Apr 25 2013 3:41pm

Look Out, Katniss: Kristin Cashore’s Graceling Trilogy Optioned for Film

Graceling by Kristin CashoreKristin Cashore's YA fantasy Graceling trilogy—Graceling, Fire, and last year's Bitterblue—have been optioned for film, according to Variety. The rights have been purchased by the same companies behind the first Vampire Academy series film, Blood Sisters, which is currently slated for a 2014 release.

Graceling and its companion novels are set in a world where individuals with special powers—called Graces—are set apart from their fellow citizens with mismatched eyes, and each book revolves around a different heroine (Katsa, Fire, and Bitterblue, respectively). In book 1, Graceling, the strong and skilled assassin Katsa meets her match in another Graced fighter, a prince named Po, and together they help to rescue a young princess (Po's cousin, Bitterblue) and her kingdom from its dangerous ruler.

Have you read the Graceling trilogy? Looking forward to seeing it brought to life on the big screen? Who would you like to see cast as Katsa and Po? 


And on a related note, for those caught up on the series...


 Am I the only who NEEDS a Bitterblue/Giddon book at some point?! Sequel, sequel!

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1. J-me
I love Ms Cashore's books.. Fire is my all time favourite book, but I am not sure they're really a book to movie story.
I think sometimes these stories are not always transferrable!
It seems like every original story is being flashed onto the movie screens and only 50/50 hit their mark.. hmm
I feel a little ambivalent about this news.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@J-me -- Totally understand. I have high hopes for this one because, like you, I like the books so much, but at the same time I agree that just as many don't translate well as do. And even the ones I do like (Hunger Games, for instance) are still very different from how I saw the books.
3. anonymous 2
I completely disagree. The only reason some books don't transalte into movies is because the directors and scriptwriters change so many events and details, the movie loses its taste. "Fire" has a great story line that could be easily changed into a movie and I'm sure that it would succeed excellently. Just think about it.
4. MissLaRox
I don't think that this series would be good to become a movie.. don't get me wrong, this is my favourite series, but usually the movies do not do the book justice. I wouldn't be happy if this became a movie.. although if done right, and if it avoided the typical YA movie format shown in Twilight, Hunger Games, or potentially Divergent (another favourite of mine), then they could be visually stunning and true to the stories. Slim odds though, so I would rather keep this in novel format alone :)
5. anonymousbooklover
I do and don't want them to make it into a movie. I do because I want to see how badly they screw it up and I dont because I know that they're going to screw it up and that would ruin the whole series for me. In Graceling it would be hard to find an actor who could capture Katsa correctly. In Fire it would be easier to capture Fire correctly but still a little difficult. In Bitterblue it would be kind of interesting to see how they play out the romance between Bitterblue and Saf and to see who gets to play such a whirlwind character like Saf or such a strong and beautiful character like Bitterblue.
6. mellochello 195
WHEN IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!?? I want to see Katsa! I want to see Po! I want to see GRACELING!!!
7. willaful
This could be wonderful if done well. Cashore writes such fantastic characters, and if I could pick one book I wish every teen girl would read it would be Fire.
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