Mar 20 2013 10:49am

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: Surreal Succubus

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Editor's Note: A mini recap of Megan Frampton's first thoughts on the episode was posted yesterday and can be found HERE. And now, on to Kiersten's full recap of Lost Girl 3.09, “Ceremony.”

We open on a lovely bedroom bathed in blue light so right away we know we’re in a dream world. The camera pans across the photos, an alarm clock that reads 3:01 AM, to the wood sleigh bed where Dyson sleeps…alone. His arm reaches out and he wakes when he only finds an empty pillow. Mildly alarmed, he sits up and looks toward what must be the bathroom. “Babe, are you okay?” he calls with concern. Bo pulls open the double doors and stands in the doorway. She’s wearing a stunning, white satin, foot-long nightgown. She tells him she couldn’t sleep. “Another bad dream?” he asks. Bo says she’s knows she hasn’t been herself lately.  Dyson shakes his head and says it’s okay as he stands. “And you have been so patient,” Bo continues. (Yes we have! Okay, maybe not so much patient as biding our time with clenched teeth.)

Dyson smiles softly. “I’m a husband,” he says with a shrug (OH IF ONLY). “It’s my job.” Bo says she just wanted to be sure before she told him. He frowns. “Okay, now you’re starting to freak me out a little,” he says in THAT VOICE and steps closer. Bo takes his hand in hers. “For the last few days, I feel like I’ve been going crazy.” With concern, Dyson asks her what’s wrong. Bo continues, “The things that I have been thinking and seeing…” He kind of braces himself a little for whatever is next. Bo drops the act and gets a smug, satisfied, happy smile on her face as she holds up the stick. “I’m pregnant,” she chimes. Dyson looks at the stick, looks at Bo, smiles and starts to laugh. Bo laughs too and they embrace with Dyson lifting her off her feet. Filled with love and joy, they can’t hold one another tight enough.

The End.

No seriously show, just stop right there. Look, I have a rewind button; we can go back to the beginning and run that 1.12 minutes of the show 43 times to fill up the entire episode time frame. Watch, I’ll demonstrate…

Oh, all right—fine. Kill joys.


Another day, another alley. In the bright light of day, a scruffy looking man runs across a vacant lot behind some buildings while a title card pops up in the foreground: “Earlier.” Bo suddenly pops up to block his way, large pipe in hand (not a euphemism!) “Hi!” she greets with a smile. So polite! “I’m Bo.” She hits him in the chest with the pipe. SLM merely looks down at the pipe as though a fly just landed on his chest. He snatches the pipe from her hand and tosses it behind him. “Mild weather we’re having?” Bo jokes. SLM takes a broad swing at her, which Bo ducks beneath to take a few steps back the way SLM just came to retrieve the pipe. Kenzi runs up to join her, gasping for air, as Bo turns to attack only to find SLM has continued to hotfoot away.

Panting, Bo smacks Kenzi on the back and asks how she’s doing. Kenzi’s bent at the waist, hands on knees. “Like Wile E. Coyote,” Kenzi, also panting, answers. “You?” Bo admits their escape is particularly fast, “but Stella says I need him. Well, his sweat.” Kenzi: “Right, at least we’re not risking a heart attack for something gross.” Bo expositions for us all that SLM secretes pheromones that she needs to gain entrance to The Temple. “He’s an Oo’glug. Didn’t Trick tell you?” Kenzi: “Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays. We gansta like that.” Kenzi in da house!! She goes on that it’s not that she doesn’t enjoy this “rest, but doesn’t the most important ceremony of your life start in like an hour?!” Bo agrees that Kenzi is right. She leans forward conspiratorially. “Breaks over,” she says and takes off after SLM. “No, I take it back!” Kenzi wearily calls after her. “We have plenty of time.” Bo ignores her and with a groan, Kenzi and her six-inch heeled boots hurry after her. “Where’s the ACME company when you need ‘em!?!”

But the SLM has disappeared. “Where did he go?”  Bo moans as Kenzi catches up. “Enough with the chasing,” she gasps. “Phone me.” Bo digs her mobile out of her boot and hands it over. Kenzi pulls up a map of the area and tells Bo that their “boy is about to run out of runway.” She shows the map to Bo and explains that the direction SLM took will lead him into a dead end street in the warehouse district. Bo snarks that their luck must be changing. “I’d just like to point out,” Kenzi continues as Bo looks at the useless pipe and then tosses it aside, “that no escape for him means no escape for us.”

Bo is unconcerned and, with a waggle of her fingers, asks for the phone back. Kenzi plays coy and hides the mobile behind her back. “I just want to check my messages,” Bo says, annoyed. Kenzi tells her to relax. “There could be any number of reasons why (Doctor) Lauren hasn’t returned any one of your 27 texts.” Bo: “Like I blew her off to play spaghetti western in Brazenwood with Tamsin?” Kenzi quietly suggests that Bo give Doctor Lauren some more credit. Great, now Kenzi is championing Doctor Lauren. Nifty. “And that was kind of insensitive, you and Tamsin sitting in (Doctor) Lauren’s apartment sharing a glass of Chardonnay.” Bo is nodding along—she knows she screwed up—but then corrects with asperity that it was champagne. “Oh dude!” Kenzi chortles. “Much worse.” No shit. “And a kiss,” Bo says in a sultry voice and immediately takes off. “A WHAT?!” Kenzi yells after her. “Hey!” Bo: “Come on, Short Stack!” Kenzi: “You! Get back here young lady! Tell me about this kiss!” When Bo doesn’t respond, Kenzi runs after her. “This kind of friendship has rules, you know!” Hahahahaha!!! It is SO GOOD to see them back in sync again.

Over in Doctor Lauren’s flat, the doc opens the door to show Dyson on her doorstep. After cordial if weak greetings, Dyson enters the flat leading with some red folders and explains that Hale (Hale!) wanted him to bring them by. Doctor Lauren snits that Hale could’ve sent a messenger and Dyson shrugs it off as he was heading that way anyway. It’s an interesting choice of camera angle, shooting down from the top of the staircase and—what is that on the floor? Is that some sort of deliberate design…or the left over stain from the cleanup of NotComaNadia’s blood?

Sounding miserable, Doctor Lauren tells him she’s been working on an antidote for Bo’s “situation.” I’m not sure when a cure for the natural evolution of a species became possible, but whatever. “I’m not sensing the thrill of victory,” Dyson observes. “This upcoming Dawning ceremony has me worried, Dyson,” she admits. “Yeah, me too,” he commiserates. The doc is desperate to find something to slow down, or even arrest Bo’s decline. “Do you know that I have a hard time believing that I ever found someone like Bo?” she says, getting teary even as she smiles. “That she even exists?” Dyson sighs and ducks his head for a moment. “Yeah, I know what you mean,” he says with a sad smile. The doc smiles and rolls her eyes a bit as she realizes that he does indeed know what she means. Probably even more than she does. I kinda like that these two are having a moment about Bo that they are uniquely qualified to understand, but I also find it more than a little oblivious that the doc is saying this to Dyson. It’s a testament to how far he’s come that he not only offers her an ear, things she can’t tell anyone else, but that he then tries to encourage her. “It’s going to be fine,” he says. “I got a good feeling about it.” The doc chuckles genuinely. “Well, I have a hard time measuring feelings. Scientifically speaking.” That’s because you can’t measure them, doc. “Yeah, sometimes it’s not about what you can prove,” Dyson suggests. “It’s about what you believe.”

The doc makes a strange grimace and lifts the folders thanks for bringing these and turns away, but Dyson calls her back. “Ah (Doctor) Lauren,” he says. “I’m really glad that you and Bo are in such a good place.” He holds her gaze for a moment to make sure she knows he means the sentiment sincerely. He’s resigned to the relationship and wants Bo to be happy in it. Ya know, sometimes that nobility of yours is really annoying, Wolf Man. For her sake, Doctor Lauren has this miserable expression on her face, she’s just ravaged and barely holds it together until Dyson leaves. I think her reaction is partially because the sentiment came from Dyson, who was sincere about it because he wants Bo to be happy, but mostly because Bo and Doctor Lauren are very much not in a good place, and she knows it.

Back in the warehouse district, Bo and Kenzi race around another corner complete with building scaffolding and stacked wood flats. Bo looks around, spies a door, and heads right for it. “Time to get our Oo’Glug on.” Kenzi clasps her hands and lifts them in mock prayer. “Please let me live to regret this!” she says and follows Bo into…a photo shoot?

It’s a lingerie photo shoot (from 1955 judging by the size of those brasseries) with four women and two very young men. Bo and Kenzi gape at the barely clad models. I don’t see SLM anywhere. I thought at first he was the photographer, but no. “Ah, that boy knows how to get down,” Kenzi admires. The women start to target Bo with their come hither moves. “Lay-cee,” Kenzi notes. Bo frowns. “What the hell is this?” Stella steps into the frame. “They’ve been waiting for you, Bo,” she explains haughtily. Behind her, all the models strike a pose and hold it for Bo. “Welcome to the first phase of your Dawning.”

Stella approaches Bo and Kenzi. “These fine human specimens are for you,” she tells Bo. “To do what with?!” Bo asks hotly. “To feast on, of course,” Stella returns, unmoved. “To satiate yourself before entering The Dawning.” Kenzi: “THAT is Victoria’s Secret!” HAHAHA!! Perfect! Bo is putting the pieces together. “Are you telling me this whole quest for Oo’Glug sweat…” “His name is Keith,” Stella interrupts flatly. Snicker. “He’s one of my regular players.” Bo shakes her head, amazed by Stella’s audacity. “It was all a set up to get me here.” Kenzi nods in offended agreement. “Ree-volting!”

Stella gives her a condescending look—ight about the time Kenzi notices the buffet of liquor set up by craft services. “Is that brand name liquor?” she sneers at Stella before she slinks away. Stella checks behind her as the attentive brunette model who’s been eyeing Bo since she walked in sashays her way across the room. “You’re Bo. The agent from Rio,” she says and plays with Bo’s hair. Did her Bat Signal go off and I missed it again? “I didn’t think you were going to be so….stunning.” She leans into Bo. “We’re going to have so much fun,” she promises. Bo sways toward her and her eyes go succubus blue before she can control herself. “Oh, bitch,” she snarls over her shoulder at Stella. “You are evil.”

“Why?” Stella asks as the model sashays back to the shoot. “Because I seem to be the only one not denying you’re a succubus.” You should talk to Dyson. He reminds Bo of it regularly. Over at the liquor buffet, Kenzi listens in as she preps a tall drink. “I know you’re tempted,” Stella urges. “Take her. Take them all.” Bo is extremely tempted, but she shakes her head in denial. “Fully fed is the safest way to enter The Temple,” Stella reiterates but again Bo refuses. “Then take him,” Stella suggests, indicating one of the boy toys. “The Morrigan signed him to an exclusive contract.” Wouldn’t taking one of The Morrigan’s pets just make her even more pissed at Bo? Eh, whatever. But Bo has decided. “I’m leaving,” she tells Stella definitively. “He’ll be dead in six months anyway,” Stella informs her, one last attempt to convince Bo to feed. “Not by my hand,” Bo insists and leaves.

“Look how tired you are from chasing Keith,” Stella calls after her. “Multiply that ten times over and you might be able to imagine the grueling trials The Dawning will throw at you.” She seems to have caught Bo’s attention with that last salvo…which is when Kenzi intervenes. “All right, I think we’re just about done here, Stell,” she says, stepping in between Bo and Stella, full, tall glass in hand, complete with umbrella. “Your empathy for the human species in commendable,” Stella offers Bo, completely and deliberately ignoring Kenzi. Kenzi gives Bo a look –she did not just say thatand Bo glares back—bitch totally did. “But it’s not the ancient way of the Fae,” Stella finishes. “Maybe not,” Bo says as she stalks back to confront Stella directly. “But it’s my way. You keep saying I don’t know who I am, well I know this. I will not murder for pleasure.”

Bo strides away and Stella makes one last play by finally using Kenzi. “Without a full feed,” she warns, “she will fail The Dawning. She will devolve. She will die.” “She will surprise the shit out of you,” Kenzi counters. “And—and you’d think that I would get tired of watching but I never do – and I never will…” she shoves her glass at Stella, “Stell.”

In a righteous rage, Bo flings open the door to Hilton Hovel (drink! oh finally! I was getting thirsty!). “I can’t believe her,” she grits out, leading the way into the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of wine. “I mean, who the hell does she think she is?!” Kenzi grabs the wine from the table. “Careful, baby,” she advises, “Mama likes her wine.” Which makes me think there should be a Lost Girl/Cougartownwine off sometime except they’d probably drink all the wine everywhere and then where would I be?

On a tear, Bo leans on the table as Kenzi pours the wine. “Just when I think I am on board with all things Fae…” Kenzi: “You go and kiss the girl who tried to put you in jail.” Way to slide that one in there, kiddo. Bo trundles on in her tirade. “They go and pull sneaky shit like this!” She points a finger at Kenzi and in a quieter voice adds, “And I was going to tell you about that,” without missing a beat. Kenzi sets the wine bottle on the table with a decisive thud. “It’s fine,” she whinges with an edge. “Bigger fish to fry. We’ll talk about Valkyrie-lips when you return…cause you will.”

Bo worries about how vague Stella is being about her time in The Temple. “And who knows what will happen if I come out!” Kenzi pauses and stares off for a moment. “What are you thinking?” Bo asks. “I’m thinking…what happens to cats when their owners die?” Depending how long it takes to find the dead owner, they tend to eat them. Oh, you meant who takes on ownership. Right. Sorry.“Who’s going to pay the hydro bill? What even IS hydrol?!” Bo says her name softly, but Kenzi rallies for both of them. “No! You have been training nonstop! Dude, you got this!” Bo quietly reassures Kenzi that if anything were to happen to her, “you gotta know that you are taken care of!” Bo tells her not to worry. “Oh no,” Kenzi says and swivels her finger around her face. “This is not my worried face. This is my game face. I know that you’re going to get through this,” she reassures Bo, “and I’m gonna be on the other side with mojitos because horns or not, we getting’ drunk when this is done.” Holla! She holds up her hand and they high-five it out and hug. Bo sighs. “What if I’m drooling and have back hair?” she asks a bit plaintive. “We—will—get you waxed!” Kenzi decides. “You’ll always be my girl, Bo,” she promises. “Even if you do come outta there with a dong.” Bo smacks her on the arm. “Ow. No dong,” she agrees sullenly. “No dong,” Bo repeats.

At The Dal (drink!), a spread is laid out along the bar. Kenzi sits at the end by the door picking away at a bowl of snacks with an open beer bottle at hand as Stella emerges from Tolkien’s Parlor. “There’s never 'bean' a human present at a Dawning before,” she snits without looking at Kenzi. “Chill Stell,” Kenzi suggests. “I promise not to tweet.” HAHAHA!!  Stella insists that Kenzi’s presence is simply not appropriate. “Bo is my BFF,” Kenzi informs her sharply. “Which stands for ‘Best Fae Forever’” She smiles unkindly. “So this is one chick whose pretty Pradas are nailed to the ground.”

Stella peers at her and narrows her eyes. “Your scars are so deep,” she assays. Kenzi goes on guard. “What?” Stella leans forward and whispers in Kenzi’s ear and whatever she says is enough to freeze Kenzi in place. Shock and fear fill her face as Stella raises her brows and sidles away. Across the room, Trick observes the two women and looks after Stella with the furrowed brow of I don’t like this.

Bo is on her mobile leaving yet another message for Doctor Lauren—Hey Lo, look I’m not trying to stalk you…” when the doc walks into The Dal (drink!). She’s wearing a pale blue button-down, full-sleeved, shirt that covers everything, in marked contrast to the gorgeous sea foam green dress from last episode and the shoulder revealing, draping shirts of previous episodes. She doesn’t look too happy either, rather resigned and fatalistic. Bo is relieved to see her. “I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” she says. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world, Bo,” Doctor Lauren vows. Bo, annoyed now, asks about the 27 texts she sent that Doctor Lauren didn’t answer. “I’ve been working like a demon,” the doc replies, getting worked up, “trying to find a serum or an antibody, something that might…” Bo takes her hand. “It’s okay, babe,” she reassures the doc. Doctor Lauren actually sneers. “It’s not,” she tosses back sharply. I’m pretty sure she means Bo’s imminent Dawning here, but she also could be referring to Bo’s behavior in the previous episode. Either way, I can’t believe, workload or no, that the doc let the emotional situation with Bo go unresolved for so long, especially when Bo has been making such an effort to apologize and make restitution. Instead, the doc looks angry and miserable. I wonder how much of that is due to her fears of Bo’s Dawning and residual anger about Bo’s behavior and how much related to her earlier conversation with Dyson.

But before Bo can ask what she means, Trick calls them to order. As Bo turns, we can see that while Bo holds Doctor Lauren’s wrist, the doc’s hand lies limply in hers and she pulls away from Bo as Trick approaches. Trick presents Bo with a lovely toast. “To my granddaughter. I’m so very proud of you. We all are. You’ve been through so much in the last three years, but you’ve always stayed true to yourself. To your heart. May this Dawning be your greatest triumph.” As he lifts his glass, Doctor Lauren, face set in hard lines, looks down and flinches while Kenzi  takes a deep breath and braces for whatever comes next. Trick instructs Bo to come with him. “It’s time.” He leads the way down to Tolkien’s Lair(drink!) and indicates for Bo to sit on the settee before a table that has been prepared with several bowls of powder. “A little Bolivian marching powder for the road, Scarface?” Bo quips. Trick snorts lightly. “The essence of oleander represents your purity,” he explains. “Oh, I’m afraid that ship has sailed,” Bo jokes. “Of intent and deed,” Trick clarifies. “Of commitment to The Dawning.”

As he prepares the mixture, Bo takes the opportunity to explain that she couldn’t do the full feed. “I will never kill innocents again— would rather die!” But Trick has no idea what she’s talking about. “Stella’s model buffet,” Bo clarifies. “Wait, you didn’t know about that?” Trick very much did not and he’s not happy to hear about it either. Ruh roh. Think there’s trouble ahead for Trella. He goes back to his mortar and pestle. Quietly, Bo says she’s doesn’t know if she’s ever thanked him properly. Trick insists that it’s not necessary, but Bo equally insists that it is. “I know that I have not always been the perfect granddaughter,” she says, “and you have always been there for me. Believing in me. Loving me.” He smiles lovingly at her. “You have always exceeded everyone’s expectations.” He vows that this is not goodbye and stand with the mortar in hand. “Now, as a symbol of your true self while you are in The Temple…” He draws a circle on the center of her forehead and then one line across that circle horizontally with two parallel vertical lines beneath it. He hands over a mirror so Bo can see it and the symbol glows a warm gold red as she watches. Trick: “By embracing the tradition, you acknowledge your heritage.” Bo’s heritage is Pi?

Bo puts the mirror down with a decisive click. “You are the only heritage that I have left,” she says to Trick definitively. “Nothing is going to take that away from me.” They embrace.

Upstairs, various weapons are laid across a table as Stella officially reads The Dawning invocation from a scroll. “And with full knowing, the initiate enters willingly into the sacred ceremony. Do you accept the invitation?” Bo, with Kenzi and Doctor Lauren flanking her slightly in the back, accepts. “The time has come for you to choose an aide to take with you into The Dawning. But you may not choose a weapon until you chose a side.” Kenzi rolls her eyes and flings up her hand. Give me a break with the sides. She knows what Bo’s answer will be and indeed Bo refuses to choose. Shocking. It’s only your entire life that’s defacto Light Fae aligned. Seriously, this undeclared fiction is even beginning to wear on me.

“You already know my answer,” Bo tells Stella who returns that Bo then already knows the consequences. “Be it witnessed the initiate consents to enter The Dawning unarmed.” As she speaks, Dyson enters The Dal (drink!) unnoticed. “I offer myself as Hand,” he intones, surprising everyone. Great timing there, wolf man. “Like hell you do,” Bo retorts.  Dyson steps up to her side and exchanges a speaking look with Trick before Trick nods acceptance to Dyson’s offer. Dyson is settled and resigned. Whatever it is he’s offering, he is at peace with it. He smiles fondly at Bo. “Do you even know what that means?” “I know when you’re up to no good,” she shoots back, clearly still pissed about the whole not-telling-her-about-his-returned-love thing. Dyson sighs and gives her a chiding look for her childish reply before he explains that an initiate has the right to select a Hand or—a companion—for the journey.” Behind Bo, Doctor Lauren stares at Dyson which shocked horror. Whatever he’s offering, she knows the cost and by the look on her face, it’s a doozie. “It’s not like we’re going camping, Dyson,” Bo snaps.

“Does he understand…” Stella whispers to Trick who calmly cuts her off with “the offer has been made. Do you accept,” he asks Bo but she resolutely refuses. Dyson tilts his head with frustration—he knew she would do this—as Kenzi steps up to his side. “Or maybe—” she says to Bo and smacks a hand on Dyson’s shoulder to indicate that Bo should accept his offer. “Kenzi!” Bo reprimands. Kenzi says,“Trick, would you please tell her this is the right thing to do?”

