Feb 19 2013 12:06pm

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Search for the Sidekick

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi in Lost GirlThank fae—Lost Girl is back! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 and Season 2 to the most recent episode of Season 3 aired in the U.S. on the SyFy Channel. All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode 3.06, "The Kenzi Scale.”

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At The Dal (drink!), Bo violently hustles NotKenzi (NK) inside and with her hand wrapped in NK’s hair to pin her neck, Bo throws her against the bar and in front of Trick. I kind of want to know how she managed to drive the succmobile and wrangle NK at the same time but whatever. (I miss the succmobile.) Behind them, Dyson looks up from playing pool with Tamsin. “I don’t know who this is, but it’s not Kenzi!” Bo spits at Trick. “You’re hurting me, Bo-Bo!” NK shrieks. “Don’t call me that! Kenzi calls me that! Where is she?!” Bo demands of NK. Dyson half steps toward the women, confused by what he seeing as it’s so totally not like Bo and Kenzi—but in a good character way not in a this-show-has-totally-redone-her-core-characters-to-suit-its-fan-biased-agenda way. Trick wants to know what Bo is doing and immediately calls for Dyson, who’s been slowly edging closer. “Let go!” NK yells. “Give me back my friend, we’ve got a deal, bitch,” Bo snarls just as Dyson takes the last few steps and grabs Bo from behind to hoist her off NK. “Bar’s closed!” he shouts as Bo struggles with all her might. NK plaintively insists, “I am your friend, Bo-Bo!” and Bo erupts again in Dyson’s hold, lunging for NK. “Don’t call me that!” Fighting to restrain Bo, Dyson yells for everyone to get out of The Dal (drink!). He releases Bo and turns her to him and she settles to a resting fume. “Bo, what’s going on?” he asks quietly. “I know it looks like Kenzi, but it is not her.” NK talks over her that they were having dinner and Bo just grabbed her. In a great seamless move, Bo segues right back over to NK “no I didn’t just GRAB you! She’s lying, Trick, she’s lying!” NK shouts “she’s gone total nuts!” as Trick comes out from behind the bar to stand between them and yells at them both to be silent. “One at a time!”

Anna Silk as Bo with Tamsin in Lost Girl Season 3 episode 6, The Kenzi ScaleInto the silence, NK gets the first blow. “Bo’s killing again.” Back by the pool table, a forgotten Tamsin cheers, “Yes!” Ha! “How dare you?” Bo grits out and goes to swing at a cringing NK, but Dyson grabs her up again. Struggling, Bo demands he let go of her and settles before Trick when he does. “She’s lying. Trick, please, she’s lying.” NK cries that she’s just trying to help “Bo-Bo” and as Tamsin eases her way around the pool table, Trick agrees that they all are. “I need you to stay calm,” he tells Bo. “How do you know this isn’t Kenzi?” Near tears now herself, Bo says she just knows. “In my bones, I know.” Hang on a sec. Why don’t you lead with the peanut allergy again, Bo? I mean there’s medical proof that this can’t be Kenzi. Oh, because then there wouldn’t be an episode! Right.

Trick says he needs something more than that (like a missing peanut allergy, say?) Bo emotionally reveals that when she told NK she thought she might be killing again, NK didn’t care. That’s a nicely thrown away moment that shows Bo too fears she’s making kills and not remembering them, but it’s skipped over in light of the NK sitch. But as Bo says the words, Dyson looks behind her to meet Tamsin’s gaze and there’s a whhooollleee interesting nonverbal conversation happening there between the partners. They didn’t miss Bo’s confession at all. He looks at Tamsin did you hear that? and she raises chin and eyebrow. Well?! Are you gonna do what you promised? He gazes down at Bo and braces himself to be cop and not lover. Bo is pleading for Trick to believe her. “It is not Kenzi, I’m telling you!” Trick looks at NK who gestures wanly at Bo. “You see?” she grimaces. Trick sighs heavily and orders that she’ll be put in holding.

Bo is so relieved, she doesn’t notice Tamsin’s taken out her cuffs and come up behind her. “Yes, please,” she looks at Dyson, “thank you,” and back to Trick, “we have to figure out what happened to her.” Tamsin puts one cuff in Dyson’s outstretched hand and together they each take one of Bo’s arms. “NO, not me—HER!” Bo yells, struggling against them to no avail as Trick tells them to put her in the Keg Room. Trick assures Bo that they’re going to figure this out. “No, you don’t believe me! You have to believe me!” Dyson murmurs, “sorry Bo,” but Bo is fixated on the fact that her grandfather believes the doppelganger over her. “Trick, Kenzi is in trouble! Trick, LOOK AT HER!!” As Dyson and Tamsin drag Bo away, NK puts her hands on Trick’s shoulders and they share a concerned look while Bo’s final “she’s lying, Trick!” echoes back to them.

Ya know, for a man who chastised Hale that Kenzi was “not one of them,” Trick is awful quick to believe the human over Bo. But that’s the point. Everyone is so set up for Bo to be bad, with Dyson still stressing over the dead Blue and Doctor Lauren having tattled to Trick (it seems more likely than ever that her phone call was to him) about what happened with Bo in the sex club (no, not that), and then factor in NK’s machinations last week hitting everyone’s weak spots where Bo is concerned and it’s easy to see how prepped they are to believe the worst. It doesn’t help that Bo’s own behavior has exacerbated the situation. By isolating herself for so long with Doctor Lauren to the exclusion even of Kenzi, she’s created the atmosphere in which they can doubt her. It doesn’t excuse any of them, but it does explain how those close to her could choose to believe she’s losing it over the far more likely scenario (in their world) that her bestie’s been Kenzinapped.


Damn. That cold open might be the best two minutes this show has put up all season.

Back in The Dal (drink!) Trick angsts that Doctor Lauren should be there by now. “You need the girlfriend to sign off on Bo’s arrest?!” Tamsin asks, incredulous. “How many more Fae have to die before you wake up!” she shouts at Trick. For his part, the Blood King is taken aback to be spoken to in such a way. Honestly, his expression is priceless. But Dyson reins Tamsin back. “Bo is not a killer!” he states definitively. But Tamsin isn’t having any, and snarls that it’s time they take Bo to the Dark Fae compound. Sure, like that’s gonna happen. “Enough!” Trick shouts and Tamsin turns this what did you just say? look on him. “My granddaughter stays here until we figure out what’s going on,” he declares give her tit for eye glare tat. He goes on that Doctor Lauren will be there any minute to run some tests as Tamsin bends over the table to silently menace him. “Until then? We keep Bo safe!” Tamsin leans forward to get in his face. “Who died and made you king?” she hisses. Nice, especially as it shows that Trick’s status as Blood King still remains a kept secret amongst the few. “No one,” Trick drawls because it’s true. “As proprietor of this way station, I have the right to declare sanctuary.” Another nice moment that calls back to S1 when Dyson claimed sanctuary. I’m loving these allusions!! Tamsin smacks the table and stalks off, thwarted again. She knows he has her…for the moment. A quiet Dyson looks after her and then at Trick, who shakes his head in exasperation.

NK sits at the bar and stirs a straw in her mug of light beer as Dyson approaches. That alone should tell him all is Not Right. He asks if she’s okay. “Poor Bo-Bo,” she mewls. I’m begging to really hate the “Bo-Bo” moniker at this point. Dyson puts his hand over hers on the bar and assures NK that Bo didn’t mean it, “any of it. She’s just…sick or something.” He can’t understand it either. Dyson knows better than anyone the lengths to which Bo will go for Kenzi. He’s the one who held her under water so Bo could get to Baba Yaga’s realm to save Kenzi. For Bo to turn against Kenzi now baffles him. If he wasn’t so close to Kenzi himself, he might have been able to employ Occam’s Beard Trimmer to this scenario too.

NK wonders how Bo could think that she’s not her. “Who else would I be?” That’s the question of the hour, sweetie. Dyson doesn’t know, but promises that Bo will be okay. “I’m just, I’m freaking out. It’s my best friend.” Every time she repeats that and “Bo-Bo,” she sounds more and more like Warren’s robot girlfriend. Dyson rubs her shoulder. “I know.” Trick comes up behind him. “Dyson,” he says tightly, “A word.” Dyson glances at Trick and then back to NK. “I’ll be back,” he promises and then follows Trick. “Can’t wait,” NK trills with a wicked look as soon as he’s gone. Whoa. Look, lady. Keep your skanky claws off the Wolf Man! Dammit, I said it out loud again, didn’t I. Oops.

Dyson glances back over his shoulder at her and I think his wolf ears picked up that last and he can’t quite figure it out. “What do you need me to do?” he asks Trick, ready to do anything to help Bo. “I told you to look out for her!” Trick chastises. “To watch her. That’s what I needed you to do.” Dyson is taken back by the attack and insists that he has been watching her. Trick wants to know for how long Dyson has suspected Bo might be killing again. Abashed, Dyson admits that they found two bodies in the last few weeks, but hurries to say that while they think they’re succubus feeds, they’re not sure. “I don’t care if you’re not sure,” Trick says. “You tell me when it happens. That’s your job! That’s always been your job to watch over her!” Well, no, not for a while now Trick. Or have you forgotten a large swath of season two? S’okay. Many of us wish we could forget it too.

Dyson is beginning to get mad too. “That was three years ago, Trick!” But Trick grits out that’s not the point. “Then what IS the point?!” Dyson shouts, finally riled. “The point is!” Trick shouts back, and then pauses to gain control. “I thought I chose wisely,” he says more quietly but no less intense. “Maybe I was wrong.” He stalks away as Dyson gazes after him, truly frustrated. Wolf Man can’t seem to win, no matter what he does. Bad form, Trickster. You’re allowed to be worried about Bo, even as you massively wrong her, but don’t take it out on the wolf. You’re the one who forced him to break up and distance himself from Bo in season one AND you were less than pleased when he told you at the end of season one that he was coming clean to Bo about everything. Plus, none of his distance from Bo in season two gave you even a second’s pause despite the agony he (and Bo for that matter) repeatedly displayed. So for you to come back now and take him to task for not doing his “job”? Ah – no.

Back at the bar, NK is chewing on a silver bracelet like it’s a snack. All righty then. Tamsin takes the stool next to her with a heavy sigh. “Hey. So, sorry your friend turned crazy psycho bitch.” HA! NK glares from the corner of her eye. “You’re so not.” Tamsin grimaces but she has to agree, she really isn’t. She does empathize that it must really suck for NK. “She really confessed?” Tamsin asks. “Another rough sex game gone wrong for Bo-Bo.” Ugh, with the Bo-Bo already!! “It happens! If you’re a succubus.” She fiddles some more with the bracelet as Tamsin reminds her that earlier NK gave Bo an alibi for the murder. It’s here that I think Tamsin is beginning to ping on NK not being Kenzi. NK retorts that “earlier,” she wasn’t afraid for her life. With narrowed eyes, Tamsin suggests that it must be horrible to hear Bo say all those terrible things. “Friends fight,” NK says but as Tamsin continues to stare at her silently, she snits, “is there a problem?” Tamsin observes without care that NK really doesn’t like her. “You’ve been trying to put my BFF in jail forever, so no. Not a big fan of,” and she wields her best Tyra Banks move as she swerves her open palm around in front of Tamsin, “that.” Tamsin gives a small smile. “Gee,” she snarks, “such a shame.” Unable to get a rise out of Tamsin, NK announces that she’s going to go home and get some stuff for “Bo-Bo” (groan). “Rehab is rough and no one makes care packages like moi. So peace!” she says and jazz hands Tamsin’s face, “bottle blond,” she adds as she leaves. Tamsin stares after her, a calculating look in her eye. “Good chat.” Yeah, she’s on to it.

Doctor Lauren solemnly enters the Keg Room to the sound of Bo struggling to break her chains. The moment she sees the doc, Bo lunges for the bars. “Oh, thank God you’re here!” She smiles broadly. “I knew you’d come.” That’s what happens when someone calls her. Bo asks if Doctor Lauren managed to talk some sense into “them.” It’s heartbreaking to see her misplaced faith in Doctor Lauren even after all she’s done. Trembling, the doc braces herself for what she has to do. “Bo, I need to take a sample of your hair,” she says in a raw voice. Bo is confused. “What?!” The doc repeats more strongly that she needs a DNA sample.

Bo can’t believe what she’s hearing and there’s a sneer mixed in with her stunned confusion. “You need to help me get out of here!” Bo stares at the doc and slowly realizes that she’s not there to help her. shakes her head. “Oh,” she gasps, “Not you.” Yup. Her. Again. But Doctor Lauren is in full cold professional mode. “I’m sorry,” she says flatly. “You’re sorry,” Bo repeats with growing disgust. “Kenzi is out there somewhere. She could be hurt! She could be really hurt!” But the doc is confident in her superior knowledge and fixed on the fact that she knows better— again. This is a disturbingly similar scene to when Bo confronted her about the spy bang in Vexed. Don’t think that’s accidental. Then too, she insisted that what she did was for Bo’s own good. Clearly, the doc learned nothing from that episode.

Doctor Lauren asks that Bo let her take a sample, “and I can help you. It’s the only way that I know how.” That is an excellent insight. Medicine is the only way she knows how to help, to contribute, and she can’t get beyond that and get out of the way when medicine (and therefore Doctor Lauren) isn’t what’s needed— though in this case I think it’s not only what’s needed.“How can you not believe me?!” Bo demands to know, now pretty pissed the doc isn’t automatically on her side. “Look at you!” the doc exhorts. “You’re acting crazy!” Bo lunges forward and speaks through her teeth as she clutches the bars. “Because Kenzi is missing!”

The doc flinches before she can’t stop herself and looks down and away from Bo. “Are you scared of me?” Bo asks in a small voice. It’s like she’s never seen Doctor Lauren before, or is, in fact, seeing her truly for the first time. Doctor Lauren raises her head but doesn’t answer. “Are you?!” Bo demands more harshly. “Look,” the doc says instead. “You’re sick, baby.” Oy, the eye roll. You do not “baby” your girlfriend when you’re helping to keep her locked up! That is the last straw for Bo. Open mouthed, she steps back from Doctor Lauren. She has all the confirmation she needs and while the truth of the matter shocks and enrages her, at least now she knows. “And I can help you,” the doc adds. Bo nods slightly and it is not a friendly nod.

Tentative, the doc reaches through the bars and snaps off a strand of hair. Bo lowers her eyes as she does this, unable to even look at her. And when she raises her gaze— oh there is such menace in her glare at the doc. ‘Bout damn time. “I will never forgive you for this,” Bo vows. Shocked, Doctor Lauren jerks her head from putting the sample in a bag. For a moment, it seems she might realize the irrevocable thing she’s done. “Well, I hope that’s not true.” I hope that’s a false hope, doc. It would be so refreshing if this second time Doctor Lauren has done something this objectionable to Bo “for her own good” would be the one that brought Bo to her senses about this woman. Unfortunately, I expect we’ll be back to Doccutopia within an episode and Bo will, as inexplicably usual, take her back—again.

Even Bo can’t believe the doc’s inability to recognize how far across the line she’s gone her. She huffs an incredulous breath. You’re in for a surprise then, baby. The doc tries to plead her case again. “Look, everything’s going to be okay, sweetie.” Bo nods in confidence. “You’re right. Just as soon as I get out of here and figure out what happened to Kenzi.” Now the doc is getting pissed. She’s told Bo the why and wherefore of what she’s doing. Why won’t she fall in line and do as the doc tells her?! “Will you please just give me some time?” she snaps. “Time,” Bo snorts. “Sure,” she agrees with a sardonic shrug. “But if Kenzi dies, it’s on you.” The doc stares at her with silent desperation. “I just want you to know that,” Bo adds with clear threat and then sneers, “sweetie.” OH! Oh, I so enjoyed that! It’s about bloody time. Lemme rewind...yep, still awesome. 

Bo and her chains rattle back into the cell as the doc blinks repeatedly and then takes a deep breath in and out. Bo really scares her when she gets this way even though this is a core part of who Bo is, not even a Dark Bo aspect, but just the way Bo riles up when her people are in jeopardy and she’s thwarted in getting to them. Be interesting if she tries to come up with a shot to cure Bo of that too.

In some random cave, strewn with gold treasures, RealKenzi (RK) looks up at a noise. She’s bound and chained on a three-tiered stone dais. She calls out who’s there and then with desperate hope, “Bo?!” But no, it’s NK sauntering her skinny ass into view and RK’s face falls. “Oh, you should’ve seen me with Le Gang!” NK chortles. “I was so good!” She leans against her table of loot as RK examines her. “What— is that outfit?” Annoyed, NK says that Bo and she did a little shopping. “If you’re gonna rip off my look at least respect the Kenzi brand,” RK shoots back. “God, you look disgusting,” NK sneers. “Ever heard of blush?” RK doesn’t even bother to respond. She does look horrible, make up smeared from crying, roughed up and chained in a cave for three days.

NK hands over the silver bracelet on which she was gnawing earlier and says she got it for RK. “Bon appétit.” RK asks if she’s serious and NK snits “ungrateful much?” “An earring isn’t food! I’m starving!” RK shouts. “You ate three days ago,” NK points out. “Exactly!” retorts RK. “Okay, call me crazy but eating every day is a bit much, don’t you think?” This reminds NK to ask RK what kind of ice cream Bo likes. “You stay away from her,” RK threatens. NK insists she’s just trying to help. “Let’s be honest, your friendship needs a little reno.” She saunters back to the table. “Besti’s aren’t supposed to have secrets.” RK insists she and Bo don’t have secrets. “Really?” NK chirps, studying herself in a mirror. “Then why couldn’t you tell Bo about your rash?” RK wants to know how NK knows about her rash. “Where do you think you got it from?” NK answers. “The Norn,” RK duhs but she’s beginning to catch on. “What was in that bottle that –?”  “That spilled all over your arm?” NK finishes. “My powers. Don’t you get it?! My abilities were yours. You were, like, Fae.” RK can’t wrap her mind around the idea that she was Fae. “Aww, just like a human,” NK sneers. “Didn’t even know what you had.” She goes on to thanks Kenzi as it’s “so awesome” getting her glamour back. “You are so crazy,” RK whispers. NK: “Bo-Bo doesn’t think so. Actually, she thinks I’m you!” RK shakes her head, confident in her best friend, “she’ll never buy it.”

Okay, so Kenzi actually became Fae – but didn’t know it? She had the power to glamour—but never instinctively used it? Is this how NK knows so much about Kenzi’s life and secrets and relationships? Did she get a download of Kenzi’s mind, heart, and soul as well as her memories when she got her glamour back? So Kenzi became Fae without having to deal with all that means because she didn’t even realize it happened before she’s suddenly not Fae anymore? And, again, if she was Fae, why didn’t Dyson smell it on her? Now, she’s completely healed by this whacko bitch reclaiming her powers, conveniently no longer having to tell Bo how she got injured with the Fae juice in the first place and thus delaying even longer the revelation of Dyson’s returned love?! While I like that the show is finally resolving Kenzi’s rash, it’s a bit too neat, too “how do we write our way out of this and quickly?” But most importantly, Kenzi got juiced by The Norn (Freaking Norn!) seven episodes ago, the repercussions of which have been dragged out ever since, heavily implying a BFD denouement, and the entire fallout is resolved in a two minute monologue from the Fae of the Day? No. HELL no.

