Mar 29 2013 3:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Will Yun Lee

Changing into some Samurai robes...Earlier this week we shared The Wolverine trailer, which takes Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to Japan in an attempt to rid him of the powers that have cursed him for most of his life (among other things). A face that didn't get much play in the trailer was Will Yun Lee who is going to be the villain, The Silver Samurai, in the movie.

We certainly don't mind some additional eye candy! What do you think of him?

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Lana Baker
2. lanalucy
Will Yun Lee is a long-time favorite. He is seriously yummy. And a great actor, too.
3. KathyB
Wow! He is beautiful (in a manly way, of course!).
Mencara Mitchell
4. Mencara
When I saw that picture I made a noise that sounded like, "Hifalaflelkdjwhoah."

I think that translates to, "He is gorgeous."
Karen Locke
5. klocke
I think he played a bad boy character on a couple episodes of the new Hawaii 5-O starring another cutie, Alex O'Loughlin.
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