“It is,” Doctor Lauren interjects and everyone turns to the for-the-moment forgotten doctor. Doctor Lauren looks from Bo to Dyson and he and the doc share a strong nonverbal moment. Inhaling deeply, the doc tells Bo to take any advantage. “Dyson will keep you safe,” she declares with confidence. Even the doc knows this to be true. Frowning, Bo looks at Dyson who raises his brows at her. See? Even Doctor Lauren agrees with me. It really seems as though Doctor Lauren expects to have her relationship torn apart by Bo’s Dawning, either by the outcome if Bo should fail and devolve into an Underfae, or even worse, perhaps if Bo should succeed and evolve even further into her Fae nature, possibly to a point where there is no place for her human lover. Whatever her reasons, the doc is practically having a breakdown. Nearly in tears, she steps up to Bo and kisses her deeply and with an odd sense of finality. Dyson watches calmly while Kenzi pats him on the shoulder again, still firmly aligned with Dyson when it comes to Bo’s romantic choices, no matter what verbiage she might offer toward Doctor Lauren. As they pull back from one another and as before in 2.22, Dyson is framed between them, but unlike that episode, this time his gaze is firmly fixed on Bo before it flickers once to Doctor Lauren as she says, “for luck?” Bo: “Believe me, I feel lucky.” The doctor says she’ll see Bo soon. Bo turns to Dyson. “Let’s do it,” she says with all the enthusiasm of approaching a death march.  He indicates that she should precede him and she leads the way to a prepared large bowl that holds several heads of flowers. Choosing one, she places it in another bowl that’s filled with water. As it sinks, it begins to glow and a shiny portal opens up before Bo and Dyson. Bo glances back as the rest of her Faemily once and then together Team Badass enter The Temple for Bo’s Dawning.

The come out of the portal and into—he Dal? (drink!). Dion’s “The Wanderer” is playing (anvil much?) and Bo hurries over to the bar to grab the remote and turn the music off.  On the bar, the model from Stella’s model buffet is on a beer advert tent card. There is a partially drunk mug of beer on the bar as though someone just left. “Well I hope you didn’t forget anything,” Dyson says, which makes no sense. She can’t bring anything, so how could she forget anything? “Temple, huh?” Bo snarks, looking around the bar. “I expected more marble.” She puts the remote down and picks up the tent card. “What, The Dawning couldn’t have sprung for a new bar?” Dyson notes that at least the taps are still working. “Beer?” he offers, gesturing toward the mugs on the bar. But alone now, Bo wants to know what Dyson is doing. “What the hell did you just do back there?”

“The Dawning only happens once in a fae’s life, Bo,” he reminds her, neatly dodging the question, “and no matter how this thing ends, yours is going to be different. So…” he picks up the mug, “might as well share a drink with a friend while you still can, huh?” But Bo wants an answer. “Dyson, why are you here?”

“Been wondering that myself!” a new voice exclaims. A man enters in custodial clothes, pushing a broom before him. Dyson puts the mug down and steps up to cover Bo’s back as she confronts the man. “No offense, pal, but friend or foe?” He suggests they call him The Caretaker. “I’ve been here so long I can’t rightly remember my given name.” Dyson’s head jerks slightly in reaction to this. “My mother wouldn’t approve,” The Caretaker continues, “but I can’t rightly remember my mother’s name either.” He and Dyson look at Bo and The Caretaker chuckles. “The unaligned succubus.” Bo glances over her shoulder and Dyson gives her an I don’t know who he is either look. “Pretty sure that’s my name,” Bo says warily but The Caretaker just natters, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all—and believe me I have.” He casually welcomes her to The Dawning. “See you’ve brought yourself a hero too.” Bo again glances over her shoulder at Dyson who takes a deep breath and shifts on his feet as if bracing for a reveal. “Tip my hat to you if I were wearing one,” The Caretaker says instead. I’m gonna guess he knows exactly whatever it is Dyson’s done here.

“You mind including me in the convo?” Bo interrupts with bite. “It’s kinda my big night.” Dyson agrees and urges The Caretaker to get to the point. “This thing kinda sprung up on Bo and we’d,” here his head gestures pointedly, “like to get it done with.” The Caretaker explains that it’s pretty simple. “Now that you’re in The Temple, you need to get out.” Bo wonders if The Caretaker is there to tell her how “so we can call it a day,” and The Caretaker giggles. “You don’t disappoint, little lady.” I hate the phrase little lady. “You’ve got a real spirit, very funny. Regardless, you still have to find…The Key. The Key you seek unlocks The Portal. Accept The Key in the form it is presented and you’re free. Reject it and—well—imagine slobbering all over the place unable to remember the people you love.” I get the feeling he’s had first-hand experience with that. “Underfae,” Bo sneers. “Got it.”

The Caretaker continues: “Until you find The Key is in hand, you won’t go anywhere,” The Caretaker intones darkly. “Anyhoo!” he chirps out of nowhere. “That’s my time. You’ve been great.” “The Wanderer” song clicks back on,startling Bo and Dyson enough to look around and when they look back, The Caretaker is gone. It’s Dyson’s turn to grab the remote while Bo hurries over to find out where The Caretaker got to. “Well, that was quite the exit,” Dyson says. “So what now?” Bo asks and Dyson shrugs. Neither of them knows what happens next.

Back at The real Dal (drink!), Kenzi sits pensively, idly playing with her hair. Trick comes up and gently offers leftover nachos for her to mange while they wait, but Kenzi claims not to be hungry. Clearly there is something very wrong. Trick asks if she wants to talk and Kenzi immediately takes him up on the offer. “Back when I got that rash from the kitsune and she Kenzi-napped me and yada yada yada, she told me that I could be Fae.” Trick: “Did she now?” Kenzi: “Which isn’t really true, is it?” She seems to both want him to reassure her that it isn’t and at the same time give her the frightening hope that she could be. I thought the kitsune said that while Kenzi had the rash she could have been fae, but I wrote that recap very late at night. There could’ve been dancing unicorns in that cave and I might have missed it. Trick, of course, cuts to the heart of the matter. “What did Stella say to you?” Kenzi flatly relates that Stella told her what happens to humans who are abandoned by the Fae who claimed them. Trick grimaces, ducks his head and sighs heavily. That’s two strikes, Stella. Hers is a common Fae bias, and one Trick shared not so long ago, but he still doesn’t like that she’s wielded it against Kenzi.

He tells Kenzi that she’s not Bo’s pet and she quickly counters that she’s not Fae either. “Bo’s very strong,” Trick reassures. “I have every hope and faith that she’ll…emerge safely.” But Kenzi finally asks what happens to her if Bo doesn’t? “Hale or Dyson could use someone to do chores around the house,” Trick teases. He’s teasing her; obviously he’s not going to update his joke for the possibility that if Bo doesn’t return intact from The Dawning, it’s likely Dyson won’t as well. But his jest is enough to lighten Kenzi’s attitude. “Don’t—play me, homie!” she orders. “I suppose,” Trick says, still smiling, “if Bo weren’t around anymore…I could claim you.” Kenzi looks up surprised and touched. “Get out.”

“Even though I have no right to,” Trick says,” I’ve come to think of you as family, Kenzi. I hope you don’t mind.” Kenzi smiles softly; she so doesn’t mind. “Well, it’s a little presumptuous,” she mock objects, “but, if you must.” They share a beautiful, loving smile. “Then for however long you want it, you have a place in my world,” Trick promises. He leans toward her. “Our world,” he says firmly. Overcome, Kenzi reaches across the table to hug Trick. “Thank you,” she says a little teary. Trick rubs her back in comfort, but free from her scrutiny, he frowns, worried about Stella, worried more about Bo.

It’s a lovely, lovely moment. I don’t think this contradicts what Trick said to Hale earlier in the season about Kenzi not being one of them. He meant it and she’s not. Hale had to be reminded of that harsh truth in order to be The Ash they needed, an Ash who did not have a human intimate. But I think her kidnapping by the kitsune brought home to Trick how much he cares for her and, like Kenzi’s relationship with Dyson, Trick and her bond exists outside of Kenzi’s connection to Bo, as Trick just demonstrated. Though he might have to claim her at some point in Bo’s stead, she would never be his pet. She’s part of the Faemily.

This entire episode is filled with these lovely moments between characters, which makes my cynical recapper’s heart wonder what hell awaits us in the rest of the season.

Moving on. Relieved, Kenzi pulls back to sit in her chair, smoothing her hair and pulling her shields back into place. “So now what?” she asks. “We—we sit and wait?” Trick says no and walks over to the weapons table to lift a sawed-off shotgun and stand at the ready. “We prepare.” To what? Shoot Bo should she come back as an Underfae? What happened to locking her in a cage? Geez, Trick.

Back at the Dream Dal (drink! dreamily!), a roar from beyond the entrance echoes through the bar. Dyson jerks around toward the sound then, with a rare broad smile, he grabs Bo’s hand and tugs her with him as he moves toward the growl. “Wait!” Bo objects. “Where are we going?” “To get your key,” he says as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world. I don’t understand the goofy, except that I think he’s just happy to be back in an adventure with Bo. He leads the way out of The Dream Dal (drink!) and into—ilton Hovel? (drink!). Bo is just as surprised to see where they landed. They both glance back at the door as they tried to make sense of what just happened. On the stove in the kitchen, the tea kettle goes off as though someone just put it on and had to leave. “Okay. Pretty sure my front door never led to The Dal, although some nights I wish it did,” she finishes, frowning as she crosses the room. Dyson looks over at something off screen and incongruously, grins. “Does this seem weird to you?” Bo asks, slowly making her way through the room. “My place, I mean. Everything’s off.” The camera zeroes in on a small painting of Stella’s Model hanging on a pillar.

“Well, to be more honest than a wolf probably should,” Dyson teases with a rakish look, “can’t really remember much else besides your bedroom.” Is he—s Dyson being –playful? What the hell is going on? Also, I APPROVE.

Bo snorts and he steps forward and immediately slams into a magazine floor rack that’s been left in the middle of the room as though someone just kicked it there. “OW!” he grunts and Bo laughs again. “So Karma does exist, huh,” she teases with a friendly pat on his arm. “Funny,” he shoots back smiling. I HAVE MISSED THEM TOGETHER LIKE THIS SO MUCH!!!  Ahem.

There’s another growl, this time from the stairwell that leads to Bo’s room. Dyson glances in its direction and then back at Bo. “This way,” he says with an eyebrow waggle. He takes her hand and again tugs her toward the noise. “Wait, dude!” Bo objects. “Why are you pulling me towards the danger?”

“Guardian has The Key. We need to get it,” he points out. Wait, where did the whole “Guardian” thing come from? Think that’s an editing room mishap or that Dyson somehow has foreknowledge? “You’re awful chipper,” Bo snits, “me being so close to death and all.” I thought she was close to devolving into an Underfae, which I guess is a fate worse than death, but whatever. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” Dyson says with quiet sincerity. He holds out his hand. “Trust me.” She does, she always has, she knows that’ll never change and has repeatedly admitted so. And, apparently, she doesn’t object to his vowing not to let anything happen to her as, with a wary look, she playfully puts her hand into his outstretched one and lets him lead her onward.

Only to immediately be confronted with some horned Underfae who growls in their faces. “Stay back,” Dyson orders, shielding Bo with his body. “No,” she (typically) objects, pulling him out of his way. “This is my fight. Hey ugly,” she confronts the Underfae. “Use your words.” With a snarl, the Underfae rears back to strike her. At the last moment, Dyson slips in front of her to take the claws full on in his chest.  The Underfae streaks past them and out the front door as Bo gapes at Dyson gasping with horror. She whirls him around to check his wounds. “I’m okay. I’m okay,” he assures her and lopes after the Underfae, Bo trotting behind him.

They burst out of Hilton Hovel (drink!), and into—he boxing gym where Dyson works out. He winces over his wounds as he reconnoiters the room. Bo stumbles in behind him and pauses just inside the threshold. Next to the door dangles the receiver of a landline wall phone as though someone just dropped it. Bo takes a step toward the desk where a jump rope also dangles as though someone just tossed it there. On the wall is a calendar featuring Stella’s Model, now bikini-clad. Surrounding the calendar are old boxing flyers, the one to the left with the headline FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

Breathing hard, Bo snaps at Dyson, “I appreciate the help, but stop cock-blocking me!” (My closed-caption hilariously says “cop-blocking”).  “I guess a thousand years of chivalry is hard to shake,” he groans in apology. Behind him, the heavy boxing bag sways slightly back and forth as though someone just brushed it as they ran by. Mollified, Bo sidles over to check the slashes on his chest. “Did it ever occur to you I don’t need taking care of?” she asks with less bite. Her hands hover over his wounds as though afraid to touch them lest she hurt him more and her breath gets choppy again as her eyes well up with distress. “I know,” he returns softly and clasps her hands in silent reassurance that he’s okay. She raises his eyes to his. “I just wanted to be here,” he admits.

She rolls practically her entire body in frustration. “Why?!” she demands, the same question she’s been asking since they entered The Temple. She knows the answer, but she wants him to say it; for once she wants to hear the words directly from him. Not Kenzi. Not Tamsin. Only Dyson.

And he gives her the answer she’s been waiting for, for a long time. “Because I love you,” he confesses totally without artifice. FINALLY!! That took too damn long, show! He’s successfully managed to stun though not surprising Bo into silence. “Was that so hard to say?” she asks with hard deliberation while still holding hands. “You’re with (Doctor) Lauren now,” he points out unhappily. “I can’t say I like it, but I respect it.” I’m so glad he admitted he doesn’t like it. There’s been too much “Bo’s happy” and “I’m glad you’re in a good place together” stuff with him trying to put a good face on it. A little honest “it actually sucks the big one even if it is the reality we’re living with at the moment” is refreshing, much like Kenzi’s earlier silent re-alignment with Dyson.

Without hesitation, Bo punches him in the shoulder. “OW! God, I’m not going to be much help if I’m crippled.” Bo is working herself up into a right proper tirade. “You’re not going to be much help to me either if you’re pining over me, you moron!” The solution to that is easy: GO BACK TO HIM AND THERE WILL BE NO PINING. Duh! Plus, he’s been “pining” over you all season and has yet been outstandingly and repeatedly helpful, so there’s that.

But this pings for Bo too because she knows him better than that. “Wait. Is this some sort of suicide mission? Some kind of male-honor bullshit?!” (closed captions say “honour.” Hee.)

I will never understand why masculinity is depicted as inherently threatening to Bo's power or independence, nor why, outside of not wanting to see a loved injured on her behalf, it is such a horrible thing that Dyson loves her so much he willingly puts his body in front of her to take the hints and wounds meant for Bo.  Not that he thinks Bo can’t handle it, but that she doesn’t always have to on her own. Even just now, Dyson has said he knows she can take care of herself and repeatedly has demonstrated this belief by stepping out of her way and letting her do the ass-kicking. Dyson empowers her and backs her play more than anyone but Kenzi. When the hell did this become something to be derided and scorned? When did it become bad to defend your partner? Dyson can handle his own shit, and yet Bo has come to his rescue more than once. You don’t hear him lamenting that he can take care of himself. He’s not threatened by a strong woman – he is drawn to her as an equal partner.

“I’m here because I want to be,” Dyson non-answers. “Why?!” Bo demands again. Yeesh, broken record much?  “Because you would have done the same for me,” Dyson answers in THAT VOICE as he crosses the distance between them. “’Cause, in the last three years, I’ve learned more from you than I have in the first 1500 from every other person I’ve met. Even if I can’t have you,” he says painfully, ducking his head to look at their clasped hands. “Even if I can’t be with the woman that I love with every ounce of my being,” he whispers, heart in full display. Bo starts to tear up, overwhelmed with too many emotions, an almost audible Oh Dyson on her face. Seriously, there’s so much happening there, I can’t nail one emotion down to describe. Excellent work by AS.

Dyson shakes his head and smiles with a hard exhale. “Look, I’m just a wolf,” he jokes badly, “standing before a succubus, asking her to— ” His retreat from vulnerability into light humor pulls Bo out of her stupor. “A-HOLE!” she shouts, punching him back before he can get the last part of the quote “to love me” out. Groaning, he stumbles back across the room. Dyson raises a finger weakly. “I deserved that,” he grunts when he finally gets some air back. Bo is crying now and beyond frustration. “You are the most—frustrating, stubborn, ass face that I have ever met.” He loves you too, kiddo. “Hey, I don’t like me much either, trust me,” he gibes with sincerity, ending in a chuckle as he cradles his chest over his heart.

“Stop it,” she demands, pursuing him across the room. “Stop being so charming.” It’s true, he’s being ridiculously, annoyingly charming. “This isn’t the time, okay? I will kill you,” she finishes, openly crying as she slaps at him. When he just stands before her and takes it she starts to calm down though still breathes heavily with strong emotion. Her expression is equal parts confusing, misery, and frustrated love. “So what happens now?” she asks. I think she wants him to tell her what to do so she can blame him for her decision, but he won’t do it. “Nothing,” he replies. “But ask me again in a hundred years.” And taking her face in his hands he kisses her, not for a feed, not to get one over on Doctor Lauren (I’m pretty sure she’s the last thought in either of their minds at the moment), but simply because he loves her and is driven to show that love one last time.

He truly expects nothing and I think he expects not to survive her Dawning, which makes the “what happens now” matter moot. Either way, he’s releasing her to make a choice or to stay with the choice she’s already made. He’s not telling her he loves her to change her mind or win her back. He’s telling her because it’s the truth; it’s his truth, no hidden agenda, just a matter of fact. And if he doesn’t make it through her Dawning, as I increasingly think he genuinely believes he won’t, he wants her to know it, to know that he died willingly for her so that she could continue to live what he’s been led to believe is a happy life with Doctor Lauren.

Naturally, the moment he kisses her, the Underfae rises up out of nowhere, funnily enough framed between their kiss the same way Dyson was framed in Bo and Doctor Lauren’s kiss. Dyson roars and immediately takes a defensive position in front of Bo who, still reeling from Dyson’s kiss, can only gape as the Underfae punches him across the chest, right across the bloody grooves, knocking Dyson across the room where he rolls on the floor cradling his chest in pain. Turning on the still immobile Bo, the Underfae tosses her without resistance into the row of lockers on the wall. Grabbing her foot, he drags her across the room. Bo kicks at him, and the Underfae drops an old metal key on the ground as he falls. Bo scrambles past him to grab the key with a chortle of glee, but as Dyson struggles to his feet to help, the Underfae grabs Bo again and the two disappear before his eyes. “Bo!” Dyson lopes off though the door after her—only to wind up looping right back in the boxing gym’s entrance. This time, The Caretaker is there and he’s playing some kind of Backgammon meets Cribbage game. “Where’s Bo?!” Dyson demands. “Her subconscious is such an extraordinary playground,” The Caretaker observes. So we’ve confirmation that we are indeed in Bo’s subconscious…and that The Caretaker is playing around in it. “I can’t wait to watch the next part unfold.”

Dyson objects that The Dawning should be over. “She grabbed the key; I saw it!” he shouts. If so, that’s a damn disappointing Dawning for all its advanced hype. The Caretaker corrects that Bo grabbed “a” key. “Big difference.” He rolls his dice as Dyson growls, “I have to find her! I have to go after her!” and then hilariously mimics him. “I have to go. I have to find her.” Dyson silently snarls as The Caretaker says, “Don’t you get it? We’re moving on. Or at least Bo is.” This is clearly in reference to Bo progressing on through The Dawning while Dyson is stuck here in a composite of his boxing gym. Stuck the way The Caretaker is stuck after having made the same choice as Dyson long ago. Dyson strides over to the table, slams his hands down on it and shouts, “WHERE IS SHE?!” The Caretaker is unmoved.

Cut to the cop shop where Dream Detective Lauren slaps a folder down on a desk and takes her seat. “Morning partner,” Detective Bo says with an arch look. Dream Detective Lauren ignores Bo and her greeting as she studies her computer screen with a small, reserved smile. It’s interesting that Bo sits at what is typically Dyson’s side of the desk while Dream Detective Lauren takes what has been Hale and Tamsin’s side. Also, wow, they’ve finally found the clothes that can make even this pair of beautiful women look bad because those uniforms are hideous (and also not what detectives wear).

It’s interesting that the moment Bo moves on into the alternative fantasy world, the subtle hints of someone moving just one step ahead of her—the half drunk beer mug, the whistling tea kettle, the swinging phone receiver, the dangling jump rope, the swaying heavy bag—stop.

