Feb 9 2013 7:00pm

Poll: What Do You Want for Valentine’s Day?

Not everyone's Valentine's Days are like the ones from this movie...It's the weekend before Valentine's Day and we know some of you will be doing your Valentie's Day plans ahead of schedule. So, what are you hoping will be in that red box from your significant other? Or are you celebrating it with a special day with your lady friends for Galentine's Day?

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Saundra Peck
1. sk1336
I have NEVER had such a celeb crush as I have developed for Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. I started watching "The Voice" out of boredom and because I like Blake Shelton....then I put the singer of "Moves Like Jagger" to the sweetie Adam (and he is sweet on the show too) and a dirty crush is born. I am 40 something and it is horrifying to my daughter, so my crush will be my secret Valentine to myself!!! Usually it would be a book hero, but this time.... a singer with body art!
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