Mar 30 2013 3:45pm

And the Next Book in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Will be...The King!

Lover at Last by J.R. Ward*****Beware Lover at Last Spoilers*****

At an event today in Cincinnati, Ohio, J.R. Ward revealed that the next book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series will be titled The King, and will focus on Wrath and Beth, who will be trying for a baby.

The King will be out in 2014. More details as we get them, of course.

What do you think? Surprised, excited, disappointed?

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Nita Gill
1. gillnit
I'm surprised, but very excited. I think it makes sense to center the book around Wrath and Beth with what's going on politically in the BDB 'verse.

I had thought Assail's book was next, and was sorta looking forward to it. I'm intrigued by him.
Dawn is Lovely
2. Dawn is Lovely
so excited !..i hope he gets his sight back !. this is the best book series i have ever read...but i would to know why she brough Murhder back into JM`s book? the Warden/JR Ward going to bring his book out....i find him very intriguing !...i REALLY hope she does.. :)
Dawn is Lovely
3. Jenn B
As long as they don't kill Beth off, I'll be happy with whatever. :) But I would really like to see Assail get a HEA and maybe even Xcor some sort of reconciliation.
Dawn is Lovely
4. AshleyG
I was surprised but I think it makes sense and is a smart move on Ward's part. I'm assuming in addition to Wrath and Beth having a baby this book will resolve the whole Wrath/Xcor drama?? If the Brothers and Xcor's crew can merge or work together in some way then Ward just gave herself a whole bunch of characters/storylines to work with.

I'm looking forward to what she has in store for both Assail and Murhder but it looks like we'll be waiting a while longer on both ;-) She certainly does know how to keep her readers coming back for more!
Dawn is Lovely
5. jadaleigh
Ugh! I'm excited, Don't get me wrong. But damn! I really really was hoping for Xcor and Layla! He seems so intriguing; but also Assail and Sola.... ugh! I need patience, I know.
Nicole Leapheart
6. BoxyFrown
I'm so excited! I didn't see this coming, but I whooped out loud as soon as I watched the video on FB. When I look back at LAL, JRW was tuning up to this...Beth having her heart to heart with Layla, and Wrath has been saying for a while now that Beth is having a young over his dead body. Wrath has already been in the doghouse back when he was fighting alone, so he better get with Beth's program! Not to mention all the other side stories that will be going on...ahh! I hate and love this time of year. It means I have read the latest (love) but I have that huge carrot dangled in front of me that going to take a year to chase (hate.) Well played, JRW!
Joanne McConachie
7. jolymac
I'm so freaking excited. I was thinking, as a read Lover at Last, that Trez and Selena would be next. But this is so great. I'll be waiting impatiently for The King!!
Dawn is Lovely
8. Maggie K.
I am not sure Wrath & Beth need a book for them once again. Their story can be told while another character get his/her own book. I love them both but I rather see Lassiter get his book LOL
Dawn is Lovely
9. erwedin
Hot Damn!!! More Wrath....and Beth and possibly lil wrath!!! 2014 can't get here soon enough!! I simply love JR Ward and her wonderful imagination
Dawn is Lovely
10. Annamieuk
I'd kinda like it if the books were a bit shorter and then could be more frequent! I was so looking forward to Blay and Qhuinn's story, but found the book so long-winded! There were just so many storylines going all at once and I felt that B & Q's story was overlooked in many ways. Of course with so many new characters in it, it does of course mean that there is plenty of reason to keep the series going!! Let's see now: Layla and Phury? or will that be Layla and Xcor? Assail and Sola?
Trez and Selena? (Can't wait for that one)! Can you think of any more? Just keep 'em coming JR we love them all. :)
Dawn is Lovely
11. Adoore
No longer interested in the series. I know Wrath needs an heir and Ward needs a storyline arc but a second book for a couple that already had their HEA. What I find really interesting is how everyone is fine and even jokes about Beth pressuring Wrath into having a child when everyone was criticizing Wellsie for after 200 years of being mated pressuring Tohr for a young.

