom or as a distraction from being so bummed about breaking up with Bo. And not telling Bo or leaving a note was to keep Bo out of it and keep her safe, in Lauren's mind.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
84. Kiersten
@NYPiTA - That sounds like an potentially fascinating plot thread...and not at all like anything we've ever seen on this show. If she was a plant, there'd be no reason to remove her pendant as Isaac has no outwardly way of knowing what it means...and has already seen it on her anyways. And leaving the phone was an afterthought, not a planned decision. Plus, she met Taft as an offshoot of her winning the award and was properly gobsmacked to do so, being such a fangrrl of his work. In The Dal, she was genuinely giddy to have won (no cameras there) and had every intention of going to the dinner to receive the award, so not going so that he could make the overature by bringing her the award was not at all planned. Her having missed the banquet b/c of waiting for Bo who was off with Tamsin in Brazenwood was an effect generate by a direct personal cause and not some plan with Hale. Given how much of a last straw it was for her w/Bo, to not have explained to Bo "I'm pissed you 'made' me miss my banquet, but look out it turned out" and how she was now working with Hale undercover and have that ease some of the strain in their relationship and perhaps not break up doesn't track for me.

Of course, I could be wrong, but I've never seen this show be complex enough to generate that depth of a plot twist. Even the opening to E1 with Bo being bad and fighting with Dyson was quickly explained away as a ruse. Those who are floating the idea that DL is undercover are desperately looking for any other explanation for her departure and break up with Bo other than the organic relationship issues the show has made crystal clear exist between them.

Also, remember how DL admitted she was officially over her head when she and Bo went into the research facility to get a cure for Kenzi's foot soup disease? Sure, it's been a few years, but nothing in her behavior has consistently indicated this attitude has changed. It also raises another 'foul!' objection to the whole fugitive issue. A woman who knows how to make pipe bombs and has be arrested for agressive protesting shouldnt be put so out of sorts by a little clandestine sleuthing in a lab. More than anything, I think this "Karen" stuff is another effort to beef up her back story and the writers not watching past episodes of their own show and/or being unaware of the mythology/canon in plot and character already established in previous seasons.
Fiona Druce
85. nypinta
Leaving the pendant could have been the sign that she was in. Plus if the fae suspect that Taft is aware of them and is behind the kidnappings then they'd assume he would know something of the way they do things, including that pendant and they'd want her to behave as a human breaking her fae bonds as real as she can to sell it. And although the show isn't usually that deep with their plots, I will say that this season is turning out to be more thought out from the beginning than we might have previously suspected. Bo dropping the Dark fae to bring in Tamsin. Blue's body leading to this conflict. Hints about the attitude towards humans permeating even Team Badass and Kenzi's new found vulnerability. I'm still not fond of the whole dawning baloney, but whatever. It's done. And there have been some obvious attempts to ret-con certain characters. However, this fixes this newest one, Lauren being some internationally sought criminal activist that's sitting in one of Canada's biggest cities. But I think everything was done for this finale. Or rather I really really really hope so. Because then I'd bake the writers massive cookies. And my cookies are freakin' awesome. (Plus, I want it to be that Hale is super smart and not to be trifled with. Not another brat too big for his Ash britches that's going to be caught uawares.)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
86. Kiersten
Blue's body leading to this conflict is definitely a welcome sign that they didn't drop that thread after so much was invested in the D/T/B contretemps about it. But I still think it's a massive leap to suddenly having DL part of this subversive, never-before-alluded-to, multi-episode long conspiracy with Hale to oust Taft and his nefarious deeds.

I do think the anti-human theme has definintely been more prominent throughout the season without being anvilicious. I caught the "hoo doo" line too most esp b/c it was so out of context for Bo. Bo chose humans in S1E1 and has outwardly remained their champion in the Fae world...something that has definitely changed this season as she's become more of a Fae snob and has had virtually no cases related to human crimes all season long.