Hey, look at that. Looks like I did have a rant about this episode after all.

NK tries the softer side of insanity. She crouches before RK and tells RK not to worry. “I’m going to be such a good friend to Bo. God knows she needs me especially now.” RK looks at NK with the wide eyes of CRAZY BITCH IN DA HOUSE. NK tells RK to be happy for them. “What do you want from me?!” RK shouts at NK who springs to her feet and mimics RK word for word. “Dyson,” RK says with conviction, “can smell Fae. He’ll save me! He always does!” Yes he does; him and Bo both and RK’s unswerving faith in them is one of the tenants of her character. Nice to see that at least hasn’t changed. It’s so GOOD to see this show remember continuity again!

NK says Dyson won’t sniff her out if she “tops up” and she swipes her had across RK’s disgusted face. “Hmm. Just what I need.” She sniffs her hand loudly and then licks it before rubbing it all over her chest. Bleh. “A little more Eau de Kenzi.” RK glares up at her doppelganger. “Dyson. Bo. They’re ALL gonna come for me, you psycho!” NK smiles down patronizingly. “You sad, silly girl. Your friends don’t even know you’re missing!” She bears her ragged teeth and snarls the last of that line, finally pushed far enough to reveal a part of her true self. Confident she’s made her point, she sashays away. “Oh and I left some not-so-friendlies outside,” she calls back. Outside, we see two rabid, Reever-like Underfae, chained at the mouth of the cave and growling.

Back at The Dal (drink!), Bo is struggling with her chains when NK prances in. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” she sing songs. “What is that smell?!” Bo demands, which stops NK for a minute. “Smells like…dirt or clay.” “Or coconut!” NK chirps and displays the fact that she’s brought Bo her favorite ice cream. Exactly when did RK give her that intel? “I’m not hungry,” Bo says in a flat and deadly voice. NK sets it aside for later and as Bo watches, takes a big creepy whiff of it. “Actually,” Bo says standing up and going for friendly. “I changed my mind…whoever you are.” NK asks that Bo just call her Kenzi and Bo agrees and asks for some ice cream which delights NK. She scoops up a large dollop and scoots over to the cell to offer it to Bo. But Bo takes her wrist instead and pours on the succujuice.  She tells NK they can all be friends together. “We’ll go get Kenzi and then all is forgiven.” NK preens that is all she’s ever wanted. “I knew you could love me!” NK really thinks they’re in such a good place and smiling, Bo agrees again. “Just let me out of here and we’ll all be happy.” NK looks at Bo’s hand on her wrist and insists that they don’t need Kenzi. “You have me now. I will be a much better best friend.” Giving up the pretense, Bo jerks her forward. “I doubt that,” she sneers. “Because my best friend knows that I hate coconut ice cream. Kenzi’s alive! And she’s made you her little messenger.”

NK loses it. “Ugh, that bitch!” she screams as she jerks free from Bo. “That lying, human bitch!” She starts to unravel, hitting herself in the head and pulling her hair as she shrieks “why does this keep happening?! None of you will be my friend!” Bo recoils somewhat from the crazy. “Why does this keep happening?!” NK cries again. “Maybe because you’re completely insane!” Bo responds and NK glares at her and snarls. “Well, you are the one they’ve locked up!” Bo begins to threaten her but NK interrupts as she sidles up against the bars that if Bo misses Kenzi then she should take a good look because, “this is the last time you’ll ever see her face.” She snarls at Bo, bearing her ragged teeth and Bo recoils for real…just as Dyson opens the door. “Dyson!” Bo calls and NK flinches and powers down. She whirls around and with a gasp runs across the room and throws herself against Dyson. “Oh thank God! She’s trying to hurt me again.

As he glances across the room at a gaping Bo, it’s clear Dyson is catching on that something is not right here but he can’t pin it down. He holds Kenzi with one arm but doesn’t take his gaze from Bo as he asks her what’s going on here. “She’s gone totally Hannibal Lector,” NK says before Bo can get a word in. “I told you not to come in here,” Dyson says to NK. “Dyson, please,” Bo pleads. “Look at her! That is not Kenzi.” This is much different sitch than with Doctor Lauren because Dyson and Kenzi are so close outside of their relationships with Bo, a bond the doc does not share. Dyson is torn between the two women he loves most and, at the moment, has chosen to trust his cop instincts over his wolf man ones because he knows his objectivity is severely compromised. He doesn’t truly believe Bo is killing, but he can’t resolve the deaths another way yet, and then NK comes on and plays his every protective instinct. She has the inside skinny on him too and is pushing his every button. He’s going to be devastated when he learns how big a mistake he’s made here.

But because he trusts Bo as implicitly as she does him, he pauses and for a moment seriously studies NK as Bo waits desperately for him to get it. Dyson exhales heavily and finally, exasperated, he raises his arm at Bo. What do you want from me? She looks like Kenzi! “Come on,” he says to NK and with one last look back at Bo, he hustles NK out of the room. Bo releases the breath she was holding and depletes a bit. If Dyson can’t see it, she knows there’s no way of convincing anyone else and goes back to working at breaking the chains that bind her.

Tamsin slides into a limo to sit across from The Morrigan. “You texted?” Heh. The Morrigan has heard the good news. “Little birdie told me about the succubitch’s blow out at The Dal (drink!)” Tamsin couldn’t care less and tensely asks what The Morrigan wants. “Bo. Strung up and executed.” She details that Bo’s Dark Fae feed in a coma is eye witness to “how excessive her appetite has become.” She points out that Tamsin is a Valkyrie, “and we both know what that means.” I want to know what that means! The Morrigan orders Tamsin to wake up Coma Boy and get him to ID Bo. Tamsin angrily points out that doing such would leave Coma Boy a permanent vegetable. The Morrigan doesn’t care. “Oh boo.” Hee. “Don’t grow a conscience on me now.” She knows this “little errand” is right in Tamsin’s skill set. “You give me too much credit,” Tamsin says tightly. “And you don’t give me enough,” The Morrigan menaces back. She studies Tamsin for a moment as the Valkyrie stares out the window. “I hope you haven’t fallen in love with the Happy Sunshine Gang on your exchange program with the Light,” she sneers.  Tamsin gets her back up over the mere suggestion, probably because it’s true. “I am not one of them!” she denies hotly. The Morrigan agrees. “Your loyalties lie with me.” Unhappily, Tamsin says she’s on it and opens the door. “Cheers darling!” The Morrigan trills. “And, would it kill you to smile? All that attitude will only give you wrinkles.” Say, aren’t you, like, 30?

Back at The Dal, Dyson ushers NK back into the main room. “I knew you’d save me,” NK mewls as Dyson again looks back over his shoulder at where he left Bo. “You always do!” “What the hell were you doing down there?!” he demands. “I told you to stay away from her!” NK is taken aback and stumbles through the excuse that she just wanted to get Bo some ice cream. “I thought maybe if I was nice…” But Dyson’s suspicions are well and truly (if temporarily) roused and he gets his cop face on. “What happened when we went to see The Norn (Freaking Norn)?”NK stumbles again, “What?” “The Norn (Freaking Norn!)!” he says again, harshly. “What happened?!”

“She conned you!” NK shouts at him. “Like she always does, but I got your love back.” Dyson narrows his eyes, still suspicious. “How?” NK recoils. “Dyson,” she whispers. “HOW?!” he demands undaunted. “With a chainsaw!” NK finally shouts back. “I cut down her stupid tree and I forced her.” Dyson eases back a little at this because it’s true and he naively believes that only the real Kenzi would know it. NK presses her point. “And when The Garuda killed (Perfect)Ciara, I was the one who went back and saved your stupid wolf ass so why are you being so mean to me?” Oh, she is good. I wish they’d explained how she knows all this stuff though. RK sure didn’t tell her; I’m assuming it’s part of the whole glamour thing, that you get the person’s history along with her looks and mannerisms, but it really could’ve used a direct explanation. They’ve hit on a lot of important points—the sniffer issue for example— that to not clarify this one is distracting.

Dyson puts his hand on her shoulders from behind and softly apologizes. “I just had to be sure.” NK caresses his hand and then turns in his arms to cling to him. There’s one second where Dyson is caught by surprise—Real Kenzi never clings—but then he hugs her back. Outside the door, Tamsin slides into view and watches them unnoticed as Dyson rubs NK’s back and pecks her on the head. “I’m just so scared,” she whines. “I feel like I’ve lost my best friend.” Dyson reassures NK that she hasn’t lost Bo. “And you still got me. Right?” Aww. So sweet—if only it’d been said to the real Kenzi. “I don’t feel safe,” NK whispers against his shoulder. “I don’t want to go home.” Dyson is again puzzled by this NK moment —Bo isn’t home so there’s no issue about being safe—but he offers that NK can stay with him. This is exactly what she wants and, unseen by him she gets a wicked pleased smile on her face, one that clinches things for the observing Tamsin.

Back in the Keg Room, Bo is indulging in some despair as Tamsin enters and asks how it’s going over there. “From over here, it looks like those shackles are made from reinforced steel. Pretty strong stuff. And you’re looking weaker by the minute.” Bo snarks that’s just another reason not to waste breath talking to Tamsin. With a wrinkled nose of appreciation Tamsin notes that Bo doesn’t give up. “When it comes to Kenzi, no,” Bo states. Nice of you to remember that. “And I never will,” she adds. Tamsin decides that in that case, Bo is going to need some help. A surprised Bo points out that Tamsin wanted her locked out. “Ugh, I do,” Tamsin willingly admits. “But not like this. Anyway you’re going to need some help finding your little Goth friend. That thing is not Kenzi...but we need some proof.” I dig the fact that it’s Tamsin of all of them who’s the first to get that Kenzi has been replaced. Her observation isn’t clouded by the emotional angst of the others and so she sees most clearly what’s right in front of her. Plus, there’s the cop thing.

Bo gets to her feet with cautious hope. “This better not be a joke.” Tamsin dangles the key before her. “No joke.” Bo demands she open the cell, “we have to hurry” and Tamsin does so, handing over Bo’s dagger once she’s freed. “You mess this up all bets are off,” Tamsin warns her. Bo sheaths the dagger and heads for the door but stops as she realizes they still have to get past Dyson. “I think we have a little window of time,” Tamsin says.

They walk into The Dal—and run straight into a returning Dyson. Damn, he must drive fast to get NK over to his loft and back already. Bo: “Good plan!” Tamsin grimaces. “Guess that window closed.” Dyson looks past Tamsin to Bo. “What’s going on here?” he asks in THAT VOICE. Tamsin says she thought he was taking NK back to his place. “Change of plans,” he says getting wary. Guess he sent her off in a cab. “Why is Bo out of her bounds?!” Tamsin: “She needed some exercise.” Dyson stares past her at Bo who stares back and they have one of their charged nonverbal conversations. You should be in that cellI am not going back. Don’t make me do this, Bo. He sighs and turns to Tamsin who tells him they both know there’s only one way out of this. “I agree. And it’s back that way,” he insists, pointing toward the keg room. “I will stop you if I have to,” he warns.  Tamsin: “If there’s one thing I hate it’s a man getting in the way of what I want. It’s so retro.” Heh. Bo steps up to try and head them off at the pass. “Dyson, Kenzi is out there. You need to help us.” Dyson: “No, you need to go back, Bo. I made a promise!” This one confuses me. Promise to whom? The vow to Tamsin to follow the case through, because she’s the one breaking Bo out now. Or the original promise to Trick to look out after Bo? Or some off screen promise to NK?

“No!” Bo refuses. “Not until I find Kenzi.” At this point, he really needs to just figure out that she means it and go along with her as usual, but NK has messed too much with his head. Tamsin sighs and steps closer to him as she binds her hair up. “For the record,” she says softly, “I really didn’t want to have to do this.” She means it. “What,” Dyson snarks, “give up peacefully?” But Tamsin’s knowledge out strips them all in this, and it just makes her sad. “Funny. People never seem to learn. Don’t mess with a Valkyrie.”

She stares hard at Dyson with those wide blue eyes and tilts her head as he begins to grunt and struggle. His face wolfs out and he violently shakes it his head and growls. Nearly bent over, he retreats before an advancing Tamsin, whose face has transformed into a skeletal ghoul with large black eyes. Horrified, Dyson cringes before her. “What are you?!” he gasps. “What are you doing to him?” Bo asks, mildly concerned. “Bo needs help!” Dyson insists as Tamsin continues to advance. “She—she needs to be restrained.” Bo picks up a book from the bar. Tamsin’s face fades back to normal right before Bo hits Dyson over the head with the book, effectively ending Tamsin’s assault. “What was that?!” she demands of Tamsin. “Come on, Shawshank,” Tamsin says, ignoring the question. HA! “We’re running out of time.” Worried, Bo glances at the unconscious Dyson, but hurries off after Tamsin.

Under an overpass, Tamsin and Bo pedeconference as Bo explains how she saw NK’s teeny tiny teeth.  “Ugh, I think it’s a kitsune,” Tamsin says. “A Fox Fae,” she elaborates. I know at some point I’m gonna wind up typing kudzu for kitsune. Consider yourselves warned. Bo insists that they need to find NK and force her to take them to RK. But Tamsin thinks she knows a shortcut. “I did a job for a couple friends awhile back.” Bo stops her with a hand on her arm. “That’s not cryptic at all.” Tamsin twitches in place a bit. “Is Dyson going to be okay?” Bo asks, and Tamsin grimaces. “What did you do to him?” Tamsin admits that she just jammed his signals a bit. “A little doubt goes a long way. He’ll be,” and here she ducks her head because she likes Dyson and didn’t want to whammy him, “second guessing himself for a while but he’ll be fine,” she assures Bo. “Doubt, huh?” Bo snits because it looked a helluva lot worse than doubt. Tamsin gives her a sad smile. “It’s kinda my thing.” She circles the truck to the driver’s side as Bo says that it was intense. Tamsin undoes her hair and while fluffing it out, a large strand comes loose in her hands. There’s always a price for power. “Glad you enjoyed the show,” she murmurs as she lets the strand drop to the ground.  I like how they’re unfolding her back story here. It’s a gradual slow build with enough teases to make it interesting and without a massive info dump. Tricky to do well.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Trick puts down the book he’s reading as Doctor Lauren hurries in. How did she get down there without first stepping over Dyson’s unconscious body? The doc admits that Bo’s test results are baffling. That’s some damn quick lab work you got going on there, doc. “Her blood pressure is through the roof but her glucose levels come back completely normal.” But the most distressing thing is that Bo’s cells are dying. They’re being attacked and when Trick suggests a virus, Doctor Lauren says there’s no sign of infection. “Unless The Morrigan has found another way to attack Bo,” Trick suggests darkly. He asks after Doctor Lauren’s margin of error and she immediately gets offended. “I know how to conduct tests on my patients.” Trick is quick to say that’s not what he’s implying. “It’s just that science isn’t always exact.” Especially when dealing with supernatural creatures. This gets the doc’s back up even more if that’s possible. “Of course science is exact! These test results are just inconclusive.” Like the autopsy you ran on Blue. Interesting. She assures Trick it’s not a parasite, “that’s the first thing I checked.”

Trick softly suggests that Doctor Lauren may have missed something and she loses it. “I know the biochemical anatomy of my girlfriend!” she shouts at him. By the looks of things, that may be all you really know about your girlfriend, but whatever. She does that tight smile thing that she gives when trying to get control over her slips of temper. “I didn’t miss anything,” she says more calmly. “I’m telling you this is something that’s happening in Bo, not something that happened to her.”

“We’re both too close,” Trick allows. “Sometimes our emotions cloud our judgment.” Wow, there’s the anvil loving theme of the evening. He suggests that maybe they’re looking in the wrong place. Though still pissed off, Doctor Lauren considers his words…and glares at him. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” He’s the Blood King—there are epic tons of things he’s not telling you. But it’s clear that Trick is holding something back about Bo. He insists that they need more samples. “Leave nothing to chance.” The doc reluctantly agrees, but allows that she wants to check on Bo anyway. Trick agrees to go with her though by her expression, the doc is not happy about having his company. Naturally, they find Bo’s cell empty. How did they miss Dyson AGAIN? Must be secret stairways all around The Dal (drink!).

At a sorority, Tamsin and Bo interview a trio of kitsune. Wait, do all the girls in this sorority prance around in tank tops and short shorts? Tamsin introduces “her friend Bo” to Lola. “As in unaligned succubus, Bo?” Lola clarifies, entertained. “I heard she was in Hecuba Prison.” Kitsune #2: “I heard she went Dark.” Kitsune #3: “I heard she was pretty.” Tamsin frowns at this one. Are you kidding me?  “This girl’s all pasty,” Kitsune #3 duhs with a gesture toward Bo. HA! A petulant Bo snarks about missing college and Tamsin rolls her eyes. “Oh-kay.” She describes who they’re looking for to the pack of kitsune and they immediately identifyInari, aka NK, who is no friend to anybody. Kitsune #3: “One time I woke up and Inari was just there—like staring at me.” Kitsune #2: “One time, she used my toothbrush, like in her mouth.” Kitsune #3: “Not to mention your boyfriend…in her mouth.” Kitsune #2 growls at Kitsune #3 who huffs. Lola rolls her eyes, but admits it got so crazy they booted Inari from the sorority. Kitsune #2 adds that Inari burned down their old den and the sorority house and that’s when they hired Tamsin as security. Tamsin explains to Bo that she made Inari doubt herself and her friends and told her The Norn (Freaking Norn!) could grant Inari a wish. “For a price,” Bo adds. Tamsin adds that the one thing Inari really wanted was a friend, “so she agreed to make a trade but she didn’t know that the Norn (Freaking Norn!) would take her glamour powers. Without them, she couldn’t feed.” Yes but how does she feed? Because we’ve yet to see evidence of her feeding on anything. Kitsune #2 adds that not being able to kitsune-out made Inari go “cray cray.”

Bo asks if The Norn (Freaking Norn!) still has Inari’s powers bottled up. “411 is some human chick busted in The Norn’s (Freaking Norn), went all lumberjack on her tree. Spilled a bottle of Inari juice all over herself,” Lola says knowingly. “And when Inari found out,” Kitsune #3 interjects, “Inari went on this bender and stalked the poor thing to get her powers back.” With horror, Bo realizes they’re talking about Kenzi. “Why would Kenzi see The Norn (Freaking Norn!)?!” Oh honey, the quicker you get to that reason, the better all of us will be – but mostly you. And Dyson.

Recognizing that they need to get moving, Tamsin asks if any of the kitsune know where Inari is at right now. Kitsune #2 eagerly begins to share about when they used to fight but her sister cuts her off. “Shut up, Kasey!” Lola snaps. “Yeah Kasey,” Kitsune #3 snits. Hee. “I don’t want her coming after us,” Lola adds. But Kasey isn’t worried. “It’s cool. Tam Tam’s our friend.” Tamsin makes a face. “Well…” But Kasey trundles on that sometimes Inari crashed in this creepy cave near the old dump by the highway. Lola warns Bo and Tamsin not to underestimate Inari. “I wouldn’t want to be that human.” Bo stares at her, more worried for Kenzi than ever.

