Feb 15 2013 11:57am

Scandal Season 2, Episode 14 Recap: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Olivia and Fitz in Scandal season 2, episode 14This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Scandal, including last night's Season 2, episode 14, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”

(Need a refresher? Check out Kwana's recaps of episode 2.08episode 2.09episode 2.10episode 2.11episode 2.12, and episode 2.13.)

So lovelies, when we last left our intrepid Gladiators, it seemed all was lost. Fitz had just found out about the conspiracy that landed him in the White House—and offed Verna, David had been screwed out of the case of his life and Olivia had finally given the heave ho to boring Eddie and was sitting all alone on a church pew, the mistress being cast aside by a pouty Fitz. But wait! All was not lost! Mellie was sitting pretty back on Team Fitz once again.

Well, not much difference does a week and OMG 10 fiction months later make! As this week’s episode opens, we pick up 10 months later and Olivia is trying to work out her lonely girl sorrows by doing laps in the pool. Meanwhile, Fitz is trying to work out his lonely Fitz frustrations by taking up the new sport of 7am shower Scotch drinking.

Not happy with this new turn of Fitzy events, Mellie decides to head on down to the shower and bring a rise to this bleak situation. That is until Cyrus, way overstepping his job boundaries, barges into the bathroom with news of a hostage situation. Oh well, time to lower the flag. The President has to get to work.

David Rosen in Scandal 2.14Cut across town to a waking David Rosen and in yet another Godfather-esque scene, as he wakes and is in bed with—not a horse head—but a very dead and very bloody woman. Whoops. Now how did that happen? And how are the cops already knocking at his door? David  dresses hastily and lies to the police at the door. Saying there is no problem. The disturbance was just a loud TV. And the smarty cops ever so nicely go away, despite his shifty eyes and nervous sweat. Hmm, yeah, okay. David now panicked, thinks of the only shady person he can trust and reaches for his phone. I figure he’s either calling Ghostbusters or Pope and Associates. My money’s on Pope and Associates though Bill Murry would be equally as entertaining.

Cut back to the hostage situation and the President and his crew are in the war room. Turns out some of the hostages are spies. This is getting extra sticky. Now how did the terrorist manage that bit of good fortune?

Cut to Olivia during her morning, looking quite fresh from ten months, Fitz-free, with a smashing new coat and a fab new flat ironed hairdo. She’s swingy and sassy and she’s behind a cute dude who’s ordering a banana nut muffin. Cutie bumps into her and makes her drop her phone. Hey, that’s no ordinary cutie—it’s renowned cutie actorScott Foley, only now I’m giving him the side eye as is everyone else watching because he’s chatting up Liv in a very pointed way. They exchange pleasantries and lie about their jobs. It’s all very sweet and we don’t trust it. Later, coffee guy.

Liv then gets a call from the office to run to David’s place and check out the sticky wicket he’s gotten himself into. So now David is the new client. And there is no time to be all self-righteous. He’s in Olivia’s neck of the woods and he has to spill it in front of Abby that yes he took the dead girl, Wendy, home for a one night stand, and having sex was the last thing he remembered before passing out. Abby gives her best judgey look.

But the judgment is warranted. Ten months after Abby stole the voter card from his office, David’s been on quite the downward spiral. He’s lost his high powered job, become a freelance attorney and HS teacher. Sadly, it seems he’s not too good at any of these jobs and his grandmother has been keeping him afloat. Poor David.

Olivia convinces him to allow them to clear the scene and move the body. We get a scarily cute scene with Huck and Quinn playing the “clean-up crew” as they move Wendy’s body back to her place. I have to say, we saw this duo coming for the past two episodes with Quinn coming into her own and being ever so slightly bloodthirsty. Can you see Quinn with Huck? I think I can. Though I’m still afraid of Becky. I’m also afraid of Huck falling for Quinn and Quinn falling for someone else. This one could go all sorts of ways.

We then get to a testy scene with Cy when he sees that Fitz is meeting with an ambassador without him. Cy is getting nervous as he’s been feeling more and more cut out these past months.

Back at Pope and Assoc., and Huck has broken into Wendy’s cell. There he finds lots of pics of male body parts. So either Wendy works for Heroes and Heartbreakers or she’s doing something else. Turns out she was dating guys, drugging them to get stories to sell to the tabloids and David was next on her list. David finds about this and is pissed. He thinks that Liv set this up.

Later we see Liv and Cy meet for coffee. Liv asks him if he had a girl killed to frame David. Cy says no, though it’s not a bad idea. Oh Cy. Liv then tells him that she thinks that Fitz knows about Defiance. To this Cyrus says no way. And to this, I say are these two just wondering about this now? 10 months later!? How about when Verna turned up dead and Fitz turned up pissy? Yeesh.
And now David is arrested as Wendy’s body is found. Time has run out...

