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Crazy in Love: Speculating about the Perfect Match for Kresley Cole’s Nïx

Lothaire by Kresley ColeIn an interview about Lothaire in 2011, Kresley Cole said she has at least 10 more books plotted out in her head for her Immortals After Dark series, not even including (one would hope) her spin-off series, The Dacians. One of the recurring characters in the series is Nucking Futs Nïx the Ever-Knowing, Proto-Valkyrie and Seer without Equal. In layman’s terms, that means she really old and really crazy. It’s her craziness that makes her a much-loved character in the series. She’s like your really old, really meddling great-aunt—except she has the body of a super model and the strength of sumo wrestler.

Cole has hinted on her site that while Nïx will get a book, it will be a long time coming as it will be one of the last if not the last book. While Nïx’s day may be long awaited, that leaves plenty of time for us to think about who she will end up with. As with all of her characters, every super-Alpha male needs a strong female to be his foil. This heroine may not seem like an Alpha female at first glance, but sooner or later she’s chopping off people’s heads and fulfilling prophecies.

In the case of Nïx, she is already an Alpha female—she may even be as crazy as Lothaire was prior to meeting his Bride. That means she’s going to need someone strong but gentle who can temper her particular brand of crazy. We know little to nothing about Nïx’s life before her relatively recent insanity took hold outside of the brief glimpses of memory we saw in Lothaire.

She has a kind heart and deserves a kind hero but he has to be strong enough (not that Cole’s heroes ever really have that problem) to reign her in—that’s when he’ll swoop in, give her a cuddle and soothe her mind.

This is where Cole will really have to push with heroes. We want him to be the strong male we’ve come to appreciate and expect from Cole’s heroes. However, in this case, Cole will have to replace her naturally nurturing female characters with a nurturing and soothing male. Nïx’s mind—while ever knowing—is fragile. Any manhandling from an Alpha will result in her mind breaking.

Then again, I have high hopes that she will become a goddess and smite whatever jerk inevitably breaks her heart, even if it just for a few chapters-worth of angst.

My gut reaction was that it has to be a god or demi-god of some sort. In recent books, Nïx has mentioned that she’s just a few acts of valor and a few more years of crazy visions away from being put on goddess level. A god would be an interesting match for Nïx as they would have the power to ease the strain of some of her visions, they would certainly be strong enough to handle her ability to (probably) move mountains, but there is the problem of the needed gentleness. I imagine even if she became a goddess, her mind would still be fragile and no Alpha male will be able to handle that—then again we need a male who will grow as much as Nïx does, so there’s hope! In one of her mad mumblings she said she was betrothed to Loki once upon a time. There is precedent in Nïx’s mind, but then again she also thought Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe was in love with her when in reality she was stalking him.

Recently Cole has started to pair her characters with human or near-human mates—Cade, Lothaire, even Regin, and now Uilleam MacRieve all face the possibility of losing their mates to mortality. Cole has always been able to work it out with some loophole: Cade’s Holly was suppressing her Valkyrie nature due to OCD, Lothaire magically turned Ellie into a vampire, Regin’s Berserker Aidan the Fierce/Declan Chase became immortal due to a gift from the gods, and Uilleam’s Chloe…well, we don’t know yet but love with the specter of death in a paranormal is just not fair when it has worked out for everyone else!

That being said, I think a human might be good for Nïx. It’s highly unlikely, but I wouldn’t put it past ol’ KC to pull the wool over our eyes by giving Nïx a human. I can just see it—Nïx has been made into a goddess (I keep going back to this because there’s just too much foreshadowing in the last few books for it to be ignored!), and she goes a little crazy. Not crazy as in, “I have all of time and space, all that ever will be swimming around in my head so I’m a little nutty,” but as in “I’m the great and powerful Phenïx and you shall crack under my glorious power until the day I smite you” kind of crazy. So Nïx is a psychotic goddess creature and then her mate, whom she hasn’t had the “I will always run into your arms” moment yet, talks her down from destroying Tokyo or the French Quarter. He is human, and I bet she does something to hurt, maim, or kill him, and it snaps her out of it, she sacrifices her god-hood to save him and they all live happily ever after. KCole, I hope you’re listening.

My final hypothesis: Kristoff. I know he’s going to get a book of his own. Once again, it’s been foreshadowed enough that it can’t be ignored. With the Accession growing nearer to its climax, he will play a pivotal role in whether good prevails or evil wins the day. The question is, do I think he will get his own book with Nïx. Not really, but I think they would make an interesting pair. He’s young, leader of the free-world (of vampires), and he hasn’t been matched up with anyone else so far. Granted, my reasoning is weak, and I do think he is going to have a book waaaay before Nïx gets hers, but the little we’ve gleaned about him so far is that he’s strong yet gentle and wants what’s best for his people—and what’s best for any woman who would be his Bride.

What characters or a type of character can you imagine coupled with Nïx? What future couples are you looking forward to in Immortals After Dark/The Dacians series? Personally, it’s been a long-time coming for Lanthe, Sabine’s sister, and Thronos, the Vrekener who wants to save/kill her, Balery or “Hag” as she was referred to in Lothaire, and of course we still have a whole coven of Valkyrie, The House of Witches, and Lykae clans to consider!


Jennifer Proffitt is a Midwest transplant to New York City. She spends most of her time reading and writing about romance, but you can follow her other adventures on Twitter @JennProffitt. She works for Heroes and Heartbreakers and Criminal Element.

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Jeni B.
1. Jeni B.
I dunno. I'm kinda hoping for Kristoff and Nix to be paired. Other possibilities...if Kristoff is paired with not-Nix, I dearly hope it won't be another Valkyrie--HOW many valkire pairings do we have already? O_o--but something much different. Like a nymph or something.

I don't think Nix needs to be with a god. That would just be too much power in one pairing. But she does need to be with someone very gentle and soothing--like Kristoff, if not him--but also someone with an iron backbone so he knows when to put his foot down and make her see reason, 'cause face it, Nix NEEDS that. :)

As for the Dacians...something tells me Kosmina will wind up with either a demon or a Lykae, not another vampire, unless KC introduces another new species. As for the others? I don't see them getting their Brides soon.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I haven't read an IAD book in a while, but I remember finding Nix a fascinating character. Glad she'll get a book at some point...hope she gets an awesome HEA.
Adria Reyes
3. adria03
I could see Nix with a god. In some ways he has to match her or even outdo her. Maybe not in physical strength because come on, it's Nix, but he's going to have to be pretty special to get Nix.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Ok, Jeni B. I just fangirled hardcore at your comment! I think Kosmina will definitely be with a Lykae or demon because she is so gently taken care of by her family and she doesn't want to feel so closeted anymore so she needs someone more rough around the edges.

I'm very fond of Valkyrie but I do want to see more creatures--give me an elf or Lucindeya (sp?) the Siren or a nymph. Although I think they make too much fun of nymphs for us to take them seriously so unless it was the sexless nymph I don't think that's likely. Anyway, we've seen practically the entire coven of Valkyrie and while I have a "Valkyrie in Training" T-Shirt, it's time to branch out a little.

I think Kristoff needs someone to shake him up a bit which is why I think he'd be great with Nix, but I think he might need to be with another vampire if he has plans to rule the race. Granted you would have thought the same would apply to Lachlain and Emma so...

I want to get back to more Lykae so I'm looking forward to MacReive, bring on the werewolves!
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
@Adria03 and @Jeni B., as far as the god likelihood, I think you're both right, it's very likely that he would be too overpowering with Nix whether it's mentally or possibly physically (yes, Nix can move mountains but a god could make them), but she does need someone who is strong mentally to help her out, get her out of her head. I think godhood will help her out with the whole crazy thing but I think it'll create more problems than solve them. Look how spiteful gods are generally throughout mythology, they're jealous, vindictive spiteful people and I think that won't be good for Nix in the long run.

That's why I'm liking my human scenario so much, but I don't know if that would happen. Would Nix give up her foresight/godhood to be with a human? Could she use her godhood to make him immortal? Who knows, it's just so fun to think about!
Jeni B.
6. bandersnatch
I'm pretty sure I remember reading in an interview somewhere that Kristoff and the Valkyrie queen were going to end up together (you know, the one Lothaire dropped in the ocean).

That being said, I cannot wait for Nix to get her own book. She totally deserves a HEA after helping out EVERYBODY else. Although she can be so crazy sometimes it's kinda hard to visualize having her as a POV character.

Is anybody else out there hoping Thad will get his own book?
Jeni B.
7. Marlene Relja
This was the coolest blog post I've read in a while! No one I know reads K. Cole so my discussions about theories and potential couples are always in my head. So this was awesome to read! :0D

Oh and I like the idea of Nix and Kristoff. Nix and a human... hmmm, not so sure about that one. I think Nix's mate will have to be someone epic, or secretly epic. Someone she can't manipulate with her foresight and skills. Like a hybrid... another vemon? Or maybe THAD (half vampire, half phantom right?) but only when he gets older. I like how K. Cole has foreshadowed some great things about Thad. ;0)
Jeni B.
8. Rocky_Gal
Kristoff is totally with Furie. This has been referred to in, like 3 different books (it was ambiguous, but once Lothaire came out, it totally snapped together--like puzzle pieces, no?). This book will be EPIC. As much as Furie hates vampires, as hard as it will be for Kristoff to break out of Dacia and find Furie, etc, etc.

Also, Thad is totally and completely going to be with Nix. Just a couple of points to ponder off the top of my head :
-He needs time to mature (even though he already looks super manly)/Nix's book is at the end of the series which sets up some years
-The Pravus is already afraid of his various powers, Thad being a Phantom/Vampire Halfling and all, and he's only 17 and still mortal!
-Lothaire is friends with Thad, Lothaire repaired his friendship with Nix...they are all going to totally hang out and have bbqs for millenia to come. I can see it now!!! I love it. I'm 93.78% sure that this is the outcome.

Thus, my synopsis.
(Sorry, I'm in hurry, if my daughters weren't in the shower, I'd totally have more time and way more to add to the awesomeness that is Kresley Cole's IAD books!)
Jeni B.
9. Mica
I've discussed who Nix should end up with several times with my cousin. I introduced her to Kresley Cole's IAD series and now we are both hooked. I have always been partial to Nix ending up with Kristoff. I definitely don't want to see her with a human. Of the remaining unattached male characters Kristoff is the only man I can see being Nix's equal. He's been portrayed so far as calm, level headed, methodical...all traits that would temper Nix's eccentricities while Nix would add some spice to his life. I feel like this pairing would be epic. As for Thad, I would love to see him with Kosmina.
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
I apologize for the massiveness of this comment ahead of time but I wanted to address each of your points (because they were so stinkin' good!)

In an update that I hadn't seen, did anyone else see on KCole's Facebook that there will be a whole Chapter on Nix in MacReive because she and Uilleam are friends? Don't know how he'll fancy her being the one who imprisoned him with The Order to begin with, but I'm sure they'll work it out. After all, look how many powerful people got matched up because of that time in prison?

@bandersnatch, I would love to see that article since I obviously hadn't read anything about Kristoff being matched up with anyone but Furie makes total sense. She needs to be matched up with a vampire because she hates them so much (or will once they find her!) and she can't lead the Valkyrie with that much hatred, especially when part of her coven is matched up with them. If anything I would have thought she'd get matched up with one of the Dacians as they were looking out for Lothaire, but I'm happy to be wrong! With what little we know about Kristoff and Furie, I think they'd make a good pair. Kristoff needs a queen if he's going to be a king, and Furie needs someone to soften her up, Kristoff is the ticket!

As for Thad, from what I've heard on KCole's site, she plans on giving him his own book but is going to wait for him to mature a bit. I loved him in Dreams of a Dark Warrior (I believe that's where we first met him) and then we got to know him so much better in Lothaire. It was great!

@Marlene Relja, that's just about the nicest thing anyone has ever said! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter! My handle is in my signature on this post and I love to talk about Kresley Cole any day, all day!
As for Nix's pairing, I don't really see her with a god, I think they're too manhandling so the alternative is a human as far as I'm concerned. If it was another Immortal I think they would have had a hard time letting her go since most of them have this whole "insta-mating" thing. It would definitely have to be someone totally bad ass though and super strong and awesome--only the best for our Nixie!

@Rocky_Gal, I've been slowly re-reading all the IADs so I'll hopefully catch those clues. I do love how Cole drops little hints throughout the books. Now that the idea of them together is in my head I am SO excited! It will be up there in epicness but I do think it will have to be done carefully. Furie hates vampires so intensely and for good reason and Kristoff is not only a vampire but their future king.

I like the idea of Nix with Thad but it does have me a little squeamish right now. Granted we have about a dozen books to get over the fact that Thad is 17 (yes yes, I know he'll be older and Immortal by the time he's with Nix, if he is) and Nix is THREE THOUSAND YEARS OLD! But I do like the idea in theory, I just can't think to closely about his age. Anyway, Thad is going to be a great tool for the good guys and he's a wild card since he's so rare. Come back again or hit me up on Twitter and I will always bandy back theories! You might have won me over for Thad being with Nix, but I also like the idea of him with Kosmina (granted the ick factor is still there a little bit but she's so innocent and closeted and Thad is so gentle, I think they'd be good for each other and like I said I just don't have the same ick factor as I do with seeing him with Nix).