Back at The Dal (drink!), Trick and Doctor Lauren finally discover knocked-out Dyson. They help him up with effort until he leans against a pillar. The doc asks if he’s okay and he gives her a do I look okay? look.” “Where are they? Where did they go?” he asks, glancing over his shoulder into The Dal (drink!). Trick frantically asks after Bo but Dyson is still well and properly whammied. He shakes his head once. “I don’t know!” Fascinated, the doc peers at him. “Your…pupils keep dilating. Dyson, what happened?” But Dyson is still trying to make sense of this himself. “Did you want me to let them go?” he asks Trick in a bewildered voice. “Oh, you’re not making sense,” Trick returns. “Where’s Bo?” he says slow and loudly in the strained tones of someone trying to communicate with another who doesn’t speak the same language.

Dyson rolls his head and then gets an epiphany that it was Tamsin. “Tamsin took her?” Doctor Lauren repeats with alarm. “Where? The Morrigan?!” Dyson immediate denies this. “No, no. They went—God! – they went to look for the real Kenzi.” Why this doesn’t immediately make all three of them realize Bo is right completely baffles me. Dyson rubs his temples. “What did she do to me?” he moans. Trickopedia, naturally, makes instant sense of it all. “Valkyries use their power of intimidation to spread and plant doubt.” He adds to Doctor Lauren that it’s a potent tool of war. “Her face…changed,” Dyson gasps, riveted by the memory. Trick gently explains that Valkyries only reveal their true selves to their opponents. “It’s part of their deception.”

Dyson is putting the piece together. “Bo!” He shakes his head again, trying to shake off the whammy. “I gotta find Bo!” He struggles to get to his feet but Trick stops him. “The effects take time to wear off. You’ll still be doubting your thoughts and your feelings for awhile. Even when you feel like you might be back to your old self, you still might be under her spell.” Anvil! Anvil alert!! But Dyson resists, fixated on his need to find Bo. “No. No, no, no, I gotta find Bo.” Doctor Lauren insists he go home and sleep it off. Interestingly, neither of them knows that NK is at his loft. Squinting as though the light itself bothers him, Dyson finally agrees.

Still squinting, Dyson enters his loft and calls for Kenzi…who is in his shower. Noticing where she is—and that she’s naked—he steps back into the hall to get away from the water noise to make a phone call. He rubs his head as it rings. Meanwhile, NK finishes her shower. In Tamsin’s car, she looks at her ringing phone and announces to Bo that Dyson is calling. “Hey boy,” she answers with a smile. Next to her, Bo pops forward in the seat to better hear the conversation. Dyson thanks her for the hangover headache. “Didn’t even have the pleasure of getting drunk with you first.” Tamsin snarks that the pleasure was all hers. “I know your game now, Tamsin,” Dyson warns as, behind him, NK crosses the room clad only in a towel. “I’m going to see it coming next time,” he says. “So like a man,” Tamsin chides as NK picks up Dyson’s shirt and inhales deeply from it. It’s hard to blame her—I’m told KHR smells delicious. “Always begging for a next time,” Tamsin sneers. Beside her, Bo is a coil of nerves having to wait and see how this convo plays out. Dyson reveals that he told Trick Tamsin would not take Bo to The Morrigan. “I gave you my word, didn’t I?” Tamsin snaps, no longer amused. Dyson nods, but has to admit he’s afraid her word isn’t worth much. In the background, NK drops her towel, revealing hot pink lace panties and a stunning bare back. Nearly nekkid NK coyly looks over her shoulder at Dyson.

Dyson’s words sting and Tamsin grimaces as she falls back in her seat, Bo mirroring her movements. “I’m helping Bo find the real Kenzi,” she tells him, snark free. Dyson asks if that’s a trick (heh) too as NK shrugs into his shirt. “No,” Tamsin answers, snark back in form. “But this is.” She disconnects and tosses the phone out the window. “What was that?!” Bo asks, completely unsure what she just sort of witnessed. “Bad reception,” Tamsin says. Dyson calls her name into the phone but only gets a dial tone. “Dammit,” he mutters and turns to see NK in his shirt. “Hi! You’re home,” she says sweetly. “Yeah, what’s left of me,” he returns casually, shutting the door and pocketing his phone. He’s still actively trying to shake of the whammy. “Feel like I left my head under the boulder that crushed it.” NK pops the collar on his shirt and leans forward suggestively. “Hmm. Poor, poor wolf pup,” she drawls, popping the Ps. Dyson sniffs at her gibe. Ha ha. “It’s nothing a nap won’t cure,” he assures her, turning to the lockers that serve as his closet to remove his vest. NK sidles over and shows that she’s only buttoned one button on the shirt. Dyson squints at her as he shucks his vest and sizes her up and down once and quickly. His pinging on something being wrong but the whammy to the head is making him doubt what he knows for sure—Kenzi would never dress or behave like this around him. “How ‘bout you take the bed,” he offers.

“Really?!” NK says with alarm. She then goes into her spiel about how she would feel much safe with Dyson close by. The floor is close by, skank. Whoops. Sorry. I’m trying to keep innie thoughts from becoming outie ones…well, when I say “trying” I really mean “not in the least bit.” Dyson squints and frowns some more and NK hurries to remind him that she’s small and won’t take up too much room. He unbuttons his shirt and shakes his head but NK pleads with him. “Please Dyson. Please. Just until I fall asleep.” He rubs his temples again, noisily drops his hand, and gives in.

Dyson slams his gun on the bedside table by habit (ANVIL ALERT) and collapses into the bed totally done in. I’m very pleased to see him wearing a tank top undershirt (no one’s more shocked than I by that statement). Even fog headed, Dyson knows it would be totally inappropriate for him to share a bed with Kenzi without a shirt. Slowly, predator-like, NK climbs up the length of him, beside him, and then settles down on his chest. Dyson jerks up—what the hell are you doing—but she’s down before he can do more than register it.  His right arm is spread wide—he does NOT want to touch her in any situation involving a bed. “Thank you,” she mewls and looks up at him. “I feel so much better.” If this situation weren’t so deeply creepy, his expression would be hilarious.  What is Kenzi’s head doing on my chest in my bed? He frowns down at her but with his head so messed up he can’t resolve his instincts with his heightened doubts. He awkwardly pats her shoulder and then puts his arm down on the bed away from her nearly nekkid body. “Just try to get some sleep,” he reluctantly suggests. Very happy, NK smiles and snuggles against him. Oh, this is so not going to end well.

In the woods—why again are they in the woods? Isn’t the cave supposed to be by the highway?—Tamsin leads the way down a trail, Bo barely keeping up behind her. Tamsin asks if Bo is okay back there or if she “needs to sit down.” Despite her lack of breath, Bo insists that she’s “good.” Tamsin offers to take a break as Bo bends over to catch her breath. “This isn’t a break.” Tamsin rolls her eyes, sure it isn’t. “This is me relishing the chance to grill you,” Bo continues. She asks if this is what Tamsin does for fun, “track people?” Tamsin says she did once do it for fun—“past life, past tense. And it wasn’t always this much fun,” she admits. Bo wants to know how “did” a bounty hunter like Tamsin wind up becoming a cop here.  Tamsin dismisses it as a special assignment. “I pissed off the wrong people.” Something Bo has in common with her. Bo takes this as more snark and wearily insists “no really, I’m really asking.” Tamsin retorts that she’s not really listening. But before their tête-á-tête can continue, Bo pings on the same smell she scented when NK came into the keg room. What, is everyone getting a super sniffer now? She explains the ice cream scenario and clay-like smell to Tamsin. “It’s getting stronger.” Tamsin, with some skepticism, asks, “Is that a succubus thing?” “No,” Bo grouses wearily, “it’s a new thing.” She strides off in the direction her sniffer tells them to go but is stymied by a shot of pain and barely catches herself on a tree. Tamsin idles over, unconcerned as Bo moans. “You’re not okay,” she points out. Bo tells her not to worry about it. “We need to keep moving.”

Okay, I don’t know who wrote this one but everything is spot on from dialogue to situation to true to character moments. Everyone is firing on all cylinders tonight but it’s especially gold for Kenzi and Tamsin. Ksenia is amazing in this episode, commanding every moment no matter which Kenzi she plays. Tamsin’s lines and interaction are particularly strong in this episode, a well-rounded character that’s still majorly an unknown but written and portrayed so beautifully as to make her ever more intriguing. This is the show I fell for—where the hell have you ‘bean’?!

Back in Dyson’s loft, NK’s eyes pop open. She spreads her hands across sleeping Dyson’s chest. Slowly she raises herself up and—EW!—straddles him. Her hands slide up his chest, her body right behind them as she clutches the pillow on either side of his head and licks him from chin to the tip of his nose. I’m torn between an intense feeling of YUCK and wondering how much they cracked up filming this scene. This finally rouses Dyson. He wipes his face off. “What the hell was that?!” SUCH a good question!

“Come on, Dyson,” NK whispers. “We’re finally alone.” She sits up on his lap as he continues to squint and frown still struggling to make sense of what’s going on. She lunges back down toward his face without warning. “Don’t tell me you never thought about this before.” Ah, going by the disgust building on his face, I’m gonna go with no, he NEVER THOUGHT OF IT. Good grief, Kenzi is practically his sister! This whole time, Dyson never touches her, his arms deliberately is subconsciously spread away from her. NK kisses him. She moans and wiggles against him and this is finally the thing that brings Dyson to his senses. He picks her up and with a growl, throws her across the room!

“Ah. This isn’t happening!” he denies, still shaking off the whammy. Crouched on his bed, looking remarkably like the creepy thing from The Ring movies, NK is letting her crazy run free. “You can do whatever you want,” she whispers. Dyson’s brow furrows. I don’t want to do anything with Kenzi! NK growls and prowls her way across the bed toward him. Breathing heavily, Dyson growls back. “I could be your slave, Dyson,” NK vows as she climbs up his body. “And you could be mine!” But the light has finally dawned in Dyson’s horrified mind.  He grabs her shoulders. “Bo was right,” he gasps. “You are NOT!” he shouts and throws her across the bed again and she bares her kitsune teeth, “Kenzi,” he ends in a whisper, finally realizing how badly he screwed up.

Enraged, NK growls and screams and Dyson wolfs out enough to growl back at her—I am loving this “growl off”, I have to say. Spying his gun, NK scrambles for it. Dyson practically gapes at her—Tamsin’s doubt or the incongruous image of Kenzi holding a gun on him?  “I—just—want to love you,” NK gasps out. Dyson swats the gun away. NK snarls—my closed captions actually say “RAWR”—and grabs his throat. Dyson clutches her wrist and wolfs out again and then there’s this horrible crunching sound as he gives one last satisfied snarl.

Cut to Kenzi’s cave where she calls weakly for Inari. How she learned the Fae’s name is another eh, whatever moment. “Hello? I take back what I said. Your outfit isn’t totally hein” (as in heinous). Heh. But Inari doesn’t answer because she’s too busy trying to grossly bang Dyson in Kenzi’s body. “Where are you?” Kenzi whispers. Then, from the cave entrance, the unmistakable sound of a hungry Reever Underfae. He rushes Kenzi, but at the last minute, his chain tether yanks him back. Kenzi screams Russian at it and throws various pieces of debris that surround her at him. “Get out!” He retreats, snarling, but his chain is loosening. Done with being a victim, Kenzi reaches for the bear trap around her ankle and begins the struggle to get free. Panting, she spies a jagged rock just out of her reach. “May the Force…” she mutters, crawling down the stone steps, “be...with…me!” She strains for the rock to no avail. Struggling weakly back onto her perch, her gaze falls on the discarded earring appetizer. “Not exactly a bobby pin, but…” She studies the earring with renewed hope. “Sorry guys,” she says toward the Underfae. “I ain’t dog food.” She pulls her bear trapped foot over andwhispers, “didn’t say I learned me some skills,” before she goes to work on the padlock goes to work.

Doctor Lauren bursts into Dyson’s loft. Doesn’t anybody in this damn show ever lock their doors?! “Dyson, I came as soon as I could!” Dyson sits on the bed cradling NK’s body across his lap. “I killed her!” he cries, devastated. “I think I killed her!” I’m pretty sure he snapped her neck. The doc opens her case and asks what happened. “I don’t know! I—I don’t think this is Kenzi, but—” the doc checks NK’s pulse and puts her wrist over NK’s bloody mouth to check if she’s breathing. “She’s not changing back!” Dyson shouts, sobbing, wrecked because in his wretched doubt, he’s afraid he may actually have killed Kenzi. This is partially the after effects of the whammy, but it’s also his deep love for Kenzi and the whammy has simply loosened his normal emotional restraints to strip him raw.

“She had this face; it wasn’t Kenzi!” He stops and looks down at the dead woman in his lap. “Please tell me this isn’t her!” he yells at Doctor Lauren. She jumps but keeps gloving up as she orders Dyson to lay NK flat. He does with effort, still not at 100% himself, and again yells at Doctor Lauren, “Why isn’t she changing back?!” They both know a Fae reverts to its true form when it dies. Doctor Lauren orders him to try to be calm as she tests NK. He struggles for control and cradles NK’s head as the doc takes a swab of the blood on her mouth. Dyson loses his shit over NK as Doctor Lauren swirls the swab in the test tube fluid, and it turns blue. Not pregnant!

“It’s Fae,” Doctor Lauren says very quiet. Dyson’s head pops up: What did you say?!?! “She’s fae?” he confirms, too afraid to believe it right away. This is both good and very bad news for them both. Doctor Lauren is fixated on the test tube and now she’s the one close to tears as her face falls. I’m certain Bo’s words I will never forgive you for this are echoing in her head right now. “Bo was telling the truth,” she says with horror. Yup, you screwed this one up royally, doc—again. Dyson is trying to work through it. “But she smells like Kenzi.” The doc rolls her eyes exasperated with herself this time. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? “Some Fae have strong powers of deception,” she geeks out, “she could’ve used Kenzi to –” But Dyson doesn’t need an explanation. Overcome with relief, he leaps up and pulls the doc into a tight hug. Startled, she holds on to him loosely, test tube and swab still in hand. It’s a little funny; she genuinely does not know how to handle an affectionate gesture from Dyson, especially given her normal attitude toward him specifically in relation to Bo. “Thank you,” Dyson says emotionally, squeezing her tight. “Thank you, (Doctor) Lauren.” The doc’s expression is reams of tragic; there’s an awful reckoning in her near future—especially if Kenzi dies.

He pulls back as Doctor Lauren assures him that it’s okay. “Bo was right,” he says woefully. “And we didn’t believe her,” the doc adds, equally upset. Yup. Dyson realizes that if the dead woman in his bed is an imposter, “Kenzi’s missing.” Joker, Joker, AND a triple! Thank for joining the show, wolf man. Doctor Lauren adds, “And so is Bo,” except Bo isn’t really missing, she’s just run out on you. Dyson assures her he can track them by their scent and with a reassuring pat for Doctor Lauren—don’t worry—he heads off to do so.

Out in the woods, Bo and Tamsin journey on. “Jeez, you sound like you smoke 8 packs a day! Take a knee, soldier,” Tamsin snarks. Though she only moving forward by going from tree to tree, Bo insists she must keep going. “Find Kenzi” but she’s cut off as she trips and falls to the ground. Tamsin grouses silently as Bo moans that this is all her fault. “I am a terrible friend.” We’ve been saying that for five episodes, darling! Tamsin disagrees with feeling. “Are you kidding me? My friends wouldn’t even walk two blocks if I was stuck in a bear trap.” “Then you need new ones,” Bo decides fiercely. Anvil! But yes, that is the point and by the look on Tamsin’s face, she knows it. Almost in spite of herself, she asks what’s so great about Kenzi anyway.

On hands and knees, Bo tries to articulate all that Kenzi is to her. “She’s ah—she’s Kenzi,” she says with a bewildered smile. Her blatant love for her friend makes Tamsin uncomfortable, mostly because no one’s ever looked that way about her before. “She’s smart and honest and kind,” Bo continues breathlessly. “And she makes me feel normal. And special. All at the same time.” Tamsin ducks her head. “Oh,” she says, very, very softly. “She is my heart, Tamsin” Bo cries as one arm gives out under her.” And I don’t even know how long she’s been missing! She kept trying to tell me something and I wouldn’t even listen to her!” EXACTLY. She looks up at Tamsin. “Promise me that if something happens…” Tamsin fidgets in place – another promise these people are asking her to make to them. “Promise me that you will find her,” Bo pleads emotionally. (Oh, MAJOR FAIL in the cuts there, show.)

Tamsin falls back on her defensive smirk. “Okay, why don’t we save this guilt trip for later? We’re hunting kitsune! Get in the game!”She orders with some helpful clapping. Bo nods but struggles to stand. Tamsin finally thinks to ask when Bo last fed. “I don’t know,” she admits. “I can’t remember.” Tamsin fidgets some more. “You need a snack, so,” she clears her throat, uncomfortable to be making the offer as it’s actually instigating something selfless, “you can feed off of me,” she mumbles and looks off to the side. Bent over with her hands on her knees, Bo gapes up at her. “I kind of hate you,” she admits, surprising no one.  “I don’t exactly love it either, but I need you cranked to 11, okay?!” Tamsin snaps, annoyed. “Inari is a ballsy bitch and shit will definitely get real so feed off of me!” Bo struggles to get upright. “You tell anyone about this—and I will kill you.” Tamsin yeah yeah yeahs but Bo doesn’t waste any more time and grabs Tamsin to drink her down. After a moment, as Tamsin face starts to suck inwards, she shoves Bo off her. “I said feed on me, not suck me dry!” she yells. Ha! I love how Tamsin is so NOT into Bo! Even getting the succubus kiss doesn’t turn her into a mewling sycophant.

Bo is jonesing off Tamsin’s taste. “Wow,” she gasps. “That was amazing! I’ve never tasted chi like that!” Tamsin preens: “It’s not the first time someone’s said that about me.” Heh. “It was incredible,” Bo exhorts. “But different,” she adds suddenly suspicious and Tamsin loses her smile. She clears her throat. “Well,” she chirps, turning her back on Bo and jerking the sides of her jacket together. “Glad you’re sufficiently juiced.” They journey on, round a tree and spot Inari’s cave. “We’ve got company,” Bo says as she spies the UnderFae at the entrance and Tamsin notes that they appear to be guarding something in that cave. Ya think?! “Kenzi,” Bo concludes. She draws her dagger. “Let’s do this!”