I also don't know about her revisiting all of the previous brothers in full length novels. Can I dream of a Wellsie and Tohr reunion .....
Lege Artis
12. LegeArtis
Did I understand corectly that there is going to be another Butch book? Whateverfor?
Jasmine Ray
13. JassyBaby
Let me just say... Lover at Last was beautiful and awesome!
*Ahem* And I agree with gillnitt and AshleyG. I think his book will resolve the Wrath/Xcor thing, and I'm curious as to how that'll go, especially since Layla has feels for him (I was also totally rooting for them to kiss when she drove out to that meadow and he met her!)
That'll be cool if the BDB and the B.o.B work together. But then, if that happens, I think we're gonna need some bigger, badder bad guys. The lessers, in my opinion, aren't really all that great as villains, unless the evil Omega steps onto the scene himself, or has some amazing tricks up his sleeves.
I kinda do hope the B.o.B can work with the BDB. I want stories for Zephyr, Throe, and of course Xcor with Layla. Or maybe Xcor/Layla/Throe. Then maybe we'll see what a real cohntest looks like!
Hopefully down the line, we'll see Assail/Sola and Trez/Selena.
Great reading ahead!
Dawn is Lovely
14. JNew
I was totally surprised and also very excited. Wrath is so scared to loose Beth but he must produce an heir! Interesting to see how it develops as the young will not be full blooded. So much political and emotional tension! I wasn't on board with Xcor and Layla yet anyway. Hello? He's trying to kill Wrath!
Dawn is Lovely
15. Kbear
I think it's perfect! Personally, I want to hear more about the First 9 guys and more about the girls. The original brothers and their shelans are who we fell in love with. Keep everyone's story going. we want to know whats going on year to year. Can't wait!
Jennifer Proffitt
16. JenniferProffitt
I loved Lover at Last, the best one for me in awhile, but really, strongly don't like this idea of going back to the first couple. I typically don't like romance books that follow the same couple (which Ward hasn't done yet...) over multiple books so I'm kind of naturally uninclined to it. Why not just give more updates on Wrath and Beth in the subsequent books? Or do a novella on their story, anything but a whole book.
Barbara Bauschka
17. njoireading
I am probably in the minority but I am looking forward to a book with the sucession at issue. Although I have enjoyed some of the romances, especially the first books and now Lover at Last (awesome), the reason I kept reading is the world that JR Ward has created. Just like many sci fi / fantasy writers, she has created a world that I have become invested in. I want to know how the king is going to ensure that the line survives and will the enemies be vanquished? What eventually happens to the Scribe Virgin and the Omega? Do the BoB and BDB join forces?

To me the romances in the last few books have been weak until Qhuinn and Blaylock's, and even though I do agree with many others that the side stories were distracting from their story, I have enjoyed the building of the series towards the "epic battle" as it were. One of my most favorite series in fantasy is written by David Eddings and his wife. Each book is about a couple, but the series is about the fight to save their world.

Even before I saw this post, I was thinking that the next book should be about the "next" king and how Wrath is going to ensure that the royal line continues.
19. carmenlire
I am excited for this book. I love when a couple I fell in love with has children so this is great. However, I am concerned that if this is a full length book (700 pages) I do not want just a continuation of Wrath and Beth's story. With this book, maybe spend considerable time with all the original brothers? I started this series because it was a romance, but lately, the focus has been more on moving the story forward and fighting. The romance side of things I feel has been severely lightened. So I am excited for this book and seeing the brothers I originally fell in live with. This is also the first book to not have love in the name. . .
Dawn is Lovely
20. helva715
I don't have a problem with the Wrath and Beth story continuing into another full book. Many people have complained that there were too many side stories in Lover at Last (which I found to make the book much more interesting) that why wouldn't Ward add some continuing side stories to the Wrath 'n Beth book? I doubt, as some have said, that Ward will dedicate a whole book (700 pages?) to just them; she'll filll us in on Xcor, Layla, Murhder, etc., so we'll get the succession resolved and more on our new-ish protagonists. Best of both worlds for me. But, as many have also said, a year will be a LONG time to wait. Where's my time machine!
Dawn is Lovely
21. KittieKillip
I'm surprised, excited and disappointed all at the same time. Allow me to explain. A couple of years ago now the Warden first mentioned the prospect of a novella. Said novella was to feature Rhage & Mary and their quest to have a young. Then the idea came of merging that story with Wrath & Beth. Then came the Qhuinn and Blay HEA, also originally planned as a novella. As it turned out we all know Qhuinn and Blay got their full length book sooner rather than later. Now Wrath & Beth are getting their story in another full length book. Don't get me wrong, I was excited about both stories, but why do I feel like Rhage and Mary are getting the short end of the stick? Oh, well. I will just have to be patient and have faith in the story as the Warden chooses to deliver it. I will keeeeeeeep reading!!
Dawn is Lovely
22. Painstorm
Just because the Warden has said this will be a book focusing on Wrath and Beth doesn't mean she also won't continue to evolve the side stories from "Lover at Last". She is masterful at twisting stories up and you have no idea how it could all possibly intersect but she manages to do it, and well!

Trust that she knows what she's doing. She isn't going to introduce alllllll of these characters and just leave them behind. There is a method to her madness...such delicious madness! I have no doubt we'll see more of Qhuinn and Blay (cue spoiler alert) and their proper mating ceremony etc. Maybe she was just saving it to be able to do it justice. Who knows? Maybe she's planning on having Xcor actually become the King with Layla as his shellan? Once Xcor sees the error of his ways on his feelings regarding the Brotherhood that is ;-) I personally can't wait to find out where she takes the story next.
Dawn is Lovely
23. SandyPants
@LegeArtis agree! Why..

