Mar 5 2013 3:30pm

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Succubus on the Range

Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 3Thank fae—Lost Girl Season 3 is here! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 and Season 2 to the most recent episode of Season 3 aired in the U.S. on the SyFy Channel. All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode 3.07, "There's Bo Place Like Home.”

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We begin with a close up of Bo’s beautiful eyes and, for a moment, I wonder if the LivEvil split scene marketing image is about to come to life before our eyes. But no, Bo is merely down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) preparing for her first step to conquer the Tests of the Dawning.  She slowly blinks and Trick asks if she’s ready and Bo nods in a jerky motion. “Take a deep breath,” Trick encourages. “Try again.” Bo opens her eyes, breathes audibly, and slowly steps toward The Mirror of Erisod. Okay, fine, it’s an archway of entwined branches that frames an invisible threshold—one which proceeds to knock Bo back on her shapely ass. Trick makes a disappointed face but calmly asks what Bo did that time, as though she offended The Threshold somehow. Sprawled on the ground, Bo gives him A Look. “Begged the invisible threshold to knock me on my ass, obviously,” she snarks. “Was I not supposed to?”

Trick reminds her that most Fae have years to prepare for their Rites of Passage. “You have days before you devolve into something I have to keep in a cage!” Bo is not cowed. “Haven’t you always wanted a pet?” Trick sighs. “I see impending doom hasn’t affected your sense of humor,” he returns. Bo stalks across the room and frantically flips through a book on his desk. “This has to say how to get through the stupid door!” she insists. Trick patronizes that much is left to interpretation, “like I told you to—” But Bo has heard this litany too many times already. “Yes,” she interrupts, irritated, “to focus on the now. Shift consciousness and achieve an effortless merging of action and awareness,” she snits as she stalks back to The Threshold, clearly mimicking something Trick has said numerous times. “To allow yourself,” Trick reminds her laboriously, “to cross through The Threshold!”

Bo takes position in front of The Threshold again. “So I’m on my own then,” she concludes and, with a smile and shrug that says “‘fraid so!” Trick agrees with her. Bo sighs heavily and tries again. “Focusing…shifting…merging,” she counts off, the last with that “I’m so gonna kick your ass,” look she gets. “And I, Bo Dennis, allow myself to pass.” She eases one hand through the barrier before The Threshold rejects her again. “Fine! Plan B!” she exclaims and picks up a mace. Not the spray-can kind. Trick stops her at the last minute. “You can’t smash your problems away!” Anvil! Anvil Alert! “Oh yeah?” Bo snarks. “Did your ancient book sorta tell you that too?!”  She throws the mace away and demands a break, but Trick resists. “Trick, this isn’t working!” Bo yells. “Sometimes you just gotta know when to fold ‘em, you know? I just want to go home!” she moans and takes off for Hilton Hovel (drink!).

Out in the bright light of day where the deer and the antelope frolic, a man changes a tire while his fiancée bitches nearby about being dragged out of the city to the far off land of NoCellServiceLand.  Brad smells the air and says it reminds him of “being on the field throwing TDs for Grimley High!” So he’s home and reminiscing about the good old days when he was the high school quarterback as he changes a tire next to a field of tall grass. Dude is so dead. His fiancée grouses that all she smells is cow crap and questions Brad’s ability to change a tire. Brad assures her he’s done his fair share of “tire swaps.” I’m sure there’s a country song out there somewhere that tells us all about it too. She’s bitches some more that he brought her out all this way for cherries, but Brad insists they’re the “best damn cherries in the world. You know I kinda thought my fiancée would be a little more interested to see where I grew up,” he shoots back. Fiancée is slightly chagrined and claims she’d be in a better mood if they weren’t stuck in NoCellServiceLand and if she “wasn’t about to burst.” He suggests she cop a squat somewhere, and after an offended objection that Brad fails to acknowledge, she tramps off warning him that “if I’m not back in five, it’s on you.” Brad works his way under the car and carelessly advises that she watch out for poison ivy…and snakes. Say it with me: why does it always have to be snakes?

As fiancée tentatively wanders into the tall grass and pops a squat, Brad triumphantly knocks off the flat tire. The light flares, the wind machines turn on, the grayscale gel is switched in, and a tattered figure appears in the road behind him. Actually, she looks a lot like a better designed, female version of Shax. Believe me, nobody hates that I have that association buried somewhere in my brain more than I. Brad raises a hand to shield his eyes as Shaxée gives him the Evil Eye…and collapses the car on top of him. As Brad dies, the sky darkens ominously and Shaxée poufs away in a pillar of smoke...just as a worried fiancée returns to the car to discover her man has become road kill. Hysterical, she screams his name. Bet somebody wishes she wasn’t quite so bitchy now, hmm? Also, now she’s stuck in NoCellServiceLand with a dead body and no tire on the car, so…sucks to be fiancée.


At The Dal (drink!), Trick is being interrogated about Bo by a striking if yet unnamed woman of a certain age (the beautiful Deborah O’Dell). Seriously show, why do you still make us work so hard for the Fae of the Day character names? She speaks with controlled formality and an accent that makes my ear twitch but one I can’t, at the moment, identify. I think it’s a suppressed English one. Her red hair is elegantly bound up and she’s wearing winter white suit with what might be ostrich feathered fringe. I can’t tell because I’m stunned by the shine of her gorgeous necklace. Bling me.

She assays that Bo has already shown signs of devolution and Trick eagerly confirms his granddaughter is desperate, “whether she realizes it or not!” The Woman makes notes and posits that Bo’s condition could become grave at a moment’s notice. “Is she still unaligned?” Not really, no, and not for some time, but whatever. Trick grimaces. “Stubbornly so,” he admits with all the frustration his granddaughter’s status continues to cause him. The Woman asks after Bo’s parents. Trick: “Father: unknown. Mother: a succubus.” He watches The Woman write the information down as she silently acknowledges the stacked deck of Bo’s lineage. Trick seems quite keen to please and has this air almost of reverence for The Woman. Methinks some Trickster mojo is getting its groove on!

The Woman cautiously addresses the fact that there are rumors as to Bo’s “potential” and Trick grimaces again in response. “Oh dear,” she says. “Oh dear that’s great news?!” Trick replies, trying and failing to introduce some levity. Not at all amused, The Woman lectures that succubi already take more preparation “and are at greater risk of failing their rites.” Trick soberly acknowledges this point. He must have gone through this with Aoife and thus knows exactly what it entails—and the risks. “If your granddaughter is as powerful as I’ve heard,” she continues, “a Fae’s devolution is directly proportionate to their abilities.”

“Bo is extra special,” Tricks allows, “so she runs the risk of becoming…extra UnderFae?” The Woman: “The Bo you know will cease to exist.” Oh, that’s not frightening at all! “And in her place,” The Woman continues tartly as she gathers up her things, “will be something ex-tremely dangerously.” She stands to leave, but Trick softly begs “Stella” (was that so hard, show?!) to stay. “I realize you’re in high demand,” he begins. With aggrieved pride, Stella reminds him that Fae seek her “guidance years in advance of The Dawning.” Trick hastily thanks her for coming to meet with him at such short notice (it’s implied) and his fawning appeases her for the moment. “She’s all I have left,” Trick adds with great emotion and Stella is not unmoved. She returns to her seat at the bar with deliberate motions to be sure Trick understands the favor she’s doing him. “Fetch me some tea,” she orders and, with a broad, grateful smile, Trick hastens to do so. “I’ll need to evaluate the subject,” Stella adds as she casually flips through her notes. She pauses and sneers upward. “But not amidst this horrible racket.” Trick hurries off to turn off the music and call Bo to heel.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), alone in her bed (unusually so for this season), Bo sleeps fitfully. She struggles through a nightmare that interchanges between memories of when she killed Kyle, her first boyfriend, and images of a devolved Bo chewing on bloody bones that the Dreamweaver in episode 2 pulled from her future covered by a voiceover of her last conversation with her human mother. “You have the devil inside you, Beth! You’re a slut, a whore! You’re not my daughter! You never were!” Aw. Poor Bo Bo. As the image of her own eyes glowing blue fills her mind’s eye and the creature that used to be Bo turns around to confront her, Bo jerks awake to the insistent ringing cell phone next to her bed.  At 2 AM, she’s not happy to have Trick waking her up, but reluctantly agrees to come down to The Dal (drink!), grumbling all the way.

In a now-empty Dal (drink!), Bo downs a cup of tea as Trick stands at her side, smiling proudly. “Chunky,” she quips and shoves the teacup across the table for Stella to read the leaves. “So what does it say? Will I meet a brave knight and marry all my problems away?” Heh. At least you got the brave knight part right...

Stella is not amused. “Why deny your fear, child?” “Because it’s scary,” Bo duhs back. Preach it. Trick clears his throat tellingly at her tone and attitude and with apology, Bo tries to dial back. “I’m just a little on edge, Miss—” she leads, angling for identification. “Stella Nashira,” Stella introduces herself tightly.  “And a Lodestar’s work cannot be rushed,” she schools. Trick steps in to explain that Stella has “given guidance to hundreds of our kind as they prepared for The Dawning.” He looks at Stella and can’t help from smiling at her without inhibition. Stella, though, is focused on Bo. “You harbor great rage. And great regret,” she adds thoughtfully after a pause. “These two negatives are making it very hard for you to know yourself. Embrace your true identity.” Bo doesn’t like this and rudely snarks that everyone has hang-ups.

Stella addresses Trick to explain that the “blockage” can usually be traced back to a childhood imprint by a parental source, which immediately gets Bo’s back up about people like Stella always blaming Mommy issues for everything. “OK, look, Aoife and I, we had—problems—but—um—we worked them out with good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat.” Good times. But Stella pings on how Bo calls her mother by her first name. “Did Aoife not raise you?” Trick explains the crib notes version of Bo’s parental history. He moves around the table to stand by Stella as he speaks, visually aligning with her for this next bit. “Aoife is Bo’s natural mother and she and her adopted mother, Mary, also had a falling out.”

“Twice the mommies; twice the baggage,” Bo snarks, in a failed attempt to hide the pain this trip down memory alley has caused her. Stella insists that Bo must confront the source of her estrangement. Bo vehemently objects. “Your anger is hurting you,” Stella announces. “She hurt me,” Bo bites back. “You have to go home, Bo,” Stella concludes definitively. “You must forgive.” But Bo isn’t having any. “Like hell I do,” she growls. She gets to her feet and agrees that she will do whatever it takes to survive The Dawning. “But I will not spend one more minute with that ignorant warped bigot!” I don’t remember a past episode painting Bo’s human mother with such a harsh brush. I thought too that after she killed Kyle, Bo bugged out without seeing or talking to anyone, least of all her parents. I know they’ve been described as simple, conservative “folk,” but ignorant bigots seem to be something harshly new.  Maybe it’s just me.

Trick softly and emotionally reminds her that if she doesn’t do this, “you’ll devolve into an UnderFae.” With her nightmare so recent a reminder of what that will look like, his words give Bo pause—but they’re not enough. “Then let’s hope it’s a nice cage.”

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo stands before her mirror buttoning her vest and tells Doctor Lauren that what Trick and Stella are asking her to do is out of the question. On the bed, fully dressed, Doctor Lauren peruses her iPad. Clearly there have been no evident consequences or repercussions to their relationship for the doc’s disbelief of Bo in the last episode. Shocking. Bo insists that there has to be another way. “Oh, I could use some off your patented nerdness right now,” she confesses. But while the doc hates to say it, “this is one of those cases where your ‘Faeness’ trumps my ‘nerdness’.” By my count, that’s most of her cases, but whatever. Doctor Lauren can only treat Bo’s symptoms. Climbing onto the bed, Bo whines that she can’t go back there, but the doc says it’s a shame to miss the Cherry Festival. She displays her iPad to show the web site for the Grimly County Cherry Festival. Bo can’t believe the doc Googled her hometown.

In a more sober frame of mind, Doctor Lauren says she knows that Bo left home because of what happened with Kyle. Bo gets sad faced. “If there had been just some understanding, you know? Someone to talk to…” The doc counsels that “they” were simple people. Those simple people managed a pretty slick Cherry Festival web site there. “Try not to blame them for their ignorance,” she suggests. Bo chides her for defending “them.” “My mother cast me out like I was some kind of deviant.” While the doc agrees she can’t know how difficult this is for Bo, she also agrees that it could be Bo’s only hope. Bo considers it for a moment and then grouses that it’s a five hour drive, but this is only a tacit objection. The doc offers to go with her, “you’re practically insane anyway, you can’t go by yourself,” she jokes, but while Bo laughs a little, she (thankfully) declines the offer, stating that the doc needs to stay and do some “hard core doctoring” as a backup. “Besides, I know someone else who could use a road trip.” Hey! Looks who’s finally decided to remember her best friend! Doctor Lauren sincerely asks after Kenzi. “With every new wig comes another brave face,” Bo describes. The doc quietly asks if “we” know yet why the kitsune targeted Kenzi. “We” do, yes, it’s because Kenzi had her mojo from the visit to The Norn…but wait, what’s this? Bo hesitates, then looks away, and says no, “and I didn’t ask, she’s still—” Ah, she’s yet to tell Doctor Lauren what she and Tamsin learned from the kitsune at the college. Interesting. Who’s lying now, sweetie? With sympathy, the doc quickly agrees even as Bo continues to frown at her with distrust.

Doctor Lauren pulls up her case and extracts three injections. She tells Bo the formula will “inhibit cell degradation by freezing the UnderFae cells that are trying to takeover rendering them temporarily sterile. If you feel yourself starting to lose control, inject yourself.” Bo thinks even if she had to inject her eyeball it would sound better than talking to her mother. Ignoring this, the doc insists that the injections be used for emergencies only as they are the only three left and when Bo asks why she can’t make more, the doc admits that “the formula produces diminishing returns. With every injection it’ll work a little bit less.” They kiss and Bo tells the doc to wish her luck and leaves.

Back at The Dal (drink!), Trick comes out from the keg room. Across the room, Dyson enters The Dal (drink!) at the same moment and the two men match movements to meet mid center of the bar. Agitated, Dyson doesn’t even bother with ‘hello’ but immediately confronts Trick about Bo. “I don’t understand why you’re letting her go,” Dyson says roughly. Trick insists that Bo has to go. “I can’t just sit by and watch her lose everything, Trick!” Dyson shouts. He takes a minute. “I can’t lose Bo ag—” He barely catches himself before he reveals all, but it’s already too late. Trick looks Dyson up and down and sighs. “When did you get it back?” Dyson tries one last time to avoid this confession with a casual “What?” Trick raises his brows. “Your love, Dyson,” he says more sharply, all don’t play dumb with me, young whippersnapper! Dyson hesitates. “Bo has (Doctor) Lauren now,” he non-answers quietly, a wealth of sadness and resolve in his voice. Trick says, “(Doctor) Lauren’s human. Their relationship can only be…” he looks away and grimaces again as he searches for a word other than ‘temporary’, “…short-term.”

Trick’s seen a lot in his time; this isn’t the first Fae/human relationship he’s observed before for sure. Sure, any of them could become “short-term” in an instant. Dyson, Trick, Hale—any of them could be killed tomorrow (that’s NOT a suggestion, show!). But the odds are much greater that Bo will out-live her human lover, and that inevitability will inevitably weigh on their relationship. Trick knows this. Dyson knows it too.

But Dyson is in full beautiful dumbass mode, old-world nobility front and center. “So, in the short-term, I am not going to interfere.” I enjoy how formal his language gets when talking about Important Things. He leans against the bar, as though releasing the weight of his secret to someone else has drained him. “I love Bo too much to screw it up again,” he says. HALLELUJAH! People, we FINALLY have confirmation!! Also, sigh. ‘Bout damn time, show.

“Those feelings aren’t just something you can make go away,” Trick warns. “‘Less you want to book another meeting with The Norn (Freaking Norn!).” But Dyson has no intention of mucking about with his love again. “These feelings will never go away,” he vows quietly with a small, melancholy smile. “Not for me.” Trick, seeing the truth in Dyson’s face, realizes there’s nothing more to be said. He spreads his arms wide and smiles broadly. “How are we having this conversation without booze?!” Oh, that is SUCH a good question! Everybody drink! This show giveth with one hand and taketh away with—erm—five other hands that sprout Kali-like from various spots on its torso. Hey, at this point, I’m not putting anything past these people.

Trick pats a thoughtful Dyson on the arm and heads behind the bar to set them up with shots of the good stuff. “Her guide,” Dyson calls, getting back on point, “the Lodestar?” Trick puts glasses on the bar and, smiling now for a very different reasons, assures Dyson that Stella is the best. “Quite the looker too.” Aw, Trickster is smitten! You are overdue on that front, my man. “Don’t worry,” he assures a clearly worrying Dyson, “Bo will make it through this.” He finishes pouring and lifts the shot. “There will be a long-term,” he says pointedly and with conviction. Dyson raises his brow, catching Trick’s meaning. “Promise?” “Just do your shot,” Trick chides with the long-familiarity of an old friend. They clink glasses and drink, but Dyson is still angsty…for both Bo’s short and long term situations. I knew Trick was on Team Badass! I mean, the guy is happy if his granddaughter is happy, but despite his grouchy attitude in the past, he seems to now see what’s best long-term for everyone. Many of his previous objections toward their relationship were due to his own machinations and uncertainties regarding Bo, much of which have been since resolved. Nice to see him supporting and encouraging Dyson toward her for a change. Maybe he’s finally realized having his granddaughter hooked with the man who has been his closest confidant and champion for years is awfully nice and neat for all.

