Mar 26 2013 8:05am

(Lover) At Last! Today is the Day!

Many, many readers have been waiting for today—the day when J.R. Ward's Lover at Last is released, revealing Qhuinn and Blaylock's story.

We've asked before how you sneak in reading in What Would You Do? like taking the long way to work or taken a sick day, but what if those strategies are not possible—but you're still desperate to dive into your book?

How do you read when on the job, or taking care of your kids, or doing errands? How do you read when you can't just sneak away from life for awhile?

P.S. Watch this space—we've got a lot of BDB coverage coming your way! Already up are a Lover at Last sweepstakes and a Qhuay timeline. Today we'll have a non-spoilery Lover at Last First Look AND a discussion post/spoilers thread for those who have finished the book!

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