Mar 9 2013 2:00pm

Poll: What Hero Would You Give Up an Hour for?

Today marks the time on the calendar for all of us to spring back an hour. Sure we lose an hour, but it marks the beginning of spring and a chance to brave the great outdoors once again with our favorites real-life and fantasy heroes. Before we can get to images of frolicking in the fields, we want to know: Out of all of the romance heroes you read or have read, which one would you be willing to give up an hour for? We have a few of our personal favorites and some favorites from the genre, but who would you choose?

Time image courtesy of nicolasnova via Flickr.

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Myretta Robens
2. Myretta
While Derek Craven is great and Roarke is a good choice, Rupert Carsington from Loretta Chase's Mr. Impossible is my man.
3. KarenB
There can be only one - Roarke
6. Lizzie R
Judd Lauren from the Psy Changeling could get the whole day.

I'd also give up an hour for Luc Martineau (See Jane Score) and JD Jameson (Practice makes Perfect)
Jen Tullis
7. tullisjen
Jamie Fraser from Outlander can have me for how ever long he wants me.

Bones from the Night Huntress Series would come in second.

Roarke would be third!

I think it might be their accents! I'm just a puddle of goo!
8. Germaine 818
Sam Leclaire from Any Man of Mine or Billy Watkins from Crazy Thing Called Love.
9. Bronwen
Cameron MacKenzie from The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley - dark, wounded and handsome as sin!
10. Steph moma 4
I'd have to say any of Lora Leighs Nauti Men could have as much of my time that they desire. lol
Next would defenitly be Cheyenne Mccray's Armed and Dangerous Men
11. Liz S
Definitely Roarke!

Also Acheron from Dark Hunters, Mikhail from Carpathians, Curran from Kate Daniels, Micah and Nathaniel from Anita Blake.

Not enough hours in the day to list the others!
12. Shadowspun
Curan from Ilona Andrews Magic series
joeera gilani
13. nj22
I do love Derek Craven but, for me it's Bones all the way
14. Vicca Cairne
In reality they are all tied. I would take any of them in a heart beat ;-)

First : Acheron Parthenopaeus (Kenyon, Dark-Hunter) An 11,000 year old Atlantean God. Enough said.

Second : Wren Tigarian (Kenyon, Were-Hunter) he cuts off his dreads and everyone finally sees how amazingly hot he actually is.

Third : Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier (Chronicles of Nick, Dark/Were/Dream-Hunter) a very attractive and humorous man that deals with his parents and friends. And demons and old gods trying to kill him for what he really is.

Fourth : Eric Northman ( Sookie Stackhouse) I love him more on TV though. Hot blonde vamp.

Fifth : Jamie Fraser (Diana Gabaldon, Outlander) a Scottish warrior. Enough said.

Sixth : Ian Murray ( Outlander). He is Jamie's nephew from Scotland. Adopted as a Mohawk Indian in revolutionary America. He is like his uncle.
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