Out in the bright light of day, with cheery tunes cranked up loud, Bo and Kenzi race down the road in— hey! It’s the succmobile!! Hel-lo lady!! The top is down on the succmobile, and Kenzi waves her arms in the air as they power down the road and Bo voiceovers that she’s going to forgive that “holier-than-thou witch” who raised her that she forgives her and “peel home, and waltz right past The Threshold.” Kenzi adds that if Bo goes crazy, “I just needle your butt. No problemo.” As the car speeds past the camera, Bo and Kenzi both self combust under the stress of actually being out in bright sunlight for more than the 30 seconds it usually takes to get from the car into The Dal (drink!). Plus, didn’t we already exhaust the one-episode-per-season allotment with Dyson’s rooftop adventures and Bo and Tamsin’s forest hike? There must be some rift in the Fae continuum for this one. 

They pull into the Grimley Gas Station where Kenzi wrestles with the ancient gas pump as super powered Bo lounges against the succmobile and watches. “With everything that’s been happening, we haven’t had much chance to talk,” Bo says. “Pepperoni stinks and one pint of candy corn, The Kenzi is awesome,” Kenzi quips. “Bloated but awesome.” She forces the hose into the gas tank. “Go! Come on, pump! Gas me!” Hee. All too casually, Bo brings up Kenzi’s once-upon-a-Fae rash. “You ever find out how you got it?”

“Go in your hole!” Kenzi orders the gas pump. Snicker. What?! Out of nowhere, a stranger is suddenly beside Kenzi. “Can I help you with that, ma’am?” he asks, startling her. Out of sorts, Kenzi looks between him and Bo. “I seem to have attracted the attention of country folk,” she mutters to Bo through her teeth. The gas attendant proceeds to hook the pump up to the succmobile as Kenzi gives him a wide berth. “Perhaps of the bumpkin variety,” she adds with a little nasty as she eyes him skeptically. Hey, the guy’s pumping your gas, Kenz. Be nice. Bo chuckles but then the attendant recognizes her—“Beth? Beth Dennis?”—and gives it his full local yokel “hoo whee” inflection. It takes a minute for Bo to similarly recognize “Dougie.” She hugs him awkwardly.

“You—you two—know each other?” Kenzi asks, beginning to get entertained. Bo hesitantly says that Dougie and she were friends in high school. “It’s Doug now,” he corrects her without malice and adds that nobody ever thought they’d see “Beth” around there again. “Beth?” Kenzi scoffs but then catches Bo look and clues in, “Beth! Yes!” Doug awkwardly expositions that they caught the guy who killed Kyle so, “whoo hoo! I mean, I’m not celebrating the murder. Dude died right in front of you. Just that they caught the guy.” But Bo understands he’s trying to be nice. “It was a long time ago,” she allows. “A lot has changed since then, including my name. I’m Bo now.” Doug guess she’s there for the cherry fest and to see the “old gang,” but Bo quickly says she there only for personal business. “I’ll be gone before the Pie-Off.” Kenzi’s radar immediately freaks out. “PIE-OFF?” she whispers to Bo and when her bestie looks at her, Kenzi mouths “OH MY GOD!” as Doug obliviously natters on at how the whole area has hit the skids since Bo left. “It’s just like one string of bad luck after another.” ANVIL ALERT. “And of course, there’s the accident,” he adds. Bo: “Accident?” Kenzi: “Not the pies!” HA!

Doug updates them as to Brad’s fate and when Kenzi asks that Bo tell her “Brad” isn’t a cow, Bo clarifies that Brad was Mr. Popular high-school quarterback and he and Dougie, “Doug,” she corrects with a smile at the man, were not exactly bros. Doug confirms that Brad used to pick on Dougie’s head. “But that was eons ago; that Dougie’s gone. Just like Brad.” He doesn’t seem too broken up about it, but Bo has stopped listening as she falls into one of her blue-eyed spells. An image of her UnderFae transformation pops in her head and she collapses against the succmobile. Is it wrong that I kinda dig UnderFae Bo’s little horns? Kenzi catches her and Bo makes the excuse that her weakness is due to too much driving. At Kenzi’s suggestion, she goes off to splash some water on her face. “Cleanest pissers in Grimly County!” Doug assures Bo. “Yeah Bo,” Kenzi snarks. “You don’t want to miss the pissers!” As Bo leaves, Doug hits on Kenzi and the camera pans up past the station to show Shaxée standing in the middle of the road watching them all. That’s not creepy.

The succmobile pulls up to a small country house. Kenzi jumps out, but Bo just stares at her childhood home and wonders if she should’ve just written a letter. “Dude!” Kenzi shouts, stalking around the front of the car. “You have taken on The Morrigan. Your old lady should be child’s play!” Bo yells that her mother taught her she was evil. “Now I’m supposed to tell her it’s okay?” Kenzi follows her across the lawn. “It’s called being the bigger person. Which reminds me, I want to scarf down like 20 pies on the way home.” But Bo doesn’t want to be the bigger person. “I am so sick of being the bigger person.”  Oh honey, do I know how you feel! “That bitch in there has said things to me that echo inside my head, they scratch away at the inside of my brain every single night when I’m trying to fall asl—OW!” she shouts as Kenzi jabs her in the ass with one of the injections. Wounded (literally!), she looks at Kenzi. “What the hell?” she asks, demonstrably calmer than a moment ago. “I ass-provised!” Kenzi chirps. HA! “Oh, was that not one of your monster fits?” she asks as she realizes that she might have misjudged the sitch. “You seemed really angry!” she exclaims in defense. “God did I just waste one of these?” she asks, recapping the needle. “Not if you wanted to help me refocus my rage,” Bo quips pointedly. Kenzi tells her she’s welcome. “Now, get your head in the game! It’s time to face the Mom music.” Bo reluctantly agrees. “But then we get the hell outta here, right?” Kenzi: “Does a horse shit in a barn? No seriously, is that where they poop?” HAHA! She shrugs when Bo gives her an are you serious? look. “Just keep the car running,” Bo moans. Kenzi goes off to do so but as Bo reluctantly approaches the house, Kenzi drops the supportive attitude and her fear shows through.

Bo pauses in front of the door and then knocks hard.  As she peers through the window, a woman comes up the side of the house. “Over here,” Bo’s mother calls with a smile as she climbs up the steps. She drops the basket of laundry into a chair as she recognizes Bo. “Oh. Beth? Oh finally!” She hurries over to embrace a stunned Bo. “You’ve finally come home! I’ve missed you so much!” Mouth agape, Bo stands still in her mother’s arms. “Mama?” Slowly she wraps her arms around her mother for the first time in 10 years. Aw.

Inside Bo’s childhood home, Bo, Mary, and Kenzi sit at the dining room table as Mary hastily rolls out dough for a pie, all upset that Beth has finally come home and here “I did not have a crumb of a pie for you and your new friend.” “Yeah. Your moms. What a bitch,” Kenzi snark whispers to Bo. “She used to be,” Bo murmurs back. She’s wearing an apron over her leather vest and standard dark clothes. The juxtaposition of Kenzi and her dark wardrobe, makeup and general, if usual, appearance is quite striking over the bright, gingham-heavy colors of country life. Bo’s face is the picture of confusion. She braced for a confrontation with Holy Hannah and got Susie Sunshine instead.

There are pictures all over the house of a young Anna Silk Bo/Beth. Bo tells her mom she didn’t give her any warning as Kenzi snags fruit from the bowl. Mary asks Kenzi if she goes to Grimley High too. “Um— no,” Kenzi mumbles around the food. Bo steps in to say that Kenzi isn’t from around there and she, Bo, has been away for a long time. “That’s what your father always says!” Mary says cheerily. “Said,” she corrects immediately, sobering. “Said,” she repeats deliberately. “He’s gone now.” And Bo has absolutely no reaction to the news that her father is dead. Maybe she already knew? “Your Aunt Bea always says that I keep getting confused and I should write things down.” With a gentle hand on Bo’s elbow, Kenzi directs her to look past Mary to the china cabinet where a buffet of prescription medications are lined up.

Bo gently asks if Mary remembers why she left. “Well, you were lost,” Mary answers with childlike certainty. “And the Lord helped you find your way back.” She realizes she forgot the rhubarb and leaps up from the table. “What happened to the forgiveness so we can get back to the monster-proofing training junk?!” Kenzi take the opportunity to ask. But Bo is stunned at the realization that Mary doesn’t even remember what happened between them. Kenzi suggests she remind her mother, but Bo doesn’t want to break Mary’s heart again. “Two minutes ago, you wanted to break her face,” Kenzi reminds her. Bo picks up one of the many photos of her young self. “Hello Time Warp. It’s like some kind of Beth shrine.” Toldja. “Well,” Kenzi snarks as she snatches up a scrap book, “at least it’s not creepy.” It’s way creepy.

They reminisce darkly about who Bo was—“the perfect daughter” “underneath the crimped hair”— and about the night Bo “ruined it all.” Kenzi finds clippings of Kyle’s murder and reads the salient parts of the article aloud. Not that Bo doesn’t know all that happened having actually been there. Bo posits that Mary must have kept the clipping for a reason and Kenzi thinks the reason is because Mary is loca in la cabesa. “I think the medical term is dementia,” Bo snits. “Sorry—small towns make me nervous,” Kenzi apologizes in a whisper. Bo wonders what harm it would do to write another chapter in Beth’s book, “on my terms, not hers.” “Trick and (Doctor) Lauren will kill me if I don’t have you home tout de suite!”

Mary hurries in, “where is my mind?” That’s the question of the hour, ma’am. She insists that “you children” must go to the Cherry Fest and some of Beth’s old friends, but not before they change out of their ‘city clothes.’ “It is hot as the Devil’s own oven out there. Besides, people will stare.” She says it so sweetly, it’s almost hard to take offense. Almost. Bo says they didn’t bring any clothes, but Mary reminds her she has lots of pretty dresses upstairs. “And your friend can borrow one—and maybe some sensible footwear.” Kenzi gasps and grabs her midriff as though Mary just punched her in the belly. “What is this place?” she whispers in horror. Hee.  Bo just turns her around and marches her out the door. “You said you wanted to have some fun.” Kenzi: “A country makeover. Gee, I can’t wait.”

Down at the Cherry Fest, Bo has not only donned a red gingham strapless sundress, she’s even added a matching bow (heh) to her hair. Kenzi is in a pure white, eyelet sundress that is so—just—not Kenzi. Also, I really don’t like her hair in this episode. While the razor-sharp bangs accentuate her gorgeous eyes, they also add the “bugged out” look to them, and it’s bugging (heh) me. Bo wears espadrilles and Kenzi —shut the front door—is wearing flats. “I feel like I’ve been dipped in Amish,” Kenzi grouses. “Own it, Laura Ingalls,” Bo teases, mixing up her country metaphors, but whatever. They walk past a trio of young girls playing Double Dutch and chanting. “When you feel the burning sun, Lady Polly has her fun. How many children will she slay?” They start to count off. “Cute song,” Kenzi quips and then asks why the girls are trying to trip each other. “Double Dutch,” Bo identifies with a laugh. “You’re shitting me! I thought that was only on Wii!” Of course Hilton Hovel (drink!) has Wii!

They’re greeted by a bitter blonde with dark roots and a black suit she clearly thinks defines professional city wear. Ah, no. Bo and Jessica exchange barbs. Jessica thinks Bo’s been in witness protection; Bo wonders if Jessica still lives up on the hill. “Try Chicago,” Jessica snits. “Holla!” Kenzi exclaims. “What’s with Debbie Gibson?” Jessica asks Bo. Ha. “Sharhona,” Kenzi introduces herself, sticking out her hand. “Hi. Pleasure’s all mine,” she twangs. She asks if Bo and Jessica are old “chewing tobacco pals” and Jessica bitterly wonders if you can call someone a pal if she beats you three years running for Miss Cherry Blossom. “Oh my. Did you get to wear a sash?” Kenzi asks Bo with interest. “No,” Bo says definitively. Jessica goes on that by the time “Beth” “popped those boobs” all the guys in the county were sniffing after her. “I was a late bloomer—but I’m over it,” Jessica insists. Kenzi grins knowingly. “Sure are.”

Jessica’s not done updating this total stranger about “Beth’s” youthful past. “The little tease strung them all along—they’d do anything for her.” Who talks to people this way?  “Except Brad,” she adds and tears up. “He was always mine.” Brad who was bringing his fiancée home—who wasn’t you. Oh yeah, totally yours. Always and forever. Bo tells the crying Jessica that she’s so sorry about Brad. Jessica goes on about how she saw on Facebook that Brad was coming down to the festival and hoped to run into him. “I starved myself – I lost six pounds!” Bo says she can tell. “It’s really too bad he got crushed by a car,” Kenzi chirps thoughtlessly and Bo gives her a will you shut up?! look. “What, it is?” Kenzi replies. With a frown at Kenzi, Jessica admits that Brad’s gone to a better place, “unlike the rest of this country. Has it always been so creepy?”

Bo chuckles. “Yeah, with the gorgeous sunshine and the scent of cherry blossom? God, it is even more beautiful than I remember.” Jessica gives her the patented are you crazy? stare. “Oh—you were serious,” Bo realizes. “Of course.” Kenzi points out “in less depressing news” that they ran into Jessica’s and Bo’s old friend Doug. She waves and calls out to Doug who is skulking next to a tree right behind Jessica and awkwardly waves back. Jessica thinks he’s still such a creep. “Coming back here was such a mistake!” Bo agrees that she’s had just about all the nostalgia she can take and Kenzi jumps right on that. “Well, Bo Bo why don’t we go go have a chat chat with your mom mom,” who will likely want to wake you up up before you go go too. Jessica eyes Kenzi. “God, you are so weird.” Kenzi, flatly and with a death look for Jessica: “Thank you.” Ha! But Jessica is clueless as to her imminent danger. “Reminds me of that girl who used to sniff glue in chem class.” Kenzi begins to make ugly faces and mimic Jessica as, with a sigh, Bo nudges her past the obnoxious blonde. “Jessica that was you.”Jessica looks around the happy Cherry Fest. “I hate this place.”

Back at the home front, Bo and Kenzi arrive to find Mary hanging clothes on the line—likely the same clothes she just took off the line when Bo arrived a few hours earlier. “Okay—you two have your Mom-ment,” Kenzi instructs. “I will grab your clothes…and my dignity.” Mary is pleased to see Bo back and offers to feed her and Kenzi, but even in her dementia, she can see that Bo is upset about something and rambles to a stop. Bo asks if Mary remembers the night she left, “the night that Kyle died?” Uncomfortable, Mary fidgets with the laundry. It’s clear she remembers, but trying to pull that memory out causes her great distress. “You said some things to me that really hurt,” Bo pushes as Mary continues to brush at the sheets. “Mom!” Bo shouts, grabbing Mary’s arm. The sky goes instantly dark and the wind picks up, blowing the sheets…and revealing Shaxée behind them in the yard. Bo doesn’t see the UnderFae. “Do you understand what I’m trying to say to you?” she asks her mother. Mary looks very disturbed, but then she sees Shaxée. “Is that another friend of yours, dear?” she asks but without her earlier animation.

Bo sees Shaxée as the increased brightness of the sun blazes in her eyes. “That would be a no,” she says, and steps in front of her mother. Shaxée steps up too, and raises the sickle in her hand. Bo picks up a nearby hoe. “Hey lady? What’s your deal?” She swings the hoe at Shaxée who does her puff of smoke disappearing trick. Kenzi, dressed again in her “city clothes” (that is one damn fine quick change skillz there), hurries up, Bo’s clothes in hand. “What the hell was that thing?!”

It’s all too much for Mary’s fragile state. She too hurries over in front of Bo—but this time to attack. “Just look at what your filthy fornication has brought down on this house!” Mary snarls. Her face is contorted with fear and hate. Bo is stunned and can barely form words. “I told you to stay away, you devil child. You bring nothing but pain and sorrow! I want you gone! I want you out of my house!”

Bo drops the hoe and runs off to the succmobile, Kenzi hot on her heels. Okay, honestly? It looks like a prancing, almost a flittering-through-the-meadow sort of thing. It’s weird. And distracting. “It is all my fault. It has always been my fault,” Bo cries. Kenzi: “What is your fault?!” Bo collapses against the succmobile and then climbs in, ignoring Kenzi’s repeated calls for explanation. “Do not Dukes of Hazard on me!” But Bo shoves Kenzi off the car door and streaks away.

