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Scandal Season 2, Episode 15 Recap: Private Eyes are Watching You

Fitz in Scandal Season 2 episode 15This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 15, “Boom Goes the Dynamite.”

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Hey, Gladiators! So we open with a little pickup from last week, ending where we left off with shot of Captain Jake watching live from his TV of many angles. And if that’s not creepy enough, the new epi starts with everyone’s favorite DA on the comedown, David, leaving his not-so-favorite job at the high school for some reason in the dead of night, all alone, with no one around. Suddenly, he drops his papers and a figure runs by. David gets scared and goes on the run himself, convinced that someone is out to get him. Paranoid much? Not that he doesn’t have good reason by now.

Cut to Olivia meeting Captain Jake at a fancy restaurant for a meeting, but Jake in convinced this meeting is a date. Then he grabs champagne glasses and takes Olivia to a more romantic locale, the Jefferson Memorial (thanks, Twitter peeps!). But once there, all Olivia wants to talk about is Albatross and what dead Wendy was up to when she died. Jake is all, “Wow, you really suck at dating,” and BT,  can’t you see this is not Cold Duck in these champagne glasses? Drink up, sister. Jake pauses in the midst of all this for about thirty seconds to talk very fast and tell Liv the “Legend of Albatross.” He’s all, 'State department, classified documents, sold to Tehran, dead guy who said that Albatross did it.' Thirty seconds over and date back on.

And then Liv’s phone beeps and just like that, the date/meeting is off. Oh well….

Cut to Fitz and Mellie and it’s day eight of the hostage crisis. Fitz is still on the bottle and Mel is trying to calm him in her Mellie in pearls way. He’s not feeling her. But wait—in comes a visitor. Oh, to the what is going on? It’s Captain Jake! Seems he and Fitz are old friends and gah! Now I’m clutching my own pearls. Mellie, help me!

Back with the Gladiators, we have a jumpy David, who tells them he’s being followed by a very scary person. Way to narrow it down, David. They decide to protect him, the poor darling. All the while, everyone makes side-eyes at Huck, who is stinking to all holy hell. Sidebar: Liv is quite into her appearance and the mirror. I know she’s changing from her meeting /date with Jake, but could she know that CJ is watching her? Or could this just be a metaphor for the episode?

Cut back to Fitz and Jake and what the OMG?! Fitz you dirty dog! Turns out Fitz put Jake on the case to watch Olivia. Jake tells Fitz that Liv is unhappy. That he thinks the breakup with Eddie might be bringing her down. Fitz dismisses that—oh yeah, he knows better. Jake then asks if watching Liv is for personal reasons, which Fitz denies, but, hmm we all know that’s not true. Still, Fitz is huffy and says that Olivia is not what she seems. That she’s not a good person. And to stay on her. And the first BOOM is heard.

Will and sister-in-law in Scandal 2.15Cut to Pope and Assoc., and in comes Peter Caldwell, the senator from Indiana coming into the office as a new client. His brother is Will Caldwell, a bachelor  running to become the governor of North Carolina. Rumor is Will is gay and that ain’t gonna fly. Will denies it, but the fact that he doesn’t date has all arrows in the gossip mags sailing. Will won’t admit to being gay, though Liv wants him to come out. He decides to let her find him a fake wife instead. The Gladiators go out wife shopping.

Back in the office, Huck is still stinking up the place while he probes Wendy’s computer. Everyone is whispering, but no one is talking to him. Liv only asks if he is okay, which I found odd. I mean, Huck’s her boy. SMH there.

Then in a quiet moment while alone Abby gives David a quick hair flip and about ten seconds later there's bare booty on a desk. Whose is it? I don’t know. I’m hoping it was at least hers, but the plush office said it was Liv’s. Oh boy, way to screw the boss.

Next back to Fitz at the White House and the terrorists have sent out a video of then beheading one of the hostages. Fitz, Cy, and for some reason Mellie too, all watch in what looks to be Cy’s office. Fitz is not having a good time of things.

Cut to Liv looking sad and strung out at home and Jake watching her on his closed circuit TV. He decides to ring her up to cheer her, but she won’t cheer and cuts him off. At least he is kind enough to turn of the cameras off as Liv she dresses. So an officer and a gentleman? Sweet Jake.

Back to Mellie and Cy talking about the hostages and possible solutions. Cy wishes that Fitz would listen to him about things. He shares his thoughts with Mellie, and Mel gets that glint in her eyes. Oh, Cy why you setting yourself up like this?

Cut to David in his classroom and now he sees a bird fly by way too close and he gets spooked. But then we see that Huck is also outside and watching him. But poor Huck doesn’t look good at all. He is going through it for sure.

