Mar 29 2013 11:21am

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Which Couple’s Next?

heart-shaped vaseIf you’re a long-time Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, you know every book lays the groundwork for the next.

While immersed in the heady, angsty romance of Qhuinn and Blaylock in Lover at Last, I wasn’t thinking about whose story might come next. Instead I was wanting them to get out of their own way to make it work. (Read our spoiler-filled discussion post, if you want the details.) However, the second I hit the last page, my mind started churning scenarios.

What would happen in the next book and would the next love story be the one I wanted most?

On my ultimate wishlist would be Xcor and Layla’s story. There is a huge emotional upheaval quotient here. By being with Xcor, Layla would be betraying everyone she knows and loves. Could the traitor turn things around for his Chosen? It’s hard to say. I expect their journey requires losses, compromises, and epic sacrifices. As much as I can’t wait for that story, I doubt J.R. Ward is ready to tell it.

Lover at Last was big on the angst. Granted, it was those guys’ own doing. More importantly, though, Xcor needs to dig himself in even deeper. We need Wrath at his throat before Layla’s romance story can really take life. Besides, would a novel with more of the two of them longing to be together and fighting it be worth it? The buildup could make things ignite much as it did for John Matthew and Xhex.

If the Warden decides to make us wait for Xcor and Layla, who will come next? There are two solid choices.

First is Old Country vampire and drug dealer Assail and his bounty hunter Sola. In Lover at Last these two play a cat-and-mouse game that turns up the heat. While I’m not invested in Assail personally yet, I’m positive there would be insane heat between these two. Even the kiss in Lover at Last was hot. Imagine if they got the 700-page treatment. Scorching.

The other option would be Trez and Selena. The Shadow is avoiding a pre-arranged mating and has been on a sex bender with a whole lot of random human women. He knows he can’t treat Selena like that. With Trez now living at the Brotherhood house, it makes sense for his story to be next. He’s close with the brothers, there’s a nice set-up for he and iAm to become even more involved with the war, and Selena will keep coming by. I’m not sure about how steamy their connection will be, but there’s a seed for big complications here.

What do you think? Which couple would you most want to read about next? Do you think you’ll get your wish? Hit the comments and we’ll discuss the future of Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Editor's note: Last year around this same time, J.R. Ward announced that Qhuay's book would be next, so be sure to get your predictions in before any news is revealed!

UPDATED 4/3: Ward has announced the title for her next book! Read more about the next BDB book here.


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1. wsl0612
Def agree it can't be XCor and Layla, I think the baby needs to be born first for extra angst :-) I believe it would be more likely to be Trez and Selena. Their romance would hit closer to home (aka BDB mansion) and therefore cause potential security issues which will jive nicely with Beth going into needing (my other prediction for next in the drama).

Totally off topic, but I was thinking, I've never read a vampire novel where they all go party in Alaska (or Norway or Sweden, etc) for the winter. I would think vamps would be all over that, and they never seem to mind the cold.
2. ChelseaMueller
@wsl0612 - The baby is probably key here, you're right. It'll make for great drama with Qhuinn, too. Also, I think you're right about Beth going into her needing. Ward laid groundwork for that and how it will change the dynamic between Beth and Wrath.
3. belginiangirl
Pretty sure it's going to be Assail and Sola seeing how the book ending on a cliffie for her.
That being said, I'm not too hot about that couple (and I don't really like Assail but it happened to me before : I didn't like Revhenge before his book and now he's one of my favorites)
I agree that Layla needs to be having her baby first ( I really really like Xcor so I'll look forward to their HEA). And I really wish it would be Xcor next ^_^
As for Trez and Serena, I think their story needs more development before they get tjeir book but Ward definitly laid the groundwork for the shadows and I'm excited to see more of them
4. Amy Tyrer
To be honest, i'm not that fussed about Xcor and Layla. I think Layla deserves better then him and i just can't see how they could ever be together. Alot of forgiveness will be needed from everyone Layla loves and i just don't see that happening. Sometimes people are too far past the dark side to turn back in my opinion.
I remember when Throe went to the BDB mansion and he drank from Layla as well, he seemed enthralled by her and i can see them two working as a couple much more then Xcor. Would create a good conflicting novel as well. Just an idea :)
In terms of the next's probably Trez and Selena for obvious reasons. Will be good to delve into his life and find out all of those secrets.
If it was up to me though i really got hot and bothered over Assial and Sola :) Their story would be fun to read :) x
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I would be happy with any of these choices, but I want to get to know Assail a bit more before he gets the whole book treatment. It's too early for Xcor/Layla (but I can't wait!), and color me tickled if we finally get a peek into the Shadow matriarchy. It would also be kick ass if JRW completely circumvented these three couples and threw some shit we didn't see coming, like iAm and the sHisbe princess. It doesn't matter, JRW is an automatic buy for me, so I'm there either way. :D
6. bdbluver
I think it will be Trez , i think we will see more of Assil before he gets a book and i am afraid we will have to wait for Xcor.. I would love to have Xcor and Layla first. And i agree with one of the above about Throe and Xcor both wanting Layla.. With the Warden you never know whats comeing she did a great job haveing these other stories in with Quinn and Blay and i see big fight between Wrath and Beth with her wanting a child and him afraid of loseing her.. It will be his loveing her so much and wanting to give her everything her heart desires and his biggess fear of loseing her... Its always a long wait until next year!!
7. Nicola O
I agree that Layla and Xcor need to simmer for awhile; and vamp pregnancies take 18 months (ahhhhhhhh!!) So I think maximum drama will happen around the baby's birth.

Yeah, I'm betting on Sola and Assail, because of the cliffhanger, although Trez as a character has more history with us.
8. pamelia
Just saw a Facebook post that it's gonna be Wrath and Beth. It'll be called "The King" and they are having a baby. Hold on!!
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@pamelia @BoxyFrown -- I saw that too! Just put a post up about it. Curious to see what everyone thinks.
11. sylaris
Ward posted that the next book is called "The King" and it will center around Wrath, Beth, and their BABY. If you've read LAL then you know that the glymera and Xcor are cooking up some loophole BS rgarding Beth's half-breed status. I think (not sure) the next book will also feature Rhage and Mary's struggle for a baby. There will definitely be more Assail and his twin cousins; Ward says she loves them. :D
Heather Waters
12. HeatherWaters
@sylaris -- You are right on! We have a post about it HERE but I forgot to update this post--thanks for your comment!
13. JK
Would love to see a book about Lassiter.. I know he said his perfect woman no longer exists, but heck you just never know!
14. alliecat
This series has been awesome so far. I love that we never lose any characters. I have to say I am a little surprised at the next book. I was really looking forward to finding more out about Trez and Selena or Assail and Sola. I think it is too early for the Xcor and Layla story, he needs to redeem himself first. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of other stories I would like. Here are my ideas..see what you think.
Trez & Selena. Assail & Sola. Xcor & Layla. IAm & Saxton
I would also like to see books on Throe, Zypher & Luchas.

I think the ultimate book would be if Lassiters great love that he lost turned out to be none other than..the Scribe Virgin.
Oddrun Trøen
15. Wieldfire2509
I agree whith alliecat about wanthing to se books about Throe, Zypher & Luchas, and i alos want to se that saxton can finely gett some happines to.
16. chin-bear
j r is one my fave writer i love this book however too much events happening in this 1 book i thought it would mostly talk abt blay and quinn only well not only but hat im tryin to say is its full of mix-up
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