Back at The Dal (drink!), Trick is on the phone with a frantic Kenzi who is describing Shaxée. Kenzi’s tinny voice comes through Trick’s antique phone. “This was supposed to be a simple in and out mommy make up mission.” “Has Bo buried the hatchet with her mother?” Trick asks intently. Kenzi says Bo tried, “but then gross nightie lady tried to bury her sickle in Bo’s face.” Trickopedia flips a page in the book he’s perusing to reveal a page dedicated to Poludnica and tells Kenzi it sounds like they’re dealing with “one mean UnderFae: Poludnica.” Phone Voice Kenzi: “Gee, I wonder why that name isn’t more popular.” Trick explains that the locals sometimes call Poludnica Lady Polly and Kenzi pings on the Double Dutch litany. “Hey, did you know that Double Dutch is real?!”

Trick ignores her to continue that Polly’s MO is causing accidents when the heat and the glare of midday disorients her victims. Kenzi: “You mean like getting smushed by a car while changing your tire?” Trick confirms that would be right up Lady Polly’s alley. “When Bo finds out she unleashed Polly on the town by succubusting Kyle, she’s gonna succu-plotz, Trick!” Kenzi worries. But Trick says that’s impossible. “Kyle’s death was merely a Fae feed.” Oh, well that’s okay then! Yeesh.  “Polly can only be awakened by humans and released amidst fire and brimstone.” Kenzi sits down to flip through the scrapbook and wonders who then summoned Polly. Trick thinks it’s likely the same people Polly is killing just as Kenzi lands on an old article about a well fire. She realizes that Bo’s old classmates have all been returning home to be killed. “Poludnica can’t stray from county lines,” Trick assures Kenzi. “She’s bound to the land.” Yeah, we’ve heard that before. “But if she kills the humans who summoned her from the ground...” “Tornado Tits can flee this one-horse town, yeah,” Kenzi concludes. She notes that Trick said “summoned from the land” and wonders if “summoned from the well” would apply. “Sure,” Trick confirms. “Polly’s an elemental. She could be trapped in water.”

Trick orders Kenzi not to let Bo get distracted. “She needs to forgive her mother and get back here!” Kenzi hears him loud and clear. “I just have to—find her.” Trick: “You lost Bo?!” Kenzi rambles off a stream of “No- I’m- on-it-missing-the-cow-tipping-I’m-so-sorry-thank-you-bye!” Kenzi rattles off and hangs up what looks to be a matched set to Trick’s phone. Upset but unable to do anything about it, Trick disconnects. Meanwhile, Kenzi grabs Mary’s keys and heads out.

Down at the Cherry Fest, a drunk Bo is downing samples of cherry wine in plastic cups. She asks for more and the poor guy manning the booth says “ma’am, these are just samples.” Bo informs him that she was Miss Cherry Blossom three years over. “More,” she demands and bangs on the table when he hesitates. “Now!” Kenzi plops down next to her as the guy pours more wine. “There you are!” Bo: “In the flesh.” Kenzi: “And on the sauce. Great.” Without looking at her, Bo grits out that she’s so angry. “And itchy!” She sways in place. “And everything smells so overpowering.” Kenzi’s eyes widen. “Uh oh.” “I’m hungry,” Bo growls and her eyes go neon blue. Hilariously, Kenzi clutches her purse against her chest, covering herself, basically clutching her metaphoric pearls. “And cherry pie ain’t gonna cut it,” Bo snarls. “Hmm, look at ‘em all. Horny corn-fed farm boys. Buxom milk maids.” Kenzi glances at Bo’s cleavage. “I think you’re projecting.” Ha! “I wanna taste ‘em all,” Bo whispers in a frightening voice.

Kenzi jumps into cock-blocked mode and pounds the table to get Bo’s attention. “Hey! You’re changing, Okay! You gotta fight it!” But Bo is in full-on pity mode. “I’m not changing into a monster! I’ve always been one!” she cries. “I’ve done so many terrible things—so many terrible things!—and that is why The Dawning is happening to me so soon!” Seeing that Bo is losing it, Kenzi decides that she’s just gonna “perch here yonder” so they can talk and distracts Bo by nattering on about this one time she and her best friend went on this road trip? “and, hoo, let me tell you, it was—HI YAH!” she screams and, leaning back, she slams the second injection into Bo’s ass. “OW!” Bo hollers. Kenzi pops back upright. “Oh I’m sorry!” she whispers sincerely. “I’m sorry, again,” she adds capping the needle. But this time, Bo thanks her and immediately looks more her usual self.

Kenzi points out they have one shot left, but that she has good news. She pulls out the clipping and explains about Lady Polly and the well and the fire summoning and how Bo’s first Fae kill feed was not responsible for releasing the UnderFae on the town. “Well House burned,” she quotes. “That’s probably how they released her!”  But as Bo reads the clipping, she tearfully admits that she was there at the well fire. Horrified to have made the situation worse, Kenzi retrieves the clipping. “Okay, I’ll just put that away. More wine for the lady, please,” she calls to the booth guy. Always a good plan.

In a calmer state, Bo and Kenzi walk through the Cherry Fest. Bo explains that Dougie was going through his occult phase. You know, for someone who’s so keen everyone acknowledging you as “Bo” you’re being awful rude about returning that same respect to Doug. Doug believed that he could communicate with the local legend, the supposed boogie woman of the countryside. “Lady Polly,” Kenzi confirms. Bo recalls that Doug led them through a séance at the old well house. “Brad, Jessica, Kyle, and me. But nothing happened! It didn’t work!” “Obviously it worked!” Kenzi points out. Bo muses that they’d lit some candles and must have let one burning. “Later that night, I was with Kyle and I never thought about the séance again.” Kenzi: “So killing your boyfriend was the second shittiest thing you did that night,” Bo objects strongly. “I’m sorry,” Kenzi immediately apologizes. “Wow. That’s not helping.” She tells Bo earnestly that she has enough on her plate. “Can you just forget about saving the county? Save yourself!” Ah, but then there’d be no show.

Bo is certain there has to be a way to get rid of “that midday bitch” and Kenzi reveals that Trick said that only those who summoned Poll-ski can send her back. Bo goes to find Jessica and sends Kenzi after “Dougie.” Kenzi: “Gas station roundup. Got it.” Bo tells her to meet her and Jessica at the well. “If we’re all together I can keep us safe and lure Polly back.” “Like bait?” Kenzi asks, somewhat wary and Bo says yes, if Kenzi is up for it. They high-five it and split up. But when Bo finds Jessica, she’s lost the badly structured suit jacket and is sitting at a picnic table, mid-pie, staring straight ahead at nothing. Bo swats her on the back and finally dislodges a cherry pit from Jessica’s throat, but the damage is done. Jessica falls face-first into a pie…dead. As she does, Polly is revealed to be lurking in the background. Bo calls for help as the sky goes dark and the wind picks up. She turns to confront Polly. “Fine. Fire and brimstone it is.”

At the gas station, Doug has his head under the hood of a truck when Kenzi pops out of Mary’s pickup truck. “Paging the Lord of the Bumpkins!” she announces. Doug greets Kenzi with considerable less warmth than before. “I thought you and Bo were going home.” Kenzi says they have some business to take care of, but Doug is adamant that they shouldn’t be there.  “Okay, how do I say this in Farm Speak?” Kenzi wonders. “Ah, minor Tornado Lady issue? We’ve got a date with a burned down well house.” But, quite upset now, Doug claims that he warned them, “I told you to leave!” When was that again now? “Why didn’t you listen to me?!” he yells in Kenzi’s face, backing her up a step. “Whoa,” she objects. “Don’t go all Children of the Corn on me, Dougie.” “It’s DOUG!” he shouts. “Dougie’s dead! And if we’re going to get rid of Lady Polly,” he stresses more calmly, “we’re going to have to give her a sacrifice.” Kenzi immediately nominates Dougie. “He’s dead anyways,” but Doug shoots back that this isn’t a joke. It’s here that Doug manages to do what few before him have been able to accomplish—he’s stunned Kenzi into momentary silence.

He stalks back to the truck as Kenzi gets her bearings. “You knew that Lady Polly escaped the well and was killing people?” Doug admits that he’s been trying to get rid of her for almost ten years. “I invoked her during a teenage Goth stage,” he says, clearly exasperated with his younger self. Now Kenzi is amused. “You were Goth, here?” Doug snaps that he had to go two towns over to get his favorite guyliner. Hey, he’s like Vex’s country cousin!! Kenzi can’t wrap her head around why Doug wouldn’t tell anybody about Polly. “People are dying!” But Doug is well aware. “After Kyle died, everyone left town. I thought it was over, that Lady Polly couldn’t get to them. No matter how much she taunted me, they were safe.” So this poor guy’s been willingly enduring the abuse of a wretched UnderFae in order to protect the people who made his life miserable as a teenager? You can stay, Doug. Hell, you need to bunk down at Hilton Hovel (drink!)!

Kenzi gets it. “Oh Dougie,” she says in sympathy. Okay, she gets some of it. Doug admits that Lady Polly tried to get him to lure the others home, but he refused to do it. “But now they’re coming home—and Brad’s dead! And Jessica and Beth are next!” Kenzi emphatically reminds him that Beth is Bo now. “Trust me, that makes all the difference.”

The wind machines crank up and the light filter changes to grayscale, so it must be midday. Kenzi notices the changing atmospheric pressure and looks over at the field just as Lady Polly poufs into view. “SHIT!” she shouts. “LP came to the party early!” They are really working those wind machines over good! Doug shouts that they can lose her in the field and takes off. “Oh great!” Kenzi shouts after him. “Nothing bad ever happens in the field! Wait up!” HA!

Over at the well house, Bo traces hers and Kyle’s initials that they carved into a heart on the wooden lid that covers the well. Jessica and Brad’s initials are likewise carved on the other side. Bo lifts the lid on creaking hinges as Doug and Kenzi hurry over. “Where’s Jessica?” Doug demands. “We need three of us!” You had five the last time, so whys that again now? Bo explains that Lady Polly staged another “accident.” “Poor Jessica choked on a cherry.” Doug is not happy. “P.S. Senorita Shitstorm is hot on our heels,” Kenzi informs Bo. Doug worries that they need to stop the spirit of Lady Polly before she kills again. “This whole thing is my fault!” Bo latches onto the familiar words and asks what he’s talking about. “Back in high school, after the séance, all you guys coupled up and you left me alone. And I—I knew I could connect with the paranormal.” “Paranormal?” Kenzi repeats. “Don’t you mean para-weird?” Doug goes on that he had his occult book and the candles and “I burnt a copy of Antichrist Superstar as an offering.” Kenzi is appalled and offended. “You sacrificed Superstar?! Dude, Marilyn Manson is a god!”

“I kicked the candle over!” Doug shouts back at her. “So what?” Bo asks. “I burnt down the building,” Doug yells guiltily. “I released her!” Bo insists that it was an accident. “She is the one killing people for fun. She is the one who is evil!” Glad you think so, because “she” is standing right there. The wind machines crank up to Hurricane Sandy levels, the filter changes again to grayscale, and Bo turns around to find Lady Polly barely holding her ground, sickle in hand. Bo brushes her hair out of her face. “Look who just blew in,” she murmurs. “She blows, all right,” Kenzi agrees. Doug leaps in front of them and demands that Lady Polly leave Bo alone. “I’ll be your sacrifice.” Seriously, Bo, break out the cot for this poor guy. (And what is with the cot taking up space in her bedroom? Advanced potential orgy planning?)

Bo grabs “Dougie” by the arm. Sigh. “You were just a kid. You didn’t know what you were doing. It wasn’t your fault!” ANVIL ALERT. Doug shakes her off and steps up to Lady Polly, who whacks him in the head with the sickle’s handle. “Prepare to die,” she says to Bo in a modified, auto-tuned voice. “And here I was prepared to kick your tattered ass,” Bo snarks back. Fighting ensues and by “fighting” I mean Bo dodges the sickle several times and then falls to the ground. “You will be my greatest accident!” Lady Polly mwah ha has. But Bo’s eyes are glowing neon blue now.  “Kenzi!” she calls to where Kenzi kneels next to an unconscious Doug. “Ass-provise.” Kenzi digs out the last shot and tosses it over. As Lady Polly lunges for Bo with her sickle, Bo dodges again and thrusts the needle into the back of Lady Polly’s neck.

I guess the injection is meant to bring Lady Polly back enough from the UnderFae edge to be defeatable. But wouldn’t Doctor Lauren code it to Bo’s DNA from that hair strand (cough plot device cough) she took from Bo last episode? Eh, whatever. Breathing heavily, both Fae and UnderFae struggle to their respective feet. “Your eyes,” Lady Polly struggles to observe, “they are like mine.” But Bo has reached her episodic epiphany. “I am Fae,” she acknowledges passionately. “But I am nothing like you. Sometimes, you just have to go home, whether you want to or not.” Bo tee-pee kicks Lady Polly back into the open well and as the UnderFae falls, screaming, the grayscale filter is removed and the wind machines power down. Bo and Kenzi lean over the edge of the well. “Nice kick,” Kenzi compliments. Together they hurry to get the lid closed. “I guess she wasn’t feeling very…well,” Kenzi puns. “Not feeling very well?” Bo stresses. “Oh sweetie.” Kenzi nods in acknowledgement of how beneath her that one was. “I’m still getting my mojo back,” she admits. Kenzi asks if Bo is okay and Bo helpfully remembers Doug’s unconscious state. “Is he?” They hurry back over, Kenzi calling “Dougie!” as Bo rouses him. He asks what happened. “We get her back into the well?” Bo: “Ain’t no celebrities going to be taking up that cause.” Ah—okay then. “Did I help?” he asks in a small voice. Bo and Kenzi each pat his arm and back. “We couldn’t have done it without ya…Doug,” Bo says sincerely and Kenzi high-fives him. “So what do you say we get out of Hicksville and I get you back to Trick—stat,” Kenzi suggests to Bo. But Bo has one thing left to do…

Back at the house, Mary is looking at Beth’s baby picture as though nothing has happened. Dressed again in her leathers, Bo enters the dining room and tentatively calls out to her mom. Mary looks up and smiles. “Beth. How was the Cherry Fest? Did you make a lot of new friends? People are always just falling in love with you, aren’t they?” You should swing by a FanExpo event some day. Happens there in double digits. Bo smiles warmly at her. She gets it now. “You don’t remember the last time you saw me, do you?” Mary insists that of course she remembers. “You and your new friend had just changed into your summer clothes. I’m old, but I’m not that old,” she jokes, and they both laugh.

Bo takes the seat across from Mary and quietly begins by saying there are a lot of things that she’s wanted to say to her mother over the years, and that it took her a long time to understand that the things she did when she was younger were beyond her control. “Yeah, I’ve made mistakes. I still do—a lot them. And I’m sorry,” she says. Mary insists that Bo doesn’t need to be sorry. “Oh, you are such a good girl.” Bo admits it’s strange to hear her mother call her that. “I am good, you know?” Mary gets teary and leans forward to cup her daughter’s cheek. “Aww. You always make everything better,” she says simply. She reminds Bo of the time in church when the butterfly came in through the window and landed on Bo’s hand, “and you tried to help it fly and it just couldn’t? You cried all day.” Bo can’t believe Mary remembers that but not what happened earlier in the day. “Your father and I tell each other that story all the time.” Bo’s smile drops as she realizes Mary has forgotten again that her father is dead.

“Mom, I know that you thought that the way you chose to raise me was right. I see that now. And when you screamed and yelled at me like I was evil, it’s because you didn’t really understand who I was. Neither did I. We were both scared.” Mary immediately reacts to her daughter’s fear. “Scared? No –no. You don’t need to be scared.”

Bo smiles and takes a deep, audible breath that masks the sound of Kenzi’s feet as she comes to stand on the threshold. “I have a family, Mama,” Bo says to Mary with a wide smile of joy. “And they love and protect me without question. That girl that I came here with? She’s like my sister.” Behind her, Kenzi smiles and ducks her head, easing back into the shadow. “When I’m with her,” Bo continues, “I know that everything’s going to be okay. And I found my grandfather, Mama. And guess what? He—oh, he cares about me.” Mary is crying, but smiles through the tears at the joy on Bo’s face as she talks about her Faemily. There’s some confusion there, but more understanding. “I don’t know what I’d do without him,” Bo confesses, “without any of them.” She shifts in her seat and leans toward Mary. “If you really knew me now,” she says, “you would be proud.” Mary’s expression shows that she’s already proud of her daughter. Bo’s voice breaks as she starts to cry. “I did good! And I don’t need to carry around those terrible memories anymore. I am done.” She puts her hand to her chest, and then her face, and then her neck as she feel the pain she’s lived with all this while. “I am done reliving them and reliving them and reliving them.” Anna Silk is just kicking it out of the park in these scenes. So sad and heartening at the same time.

In her confusion, Mary strives to offer Bo comfort. “But—Beth—your pies are so beautiful!” Bo takes her hand. “It’s okay,” she whispers. “This is how I’m gonna remember you, as the sweet woman who taught me to make the best pies.” And the shock of realization that Beth is leaving again brings Mary back for a moment. She is openly sobbing now. “You had a hard life too,” Bo acknowledges. Mary is barely able to nod. She flips back and forth between reason and dementia; the moment she figures out what’s happening she’s gone again. “I can’t hate you anymore,” Bo concludes. “And I’m done hating myself. I’m not the devil, Mama,” Bo assures her mother quietly. “I’m Fae,” she says firmly and then smiles beautifully. “I’m Bo.”

