Feb 11 2013 12:00pm

H&H Off-Hours: New Adults on the Block

Today, the staff members of Heroes and Heartbreakers step out from behind their computers to engage in some off-hours discussion (not to mention drinking!) around the New Adult genre. While we're not saying we have faces for radio, perhaps the best way to enjoy the discussion is on audio; if you do watch the video, please know that Heather is not usually that green. She's not even Hulk-smashing!

In addition to talking about New Adult, we touch on Girls, slut-shaming, Jenn Proffitt's two-fisted drinking, dogs vs. cats, and literary fiction. Plus, Chris Morgan gets almost angry (!).

Let us know what you think of our first live-action blog post, and feel free to suggest future topics!

—Megan, Heather, Chris, and Jenn at Team H&H

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Saundra Peck
1. sk1336
Sooooo great to see and hear you all talk, your thoughts, laughs and all... I love this forum and hope you all can be convinced to continue it every now and then. So much can be learned with drinks and actual conversations and laughs!!!
Lucy D
2. Lucy D
Nice to be able to put faces with the names. :)
Lucy D
3. Jacqueline Marie
I LOVE this idea of utilizing the Hangouts for Heroes and Heartbreakers, but during the next hangout, can they gang please wear ear buds/headphones? The repeated vocal feedback during the recording is terribly irritating. Other than that, awesome!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@sk1336 @Lucy D -- Thank you!

@Jacqueline Marie -- Thank you very much for bringing this up; we just filmed the second "episode," if you will, and used headphones. Hopefully that helps. We appreciate the feedback!
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