Back in the office, the Gladiators are trying to analyze the maybe gay candidate and a potential wife. Abby has doubts. She stops the woman they choose and warns her off.

Now we are back at the White House and the President with his cabinet feeling all good about a move they made. But wait, Fitz gives Mellie credit for Cy’s idea uh oh, Mellie, Cyrus is onto you.

Cut to Olivia mad as all get out with Abby who ran the potential wife off. When Liv yells at her, Abby gets emotional as her past is revealed. She was a beaten political wife. Poor Abby. She is so broken. Still judgey and nosy, though.

Now we have David, once again leaving school at the crack of midnight. So he’s walking and being followed. He freaks and tries to call Huck, but Huck is now having a full on PTSD meltdown in the car remembering being water boarded and can’t move. You are on your own, David.

David musters his strength and turns on the culprit, grabbing the perp.It turns out she’s a little scrap of a woman named Molly. And she says she knows who killed Wendy. Way to go, David. Now spill it, Tippy McTipster. Turns out Molly is scared because Wendy knew she had something big and Molly saw Wendy fighting with her killer in front of her building. And to top it off, that killer saw Molly seeing him. Way to play it stealthy, Molly.

We are now back with Will Caldwell and trying to find him a new potential wife. Everyone is giving a side-eye to Will’s sister-in-law, Marian. All of Twitter notices how she’s overly concerned with the perfect wife and his well being. Suddenly this is not a secret in-the-closet story, but a secret covet-your-brother’s-wife story. As long as we have that straight (so to speak). All except now there is another problem—the fact that there is still no wife for Will and now Fitz will be at the fundraising party too. They really need to put on wholesome family face. Everyone watching *rolls eyes* along with Liv, who is not happy about this turn of events.

Later at Liv’s apartment, Cy is beside himself over Mellie and tells Liv about it. Liv tells him not to worry, that Mellie is the wife and he should confide in her. She also says, “To let Mellie be, that she is her own worst enemy.” Fantastic advice. But while all of this is going on, good old CJ is watching on his TVs, fling it all away. Eek.

Cut to Cy with Mellie and now here she goes, ready to take herself out by getting all into the hostage business. Cy sets her up with a private call to the families. Okay now. We’ll just watch that work out well. Not.

Olivia Pope in Season 2 episode 15 Boom Goes the DynamiteIt’s time for the fundraising gala and Liv is gorgeous in a white gown with black waist accents. On the way, she gets a call from Harrison about a story about to break on Will Caldwell being in a fake relationship and gay. Oh noes! Harrison must shut it down!

On the QT, Cy slips to a reporter that Mellie is going on a conference call with the hostages' families and agrees to let her listen in. Mellie done been played.

We are now at the fundraising gala and in comes Fitz to some quite sexy music that doesn’t sound like any “Hail To The Chief” that I’ve ever heard. Olivia can barely contain her saliva. I understand, Liv, Fitz gives good suit.

We then cut to David and Abby getting it on in the car. After they are done, Abby swings her leg off of David and tells him, “don’t think this means anything,” before she leaves. He yells after her, “Don’t worry, I don’t.” These two are funny, and are just Liv and Fitz on the cheap down-low.

Fitz in Scandal 2.15 Boom Goes the DynamiteNow we have Fitz giving his quickie speech for Will Caldwell. He finishes and walks off to talk to folks, passing Liv on the way. She gets a call from Jake and Fitz watches from afar as she speaks with him. What a great scene. I love Fitz’s expressions. A man can tell when a woman is getting attention from another man. Well played, Liv. Fitz is mad jealous of the call and it’s all very across the room alpha.

Liv is interrupted by Harrison who tells her that the leak came from inside the family. Liv puts together what we all knew and that it was the sister-in-law with whom Will was sleeping. Talk about mirroring! Thanks Shonda and Scandal.

Liv walks up and sees Will and his sister–in-law in an embrace. When she confronts Will to end it we have the line of the night when Liv tells him that, “Stolen moments aren’t a life.” Ahh okay, Liv. You keep telling that to yourself and maybe one day you’ll believe it and move on. Until then we’ll keep watching.

Next we cut to Huck looking quite haggard and Quinn finally tells him that he smells and she looked up water boarding. That the reason Huck can’t take a shower is because of it. His is so sad when he tells her that he’ll be fine when the rain stops. It’s then that one of Wendy’s files pops up.

Cut to Fitz going off on Mellie and her bungled call that the press got wind of and Cy jumps in with, “What can I do, Mr. Pres.?” LOL, it’s now War of the Roses between Mellie and Cy.

