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Recommended Reading for Nashville, Sons of Anarchy Characters

Tara in Sons of AnarchyReading is a quiet, mostly solitary act, so it’s rare to see beloved TV characters kicking back and cracking open a paperback. But….you can learn a lot from a book! Whether they’re cautionary tales, how-to manuals, or just plain fun, here’s some romances that those small-screen heroes and heroines might want to check out in their downtime:

Sons of Anarchy

Is Charming the sort of place to have a cute indie bookstore? If not, Tara might want to get herself to the library and check out Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man, natch. The sexy story of normal girl Tyra who chucks her old life for her sexy, tattooed biker dude Kane might hit home for our doc, and even make her think about getting the hell out of Charming some more. If she were feeling especially charitable, perhaps she could even pick up a little something for her monster-in-law...

Money Shot by Christa FaustChrista Faust’s Money Shot (Okay, technically it’s a mystery, but would Gemma ever get caught reading romance?) might be right up the menacing mama’s alley. I think she’d dig the fast-paced pulp noir story of Angel Dare, a former porn star who gets caught up in some nasty business and ends up on the run with a hunky guy she’s not quite sure she should trust. Angel takes a serious licking but keeps on ticking and Gemma would surely admire—and relate to—her moxie.  

And for Lyla….poor Lyla. She’s had a rough run of it. Perhaps she could find some comfort and escape in a nice historical fairy tale romance? Gaelen Foley’s The Duke finds former prostitute—excuse me, courtesan—Belinda Hamilton taking an offer of protection from the Duke of Hawkscliffe. Even better, the duke’s got revenge (against a man who took advantage of Belinda) on his agenda, and as they work together, sparks fly…

Rayna and Juliette in NashvilleNashville 

The sudser’s country-singing heroines might just like a little break from their own personal dramas with some guaranteed happily-ever-after. We all know how career-focused Juliette is, but she might enjoy Danielle Steel’s Star. The story of a poor girl with some serious parental problems who becomes a major country star should be the ideal scandalous and salacious read for set breaks. Maybe if they ever share a scene together again, she can pass it on to Scarlett and they can start a book club!

As for that up-and-coming crooner, I think she might crush hard on songwriter Shawn Gallagher from Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon. He just might remind her of a certain someone…

Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsAnd as for our resident diva Rayna James? I think she’d get a real big kick out of the antics of Sugar Beth Carey in Ain’t She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips — especially when she’s being asked to make nice to all those clueless country club ladies at her family’s political fundraisers. Sugar Beth’s complicated romance with the sexy Colin Byrne is an added bonus, 'cause Rayna surely knows a thing or two about devastating men from your past.



Tara Gelsomino is a reader, writer, pop culture junkie, and internet addict. You can tweet her at @taragel.

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vol fan
1. vol fan
Another fabulous book for Sons of Anarchy fans is Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan. This is the first of a series she has coming out and it is really very good.
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