“Bo,” Dream Detective Lauren chirps as if just noticing that she was there. “You’re looking kind of—pale. Did you and Jason break up?” Her tone of voice is distant and polite. “Oh, God, can we not today?” Bo asks with annoyance. “I am so tired.” Dream Detective Lauren asks if Bo had the bad dream again and Bo confirms it. “And no—you weren’t in it,” she says with a sharp smile. Dream Detective Lauren smiles a bit and then asks if Bo’s dream included the monster again. “Yeah,” Bo muses and shakes her head. “It’s chasing me or I’m chasing it. But anyway.” She pulls a bottle of prescription meds from the desk drawer and downs a few. “You know,” Dream Detective Lauren remembers idly, “there was a time I would be in your dreams to save you.” Bo gives her a look. “I never needed saving,” she reminds Dream Detective Lauren. “You know, you don’t have to read into everything I say,” Dream Detective Lauren suggests. “You don’t want me anymore. That’s fine. I’m just trying to help.” Bo studies her for a moment. “Can’t you just be happy for me?” she wonders. “I am,” Dream Detective Lauren insists.

Dream Detective Lauren points to the folder she put on Bo’s desk and tells her that CI (confidential informant for those of you who’ve never seen an episode of Law & Order) that Bo has been grooming to testify got cold feet. Bo snatches up the folder but opens it to find a mug shot of her mother Aoife.  Now I’m wondering if all those shots in The Temple of Stella’s Model were Bo’s subconscious producing a recently seen brunette for her mother until she went deep enough to visualize Aoife herself. Bo frowns at the picture. “Wrong file,” she grouses. She moans wearily and sets it aside as she tells Dream Detective Lauren that they are so close on this. “She is our only key.” This gives her pause. “Key,” she repeats thoughtfully. Dream Detective Lauren looks up. Did you say something? “I mean ‘lead’” Bo corrects. “On the case. Without her we have no way to takedown The Family.” She gets up to go into the interrogation room but pauses next to Dream Detective Lauren. “Just so you know, I was in it for the long haul.” This applies to both the real Doctor Lauren and Dyson. “It wasn’t my fault,” Dream Detective Lauren insists. “But you still gave your love away,” Bo accuses. I can’t believe this sentiment is solely meant for the real Dyson because he didn’t give his love away, it was brutally taken by The Norn (Freaking Norn!) through trickery, and though I do believe Bo still bears scars from that, she never once has thought Dyson willingly wrecked their lives. I think she’s using “gave” deliberately for both loves as Doctor Lauren has repeatedly given her love both to NotComaNadia and to science over Bo. My take is that Dream Detective Lauren is a composite of those things Bo doesn’t like about both her lovers. Doctor Lauren’s cold reserve and casual cruelness and Detective Dyson’s position of authority in a rule-following vocation.

Bo enters the interrogation room and sits across from a notably subdued Kenzi who is wearing a tee-shirt under a summer dress. Bo says she knows Kenzi wants to do the right thing. “I want out of this life,” Kenzi says fervently. “My old life.” Bo promises that if she talks to the jury, she can help all the victims the family preyed on.  “You said that I would be safe. I don’t feel a whole lot of safe anymore!” I think this is Bo processing what the kitsune did to Kenzi when she, Bo, having vowed to keep Kenzi safe in the Fae world, failed to do so. “MacKenzie!” Detective Bo shouts. “You are safe. I promised that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, that I would protect you.” Hey! Stop infringing on Kenzi’s power as a woman, Detective Bo! She doesn’t need your protection. She can take care of herself.  Stop cock-blocking her! Oh, wait, no, that’s only when it’s Dyson being horribly protective, the rat bastard. Naturally, it doesn’t apply to you. When you do it, it’s noble and good. My bad.

“You’re leaving me,” MacKenzie accuses quietly. “I’m not leaving you!” Detective Bo denies but then backtracks, “this department –” but MacKenzie cuts her off. “You made me believe you!” she accuses in a broken voice. “Because you can,” Detective Bo insists. “My boss will take care of you, MacKenzie, I swear.” Bo believes that Trick will take care of Kenzi when she can’t, and we’ve already seen that Trick outwardly believes it too.

Back in the Dream Gym, The Caretaker claps his hands and asks “how’s it going so far, Hero? Is it everything you expected?” Dyson vows that this is what he was meant to do. “Fascinating,” The Caretaker mocks, “you were meant to do this? Or did you have to?”

“Are you trying to goad me?” Dyson wonders. The Caretaker says they both know how this is going to end, “for you.” Without Bo there, Dyson can allow his misery to show. Defeated, he hangs his head and his knees buckle as even his shoulder slouch. Yeah, he knows how it’s going to end and is resigned to it. “In The Temple,” The Caretaker offers, “time is immaterial. Aren’t you at all curious of what life you could create here?” Dyson’s head jerks up. What are you talking about? “Even if it’s an illusion?” The Caretaker finishes.

Back in the Dream Cop Shop, Bo comes back from getting coffee or whatever to find MacKenzie is gone. “Chief!” she calls as Trick comes around the corner. “Where is she?!” Chief Trick says that Bo got MacKenzie to cooperate with them, “and then we had to let her go.” Bo insists there has to be something else they can do, “I promised.” Chief Trick tells her that she’ll find another, “they’re a dime a dozen. When are you going to learn to play by the rules.” Oh, now we’re getting to the heart of it. “By what rules?” Bo asks. “Whose rules?!” “She’s not one of us!” Chief Trick shouts. “She never will be. We’ve got a job to do and if it comes down to protecting some kind of street rat or one of us?!” He spreads his arms and gives her a there’s no contest look. This is Bo’s fear, that despite what Trick says, once she’s gone, Kenzi will be left to fend for herself in the Fae world. “Then I’m not so sure I want to be one of us,” Bo snarls. That is her constant conflict stated right from the start of this episode “just when I think I can get on board with all things Fae…”

A Prius (of course it’s a Prius) pulls into the driveway of a lovely two-storied home, which is oddly out of place with the one-story cottages surrounding it. Bo gets out of the car and is greeted by her neighbor—a border-line manic Tamsin. “Hiya neighbor!” she singsongs, waving the pruning shares she’s using to cut the heads off her flowers. Notably, Tamsin’s fingers are stained with blood. For some reason, now I have an ear worm of “we’re painting the roses red” backed by the insistent call of “off with her head!” Bo peers warily at Tamsin. “Great day for a wander!” she chirps as she snip snips the flowers and then sniffs one with the crazy eyes. So that’s our, what, second Wanderer reference tonight?

Bo enters her home and picks up a stack of mail, flipping through bills as the back door shuts. “Hey hon,” Doctor Dyson greets her warmly, setting the take out bag on the table. He asks how work was for her and she moans that she’s been driving around looking for MacKenzie. “You?” Doctor Dyson: “Ah, delivered twins, emergency transfusion for the mom,” he holds up the bag, “picked up Indian for dinner.” Bo’s shoulders drop with relief. “Ah. My hero.” Wow. I didn’t think KHR could get more attractive but, boy howdy, did he and the writers choose the right pieces to build Doctor McFantasy here. Hoo. Shah. Also, I think this composite is of the things Bo most loves about her two loves, Doctor Lauren’s doctor care and her tendency to nerd out and Dyson mile wide protective streak, despite her outwardly objections. She also trusts him implicitly from the moment she first met him even when she didn’t much like him.

Bo looks down at the coffee table where a plate of chocolate-chip cookies sits beside a magazine called Domestic Daydreams (ANVIL ALERT. WE GEDDIT) that features a white, suburban housewife hoisting her laundry basket with a smile—who just happens to be Aoife. “I see Bitchy Crocker’s been at it again,” she sneers. HA! “Yeah, and don’t eat those,” Doctor Dyson advises. “They’ve got cinnamon in them, which will react to your anti-psychotics.” What the huh now? Why is Dream Bo on anti-psychotics? Oh, this is Bo's subconscious processing Doctor Lauren's constant “treatments” of her “condition” or “situation” with shots and "antidotes” as though she can medicate her nature away. Got it.

“Nerd Alert,” Bo teases with affection. “Really?” Doctor Dyson replies, entertained (and adorable).  “Well I thought Tamsin was being awfully neighborly to bring them by,” he teases as Bo wraps her arms around his neck. “Well, it’s funny how she always seems to stop by when I’m at work.” Doctor Dyson asks if she’s jealous and she asks if she should be. “Never,” he says. He asks if she’s taking her meds and, with a frown, Bo says she is but she’s thinking she’d like to stop. “Bo,” Doctor Dyson says. “I’m a doctor, and as you so often say, an amazing doctor.” This is what she’s said to Doctor Lauren more than once in real life. “Also sexy,” Bo teases and Doctor Dyson chuckles. “But I wouldn’t have prescribed them if you didn’t need them.” Bo complains that the pills do weird shit to her brain. Doctor Dyson raises their clasped hands. “Well, your brain did some really weird shit before. Do you remember?” Bo frowns and closes her eyes. “Actually, I don’t,” she admits with some distress. “It’s my job to protect you,” Doctor Dyson says. “You trust me, right?” Bo smiles broadly. “Yeah,” she says with deep conviction. This is what she’s said more than once to Dyson in real life. The Doctor Dyson composite is her dream lover/spouse, the best parts of Doctor Lauren and Dyson combined—an impossible dream. I think—I  dunno—ow, my brain hurts.

“Well then you have nothing to worry about,” Doctor Dyson assures her. “We have a perfect life.” ANVIL ALERT. Bo smiles again and murmurs agreement as he touches his forehead to hers. Oh, it’s been so long since they’ve done that! “I don’t want it to end,” he murmurs and she hums agreement. Oh crap, of course it has to end. Man, I enjoyed that. I don’t even care that it’s a fantasy; it’s a damn good fantasy. Kick ass cop for Bo, nurturing protecting doctor for Dyson. I’d watch that show for sure. But soon she’d be sleeping with her partner and he’d be fighting with the hospital chair who’s secretly her grandfather and season two would kill all our joy, so maybe it’s better we don’t go there.

Also, Dyson’s been called hero too many times tonight, ditto for protector and “trust me.” I’m getting worried.

They kiss, framed in the window, until Bo collapses without warning. She tells a concerned Doctor Dyson that she just got a little dizzy. The knowledge of her pregnancy is right there on her face, which is also why she said she wanted off the anti-psychotics. She goes off to get some water, but as she rounds the corner, she’s back in the white satin nightgown.

She slowly walks down a hallway to a nursery where a man sits in a rocker before a lavish, old-school round bassinet. He hums a lullaby to the baby in his lap. “Sleep, sweet girl,” he tells the baby. “You have so much ahead of you. I’ve waited so long to have you in my arms.” “Gang awa’ peerie faeries,” he sings. Bo starts to sway as she slowly sings along. She closes her eyes and smiles, awash in memories as she hums along with the man but as he sings the lullaby’s end, “Fare oor Ben noo,” she comes back to herself as his identity dawns on her. “Dad?!” she whispers. (It’s a Gaelic lullaby, by the way, and you can thank the closed-captions for the words).

Bo’s father lays the sleeping baby in the bassinet and tells the nursemaid that if Isabeau needs anything, “doesn’t matter when doesn’t matter what,” she’s to let him know. It’s clear the Dawning has resurrected this memory from deep in Bo’s subconscious. The warm red gold light darkens and then the dream blue —succubus blue—surrounds Bo and fills the room. She watches in horror as the nursemaid has her throat cut by a recently-escaped Aoife. She leans over the bassinet. “He doesn’t get to keep you,” she tells BabyBo softly and gathers the baby up. “Aoife,” Bo gasps, crying. BabyBo cries out and Bo’s hand immediately goes to her stomach to cradle hers and Doctor Dyson’s baby and she gasps and cries. I can’t imagine how emotional this must have been for AS to play if she knew she was pregnant when they filmed this episode.

The screen fades to white light and Bo voiceovers “I’m pregnant,” and we’re back in the cold open (yay!) when Bo shows Doctor Dyson the stick and tells him she’s pregnant. They embrace, as before, clutching each other tightly. “This is amazing!” he exclaims and Bo agrees. “I can’t believe it!” “Are you sure this is what you want?” Doctor Dyson asks intently. “What you really want, Bo.” She looks at him a little baffled of course it’s what I want, but before she can answer, she cries out and doubles over gripped by a massive pain in her belly that sends her to the ground as the pregnancy stick falls ominously to the floor. Oh look, she has pink toes!

“Okay, just breathe!” Dyson shouts, “Just –” he stops, blinking, and the baby’s cries echo faintly. “No I’m—not a doctor.” “What?!” Bo gasps and the baby cries again. “I— can’t help you,” Dyson says painfully, (probably his worst nightmare) as Bo’s acute distress and the baby’s cry is enough to break Dyson loose of the illusion The Caretaker created to show Dyson what he could do when trapped forever in The Temple. I don’t think Dyson agreed to it, certainly he never did on screen. It would be totally against his nature to do so, not to mention that he entered The Temple determined to see out the consequences of his choice in order to see Bo successful leave, not to trap her there with him. He visibly comes to his senses and clearly was as deluded by this illusion as Bo. This one was all The Caretaker and possibly deliberately designed to act against Bo and thwart her by designing her perfect life she so secretly longs for in order to distract her from her journey. Maybe. The metaphysics are pretty jumbled here. Ow. Brain pain.

“What are you talking about?!” Bo yells. But Dyson is back to being Dyson and quickly figures out what’s going on. “We’re too late,” he says, his rage and worry increasing with every word. “You’re devolving. You’re becoming Underfae. You said this wouldn’t hurt her!” I’m not sure who he’s shouting at here, I assume it’s The Caretaker but—ow. Confused, Dream Bo lunges for her pills but Dyson snatches them from her. “No, no!” Bo pleads that she needs them. “No you don’t!” he shouts and, enraged as he realizes how badly he’s been played, he flings them across the room. “You don’t need any of this, none of this is real!” Bo struggles toward him, doubled-over in pain. Dyson kneels before her and clasps her hands. “That’s not our baby in your belly,” he tells her emotionally. She grabs his shoulder and with one hand to her head, eases down to the floor to kneel with him. “That’s what you’ll become if you don’t get out of here right now!” he shouts. Still writhing in pain, Bo struggles to make sense of what he’s saying when the Underfae growls from right outside their bedroom.

With effort, Bo comes back to her real self. “Oh Dyson,” she gasps. He cradles her head. “Bo, remember,” he exhorts. “I’m just a wolf, standing before –” “in front of a succubus,” she finishes, grasping his wrists as she remembers. “That’s right! Come on,” he says, raising her to her feet. “We’ve got to find your key.” Back in form, Bo remembers that The Caretaker said that, “when the key was in hand.” Dyson’s face shifts with realization. Bo reads him easily and recoils with full understanding “In my Hand,” she repeats.

“Only one may leave,” Dyson says. Breathing hard, Bo is already shaking her head. “No,” she says low and quiet and mean. “Say it,” he demands. “No,” she grits. “Bo,” he says calmly and grabs both her hands in his. “I am The Key.” “No,” she moans, finally breaking down and sobbing. “NO!” she repeats over and over. Frustrated, Dyson releases her and snatches a dagger from the dresser. (Handy.) He turns back to her. “If you don’t, we’ll both die in here.” “Shut up!” she snarls at him, back to Dyson in denial, hands clutched in her own hair. He grabs her wrist —“Come here!”—and pulls her around to force the dagger into her hand and press the point against his chest. “It’s the only way,” he tells her flatly. “There’s never only one way,” she snaps back. “Do it,” he orders. “Now. Before everyone loses you forever.”

Bo starts to cry again and Dyson sees he needs to try a different tact. “Bo,” he pleads and puts his hands on her shoulders. “None of this is real,” he assures and his effort to smile is painful to watch. “Trust me.” Oh no. Bo looks down at the blade still aimed at him. “Oh,” she cries. Shaking her head she meets his eyes, “I can’t!” Outside their door, the Underfae growls again and Dyson knows they are out of time. He makes a final, horrible decision. “Then I’m just going to have to rip that baby out of your belly myself,” he threatens and wolfs out. Without a second though, Bo stabs him, the lingering maternal nature overpowering even her love for Dyson to protect her child—fantasy or not. Dyson grunts and grabs her shoulder as he falls back to his knees. Mouth agape with horror, her hand still on the dagger’s hilt, Bo collapses with him to the floor. Sobbing, she cradles his head with one hand. “No, it’s not real, right?!” she sobs, hovering over him. “It’s not real! It’s not real!” But Dyson knows it is very real. He sifts his fingers through her hair. “That’s my girl,” he murmurs with his last breath. Dyson dies. Bo succumbs to overwhelming grief.

Okay, that is the worst line I have ever written in my short recapper career. I do not want to have to write it again, show.

Crouched over Dyson, Bo sobs, “this isn’t happening.”  Their bedroom door opens and The Caretaker slowly enters. “I didn’t think you had it in you,” he admits. “Bring him back,” she demands and when Bo gets that vicious look on her face, you’d better do what she says— pronto. The Caretaker claims that he can’t and Bo collapses into sobs again over Dyson. “None of this is real,” she sobs, hoping, praying it’s true. “Except the part where he gave up his corporeal life,” The Caretaker tells her. Bo’s head whips around WHAT DID YOU SAY? and The Caretaker finishes, “when he offered himself as your Hand.” So Dyson did know all along that he wouldn’t make it out of The Temple. Two people can enter The Temple, but only one can leave The Dawning,” he informs her. “I should know. I came here myself eons ago with someone to help her through. To regret it now would only be a judgment on myself.” Let me say now that if it turns out that The Caretaker has really been older, trapped Dyson all along, I will go KIERSTEN SMASH on—on—well, on my keyboard I guess as it’s the only thing here. But you know what I mean! (That’s not a hint, show!)

“I also knew what I was doing,” he says. Bo turns back to Dyson. “He knew?” she asks brokenly. “And he succeeded,” The Caretaker confirms. “Oh, Dyson,” Bo sobs. “He’s stuck here forever,” The Caretaker observes, not unkindly. “Know how that feels.” Slowly, Bo lifts her bloody hand from Dyson’s wound and displays The Key, which just happens to have the same Pi-like symbol that Trick painted on her forehead before she entered The Temple. “Ah, The Key,” The Caretaker says with a creepy smile. The swirly blue energy of a portal opens before Bo. “There you go, succubus,” The Caretaker says. “You’re free to leave.”

The first thing Bo does is try to lift Dyson to drag him with her through the portal. Yeah, good luck with that, lovie. “Try to take him with you,” The Caretaker warns, “and The Temple will claim you as its own forever! Both of you!” Bo looks between the portal and Dyson. “Not that I wouldn’t mind the company,” The Caretaker adds. Okay, so he’s not likely to be Dyson. Phew. Bo raises The Key before her as she repeats The Caretaker’s original instructions. “You won’t get out until you find The Key in hand. My Hand,” she repeats with conviction.

Smiling, she looks up at the portal and then down at Dyson. I get it now, Dyson. The Caretaker urges her to go on through the portal. “Not without him,” she snarls. “It’s against the rules!” The Caretaker objects. Dyson is her Hand, he is the key to her Dawning, and his death is the means by which she realizes her true nature is to be true to her own path, to live the life she chooses. And now she holds the key in her hand, she holds his life in her hand, and she’s not leaving without him. In perfect truth to her nature, when faced with having to abandon him she instead refuses to allow the rules to keep him from her even in death/limbo.

“You see, that’s the thing,” she tells The Caretaker. “I’ve never been big on rules. That is who I am,” she states with conviction as the epiphany arrives. “That is my true self.” Mind made up, she turns her attention back to Dyson and, newly inspired, uses some of his blood to draw the Pi symbol, the symbol of her true self, on the floor next to him. If she can’t take him to the portal, then she’ll bring the portal to Dyson. As soon as she draws the last line, the symbol begins to glow with the red gold light. Bo grins to see it. “There’s always another way,” she repeats with satisfaction. “No!” The Caretaker shouts. “This place can be vengeful,” he warns. “You don’t know what will happen!”

“Trust me!” Bo flings Dyson’s mantra at The Caretaker over her shoulder and smiles with full conviction. “He’s worth it.” WE KNOW. THANKS FOR REMEMBERING. She grabs Dyson’s wrist and slaps her free hand in the center of her symbol and together, they disappear.

Back in The real Dal, Stella and Trick quietly confer while Doctor Lauren and Kenzi hold themselves up at the bar. The cameras pulls back from them to reveal Bo in the foreground, sobbing anew over Dyson’s dead body (second worse thing I’ve had to type!) “Trick!” she shouts desperately checking Dyson over for signs of life. “I need help! I need help!” They all hurry over, Doctor Lauren asking what happened as Kenzi drops down on the other side of Dyson. “D-man!” She grabs his head in her hands and pats his face frantically. “He sacrificed himself for your victory,” Stella intones. Bo both gapes up at her. “You knew. Didn’t you?” Trick softly explains that it was Dyson’s choice.

“Oh no, Trick,” Bo sobs, “No. No. Not like this. Not like this,” she cries over and over. Kenzi starts to get upset now too, and Doctor Lauren shoves her out of the way to check Dyson’s pulse and begin CPR. Bo continues to break down. “No, this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” In hysterics now, completely wrecked, her hands to her head to pull at her hair with growing desperation as she stumbles to her feet without ever taking her eyes off of Dyson. Doctor Lauren looks up at her and shakes her head, confirming Dyson’s death. “Oh no. No. Maybe it’s not real,” Bo cries desperately, arms akimbo. Alarmed, Doctor Lauren rises to her feet.