And I agree about the make up line too. Though it was still a crap jab, I took it then and still do, that is was a reversion to their usual partner snark banter...forgot that it was also in resp to her threatening him tho I think both knew she wasn't serious.
Suzanne Metaxas
87. SuzyM
The name of the Canadian equivalent of the CIA is CSIS and called "see-sis"

I went back and watched the episode with Blue and the marks on her neck in that episode do not jive with the ones in this episode. Also Dyson & Tamsin found her by the side of tracks in the middle of the city not out it some field. Dyson also said then that she'd been killed somewhere else and dumped there. So this whole episode re-wrote a lot of things from the earlier episode. More writer fail.
Fiona Druce
88. whiskeywhite
Gold star to SuzyM for her knowledge of Canada. CSIS is kind of like the spying functions of the FBI and CIA rolled together, since their major role is really domestic spying -- for instance, on anti-government demonstrators and critics. So, yes, they'd have been looking for Karen. CSIS is a sub-unit of the RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But they don't ride horses :-) -- in fact very few "mounties" do, except if they're appearing in tourism ads for Canada or performing their famous "Musical Ride". Can you picture CIA agents riding horses around in circles waving flags?

I think nypinta also deserves a gold star for imagination. Seems a little too complex for LG, but we'll see. I want to hope that Hale turns out to be less of an arrogant creep.
Fiona Druce
89. TheGardner
I think that Bo turning Lauren into Laurence to appease the desperate housewives was far more offensive then Dyson's make-up jab. I saw that as the two of them trading barbs back and forth, Tamsin threatens his life, he snarks back, such is the dynamic of their relationship. Was the comment needlessly tacky, sure, but not on the same level as an openly bisexual woman denouncing her lover to conform to heteronormative stereotypes.

@nypinta - I was actually thinking something similar with Dr. Lauren being a double agent or this is all some kind of set-up of sorts, everything seemed to fall into place a little to perfectly. The whole Karen Beattie thing and Lauren being a wanted criminal seemed so far out to lunch and I would like to believe that Lauren wouldn't just drop everything to follow creepy Dr. Taft, but maybe she did. This speciesist attitude has been a recurring theme all season, personally I would love to see Lauren, the human slave, and Kenzi, the succubus's pet, be the ones to save the fae. Other then the obvious Tamsin sacrificing herself for Bo, I'm not really sure where the rest of this is going, we shall see I guess.

If everything is as it appears and Lauren bailed on the fae because she was tired of being treated like a slave, totally possible, then the reason she didn't talk to Bo first is because if she had then she wouldn't have gone. Bo is her weakness, she is completely in love her and looking into her eyes or hearing her voice would have caused Lauren's resolve to break. It was definitely cold, but it might have been the only way she could break free.

I want to see Bo fight for Lauren. If she is truly in love with her then it needs to be more then words. She didn't fight for Dyson and we all saw how easy it was for Kenzi, the human, to get his love back for him. Bo with all of her superpowers never even tried, wether she would have been successful or not, she never tried. That tells me that she wasn't as deeply invested as she claimed to be and she gave up and moved on to Lauren fairly quickly. I want Bo to either be all in or if she can't then she needs to let Lauren go. Relationships take work, they aren't just sex and happiness. So far we haven't seen Bo willing to do the work, maybe loosing Lauren will make her grow up or she will remain a selfish, immature brat.
Linda Losik
90. LindaL
If memory serves me correctly, Trick offered to set a meeting up with the Norn for Dyson. Dyson said that he didn’t need it because he had had dealings with the Norn before. Later Dyson took Kenzi to see the Norn, which is how Kenzi knew where the Norn was located. I am wondering if the only ways one can find the Norn is either thru an invitation or having been there before. This would actually be consistent with Norn mythology which in and of itself is weird for this group of writers.