She stands up and leans over to kiss Mary’s cheek. “Goodbye, Mom.”  Mary struggles to get out what she knows are the most important words she’ll ever say. “I love you too,” she manages on a shaky breath, “Bo.” Bo breaks down and has to cover her mouth to keep the sobs in before she turns away, back to Kenzi, back to the Fae world where she now belongs. The two younger women leave and as the door audibly shuts behind them, Mary looks down at the baby book again as a tear tracks down her cheek.

It’s beautifully done, start to finish, exceptional, lovely, heartbreaking work of the best kind from both women. Damn it, they made even my cynical recapper’s heart go all misty-eyed. And yet, as Bo and Kenzi exit, all I can think (as I sniff back my tears) is, you’re just leaving her there? The woman bakes pies but can’t even remember what decade she’s in! You cannot leave her there alone!

Dyson wanders into The Dal (drink!) calling for Trick. When he gets no response, he tosses his jacket on the bar and helps himself to a shot glass. Placing the glass down with a click, he pushes a button on the remote so that rock music blares through the bar and reaches over to grab a bottle of the good stuff. “No, no, no, no!” Tricks yells, distraught, as he hurries up from the back. “She requires silence!” Dyson flips off the music. “Who?” he asks. “Stella!” Trick explains, adding, “she’s on her way,” with a pleased half smile. Dyson looks beyond Trick’s shoulder to the entrance. “Actually, I think she’s just arrived.”

Trick whirls around to greet Stella. “Sorry for the racket,” he apologies without pausing for pleasantries. “I’ll have the bar cleared out in an instant.” Stella raises a haughty brow and glances around the empty bar. She asks if Bo has returned and Trick assures her that Bo is on her way as they speak. Behind them, Dyson has sized Stella up in a quick instant…and in increasingly amused at the scene unfolding before him. “Good,” Stella chirps. “Let’s—ah—prepare for her test.” She tosses her stole into Trick’s face...who doesn’t mind one bit. Highly entertained, Dyson’s eyebrows pop up as he notices. He flicks a glance between Trick and Stella and turns away to hide a smile.

“The Threshold,” Stella prompts barely glancing at Dyson. “It’s—in your office—right?” “Yes,” Trick says, more than a little breathless. “Of course.” Dyson gives him a you sly dog look before he reaches for the bottle and finally pours that shot. “My office,” Trick repeats, unable to take his eyes from Stella, “just the two of us. Perfect.” Dyson puts the bottle aside and picks up the glass as Stella places her bag on the bar and tells Trick that she hopes he hasn’t misjudged her. She reaches up to pull out the one single stick in her knot so that her hair falls down around her shoulders in waves. “Sometimes, even I like it loud.” Dyson covers his mouth with his hand to hide his grin as Stella retrieves her bag, flicks a glance between the two men, and sashays away toward Trick’s office. Trick stares after her as an amused Dyson contemplates his old friend. “Huh huh huh huh huh,” Trick laughs, low and with carnal anticipation. Oh, it’s just a delightful, wholly male reaction. Love it.

“I knew she was Trick bait as soon as I saw her,” Dyson says smugly in THAT VOICE. I love the term ‘Trick bait’! Trick whirls on him. “Trick bait?! You’re crazy!” But Dyson knows him too well. “That no nonsense, ball-buster thing she’s got going on? That’s like crack to you.” True. Take a look at his wife, daughter, and granddaughter for front and center examples. Trick definitely cultivates a type that, in the case of his own family, spans generations. Tellingly, Dyson shares his penchant for strong, ballsy women. I’m sensing a trend here.

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” Trick caves quickly, laughing. He definitely is, and Dyson is pleased to see his friend finally find someone worthy to fall for. “But you,” he encourages with a hand on Trick’s shoulder, “have no reason to keep your feelings under wraps.” Unlike me he adds silently, and Trick knows exactly why Dyson points this out. “Enjoy,” Dyson advises with a quirked eyebrow. He downs his shot and he and his long-legged stride amble out of the bar. Trick smiles and then, after a moment, he sniffs Stella’s scent from the stole he still holds.  “Aren’t you going to wait for Bo?” Trick calls after him just before he reaches the door. The humor that so recently filled Dyson’s face immediately fails. “I’d just be in the way,” he says with the added weight of anvilicious double meaning. Honey, you can come be in my way any time you want. I said that out loud again, didn’t I? Eh, whatever.

Trick stares after him sadly, then looks down again at Stella’s stole and gets the naughty grin on his face as he looks toward where she waits for him. He hurries off after her. You get on with your bad ass self there, Trickster.

Bo hurries down the stairs to Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) where Stella and Trick wait for her, pie in hand. “Salutations from the Grimley Cherry Festival!” Trick thanks her for the pie, and asks how it went. “Did you grant forgiveness?” Bo happily admits that she forgave someone. “Let’s just hope I pass Stella’s little riddle.” Stella explains that she will pass as long as Bo allows herself to merge body and spirit in a state of oneness.” Bo nods, “Yes, Mrs. Miagi,” and Trick shoots her a wry look. She wonders what happens when she passes. “When you’re ready to enter the temple,” Stella begins, but Bo interrupts her right away. “Wait, there’s a temple?”

Peeved, Stella glances at Trick and tells Bo that the Rites of Passage vary, some physical, some psychological. “It’s different for each Fae, which is why time is of the essence.” Bo is eager to cut to the chase and hurries over to The Threshold. She takes her position and settles herself into place as Stella rises to her feet. Without hesitation, Bo steps up to and through The Threshold. “You did it!” Trick shouts. “I did it! I did it!” Bo exclaims, grinning as she dances a jig back and forth across The Threshold. “Look! I just successfully merged action and awareness!” Trick beams. “I’m so proud of you!” Aw, that’s so sweet!

Bo dances up to Stella. “So, this temple that you speak of, is there a dress code? Do they take reservations?” But killjoy Stella points out that Bo has performed one simple task. “Now the real training begins. Crossing The Threshold only allows you access to the temple…where the most grueling challenges of your life await you,” she informs them gravely. “Oh crud,” Bo mutters.

Back home at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is in a much better mood as she arrives to find Kenzi shaving parmesan cheese in preparation for dinner. Wait a second, since when does Kenzi cook? Kenzi asks how it went and Bo says it was great. “Trick’s gonna set up a trust for my mom,” she says, smiling. “She’ll be taken care of.” Oh good! I’m so glad they didn’t let that plot thread dangle untied. “Wicked!” Kenzi exclaims, and then a moment later, “Can Trick set me up a trust?” He already has—it’s called a bar tab.

“Oh, and I crossed The Threshold!” Bo remembers to impart as though it didn’t just happen two seconds ago. “I mean there’s still tons more training and there’s a temple, but—” Kenzi frowns. “Come again?” Bo admits that she feels better than she has in a long time and Kenzi smiles to hear it. “Thanks again for coming,” Bo says warmly. “Of course,” Kenzi replies, and, “my goodness, it was godly farm-fed fun!” But Bo tells her she can’t keep hiding behind her jokes. “Sure I can,” Kenzi trills. Bo admits that she’s worried about Kenzi and, subdued, Kenzi says she’s glad to be home, “with you.” But she can’t talk about it yet. “Okay,” Bo agrees reluctantly. “Then let’s talk about something else.” She gives Kenzi her don’t even think off bullshitting me she usually reserves for people she’s interviewing for a case. Alarmed by her tone, Kenzi looks up. “Kenzi, why did you go see The Norn (Freaking Norn!)?” Caught, trapped. Kenzi goes very, very still.

End Credits.

Hang on, did we just go through an entire episode of Lost Girl without one single (non-flashback related) sex scene—nay, not even a glimpse of a succubus feed?!

Well, my goodness.

Next week: Fae’d Against the Machine


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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BD Facebook Refugee
1. BD Facebook Refugee
As always Kiersten, your recaps are so much better than the show itself, though I admit that this episode had some strong points and Anna Silk was wonderful as well as the actress who played her mom.

Now while this episode didn't infuriate me as much 3.04 did, the powers that be at Lost Girl still found ways to take what should have been a stellar episode and dumb it down for the sake of Doccubus.

First off, where the hell is the continuity? Where the hell was the sting of last episode's betrayal yet again by Dr. Lauren? Where was the "I'll never forgive you for this?" Where was the biting "sweetie"? Just poof, gone, never happen, oh don't your worry your pretty little Doccubus mind, huh? WTF?

And this is not just my anger as a Team Dyson fan but really Doccubus fans should be annoyed at how flippantly their ship is being treated. If they're going to treat Doccubus like a serious relationship, then there should be serious consequences that require resolution and communication. That's how relationships grow and become deeper and more meaningful. But nothing about Doccubus every dips below a superficial level and this complete vanquishing of the REAL problem they had last episode without any resolution or consequence is a prime example.

Hell, even when Dyson fucked up with Kayla the barmaid, he and Bo dealt with the consequences and found a resolution. That issue wasn't just swept under the rug like it never happened.

And second, I'm not so sure that Trick is on our team. If he was then he wouldn't be blasé about Dyson waiting around on Lauren to kick the bucket. He would be encouraging Dyson to fight for Bo.

I really wasn't sure about how I felt about that scene with the "long term" vs "short term" until I saw the Doccubus fans crowing about the scene on Twitter as some bizarre confirmation that Doccubus is going to last for the rest of the show.

I didn't see that at all but rewatching it I did find myself annoyed at how easy Dyson seems to be giving up and not wanting to "interfere" with Bo and Lauren. I understand that Dyson's nobility and self-sacrificing nature is a strong part of his nature but so is his passion and his love. I'm worried that the show is going to take the easy way out to appease the Doccubi by playing up this self-sacrifice on Dyson's part.

It's clear that next episode Bo is going to know Dyson has his love back and will likely confront him. I swear to God I will throw my remote at the TV if the writers make Dyson push Bo towards Lauren, again being "self sacrificing" and say something like he'll "wait his turn".

I don't want another season of quietly pained Dyson. I want to see him whole and I want to see Bo whole and happy. Dyson NEEDS to interfere because Bo needs him. He needs to fight.
Suzanne Metaxas
2. SuzyM
I too have a problem with the sudden introduction of Bo's mother Mary having sent her away calling her names. In other episodes she spoke about her lovingly. Bloodlines was one and there were a couple others that I can't recall just now, but all references were loving not hateful. In one episode she said she left without going home.

I loved the scene with Dyson and Trick. It make me happy that he had someone to share his secret with and that he once again confirmed that he would love Bo forever. It broke my heart to see him unhappy and way to noble again too :( Love that Trick finally gave his blessing to the union of Dyson and Bo! This was very important to Dyson, because it hurt him that Trick felt he wasn't what Bo needed.

I also agree this show seems to have a problem with letting male roles be strong. It really bothered me that Bo's father was glossed over and was made out to have very little impact on her life. Sorry but most girls are very attached to their fathers so this whole lack of story line bugs me. I think it might even have played better if it were her father she had to make up with and her mother was on her side. I find that would be the more likely scenario.

Also I didn't like the inference that most mid westerners were backward and right wing bigots. Maybe I'm reading to much into it but that was the feeling I came away with when Bo and Lauren had their bedroom conversation.

The episode does give me hope for the future though :) hope they aren't baiting me!
BD Facebook Refugee
3. lsbloom
Oh Suzy you are so positive! I have to admit I felt like the writers were looking at me going Dyson doesn't have a role here and he is going to step back for Bo/Lauren but maybe after they're done you might get something. Be patient and please don't stop watching but this is the best you are getting until the finale. See we made him noble, but the screentime is gonna be gone, because if he can't even help Bo through a fae ritual he's actually been through instead of a human who has no idea, then really why bother with the man at all. Why bother with any men? Those Amazons in episode 1 were more symbolic than I thought.

I was shocked at how angry Bo was at her Mom, it came completely out of left field for me. For one, I thought they didn't know what she did at that time. For two, if they did know Bo had killed Kyle is a bizarre manner, it is pretty reasonable to think she was a monster. In fact, most humans would think fae are monsters. That's not so much mean as fact--all the fae are based off of monster stories. Her fornicating did get her in trouble--it killed an innocent that she had feelings for. For three, all this angst has been previously discussed. What does it have to do with the dawning? We've seen Dyson fighting with his humanity vs faeness, so it's not like that what's being tested. Because frankly, Bo can not accept who she is without qualifications, she chose humans. So either we upend that or she is always going to be conflicted by her instincts vs her conscious wishes.

I felt really bad for Bo's mom (and even worse for Bo's "gone" dad. Did he divorce her or die? Or do we not care because penises are threatening? I felt bad for the bigotted characterization of the midwest, when Bo's never had that opinion of her upbringing in the past. It's always been part of who she was. Plus, it is such a common line of hate on message boards whenever anyone doesn't like either Lauren or the quantity of sex or anything else. Again, it is so hard when writers start spouting lines from message boards to not take it as terribly meta and offensive.

PS. Thank you Kiersten for commenting on the mixed metaphors, I found most of the dialogue to be really nonsensical or just downright strange. Nobody changes a tire that way, Lauren's injections once again didn't make sense, and Laura Ingalls Wilder wasn't Amish. I felt like they were just throwing in allusions that led nowhere (Dukes of Hazard?) and weren't funny. What was up with Kenzi? So bad. So sad.
BD Facebook Refugee
4. BD Facebook Refugee
Isbloom "I have to admit I felt like the writers were looking at me going Dyson doesn't have a role here and he is going to step back for Bo/Lauren but maybe after they're done you might get something. Be patient and please don't stop watching but this is the best you are getting until the finale. See we made him noble, but the screentime is gonna be gone, because if he can't even help Bo through a fae ritual he's actually been through instead of a human who has no idea, then really why bother with the man at all."

You are totally right Isbloom! That was another thing that pinged with me as off about the Trick/Dyson scenes was Dyson's line "I'll just be in the way" WTF? Why would he even think that? As you pointed out, he's BEEN through the Dawning. He knows what's in store. That not being noble, that is just an OOC line that the show is throwing out to try and make us be less pissed off at Dyson's ever dwindling screen time.

Next week's episode doesn't look much better. It looks like Bo and Tamsin go off on an adventure. Funny how in season 1 that likely would have been Bo and Dyson but....oh no....we can't have any of that now.

And now that I think about it, even though Kenzi is likely going to fess up and tell Bo about her visit to the Norn, who wants to wager that Bo knowing about Dyson's love WILL NOT be addressed at all next episode (with the Bo/Tamsin adventure being the distraction)? How many episodes do you think they're going to drag it out until Bo and Dyson sit down and have a real, meaningful conversation about their feelings?
BD Facebook Refugee
5. nypinta
I wasn't surprised that there wasn't a conversation between Lauren and Bo about what happened in Kenzi Scale. Because they were both right. Kenzi wasn't Kenzi and Bo was sick. Kind of hard to take someone to task when they were right too. And she needs Lauren to get through the stupid trials. (I'm not a fan of the 'devolving' thing at all, btw.)

I was annoyed at the sudden vehemence towards her mom though since she's defended Mary to her actual mother and was the one championing that the fae frog boy should stay with his human father. And she chose humans instead of fae at her trial by fire thing in the first episode. All of that has to come from somewhere.

I wasn’t quite fond of Lauren calling the people of her home town “simple” or of Bo referring to them as bigoted. Towards who? Someone that, I don’t know, accidently killed a boy? The entire episode as she was whining or bitching about the awfulness of her mom all I kept thinking was, “But… you killed someone. You KILLED someone.” FFS. Bo is the least of all the wronged people in this scenario.

My main problem though was actually how selfish Bo comes off. Yes, she has to work through some issues so she doesn’t become a caged monster. I get that. But her mother is clearly not fit to live along, her father passed away and Bo nearly blinked, a boy is dead and she’s upset that there wasn’t anyone around that was “understanding” (blame that one on Aife, dear), and at the end she gets what she needs and she just leaves her mother sitting there to waft back into dementia and endless laundry. What? Sorry, but no amount of any Trust that Trick sets up is enough. There is no reason for Bo to just abandon the woman that raised her. I’m not saying she has to move back home and take care of her, but really, why can’t she? Oh right. She has to be ass kicky and fancy free as an unaligned succubus. I used to envy Bo’s freedom, but her walking away from her mom was just shit and the show shouldn’t have written it that way because it’s not necessary to write it as if not only will she not visit again she’ll never ever even think about Mary again.

I understand that they'd prefer the show be light and fun, but that doesn't mean you take a scenario like Bo going back home to face her demons and make it so Bo gets off easy while making her out to be a jerk.