@Mica See, we don't have a lot of males to choose from right now, we have a few unattached ladies but no males that really grab me! I like the idea of Kristoff with Nix but from what everyone has said it's pretty likely he'll be with Furie, which I think will be really epic! I do really like the idea of Thad and Kosmina.
Jeni B.
11. PRJunkie
I love Nix! I think that Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole will co-author Nix's book. She makes a brief appearance to the Lords of the Underworld on a surveillance cam in the last couple of books and Torin seems very interested ;)
Jennifer Proffitt
12. JenniferProffitt
Someone else mentioned that and I think that would be very interesting. I haven't read the Lords of the Underworld series in a very long time but loved it when I read it. Do you think they have too conflicting mythologies though? That would be my only worry!
Jeni B.
13. hasjgirl
I would love to see Torin and Nix together, but I don't really think that is going to happen. KC and GS books would work in all ways until it comes to demons. They are too far apart on that level so I don't think the worlds would mesh for that reason alone. The Lords have acknowledged most the other creatures at some point though.

The first thing that comes to mind for Nix is someone that is crazier than she is. Like a human or someone who thinks they are human locked up in a mental hospital and completely detached from reality. For whatever reason, Nix has to protect him and in order to do so, she has to pull herself together. Along the journey, he begins to come out of it with her help.
Jennifer Proffitt
14. JenniferProffitt
@hasjgirl, that's what I was thinking. The demons are where things fall apart and since that's an integral part of GS's world, I think it would be impossible and not really fair to either fan to just write off the demon aspect. As for Torin and Nix, I think she likely caught his eye because she's beautiful—everyone says how stunning she is and that she'd be hard to turn away from if it wasn't for her craziness.

I LOVE your idea for the mental hospital or something like that. I think a person who is crazier than Nix and forces her to be strong would be great and I really like the idea of making it...maybe a god...some type of Immortal who has forgetten who they were along the way and so she has to help him/protect him.
Jeni B.
15. SoccerMomKnits
I thinkKristoff is fated to be with Furie. There is a scene in Lothaire when he tells Nyx "You know who she is fated for?" and given his intense hatred of Kristoff, I think that taking away his fated one would be the perfect revenge for Lothaire.
Jeni B.
16. Ines
I like your reasoning. :)
Personally I thought Kristoff might get pairex with that Valkyrie trapped under the sea (can't remember her name but that will also be a seriously mad/ crazy woman when/if she appears).
I'm all for giving Nix a goddess status - she pretty much is one.
Jennifer Proffitt
17. JenniferProffitt
Oh wow, @SoccerMomKnits. Good point, because he then takes Kristoff at the end as well. Hmmm....

@Ines, from what the other commenters have said Kristoff is fated for Furie, although they'll have tons of prickly moments to look forward to as they come to terms with it--I actually can't wait for the moment his heart starts beating when he sees her. It's going to be SOOO good!

Nix is by far one of my series favorites and she's on her way to goddess status already, I can't wait for it to become reality...or not, but it has so many possibilities!
Jeni B.
18. Brunette Librarian
Ahhh!! I'm at work and I can't remember the name of the characters, but I agree with Ines. I think that Kristoff is going to end up with the Valkyrie that Lothaire trapped under the sea. I'm not super convinced that we've met Nix's hero yet, but whoever he may be I'm sure he'll be Awesome!!!! :) Love me some Kresley!
Jennifer Proffitt
19. JenniferProffitt
@Brunette Librarian and Ines, her name's Furie (cuz she's half-Fury, a third Fury, however that works!) she's the Valkyrie queen and she's going to be a kick-ass hellraiser that Kristoff will need as both a leader and a mate!
20. lkayme
I love Thad and it would be an unlikely but great pairing iwth Nix, who though ancient seems timeless.

I'm really bad at remembering characters names but there was a smoke demon who was a friend of the Woede's who kept getting called by someone and I 'd like to find out what that was all about. And I'd like Mariketa's mentor Elliana to get a romance with someone who can make her look young and beautiful!
Jeni B.
21. Spifferifsh
Nix has mentioned that she was once engaged to Loki, back in the day...whenever that was. I think that could potentially be a good match. Actually I have faith that whoever she matches Nix up with, it will be a good match. I have faith in KC.
Jeni B.
22. opadoptch
Love all of yall's thoughts. Some I have never even considered yet. I also think Kristoff and Furie. Not sure about Nix. I do love the Lykae. I really think Balery or "Hag" will end up with Munro because it has been predicted that his mate will be a harridan, another word for hag. Cant wait for the next book!
Jennifer Proffitt
23. JenniferProffitt
@lkayme: Yeah, I loved Elliana too and would love to see some of her story. As for Thad, I have a hard time seeing him with Nix, just a bit of an ick factor since they bring up her age so much. I see him more with Kosmina, maybe? You know, like he's introduced to her at court while visiting Lothaire and bam! He's blooded?

I DEFINITELY want to see the smoke demon's story. I'm guessing it might have something to do with his SWIMBO? I'll have to search out his name it was something like Rock, wasn't it?
Jeni B.
24. Victoria Paige Books
I think Kristoff is with Furie as some had inferred in the comments. I never thought of Thad! I did love him Lothaire's books, give him a couple of years and he'll be NIX-perfect. Can't wait for the ascenscion, I wish Kresley cole came out with more books a year.
Jennifer Proffitt
25. JenniferProffitt
@opadoptch: Yeah, I want to see Balery get matched up and I think it'll happen sooner rather than later--like the next 3 books rather than the last three since they built her up so much in Lothaire!

@Spifferifsh, I have total faith that KC will match everyone up accordingly. So far I have only disliked (even that's too strong of a word) one of her books and it wasn't because of the couple! I'm excited to see where she goes with the series. Anytime she goes in an unexpected direction with the arc (the biggest example being Book 2 about Sebastian rather than the obvious choice of Bowen (at least it was obvious at the end of Book 1)) I know it's going to lead to a big change in the series. IE The Talisman's Hie ended up being several books' worth of arc, The Order's Prison being another shift and another big arc, and now switching gears to Uilleam when I think the obvious choice would have been Balery or someone else since we haven't heard from him in a while.
Jennifer Proffitt
26. JenniferProffitt
@Victoria Paige Books, yeah I do too! Now that she has two full series floating around plus her IAD spinoff series, I'm sure she's crazy busy, we just want more, more, more!

Thad definitely needs to mature a little more though before he'll be mate-ready for anyone Nix or whoever!
Jennifer Proffitt
27. JenniferProffitt
@lkayme, the Smoke Demon's name was Rok with little dots over the o (sorry, they don't translate in comments, apparently!) And I would love to have him get is own book.
Jeni B.
28. Teja
Right - i know the chances of this are literally zero - but she (nix) made a guest appearance in a series by Gena Showwalter (Lords of the Underworld) - so im holding out hope for a character from that called 'Torin' - the keeper of the demon disease - and nix being paired. he's awesome, she's awesome... he cant be touched by anyone (except that special unknown someone) and she's crazy so she'll keep him on his toes, and i get the feeling she'd be ultra possessive so he'd like that - but i know my chances are slim in not nil :'( but it'd be awesome to tie the series' together :) if any of you havent read them, and you like the IAD series, i would definatly check them out :)
Jennifer Proffitt
29. JenniferProffitt
@Teja, I second that! If you like IAD, Lords of the Underworld would be a good fit, it's a similar writing style and a similar world-building experience, unfortunately I don't think it's likely they'll tag team Nix's book, but don't give up hope!

The best part is that Gena Showalter (seriously if you haven't read her you should, I actually really enjoy the few contemporaries and paranormals she has outside of her LotU series!) and Kresley Cole are friends! They obviously have characters go back and forth, they collaborated on an anthology featuring the second Wroth brother, Murdoch and his Ice Princess, and they are BFFs on Twitter!
Jeni B.
30. MandaM
A long time ago, Kresley Cole confirmed that Kristoff and Furie are mated. She also said that their book would be the last of the series - the final battle in the Ascension - but that was many books and characters ago, so the order could have changed. At the same time, she said Nix would definitely get a book but it would be towards the end of the series.

I've always thought that a pairing between Nix and Rok the smoke demon (who used to live with Cadeon) would be fun. Nix does have a thing for demons' horns! And, KC has said that Rok would get his own novel. However, it's been a long time since she paired up two known characters - most of the latest ones have introduced a new character for the love interest.
Jeni B.
31. Neecy
I'm thinking Kristoff will end up with Fury. Just a hunch. He is almost obssessed with finding her, and for her accepting a vampire mate will be a struggle after all the years drowning underwater. It's a dramatic and potentially awesome story in the making. I don't think we have met Nix's guy yet.
Jennifer Proffitt
32. JenniferProffitt
@MandaM, yeah I actually wish she would pair up known characters a little more often--gives you more to work with as far as obsessing goes ! But one of my favorite books and pairings was Cade and Holly so I'm find with being wrong, and I have yet to be disappointed!

I had forgotten about Rok until this post but he was a favorite at the time. I want to find out who his SWIMBO is, and wouldn't it be funny if it was Nix and he was helping her with all the Accession stuff?

@Neecy, yeah, I tried looking up who Kristoff might be paired off with in Kresley Cole's forums so I could cross him off my list, but obviously I missed the hints! There's will definitely be rocky but if Sebastian and Kaderin can get over it, so can Kristoff and Furie! KC is kind of famous for pairing characters who had antagonized each other earlier--Lothaire and Beth, Sebastian and Kaderin, Bowen and Mari...the list goes on!
Jeni B.
33. NicciRe
I think Nix as a goddess with a god could be perfect... either that, or she meets the god and he guides her away from Insanity and towards the high power of being a goddess, because that would allow for the turmoil choice of if she even wants more power or not.

Ultimately, I don't think a human will do for Nix, unless there is a male equivalent to the Vessell?

Who knows, KC has the ability to make any pairing work out with enough pages, and I feel like Nix's book could be a lot like Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron... Massive background and lots of details.
Jennifer Proffitt
34. JenniferProffitt
@NicciRe I'm hoping for massive background soon to come! In an ideal world I would have my own personal Living Book of the Lore to refer to and learn everything like the newbies to the Lore have done!
Jeni B.
35. HeatherCC
I wouldn't be surprised if KC pairs up with Gena Showalter with her Lords of the Underworld series because in one point (I can't remember which book), the holder of Disease saw a dark haired, pointy eared chick in Budapest wearing a shirt referring to KC's series.
Jennifer Proffitt
36. JenniferProffitt
Yeah and in KC book, Nix (I think it was in Lothaire) said I'm off to investigate this group that calls themselves Lords of the Underworld. Do you think KC and Gena Showalter's mythologies would match up well enough? I think they match up pretty well outside of the demon issue that someone brought up earlier in the thread.
Jeni B.
37. Nommynoms
If I had to guess based on Cole's tendency to use the old idiom "Opposites Attract" I'd say the incredibly young, gentle, and kind football player Thaddeus.
Jennifer Proffitt
38. JenniferProffitt
@Nommynoms, people have been saying that but it gives me the creeps! We'll have to see how he matures over the next few books since he is only 17. I mean I never would have thought I'd be rooting for Lothaire but by the time his book rolled around I was all ready, practically rubbing my hands together so time heals all ills, I suppose!

She did say in the interview I referenced that she does the whole Opposites Attract so Thad could work, especially since people are talking about how powerful he is!
Jeni B.
39. Prue
I really can't see Kristoff being with Nix - isn't he Furie's son, that was why Lothaire's uncle ordered her thrown in the sea, when they discovered his father was blooded. Going out with your newphew is just creepy. I'm 100% behind a god or demi god theory, there is just no way a mortal or normal immortal could handle that much cra-cra!
Jennifer Proffitt
40. JenniferProffitt
@Prue, maybe people have been reading between the lines the wrong way! It is a mystery who Kristoff's mother is so who knows what the final answer will be! But yeah, people have been saying Furie is his mate so let's hope she isn't really his mom instead.
Jeni B.
41. kkmjk5
I think Ktistoff is going to end up with Furie once she's found. Remember what he told Nix about who she's meant to be with and how getting rid of her helped his end game? The only one who can claim the Horde kingdom is Kristoff even though he doesn't want it or his legitimate heir which he can only come from his bride so take away the bride no one else can claim the throne. I can't wait for Nix's book and would love to see her with a demigod who of cause doesn't know he's a demigod maybe even a son of Loki since she was engaged to him at one point. Would love to see Nix get some peace even if it only occurs around her mate and a 'lil sum sum won't hurt. But I'm not so sure I want to read about Nix getting it! She's like the aunt you know is freaky and find it hilarious but you just don't want to hear the details! Either way her story will be great! Does it sound crazy that I want Thad to get with one of Neomi and Conrad kids or Lothaires Dacian "neice"? He's still young and his plenty of time before he has to settle down for eternity!
Jeni B.
42. KelleyA
Despite the fact that I am pretty new to all this, I would love to see Nix with someone lot less of a character than her.. like someone with less happening in their head. Just someone normal who can balance her out and reign her in when necessary. And naturally, she would roll her eyes at this person initially but then realize how perfect they are for her. I like things like that.
And it would be really endearing if it were a human. But I don't think that's terribly likely. Who knows though!

But in any case, I trust that KC will give us a good story. :)
Jennifer Proffitt
43. JenniferProffitt
@KelleyA, I always trust that KC will give us a good story. I think she does need someone normal mentally but definitely not normal in any other way! He needs to be unique for her, especially if it's going to be one of the last ones in the series! And I do think it will be the last one since she's orchestrating so much in the Accession!