I am placing the “Lauren undercover” theory in the same place that I am putting the “they are still in the Temple for the Dawning” theory, in the file under wishful thinking! The only person Bo has consistently fought for since the begining is Kenzi!
Fiona Druce
91. Santiam
I think at this point they have to reinvent DL in some major way because otherwise she will continue to be this soft, spiritless and uninteresting mundane character. Perhaps she was designed to be the uber-femy counter-point to Dyson's masculinity? So in everyway that he was viceral, rough, powerful or a complete dick, she was supposed to be soft, sweet, smart, weak and girly? Perhaps the creative team got all confused as to just what was super-manly-attractive and what was super-girlie-attractive, but these characters were supposed to represent the ying and yang of the genders that Bo gets to choose? So now just as Dyson became there but unavailable, now they'll do the same with Lauren. Bo will now be back to playing the field sexually to feed and her "partner" will be her friend Kenzi. There will be adventures and hints of more with either Dyson or Lauren but primarily adventures and not a romance with Bo and either character. Where this loses my interest a bit is that there was this astonishing chemistry with Dyson that lept off the screen. A strong woman and a strong man with this fantastic unbridled sexual romantic chemistry. I thought they both had the best of what is male and female in their characters seperately and together. Dyson strong but caring and empathetic and Bo the same. That is still there in Lost Girl to be tapped to its full potential.
Pandra Selivanov
92. Zanza
Well, can I say I am just so glad that Lauren broke up with Bo? I've been lurking for a bit and this seems to be a safe place to say that. And it's not because I'm a Dyson and Bo fan and because I think with Lauren out of the way, Bo will go back to Dyson. I wouldn't like that at all-it would be pretty hard to respect Bo if she did that.

No, the reason I'm glad Lauren left Bo is that I have had the feeling since they got together that no matter how much they "lurve" each other, they don't really like each other. Lauren doesn't like street urchins with no respect for higher education, and Bo doesn't like geeks with tons of diplomas. I really think this was always going to be an insurmountable barrier for them-it's funny how something that can seem adorable in another person can quickly get to be a huge issue once you get serious with that person. I'm thinking of Bo's look of fond amusement when Lauren was asleep on the couch murmuring, "Isotopes," but how once they got together, the fondness was gone and Bo seemed pretty disdainful of Lauren's doctor smarts.

And Lauren-she's never been very nice to Kenzi, although they've developed a grudging respect for each other, but I think it's telling that Bo and Kenzi are so very similar. Bo ran away from home in her teens and lived on the street for years, just like Kenzi. And like Kenzi, she has no interest in educating herself or even getting a regular job. I find myself wondering if part of Lauren's contempt for Kenzi was masking some of the contempt she feels for Bo-a contempt that was obvious when Bo pretended to be a therapist. Sure, they dialed it back pretty quickly, but Lauren really doesn't seem to like that part of Bo.

I don't know if that's a difference they could have got past-maybe they could if they ever TALKED. Bo and Lauren don't talk, never have. They had exactly one conversation about Bo's needs after she got hit by the car, and Lauren cut it short with a kiss and a "no Dyson" rule. Was there ever any reason to think they could make it as a couple when three years go by with them never really talking? So I see Lauren breaking up with Bo as a good thing-they were a terrible couple, and they weren't going to grow into a good couple.

REALLY liked the Lauren and Dyson scene and I'm hoping for better things for Lauren-I do like her as a person in her own right and I'd like to see her character developed and see her build some friendships with Dyson and Kenzi. But I also liked the way she left the phone behind. The Fae don't need the phone to track her and she knows that, but that's the phone Bo calls her on and left 27 text messages on. It was good to see her put it down, as if she's severing her last link with Bo.

