Mar 19 2013 12:35pm

How I Met Your Mother’s Ted and Marshall Get Hooked on Downton Abbey-like Show!

Marshall and Barney in How I Met Your MotherLast night on How I Met Your Mother, two of our favorite worlds collided when Ted and Marshall got hooked on Woodworthy Manor, a fictional television program about upperclass early-twentieth-century Brits and the entanglements, garden parties, and afternoon teas that make up their lives. Sound familiar? We thought so, too, as it obviously alluded to Downton Abbey.

They made multiple references to the show throughout the episode, including an arc where Marshall and Lily get in a fight because Marshall watches the latest Woodworthy Manor without her (and even includes Ted talking in a really bad British accent). Our favorite part might have been when the gang watched an episode of Woodworthy Manor—with no less than a full high tea, of course! While The Fortress of Barnitude took center stage during this episode, we loved hearing allusions to one of our favorite homes.

Did anyone else catch the references? What did you think?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I loved it! That part of the episode was very funny (I word it this way because I am still pretty disappointed with how the Barney/Robin story is being handled, but that's another topic). I'm really only surprised it took the writers this long to throw in some DA allusions--you just know Ted would be all over that, as last night's ep proved. And the high tea! Perfect.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, I'm feeling more and more dissatisfied with how they're handling it. The proposal was SO great and SO romantic but then they've mismanaged their relationship ever since. However I was very glad with the DA allusions, because you're right, Ted would be all over it.
Jamie Brenner
3. jamieloganbrenner
Finally, an episode that didn't disappoint me this season. Woodworthy Manor made us laugh so hard. I love how they pointed out how the minor crises of DA can somehow be so dramatic. The allusion to the (second season?) rose competition was hilarious.
4. lolface
Kinda sad how they tried to make fun of Downton Abbey and ended up showing how ridiculous and shallow their own show was...started off kinda good- the earlier seasons, but, jesus what the heck happened to the writers ?!
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
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