@kkmjk5, I think Nix getting it will be a lot more tolerable when she's not so crazy. My favorite idea for Thad is to see him paired with Kosmina, Lothaire's niece. Can't wait for both of those books though!
Angel Marie
44. mermaid
I think it'd be really interesting to see Nix with someone even crazier and more of a character than her. It'd be cool to have her become the rock in the relationship and bring someone else out of insanity and in turn "cure" herself. Something about Nix having to force herself to not be the crazy one in the relationship by her own will and doing could be quite powerful.
Jennifer Proffitt
45. JenniferProffitt
@mermaid I agree. I think we want her to stay zaney because that's partially why we love her but I want her to remain her strong self too and not yield under a man. I know that's probably not what you're saying but I want her to stay strong in her own right and not necessarily get better bc of a man. We've seen females calm their mates, soothe them and I'd like to see that with Nix but I don't want her to lose herself.
Jeni B.
46. Ren Puspita
If you want to see where KC confirm that Kristoff is Furie's mate, you can see it in her interview with Dear Author
Just see her answer at 9:41
Then, remember what Lothaire said to Nix, when Nix beg him to tell Furie's whereabout. Lothaire said Furie's imprisonment is a strategy because who she'd bonded to. Even its still not clear what kind of strategy.

I don't think Thad will be Nix's mate. Beside from the yucky part (Nix is old, while Thad, well, he still young), I remember that Kresley once said she will do series about Thad. Nix's mate can be character we already know (I again remember KC said that, but I'm not sure)
Jeni B.
47. Nucking Futs Sabrina
OMG, I just discovered this blog and I love it! Glad to read all of the comments on the IAD series and KC. Jennifer, I enjoyed your theories on Nix and what's to come. I think she should be with a god or demigod. Someone who is just as powerful as her and can reign in her craziness. I've only listened to the audiobook version of the series and have only been able to listen to books 1-5, and then Lothaire book 10 and then Shadow's Claim because that's the only books available via audio. I wrote to KC's assistant and she said book 6, Kiss of the Demon King is suppose to come out in May via audio. If you haven't tried the audio version of these books, I highly recommend them. Robert Petkoff (the narrator) is excellent!

As for Furie and Kristoff, I'm kinda confused about that one. Probably because I haven't listened to all of the books yet, but isn't Kristoff the Horde's king according to the end of Lothaire? And isn't vampire kings suppose to mate with other vampires in order for vampire kingdom to accept her as their queen like Lothaire's kingdom? Isn't that why Lothaire made Ellie a vampire and that's what Hag predicted? Furie is Valkyrie, not vampire. But I might be going Nucking Futs in this theory and can be totally wrong. LOL. What do you think?

Also, do you recommend any other books like these? I'm running out of good books likes these to listen to. Thanks for the blog...keep those reviews coming!
Ellen Hutchings
48. shadowmaster13
I think that Nix needs someone who is strong enough to stop her from destroying herself and protect her from all the Lore wanting her advice.

My theory is that Nix thinks she knows who her guy is and is resisting going to him so she can organise what she needs to for the Accession before going after him. I also think she's not as crazy as we think, just very fragmented and she need help keeping it all together.

I want her to be with someone who is a complete blank to her. He'll totally surprise her and interfere with her planning. Maybe a solitary demon with a phobia of having his horns touched.

And as far as Thad goes, he shouldn't meet his Bride (or whatever phantoms have) until he's at least 20, to avoid the creepy factor. I'm thinking one of the factions we haven't seen a lot of, like the Sirenae or even an actual nymph.

In fact I'd love to see the other side of the nymph/Valkyrie thing because for the entire race to be that easy there's something we don't know. Maybe they find their other half the way some Demons do, by trying until they buy.
Jennifer Proffitt
49. JenniferProffitt
@RenPuspita, thank you! I've been looking for that interview ever since someone mentioned it earlier in the comments!! I would love more Thad but I don't know if I would want him to get his very own series? I mean once again WWKCD, and I guess I have to trust in her!

@Nucking Futs Sabrina, can I just say I love your username, first off! And welcome to Heroes and Heartbreakers! We cover a lot of authors so sit back and rest a while--enjoy! That's awesome about the audio books, I've been wanting to add in more audio to my repertoire so I might start with Kresley Cole as my first big dive into it! As to your theories, I think with the Horde so fragmented he could swoop in and claim the throne but also remember—The Horde will never accept someone who doesn't drink from the flesh either so leading The Horde might not be the endgame, but leading more of the vampires and letting The Horde self-destruct might be that endgame. But you are right behind the reasoning of making Ellie a vampire, I just don't think that will be the endgame for Kristoff.

@shadowmaster13, I definitely think Nix will need a strong male to be with her and protect her from all those people who need advice. Now they kind of leave her alone because she's crazy but what if it's all a facade! (Although not much of one since I do think she's crazy, just maybe not to that level!) I actually think that her mate is someone she hasn't seen in visions that his path is dark to her, like with Lothaire, Helen, and I think Emma? Anyway, I like the idea that she can't read the future of her mate, maybe she can read her own future, she knows she has a mate but she knows he'll be super protective and not want her to put herself in danger, so like you said she's waiting until all this messy Accession business is done for her!

As for Thad, I would love to see more of those factions--like Lucindeya or something. I doubt he'd be with a nymph (or at least not a whole nymph) since KC tends to put them down as too slutty to live sort of thing in her series. Unless it was like a nymph with no sex drive--I think that'd be super fun! I think the nymph promiscuity thing might just be part of the mythology of the creature. In Greek mythology, nymphs are pretty...free...with their affections. As for the Valkyrie, I think they might just have taken on the characteristics traditionally associated with men--sexually free, strong in battle, etc.--and they use their Fae looks to sneak past silly Immortals who under-estimate them. For the Valks I think it's about power.
Jeni B.
50. Abby Green
Kresley Cole can put Nix with the postman for all I care because whoever she picks will be perfect and amazing! :)
Jeni B.
51. sridt
I like the idea of Nïx with a human, but I think Bertil the bat is a key piece of evidence about her HEA. I think he shows up in Holly and Cade's book and he seems to soothe her. No one knows where he came from and Nïx lets him drink from her. I am going to make a bold guess and say that Nïx is paired up with Dracula. Bertil is either Dracula somehow stuck in that form or his familiar or something to do with him. Of course, I think Kresley will do something with the legend to make Dracula a Kresley character. In addition to Bertil, I have two other pieces of evidence. There is a part in Lothaire where Nïx freaks out about "how they all had to pay-" ranting about all the Valkyrie who have been with or will be wth vampires, include Helen (Emma's mother) and Furie. I am not sure exactly why she should be so upset about this but I think it may have something to do with who she might get paired up with. Also, isn't it weird that Dracula is rarely mentioned in these books? Especially in Lothaire, one would think he would have somehting to say about the other legendary vamp since he talks about other legends like Narcissus and mothman.
Jeni B.
52. niki3
I think Nix and Thad would be a great paring. Thad could level out Nix and he seems to see the good in everyone and is kind gentle and understanding, I mean he is Lothaire's friend, so he could help Nix out. He wouldn't be all Lykae over protective and we know that once That has a full understanding of his powers he is crazy strong so he could protect her if needed.
Mary Elyse
53. Shirazois
Personally, I'm tired of all the matchmaking. Every character that gets paired up loses something. I would like to see her stay single. Gives her more moveability in stories. Why is it that every author thinks it makes the books and characters more interesting to be mated permanantly? It takes away. Not gives. The plots remain the same thruout each book. The same formula. Only the names are changed. Boring. Lets not match up every character. It ruined Lothaire. And many others.
Mary Elyse
54. Shirazois
oh and btw.... IF she was paired up. I'm thinking a human psychiatrist would be fun.
Jeni B.
55. kui
I like the idea of Nix with a human/former human. When I read the description of Lothaires bride Elizabeth my initial reaction was "wtfewwwnoooo!" But i loved her character! Sorry KC ill never doubt you again!

I think Nix will end up with the scientist Rossiter from Pleasures of a Dark Prince. He's going cray-cray without sleep *empathy* and I think he'll pop up again and get changed into somekinda immortal :)

I also liked someones suggestion that Thad end up with Kosmina, but KC always comes thru so no matter who anyone ends up with...magic!
Jennifer Proffitt
56. JenniferProffitt
@sridt, wow, I forgot about that but I remember being a little taken aback by her shouting and vehemence. The intro of Bertil is definitely interesting, I think they need to do something about Dracula as well bc I would have thought, if anything, Lothaire would claim to be Dracula so they might bring him up! I like it!

@niki3, on Facebook Kresley said she's been thinking of Nix's mate for over a decade and I just can't think of Thad being that much of a driving force for her, but I love him nonetheless #TeamThad. I think Thad will be great for someone, I'm leaning #TeamThad
Jeni B.
57. Blaze
I love the IAD series, and Nix is just such a vibrant, fun, off the wall character!

My consummate faith in Kresley Cole is such that I don't want to ship a mate for Nix. I know that Kresley will come up with something that seems out of left field and yet so wrong that it is right at the same time.

Just can't wait!

Jennifer Proffitt
58. JenniferProffitt
Oh no, half of my comment got thrown out! Anyway, @niki3, I'm #TeamThadandKosmina, most strongly but I like Thad pretty whole-heartedly, I think he's fabulous, laid back etc. I think he'd be perfect with Kosmina over Nix mostly because he would be laid back enough for Kosmina to trust him, she's pretty innocent so I can ignore the age whereas they keep pounding in that Thad is 17 and Nix is 3000, I can't overlook it for some reason, but whatever KC comes up with I'll dig it :)

@Shirazois, I definitely don't think every single character needs to be paired up--I like how KC explains why they get paired up all of a sudden (bc of the Accession) but I definitely don't think it's 100% necessary, but in the case of Nix she's such a favorite of mine that I want her to have an HEA. Not to say an HEA automatically means a man and a litter of Valks but it would be nice to have someone soothe her once she's done with the Accession this time. I like your idea that IF Nix was paired with someone that it would be a psychiatrist. Someone else mentioned her finding her mate in a mental hosptial so great minds think alike!
Adaiah La Vonda
59. Adaiah
I always wanted Fury and Krisnoff to become a pair. I see Nix becoming a demi-god so she would need to be with another demi-god. I think a full god wouldn't understand or be gentle when Nix get's the crazies. I want to know who the Dacianos have hiding at the castle. Lothaire mentioned in his books that the cousins were trying to hide someone from him. Since Lothaire's kidnapped Krisnoff it would be great if Fury's been hiding there and doesn't remember who she is. Hoping some answers will be reviewed in McReive in July.
cindy williams
60. cwillow659
Hmm, Queen Furie to be with Kristoff, Kosmina to be with Betinnas Salem, and Nix to be with the sixth cousin in the Land of Blood and Myst that is mentioned in Lothaire. Nix did mention she had been there before and it would drive a vamp crazy to be kept from his bride and mabye add to her crazy as well lol. Cant wait to see the combo Kresley comes up with :)
Jeni B.
61. Melanie S
I think Nix will have to be the last book in the series. How do you top her book? I think Furie will be second to last. I really enjoy this series. It stays fresh because of the many different types of species/characters.
Jeni B.
62. Megan G.
i bet its torin from Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld
Jeni B.
63. SWF Seeks Next IAD Book
I want Nix to end up with a character we haven't met yet. I don't want to know who she's going to meet until her book. It would freaking *rock* if he was a psychic null, so every time she's in his immediate vicinity he causes her seer abilities to wash out and leave her lucid. If she had it happen while she was in NO, on Bourbon Street, hunting rogue vampires? All the better. The guys she's hunting could suddenly "disappear" from her mind, along with all the noise and confusion, and she's freaked the heck out. I have an entire plot building in my mind. LOL

Whatever happens, creating Nix's other half will be a major undertaking. I don't envy KC the task, yet, at the same time, I wish I was in that position. Playing God with characters everyone loves is hard, but she's managed it so well -- better than any other series I've ever read.

Back to anxiously awaiting the next book to devour...
Jeni B.
64. Megan G
Kristoff will probably be with Furie the Valkyrie Queen, Lanthe with Thronos the Vrekner, Thad with Kosmina, Rok might be with
Lucindeya the siren or maybe Balery. I'm not sure. Jadian the Cold the ice fey will be a tricky one im sure, maybe Natalya the Shadow the dark fey. Dark and Light have been know to make a good pair in most of the books ive read, as for everyone else i just cant see it right now
Jennifer Proffitt
65. JenniferProffitt
@SWF Seeks Next IAD Book, I think that's a pretty awesome idea! I have always said it would be cool if she was "blank" on the future of her mate like with Lothaire. There's supposed to be an entire chapter in MACRIEVE with Nix bc she and Uilleam are friends so more will be revealed.

