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Beyond the White Pages: Multicultural Heroes from Jackson, Lin, Jenkins, and More!

The Arrangement by Delaney DiamondBeing part of a world filled with so many different nationalities and cultures, it's odd that more non-white heroes aren't in our romance heroes—so when they appear, it's something special. Non-white heroes have a different spice and swagger. For example, instead of focusing my attention on the hero from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Ian Miller, I was attracted to Toula’s brother Nick and her cousin Angelo. They're hard to find, but it is possible to find multicultural heroes across all genres. Here's a few of my favorites:

If you’re looking for a Latin lover, try Delaney Diamond’s Hot Latin Men series, including The Arrangement, Fight for Love, Private Acts, Second Chances and The Ultimate Merger. These sexy men will ignite your flame with their super-hot personas and Latin flavor.

Beverly Jenkins writes historical romance featuring multicultural heroes. Something like Love is set in the late 1880s. The heroine, Olivia Jean Sterling, is running away from a hopeless arranged marriage and her escape leads her right to the outlaw Neil July. Winds of the Storm, Wild Sweet Love, Always and Forever, Josephine and the Soldier and Destiny’s Embrace are just a few featuring a diverse array of heroes. In addition to the romance, many of Jenkins's titles offer a taste of American history.

Brenda Jackson’s The Westmoreland series follow the Westmoreland family and a few sexy sepia brothers. The series starts with Delaney Westmoreland’s steamy night in a cabin with a Sheikh, Jamal Ari Yassir. The next in the series, A Little Dare, tells the tale of the oldest brother, Dare and his hometown girl, Shelly Brockman. The series has twenty four books thus far and the twenty-fifth is due to release this July.

Jeannie Lin’s Butterfly Swords by Jeannie LinTang Dynasty series are set in Ancient China with strong heroines and silent heroes. Butterfly Swords is the first in the series and we meet betrayed Princess Ai Li as she flees before her wedding and enlists the protection of a Ryam, a blue-eyed warrior. The Dragon and the Pearl is the second in the series and it introduces us to Li Tao and his lethal political world. He is faced with the mystery of the former emperor’s consort, Lin Suyin, and his growing attraction to her. Lin's titles also include The Lady’s Scandalous Night, An Illicit Temptation, My Fair Concubine, The Sword Dancer, and The Taming of Mei Lin.

In Katheryn Lane’s The Desert Sheikh Trilogy, there's romance and the excitement of being in another country. Kidnapping, Married to the Sheikh, and The Sheikh’s Son will sweep you off your feet with Sheikh Akbar and his hostage, Sarah Greenwich. This sweet romance showed two people working through their cultural differences to build a beautiful romance.

Doreen Owens Malek’s Native Affairs are four contemporary American Indian romance novels. The heroes of An Indian Affair, The Blackfoot Affair, Medicine Man’s Affair, and Marriage in Name Only, are four sexy, gorgeous, modern men, but they imbue their contemporary stories with their culture, resuling in a distinct mysticism and respect for nature.

Stories featuring multilcultural heroes are filled with passion, romance and a whole lot of culture and diversity. Who is your favorite hunky non-white hero?


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1. Kareni
Charles, in Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega books, is part Native American, part Welsh and all werewolf.
Susan Finley
2. SuFinley
Zoe Archer's Blades of the Rose series, book #4 The Stranger. Catullus Graves is decended from slaves and a genius inventor. He and a red-headed reporter help save the world from evil mis-use of magic.
3. jsemex
I love the Latin lovers in Elizabeth Reyes' novels.....they're muy caliente!
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