We then cut to Mellie and Cyrus whispering outside of a White House room while Fitz plays with the new Baby Fitz just inside. They talk of Cy’s baby’s upcoming christening and that fact that Liv will be there as the Godmother. To this I say really? Do neither he or James have any old friends cousins, school chums? And then they bring up the fact that Fitz may know about Defiance. Once again, this is not something that could have been discussed months ago? And out of the earshot of Fitz? Neither of these two know much about whispering.

Back at Pope and Assoc. we find out that the joint chief’s office in the Pentagon is calling Wendy? Uh, why is that. Seems Wendy had some high powered friends. Was she a spy? They always seem to have the most unassuming names.
We then cut to David being called into his old office by the new DA, and though Harrison advises him to stay quiet David gives the new dude a laying out that lets him know he won’t be warming his chair for long. Go David!

Cut to Olivia looking snappy and sliding into the Pentagon (you can do that?) to see whoever is calling Wendy. And who might it be, but handsome Scott Foley from the coffee shop! Only he’s in a spiffy uniform and his name is Captain Jake. I told you there were no accidents. They banter and battle and flirt as they each give up no info. Though he’s cute, I’m still giving the side-eye to Captain Jake.

Back in the White House strategy room they are trying to come up with an out for the hostages, but Cyrus is cut off at every turn. He calls the Pres out on it when they are alone and Fitz does take his advice, but Cy now knows that Fitz knows and he’s nervous.

Back at David’s, Liv comes to tell him that Wendy was onto something big. But angry David is through. He tries to diss Liv by saying he sold his soul to the devil and asking how much does he owe her. But Liv will not be played and tells him that he can’t afford her. Bam! Good one because it’s true.

In the car on the way to Cyrus and James’s baby christening Mellie offers a mint to Fitz to mask the smell of the liquor he consumes and then she tells him that she knows that he knows about Defiance. And there goes the BOOM for the night. But it’s not over; in a stunning Mellie twirl, she says it was all Cyrus’s idea. That he was the Defiance mastermind and one not to be trusted. BOOM and KAPOW! She even gives Liv a little play putting it all on Cy without a word about Hollis. Wow. Oh, how I love to hate Mellie in her pearls and her perfect pink suits. All’s fair, eh, Mellie Mel?

Now at the christening, against Cy’s recommendation, Fitz orders Cy to send in the SEAL team for the hostages, which he just told Mellie he would do. And then in walks Liv. Fitz looks at her like she’s a tall glass of water and he’s dying of thirst. Cue sexy love music and this is suddenly the hottest christening ever with Fitz as the Godfather and Liv and the Godmother. Once it’s over and the toasts have been made Liv tries to hightail it out of there rushing down the hall. She is positively flying, with Fitz fast on her heels. He flings open a side door and pulls her into some unknown computer room where her grabs her and kisses her roughly. Liv pushes at him and smacks him. Hard. But then she in turns rushes him and kisses him passionately and then Fitz is gone. Flipping her around and unzipping the back of her fine boucle skirt and well, it’s all thighs, clinched fists, tight lips and pinging computer circuits from there.

Olivia and Fitz talk in Scandal season 2 episode 14Olivia and Fitz leave the computer room. She says she made a mistake and Fitz says it won’t happen again. Oh how very romacey of you Fitz, but um, that’s not what she was talking about and we don’t believe you anyways if you’re talking about getting down and dirty with Liv. She tells him she made a mistake about Defiance. But Fitz tells her that Defiance wasn’t a mistake, that it was betrayal. Ouch.

In comes Cyrus to say the situation with the hostages in going down. Time to run.

Cut to the situation room and all is going wrong. The hostages are not where they should be. Looks like they have a mole. Fitz is side-eyeing Cy. Uh-oh.
Cut to Abby knocking at David’s door with an apology. Wow, way late for that one. He slams the door in her face. Goes to his desk and moves a book and finds Wendy’s flash drive with all sorts of high level info on it. Wendy left it at his apartment. (And the clean-up crew didn’t find it? I’m looking shifty at that one.) David takes it to Liv. He realizes he needs her for Justice. They are now are a team and toast justice together.

Cut to Fitz drinking in the shower again and here comes Mellie trying once again to get him to raise the flag. But Fitz is not in the mood, having already had his fill with Olivia earlier and he pushes Mellie away, coming off mean and scary and then sad and apologetic as he pulls her back toward him into his embrace. The question remains, though, if he rose to the occasion or not.
And in a final scene we see Liv coming home alone. She swipes at her phone and calls Captain Jake for a date. She invites him to a quiet place but he says it’s not his thing and she asks what is and he answers, “people watching.”

