Mar 27 2013 11:15am

He is the Best at What He Does: New Trailer for The Wolverine

We here at Heroes and Heartbreakers HQ were just saying that we need more Hugh Jackman in our lives, and what do you know, the trailer for The Wolverine appears!  The Wolverine is the sequel to the not-so-well received X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we got to say, so far it's looking exceptionally better.

It looks like Old Man Logan is going to Japan to reconnect with his past and it may be more than he bargained for. Comic fans know that it is in Japan that Logan meets his Japanese wife, Itsu, and they have their child Daken. However, it is also in Japan that Logan meets one of his biggest enemies, the Japanese Mutant, Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai. What do you think, are you in? Will you go for the Jackman and stay for the action?

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Rachel Hyland
1. RachelHyland
While it's hard to forgive Wolverine for the awful unjustice done to my beloved Gambit in his first solo movie (Taylor Kitsch, people? Really?), of course I'll be back for this one. But please don't mention the Shakespearean-level tragedy that is Logan/Daken; you'll make me cry.
Christopher Morgan
2. cmorgan
I really doubt they'll go there Rachel. But, I'm assuming they'll give him a love intrest. From the trailer it looks like getting over Jean is going to be a significant part of the plot. And he has to have a reason to hate Silver Samurai no?
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