Bo gasps one more time and then goes suddenly quiet. The Winds of Power ripples through The Dal (drink!) and her eyes go succubus blue. A wicked, satisfied smile creases Bo’s face as her body pulses with red gold light and she gets her full Galadriel-moment going. “I will reign,” she intones with the over-processed voice of the Super Succubus, “as he did. For I am his daughter. Together, we will bridle the masses and ride them to victory. Even death will fear us.” Hers eyes glow white blue with power and her body glows red gold with so much power it details the lines of her skeleton. She opens her mouth and sucks chi from Stella, Trick, Kenzi, and Doctor Lauren –all at the same time.

After a few seconds, she stops without killing any of them. Kenzi and Doctor Lauren collapse to the floor while Stella and Trick double over coughing, which I like as it shows how much more the two humans are affecting than the two Fae. “Only I will choose who lives,” Super Bo finishes her manifesto with an evil smile. She turns her head, opens her mouth again, and effortlessly  pours all their collective chi into Dyson. I’m not sure, but I think this is the first time any of those four have seen or even realized that Bo can feed chi back into people. They are, appropriately, completely gobsmacked.

Dyson convulses into consciousness and coughs himself clear as Stella and Trick did when Bo finishes reviving him. Clasping her stomach and wide-eyed with shock and more than a little fear, Kenzi stares at Dyson. Freed from her spell by the shock of Dyson’s resurrection, Bo drops to the floor next to him and cradles his head in her hands as she smiles beautifully. In the background, Kenzi starts to cry as she watches them. Dyson frowns up at Bo, confused, but delighted to see her. “Hey you!” he says reaching up to lovingly cup her cheek. “Hey,” Bo replies then again with a mix of relieved tears and laughter, “hey!” It’s a gorgeous reenactment of the way they used to greet one another at the end of season one. (“Hey beautiful!” “Hey you”). ILoveItILoveItILoveItILoveItILoveIt.

The camera angle changes to go down to their level as Bo and Dyson continue to stare into each other’s eyes, oblivious for the moment to anyone else, including Doctor Lauren who is now framed in between them. Her face is heart-breaking, a devastating picture of a rude awakening. There’s so much going on there! Her gaze flickers from Dyson (oh my God, he’s alive) to Bo (oh my God, she brought him back to life) as her stunned science brain tries to make sense of the resurrection she just watched Bo perform. There’s awe and fear for and of Bo, awe from the science and fear from the woman whose lover just raped her chi to resurrect her rival. Not to mention the whole “we will reign” thing.

And then there’s the personalBo’s hands are on his chest over Dyson’s heart as though she has to keep feeling his heartbeat to reassure herself that he’s alive.Both of them are gasping with effort and emotion. With a heavy sigh, Dyson drops his head back to the floor as Bo looks up at Doctor Lauren, her face awash with joy. It’s okay, he’s alive. And Doctor Lauren’s face falls. Bo checks Kenzi over her shoulder, smiling, crying, as joyful as she was moments ago wrecked, as Dyson groans beneath her hands (not like that! not yet.) Dyson lifts his head to check Kenzi himselfBo looks into his face again, his very alive, awake face, and finally completely overcome, drops her head to his chest and lets go.

Later, at the bar, Bo and Kenzi share, what amounts for them to a quiet drink. Kenzi is slumped on the bar and wearily runs her finger around the rim of her glass. “(Doctor) Lauren will take good care of Dyson, right?” Kenzi asks in an exhausted voice. “She is a doctor,” Bo reminds her playfully. “Right!” Kenzi whispers, sitting upright. “So!” Bo chimes with a pointed glance at Trick’s sawed-off shotgun on the bar before them. “That was Plan B?” Kenzi tells her not to worry. “As if I’d let Trick put you down,” she assures, and pulls out the shotgun shells she took from the gun. “I’ve seen Old Yeller,” she jokes in a drawl as Bo giggles. “I’ve know what’s up.” Bo asks what if she’d come out different, and Kenzi reminds her that she didn’t. “I’m just—I’m just so glad you’re back,” she says emotionally and they hug one another. “I don’t know how I’d expected to feel!” Bo reveals. “I didn’t expect to feel so— gooey!” Kenzi admits. “But I’ve never been Succubus Kissed before.” Ah, it was a tad more than a kiss there, but whatever. “Now I know what the big dealio is,” she teases. “Well, I had to do it,” Bo retorts lightly. “To save him,” she adds more resolutely. That’s her apology there. “I know,” Kenzi replies, clearly forgiving her for it. Besides Bo, Dyson is probably the one other person for whom Kenzi feels such a sacrifice is worth it.

“Now I know how to control it.” That was control?! I mean, sure you stopped before you killed anyone, but do you even remember what you said? What you learned? Is no one having a pow wow as to what the hell just happened?! Guess not. “You, my dear, have evolved! I’m so proud of you!” Kenzi chirps. They clinked and sip.

“It’s like I understand something I didn’t get before,” Bo continues. “I feel—” She pauses. “Like…high?” Kenzi suggests. “Yeah, kinda,” Bo agrees. “I think I need to take a walk,” she says. “Alone, if that’s okay.” Kenzi objects that Bo still hasn’t told her about the kiss, by which I’m guessing she means Tamsin. Really?! That’s what you want to know most? Not how your metaphoric brother wound up dead on your best friend’s vision quest? Come on.

Bo gently tells Kenzi that she just needs some time to think. “Of course,” Kenzi whispers and they smooch. “No probs,” Kenzi sing songs sadly after Bo is gone. I think there’s more reaction happening there than she’s willing to let Bo see at the moment. Stella chooses that moment to enter the bar. With a haughty look, Kenzi lifts her glass and turns her back, giving Stella the cut direct. Stella pauses in the doorway and sighs, but then exits without a word to descend into Tolkien’s Lair (drink!). Once she’s turned away, Kenzi looks over her shoulder to watch Stella depart, and when she turns back around so her face is in camera  whoa. That is not a friendly look at all!

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Trick noisily undoes the chains that bind the contents within a large chest and is lifting the fur beneath it when he hears Stella’s on the stairs. He quickly replaces the fur and closes the chest. “That’s an amazing girl you’ve got there,” Stella admires as she enters. Seriously, nobody is worried about what they saw/experienced when everyone freaked out about it in S2E22? “I’ve never seen a succubus do what she did,” Stella admits with no little awe. Trick smiles and talks over her to distract her from thinking too much about what she saw. “Thank you,” he says sincerely, “for everything, Stella. It’s been…wonderful.” I don’t think he means only Bo’s training here. Stella smiles softly; she gets it. She takes his hands and says that there are others like Bo in need of her now. “Unless you feel ready for a vacation,” she offers. “I’m heading to Scotland for a few months and I could use a –um – companion.” Trick grimaces and declines that Bo still needs him. “I’m the only family that she’s got left.” I suspect you’re soon to find out differently, but carry on. Stella nods and he drops her hands.

“I had to do it, you know,” she says defensively, “offer the human feast to give Bo the best chance I could.” “Did you have to be needlessly cruel to Kenzi?” Trick asks gently. At this, Stella takes offense. “Everything I said to that mortal was true,” she snaps. “If you really cared about her, you would tell her yourself.” Hmm. Wonder what that’s all about. Stella adds bitterly that she understands if he feels the need to punish her. She leans down and sweetly kisses him. “I just wonder, how long you’re going to punish yourself…Blood King.” Hang on, he told her? Or, wait, did she suss it out herself? How? Trick has no response and, without another word, Stella departs. Assured of her exit, Trick returns to the chest and pulls the fur back to examine the contents. “Not him,” he grouses. The camera pulls back to show a drawing of Pegasus or, more accurately, a winged horse breathing fire down on its victims. Not for nothing, but those look more like dragon wings than the fluffy feathery kind.

End credits.

Recapper’s Footnote:

Okay, I’m sure I got more things wrong than right in my attempts to make sense of this episode, but I think ultimately that despite Dyson’s key (heh) role and the shenanigans Bo’s subconscious played with the love triangle issues, Bo’s Dawning is primarily about her duality, the light and dark parts of her nature, and that these are best represent by the polar opposition of her parents, Aoife and whomever her father is. Repeatedly, we had the succubus blue light/images and the red gold light/images sharing the landscape in this episode, one sometimes feeding into the other. Bo’s conflict isn’t Light or Dark, but Light with Dark. What with “The Wanderer” song constantly in play (heh), not to mention her memory of her father singing her to sleep with a lullaby showing him to perhaps be not quite the monster she’s been warned to expect. And then there are the pictures of the brunette model that quickly became pictures of Aoife and then Aoife herself the night she stole Bo away, it’s clear her parents are the most important aspect of Bo’s journey to discover her true nature. She is the union of two powerful beings, a succubus and a god. I think her father is Odin, The Wanderer, and I think he loved Bo deeply. And at the end, when Bo went full Super Succubus, she shined with the light of both her parents and needed that duality to work together in order to bring Dyson back, in order to be complete. She needs to understand and make peace with those two sides of her nature if she’s ever to live in harmony with herself.

I’m also not entirely sure that the Dawning is over. Somebody or something preceded Bo and Dyson through The Temple up until Bo moved deep enough into her subconscious to create her fantasy world. And that Underfae creature was never fully explained. Was he a Fae who failed its Dawning and was trapped in The Temple? If The Temple is in each Fae’s subconscious, how can those who fail, or those who sacrifice themselves as Hand, be trapped in the same place together? OW—my brain hurts.

Finally, and I hate to even posit this as it’s one of my least favorite story tropes ever – I have to wonder if Bo is truly pregnant. Not only because Anna Silk was pregnant by the time they finished filming this series (provided my very bad, completely nonexistent math is right), but because of Bo’s instinctive move first to cradle her belly when Aoife stole BabyBo and then to defend her fantasy baby when Dyson threatened to rip it from her. Bo was fully back on the Dawning Train by then. She knew who she and Dyson truly were, where they were, she absolutely knew the stakes and the costs of what he was demanding she do to him. Sure, she could’ve acted from some deep DNA instinct without being pregnant, but combined with the echoing baby cries, Dyson’s repeated use of the word “belly”, an odd choice for him, and Bo’s move to shield her stomach from Aoife, I have got to wonder though I hope I’m wrong. I really, really hope I’m wrong.

Next week: Delinquents. “One time, at Fae camp…”


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1. nypinta
I wasn't sure how you were going to recap this one because it seemed like they stuffed 3 hours worth of stuff in just the one.
Anna Silk should wear white more often.
Dr. Dyson looked adorable in scrubs.
I didn't get why Lauren and Officer Bo were in uniform. Because I think Lauren would have rocked on of Dyson's vests. (Fitted to her, of course.) I guess they really wanted us to get that they were cops. But whatever.
The image at the end is driving me nuts. Odin's horse? Chimera? A Chinese dragon horse? (Forget the name...)
Have more thoughts... later.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
I recapped it with burning, watery eyes, cramped hands, and massive emotions, which I repressed b/c I'm a leo and so naturally became quite bitchy until I collapsed with exhaustion. So, basically, the usual. ;-)

It was a bigun for sure. Still processing. Expect to be processing for some time. Every time I watch Doctor Dyson's entrance, my stomach flips. Every time I watch him say "I love you" to Bo, my cyncical recapper's heart clenches. Great, great stuff from AS & KHR in this usual
3. nypinta
I may have replayed that scene a bit... ;)

I think her "dawning" is over, in terms of that ceremony. Someone used the term 'evolved' after it was over. I think going through the ceremony sort of solidifies ones fae power so it isn't in control anymore. But that doesn't mean Bo stops evolving. But I think the model being repeated was just a nod to how dreams work. We insert mundane things in our dreams because our subconcious is a wonky place and dream worlds are built on nothing but thought and memory. It was to differentiate the dream world of the temple with reality. So, if she is still in the temple we should keep a look out for images of the model. If no model... she's in reality again.

I don't think the caretaker was real. I think he was a manifestation of the temple just like alt-Lauren and MacKenzi, ect. Which means to me also that Dyson didn't alter her dawning as some people suggest. I think he was going to be Dr Dyson in her mind anyhow, but with him actually being there he could 'wake up' the way the other characters in her dream couldn't.

Or I'm wrong and the caretaker was real but he was from the outside manipulating her, like say how maybe a god could... ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
I really wonder what role the Underfae was meant to play besides being incipient danger. There seems to be more going on there. I don't think Dyson altered her Dawning at all. Even Doctor Lauren was keen for him to go in with Bo. Besides, the role of the Hand is an official part of the Dawning Ceremony; it's wasn't randomly created especially for Dyson to "muscle" his way in and co-opt Bo's journey. That argument is just absurd. Its only that few probably volunteer for the job given that the cost is so high to be another's Hand. And that was a cost Dyson was willling to pay to protect Bo.
5. nypinta
I think he was Bo created. I find it interesting that in her dawning there was the fake out with the underfae guardian thing that Dyson thought had the key and earlier Stella used a fae to lure Bo to the models. With the dawning being a dream state (at least it seemed that way to me) that Bo herself constructs, I think she created the underfae guardian as keyholder for herself because that's what she seems to do all the time. She needs a thing, she has to chase a fae to get it. She's told she needs a key and all of a sudden there's a scary sounding fae that probably has it. But once she got into the real temple: her own subconcious desire for a normal life, ect. the underfae guardian disappeared.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
Hmm. I kinda like that. It tracks and makes sense. Lemme ponder.
7. nypinta
I can't stop pondering the episode. So. Much. Stuff! ;)
Nicole Leapheart
9. BoxyFrown
Fantastic recap as usual!

It didn't even occur to me that Bo could be (clutches pearls) with child. I hope they don't introduce a baby, that wouldbe jumping the shark way too early for this show.

Reading through Megan's recap yesterday, I realized there is a lot going on between the characters that is not shown to the audience, so we just hear about it later (it's annoying because I keep feeling like I missed something and my obsession with this show does not permit me to miss anything.)

I am so ready for Borin' Lauren to take her final snoozy bow. Either that, or do something AWESOME. Just because you are a science nerd doesn't mean you can't be cool. Has she not been hanging around Fae long enough to pick up some (heh) tricks?

Dyson-Swoon. Enough said (in THAT VOICE.) You should trademark that, KK.

Kenzi-Everybody needs a down ass broad like Kenzi (Mackenzie? snicker) to have their back. Glad I have one :)

Hale-Uh, can we please actually SEE the Ash before the season ends?
10. BD Facebook Refugee
I'm still aglow in how incredibly awesome this episode was.

I feel like we've been treking through a never-ending desert and somehow stumbled upon an oasis. Yeah, we know we can't stay here and there is more desert ahead but dammit I'm going to enjoy this for as long as it last!

I swear I've been wearing the same goofy grin that Dyson had going into the Dream Hilton Hovel ever since Monday night. I think I'll parody his line at the end of this season. "I'm probably being more honest than a lady should but the only think I remember was episode 3x09."

Though as a side, please no Fae baby. While the idea of Bo and Dyson having a real family is cute, what makes Team Badass so awesome is that they can be two adults with an adult relationship and kick some ass. VERY hard to do that with a baby in tow (as if I speak from experience :P lol)

Let's push off the baby till the series finale down the road as a nice peak into the future for a fitting conclusion of our heroes.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
FTR I am TOTALLY OPPOSED to anyone having a baby on Lost Girl ESPECIALLY Bo, regardless of partner. I just - I just read into things and worry. Lots of worry. ;-)

BTW - totally glowing along with y'all. I think BD Facebook Refugge nailed it w/the desert/oasis metaphor. Big holy hell sighhhhhhh.
12. nypinta
I think the hand gesture was just instinct. I don't think Bo is pregnant. But just for fun I looked up with being pregnant in a dream means: "To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal." Which kind of describes what Bo was going through and that baby, as Dyson put it, was her underfae self if she didn't leave her fantasy world. She would become a thing if she didn't let go of the fantasy and accept real life. Kinda like what Buffy says to Dawn, "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it."

So I finally figured out what the key actually was! (Right now. I'm sure I'll change my mind.) The key is Bo accepting her heritage (the symbol) but also of rejecting tradition and rejecting having to choose between two offered options: stay with Dyson in the fantasy and become underfae or leave him and live. She chose the third option: leave and take him with her. Because Bo's true self is that she never gives up on her friends. (And if Dyson, the real Dyson, hadn't gone in with her I don't think she would have figured that out.)

But now I wonder if the caretaker (whom I suspect is her father) hitched a ride as well. Was he using her 'dawning' to get out? Is the temple a nexus or something?
13. whiskeywhite
A recap worth waiting for Kiersten. (I would actually always be willing to wait yet another day to give you the time you need).

nypinta, I, too, have replayed the "I love you" scene many times. It's nice to finally have an episode this season with lots to replay and love (with due respect to Doccubus folks who have had other scenes to love).

I appeciate your efforts, Kiersten, to explain the Super Succubus speech. Heavy stuff:
“I will reign as he did. For I am his daughter. Together, we will bridle the masses and ride them to victory. Even death will fear us. ... Only I will choose who lives.”
The 'bridling' of the masses and the choosing who lives and dies must be key clues for the mythology experts. Maybe you can give us more info LindaL? And I agree, isn't anyone concerned about all this "I will reign" stuff?

Thanks for pointing out the sawed off shotgun, which I couldn't see thanks to my aged TV (ditto for the jump rope). Without that knowledge, it took me three replays to figure out what Kenzi was holding up -- the shotgun shells. Not helped by the fact that what jumped to my mind when Bo asked about "Plan B" was emergency contraception pills -- which in Canada are marketed under the brand name 'Plan B'.

It's very sad that the extended scene of Bo's joy over Dyson's revival was cut for the US audience. Not essential for the story (we know she's happy and relieved) but a beautiful moment for them and thus a loss. Reminiscent of her joy at reviving him after Aife's attack, when she first learns she can successfully pour chi back into someone.

Well put:
He’s not telling her he loves her to change her mind or win her back. He’s telling her because it’s the truth; it’s his truth, no hidden agenda, just a matter of fact.
KHR delivers this whole speech beautifully. But he botches the "are you sure this is what you want? What you really want?" line regarding the pregnancy. Just sounds slightly off to me.

I have to go and do some actual work, so just one more thing for now. Kiersten, sister, this is the second time you have made fun of the Canadian spelling 'honour' and now I'm kind of insulted, though I know you intend no such thing. I pointed out before that for a Canadian-made show, with Canadian-written closed captions, to use Canadian spelling is completely acceptable and I don't see what's funny. It may seem like a small thing, but we see the few differences between US and Canadian spelling as a small sign of our national distinctiveness from our hugely culturally dominant neighbour (NB: spelling of 'neighbour'). Canadian English spelling is defended in our schools and universities and in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, just as Canadian French is defended from the superior attitude of France. To repeat, I know you mean no slight, and it may seem silly for something so small to be so important, but it is. To us.
14. lsbloom
So much to think about this episode! I really like your theory Kiersten about the best/worst parts of both lovers. The alternative is Lauren with her personality took on Dyson's job and actions and Dyson took on Lauren's job and actions, which seems odd to me because personality and action should be integrally related and that would then reflect badly on Lauren's character, which seems like an odd thing for the show to do this season. But ZP was so cold in playing Dyson and KHR was so charming in Doctor mode that I don't think they were supposed to just switch characters--if they were, they didn't do a good job playing each other.

(Okay, side note. I don't like to comment about attractiveness of the actors because "emotions" arguments and all that. But I didn't think anything could be hotter than Dyson's leather and motorcycle maintenance until they put that man in scrubs. Just the mental image alone has me fanning myself.)

Other notes:
-I loved having Kenzi back! The "brand name" alcohol line with the over the shoulder snark was delivered soooo well. She is funny. And Bo needs her. The show needs her for exposition. And I need her because everyone at least can agree that she is awesome. Whether we are arguing over the threat of men or if Dyson stole Bo's dawning or if human myths should play a role in fae prophecy, we can all agree that Kenzi is the best.

-What's with the strong man hate. I feel like the fandom and even the show to a certain extent is becoming the inaccurate cliche, stereotype of Rush Limbaugh's idea of man-hating lesbians. That in order for women to be strong they have to emasculate men. It is making that throwaway "feminazi" line from the season opener even more frustrating. I like to think of myself as a strong woman (I'm certainly independent and b*tchy does that count?) and I at no point feel like strong men make me less than I am. I like equality. Can't we all just be strong together?
-Issues of sacrifice. LG loves their sacrifice. Bo originally refused to sacrifice the models to her dawning. She was motivated into sacrificing Dyson--then the door opened. But she pulled it back, which seems like a cop-out. So did the dawning end when she learned to control her supersuccubus powers or when she killed Dyson or when she opened the second portal or is it still not over?
-I feel like there were some major editing flaws. The guardian thing, the yelling to the sky thing...apparently cutting the HSG cuddling thing (darn commercials).
-Bo didn't know the machine made her kiss Tamsin and I kinda think the lying to Lauren about where she was in last episode was so she wouldn't say she was off with Tamsin, so there seems to be something there. I want to say "bad Bo" cause isn't she supposed to be monogamous save feeding? But I don't really care. I'd like Bo freer. It is so much easier to see Bo with someone more like herself than the polar opposite DL. I mean do they have anything in common? I don't care who Bo has sex with as long as Team Badass and the HSG are on the screen together. The show flew by tonight and even with nonsense edits and confusing mythology it was a pleasure to watch.
Linda Losik
15. LindaL
To my fellow commenters: get comfy. This is a long one, even for me!