I am looking forward to reading about Wrath and Beth, but would like a Rhage/Mary update too
Stephanie MacPherson
24. macphes
Love all the brothers! Suprised the next book would be Wrath & Beth but love them both so I am sure it will be great. I also agree that their story could be told around another but Ward does a great job of telling 3 stories at a time and that works for me! I also agree that if it can bring Xcor & Wrath together and include Xcor/Layla story then we will have even more fun! I also would love to have a book on Assail/Sola and a book on Trez/Selena. Last but not least - Lover At Last was Amazing! Absolutely loved Quinn & Blay finally finding each other and themselves along the way, beautiful, thank you!
Dawn is Lovely
25. wanaanthony
Oh I so can't wait for The King. I love Wrath to pieces him and Beth was the main reason I started reading the series. Those two having a baby will be great I think even though Wrath is scared now as soon as Beth gets pregnant all that will change. I also agree with carmenlire the series started off as a romance and is now spiraling out of control with the violence, we barely get to see the Brothers interact with their mates other than at meals. I want to see more of Assail, Muhrder, Saxton, Trez and iAm I want them all to find their HEA. Plus im dying to see if she will do a book on Lassiter I love that damn Angel!! Layla I really want her to be happy but unless theres a way Xcor can redeem himself without Wrath being killed or dethrone Im all for it. Trez and Selena will be awesome couple as well once he finds away out of his wedding to the princess.

The glymera has to go they went from being socialites to traitors and instead of them getting off their high horse and help fiight in the war they want to complain and try to kill off the ones who actually protect them. Wrath speech was amazing and honest, he may be blind but he's a warrior at heart and I love that even after all the death attempts and blindness he still standing strong. Gotta love a man like him *sighs and fans face* But I guess we have to see how this whole BDB/BOB powerplay plays out as well as Trez/Selena, Wrath/Beth/baby, Xcor/Layla/baby/Qhuinn/Blay, and Assail/Sola relationship play out this next few books are going to be interesting, intense and probably frustrating all at the same time...I cant wait
Dawn is Lovely
26. choosen-warrior
I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood but I wish JR Ward would update on the Rhage and Mary story as they are my favourite couple. ( I love the others too but I really want to find out whats going to happen with those two.) Are they going to adopt since Mary can't have kids? *Pouts I need to know dies*....So addicted to these books!
Dawn is Lovely
27. terry dodson
i love this series 2nd to none. ward can carry several story lines in the same book. I'm looking forward to Assail, but i also want more storylines with the brotherhood, v, butch,rhage. not just secondary characters in the new books. loved the last one.yea,blay & qhuinn. its hard to wait for each year. and i like the books being long. i try to make them last.
Dawn is Lovely
28. nevena
I love the series! I can't wait for the last book, I'm so exited to find out what is going to happen with Assail and Sola and of course Trez and Selena. I read the last book as fast as the first one. Hope that she'll never stop writing these books.
Dawn is Lovely
29. Angelab
I seriously CANNOT wait!!! I have been waiting for another Wrath and Beth book well since.... DARK LOVER!! 2014 can't come sooner!
Dawn is Lovely
30. charchar
omg i have already read it , and with all honnesty it was an amazing book. but so many new charectors where introduced and i loved the way wrath and beth were in it ( talking babies), but we were really left hanging. so whats going to happen with Assail and sola,Xcor and Layla(after she has had the baby), Trez and Selena and Wrath and Beth(does she fall pragnant, and will she carry to term?) and Lash does he ever find love?... mmm looks like we have a couple of more books to come in the blackdagger broterhood series.
Dawn is Lovely
31. tara g
I have read these books many times and will probably read them many more. Loved them so much. Feel like I am a part of the story when I read them. Can't wait for the next one. I know it will be just as amazing...keep writing
Dawn is Lovely
32. Mary M
I haven't yet read Lover at Last about Quinn and Blay, but am starting it tonight (having just finished the rest of the books in this series so far).......What I am interested in reading the most next would be John Matthew and the rest of the BDB finding out that he is actually Darius and how that can change things, could John Matthew become King????
Dawn is Lovely
33. Taylorxoxo
I am Soooo excited!!!! Yes, I want to hear more about the other brothers and about all the other characters from Lover at Last. BUT I LOVE Wrath and Beth. I do want to hear more on John and Xhex though! Also, I want to figure out about him being Darius. I think k I missed something!!! WHERE DOES IT TELL US THAT?! Gahh I wish I could just read The King now!

JR Ward is an amazing writer and I can't wait for so many more books! The way she is going now with all these new couples, she never has to stop the series!

P.s. I NEED more Qhuinn and Blay!