Also, they didn't even have Bo asking if Mary knew she was fae. Did she? Did the dark fae nurse maid give Bo to Mary all those years ago? If I were Bo I'd want to know. Because Mary's reaction makes no sense otherwise. Not if she was normal and nice the rest of the time like they implied and only freaked out that one time, you know, when Bo killed a boy.
BD Facebook Refugee
6. nypinta
But just so I'm not all negative Nancy (sorry to anyone named Nancy) I though Kenzi was, as usual, hilarious, and I loved the bits with Trick and Dyson now that Trick isn't yelling at Dyson for something he could in no way prevent. And I like Stella.
BD Facebook Refugee
7. lsbloom
I get what you are saying nypinta--why wasn't she upset that Trick abandoned her to a human life to kill without knowing and become a monster???? Why have they never addressed that? At least that has a basis in the show itself, Bo was mad about it in 1.02. Plus, Trick held back his relationship for what 2 years? Come on people.

Bo was pretty much a jerk about blaming Mary and then leaving her. I get she has to accept that she's hurt people and in the intervening years she's paid a sort of price for that. They need to not forget the audience is human.

I think the show works best in the campy, fun, and slightly procedural side because the cast having fun with each other worked and complex stories with messages wasn't really a strong suit. Lovretta touched on a few themes in S1, but they were never finished, just dropped when she left. Since then, it has become a muddled mess. Like the Ryan points and like this episode.
BD Facebook Refugee
8. BD Facebook Refugee
I agree that Bo's sudden animosity towards her mother and labeling her a bigot seem to come out of nowhere.

But it was probably just more fanservice to Doccubus in hiting their emotional buttons since they were trying really hard to parallel "Bo coming out as Fae" to her "bigoted" mother with LGBT people coming out to their families.

In this season of "homages" are we really surprise that they turned this one into a "Coming Out" trope, complete with villified and irrationally "bigoted" parent? Frankly, I'm just glad that the writers didn't try to cram Lauren into the picture and have Bo REALLY come out with girlfriend in tow. Thank god for small blessings I suppose when it comes to this season.
BD Facebook Refugee
10. nypinta
The only reason it would bother me if they used Bo's faeness as allegory for being bisexual is that one thing I liked about the show was that Bo's sexuality is not commented on. It's just accepted by everyone & that's refreshing to me.
Melonna Clarke
11. MelonnaBanana
This episode was very tame in comparison to all the crazy that normally happens and while I really liked it, it was a little bit of a let down. So many elements that I miss but I do have a few comments.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who immediately thought of Shax when they showed Lady Polly and then as a result got sad because Prue is dead...wrong show. Another major highlight for me...when Bo "THIS IS SPARTA!!" kicked Lady Polly down the well...oh I was pleased.

Second, It was also really nice to see Trick and Dyson get all chummy and do some bro-things. I'd still like to know what exactly is the root of their relationship.

Third...more Tamsin please. She is a welcome distraction from how ridiculous Doccubus is and the whole eternally frustrating Dyson/Bo issue. I'd really like for Kenzi and Tamsin to develop a frienship like Kenzi did with Vex. I feel like they could wreak a special brand of havoc. In the meantime I am content to see how Tamsin and Bo's relationship develops. I saw the stills for next weeks episode, haven't seen the preview yet because for some reason Syfy likes to deprive us and hasn't shown it yet.
BD Facebook Refugee
12. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten!

There was an interesting contrast in the way Bo's homecomming was approached by her two lovers. Lauren was encouraging and supportive, even providing Bo with some injections to help her out. Dyson was more aggressive and controlling, demanding to know why she was being allowed to go and based on his conversation with Trick, ostensibly chauvenistic(ManHateDrink!). So Lauren was able to semi-redeem herself and Dyson was forced to hang his hat on misguided nobility, um OK. It makes sense to a certain degree based on their personalities, I just think it could have been handled better.

Fae of the Week:

I feel that this episode had enough meat without it. The ghost stalking Bo and her former classmates was an interesting idea, but it took time away from everything else and overall weakened the episode.


Bo - I am confused at the animosity towards her adoptive mother and her indifference towards her father's death. Did she already know that he was dead? Where did all the hatred come from? I can't recall it having been expressed in the past, little continuity hiccup for the sake of the episode, eh whatever. The scenes between Bo and her mother were heartbreaking, but that cannot be the end of it. You don't just leave like that, I mean really no. It was necessary for Bo to face her past to move foreward, but instead of fighting Ghost Bitch; she could have visited her fathers grave, returned to the place where she killed Kyle, talked to his parents, hell she and Kenzi didn't even visit her old high school. So many opportunities wasted.

Kenzi - I am so glad to have the real Kenzi back. She is still dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping and Bo was right in her assessment that she needed a road trip. Kenzi is hiding behind her humor and she was called out on it twice in by Dougie Redneck and Bo. This season she has really been struggling to find her place in this fae world, hopefully her best friend will be able to help her through this. I want Kenzi to come clean with Bo in the next episode, this secret has been eating away at her and it is time to give it up and hope Bo will understand.

Lauren - So I guess all is forgiven then, um ok. I suppose when your girlfriend is de-evolving into a feral beast that needs to be kept in a cage some arguments will fall by the wayside. I feel that this one was signifigant enough to warrent at least some discussion and something there would have been plenty of time for if TPTB had dumped the Fae-of-the-Week, just sayin'. Dr. Lauren always has something up her sleeve to help Bo, the insulin pens were a nice touch. It was a return to the norm seeing her being so supportive and encouraging when she was the opposite last episode. Lauren seemed really tired and drawn so I have to wonder if maybe Zoie Palmer was sick during the filming of this scene or if this was subtle hint that Lauren is overworking herself again; like she did when the Ash was in his coma, trying to find a cure for (Possessed)Nadia, or stabalizing the Naga venom. That could be an interesting wrench to throw into their relationship, dealing with a workaholic partner when your approach is decidely more lackadaisicle will definitely cause friction.

Trick - It was nice to see him doing something besides info dumps, his awkward flirting with Stella was adorable, give the old man some play lady. The conversations he had with Dyson, IMHO, were really odd and poorly constructed. At first he seems sad about the ultimate limitations of Bo and Lauren's relationship, then he was smiling and telling Dyson to hang in until Lauren died complete with a toast. Last episode he was angry with Dyson for abandoning his "Bo watching post" and in Season 1 he vehemently opposed their coupling, but now he is suddenly on "Team Badass" and encouraging Dyson to not ignore his feelings, um WTF? I was also annoyed by the two of them discussing Bo's romantic future, shouldn't the lady have a say in the matter?

Dyson - There is nothing noble about lying to the person you love. We are now 30 episodes over 3 seasons of the Dyson "love-lost-love-regained" storyline and we will be at least another episode or two before it is resolved, ugh I just can't anymore, so over it. Dyson could be an awesome character, the dude turns into a wolf, totally badass, but oh no we get this whiny, mopey, emo, sadsack whose only purpose anymore is pining for Bo and taking off his shirt. Maybe I am being to harsh, but I just want better for him.

The interactions between Bo and her mother were for me the only saving grace of this episode, otherwise it was a throwaway filled with missed opportunities.
BD Facebook Refugee
13. whiskeywhite
How are you banging out these lengthy and complex recaps in such a short time, Kiersten? A real testimony to your skills as a writer. And BTW, I've longed been impressed with your use of a variety of verbs: Stella "assays" something about Bo.

As @bungluna said so succinctly, "What everybody said!", especially about Bo's sudden hatred for her mother. I remember vividly Bo's defence of her mom to Aife, as @SuzyM reminds us, in 1.13:
“I have a Mom. Her name is Mary. She knits wicked afghans, helped me with my homework, and never once abandoned me to figure out my true nature by myself.”
I'm not sure @lsbloom that Trick abandoned Bo to a human life of killing. Did he know where she was? He and Dyson seemed to be expecting her to appear, or at least they weren't totally surprised when she did, and they expected Aife to come for her, as Dyson finally confesses to Bo in 1.13. But did they know where she was? How do we know that? (I'm not challenging, I'm just asking. I may be forgetting something.) And if Trick did know, was he not leaving her somewhere safe (after all, as soon as she came to Faeville, Aife did, in fact, find her and try to harm her). I grant that the havoc and pain caused by the killing should have been avoided, which leads me to wonder whether he knew exactly where she was.

I was touched by Dyson admitting his refound -- and forever -- love of Bo to Trick, but his "I'd just be in the way" was over the top, even for a serious sentimentalist like me. Buck up, buddy. On the other hand, I thought to myself "how male" when, as soon as they start talking about feelings, Trick's reaction is “How are we having this conversation without booze?!” (Thank goodness Bo and Kenzi are no longer routinely getting drunk as a coping mechanism.) I'm not sure that Trick is exactly on Team Badass in the sense of 'shipping Bo and Dyson. I think that first and foremost he's reassurring Dyson that Bo will survive, which is what Dyson cares about most.

I, too, found ominous the idea of Dyson standing aside until Lauren dies. This series seems to be happening in real time -- Dyson recently referred to Bo's arrival as being "three years ago" to Trick. So, to state the obvious, if Lauren is, say, 35 the series would have to run for as much as 50 years for Dyson to get his crack. Sigh. The series is starting to depress me. Not only do I fear at the beginning of each episode that I will get screwed over again, as I felt in 3.01, but I fear my hopes will be dashed. A doccubus fan recently said, "Why can't the hets let us have one happy ending?" Indeed, why can't I? But since there's now a Season 4, surely they can't sideline Dyson completely.

On a happier note, I thought your idea, @MelonnaBanana, of a friendship between Kenzi and Tamsin was intriguing. What a terrible twosome they would be! But might there not be a competition for top smartmouth?
BD Facebook Refugee
14. lsbloom
TheGardener--Kenzi's place in the "fae world" as you put it is by Bo's side. When she gets pushed out of that place, she has very little reason to stay. She adopted Bo just as Bo adopted her, but well I guess isolating girlfriends trump that. I have to disagree that Kenzi was back. Her snark was there, but all she did was tag along with Bo and her Kenzi-isms were totally lacking. And I'm not sure what kind of best friend goes "hey my BFF has just had a majorly traumatic experience made worse because I can't seem to include her in my life anymore and seems to be way off, maybe what she needs is to follow me home to deal with my personal issues." Nice one, Bo.

WhiskeyWhite--Trick knew where Bo was as a child because with Luanne he said she'd intervenned in Bo's birth and he "owed her." I thought that meant he had something to do with getting her away from Aoife when she was born and presumably "protecting her" by sending her to live with humans as he posited her parents did in ep 1.02. However, they've changed quite a bit since season 1, so maybe we're supposed to forget that. Trick certainly wasn't looking for her and he kept his familial bond secret for at least 2 years.
BD Facebook Refugee
15. nypinta
Seeing as Dyson's feelings belong to Dyson, he should get to be the one to decide when to tell Bo. And quite frankly, she hasn't earned the right to know seeing as she had done nothing for him since he lost his love. So I do not in any way consider Dyson keeping the fact he got his love back from Bo to be lying.

As for Trick, I believe he knew where she was too. Or had an idea. Which is pretty much in line with how he does things. He keeps things he shouldn't close to the vest for too long. He did it with the identity of Aife, he did it again when he suspected Bo was beginning the dawning, and if he knew where she was he should have sent someone to watch over her long before she came of age to develope her powers. I suspect it is possible he didn't know where Luanne hid her and was trying to find her all this time, but the fact Bo hasn't asked is odd. I also find it odd that it didn't even occur to Bo that maybe Mary's dementia was fae related. She was certain that Polly was her fault, due to her faeness, but didn't think that someone was messing with her mom too?
Linda Losik
16. LindaL
First of all, thanks to Kiersten for the wonderful recap and then to all the commenters….Love this, you guys really do make me think.

However, I do have some thoughts about this episode: even with all of the flaws, this one will be one of my favorites because of the final few scenes. Anna Silk really nailed the mother/daughter scene as did the actress who was her mother. I was in tears (very unusual for me) when her mother said: “I love you, Bo.” We do know that Bo did go home (http://lostgirl.wikia.com/wiki/Bo) and IMHO, this is when Bo found out that she was adopted and that her real name was Bo. Bo never really discussed the final conversation because her and her parents, albeit she did refer to her mother fondly to Aofie (if nothing else to annoy Aofie).

The first scene with Dyson and Trick showed to me the depth of their friendship and trust of one another. I would be very surprised if Trick has not figured out how Dyson got his love back, but then he is a bit side tracked and not just with Bo, for a change! I took the comments on the timeline of the Bo/Lauren relationship as matter a fact and nothing else. As for the drink, I took it as the thought of another person dying being so much of a downer, that they really did need the drink. Loved Dyson’s uncertainty as to where Bo would survive the dawning. And I took the statement/question from Dyson of “Promise?” as to Bo surviving the dawning not as that the two of them would be together.

While I loved the “oops” moment at the very end when Bo asked Kenzi as to why she went to see the Norn, I feel that that story should be told by Dyson and no one else. Kenzi has always kept Dyson’s secrets even from her BFF. I also noticed the look away from Lauren when Lauren asked if they knew why Kenzi was targeted. There also seemed to be a hardness on Bo’s face as well. Bo has not really forgiven Lauren for not believing her that Kenzi was missing. Trust was definitely dented and/or bruised. While Dyson has kept things from Bo, she has stated that she does trust him (even though she does call it her curse!) without question. I think it is because they are very much alike. They are both protectors who want to do what is right for everyone and love solving mysteries.
Suzanne Metaxas
17. SuzyM
Love all the different takes on this episode! :)

On the subject of whether or not Trick knew where Bo was; I believe he did know but when she ran away from home he lost track of her. I think she came into her powers before he was ready for it to happen.

I think the problem with this episode is that it was badly written. What saved it was the directing was great. It took a bad script and managed to focus on the parts that would make it more appealing. Just my opinion ;)
BD Facebook Refugee
18. whiskeywhite
I so much agree @LindaL that both the recaps and the comments make me think -- often about stuff that had never occurred to me in the first place. For instance, @BD Facebook Refugee, it went completely over my head if "they were trying really hard to parallel 'Bo coming out as Fae' to her 'bigoted' mother with LGBT people coming out to their families." Plausible idea. Have you seen anything out there in the social media world that suggests people are making that connection?

Like many others, I disliked the superior city attitude toward rural people. Kenzi's "country bumpkin" jokes were just rude (at least Doug did turn out to be more interesting than initially portrayed). And if Bo's church-going parents did raise her with the attitude that sex before marriage is wrong, it's not something that I personally agree with, but to label the belief system as "bigotted" is, um, bigotted.

Such a good point from several people that it was inappropriate for Bo to just walk away from her mother forever. That's not how it works in real life, where women are by far the most likely to take the responsibility for caring for aging and ill parents (some of us here may have been there; I have). I know this isn't real life, which is far too murky and complex for a show like this, but still.

Interesting point, @The Gardner, about the difference between Lauren's attitude towards Bo's trip and Dyson's. Lauren is, however, officially on the "get Bo through the Dawning" team, while Dyson is not. She has to believe in and support the strategy. Despite (presumably) having been through the test himself, he has no particular skills to bring to the team. We've all (presumably :-) ) been through puberty, but that makes very few of us experts on it. He's just frantic with worry (probably in part because he will not be with her to protect her, his normal MO).

I will take the word of you topnotch plot predicters that Kenzi will fess up to Bo in the next episode, though I agree, @nypinta, that it's Dyson's secret to tell. Maybe Kenzi will send Bo to Dyson as he sent Bo to Trick about Aife. But I suspect that they will drag out the big reveal, or big confrontation, or whatever for a while yet. I can feel myself being suckered to keep hoping by the Dyson crumbs they're tossing us, and it's depressing me.

I suppose it's too much to hope for that Dyson and Bo (and God forbid, Lauren) will have that adult conversation that we've talked about for so long. "You love Lauren, she loves you. I love you, you love me. What do we do?"

And finally, for something we haven't been talking about. Where did I read someone pointing out how they have "whitened up" the cast in Season 3? Hale is missing in action as is his family (I thought we might see Val again after her unexpected reappearance in 2.22). Dyson's new partner is white, and blonde -- I guess there was a shortage of blondes (though I admit that to replace Hale with another Black person would have reinforced the 'white hero, Black sidekick' stereotype). The first Ash is gone, the emmisary from "the old country" has come and gone. I'm not even sure we've seen Audrey, the Dal waitress this season. I think there may have been one Black woman among the sadistic guards in 3.01. Where have all the Black people gone?
BD Facebook Refugee
19. nypinta
I'm pretty sure KC Collins is on another show & the writers probably didn't think to include Val in any Team Badass games without him. Tamsin is a Valkyrie which is Norse, so it's a bit of a no brainer she'd be blonde & tall. And slightly angry. As for the rest, budget? No clue.
Carmen Pinzon
20. bungluna
@nipinta- your comment makes me think that the writers could have used the Big Bad of the episode to explain Bo's mom's rant to some extent. After all, She appeared when mom was hanging clothes and mom immediately started ranting. Plus, She was released before Kyle died and could have been wandering about wreaking havoc.

I dunno, it just seems to me like the writers are pursuing their own agenda instead of trying to conceive a coherent series plot. I'm so tired of PC crap creeping into every single series at some point in time, at the expense of the established series cannon.