After curling up to re-watch this episode, I was struck by a couple of things. First and foremost, my initial thought when I first saw the opening scene was I could hear the screams from the other ship. I was not the least bit discomfited rather had a simple smile on my face! Finally something that appeals to the rest of us without rewriting the characters or mythology; nice hit to the reset button! I cheered, I laughed and I cried…this show does it all. Of course, because I am Team BadAss, I laughed, cheered and cried exactly the opposite of team Doccubus. About time!

The second is the deep trust the Dyson has for Bo. Even though he knew he could possibly die during Bo’s dawning, if there was a way to get him back, she would do it. He also knew his fate and accepted if she couldn’t bring him back. Don’t forget that not only did she bring him back once but he has seen her in major succubus mode. When he said "Hey there" to Bo, it was almost like he knew that this could happen and seemed both a little smug and proud of Bo because he was right!

Trick is right that he still needs to help Bo, especially if she is going to be “queen of the world”.

Fourth, I don’t assume that Odin is evil just because he is dark fae. Although I get the impression that the light/dark thing began with the Blood King’s rule. To quote the Morrigan: “we have a millennium year old system that works just find”. This was said to try to get Bo to really consider which side she would choose. If Odin is as old or older than Trick, he made not have chosen because as the Wanderer he might not have to. Again, this makes Bo twice royal as it comes from both parents. This would also explain her power.

What I really loved about this episode is that at no time did I wish for my fast forward button to be available on the first viewing!

@Kiersten: when someone uses the phrase “little lady” to you, why don’t you do what I do? I always say “thank you little man”. It really does cut down on repetition as it is a teachable moment that we should always indulge ourselves in….kind of like a good chocolate. And to answer your question: when did it become inappropriate for males to be caring, protective, defending individuals: when they started seriously pandering to the other ship. Males are considered bad while females are considered good. And I have a real problem with the double standard in any form.
Tatiana deCarillion
16. decarillion
I have to chime in on the no-baby thing. Babies are not necessarily good for some shows (I'm thinking Bones, too, among others). It completely changes the dynamic of the couple involved, as well as the vibe of the show as a whole.

Dyson being a doctor--well, he does heal Bo, so maybe that's where that comes from. He's saved her, too, in more ways than one.

Lauren and Bo being cops--same uniform, different day? Maybe that was her unconscious telling her that she's bored as hell with the relationship because it's become stagnant.

I'm glad we're getting another season of this--I really want to know what the ultimate goal for Bo is--she has a 'royal' background, has been the subject of prophecy, etc. Is she THE ONE who will unite light and dark together (and make...neutral? grey?) and rule them all?

K.C. Collins, who plays Hale, is also on Saving Hope. While it was canned in the US after one season, it was renewed for a second season in Canada, so he may have been working on it, hence we see less of him on Lost Girl. (If you haven't watched, it also stars Erica Durance, Michael Shanks, Daniel Gillies, and more).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
17. Kiersten
Oh no, whiskey, I'm not making fun at all. I am vastly entertained and fascintated by language and I call out the Canadian spelling and pronunciation solely in that vein simply because I enjoy it so much. It is never meant to mock or with any intent to insult, but rather to be a celebration of the nuance of language and spelling that's unique to a show like Lost Girl that crosses the border so successful. Apologies that it ever came across as anything else. The "u"s the "bean"s etc all simply tickle me and I like to share the joy that I find in that.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
@decarillion you're right, KC is back on Saving Hope for its new season - they even started shooting this week. In their recent conference call interview, AS, KHR, and KS confirmed that KC was with them to the end even tho scheduling conflicts with Saving Hope meant they had less of him in S3. Expect to see him again soon (I think he's back in E11)
Danielle Barrow
19. donovarrow
I noticed some had the thought that the guide in dawning land might be her father. My husband had a theory that maybe he is her father and he went into dawning land to help Aife through her trial. I dont think thats probably what was going on but it deff. would be an interesting thought. I also thought that if she couldnt leave or chose to stay in dawning land, she herself would be living in a dream world and her body in reality would turn into underfae which I would think is an interesting way to weed out weak fae from strong fae, and I would think (this is totally speculation) kind of the fae's form of evolution (I think thats been mentioned before as well). I took the pregnancy stuff as just another trial to overcome, not that she was actually pregnant. And I agree with Kiersten that the dawning was foretelling about her parents and she will need to figure out some way to balance the "evil" with her "good". Just a thought about something in general not specific to this episode. She cant be the only fae in the world that didnt grow up with fae parents. I'm sure there were other times people adopted fae children and didnt know it and therefore didnt have an allignment. I would think (in a realistic world) there would be more unalligned people in it than they portray. Thanks for the recap!! I havent gotten through it all yet, just wanted to check up with the comments and see what everyones thoughts and predictions were.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
In case y'all are wondering (and because I'm not sure, but I think I may have accidentally deleted the info from the recap) when Dyson teases "I'm just a wolf standing in front of a succubus" to Bo, he's co-opting a famous quote from the rom com Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, which means 1. that Dyson watched a rom com (an image that cracks me up) 2. he did it with Bo and 3. it was a special, intimate moment between them that was important enough to Bo to make her punch him for bringing it up now, which Dyson admits he deserves because he knows the memory's value and it's equally special to him too. This also lends credence to why he brought it up again at the end in desperation to remind her of her true identity. It has enough resonance for them both that it could pull her out of her personal dream because that memory, that moment with him, is vastly more important to her than any fantasy.

I sure don't see him dialling up a Richard Curtis comedy on his own. Although everyone on the planet should watch (the original) Four Weddings and a Funeral at least once in their lives.
Linda Losik
21. LindaL
@whiskeywhite: Odin’s daughters (the Valkyrie) where they chose from the most noble and deserving heroes to be brought to Valhalla. As with any king, Odin, in his role as All-Father, can grant life to those he determines to deserve life or those who he thinks have the potential to feast in Valhalla. It seems that the writers have also given this power to Bo as well. Granted Aofie also has it but in a far more limited manner. As to the: “I will reign” comment, this is why I think that Trick knows that he is really needed. He has been a powerful ruler and gave it up. Giving up that kind of power could not have been easy. I think that he still blames himself for his wife’s death.

@Kiersten: so I really should see Notting Hill? :-) However, that was an incredibly sweet moment for both of them. LOVED IT...something we have not be able to say all season!
22. nypinta
I dunno. Dyson is kind of sappy romantic so... ;)
Nicole Leapheart
23. BoxyFrown
I agree, nypinta...Dyson is a passionate man, I think he has no problem owning his romantic comedies :D However, I do really like the thought that he referenced it as a inside joke to them, like they watched it as a couple in the past. Sigh.
24. lsbloom
I don't want to be a debbie downer around here. But if the writers could write the story like season 1, why have the last 8 episodes been so crappy? I mean this episode was so out of character for this season. I have a really bad feeling they are just going to pull the rug out from underneath us again. I mean they can write Kenzi. They know we need the Bo/Kenzi work it through time. They know we've been waiting for norn fallout discussions. Why haven't they done it? It was easy to say they've thrown it all away for doccubus and they weren't ever going to give us the show we knew and loved, but then they did. I want to ask where do we stand, but I'm so scared I'll look down and find myself knee deep in quicksand. Is this the new status quo or is it a blip to keep us on the line?
Carmen Pinzon
25. bungluna
@Kiersten- as usual, your recaps make this show so much richer and allow me to undertand all the little things that fly by me while watching. Thank you.

Because I'm shallow, I wanted to mention how much I missed Dyson's tattoo; the wife beater got in my way.

Also, did I imagine it or was McKenzie's necklace the same symbol that Trick painted on Bo's forehead and that was the key's handle?

I love the discussions here. They make me think about all the different things going on and entertain me almost as much (sometimes even more!) than the actual show. My thanks to all the posters.
Linda Losik
26. LindaL
@lsbloom: In direct answer to you concerns: Michelle Lovretta wrote this one as until the end of season 3... checked with the our hopes may not be dashed!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
Michelle Lovretta wrote this one?!?! HOW did I miss that?! NO WONDER IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Also explains why the B/D connection was so strong and rich and consistent to their characters and the feel so much like the S1 show we fell for in the first place. Lovretta should stay; she really, really needs to stay.

@LindaL - are you saying she's writing the episodes from now till end of S3? She gets a credit as writer on IMDB as creator even when she doesn't write the episode, so that's not necessarily a reliable indicator.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
Follow up: James Thorpe wrote this episode; IMDB credits Lovretta with him as creator. BUT she is definitely the writer for next week's Delinquents, which right off the bat explains why Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson are off together on a Fae of the Day investigation.

Suddenly, I'm even more excited for next week...
29. nypinta
No, it was written by James Thorpe. (He was a writer on Highlander the series, which I'm a fan of, so yay!) Michelle Lovretta gets creator credit.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
I think it's safe to say, though, that we should not expect the show to continue with episodes like The Ceremony that satisfy us so much on the Bo/Dyson front. I do not at all think this is the end of doccubus, unfortunately.
31. nypinta
I have to wonder though if the next episode is a story that had been written for a previous season but discarded and it's been revived so she gets the main credit. It's natural that she gets creator credit even if she's got nothing to do with the show anymore.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
32. Kiersten
No, she's been slated from the start to write an episode for S3. It was part of the press release announcements for S3 before shooting began. That's not to say she didn't revitalize an unused script, but I doubt it.
33. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten, it was definitely better then the episode. I rate this episode as slightly better than that "Genie in a Bottle" one from last season(2x14?) which IMHO is the worst of the series.

Things I did like: Kenzi being the Keziest Kenzi ever, Zoie Palmer's ability to steel a scene with one expression, Anna Silk's performance, KHR was great too, even if I disliked his character in this one, and Trick's interactions with Kenzi.

I don't care if Bo and Dyson get back together as long as their characters are written better, i.e. more mature, but this is not how to do it. Have him declare his love then she dumps Lauren and runs back into his arms. I am not saying that is what is happening, but if it is then it's an insult to Bo and Lauren's relationship as well as the Doccubus fans who have supported this show and backed that relationship. Bo and Lauren(assuming they are going to break up) need to be allowed to either burn out or implode in an organic way that still recognizes the depth of feelings for both characters, followed by a morning period(at least a few episodes) after which Bo can revist things with Dyson. I feel anything less than that would destroy Bo's character, relationships don't always work out, thats just life, but this one is signifigant and deserves respect.

There were a lot of things in this episode that led me to believe Bo and Lauren aren't breaking up and Bo and Dyson really are finished, at least from Bo's side of the coin. The Caretaker tells Dyson "We are moving on, at least Bo is." I took that as him basically telling Dyson that Bo has moved on from him coupled with the role reversal in the next scene and what Bo says to Dyson-as-Lauren about how she was in it for the long haul but they are done because, his fault or not, he threw them(their love) away and she can't come back from that. I saw the Doctor Dyson scene as influenced by Dyson' fantasy, which was solidified later when he was screaming at the Caretaker, "You said this wouldn't hurt her!" and inserting himself into Lauren's role in Bo's life as her lover and a doctor. The cool thing about this episode is since it is set in a dream world it opens a lot of things to interpretation. The most telling thing for me that indicates they are done is when he is dying in her arms, gasping his last breath, she never says "I love you" or some variation of it to him. I understand that Bo has said it before(albeit not to him) and that he already knows she loves him, but they were alone in the temple, save the Caretaker, so if she really is "in love"(because there is a difference in loving someone and being in love with someone) with him why not say it? That made no sense to me, if my the person I was in love with was dying right in front of me I wouldn't care who was around or if they knew already, I damn sure would say it.

I am excited about this "Wanderer" business and what it will mean for the Happy Sunshine Gang in the remaining episodes.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
34. Kiersten
also, I'm totally with you there, @nypita, on the Highlander front
35. lsbloom

Dream Dyson, aka "Jason," didn't have his arm tattoo!!!!!! But when Dyson "wakes up" and grabs the knife for Bo to stab him he does. If he invented the life, why wouldn't he have done it as himself or at least with his own body (and name)? There is a distinct switch in the show itself from him being unaware to aware. I AM SO HAPPY. Way to go Bungluna!

Linda--Doccubus (who have decided they hate Lovretta and season 1) are absurdly thrilled that she is writing next week's episode. They think she is supposed to be wrapping up all the stories she left hanging (most specifically the mate for life thread). So while I am happy to have her back, I am hesitant in the face of that optimism.
36. BD Facebook Refugee
This did feel so much like a season 1 episode that I would have thought that Michelle Lovretta or one of the other season 1 writers did. Looking at Wikipedia (for what it's worth) it lookes like James Thorpe also did 3x03 (which had some cute, heartwarming BD interaction) so maybe there is hope if he sticks around.

I'm also looking forward to the next episode if Lovretta wrote it. Do we know about the other 3?

Admittedly I'm not too keen about any of the other season 3 writers based on the crap they've put out Emily Andras and Jeremy Boxen with their "sexplotation homages" in 3x01 and 3x05 (though Boxen apparently gave us the terrific season 1 episodes of 1x09 and 1x12--what happened to him?).

Alexandra Zarowny gave us our one other Team Badass moment in 3x04 but she set it up under shady pretenses and had to layer it under a mountain of Doccubus sex/couple scenes. Last season she was apparently behind the Ciara's introduction and her 3x08 episodes seems to be about pushing Bo towards Tamsin so not optimistic about her episodes.

3x07 with Brendon Yorke had sweet moments and the Kenzi Scale (3x06) with Sandra Chwialkowska did give us "The Faemily" shot (though I think that was more the director's doing). So maybe. But please no Andras and Cochrane (who seems to write nothing but Doccubus).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
Lovretta wrote 3.10, Chwialkowska wrote 3.11, Cochrane wrote 3.12, and Andras wrote the 3.13 finale.
38. nypinta
Ah, I hadn't read any press releases. And not to be a cynic, but I think Showcase knew that there was some that were upset with how season 2 turned out so I can see them trying to use a script of hers as saying she was writing something for season 3 so people would get the idea that the show would be back to form (meaning season 1 level). I'm probably wrong.

I don't much care if doccubus is over or not just as long as they stop retroactively writing Lauren worse. Each time they try adding something to her back story or make her and Bo an epic love at first sight thing it somehow manages to take something away from who Lauren was up that point and I get frustrated.

I also think that making the love triangle an actual thing that was supposed to last through out the show was a dumb move, especially since they made it so Dyson can't love anyone else. Because now if he doesn't get Bo it's actually tragic, but logically he should because he can just out last Lauren genetically since she'll die. So the love triangle becomes stoopid and annoying. At this point either Lauren or Dyson should have been able to move on or Bo should have made a choice (one of them or neither of them or a yet unknown to anyone but her third option... it is her thing.)
39. BD Facebook Refugee
@Isbloom, what do you mean wrap up threads? Looking at the Wikipedia page (which could be wrong, I know) Lovretta didn't even start the "wolves mate for life" thread--Boxen did in 1x12.

I don't see how the Doccubi could think Lovretta would change that and how could she? Nothing has happened to change Dyson's love for Bo and Bo's love for Dyson. Now maybe if they screwed up the Kenzi Scale and actually tried to force Dyson and Kenzi together as a couple I could see being worried that this episode could come up with some magical way of transfering Dyson's mating for life to Kenzi.

But (THANK GOD) that didn't happen and there is no one reason for Dyson's love to go anywhere else. I mean, Bo saved his life. She literally brought him back from the dead and gave him her life force. If anything, I would say that should strengthen the bound between them because a part of her is now deeply connected to Dyson in a way that she never was with Lauren. All those times she saved Lauren she never once gave Lauren her chi.
Danielle Barrow
40. donovarrow
So just finished the recap and to add something. Showing a somewhat histroy repeat, when Dyson threatened the baby is when Bo decided to stab him, and with what they showed with possible daddy and Aife in "dawning land" could be some insight as to what really was going on. History always repeats its self people. Lauren/Bo relationship, weather it be over or not, the last two episodes dont leave them in a very good place, so I cant imagine how they'll come back from that.
rachel sternberg
41. rae70
I am so happy Dysons LURV is out in the open! and If the scene with Bo crying over Dyson wasn't a tell all to the Doc about Bo's true feelings for him, I don't know what would be.

I have always heard that every person in a dream is really you.. In this case, except for Dyson since he is in Bo's alternate world as well.. Since he is Bo's Hand during HER Dawning, he really can't set up how its going to go.. He is there to help her realize what she needs to do..

What I really liked about this episode was Kenzi! Her conversation with Trick on what happened at the Norn & whether she could be Fae was great! I just wish Trick didn't just skip over that too quickly because of all the worry over Bo. Maybe Kenzi has to come into her own (like children of Fae, they smell human until they blossom into fae-hood) and then go thru her own Dawning..
42. BD Facebook Refugee
@Kiersten "Lovretta wrote 3.10, Chwialkowska wrote 3.11, Cochrane wrote 3.12, and Andras wrote the 3.13 finale."

Ugh. The next two episodes could be good but seeing those names for the last two is a sure sign that the Doccubus desert is returning.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
43. Kiersten
I think that's likely. Also, 3.13 is called "Those Who Wander" so hopefully we'll finally get some mythology answers if not sooner.
44. nypinta
Ha. Like the saying, "Not all of those who wander are lost." Cute.
Linda Losik
45. LindaL
@nypinta: interesting...are you saying that he is the king?
Suzanne Metaxas
46. SuzyM
Thank you Kiersten for a great recap! As usual you nailed it! I so agree with most of what you said. I don’t think the keeper was a figment of Bo’s imagination. I do believe he was what he seemed to be. I think he was given the job of challenging the initiates after he was trapped there. I think the reason there aren’t more trapped Fae is because of the fact that not only must the Fae volunteer but the Fae facing the dawning must accept the sacrifice. Bo would never have accepted if she knew what would happen to Dyson. I also think if she finds out the Dr L knew what would happen to D she is going to be pissed.

I would like to address the feeling that a man cannot be there for a woman and protect her without diminishing her. I will admit that a strong willed woman tends to tell her man to butt out. Yet if she learns to accept his help their relationship grows and so does their love. I was drawn to Lost Girl because of the relationship between Bo and Dyson reminded me of the one between me and my husband. I was the one who was never getting married and he was the one that agreed to that and then proceeded to monopolize all my time thus going steady with me without my agreeing to do that :) It took me a while but when I figured it out I was mighty pissed! LOL My husband and I have learned over the years to let each other take the point on things we are the strong with and allow the other to take the lead on their strong points. This is what Bo and Dyson have to do, is come to this power sharing so their relationship can work. Dyson doesn’t wish to belittle Bo he loves her, he wishes to help her be stronger and yet be there to catch her when she slips and falls. Believe me we all slip and fall at some point; and having someone who loves you there to catch you and stand you back up again is a sight better than having strangers stand there and laugh at you while you are on the ground.

I also think that scene between the caretaker and Dyson was because the Caretaker had to get Dyson to agree to work with the mind game. After all this was not Dyson’s Dawning. That is why I think he yelled you said this wouldn’t hurt her. I think the Caretaker told Dyson this is what Bo needed to happen.
47. nypinta
I don't think Lauren knew that Dyson was offering to sacrifice himself. (Which I don't still buy. But mostly because I don't like it. I still maintain that Dyson was accepting that if Bo failed he would end up as underfae himself and that it was possible he would die not that it was a given he would. I also find it interesting that Trick said it was Dyson's decision but not his idea. Did Trick ask him to do it and he agreed or was it Dyson's idea?) But it seems that part, the danger Dyson was in, was only fae known.
Suzanne Metaxas
48. SuzyM
nypinta I believe Lauren did know because she was studying the dawning and had access to the Fae records on it. She told Trick she had to know if she was to help Bo. I do believe Dyson knew what he was doing, after 1500 years of living as a Fae he had to know what being a hand entailed. I do believe Trick asked him to do it, but I don't believe he ordered him to as the caretaker alluded.
49. nypinta
I don't think Trick would trust Lauren with such knowledge. And she's been busy with the science side. Nothing about the ceremony itself and all the traditions that were involved were neccessary for her to come up with an "antidote" as she said she was trying to do so there would be no reason for Trick to tell of that option. Plus he couldn't guarantee that Lauren wouldn't tell Bo what it could mean for Dyson and if she knew there is no way in Hell she ever would have accepted. Trick wouldn't take that chance. Not with Bo's well being at stake.
And to clarify, I didn't say that Dyson didn't know what he was offereing. I'm saying that he wasn't offering sure death like they want us to believe. And did the caretaker allude that Trick ordered him to do it? I don't recall that. I'm just curious if it was Trick's idea or Dyson's.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
50. Kiersten
I think it was Dyson's idea, full stop. He told DL he was headed her way anyways and that was to give his blessing, so to speak, to her and Bo's relationship. He was doing a goodbye pass. Trick was surprised, but gave that nod of approval/acceptance. Remember, he took Dyson to task earlier in the season for not protecting Bo. This was Dyson's way of telling Trick he was protecting her now, and Trick's nod acknowledged that. Nonverbal man speak.

