Apr 10 2013 2:53pm

Bitten’s Three Male Leads Cast: Will It Repeat Lost Girl’s Success?

Laura Vandervoort is ElenaMore actors have been cast in Bitten, the new Canadian show based on Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series (which begins with the book titled Bitten). Joining werewolf Elena (played by Smallville alumna Laura Vandervoort) are the three main men in her life: Greg Bryk will play Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers, Greyston Holt has been cast as Clayton Danvers, and Paul Greene is Philip McAdams.

Here's the premise for the show, which will feature the only female werewolf:

Greyston Holt is Clayton Danvers

A foster child, Elena (Vandervoort) had always craved a “normal” life and thought she finally found it with her boyfriend Clayton Danvers (Holt). But the secret life he kept from her ended up changing her forever. With one small bite, Elena was forced to survive life with the Pack as a werewolf. Still craving the normal life she lost, Elena finds refuge in Toronto working as a photographer and dating a new man. Hiding her werewolf existence from her ad-exec boyfriend Philip McAdams (Greene), Elena is pulled back into her former life when bodies turn up in the backwoods of Stonehaven, the rural mansion that has served as a werewolf sanctuary for generations. Caught between two worlds and two loves, Elena returns to Stonehaven out of duty, turning to Clay’s foster-father and leader of the Pack Jeremy Danvers (Bryk) for support. But once back in the fold, Elena realizes that when push comes to shove, like any true alpha female, she’ll stop at nothing to defend her family.

Just a quick rundown of the show makes it sound as though it will appeal to Lost Girl fans—it's got a strong female lead kicking ass (and taking names), a whole new supernatural world for the heroine to learn about, enemies trying to take her and her world apart, and some intriguing and difficult romantic entanglements. Bitten will debut in early 2014.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Rachel Hyland's take on the Women of the Otherworld book series. What other series would you like to see come to life?

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Julia Broadbooks
1. juliabroadbooks
I'm really excited for this! I've only read the first couple of books but I love Elena. She is complex and flawed but wonderfully likeable.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I'd probably always choose werewolves over the fae or vampires (blame Blood & Chocolate and Tyler in The Vampire Diaries), so I'm keeping my eye on this one...

@juliabroadbooks -- I've only read a sample of the first book, but Elena seemed pretty cool.
Melanie S
3. Melanie S
I hope this is good. I really loved this series. I'm not sure about
Greyston Holt as Clay. He doesn't have the look I would think of, but if he can pull off the mannerisms, I think it will be okay. Overall, I'm more concerned with how the actors protray the characters than if they "look" like what I'm expecting. I really hope it is picked up in the US. I've been pushing SyFy on social media. They've done well with Lost Girl, so here's hoping.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
I have always liked werewolves pretty universally--usually over vamps or any other shifter. This sounds awesome, I'll definitely be tuning in!
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I loved Bitten when it first came out and read the entire series several times, especialy the wolf-centric stories.

I don't know if I'm ready to invest in another book-based series, though. Sounds like the writers of the show are setting a competition between the human and the wolf suitors and if this takes off I would find myself in a True Blood situation of just hating what the show's doing to a favorite series. I haven't been able to departamentalize yet to come to enjoy two differring tellings of the same source material; I always come down on the side of the written one.
Melanie S
6. thelonephotographer
heck no! greg bryk as Jeremy?! no freakin way!!! and that kid Greyson Holt is DEFINITELY NOT Clayton Danvers. they always mess it up when they turn books into shows/movies.
Melanie S
7. shaon94
Am I the only one that would rather see Paul Green as Jeremy or hell even Clayton? They are really going to have to "roughen" the looks up on the other two.
Melanie S
8. Tamara Mackie
Wow! Clayton is supposed to be this god of a man, what I have pictured in my mind is not Greyson Holt, and Jereamy is supposed to be ruggesdly handsome with kind eyes not to mention his cultural heritage, I will not mention it because it is a spoiler for anyone reading the series. These men are nothing like how the book describes them. I hope they don't mess up the story line too, even though they already have, Elena is supposed to be a reporter not a photographer.
Melanie S
9. Rebecca Shenk
OMG!!! I'm a huge Kelley Armstrong fan! I'm so excited to see this show! I love that whole series!
Melanie S
10. Rebecca Shenk
@Tamara Mackie, I agree 100% on your post, not what I had pictured either. :(
Nicole Leapheart
11. BoxyFrown
LOVE this series, and Elena is my fave in the Otherworld...she is a straight up kick-ass chick.
Her casting is fine, but I'm having a real problem with Clayton and Jeremy right now...but at this point it won't keep me from watching the series, it will just make me watch it with my lip pursed. Well, that is, if I can get a way to watch it. Here is hoping SyFy picks up the slack!
Melanie S
12. Jackie P.
I love this series. I agree with Melanie S. Its how the actors will portray the character. Holt is definitly cute enough. I am just happy that they are making a show , and I get to see how it would look outside my head. :)
Melanie S
13. Pam B
I was thrilled when I heard a TV show was planned, but the casting is off. I don't think the planners read the books, or don't think staying true to the characters is necessary. Clayton may be a Southern boy, but he also works as a college professor. Jeremy is half Asian, which is important to his back story.
Melanie S
14. Perla F
Um WTF? How is Paul Green NOT Clay? On What planet are they taping this show? At first I accepted that Clay was being played by a baby faced hipster looking Holt. I was totally fine, no one will ever be MY Clay. BUT then I see Green, and he was waaaay closer to Clay than Holt. Hands down. Maybe Green can't act his way out of a paper bag, maybe Holt can emote and shed a tear on demand. There has to be a reason for this seemingly backwards casting!
mim smith
15. mim7
im really dissapointed with clay and jeremy !
its a shame but i really hope they can pull it off !
clay better get his accent right !
Melanie S
16. velva vinson
great show i am really enjoying it holt is a perfect match for elena i have seen 4 shows and cant wait for more keep them coming.
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