Feb 27 2013 9:56am

Post-Fifty Shades of Grey: E.L. James’s Next Book

Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. JamesE.L. James won't be returning to the Red Room of Pain in her next release, she revealed at a recent event. 

Her next book, she says in a New York Post interview, “won’t be nearly so raunchy [as Fifty Shades of Grey] —and I will probably write it under another name.”

In an earlier interview with The Guardian, James said that she has no plans to continue the Fifty Shades' characters' story: “Never say never—but they're on the back burner at the moment, as I have a few other stories to tell first.”

Will you read her next book?

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Poppy Fields77
1. Poppy Fields77
Definitely! She has a knack for excellent character building. The love story was more interesting to me than the "raunch".
Poppy Fields77
2. ShirlB
Most definately I will read her next book.. the 'raunch' was not nearly as strong as the charaters and relationships.. I would like to see where the others are going as well. The Grey siblings and the best friends...
Kathy Davie
God NO. Not unless she spends some of that Fifty Shades money on writing classes and editors!!
Shani Bell
5. bzbell75
Wow. Ok so some clearly didn't care for the way in which the characters - mainly Ana- ruminated and communicated. I get wanting correct grammar and sentence structure. It is clear, however, that these are written from Ana's POV -- what she's feeling and thinking. If thats how Ana speaks, then that's how it will appear on the paper. I still fail to understand why that equals poor writing and editing. I suppose I'll never know. I did enjoy the trilogy, and would likely read another book written by Ms. James.
Juanita Jones
6. jdona
I'd have to read an excerpt first...and if it caught my interest, then yes.
marion bergner
7. ducky
Read more badly edited fan fiction - just under a different name? No, thanks.
Poppy Fields77
8. Debbie B
Definitely Yes! Awesome love story!
K.M. Jackson
9. kwanawrites
Even if not continuing the 50 story after her success I'm shocked she would not write her next book under the E.L. James name.
Poppy Fields77
10. KathleenC
Not as "raunchy" as FSoG? Probably not. I'm fairly certain she'll drift off to YA stories...not interested.
Allison Hickman
12. AllisonHickman
I didn't read the Grey books because everything I read about them told me they'd drive me nuts & I'd hate them. Plus I hated the Twilight books they were based on so it was a no go from the start for me.
Poppy Fields77
13. lee-lee
NO! as in hell No! badly written dreck.
Cathy M. Runke
14. ccr0816
I loved FSofG. What I dont understand is, if her next book is written under another name and another voice {not raunchy...she lost me there}, how will we know its her? and how will she capitalize on her FSofG fame? just dont get it.
Poppy Fields77
15. Terri L
YES!!! I would definately read another story or a series under any name chosen. I loved FSofG because the characters were strong enough to support each other and survive the obstacles set before them. I also think some of the people that deny liking the FSofG don't want anybody to know they really did enjoy them... ;)
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