Feb 27 2013 8:08am

Romance Author Glomming: Who Did You Glom First?

Glomming, in romance novel terms, is when you discover an author new to you, and you immediately go out to buy as many more books by the author as you can find.

All of us have glommed an author at least once; so tell us, who was the first author you glommed?

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Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
My first--as you might be able to tell--was Amanda Quick, after I rediscovered romance in my 30s. My VERY first was Barbara Cartland. I started reading her when I was about 10, I think.
Jena Briars
4. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
First Kleypas (obvs) and after that the biggest glom was Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series. I thought it would light and "fluffy" read - ha! Next thing I know, ALL books must be read.
Scandal Books
5. Scandal Books
hands down, Kristen Ashley...followed by Janet Chapman, I do love her Highlanders.
Julia Broadbooks
6. juliabroadbooks
@MFrampton - Twinsies! Cartland was my very first, way back in middle school. When I came back to romance as a young parent, it was probably Julia Quinn, although Quick was in there too.
7. carmenlire
My very first was Nora Roberts. I read The Villa in 8th grade and I was hooked. My next author was Linda Lael Miller, and that began with High Country Bride. My third was Lisa Kleypas, with Sugar Daddy. All of these authors I found in 8th grade;)
Scandal Books
8. JeniferS
Way back in HS when I started reading Romance is was Johanna Lindsey. Most recently, it's been Kristen Ashley. Definitely, a different flavor from those historicals!
9. wsl0612
Honestly if I can remember that far back ;-) it would probably be Janet Dailey or Kathleen Woodiwiss. I read everything they published. I took a hiatus from romance for some time and when I came back it was Julia Quinn FTW!
Scandal Books
11. Vi Dao
My first glom was Lisa Kleypas. My most expensive glom was Anne Stuart. I had to buy most of her OOP on eBay in order to read them. My love has not waned for these authors. They are still auto-buy authors. Ok, I have not read Stuart as Kristina Douglas though. That's because I am a little burnt out on paranormals.
Megan Frampton
12. MFrampton
@Vi Dao: I bought an entire bulk of Stuart from eBay myself, so I could get ALL the OOP ones. I still have a few I haven't read yet, in case of reading emergency.
Scandal Books
13. Elizabeth E.
My first was Jude Devereaux followed Penny Jordan, Carole Mortimer and Amanda Quick.
Nikki Hilton
14. nikkiphilton
The first real glom for me was Mary Balogh. We were traveling a lot to see my son play college soccer, and I went in every used bookstore along the way for Balogh's early Regency books. Score!!
Scandal Books
15. ncbooknut
First - Iris Johansen
Latest - Nicole Edwards
16. Kareni
Yet another Barbara Cartland fan back as a young teen. I had over 100 books of hers at one point. I also read Georgette Heyer then.

The author that brought me back to historical romances after a long hiatus was Lisa Kleypas. Fortunately for my wallet, the public library owned many of her books.
Kaye Dacus
17. kndacus
Twenty or so years ago, it was Julie Garwood. Now it's Elizabeth Hoyt (Maiden Lane series) and Julia Quinn (Bridgerton series).
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
Maybe Linda Howard? I'd been reading romance for a few years already and I remember being a fan of other authors, but I think Howard was the first author whose previous and even out-of-print books I spent time searching out.
Scandal Books
20. Tammye
Jude Deveraux and then Linda Howard, Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood, and many others. Diana Palmer.
Scandal Books
21. Lucy D
Kresley Cole, Kerrelyn Sparks and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I picked up the first book of each of these series to see if I might like them and then proceeded to glom the rest. That was an expensive month. :)
Scandal Books
Christine Feehan - Carpathians and Ghost Walkers.
23. keen23
Jude Deveraux. And, this was around 1994, so she had an extensive backlist already available. I started with the Velvet series. Then, I found a really old copy of The Black Lyon, and I was hooked on historical romance novels for quite a few years.

Patricia Rice has been my most expensive glom. I love her Magic series, and I had to pay about $20 for the first book in the series- a really poor quality, torn up copy of the book at that.
Scandal Books
24. Maddie Grove
Mary Balogh was my first glom. The two-in-one reissue of Dark Angel/Lord Carew's Bride that I picked up at the drugstore was what really set me off. I was also vigilant about reading every available Sabrina Jeffries novel around the same time. Most recently, I read all the Elizabeth Hoyt (except the latest, which I'll probably get the next time I go to the grocery store).