Cut to him sitting down in front of a huge monitor with multiple open screens and on one is her image in real time as she sits on her couch and is talking to him.

And WHAM. Cute coffee boy captain just got creepy!

So what did you all think? As always, chime in with your thoughts.
I for one am just as twisted as ever and don’t know why Liv doesn’t have Huck walk her home nightly and sweep for bugs. I know I would. Oh well.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut novel Through the Lens is on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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1. Miss_D
Scandal was amazing last night. I am seeing some Fitz haters after it but being a soap and an obvious romance book junkie, I am not as bothered by his behavior as some because there's a bigger picture involved. Also not bothered by the supply closet rogering.

Not to mention... Tony Goldwyn is acting the hell of Fitz's spiral and Kerry Washington the same with Liv's angst. Mellie remains a selfish character that can be interesting as a catalyst to drive story and that's about it, IMO. I can't wait for Cyrus to take her down cause she's not yet learned to not mess with a monster. I am intrigued about what Scott Foley's character is up to...
Brianna TheBookVixen
2. thebookvixen
And to this, I say are these two just wondering about this now? 10 months later!?

This!! That's exactly what I was thinking.

I can't wait to watch next week to find out what Captain Jake's MO is. This show gets better each week.
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
@Miss_D -we are cut from the same cloth being soap and romance fans. I’m cool with Fitz’s crazy and Liv’s angst and as for the supply closet chase down and super sex. I was all over it. Thought it was fantastically passionate.
And like you, I was also thinking I can’t wait to see what happens when Cyrus lets loose on Mellie and you know he will.

@thebookvixen – I know. Have they been living in a dream for 10 months? LOL. Can’t wait to see how Captain Jake shakes things up. He’s already way more exciting than ol’ Eddie.
Liz D.
4. Liz D.
I can't believe you didn't mention how Fitz said something about how just because he can't control his erections in front of Olivia...!

It's nice (but, yes, super creepy!) to see Scott Foley as a bad guy for once!
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
@Liz D. - You are so right. Fail on my part. That was mad cold of Fitz but also true. For shame Fitz but it show's show how betrayed he feels. He really had Olivia on a pedestal. She was his angel.
I agree, nice to see Scott play a deep character.
Liz D.
6. Dire
Scandal was good last night! each time i watch scandal, i end up cursing Mellie out, she is very selfish. I like when fitz ran after olivia in the hallway and pulled her in the empty room, that was romantic. They are my favorite characters, seeing them together makes me happy. And yeah i agree with you, Captain Jake definitely has something up his sleeves. Watching Olivia in a big screen is just plain creepy!!!!! I also think Fitz is weak, he cant decide for himself. He doesn't know what he wants. He lets mellie play with his emotions, and i hope he reacts fast before its too late. Would i be wrong if i said Hollis and Mellie might be up to something? Finally, do you know if there is a book out there related to scandal?
Liz D.
7. Dire
Scandal was good last night! each time i watch scandal, i end up cursing Mellie out, she is very selfish. I like when fitz ran after olivia in the hallway and pulled her in the empty room, that was romantic. They are my favorite characters, seeing them together makes me happy. And yeah i agree with you, Captain Jake definitely has something up his sleeves. Watching Olivia in a big screen is just plain creepy!!!!! I also think Fitz is weak, he cant decide for himself. He doesn't know what he wants. He lets mellie play with his emotions, and i hope he reacts fast before its too late. Would i be wrong if i said Hollis and Mellie might be up to something? Finally, do you know if there is a book out there related to scandal?
K.M. Jackson
8. kwanawrites
@Dire -
thanks for your comment. Another fantastic episode last night. And yes, Mellie is quite selfish, but I can understand her too. She is the wife and Fitz is the cheating husband. Though I'm sure if you go to Mellie and Fitz, the early years, Mellie's hands are probably quite dirty. LOL. I love your Hollis and Mellie theory. Good one!
I don't know if there is a Scandal book but who knows maybe there are 1 or 2 in the works.
Brianna TheBookVixen
9. thebookvixen
@kwanawrites Jake is definitely an improvement from Eddie. I am so over Eddie.
K.M. Jackson
11. kwanawrites
@thebookvixen Poor Eddie. He didn't even got a walk on this week. And speaking of no play, I sure want to see more of sexy Harrison soon. Harrison!

@redline_ it was insane. I need you watching this with me!
Liz D.
12. Jupiterjulep24
As always, a great recap!