As to Dyson and Bo, I'd like to see them get back together down the road. Right now I just wish she'd leave him alone, except as a friend-she needs to get her act together before she tries the committed relationship thing again.
Fiona Druce
93. Santiam
zanza-- you might be onto something. I just watched an episode with Bo and Ryan and really enjoyed it. He's charming, handsome and fun! It reminded me that the show can have the sizzle and edgy sexuality without fixating on just Lauren or Dyson in a relationship with Bo. Maybe I'm off-base in wanting Bo to get back together with Dyson and to watch as they navigate her need for other sexual encounters (monogamy + succubuss = boring)
Pandra Selivanov
94. Zanza
Santiam, I do love Dyson and Bo together, but she's not in a good place right now to try the committed thing. She was running from body to body, now she's got a home and family but she's still sussing out what it means to be a succubus. She's still thinking in terms of physical monogamy, for goodness' sake. Look at how she and Dyson started out in season one-he was getting weaker all the time and not saying a word. Kenzi noticed, but Bo was oblivious. Just what was Dyson's plan-to keep going until one morning she woke up to find him dead? And she tried to do the same thing with Lauren until she was half-starved.

Bo just doesn't seem to comprehend that for her, emotional committment and physical monogamy are mutually exclusive. On a properly written show (like if Joss Whedon was running things) she would have talked about all this long ago to Trick, who was married to a succubus or some kind of sexual chi eater. That is if we're supposed to make any sense of the idea that Aoife was a succubus and that she said at least one of Bo's parents must be some kind of sexual chi eater-presumably the same goes for Aoife. Trick could give Bo all kinds of advice on how to deal with her situation.

I realize we can't really look for intelligent story-telling from Lost Girl, but at the very least, I'd like to see Dyson stay in friend-mode for a while and have Bo find her footing before they try getting together. Or if they do get back together, drop the monogamy part and deal with Bo's need to feed. They did talk about it in Dis-Members Only, so it's not like they don't recognize the problem.
Fiona Druce
95. Stacymd2
Hi all!
I'm a long time lurker. I love this site and really look forward to Kiersten's recaps. Here are a few thoughts:
1) Why is Dyson being dumped on for the make up comment? Not just on this site, but on others as well. D & T have a tit for tat, snarky relationship. I think this goes to the continued double standard for Dyson vs the other (female) characters. In episode 304, Tamsin comes off as such a horrific person. Dyson is about to kill himself and her comments can be summed up with her line that Dyson was being, "half lion, half eagle, full asshole". Tamsin is viewed as funny & snarky, while Dyson is viewed as a d-bag for the throwaway line about Tamsin's looks. Tamsin did look like hell. This is the same thing that anti-Dyson fans do when ever he helps Bo with anything even though Bo gets help (in one form or another) from all of the other characters.
2) The reason why I don't like B/L together is because Bo gets dummer whenever she is with Lauren. Every time Lauren explains something using science terms, Bo looks like she has a glazed look in her eyes & on her face. Also, whenever Bo says stuff like "science-y" or "geek out" around/about Lauren, she sounds so dumb. I just don't see what they see in or how they relate to each other above a sexual level.
3) I think the main reason why anti-Dyson fans are making such a big deal about the make up comment, is because there was really nothing else to nit pick him for.
4) I think the show should make Lauren fae, not Kenzi. She could be some kind of knowledge eating fae, because her time line does not make sence.
4 years under grad + 4 years med school + 3 - 8 years for residency + 1 - 3 years of working in order to be certified + 5 years with the fae + 3 years of Bo being in town/her life. This does not include her time in the Amazon, Congo, Egypt, and "living off grid" as per Taft for a few years before the Fae, nor does it include her time working at a few labs in Canada and protesting as per the international warning. I would think it would take a few years of "protesting" to earn the notice of a major international criminal agency. Dr. Lauren has to be at least 40 to accomplish this if she started college at 18.
5) I don't want Dyson & Kenzi together because LG is not Melrose Place, but the reason why some give that they don't want this is because of the age difference. D being 1,500 vs. K being 23 -25. But why does this standard only apply to Dyson? Hale and Vex both have to be over 200. I always thought that Hale was between 500 - 650 with Vex being slightly older than that. Yet, people seem to really want H/K or V/K.
6) I hope LG just comes up with a valid, continuing solution to the "feeding" situation for Bo in season 4, so that future episodes are not so confusing. Bo needing sex to feed/heal is a plot point they use now.
7) Regarding 311, I think this, "Lauren is a wanted international criminal" thing is a set up to either further ingrain her as part of team badass (via she is a super scientist & spy for the Ash) or to finally give her something that relates her to Bo (via Lauren is a "lost girl" too like B & K because she had to leave home, change her identity, etc.).
I am looking forward to the last two episodes...
Pandra Selivanov
96. Zanza
Why is Dyson being dumped on for the make up comment?...D & T have a tit for tat, snarky relationship. I think this goes to the continued double standard for Dyson vs the other (female) characters. In episode 304, Tamsin comes off as such a horrific person. Dyson is about to kill himself and her comments can be summed up with her line that Dyson was being, "half lion, half eagle, full asshole".
Oh, good point, Stacy! Tamsin did get a total pass for that remark, which I think really is more egregious than the makup comment. It's one thing for Dyson to snark at Tamsin over her looks-that's what they do, they snark at each other. It's quite another for her to snark about him when he's so confused and unwell that he's about to take a header off a building. I can forgive her, because for one thing, I really really like Tamsin. I so want her to make it through the season and return next year. And for another thing, she was so glad to see Bo and so frank about being bad at talking to distressed people, which I took to mean that she was sorry she couldn't help Dyson and was glad to see someone who could.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
97. Kiersten
Welcome @Stacymd2!! I love how many de-lurkers we're getting on these last few episode posts! Thanks for your great thoughts. There's a lot of consensus here with what you say, both regarding DL's insane life vs accomplishments timeline, her relationship/attitude/influence with, toward, and on Bo, and the insensible Dyson-hate.

