Feb 19 2013 9:13am

Heating Up to a Boil: What’s Hot Next?

Whether or not you're tired of them, controlling billionaires and the subversively sexy women they love are the hottest trope in romance now.

But that's now. As in right now.

Putting your prognosticator hat on, what do you think will be the next superhot trend in romance novels?

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2. Tina@bookcrack
Never thought I'd say this in a million years...but after reading and enjoying the uniqueness of the plot and the hero in Delphine Dryden's Theory of Attraction and knowing how many of my friends L-O-V-E TV's The Big Bang Theory, I think we could see a surge in Geek/alpha heroes.

You know, a male hero version of "A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed" kind of thing. Intelligent, kinda geeky and unassuming (or not) on the outside, yummylicous on the inside. Okay, maybe he'll have billions like Robert Downey in Iron Man, but I think it's time for some Geek Love to balance out all our smexy motorcycle men and kinky billionaire control freak businessmen. It's not just men going to see movies like Batman and Avengers, right? That's what I'm looking for, but maybe I'm in the minority. I'd like something fresh and new. A sexy geek would work for me, but maybe that's because I'm married to one :).

~Am I way off on this?
5. Jess Schira
I'm inclined to agree Tina, I think you're going to start seeing a lot of sexy geeks in the next couple of years. This year alone I've read to books with geek heros, one a comtemporary novella, and the other was part of a Regency series. Reading about a historical geek was ... odd. Still, it was a compelling book, it compelled me to buy the rest of the series.

My dearest wish is to see more farm settings in romance novels, particularly with a contemporary setting and realistic veiwpoints.
6. jbeck
I must be in the minority, but I prefer romance stories that don't involve anything 'extreme'...whether it be exceptional wealth, sexual proclivities, unrealistic "meet cutes" and plot contrivances, etc. I like regular stories about regular people who find great love. I guess that will never be a trend, though.

But I also agree with those here who like a geek or "type B" hero...or heroine. Love it when the underdog wins!
9. Joelle Casteel
I could do with a nerdy hero too :D
10. Jody W.
Nerds FTW! We need more variety! I also like non-super-alpha heroes. A stand up guy who doesn't have to be standing on top of EVERYONE, you know? Nerd superheroes who weren't total alpholes might be the trifecta.... Heh.
Rae Alley
11. rszalley
Oh, the geek crowd for the win please! I actually have one in my current queue that I need to get to soon.

I think there's a bit of TV influence as well creeping back and forth: I'm thinking Billionaire Playboy / affable & loveable goof style showing up in other places (Castle - hello adorable)
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