Facts are, the Fae are long-lived. They have rules about fraternizing with humans. Humans are considered food or pets, not worthwhile lovers. Bo is unaligned, but she'll have to integrate into this society at some point. All her huma friends will die before she does unless she's killed by some Big Bad. That is, unless some writer decides to create a miracle 'cure' at some point. Fountain of youth, anyone?

The show started out as a refreshingly bias free zone where nobody made a big deal about sex and orientation. But instead of exploring the new world of the Fae, their politics and their history, we're left with this disjoined soap opera that seems to be hating on males at this point in time. I mean, we're down to 2 male charactesr at present, Dyson and Trick, and neither of them is showing too well.
BD Facebook Refugee
21. lsbloom
Guys, I saw this idea on another board and I went from ho-hum about the coming out undertones to fully frustrated. Please tell me I'm overreacting. Remember the "'no labels" rule of Lost Girl? This episode, if read as a sort of coming out story--which unfortunately seems to be the only way to characterize the use of words like "bigot" to describe Bo's mom (and town and middle America) because they couldn't mean that she was intolerant towards fae, I mean she didn't even know what fae were when Bo left, as Bo didn't know what she was, as all humans are supposed to be out of the loop--then is purposely telling a story based on labeling Bo's sexuality. And the show which purports to be "not about labels" is engaging in a blatant label-making agenda to the detriment of sense. Bo felt "othered" by her family because she isn't human not because she likes girls. Why sell out the high ground of "we accept all of Bo's sexuality and our acceptance is shown by never discussing it, not making a big deal out of it, just having it be the way it is as natural as anything"? I get when the fandom does it because so many have a personal connection with a social cause, but when the show does it, they lose what made them progressive and special. Now it's an agenda that colors the show.

Tell me there's another way to go with this.
BD Facebook Refugee
22. Laurenfan
First, I just want to say that I agree with everyone else about the way Bo talked so harshly about her mom. She never said anything like that in the previous seasons. Second, although I am TeamLauren, I would like to see how they're going to play out Bo finding out Dyson has his love back. How is she going to react if/when she finds out Kenzi knew the whole time?

I would like to know why is it that when Bo forgives Lauren for something she's done or not told her about, she gets ridiculed, but when she forgives Dyson for what he's done or not told her about nothing is said? IMO Dyson & Lauren have both been wrong in not telling Bo things that she has a right to know. Dyson should have told her that she needed to speak to Trick about her mom, instead he looked her in the eyes and flat out lied and told her no one knew anything about her mom. There is no excuse for either of them doing what they did.
BD Facebook Refugee
23. BD Facebook Refugee
Whiskey, I don't read Doccubus sites so I honestly can't say if that is how they're treating them. But with the way this season has been going and the out of nowhere association of Bo's parents suddenly being these intolerable bigots that was were my jaded mind went--that this was set up was more pandering to curry the favor of the LGBT/Doccubus fan base.

Taken on its own, this storyline makes no sense as part of Bo's journey. As other posted have stated, no where in previous season canon's was there animosity of Bo towards her parents. The impression always was that they gave Bo a strict but loving upbringing and she fled on her own after killing Kyle without even telling them.

They already did the Bo forgiving herself for being a monster/killing Kyle storyline back in season 2 with the Raging Fae boxing episode so there was nothing in this episode that was needed for the "Bo's journey" story arc. It seems that this "forgiving her mom and accepting herself" storyline has to come from some other motivation beyond plot.
BD Facebook Refugee
24. TheGardner
@ lsbloom - I think it's unfair to call Lauren isolating, she certainly never forced Bo to spend time with her or ignore Kenzi, that was all Bo. This does however give creedence to your "Bo's a lousy friend" theory, which I wholeheartedly agree with. The road trip was ill-timed with Kenzi's recent trauma, admittedly I was simply excited to see my girls spending time together as I feel their relationship is the heart of the series. Besides, someone had to go with Bo on her "voyage to the past" and if not Lauren then it had to be Kenzi. I felt the parrallels with a coming out story were blatently obvious; Bo, "Mom, I'm Fae." translates to "Mom, I'm gay." so easily, it's almost poetic, but you know the real kind, that rhymes.
BD Facebook Refugee
25. TheGardner
@ nypinta - I disagree, I feel Dyson forfeitted that right when keeping his secret threatened Kenzi's life. If he truly wants a relationship with Bo, be it now or sometime in the future, what foundation will they have if it is based on lies? At this point he has waited so long to tell her she may never forgive him. I agree that Bo spend most of season 2 ignoring Dyson's existence and I will never understand why people think they make a good couple when Bo doesn't seem to care about him.

@ Laurenfan - Because he is "Dyson", duh. Seriously though, it's a shipping thing, which is why I am firmly on "Team Entertain Me Show or I Will Glare at You With My Angry Eyes". Dividing the fan base was one of the dumbest things the creators could have done. Both sides are firmly entrenched and will not budge, no matter how well framed or logical the argument is. Personally, I never would have spoken to Lauren again after the "spy-bang"(I dispute the validity of that phrasing on the basis that Lauren's agenda was to distract Bo, not gather and relay intel, but this is how the show refers to it, so will I.) or if I did, I would never trust her enough to entertain a relationship with her. As for Dyson again, lying all along about knowing who my mother was, espescially when he knew I was searching for her, is inexcuseable, and I would close the book on him as well. However, this is a TV show, and these are the love interests for the main character so I suspend my personal beliefs and accept them as flawed. I start with Bo and choose her partner based on the way their personalities compliment each other. Dyson and Bo are both alphas, strong and powerful, they will always clash as each one tries to be dominate, it does leave room for some really hot sex. As for a relationship, Dyson's protector instincts come across as controlling causing Bo to rebel, it also doesn't help that the writers seem to dumb-down Bo's character and make her appear weak when she is with him. Bo and Lauren have different strengths, Lauren is more internal, where Bo is more external, they comprimise and work together better. They also seem to bring out their better qualities in each other, which is why they make more sense. This is of course only my opinion and completely subjective.
BD Facebook Refugee
26. lsbloom
@LaurenFan--The difference for me is apologizing and acting contrite. Dyson tends to own his actions and stand up and accept consequences for when he's done wrong. For example, Dyson immediately apologized for not trusting Bo, he took care of the bad guy, and came after them and helped. And you know he came from a place of love and conflict. Everybody makes mistakes it's why they do it and how they act afterward. Lauren tends to have murkier motivations (the Ash's instructions, hiding Nadia, keeping Bo's medical results from her but telling someone else) and doesn't tend to apologize. For me, she comes across as sorry she got caught, but she isn't sorry her actions hurt someone else. "I did nothing wrong" "We were going there anyway". She's never said sorry for the secret girlfriend. Plus she is allergic to actually saying she is sorry. That's the difference for me.

I don't think that forgiving people makes you weak. I don't think needing backup makes you weak. And I don't think that what made Bo special was that she was independently invincible. What I loved about Bo was she was strong and independent but vulnerable--she needed Kenzi and Dyson. It made for a really tight Happy Sunshine Gang and better stories. Buffy was strong but the in the later seasons where she turned away from her friends an became more isolated you lost the camaderie and joy.
Nicole Leapheart
27. BoxyFrown
Kiersten-awesome recap as usual! And whipped out so fast! I want to be like you when I grow up :)

This was a good episode to me, and it looks like, obviously, things are coming to a head. I have always loved Kenzi and Dyson's relationship-I know some people 'ship them, but I feel like they have this big brother/little sister, wonder twin powers thing going on. They bonded over Bo, and Dyson had to work for that relationship.

I like Lauren, but she isn't Dyson. She is a thinker, and Dyson is a doer. When Bo came on the scene, everyone had their own agendas relating to her, and over time secrets started to come out. We can argue over keeping track of how many times Lauren screwed Bo over than Dyson did, but no one is innocent.

I'm actually excited that the Doccubus relationship is making so many people happy, but Lauren isn't the only lesbian or bisexual woman in Lost Girl land - maybe we can meet someone more exciting than Lauren. She is just kind of monotone and...there. However, Bo obviously likes that in women.

I can't wait until this whole Norn thing comes out - Kenzi is keeping Dyson's confidence, and it's really not her secret to tell that he has his love back. I'm hope Bo won't be ridiculously angry with Kenzi when she finds out. I cannot wait for this thing to go DOWN.

More Tamsyn and Hale please! I felt like Hale and Kenzi were almost going somewhere...then he got put to the side. This show is going to be really boring if it's going to be the Doccubus show - Lauren is just not that interesting. I don't want the main focus of the show to be Bo's romances, either way. She is a succubus, so it makes sense that it's a big part, but the relationships that she has developed with the Fae period have been fascinating-I would love to see her and Kenzi get back to super-sluething fae and underfae (after she beats this whole challenge, obvs.)
Ramble over!
Suzanne Metaxas
28. SuzyM
@theGardner I disagree with your statement "I feel Dyson forfeited that right when keeping his secret threatened Kenzi's life." Dyson had no idea that Kenzi's life was threatened. Kenzi never told him that the rash was from the Norn. Dyson would never have kept the secret had he known. I agree that S2 showed Bo not seeming to care, but then that is just the way they write Bo. The write her as a very selfish person who is all "me me me"

As to your opinion of Dyson I have a different slant on him. I think that Dyson & Bo do both butt heads on the alpha position but as time as gone on they are learning to share the position which is a good thing. I don't see that as Bo becoming weak, I see it as her being strong enough to realize that letting someone help you doesn't make you weak. True life partners don't dominate one and other, they support each other.

I do agree with much of what you said about the Lauren character, but I also see her as thinking she is superior intellectually to everyone. To me the writers have made her conniving, snooty and whiney.

@Isbloom I think you really nailed it with the reasons why Lauren's betrayal was more grievous than Dyson's. I also agree with you feelings on forgiveness not making you weak.

As always these are just my opinions :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
Not for nothin', but y'all haven't needed me at all in the convo this week. For what it's worth, from both sides of the aisle, you make me quite proud.

Carry on!
BD Facebook Refugee
30. whiskeywhite
Assorted thoughts:

You folks make me smile and laugh out loud. Like you, @BoxyFrown, "I want to be like (Kiersten) when I grow up" (smile). And for laughing out loud, @TheGardner's "Team Entertain Me Show or I Will Glare at You With My Angry Eyes."

So, is Kenzi all cured now (aside from any PTSD from the kidnapping)? We can plainly see when she wears her white sun dress that her rash is gone.

Can I say with the greatest affection that none of us need to qualify what we say with "just my opinion". Women are taught to undercut themselves in that way when they talk, while men learn to say what they think as if it's the god-given truth, with no qualifiers. The points made here are so well argued, often backed up with strong evidence from, or clear references to, the actual content of the show, that they go well beyond 'opinion'. We advance a carefully thought out argument and others respond by bringing forward their own arguments -- agreeing, disagreeing, and building on what others have contributed, or raising something completely new. Of course our own views of the world and personal experiences affect how we interpret and receive what we see in the show, and we should reflect on that. But if our arguments are well grounded in evidence drawn from the show then our conclusions are not subjective, and they're not "just" an opinion. They're GOOD STUFF. (Can I get an "Amen"?)
Suzanne Metaxas
32. SuzyM
@whiskeywhite my reason for putting that it is my "opinion" is not because I'm undercutting myself. It is because my statements reflects my interpretation of the facts. What I'm saying is I'm open to hearing others interpretations and give them consideration. I am always willing to take a second look at something, though it doesn't mean I'll change my mind :D That will usually take some real work on the persons part who is trying to change it ;)
BD Facebook Refugee
33. TheGardner
@SuzyM - I will concede that yes, Dyson was unaware of Kenzi's affliction and it really should be up to him if he wants to tell Bo his secret, only it isn't. Kenzi, Trick, Tamsin and probably Hale(I assume because they were partners/best bro's, but considering his 3 episode absence, who knows) already know, Bo knows about Kenzi's visit to the Norn so eventually she will figure it out, even Lauren knows something is up thanks to UnKenzi. It's already out, and I am so beyond done with this storyline I don't care who tells Bo anymore. The writers have killed Dyson's character for me, when he comes on screen now I find myself tuning out or playing with my phone and I think that is a shame. I feel that TPTB have written themselves into a corner with the "love triangle" Dyson tells Bo about getting his love back and she is supposed to fall back into his arms, um problem, she is still in love with Lauren. As for Dyson since he can't love anyone else so he is what, just stuck being miserable and lonely? TPTB need to find a way to unbind him from being mated to Bo for life or create an organic way to get him back together with Bo that doesn't undermine the signifigance of her relationship with Lauren.

I have trouble thinking of a slave as having a superiority complex. I have always attributed Lauren's social awkwardness to her being a genius. She has to modify herself when dealing with people who don't think at the same speed she does and at times this can come across as condescending, not that I think she means it to be. I'll give you whiney, but conniving I just don't see it. I never saw her as sneaky and she never lied for personal gain, with the exception of the "spy-bang" and in that case personal gain ment she didn't get thrown in the dungeon or executed for disobeying her master. As for keeping Nadia's exisitence a secret, I think that was more about guilt and shame on Lauren's behalf, not that it's an excuse because she really should have told Bo, espescially before falling into bed with her again.

@whiskeywhite - We don't have t-shirts, but we do have monogrammed slap bracelets. ;-)
BD Facebook Refugee
34. MelonnaBanana
@whiskeywhite if Fey and Poehler can manage it I am quite sure Tamsin and Kenzi can do it.

As far as Bo's conflicting reports on her mom. I wasn't as confused. She had mentioned several times that her mom had cast her out but that one incident where she was firing shots at Aoife she defended her. I think it was just that, she said something in the heat of the moment to try to get to Aoife. It could also be one of those "I can say bad things about (fill in the blank) but if you say something bad I'm going to lunch you in the face" type of things. When the episode started I was not expecting a friendly reunion because I remembered her saying her mom told her she was the devil and a whore.
Megan Frampton
35. MFrampton
Okay, so I watched this last night, and SO MUCH about it bugged me. And NOT just because I had already edited Kiersten's recap.

First: Right, no repercussions about what happened with Lauren not trusting Bo last episode? They're hanging around in bed as though nothing happened? Nuh-uh. Also, how offensive was it to call the people from Bo's hometown "simple." OH, so they don't know that Fae exist, they must be idiots! And even I remember in the first season where Bo talked about her parents, and there was NO mention of her mother being horrible to her about her sexuality. NONE. I remember being surprised and pleased that they hadn't made it a slut-shaming thing.
So saying that her parents were bigoted? AGAINST FAE, A SPECIES THAT DOES NOT WANT HUMANS TO KNOW ABOUT THEM? And Bo didn't even know what she was--as the theme music reminds us--until she met Dyson et al. SO THAT'S JUST DUMB!
I can see Kenzi snarking about leaving the city, and being around people who wear pastels, because that's her, but for Lauren to say they're simple, and Bo to call them bigoted, is just lazy writing on the show's part.
As Kiersten said, the acting was good, and I liked seeing more of Dyson opening up to Trick about his feelings, and I feel as though the show is building up to a big triangle involving Kenzi, Dyson, and Bo and some sort of Bo-sacrifice, but many other things bothered me.
Linda Losik
36. LindaL
To all that commented that there seemed to be no repercussions for Lauren not believing Bo about Kenzi, I beg to differ. Bo KNOWS she needs Lauren to survive the dawning. Go back to the scene where they were talking about Kenzi, look closely at Bo’s face when Lauren asks if they knew why Kenzi was targeted. This is not the face of a woman who trusts the person asking the question. Neither was the answer; Bo will always protect Kenzi. Also, Bo actually looked uncomfortable with the thought of taking Lauren to her home; don’t think it was about her relationship with Lauren that bothered her but the thought of being in the car for such a long trip while Bo is feeling uncomfortable with Lauren. Besides this, if there were any issues (which, of course this is Lost Girl) to arise, Bo would need someone to guard her back. Rewriting or not, Lauren really doesn’t have Bo’s back in a fight unless she has no choice. Old habits are really hard to unlearn, especially considering Lauren is smart and knows that Bo is a protector.

IMHO, Lauren resents Kenzi’s place in Bo’s life and while she does tolerate her, would prefer to see Kenzi gone. I think that if it came to a choice, Bo would choose Kenzi over Lauren. While Lauren sniped to Kenzi, that she was wrong in wanting to be the only human in Bo’s life, I don’t think this occurred to Kenzi. This snipe was pure Lauren.
BD Facebook Refugee
37. BD Facebook Refugee
Linda, I REALLY want to believe your interpretation of that scene and that Anna Silk was conveying a mountain of subtext in her body language that will actually lead to, for once, Doctor Lauren facing the reprucussions for her many betrayals.

But this is Lost Girl and this is unfortunately the "Season of Doccubus" as has been repeatedly hammered over our head and crammed down our troats. It is far more likely that Bo's look was Anna Silk trying to convey that Bo knows Kenzi went to the Norn about Dyson and that is triggering mixed feelings in her that has nothing to do with Lauren who, despite her many faults, is suppose to be made of telfon and perfect and wonderful and doncha-know-everyone-is-suppose-to-love-Doctor-Lauren crap.