Next we see Liv now calling Captain Jake with a yes, she will go out with him for a real date. Guess her “Stolen Moments” speech got through to her own ears. We’ll see.

Olivia in Scandal 2.15 Boom Goes the DynamiteNow we have Peter Caldwell coming back to thank Liv. Turns out he knew about the affair between his wife and his brother all along. But he’s a politician, and now thankfully Liv fixed it all up.

In comes Huck with the file from Wendy’s computer. It turns out the mole leaked the names of the CIA operatives to the terrorists. And now Molly has seen the guy’s face. Yikes. Turns out it’s the director of the CIA. Just perfect. Talk about an inside job.

In the last scene, Captain Jake comes to see Fitz again. Fitz is not happy. He has not forgotten Liv’s sexy call and asks him who’s the guy she’s seeing? And in a bold-faced lie, Jake gets quite captainy, looks Fitz in the eye like he’s the Commander in Chief, and says, “There is no guy.”

BOOM! And now we have another #Scandal.

So this week we have some answers and lots more questions. The biggest is where will this love triangle lead? What do you think of it? Are you liking or loathing Captain Jake? As always, chime in and let us know in the comments. Thanks!


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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1. Miss_D
Though I saw pretty much every twist coming while in denial about the main one re: Jake's boss, I enjoyed the episode a lot. Sucks having to wait 3 weeks for the next new one. And yay for Sam Page being a guest star in the ep. Adore him.

Jake vs Fitz over Liv? Yes! I love it. I'm Olitz for life but Liv needs someone right now who can put a smile on her face. When the truth comes out, it won't be good for anyone in this triangle of sorts.

Cyrus vs Mellie is always good times. Mellie needs to remember that Cyrus is a monster but she's so consumed with her ambitions that she blew herself right out the game as usual. Glad Cyrus was there to pick up the pieces.

Poor Huck is still suffering from his waterboard torture interrogation (In which I curse Verna yet again!) to the point that he can't bathe. I'm neutral to Abby/David.
Synithia W
2. Synithia W
After that "I can't control my erection around you" comment last week I'm over Fitz! Though I love those sad eyes he throws her way. Totally get why she keeps coming back. Anywho the drinking is gross, so I think Liv needs some new D in her life. Young, good looking and fun. Then Fitz can come redeem himself b/c, really, as if they don't belong together.

Rambling enough for you?

Glad we're back to fixing problems. Not really into Abby & David. I turn my head during those "love"scenes.
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
@Miss_D LOL "Olitz for life" I love that. Thanks for the comments

@Synithia W Though I may be a sucker I'm a little easier on Fitz than you are. I tend to think that erection comment was hiding some real hurt. Though it was awful. We'll see how it all plays out. Thanks so much for the comment.
Synithia W
4. Cardena
Great review! Thank you!
A couple of things...
re: Jake
I think he is feeling for what he has surmised Fitz is putting Olivia through. Listening to their reunited conversation it seems as if he falls for Liv it is because he can finally have something Fitz doesn't. Seems to be a little animosity on Jake's part. "I'll never get used to calling you Mr. President" and "Who would have thought you'd be here" - paraphrazing but yeah...

re:Olivia not telling Huck he stinks
I think that when you know someone, you know their sensitivities. Olivia knows that Huck knows he stinks but bringing it up would twist a knife or snatch open an insecurity wound so to speak so she keeps it generic and ask him how he's doing. He appreciates her not overstating the obvious. He knows it is messed up but he needs her to understand that he is doing the best that he can right now and she does. Unlike Quinn who doesn't really know Huck like that but cares deeply about him none-the-less. Compare and contrast the way they both addressed the situation. Huck feels like his not showering is the not the worst that could happen and if that is the only way his PTSD is manifesting then all is right with the world. LOL

Happy to have a diversion from Olitz with COTWs and White House drama. I was all in but sometimes writers can take things too far for the sake of "plot twists, suspense and wow/OMG!!! factor" IMO and I can only go so far with that kind of thing in my fiction. My chain can only be yanked so much before I detach myself. I don't care anymore what happens with them.

Anyways until next episode...
Synithia W
5. Pellington
Huck, they're called Baby Wipes. Learn them, love them, use them. No water necessary. Also,you live in DC and it's winter. It's going to be raining until May.

Two other words: Hand sanitizer. It's not just for hands anymore. You know how to kill a guy with a ballpoint pen and a pack of gum. Surely you can figure out how to clean yourself without water.
K.M. Jackson
6. kwanawrites
@Cardena Thanks so much. And thanks for your fantastic comments. Good thoughts on Jake. I’d like to know he and Fitz’s history.

@Pellington You cracked me up. LOL
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