@Megan G, love your idea with pairings (I've been saying #TeamThadandKosmina for a while now!) I like your ideas of Rok with either of those two ladies, although I have mentioned it'd be funny if Nix was Rok's SWIMBO that he mentioned. I like the balance of the Dark and Light as well and I think that will be vital to the good guys winning the Accession!
Jeni B.
66. Megan G
the reason i think it will be Torin the keeper of the Demon Disease, in Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld (which if u LOVE the IAD series u will also fall in love with this series as well if u haven't read it already), is because she has already shown up in the latest books of that series, and Torin deffinatly has a reaction to her even from his monitors in his room, where he hides to prevent another plauge. this is the reason i srongly believe it will be a colaboration between Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole to create Nix's book. Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole have so much in common when it comes to their writing styles. A colaberation between the two would come to be one of their best works
Jennifer Proffitt
67. JenniferProffitt
@Megan G, Oh I'm already there! I've been reading Lords of the Underworld since it's first book was published and several people have mentioned the Torin connection. I know Gena and Kresley are friends in real life and have collaborated, do you think Nix's foreshadowed goddess powers could help him be immune to her and therefore make it so he can touch someone without killing them?
Jeni B.
68. Megan G
@ Jennifer: I've been trying to figure out who is Rok's lady since it was mention in the books that Cade had called him and Rok had said he was thinking it was time to settle down with someone, which means he must have found his mate. and he can't kill an Immortal remember, but it does get passed on to them so anyone they touch then also carry it, and if anyone who is a carrier touches a human it causes a plauge. but i think with how niffty and so commited to the work that she does that she will find a way to rid him of the demon without killing him. I mean, look at Areon. there's always a loop hole
Jeni B.
69. Megan G
if anyone could find a loop hole for Torin, its Nix
Jennifer Proffitt
70. JenniferProffitt
@Megan G, I forgot! Yes, there is always a loophole and if anyone can find it it is the combined forces of Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and Nix (I mean look at what she did to get all those couples together with The Order, etc!).

I do think Rok is going to get his own book...maybe...possibly. I'd really like him to, please! Anyway, I think he's ready and he knows it (as you said) and now that all of his friends are going to be settling down it's time! Do you think Rok is in a situation like Cade where he knows who his mate is but can't claim her for whatever reason? Also, I'd like all this SWIMBO business explained, is it like a genie and a master, is it sex related, I can't remember! But seriously, demons and their horns, am I right? (wink wink nudge nudge) *le sigh*
Jeni B.
71. ToniBeth
I definitely think Nix should be paired with Kristoff. They are such
polar opposites, it would make for quite and interesting read!
Jeni B.
72. Elohim Masami
Hmmm Nix wow, who in the Lore could handel that spitfire. But I'm thinking yeah A God would be a good match for Nix, But then there are tons of Gods so which one should it be. My vote is Thor but then again I'm all for the God of Thunder not just in the Averngers. But I'm a big and I mean BIG fan of the Lykae Clan so I'm rootin for her to end up with a wolf.

But then there always the good human, I mean humans most of the time are calm (When there not freaked out by Lore kind), Collective, mellow and there can love just as hard as any Wolf or Deamon....Plus she could always use her God powers to make em immortal.

As for who I would like to read about I'd have to say Thad or Thaddeus Lothaire's Vampire/Phantom Halfling friend. I'd like to know who he'd end up with, personally I hope its with Hag or Balery. You know find some way around the whole I can't touch you cause your skin is poison and all that and show Love really conquers all! Though I hope its won't be that easy for Thad to get Balery.
Jeni B.
73. M&M
I hope Nix will get a human. An arrogant human, who has no attraction to her, someone who will touch her emotional side, and actually hurt her, because I want to see and feel her emotion. While this humans makes her feel pain, he is also the person that keeps her sane, ancors her. Nix would be frustrated, even angry because she has to work for his affection. I would like to see her give up her powers for him, to see how far she is welling to give up. Can't wait!!!
Jeni B.
74. Nicole Potter
Oooh, I think Kristoff is a good option! I agree with you too, I think it could also be a human or a god/demi-god. Some either all powerfull to balance her out, or someone with no power at all. Though Kristoff would be a good balance of both. PLUS - his personality rocks :)
Nicole Potter
75. Jaylover13
Oooh, I think Kristoff is a good option! I agree with you too, I think it could also be a human or a god/demi-god. Someone either all powerfull to balance her out, or someone with no power at all. Though Kristoff would be a good balance of both. PLUS - his personality rocks :)
Jeni B.
76. crp
I like the idea of Kristoff with Fury, but I also think maybe another vampire (one with bloodlust) to unite the vampire factions. I think someone with attributes like Kristoff (calm, level-headed, far-seeing, self-content with a purpose, etc.) but not Kristoff for Nix. I agree also that I would like to see other species and don't like the idea of the nymphs being one used...unless she is only HALF nymph and the other half battles her nymph side.
Jeni B.
77. kkmjk5
@ Meghan didn't Zacharel tell one of the Lords can't remember which at this moment that he knows how to get rid of the demons? So I'm thinking Torin is going to be free of that sooner than later and didn't he have a thing going with the only female Lord the one who when she talks you want to cry? Nix did visit Lords of the Underworld but I don't see her with any of them. Kane's story in Lords of the Underworld is due out in July.
Jeni B.
78. teresa.d
kkmjk5: what if he IS one of neomi and conrad kids, that somehow got dropped back in time.
his brother, sebastien, went back to save kaderin, so we know it's possible. and remember, if you don't get back to the portal before time runs out, you become trapped there in the past. did someone, for whatever reason, put thadd in the past?? and why
imagine the chaos it would cause.

no, i don't see nix with anyone currently in the current timeline cause there really isn't anyone awesome enough for nix, nor does anyone seem 'right', if you know what i mean.

there have been several clues that fury and kristoff were destined.

no, i don't see thadd with kosmina because he is just TOO easy and calm. most of her (k.cole) pairings have been between opposite character types and i don't see that with thad and kosmina. to bland. unless something changes in the next few books, i really don't see it happening between the two of them.

would love to see who is being hidden from lothaire in darcia.

and as far as nix meltdown in lothaire, she can see the future. what if when the time comes down to it, everyone she has paired up, everyone she has helped DO something that she views as a betrayal when it happens but they see it as saving either everyone else or helping her. k.cole would need the whole series to set that up. nix helps EVERYone but when it comes down to it, what she wants them to do they refuse??

and what about la dorada? she made mention to lothaire that the ring was not as wonderful as it appeared-even if she can control all evil beings. she is also regenerating everyday, will she appear in the future. remember how CRAZY nix went when lothaire woke her (la dorada) up?? how it had interfered with all her plans?

plus, the two sorceri who were in lanthe and carrow, and how they influenced or not carrow niece.

so far, i have not been disappointed with k.coles books.
i can't wait for them all.
i'll be disappoint at the end but satisfied.
Jeni B.
79. teresa.d
i apologize for the long post, i didn't realize it was that LONG til i saw it up on the blog.
my bad.
Ellen Hutchings
80. shadowmaster13
I think a full nymph would be interesting because we might see the nymph behaviour through a lense of a sympathetic nature. I mean just because they seem easy and all doesn't mean they are and there are all kinds of reasons for that behaviour.

For instance when you said a half nymph who fight her side, that would mean that the nymphs are biologically driven to have sex, and that could make for interesting and complex characterisation. Or it could just be that nymphs don't see any reason to hold back their favours when interested in a guy. Or it could even be that the nymphs just act trashy and the reputation they have comes from only a small number of the whole.

Or my personal favourite after thinking of it. Maybe it's all a front. Maybe they're secretly information brokers, or assassins and they cultivate the easy, slutty reputation because who'd suspect a nymph right?

There's so much we don't know about many of the races of the Lore.

Also as far as Nix goes, I really think that Nix thinks she knows who her guy is and when she's finished arranging things she'll go pick him up. And I also think she's wrong. Because her guy is rare and she can't pick anything up on him, not even through another like Lothaire.
Jeni B.
81. Carique
Nix NEEDS someone calm, after all shes done for others she need someone to share her burdens with, she doesn´t need to rescue anyone else.

Not liking the idea of Furie & Kristoff, at all, but we will see.

-Thronos & Lanthe definately deserve a book.
-It was confirmed on KC´s FB that Thaddeus will get one. Hopefully not Kosmina, we´ve seen the type he goes for like Natalya, someone self-assured, confident, with presence.
-Tera the Fey
Jennifer Proffitt
82. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, love the theories! I also like the idea of a nymph battling their nature, makes them more complex!

@Carique, I think now that we know Uilleam is getting his own book with MacRieve that Munro will also get his own book. She was either going to do all or none with these Highland twins. I also really want to see Tera the Fey get her book. I thought she was just going to be a tertiary character in Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night but then she came back in for Cade and Holly's book so I don't think we've seen the last of her. Finally, I like the idea of Thad with Kosmina--as many of the other blooded/mated men have said in the past, just because they fell for certain types before doesn't mean that's what they need as a mate so I wouldn't count her out just yet! But Thad definitely needs to mature more before he gets his own book no matter who his mate ends up being!
Jennifer Proffitt
83. JenniferProffitt
@teresad very interesting ideas! I like the idea of Thad maybe being one of Conrad and Neomi's kids but I don't know if that will be possible (but with Riora on the loose, you never know!). You brought up a lot of loose ends that I hope get tied up in the next few books or at least explained. Especially the La Dorada stuff. I think we'll see her as The Big Bad now that Lothaire is in love and leading the Dacians. Anyone think it's Furie that is being kept from him?
Ellen Hutchings
84. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt while, the idea that Furie is being kept from Lothaire is a good one, I think Nix has mentioned that she see Furie drowning over and over and she basically breaks down over the fact she's helpless to do anything about it.
Jennifer Proffitt
85. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, oh that's right! Well I think Kristoff will be instrumental in tracking her down. Won't that be awkward: "Oh we just found you after you were drowned over and over bc of a vampire, now let me do really inappropriate things to you and maybe bite you. Just a little, don't worry, you'll like it!" And then Furie punches him in the throat...
Jeni B.
86. tadyena
Gena Showalter has come out in interviews and said none of her characters would be paid up with any of Kresley's, don't remember the reasoning right now but I do remember her saying it because of lot of her fans where asking if Torin would get paired up with someone from IAD. She said a flat out no wont happen, but they do let characters come visit.
Jeni B.
87. kkmjk5
mmmmm good ideas but Bastian has Thranes's key unless there are more?. Now that you've said it you could be right about Kosima and Thad they would make a better harlequin romance and not a Kresley Cole story. As of now that story would be too boring. But Kosima and Rok sounds great! I like the Thad and Lothaire connection so maybe he'll get with Lothaire's daughter imagine having a father-in law like that??!!!!

Can't wait to find out the real story between Thronos and Lanthe especially since the Dacians will have to be involved. Do many stories to read so little time.
Jennifer Proffitt
88. JenniferProffitt
@kkmjk5, I think at the end of Sebastian and Kaderin's book Sebastian asked Riora if there were more keys or more ways to go back in time or something and she replied "That would be impossible" which as we know in Riora double-speak, that means that it is possible. But I could be misremembering. I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a IAD re-read before July and take notes!

Did anyone see the snippet on Kresley Cole's Facebook page? It's just a few paragraphs but for those looking for a taste here it is: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151556107563536
Jeni B.
89. JezebelLangley
So I would swear that I read on some interview with KC somewhere that Nix is fated to be with someone who is her complete opposite in that he is super rational/logical and is at first sort of put off by her zanyness but that they then temper one another nicely. The best pairings seem to help both characters grow: Nix could benefit from someone uber dependable to anchor and ground her while they'd benefit from Nix's ability to lighten things up and force you to let go of slavish adherence to cold logic.

SO.... that being said I'd like to throw into consideration the King of the Ice Fey from Dani's story. I forget his name but he's definitly been announced with purpose in that he was made super sexy, interesting, and it was mentioned that he desired a mate (although there was mention of someone he had in a dungeon fascinating him). Anyways he was really logical and cold... it'd be a fabulous opposites attract kind of thing. Anyways, I adore Nix and can't wait to read her story but am ready for some non-Valkyrie pairings in the meantime and we have yet to really have a story with a fey playing the lead yet.
Jennifer Proffitt
90. JenniferProffitt
Well we've been speculating about what type of Lore being MacRieve's bride Chloe will be and that it likely won't be a Valkyrie. What do you think?

I always forget about Murdoch and Dani but I think you might be right about what Nix needs (although haven't seen that interview!) but it would make sense since she's so crazy that she would need someone super logical and would fit with Kresley's MO.
Jeni B.
91. littlemiss
Ok. I think Nix should be with someone we haven't met yet. I think Jadian The Cold has already found his mate in the fire demon he's rumoured to have locked in his dungeon. Thad is for Ruby, the young witch that was trapped with Carrow and Furie is for Kristoff. Also I need Melanthe's story (really want her to get her power back).
Jennifer Proffitt
92. JenniferProffitt
@littlemiss, Ruby? That's a new pairing! Well if she's raised by Carrow she'll definitely be the strong female everyone has been saying they want for him! I think we'll see Melanthe get her power back, definitely, although she lost it because she saved her sister so much (that's the power you're talking about right?) I would love to see Jadian's story even if he's already paired up/knows he's paired up!
Patricia Wilkerson
93. Proofreaderpat
Maybe Ms.Cole will pull a J.R.Ward and match Nix with another valkyrie-Furie perhaps? Wouldn't that blow a lot of people's minds!
Jennifer Proffitt
94. JenniferProffitt
@Proofreaderpat, we know that KC hasn't shied away from gay couples in the past--sorceri Emberine and Portia are rumored to be long-time lovers. It certainly would throw us all for a loop if she did that with Nix! I don't think it'll happen though, Nix makes a lot of comments about yummy men and demon horns and the like but never say never I suppose!
Jeni B.
95. kkmjk5
@littlemiss hey that's a good idea Ruby's gonna be a hot mess when she grows up and I'm sure will walk on the middle line of good and evil she's gonna need all the help she can get!

@jezebel for some reason I thought Jadian the cold was gay?! Maybe I need to re-read some books.