These final two episodes do have a lot to set straight, as did those last 2 of S2. S1 also crammed a lot into the last two episodes, but the difference was the entire season has bits and pieces about Bo's mother, including a whole episode Bo spent with her and then the tag of the next when Bo turned her away at the door. So when 1.12 & 1.13 rolled out to be about Bo and Dyson and Trick and Aoife, it was organic and felt deserved and supported, something the entire season had been leading up to. Both S2 & S3 are the exact opposite, filler episodes and seemingly dropped plot points leading to a hurried conclusion in little more than 2 final episodes. I think only the Tamsin stuff has been sufficiently teased throughout the season to feel as though her denouement has been properly set up.

We're sure going to find out soon enough!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
98. Kiersten
I like that point, Zanza. On the roof, when she saw Dyson was truly in distress, she made an effort but was much better - and very relieved - to turn her attentions to killing the large Fae rat than having to talk him off the ledge. And that was still very early in their partnership. She and Dyson do snark off one another, they're like brother and sister in that regard, and the make up thing has been totally beaten to death at this point for no real reason other than to hang Dyson over something...again
Fiona Druce
99. Stacymd2
I love Tamsin and I love the buddy partnership that D & T have. I hope the show never makes it more than a close friendship. This goes for D & K's relationship as well. I've just read to much Dyson dump about the "make up" comment.
I hope LG gives Lauren the same treatment that it gave Dyson -- two seasons of not being together.
To be clear , I love ALL of the characters on LG, even Lauren. I hope season 4 brings new, brief, love interests for Bo, Lauren, Dyson & Kenzi -- especially D & K. (This season was hardest on them.). I also hope Stella visits Trick for an episode. I just hope said new love interests, even if they are just red shirts, are more entertaining than Nadia and Ciara, pre Garuda fight. SciFi mostly doesn't do romance well, see Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, etc. If LG focused on mythology and world building 60%, plot/story 30% and romance 10%, it would be must see TV.
Fiona Druce
100. whiskeywhite
Hi Stacymd2 and Zanza. So glad to have you join us out of lurkdom. Both of you make good points.

