Feb 23 2013 6:00pm

Poll: What Type of Heroine Would You Want to Be?

The Famous Heroine by Mary Balogh

We all have our preferences for heroes and heroines when choosing books—we follow certain tropes, we look for certain characteristics, whether that makes the heroine like us or the exact opposite. And it's always fun to think about the “what ifs” in life.

Team H&H has been referencing The Holiday quote a lot recently that you should always be the heroine in your own story. This got us to thinking: What sort of heroine would you want to be if you were thrown into a romance novel? Would you be the sassy modern woman (maybe with a hunky athlete or sheriff as a hero?), a kick-ass assassin in a paranormal, a delicate wallflower or something else entirely? Who would be your hero counterpart?

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2. Megaera
Er, I want to be the hero -- you know all those songs where the hero goes off and has adventures while his sweetheart waits at home for him? I want to go have the adventures, thanks.
Robbie Thornton
4. Button
I would be a smart heroine. I like the brains vs brawn love matches.
5. Maddie Grove
I read historicals almost exclusively (of other romances, not books in general), but I don't know that I'd want to be in many of my favorite heroines' shoes. Being a Heyer heroine would be pretty cool, though.
Jasmine Ray
6. JassyBaby
Badass slayer with gun and combat knowledge; and a guy like Edward for my mentor!
7. cushikitten
An early feminist type. Let's burn the bras! Lol
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