Back at The Dal (drink!), Trick is in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) when Doctor Lauren returns. “Finally!” he greets her and immediately asks if she redid the samples. Sure, just as soon as she verified NK wasn’t RK. Oh, and by the way, we were all wrong and Bo was right, says Doctor Lauren not at all. Doctor Lauren tightly admits that she did as he asked but the results were the same. “Her cells are being destroyed and then replaced. They’re being replaced.” Trick insists she must have done something wrong. “Trick!” she snaps, right on the edge.  She reels herself back barely. “The results are accurate,” she lectures him. “I know what I’m doing.” Trick finally accepts this and all his energy seeps from him. “Now what are you not telling me?” she asks. “It’s impossible,” Trick says. “It’s too soon. Unless something triggered it.” Like, say, the Super Succubus? Doctor Lauren is freaking out. “What?” she mewls, “What’s too soon?!”

“We have to prepare for Bo’s return,” Trick non answers, “if Dyson can find her.” Oh come on. When hasn’t he found her?! “When,” Doctor Lauren corrects him. “When Dyson finds her.” Exactly. “When,” Trick concedes, not meaning to imply differently. He says he needs to make up an herbal tonic and could use Doctor Lauren’s help with it.

Back in the cave, Kenzi struggles with the padlock. “Come on!” she shouts. This triggers the UnderFae who comes running at her, swiping its arms wide. Kenzi frantically jiggles the padlock and it finally releases. She scrambles back onto the stones as the UnderFae gives one last grotesque snarl—and falls face first onto the ground with Bo’s dagger in its back. Equally shocked, Kenzi and Bo gape across the distance at one another for a moment and then Bo hurries over to hold her close. “I knew you’d come,” Kenzi says, trembling. Bo closes her eyes. “You’re okay,” she gasps and pulls back to check for herself. “You’re okay.” Kenzi quietly confesses that’s she’s not. “I just want a burger,” and Bo laughs with relief. “And fries. And then a second burger.” Bo promises her anything that she wants.

Suddenly, the not-so-dead UnderFae stumbles up again to attack. Before Bo and Kenzi can do more than boggle, Dyson rears up behind it and snaps its neck. Bo exhales with relief as Kenzi whispers his name. Bo moves to Kenzi’s side to make room for Dyson and wraps an arm tightly around Kenzi’s shoulders. He steps into the space she’s made for him and crouches before Kenzi. “There you are,” he murmurs, smiling with love and relief. He’s gripping Kenzi and Bo’s clasps hands and Bo’s forearm. “I’m so sorry,” he says and then directly to Bo, “I should’ve known.” Yes, you of all people should’ve known, you beautiful dumbass, but you got seriously played on several fronts too. “There is a lot of blame to go around,” Bo assures him. “C’mon. Help me get her out of this horrible place.” Dyson says he’s got Kenzi and sends Bo to help Tamsin, whom I guess he breezed right by to get to Bo and Kenzi. Outside, Tamsin falls back before her UnderFae opponent, drained enough, I’m guessing, from Bo’s feed to be more vulnerable than usual. Bo steps up behind the UnderFae, wraps its chain around its neck and strangles it.

“Wow,” Tamsin allows. “Yeah!” Bo agrees. “Guess I owe you one,” Tamsin offers. “I’d say we’re more than even,” Bo corrects.

A movement at the mouth of the cave catches Tamsin’s attention. Cradling Kenzi like she’s something precious (‘cause she is) Dyson helps her out into the light. “Kenzi,” Tamsin murmurs with a chin jerk in their direction. Bo whirls around to see them and a beautiful smile lights up her face. She immediately crossed back to her family and Kenzi falls into her arms, crying. Dyson releases Kenzi with a resigned grimace and a hard sigh. He meets Bo’s gaze over Kenzi’s shoulder and nods. It’s okay. I geddit. The camera cuts back to Tamsin who watches the reunion with a soft smile. She chews on her bottom lip to keep tears from falling. She so wants what they have, wants to be a part of the love Bo and Dyson have for Kenzi, the friendship and deep bond they share. The camera cuts back to Bo, Kenzi, and Dyson. And because Bo, however mad she may be, gets it too, she reaches for Dyson’s shoulder to make him part of the hug and, with a relieved smile, he clasps her arm. I love, love, love, love, LOVE every single beat in this scene. They all rock the nonverbal work so hard. Dear LAWD how I’ve missed the three of them together like this. Family. TOO BLOODY LONG, show! Bo steps back from Kenzi and they share a wordless “Okay?” “Okay.” Bo turns back to Tamsin as Dyson puts his arm around Kenzi and holds her close. It’s gonna be a long time before he lets her out of his sights again without worrying.

Caught, Tamsin glances at the ground and then, cautiously, as though more than half expecting to get smacked again like some abused puppy, she looks raises her gaze to the three of them and lets them see the emotion she feels. Bo smiles at her—thanks—and Dyson just looks at his partner with a steady, content expression. You did itThank you for saving my family. Bo turns back to Kenzi and pets her hair as Kenzi smiles wanly and burrows into Dyson as he smiles down into Bo’s face. It’s such a strong Mom-and-Dad-cradle-their-once-lost-now-found- child-between-them vibe. They are all each other’s touchstones. This is their core pack.

In Tolkien’s Lair, Kenzi is asleep on the couch with Doctor Lauren crouched by her head. “She’s finally asleep,” the doc murmurs with affection, which is—weird. Oh, wait, I got so caught up in how this episode was so Back to the Real Show, I forgot they dicked with the doc and Kenzi’s relationship. My bad. “I’ve never seen her eat so much,” Bo admits. “And that’s saying something.” It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

“Bo,” the doc begins without looking up and Bo shoots her a sharp look. After a weighty pause, Doctor Lauren meets her gaze. “I really screwed up –” she starts but Bo cuts her off. “I really can’t right now,” she says harshly and with an unfriendly look. The doc nods as her face falls. The only sound in the room is the tick of Trick’s clock. Bo studies the doc’s crushed expression for a moment and then tells her with a small smile that it’s okay. But the smile drops right away and it’s clear that it is very much NOT okay. Also, I think there’s some guilt mixed in there for herself too because she neglected Kenzi so badly in favor of sexing up with the doc. “I’m just glad she’s safe,” Bo says with a nod to Kenzi and another smile that again only lasts for as long as Doctor Lauren is looking. Then the glare immediately returns and—whoa, I would not want to be on the receiving end of that look.

I really, really, really hope they don’t brush this off, that future episodes continue Bo’s realization of Doctor Lauren’s true nature. “Duty before booty” was a mean joke, but it was also true. But if the first bunch of episodes this season are anything to go by, I’m not holding my breath. Expect we’ll be back to DOCTOR LAUREN IS THE BEST EVAH very quickly. But for the moment, I am reveling in what was very nearly a perfect episode. Everyone’s screen time evenly balanced, excellent character development, a great script, faithfulness to the everyone’s true character, no gratuitous sexing or nekkidness, and the core trio back together, even if only for the moment and because of some really nasty, nasty stuff. I’ll take it!

The sound of footsteps brings Bo’s head up and she and Doctor Lauren get to their feet as Trick enters in with Dyson at his back. I guess he was giving The Blood King the full debrief. “I see the sedative has kicked in,” Dyson observes with one glance at Kenzi. He and Doctor Lauren exchange a quick look: he nods, she glances away. He glides forward and exchanges one of those speaking looks they do with Bo before he takes her place at Kenzi’s feet.

“How are you feeling after your milkshake?” Trick asks, avuncular and a little formal. Interestingly, for being the instigator of locking Bo up, she has none of the antagonizing response to him that she exhibits towards Doctor Lauren or even the initial mad she showered on Dyson. Bo admits she had to drink another milkshake to get rid of the taste of Trick’s herbal tonic. Trick smiles, remarkably less tense and upset than he was a moment ago. Maybe it’s as simple as just because Bo and Kenzi are both back home safe. “What was in that thing?” Trick spreads his arms, “tastes awful, but it works!” he non-answers again. When will they make something that tastes good AND is good for you?!

Back in her professional mien, Doctor Lauren gives the lowdown on Bo’s physical condition that her fever is down (she had a fever?!) and her vitals are back to normal. “So I’d say she’s stable.”  Trick says that’s good, but the concoction is only a stop gap measure. “We’ll have to monitor you more carefully from now on,” he tells Bo.

She again and emotionally asks him what’s happening to her. Dyson, quietly watching everything, flicks his eyes from Bo to Trick. He doesn’t seem at all surprised or worried. Go on, tell her. Trick shares this speaking glance with Dyson and exhales hard, bracing himself. “The Dawning,” he announces. Beside him, Doctor Lauren’s gaze ping pongs from Trick to Dyson to Bo and then back and forth between Bo and Dyson. Wait, what? Her whole manner is I missed something. What did I miss?  I think Trick downloaded Dyson during his debriefing. Plus, he’s 1000 years old and, as a Fae, it’s likely he had to go through his own Dawning changeover. “An ancient Fae evolution,” Trick explains. “A moment of choice. It’s just happening 200 years too soon.”

“The Dawning?!” Doctor Lauren interjects. “I’ve only heard whispers of it. So little is written about it.” Trick tosses off that it’s not for her kind to understand and the doc is once again immediately offended. “Well, it is if you need my help,” she snits back. To his credit, Trick is immediately contrite—again. “No, of course!” he agrees and pats her arm to reinforce his sincerity. But the truth of the matter is that this is not Trick’s first slip in his bias against humanity this season. It’s beginning to feel like there’s something more going on here. “What now?” Bo asks and Trick requests that she and Doctor Lauren come with him. He leads the way through to the back of Tolkien’s Lair. Doctor Lauren stares at Bo for a moment but when she looks at Dyson, the doc turns to follow Trick from the room. Bo grabs Dyson’s shoulder and he meets her gaze and nods. “I’ll stay with her,” he reassures her in THAT VOICE. Bo smiles—I know you will—and heads off after the doc and Trick. Dyson looks after her his concern evident.

In a hospital room, Tamsin hovers over Coma Boy. That is some swanky hospital room with—is that a double bed?! I can’t determine if this is a Dark Fae hospital or a human one. Have to assume it’s Dark Fae and—dayam. Doctor Lauren chose the wrong faction to which to be enslaved. These guys got toys. Tamsin stares down at Coma Boy, narrows her eyes, and tilts her head the same way she did when she put the whammy on Dyson. Plus we get a whoosy music track. Without opening his eyes, Coma Boy asks where he is and Tamsin answers coldly that he’s in a hospital. “You were in a coma.” She glances over to the door, then tells Coma Boy she needs to ask him a few questions. She reminds him how he was attacked outside The Dal, shows him a picture of Bo and asks if it’s the person who attacked him. As he glances at the photo, Coma Boy begins to writhe in pain and begs her to make it stop, but Tamsin is relentless. “Is this who attacked you?” Coma Boy admits that it’s her. Frowning, Tamsin crumples the photo. Coma Boy cries and begs for Tamsin to make the pain stop. Scowling, she glances down at him. He grunts in pain. The whoosy sound plays again. Coma Boy sighs with relief, but Tamsin looks away as he dies. I have a feeling that’s new for her. A moment later, the sound of a flat-lined heart echoes from the machines.

Tamsin saunters into the hallway as the Code Blue alarm sounds from the speakers. The Morrigan waits for her. “Is he awake?” she asks. “He was,” Tamsin confirms. The Morrigan asks what happened. “He didn’t talk, he’s dead,” Tamsin partially lies without flinching. I dig that she’s the one Fae who doesn’t fear anyone –which raises the question of what they could possibly have on her to make her turn cop and partner with Dyson. The Morrigan isn’t buying it and offers for Tamsin to take a minute. “Think this through before you commit. You sure this is how you want to play it?” But Tamsin has seen the Happy Sunshine Gang in action now…and she’s given Dyson her word. She’s not going to give Bo over to The Morrigan. She merely smiles confidently at Evony. “Bold move,” The Morrigan acknowledges. “See ya around,” Tamsin sneers and exits. “Bet on it,” The Morrigan sneers.

Underneath The Dal (drink!), Trick precedes Bo and Doctor Lauren down steps in a hallway that look like it would better fit Hilton Hovel (drink!). “The Dawning is a Rite of Passage that every Fae must undergo,” Trick explains as he and his World War II lantern lead the way. That answers the question of whether Dyson’s gone through it. “It’s a grueling process that takes years to prepare for!” he admits. “But with the right training, they pass.” Bo asks if everyone passes and Trick has to admit that they don’t.

They pause at the bottom of the steps. “Well,” Doctor Lauren asks as she grasps the implications, “what happens if they fail?” Trick says if they fail, they devolve. “That’s why you could smell the clay from the kitsune’s cave. An acute sense of smell is the first sign of devolution.” He’s pretty blasé for a guy who just told his granddaughter she’s de-evolving. Trick shoves the lantern at Doctor Lauren and opens a heavy wood door. Inside there’s another cell and Trick wordlessly directs a wary Bo toward it. She approaches cautiously, which is good because as the doc shines the light on the grotesque UnderFae inside, he lunges for Bo. “What is that?” Bo gasps. “It’s some kind of UnderFae,” Doctor Lauren offers tentatively. “It was also a satyr,” Trick intones darkly, “before it failed its Rite of Passage.” Horrified, Bo turns away from the snarling creature. “Is that going to happen to me?” Trick non-answers one more time. “We’ve have a lot of work to do.” Bo and Doctor Lauren gape at each other and Trick at the horror that awaits them.

End Credits.

I have so many questions! Has Trick been keeping that thing down there all this while? Or did he order it special for Bo? There’s a market for that? Is that the Troll’s cell? Where did he move the troll before he installed the satyr? Who feeds that thing anyway? Does this mean that all UnderFae are Fae who failed to pass The Dawning, like some supernatural Reevers?

Also, while this is not at all the way I expected the Dark Bo storyline to go—I was betting on dual personalities or a full on Galadriel-on-a-Tear Dark Bo—I think it has potential to better fit into the evolving mythology of the show. It also raises a bunch of questions about Dyson and his Rite of Passage. I like it—or at least, I like it right now.

Next week: No new episode next week. Come back in two weeks for There’s Bo Place Like Home.


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1. nypinta
As much as I'd like to give Dyson a break, he was still a bit out of character by not believe Bo. Just how did Bo claiming Kenzi wasn't Kenzi have anything to do with maybe killing Fae?
And I really do want to know how it is faKenzi knew about what she did at the Norn and about pulling Dyson out after Ciara got killed but didn't know that Bo hates coconut icecream. (I mean, who LIKES it?? ... sorry to anyone who does.)
I'm not so sure that this episode is the end of Doccubus. Bo's expression was much softer towards Lauren at the end, plus she feels guilty too for ignoring Kenzi so if she blames herself she can't totally blame Lauren.
But I am puzzled how it is Trick keeps getting away with keeping secrets and pulling a rank he supposedly willingly gave up. He was shit towards Hale and Hale didn't call him on it. He was dismissive of Kenzi to Hale but takes Kenzi's word over Bo. (But mostly because he himself suspected something without telling anyone. Like, say, Bo herself!) Then that crap with Dyson. That wasn't in the heat of the moment talk. He sought out Dyson to give him an earfull and frankly he can suck it. At some point someone has to got to take him to task for his role in a lot of Bo's troubles. Someone other than faKenzi.
Also, Kenzi and Dyson... that can never happen. Ew. Ick. Ew. If the writers even hint at such a thing I'm coming over and gluing their laptops shut.
Love Tamsin.
2. BD Facebook Refugee
FINALLY! A Lost Girl episode that didn't have me screaming at the television. You are totally right in this episode had the look and feel of something from season one. God this was so long overdue and so dearly missed.

I am so relieved in how the Dyson/Kenzi scene played out. Yes it was creepy but, thank fae, that the show made it clear that it was creepy to Dyson also! That was so important to maintaining the integrity of the characters and, though the visual was icky, I can deal with a FauxKenzi making the moves on a whammied Dyson because the scene made it clear that this Denzi fantasy BS is NOT OKAY. Thank you show! There is not much you've done right this season but thank you for doing this.

And god, it was so good to see the Faemily back together. The directing, the acting, the silent body language, the editing, the background sound, the outdoor lighting, the filming, everything about that scene felt so right. God, no matter how much Doccubus they try to cram down our throats there will never be any single scene, any single moment as perfect and meaningful as that. THAT is the heart (Kenzi) and soul (Dyson) of Lost Girl/Bo. Those two complete her and it was beautiful how they captured that whole ness in that moment and, for once, you got a sense that Bo appreciated having the two of them in her life.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
I actually agree that this is not the end of doccubus by a long shot. I'd like to see some ongoing repercusions from what happened in this episode between them, but I don't expect it. I also think Dyson was majorly out of character in his disbelief of Bo (though I don't think it was an easy or whole-hearteded decision). The only reason I can think of that might make sense (besides "it was in the script") is that it was Kenzi and his bond with her is unique. But it still would've been more in character for him to say to Bo "OK, I think you're wrong and possibly sick, but you're usually on to something when you get this way, so on the chance that you are again, let's go check it out." I think had it been anyone by Kenzi, that's exactly what he would've done...or at least the season one Dyson would've done that.

I do think his head's a little messed up toward Bo about the deaths as he's not on the inside track with her so much right now, but even so he never stopped defending her to Tamsin or asserting that Bo was not a killer. He locked her up because of his "promise", presumably the one he made to Tamsin last episode that he would pursue the matter as objectively as possible. Plus Trick and even Doctor Lauren worked the "she's sick" angle hard - and she is sick in a way it just didn't have anything to do with the Kenzi issue. But I also think he majorly learned his lesson and after that great moment between him, Kenzi, and Bo, he's not likely to doubt Bo again.

Trick is majorly off base with everyone this season and seeems to be working his way through the roster to attack every one of them at some point. He's really inconsistent and once again, is keeping something from everyone to all of their peril. Or, as Bo put it, "Why does everyone keep lying to me?"

Never - EVER - Kenzi and Dyson. Endless ewwwwww and MAJOR ick factor. HELL no.

Tamsin is rocking it hard. RS is doing great work making her sympathetic and complicated.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
@BD Facebook Refuge:
THAT is the heart (Kenzi) and soul (Dyson) of Lost Girl/Bo. Those two complete her and it was beautiful how they captured that wholeness in that moment and, for once, you got a sense that Bo appreciated having the two of them in her life.
Well said. That moment was poignant and powerful and long, long overdue. It felt right, indeed.
5. BD Facebook Refugee
Yeah NYpinta, I had to roll my eyes too at how quickly Bo seemed to soften and forgive Lauren at the end. I prefer Kiersten's interpretation of the scene and maybe I need to go back and rewatch it but when I first saw it I chalked it up to Doccubus fan service because, god forbid, the blessed Doccubus gets left with a tense cliff hanger.

