Mar 6 2013 3:46pm

The Walking Dead’s Daryl/Carol Connection: Could Their Ship Come In?

Daryl and Carol in The Walking DeadWe here at H&H are fans of all kinds of heroes. Yes, even the crossbow-wielding hillbilly ones. We are also of the firm belief that said heroes deserve an HEA. But this raises a bit of an issue when the couple in question is living out the zombie apocalypse.

Many of us wonder, myself included, whether the Daryl/Carol relationship will ever amount to anything more than a few stolen glances and shy touches. While the people behind the show typically play things very close to the chest, Daryl actor Norman Reedus had this to say to Entertainment Weekly when asked about the possibility of Daryl finding happiness with Carol:

If it does [happen], lucky me. She’s awesome. She’s my favorite actress on the show. I mean, I like them all, but I’ve gotten to work a lot with her and know her vibe. If it happens, it happens. I want it to be awkward when it happens. I want it to be really awkward. I want her to make the first move.

But there's more. Reedus also doesn't believe that Daryl has ever been in anything resembling a healthy relationship, let alone with a woman, saying:

Maybe he got together with a couple of locals at one point or something, but I don’t think he was ever in any sort of serious relationship. So if [a Daryl/Carol romance] happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. I like the fact that we’re two damaged people and we sort of gravitate to each other. I like that. If it happens, right on.

(Read the full EW interview here.)

I think it is safe to say that we all are pretty excited about the prospect as well.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
It can't end well, but I still want to see this happen, ngl. It would be glorious...until it ended in death and/or tears, of course.
2. AutumnM
I didn't think I could love y'all more. :) In my next life, I'll be the one to write about love in a zombie apocalypse.

As much as I love both of these characters, I still see them as friends first. Maybe lovers from afar. Actual contact would ruin it (lol). I haven't 'bought' a single romance on my favorite show, aside from Rick and Lori. Both together and apart, they were believable. When she put her cheek on her shoulder in the place he'd touched her for the first time in who knows how long? Snotsobbing. My secret life as a zombie-loving romance geek is now over-hahaha!
Jasmine Ray
3. JassyBaby
Yes! I have waited for Daryl/Carol since the whole looking-for-Sophia-phase, and how they kept getting closer and closer.
She deserves a good man, and so does, a woman!
I really hope these two get together! Really...

@AutumnM, I loved that part! I disliked Lori a lot in the beginning, but I did (and still do) like her now.
4. AutumnM
@JassyBaby I know! I liked that they had a relationship that looked real, missteps and all (this coming from an almost 23yr marriage--it ain't all snuggles and coos). I thought I might have to kill her when she rejected him after Shane's death, but it was so clear before and after that that they truly loved one another. Good acting, of course, but it captured my imagination.

I'm a little worried that Carol is going to die before the end of the season, to give Daryl his walkin' around pain now that his brother is found. I also wonder if it's going to be revealed that he had kids--he was awfully natural with Judith...
5. Lucy D
I have dying to see something happen between the two of them since they bonded over Sophia. In an interview before the season started, Norman says "love blossoms" when talking about the upcoming season, but I have become quite disheartened as this season goes on. Daryl thinks Carol is dead, he is obviously emotional about her loss (putting flower on grave, etc.) then he finds she's alive...nothing. He leave the group to be with is brother, then comes back. You can see Carol is so happy he returned...nothing. Its the end of the world people, if it's gonna happen what are we waiting for?
Sarah Dawson
6. Sair75
I would also love to see Daryl and Carol together, Daryl is my fave character on the show. I love how he is with Judith too. Sweet.
Barbara Reid
7. whse42
Carol & Daryl... would be the least sexy hook up. Daryl's character is popular Among all ages and genders.. if he hooked up with Carol I am afraid that would creep out many of the shows viewers, Andrea & the governor already provides that creep factor.In real life Carol & Daryl are both in their 40s.. she is a few years older. I don't think the shows younger & male viewers want to see Carol hook up with anyone.... It has nothing to do with her age it is about image and sex appeal for example Andrea is also in her 40s and I am sure they didn't mind seeing her bare all the other week. I am afraid a hookup with Carol would hurt Daryls popularity and if it does happen I think Carols days will be numbered.
8. Joey29650
I love Carol...I thought she was going to get eaten up @ the end of season 2....but...YEAH!!! Daryl came in his Harley & saved her!!! She is the best actress on the show...Let them hook up for a while....then get their brains EATEN!!! :)
9. Regan
Yuck, I think they should be friends, but I don't really think Carol is ready for a relationship after Ed. Either way I doubt Daryl has been in much of a steady relationship in his life so I think he should find somebody who has been in a healthy relationship and can help him through things like that. He needs somebody optimistic with faith like Beth's.
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