Mar 11 2013 3:07pm

Sob! Coming Toward the End of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

We’re getting near the end of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries series. I know, I know. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself but the writers have said the series will wrap up at the end of the month and with today’s episode, we’re getting pretty close.

Darcy not-that-secretly arranged the take down of Lydia’s tape. We got to see this all play out through Gigi’s videos on the Pemberley Digital YouTube channel. There was a ton of discussion among the fans as to how feminist/misogynist all this was to have the rich white guy come in and protect the helpless girls, Gigi and Lydia. Some of it got very heated, so if you venture into it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I liked seeing this part of Gigi’s story more than some. I didn’t see her as weak and the moment when—against the advice of her family who was trying to (over)protect her—she contacted Wickham, I felt real admiration for her bravery in the face of her obvious distress. Want to read the other side of the argument? Courtney Milan has written very eloquently on the topic. I don’t necessarily disagree with much of what Courtney says. The writers have said the whole Domino method of storytelling was a bit of an experiment. I think it shows. Some parts work better than others.

In the end, the important stuff got done and the tape got taken down and her family and friends protected Lydia as much as they could. I do like the fact that they didn’t rush Lydia’s recovery. Getting rid of the sex tape didn’t really fix much for Lydia. Even though it never went live, she was emotionally abused and betrayed by a man she loved and she thought loved her in return. I’m relieved that, since they took it to such a dark place, the show didn’t gloss over the pieces Lydia was left to pick up.

And then it was on to happier things. Jane, who had left her job to come and be with Lydia, got a new, better job which she totally deserved because Jane deserves everything. Only it was, as most great fashion jobs are, in New York City. We got to see how Lizzie has changed and grown when she doesn’t have a kneejerk negative reaction to the change. She manages to be genuinely happy for her sister, even while acknowledging that she will miss having Jane around.
Even happier, Bing comes back. There was some talk about whether we’d get Bing grovel. I’m glad to say, the show hit just the right middle ground for my taste. There was no actual groveling because Jane isn’t the sort of woman who’d want that. But there were explanations about Bing’s disappearance. He had dropped out of medical school and was avoiding telling his friends and family. That was something I had not seen coming but totally fit with his character. And then there was a very lovely and adult conversation that made me believe he and Jane were going to be perfectly happy together. It all ended with about the sweetest ever on screen kiss.

Finally on last Thursday’s episode, Lydia revealed Darcy’s involvement. I liked that she was the one who told Lizzie; not by accident, not a slip up. Lydia made a choice that her sister needed to know this. Seeing more and more of the old Lydia come back, and even an offhand comment about her counseling, was reassuring after seeing her so sad and broken.

Then today, Caroline showed up to confront Lizzie and warn her off Darcy. The fandom seems to feel that this is the stand-in for the Lady Catherine confrontation, but I’m thinking it’s more the Collins visit, when he warns of Catherine’s disapproval. I hold out hope that we’ll still get a big de Berg confrontation. Fingers crossed!

Caroline’s objections paint her interference in the Bing/Jane romance in the kindest possible light but I think they almost didn’t go far enough. Caroline went through the motions of explaining her reasoning but it’s almost like the writers thought we might be talked out of supporting a Jing romance. The bare bones of the story—a very wealthy man leaves his family and friends, abandons long time plans for his career to follow a beautiful but broke girl—would make any family worry. Over the course of the videos, the writers have had a few moments where they address the class differences and the economic disparity of the characters and I think they could have gotten a lot more drama out of Caroline’s appearance if they’d taken a risk and given her a stronger argument.

So, perhaps on Thursday, I’ll get my drama-filled de Berg appearance or perhaps not. Either way, it won’t be long until Darcy is back!

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Jordan R
1. jrojrojro
I want the de Berg drama as well!! I really hope that we get a little more of Lydia, perhaps in some of her own videos. Really, I just want more of this whole thing - I love it!
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I can't believe the end is so near, and I only just recently discovered this series! Still--really looking forward to seeing the conclusion, gotta say. It's gonna be epic.
Julia Broadbooks
3. juliabroadbooks
I don't want it to end! I'm hoping that part of the purpose of Domino is to introduce the next book they'll be doing and we'll end with an idea of more in the foreseeable future.

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