I am really fighting back my cynicism because with as good as the rest of the episode was, I want to spend the next two weeks in a happy place and more optimistic mood that maybe, just maybe, this show I so dearly love is coming back. But in the back of mind I am girding my loins in the likelihood that the next episode is going to open up with another Doccubus orgy as if nothing happened at all. Please prove me wrong show. Please.
6. nypinta
Yeah, when Dyson said that thing about "making a promise" I really didn't understand what he meant. I don't think he meant the one to Tamsin, especially since she was right there busting Bo out. In fact, I don't get why that wasn't the question he was asking. Tamsin siding with Bo should have been a giant clue to him but I think you're right that it being Kenzi was messing with him, on top of Trick giving him grief just moments before about not being there to help Bo and Dyson overcorrected. Still. Bugs me. But probably not as much as it does him. ;)

As for Trick it would be nice if Dyson said to him that he no longer swears feality to him but instead to Bo, because that really is where his true loyalties lay. They have ever since he told Trick he was going to tell Bo everything, which was against Trick's wishes. And when is Trick going to learn to stop holding everything so close to the damn vest!?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
Yeah, that whole thing with him objecting to her break out was weird. I agree the fact that it was Tamsin breaking her out should've cinched it for him. I think it was all so that Bo and Tamsin could go off together while isolating NotKenzi with a still believing Dyson to get the creepy payoff of her coming on to him. Took a little machination to get everyone in play. The funny thing is that it's obvious to everyone that it's all totally against Dyson's character and ergo inexplicable.
8. nypinta
I'm gonna backseat drive for a moment and say that it would have been better if Kenzi had just left the Dal and let herself into Dyson's place on her own and instead of Dyson catching Tamsin and Bo as they were leaving Tamsin put the whammy on him on her way in instead. That way as they were leaving Bo would see Dyson down and it would make her trusting Tamsin a greater leap of faith on her part. A leap Bo is willing to take if she has even a hope of finding faKenzi. Then he is woken by Lauren and Trick and sent home to discover faKenzi at his place and whammied she whines her way into his bed. Less WTF moments IMO. But woulda coulda shoulda.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
Actually, those few minor changes would've been a much better execution where the results are the same but the progression more in line with everyone's character - even NotKenzi's
10. nypinta
Ugh, I just thought of something. I've been complaining that Lauren and Bo seem to have forgotten about Naida... well, that could be the trump card that they use to get Bo to forgive Lauren. Lauren already lost one girlfriend to being taken over by evil so she could argue that she erred on the side of caution because she didn't want to lose another one. That would give Bo a reason to by sympathetic rather than pissed off while also playing on Bo's guilt for being the one who ended Nadia.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
Maybe - except everyone's conveniently forgotten about Nadia all season. At least Ciara got a name check from NotKenzi.

Doesn't mean they won't do it or that it's not ugh if they do.
12. nypinta
Guess this last episode renewed my faith in the writers so much I got carried away... ;P
Linda Losik
13. LindaL
Excellent recap for a wonderful episode! Finally, the writers showed up to write! (We really need a sarcasm font.) I really loved seeing the core pack together at last.

I was finally impressed with Lauren’s medical skills: it seems that she can take a temperature, blood pressure and a blood glucose reading from a stand of hair! Absolutely amazing! I had quite the giggle upon hearing all the tests results she got from a single strand of hair!

And thank you, Kiersten, explaining why Tasmin lost that strand of hair, my first thought was that she was leaving a track for someone (unknown) to follow her; very glad to see that I was wrong. I am also feeling more charitable towards Tasmin than I was before. I would really like a back story on her. She looked so lonely seeing the three so contented in just being together. And when she stood up to the Morrigan, I was even more intrigued.

With all the rewriting of the mythology that has occurred, I am not surprised that they are not even having poor Nadia on the radar. If they did, then people could (and have) pointed out as to why they don’t like/trust Lauren. No one seemed to like poor Nadia; at least Ciara had Dyson before she put away her dresses to become a fairy princess who was also a warrior.

I now remember why I fell in love with this show; now if we could only get Bo and Dyson back together. Does Bo know that he has his love back??? I am thinking that she hasn’t figured it out just yet.
14. TheGardner
OK so somthing really bugged me about tonights episode, I'm not normally one to rant, but here goes; Bo is touted as a sexually impowered woman on a show about impowered women in charge of her own destiny, she's supposed to be her own hero, yet here again she needs to saved by a man, gag me. We have seen her hold her own on numerous occasions, but here she waffles as Dyson charges in wearing his Superman Cape and saves the two cowering women, are you freaking kidding me show!? Maybe I'm alone in this, but this tired trope needs to be retired if you want me to respect and have faith in the main character'sability to stand on her own, ugh.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
@TheGardner - I didn't take it as a man coming to Bo's rescue. I took it as Dyson backing her up...again. Had it been Tamsin instead, no one would have thought anything of it, so why tag him for getting there first? Dyson needed the kill for his own journey; he needed to do something to save Kenzi to make up for his dumbass denial all episode. It's not that he didn't think Bo could handle it, but rather that he had his own needs to meet.

And Bo was far from helpless. She left her weapon in the back of the UnderFae, but she wasn't cowering. She immediately put Kenzi behind her and had her arm raised to deflect/absorb the UnderFae attack when Dyson intervened. And, going by what we know of Bo's resourcefullness, I'm confident she would have found something around her for a weapon had he not arrived. This show has gone to considerable lengths to show how Bo can take care of herself and others but that she does it even better when she has a partner. Hell, in the season two finale, she needed an entire team - of both sexes.

As a Self-Rescuing Queen myself, I'm all for women being their own hero, but that doesn't mean I oppose a manly (or otherwise) assist. No one can do it all on their own - not even the men. Bo has come to Dyson's aid more than once and we've rejoiced to see it. We should have no different response when the situation is reversed just because he's a man.

Dyson immediately sent Bo out to rescue Tamsin - he knew what awaited her out there and had not one moment of doubt that she could handle it. That doesn't sound like the behavior of a man who thinks Bo needs to be rescued. And that doesn't mean Tamsin needed a woman to come to her rescue or couldn't have rescued herself were she not disadvantaged by having recently been Bo's snack. In fact, none of us probably thought anything of it and certainly never less of Tamsin for needing help.

Would we have thought differently had Dyson been the one to aid Tamsin? I hope not. They're partners; you back up your partner and that's no different if your partner is a man or a woman. Dyson wouldn't hesitate it were it Hale either. So why should it be any different for Dyson backing up Bo, his partner in Team Badass? It's not.
Suzanne Metaxas
16. SuzyM
Thank you for another great re-cap Kiersten! I loved this episode so much! It's good to see a story again, to see the characters being treat as something other than a joke. I can't wait to see the next one :) Hope they are back to story telling and not exploitation!
17. lsbloom
Great recap. Plus, two Whedonverse allusions in one recap is quite impressive! The simple fact that the show has remembered its Buffy roots is a step in the right direction (even if I fear it is going to be one step forward and two steps towards doccubus). I'm glad there was no snoopy dance though.

I had a lot of problems with how just plain dumb they made everyone act to get the plot to work. And I'm kinda starting to feel like there is some rule against Dyson and Bo having a conversation. I get the rationale that he was torn between loyalty to Bo, Kenzi, and Trick, and he at least asked notKenzi questions to try and suss out whether or not it was her. But really him not saying: Okay, Bo you love Kenzi (since when do you not trust Kenzi) what's going on? Are you feeling okay? What did she do? Although, the "just look at her" answer instead of hey look she thinks cocconut ice cream is my favorite because real Kenzi is sending us message would have been sooooo hard to say. I feel like they have this Dyson is hands off Bo this season rule, and I'm okay with that until crisis hits and then no matter how much distance he thinks he should be giving her and Lauren, he needs to get his furry butt in there and take care of business. I think they should have made Dyson worried that Tamsin was taking Bo to the Morrigan and that's why he would fight to keep her there, and not that Tamsin believed her and Dyson didn't, because that makes no sense.

They went a long way towards giving Tamsin a personality and pulling back her acting performance helped a great deal. Quiet moments worked wonders. Honestly, I don't care who Bo dates, but I want my Happy Sunshine Gang back. The support and nonverbal communication, and chemistry, and being on the same page and liking each other. It is also amazing at how fast I'm willing to forgive people who say they are sorry and look really sad about it. Dyson was crushed he let his pack down. They'll ignore this whole thing with doccubus I'm sure, but Lauren not supporting Kenzi is never going to be okay with me. She is Bo's heart, her humanity. Bo isn't the snooty B she is with Lauren. She is the loving spunky vulnerable girl she is with Kenzi. And Dyson loves both of them (Kenzi is PLATONICALLY though). How can you really be with someone who doesn't like your family? And I love them all working together.

I can only say I hope this is a sign of a righting ship and not an aberration in an otherwise depressing season.

PS. I am really perplexed at how Inara knew what Kenzi knew. And how Inara got her powers back from Kenzi, I was under the impression power manifestation into goo was a special Norn trick. Are fae powers swapable like leather jackets?
Carmen Pinzon
18. bungluna
Ok, I read the re-cap and went to watch the episode. As usual, Kiersten does a fantastic job of sussing out the detail. Thanks.

I have minor quibles about this episode, most of which have already been covered more eloquently that I could. It certainly made me be less mad about the mess this season has been so far. I do think that the writers keep dropping little bits here and there which mess with the continuity and integrity of the show's mythology.

Still, for this brief shinny moment, all's right with my Lost Girl world.
I'll enjoy it for two weeks and hope for the best.
19. TheGardner
Thanks for the recap Kiersten!

I have a prediction of the endgame for this season. However, if I am right I will be annoyed that I pegged it this early. The look of longing on Tamsin's face when she saw the Merry Trio emerging from the cave follwed by her covering for Bo with The Morrigan was telling. I predict that Tamsin will sacrifice herself to stop Bo when she inevitably goes off the deep end from killing everyone.


Bo - It is understandable that she singled out Lauren more then the others with her anger. Bo was feeling guilty for not listening to Kenzi and not noticing the imposter sooner. Her relationship with Lauren is the main reason for her general distraction, so it makes sense she would lash out and blame her for it. The depths of Bo's feelings for Lauren will make it harder to forgive her, as it would be if Kenzi ever betrayed her. She loves Dyson and Trick, but she forgave them more easily because her love for those two is on a different level. It should be universally known throughout the fae community by now, don't f*** with Bo's humans. I enjoyed watching her working with Tamsin, now bring on the hate sex. I am curious about "The Dawning" what it means for her and what trials she will have to endure in order to pass. Trick said the first sign of devolution is an acute sense of smell so does that mean she has already failed or is currently failing and needs to make up some ground?

Kenzi - I had hoped this episode would be more about her, but unfortunetly it was all about Bo. The Norn's gift/curse storyline felt anticlimactic and I hope that this is not the end of it. It was a nice touch having her manipulate her doppleganger with the ice cream fake out and using her streetsmarts to pick that lock with an earing.

(Not)Kenzi - Creepy and the licking thing gross. I was confused as to what her real end game was, Bo or Dyson. Last episode she was focused on Bo, this episode it was all about Dyson, but I guess she was just lonely and crazy. For a "ballsy bitch" Dyson defeated her fairly quickly and easily, though the growl off was cool.

Tamsin - Her valkyrie powers are pretty kickass, though it appears to harm her when she uses them. It made sense with her being the most removed from the group that she would be the first to pick up (Not)Kenzi being a fake. She has a deep sadness and lonliness about her as was evidenced here and in 3x03. The way she backed Bo was intriguing, I want to know more about her story.

Dyson - I have a tendancy to forget what a good actor KHR is until TPTB give him some real material(more please) to work with. More often then not I find Dyson as a charter boring and one-dimensional (I have always preferred Hale for my male lead), then there is an episode like this or 3x03 and he pulls me back in. His interactions with (Not)Kenzi were so uncomfortable, espescially the creepy seduction scene. His despair after he killed her, followed by his utter relief when he realized she was in fact not Kenzi was heartbreaking. The tender embrace he shared with the real Kenzi when he found her and then the way he was watching over her at the Dal has me worried that this show is going to go full on "creepy uncle" and have the two of them hook-up. I really hope I am wrong because I might have to call time of death with this series in that case.

Lauren - Did exactly what I expected her to, in dealing with this current crisis she defaulted to full Doctor-mode; she knew something was wrong with Bo and relied on science to work through the problem. She did the same thing in 3x03, she recognized Bo's behavior was off the map at the bar and immediately took her in for an examination. Lauren has a better understanding than the others of what "Dark Bo" is capable of and she has no guarentees that she would be able to talk her down again. It's easy to villify her for not believing in her lover, but seeing how emotional Bo was coupled with the knowledge that is one of the triggers for Dark Bo to come out, she made the best descision she could with the information she had at the time. It obviously killed her to do it and the remorse she felt later was palpable. I highly doubt it will be the end of their relationship, but I would like to see it addressed not just have them jump right back into happy.

Trick - I don't understand his motivation here. He wants to help Bo, he loves Bo, but he is keeping his suspicions about what is going with her from Lauren while at the same time wanting her to help. He came clean in the end, but still he wasted time having her jump through hoops rechecking results when he could have explained what was happening giving them more time to prepare.

The Morrigan - I get that she has a serious grudge against Bo and this time she is being smarter by actually following protocol. If the Coma Guy can identify Bo as his attacker, she can have her revenge cleanly with no politcal hangover. Delisciouly evil, she always leaves me wanting more.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. I much prefer when TPTB forego the "Fae of the Week" in favor of character interaction. Seriously though I needs me some Hale and these bitches better deliver in two weeks or else!
20. TheGardner
@ Kiersten - I think the reason it bothered so much was because this scene was reminiscent of the scene in 3x02 where the Pied Piper is standing over Atticus holding a giant rock about to crush him to death. Bo, who has already been released from the P.P.'s power, just stands there watching it happen then Dyson comes charging in, ever the hero, knocking him down and saving the day. I could buy the tagline that it was just the two of them having each other's backs, being "Team Badass" only that really isn't their dynamic anymore, or at least it hasn't been. In the last episode Dyson sided with Tamsin over Bo and didn't believe her about (Not)Kenzi in the beginning of this one and as for Bo where was she all last season when he was suffering from his lost-love, she didn't even seem to care when he got his ass kicked to the point of unconsciousness by the Garuda's henchmen in 2x20. The only episode this season they have actually worked together was 3x04 and even then it was mostly independent of each other. Also where did he even come from? Bo and Tamsin spent half the episode trying to find this cave and it takes him all of five minutes despite their massive head start? Now I get that his wolf sense makes tracking a scent second nature to him, but instead of shifting to full wolf he remained as a man with all the limitations of that body. It felt to me like his showing up was way to convenient and the little scene where the three of them are all cuddled up against each other was nothing more then cheap pandering, but that seems to be the norm lately with all of the Doccubus flag waiving that goes on.
21. whiskeywhite
Like others I loved this episode. My first reaction was "thank God, KHR didn't betray us". I was really worried I would be disappointed by his promise that we would like this episode.

I too didn't get how Inari got her powers back and became NotKenzi. Completely unclear. Speaking of details, did folks notice that her former sorority sisters all had red hair of various hues, wore little foxes embroidered on their tank tops and had a banner hanging on the wall in the background which read "FOX" in Greekish letters? And these scantily clad women are "foxes" -- get it? Groan. How did they know what happened at the Norn? Did the Norn give Inari the lowdown? Beyond unlikely.

I agree that Ksenia Solo's acting in this episode rocked (of course, she's good all the time). KHR proved yet again that he doesn't do craycray -- "Was I supposed to let them go?" But his sobbing despair at the possibility that he might have killed his beloved Kenzi was spot on. Hard for a man to pull off that level of vulnerability and emotionality. I agree with Kiersten that the after effects of being whammied lowered Dyson's usual emotional control.

The bedroom scene between Dyson and Kenzi was something else (though, OK I have to say it, Dyson/KHR looked positively angelic sleeping). It certainly settled that particular 'ship for once and for all. It occurred to me as well that he deliberately went to bed fully clothed and I also imagined them filming the licking scene. Ksenia certainly gave that lick her all! I noticed that both times Dyson forcefully pushed Kenzi off, she landed softly on the bed. I don't think they've ever shown a scene in this show where he is seriously violent towards a woman.

The big hug to Lauren was unexpected. I said to my partner, "That's going to cause some discussion." Again, Dyson was somewhat overwrought, but I liked it. Made me think back to the first time he showed some personal regard for her after she reached out to console him in his misery at Ciara's wake in 2.21.

Rachel Skarsten was also very good and I'm definitely liking and sympathetic to Tamsin now. My first thought when the chunk of hair fell out was, "What's wrong with Tamsin?" In normal life it would signal cancer treatment, but here there will have to be something considerably more fantastic (literally) wrong with her. They've been hinting at tragedy since the teenager sharing scene with Bo.

And so much for Bo and Tamsin getting it on. But what's with the special flavour of Tamsin's chi? Connected to the falling hair or tragedy? However, it's super powered as well apparently.

Have thoughts on Lauren and Dyson not believing Bo, but have to go to bed. Back tomorrow.
22. whiskeywhite
I love reading the comments from you all almost as much as the recap -- no disrespect, Kiersten, you're still the (wo)man!

Very interesting prediction @TheGardner:
I predict that Tamsin will sacrifice herself to stop Bo when she inevitably goes off the deep end from killing everyone.
The sacrifice piece feels right, but do you really mean Bo kills "everyone"? I.e., Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren...

Excellent point @LindaL about those fabulous hair sample diagnostics. :-) I gagged a bit at the “I know the biochemical anatomy of my girlfriend!” (‘girlfriend’ again?) but it’s true that Lauren has been doing a lot of “science” on Bo. I have to say that I really liked how Lauren stood up to Trick in this episode, defending her medical skills and careful testing. Though Trick was right that science is inexact, Lauren really believes in what she does, and she furthermore knows the value of her work. I was all "Right on, sister" when she responded to Trick's put down that knowledge of the Dawning wasn't meant for her 'kind': “Well, it is if you need my help.” Even though he had only spoken the truth in terms of the tradition, Trick rightly immediately backed down and apologized. (By the way, that traditional truth also applies to Trick's point to Hale about Kenzi -- the future of the Fae cannot hinge on Hale's feelings for a human. See the point below about conflicts between love and duty.)

I don't know if Trick is behaving particularly weirdly this season. He is certainly taking his responsibilities as the (hidden) Blood King seriously—taking a firm hand with Hale, pushing him to be a strong leader and demanding that Dyson do his duty to be Trick’s watchdog (watchwolf?) and protector of Bo. Speaking of which, I don't believe that Dyson has disavowed his fealty to his king. He did stand up to him in 1.12 when he felt Trick was wrong to continue hiding Bo's relationship to Aife from her. And he is not above criticizing him as he did in 2.02 "You’re the one who didn’t want us together and now that that’s permanent, I would say you’ve lost your right to complain.” Trick and Dyson's relationship shows a great deal of mutual respect and equality, but when push really comes to shove, Trick is the king and Dyson follows orders. That is Dyson's nature -- he is a wolf warrior bound to his king until one of them dies (or until the king behaves so unforgivably that rebellion is the only option, as did Celtic Dyson). That fealty is not overridden by his love and commitment to Bo. (Pardon me if I've said this before) one of the romantic love ideologies of our highly individualistic society is that allegiance to our romantic partner trumps any other obligation (thus the whole uproar over "Dyson shouldn't have lied to Bo"—when he was keeping Trick's secret, which he was directly ordered to do). I think it was Trick to whom Dyson made the promise—by implication from the “do your job” order.