I am so an addict (I just started her fallen angel series and I am already I am love with those too) good books overload! :)

Dawn is Lovely
34. Haytred
Ok, so i loved Qhuinn and Blaylock's book. I skimmed through Xcor and Assails POV a lot though, cause the main focus was on Q and B. I think it is a good choice for her to touch back on her original characters, she's strayed a lot in the series to the point where i'm starting to see less and less of the Black Dagger Bros themselves and more of the peripheral characters such as (the damn cocksucker) Saxton. (I hate Saxton, fucking god-damned cocksucker.) From rumors i heard she's gunna make a full book for The King, and she might be making one for Rhage and Mary's adoption too. I hope though after that she makes one for the (epicest angel of all time) Lassiter.
Dawn is Lovely
35. NursingGirl
I am excited for the next book to come! I think a continuance on Wrath and Beth is appropriate considering the need for an heir to the throne, and who will be the next king has become a HUGE question! I was kind of hoping the next book would be Assail/Sola, Or Trez/Selena but I think that Ward will add Xcor and Layla's story to this book along with maybe the conclusion of the BOB and BDB conflict. Hoping to see them work together because I love Layla and she deserves to be with her true love!! I can't wait for the series to continue and I hope it never ends!!!!!!
Dawn is Lovely
36. AcrossTheWaters
JR's writing process is interesting. JR; have you ever wondered why the storylines "come to you" in a DVD format? It must be because they're planted in your mind by the BDB (Darius/John or Saxton's the antagonists - a lawyer who values documenting the law and how it plays out in reality, who anticipates the future and how it may play out and how laws change because of it). They're certainly powerful enough to do it. C'mon Challa, introduce the fans to the BDB's in person!!! We're ready for that reality!
Dawn is Lovely
37. ultrananny
I've just finished Lover at Last for the 5th time and I like it even more now than I did the 1st time. Good read and great handling of the love and desire that is shared by same sex couples. If the King is the next in the series, I can't wait, since the situation of a Full blooded heir to the throne has been raised as a possoble means of take over by Xcor and I am really anxious to know of the outcome for Assail & Sola since she is human. Additionally with Payne's near collapse when helping Layla when is Manello going to be converted. Of course Sola's Grandmother was hinted at being immortal
Dawn is Lovely
38. jynxcat1
I completely agree that J.R Ward needed to tie up a few loose ends before retiring this series (even though I can read them til kingdom come!) solely because why introduce new characters like Sola, which we know that she was kidnapped, just not by whom or why. Could it be Beloneise or some other nefarious character? Hmmm, I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Layla and Xcor? Selena and Trez and his drama with the s' Hisbe?! The king and the glymera?! Too many things to sort out!
Dawn is Lovely
39. Lady Raye
I was hoping the next book would be about xcor and layla so I'm disappointed. Unless wrath is getting his vision back...I could careless about the king and queen.
Dawn is Lovely
40. tatiana1983mcc
I love all the stories and I do like the idea of a story about wrath and beth, I am disappointed that we will not be venturing into the other love stories layla/xcor,trez/selena. I am not really interested in assail/sola,but would like a revisit into the lives of the other brothers and their shellans.
Dawn is Lovely
41. vamplover
Plzzzz . I'd love to c Xcor nd Layla run off together , sumtn exciting .
Dawn is Lovely
42. mimimeche
I can't wait for the book. Hopefully The king will get an heir and his sight back.
Dawn is Lovely
43. jjjjjen
K, so I just reread the whole series again, finished it this eve. Soooo many loose ends to tie up, OMG.

I have no worries that Ward will do her magic and thread lots of awesome story lines into the next book. It makes sense that Wrath and Beth would become a major focus in the next book, with an heir being so obviously a huge factor in the story line at this point.

Out of the box thought: Would Quinn and Layla's baby be full blooded? Is adoption a possibility? (This immediately came to mind when Xcor, Throe and the glymera guy were talking about the papers)

Out of the box 2: I am sure Payne could give Wrath a full blooded child! Who better, other than the Scribe Virgin?

(With Beth not being dull blooded, just thinking of what twists could create an awesome and heart tugging read)

I am already writing new story line possibilities in my head, The King cannot come soon enough, just to put my inner writer to rest.

LOVE BDB, the whole series so far. Can't wait for more (hopefully like 20 more) of the romance/lust/loyalty.
Dawn is Lovely
44. gjrl
The wait is nearly over. I'm so anxious to read "The King" I've 're-read the series to make sure I am up to date on the players. I've ran so many possibilities of the book through my head it hurts. J R is an awesome story weaver an is sure to take a direction that never came to mind. I really hope she 'revisits the Xhex/John Matthews problem soon - they need to settle things or move on. I love the series and look forward to each release.
Dawn is Lovely
45. raz
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