Feb 21 2013 9:12am

Who’s Your Favorite Ordinary Guy?

In talking about What's Hot Next?, comments were split between hot, bad boy bikers and sexy geeks.

Both of these are extreme types, at either end of the hero spectrum (add the Unbalanced Billionaire, and there's your contemporary romance triangle right there).

But what about the middle? What are the best examples of romance novel heroes who are just regular guys you can think of?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
We started talking about this on Twitter, and the folks there had some suggestions for favorite ordinary guy:

Courtney Milan's heroes
The Kowalski brothers from Shannon Stacey
Tyler Houston from Isobel Sharpe's Indulge Me
Seth from Cherie Lynn's Leave Me Breathless
Kayne from Raising Kayne
Anne Calhoun's hero Ronan from Breath on Embers
Brockmann's Blue McCoy & Howard's Wolf Mackenzie
Sawyer from Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis (all heroes from Lucky Harbor series rock)
Victoria Dahl's Chase, from Lead Me On!
Seth, from Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay series.
Hardy Cates from Lisa Kleypas
Mr. Darcy
CL from Tell Me Lies.
Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility :)
2. Tina@bookcrack
Very recent additions to this list (for me) would be:
1. Laid-back and lovable Dillion Holt from Charlotte Stein's Addicted
2. Construction crew leader Tony Mazzara from Ruthie Knox's How to Misbehave
and the Grayson brothers from Elisabeth Barrett's Star Harbor series:
3. Chef and biker bad boy Sebastian Grayson in Deep Autumn Heat
4. TWIN brother, author Theo Grayson in A Blaze of Winter
3. Angie Hocking
Oooh, definitely Ruthie Knox's book boys! And how about: Katie Ashley's Aidan (from The Proposition and The Proposal), Reid from Gina L. Maxwell's Seducing Cinderella, Mason from Ella Frank's Entice, the numerous hot Alphas in both Kristen Ashley and Sommer Marsden's erotic romances, Karina Halle's Dex from her Experiments in Terror series, and Eve Berlin/Eden Bradley's fine array of "ordinary" sex gods?
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Most of Jennifer Crusie's heroes seem to me like normal guys. I also loved the professor in "Vision in White" by NR. Most of my favorites have been mentioned already, from the enlisted guys in Brockmann to the great heroes by Shalvis. I love regular Joe heroes.
Jena Briars
5. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
Also - Meg Maguire's boxer/MMA fighter (Mercer) in Making Him Sweat is a regular guy.

I'm getting the impression that heroes from Harlequin's Blaze imprint are "regular guys" - another one that I read had a hero who was an Paramedic/EMT too (total average joe).
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