So, was it more unforgiveable that Lauren wouldn’t believe Bo than for Dyson not to? Both are torn – both want to believe her but both also believe that what they are doing is protecting her, which they desperately need to do because both love her. In addition, Dyson is doing his absolutely required duty to Trick (which, actually, Bo should realize is a factor given their history around Aife). The answer is going to be that Lauren’s ‘betrayal’ is more unforgiveable because she loves Bo and is her ‘girlfriend’, and thus her trust is guaranteed. There’s that “love conquers all” ideology again. (Could Lauren at least be Bo’s ‘grrrlfriend’? Would Dyson be her ‘boyfriend’? OK, I promise to let this go – maybe). I would of course like to say, “Dyson loves her too” but Bo doesn’t know that. She does, however, know the history, as Kiersten argues, of Dyson coming to trust her instincts. She has a right to expect his trust as well, even if he supposedly doesn’t love her. I agree that Bo and Lauren should hash this out, or at least that there should be fallout (I try to be optimistic). But should her attitude to Dyson be, “Oh, you wanted to keep me locked up and refused to believe me, but it’s OK because you eventually woke up and came to Kenzi’s (and my) rescue”? I agree with @lsbloom that Bo and Dyson also need to have a real conversation (we can only continue to keep hope alive).

I don’t think Tamsin would have wanted to whammy Dyson upon entry if she could have avoided it; she clearly didn’t want to do it, and was only forced into it by Dyson’s unexpected presence blocking her and Bo’s escape. (I actually first thought that she expected Dyson to be doing more with Kenzi than “taking her home,” thus the expected window of time. She did see that NotKenzi was hustling Dyson, but does she know Dyson well enough to expect her not to succeed in seducing him?)

Hey, Kiersten, what did you mean that Bo asking Tamsin to save Kenzi if anything happened to her was a “major fail” by the show? Fairly unlikely, I agree, but Bo is faltering and desperate at that point.
23. TheGardner
@ whiskeywhite - I believe that in the season finale something will happen to trigger Bo into going all blue-eyed banshee causing her to death suck all of her friends. The way Tamsin looked at the happy family when they emerged from the cave reeked of some anvil heavy foreshadowing. Tamsin's inherent sadness means she will only achieve that sense of family and belonging when she steps in to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Bo and the Happy Sunshine Gang(I love that moniker btw). I do not believe Bo will actually kill any of her family (i.e. Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, etc.) but definitely keep a look out for bystander's wearing red shirts.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
24. Kiersten
@Whiskey - the MAJOR FAIL was in response to the fact that the U.S. version of this episode cut Bo's heartfelt "She is my HEART!" exclamation about Kenzi before she asks for Tamsin's promise. That is the key of who Kenzi is to Bo...and they cut it. Like the cuts to Dyson's silent emotional reaction to have made love with Bo again, this was a crucial moment that shouldn't have felt the editing knife.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
I agree that there's a strong chance Tamsin will make a sacrifical play in the season finale. We already know from cast interviews done right after filming the finale that there's a lot of blood on Bo, Dyson and Tamsin from the finale, but Anna Silk also made mention how she'd love to have Rachel come back to the show in the future. Either that's some handy dissembling or someone else is blood donor - as Rachel is already recurring on Beauty and the Beast, I'm betting it's dissembling, but really, I feel like anyone but Bo, Doctor Lauren, and (possibly) Kenzi are fair game this season.
26. DenziFan
I see most of you are opposed to the possibility of Dyson and Kenzi ever being romantic. I respect your opinions, but I must humbly disagree. I actually really love the idea that the writers may one day go in that direction. However, despite this particular sites lack of faith, I still think it is a possibility, and I know I'm not alone. Perhaps not on this site, but on several others I have found many fellow fans of Dyson and Kenzi, and I can personally assure you this latest episode has not discouraged us but rather bolstered our hope (not to mention the number of fans) for Denzi one day having a romantic future.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
Hi DenziFan. Thanks for leaving a comment.

I know that a "Denzi" relationship is very popular with several fans - and I continue to be completely grossed out by the mere idea. Dyson and Kenzi have established a very special, hard won relationship and sex and romance would absolutely, 100% ruin it. Also, this show desperately needs a nonsexual relationship like theirs and, more, Dyson and Kenzi have earned the right to continue this big brother/little sister thing they've got going that is both new and wonderful for both of them. Sex and romance are (comparatively) easy; what they've built is unique, especially when you factor in the whole Fae and human issues.

I'm personally of the opinion that much (though not all) of what drives the Denzi love is a desire to remove Dyson completely from any possibility of rekindling a relationship with Bo thus irrevocably clearing the main obstacle to a Bo/Doctor Lauren exclusive, permanent relationship as Bo and Dyson (and Kenzi) would and could never come back from Dyson having sex with Bo's best friend/little sister.

Thankfully, from my point of view, this episode made it crystal clear that Dyson is completely disgusted with the very idea of Kenzi as a sexual partner/entity for him. I believe that's a clear indication a romance between them will never happen. For her part, Kenzi knows that Dyson loves Bo and that Bo loves Dyson and would never interfere with that out of her love for both of them. Plus, she doesn't see Dyson as a sexual partner for her at all. She recognizes his attraction, absolutely, but from his very first sleepover with Bo, Kenzi has been all about putting and keeping them Bo and Dyson together.

I think the writers are smart enough to realize that any sexual/romantic relationship between Dyson and Kenzi is, quite frankly, tantamount to incest and would be a death knell for the show. I know it would be an absolute deal-breaker for me.

Thanks again for leaving a comment!
28. NYPinTA
To clarify my woulda, coulda, shoulda moment between Dyson, Tamsin, & Bo I don't think Tamsin would want to use her power on Dyson, just that it would make more sense than the weird showdown they had, along with avoiding the weird invite to faKenzi to stay with him. If not on the bar than he catches her in the keg room and assumes she's there to take Bo to the Morrigan & his "promise" was to keep Bo safe in Trick's imposed sanctuary. But I would have preferred more doubt on his part that Bo was a danger. Lauren was an actual witness to Bo nearly loosing control so her going along with the situation makes sense. Trick suspected the dawning thing so him assuming Bo was messed up also makes sense. Dyson, like Tamsin, was farther removed from the situation & him suspecting Bo had killed has nothing to do with Bo claiming Kenzi isn't Kenzi. So the showdown made no sense as a result.
29. DenziFan
Hi Kiersten.

I don't ship Denzi because of Doccubus. In fact, I don't have any strong feelings about Bo and Lauren at all. If anything, any support I have for them is in large part because it suits my purposes to have Bo in a committed relationship so she is not with Dyson.

I understand what you are saying about viewing Denzi having a sibling type relationship, but I just don't agree with that. To me, Bo and Kenzi are the only ones with the sibling type relationship as Kenzi has referred to Bo as her sister and specifically told her she was only into men in the pilot episode. With Dyson however, she often describes how attractive he is, calling him a "sexy wolf man", and so on. My point basically being that calling them incestuous after Kenzi repeatedly speaks of him in a sexual manner is just illogical to me.

This attraction does not discount her deeper relationship with him, of course, but rather makes any future romantic relationship between them more significant. I, personally, have always found that relationships based on friendships are always better than those based purely on attraction.

If you want to analyze "The Kenzi Scale" in particular, I would argue that while Dyson did push Faux Kenzi away after the kiss, he did so a good ten seconds after the kiss began (an eternity, I know, as a video editor). Furthermore, he waited to push her away through her entire "you can't tell me you've never thought about it" speech, to which he never actually denied having thought about it.

I know that this is something you have said disgusts you, but I wonder if that is, at least in part, because you ship Bo and Dyson, and like you said if anything were to happen between Dyson and Kenzi it would make it nearly impossible for Bo and Dyson to ever be together again. I'm sorry if that would make the show something you would no longer be willing to watch, but in all honesty, it is something I would quite enjoy.
Suzanne Metaxas
30. SuzyM
Hi Denzi Fan, I too would find it icky if Dyosn and Kenzi hooked up. The reason Dyson didn't imediatly throw her off is because his brain was still in a fog from what Tamsin did to him. The only time I remember Kenzi calling him a Sexy, sexy wolfman is when she was teasing Bo for having slept with him all night long. She has always had a brother/sister relationship with Dyson and that is why Dyson found it so disguesting when NotKenzi made a play for him. His face never showed the I like this emotion. The only emotion Dyson showed was disgust. You also said that Kensi and Bo are sisters, well I would pretty much say that even thinking about your sister's boyfriend in a sexual way would be the highest form of betrayal. That's just my opinion.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
Hi again, DenziFan.

Oh, I totally noticed the delay before Dyson reacts to NotKenzi's kiss, and of course, when she crawls across the bed. But I think that again the show makes it crystal clear Dyson is stilll shaking off Tamsin's whammy up to and beyond his breakdown over NotKenzi's body when he still isn't sure whether or not he's killed RealKenzi, and that he's also coming out of a deep sleep brought on by the same. So it's not that he allowed the kiss to go on for those 10 seconds because he was into it (ew) but rather because he was still trying to wrap his head around what the hell was going on. And also, I think that was the show giving the Denzi fans, like yourself, one moment of them together as a bonus.

I'm not appalled by the idea of their relationship because of my support of Team Badass, but rather for the reasons I already laid out above. And if nothing else, I would have no reason to feel a Bo/Dyson reunion thus threatened by the Denzi 'ship as one of the show's bedrock tenets is that Dyson is irrevocably in love with Bo for the rest of one of their lives, that she is his mate, regardless of who he may date or sleep with in the meantime. This was proven for good with PerfectCiara where even though The Norn took his love for Bo, because he'd committed it to her in the first place, he had nothing left to give PerfectCiara. Whether we like that mythology or not (I do), it's woven into the fabric of the show - or at least till the writers unwrite it as they have already done to other tenets. So to my mind, a Denzi relationship would have no bearing on that other than to be yet another temporary filler relationship as was PerfectCiara and likewise nothing to worry about.

I completely agree that friends-first relationships are often the best - it's one of my favorite romance novel tropes - but again, in this case, Dyson and Kenzi's established sibling-like feelings for each other, whether verbalized as so or not, are something different. They swapped bodies; that's a hell of a lot more intimate than sex and romance. And, as I said before, while Kenzi has always acknowledged Dyson's sexiness, she has also always been the #1 cheerleader for his relationship with Bo to continue. As Ksenia herself said, "I love me some (Doctor) Lauren, but Kenzi will always be Team Dyson)" and she wasn't talking about herself.

But I am genuinely glad to hear that you would enjoy that relationship. Everyone has their couple they would like to see hook up (I'm personally a big fan of Sidekick Solidarity and would love to see Hale finally make a move on Kenzi). It's good that, in the unlikely event that Denzi became a reality, you would keep watching and be so delighted especially as, in such a case, the show would definitely need such loyal viewers.

Thanks again for adding to the convo here at H&H!!
32. kathlen wolf
Wow... snarking your way around is right... guess I didn't see the same LostGirl: Tale of the greatest wolf ever that you did!

As usual bitchy blogs trying to get readers with hype and bias.
Suzanne Metaxas
33. SuzyM
Kathlen wolf I do not see the point you are trying to make, nor do I see the blog posts you are referring to. Perhaps if you would explain yourself better we could decide if we agreed with you or not.
34. TheGardner
@ DenziFan - The main reason I can't get behind Kenzi and Dyson as a couple is actually one of my major hurdles for accepting a Bo/Dyson romance. Bo is 30ish, Kenzi is 23ish, and Dyson is 1000ish, hellooooooo Creepy Uncle.
35. kathleen_wolf
My comment refered to the snarky way that the blog describes ever single thing that Lauren does as either in a negative light, regardless of the scene, emotional subtext or well if she breathes correctly. I've made myself sit through some of the other recaps and the same 'I wish Lauren wasn't on this show' theme comes thru loud and clear. In contrast Dyson can do little to nothing wrong, and when he does he must have a good forgivable reason.

Bias is bias, and above this recap is so biased it's a not a recap, it's a personal soapbox rant on how this blogger would write the show different.
Suzanne Metaxas
36. SuzyM
Sorry Kathleen but in my opinion you are reading with a jaundice eye. Yes there are quite a few pro Dyson here but many have pointed out things they see as his wrongs so I'm guessing you don't read here that often. It has also been written here many times that the problem with Dr. L's character is weak writing on the writers part. One thing I like about this blog is that everyone gets to voice their opinion no matter who they prefer. If you disagree then by all means give us your opinion on the episode. Also I don't see I wish Lauren wasn't on this show at all. I for one love Zoie Palmer and would hate to see her not on the show. She is a very talented actor and it is a shame the writers don't give her more to work with. Original Skin is one of my favorite episodes because almost everyone was able to showcase their talent.

As to recap bias, I think that there are places that have much more bias than here. In my experience everyone here discusses the episodes and for the most part respect other peoples views. That is my opinion.
37. DenziFan
Kiersten - I could create another long rebuttal to your objections, but I have a feeling that, no matter what I say, you are still going to have your opinions, just as I will have mine. So I'm just going to say to each their own.

TheGardner - This I totally understand. Obviously, I don't let it bother me, mainly because I just lump it in with my suspension of disbelief. I mean there's also the fact that he's literally a wolf half the time, which if you really think about it, is kind of gross.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
38. Kiersten
Hi DenziFan. Thats true. We can go round and round but in the end, we're each still entrenched in our own opinions and neither one of us is interested in being converted - and that's OK too. Its one of the beauties of this show that so many can watch the same episode and come away with completely different takes. That means it speaks to a wide variety of people, which is a rare accomplishment. Its good to have a place to talk about it whether we have agreeing opinions or not.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
39. Kiersten
@kathlen_wolf Thank you for letting us know how you feel. I'm sorry you find this recap so lacking as well as any of the other ones you made yourself sit through. Thanks again for your candor.
40. whiskeywhite
Hi @DenziFan. I was so glad that you came back and explained further your reasoning about how it is that you and other Denzi fans are not discouraged after this episode. I very much wanted to see your explanation of why Dyson's reaction to NotKenzi's advances was not as definitive as I thought. Just so I can understand better (which I genuinely want to do), I gather that your thinking is that the delays in pushing NotKenzi away while Dyson still thought NotKenzi was the real Kenzi, indicate that Dyson really does have sexual interest in Kenzi and it was only after he realized that she was NotKenzi that he pushed her away. So that's why you're not discouraged and are in fact encouraged (I suppose by those very delays)? Right so far? So what do you think will happen next? Dyson realizes his true feelings for Kenzi as a result of this incident and makes a move? Or Kenzi decides Bo is happy with Lauren (whether she likes it or not -- because it is true that she has been 'shipping Dyson to Bo from the beginning) and feels that frees up Dyson for her to make her move on him? I don't mean to sound crude about your ideal love (and by the way, even though I argued incest very early on, I can totally see the attraction of that relationship), I'm just trying to ask how you see this progressing from this point. Does Bo's commitment to Lauren make Dyson give up on ever being happy with Bo, to whom remember he has pledged himself for life, and decide he can be happy with Kenzi? Or some other scenario? How do Denzi fans see this working out?

I've never been a fan, actually, of the 'Dyson is a 1000 years old so that's a barrier' argument because it would also put Bo out of the picture as well as @The Gardner points out. (The much bigger problem is that Kenzi is mortal, which is also a problem for Lauren.) But the whole age thing just doesn't make sense in LG. KHR has said that he decided that Dyson would be 1000. Whether that's true or not, the figure we see on the screen looks exactly like what KHR is in real life -- about to be 40 in a few months (perhaps the beard and the makeup make him look a tiny bit older). How aging works among the Fae has never been made clear. Trick is presumably very old, yet he seems to be just approaching his senior years in human appearance (60ish?). Hale referred to some of the women he was lobbying for votes to be the new Ash in 2.17 as looking "not a day over 650" when they looked late middle aged. And the man in The Dal in 1.09 who people thought might be the one for whom the banshee wailed (because he was so old) was supposed to be in his 900s and yet looked much, much older than Dyson. So do Fae not age in a systematic way? How can Dyson be 1000 and look 40? And what does this mean for his relationships?
41. lsbloom
For me the age thing is big part of why I'm really anti-Kenzi/Dyson. I get in the show Dyson is of some indeterminant age (they haven't said in the show and cast member interviews aren't actually canon IMO). But if he is 1000, saying something "happened over a 1000 years ago" and it's mainly myth doesn't make a lot of sense. (Just me.) Regardless, in real-life KHR is about 40 and Anna Silk is about 40 and Ksenia is about 25. Okay, sure that is boarderline creepy, but acceptable, save for it's not real life, it's TV life where when Lost Girl started Ksenia was also playing a 16 year old on Life Unexpected and you totally accepted it, because in Hollywood 25 year olds, play 16 year olds, and we're supposed to believe Anna Silk looks like she's in her late 20s. Sure, okay, it's TV. But if we apply the rules to Anna Silk it doesn't matter how many push-up bras they put on Ksenia, part of my brain goes "kid" not "adult" and I don't like the idea of a very adult KHR with "kid."

I know we say big bro/little sis when we talk about Kenzi/Dyson and in some ways they are very much that way. But there is also the little sister/big sister's boyfriend interaction. I'm a little sis and my older sis dated some extremely attractive people, and my interaction with the long-term nice ones was very much the same as Kenzi/Dyson. There can be a playful, even flirtacious undertone, when nothing is meant or intended. It's a safe zone where you can take the piss out of somebody and they put up with it and never think twice because you're the little sister. It's such a never-cross line. I love Kenzi/Dyson because it feels so real to me. Making it sexual really does destroy the great acting performances. It is really hard for actors to have that intimate of a relationship and both be pretty people and keep it as great nonsexual chemistry. Ksenia and Kris have done a great job.
42. Misreall
@Kiersten "the MAJOR FAIL was in response to the fact that the U.S. version of this episode cut Bo's heartfelt "She is my HEART!""

Ok, weird, because I watched this on SyFy, which I am assuming is the US version of the show, and I heard Bo say this. In fact I had a bit of a fistpump, "YES!" moment when it happened. Did anyone else watching the US version remember see this, or am I having a frankly wasted on a television show psychic moment?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
43. Kiersten
Hi @Misreall! I thought it had been cut, but it was 2 AM when I was double-checking that fact, so it's entirely possible that I'm wrong. I would love to be wrong on this one as that was a key moment for Bo and Kenzi and Tamsin.

Thanks for leaving a comment!
44. whiskeywhite
I have a question for those of you who understand TV production better than I do. Why is it that just before a commercial break the actors often have to hold a pose longer than makes sense? I've noticed it a number of times in LG, for instance, with Dyson at times having to hold a fairly absurd look on his face -- a look that makes sense as a fleeting reaction but not beyond fleeting -- for quite a while before the break. It happened in 2.09, "Original Skin," right after everybody has switched bodies. Dyson (now Kenzi) reacts with an open-mouthed gape which he then has to hold for quite a while as they go into the second break. And we saw it again near the end of this episode when Dyson emerges from the cave with Kenzi and they and Bo stand together as a family group. Dyson is staring off into space (thanks, Kiersten for explaining that he was looking at Tamsin because I was wondering "why is he staring off into the tress?"). Then they hold that pose for an unnaturally long time just as they go into the last break. Is this to give some flexibility for the insertion of less or more commercials? Or what?