Dyson may not have known he was going to die until he had the epiphany moments before Bo did, but he definitely knew he wasn't coming back, or at least was prepared not to come back if it played out the way. The moment The Caretaker showed up, he was worried TC would out him to Bo.
Tatiana deCarillion
51. decarillion
Since way back, I have always had the impression that Dyson was part of the prophecy, along with Bo. Given that as a truth, then it wouldn't have been Dyson's 'idea', per se; more like it was his destiny, and there was never any doubt that he would make the decision, because that was his role in the grand scheme of things.
52. whiskeywhite
My smile for today, in fact an outright warm laugh, was SuzyM's story of her husband going steady with her without her permission.

So many things to agree with. Such as: no baby. Can we really picture Team Badass changing diapers? Not surprising though that it's part of Bo's fantasy -- fits right in with the white picket fence dream for her future that we heard from her long ago (sorry, for once I'm not going to look for the exact episode reference). Fits her human upbringing as well. And then there was the discussion with Lauren about (Lauren) having babies.

I agree that Doccubus is not over, nor should it be. And Bo will absolutely not just drop Lauren for Dyson. She really does love them both, plus she's just not that shallow or cruel. How (or if) they're going to resolve the situation I don't know. An intelligent adult conversation is apparently too much to hope for (although Bo and Dyson had a mini adult discussion about "what happens now" in this episode). I can see that despite my best efforts, I am unsuccessful in selling the 'two-loves solution' here (if there are any lurkers who support the polyamory solution, please step up).

I do agree, TheGardner, that Bo could at least have said, "I love you" to Dyson as he was dying (it would have been the "human" thing to do). But I guess that would signal too much finality for the future of the two relationships, given the G-D monogamy constraints (I guess I'm going to have to swear off harping on that as well as 'girlfriend' -- could she be a 'girlfiend', as my fingers keep wanting to type?).

I agree that Dyson knew the consequences of his offering to be The Hand (and Lauren did not; the significance for her was that it was Dyson helping Bo and not her) and that Trick didn't order him to do it (unnecessary -- it's totally within Dyson's character). It was interesting though that The Caretaker seemed to be mocking him as "the hero" (as did Tamsin in 3.02 in the gym. As big a fan of protective Dyson as I am, he does kind of need to look at his hero complex).

I cannot picture Dyson and Bo snuggled up on the couch watching "Notting Hill." He doesn't own a TV (all he's got in his loft is a big bed and exercise equipment). I was going to write "and have we ever seen Bo watch the flatscreen in Hilton Hovel?" when I remembered Bo and Lauren watching TV on the couch -- remember the awkward 'you can stretch out your feet' conversation?. It's entirely possible for a quote from a well known film to enter popular culture without people actually having seen the film.

Which led me to think about all the popular culture references in LG. Are they targetted to a certain age demographic? On one hand there was Kenzi's Ludicris "literary" recitation, obviously targetted to a younger audience, but her citing Wile E. Coyote and the Acme company in this episode refers to a very old cartoon -- I remember it from my childhood in the 50s. So I tried a little poll on my early 20s students last night. To my great surprise more of them knew who Wile E. Coyote was than who recognized the "I'm just a girl ..." quote from "Notting Hill".

Which leads me to ask if anyone knows what the viewer demograghic is for LG? I know it's incredibly diverse but is there a big lump in the curve somewhere? Or several distinct lumps? During season 1, with Dyson as the main love interest, I postulated that it was middle aged women (no offence, sisters), given the commercials shown during LG on (Showcase) TV and Showcase on-line . But, if that was ever true, it may have changed -- the Doccubus folks must be on the average younger. And there's clearly a male sci-fi/fantasy contingent. Does any of this affect the pop culture references -- or are they spraying them widely?
53. nypinta
I sometimes think the references in the show reflect more the age of the writers and not any target audience. Because sometimes they get them confused, like with Bo owning CDs. She's supposed to be 30 and been on the run for 10 years. When did she get a CD collection? That would have included Duran Duran??
And although it's possible that Dyson knew the Notting Hill line from being in the zeitgeist, I don't think he would have pulled that out at that moment if it didn't mean something more to either of them. He was using it as shorthand for a specific emotion and that means it was something shared. And considering the trauma that was Bo's life for so long and Dyson being her first real relationship since all her troubles began I can see her making him do things like movie night while they were together. But it's one of those things that they writers want us to believe happened off screen and because it did the line itself didn't resonate the way that it should/could have.
54. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - Even Belle says it to The Beast as he is dying, so if Disney can get it right why not Lost Girl? If you want me to buy them as a OTP, epic, forever love couple, then come on death bed "I love you's" are a requirement. Anyways, I think it would have been more interesting if after she had killed him he stayed dead/trapped in the temple. She leaves him behind completing her Dawning then, racked with guilt, she goes on downward spiral of crazy super-succubusness destroying everything in her path(I'm thinkin Evil Willowesque) leading to a monumental showdown with Tamsin. After the two of them destroy half of Faeronto, or due to budget constraints lets make it a vacant warehouse instead. Bo will emerge victorious and thrumming with power after sucking Tamsin dry of her super-valkyrie chi. Then it would be up to the lowly humans, Kenzi and Lauren, to bring Bo back from the darkness and save the world, suck on that Fae bigots! Maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but this episode was so predictable. The moment he offered to go with her, it was obvious he was going to die and she was going to have to save him. Oh well, maybe in the next episode we will get some creativity. What's this now, the Merry Trio are investigating a serial killer at a camp and are undercover as councilers, hmm now where have I heard that before...
55. BD Facebook Refugee
Maybe it is dread of anticipating getting our hearts stomp on again is dwindling the glow from how great this episode was but the more I read/think about the missing "I love yous", the more irritated I get at thinking that the writers found, yet again, another sneaky backhanded way to slap down Team Badass.

I totally missed it on the first, second (3rd, 4th....) viewings but watching it again tonight, yeah, it does stick out like a sore thumb especially when they're still alone in the Temple/bedroom and after Dyson told her she loved him. That was potentially a penultimate moment between them with everything stripped bare, just a wolf and a succubus, so why couldn't we get one moment of raw honesty and admission of love from Bo?

I can see not immediately saying I love you back in the gym because she pissed at him waiting so long and I can see not telling him that after she revived him in the Dal with Dr. Lauren there but there is absolutely no reason for her not to say it at the moment when he was dying. No reason logical, story/character related reason.

No reason.....except not to offend the Blessed Doccubi.

Ugh! I knew it was too good to be true and just like 3x04 and 3x06, the writers just HAD to find a way to backhand Team Badass even in what was suppose to be OUR episode.

Somebody talk me off the ledge. I was preparing myself to get pissed off at the Cochran/Andras episodes that were ending the season but this is too soon.
56. Laurenfan
I don't believe Doccubus is over by a long shot. The love between Bo & Lauren is real. There are problems in all relationships, you just have to know how to make compromises.
I don't get how anyone can say that Lauren is boring. Her character brings a lot to the show. As a matter of fact, she is the reason I have become such a fan of it. Just 5 minutes with her in an episode makes it that much more worth it for me to watch.

@SuzyM I do not believe Lauren knew Dyson would be sacrificing himself. No matter how she feels about him, she would not want to see anything bad happen to him. Like she said, he could help protect Bo. Although I don't believe Bo needs protecting.
Danielle Barrow
57. donovarrow
I have to agree with whiskeywhite the "I love you's" were probably left out because if she had said it, it would have been too confusing if they decided to keep Bo/Lauren together a little longer. Yes, of course he was dead but he is too important a charachter in the show, he isnt going away, so the writers had to know that the viewers knew he would make it back somehow. I in no way thought while he was dead that he was going to stay dead. We like to look at it in literal context but its a TV show, with contracts and viewers who would be pissed of Dyson just poof, went away.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
58. Kiersten
@donovarrow - epically pissed. legendarily so. No poofing please. ;-)

I agree. To have Bo return Dyson's declaration would've melted down the doccubus threads with rage and left the writers with little to no wiggle room and therefore they wouldve had to finally and irrevocably alienate one or the fan base permanently - and have serious consequences in the press/PR with one and in the ratings with the other.

Also, I dont think it's at all needed. Bo has always been in love with Dyson, that's never stopped, and when he died, she could barely get past 'no' and 'this isnt happening' she was so wrecked. I find her response to him both in the gym and in the bedroom far more natural, authentic, and powerful than any verbal declaration. They're too connected to need mere words (said the wordsmith).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
59. Kiersten
Also, re: the death being permanent, agree too. Never thought he'd stay dead but did have small worry b/c show seems to be taking so much direction from the B/DL fanbase this season and I know many of those fans would prefer Dyson (and Kris) to disappear completely. (I had to keep reminded myself that he's in E10 just to keep the KIERSTEN SMASH urge restrained.) The idea of this being a business with contracts and legalities doesn't seem to permeate, much like the fact that he's the second lead in the show and so is not likely to remain as reduced a presence as he's been this season...or at least, he'd better not be. ;)
Suzanne Metaxas
60. SuzyM
Laurenfan I have to disagree with you that Bo didn't need Dyson during the Dawning. Without him she doesn't make it. As to Lauren not knowing I'm still not sure on that one, though most people do agree with your view. But we are all just guessing :) I do agree with Kierseten that the words "I love you" were not needed. Bo's actions spoke much louder than words. It was his blood she used to make the key to take them both out of the temple. To me that showed just how connected they are.
61. whiskeywhite
I wonder what Stella told Kenzi about what happens to humans abandoned by their fae 'owners'. Are they 'put down' as we say about pets? Could they ever be allowed to just leave in peace? The cardinal rule is that humans must never be allowed to learn about the existence of the fae. That is what lies behind the prohibition of fae-human relationships, not the relationships themselves (Bo and Lauren got together and nobody had a fit, because Lauren is completely (captive) within the fae world). Would a 'free' Kenzi be too much of a threat? (Though note that Trick tells her she has a place in his world "for however long you want it" -- implying she could leave the fae world by choice). That led me to think -- what if Hale claimed or (girl)friended Kenzi? How would the optics of that go down, now that Hale holds the top political leadership position as The Ash? Presumably not well at all ("I did NOT have sex with that human" -- hee hee).
62. whiskeywhite
lsbloom, I just checked. When doctor Dyson/Jason wakes up from bed at the beginning of the episode he does, in fact, have his arm tattoo. I believe that bungluna was referring to his beautiful back tattoo. Interesting that dD/J wears his undershirt to bed, just as Dyson did with notKenzi. Presumably meant to communicate the domesticated husband in contrast to the wild, shirtless, lover.
63. TheGardner
@Laurenfan - Doccubus isn't done. Bo has known for while now that Dyson has his love back, the fact that his testicles finally dropped and he was able to say the words(in the most dickish way possible) doesn't change anything. Also before the ceremony began, she wasn't concerned with Dyson or his whereabouts, she was focused on finding Lauren and needing to see/talk to her. The look on Bo's face when she walks in to the Dal, the way everyone(for them anyways) else in the room dissapears when they kiss, there is no denying the love between them, hence the Dyson man pain face complete with consoling arm pat from Kenzi. People are all up in arms because of the moment Bo/Dyson shared after she revived him, to which I say duh, she cares about him, she just had to kill him and bring him back from the dead I think that warrents some tears and emotions. I'm surprised that the warm, "hey baby, I did it, I won," look she gives Lauren didn't calm everyones(by that I mean the Doccubi masses) fears. If you really look at this episode with all of the symbolism and subconscious body-swapping mindfuckery I would say everything clearly screams that Bo has made up her mind, and it's Doccubus for the win! Or at least for the moment anyways.
64. lsbloom
Hey now @TheGardner! "Most dickish way possible"???? Dying declarations are not dickish.

This is the first episode this season where we got any Dyson time and the amount of Dyson hate running around is really starting to wear on me. He was charming and heroic and somehow all these people seem to think it is a bad thing. Why?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
65. Kiersten
I find it quite telling that while Bo has known for, let's say about a week or two in the show's timeline, that Dyson has his love back, it was immensely important that she not only hear it from him directly, but that she wanted, needed him to say the words. He's known definitively that she loves him from the end of S2E2 when she was willing to betray all her morals about how she uses her power (even if only for a moment) to make him love her again rather than lose him. But she's never heard the words from him (knowing it was the wrong moment, she stopped him from saying it in S1E13). Clearly, this is essential to her, not only knowing that his love was back, but having that open declaration from Dyson directly, regardless of her relationship status with Doctor Lauren.
Tatiana deCarillion
66. decarillion
If nothing else, I simply do not feel the chemistry between Anna and Zoe, but I need to shift my position in my chair when Anna and Kris are together :P

Now, I did feel it between Anna and Rachel (Tamsin), however!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
67. Kiersten
@decarillion - I've had exactly the same reaction in all three options. Anna & Kris' chemistry is electric and from all reports, has been from their first audition. They're a casting director's unicorn dream. And I think Rachel and Anna exhibit major sparkage too, but I've never, not once, not even in the most sexually explicit scenecs, seen an ounce of that connection between Anna and Zoie. They do good dramatic work together but lack that special buzz Anna has with the other two. It's not something you can create either, however hard you try; you either have it or you don't
Kiersten Hallie Krum
68. Kiersten
Wait, Doctor Dyson was an OB/GYN?!?! Of course he was! ;-0

Also, tell me science/medical people: can an OB/GYN prescribe anti-psychotics or does such an Rx have to come from a psychiatrist? Presumably, an OB/GYN would not have the specialty experience to diagnose the needs for anti-psychotics much less which ones would be the best to prescribe. Additionally, I don't know how it works in Canada, but in the U.S., it's illegal for doctors to prescribe anything much less treat spouses and/or family members.

Hang on - dream state - no logic. Sorry, got too logical there for a minute. But Doctor Dyson as an OB/GYN in Bo's fantasy world tickles me...
Suzanne Metaxas
69. SuzyM
LOL, good one Kiersten! I missed that. I have been researching some of the things I've seen in the episode. The picture of the tree on the back of Bo's father's chair in her vision of her nursery is the symbol of rebirth in both the old Celtic and Norse religions. The whole baby theme may then be connected to Bo's accepting her Faeness and being reborn as a very powerful Fae.
Danielle Barrow
70. donovarrow
I get dedicating a season to Dyson, and this season has been dedicated to Lauren on lovers front. So I see that as a reason to have less Dyson this season. Yes he has been missed dearly (by me at least). And I know this has been said before but just the fact that Dyson has kept it from Bo so long because of her relationship with Lauren speaks to his morals and his charachter. Mind you, it was Lauren who was "persuing" a relationship with Bo with her coma girlfriend still around. And I agree that when I see Lauren/Bo together its awkward and I get no chemistry from them. And in every scene of them together it appears all Bo does is feel sorry for Lauren. I get its hard to try to be on the other end of someone trying to be monagamous with it being against Bo's nature and all. Thats why I just cant wrap my head around their relationship. It just didnt look that hard when it was Bo/Dyson. I am in no way against her being with a female char. and I did like her unattached to anyone. But that would be so hard to go back to with Dyson's mate for life crap (although increadably sexy, and heartfelt in theory).
Suzanne Metaxas
71. SuzyM
I never see a reason to have less Dyson :) If you want to kept the doccubus story line fine, but without Dyson there are many people who will stop watching. Even when he couldn't love Bo they were still TeamBadAss together. BIG mistake to cut him out of so many episodes.
72. TheGardner
@lsbloom - The way he said it in this sing-song voice, complete with goofy grin, following it up with the line, "I'm just a wolf standing in front of a succubus." was obnoxious, even mocking. Dyson turned what could have been a beautiful moment between them into a joke, hence the reason I called his behavior "dickish".
73. whiskeywhite
An OB/GYN would definitely have the right to prescribe anti-psychotics. Any MD can prescribe anything that it's legal to prescribe. In fact, though they have more restricted prescribing authority, I once had a dentist prescribe medication for vaginal yeast that came in a suppository form (to fend off the side effects of an antibiotic he was prescribing). That knocked back the pharmacist a bit -- "he wants you to put these in your mouth?!" :-).

It is not in fact illegal for doctors to treat or prescribe for family members in either the US or Canada. But the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics advises against it:
Physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families. …In emergency settings or isolated settings where there is no other qualified physician available, physicians should not hesitate to treat themselves or family members until another physician becomes available. …Except in emergencies, it is not appropriate for physicians to write prescriptions for controlled substances for themselves or immediate family members.
Controlled substances include various kinds of addictive drugs like heroin. Rules on physician practice can vary from state to state. Several states have adopted the AMA statement, or have a similar policy. A few are more restrictive (e.g., prohibiting self-prescribing of controlled substances, even in an emergency). The American College of Physicians also advises against treating close friends or employees. And third party insurers will often refuse to pay for treatment of family members.

The Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics (2004) takes much the same stance:
Limit treatment of yourself or members of your immediate family to minor or emergency services and only when another physician is not readily available…”
But delivering babies doesn't automatically make Doctor Dyson/Jason an OB/GYN. GPs still deliver babies (certainly in Canada and, I assume, in the US).
Suzanne Metaxas
74. SuzyM
TheGardner, evidently we are watching two different scenes. Dyson does not declare is love in a sing song voice and he didn't have the silly grin until he said the line "I'm only a wolf.." He declared his love with heartfelt sincerity that almost brought Bo to tears. As to his use of the I'm only a wolf line it was evident it meant something to them as a couple and that is why he used it again to snap her out of the daydream. Dyson was trying to lighten up the moment that had become a little too intense for him to handle knowing what he did about his destiny as her hand.
75. TheGardner
@SuzyM - It's entirely possible, based on the majority of the comments on here that I think I watched a completely different episode than the most of you. Perhaps I shoud try again, possibly while drunk? Maybe I'm just weird, but for me, when I said, "I love you" to someone for the first time it made me feel more vulnerable then if I were standing on the 50 yard line durring the Super Bowl in my birthday suit. It's possible the Notting Hill line meant something to them in their relationship, it has never been addressed before so I saw it as a throwaway, but I tend to lean more towards cynicism when giving the writers credit. Also Dyson does nothing for me romantically, sure he's nice to look at and all, but his traditional ideals would clash with my fierce independent streek(one of the reasons why I identify with Bo so much). I felt his approach to the situation was condescending and implying that he will just be waiting around for her until Lauren dies was insulting. Watching someone spend their life pining for you is not romantic, it's sad bordering on tragic, especially when you are happy with your partner.

On a side note I think it's great that we have a safe space here where we can all discus the episode like adults, sharing different viewpoints without insulting each other. "Gold Star for Kiersten!" TPTB for Lost Girl are clearly doing something right with this show to garner such passion from the fans and incite such vibrant debates, which makes me happy inside because that means we get more seasons!
76. nypinta
I've watched the scene a few times, (but less then Suzy M I'm sure) and Dyson did not tell Bo he loved her with a grin on his face. He said it straight faced with all sincerity. Whether or not the Notting Hill line was something between them or just a throw away, it was clear Dyson was trying to lighten the situation. Which worked. (Although Bo's labeling his feelings as "pinning" ticked me off a little. But seeing as she is a succubus and is used to being doted on, of course she'd see it that way.)

I'm not sure how someone saying "I'll wait for you" is ever an insult. I mean, how horrible. Someone loves you but isn't telling you so that you are forced into making any decisions but just telling you so you know.
Danielle Barrow
77. donovarrow
@TheGardner thank you, I have been feeling the same way about this forum. We will all disagree at some point but I respect and really enjoy reading the different views and sides to all the stories and story lines. The problem with Dyson in this situation now is the fact that he has declared Bo his mate, so what else is he suppose to do other than wait and hope one day they will have a chance again. And, I think with the episodes he has been in this season, it never felt like he was pining. He can be professional when he needs to be, or at least I think he has shown he can.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
78. Kiersten
I agree. Never saw the insult others claim. Fact is DL is human and even if B/DL last for a while, her natural shorter life span will have an effect eventually. As a long-lived Fae, Dyson has a unique perspective to Bo and DL and understands such things in a different way. Look how long he and PerfectCiara were apart. I don't think he's pining (and I was pissed at Bo for the accusation too) I think he's biding his time until she's available. That doesnt mean he wont have other partners, merely that they wont be love affairs in the true sense of the word.