Zanza, you totally clarified for me, for the first time, something that has been at the back of my mind, but never gelled:
(Bo) would have talked about all this long ago to Trick, who was married to a succubus or some kind of sexual chi eater. That is if we're supposed to make any sense of the idea that Aoife was a succubus and that she said at least one of Bo's parents must be some kind of sexual chi eater-presumably the same goes for Aoife. Trick could give Bo all kinds of advice on how to deal with her situation.
Of course! If Bo's grandmother, Isibeau (sp?), Trick's murdered wife, is Aife's mother (which we can't automatically assume) then she would have to be a sexual chi-eater of some sort. Or whoever was Aife's mother had to be. Because we have no evidence that Trick has such powers (of course, the absence of evidence is not evidence).

I also liked you asking whether Bo is in a good place for a committed relationship right now. Good question.

Stacymd2, I risk beating the "make-up" remark to death, but will take the risk to make a larger point. I have no doubt that there has been a firestorm of criticism from those who are already anti-Dyson, looking for anything new that they can find with which to beat him. However, I would argue that the discussion here comes from a different place. I was the first person to object to the statement on this site and others saw it similarly. I am not in the slightest a Dyson-hater; I am totally Team Dyson. I object for two reasons: 1) because I'm an old school feminist who believes women should not have to wear make-up in order to be seen as looking good or acceptable. (And before anyone objects, I don't in the slightest object to women wearing make-up if they want to; I do so myself). I don't care if it was meant to be a friendly snark exchange, I was offended by the underlying assumption.

Which brings me to the second, and related, reason I object. The remark is totally out of character for Dyson. (The "half lion, half eagle, full asshole" snark is, on the other hand, completely in character for Tamsin. And has already been explained, she wanted Dyson to be helped and knew Bo could do a better job). I find that in the last few episodes, Dyson is being written in a different way than in the past, a way that shows him as less respectful of women than in the first two seasons (even in his darkest moments in Season 2 he didn't make misogynous remarks). Another example this season is the "all I can remember is your bedroom" crack about Bo's home in "The Ceremony". This smacks of crudeness about their relationship (suggesting that it was all about sex) which is not typical of his way of speaking (or true of the relationship).

I have argued before that while he (by definition because of his age) has a long sexual history and is, as Bo puts it, "a chick magnet", he is never portrayed as a "player" like Hale is (unlike Hale, for instance, he doesn't brag about his "conquests"). And there is a similarly crude remark, again untypical of Dyson, coming up in this week's episode, which I will point out when the time comes. So, it's not that I (we) criticize the make-up remark because we hate Dyson, rather we expect better of him because we respect, and care about, the fine man we have been shown so far. I think this is a symptom of the real change in the writing that we have seen this season (which has been extensively critiqued here by those more skilled than I). (And it's telling that it was cut out of the US version of the show; I suspect they saw it was a boo-boo). Each time, these remarks are presented as jokes, but we know that sometimes the most hurtful ideas can be slipped in disguised as jokes.

As an aside, this is the first time, I think, that anyone has suggested we have Dyson haters here. We are normally criticized for being too soft on him. A breath of fresh air. :-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
101. Kiersten
ah, whiskey, I loved the dress remark. Adore it. Grinned ridiculously about it - still am. I think it shows them getting their flirt on. D has been portrayed as a playa from the start of S1 (tho he & Hale are subtly different in that portrayal). Hale has claimed to be his wingman and D has made cracks about 3 ways w/nuns in the Crusades and hit on waitresses Audrey and Kayla. And he's a wolf, so the occasional wolfish remark is not beyond him. Bo has always enjoyed sparring with him like this and its unbelievably refreashing to see their natural rhythm back in play together.