The ONE glimmer of hope that I take from that scene and that look on Bo's face is maybe that she is feeling guilt. She knows Kenzi cares about Dyson and wants Bo and him back together. She probably also realized how wrong she was last season in not even going to the Norn once to fight for Dyson's love and win it back. The fact that her best friend had to do this for, and obviously was injured or cursed (Bo doesn't quite know how) because she went to the Norn, should weigh heavily on Bo's mind.

Bo should have been the one to b*tchslap the Norn and win back Dyson's love. But Kenzi put herself in danger because it is the right thing to do--for Dyson AND for Bo. I hope Bo realizes that and does feel a ton of guilt for letting Dyson and Kenzi down.
Carmen Pinzon
38. bungluna
@BD FB Refugee- I hadn't thought of that, but you are absolutely right. Bo didn't do much (or anything at all really) to fight for Dyson's love. Sloppy writing or not, the fact that human Kenzie was the one who went powertool on the Norn for Dyson, plus saved him at the end of Season 2, does shed some unflaterring light upon Bo's qualities as a lover and a friend.

But I really hold out no hope that the show will go this way. It's more likely that St. Lauren will save the day, Dyson will continue to be a mope and Bo will go about her merry selfish way with no-one calling her out on her sh-stuff. Where's Tamsin when we need her?
BD Facebook Refugee
39. BelH
I will never understand the Lauren hate out there. It doesn't make sense to me. But I guess since there is so much Dyson hate? Well haters gotta hate. Sometimes i dont like Dyson, when he's possessive and overbearing, I don't hate him though. He has the self sacrificing noble thing down pat. im starting to dislike Trick.

Lauren IS smarter then the rest of them, guys. She's written that way she's allowed to be smug about her intellect. It's her way of helping. And Lauren's suffered for her intellect in a major way.

I think the spy bang theory- is silly. Thats coming frm Kenzie. Lauren slept with Bo to save her life. She probably should have drugged her. That would have been more intelligent. But the point is that her emotions got in the way for once, and she probably rationalized it and downplayed her importance in Bo's life. Its not such a crime and I'm fairly sure Dyson would have done the same. I wonder if the reaction from Bo would have been the same.

I don't think Lauren wants Kenzie out of the way, either. Someone said that above. I entirely disagree. Lauren seems to want to be friends with Kenzie. Why do people see Lauren in the worst possible light? Is it because she is acted so subtlety?

Gay perspective: This isn't about girl/girl interactions. Which is why Doccubus fans don't just jump on the first lesbian/bisexual ship which appears. There was a lot of debate and heated conversations about Tamsin. People got pretty upset on Afterellen, at even suggesting the possibility of Tamsin. Lauren is very special to people because she is such a vulnerable character. People like Tamsin but she's not Lauren.

Doccubus is about fair treatment in a relationship which happens to contain women on a mainstream show. Thats why it's so heated. I am a Doccubus fan. I will always be a Doccubus fan. I still like to look at the other side though. But I'm happy where I am.

I hope I do not cause offence. That has never been my intention. But If you want to know why Doccubus fans are so passionate think about a starving person seeing something which represents them and shows a women choosing a women over a man. That never happens, look at Glee and the contempt in which the brittania ship was held. Doccubus is special. No wonder its fought for.
BD Facebook Refugee
41. BD Facebook Refugee
BElH, I get that the pickings are slim for ships that the LGBT community can get behind. I really do and I think it is a tremendous sign of progress for our culture when TV and movie execs feel that they can introduce same-sex pairings and not receive a negative backlash or ratings drop.

BUT, and I totally understand that as a straight woman that I have no right to tell your community how they should feel but I'm being honest here with an objective outsiders view, I don't think it helps your community to accept and defend weak, lackluster pairings like Doccubus and Brittana. Boring and sometimes even forced feeling couples doesn't give you guys progress or enhance representation. All it does is give the false impression that gay characters and couples are weak and uninteresting and we ALL know that is untrue and unhelpful.

And Doccubus, with Lauren in particular, IS a weak and boring pairing. I hear all the time Doccubi screeching to high heaven about "subtlety" but, guess what? Lost Girl is not a show about subtlety. It is not Downton Abbey, LOST, Seinfeld, or even the Sopranos. It is a pretty upfront and superficial shows that doesn't delve very deep. It is complete and utter brain candy and that is it. So "subtlety" doesn't work and weak=weak, not vulnerable.

Whether Doccubus fans admit it or not (and I'm sure most will just stink their fingers in their ears and dismiss it as "hate"), this IS a major issue with the Lauren character and why Doccubus doesn't work on a show like Lost Girl.

You can keep denying it. You can keep calling us "haters", "heterosexist", "homophobic" or "Dybots" when none of that is true. I think all of us would get wholeheartedly behind a same sex ship (and many of us have in other shows and movies) if it was interesting and if it worked with the show.

But Doccubus doesn't work and instead of the LGBT community DEMANDING quality pairings and that their characters and couples be treated with respect and wrote with depth and quality, the Doccubus fans are so vocally and vigorously defending Bo and Lauren ONLY because they are a same-sex pair and that is all you have.

Again, I sympathize that you guys don't have more options but you shouldn't be content to settle for crap. You guys deserve better than Doccubus and you should demand to be treated better than pandered with "subtlety" which is really no better than "subtext".
Kiersten Hallie Krum
42. Kiersten
I'm going to step in because, while still well-reasoned and respectful, we're drifting toward heated exchange here.

A gentle reminder as you continue to post that this is an in-depth discussion, not a blood sport.

Thanks for all you all already do to keep it that way.

Carry on.
BD Facebook Refugee
43. BelH
Thank you Kiersten.

Out of respect for you and your site I will be civil and try to keep it intellectual.
I never said any of those things about homophobia etc, nor did i refer to homophobia. I might now, Facebook refugee. I am slightly peeved. Read my post. Doccubus isn't weak, it's an incredibly good and powerful pairing in my opinion, even if in your opinion it is weak. My opinion is Dyson is boring and weak but that doesnt mean he is, and you all like him and I respect that. Between Lauren and Dyson- It's about the difference between the intellect and brawn. Acceptance and protectiveness. That's not weak, or boring. That's powerful. I do not feel marginalized from Doccubus. I'd be very insulted if they paired Bo up with the next moving female though. That would insult me as would writing where they kill Lauren and Bo goes crazy or if they paired Bo back with Dyson immediately after he tells Bo be loves her. I have never seen lost girl do that though and I trust the writers. Lesbian Pickings aren't slim. There are plenty of token lesbian pairings. But not like Doccubus, where there is real chemistry, and it's a 'real relationship'. That is what people fight for.

I've never seen glee but I respect the Britannia fans after the epoll. There must be something there. Thats an opinion, it may be my opinion, that doesn't make if right or wrong. As for the haters comment. I was actually trying to be fair to both sides and say hate is bad all round. Hate is really stupid and ugly. I see a lot of vitriol directed against Lauren, and I wonder if she was a guy if it would be there. Would lauren turn into just another heartbreaker if he was Dr Lewis.
BD Facebook Refugee
44. lsbloom
@BelH--Given that you are a doccubus fan and you've come to post here, I'm making an assumption that you are familiar with other boards, so you are well aware of the tenor of the conversation elsewhere. Kiersten is very patient and kind with us here and our sometimes touchy failings. We do all have baggage from a variety of difficult conversations elsewhere on the Internet, and it is hard to be as good as Kiersten and not let those interactions color how we read all Lost Girl posts. The highroad is quite narrow and difficult to walk. But surely in your reading, you are well aware of the various reasons people take issue with Lauren.

Most viewers did not come to Lost Girl with any preconceptions. All I knew was that there as a succubus and she was supernatural and supposed to kick butt. So when I watched episode 1 and I was annoyed with the prissy, unprofessional doctor character, it set the stage. When Kenzi called her a "speculum" I though, yep, pretty fitting: cold, medical, and--not to be crass--but forced somewhere I didn't want her. The show defined her that way not me, and the show gave the audience no indication that we were to feel differently about her. She was rude to Kenzi. Beyond making annoying facial expressions, this was the biggest strike against her. She continued to treat the audience entrance to the show as a juvenile child who needed to be scolded--even when she was dying. There was no warmth or compassion for a dying "child," and that was juxtaposed with Dyson tracking Kenzi down and comforting her in the cemetary. Lauren was in it for Bo and for whatever Ash motives she had. She wasn't a genuine, loving character. And none of her selfish betrayals since have changed my mind about her.

You can say she is the smartest character on the show, and I can disagree. Her "sciencey" dialogue is basically nonsense, so every time she opens her mouth I am annoyed with her. If the writers want me to think she's smart she needs to do and say smart things, not vaguely science-sounding idiocy that only proves the writers don't own a dictionary or Internet access. I don't give characters wielding plot device science "discoveries" as being intelligent. It has to make sense for that. I personally think Kenzi is the smartest character on the show, she sees problems, makes connections, and reads situations. She "solves" most of the cases. But none of the characters demonstrate very much in the way of "smarts." So in the end, Lauren is just condesending and snooty. They are crafting a show for sci-fi fans and nerds, to assume that those people wouldn't know how nerds look and act is pretty silly. Characters like Chuck and the cast of the Big Bang Theory, even Brennan on Bones, were adopted by nerds because they felt true to form. Lauren does not. Her portrayal does not, her dialogue does not.

I understand that the doccubus ship is very important for you personally. But to expect the extra-textual importance to inform everyone's view of the show isn't allowing for the fact that everyone else isn't you. We all come to Lost Girl for different reasons. But most people don't have some hidden agenda in choosing characters or ships to like or not like, they just strike us one way or another from watching the show from ep 1 on. A number of doccubus fans didn't come to Lost Girl with that sort of approach, they came with their own agenda and lens and expectations for Bo and Lauren--because the LGBT community promoted it. This colors how you watch. I appreciate you trying to see someone else's viewpoint, and I have tried to reply in the hopes that that was your intention.
Suzanne Metaxas
45. SuzyM
@BelH I have to disagree with you about why people don't like Lauren. It has nothing to do with her being female. In fact I would hate the character totally if the doctor were male. It is the way the writers wrote her character that makes her unlikable to me. Her character comes across to me as weak, conniving and duplicitous. She always used Bo to her benefit. Whether it was to study like a guinea pig , spy on for the Ash, use to get Nadia back, thinking she is mentally superior (education doesn't make you something special), always whining and not being straight with Bo nine out of 10 times.

I am a woman and like when they portray a woman as strong and independent. Lauren's character unfortunately isn't portrayed as that. In the beginning I thought I was going to like her. I respected her for standing by Nadia to the point where she indentured herself to the Fae. But when she didn't tell Bo about her I started to lose respect and then when she behaved the way she did when Nadia was awakened I lost all respect for the character. What I wish is the writers didn't take the easy way out on her character and make her so unlikable for me. Zoie Palmer whom I adore deserved better writing.
BD Facebook Refugee
46. BD Facebook Refugee
My apologies for not making it clear in my comment that I was transitioning to talking about/to the Doccubus fandom, as a whole, with the paragraph "Whether Doccubus fans admit it or not" and not to you, BelH, directly. Yes, you didn't call anyone homophobic (thank you!) but as any survey of the Facebook page, Lost Girl tags on Twitter/Tumblr, the SyFy board and Showcase page will show that any criticism of Lauren's character and Doccubus (whether constructive, respectful or not) is eventually greeted with some claim of the "hater" being "homophobic" or "heteronormative" or whatever. It is so common and predictable that we should probably start calling it the "Lauren Law of the Internet" (a la Goodwin's Law)

And, yes, I've been personally burned by this many times (mostly on the Lost Girl Facebook page as you can probably guess from my name) so I apologize again for being a little touchy and defensive on this subject. It is very frustrating and, frankly, downright hurtful to be an incredibly liberal and open minded person, someone who has many gay friends, has voted FOR gay marriage to be legal, volunteered at gay pride events and even helped with a counter protested against Westboro when they came to my town to be continually called a homophobe FOR THE SINGULAR REASON that I am not a fan of a particular fictional TV show couple.

Can you see how insane that is? And while you, BelH, haven't done that (and, again, thank you) there is a very large and very vocal segment of your fellow Doccubus fans who do this, constantly, and this makes it hard to HAVE respectful and in-depth discussions about the show.

I would love to go more in-depth about why Doccubus is a weak pairing and why Lauren is a weak character. (I started to with my point that "subtlety" isn't a part of Lost Girl's MO and therefore doesn't work as an excuse for Lauren's character flaws) But I fret that it is near impossible to have an objective discussion on the topic simply because so many Doccubus fans are so personally invested in this couple.

It becomes no longer a discussion about a TV show and two fictional characters played by two actress. It becomes personal and as you said yourself, BelH, Doccubus fans see Bo and Lauren as representing THEM on screen, ergo they unfortunately take any criticism then of that pairing as criticism of THEM when obviously that isn't the intent at all of the person criticizing Doccubus or Lauren. So how can we then objectively discuss Lauren and Doccubus without it becoming personal or heated?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
47. Kiersten
@BD Facebook Refugee & @BelH:
How can we then objectively discuss Lauren and Doccubus (ed. "and Dyson") without it becoming personal or heated?
We do it like this, by working overtime to respect each other as we thoughtfully express our personal viewpoints. We do it by stopping, taking a deep breath, and apologizing when necessary before we carry on. We do it by remembering we all started watching this show and continue to want to talk about it because it struck a chord with each of us personally and that we remain invested in it because of that reason. We do it by celebrating the fact that we can all be passionate about a work of drama in so many different ways for so many different reasons.

We do it by doing exactly what we're doing here, and I commend you both, indeed you all, for it.

Thank you.

Carry on.
BD Facebook Refugee
48. BelH
Okay let me clear something up. I respect this site. I respect kierston. Anyone who can deliver long analysed recaps with plenty of humor every week deserves respect. I don't agree with Kierstin but she has my fond regards and my respect. I may not agree but everyone has the right to think, feel and identify with whoever they wish, and post what they wish. As long as it doesnt insult people.

Haters gotta hate: That refers to all kinds of hate -hetrophobic, homophobic. It's all hate. There is anti Dyson, anti Lauren and now anti Tamsin. It's still hate. I say analyse the character. That is what my posts were about.

Isabloom - we have no argument we are saying the same thing in different ways. . Yes i am familiar with all boards. I read widely and look at everyone's view. It is only ever an opinion. I may be right or wrong. Yes the Doccubus ship is very important to me but I would like Lauren regardless of whether she was single or engaged to Bo. I am extremely happy they are together. But Lauren is fascinating in her own right. I never said everyone was me- I take exception to that. I have only offered my opinion and what I've read from other Doccubus forums out there. Thank god everyone isn't the same. Diversity is the spice of life.

SuzyM -Kenzie and Lauren have been rude too each other from the get go which I think is awesome. It's made for very interesting viewing. I will never agree with Lauren being weak. She's not. And I also agree she's not a true geek which is another reason why i like her. As for a speculum- she wasn't looking like a speculum to me - look at her eyes and where they are directed. I see Lauren as no different from the Scullys and Gabrielle's and 7of 9s out there, she's an intellectuL and anything I've looked up which she's said has been medically accurate. The therapist texts she mentioned are accurate. I'm a counsellor student and I had to read them. *yawn*. I see Lauren as similar to Peeta from the Hunger Games actually. I don't watch the Big Bang Theory, so I can't fairly comment there.
BD Facebook Refugee
49. lsbloom
I think what BD Facebook Refuge was rhetorically asking was that because so many people have personally invested themselves and their identity into the doccubus ship--they see themselves in the ship--how can that then be separated for a discussion, ie, discussions of the show are tranfered to them as personal attacks not just abstract discussions of a fictional pairing. It is an difficulty we encounter, especially, in that the f/f nature of the ship is the defining characteristic of doccubus for many of its supporters.

Suzy is right: Lauren could be male and it wouldn't change things for me (it might actually make them worse, becuase I dislike weak men even more than I dislike weak women.) I don't see being gay as being Lauren's primary characteristic, I see her as being a doctor first--you know Doctor Lauren as we call her around her. My main fault with doccubus (besides a dislike of one of the partners and the amount of lying that Bo has put up with) is the inequality: Bo can't be vulnerable, Lauren can't back up Bo, Lauren feels she is intellectually superior, Bo (and Kenzi) have to protect Lauren take care of her. They aren't similar, well matched people with common interests for all that they are two girls.

