Apr 2 2013 4:15pm

Avengers (News) Assemble!: News from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 2

Good ol Bucky and Steve, together again...I suppose that you could say that we here at Heroes and Heartbreakers are…fans of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it's the attraction between a pair of spies (Black Widow/Hawkeye, a.k.a. Clint/Natasha), or how comic book heroes make the perfect romance hero (or was that the other way around?) we are totally on board with the next slate of Avengers movies, which will be known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 2. So to say that we are thrilled about this flurry of news that's hit the Internet recently about a certain spangly-suited captain is a bit of an understatement. Here's what we know:

  • Robert Redford (You read that right: ROBERT. REDFORD.) has reportedly been cast as a new high-ranking official in super-secret spy organization, SHIELD, for the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier. The rumor is that he will be playing a mysterious man named Pierce, possibly a replacement for Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury as head of the organization. We here can only speculate that it might be a result of the…disrespect… Fury was showing the mysterious Council at the close of The Avengers.  (via Spinoff Online)
  • Concept art from Winter Soldier was also released today showing Golden Boy Steve Rogers fighting a certain cybernetically armed enemy.  Without spoiling it for non-comic readers, this conflict should prove to be very interesting for the Soldier Out of Time. (via The Mary Sue )
  • And finally, it's comforting to know that the Captain America sequel is officially filming as of today in Los Angeles. (via On Location Vacation)

That's all that we have for now. I know I'm excited about the upcoming Captain sequel—more so than Iron Man 3 or The Wolverine, but then I have a bit of a soft spot for Steve.  What about you, are you looking forward to more Chris Evans as Captain America time? Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? The Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Thor/Loki connection?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
This movie is shaping up to be the closest thing to a SHIELD movie we'll get, huh? I'm pretty excited. Love Steve, VERY excited Robert Redford has joined the cast, and of course Black Widow is one of my favorites. If only I knew why Hawkeye hasn't been announced for the movie...will he still be recovering from the Battle for New York/Loki's brainwashing or something?
Jackie Lester
2. JackieLester
I'm thinking I missed a whole lotta great comic reading over the years. I'm very excited for the next Iron Man and whatever they have in store for the entire Avengers cast. The addition of Robert Redford is very cool but I still love SLJ in whatever he does. Hopefully he'll be back too (if I was reading that correctly?)
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan
@Jackie Yes, ol Sammie Jackson is set to return in both Captain 2 and Avengers 2. What's up in the air is what role he will be playing. Redford's character and his effect are the unknown.
Allison Brennan
4. Allison_Brennan
I'm looking forward to all the movies, no favorites! Though ... I really love Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. Perfectly cast.
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