Mar 8 2013 5:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Travis Fimmel

We're drooling already!We first saw Travis Fimmel back in his Calvin Klein model days and briefly in 2003 when he played Tarzan on the WB series of the same name. Now he's back on the History Channel's new mini-series, Vikings. He doesn't look as pretty as he did in this Calvin Klein ad, but we're definitely drooling over his dark and dirty looks in the new show (did we mention he's Australian? That means an accent!).

Have you or will you watch the show?

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Pamela Webb-Elliott
1. Spaz
He is AWESOME in Vikings. He is dirty and scruffy and has a hot swagger... but it still pretty at the same time. I'm definitely watching for him ;)
Kitty French
2. Kitty French
OMBG! Will you look at that man!
I've tried to think of somthing to say that isn't filthy, and I've got nothing.

And, err, yes. I'll be watching the show.
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