@Jennifer Nix doesn't appear gay to me she's loves her men too much and didn't she have a thing with some movie star she was stalking? If I remember correctly doesn't Rok have a crush her her too?
Jeni B.
96. Megan G
@kkmjk5 no, its not Cameo the keeper of misery, otherwise they'd be able to touch and stuff. its not anything romantic between them. but i say Nix with Torin cuz everytime he catches just a glimpse of her on the monitors he instantly reacts without even seeing her face or meeting her. and Kristoff is the most likely candidate in my mind for Furie. and yes Kane keeper of disaster does have his book coming out but he's paired with a half fae on the run. im rather curious to see what happens with William and Gilly.
Jeni B.
97. Megan G
also at @kkmjk5 everyone has a crush on Nix
Jennifer Proffitt
98. JenniferProffitt
@kkmjk5, no I don't think Nix is gay either. I think she has made one too many references to licking demon horns, she was engaged to Loki and she stalked Mike Rowe, as I mentioned in my post. I was agreeing with @Proofreaderpat that it wasn't completely out of the realm of KC's Immortals world to have a gay couple like J.R. Ward did but I do not think that there has been any hint that Nix is or would ever be in a gay relationship. And I agree with @Megan G, everyone has or has had a crush on Nix!
andrea phillips
99. A.Phil
When Lothaire killed Commander Webb before retrieving the ring, Webb had taken a pill that might've changed him into an apocalyptic sort of immortal (to the point where it made even bada** Lothaire apprehensive). Lothaire was planning to warn Nix about it in hopes that she might be able to fix it but I don't really remember if he ever brought it up. Im not saying that's who she'll end up with but maybe, call it a *hunch*, there is more to the story with his character and it might involve Nix.
Jennifer Proffitt
100. JenniferProffitt
@A.Phil, there's undeniably more to Commander Webb as I believe it was blood that he took as he was dying and people believe he will come back as an evil (because what else could he be) Immortal. I was talking with someone on Twitter and we were speculating who the "Big Bad" will be in the coming series, now that Lothaire is mated and leading a secret kingdom. Commander Webb as an Immortal along with La Dorada might be that Big Bad. Also, I always imagine him as this actor, anyone else?:

Jeni B.
101. kkmjk5
@Megan G I remember Torin wanting Nix and that him and Cameo had something kinky going on that did not involve touching lol! I can't wait to see what happens with Gilly and Wiliam either especially since we know he's related to an angel and Zachareal knows who his parents are.

@JenniferProffit I imagine Webb looking like that too before he died and rises as one thing else.
Jennifer Proffitt
102. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, then he'll turn into a scary mutant thing of some unknown origin. It'll be very interesting to see how that turns out!
Jeni B.
103. Megan G
@kkmjk5 dont forget that William is also Lucifer's brother and the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse were created by him and who knows what else he's created
Jeni B.
104. kkmjk5
@Megan G Adopted brother as William would say! That is too true can you imagine we'll find out sooner than later...
Jeni B.
105. KC fan!!!
Am I the only one who thinks Thad is gay? If you read where Elizabeth kissed him in Lothaire he was saying "You are Lothaires and I am..." He never finishes the sentence. Also when he was speaking of his abduction he says he was thinking about sneaking a kiss from his DATE not woman. I seriously doubt Nix and Thad will be together. Not sure I would like that match anyways...Furie and Kristoff definitely! Nix and a human...maybe.
Jennifer Proffitt
106. JenniferProffitt
@KC Fan, I like the idea of Thad with Kosmina. As for Thad being gay, who knows?! I thought he was saying that because he can't say he's Lothaires friend and he's not his enemy so that's where I thought that came from. Or maybe he was about to say "And I'm " because he's already met her...
Jeni B.
107. KC Fan!!!
I am almost certain that Kosmina will end up with Caspion. At least that was the impression I got from Bettina's book. I think Thad and Kosmina are too innocent. They each need someone experienced, not only sexually but in life as well, to really bring out their characters (obviously my opinion) I thought that Thad would say he already met his mate during that scene as well...which led me to believe it was a Valkyrie. He does spend an awful lot of time over there...but who's left other than Nix and Furie? How awesome would a vampire/phantom/Valkyrie mix be?!?
Ellen Hutchings
108. shadowmaster13
@KC Fan!!!
There's Annika, Emmaline's adoptive mother and current leader of the Valkyrie and Cara, Furie's sister, then there's Dasha and Rika Kaderin's sisters.

It could even be one of the witches who hang out at Val Hall.

I'd say it's not Cara, because all the clues point to her being with Michael, the latest descendant of the family she's supposed to be protecting.
Jennifer Proffitt
109. JenniferProffitt
@KC Fan and and @Shadowmaster13: Yeah, Thad and Kosmina's innocence has been pointed out to me on several occassions, I just like the idea of them together--but I like the idea of Kosmina and Caspion pretty good too! And I think the track record of KC's pairings supports that since she always pairs opposites together. As I've said in the past, I need to reread all the KC books in order before MacRieve comes out so I can jog my memory. I read them so fast, I think I forgot some things!

I would LOVE to see Kaderin's sisters again. After all, she and Sebastian went through so much trouble to rescue them, the need to have their own books! And it makes sense that they might be later in the series because they had to get used to the whole future thing.

As for Cara, I was talking to someone on Twitter and we thought that Cara might be with Desh since they had that "moment" when they rescued/kidnapped Elizabeth from Lothaire. I also think he needs his own book!

Back to MacRieve for a hot second: A) What do you think Chloe, his mate, is going to be? If he thought she was human until sexy times, it leads me to think she's probably a demon...? and B) I think we'll learn a lot more about Nix because she's supposed to be in that book since she and Uilleam are friends!
Ellen Hutchings
110. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt maybe a nymph or a siren, I mean sexy time=Lorean leads you to think it has to be related right? Maybe a succubi, with all the races of demons, one has to have incubi/succubi nature, because it's a pretty safe bet that any one myth could be a different demon race. I mean Angels=Vrekener?
Jennifer Proffitt
111. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, Yeah, that's what I was thinking that it has to be some sort of demon—I like the idea of it being succubi which we've the male counterpart in a few books (but they make them seem evil as in the Order Prison, there were some starved ones and they did some pretty unspeakable things to the guards once they were released). But hey, who's to say she couldn't be a "good" succubi, especially if she doesn't know her nature. Uh, love it! All the feels!

KC hasn't hesitated to dive into cross-mythologies. Vrekeners, as you said, are pretty obviously Angels and Valkyrie are Norse while Succubi were found a lot in Greek myths, so the world is our oyster!
Ellen Hutchings
112. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt the conditions of the Order prison, would put a "good" incubi or succubi in a pretty evil mood, they were basically being starved. Like if the rage demons couldn't get off, should you be surprised if they hit a full rage state?

Same thing with the poor in the 1800s starving people will steal food, unsexed incubi will take it all out on the prison guards. Course an evil person might go too far.

I'd like to see her be from a traditionally "evil" race like the Sorceri, so you can have the Vertas learn a little more about assumptions.
Jennifer Proffitt
113. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, yeah that's true. I guess I was lumping in the race with the other incubi who had been put in that tomb with Mariketa back in Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night because they had been imprisoned for raping a chieftains daughter. But in the case of The Order Prison, it makes sense they would do it on two accounts 1) revenge and 2) it's the only way they'll get their power...

Bringing up some very good points! And yeah, I'd like to see her be from something "evil" as well, I mean they made it work for Bertina (P.S. after Shadow's Claim I was totally routing for Morgana too!)
Ellen Hutchings
114. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt, to me, it's like the way Sabine and the Sorceri see the Vrekener as evil bogeymen, while other parts of the Lore (and the Vrekeners themselves) see them as the good guys trying to save them.
The Sorceri's very culture is anathema to the Vrekener and the both refuse to look at it from any other perspective.

Also Morgana was awesome!
Jennifer Proffitt
115. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, I definitely see what you're saying. It's like everyone thinks they're funny lol ;)

Morgana rocked my socks. I think KC has put herself in a really good place as far as rocking genre stereotypes. While I do think she falls into a bit of a formula (a formula I love btw but still a smidgens formulaic as far as "okay 80% through the book, the heroine has to do some serious butt-kicking now and...go!" but not formulaic as in all of her characters are the same)...anyway! I think we're finding her play with her characters a bit more like: Hey, you think these people are villains and don't deserve an HEA, well I'm going to GIVE them an HEA, deal with it! Lol. So yeah, I'm fine with seeing "bad" characters or creatures get their HEA and should definitley be introduced since I think that really turns your traditional PNR on its head. No one is fully good or fully bad, just different from you. I mean one of the books I can NOT wait for is Thronos and Lanthe's story. Give me that one, KC, come on!
Ellen Hutchings
116. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt, The only problem I can say about KC's books is that all her side characters are so fully realised and interesting that the list of characters whose story I want to read grows with every book.
Jennifer Proffitt
117. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13: I think that's a good problem to have ;) Luckily she said she has a lot more books in mind!
Jennifer Proffitt
119. JenniferProffitt
True like having to extinguish the soul of your mate, turn her over to an evil metalurgist so he can impregnate her, turn your mate over to The Order to save the life of your child...The lesson here should be that you wouldn't want to be a hero or heroine in a Kresley Cole novel. Or would you... Maybe the earlier novels when things were a little easier. Teehee
Ellen Hutchings
120. shadowmaster13
It's not like her soul was extinguished, or the evil metalurgist lived, or the Order kept them.

They were minor speed bumps really, if it ends well why not?
Jennifer Proffitt
121. JenniferProffitt
True, so I guess it's better to BE a KC h/h than not. I mean look at what Saroya did to a vamp and his wife? Made the male eat his mate bit by bit but her immortality was healing her... Awful!
Jeni B.
122. kkmjk5
@KC Fan Didn't Thad really want to get with Natalya but got c**Kblocked by Brandr the Beserker? And didn't Thad get kidnapped after being on a date with the coaches daughter? I don't think he's gay I think he was working on it before things went oh so wrong.

I honestly think they would have to change the wroth sisters if they bring them to this time. Can you imagine them not only having to deal with a new time but to deal with vampires and valkyrie?

@JenniferProfitt I agree with you the more you read the more stories you want to read. I think when it comes to the accession book she'll have to accumulate all of the characters we know and love so that we can see what's going on with them to satisfy the masses!
Jennifer Proffitt
123. JenniferProffitt
@kkmjk5 Yeah, I agree with your reasoning about Thad. The Wroth sisters have a long way to go which is why I don't think they would have gotten a book until recently. Dealing with the idea of "good vampires" and more importantly a vampire brother-in-law would be very hard for them to cope with but from what I remember in Kaderin's book they were assimilating pretty well into the time aside from language and vampires.

I've been wondering of how the penultimate Accession book will be because Cole has said over and over that the Accession isn't a big final battle but a series of battles between that leads to like one final universal decision of "which side wins."
124. AshleyE
I'm so glad I came across this website. I don't know anyone that reads the IAD series. So I so have to speculate to myself.

I read through some of the previous comments, but not all of them. After reading some of what y'all have to say I think Nix will end up with Thad. I know he is to young right now, but by the time Nix gets her book he will be more mature. I mean he puts up with Lothaire, they are BFFs in Thad's mind. So you know he can deal with Nix's insanity.

I'm so ready for Nix's book, so all the peices will finally come together. I need to read the whole series again. I just read Shadow's Claim again last week. I'm hoping we get some of the Nix's scenes in previous books from her POV in her book.

In Carrow's and Malkom's book "Demon from the Dark" we read about Ruby, the little girl that Carrow suddenly finds herself having to be a mother too. I am very curious about her, there never said what her powers were exactly. I know she is a witch, but (I forget their name) those 2 evil women were scared of her, and they were very powerful. One of them lifted the rock under the facility.
Jennifer Proffitt
125. JenniferProffitt
@AshleyE. I'm so glad you found us! Welcome to the comforting bosom of H&H--we cover IAD and all things Kresley Cole as well as other paranormal and romance series you might be interested in so sit back and relax for a while. Now that I've welcomed you let me dive into your lovely comment (and in reverse order...kind of).

Okay so I believe the witches you're talking about are Portia and Emberine (something like that) and they said Ruby has a pretty big magic in her and one day she's going to be either really powerful for the Vertas or very powerful for the Pravus and hinted that her powers would be better suited to the dark side--much like Bettina's powers as Queen of Hearts in Shadow's Claim might be better suited to the bad side. But that's fodder for another post.

As for dear sweet Nixie, I think we'll be seeing a lot of flashbacks when we finally see her book. And a lot since I do think we need to understand some of her motives--or other people do. For example in the case of The Order Prison, we know she helped The Order which sounds pretty dispicable but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure it was so mates could be matched up (uh, hello Malkolm/Carrow, Declan/Regin, Uilleam/Chloe, Lanthe/Thronos (cuz you know they're off doing the nasty together after he flew away with her), Lothaire/Elizabeth (not directly but the events led to his redemption a little bit and we wouldn't have cared about his book without the prison)) and bad guys could become good guys (Lothaire, Lanthe, etc) and so that unknown variables could come into the equation (Thad, Malkolm). Okay, so I pretty much know why Nixie did that BUT that girl's gotta lot a 'splainin' to do!

Much as we did with Lothaire in his book, the flashbacks will be used as a tool for explaining her story before her madness--and that way progressing the story through those memories before we're fully able to do it through Nix's point of view because she's crazy. Does that make sense?

