Feb 16 2013 7:00pm

Poll: What Historical Period Would You Want Your Romance Novel to be Set In?

We all have said or know someone who said they were born in the wrong time period. But if you were thrown into a different time, what would it be? Would you choose the roaring '20s, be a housewife in the '50s, be part of Regency England, or find some medieval knights? Let us know in this week's poll!

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
Oh, medieval, totally. Complete with castle and warrior. That or a flapper in the 20s.
Mary Anne Landers
2. Mary Anne Landers
Any time or place except Regency England! It's the most overdone setting ever. Unless, of course, the story takes place among characters who AREN'T rich and powerful. Lots of possibilities that have never been explored in romance fiction.
Maddie Grove
3. Maddie Grove
It's not on the list, but I think the 1660s would be quite fun. The Restoration, the Great London Fire, some of the most diabolical/delightful royal mistresses known to history, women being allowed to act onstage, curly wigs...I just wish there were more Restoration romances.

Anyway, I voted for the 18th century. Romances set then tend to be a little grittier and more gothic, while still being quite dashing.
Maddie Grove
4. Dr. Opossum
My time period is one that most folks don't mention - the ancient world. Egypt, Greece, and Rome are great settings but mixing it up can be good. Ancient romances set in less explored parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, or the Americas would be interesting. And I would especially love some romances set in pre-historic times with mammoths and saber tooth tigers. Alas, ancient romances are not fashionable.
Maddie Grove
5. Charlayne
I'm working on a novel that begins in 1900 Storyville New Orleans and then moves to 2005 just after Katrina. There are four more books planned, #2 is in the War of the Roses (1400s England), #3 is modern Texas, #4 is Modern, and #5 will be 1100s Romania (Wallachia). The location in the fourth one is changeable since there's a chase going on.

I like just about any historical period (my degree in history is in Antebellum South/Texas/Slavery)
Saundra Peck
6. sk1336
I have always said that with my love of horses, shooting, southern belle dresses, Jack Daniels and all things related....I would be a great saloon madame in love with an unattainable cowboy in the 1800's!!! I love the wild wild west stories....wish I had been there!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@Maddie Grove There's a Restoration romance post going up on the site today, actually! You're not alone in wishing there were more.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@Maddie Grove, I agree; there should be more Restoration romances. The politics, the arts, the energy...and let's not forget the gorgeous clothes for both heroes and heroines.

I'm happiest anywhere between the end of the Wars of the Roses and the end of the American Revolution; Tudor and Stuart era settings will get me any time. I would also love to see more Edwardian set stories, and the 1920s are absolutely ripe for romance.
Julie Hayes
9. JulieLHayes
17th century France so I could meet Cardinal Richelieu, the most fascinating man of his time!
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