I also think Bo's accusation of pining was 1. out of anger and 2. more b/c his declaration without expectation or even any kind of pressure puts the ball solely in her court and does not give her the excuse to blame him for anything. She loves him and she's not with him by choice, because she's already in relationship w/DL and, at the moment, isn't prepared to leave it. But before, she was able to move forward with the reasoning that he didn't love her and wasn't available; now she has to do it with the knowledge that he is both and she's the one keeping them apart, however "good" the reason. Bo doesn't like being the one responsible for the angst. Its "why is everyone always lying to me?" not "why am I lying to them again?" when both are true.
79. RoyaleWithCheese
I don't think Bo's objection to Dyson assisting her with her temple run had anything to do with man-hate or the emasculation of men. I wound venture to say that she would have objected to Tamsin or anyone else stepping into her fight/dawning. Bo takes pride in being strong and taking care of herself.

Nothing against the character of Dyson or chivalry - it just doesn't appear that Bo wants or needs that. It's one of the reasons I do enjoy seeing the relationship between Bo and Lauren. They play well off each other's strengths and weaknesses and there is the challenging dynamic of the human/fae relationship.

Though I do suspect that even Lauren is overstepping her bounds. Her own version of 'over concern' manifests in the excessive medicating of Bo. It seems like Bo is subconsciously starting to be concerned about all of the drugs she's being pumped with, and rightly so.

I think in both cases, Dyson and Lauren are trying to help Bo the best way that they know how, but need to step back a little and let her figure some shit out for herself.
80. whiskeywhite
Just a quick "Amen" to this being a safe place to have well thought out discussions from various perspectives. And still with passion :-)

I second the gold star for Kiersten. And thanks to Heroes and Heartbreakers for a home.

I would still love to hear of anyone has any info on the viewer demographics.
Suzanne Metaxas
81. SuzyM
RoyaleWithCheese, I agree on some points and not on others. Dyson was needed because Bo has fought against learning about things Fae and therefore was going to be a fish out of water during the Dawning. Dyson knows Bo well so he wanted to be there to help even if it meant he would not return. Dr. Lauren can't accept that Bo is Fae and is constantly trying to "cure" her of her Faeness. Bo cannot be cured of being Fae and Dr. Lauren has to accept that fact. I don't see a dynamic that is workable between Lauren and Bo they way it is being written right now. Lauren is fascinated by the Fae but she doesn't like them, not to mention her life span works against her. I also can’t understand why people fault Dyson for being adult enough to wait for Bo and Lauren to be over one way or the other without his interference. Somehow no matter what he does its wrong is some people’s minds. I’m just glad everything is now out in the open and they can work cases together again.
82. RoyaleWithCheese
SuzyM, I can see your point about Bo needing an extra hand with all things Fae given her accelerated Dawning and her limited experience. I think if he had not jumped in front of her against her wishes, I wouldn't have found it as frustrating. Again, nothing against Dyson as he was just following his heart.

As far as Lauren, I disagree that she doesn't accept that Bo is Fae. I think she realizes that there will very unique challenges in being in a relationship with another 'species', but she is willing to try to work through them. She didnt set out to fall in love with a Succubus, but it happened and she can't make her feelings go away any more than Dyson can. I don't think Lauren's intent is to change Bo or make her less Fae by using the injections, but she's trying to slow down her de-evolution or to help her not kill (a worry spot for Bo). I believe her intentions are good, even though the drugs may not be the answer. Her strength is science, and that's how she tries to help.

With the aging, the show has certainly not been shy about pointing out the 'inferiority' of humanity this year, with digs on both Kenzie and Lauren. I guess we'll see where they are heading with that.
Tatiana deCarillion
83. decarillion
I think the main difference between the two relationships (Bo/Lauren, Bo/Dyson), is that, IF the lore includes a concept of destiny, then Bo/Dyson is the relationship that is destined to be. There have been some mild indications of that, throughout the series, I believe (though I cannot cite them at this point), which have pointed me in the direction of this thinking.

If they are destined to be, then it doesn't matter who Bo is with now--in the end, she WILL be with Dyson, which is why he is content with waiting; which is probably something that Lauren is aware of, on some level; which is something that Bo may just be opening her eyes to. End game, folks (shades of Gossip Girl and the over-use of that phrase for Blair and Chuck).
Wallace Le
84. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Hello fellow posters, I am new to this forum and I wish to thank Kiersten for her Lost Girl columns and the insights, and the critical thinking she has brought to her reviews on this show. It is only very recently I found this forum and I am happy I did. I have been feverishly catching up on reading the different perspectives.
Thank you Kiersten.
I also wish to thank all of the posters who have made this a very lively and informative discussion.
Thank you all.
I am a Sci-Fi nut, Star Wars, Star Trek the whole nine yards. I enjoy supernatural tales. I love a good story, with great character portrayals and great and credible character development. So it is with great interest I started watching Lost Girl from the start of the series because it seemed to combine all the elements of Sci-Fi and the supernatural together.
Lost Girl is turning out to be a Lost Cause. Season 1 set the stage for the characters and the show. The retconning of this show to suit a particular viewership has led to sloppy writing, which in turn led to out of character portrayals and absurd role develpment. It has also led to an unintended debasement of the show and its characters.
Let me cut to the chase. It's called RAPE. Yes, Kiersten you had it right, Bo RAPED the character called Blue. Her amoral, self-serving partner Lauren was an enabler and party to it. Even Kenzi stood by downstairs with Lauren while RAPE was being committed upstairs by Bo. Yes this took place back in episode 5 and we are at 9. This forum should have been alight with the charge of RAPE. The use of Bo's powers to remove choice and then to engage in FORCIBLE sex is RAPE. I don't think the writers intended this. But in order to please a particular viewing community they thought it was a fun idea of "girl's night out and bonding and scouting other partners is OK".Remember, this is a story, its the writer's unintended retcon by-product.
The very first episode of LG was the attempted RAPE of Kenzi by drugging her. Bo stopped it. Now here we have the supposed heroine committing RAPE by supernatural drugging and no widespread criticism. Bo's development has been to get out of the hiding life and criminal past, so her lovers were all voluntary, male and female, in seasons 1 and 2. Now she is back to square one, with her lover Lauren ordering her to seek out and RAPE indivuals from bars and back alleys, so that she Lauren will not feel threatened by Dyson. Remember, this is a story, its the writer's unintended retcon by-product.
The story now portrays Bo as Lauren's useful idiot. Good for muscle and sex but that's all (paraphasing Kiersten here). Bo herself is portrayed as someone so lacking in self-esteem and worth as to go along with Lauren, who has betrayed her under orders from the Ash, ordered the blowing up of a building with Bo inside, risked Bo's life to save her then lover Nadia's own, as soon as Nadia was back Bo was dispensed with. Remember, this is a story, its the writer's unintended retcon by-product.
Kiersten you have been absolutely right on the money with your observations, Lauren does indeed think that Bo is beneath her in every which way, its just that fae power that gets in the way. Again it's the writers who I am sure never intended this effect, but this is what happens when you have to redo a storyline to suit a particular community.
Episode 9 finally gives Bo a stark comparison between Dyson, and Lauren. Dyson holds her in the highest regard, deepest respect, unreservedly affirms her self-worth and esteem, and sacrifices himself for her.
The character Lauren would make it their scientific business to know everything about the "Dawning" and hence the role of the "Hand". So yes, if the story and characters are to be credible Lauren absolutely knew Dyson was to die, but she could not be the first to support his offer.
It has been said on this forum that Bo just can't ditch Lauren. I differ, dysfunctional, disrespectful, morally harmful (RAPE) relationships should be ended immediately if one can choose. Note the inconsistency in the storytelling, RAPE is Ok, murder is not in episode 9.
If the writers had ANY vision, Dyson would be female, Lauren would be male, and we would not have to go through this foolishness. It would have been a great story for us all.
Lost Girl no longer has a credible storyline, with credible consistent character development. All it has now is Bo the confirmed RAPIST, lacking in self-worth and self-respect, making herself Lauren's useful idiot and prostitute in exchange for her approval, as the heroine. An unintentional by-product of a retcon.
Furthermore what in heaven's name is Bo feeding on these last few episodes. According to the show's authors she seems to require a Fae per day, or failing that (by Aoife's standards) three or four fit humans per day. Don't even suggest a little drink from Tamsin was enough. Remember its the show's writers leading us to believe as such, when its convenient for them, and otherwise not.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
85. Kiersten
Welcome Sci-Fi-Enthusiast. I'm delighted that you've found us and that you've found the recaps and episode deconstructions beneficial. I appreciate you sharing your passionate thoughts on Lost Girl

As you've read the recaps, you know my thought on the retcon the writers and producers have down on the show this season and its resultant character assassination. I agree that Bo and Doctor Lauren trolling for victims partners in The Dal smacked as rape as their attitude certainly was that no one would refuse Bo (Doctor Lauren actually says this out loud) the implication being that if they tried, Bo would simply use her power to convince them. I'm not sure we're supposed to believe they've continued with this philosophy though we certainly haven't been giving clear direction that we shouldn't and that is quite problematic. More, I think this lack of clarification has been the fallout out of spending 5 episodes of a 13 episodes season focused on the doccubus relationship with story advancement a barely remembered second priority. There simply isn't enough time to show how Bo is managing her everyday feeding. We do know that she tends to put it off as long as possible, either out of respect for her current partner or out of distain for her Fae nature and human sympathy for her victims partners. As such, based on that trolling scene, it's easy to believe that this rapish behavior has continued on Bo's behalf (remember, at the end of that episode, Doctor Lauren told her she did not wish to continue to be a part of finding Bo feeding partners), but we should be careful in that assumption.

That said, I think the show has absolutely dropped the ball in addressing how Bo's power and her use of it do/can remove choice from her victims partners and what that says about Bo and, more importantly, how Bo feels about it. Season 1 briefly touched on this when Aoife raped Dyson and Bo was very quick to agree that Dyson had been given no choice, but almost immediately, the show stepped back from that perspective. By next episode, Bo was agreeing with Kenzi's statement that her "mom" banged her boyfriend. There's been no further serious discussion about this outside of one or two toss away acknowledgements, all of which have called it anything other than rape.Bo has more scorn for her human mother Mary's conservatism in There's No Place Like Bo than she exhibits for the Fae who gave birth to her and went on to rape her boyfriend and tried to kill Bo, instead she tosses it off in bitter joke "look, Aoife and I had problems but we resolved them through good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat."

The assumption on Lost Girl is that, because she is beautiful, every person Bo meets or approaches is attracted to her and that they're all ready to bang. There's no nuance to the very real possibility that not everyone at The Dal (or wherever) is looking for a hookup until Bo light's them up. I would find such an exploration of character and responsibility vastly more intriguing than the current Doccutopia state of things.

Lost Girl purports to be cutting-edge and universal in its portrayal of sexuality - but by that, it really only means LGBT. If it was truly looking to explore all aspects of sexuality unbound, this would be a revolutionary way to use its platform on a serious matter that affects all orientations of sexuality universally - remember it was Dyson who was raped, a man, so already the show was prepared to take a rape discussion in a direction other shows tend not even to acknowledge. And this would be especially impactful considering how the rape culture of our society is so much top of the news these days in the most appalling of ways. How refreshing for a show with the positive (for the most part) sexual reputation of Lost Girl to use that for more than just 'shipping and actually generate a discussion of how its hero, through the nature of her DNA, has a power that, by using it for her basic survival, she has to contend with the moral implications of removing her victims' abilities to choose.

I guess I expect more from Lost Girl than it does of itself.
Danielle Barrow
86. donovarrow
This is an interesting discussion. I in no way ever looked at it as rape. When you're dealing with fantacy it really does blur the lines. I agree with @Kierstin, it would be an interesting platform for the show and see a struggle in Bo with this issue and how she would rectify that. But I think if someone would straight up tell Bo, your nothing better than a rapist that would not go well... and she would be going down some deep dark spiral of guilt (Vampire Diaries/Angel style).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
87. Kiersten
I think Bo would be appalled at even the suggestion and then really stop and look at her behavior. There's been a lot of objection for Bo taking chi from Trick, Kenzi & Doctor Lauren unasked in order to save Dyson but no objection when she takes it from random strangers in order to feed. Also, I forgot to say that if I remember correctly, there was a moment when Blue was shown to have gone with Bo willingly, if only as an afterthought, so that feeding at least turned out to be a mutual hook up even if not initially presented as so.
Danielle Barrow
88. donovarrow
I would also like to point out that Fae in the Lost Girl world feed off humans in some way or another. Just like we eat cows and chickens. Murder is still murder, and thats why there are organizations like PETA. And I have to admit this is the same thing in this instance. Sure its awful and we are against murder but we still have to look out for ourselves and feed our bodys. I would say the way Bo coaxes her "victums" is way less harmful then how we do it as people.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
89. Kiersten
You're not wrong @donovarrow about the Fae foodchain. But Bo's Fae character is built around how she does not view humans the same way as the Fae as mainly there to be a food source. From the first, she has been revolted by that attitude, a core character aspect reiterarted just last week when Bo refused to feed from the models. Plus, Stella notes Bo's favor for humans when she chides Bo for not feeding. And if her control has gotten to be so good that she can choose random partners and not kill them or Doctor Lauren when they're banging, why did she immediately assume she'd murder the models if she fed from them? So the feeding/killing question is out in full front, but when it comes to a sexual question of assent, that gets glossed over.
90. nypinta
I've had issues with consent on the show but in the case of Blue I didn't raise them because it wasn't shown that Bo used her power to seduce her. Almost everyone that meets Bo gives her the appreciative eye even before she touches them, insinuating that they're ready to rumble. But can decline if she doesn't whammy them. Which in season one she never did. And hasn't since one episode of season two. And the way Blue was talking in bed when Kenzi and Lauren interrupted them sounded like a willing participant who as a fae would know that Bo would be feeding from her.
The rape of Dyson totally freaks me out that the show walked back from it. If they weren't going to address it then they shouldn't have done it. It would have been easy to have Aife just taking Dyson's chi and Bo walking in just as she nearly drained him.
I was just re-watching S1 and in all cases but two Bo uses her power to get information out of people. Is it right? No. But pretty much every show on TV that deals with case solving formula has a character that needs to be coerced in order to tell the truth, whether it be by threats or a succu-whammie. Twice she uses it for no other reason than to get something for nothing: the waitress in episode 1 to show Kenzi what she can do and then later she buzzes the pizza guy Kenzi is flirting with. (And I think that was just to set up the roomate fighting that psychic spider feeds off of later. Ew, BTW. I hate spiders.) It isn't until season 2 that we see Bo use her power to take consent for sex away from someone, another pizza guy who tries to offer objections that she over rides in order to heal. It's played off as amusing as Kenzi offers quips from the other room. (Which is often the case on TV when it's a man bieng forced into sex. )
But since it's a fantasy show about a culture of creatures that view humans as less than, I don't think Bo's taking anything from them in order to survive herself is going to be closely examined. Except by the audience in forums and sites like this. But if the show wanted to avoid that argument then Bo would have to decide that she's no longer going to feed of humans, period. Even Lauren if they stay together. And having her cross boundries with feeding off whomever she choses probably should have been the main theme of this season and her "exploring her dark side" rather than the whole fae puberty dawning thing. But they want to keep things light and fun and not delve too deep, it seems. So I watch, have my own take on things, ponder and post and discuss.
91. lsbloom
For such a nominally sexually accepting and forward-thinking show, I am shocked at how many problems we get into with the sexual content. We've had two homages to sexually questionable films this season. And I get the feeling that because women have been in the driving set of the questionable sexual content we're not supposed to think there is a problem. From Bo removing her "partners" choices, to Lauren molesting Bo in their first meeting, to guards molesting Bo, even Aoife raping and almost killing Dyson. I still maintain that if Lauren had been a male doctor caressing his prisoner/patient and using his position to question Bo's sexual partners, viewers would have hit the roof not made it into a love story. If those prison guards groping Bo and forcing her into a skimpy outfit to clean floors were guys, the calls for "it's campy fun have a sense of humor" wouldn't have been so loud. But because apparently LGB have adopted women in prison films as acceptible porn instead of exploitation, it wasn't a problem. Those poor prisoners were raped and forcibly impregnated and apparently happily raised the babies no problems, nothing to see here. What were the writers thinking? How do we let this go?

Humans don't melt at the site of Bo of their own volition, she is supposed to inherently beautiful and alluring. But there really isn't a rape loophole for pretty people. We're changing from "she was asking for it" to "s/he was lucky to get me." I've been taken aback since Aoife raped Dyson and Bo "seduced" the poor fast food kid--where they didn't for one second consider the age of consent issue.

It is worth noting that Bo's powers don't (aren't supposed to) work the same on fae. Until this season, there were clearly fae who didn't faint at her touch or even kiss. The only time we've seen that topic recently was with the bacchus, but it was unclear whether he was turning Bo down or he was impotent. Dyson wasn't instantly attracted to her beyond control, nor was Tamsin, nor was Hale. It makes relationships with humans complex and it all goes back to that first meeting with Lauren: was she seduced by Bo's succubus powers or was she overcome with love/lust at first site. I prefer the Dyson/fae side: not the succubus, me. I'm not sure given the current trope that humans find Bo irrestible, if Bo could ever be truly sure Lauren liked her for her.
Danielle Barrow
92. donovarrow
@Kiersten I was just using that as a way to say I would rather be coerced into a sexual act with Bo, then be some other kind of fae's food resuling in death. lol, I guess I should have put it more planely. I knew all that about Bo's side to humans, I just wanted to use the murder/rape thing kinda in a generalized same catagory.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
93. Kiersten
no worries, @donovarrow. Given that sitch, I'd rather sex over death anyday. Or cake.
Linda Losik
94. LindaL
Just a quick thought: any fae that has sex with Bo knows what she is (as well as being unaligned). So this would not be rape. Humans are definitely another question; they don’t know about the fae.

Most of the concerns that have been raised by people about Bo taking chic from everyone was from Team Doccubus complaining that she took chi from her girlfriend to give to her boyfriend. This usually had the undertone that Bo just should have let Dyson dead and be done with it.

I completely agree with the comments on the Dyson’s rape and the fast food worker’s rape. While Bo and many others don’t see it this way, I do. The FFW did ask Bo if they could take it slower.
96. RoyaleWithCheese
@LindaL, I agree with you. Bo was trolling at the Dal, and as the 'unaligned succubus', I'm sure most Fae know who she is and what she is. Anyone that went home with her would have had fair disclosure as to the intended activities of the evening. I would not equate this with rape.

Maybe Bo should should start having everyone sign a release, ha.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
97. Kiersten
Maybe Bo should should start having everyone sign a release, ha.

Snicker. I am now picturing Doctor Lauren hovering anxiously in the doorway of Hilton Hovel, clipboard in hand...
Wallace Le
98. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
I am glad that the forum is having this rape discussion. The writers seem to be cavalier and careless in their addressing of sexual issues including sexual battery.

I will respectfully differ on the Blue subject. I view it as rape, because from the storyline development it was quite clear that the potential victim was not to be given any choice, but maintained in a state of Stockholm syndrome-like acquiescence which pretty much was Blue's state, Bo's interaction with her was the interaction of a rapist.

The writers obviously need to watch vampire shows for some guidance on how feeding is handled, from outright "glamoring" the victims so that they remain in a state of glee while being drained (Bo's method with Blue), to rapaciously draining of life (Bo's method with Kenzi's potential rapist), to arrangements with the local bloodbank (Bo's method with Dyson, Furies, Dyson's fellow wolf, Ryan and woman et al).

Don't forget "True Blood”, everybody gets to live. Energy Dolls (all orientations) for succubae, anyone.

The rape of Dyson has now been clearly put on the table and that of the fast food worker. I wholeheartedly am for putting the writers of this show on notice that this forum is taking a critical look at their show. They are now hearing from their entire viewership.

This is a fantasy show. If the writers, producers, and actors wish to keep things light, then they should stop messing around with sexuality and rape in a very unserious manner. If they wish to break ground on these issues, then they need consistent characters, storylines, creative and thoughtful ideas.
99. nypinta
I think maybe Bo assumed that she'd kill the models because of her pre-Dawning appetite and was afraid she couldn't control it, which was what happened when she sucked the Dark fae dry at the beginning of the season. BTW, they never did answer what really happened to Blue did they? Did Bo kill her, or was it faKenzi? Or someone else entirely?
Danielle Barrow
100. donovarrow
I assumed Blue was killed by notKenzi, but maybe it was Bo, she did question herself a lot.
101. nypinta
I had typed out a resonse and then my computer ate it.

Gist: I never said that humans find Bo irresistable. But people are clearly attracted to her even before she uses her powers on them. And if someone finds her attractive and she finds them attractive and they mutually agree that sex is going to happen then it doesn't matter that she's a succubus until and only if she uses her powers on them, even if it's during sex and she uses it to keep them doing something they don't want to. It does raise the question of can a human resist her once she uses her power. Can humans feel it happening? And does her using the power, even if they were a go, nix any ability they have of saying no if they wanted to and then make it non-consensual because they no longer have the ability to say no?