As for Thad, looping back to Ruby, what do you think of THEM being together? I have ceded my #TeamThadMina (Thad and Kosmina) fandom for now but someone did bring up #TeamThuby? Oh OH! #TeamRad!?They are both young not-quite-Immortals and both destined to be EXTREMELY powerful. They have allegiances that cross over the Vertas and Pravus lines so they could be what wins the Accession for the Good Guys (Vertas) or what finally brings balance to the world of the Immortals... Hmmm... much to think about!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back--I KNOW we'll be having more KC coverage as MacRieve gets closer ;)
126. AshleyE
I think I need to read all of the books again. This time I will keep a notebook with me so I can write my thoughts down. I always notice things as I am reading, but can never remember exactly where it was in the book to go back to it later.

I like the idea of Kosmina and Caspion. She needs some one that is her total opposite.

I like your thoughts on Ruby and Thad a lot. That pairing never crossed my mind. They could play a key role in helping the Good Guys win the Accession.
Jennifer Proffitt
127. JenniferProffitt
@AshleyE I thought about starting a Kresley Cole reread on my Twitter account and I'm always up for talking about IAD if you're up for tweeting. I have to reread all the books in order this time. I put off reading Sabine and Rydstrom's story for a really long time and I think I read Conrad and Neomi's story a book or two out of order as well!

I know in reality, it's likely that Kosmina and Caspion will be together. They're total opposite, he's a rough-around-the-edges death demon warrior to her pure/virginal but apparently badass vampire princess. I think they would suit and I'm slowly getting won over from my #TeamThadMina leanings as I think the actual pairing will be Kosmina and Caspion.

I like my thoughts on Ruby and Thad too! ;) lol Although I can't take complete credit for them as they were brought on by a few commenters and a twitter conversation. But yeah, I think since they are both not yet immortals—and really just so young—that they'll be paired together. Although not for a while since they have a lot of growing up to do and if you follow the timeline of events in IAD then really only two or three years have passed in their world if that! So who knows if and when we'll get their book.
Jeni B.
128. Evgenia
First I think that Ms Cole had said that the hero that she will pair with Nix has been seen in the series. That said I would really love that hero to be Rok, mercanary extraordinaire and Cadeon's best buddy!
Jennifer Proffitt
129. JenniferProffitt
@Evgenia. I want to see Rok with someone too, preferably his SWIMBO. I had an idea that Nix might be his SWIMBO but here's what KC had to say about Nix's hero (I'm still trying to track down where she said this but for now all I know is it was found in an RT forum) and while Rok has the impatient thing down, I don't know if he fits the bill from what I remember:

I'll tell you guys what I can dredge up about Nix from the foggy depths of my deadline-annihilated brain. Nix's hero is everything she isn't: logical, focused, lucid. He works in a highly dangerous job, and Raquel The Bell, the guy isn't really understanding. He gets very impatient with her.
Jennifer Proffitt
130. JenniferProffitt
Did anyone catch the Live!Chat today with Kresley Cole? Check out the H&H Post about it and read the excerpt from MacRieve (it features a WHOLE CHAPTER with Nix!!!) I am absolutely flailing over the excerpt, anyone else?!
Jeni B.
131. FRChico
It was eluded previously that Nix found the Lords of the Underworld sexy, as well as Gena Showatler hinting at maybe a book with an IAD and LOTU character. I think it would be great if Nix met up with William from LOTU!
Jennifer Proffitt
132. JenniferProffitt
@FRChico: And you'd be right! Nix made an appearance in a Lords of the Underworld and dear ol' Torin was captivated by our beautiful but crazy friend, and in another book (Lothaire, I believe, but anyone can chime in if I'm wrong), Nix had said she was off to check out those "Lords of the Underworld I keep hearing about."

Sadly, as this discussion has gone on in this post, we think it's unlikely that one of Gena's LotU will be Nix's ultimate mate.
Jeni B.
133. Megan G
@FRChico. Nix cant end up with William cuz William is gonna end up Gilly. its inevitable. but i really think Nix is gonna end up with Torin. the serieses are ultimately going to intertwine. Nix has alrealy made an appearence in LotU, and they've already been mentioned in the IAD series. they will end up intertwining soon. i dont know with who, but when it comes time for Nix's story i really think she's gonna end up with Torin. Nix never des anything without reason. every word, every touch, every action always has a reason. so there's a reason she let Torin see her on his cameras. and i really think its because they are ultimately gonna end up together
Jeni B.
134. Samantha Lester
Nix needs someone that grounds her, that keeps her in the presant but does not impede her gift of seeing the past or future. A man that holds her her in the present while aiding her sanity with all that her mind has to deal with...I think a complete new charcter would have to be created. Level-haded male who loves the fact she is often out of her mind but knows she is important and supporrts her!
Jennifer Proffitt
135. JenniferProffitt
@MeganG and everyone else who said Torin should or would end up with Nix, I found an interview with Gena Showalter who said that would, unfortunately never happen. She said it was mostly because Gena and KCole are with two different publishers, however she's still rallying for KCole to name a character Gena/Gyna who has sex with all the males in IAD. I'm thinking she would have to be a nymph!

@Samantha, I agree. I've always thought that she needs someone who grounds her or someone who forces her to be ground--i.e. someone more crazy than her! I think her gaining her Goddess status as has been foreshadowed in many books and heavily in MacRieve that that will help her get back some of her sanity. In MacRieve he mentioned that Nix seemed the most lucid that she had in years.
Jeni B.
136. MaryElyse
Personally I'm tired of seeing all the male and female characters mated or paired up. It ruins alot for the characters. All of them as with us real humans, don't NEED to be paired up with someone else to be interesting. I lose interest fast once the males are bonded. And the females can only manipulate and whine. Come on..... let Lothaire live as he should! Don't throw water on his personality. Leave him single!!
Ellen Hutchings
137. shadowmaster13
@MaryElyse, I think you're missing the point of the books.
Jeni B.
138. MaryElyse
Whats the point of the books then? Once they pair off alot is lost. I for one prefer the characters mobile and single. Sure they can have relationships, romances etc but it kills they potential for future stories more when mated I think. They become fat, couch potatoe, simpering, pussywhipped males as opposed to before and it makes the females look as if the only purpose they have in life is to please and be cared for and protected by a male.
Jennifer Proffitt
139. JenniferProffitt
@MaryElyse, I see your point that in romance every single person seems to get paired off with someone. However, @shadowmaster13, also makes a good point that we (sweeping statement here) read romance because we want everyone to be paired off. I think Kresley's IAD series though does a good job of pairing everyone (so far) off without diminishing the role or true nature of a character. Mari and Bowen are a great example. Mari recently got her hand cut off for her troubles when she tried to rescue Elizbeth in Lothaire and Bowen has repeatedly done heroic things to protect Mari while she uses her magic. We haven't seen many of the mated pairs past their books, but I like to believe they each end up stronger together rather than as you imagine them. But that might just be my romantic soul talking.
Jeni B.
140. charl_huntress
Here is my theory of Nix. She is the "first" Valkyrie born. She is the daughter born to the first Valkryie described in "The Warlord Wants Forever" . That Valkyrie was human (and according to the book--remained human, but lived in Valhalla--it doesn't say if she died), so I think Nix's mate will also be human. Noticeably, the second Valkryie born was Furie. I think Nix and Furie are the oldest Valkryie, which is why (maybe) Nix can't see her or find her. They are connected and because she is very close to Nix, and Nix can't see her own future, then she can't see or find Furie. This plays into her mate in some way. I don't think Nix is Nucking Futs without reason. I think the foresight is a curse on her, and her matchmaking is key to bringing about her redemption in some way. She seems determined to do anything to make some matches happen. So my guesses for her mate are Webb, unknown human...or someone regenerated from the Well of Souls. I do think that Well of Souls is going to come back into play at some point. I think also that when all is said and done Nix will lose her powers of foresight...and that will be the end of the series. My guesses all stem from the fact that there is a lot of prejudice in the Lore. Races hate each other. I'm still trying to figure out why the Lykae hate Vampires so much, or why anyone hates Vampires so much. I wouldn't doubt that Nix spurned Dracula himself...somehow causing all this emnity...and the splitting of the Lore to begin with. Maybe all her matchmaking is to heal the rift... Another thing is Nix told Lothaire this will be the last time they play the game of of chess...so to speak, so in some way she must see her own end through the eyes of others. I can't wait, but then again I can because I don't want it to end. :-)
Jennifer Proffitt
141. JenniferProffitt
@charl_huntress: I like your idea that Nix is trying to heal a rift she herself created with wanting to match everyone up. I also have thought she might lose her powers of foresight in choosing whichever mate she does. I think the prejudice among the Loreans stems a lot from the racism you see in the human world--because the person is different. I think likely a lot of the hatred might stem from a long ago disagreement--maybe a Vampire and Lykae were mated and the Lykae died and the Lykae blamed the Vampire because he was different and therefore easier to blame than anything else.

As for Nix's discussion with Lothaire, while I agree that she probably foresees an end for the Accession that she is trying to make happen by pairing up all these Loreans, I think she was saying it was the last time they would be playing a game of chess because Lothaire is now on her side and you cannot play with yourself (although come to think of it I'm sure if anyone could Lothaire and Nix would find a way).

Good eye on the Valkyrie history. As much as I've read the series, for some reason I never put together that Nix would have been the FIRST Valkyrie, I just stupidly assumed that she was calling herself the oldest Valkyrie since she was the oldest one alive NOW. Much to think on, thanks for the comment!
Jeni B.
142. charl_huntress
I think perhaps the rift with the Loreans could have started with humans in some way. I have always wondered who that first Valkryrie was fighting at the very beginning. Who did she want to live so badly for...to either live to fight another day or...something else. Seems interesting her scream woke the gods. I don't know if that will be mentioned, but I do think Nix is the first Valkryie. Not just because she calls herself proto, but because it fits with the what we have read that she would be the first one. Plus, she does have a propensity to bring together the opposites. I wonder if this from her own experience, and that's why I think it may be Web. He would seem to be the reverse of everything that Nix has become, but I don't know. It just seems an interesting pairing. I don't know about the others matches, but I think perhaps Balery may belong to a vampire. I think she belongs to the missing one. Seems interesting that Nix was actually in Dacia, which is when I'm sure Balery went missing. Also interesting that Balery missed her "date" 500 years ago, which would have been during the last ascension. I could see Nix arranging for Lothaire to find the Hag...so she could be saved at some point later.
Jennifer Proffitt
143. JenniferProffitt
@charl_huntress: Oh, very interesting! I just can't see it working out with Webb, I think he's going to be the new big bad alongside LaDorada, or while La Dorada starts calling in a few of those favors from Lothaire's book (gah! I still cringe over that!)
Good point about the Valkyrie's cry. It had to have been pretty powerful to wake up Freya and Woden. I think Nix bringing together opposites is part to maybe mend a rift between the sides, partly to get Goddess status (maybe to be reunited with her biological mother, maybe to kick the crap out of Freya nd Woden? Who knows!) because by bringing together all these factions she'll have lifelong followers--afterall 50 loyal, I-will-do-anything-for-you Immortals are worth millions of mortal ones. Finally I think Nix likes to bring together opposites because Kresley said she likes to bring together opposites--Nix is the vessel to do Cole's bidding in the end.

As for Balery, she belongs to a demon...at least we think so since he hasn't had the chance to "attempt her" yet. I think when they meet there will be a lot of "how could you abandon me" accusations and "I waited for 500 years" etc being thrown around and I can't wait! I want her HEA to happen soon! But I know there are a few more stories that we've been waiting longer to read so I guess I can wait...

One final note on Nix and Webb--he's too crazy for her. And I mean crazy in a bad way like he's maniacal. I'm afraid we'll be seeing his demise very soon and I'm vaguely hoping for an Emma sort of situation where Chloe has to kill him...but that might not happen since I think Chloe would suffer a lot of guilt for killing her own father. There would be any of that Emma/Luke Skywalker vibe going on.
Ellen Hutchings
144. shadowmaster13
@JenniferProffitt, Balery was meeting her demon to see if he even wanted to try and have a relationship despite the whole "poisonous skin" thing. We don't know if his demon species has the "in the throes" piece of biology, or even which species.

I'd like to see Balery's demon be a mercenary from Cade's crew. Not necessarily Rok or Grim, but maybe.
Jennifer Proffitt
145. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13: Very true. But I think there's been foreshadowing that she will meet him. Or there could be a scenario like Bowen and Mari where Balery falls for someone else but has to deal with her past aka the demon she stood up/couldn't meet. I don't think that's likely since Kresley doesn't really do love triangles--unless you count Saroya/Lothaire/Beth in which case I don't think it counts since Saroya/Beth shared a body and Lothaire always preferred (physically if that's at all possible...) Beth.

I think Balery's demon being a mercenary would be fun--he was a warrior afterall!
Jennifer Proffitt
147. JenniferProffitt
@Ameroux, that's where my suspicions go with that pairing. We have to find out who Rok's SWIMBO is and who Balery's demon is so it'd be perfect if they were each other's...everything ;)
Jeni B.
148. jodib
Nix and wait for it... Renfield. How crazy is that?
Jeni B.
149. phryne
Personaly I would love to see Nix with a female caracture I know I know it is crazy and will never happen but honestly how cool would it be if she got paried up with a crazy hot sexy Lykae, perhaps some one we have met early on remeber Cassandria the female who was obessed with Lachlain. I think it would be great that she could handle and tame Nix with her own beast inside her. Just a thought.
Jeni B.
150. Jedd
Maybe after Nix hook everyone up with their mates and help defeat the Pravas, she'll just go into a deep goddess slumber or something like Freya and Woden (don't know if this happened in the series or if I'm thinking about something else) and doesn't end up with anyone. Girl seriously need a long nap cause she's going crazy from her foresight and sleep deprivation.
Jennifer Proffitt
151. JenniferProffitt
@jodib, that's pretty crazy! But ideas of her bat have been thrown out and I don't think that's any crazier.

