Mar 13 2013 11:04am

More LoVe Ahead?: Veronica Mars Movie News

Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring as Veronica and Logan in Veronica MarsRumors about a movie follow-up for fan favorite and critical darling Veronica Mars, a UPN/CW television show that followed the adventures of spunky high-school P.I. heroine Veronica Mars (and chronicled her tempestuous relationship with bad-boy Logan, a pairing often referred to by Logan/Veronica shippers as LoVe), have swirled since the series was canceled after its third season in 2007. But now it looks like the movie could get the green light for real—with a little help.

Series creator Rob Thomas and Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, have teamed up to create a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the movie's production. Read all about it at the Veronica Mars Kickstarter page. And check out how this whole project came about in this article (and video! with special guests!) from Entertainment Weekly.

Any fellow VM fans out there? Excited about the chance to see the cast reunited on the big screen? And what does it mean that we might get to see a favorite long-gone-from-our-screen couple once more? Are there any other on-screen couples you'd like to see get new life on TV or in a movie?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
THAT'S AWESOME!!!! I am so totally IN! I would watch that like nobody's business.
2. belginiangirl
YES YES YES!!! I would sooo watch it and talk about it to everyone. I miss Veronica and Logan and the whole gang...
3. Tina Wainscott
Would LoVe this! I so miss this show. Why can't a show about intelligent people make it? VM rocked! I just finished watching it on the SOAP channel :)
Julia Broadbooks
4. juliabroadbooks
I have never watched this! Since the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are wrapping up, I need something new. I think I found it. :)
Karin Anderson
5. AquarianDancer
Absolutely, yes! I love Veronica Mars. Mac is a must, character-wise. I love her.

Tru Calling is another series I would like to see get some closure. The last season ended in the middle of nowhere...
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@juliabroadbooks -- You really must! Terrific show. The first season, especially, came together brilliantly.
7. pellington
I am so mental about this! I already donated! They've raised over 50% of their goal (over $1m in less than 5 hours!). But if they don't put LoVe together, I will go Hulk.
Shani Bell
8. bzbell75
OOOOOH! My feelings were so hurt when this show was cancelled! I LOVED Veronica Mars! A movie? Yes, please and thank you!
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
@pellington -- With all the references everyone makes in the video to LoVe (JD doing the smolder and quoting Logan, not to mention Kristen specifically writing "love" as "LoVe" on Twitter and in her message on the Kickstarter page), I have a feeling Rob Thomas & co. know a large number of fans would be extremely disappointed were there no new Veronica/Logan scenes for us to obsess over enjoy. Even if it's not an HEA, I have hope we'll get some good stuff with them. :)
10. TanyaK
I really hope this happens! I was so sad when the show was cancelled!
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