BTW, an update on Trinidad carnival. A Trini friend was just telling me that the 'women challenging sexual mores' element of the sexually explicit costumes and dancing is coming closer and closer to outright porn, and some women are tiring of it. There goes another of my dreams! :-) (I will leave aside for now the hornet's nest question of what constitutes porn vs representation of sex). Actually, what it shows is the grey area, or slippery slope, that exists between women fighting sexual restrictions and sexual exploitation, something we've been discussing here. It also reminds me of the debate as to whether the highly sexualized images of women -- including very young girls ("Toddlers and Tiaras") -- which dominate popular culture indicate that the sexual liberation of women has been won. Or is it a renewed sexual exploitation of a generation which is too young to remember, and has never been taught, the battles the women's movement fought for sexual freedom? I cannot tell you how shocked I was to see a few years ago that Playboy bunny symbols were all the rage in fashion jewellery for young women (I lectured a poor, bemused store clerk :-)). Thank goodness Kenzi has the fashion sense to avoid that particular outrage.
45. nypinta
I'm not a Kenzi/Dyson shipper, but I will say that I understand where it comes from. I didn't until last season when she smacked him for being a bonehead. (Which, btw, probably says a lot of wrong things about me...) but one of the things I like about either Bo/Dyson or Lauren/Dyson is the age appropriatness. Which I get is weird since Dyson is supposed to be if not 1000 then at least 300. (Wasn't that flashback 200 years ago?) Regardless. The actors are similar in age and that's obvious and I appreciate that. KHR is 39 where Anna Silk is 38 now. (Or will be this year.) I did the math once and when the original pilot was shot (S1E8) it was her 34th birthday, so a 34 year old isn't that far removed from a 28 year old, that Bo was supposed to be. The show has acknowledged time passing, if you take what Dyson said about "that was 3 years ago, Trick" to mean when Bo first showed up so that means Bo is 31 now. Usually in these kinds of situations the male (usually the supernatural being) looks like he's in his 30s but is hundreds of years old while the object of affection (the human) is in their teens. So I'm glad that finally the actors are at least closer in actual age and they don't insist on a nubile teen.
46. nypinta
Also.... (boy, I can't shut up about this episode...) I am wondering now about when Bo said to Lauren, "I just want you to know that... sweetie" and it was with such obvious venom why no one is talking about how easy it was for Bo to flip her feelings for Lauren around. She didn't even take into account that she had been acting strange or that she herself is worried that she's been killing again. She went from baffled to cold rage while Lauren was clearly torn. That doesn't bother anyone?

And although I'm not a Doccubus fan I find it strange that the concept of bias is being brought up against Lauren when the one person I was most disappointed in was Dyson in this episode. But like Kiersten stated, it's because of the writing. Instead of having Bo on a quest to get her best friend back and having to deal with questions of her behavior and the writers asking, "What would Dyson do in this situation?" or "How would Lauren handle these questions?" they just moved their little pawn pieces in place regardless of how the characters had been established up to that point. And that is my greatest complaint about a show filled with characters (and actors) that I quite frankly adore. (Even that bastard Vex. He's coming back, right?)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
47. Kiersten
Such good points, NYPINTA. I mean, I still love this episode and think it a vast improvement on the five that precede it, but the more I think about it and the more we talk about it, the more gaping plot holes come into view. (Plus, I'm now turning these recaps around in 24 hours rather than the 1 week I used to have before the schedule change and am gradually realizing that it means I'm missing A LOT and mistaking some things here and there). And while I think the characters behaved more genuinely like their established, erm, characters, each one of our main four have at least one if not more moments where they behave very much against character. I think the "What would Dyson do?" and "How would Lauren handle?" are good examples of questions that should've been asked (though I think Doctor Lauren's response was the most true to her character of all of them, she even says "it's the only way I know how to help" which is consistent with her characterization).

I don't mind so much Bo's abrupt turn around response to DL b/c I think too many times she has not had a like response to DL's actions when warranted, so it feels long overdue if too fast a turn around for this specific situation. But, my personal opinions aside, it's possible the extreme reaction was b/c it involved Kenzi and again that DL served as a convenient person to blame for guilt Bo felt toward herself for neglecting Kenzi in DL's favor in the first place.

Mostly though it feels like more writer shenanigans to get the pieces in place for Bo and Tamsin to go off on their adventure together without either of Bo's two more likely companions. There had to be maufactured conflict with DL and Dyson in order to take them out of play to give Tamsin a clear field in this episode, even if that meant having Dyson uncharacteristically not believe Bo and for Bo to respond unusually to DL.
Suzanne Metaxas
48. SuzyM
nypinta - I want to chime in here on the scene where Bo calls Lauren "sweetie" While I agree Dyson should have given more credence to what Bo was saying he didn't have the closeness that Lauren had been sharing with Bo so he really doesn't know how she is acting all the time. Lauren on the other hand was sharing Bo's bed and her life as her girlfriend, she should have been on Bo's side. The only time she has seen her go Dark is when she is protecting her. Bo's behavior other times have been very normal and loving so why in the world wouldn't she believe her lover? I know I would back my husband 100% until I had proof positive he was wrong. So I can totally understand Bo's venom and feeling of betrayal. I would feel the same way if my husband took someone's word over mine.

whiskeywhite - I do think that sometimes they freeze scenes trying to be in the same spot when they return, but the scene at the end with the three together I think if you go back a look you will see that a lot was said with the eyes without speaking. KHR is so good at that :) his stare and facial expressions seemed to say thank you to Tamsin for everything she has done to help Bo find Kenzi and keeping her word.

Misreall - I went back and re-watched my DVR of episode 6 and they did cut out the line "She is my HEART!" It was the ending to the list of things Bo said about Kenzi and it wasn't there. I agree with Kiersten to leave that line out was a big mistake.
49. DenziFan
Hi again everyone.

First let me address the age issue since most people seem focused on that. Yes, KHR is somewhat older than Ksenia Solo, and I understand that may be a dealbreaker for some of you, but she is well over the age of consent, both as an actress and as a character, so it doesn't bother me. If you wanted to get technical, he is, according to IMDB, 14 years older than her, which is certainly a gap, but he's no Hugh Hefner.

Now, as for the characters, their age gap is obviously much larger, but since Bo only has about five years on Kenzi, and obviously Bo and Dyson were acceptable on the show, Kenzi and Dyson shouldn't shock anyone.

@whiskywhite -

Yes, you are absolutely correct, I do view his delay in pushing her away him having a sexual interest in RealKenzi.

Where they go from here is a much more complicated question, because it can happen a several different ways. However, I believe this incident with Faux Kenzi will spark previously unrealized interest in Kenzi with Dyson, but I imagine there will likely be some hesitancy on Kenzi's part out of concern for her friendship with Bo. Basically, I'm guessing Dyson will make a move (probably not right away, but after a few episodes) and Kenzi will go with it in the heat of the moment, but probably freak out after because of how Bo may react, and the whole issue of Dyson's love.

The writers may decide to have Bo react badly at first to the idea of Kenzi being with Dyson to give angst to her relationship with Lauren and Kenzi and make the audience question if she will try to get Dyson back. Of course, ultimately I think she would give her blessing, because she cares about them enough to want them happy, and is herself happy with Lauren.

Really the biggest obstacle is Dyson's love. He has stated that he can only love once and it was strongly implied when the Norn took his love instead of his wolf that Bo was the one he loved. However, this is something that was stated vaguely enough that I'm sure the writers could work around it. For instance, they could claim that he has not actually given his one true love to anyone yet, but because he is someone who is deeply loyal and cares for those close to him (and as such loves them), his love overall was a more significant part of him than his wolf, and thus the reason the Norn valued it enough to take it.

Kenzi being human is clearly something that would need to be dealt with, just as Lauren being human does. For fans of any Fae and human pairing it's a problem, but it can easily be solved with some magic spell, or jewelry, that would extend their lives to match that of their Fae counterpart.

From a writing standpoint putting Dyson and Kenzi together just makes sense to me. It provides realistic and compelling drama for almost every relationship and friendship on the show, and yet with time everyone can come to terms with the shift in the group dynamic and allow things to end with everyone happy. If I'm honest, it's the only way I can see things ending happily for everyone, since Bo and Dyson would not only force Lauren and Kenzi to find some new unlikely love interest, but it would also force Dyson to end up with someone who could never guarantee fidelity when that is the one thing he truly desired from his mate.
50. nypinta
Would you really want Dyson to give his only love to Kenzi, a human who is only going to live for a fraction of his life? That's kinda cruel.

About Bo/Lauren and that moment. Although it was fun to watch, because as the audience we know that Bo is right, Lauren was also right. Something was wrong with Bo. And all of the evidence Lauren had pointed to something being wrong with Bo. Nothing pointed to Kenzi not being Kenzi. At all. But Lauren is supposed to over ride everything her senses and experience is telling her to give Bo the benefit of the doubt but Bo doesn't have to do the same for Lauren? And now that they've found Kenzi, (proveing Bo right), but have discovered that Bo is going through something that sounds kind of horrific, (proving Lauren right) why does it seem like only Lauren is the one that is going to ask for forgiveness? If anything, that moment should have Lauren seriously reconsidering her relationship with Bo. Because I'm not sure how comfortable I would be being with someone that could turn that quickly to cold rage in a situation that is not in any way black and white. (Unless they write that moment off as part of her "dawning".)
51. DenziFan
@nypinta -

I already addressed how easily the human issue could be fixed. Plus I'm not sure I would agree with the idea that giving your love, even if it is your only chance at it, is something that is a choice. It might be tragic and cruel, but while I believe you can choose who you spend time with, date, and sleep with, I don't believe you can't force yourself to love, or not to love, someone.
52. nypinta
Me again. Sorry, but I just realized I missed the part about using magic or a spell to elongate the life of a human to make them a more compatible mate for a fae. Although nothing in the Lost Girl world is probably off limits, I think that'd be cheating. There are obstacles to all relationships, which is one of the points of Lost Girl it seems. Overcoming them in (hahahaha) realistic ways. Like Lauren and Bo having to deal with Bo needing fae to feed. Or Dyson being monogamous (sp??) and Bo a succubus, which kind of implies sooooo not monogamous (sp??).

But again, I don't ship Kenzi and Dyson, but I get why others do.
53. DenziFan
@nypinta -

I suppose it might be seen as cheating but it is still a solution that seems possible given the world. There are other possibilities, of course. One is that it there is no solution and their love story is ultimately tragic, which is clearly not my favorite outcome. However, there is also the idea that the story of what spilled on Kenzi's arm is not over, and like Faux Kenzi said, she is Fae now. It did seem odd to me that that would be mentioned and quickly forgotten, since we never got to see Kenzi exhibit any Fae powers, let alone see her lose them.
54. lsbloom
@DenziFan -- The norn (FreakingNorn!) didn't take Dyson's one love. She very explicitly took his love of Bo. The fact that he only got one love meant that when she took his love of Bo she took ALL his love. While the writers could certaintly attempt to hit a reset button on what that means, it would be a major betrayal of continuity, as it has been made perfectly clear that he still loves her the same way he did before now that he's gotten his love back. For Kenzi to go there with Dyson would also be the biggest betrayal of Bo's trust we have yet seen and destroying the Bo/Kenzi bond would destroy the show.

And about the age stuff. I'm not talking real-life I'm talking how it looks on screen and on screen Ksenia is of a very questionable age of consent. Anna is playing 10 years younger--once you accept that as what 28-30 is supposed to look like Ksenia looks 17. It is a really uncomfortable visual. Maybe you had to have watched her in Life Unexpected, maybe you have to watch more CW shows. I don't know. But I'm used to 25-30 year olds playing teenagers. And while I appreciate that Lost Girl isn't that, they are grown up. Dyson is much too grown up for Kenzi.

@SuzyM --I agree with you. If my significant other doesn't take may side and value who I hold dearest to me, I'm going to be furious. For me the Lauren treating Bo like a lab rat while patronizingly using terms of endearment was so over the top. I wanted to slap her. So Bo highlighting the discrepancy between the term and the context of "sweetie" was spot-on in my opinion. She's snapped at people who tried to stand in the way of saving Kenzi before, but no one in the past had pushed it the way Lauren did. In Mirror, Mirror, both Dyson and the nympth immediately backed off.

I thought it was OOC for Dyson to not believe Bo or at least listen to her. I think they tried to give him rationale (smell, Norn chainsaw quiz, wanted to protect Kenzi) but it wasn't enough. In the end, they needed Tamsin and Bo on their own, even though I can't think of a single reason Dyson would have stood in their way when he did with the scenario described as they did. However, Dyson figured it out, took care of the bad guy, and came to help save Kenzi. And he again apologized first thing. And I think Bo felt guilty it took her as long as it did and given the distance Dyson has had from his pack it was understandable it took him a bit to figure it out same as Bo. So she reacted to Dyson with the level of anger and guilt she leveled at herself. Lauren didn't care about Kenzi (never has) but she should have cared about Bo, so she should have backed her play. And saying I was wrong isn't the same as saying I'm sorry. I swear it's like she's allergic to the word. I compare Dyson shielding the scared notKenzi vs Lauren taking samples. One is actively placing the blame on you and the other is conflicted but trying to keep both parties safe until more is known. So I guess at the end of this, I come to: Bo was easier on Dyson because Dyson loves Kenzi. And Bo was harder on Lauren becuase Lauren should have loved Bo.
55. DenziFan
@ Isbloom -

I don't remember much of Life Unexpected, and when I began watching Lost Girl I didn't even realize she had been in it so I don't think that's it. As for CW shows, I always find the teenagers, whose actors are pushing 30 to be annoying and unrealistic. The fact is when I watch, I see Kenzi as a woman in her twenties. If you see it differently, I don't imagine I can change your view.

As for Denzi being a betrayal of Bo's trust, I simply disagree. If Bo were still in a relationship with him, I would understand it as a betrayal, but the fact is she's not with him, she's with Lauren. Expecting Dyson to continue to be faithful and sacrifice any feelings he may have for Kenzi, while Bo is in a committed relationship with Lauren, is just ridiculous.
Carmen Pinzon
56. bungluna
I just wanted to ask y'all here how come we're more forgiving of Bo than all the others. She's a bad friend and lover, and has been so for a long time. I don't remember what episode it was, but it ended with Bo graciously agreeing to talk about Kenzi for a change and when Kenz goes into babble mode, Bo spaces out like the bad parent in a public service spot.

To me, Bo is looking less of a prize every episode. She didn't fight for her wolf during season two. She just seemed to shurg and say, "oh well, I've got Lauren, c'est la vie," and move on.

This season I've been so angry at the way Kenzi's been treated. And the whole Wonder Lauren re-write and the whole "love me some Lauren" comment by Kenzi doesn't excuse the fact that Bo, the supposed best friend and big sis, has ignored Kenzi in a shamefull way. Then she goes ballistic when Lauren, who's made no bones about how she feels about Kenzi, doesn't immediately jump to Bo's call to what? Search for Kenzi who seems to be right there? Believe Bo, who's been acting erratically and seems more so when raving about this not being her friend?

The series desperately needs a continuity editor or a keeper of the bible or something. They're so scattered about everything that there's a chance they will damage the very thing that keeps viewers comming back week after week, which imo is the characters we've come to love.
57. plumco
This has been a fascinating read to come into after so much discussion. Damn I wish I could get to the episodes earlier so I could get in on it.

I have a question... I'm not really sure how NotKenzie coming on to Dyson would in any way spark interest between Dyson and Kenzie. It was NOTKENZIE... not.... Kenzie. You know? And why would Kenzie all the sudden see Dyson in a sparky light just because her doppleganger was all about him. It wasn't KENZIE crawling all over him.... so why would either of them suddenly feel something sexual for the other? I hope that's making sense because I have a cold and its mostly my sudafed talking.

Also... and this is just me. ... why oh why with the licking of the face? At the very least his neck, collarbone, cheek even. Seriously, under no circumstances would I find licking someone in that way sexy or a turn on (or being licked in that way.. UGHHEWWH ICK).

Anyway, @Kiersten, thank you so much for a lovely recap.

and @ Everyone else - thank you so much for such a lively discussion.
58. TheGardner
@ bungluna - This has been a problem with me about backing Bo/Dyson, she doesn't seem to give a crap about him. She drowns herself going to the nether relm to save Kenzi from Baba Yaga. She travels half way around the world risking her life to uncurse Lauren's girlfriend. Yet she can't drive across town to visit the Norn for Dyson? Now I'm not saying she would have been successful in getting his love back (even though it took Kenzi all of five minutes), but she didn't even try. Bo's response to Dyson was a half-hearted attempt at seducing him, when that failed she was like, "Oh well, now where did I put Lauren's number", got drunk and ate ice cream with Kenzi. The guy was miserable and in obvious pain all throughout season 2 and where was Bo? She was to busy playing doctor with Lauren and banging Ryan to remember his name. The scene that really kills the idea of their supposedly "epic" love is in 2x20, Dyson is broken and unconscious being wheeled on a cart by Kenzi (who of course went back for him) and Bo's focus is all about herself and how now she has to be the Champion. Bo's romantic focus for a long time has been Lauren, I think Dyson needs to find a way to unbond the whole "wolves mate for life" deal and find someone better. The dude deserves it.
Carmen Pinzon
59. bungluna
@Plumco - hope you feel better.

One thing I'm feeling this season is the acute lack of males. Hale is MIA most of the time, Vex is on his Vegas vacation, Ryan went off to find his inner playboy after a close encounter of the wedded kind and we have no new males.
60. BD Facebook Refugee
Gardner and Bungluna, you both are right. Bo is a shitty girlfriend and Dyson, in particular, deserves much better. While I can never ship Dyson and Kenzi, Gardner was spot on in how horrible Bo treated Dyson in 2x20 with absolutely no shread of concern for Dyson on the cart.

But the one thing that keeps me clinging to Bo/Dyson being the OTP of the show is the fact Dyson makes Bo better. We saw this in season 1 where Bo was discovering herself and her fae powers, Dyson was there, giving her both the room and back up she needed to find her place.

When Bo was with Dyson, she wasn't self-absorbed and indecisive like she has been with Lauren and I think that is because she knows she has a true partner--a true equal with Dyson.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
61. Kiersten
BD Facebook Refuge - this is one of the things I like most about Bo and Dyson too. There's so much balance with them that's lacking in all her other relationships. Its not perfect - what relationship is? - but more often than not, they both are more grounded, more equal, and simply better with each other than with any other of their lovers. Beyond any romantic love, their trust in one another (when not being dicked around with for machinations of an episode like it was here) is resolute. Bo has repeatedly said she trusts him implicitly no matter what happens, she even called it her curse because she can't stop it regardless of their personal circumstances. She's never said that about any other partner.