@phryne, as much as I would love to see KCole take on a same sex couple, I don't see that with Nix and Cassandra. I would love to see Portia and Embrine, actually!

@Jedd, the one thing KCole has promised (and she has made very few promises) was that Nix WOULD get a book. It will likely be the final or close to final book, but there will be one. However, I do see her going off to be more peaceful and not quite so crazy.
Jeni B.
152. Emmarlou
I would love a crossover love story between Nix (KC's Immortals After Dark Mastermind) and Ash (SK's Dark-Hunter Series). Hahaha, may the best manipulator win! That will be the battle of wits, won't it? Epic!

Well, that's just my wishful thinking!
Jennifer Proffitt
153. JenniferProffitt
@Emmarlou, I guess that's what fanfiction is for! Maybe it's already out there--but they would take over the world if they ever worked together!
Jeni B.
154. Makoto
I thought Kristoff would be paired off with Furie (Queen of Valkeries)

there's been a lot of hinting of this relationship and how explosive it can be. Although cant wait for Nix's book either!
Jennifer Proffitt
155. JenniferProffitt
@Makoto, your fellow commenters proved my memory faulty! You're right, there's been loads of hinting--and Furie's location may be known soon after a sighting in Dark Skye!
Jeni B.
156. kira13
Hey there! Just found your blog and I like it. And am also one of the minority who is rooting for Kristoff-Nix pairing, though yes Ms. Kresley Cole said that Furie is Kristoff HEA. BUUUT. I dunno if you saw and read this; she said "Kristoff has a very interesting history with some twists that I didn't see coming. In the past,I confirmed that he will be with Furie, but I might have said that on Opposite Day, or even Red Herring Day, because I do observe both. " http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/Center-Stage/Kresley-Cole-and-Gena-Showalter-October-5-9/td-p/395766/page/7

With that... I think Nix and Kristoff pairing still have a chance! ? And yes While we do all love Lothaire and Nix, we knew that he was on the brink of madness so he needs someone who will anchor him to here and now. Someone who keep him grounded. Same with Nixie she needs some who will take good care of her and keep her grounded to the present and I do think that is Kristoff, as she said both him and Lothaire will play a big part in the future, someday.
Jennifer Proffitt
157. JenniferProffitt
@kira13, yay! I'm so glad you found us and I'm SUPER glad you introduced me to this book club thread! Awesome to see their responses. The context of that quote though has me a little worried that maybe Kristoff won't end up with a Valkyrie at all! However, I think Furie is too much of an opposite to Kristoff for KCole to pass that up! Since I thought Kristoff was off the table, I've been shipping Nix with Rok in my head (after all they have those weird symbols over their names, it's meant to be!). But now that Kristoff might be back on the table...who knows! I've been talking Nixie over at The Dark Skye Spoiler Thread, if you've read it yet and want to discuss with us!
Jeni B.
158. kira13
Hey Jen! (Can I call you that?*smiles*) Oh you're welcome! Kristoff being a total opposite to Furie and Nix is an enticing idea but I really really want Nixie with Kristoff, I dunno why... seriously when I found out that there will be No White and Black King pairing, my head and heart just magically pointed the Grave walker to be Nixie's HEA (Against all odd! Hoping against Hope. Leap of faith.) Lol. 'am a lil crazy about them having an HEA to the point that nobody ever see it coming. Am also thinking that KCole deliberately withholds any info about Kristoff, we knew too little about this guy he is so mysterious!
Jeni B.
159. Yasmeen
I really think Nixies HEA will be random. Rok I think is fated to "the hag". She said the man she loved was a demon warrior. And after reading Dark Skye I really think whoever Nixie ends up with will have to be a god or something grand. Kristoff is already taken, although I won't say by who, KC alrady confirmed it a while ago. Dark Skye kind of hints that the end of the series may be coming.
Jennifer Proffitt
160. JenniferProffitt
@kira13, Yeah, I think Kristoff is definitely being kept a mystery to us partially because that ups his cool factor and partially because I think he's such an enigma to the Lore--a vampire who doesn't drink from the source? Who doesn't kill to feed?--that KCold has left us in the dark about him! And yes, of course you can call me Jenn--it's my Twitter handle and preferred nickname, so go for it ;)
Jennifer Proffitt
161. JenniferProffitt
@Yasmeen, Yes, we've been going back and forth about Kristoff and whether we want him to end up with Furie (common knowledge, no spoilers, I think). And as much as I would like Nix to secretly be Rok's SWIMBO, I think your right that he belongs to Hag--and I totally want their book, right now! BUT I think KC has to rescue Furie first--and We've been talking over at the Dark Skye Spoiler Thread that he was likely the one to fall out of the belly and into the Ocean. And I agree--with Nix's goddesshood on the horizon I think the end of the series is closer than we think/hope! However, I'm kind of excited for the end--KCole has done so much with building up this epic Accession where the Vertas army might finally win, so it's going to be amazing to see!
Jeni B.
162. dana hopkins
I think kristoff will be paired with furie that would be wild! Lothaire is the one that put her in the bottom of the ocean and lothaire is kristoffs half brother it would be hard to win her over after that! But thats my opinion so i dont know what KC has planned lol
Jennifer Proffitt
163. JenniferProffitt
@dana hopkins, before I wrote this I hadn't realized KC had said Furie and Kristoff would definitely be paired up, but since then she's said that she "might have said that on Opposite Day" as another commenter has pointed out. So who knows! After the events of Dark Skye, I definitely think that Furie's book is next, and hope that she's paired with Kristoff.
Jeni B.
164. ana114
couldn't nix get together with loki again? cant help that hes not mentioned much except as nixs bethrothed?
Jennifer Proffitt
165. JenniferProffitt
@ana114, SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ DARK SKYE YET with Nix's impending goddesshood, I think Loki is a possibility, or some other god. And he'd make sense--god of chaos meets the goddess of Ascensions? It could work! Here's to hoping!

Also, is it weird of me that I want Nereus to find an HEA? I mean he's kind of joke in the Lore, what with his third leg (wink wink, nudge nudge) and his bed of nymphs, but still... he just wants to settle down and make babies!
Jeni B.
166. ana114
didn't lanthe set nereus with morgana? i know nothing has happened yet but its a possibility. just finished dark sky. i hate waiting xd
Jennifer Proffitt
167. JenniferProffitt
@ana114, I think it was more that Lanthe set Nereus ON Morgana lol. Made him think Morgana had a thing for him. I've been thinking she needs to be put in her place...and Nereus needs to be tamed, so...
Ellen Hutchings
168. shadowmaster13
I'm really looking forward to how the Nereus/Morgana plays out if it's a romance I think it'll be really cool but if Nereus is just a stalker, I think KC will do it well.
Jeni B.
169. ana114
yeah would be fun to watch since nereus is morgana's match in power. xd LotU darkest touch coming out in november, am eager to see torin's story since its a long wait for the next one here... speaking of that i think its possible for kc and gs world to be intwined cz gs demons are spoken about as the afterlife ones while kc's demons just kinda live in parellel dimensions
Jennifer Proffitt
170. JenniferProffitt
Yeah I think it's possible for them to connect unfortunately on a human standpoint they're under different publishers. Sad day.

As for Nereus and Morgana, totally possible for them to be together OR just have a good romp at Morgana's expense. After all she needs to be brought down a peg...or 7...
Jeni B.
171. Virginia Morris
I'm so hoping for Nix's HEA to be with Thad. Hes such a good soul and may be very grounding for Nix when she dives into the deep end of the crazypants ocean when she recieves her godhod.
I also think she may need someone of modern origin.
Of course this may have to happen after Thad goes to college to learn psychology/psychiatric medicine (and possibly also spends some time in a demon dimension that runs at a differing rate for the passing of time to get some battle experience and a decent handle on his powers).
Jeni B.
172. Animal Azar
I think that Nix should find herself a Lord of the Underworld, a crossover with Cole's freind, Gena Showalter.
Jennifer Proffitt
173. JenniferProffitt
@Animal Azar, I think we all live in eternal hope that that will happen--though not with Torin now! Alas the real world and publishers will likely never let that happen. But have you read the books with the crossover references? There was one in particular in Lothaire where Nix said she was going to investigate the LotU!
Jeni B.
174. Anniexx
I think it would be cool to have a book with a female lykae as one of the main characters! Like maybe Thaddeus (was that the cute vamp-phantom kid?) gets paired up with one or something.. I feel like there hasnt been enough about their females/it would probs be super scandalous for the races and all that nonsense
Ellen Hutchings
175. shadowmaster13
@Anniexx, I know plenty of people are interested in seeing Cassandra finally meet her real Mate. Myself included. I think seeing how the instinct and changing works females would be interesting. Plus if it were a guy who'd waited for her not knowing she was trying to pressure another guy... the delicious delicious angst.
Jeni B.
176. Arantxa1212
La verdad, yo me imagino a Nix con un tradicionario, nose puede que con un vampiro de ojos rojos qe qiere dejar de serlo al conocer a Nix, igual que paso con conrad y neomi, mientras tanto,a Nix los dioses le ofrecen ser diosa pero ella tiene dudas porque aora es la Novia de un vampiro, y el vampiro la intenta convencer de qe se qede con el y tal, y van teniendo encuetros apasionados.

Por otra parte todas sabemos que Furie la reina de las valquirias, acabara siendo la Novia de Krstoff, pero tendran muchos problemas ya que el tio de el, Demestriu qe enrealidad se llama Fiodor, la encadeno al mar durante mas dde 50 años ahogandose y reviviendo gracias a su immortalidad, el caso es que el la entrara y ella en vez de agradecerle le intenta matar pero al final accede a no acerlo pork le salvo de su cautiverio en el fondo del mar y pork no es un vampiro de ojos rojos, pero que no piensa ser su Novia porqe sigue odiando a los vampiros, igual que paso con Kaderin y Sebastian, sufriran mucho y les costara tener una relacion pero al final lo conseguiran.

Esto es lo que muchas pensamos respecto a Furie y Kristoff, lo de Nix y el vampiro es mas una reflexion personal. Espero que lo considereis, gracias
Jennifer Proffitt
177. JenniferProffitt
@Anniexx, I know plenty of people are interested in seeing Cassandra finally meet her real Mate. Myself included.
Me too! And I actually think she might be next...or soon, at least. Also, we might get to see a little bit of that with MacRieve and his mate since he was forced to turn her.
Jennifer Proffitt
178. JenniferProffitt
@Arantxa1212, Thank you for stopping by--I had to use google to translate your comment, so please excuse any errors in what I think you tried to say.

That would be very interesting if Nix was meant to be with a red-eyed vampire. It goes along with the ideas we've thrown around about her possibly being with an insane person and being the one to bring them back, so it would be really cool to see if she did that with a blood-crazed vampire.

As for your comments about Furie and Kristoff--I think now that she has been found, it's only a matter of time before they're working things out... but you are right, it will be difficult since Furie has a lot of reasons to hate vampires, but Kresley Cole is a master at turning enemies to lovers, so I cannot wait to see how she handles that!
Jeni B.
179. Sarijana
Hey Jennifer,

after finishing "Sweet Ruin" yesterday I somehow remembered your a god for Nix thesis. Once you read it, I hope you know whom I mean.
As for Kristoff I would laugh my ass off if he rescues Furie and she's his mate. Would be hilarious and just like Kresley to do it.
But after everything we got to know about Nix Masterplan in "Sweet Ruin" my suspicions that Furie will stay where she is for some more time was strengthened. She would be in Nix way. I believe Nix can't see where her sister is, because her subconscious is telling her it isn't the time yet.
Lets see, but my vote is for Nix and the newly introduced nearly-god.
Jennifer Proffitt
180. JenniferProffitt
Hey @Sarijana!

I think the Kristoff/Furie ship is TOTALLY going to happen and it's going to be TOTALLY awesome--you know KCole, she loves a good enemies to lovers. Especially if they're SWORN enemies to lovers.

The second I heard about the nearly-god, I was thinking he might be her match too, and then reading Sweet Ruin, that's who I'm pulling for. But like you said, it would be totally like Kresley to introduce an unknown.

Interesting theory about why Nix can't see Furie--and makes sense. Nix can't see certain things, as we know, because she can't handle it.

Final thought for all, but I've been thinking this ever since I read Dark Skye and saw her petitioning the gods. Do you think all of the work Nix has done with the Accession this time around and setting people up, etc, has been purely for her to get her followers and become a goddess or do you think it's becasue she has wanted to win the Accession and be helpful? Essentially: Are her motivations selfish or selfless?
Jeni B.
181. BT
Yess!!! Finally, people who understand my (somewhat unhealthy) obsession for IAD! I've been trying to get my friends to read this series to discuss possible couples and theories, but no dice. Boy do I have some ideas though.

I just finished Sweet Ruin so SPOILERS ALERT!! Not my favorite KCole book but it does continue the series and adds new and interesting characters. First off, I think Nix is fated for someone great. As in, all powerful *ahem* hello Orion. Think about it! She's steering the Accessions ship, and it's headed for Morior Island and he's the tribal Chief! Sweet Ruin just gave us a glimpse at the power he has, and only someone powerful can help Nix calm her mind and let's face it, handle her crazy (in the most lovable way). I think those two are going to happen. But speaking of Morior, they just added a whole bunch more characters to the IAD mix, so that equals more stories!