He's a guy and sometimes being a fully rounded guy means not being noble or chivalrous or perfect all the time just like sometimes being a fully rounded woman means not being lovely and thoughtful and giving and amazing in bed (although I am of course all those things all the time. Ahem). While he has definitely been written to do and say things that are TOTALLY against character (and I think the bedroom crack was borderline), the dress quip wasn't one of them. Bo certainly was entertained and, I think, giving it serious thought...

More on that with the full recap on Wednesday...
Fiona Druce
102. whiskeywhite
Oooo, I feel a disagreement coming on. :-) But I look forward to your recap and analysis as always.
Suzanne Metaxas
103. SuzyM
I agree with Kiersten about the dress line :) My wolfman and I flirt like that a lot! His favorite song for me when we were dating was Devil With The Blue Dress On :D If he had said that line to me I would not have been offended quite the contrary just like Bo I would have flirted back and told him we'd have to see about that ;)
Pandra Selivanov
104. Zanza
I've said what I think about the makeup line, and as for the dress line, although I see Dyson is taking a beating for it elsewhere, I didn't see anything wrong with it. He and Bo are firmly in the friend zone (at least consciously-her frantic worry when he went down smacks of something more) and a guy and a girl friend might do a little harmless flirting now and then. I know I do-it doesn't mean I don't love my husband. It just means I'm not dead yet. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
105. Kiersten
At this point, there doesn't seem to be anything Dyson can do or say that he doesn't take a beating for from one group or another. It's actually becoming quite annoying. The character isn't perfect by far - and Thank God for that - but he doesn't deserve to be on the chopping block every time he opens his mouth either. As I said in an earlier recap, it's been open season on Dyson throughout Doccutopia pretty much simply because he has a penis and won't go away.
Pandra Selivanov
106. Zanza
Kiersten, I'm starting to get a Thelma-and-Louise vibe from Lauren. She really is in a corner and I'm wondering if SHE is going to sacrifice herself to save Bo. Remember how the Doccubi twisted into pretzels trying to find a way to spin Dyson's sacrifice during the dawning into a negative? Ethical considerations aside, you have to admire their single-minded persistence. Now, if Lauren lays down her life for Bo, I'm sure that will be seen as this wonderful and noble thing, whereas Dyson dying for her was bad. I don't want Lauren to die, mind you. I'm just pondering on how Dyson said she can't get away from the Fae, but she can. She will get away from them when she dies, and what better way to die than saving the life of a loved one?
107. drusilla_doll
@Zanza: I have a similar feeling, she burned a lot of bridges and then the Morrigan razed the fields for good measure. If the writers did all this to somehow very convolutedly vindicate Lauren as some amazingly heroic martyr, it's something I've gotta see.

I wouldn't put it past the writers to have Lauren appear to die in some big explosion taking out the complex and thus rehabilitating her tarnished image, but then have her turn up later next season mysteriously alive.

Btw, I've been enjoying your comments on imdb a lot, but I don't want to verify my account or I'd respond to your threads there. :)
Pandra Selivanov
108. Zanza
Hey, Drusilla! Thanks for letting me know about IMDB-you've probably noticed I take a pounding there from time to time on Dyson's behalf. He's worth it.

Yeah, I think the Doccubi and their high priestess Emily Andras are definitely going to do some marvelous thing with Lauren-have her sacrifice herself so it will seem like her and Dyson are even in the nobility department. I don't think Lauren sacrificing herself to fix a big mess that she contributed to is on the same level as Dyson sacrificing himself to help Bo through the dawning, but whatever.

I actually like Lauren as a character-I think she's got a lot of potential. I also think she could be developed better and that it's not necessary to drag Dyson down to make Lauren look good. Truth be told, and I've said this before on IMDB, I don't really get why the LGBT community thinks Lauren is so great, or why Lauren and Bo are such a great couple. Lauren's character has not been developed, she's been shown to be secretive and deceitful and manipulative, she and Bo do not talk, and they don't like each other. Aside from steamy sex scenes, what is there in this relationship that is such a wonderful example of a lesbian couple? Tara and Willow-now THERE was a couple.
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