I think the Bo and Dyson relationship of season 1 is so radically different in its portrayal than their interactions in seasons 2 & 3 and I'm not talking only about the curse. As many have already noted, Bo's behaviour is so changed toward him and, excepting any organic reasons, I believe this is one of the more telling lacks due to Lovretta leaving the show. Once Dyson told Bo of his lost love and we got PerfectCiara in the mix, the writers/showrunner put a pin in that romance and moved Bo on to DL. But b/c of AS & KHR being 1 and 2 on the docket, respectively, and having such explosive natural chemistry together, they kept linking Bo and Dyson in cases and whatnot and giving the audience more than a few glimpses of her true feelings for him. I think this is more the reason why Bo did not go after The Norn: b/c it didn't fit with the structure of season 2, not b/c it didn't fit with her character. The Bo of season 1, the woman who went after Vex again for Dyson's sake when it looked like he'd killed Ba'al, would not have given up on him so easily in season 2. The Bo of season 2 and of the first 5 episodes of season 3 has little of the compassion and thoughtfullness for the people she claims to love (excepting Doctor Lauren) that made her so compelling a character in season 1.
Heather Waters
62. HeatherWaters
Great recap, Kiersten.

Everyone, thanks again for keeping things respectful. LOVE seeing so many people with different character and ship preferences.

@DenziFan -- I don't watch the show anymore, but I thought Dyson/Kenzi had potential too. I love friends-to-lovers stories and sometimes those best-friend's-little-sister/brother's best-friend/etc. etc. stories you see often in the romance genre, and that's how I always saw them. I could never really get into either Bo/Dyson or Bo/Lauren, which is probably a big part of why I stopped watching somewhere in Season 2. To each her own and all that--you never know what shows/couples will really grab you and not let go. :)
63. Misreall
Ok, I wish I had saved the episode on my dvr, because I am sure I heard the "she's my Heart" line. I always feel that friendship is devalued in comparison to romantic love in the media, so I was so happy that Bo recognised that Kenzi is her primary relationship.

To the issue of Bo's reaction to Dr. Lauren and her anger, I though her reaction made sense in the moment. Bo is terrified, not for herself, but for her friend. And, retconning aside, Lauren has never shown much love for Kenz (in fact, that hasn't change in this season. KENZI has said she lurves her some Lauren, but Lauren has not said anything about revising her feels about Kenzi), and now, in Bo's view, she putting her in grave danger.

But I also think that her reaction, indeed her behavior in the whole scene, is also about the devolution she is undergoing. Her reaction is somewhat like a caged animal, and is purely emotional. She is not just not thinking straight, she may not be able to, and then Lauren is like a shot of cold water to the face.

For the record, I am not in favor of Kenzi/Dyson, but more because Dyson, epic horndog that he has admitted to being, may need a female friend/sister, more than he needs another lover.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
64. Kiersten
If it helps, @Misreall, the line was definitely in the original Canadian version. Maybe you watched that? Or was the Syfy version your only episode?
65. misreall
Yup, I am only able to watch on SyFy. I must be psychic...

Maybe I am fae... With a seriously lame power...
Suzanne Metaxas
66. SuzyM
@misreall, I have the orig SyFy version on my DVR and I have watched it more than I should :) and the line is not there, so you are spooky LOL . You also made a very good point about Dyson having more than enough sexually partners, you are right. That is what makes the friendship with Kenzi so special. They want nothing from each other than friendship and someone they can depend on to be there when they need them. It is a TRUE friendship.
67. DenziFan

You stopped watching midway through season two? Oh man, the last few episodes were so good for Dyson and Kenzi, particularly the end of "Lachlan's Gambit" and almost all of "Into The Dark". If you liked them at all, I suggest finding those episodes and watching, because it might be enough to get you back into Lost Girl and start shipping them. Trust me, they are amazing.
68. whiskeywhite
@DenziFan, I’m so glad you came back once again and explained how you see Denzi possibly happening. Your plot projections are quite imaginative (really, I’m not being sarcastic):
Basically, I'm guessing Dyson will make a move (probably not right away, but after a few episodes) and Kenzi will go with it in the heat of the moment, but probably freak out after because of how Bo may react, and the whole issue of Dyson's love.
Does this not remind you of BadDyson going along with Val’s seduction out of lust even when he knows (and tells her, quite forcefully) that it’s wrong? Do we really think that Dyson, now healed, with his love for Bo back, would do something so predictably deeply hurtful to Bo, no matter how legitimate we might try to imagine his (newly discovered sexual) feelings for Kenzi are? And would Kenzi go along with it? Your scenario assumes she would, but has her (quite rightly) “freak out” afterwards. If Kenzi is adult enough to be in a committed, loving, (magically) long-term relationship with the very adult Dyson, is she not adult enough to control her own passion in the moment (assuming it’s there) for the sake of her beloved bestie? Is she some love-struck teenager who can’t resist the big kiss which she knows it's wrong? We can’t have it both ways.

As you rightly say, “... the biggest obstacle is Dyson's love (for Bo).” But it wasn’t just “strongly implied” when the Norn took his love that Bo was the one he loved, nor was it something “stated vaguely.” As @lsbloom correctly said, the Norn very explicitly took his love of Bo. When Dyson asks the Norn in 1.13 to give his strength to Bo, her response was “I will take your love of her (Bo).” In 2.01, when Bo asks what the Norn took, Dyson answers “Us.” He explains further in 2.02: “I told you once that wolves mate for life. Well, I gave that love to you, and I don’t regret it. But the Norn took it!” No implications, no vagueness. Fact.

So we’ve established that the Norn took Dyson’s love of Bo. But furthermore, as @lsbloom also rightly points out: “when (the Norn) took his love of Bo she took ALL his love.” Again, the evidence supports this summary. Convinced that, as the Norn so vehemently put it in 1.13, he “will never feel passion for (Bo) again,” Dyson tries to “move on.” Enter Ciara, and he tries to make a life with her. However, he discovers that he not only can’t love Bo, he can’t love Ciara either. In 2.14, he tells Trick, who has suggested that he move on again, that he doesn’t want to: “I had to move past Bo! And if there’s anyone else in this world that I should be able to love, it is Ciara.” The Norn confirms his problem in the same episode: “You know well that when a wolf mates, he mates for life. When you gave your love to this woman, this Bo, you gave her all of it, which you then sacrificed to me. You have no love left to give.” He admits this painful revelation to Ciara: “I can’t love you. I swear that if I could I would.” Ciara feels that, despite the sexual passion they share, this lack of love makes their relationship impossible and leaves him.

It’s notable for the Denzi scenario that he identifies the one person in the world other than Bo that he should be able to love as Ciara. Not Kenzi, with whom he has by now built up a deep, devoted and affectionate friendship, but Ciara, a woman from his past.

As we know, Kenzi eventually solves his problem, makes him “whole again” as he says to the Norn, by getting his love back. Denzi fans might say, OK that’s great, he can now love someone (other than Bo). In fact, that being true is critical to the whole Denzi possibility (or any other relationship for him than Bo, as has been discussed here). You go farther, arguing that he not only could be in a sexual love relationship with Kenzi but should: “Expecting Dyson to continue to be faithful and sacrifice any feelings he may have for Kenzi, while Bo is in a committed relationship with Lauren, is just ridiculous.”

But now we confront the “wolves mate for life” problem. Dyson knows it, the Norn says it, and he reminds Bo of it in the quote from 2.02 above. In fact, he lays it out for Bo when he first commits himself to her in 1.12. He says, “I’m yours, if you’ll have me.” But just so she understands what she’s getting herself into he adds, “... you better be careful, ‘cause wolves mate for life.” This is it, this is the one time, no other mate for life (unless, perhaps, if Bo dies).

To quote @lsbloom’s (much more succinct) summary one last time with her conclusion: “While the writers could certainly attempt to hit a reset button on what (all this) means, it would be a major betrayal of continuity.”

I know I seem to be beating this old, old argument to death, but my real point here is that we can’t just ignore past events in the story, or misconstrue them, just so that what we want to see can happen. And furthermore—and this applies to all of us—if we want our arguments to be persuasive, we have to be able to back them up with evidence, with specifics that can be verified, and not just vague generalizations or unsupported allegations that something or other is true. For instance, I am not convinced that Kenzi “repeatedly speaks of (Dyson) in a sexual manner.” You have to prove it to me, bring the evidence. Show me the quotes and the episodes where they can be found. Or at least describe the situations in enough detail to make them recognizable to an attentive viewer and paraphrase the quotes. Otherwise the discussion descends to “that’s just your opinion and I have mine” and nobody is convinced (who wasn’t already on side). Or worse still – and I’m not saying this is happening here—it makes the horribly divisive “debate” between the fan bases possible as folks throw around “facts” about characters and events that are completely baseless.

I had better stop now and do some actual work.
Heather Waters
69. HeatherWaters
@DenziFan -- I think I just saw the first couple episodes of Season 2. I didn't get the feeling the show meant to go anywhere seriously (relationship-wise) other than the Dyson/Bo/Lauren triangle (like with Damon/Elena/Stefan in Vampire Diaries), so I didn't get invested. That said, glad they've had some good moments together! Whatever the relationship, those two actors are fun to watch act together. :)
70. lsbloom
I think the key thing to remember in the Dyson lost love debate is that the Norn took Dyson's love of Bo and, therefore, Kenzi returned his love of Bo. It just happens that with a wolf-shifters metaphysics that that is his one (only) love. When Dyson lost his love of Bo, he couldn't love anyone. So it really is love of Bo or no love--not Ciara, not Tamsin, not Kenzi.

It's either sad or romantic, a plot deadend or a promise to fans.
71. DenziFan
@whiskeywhite -

Um. Wow, that's a long post, so while I read it all, I'm mainly going to respond to the last paragraph.

First, let me start by saying it was not my intention to convert anyone or convince them they should ship Denzi. Perhaps at some point in my posting that became unclear, but my desire was simply to express my own viewpoint, and subsequently explain it as best I could for those of you who asked me to.

I have quickly looked for a few quotes, since you have asked for them, in regards to Kenzi seeing Dyson in a sexual manner. This is not every instance of her saying something sexual about Dyson, but sadly I didn't have time for a more thorough search.

In season 1, episode 3, Bo asks Kenzi not to make a big deal of her sleeping with Dyson and Kenzi responds, "but if I was going to make a big deal, like how big are we talking" (referring to the size of Dyson's penis).

In season 1, episode 10, Kenzi again refers to Dyson's penis by asking Bo, "wouldn't you rather be waxing Mr. Dyson's sword tonight."

In season 2, episode 5, Bo asks why they didn't know about Kaden and Kenzi responds that Dyson is "a riddle, cloqued in a mystery, wrapped in layers of hot, hot manliness."

I'm pretty sure there are more, but like I said it was just me doing a quick search. Still, these scenes, like all scenes in the show are subjective. Perhaps you don't derive any significant meaning from them, while I find them to be very telling.

In the end, as annoying as it may be, this isn't an exact science. It's opinions and interpretations of something written by someone other than us. If you've seen the same episodes I have, then you can make up your own mind, as I will make up mine, and no debate is necessary. We're just sharing our opinions with one another because the show itself is, despite our differing views on it, still something we all have in common.
72. Just a lurker
Not 100% sold on the Kenzi/Dyson train but rewatching 1x03 (Oh Kappa, My Kappa) with that thought in mind is interesting.

While I don't see Dyson having those kind of feelings for Kenzi (hence the reason why I'm not sold), there are a lot of moments in that episode where Kenzi seems to be lusting after the "sexy, sexy wolfman" as she says.
73. Just a lurker
One other thought from reading the mythology of the Kitsune fae, I'm guessing Lost Girl took the "glamouring" power of Kitsune from the stories of them being able to take on the memories and feelings of their victims as well as their physical appearence.

If that is the case it would explain how FauxKenzi knew some of the relevant details of Kenzi's life (though the ice cream scene gives the impression that she was intergrating her and her sorority sisters said she was stalking her). It would also come to play if real Kenzi did have actual feelings for Dyson that FauxKenzi somehow picked up on.
74. DenziFan

I understand your doubt that the writers will go there, but if they do, I hope you'll find your way back to the show and get to enjoy it.

@Just a lurker

I really like your theory about why FauxKenzi was so drawn to Dyson. It makes sense considering she focused on making Bo her best friend before Bo figured out that she wasn't Kenzi, and obviously Bo's friendship is very important to the real Kenzi.

I think her not knowing about the peanut allergy or the ice cream is because she either didn't bother taking the small details of Kenzi's memory, and instead just got the major information, or she was losing the smaller bits of Kenzi's memory.
75. whiskeywhite
Way to go, @DenziFan! That's what's needed. Your first two examples are dead on and support your argument. But take note that the penis size reference in 1.03 is before Kenzie has any relationship with Dyson at all (she's only just met him). So it can't mean anything but Kenzi being her wisecracking self. And I think that if you look closely at 2.05, Kenzi is actually referring to Cayden. Cayden is the riddle that they're trying to figure out. Later on in the same episode, when Bo and Kenzi decide to go to the auction, Kenzi comments that they need "man candy" to accompany them. “Lots and lots of man candy!” And then, as Kiersten accurately decribes it in her recap, "Kenzi turns around to look pointedly at Cayden, who catches her eye and adds an appreciative eyebrow waggle." So I would argue that Cayden is the object of the sexual remarks in both of these cases. However, Kiersten had the same impression as you about the first one, so it is open to interpretation.

Thanks so much @Just a lurker for the explanation about the kitsune 'glamouring' powers and taking on the memories and feelings of their victims. That wasn't clear at all in my view. But isn't the point that Kitsune is desperate for friends (and lovers? I don't understand "glamouring"). Her sorority sisters have rejected her; she tries to in essence steal Kenzi's friend and then she says to Dyson, "I just want to love you." Not "I love you."

I admit that I may be hair splitting here :-) but it reminds me of the desperate plea Kenzi makes to Dyson in 2.21 when she goes to his loft after Ciara's wake to rouse him out of his despair. Her speech is “We gotta get back the best in you,” and it’s all “we” and “Bo needs you.” Not “I need you.”

I wanted to say about Kenzi that while she is young in years, she's older in life experience. She's survived a lot of bad experiences, with new ones still coming to light as happened in "Subterrfaenean." She's far less naive than Bo and she even jokes to Bo at one point that she has been the mother in the pair for some time. But on the other hand she reminds me a bit of a 15-year old runaway girl that I and two friends took in off the streets of Boston many years ago. She was tough as nails on the outside, a survivor, but she was a vulnerable child on the inside.
76. whiskeywhite
I see new Denzi videos are popping up on YouTube. Are you behind any of those @DenziFan? If so, which one(s)?
77. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - Contain your shock and horror, but apparently after that hug people are now shipping Dyson/Lauren (Dyren, Laurson, Dolf?). I have seen a couple Lauren/Tamsin(Tamren, Laursin, Copdoc?) videos now to which is really odd considering they have had maybe two scenes together. At least Dyson and Lauren have had screen time together and have an established history, I would say bring on the hate sex if I weren't fairly certain Lauren is a lesbian, oh and I have never once gotten any kind of a sex vibe between them. It also seems like Venzi(Kenzi/Vex) is gaining momentem and trying to surpass Kenzi/Hale(Kale, Henzi?). Ugh, to many ships, I fear a collision at sea.
78. whiskeywhite
Thanks for the warning @TheGardner. I am shocked and appalled. Oops. No, not really :-). I'm mostly just impressed with the creativity of fans. I remember seeing the Dyson/Lauren option mentioned here some time ago, and that was pre-hug. I asked, in shock, "Really? Where?" but got no answer. I must go looking. I agree that it makes absolutely no sense, but it would really complete the triangle ;-). (KHR has actually joked about going for a three-some). More seriously, why does the only lesbian relationship on the show have to be undermined and wished away? Talk about heterosexism.

In that vein, Lauren/Tamsin is at least theoretically possible, although unlikely to say the least. If Tamsin were to soften her despizing of humans, why not Tamsin/Kenzi? Are there any Dyson/Tamsin videos? Too boring? And why not Dyson/Hale -- they're very close. But I notice that nobody is going there. Or what about Dyson/Kenzi/Hale? That makes a lot more sense than Kenzi/Vex.

I still say, bring back the first Ash. What was that man's name? Do we know it? (I don't mean the actor, I mean the character). Gorgeous. Who could we find for him?

Speaking of creativity, loved your names -- you had me laughing out loud. Dolf, Copdoc and Kale are my favourites (although I have to admit that it took me a moment to work out Dolf). I had a thought, could Dyson/Kenzi be Wooki? OK, I'm reaching.
Melonna Clarke
79. MelonnaBanana
@whiskey I noticed you mentioned the first Ash and his and several times...ummm have you not seen the episode where Hale is shirtless and Kenzi stands there open mouthed? I'm perfectly fine staring at KC and replaying that moment in my head.
Second, remember in Confaegon when Bo and Tamsin shared their deepest secrets before swallowing the paper that they had written them on? I wonder if they remember that and if it will be revisited in future episodes. I'd be interested to see the effects of that one and I hope they don't just let it fall my the wayside like they seem to do a lot of other topics in the continuity department.
Third, this season is killing it. I am not a Doccubus fan. I "like" Lauren independently of Bo because she has very strong motivations and is very flawed but I, like Kenzie don't think she is good enough for Bo. Her personality is abysmal and I have yet to see a redeeming quality in her besides her capacity to love and forgive, unless it's Dyson of course. I would love to see Lauren have her redeeming moment.
80. ChibiHoshi
I adore your recaps. They are quite amusing. I find myself passionately arguing with the screen when our takes/opinions differ and having to take deep breathes but then again that is PART of the fun for me. (Like I think FK followed RK for a while before she could nab her and that is how she heard/knows so much and, of course, any anti-Russian Wolf slant.)

Keep up the good work! I finally decided to delurk and comment not only to show my love for your recaps but (after all the other "EWE" comments towards the pair) to show there are some fans who like the "shucking" pair (And given Bo isn't aligned her relationship with Lauren doesn't have consequences whereas Fae/Kenzi does and therefore... drama - the pairing would have so much potential unfolding and they were probably going to do it via Kenzi/Hale but that storyline got sidlined now so if TPTB want to do a Fae/Kenzi it is either Denzi or Kex).
81. whiskeywhite
Hi @MelonnaBanana. Believe me, I totally remember the abs scene with Hale. Very impressive indeed! And a bit unexpected (though when I reflect on that, I don't know why). Who knew what was lurking under all those layers of clothes? He could have run away with the whole 'shirtless' award right there. We never get a glimpse of the first Ash's, um, assets in LG. But if you google images for the actor, Clé Bennett, you'll see that under his clothes are even more spectacular abs. There's this one picture involving a swordfish ... :-). I was sorry to see the first Ash go, although the second Ash was definitely written as a much more interesting character. We've never been told what happened to him; the last we saw of him, Lauren was on top of him, giving him CPR on a gurney. Makes me wish I had CPR training.

Since you've got me started on Hale, I'm unhappy that he has been pushed into the background. I miss him. A check of the IMBd cast listings for the remaining episodes of Season 3 show that he appears in every episode, but I wonder how importantly. I really hope we see more of him in Season 4. And I'm still waiting for Aife to reappear (though perhaps fruitlessly).

Hi @ChibiHoshi. So glad you decided to come out of lurksville. I love "Kex" as a pairing name -- much better than "Venzi".
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