Sweet Ruin also hinted at Thad and Natalya that they might be a thing. But Thad has to grow a little; he's only 17! But I think with his hybrid phampireness, he gets the accelerated version? Just a guess. But he's a good character...almost too goody goody

Other characters I've been waiting on: Monroe--we already know where his is going with that little excerpt at tthe end of MacRieve. Maybe possibly Cassandra? A female lykae would mix it up. Not to mention Lucindeya the siren--she had that whole ordeal about a baby or something during teh Hie? I wonder what her story is.

Then there's the Hag AKA Malorie--now this is my theory---remember when she was finally free, she said she had a date with a demon who could supposedly stand her skin...well I think it's Deshazior. Don't ask me how or why, but we got to know him a little better in Sweet Ruin so I think his story will pop up.

A story that will definitely pop up is Cara's! We've only met her a few times, BUT if you go on Kresley Cole's website under IAD characters, we get a little blip of what her story may be about. *cough cough* a mortal!!!

Then finally, there's Cara's twin sister, Furie, whom we know is dying over and over again at the bottom of the ocean. We know that from Dark Skye. But what you may not have rememebered is that after Lanthe and Thronos fell into Nereus undersea lair, something fell through the portal after them. I believe it was Kristoff! Think about it. Lothaire wanted to get rid of him so he traced him to the belly of the beast of acid, but Kristoff is a strong vampire who will do anything to survive, so he wakes from Feveris (or wherever he thought he was) and follows Lanthe and Thronos. This is where he'll finally see Furie drowning, and BOOM! he's been blooded.

Man, it's finally to get this out there. Please let me know what you think!
Ellen Hutchings
182. shadowmaster13
I am really looking forward to finding more about Cara (preferrably in her own book), especially since it's been so a while since we had a valk for a heroine.
Jennifer Proffitt
183. JenniferProffitt
@BT and @Shadowmaster13--agreed that I would love all of those characters to get HEAs, I'll throw my hat in for Cassandra, our bitchy werewolf friend from A Hunger Like No Other too!
Jeni B.
184. CertifiedGal
@BT love your idea on Kristoff. Regarding Nix .... what if Bertil / Bertyl is really a god and he's just pretending to be a bat to be close to Nix.
Jennifer Proffitt
185. JenniferProffitt
@Certified Gal, I've been saying that toooo! She loves that bat... A Lot! ANd he loves her...
Jeni B.
186. Kat O'Neill
I really think that Nïx and Thad are going to get together! Cole said that Nïx's book is a long time coming so it'll allow Thad plenty of time to grow up and become dark and mysterious but he's also sensitive and big hearted& how Cole loves opposites! However, the main reason I think this is becaus in Sweet Ruin, when Nïx and Jo are having their throw down, Nïx says "But you don't understand, he's not yours, he's MINE." Woah!!! Nïxie!! Getting territorial much?? I sense a double meaning in that!
Jeni B.
187. Kat oneill
Ooh OOOH! and I strongly feel that Hag (Bailey) and Salem were lovers in the past from the snippets we heard from Shadows Claim and Lothaire! And Salem now snuck into Dacia so I feel like that's coming up quick! I also am DYING to know what happened to Munro and his little mate he turned. Eek! I hope that's next!
Jennifer Proffitt
188. JenniferProffitt
@Kat O'Neill, Ooh. I like the idea of Hag (Bailey) and Salem... and I REALLY want Hag's book soon! And Munro is also going to get a book--cannot WAIT to see how that turns out. Also... hoping for Cassandra!

As for your speculation: I like the idea of Nix and Thad, he's always been so solemn and steady which is exactly what Nix needs... but I worry about events that would turn him dark. But I LOVE that line, I wouldnt' have thought of it that way!!
Jeni B.
189. Kat O'Neill
I don't know about Cassandra. I have a huge grudge against her still- Emma's my girl! However, I CANNOT wait until Fury gets unleashed from the ocean. I have a feeling she's going to dish out some serious wrath and I can't wait to see who Cole pairs her up with. I personally feel like it might be a Morior- she's going to need someone super powerful I think- any guesses on who she'll end up with? I also am excited for Darach Lykae (I'm not sure how to spell it) of the Morior to get a book and which heroine will get saddled with rehabilitating his wild man ass. Thanks for posting this again- no one I know reads IAD and it's one of my favorite book series of all time!
Jeni B.
190. I ???? IAD
Orion will be the one for Nix. Just saying.
Jennifer Proffitt
191. JenniferProffitt
@Kat O'Neill, I know Emma's my girl too but I think Cassandra has great potential for a redemption story. If we can forgive Lothaire for how horrible he was to EVERYONE (including his own Bride) then we can find a way to forgive Cassandra. I hope.

As for Fury--as earlier commenters have said, she's destined for Kristoff, which will be GREAT to see since she's been trapped for so long by vampires and is going to be mated to one. Should be fun to watch.

Can't wait for more IAD. I need to re-read the series for clues ;)

@I ???? IAD--I think he definitely has MAJOR potential. We'll see who she ends up with. Maybe I'll grill Kresley next time I see her.
Jeni B.
192. Rocky_Gal
So I'm cruising through blogs looking for more IAD news and come upon my comment from 3 years ago. I have to say, I'm still shipping Nix and Thad. I think after Sweet Ruin its a lot less weird and makes a lot of sense with her crazy and his gentlemanly nature! A friend of mine says this is ridiculous because Thad needs to be Natalya after Sweet Ruin, but I'm hanging on. I'm definitely not online for Orion and Nix to be together...too much power sours relationships like that. I'm inclined to believe that's why the betrothal to Loki didn't work out so well.

But at this point, we know that Murdock will have a book with his gypsy mate in it at some point in the (hopefully) near future. Kristoff and Furie as well now that Nix knows where she is--maybe Morganna and Nereus will work something out? Dunno, but those are definitely coming down the pike.

Also, some other ships for your perusal:
Balery & Roc ("I'm 500 years late for a date!" with a demon warrior/"You might not be the only one getting hitched" Roc says to Cadeon)
Kosmina and Blace (dying of vampire plague in Sweet Ruin/primordial of vampires--perhaps his blood can cure her?)
Cassandra and Darach (she can't find her mate in over 1000 years/its been that long--longer?--since the Morior have been on Earth/Darach needs a mate before he loses it dangit!)
Sian and ??? I haven't worked up anyone to be with him yet. He worries me though...
Jeni B.
193. Rocky_Gal
Dude, that's embarrassing. Not Murdoch (he's already with Dani). Monroe. Geez Louise, get it together woman!
Jennifer Proffitt
195. JenniferProffitt
Ok, now that I'm over my excitement:

I think after Sweet Ruin its a lot less weird and makes a lot of sense with her crazy and his gentlemanly nature!
YES that's been my thought all along because I know how much Kresley loves her opposites attract. I LOVE all your ideas and I'm totally obsessed.
Jeni B.
196. Rocky_Gal
Your GIF cracked me up! I totally snort laughed out loud like an idiot gaining some exasperated side looks and a muttered 'nerd' from my husband.

At any rate, thanks for the fandom encouragement! They all think I'm crazy!!!

Jennifer Proffitt
197. JenniferProffitt
@Rocky_Gal, Yay! I'm particularly excited about Balery and Roc... that needs to be next... after Wicked Abyss I guess... Though I still have hope that WA is Furie's story but I doubt it based on what another comment said when we shared the news about the title announcement.
Jeni B.
198. Rocky_Gal
@JenniferProffitt, soooo...I'm thinking you are correct about Abyss being about Sian--great for Sian! Sad for everyone else but especially me (and everyone else I guess).

I recently bought the audiobook of Sweet Ruin and heard something about an 'unfaithful fey' so now I'm wondering if that was Balery missing their meet up...? This is when I miss my paper books because its hard to 'flip' through my kindle looking for one specific passage (I have to limit myself to only highlighting my favorite one liners after I highlighted 3/4 of the first book I read on my kindle years ago).
Jennifer Proffitt
199. JenniferProffitt
@Rocky_Gal, So wait, you think Balery and Sian are getting together? Hmmm. But now I want it to be Balery and Roc--I need more Roc :D

I have the paperback, I can scan through for you ;)
200. Jackelgull
Hey there, I'm new to this site and new to Immortals after Dark, but Nix is one of my favorite characters from the series so I wanted to get in on the discussion. I'm really excited about her getting her own book, but also really nervous because it's kind of hard to write a character like Nix without messing up and making her too crazy to be a narrator or diminishing her badassness. It's kind of why Lothaire is my least favorite of the series. I loved Lothaire before the book, but when I learned his motives and back story, it made him seem more mundane, and he was such an asshole to his bride the romance was really hard to swallow. I mean Cole hasn't been shy with reluctant sex (The Warlord Wants Forever comes to mind when Nikolai had Myst's chain) but Lothaire was a special level of fucked up. Also after he got his happy ending, it kind of ruined him, making him into a domesticated grumpy old man. It's not like I'd say don't read it, but it is one of those Immortals after Dark books I'd read once and only once. My point is that this book can end up as a curse in disguise, and a part of me will always expect to be disappointed because even the best of authors can't hit bullseye all the time.

As for Nix's pairings, I kind of what her to get with a necromancer. I know they don't even exist in the lore, but it would make a great opposites attract thing since a necromancer deals with the dead - basically voices from the past, while Nix deals with voices from the future. And depending on how Cole writes it , a necromancer could be perfect for Nix. Like I imagine a necromancer dealing a lot with the ghosts of the dead listening to them, and has learned not to be judgmental from the experience. I don't think Nix is as blasé about the harsh decisions she has made, and that she could use someone who can listen sympathetically and just understand. Then again, I can be attributing qualities to Nix that aren't true, and the chances of her fated one being a necromancer is nil. Maybe the Dacian vampire book with Bettina and the Sweet Ruin book are necessary to find someone Nix can be with because so far I don't see anyone I'd consider good for Nix. Maybe Thad but as others have mentioned he's still too immature.

As for Kristoff/ Furie, I hope it happens, because the hinting towards it has been really obvious that if Cole pulls a surprise on her readers I'd feel cheated. It's also the most logical least like an ass pull solution to the problem mentioned in earlier books about Furie killing the forbearers- if she loves their king, she'll probably be cool with the faction. Maybe not BFF's (I'm not even sure Myst interacts with any other vampires besides the Wroths) but cool.
Jennifer Proffitt
201. JenniferProffitt

Okay, I have lots of thoughts:
I'm really excited about her getting her own book, but also really nervous
Me too, Jackel, me too. I looked forward to Regine's story for AGES and then I got it and felt... meh. It happens. However, the insights we've had into Nix's POV thus far, I think we don't have to worry about the crazy being too much as a narrator (I halfway think she's not nearly as crazy on the inside as we've been lead to believe, especially once she becomes a goddess, because we all know that's going to happen). What I worry more about is that we anticipated this epic story and then... it falls a little flat. That all being said, Kresley does not write a bad book in my opinion, and she has yet to truly let me down!
I loved Lothaire before the book, but when I learned his motives and back story, it made him seem more mundane, and he was such an asshole to his bride the romance was really hard to swallow.
For me, Lothaire got even better in his book, and I think a lot of that had to do with his heroine starting out as a mousy little Appalachian redneck and really growing into her own. When he cuts his heart out for her and she sends back her middle finger?! Classic.
I don't think Nix is as blasé about the harsh decisions she has made, and that she could use someone who can listen sympathetically and just understand.
Agreed. Speaking of Lothaire we saw that she's not blase and is actually quite merciful when we saw some flashbacks of Lothaire and Nix, if she ever goes over the deepend, I actually imagine it will be her decisions catching up with her and she'll need to have someone strong to support her through that.

To your point about necromancers... I don't think we've met any yet, and the closest ones we have met (those Warlock dudes?) seem to be pretty straight up evil and not really a redeemable bunch.
As for Kristoff/ Furie, I hope it happens, because the hinting towards it has been really obvious that if Cole pulls a surprise on her readers I'd feel cheated.
If it doesn't happen I will be truly shocked.
It's also the most logical least like an ass pull solution to the problem mentioned in earlier books about Furie killing the forbearers- if she loves their king, she'll probably be cool with the faction.
Exactly! It's the way the Accession works. It brings certain factions together and for the Light to win they need to unite with the "good" vampires. Lothaire's uneasy alliance with the Valkyrie will go a long way towards that, but Kristoff and Furie need to get together for it to be a thing!
Jeni B.
202. lexiblack
What about Nix and Orion the Undoing??? He's descended from Gods and they seem to know of each other in sweet ruin but never met.
Jennifer Proffitt
203. JenniferProffitt
@Lexiblack, he's a character that wasn't introduced when I first did this post, but if I could add to this post, he'd be my top contender at the moment!
Jeni B.
204. Meow
Orion is one of my theories. If it's not him, for some reason I want to say Thaddeus, but I could be wrong. She seemed strangely protective of him.
Jennifer Proffitt
205. JenniferProffitt
@Meow, that's my current working theory too! I'm just waiting for him to age up and fully come into his mortality and then we'll see. My stronger suspicion is that it will be Orion, since Kresley loves opposites attract, but I also thing that Thad might be the mate Nix NEEDS more than anything since he's so easy going and constant to her manic/take over the world tendencies.
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