I think the fae are different in their reaction because as a species they are stronger and can physically resist her powers but also as fae they know what it feels like to have others fae powers used on them and even if they are subject to the effects of it I think just by recognizing they are under the influence of a power means they can still at least vocalize a no.

I had more. But I lost it.

But I'm still not sure that the smack talk between Bo and Lauren before she picked up Blue means that Bo used her power on Blue at all. It could have just been, as Tamsin calls it, self talk. Pumping her up mentally for trying to score. That's not the same as Bo actually doing it. And again, people seem to stop being under her influence as soon as she stops and when Lauren and faKenzi interrupted it was pretty clear that Blue was thinking with her own mind.
Suzanne Metaxas
102. SuzyM
I think Blue was killed by notKenzi, she was beaten to death not succubused.

Although I don't like the rape of Dyson or the fast food clerk I think you will have to allow that if Bo is going to feed on a human they are not going to consent. She can feed on Fae with their consent without influencing them, also it has been said and infered that she cannot influence Dyson or should I say couldn't when she had her training wheels on :) Now though I don't think there is a Fae that she can't influence. A very scary thought :(

This is a SciFy Fantasy show so you have to cut it a little slack on moralizing, but things could have been handled better ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
103. Kiersten
I think Bo and DL's smack talk was absolutely meant as is not some revving up pre-game assist. Bo was already raring to go and DL even said "how could anyone resist you" or something to that affect. I totally creeped me out at the time and again as I think of it because it was so blatant and unmitagated by any qualifications. I do agree Blue was more likely than not willing with or without the succujuice, especially since the moment she walked past them, both B and DL said "her" so even DL's human sexual mojo was pinged by whatever Blue was projecting. It was the attitude with which they approached the entire scene that set me off as predatory and dismissing any issue of consent from the buffet of partner options.
Suzanne Metaxas
104. SuzyM
I agree with your assesment of the bar scene Kiersten. It would have had a totally different flavor if Bo & DL had said they were going to invite her for a drink and then offered to take her home. It should have been more like when the Furies picked up Bo at the Dal in season one.
106. Lisa P.
Hi insider here -- James Thorpe was fired mid-season, Emily Andras completely re-wrote both #303 and #309...and I think most of #310 (she was on set for most of it) Also, the doccubus still thinks of Andras as pro-Dyson. The writers do not just write whatever they want, they all follow an arc. So there's no sense in declaring one writer pro-one character or another. They should all be able to write all characters. Thanks!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
107. Kiersten
Wow. Thanks for the inside track Lisa P.! I love BTS info.

I was made aware a while back that doccubus viewed EA as pro-Dyson (though I couldnt never figure out how they reached that conclusion), but thought that could no longer be the case due to the hands down pro-doccubus nature of this season. Thought though that Lovretta wrote 310 so odd to hear EA rewrote that one too. Naturally, my insatiable curiosity it piqued as to the nature of the firing... ;-)

I know the writers follow an arc and that ulitmately its the showrunner who's directing that arc and overseeing the writers. I've also heard that there are some writers who turn out to have a better grasp on writing a specific character and often are tagged for those character's focused episodes. We definitely named a few names in the comments, but in general (or at least on my part) when we mention "the writers" here, we're talking about the overall writing direction, not a specific one per se. Apologizes if we erred too far on the side of catty.

I really appreciate you chiming in. Hope you come back with some more great insights!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
108. Kiersten
I have a misplaced apostrophe in that last comment and am properly mortified...
109. Lisa P.
No worries, Im not in the writing department (obviouly) I'm on crew. Im currently on another show but hope to go back to LG for s4. Nobody was catty just thought you'd like to know! Its the only Cdn show Ive worked on that Ive also been a fan of. So thats why I'm quite interested in the writing process of LG and EA has always been very friendly and open to me. Things got a lot smoother from crew's perspective when she took over as showrunner. Never met Lovretta dont think she ever comes back to Toronto so maybe she sent it script then it had to be rejigged? My insider info is limited but I do know about Thorpe and that EA wrote 303 in one night because everyone was kinda amazed how good it was. I can answer anything about art department or props though! LOL. Thanks for watching everyone involved pretty cool
110. nypinta
Ah, episode three. Shoulda let Kenzi keep the stick. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
111. Kiersten
Thanks again, Lisa. Hope you get to go back for S4 too! Glad to hear about your experiences and that the set is as friendly as its purported to be. It's amazing to think they wrote 303 in one night as it was so great (that was Confaegion) but sometimes the best stuff comes out of impossible timelines b/c there's no time to doubt yourself - you just have to push through. Don't know what things needed to be smoothed out, but am glad to hear that EA was able to make it happen.

Hope you come back and share more whether it's BTS or your thoughts on the ep as a fan. Always happy to have new people chiming in!
112. katielle
Hi all!

I have a question totally unrelated to the disscussions going on in the comments here but I figured this would be the place to ask it. Everyone is raving about the "Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays" line but it's totally flying over my head. I don't get it! Can anyone help??
Kiersten Hallie Krum
113. Kiersten
Hi katielle!

Bo explains to Kenzi that Stella had sent her to capture the Oo'lug b/c she needed his sweat for her ceremony. "Didn't Trick tell you?" Bo asks Kenzi. Kenzi jokes: "Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesday. We gansta like that."

Kenzi is essentially saying that no, Trick didn't tell her about the Oo'lug sweat issue. Likely it's because Stella was lying about the sweat to get Bo to her model buffet and never told Trick what she was planning. Regardless, this exchange was Kenzi being Kenzi. She probably felt a little left out for not having the information and so made a joke about how she and Trick "only talk sweat on Tuesday" to make light of her exclusion.

Hope that helps. Thanks for leaving a comment!!
114. katielle
Yes yes very helpful, thank you! I thought I was missing some sort of reference but that totally makes sense. Very Kenzi!

Looking forward to your next recap. They provide so much insight and are a treat to read. Sometimes I feel the comments get a little negative but overall the whole page is amaze! So thanks :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
115. Kiersten
Thank you, @Katielle! That's very kind of you to say.

Unfortunately, when people are passionate about something, like a TV show, negativity pops up when that passion is diappointed. I'm glad you stick it through that though.

So glad you enjoy the recaps though and hope you'll return to comment again!
116. whiskeywhite
Fascinating discussion about the morality of Bo's use of her powers.

Dyson was definitely used sexually by Aife very much against his will, so in that sense he was raped. But Aife was not having some violent fun. Her real intent was to kill him, to get Bo's "steady" and protector out of the way so she could drag Bo into her own plans to overthrow the Fae leadership. She was killing him in the unique way that succubi kill -- by sucking the victim dry of their sexual chi (granted, Aife was enjoying herself along the way). So what Bo interrupted was a murder in progress, not a sexual assault. If Bo had not figured out how to pour sexual chi back into Dyson, he would have died and Aife would have succeeded.

I, too, disagree that Blue was raped. She was a willing participant and is rather put off to be interrupted by Kenzi and Lauren. Fae are clearly able to stop Bo if they do not want to continue. Bo discovers this for the first time in episode 1 with Dyson: "Hey, you stopped me! No one has ever stopped me before." He explains that her powers don't work the same on Fae. And I agree that Fae would know what they're getting themselves into.

I have a larger point here about rape, but I need to ponder more (and also go off to watch tonight's episode).

Before I go, all of the dicussion about Bo's need to "feed" makes me ponder the fact that we are accepting the oft-repeated story that the Fae all feed off humans -- that humans are part of their food chain. Yet we see this primarily in the case of under Fae, such as the insides-sucking kappa (1.03). In what way does Dyson 'feed off' of humans, or Trick or Hale? Is this a story element inserted simply to justify the story line of Bo's nature?
Danielle Barrow
117. donovarrow
@whiskeywhite you hit the nail on the head to what I wanted to post about next. How are wolf/shifters in any way need to feed on humans. The only thing that I can think of logically(but isnt apart of the show) are ware wolves and the posability that he bit one they would turn. IDK I'm stretching here. But I didnt even think of Trick. How would he be "feeding" off of a human. Hale, maybe not necessarily feed of a human per-say but sirens have a history with humans so I can see the corelation. And maybe just because humans are apart of some fae's food chain they are look at as lesser than because they arent "in on the secret"... again stretching here. Completly speculation.
Carmen Pinzon
118. bungluna
In other mythos, 'faery' creatures, for lack of a better word, feed either directly off human's life force of from their 'faith' or 'belief'. This show has been a bit slap-and-tickle with it's mythology, so I can't fathom how fae like Trick or Dyson feed. For that matter, Bo can feed from other fae, so humans are not essential to her either. ??
119. whiskeywhite
A thoughtful proposition, Kiersten, that the show could
actually generate a discussion of how its hero, through the nature of her DNA, has a power that, by using it for her basic survival, she has to contend with the moral implications of removing her victims' abilities to choose.
I think you do expect too much.

I think we shouldn't get too worked up over the 'let's go to the bar and find you a sexual supplement' scene. It does reflect what has long been a male pattern -- go to the bar and pick up a 'girl' to take home for the night (though to their credit, the series does present two men of that ilk as predators). In fact, it could be argued that the "Bo needs to have sex to survive" is a twist on the long-time view that it's in the DNA of men to just "have to have sex", that they need it in a way that women don't and can't control themselves. As I think has already been pointed out, if Bo's character were male, we'd have a lot less sympathy for the "must have sex" idea.

But the bar scene is also a pattern recognizable from the history of lesbian and gay socializing, where bars were a major place for people to meet and find sexual partners. I'm well (well!) beyond my 'clubbing' days, but I gather from friends, students and reading, that 'trolling' for sexual encounters in bars is now more of an equal opportunity activity -- women doing it as well as men. I'm sure they too stand at the bar, like Bo and Lauren, looking for prospects. So, I think that Bo was looking for a willing partner, someone up for a bit of fun. In a Fae bar (The Dal), she was almost exclusively likely to meet another Fae, someone that she would not hurt. Samir and Olivia were doing exactly the same thing -- they were out shopping for a sexual 'snack'. Samir (admirably) backed off immediately when Bo said 'no', but the sexual proposition was clear and direct.
120. nypinta
The comment by Kenzi was also seen by a lot of fans as a shout out to the #TricksterTuesday hashtag on twitter. Every Tuesday is Trick's day. Wednesday is Dyson's. Lauren gets Monday because in French it's lunde (spelling. My French is horrid.) Kenzi and Hale get Saturday and Sunday, for sidekick and siren. I forget which is which.
121. nypinta
Also, I do think Bo took a stance against feeding off humans. I think that is what her comment to Stella was all about. Not just that she won't kill but that she doesn't want to take from humans anymore either. But we'll see how long that lasts. I tried going vegetarian once. Lasted a day. (Not being flip. I'm sadly serious.)

As for Aife and Dyson, Aife tells Bo later that she was trying to make Dyson a thrall, not kill him. Of course she could be lying. But the fact that the end game might have been death, it doesn't mean what she was doing to him in order to kill him wasn't rape.

I will say that the bar scene with Bo and Lauren was kind of creepy. But considering that later Lauren says emphatically that she wants no part in getting Bo sex for feeding I think her side of the conversation can retroactively be looked at as her trying to put on a game face and going with the flow. Bo was just out and out creepy. But then she too could have been putting on a show for Lauren to make it seem like she was totally OK with having to hunt for honies with her girlfriend too. So creepy but not conclusive towards what happened to Blue. Because I think even though Lauren wants Bo safe and happy I'm pretty sure if they showed Bo whammy the girl into compliance that Lauren would have freaked out. At least I hope so.
122. lsbloom
It does reflect what has long been a male pattern -- go to the bar and pick up a 'girl' to take home for the night (though to their credit, the series does present two men of that ilk as predators).
@Whiskey--this is actually my biggest problem. That the show is presenting tropes we generally consider to be pretty terrible in men as being "okay" because a woman is doing them. It is okay for women to be sexually predatory (what's 1000 year vow of chasitity to someone as hot as you!). It is okay for women to present sexualized violence against other women. It is okay for women to take advantage of the doctor/patient relationship. It is okay for Aoife to rape Dyson to get what she wants (either death or thrall). These things aren't taboo because men are stronger and women have no chance to defend themselves and somehow men are always up for sex so they are grateful for any attention. Men have the same rights of choice and consent that women do. And women can certainly be overpowered and degraded by other women.

And the converse of that is that men being honorable and self-sacrificing is now a bad thing. The double-standard is annoying for me.
Wallace Le
123. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Bo is growing ever more powerful as a Fae, probably more powerful than her mother Aoife.

Bo has always sought a place in the human world, and Lauren is a bright, attractive, academically accomplished human who represents to Bo, that acceptance. Lauren is all that she has craved humanly,. Bo looks up to Lauren (“you take my breath away” … “I love it when you go geeky on me”). Lauren is viewed by Bo, as Bo’s way of being human, Bo incongruously adopts monogamy to please Lauren, and after dismally failing that dubious human standard she starts catering to Lauren’s whims (reporting to Lauren, and following feeding orders from Lauren). She subjects herself to Lauren.

Of course this cannot continue. The more she tries to be human, the more powerful a Fae she becomes. Now her powers have become Goddess-like, she now has the power of resurrection. She can give and take life. Bo’s current status presumably requires the need for massive amounts of feeding (aka sex, if this story is to have any integrity). Aoife travelled with her food (“What’s with all the beefcake”, Bo says in season two), a retinue of fit humans.

I now think the relationship with Lauren can only continue on Bo’s terms alone. She is the Heroine.

Bo needs to establish a proper feeding regimen with Dyson and Tamsin (or other female Fae). She can fit Lauren into a sex schedule on occasion to catch up and do some human intimacy and outreach. The Lauren sessions cannot be feeding ever, because Bo’s needs by now are simply too great (again, if the story is to have any credibility).

The writers need to look at maybe Superman and Lois Lane for inspiration on great power discrepancies between superhero and human lover. Their task is unenviable since Superman didn’t require sex with dozens of partners (what would Lois think).

I wish the writers luck.
124. whiskeywhite
Hi, Sci-Fi-Enthusiast - I meant to say "welcome" earlier. I'm an original Trekkie. (And an original fan of "Dark Shadows".)

Interesting point: "her powers have become Goddess-like ... She can give and take life." A better comparison than the male links that we have been tending to make. One of the great changes in human mythology happened during the time of the Greeks (and the ancient Hebrews) -- the reverred reproductive powers of the goddess were appropriated by men and transferred to the gods, including the great male sky god of Judaism, inherited by Christianity and Islam. One small thing that irked me in this series that the Norn was portrayed as malevolent rather than as a life-giver (I know that was not how the Norn was seen in the male-dominated Nordic culture). Ancient goddess figures in earth-based religions were often associated with a sacred tree. There are those who argue that the tree in the Adam and Eve story was a representation of the pagan goddess and that was why the tree's fruit, a source of knowledge, was forbidden to the male sky god worshippers.

I'm not sure that it is a given that Bo's sexual needs will have become greater as her powers strengthen. Certainly logical and plausible, but her abilities to control her desires have also intensified. We'll see. The question was asked earlier as to how Bo was feeding since Blue. Were her one-night (one-hour?) stands continuing off screen? Presumably, if we follow the show's logic. But as was pointed out, conveniently dropped (for now. We'll see about that as well as things unfold). By the way, I just checked "trolling" -- I thought it might be instead "trawling" (I remember 'trawlers' -- East Coast fishing boats from my youth) but apparently it's a different method of fishing -- trolling uses hooks for single fish while trawlers pull nets to catch many fish. Perhaps Bo should consider trawling, for more efficient feeding and more fun. :-)

lsbloom -- you get my point and analyze the problem well. And I am SO totally with you on:
If those prison guards groping Bo and forcing her into a skimpy outfit to clean floors were guys, the calls for "it's campy fun have a sense of humor" wouldn't have been so loud.
Sci-Fi-Enthusiast - I didn't get your point:
If the writers had ANY vision, Dyson would be female, Lauren would be male, and we would not have to go through this foolishness.
Dyson should be a female wolf shifter and Lauren should be a nerdy male scientist? A female wolf shifter is an interesting idea, but wouldn't it be better if she were a lion(ess) shifter? Perhaps (likely) I miss your point entirely.

Bo adopts monogamy for Lauren, yes. But also for herself (her own humanly-limited vision of relationships). She also tries to be monogamous for Dyson (1.12).
125. Santiam
FINALLY! A good episode! Worth wading thru way too many episodes of truly numbing medicority. I forgot why I liked this show and then Dyson shares the screen with Bo and suddenly there's this white-hot frision of intensity. She comes alive. Her eyes light up and her smile beams and he is drawn to her as is the viewer, because she's so alive with sensual happy energy! Lauren showed her true colors by actually encouraging Dyson to sacrifice
himself. She's the expert on all things Fae. She knew what he was
offering! She is such a simpering wet rag of soap-opera-style emotional
manipulation. It's beyond aggrivating to have to put up with episode after episode of her doe-eyed mewing and maudlin dramatics. The momentium goes dead with Lauren and becomes mired in slow sloppy emotional quicksand. There's no verve. It's all soft focus sacrine sweetness without any energy or momentum. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. When Bo shares scenes with Kenzi the momentium doesn't go flat nor does it with Tamsin. It's just that Lauren is a soft and flabby spirit without any spark and too often trying to control Bo by having some sort of manipulative melt-down. Her pouting and emotional blackmail is the sort of thing that makes for continual drama and lack of confidence in a relationship as well as a lack of joy! She seems to be the sort that seeks to be miserable and drag others into her endless cycle of woe. The difference between her ability to selflessly love and Dyson;s was never more clearly illustrated! He is willing to try and be happy for Bo because he loves her and wants for her what she wants for herself. If that's Lauren, then he's not going to get in the way. He is clear about his love for her but he doesn't try to manipulate her or make her feel guilty. Lauren, on the other hand, does such petty things as ignore phone calls on a day that could kill her lover. Way to put your lover in a confident and strong frame of mind! Then shows up again all mewling and gooey, trying to turn Bo's attention to sympathy for her instead of toward her own deadly challenge. And by the way Lauren made the rule of No Dyson, even though he could help Bo when she needs it most. He proves his love and his confidence by offering what Bo needs under whatever terms she sets. He'll stand aside because that's how much he loves her. Lauren proves the quality of her love by being petty, weak, jealous and too insecure even if it puts her lover in danger. Then to clearly put things in perspective, Dyson makes the ulitmate sacrifice! (though I was a bit hazy on the why. Was it me or was that sort of glossed over?) I have been utterly perplexed by the down-turn of this series and could only conclude that I was in the minority of people who were becoming more and more bored and annoyed Lauren and Bo as a couple. It made for dead air. There's no reason for the show to not have intriguing plots and a VARIETY of sensual situations or even to explore the difference of what is sexual and what is sensual and all the variables. I liked that in the context of also having a powerful complex romance. It was so marvelous to not only have something like a succubus with a conscience but a sexy werewolf! How novel! How intriguing. It was earthy and supernatural and full of all sorts of passion and texture. I kept waiting for the payoff of the fabulous first season! Finally, a GOOD episode! I'll keep watching with renewed interest!
Wallace Le
126. Sci-Fi-Enthusiast
Hi whiskeywhite.

I am not versed in mythology, which has always fascinated me. I thank you for information that is new to me. It furthers my belief that the writers of this show are too careless with their portrayals.

Bo’s sexual needs in my view would have to correspond with her abilities, I am embracing that whole energy balance thing, the more you put out, the more one has to put in. It is true that there can be efficiencies. I just feel that those efficiencies are not enough for an astronomical jump in abilities.

The idea about the vision thing, was that there is an appetite for same sex partnerships in TV content.

True Blood, Spartacus (doing a fantastic if bloody job), even way back Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek had portrayals.

My thought was if the producers/writers had foresight then the electricity displayed by Bo and Dyson would be same sex. The casting would have been different. Instead they stumbled on the Bo Lauren fan club and now had to significantly in my view turn and twist the story to suit. In Spartacus the love and electricity between the male champions Agron and Nasir is such that even heterosexuals can relate to it. This took serious planning, consistency in the storyline and character development, and great casting and actors.

Vision, creative, skilful, consistent writing and storytelling is much in need for this show.
127. nonoza
This whole defacto light fae thing may very well be true but 4 Bo 2 declare a side wud b abandoning her humans r nt food n slaves stand. As the blackthorn said during the fae election: she's an obnoxious vegan so she's closer 2 the light, and I beliv trick said most fae feed on humans in sum way. But u cnt side with humans n b cozy with the dark, it doesn't work. And I honestly think Bo picked up Blue off camera.
128. Tashina Proli
Hey I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of your commentary! It helps me sort out my ideas for what is going on in Fae world and tells me things I can't find anywhere else! Oh and you're absolutely hillarious and always make me laugh hard. Thank you!!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
129. KierstenKrum
Hi Tashina! Glad you found the recaps after all this while and very happy you're enjoying them so much! Love to make people laugh! Thanks for letting me know.
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