To me, this episode set up the rest of the season. It's clear that David will join our very own Scooby gang (OPA) and that Quinn is going to have some issues to work out. Luckily, Huck will be there to mentor her. Speaking of Huck, I'm with you;why isn't Liv's apartment swept for bugs on the regular? When Huck and Harrison find out, I wouldn't want to be Captain Jake!

Lastly, fellow TV reviewer Melodie Aickles (sp) theorized that Fitz would be the one to rescue Olivia from Jake, thus getting him over Defiance and Olitz back together. I demurred at first, but then I remembered a spoiler given by Scandal411: Fitz becomes a serial killer. Could this be what she meant? Or will Mellie "slip" in the shower? Your guess is as good as mine.
Donna Cummings
13. Donna Cummings
Another great recap! I wasn't real happy with them skipping 10 months ahead. That's really too long of a timeframe for certain things -- like Cyrus having his come-to-Jesus meeting with Fitz about his job responsibilities, or Cyrus and Olivia wondering if Fitz knows about the election. If it had been 2 or 3 months, I wouldn't have blinked. But ten?

And there's no way Huck wouldn't have some way of making sure Olivia's home is free of bugs. . .unless of course she WANTS her home bugged. LOL Obviously this show has my brain all twisted around, trying to figure everything out. :)
K.M. Jackson
14. kwanawrites
@Jupiterjulep24 Thanks for the comment. Yikes! I’m so afraid of Fitz as a serial killer. Oh I hope that doesn’t happen but it could or he could be set up as one. Also I really don’t want to imagine life without deliciously evil Mellie. I just love to hate her. LOL.

@Donna Cummings I know the 10 months is a crazy jump. Why such a jump and not 3 or 4 or 6? Nutty.

Sidebar to everyone. Today I heard a theory from a friend that blew my mind. What if during those 10 months that Olivia was away she was having another baby Fitz? Want to take it to a further level? What if that baby was a little girl and somehow given to Cy and James to raise 10 months later? For extra tight screwing… let Fitz and Olivia be the God parents. Ok that is a stretch but in ten months a baby could have been had and Olivia could have been swimming to get back in shape. Boom. I'm here all week. LOL.
Liz D.
15. Jupiterjulep24
Mind is now officially blown. Although several people have guessed that Olivia was or could be pregnant now by Fitz, no one could agree on the time frame. After some thought, I don't think this time frame could work and by saying so, I'm sure all of the Teddy/Ella shippers just gave a collective sigh.

Here is why I don't think this time frame could work:

Ella was born and in the hospital just after the President was shot. She had to remain in the hospital because of jaundice. Remember that Cyrus was upset about James' continued work (Defiance with David) and James was working because he had yet to have the baby (googling possible side-effects from Fitz's head injury). During that time, Olivia was with Edison and would have been visibly pregnant; anywhere between 7-9 months. And she wasn't, in fact, she was everywhere, looking fly-albeit in dark suits, (and in living color on TV), trying to stave off Madam Veep.

One more thing: did I hear that Fitz and Olivia had not had sex for three years before the Christening?

But, let's discuss; maybe I missed something!

See you on twitter,
K.M. Jackson
16. kwanawrites
@Juniterjulep24 -I agree it's a tough one to make make any sense but it's still a fun one to consider. Cray as all get out but fun. We shall see.

I didn't hear about Fitz and Olivia not having sex for 3 years. I don't know how that could be. The man said he can't control himself around her. So no, I don't see that happening. LOL.
Liz D.
17. KendraK
I might be the only one who was all over Captain Jake like a horse with a sugar cube. Edison was so boring and never once made me doubt her love or attraction to Fitz. Fun fact: I almost talked to a guy several years my senior because he had a striking resemblance to Goldwyn). However, as soon as I saw Scott Foley turn around, amiably smiling and referencing the cafe's cupcakes, I was sold. I thought I was already aboard the Jake train with luggage in hand, but then I had to see him in military uniform. It was at that precise moment, I wondered if the man was made out of marble. I should've been creeped out and angry that he was spying on Olivia (because honestly if you look THAT GOOD, you dont need help via surveillance to get to know a woman). But I wasn't. Sadly, I want to fight for Olivia and Fitz....but...Jake's charm (and mysteriousness) has built a legitimate wall between the two starcrossed lovers.
Liz D.
18. sg
i think last time fitz had sex with liv was before she resigned from the white house
K.M. Jackson
19. kwanawrites
@KendraK Thanks so much. That Scott Foley is a hot number. I'll give him that.

@sg thanks so much. I'm sure you're right and my math does not add up but I do love stirring the pot. LOL.
Saundra Peck
20. sk1336
I love the way this show is just CRAZY fast moving and ALWAYS makes you wonder where the hour went! And Scott Foley is such a delightful new that he has a creep factor too!!! Lots to look forward to.
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