I've also read quite a bit of Liz Carlyle, Julia Quinn, Georgette Heyer, and Laura Kinsale, but I'm not sure I'd say I glommed any of them. Heyer and Kinsale are terrific but not really glom-friendly; their books are best when I space them out. Carlyle and Quinn tend to be hit-or-miss for me, so I approach them with caution.
Scandal Books
25. HJ
At the very beginning, a long time ago, Georgette Heyer. Then Mary Stewart (if she counts as romance). But I discovered modern romance novels by buying a couple of Suzanne Enoch's in a charity shop, and immediated glommed her Cynster series. And the rest is history! (or historical romance...)
26. Rose In RoseBear
For romance, it was Dorothy Garlock. What great stories she tells!
Jordan R
27. jrojrojro
JR Ward! I didn't find BDB until the series was already 6 books in. Talk about book crahck! More recently I've glommed Kristen Ashley (in the entirety!) and Lisa Klepas' Wallflowers and then the Hathaways.
Scandal Books
28. MaumelleReader
Wow - great topic. My very first glom was in the 6th grade and it was Louisa May Alcott. I read everything they had in our public library - yep about a million years ago. Now, I'm a serial glommer. If I read something I like, I go nuts reading everything the author has written in any format I can get it in. Right now I'm glomming Marie Hall.
Rakisha Kearns-White
29. BrooklynShoeBabe
First romance author that I glommed was Jennifer Crusie. Then I kind of od'd on her books. The very first author I ever glommed ever, was Robert B. Parker (and his Spenser series). There are so many of those novels! I've maybe about half of them or 2/3rds. Its one of those series if you read ten, then you read them all, but I can still gobble them up.
Dana Buchert
30. danabuchert
My 1st glom was also Crusie, then Lori Foster and Cynthia Eden. It is now getting out of hand , my newest is Lisa Kleypas among others. I am sure there is a self help group somewhere!
Sandi Logsted
31. sandlog
My first gloms when I started reading romance were Devereaux, Quick/JAK, and Linda Lael Miller. This was around 1994, though my biggest glom was the summer of 2000, when I did both LKH and Janet Evanovich.
Scandal Books
32. becka
My first was Julia Quinn. I feel in love with her use of humor in historicals. My latest was Meredith Duran who I can't get enough of because of her beautiful prose and interesting plots.
Scandal Books
33. Alix Nowarra
I think my first ones were Charles de Lint and Storm Constantine. I also partially glommed on Marion Zimmer Bradley, mostly all her Darkover-novels but not so much her other books.

The latest was Josh Lanyon. He's an auto-buy by now.
Scandal Books
34. JBeck
Julia Quinn...loved her sense of humor/writing style. The Bridgertons rocked. Then I found Lisa Kleypas and Amanda Quick...also very awesome (for different reasons).
Jennifer Proffitt
35. JenniferProffitt
@JBeck, Julia Quinn was one of my first gloms as well. I think the first official glom was Susan Anderson though.
Elizabeth Halliday
36. Ibbitts
Anne Rice.
It started in 1976.
It's still an active glom!
Scandal Books
37. Jess Schira
Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux (though I haven't been able to stand any of the books she's released in the past decade)
Beth Rogers
38. Shiranui
No love for Judith McNaught? She was my first, along with Jude Deveraux. I tired of them after a while, because McNaught almost always creates drama by using The Misunderstanding as a plot device, and it is frustrating. I also discovered Amanda Quick around the same time, although I stopped reading her once the Vanzagara nonsense started to span multiple books. I will always love these authors and hold them in a special place in my heart, though. I re-read Amanda Quick frequenty. My latest obsession has been Eloisa James and her Desperate Duchesses series.
Scandal Books
39. EllaC
Definitely is a tie between Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series and Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick's Arcane series. Couldn't get enough of those in high school :)
Janna DeRupo
40. Janna9
Tie between Megan Hart and Lauren Dane. I can read Megan Hart's books over and over!!!
Scandal Books
41. Willa Blair
I've read and enjoyed lots of authors. But my first legitimate glom was Linnea Sinclair. She had me after the first page. I jumped on Amazon and ordered all of her books and have loved every one.
Patricia Wilkerson
42. Proofreaderpat
My first gloms were Johanna lindsey and Constance O'Day Flannery.The most recent gloms are Shelly Laurenston and Radclyffe.
Scandal Books
43. Weezie66
First gloming was Amanda Quick, but more recently and obsessively KRISTEN ASHLEY
Scandal Books
44. Another Jen
First Glom was Staphanie Laurens. Working as a waitress back then I remember spending most of my pay on as many Cynster novels as I could get my hands on.
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