The show started out with the goal of "no labels" but sometimes all we encounter as fans are those labels. If fans could accept that this progressive underlying concept was successful and that people don't look at the show as a bisexual lead in a lesbian relationship with a gay woman, don't look at it as a show finally showing a girl choosing a girl over a guy, but rather as characters making relationship choices without relying on labels and causes, then the goal of the show would be more apparent in the social cause it seems to advocate. The show is betraying itself with "coming out" stories and homages to exploitation films and thinly veiled hate against men. The more people ascribe motivations in discussions to labels alone and not character and story, the more that progressive ideal is betrayed.
BD Facebook Refugee
50. BelH
Facebook refugee I posted before I saw your reply. I got heated also. Whoops. I am going to hazard a hypothesis and say that you got flamed on facebook because people are extremely protective of Lauren. It's because she is special. Lol. There are not a lot of shows which treat people with respect. She has therefore been adopted and has lifelong protection. Peace. Thankyou for Voting for gay marriage. I dont want to be married but we shoukd be allowed too. Im an aussie and what America does will make a difference to Australia which is a very conservative country.
Suzanne Metaxas
51. SuzyM
@BelH I think you confused me with someone else here. Your reply to me really didn't address what I wrote. :) Just saying ;) Peace :D
BD Facebook Refugee
52. BD Facebook Refugee
Thank you Kiersten for the dose of sanity. Though one thing about the edit with Dyson, I'm not sure if there is the same is issue with Team Badass being emotionally invested in Bo/Dyson or seeing that couple as a representation of us.

Myself, personally, while I would love to have Bo's body, she is really too self absorbed and oblivious to how her actions hurt other to really aspire to be her or identify with her. And Dyson, while I also love his body (lol, shallow much :p) KHR is actually not my type. Just don't like scruffy guys (and I actually miss how more well kept and groomed he looked in the very first episode. Ah that scene where he and Bo pass by on the street and they both smile :D)

But anyways, I also don't see Dyson as a representation or substitution for my boyfriend so I feel it is easier to take an objective, impassioned look at Bo and Dyson's relationship than it is for Doccubus fans who see Bo and Lauren as representation of themselves.

There are definitely faults to Bo and Dyson and your recaps have never been shy about calling Dyson out when he's been a dick nor do I think I have ever seen any comments here from other Team Badass fans trying to whitewash over the flaws and pratfalls of our ship (the "Wolves' territorial nature versus Succubus's hypersexual nature" conflict that was introduced in season 1 being a huge point that I think we all want to see explored, even if it might be painful four ship)

But, again, I think we can be honest and frank about the issues with our ship because we don't have the extra-contextual personal association with Bo and Dyson. We just want to watch a good show with interesting characters--beauty marks, warts and all.
BD Facebook Refugee
53. lsbloom
@BelH I wasn't saying that you don't recognize that people are different. I am saying that you have to remember that your personal causes aren't the personal causes of everyone. As you say, you've "adopted" Lauren and you feel she needs your protection. I think she's a fictional character and subject to the same critique I give to all fictional characters. I'm not personally connected to her, I don't feel an ownership of her. It's great that you do, but you can not expect other people to share your attatchment. We all have our causes and identities that we fight for.
BD Facebook Refugee
54. BelH
SuzyM that's quite possible. I'm packing while I type. Ill read ur comments again and post later if that is okay. Peace.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
55. Kiersten
@BelH - good Lawd, packing mercies to you. I loathe packing like little else. Come back when you're less burdened IRL. And many thanks for your respect and consideration. I value it highly.

@BD Facebook Refuge - I edited in Dyson to be inclusive about the passion to which we treat these guys (if not personal association) and because, particularly around here, we do get protective when he's unjustly maligned - OK I get protective when he's unjustly maligned. Fair cop. Though I do agree he does not hold the symbolic position with which Doctor Lauren is revered.

This is a great discussion and I'm particularly grateful for everyone taking a breath and realigning themselves in the midst to keep it going.

Carry on.
BD Facebook Refugee
56. BelH
Okay I'm at a coffee shop which is a much better place to write. I can work on my fake novel next. The heat is gone from my posts. Your all being so darn reasonable lol.

So I will do my best to answe while I'm in this good mood. I'm going to avoid Dyson and Doccubus as I would just like to discuss Lauren for the moment. I do think Dyson is FULL of plot holes though. He has been very badly written in the second and third season. I don't think I will offend anyone with that comment as I'm sure I've read similar things on this site.

SuzyM, I did indeed confuse you with another. I will address what you said. I don't think she is weak, conniving or duplicitous. She's certainly made mistakes, which makes her human. But - think about it. She's a slave who went into indentured servitude to save her girlfriend for five years. She would have gone as long as it takes. There is a guilt there and a belief of responsibility, and duty. She could be interpreted to have stayed out of duty and guilt. I will never forgive the writers for having Laurn borrow Bo's car though. That's warped. Also I don't like the present she gave Bo for her birthday. *shakes head*
I think she happened to fall in love with Bo as soon as they met, Lauren is conflicted which makes her really interesting. I can identify with that. It seems she spent the majority of time trying not to feel that way. I can identify with that especially as a teen. I bet you guys can too. Loving from a distance sucks. But in this show Bo returned her attraction, which intrigued me.
I will never forgive the writers for having Lauren tell Bo to kill Nadia. That was bad. Otherwise I think Lauren is very well written. Thats all I have for the moment.

Isabloom. Yes I want to protect Lauren. She's written in such a way that people want to protect her. Or strangle her. I want to protect her and so does Bo. She's not weak however. She is a strong character. How many people can survive being constantly degraded and still pick them selves up. I like her resilience and the way she is written, she seems to be coming back to life. I can identify with that also. What I like is that people underestimate her all the time. I love that. She proves em wrong and the same thing happens the next week. One scene I have adored is when Lauren poured a scotch for Dyson and said its not week to let it out its human. Likewise I liked when Dyson hugged Lauren. That makes the show stronger. It would be good if the fandoms took the hint from the show. And im saying that all round. That's all I have for now:)

I think it's easy to hate the ppl who don't agree with you but that's really silly, and weakens a show.
Suzanne Metaxas
57. SuzyM
BelH We will have to agree to disagree :D The way Lauren is written makes her a weak woman to me. Lauren should have done so much more for Nadia before asking Bo to kill her and then blaming Bo. She never should have recommitted to the Ash as a slave. She should have told him she would work for him. She agreed to be owned, something a strong woman would never do. She called in the hit squad on Bo in ArachnoFabia something one doesn't do for someone you care about. The writers always have Lauren take the easy way out or have someone save her. I have yet to see the brave Lauren you do. When backed into a corner she doesn't fight she caves and cowers.

I do agree with you about the scene in the bar after Ciara is killed. It was a beautiful scene and I wish the writers would have built on it. Hopefully they will build something off the hug in this season.

I have no hate for any of the characters, what I do have is a wish for the writers to get the shite together and write characters we can love and admire.
BD Facebook Refugee
58. BelH
SuzyM Well I always knew I would have to agree to disagree.

@Everyone. This is a Dyson site, and i didnt comment to in order to change peoples minds but rather to add perspective, and understand the other side more. But it's been fun. I hope I have not upset anyone. I enjoyed the debate. Thankyou all for responding to me. Until next time. I'm tired for today so this will prob be my last post on this recap.

Suzanne Metaxas
59. SuzyM
BelH No offense taken :) always love to debate things. You never know when a spark will ignite a thought in the other direction ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
60. Kiersten
@BelH - we really appreciate you commenting and invigorating our conversation. While I personally am Team Badass aligned (it's not like I hide it, right?), that was not the initial intent of these recaps - they've just drifted/been pushed in that direction as the show has itself become more polarized. But as you've already been kind enough to mention, on a whole the recaps are an analysis of all parts of the show with a strong focus on story and character as those are in my personal writer's wheelhouse.

Rather than a pure Dyson site, naive as it may be, I like to think of the H&H Lost Girl community more as simply a safe place for Dyson fans to talk about the show without the reproach many have received on other sites - and not exclusively them alone. We have several regular commentators/readers/lurkers who feel as you do and feel safe enough, whatever the majority opinion here, to share their perspective as well. Neither side is going to agree or convert the other and that's OK. This is a rare environment, particularly in this fandom, and it's only enriched by the respect and consideration you've all demonstrated tonight regardless of your "team". I hope you'll return for future posts and continue to be a part of that.

Good luck with the packing!
BD Facebook Refugee
61. Laurenfan
Why should there be any repercussions for Lauren not trusting Bo when she tried to tell her that it wasn't the real Kenzi? Lauren admitted to Bo she made a mistake by not believing her. She owned up to it just like Dyson did. She forgave Dyson right away, why shouldn't she forgive Lauren just as easily? Besides, who's to say Bo & Lauren didn't talk about it.
In regards to Lauren wanting Kenzi out of the picture, until recently, I'd gotten the impression that Kenzi would like to see Lauren gone. She never cared for Lauren, and she has made sure Bo knows it.
BD Facebook Refugee
62. TheGardner
Why does Lost Girl always turn into a gay/straight debate? The beauty of this show is that sexual orientation is never discussed, so why do we as fans take it there? Bo and Lauren, wether you like them as a couple or not, are just that a couple, like any other couple. There is no discussion that they are both women, they just are and I think that is awesome and the direction society should be heading. My sexual orientation is about as relevant as the fact that I have brown hair and who I am sleeping with should really only matter to the person I'm in bed with. I can understand being frustrated with the lack of positive representation out there, but in the ened this is still a TV show not a political soap box, lets just enjoy it for what it is and then bitch about the things we don't like.
BD Facebook Refugee
63. PNRReader4Life
I love this show! I just hope it doesn't turn strange like Sanctuary did.
Carmen Pinzon
64. bungluna
Late as usual, but still determined to add my two cents' worth.

Lauren- I personally dislike the character for specific reasons. I was bothered during the first season by the way she swung from oggling Bo to tattling on her. We were not told why she was indentured to the Ash; just that she belonged to him. In her actions I did not glimpse any hint of rebellion or dissatisfaction with her position.

During Season two (what a mess!) Lauren acquired a comma girlfriend, developed a relationship with Bo without telling her about her 'situation', and RE-ENSLAVED herself to the Ash without hesitation! Couldn't she have questioned the fortuitous beneficence a little bit? Dithered? Noooo.

Now in Season three she's being re-written in such a way that I don't buy the character anymore. What, she's a medical doc, a biochemist, a psychietrist, a medic in two battleground corners of the world, an epidemiologist in Deep Africa, a slave to the Ash as well as the foremost medical expert on all things Fae, and all of this before she turned 35? Really? Why not slap a cape on her and call her WonderLauren.

As for Dyson, I mourn the character that I loved in the first season. The mopy wolf from Season two was a wet blanket and so far this season he hasn't done much to impress me.

Finally, even though much of my vitriol spills on the characters most prominent on the show right now, read Lauren and Bo, my outrage is really for the writers and stewards of this show, who took a great idea that started so full of promise and have turned it into a messy Venezuelan telenovela full of plot holes not even worthy of Televisa!
Linda Losik
65. LindaL
@Laurenfan: Let me see if I can answer a very honest question. BTW, I love these kinds of questions. Bo is in a relationship with full benefits. The trust between two partners should be so deep that when one partner says something (even silly or stupid), the other at least listens. Lauren did not do that; her comment was telling and hurtful….”baby you are sick, let me help you.” I freely admit that if my significant other had done what Lauren did, I would have been LIVID! Dyson got FakeKenzi out of the lockup and then proceeded to question FakeKenzi. He trusted Bo enough to question the fake. Lauren did not; she was busy elsewhere using her amazing medical skills. And there is the problem; Laruen doesn't trust Bo instincts the way Dyson does. Dyson (being Dyson) when he found out the truth, went after Kenzi, just like he always does.

I also think that Bo knows the difficulties between her lover and her BFF. Yes, Kenzi would like to see Lauren gone but Lauren has made her dislike of Kenzi just as clear. Rather than calming Kenzi when she ate the foot soup, Lauren just looked disgusted with Kenzi. IMHO, the only reason that Lauren went with Bo to help find the cure for Kenzi was because Bo begged her to help.

As for Dyson, he ran after Kenzi when he realized that that Bo was right, even though he still could not trust himself. He killed the under-fae that was threating Bo and Kenzi, and then promptly apologized while showing how much he cared about Kenzi as Kenzi. Dyson wanted to stay with Kenzi after they got back to Trick’s just like he did when he tracked her down to the cemetery.

Does this help?

@bungluna: Sadly I must give you an “Amen”! The writers on this show have fallen so far, I sadly fear that they may have broken something besides a bone! Maybe it is just their ability to formulate a cognitive, logical mythology, and the ability to follow what they have created. Also, I am still amused that Lauren is so good that she can now take vitals from a hair sample! But then I do have a warped sense of humor!
BD Facebook Refugee
66. nypinta
Actually, I think people might be forgetting that Bo has two things to forgive Lauren for from the episode before this. One, not believing her when Bo insisted that Kenzi wasn't Kenzi. No one believed her. They were wrong. Both Lauren and Dyson did what they could to fix that. Lauren medically be determining faKenzi wasn't Kenzi and Dyson by sniffing them both out to assist with the rescue. Both get a pass.
BUT Lauren also lied right to Bo's face in the previous episode when Bo was asking her what was wrong with her and Lauren told her it was going to be fine and they'd work on her diet, yadda yadda yadda, and the moment Bo walked out of the room she called Trick and told him what she really thought.
Because ofher keeping that from Bo when she went to Trick about Kenzi everyone turned on her and she had no idea what.
That is what she has to forgive Lauren for. That is why some of the trust between them is gone. Not because of the Kenzi thing. It's the lying to her face thing.
BD Facebook Refugee
67. whiskeywhite
I may have missed the boat on contributing to the discussion on this recap (have to be fast to keep up with you folks), but like @bungluna, I’m “still determined to add my two cents' worth.” First let me say, fabulous discussion. I very much appreciated how everyone went out of their way to show respect for others' views and arguments. And I liked Kiersten’s guidelines on how to do that.

BelH, I really hope you'll continue to chime in. You brought forward so many good points and I can certainly give a huge “Amen” to your “hate is really stupid” (and I might add, immature). I'm Team Dyson but I don't hold particularly negative views of Lauren. I don't think she's an untrustworthy, conniving lier, etc. Every important character in the show, with the possible exception of Hale, has lied to Bo. I won't go down the list of incidents; it's all been pointed out here. In fact, Bo even bemoaned fairly recently: "Why is everybody always lying to me?"

And I don't think Lauren is weak; she's quite strong minded. She just doesn't opt to solve problems with physical violence. I did have problems, like SuzyM, with Lauren calling in the “hit squad” on Bo (and Kenzi and Hale) in “Arachnofaebia”. But in real life, imagine how hard that would be, if saving your loved one could lead to the death of hundreds of other people’s loved ones and it was your responsibility to make the decision. In the end she solved the problem, but it is also a case of what I keep saying – love for one person does not override every other responsibility you have in life, responsibilities to other people. And we should remember that right after Kenzi saved Lauren’s life from the Berserkers, Lauren turned around and saved Kenzi’s life by figuring out that Hale’s siren “whistle” at the right pitch could cauterize Kenzi’s wound.

But now to the best part of this discussion, which in my view has been the question of whether and how extra-textual experiences and allegiances inform everyone's view of the show. We have discussed here before, and I think everyone gets, why so many Doccubus fans are so devoted and defensive of that relationship and of Lauren. You explain it very well, BelH. (I keep saying it, we all live in a homophobic world; the show lives there with us). However, lsbloom says, “most people don't have some hidden agenda in choosing characters or ships to like or not like.” And BD Facebook Refugee says, “we don't have the extra-contextual personal association with Bo and Dyson.” It’s definitely true that a relationship between a woman and a man doesn’t need defenders in our society. But I would argue that we all have a personal relationship with the characters. We all bring our own life experiences and attitudes and desires when we watch the show. These must colour how we see the characters and their actions, they cannot help but do so. We all stand some place in the world and that influences our perspective. We cannot be totally objective, none of us. We can, however, be aware of what could be influencing our views.

The university lecturer in me is attracted to Lauren the intellectual and scientist (despite the silly science they write for her). And with my WASPy background I have to say I never got the ‘speculum’ thing – I don’t find Lauren cold (which is different from how a Russian, for example, might see her more reserved nature). As a 63-year old straight woman I am attracted to the relationship between Dyson and Bo, not because Dyson is my type, as BD Facebook Refugee says -- my type is a fun loving, intellectual Black man like my partner of almost 30 years. What I’m attracted to in Dyson’s character is not the badass wolf but the gentle, loyal, self sacrificing, (male) caretaker (qualities that get more important in a partner as you get older). My point here is not to tell my life story but to illustrate how various aspects of our backgrounds, experiences and life situations affect our readings of the characters, whether we like it or not.

Maybe a third cent: it just occurred to me that Kenzi did not, in fact, “save” Dyson from the berserkers in 2.20. As she recounted it to Bo: “I actually had to hide under one of The Ash’s dead guards, and wait for the creepos to be insane somewhere else!” She did not prevent the Berserkers from killing Dyson and their being gone meant they were no longer a threat to him. When Hale dragged Bo out of the battle, the last thing she said to Dyson was, “I’m coming back for you!” She went to do her duty, what Dyson told her she had to do, defend the Ash (and save herself to be the leader). If Kenzi had not, quite foolishly, turned back alone -- because she did not have the same responsibility as Bo -- Bo, and the others, would have all gone back for Dyson.
BD Facebook Refugee
68. saber9975
What is the song in Lost Girl season 3 episode 7 where the part Bo and her mother are talking and they start crying towards the end of the episode?
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